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Quote of the week: “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” -Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) English statesman, author

COMING IN FOR A LANDING, PIECE BY PIECE Mighty Eighth to Restore B-17 Bomber By Stephen Prudhomme The B-17 warplane dropped more bombs than any aircraft during World War II and developed the reputation for being difficult to shoot down. Earlier this month, the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler managed to bring one down, piece by piece. Reflective of the plane’s durability, however, it will regain its former glory, fully intact. The museum is restoring a B-17, “The City of Savannah,” that it acquired from the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Since 1984, the plane had been housed in a hangar at Dulles Airport. The Smithsonian decided to move the plane to make room for other military aircraft and found an eager recipient in the Mighty

Sell It Faster In The Spirit Classifieds help wanted Silverhill United Methodist Church has an opening for an experienced youth leader. Please call Pastor Al Fernandez at 308-3476. tfn0209 —————————————————— Spirit Newspapers is still looking for a couple of writers to cover local events. Some story leads provided. Contact Steve, 748-3567. —————————————————— GARD, a no kill shelter in Pembroke is adding another part-time kennel cleaner 3 days a week. Must be a hard worker, animal lover, honest, and dependable. Hours will vary some but should be 3-4 hours a day. Call 653-2480 to find out more, please ask for Vernon or Joy. —————————————————— Part time help needed at Sunshine Daydream Tanning Salon in Pooler. Call 3554684 or 748-4791 for details, or come by and apply at 1014 East Hwy 80, east of I-95, next to Classy Nails. 012909

Vol. 9, Issue No. 26

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Eighth museum. “We’ve been seeking a B-17 for the museum for 14 years,” says chief administrative officer Brenda Elmgren. “This plane looks to be in very good condition.”

The plane was brought down in sections on flatbed trucks, culminating with the fuselage last week. CEO Walt Brown says the restoration, aided by local companies donating various materials, should be completed

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within a year. The B-17, measuring nearly 80 feet long and featuring 22-foot wide wings at the fuselage, will join other vintage warplanes inside the museum. It’s one of 46 remaining B-17s of more than 12,000 built during World War II that carried members of the Mighty Eighth into battle. One of the last B-17s built, in 1944, it did not see any wartime action; the war ended before it could be deployed. In subsequent years, it was used as a fire tanker in Canada and for educational purposes. The restored B-17 will once again serve as an invaluable educational tool, offering a tangible reminder of a war that was fought long before the current generation of schoolchildren was born. Elmgren says many youngsters’ frame of reference

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I missed the inauguration Tuesday. Hey, somebody in this country had to work! ...Things I learned while reading about other things... • At Canada’s Calgary Zoo in Ottawa, an exotic goat, a Turkmenian Markhor, accidentally hanged itself when it became entangled in a rope and fell off a log. I kid you not. The goat had been playing with a ball on the end of the rope, a toy designed to

stimulate the animal. Zookeepers were unable to resuscitate the animal.

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• Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with.

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• Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.


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Preliminary reports on what most likely caused the wreck of US Airways flight in the Hudson River suggest that Homeland Security efforts are still falling short...

• Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?

February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month • Dental disease is a silent process that may cause many other illnesses, including kidney, heart, and blood infections.

...What a difference four years makes! Compare the headlines from four years ago to Tuesday’s headlines: Headlines From 4 Years Ago: • “Republicans spending $42 million on inauguration while troops Die in unarmored Humvees” • “Bush extravagance exceeds any reason during tough economic times” • “Fat cats get their $42 million inauguration party, Ordinary Americans get the shaft” And then Headlines Today: • “Historic Obama Inauguration will cost only $120 million” • “Obama Spends $120 million on inauguration; America Needs A Big Party” • “Everyman Obama shows America how to celebrate” • “Citibank executives contribute $8 million to Obama Inauguration” No wonder the paid newspapers across the country are going bankrupt! ... An older, tired-looking dog wandered into my yard; I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home and was well taken care of. He calmly came over to me, I gave him a few pats on his head; he then followed me into my 

house, slowly walked down the hall, curled up in the corner and fell asleep. An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out. The next  day he was back, greeted me in my yard, walked inside and resumed his  spot in the hall and again slept for about an hour. This continued off  and on for several weeks. Curious I pinned a note  to his collar: ‘I would like to find out who the owner o f this wonderful sweet dog is and ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon your  dog comes to my house for a nap.’ The next day he arrived  for his nap, with a different note pinned to his collar: ‘He lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3 - he’s trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?’ ...Due to recent budget cuts, and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off. We apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely, The Government ...“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice!” ...Take care this week, stay safe, and in the words of the great Red Skelton, “May God Bless.”

