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“Every good citizen makes his country’s honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and its conscious that he gains protection while he gives it.” -Andrew Jackson (1767 - 1845) US president (7th), soldier

Police Reports

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office

• Shortly before 2am, a Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 17 North in Egypt where a man was walking away from a traffic accident. The Deputy carried him back to the scene and questioning the two remaining occupants of the truck, the man’s wife and another man. They told him that her husband had been driving. The Deputy then began questioning him, and quickly recognized that the man was intoxicated. He was soon cited for DUI and warned if he didn’t turn himself in the next day, he would be arrested. Noting that the man had walked away from the scene, he also cited him for leaving the scene of an accident. • Deputies responded to a criminal trespass report on Blue Jay Road. A man told them he’d found a man walking in his backyard and asked what he was doing there. The man said he was a member of the hunting club next to the man’s property. The man said he helped the trespasser retrieve two dogs from the property and “carry them out of the swamp.” He wanted the case documented in case he has more trouble with trespassers from the hunting club. • Deputies arrived at another traffic accident involving just a Ford F150 at McCall and Low Ground Roads. The two men inside the truck were obviously highly intoxicated, and several Bud Light cans had been thrown from the bed of the truck when they drove into the ditch. The driver was hauled off to jail for DUI and driving while unlicensed. • Deputies responded to a domestic dispute between a man and woman currently in the process of getting divorced. The two were arguing about who owned what and who was getting what, and the Deputy finally told them it was a civil matter and would have to be settled by the judge. The man gathered up an old boat, the trailer for the boat, and a lawn mower attachment and then left the scene. (Brings back memories of the movie “The Jerk,” where Steve Martin leaves Bernadette Peters dragging his ash tray, his paddle ball, his lamp, his chair, and a pack of matches! “Just this old boat. That’s all I need. Just this old boat... and this trailer. ___________________________________ Continued on page 4

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PRIDE, HONOR, AND RESPECT Local Veteran Teaching Americanism One Citizen At A Time By Ashley Engleford

events they have participated in. Each one tells a story of honor, bravery, and love for America. Joe is proud of what his post does and rightfully so. They have held numerous Flag Retirement Ceremonies, provided Christmas for 17 vets at The Place (a local nursing home), placed countless flags on the graves of soldiers past, and travel to schools to teach proper flag etiquette. Upon reaching the topic of Old Glory, Joe’s eyes light up and he is full of information most of us have never even heard of. Most Americans know that the 50 stars represent each state, the 13 stripes represent the original colonies, that you should never let a flag touch the ground, and we

Navy and Air Force Reserve Veteran Joe Garcia is a local. Known by many throughout the West Chatham area, Joe has made it his mission to better his community, care for hometown servicemen/vets, and raise awareness on proper flag etiquette, which happens to be very dear to his heart. Joe originally hails from Conneticut and joined the Navy in 1952, where he served for eleven years and climbed to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. For the last two years of his Naval service he was in the Civil Engineering Squadron. Schooled in the area of Refrigeration, he was always a mechanic of some sort. His job kept him below deck the majority of the time, preventing him from attending any ceremonies or funerals held on deck. That was until one fateful day, he and several fellow below-deck seamen were invited to a funeral. The men jumped at the offer and this funeral ceremony is where Joe’s intense love for the American Flag was born. Referring to the event Joe said, “It stayed with me.” In 1980, Joe decided to join the Air Force Reserves and remained in for four years. He first joined The American Legion in 1956 and has been a member of several different posts. The American Legion, chartered by Congress in 1919, focuses on serving veterans, service members, and the local community. They are a not-for-profit organization who is responsible for the G.I. Bill, donating $1 million dollars towards the building of “The Wall” in D.C., and even creating the Citizens Flag Alliance whose focus is working to get a constitutional amendment to protect the U.S. flag from desecration. Shortly after moving to Pooler, he and Mayor Mike Lamb joined forces to create Post 322 in February of 2007. They began with nine members and have grown to 87 over the past two years. One unique aspect of this post is the fact that they are a no-alcohol post, due to the fact that it was created for the sole purpose of serving the community. Post 322 is very active, to say the least. Joe has numerous photos of the members at various ceremonies they have hosted and

face it while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This is only the very tip of the iceberg so to speak. Our flag is a symbol of our strength and unity. Joe stated, “You would be surprised how many schools do not know proper flag etiquette.” Betsy Ross reported in 1776 that she had sewn the very first American Flag and in May of 1777, the Continental Congress passed the first Flag Act, explaining what the flag would look like. The “Flag Code” was first adopted in 1923 and later amended. The code covers flag etiquette for a variety of situations, including how to hang a flag, dispose of an old ___________________________________ Continued on page 7

Joe Garcia, American Legion Post #322 Founding Member and Patriot

AN ARTFUL SELECTION Student of the Month Inspired by Mother, Dreams of Art School By Stephen Prudhomme

Kenyatta Lowe, a senior at Groves High School, has talent and desire that belie her age and hold the promise of great accomplishments in her chosen field of art as well as other life endeavors. Lowe was chosen as Chatham County schools Superintendent’s Student of the Month for December 2009. Groves art teacher, Catriona Schaefer, submitted Lowe’s name to Superintendent Thomas Lockamy after the call went out for names of students with outstanding abilities and character. “I thought of Kenyatta because she is a very strong art student,” Schaefer said. “She takes on an assignment and works independently to develop her idea. She experiments with media and has a vision, and she works constantly. This is an AP (advanced placement) class. She really takes it seriously. She is punctual, present, and focused.” Most impressive about Lowe are the motives behind her success: her mother and younger brother. “My mom passed two years ago,” she explained. “She was working at the [Dixie] sugar refinery. After the explosion, she went to the burn center the following morning.” Lowe’s mother stayed in the unit several weeks and succumbed to her injuries. “My mom said she held onto how she graduated from high school and how she felt walking across the stage. She said, ‘Don’t just stop there, go on.’” Lowe is “really into painting

now.” “Whatever has my heart at the time is my subject,” she said. She managed to create two paintings over winter break and works in all mediums, including oils and acrylics. As to the surprise of her election as student of the month, “I didn’t expect it,” she said, “but my art teacher told me she was going to name me because she thought I was a good student and I do my work, I’m polite, and I have a big drive to get my work done. My goal is to go to SCAD because I love art, and I don’t mind her [Schaefer] critiquing my work. I’m very dedicated. I want to do animation at SCAD because I really like sequential art.” Her ultimate career goal is to be an animator for Disney studios. Lowe recently was awarded a Tenenbaum Internship and has had the opportunity to work at the Jepson Center for the Arts in Savannah. Lowe, who “likes kids,” was there for an activity day at Christmastime on Broughton Street. “I also help with the kids that are going to LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots) and will hand out evaluations at the door.” Lowe is an active young lady, with interests outside of art that in-

clude tennis and guitar, but still she shines brightly as a young artist, having had her work in a PTA art competition, for which she earned second place in the district for a chalk and charcoal still life drawing, and a school-level visual arts competition from which she walked away with first place. Coming up: a juried show staffed by professional artists, to which she was invited after submitting her work digitally. “Kenyatta came daily and worked, and her determination developed,” Schaefer explained about the days following the death of Lowe’s mother. “It was hard but she maintained her focus. I could see she had a determination that she’d do what her mother wanted her to do. She came back in the fall, drawing on a higher level. She’s really a good example for others and is very strong. I think other students look up to her and expect leadership. She sets a fine example.”



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...Hope you’ll enjoy the front page story on Joe Garcia. He’s about the most patriotic person I’ve met since we started doing the paper. And if you ever want to get a real spine-tingling All American sensation, attend one of the Flag Retirement Ceremonies Joe and American Legion Post 322 put on. ...County Commission Chairman, Pete Liakakis is continuing to collect supplies for county-wide effort to respond to the tragedy in Haiti. Savannah Responds has established a drop off location for donations in the vacant lot at the corner of Mall Boulevard and Abercorn Street with collections running through Sunday, January 31st. Hours of collection are from 8am to 8pm seven days a week. Donations that are needed are: Canned Foods, Cereals, Rice, Bottled Water, Paper Products, Toothpaste and Brushes, Soap, Alcohol, Disinfectants, Rope, Tarps, Mops, Brooms, Bucks, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Pliers, Shovels, Axes, Rakes, Saws, Drills, Gloves, Flashlights, Lanterns, Batteries, Generators, Chain Saws, Tents, Sleeping Bags and New Clothes. For additional information, call 233-2876. ...I’d like to be able to give you a concise write-up on the President’s State of the Union speech, but I’m working while he’s reading his teleprompter. I do wish I’d been able to hear how he spins the Massachusetts election of Senator Brown over Ms. Coakley. ...Did you hear about the father in Sylvania that came home early and caught two boys hiding

Dear Mrs. Grafton, I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer. I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit. I told her we sold out every single shovel we had, and then I found one more in the back room, and that several people were fighting over who would get it. Her picture doesn’t show me dancing around a pole. It’s supposed to depict me selling the last snow shovel we had at Home Depot. From now on I will remember to check her homework more thoroughly before she turns it in. in the bathroom after they’d gone to his house to visit with his daughters? Dear old Dad held them at gunpoint and made them pray out loud and without ceasing until the Deputies arrived! ...Things I learned while reading about other things... • First they wanted a robotic UGA at Georgia games, now PETA is pushing Groundhog Day organizers to replace Punxsutawney Phil with a robotic groundhog in Pennsylvania. “It’s unfair to keep him in captivity and subject him to the huge crowds and bright lights that accompany tens of thousands of revelers each February 2nd” they claimed. William Deeley, the president

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of the local Punxsutawney Groundhog Club pointed out that “They could care less about Phil after Feb. 2nd. They’re just looking for publicity.” ...The West Chatham Detachment of the Marine Corps League has been offered the very unique opportunity to sponsor the Vietnam Traveling Wall. The half size replica of the Vietnam Wall will be in West Chatham during the period October 28th through October 31st, 2010. It will be free to the public and available 24 hours daily. The Moving Wall is intended to help bring healing to veterans and families and friends of those who died or are missing in Vietnam, especially those who may not have the opportunity to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. As host organization, the West Chatham Detachment of the Marine Corps League is responsible for generating the donations necessary to fund the expense of bringing the Wall to the area. For more information on the Wall, please visit www. If you have any questions on how you can contribute, please contact Dale Saunders at 665-2082 or Mike English at 414-0643 with the Marine Corps League. You can make your checks out to: West Chatham Det.#1326 Marine Corps League. Our Tax ID number is 800383015. ...Belated Congratulations to Don and Nancy Dimick on your 50th Wedding Anniversary! ...Thanks for supporting our advertisers! They make publication of your free community newspaper possible. Please pass along any story ideas you have, and don’t forget to send us pictures of your pet, and a picture of yourself holding our paper while you’re off on vacation! ...“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice!” ...Take care this week, stay safe, and in the words of the great Red Skelton, “May God Bless.”



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T alkin’ O ut Of T urn • Have you heard about McDonald’s new Obama Value Meal? Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it. • Why do “tug” boats push their barges? • What do babies have so much to dream about?

Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010 • Page A3

STATESBORO COUPLE PROVIDES SUPPORT AT GRAMMY AWARDS For the estimated 19 million Americans who will tune in to CBS for the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards on January 31st, the starstudded event offers an up close and personal glimpse of the most prized musicians in our country. But for a local Statesboro couple, the Grammy Awards affords an opportunity for hands-on service and the chance to give back while helping others. For the last seven years, Willingway Hospital CEO Jimmy Mooney and his wife Robbin have travelled to the Staples Center in Los Angeles to help host the GRAMMY MusiCares Safe Harbor Room, a non-profit arm of the Grammy Awards. MusiCares established its first Safe Harbor Room backstage at the 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast. Harold Owens, senior director of MusiCares, invited the Mooneys to the show to volunteer. “They’ve been great folks to have in the room. There are a lot of triggers and temptations that are associated with producing the Grammys; and the Mooneys have opened their hearts to help the artists and crew,” said Owens. “Usually, six to seven people volunteer in the hospitality room where food and non-alcoholic beverages are available to musicians, stage hands, producers, crew, talent and managers,” explained Jimmy. The Mooneys will travel to Los Angeles five days before the event and are available during rehearsals and set-up as well. “During pre-production, it’s very high stress for the producers and crew setting up the show; and there are a lot of special events where alcohol is available. This room provides a support system to artists and crew members and a safe place to hang out and relax without the alcohol,” added Robbin. In addition, the spacious suite, which is above the stage level and is open to the arena, provides ample room for the group to have 12-step support meetings during the day. People new to sobriety also benefit from the room. “They come in full of gratitude that there’s a suite like this where they can get away from the pressures of the show,” said Robbin. Both Mooneys agree while their job at the Grammy’s is a great responsibility, it also allows the couple to rub shoulders with some of the most incredible talent on earth. But as you speak to Jimmy and Robbin, you sense the support network of old friends is truly what provides the wow factor for the Mooneys. “Each January, we get to reconnect with the same people, and over the years these friendships and relationships have come to mean a lot to us,” said Jimmy. People have even attained sobriety through this safe room. Jimmy shares the story of a musician nominated for a Grammy who came to the Safe Harbor room strung out on methadone. “He was taking methadone to control his heroin addiction and this man had spent two years trying to find a treatment center to help him get off the methadone. We brought him to Willingway and he’s been sober five years now and is chemical free,” said Jimmy. “These experiences are what really make our time at the Grammys rewarding.” In addition to the GRAMMY awards, the couple has also volunteered with MusiCares at the

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Jimmy and Robbin Mooney will be serving backstage at the Grammy’s Country Music Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, Native American Music Awards and the Crossroads Guitar Festival. Beyond the entertainment industry, Willingway has developed business relationships across the country with highly diverse referral sources in its nearly half century of providing treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Jimmy and Robbin as well as Dr. Bobby Mooney, Dr. Robert Bryan and Dr. Al Mooney routinely crisscross the country to attend and serve as speakers at approximately 25 addiction and psychotherapy conferences annually. In addition, a marketing staff which includes a west coast marketing veteran based in Oregon and two veteran marketing representatives in the southeast round out the hospital’s marketing department. Approximately, 35% to 40% of Willingway’s patients are referred from former patients of the hospital. Therapists and interventionalists also supply a steady stream of patients to the 40-bed hospital. Owens refers patients to Willingway who may need to get away from “big city” treatment centers into a smaller, more contained environment. He finds the rural, picturesque setting beneficial to successful treatment. “Willingway offers top notch treatment. There’s only a small community of providers that offer this caliber of care in the country and we deeply respect Willingway and its history,” said Owens. “Willingway’s continuing legacy to the recovering community nationally is without parallel.”

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I get disgusted more and more each day while watching the morning news. War, murder, abducted children, missing persons, healthcare, healthcare, healthcare, broken promises by the Obama administration, conflict between countries/border lines, terrorists/ potential terrorists, etc. What a way to start the day ... How refreshing it was to see a little girl and little boy playing in the flooded ditches the other day on my way home. You sure don’t see that kind of fun much these days. I remember my days as a child playing in the mud puddles on our dirt street barefooted! We’d come home soaking wet! All the

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other children did too! “Be home before dark,” my Mom would say as we barreled past her and out the front door on the weekends, not too long after the breakfast hour (about 8 AM!). It wasn’t just my Mom, but all the other Mamas in the neighborhood too. We played so hard and so much that before we knew it, the sun was going down and the bath water would be a murky shade of brown before bed. Our parents didn’t worry about abduction and terrorism in those days. Days when families looked out for other families. All of them. Children could be children and parents were really parents, AND, there was always one around. It was okay to spend the night at a friend’s house, okay to have dinner with the family down the road (and everyone had dinner at a reasonable time), okay to play in mud puddles, okay to get dirty, okay to walk to the neighborhood store 3/4 of a mile down the road, okay to stand at the bus stop without supervision, okay to get all of your school clothes from Kmart and only have one pair of shoes to wear with everything. Wow! We sure have lost our way - it’s no wonder that we have to be on guard in today’s world. We

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That’s all I need! Just this old boat, and this trailer. And this lawn mower attachment. That’s all I need, just this old boat, this trailer, and this lawn mower attachment...”) •  Talk about having a bad day... a woman called Deputies after her nephew fell off the trampoline. When he landed on the ground, the neighbor’s labrador came over and bit him. The Deputy walked next door to see the dog, saw that it was just a puppy and not aggressive, and had recently been adopted from the Animal Shelter. The dog’s owner said she was taking him to have him neutered later this week. (Which is just one reason why I’ve never bitten my neighbor’s kids!) • A Savannah man is now wanted after being fired from a food service company. The man returned and stole 67 boxes of steaks, 31 boxes of chicken, 20 boxes of seafood, and 6 boxes of pork. (Meat me when it’s all over!) • Around 7:30pm, a Deputy was dispatched to a suspicious person

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call in Faulkville off Hwy 80. As he was driving through the area, a young man ran across the road in front of him carrying a long rifle. The Deputy hit his bright beams to highlight the subject, but the man took off running into the woods. The Deputy got out and chased him, quickly subduing him. The juvenile was arrested for obstruction by fleeing.


• Officers responded to a residence where a woman complained that her husband was intoxicated and yelling at everyone. She went on to say that after he got home, he began yelling at her, telling her she was overweight and that he wished she would just die. For his own safety, he left the house for the rest of the night. (Yeah, cause she’s gonna kill you. You might as well get your lawyer to make out your will and then go talk to the undertaker about how you want your final services to be handled. Life Insurance salesmen won’t even return your phone calls anymore! A Palm reader could look in your hand right now and see that you don’t even have a lifeline!) • Employees at the fast food restaurant were getting the order ready for the white Jeep in the drive-thru line when the Jeep pulled up. The driver opened his door, which struck the drive-thru window, shattering it. The driver took off without waiting on his food. • At 3am, a woman thought she heard a noise on her back porch. She went to her back door, opened the curtain, and saw a man standing on her porch. She called Police, who searched the area but couldn’t find the man. Just letting you know we need to get better with our Neighborhood Watch programs around here! • Officers responded to a local Hwy 80 shopping center where an employee had called about a man walking around looking inside the cars in the parking lot. He stepped outside to confront the man, who turned and shouted “Jesus wants to speak with you!” The man then jumped into a nearby Ford Escort with another man driving and fled the scene. • A soldier returned from deploy___________________________________ Continued on page 7


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The Butcher’s Block

Effingham United Way Offers Medical Equipment By Stephen Prudhomme

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There is a medical equipment “lending library” in Effingham County that very few know about, but Bonnie Dixon, area director for the United Way Effingham Service Center, wants to get the word out. “This program was established about 10 years ago because of people with needs,” Dixon said. “They needed wheelchairs, crutches, and canes. Insurance doesn’t reimburse the expense for these items, and some can’t afford to go to the doctor and get the equipment. People also kept calling, asking what to

high school of the same name, $15 million was left upon his death in the 1990’s to the United Way. He was always active with the thennamed Community Chest and left a legacy of thrift and involvement. The principle is known to never be touched, with its earnings used to cover United Way business expenses. “People here in Effingham seem to always be waiting to be asked to give,” Dixon added. “For instance, the employees  at Sand Hill Elementary, which is a Title I school, gave an average of $77 per person! Georgia Pacific’s Sa-

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Bonnie Dixon, area director for the Effingham County United Way, wants to spread the word about the agency’s medical equipment lending library that includes wheelchairs. do with these items that may have been in their garages and attics, so this ‘library” is a blend of those who give and those who need.” Last year’s United Way giving campaign reflected the hearts of those givers in Effingham County, where the goal of $260 million not only was met but exceeded by $33 million plus and beat out Chatham, Bryan, and Liberty counties. Very few know, as well, that there are only two paid United Way employees in Effingham County. Thanks to Herschel V. Jenkins, whose name graces the Savannah

Valentines Day Weekend Festival of Marriage Retreat

“Sweeten Your marriage” and bring out the Soul-Mate in your mate! What a great Gift! A day to tell your spouse how much you care and make 2010 your Sweetest year yet!

Saturday, February 13, 2010 11:00am to 7:00 pm $30 per couple (includes lunch, snacks & dinner) Ardsley Park Baptist Church 1 E. 55th Street • Savannah (corner of Bull and 55th Streets) Please RSVP by 02/09/10 to either Deborah & Shane Sullivan,, or 355-5245. Or you may contact Nancy & Don Dimick at 897-9993.

vannah River Mill  in Rincon had a contribution of 61 percent of its employees, where the national average was 35 percent. Effingham’s Board of  Education, with its 1,200 employees, gave on average $57 per person, and the staff at Effingham Hospital was extremely  generous. These contributions and the people of the community made last year a great success for all.” “When donors give,” Dixon continued, “100 percent goes to a program or service, not salaries or overhead, and we’re the only one of four that can say that.”  While the medical equipment lending library cannot store hospital beds, nor does it carry braces or Ace bandages, the following items are available at no charge to the borrower for as long as needed: walkers, canes, crutches, and wheelchairs with or without arms. The lenders ask that those borrowing keep the item no longer than necessary, and borrowers are trusted to bring them back. If the item is not returned within about six months, s/he may receive a call to check and see if the item still is needed. Donations of equipment are accepted Monday through Thursday from 9am to 3pm at the United Way office located on Zitterouer Road, between Susie’s Little Shop of Haircuts and Johnson’s on 4th Coffee Cafe, just next to Rincon Elementary School. Donors may feel free to ask for a tax receipt. The same hours apply to borrowing the equipment. Additional questions about the library or the list of additional services United Way has to offer may be directed to Bonnie Dixon at 8265300.

Page A6 • Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010

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Veterinary Services Dr. Joseph Morris, Jr. DVM

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Regarding The Recent Flag Service....

Dear Editor, To all our Service men and women! This is an open letter of thanks and appreciation. On a windy day, the American flag was blown loose from a flag pole in front of The Coastal Bank. One of our service members retrieved it. This unknown serviceman returned it to the bank Manager, perfectly folded and clean. The Flag will be raised again, as soon as the lanyard is replaced. With the Thanks of all the citizens of Pooler and our local American Legion Post... Adjutant Joe Garcia Post 322

Regarding Rudeness As An Art Form....

Dear Editor, Hi Steve and Allison. This is the best newspaper in the business. My family loves it and we are devout readers. That being said I hope this makes it in to print. It is concerning the rude way people are treated by the employees of the court and legal offices around here. I had the misfortune to have to talk to someone in the State Court today. It was about a case concerning my son. I just needed to ask a question, ...a simple question. The way the woman that answered the phone talked you would have thought I was asking her for money. She was rude disrespectful, nasty and hateful, just to name a

few. I was not the person needing to pay a fine. I made the call for my son. It is HIS fine. I explained why I was calling. I am not the one that is in jail for failure to appear, I’m not the one that owes the state, county, city or whomever money. I was asking for someone. Why can’t these employees realize that we are not the ones that commit the crimes. Some of us call for our loved ones or friends. If it is a parent or child, aren’t we going through enough to begin with? If we are not the ones that broke the law, why should we be subjected to such low, awful treatment by the people at the courts, jail, etc. If these employees don’t like dealing with law breakers or the family and friends of such, aren’t they in the WRONG profession? And it wasn’t just me this lady was rude to. My son’s girlfriend called to ask another question and the woman was equally rude to her and even hung up on her before she could respond to one of the woman’s rude remarks. Do the Judges monitor or even care that these people are acting like this??? I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Again I’m not talking about the ones that broke the law. I’m talking about the ones that are simply trying to find out the amount of a fine, etc. I am stressed beyond measure over my son being in jail. I surely didn’t need to be treated and talked to the way I was talked to today. It was just wrong and it made me feel so defeated. Thank you for your time... Have a Blessed Day! AND keep

up the great work...

Tammy Lanier Guyton

Regarding Pooler Traffic Lights....

Dear Editor, I am a concerned Poolerite. I am writing you this letter not to bash an article or tell you what you could do better, but I am writing in hopes to get the attention of some other Pooler citizens. I strongly believe that there needs to be a traffic light at the intersection of Highway 80 and 95 for the on ramp headed South and the off ramp from the North. I am hoping that maybe the city manager, Robbie Byrd will read this and at least try to have something done about it. It seems to me that Pooler can talk about so many things at their Council and Planning and Zoning meetings, but do they ever take the time to talk about what really matters? As a matter of fact, I witnessed a wreck at this intersection. I strongly believe that if there would have been a light there, then the wreck would not have happened. Maybe someone who has a say will read this letter and think about how much other money is being spent and if possible some of it could go into a traffic light. (I mean there was one put up in front of Lowe’s that isn’t even turned on.)

Sincerely, Lauren Redding Pooler

Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010 • Page A7

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ECSO Deputies Increase Traffic Enforcement Pride, Honor, Respect

• 7th fold - tribute to our armed forces


• 8th fold - to the one who entered into the valley of the shadow of death, so that we may see light

The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing traffic enforcement as part of a crackdown to be conducted throughout Effingham County during the month of February. Deputies will be enforcing speeding regulations rigorously as well as other traffic violations, such as motorists driving under the influence, aggressive driving, seat belt violations, and motorists who follow too closely. “Excessive speed, particularly on local roads, is one of the leading contributors to traffic crashes,” said Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie. Deputies have also seen a rise in DUI re-

lated crashes. Speeding reduces a driver’s ability to steer safely around curves or objects in the roadway. It also extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle, and it increases the distance a vehicle travels while the driver notices and reacts to a dangerous situation. A team of Sheriff’s deputies will begin saturating the roadways on February 1st, 2010 and will be conducting traffic enforcement both during the day and night time hours. Motorists and pedestrians are reminded to be safe on the road. Drivers should be alert for pedestri-

ans at all times, and should yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and while turning at intersections. Drivers should also obey speed limits, keep their windshields clean, and refrain from blocking crosswalks. Deputies also remind motorists that even though texting while driving has not been outlawed for all vehicles, drivers can still be cited for driving while distracted. Pedestrians should be alert when walking. Never assume that a motorist will see you while you are crossing the street. Pedestrians should also cross at the corner, and not jaywalk in between parked cars.

Police Reports

intoxicated to give Police much to go on. He tried to explain that he’d gotten a cab ride to Pooler from City Market where he’d been drinking, but when the cabbie pulled into his gated community, he told him he didn’t have any cash to pay him and would need a ride to an ATM machine. He said at that point, the cabbie pulled out a pistol. The Officer asked him what the cabbie said, but the man just rolled his eyes and mumbled something. Since he couldn’t identify what, if anything, was missing from his wallet, and since he couldn’t give them

any specifics or details on the cabbie, there wasn’t much they could do for the man. • Officers responded just before 1am where a woman told them she arrived home to find her ex-boyfriend sitting on her couch. She said she hadn’t seen him or spoken with him in over a month, and thought things were over between them. However, he obviously still had a key to her place. After a verbal confrontation, the man left with $30 cash as well as her friend’s car.

Continued from page 4 ____________________________________

ment in Iraq and learned that his wife had forged his name on several financial documents and even took out a loan and bought a new vehicle. He didn’t want to press charges just yet. • And another Pooler man was too

___________________________________ Continued on page 10

continued from page 1

one, and the proper way to clean one. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14th Flag Day in 1916. However, it didn’t receive official Congressional designation until 1949. Folding a flag consists of thirteen folds, two lengthwise and eleven triangular. Once completely folded, the triangular shape looks like the hat former President George Washington wore. Each fold has a special meaning, representing the religious foundations on which our great country was founded. The following, taken from explains what each of those folds mean: • 1st fold - symbol of life • 2nd fold - symbol of our belief in eternal life • 3rd fold - in honor and remembrance of the veterans • 4th fold - represents our weaker nature • 5th fold - tribute to our country • 6th fold - where our hearts lie

• 9th fold - tribute to womanhood • 10th fold - tribute to our fathers

• 11th fold - in the eyes of Hebrew citizens, represents the lower portion of the seal of King David and King Solomon and glorifies the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

• 12th fold - in the eyes of Christian citizens, represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in their eyes, God the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost

• 13th fold - when the folds are complete the stars are uppermost and remind us of our national motto, “In God We Trust”

What does the American Flag mean to you? Is it simply a piece of cloth that you salute at ballgames? Many men and women have shed their blood in order for us to fly our beautiful flag. So the next time you see Old Glory freely waving as the wind blows across the red, white, and blue, take a moment to thank all those who sacrificed for you.

Page A8 • Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010

Let Us Remember...

Guyton-Mr. Rogers “Tim” Yarbrough, 59, passed away on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at Hospice Savannah from a battle with cancer. Born in Commerce, GA on May 31, 1950, he was the youngest of eight children and the son of Alma Ramsey Yarbrough and Gip C. Yarbrough. Tim spent most of his childhood in the Geogia Childrens Baptist Home in Baxley, GA. He graduated from Baxley High School, attended GA Southern and then graduated from Savannah Vocational Tech School. Tim worked for Union Camp and part-time at Sears. He then worked at Oglethorpe Electronics in the Oglethorpe Mall. In 1974, Tim established his own businesses, Tim’s Towing & Recovery on Gamble Road in Savannah and Tim’s Paint & Body Shop on Old Louisville Road in Garden City. Tim was raised a master mason in Landrum Lodge on November 2, 1979, Scottish Rite on May 10, 1980, and Alee Shrine on May 31, 1980. He joined the directors staff in December of 1980. Tim has always been very involved in the life of Alee Temple and the directors staff. Many times he hauled the directors staff trailor to the out-oftown ceremonies, or provided the tractor if someone else could not drive. He was always there for the paper sales, or collecting donations for the hospitals. He helped move equipment for the Shrine’s “Night in Old Savannah” party. He has served many potentates over the years as a member of the Aide Corp. He contributed more than his time. He donated the coolers outside the Woody Dyches building and the ice machine in the J.C. Lewis building. He donated the bus for the use of the shrine, especially the Divan to use for traveling. He, along with others helped those in this unit who may have needed help paying their dues or other necessities. The director staffs truck, a vehicle donated by Tim for use by the Alee Temple Director’s Staff in memory of 1995 President, William “Bobby” Waters. He was also made an Emeritus Member of the Alee Shrine in 2000 and awarded the L.D. Smith Spirit Award in 2009. Tim was honored the Merit Jewel Award from Potentate John Johnson and the rest of the divan. Tim has been very blessed in his business, and his many friends. Our Father, who watches from Heaven knows.

In 1972, she and her husband purchased a tract of land and built their true home outside of Rincon. Carol loved the land and their home, and it was made even more enjoyable by their close proximity to her sister and brother-in-law, Vergie and Waring Exley. She became an active member of several local clubs and the King’s Daughters organization. Her greatest pleasures were derived from the country lifestyle and having her grandchildren’s first home as part of the family compound. The Crawfords enjoyed entertaining and became well known for their barbeques and picnics. Her life was further enriched by her many Effingham County friends and the opportunity to travel extensively. Carol Webb Crawford is preceded in death by her husband, John Henry Crawford, Jr. She is survived by a son, Richard Alan Crawford; a daughter and son-in-law, Claudia and David Cordle Seyle; three grandchildren, Mitchell Alan Crawford, Jacob Matthew Crawford, and Kristina Elyse Crawford; as well as several nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews. The family would like to acknowledge the help of Hospice Savannah, especially Stephanie Nails, who was Carol’s attending nurse for the past year. In addition, Hospice Nurses Diane Reed and Lucy Gilpin compassionately attended both Carol and John Crawford. Heartfelt thanks are extended to Betty, Dena, Katrina and Lessie who all provided extraordinary care in these last few weeks. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be sent to Hospice Savannah (P.O. Box 13190, Savannah, GA 31416-0190) or Andrew College (501 College Street, Cuthbert, GA 39840). Funeral Services were held at 11am Tuesday, in the Chapel of Fairhaven Funeral Home, with Dr. David C. Seyle, officiating. Interment services were private. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Carol Webb Crawford

Anne R. Wingate, age 78 passed away January 21, 2010 in Garden City, GA. Anne is survived by her husband of 55 years Wallace Vernon, son Wallace Craig (Faye), and daughters Jennifer Broyles, Judith Bolen (Leonard), Jacqueline Manz (James). Grandmother of six and soon to be great grandmother to a great grandson who is due in June of this year. Sister to Stanton, Kenneth, and Sammy Robertson, Melba Bolin, Joyce Holder, Vie Robertson and Kathy Caulfield. Anne retired after many years of dedication as a labor & delivery nurse from St. Joseph’s Hospital. Funeral Services were held on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 12pm in the Fairhaven Funeral Chapel. Interment was in Hillcrest Abbey West Cemetery. Memorial Contributions can be made to either the American Cancer Society P.O. Box 22718 Oklahoma City, OK 73123-1718 or to the Hospice of Savannah P.O. Box 13190 Savannah, GA 31416. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Carol Webb Crawford was born June 18, 1917 in Statesboro (Bulloch County), Georgia to Richard Ezra and Carrie Clifton Webb who had a total of eight children. Always an avid reader and studious child, she later attended Georgia Southern College. Her favorite employment as a young person was in Futrell’s Store in Guyton. During World War II she worked in Savannah and in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1950, she married John Henry Crawford, Jr. and for forty years was the Office Manager for their business, Savannah Laundry Machinery Company, later Crawford Boiler and Engineering.

In loving memory of my brother,

Shelton Knowles No words can express how much I miss you. Love you forever, ~ Your sister Jane

Anne R. Wingate

Mrs. Frances Virginia Smith Barnes

Meldrim-Mrs. Frances Virginia Smith Barnes, wife of Herbert Larry Barnes, Jr., passed away on ... to

one who is gone, but who will never be forgotten

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Thom as C. Stricklan d Monum ent Com pany 901 W. Highway 80 2460 Highway 21S Pooler Rincon 748-2444 754-6421 Family Owned & Operated

Thursday, January 21, 2010 at Candler Hospital. She was born at Furman, SC, on December 29, 1927 to the late Hoyt Grady and Madeline Daley Smith. She was a graduate of Furman High School and Winthrop College. She was a member of Meldrim United Methodist Church where she served as treasurer for several years. Mrs. Barnes taught at schools in Winnsboro, SC and Denmark, SC and also worked at Veteran’s Hospital in Columbia, SC and at Social Security Administration in Savannah. Surviving in addition to her husband of 40 years are a sister, Vera Smith Cooper and her husband, Ray Cooper; nephews, Dennis Cooper, Mark Cooper and Chris Barnes; nieces, Robin Haywood, Kelly Barnes and Paige Wahl; great-nephew, Daniel Cooper; great-nieces, Laura Cooper and Allana Harley. Funeral services were held at 2pm on Saturday at the Meldrim United Methodist Church with burial at Oak Hill Cemetery in Meldrim. Remembrances may be given to the Meldrim United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 49, Meldrim, GA 31318 or to The Lebanon Cemetery Association, c/o John Caufey, Tin Cup Road, Garnett, SC 29922. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Linda Ruth Felder

Linda Ruth Felder, 67, of Port Wentworth, Ga., died Thursday, Jan 21, 2010 at Westview Nursing Home. She was preceded in death by her mother and step father, Minnie Williams and Warner S. Toms. She was born in Savannah, and was a member of Quacco Baptist Church, and was a former member of Jasper Springs Baptist Church, and had worked as a waitress at the Waffle House. She is survived by 2 brothers, John B. Felder and James H. Felder both of Garden City. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Jean Drake Parker

Guyton - Jean Drake Parker, 70, died Friday, January 22, 2010 at Candler Hospital. The Atlanta, GA native retired from the Federal Government Fish & Wildlife Division. She was a member of Bethesda United Methodist Church, the Shirley Sharpe Sunday Schoool class, and was the prayer ministry coordinator. Survivors include her husband, Cecil Ray Parker of Guyton; children, Tammy Jean Hanvey (Bubba) of Guyton; Tim Evans (Tammy) of Hoschton, GA, Sandra Stephens (Ricky) of Jenkinsburg, GA; grandchildren, Tim Hanvey, Betty Jean Stephens, Michael Stephens, Scott Stephens, Christopher Evans, Andrew Evans, and Randa Rashed; 5 great-grandchildren; brothers, Billy Drake, Tommy Drake, Bobby Drake, and Leroy Drake; sister, Laurie Cole; and numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at 11am Tuesday at Bethesda United Methodist Church. Interment was in the church cemetery. Remembrances may be given to Bethesda United Methodist Church Missions Fund, 3608 Midland Rd., Guyton, GA 31312.