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Mighty Eighth

continued from page 1 --------------------------------------when it comes to planes is the Gulfstream 5. “We want them to experience what it was really like for the guys on these planes,” Elmgren says. “This was a crude tin can thrown up there and being shot at.” Brown notes that despite the plane’s large size from the outside, it was cramped inside. Crewmembers walked along a narrow catwalk that ran next to where the bombs were dropped.


• A woman filed an animal complaint report, telling Police that one of her neighbors has a black and white cat that roams the neighborhood, and has taken a fancy to catching the exotic fish she has in her backyard fish pond. She said she’s lost three fish to the cat, each costing between $15 and $25. On this date, she was albe to scare the cat off before he

Yet the B-17 was one tough tin can. Elmgren says the B-1, dubbed the “Flying Fortress,” was the workhorse of warplanes and was stable in the sky. Brown adds they were especially popular among their crews. “The crews loved them because they could be all shot up and made it back home.” One B-17 that didn’t make it back home was the original “City of Savannah,” named in recognition of the Eighth Air Force, which started in Savannah in 1942. The plane was fly-

ing its 13th bombing mission, over Germany, on March 5, 1945 when enemy fire knocked out three of its engines. The crew placed the controls on autopilot before all jumping to safety and being subsequently captured by German troops. The plane flew all the way to Russia before crashing into the Black Sea. The pilot, 24-year-old Ralph Kittle of Ringgold, Ga., was eventually released and became an attorney for International Paper. He died in 2001 at the age of 80.

could swallow her fish, and she was able to get him (it) back in the pond. (Great news Mrs. Gordon!) • Another elderly Northern woman, this one from Massachusetts, was the victim of the thief that manages to steal pocketbooks from automobiles while the husband is putting gas in them and the woman is in the restroom. This lady lost $200 cash, several credit cards and her checkbook. • An Officer clocked a white Honda Civic at 38mph around 3:15pm in the 25mph school zone on Pine Barren Road. He

made a traffic stop and asked the driver for his license. The man handed over a photocopy of a Mexican driver’s license. The Officer gave him that “You’re kidding me, right?” look, and the man admitted a friend of his had given it to him. He was taken to jail. • A contractor told Police that a friend had gone to a local construction supply business to purchase a used chop saw. When she noticed the contractor’s name on it, she learned how to recover the $400 tool. • A Guyton man told Police _____________________________________ Continued on Page 6