It doesn’t cost us any more to offer excellent servIce...

Why should you Pay more? The way we look at it, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice service to get a lower price. We think of this as another way we can help. Visit us, let us impress you both ways: with service and value. 2794 US Highway 80 W • Garden City

Exclusively offering


(912) 964-2862

Affordable Funeral & Cremation Services

© adfinity

Mr. Rogers “Tim” Yarbrough

Tim was also very involved in the Bonded Brothers of Bluegrass. He made very close and memorable friends while preserving a musical heritage. Tim received the Bonded Brothers of Bluegrass Hall of Fame in 2008 for his support in preserving the bluegrass heritage. Tim was preceded in death by two brothers, Jerry Yarbrough and Richard Yarbrough. A sister, Hazel Mitchell and a brother-in-law, Kelby Hinely. Survivors include his wife and devoted soul mate, Wannette Yarbrough of 35 years; a son, Chad Yarbrough; a daughter, Tiffany Yarbrough; father and motherin-law, Warren & Lothare Hinely, all of Guyton. Tim is also survived by a brother, Sonny Yarbrough & sister-in-law, Janice Yarbrough of Savannah; sister, Jimmie Harvey of Savannah; sister, Janis Bowman & brother-in-law, Bill Bowman of Jasper, TN; sister, Pat Torrence of Macon and many nieces and nephews. The funeral to celebrate Tim’s life was held at 10 am on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at Bethesda United Methodist Church located at 3608 Midland Road, Guyton. Officiating wasRev. Matt Waldron. Active pallbearers were Jack Dickerson, Jimmy Gay, Rex Arckley, Dale Graveline, Jeff Ball and Steve Lingel. Honorary Pallbearers were members of the Alee Temple Staff and Dustin Graveline. Burial was in the Church cemetery. The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, remembrances may be given to the following organizations on Rogers “Tim” Yarbrough’s behalf, Hospice Savannah, P.O. Box 13190, Savannah, GA 31416 or to the J.C. Lewis Cancer Research Center, c/o Lowcountry Cancer Care, attn: Dr. Jennifer Yannucci, 225 Candler Drive, Savannah, GA 31405. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, Effingham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mr. Robert E. (Bobby) Henson

Meldrim: Mr. Robert E. (Bobby) Henson, of Meldrim, died on Saturday, January 23, 2010 from injuries sustained in a fall in early January. He was born January 21, 1950. He was a veteran of the US Army and a retired member of the Ironworker’s Local 709. Though his work was rugged and difficult, he was a gentle man who had a deep and kind love for animals and nature. He was a loving son, brother, and friend. He is preceded in death by his father, Hamilton M. (Buddy) Henson, Sr. Survivors include his mother, Virginia Edwards Hall of Meldrim and his brother, Hamilton M. (Ham) Henson, Jr. and his wife Nan of Atlanta; nieces, Jill Gilliam and husband Matt and Amanda Mangan and her husband Billy; nephew, Rob Henson and his wife Kelly and their son, Willard. Funeral services were held on Monday, January 25, 2010 at 2pm in the funeral home chapel with burial at Oak Hill Cemetery in Meldrim. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Willgenia Exley Carrigg

Rincon - Willgenia Exley Carrigg, 81, died Saturday, January 23, 2010 at Candler Hospital. The Effingham County native was a member of Jerusalem Lutheran Church and W.E.L.C.A. She was a homemaker and a member of the American Legion Auxilliary. She was preceded in death by her parents, Charles Benjamin Exley and Amanda Helmly Exley; and husband, J. Samuel Carrigg. Survivors include her daughter, Trellene Metzger of Rincon; son, S. Carson Carrigg of Rincon; three grandchildren, Brian Metzger of Clyo, Tania (Jeff) Cole of Rincon, and Blake (Ambra) Metzger of Rincon; three great-grandchildren, Trevor and Trenton Cole, and Christian Metzger all of Rincon; and a number of nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at 3pm Tuesday at Jerusalem Lutheran Church. Interment was in the church cemetery. Remembrances may be given to Jerusalem Lutheran Church, 2966 Ebenezer Road, Rincon, GA 31326. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, Effingham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Dr. Clarence L. Hall (Uncle “C”)

Savannah-Dr. Clarence L. Hall, 78, passed away on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at his niece’s residence. Dr. Hall was born in Boston, GA to the late Henry Horace Hall, Sr. & Mary Eve Lane Hall. He retired from the Air Force where he was a weatherman. He received his Doctorate of Philosophy in 1985 and was a Aviation Professor at Bellville Area College in Bellville, IL. He later worked as a probation officer in Missouri. He loved to fly and traveled all over the world. Survivors include his beloved dog, Sir Winston; brother, James W. (Evelyn) Hall of Savannah; family members that were like his children and grandchildren, nieces, Gail Screen and Janet (Ronnie) Long; great-nieces, April Screen and Jaime (Korey) Acel, greatnephews, Jason Hall and Chuck Screen; great-great-nieces, Amber Brinas and Aubrey Acel; greatgreat-nephews, Adam Acel, Ashton (Little C) Acel and Charlie Screen; great-great-great-niece, Kaydee and other nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Remembrances may be given to Victory Junction Camp, 4500 Adam’s Way, Randleman, NC 27317. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Fu-

___________________________________ Continued on page 13

Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010 • Page A9





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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

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ARDSLEY PARK BAPTIST CHURCH Bull at 56th in Savannah

For more information, please call us at 234-1256

Rev. Sam Khalaf, Pastor

As this special day arrives, I think about how glad I am that you were born; How thankful I am to have you in my life, for each new move you make, that you have brought pleasure into all our lives! Happy 1st Birthday, Korde! January 30th We love you, Mommy, Daddy and family –––––––––––––––––––––––

The Midwife Group of Coastal Georgia & The Family Health & Birth Center would like to congratulate: Chris & Blythe Dennison on the birth of Allison Kate, born: January 21, 2010 Jake & Lauren on the birth of Eisley Bae, born: January 21, 2010 Larry & Judith Lee on the birth of Eternity Faith, born: January 22, 2010 Ross & Melanie on the birth of Georgia Lynn, born: January 22, 2010 James & Dawn Lemons on the birth of Sunday James, born: January 24, 2010 –––––––––––––––––––––––

• Sunday Worship at 11am • Sunday School at 9:30am • Evening Worship at 6pm • Prayer Meeting Wednesdays at 6pm

Join us after the morning service for a time of fellowship and refreshments in our social hall!

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My! My! My! “Tater Tot” is 4! Happy Birthday Alissa Resse Lively! January 27th We love you very much, MiMi and Papa T.

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Page A10 • Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010

Fruits Vine of the

For a more complete listing of churches, visit

SAND RIDGE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY RECOGNIZES FIRST GRADUATING CLASS Stilson, Ga January 23rd, 2010– Sand ridge Theological Seminary will hold its first commencement ceremony to recognize its first graduating class. Twelve students completed the course requirements for the certificate in servant hood and church leadership Studies and will participate in commencement exercises. They are Jessie Williams, Sandra Williams, Felicia Hills, Brenda Hills, Kiewanna Hills, Barbara Louder, Robert Louder, Josette Louder, Herman Dukes, Maxine Dukes, Barbara Murchinson. The area of Studies is designed for laypersons and professionals ready to take their knowledge of the Bible and preparation for the ministry to the next level. The course integrates theology and

practice into the life of the church and world. “As an adult learner, I think the greatest strength of this program was that it made the academic content practical and relevant for today,” said Jessie Williams Deacon at Gethsemane Baptist Church. The new graduates expressed various reasons for taking the course. “I wanted to be a better leader in the church, said Brenda Hills, Deaconess. “I couldn’t go away to seminary, so this program provided the seminary training I was wanting.” “I am so proud of this group of students and what they have accomplished,” said Lonnie L. Oglesby, Jr, President of Sand ridge Theological Seminary. “This is a


By Thomas Jackson The Shield of Faith Christian Center

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. The old saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me is indeed a non truth. The tongues which produce words have power to seriously wound or even kill a person. Too many relationships have been severed or even destroyed because of hurtful words that one may use. Millions of people have

harbored bitterness, and hate in their heart because of harmful harsh words that someone has spoken to them. The Bible teaches a person to be slow to speak because once we release harmful words, we cannot take them back. Anyone who has been damaged by harsh words can tell you that the person who spoke to them cannot take back the hurt that was caused. Adults, this is even more critical when speaking to children. Children can be programmed to act or think according to their environment. Our society has many

special occasion for us. I look forward to the continued success of our students and growth of our program.” 3 P.M. Saturday January 23 Place: Gethsemane Baptist Church 1277 Old Thorn Pound Road Stilson, GA The Williams Memorial Award will be presented to a deserving member of the graduating class in the School of Theology will be given. For more information about Sand ridge Theological Seminary, contact Lonnie L. Oglesby,Jr. at (912) 660-3708.

questions regarding why kids today have gotten away from yesterdays dreams. The answer is simple; some kids have become what their parents have spoken over them. So instead of using the tongue as a weapon, let’s be mindful of how the same instrument can be used as an encouragement. Remember that love is the greatest gift that God has given to mankind and this love is found in Jesus Christ. If you have not accepted him as your Lord and Savior, this is now the time to do it. Pray to God and accept Jesus Christ who died, was buried and resurrected for your sake as Lord of your life.

The Church Bulletin Board • Nashville recording artist, The Parish Family will be appearing in concert at First Baptist Church of Blitchton on Saturday, January 30th at 7pm. The church is located at 5204 Highway 80, Blitchton. For more information, call Mike at 6576985. • Youth Choir Anniversary & Musical The Mt. Hermon Baptist Church Youth department invites you to join them on Friday, March 26th, at 7pm as they celebrate their Youth Choir Anniversary with a musical. Come and enjoy Jesus with us as we sing praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you are interested in being a part of this awesome event, please contact Sister Veronica E. Graham, Youth Advisor or our First Lady Jacquelyn Best at 912-927-0129. • Mt. Hermon Baptist Church Celebrates Pastor’s 4th Anniversary Pastor Arthur Lee Best, III of Mt. Hermon Baptist Church located at 13813 Coffee Bluff Road, will be celebrating his 4th Anniversary on March 21st, at 4pm. We are inviting all churches, family members and friends to come out and celebrate with us. Pastor James Williams, III of First Mount Bethel Baptist Church will deliver the “Word”. • St. Boniface Church, Springfield, will begin its annual observance of the Lenten season on

Police Reports

Continued from page 7 ____________________________________

• Around 11:30pm, an Officer spotted a red Toyota Tacoma pickup on Pooler Parkway having a hard time keeping it in the lane. When the driver twice crossed over the fog line, the Officer made a traffic

Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17th, with Mass and distribution of blessed ashes at 12:05pm and 7pm. All are welcome. Lenten devotions consisting of the Stations of the Cross and Benediction will be held on Lenten Fridays at 7pm followed by a pot-luck supper. All are welcome. For additional information, contact the church office: 7547473. • Valentines Day Weekend Festival of Marriage Retreat “Sweeten Your marriage” and bring out the Soul-Mate in your mate! Saturday, Feb 13th, at Ardsley Park Baptist Church, 1 East 55th Street, at the corner of Bull and 55th Streets, in Savannah, from 11am to 7pm. Just $30 per couple includes lunch, snacks and dinner. What a great Gift! A day to tell your spouse how much you care and make 2010 your Sweetest year yet! Please RSVP by February 9th to either Deborah or Shane Sullivan, 355-5245 or, or you may contact Nancy & Don Dimick at 897-9993. • Pastors of a local church in Pooler are looking for a home to rent or for a rent-to-own option, on the Westside (preferably in Pooler or Bloomingdale). Currently we are driving an hour and a half each way at least 2-3 days per week. Please call Pastor Abraham at 478494-0893 or Aaron Walker at All American Glass, 450-4527. • The Georgians Quartet will be stop. Noting the odor of alcohol and the glazed bloodshot eyes of the driver, the Officer soon had the Port Wentworth man under arrest for DUI. • At 1:30am, an Officer found a Ford pickup stuck in the mud along Quacco Road at East Haven Blvd. A Savannah man was sitting behind the wheel. He told the Officer he’d pulled over because he knew he was drunk. He asked if he could just smoke a cigarette before being arrested and going to jail. The Officer ran his license through dispatch and found it was suspended for

at Rothwell Baptist Church on Friday, January 29th at 7pm. Everyone is welcome! Rothwell Baptist Church is located at 216 E. Rothwell Street in Pooler. • 12th Annual Effingham County United Methodist Campground BBQ will be held at UMC Campground at Hwy 21 Business in Springfield on Saturday, February 6th, 10am to 2pm. Cost is just $6 a plate (BBQ pork, green beans, and slaw). There will also be a Baked Goods Sale! For tickets, call any Effingham County Methodist Church. Proceeds support campground improvements. • Mark your calendars for Friday, February 12th for St. Boniface Annual Valentine’s Party & Auction starting at 7 pm (adults only). Ticket prices are $10 each. Call the St Boniface church office at 7547473 or Yvette Carr at 657-5423 to reserve your tickets in advance. Please invite your friends, family and co-workers. All proceeds raised benefit the St. Boniface Debt Reduction Fund. • The International Worship Center will be meeting at the Marlow Learning Center until their new facility is complete. For more information, please contact us at 748-7308 or check us out at www. We declare “Ridiculous Favor” over your life. Service Times: Sundays 9am and 11am, and Wednesdays at 7pm.

failure to appear three times. The man said he found out about the suspensions a couple of months ago. He then began throwing up. Knowing they wouldn’t accept him at the jail as drunk as he was, the Officer let a friend take him home with his citations. (A guy with his license suspended because he’s failed to show up in court the last three times!) • Around noon, an Officer found a Ford Mustang had lost traction on the I-95 northbound on ramp from ___________________________________ Continued on page 13

MY ANSWER By Billy Graham Q: My cousin always claimed to be an agnostic -- a person who doesn’t know if God is real. Last month, he had a heart attack, and although he’s getting better, I know he could have died. Do you think God is giving him a second chance? -- Mrs. B.McK.

A: Yes, I believe God is giving him a second chance -- and I pray he won’t ignore it or laugh it off. God loves your cousin and wants him to discover the joy that can only come from knowing God and being in His presence forever. The Bible says that God “is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). Situations like this should remind us that life is short, and we never know how long we’ll have on this earth. Your cousin didn’t plan on having a heart attack; he probably thought he’d go on living for many years. Perhaps he is like the rich man in one of Jesus’ parables who said to himself, “You have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry” (Luke 12:19). But God called him a fool, and that very night he died and entered eternity -- without God and without hope. That can happen to us. Pray for your cousin, that he may realize the seriousness of what’s happened to him, and turn in faith to Christ. Ask God also to give you an opportunity to share your concern with him and urge him to face his need to put his trust and faith in Christ. Make sure also of your own relationship with God. God loves you (just as He loves your cousin), and the most important decision you will ever make is your decision to give your life to Jesus Christ.

(Send your queries to “My Answer,” c/o Billy Graham, P.O. Box 1270, Charlotte, N.C., 28201; call 1-(877) 2-GRAHAM, or visit the Web site for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

TOP 10 PREDICTIONS FOR 2010 1. The Bible will still have all the answers. 2. Prayer will still be the most powerful thing on Earth. 3. The Holy Spirit will still move. 4. God will still honor the praises of His people. 5. There will still be God-anointed preaching. 6. There will still be singing of praise to God. 7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people. 8. There will still be room at the Cross. 9. Jesus will still love you. 10.Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him.

Isn’t It Great To Remember Who Is Really In Control, and that “…the Word of the Lord endureth for ever.” - 1 Peter 1:25

Prayer of the Week... Dear God, You created us for fellowship with You. We are designed to walk with You and delight in Your ways. But every day, we choose not to do that. We choose to go our own way. We put up a sign on our heart: Keep Out. You could just let us wander off. You could see that sign and walk away. But You don’t. You seek after each one of us, and You sent Your Son, Jesus, among us to call us back. Back to a full, open and loving relationship with you. Back home. Help us respond to that call. Help us turn away from ourselves and toward You. We are awestruck at this amazing gift you offer—life with You, forever. It is hard to comprehend such a gift. All we can do is touch it at the edges. But where knowledge fails, faith and love succeed. Give me faith in Your saving power. And thank You for the love that rescues me. In the name of your Son, my redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

NEED PRAYER, DELIVERANCE OR HEALING? Through the Lord, Jesus Christ, we are here for all those in need of Prayer. Send prayer requests to:

House of Prayer Ministries P. O. Box 1924 Springfield, GA 31329

or email:

Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010 • Page A11

Bloomingdale Alpha United Methodist Church 5 East Hwy 80 • 748-4062 Pastor Anna Kelley Ash Street Baptist Church 310 Ash Street • 748-0902 Rev. Carlton Wiley

United House of Prayer For All People 4107 6th Street • 966-5522 Elder Samuel Ransom

Pineora Baptist Church 131 Elkins Street • 772-3044 Pineora (Corner of Ga. 17) Pastor: Bobby Braswell, Jr.

Oakland Missionary Baptist 187 Burkhalter Rd. • 236-3439 Pastor Jerry Wright

Countryside Baptist Church 1201 Noel C. Conaway Rd. Pastor Terry A. Wilson Sand Hill Baptist 1931 Sand Hill Rd. • 728-3681 Rev. Royce Hendry

Bloomingdale Alliance Church 501 West Hwy 80 • 748-6351 Rev. Ken Otto

Alpha & Omega Ministries 4906 Pineland Dr. Pastor James P. Witherspoon

Church of the Nazarene 1116 East Hwy 80 • 748-9128 Pastor: David Horne

Palm Grove Primitive Baptist 2207 Shaw Avenue • 964-2080 Elder James W. Kicklighter

South Effingham Community Church 289 Harley Road • 728-3810 Pastor: Steve Canfield

Journey Church Meeting at Bloomingdale Elementary, Sunday mornings at 10:30am Pastor Larry D. Wilson 224-6453

Everlasting Life Christian Church 614 Hwy. 80W • 964-6003 Rev. Van Marie Green, Pastor

Zion Lutheran Hwy 30 at Ga. Hwy 17 Marlow • 728-3430 Pastor Barbara Koch

First Baptist Church of Bloomingdale Cherry Street • 748-4017 Rev. Darrell Bailey New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road • 988-3598 Pastor Bryan M. Smith Liberty Pentacostal Church Little Neck Road Life Springs Worship Center 1105 E. Hwy. 80 • 330-0740 Pastor Julie Stanley Piney Grove Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-5966 Pastor Belizaire Joseph South Newington Baptist 462 John Carter Road • 748-4831 Pastor Nathaniel Steve McCoy St. John Divine Baptist Hwy 80 Rev. Alphonso Piper

Trinity Church of God 2202 Hwy. 80 • 964-8770 Frank Gupton Oak Grove Missionary Baptist 4617 Louisville Road • 964-2683

Berea Southern Methodist Church 2872 Noel Conaway Road • Guyton (GA 30 near Kolic Helmy Rd) Silver Hill United Methodist Church Silver Hill Church Rd. Pastor Al Fernandez

Church of Christ Hwy 80

Silk Hope Baptist Church 18 Tower Dr • 233-8424 Rev. Jonathan E. Phillips

Faulkville Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-7332 Pastor Albert Hill

Woodlawn Baptist 407 Talmadge Ave. • 964-8676 Gary Johnson, Pastor

Eden Baptist Church 435 Dogwood Way • 748-2373 Rev. Jonah E. German

Woodlawn United Methodist 2502 Hwy 80 • 964-0787 Sanford Brown

United Methodist Church Meldrim Pastor: Rick Holt

Zion Fair Missionary Baptist 4123 First Street • 964-1322 Ronald Smalls

Powers Baptist Eden • 748-6288 Travis Cowart, Sr.

Parkway Church of Christ 4360 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-4040 Clay Johnson Silk Hope United Methodist 5212 Silk Hope Rd. • 447-5282 Guyton/Marlow Faith Ministries International 51 Central Blvd. (Hwy. 17) 772-4849 Pastor, Bruce Meyers Pine Street Baptist 118 Lynn Bonds Avenue Pastor: Chris Roberson

New Life Covenant Church 1105 E. Hwy. 80 • 220-5244 Rev. Rodney A. Sprauve

Corinth Baptist Church 290 Corinth Church Rd. 754-0032 • Shawnee Pastor Jeff Self

Elam Egypt Baptist Church Paul Moore, Pastor 2166 Egypt Ardmore Rd • 754-5060 Rev. Peter Vermeulen

Mizpah United Methodist Church Clyo Kildare Rd • 754-1563 Pastor: Jose Velasquez

United Methodist Church Ga. Hwy 17 • Marlow Rev. Peter Vermeulen

Garden City Central Baptist Church 4010 Old Louisville Rd. • 965-0752 Rev. Kenny Harrelson

Hwy. 30 Church of Christ 1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd. 728-3819 John W. Wright, Jr.

Count It All Joy Ministries Highway 17 Michael Tucker

Guyton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 301 Pine Street 772-3478

Chapel in the Garden Presbyterian Church Daren Russell 93 Main Street • 964-5734 Living Hope Community Fellowship 5008 Augusta Rd. • Garden City (Hwy. 21 next to Dairy Queen) 965-0406 Pastor Joyce C. Hall Fairlawn Baptist Church 4719 Augusta Road • 964-4371 Rev. Harold Edwards, Sr., Pastor Church of Christ 4506 Augusta Rd. • 964-6443 Clifton Baptist Church 100 Big Hill Rd. • 964-2335 Rev. Oddie Luckett Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness 4869 Louisville Road • 964-1210 Dean Forest Baptist Church 1524 Dean Forest Road • 964-7369 Rev. Larry Strickland

New Vision Pentecostal Church, 2355 Hwy 119 • 772-4417 Pastor: Charles Bazemore

Bethesda United Methodist 3608 Midland Road • 728-3332 Pastor Matt Waldron Guyton United Methodist 401 Church Street • 772-5099 Rev. Rick Holt First Baptist of Marlow 2229 Central Ave. • 772-7438 Pastor Daniel Alexander (Minister of Gospel)

Ephesus Reformed Baptist 826-4598 • Pastor Steve Thomas

Turkey Branch United Methodist Turkey Branch Rd. • 754-0053 Madison Morgan – New Pastor

First Christian 826-2224 Minister Steve Parker Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church Blandford Rd. • 826-5259 Rev. Jonah E. Jerman

Church of Christ in Pooler Meets at Quality Inn (behind Burger King on Governor Treutlen Drive/I-95) Services: 10AM-Bible Class 11AM-Worship Service Every Sunday Contact 912-966-2071 The Church at Godley Station (Meeting Sundays at 9am behind Home Depot on Pooler Pkwy) Pastor Earnie Pirkle Assoc. Pastor: Steve Dees 220-4440

Lighthouse Baptist Church 106 Pipemakers Circle • 748-1164 Pastor: Dr. Van Power New Birth Savannah 118 Pipemaker’s Circle Suites 202-205 748-2969 Pastor: Kenneth K. Law New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road Pastor J. S. Hartman • 572-6001 Heavenbound Baptist Church 1014 Quacco Road • 921-1500 Rev. Gene Alderman First Presbyterian Church Pooler (PCA) 329 Hwy. 80 East • 330-9415 John Fender, Pastor Faith Bible Baptist Church 5137 Old Louisville Rd. • 964-7655 Dale Mathis, Pastor Crossroads Worship Center Hwy. 80 at N. Rogers St. • 547-5101 Rev. Joe Hubbard

Goshen Road Baptist 1323 Goshen Rd. • 826-1826 Rev. Frank Hodges

Chevis Oaks Baptist Church 102 Sylvania Rd. at Chevis Rd. 925-3852 Rev. Eric R. Carpenter

Grace Community Church 1094 Goshen Rd. • 826-4204 Pastor Wesley Corbitt

Bethel Baptist Church 748-9085 Pastor Eddie Deas

Marantha Assembly of God 454 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5234 Rev. Mike Beck

New Vision Baptist Church 2417 Louis Mills Blvd. 236-4841 Pastor Gary Bradham Savannah Holy Church of God 707 Little Neck Road • 920-0042 Pastor: Rev. Ryan Ralston

New Hope Christian Church 2420 Courthouse Rd. • 772-4499 Rev. Brad Proudfoot

First Baptist Church of Garden City 35 Nelson Ave. • 964-0355 Rev. Ken Sharpe

Trinity Faith International Church 776 Kolic Helmey Road Pastor: Kaye Bell

Reaching For Souls Located in the All American Glass Shopping Center on Hwy. 80 478-494-0893 Pastors: Stanly & Angela Abraham

Savannah Christian Church 55 Al Henderson Blvd. Pastor Cam Huxford

Journey Community Church 5938 Highway 21 South • 754-9444 Pastor Michael Bassett

New Mount Olive Baptist 835 Chevis Rd. • 920-1133

Port Wentworth Alliance Church 222 Cantyre Street • 964-4495 Pastor John Smith Faith Foundation C.O.G.I.C. 7 Cantyre Street • 964-0019 Pastor, Elder Earl Williams, Jr. Port Wentworth Baptist 231 Grange Rd • 964-0762

St. John’s Lutheran Hwy 21 at 7th St. • 826-5411 Springfield Agape Assembly of God 703 First St. Ext. • 754-6354 Pastor: Shane Holcombe

Real Life Christian Fellowship 841 Crossgate Rd. Pastor Paul L. Taylor, Jr.

New Testament Fellowship UPC 307 South Laurel St. • 754-9782 Pastor: Walter Thomas

Port Wentworth United Methodist 201 Turnberry Street • 964-4210 Pastor: Tom Edwards

Bethel Lutheran ELCA 1984 Hwy 21N • 754-6561 Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger

Rincon Effingham Baptist Church 1007 North Columbia Ave. 826-3794 Pastor: Tom Davis

Holy Samaritan Apostolic Church of the Living God 148 Rawls Drive • 754-4234 Pastor Isiah Brehler, Sr.

St. Mary’s Holiness Church 205 Stokes Ave • Rincon • 826-4525 Bishop Billy Scott

First Baptist of Springfield 1435 Hwy 119N • 754-3443 Rev. Jeff Rollins

Jehovah Shammah Assembly of God 432 Blandford Rd. • 826-2173 Pastor Jackie Gordon

Northside Church of God 273 Church Row • 754-4801 Pastor Reginald Anderson, Sr.

St. Luke’s Episcopal 155 Goshen Rd. 826-3332 Worship Service, 9:00 am Sunday School, 10:30 am à Rev. Liam Collins

Abundant Life Church 1541 Highway 21 South • 754-3148 Pastor Don Burkhalter

Cornerstone Baptist Church Lexington Avenue Sunday: 10:45am • Wednesday: 7pm 754-9650 Pastor Duane Logsdon Centerpoint Church Meeting at Effingham YMCA 1224 Patriot Drive Pastors David Rhoads & Mike Bassett 826-5521 Acts III Global Church 604 Goshen Road • 826-2981 Pastor, Al Usher Church of the Harvest 434 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-6461 Rev. Brunson

Gethsemane Baptist 1102 N. Maple St. • 754-7530 Holy Trinity Lutheran 303 S. Laurel St. • 754-3353 Rev. Joe Copeck Jerusalem Lutheran 2966 Ebenezer Rd. • 754-3915 Rev. John Barichivich Laurel Hill Lutheran 530 Laurel Hill Rd. • 754-6718 Rev. David Hendrix New Bethel Pentecostal 2402 Old Dixie Hwy • 754-1509 Darrel Childress, Pastor New Hope Apostolic 525 Ardmore Oaky Rd. • 754-4079 Mount Hope Missionary Baptist 5083 Mount Hope Road • 772-3280 Pastor Leonard Lemon, Sr. Angel Haven Outreach Ministry 409 S. Laurel Street • 407-0071 Pastors Carl and Leslie Canoy St. Boniface Catholic Church 1952 Hwy 21S • 754-7473 Mass: Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Father Wes Lamb

This directory proudly sponsored by

Omega Steel, Inc.

Elohim Christian Fellowship 309 Main Street, Suite F • 966-5005 Pastor Leroy R. Kirkland III

Hwy 80 West, Just Outside Bloomingdale

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 41 Main Street • 964-1649 Rev. David Rasmussen

Holy Church of God Little Neck Road

Holy Church Of God 707 Little Neck Rd • 920-0042 Rev. Ryan Ralston

Garden City United Methodist Church 62 Varnadoe Ave. • 964-5780 Rev. Dan Pegram

Jasper Springs Baptist Church 62 Smith Ave. • 964-6864 Pastor: Rev. Johnny Bowen

Ft. Argyle Gospel Fellowship 909 Ft. Argyle Road (Hwy. 204) Pastors Robert and Renea Jordan 748-4339

Rincon United Methodist 107 Savannah Ave. • 826-5796 Sr. Pastor: Rev. Larry Bird

North Salem Baptist 955 Hwy 30 • 964-7933 Pastor Phil Hudson

House of Prayer of Rincon Fort Howard Road in Rincon Services: Sunday 11 AM & 6:30 PM 826-2570 Pastor: Mildred Lake

South Valley Baptist Church Rev. Barry Jackson Pine Barren Road • 748-0279

Northside Baptist Hwy 21N • 826-5346 Rev. Mike Jones

Southside Assembly of God 401 Tibet Avenue Rev. Jack Moon

Coastal Christian Center 6073 Ogeechee Rd • 925-3166  Ron and Rosie Chambers

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church 1285 Pine Barren West • 748-6016 Sunday Worship 10:30am Rev. Dr. Robert LeFavi, Vicar

Rothwell Baptist Church 216 Rothwell Street • 748-7593 Rev. Devin Bell

Bible Based Lutherans of Effingham Blandford Elementary School 4650 McCall Road 1 1/2 Miles from Harold’s Body Shop Pastor Andy Krey

Quacco Baptist Church 215 Quacco Road • 925-3885 Pastor Barry Minsky

Rincon Church of Christ 306 E. 4th St. • 826-5440

Living Faith Church of God 3789 Noel C. Conway Rd. Rev. Sean Faircloth 728-8811

New Providence Baptist Eric Palmburg 772-3590

Southwest Baptist 831 Little Neck Road • 925-0699 Dr. Robert B. Peacock, Pastor

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Hwy 25 • 964-0219 Father Michael J. Kavanaugh

Risen Saviour Lutheran 1755 Quacco Road • Pooler Worship: 10AM Pastor James Borgwardt

Royal Temple Holiness Church 409 Samuel Small Dr. - 772-3498 Elder Verdie Banner

Southwest Chatham Amazing Grace Baptist Church 5790 Ogeechee Road • 858-4362 Pastor: George Barron

Rincon Baptist Temple 305 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5818 Pastor: Bro. Joe Springer

Macedonia Baptist Church Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Delmons White

First Baptist Church of Pooler 204 W. Hwy 80 • 748-7521 Sunday School: 10:45am Morning Service: 9:30am Evening: 6pm Wednesday Service: 6:45pm Rev. Otis Hill

First United Pentecostal Church 1735 Grove Point Rd • 927-0569 Rev. David A. Hodge

First Baptist Church of Port Wentworth Hwy 25 • 964-5811 Rev. John Ashworth

Calvary Assembly of God 1007 West Hwy 80 • 748-5847 Daniel Webber, Pastor

Liberty Christian Fellowship Church 302 Church Street • 772-5522 John Tanner, Pastor

Fellowship Bible Church 841 Old Dixie Hwy. • 754-9645 Pastor Robert Quarterman

Rincon Church of God Hwy 21, Rincon Pastor: DeWayne Merritt

Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association Education Center Central (Hwy 17) & Simmons Rd.

Safe Haven Church/ Mission Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Emmett Patterson

Union Springs AME Union Springs Church Rd. • 7549460

Bible Connection Ministries 410 S. Coastal Hwy. • 965-1101 Pastor: Alex Grant, Jr.

New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 130 Giles Avenue • Rincon • 826-2431 Solomon J. Roberts, Sr. - Pastor

Fellowship Assembly of God 5224 Augusta Rd. • 964-4243 Pastor Gary Smith

Garden City Primitive Baptist 126 Smith Ave. • 964-5014 Pastor: Elder Hugh Thompson

Thomas Chapel AME Savannah Town Rd. • 754-1233

New Life Worship Center 5509 McCall Road • 826-3832 Pastor Paul Flippo

Gateway Community Church Now meeting at the YMCA on Pooler Parkway • 220-1074 Pastor Matt Hearn

Open Door Ministries at Joel’s Place 13 North Coastal Hwy. at Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-5001 Pastor Neil Bush

The Sycamore at West Chatham Meeting in homes on Wednesdays Pastor Ric Smith • 596-4725

Wildwood United Methodist Garrard Avenue Pastor Lloyd Dees

Bryant Temple W. 6th St. • 826-2896

First Baptist of Rincon 201 E. 6th St. • 826-5536 Dr. Bob Rogers

Savannah First Seventh Day Adventist 50 Godley Way • Pooler • 748-5977 Rev. Mark Pioutrowski

The Fountain Church International 131 Canal Street, Suite B • 704-1462 Sunday: 8AM and 11 AM, Wednesday’s POWER HOUR @ 7PM Pastor Joseph Clinton

Christ Presbyterian Church Coffee, Welcome with Worship at 10:00 a.m. 1743 Quacco Road • 925-6441 Rev. Ed Ayers • 713-1276

Wilder Memorial Baptist 1 Gamble Road Rev. Tom Keller

Springfield United Methodist 209 Cleveland St. Rev. Ben Martin

Faith Presbyterian 2000 Lexington Avenue 826-6880 Rev. Mary Beene

MorningStar Baptist Church 131 Canal Street (off Pooler Parkway) Pastor Tom Byerly

Port Wentworth Bonnybridge Baptist Church 811 Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-0553 Dr. Dan Hall, Pastor

Faith Baptist Church 1951 Hwy 119 South • Guyton Dr. Calvin Bradley, Pastor 772-5269

“The Lighthouse” of Effingham meeting at Rincon YMCA 1224 Patriot Drive • 856-0428 Roland Dann, Pastor

West Chatham Baptist Church South Rogers Street Rev. David Stanford

Pooler Beth-El Alliance Church Quacco Road Rev. Michael Owens

Pineora Holy Church of God 460 McLaws Rd. • 232-6100 Pastor Ronnie Miles

Clyo United Methodist Church Railroad St. at 3rd. Ave. Pastor Al Fernandez

It’s Harvest Time Church 409 W. Hwy. 80 • Pooler 748-1560 Sundays at 11am Pastors Greg & Donna Van Gorp

St. Mathews Baptist 218 Wallace Dr. • 754-3143

Abercorn Baptist Baker Hill Rd. • 826-4213

- God

Abundant Life Community Church (ELCA) Sunday School 9:23 AM Weekly Worship - Sundays at 10:30 AM 119 Canal St. Suite 105 Just off the Pooler Parkway near Cancun Mexican Restaurant Pastor Seth Bridger 856-6871

Bible Based Lutherans of Effingham Services at 9:00 a.m. Blandford Elementary School 4650 McCall Road 1-1/2 Miles from Harold’s Body Shop  Pastor Andy Krey

Goshen United Methodist Church Hwy. 21 at Goshen Rd • 826-6088 Pastor Devin Schultz

“It cost me more to save this world than it did to create it.”

Bloomingdale Fellowship Church of God of Prophecy 1501 E. Hwy. 80 • 748-2181 Pastor: Mark Minter

Effingham International Worship Center Marlow Learning Center • 748-7308 Pastor Eddie Tomberlin

Solid Rock Baptist Church 5th Street • Meldrim Pastor: Greg McAlister

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 4285 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-1979 Pastor Robert L. Miley

Westside Christian Church Hwy 80 • 748-0309 Pastor Leonard Daughtery

Firm Foundation Baptist Church 937 Mixon Road • 865-4505 Dr. Bernard D. Carter

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Health & Wellness Directory Family Medicine

Hospital Affiliations: Candler • St. Joseph’s • Memorial JOHN D. NORTHUP, M.D.

Board Certified in Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine Amherst College A/B Cumlaude Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology Fellowship Yale University School of Medicine Graduate N.Y. Hospital/Cornell Internal Medicine Training Duke University Internal Medicine Training Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Residency Training National Cancer Institute Clinical Associate

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neral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Hilda Moore Gordon

Hilda Moore Gordon, age 88, passed away at Oceanside Nursing Home on Tybee Island, GA (Savannah,GA), January 22, 2010. She was preceded in death by James Asa “J.A.” Gordon, her husband of more than 50 years, and is survived by sister-in-law, Sarah Butler of Roswell, GA, niece, Roberta Butler of Northamptonshire, England, nephew, Larry Butler, of Roswell, GA, special friends Jim and Connie Korb, Sue, Jef, and Stephanie Fretwell, Romanda Talley, Jean Johnson, Gail Gilvin, Patricia Miller, Jim Wann, as well as many friends made during 45 years as a member and leader of International Service Sorority, ESA. The Gordons were longtime members of Underwood Memorial United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA and beloved mentors to generations of young people encountered through the Georgia Amateur Boxing Association. Her spirit of fun, wisdom, and love of laughter were gifts to all who were privileged to be part of her life. Following Hilda’s wishes her body was taken to the Medical College of Georgia for use in the Anatomical Studies Program. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Bryan Lee Santos-Clausen

Bryan Lee Santos-Clausen, infant son of Josette Santos and Bryan Lee Clausen of Rincon died Wednesday January 20, 2010 at Memorial Health University Hospital. Services were private. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Rudd

Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Rudd, 66, died Monday, January 25, 2010 at his residence. Mr. Rudd was born in Texas and lived in Rincon for a number of years. He was an aircraft mechanic for Gulfstream, a realtor, a U.S.M.C. veteran, having served in the Vietnam War, and a member of Hwy 30 Church of Christ in Guyton. Survivors include his children, Scot Rudd of San Antonio, TX, Cynthia Rudd of Rincon, Melissa Boyson of Kansas and Brian Rudd (Kim) of Oklahoma; brother, Jim Rudd of Texas; sister, Nancy Bannister of San Antonio, TX; and grandchildren, Haden, Hannah, Rose, Magan, Lake, Olivia and Landon

Police Reports

Continued from page 10 ____________________________________

Hwy 80 and slid off the ramp. The Mustang had to be towed from the scene when the driver was arrested for driving without a license. • A Savannah man in a white panel truck apparently missed his turn onto northbound I-95 from I-16 westbound. He tried to turn

Rudd, Zachary and Julie Boyson. Funeral services will be held Friday, January 29 at 10:30am at the Ben Wages Chapel of Riggs Funeral Home. Interment will be at Rincon Cemetery with military honors. Memorial contributions may be given in Mr. Rudd’s memory to Hwy 30 Church of Christ, 1952 Noel C. Conaway Road, Guyton, GA 31312. Riggs Funeral Home in Guyton, Georgia, is in charge of arrangements.

Willie Doyle, III

Willie Doyle, III, 56, died Sunday, January 24, 2010 at University Hospital in Augusta. Mr. Doyle was born in Screven County, was a contractor and a Baptist. Survivors include his mother, Betty Taylor of Guyton; sisters, Sandra Barron (Robert) of Savannah, Lori Taylor of Guyton; uncles, Thomas Taylor of Midway, Herbert Taylor of Savannah; nephew, Travis Bryson of Savannah; and several cousins. Graveside services were held Wednesday, January 27 at 11am at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens in Savannah. Riggs Funeral Home in Guyton, Georgia, was in charge of arrangements.

Winton D. Howard, Sr.

Winton D. Howard, Sr., 81, died Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at Effingham County Care Center. Mr. Howard was born in Screven County and lived in Effingham County for a number of years. He was a boilermaker with Local Union 26 AFLCIO, a member of Guyton Masonic Lodge 426 F&AM, and he was a Baptist. Mr. Howard was preceded in death by two sisters, Mardell Mills and Pauline Howard, and two brothers, Jason Howard and Claudine Howard. Survivors include his wife, Clara Howard of Guyton; son, Winton D. Howard, Jr. of Guyton; daughter, Wanda Hayes of Newton; two sisters, Onnie Derryberry and Louise Steed, both of Springfield; two brothers, Joseph Howard of Rincon and Lavert Howard of Springfield; six grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren and 9 halfbrothers and -sisters. Memorial services were held Saturday, January 23 at 3pm. Contributions may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association and the Masonic Children’s Home. Riggs Funeral Home in Guyton, Georgia, was in charge of arrangements.

Jeannette Hanna

Jeannette Hanna, 77, of Savannah,

around in the median between I-95 and Pooler Parkway, but got stuck in the mud in the median. His truck had to be pulled out of the mud by a tow truck. • Officers responded to a local convenience store where the owner complained that someone had used their dumpster to dump their mattresses and a large amount of garbage. They went through some of the trash and located several envelopes of mail with one woman’s name on it, identifying her as the offender. She’ll soon be cited for illegal dumping unless she can talk the owner of the store out of pressing charges.

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12345 Mercy Blvd. Across from St. Joseph’s (Behind CVS)

passed away on January 27, 2010, at Hospice of Savannah. Jeannette spent the majority of her life working for the City of Savannah Police Department, and retired after over 28 years of service. She enjoyed music, dancing, nature, and surrounding herself by her loving family and friends. She was faithful and long time Member of Central Baptist Church, as well as a true southern cook. She was preceded in death by her husband Laurie Hanna. She is survived by her daughters Elizabeth Archer (Wayne) of Jacksonville, FL, Margaret Boyer of Guyton, Shelma Hamilton (Jim) of Register, and Terri Davis (Raymond) of Guyton, grandchildren Melanie Newsom, Ricky Hale, Robbie Archer, and Matthew Hanna, 4 great grandchildren, sister Alfreda Olliff of Ellabell, and well as numerous loving nieces and nephews. Visitation will be held from 6-8pm on Friday, January 29 at Fairhaven Funeral Home. Funeral Service will be held at 11am on Saturday at the chapel of Fairhaven with Brother Kenny Harrelson officiating. Interment will follow at Bonaventure Cemetery. Remembrances may be made to Central Baptist Church, 4010 Old Louisville Rd., Garden City, 31408. Fairhaven Funeral Home is in charge of all arrangements.

Glenn Nathan Kline

Glenn Nathan Kline, 73, of Bloomingdale, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010 at Hospice Savannah, Inc., surrounded by his loving family. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, and was a graduate of Garfield High School. He was a veteran, having served in the US Army. He was retired from Columbia Enamel. He was a member of Merrywood Baptist Church in Statesboro, and also attended First Baptist Church of Bloomingdale. He is survived by his wife of 40 years, Margaret Thompson Kline; a son, Larry Kline (Marsha); 4 daughters, Lori Busby (Norman); Arvilla Norris (Kevin); Connie Smith (Sonny), and Stephanie Franklin; 2 sisters, Janet Bales of Orlando, Fla; and Carolyn Firedt of Heritage Lake, Indiana; 10 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and 1 great great grandchild, several nieces and nephews. Memorial Services: 11 a.m. Saturday at the Merrywood Baptist Church, in Statesboro. Burial will be private. Memorial Contributions: Please make any memorial contribution to Glenn’s family. Fairhaven Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

H. A. Saunders

1000 Towne Center Blvd, Ste 305 In Godley Station Prof. Park (Behind Longhorn’s)





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CLUES ACROSS 1. Actress Thurman 4. Mature female deer 7. Lu___er - the devil 10. Chicane or cavil 12. Retains possession 14. “Fountainhead” author Ayn 15. Teenage skin disease 16. Asian nation 17. B____me - crone or hag 18. Unorthodoxy 20. Dank 22. Computer-aided mfg. 23. Marsh elder 24. A sudden flood 26. Sleeping noises 29. Kansas City airport code 30. “Cujo” author 34. Grand ___, vintage 35. ___s - SE Asian country 36. Arrived extinct 37. Book by 30 across 43. The outward flow of the tide 44. Put ashore on a desolate island 45. Volcanic craters 47. Floor cleaner 48. Top part of an apron 49. Strikes a heavy blow 52. A musical composition 55. Sci-Fi & Fantasy publisher 56. Zen Buddhist riddles 58. C C C 60. Hillside (Scot.) 61. Operatic songs 62. Swiss river 63. 12th C Spanish hero 64. Payroll processing Co. 65. Extinct Kiwi relative


CLUES DOWN 1. Fiddler crabs 2. Speed of sound 3. Set “Rule Britania” to music 4. Declare untrue 5. Largest English dictionary (abbr.) 6. Impressive in scope 7. Tranquil 8. ____ 500, car race 9. Licenses drugs 11. Perch genusa 12. Fate 13. Containing salt 14. Comment 19. Ingests 21. River in England 24. Transparent theater fabric 25. Oldest Span. city in Peru 26. A jigger of liquor 27. Duck valued for it’s down 28. Arrogant people 29. Thousand cubic feet (abbr.) 31. Ardor 32. Golf score 33. Talk 38. White winter weasel 39. Fine coal debris 40. Kansas capital 41. Raise in a reief 42. Precipitation 46. Manila hemp 49. Pakistani frock 50. Fermented honey and H2O 51. Italian city 52. Take a photograph 53. A group of players 54. About aviation 55. English radio & TV 57. Furnish with help 59. A large body of water

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NEW PATIENTS RECEIVE $50 OFF! • An Officer grabbed his fire extinguisher to put out a fire in an outdoor shed at a Pooler residence. ___________________________________ Continued on page 14

Take Off Pounds Sensibly Pooler TOPS meets every Thursday at Trinity United Methodist Church on Benton Avenue. Weigh-in starts at 5:30 p.m. Program starts at 6:00 p.m. For more information, call 450-3633, or 912-823-9844.

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109 South Laurel Street Downtown Springfield

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(Between 1st Street & 2nd Street)


The ReStore exists to help Habitat for Humanity of Effingham County meet its ultimate goal of eradicating substandard housing in Effingham County. This takes a lot of money, and a lot of volunteers! Your donations of good, usable items are a great way to help our community! Call us at 826-1476 to arrange for pickup of your items, and we can help our county by diverting several tons of materials from the local landfill. For the Do-It-Yourselfer, ReStore is the first place to visit for your home renovation needs! You’ll find everything, including cabinets, light fixtures, doors, windows, hardwood, tools, furniture, and even the kitchen sink!

Your Surplus Can Be A Window Of Hope For A Family In Effingham!

3605 Hwy. 21 • Rincon Call for Pickup!


By Cal Thomas Tribune Media Services

If you live long enough in Washington you’ll learn there is literally nothing new under the sun. That’s why it is amusing to listen to the House “Progressive Caucus” and in a full-page newspaper ad attempt to explain the victory of senator-elect Scott Brown in the special Massachusetts election last week this way: Brown didn’t win because Democrats were too liberal; Brown won because Democrats weren’t liberal enough. Conservatives sincerely hope the rest of the party buys that reasoning and pushes it all the way to defeat in the November election. Conservatives used to say the same thing about Ronald Reagan when he raised taxes after first lowering them and signed an amnesty bill for illegal aliens. “Let Reagan be Reagan” came the cry from the Right. Conservatives blamed “moderates” like Chief of Staff James A. Baker and his deputy, Michael Deaver, for pushing Reagan to the middle. Some on the Left criticize President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, for allowing Obama to be liberal-lite. Democrats blame Republicans for opposing every proposal by the administration. Republicans blame Democrats for not taking seriously any of their ideas. Which brings us to this weekend and a House Republican retreat in Baltimore. President Obama has accepted an invitation from the House GOP leadership to address the group and to take questions. Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, chairman of the House Republican Conference, tells me the invitation to the president is not political theater, but “a sincere effort to engage in dialogue over what is in the best

Police Reports

Continued from page 13 ____________________________________

That is, until the homeowner hollered something about the propane tanks stored in the shed. The Officer thought he’d let the Fire Department come take care of the blaze at that point.


Cake Corner Bakery

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Tuesday & Saturday, 9-2 • Wednesday-Friday 9-5

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105 MOORE AVENUE POOLER Just off Hwy. 80 between Wendy’s and Lovezzola’s


interests of our country.” Republicans invited the president to a similar gathering last February, but Pence says, “Our experience with this administration has been that they have said ‘no’ to every Republican proposal.” That, he says, includes an economic stimulus (“it would have cost half as much and created twice as many jobs”), the budget (‘we proposed real entitlement reform”), an energy bill instead of cap and trade that Pence suggests would have lessened our dependence on foreign oil by tapping into more domestic sources, including nuclear energy, and a health care measure that “included malpractice reform.” Has Pence been sent any signals from the White House, particularly since Brown’s election in Massachusetts, that the president is willing to compromise on anything in order to get Republican votes? “Not yet,” he says with a touch of resignation, or perhaps frustration, in his voice. Pence flatly predicts the House will be back in Republican hands after the November election. That would take a net gain of 40 seats. Some think that is highly unlikely, but Republicans needed 40 seats to win control in 1994. Many thought that goal unrealistic. Republicans won 54 House seats that year. The problem for Republicans is that memories remain fresh. The reason the party lost its grip on government in 2006 and 2008 is that members were insufficiently Republican. Like Democrats, they sought to follow the demands of the masses and big media, instead of leading the masses where their best interests lie -- in the direction of liberty, not larger and suffocating government. “Republicans have got to stand for something,” says Pence. Indeed


• Around midnight thirty, an Officer was westbound on Hwy 80 approaching Cypress Street when a Dodge Caravan pulled out from Cypress Street, crossed both eastbound lanes, the center lane, and into the westbound lane and made a U-turn back onto Cypress Street, right in front of the Officer. He pulled in and made a quick traffic stop. The driver handed over his ID card, explaining that he realized he was making a mistake driving and that was why he’d decided to just make the U-turn and go back home. The Officer recognized the odor of alcohol on theman’s breath, and soon had him under arrest for DUI. The man begged him to just let him drive home, and soon became uncooperative as he realized he was going to jail. On the ride to the Police Department for the state test of his breath, the man began telling the Officer that he was speeding... “You just think you’re above the law!” After blowing a .150, he was transported to jail. • At 2:15am, an Officer spotted a black Chevy pickup weaving in the westbound lane of Hwy 80. The Officer turned around to make a traffic stop, but the driver had pulled into a driveway before he caught up with him. The lights of the car were off when the Officer passed by, so he pulled into a nearby parking lot to see if the driver pulled back out. A few minutes later, sure enough, the headlights came back on and the Chevy pulled back eastbound on Hwy 80. The Officer pulled out behind him as he passed and made a traffic stop. Noting the odor of alcohol and the man’s red, bloodshot eyes, he asked “Sir, have you been drinking tonight?” just like they do in the commercials. The man admitted he’d just left a Pooler bar to take a woman home when a buddy of his called and needed a ride home as well. After failing his field sobriety tests, he was arrested for DUI. • At 3:20am, an Officer spotted a silver SUV weaving and speeding while westbound on Hwy 80. The Officer pulled out from Elton’s


Representatives are needed in your area NOW! Let me show you how to get started today!

Cal Thomas

they do. But what is it for which they stand? And if Republicans fulfill Pence’s prediction and regain power, what will they do with it this time? In an “open letter to friends and supporters” in which he explained his decision not to run for the Senate, but seek re-election to his House seat, Pence explained why he took the job of chairman of the House Republican Conference one year ago: “I accepted that responsibility because I believed that if Republicans returned to their conservative roots, they could win back the confidence of the American people. And I see it happening every day.” The country faces staggering debt and, according to Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Elmendorf, the nation’s budget outlook is “on an unsustainable path.” Retreating GOP House members had better start embracing those conservative roots and fast, if they want to advance in November and in 2012. (Direct all MAIL for Cal Thomas to: Tribune Media Services, 2225 Kenmore Ave., Suite 114, Buffalo, N.Y. 14207. Readers may also e-mail Cal Thomas at tmseditors@tribune. com.)

Auto Shop and followed the driver until he turned left on a side street on the other side of Cherry Street. He’d activated his lights to make a traffic stop, and soon activated his siren as well when the man refused to stop. The man did put on his emergency flashers, and the Officer followed him to his home. He admitted he’d had one drink around 10pm, and was arrested for DUI after failing his field sobriety test. • An Officer was westbound on Hwy 80 when he saw an eastbound Ford Ranger at a fast rate of speed, clocking him at 59mph in the 45mph zone. He turned around to make a traffic stop, but the truck had made it to Jimmy DeLoach Parkway and turned left there. The Officer accelerated and was finally able to catch up with him on Towles Road. The man said he didn’t have his license with him, and gave the Officer his information for dispatch to check. Dispatch advised that the man’s license was suspended and he was wanted on probation violations. He was taken to jail.

Port Wentworth

• A Pooler Officer notified Port Wentworth Police that he was involved in a chase northbound on I-95. As they entered Port Wentworth’s jurisdiction, a Port Wentworth Officer took the lead. The driver decided to exit onto Hwy 21, and the Officer thought a lot of innocent drivers could get hurt when the speeding Corsica tried to negotiate the intersection. So he decided on the PIT maneuver, bumping the rear quarter panel of the Chevy and spinning it off midway down the exit ramp. Chase over. Bad Florida guy in jail. • Just after midnight, an Officer was on Traveler’s Way at Hwy 21 behind a maroon Ford Explorer that didn’t have the headlights on. The driver, a Savannah woman, turned them on just as she pulled onto Hwy 21, and the Officer made a traffic stop. As he spoke with her, he smelled the odor of burnt marijuana. He asked if she had any in her car, and she said she had it in her suitcase. She was soon on her way to jail for possession of marijuana. (I understand it can be good for your eyes when used medically, but not to the point of letting you ___________________________________ Continued on page 15




































































































CHERYL LYNN HARTLAUB Independent Avon Representative/ Unit Leader & Recruiter Email: 912-484-7460 (Cell) 912-748-7714 (Fax) 912-748-5295 (Home)






























































Spirit Newspapers • January 28 - February 3, 2010 • Page A15

It’s Time for Obama to Look at Terrorism Differently By Jonah Goldberg Tribune Media Services It is always dangerous to mistake your ideological preferences for shrewd political strategy, but that is precisely what President Obama and his advisors have done with the war on terror. On the right, the prevailing critique of the president’s approach to the war on terror is that it is both deeply ideological and unserious. Obama remains fixated on the idea of closing Guantanamo, even if it means keeping irredeemable terrorists in U.S. prisons indefinitely. The administration initially banned the use of the term “war on terror,” preferring the ridiculous bureaucratese “overseas contingency operations.” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano favors “man-caused disasters” to describe 9/11-style terrorism. Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to send self-professed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four others to a civilian trial in New York City, allegedly without consulting anyone save his wife and brother. Immediately after the Fort Hood shootings and again after the foiled Christmas Day attack by suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the president’s initial response was to look at the incidents through the now-familiar ideological prism. These were “isolated” attacks from individual “extremists.” Admirably, Obama was quick to correct the record about Abdulmutallab, contradicting Napolitano’s initial contention that “the system worked.” Rather, Obama admitted there was “systemic failure.” Since then, the media have reported that Abdulmutallab’s arrest and interrogation were as flawed as the system that let him on the plane. FBI agents interviewed the jihadist for 50 minutes, according to the Associated Press, before he was read his Miranda rights and lawyered up, and no one even bothered to consult with Obama’s national security team. Meanwhile, pro-Obama pun-

Police Reports

Continued from page 14 ____________________________________

drive on Hwy 21 at midnight with no headlights on!) • An Officer responded to a local hotel where the manager complained that a man and woman had snuck into the hotel around 5am and stayed in one of his rooms until

dits have been rolling out a revealing argument: Terrorism happens; get over it. For instance, Time’s Peter Beinart and Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria argue that the American response to the Christmas Day bomber was “hysteria” or “panic.” Both say that the threat from alQaida is overblown and distracts us from smart policies and more important priorities. Whatever the merits of these arguments and Obama’s responses, one thing is becoming clear: They amount to awful politics. One of Scott Brown’s biggest applause lines leading up to the Massachusetts special election last week to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat was that “in dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them.” “People talk about the potency of the health-care issue,” Brown’s political strategist, Eric Fehrnstrom, told National Review, “but from our own internal polling, the more potent issue here in Massachusetts was terrorism and the treatment of enemy combatants.” Indeed, after years of debate over the tactic, a Rasmussen poll found that 58 percent of Americans favored waterboarding Abdulmutallab to get intelligence. Of course, if the Obama administration’s reluctance to treat terrorists like enemies is derived entirely from deep-seated ideological principle, then it should stick to its guns. But couldn’t some of the reluctance be a holdover from the politics of the George W. Bush years? The Democrats came into power believing that downplaying and downgrading the war on terror was both right and politically smart. The former is debatable, the latter unsupportable. Overseas, Obama doubled down in Afghanistan and has lobbed more Predator drones at al-Qaida than Bush did. His base didn’t like it, but it was nonetheless both right and politically shrewd. The White House insists that it is not ideological but pragmatic, and yet it clings to an ideological nos10am for free. He showed the Officer the videotape, and provided him with the suspects’ names. The woman is a cousin of one of the hotel employees, and the man is obviously her boyfriend. The Officer called the man with the phone number the manager provided. He explained that he thought his girlfriend had paid for the room. He asked the Officer if he paid the $75 room charge, could he not be arrested. The Officer left that up to the manager, who was waiting for the man’s $75 and explanation

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on which employee provided them with the room key. (Some heads are gonna roll over this one!)

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• Officers responded to a domestic dispute that began when a woman ended her relationship with her live-in boyfriend and told him he needed to move out. The man tried to grab some of the gifts he’d given her for Christmas, and of course, she pointed out that they were gifts and were now her property and he wouldn’t be leaving with them. Officers ended up taking the man to jail. • An Officer was on patrol on Ogeechee Road when he ran a check on a license plate on a Chevy pickup near Dean Forest Road. The tag returned to an older model Pontiac, so he made a traffic stop. The driver admitted he knew the tag didn’t belong on his pickup, and he was placed under arrest. A search of his pockets led to additional charges of carrying a concealed weapon for the set of brass knuckles and the SWAT knife he had in his pocket.


Spirit Newspapers, Section A, Jan. 28, 2010

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