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DIRTT Walls are used for of- them.â€? fice interiors as an alternative to After setting their initial conventional studs and drywall assembly plant in Smed’s adconstruction. The walls sup- opted hometown of Calgary, port furniture and can be tilted a city known as an oil and gas down and moved to a new loca- hub, DIRTT is looking forward tion when change occurs in the to hiring employees in a region office, providing a more sustain- where manufacturing is a typiable solution than demolishing cal industry. Already there are walls only to build them again. 226 manufacturing plants in the DIRTT is not yet four years old, Savannah area and a labor force but already the company has of over 161,000 in the county. received several environmen- DIRTT is also attracted by the tal and design awards, and has culture and nearby Savannah been chosen for thousands of of Art & Design. They Ad 3 because Reduced SizeCollege projects of the walls’ feel the community is a good fit function, aesthetics and custom with the company’s philosophy abilities. of design holding a top priority. The choice of Savannah for “SEDA (Savannah Econom4.125" x (actual size) 4.125" x 4" 4" their second plant (the first(actual be- icsize) Development Authority) and ing in Calgary, Canada) is a (actual logi- The Creative Coast Alliance 4.125" x 4" size) cal progression of the company’sApply would forlike aa to be the first to welmandate. “We have the wordApply comefor DIRTT as Savannah’s new‘Environmental’ in our name,â€?Apply est innovative for a and environmensays CEO Mogens Smed from tally conscious member of our his cubicle in the DIRTT GET Envi-MONEY community,â€? saysAS SEDA PresiIN AS LITTLE 24 HOURS! ronmental Solutions open-plan dent Rick Winger. “We have GETWith MONEY IN AS LITTLE AS 24 HOURS! a Refund Anticipation Loan* you can get your taxes office in Calgary. “By setting up been working with the comdone today and access funds in 24 hours through a Refund Anticipation Loan* you your taxesa GETWith MONEY IN AS LITTLE AScan 24getHOURS! ÂŽ since last ÂŽ ÂŽ in Savannah we are much closer pany yearina prepaid when SEDA Jackson Hewitt ipower Card**, Visa card. today and access funds through a With done a Refund Anticipation Loan* you24 canhours get your taxes to our key eastern markets, and Board Member Scott Center led It’s welcome cards are accepted! ÂŽanywhere ÂŽVisa debit ÂŽ Jackson Hewitt Card**, a prepaid card. done todayipower and access funds in 24 hoursVisa through a we can take advantage of existthem ipower to us.ÂŽVisa DIRTT represents ÂŽ It’s welcome debitacards areVisa accepted! Jackson HewittÂŽanywhere Card**, prepaid card. ing rail lines and shipping lanesIt’s welcome the future both in terms of anywhere–Visa debit cards are accepted! 1-800-234-1040 for delivery. It continues our their industry and the direction business practice of environ- in which Savannah’ s economy is 1-800-234-1040 1-800-234-1040 mental leadership.â€? headed.â€? The proximity to clients is also helpful in DIRTT’s mission Founded by Mogens Smed SM A Partner And A Path of hospitality. As an immigrant and headquartered in Calgary, from Denmark, Smed believes DIRTT Environmental *Subject to credit approval and terms and conditions. A Canada, Refund Anticipation Loan (“RALâ€?) up to $7,500 is provided by Santa Barbara Bank And A PathSM & Trust, a division of PaciďŹ c Capital Bank N.A. or Republic Bank. A RAL is a loan based upon and securedAbyPartner your federal tax refund. SM in the tradition getting Solutions started manufacturing Partner AndThose A Path Lenders chargeof a tax refund account set-upto fee and ďŹ nance charge. Refund amount may be reduced byAa prior RAL debt. e-ďŹ ling direct deposit without a RAL typically receive federal tax refund in 8-15 days. know your with client as a friend. Agile Architectural Solutions in *Subject to credit approval and terms conditions. 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DIRTT is Card is a registered service mark of Jackson Hewitt Inc. Most are independently owned and operated. ipower Card is a registered service mark of Jackson Hewitt Inc. Most ofďŹ ces are independently owned and operated. plains Smed. “But often a long the first company to use interacflight that requires 2.5" (actual size)a passport is tive video gaming software to entoo daunting. By having a Cli- vision, price, manufacture, delivent Center in Savannah we’ll be er and install its products. www. 2.5" size) able(actual to make it an easier trip for

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£‡nää‡ÓÎ{࣊{ä Tell that special someone how special they are, with a loving Valentine’s Day £‡nää‡ÓÎ{࣊{ä UU ĂœĂœĂœÂ°Â?>VÂŽĂƒÂœÂ˜Â…iĂœÂˆĂŒĂŒÂ°Vœ“ ĂœĂœĂœÂ°Â?>VÂŽĂƒÂœÂ˜Â…iĂœÂˆĂŒĂŒÂ°Vœ“  *>Ă€ĂŒÂ˜iĂ€ ˜`  *>ĂŒÂ…SM message in The Spirit! Your greeting will appear in *Subject to credit approval and terms and conditions. A Refund Anticipation Loan (“RALâ€?) up to $7,500 is provided by Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, a division of PaciďŹ c Capital Bank N.A. or Republic Bank. A RAL is a loan based upon and secured by your federal tax refund. Lenders our special Valentine’s Day edition on February 12th charge a tax refund account set-up fee and ďŹ nance charge. Refund amount may be reduced by a prior RAL debt. Those e-ďŹ ling with direct

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Why not start your day with a homemade biscuit? Serving breakfast 6:00 to 11:00 a.m. daily.


912 826-5249 290 S. COLUMBIA AVE.

We think you’ll really love our homemade biscuits. Present this coupon and enjoy a fresh coffee with your to-go order. Expires 1/31/2008. To-go only. Limit one coupon per customer. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount.



Bobby's Hometown Restaurant, 290 S. Columbia Ave. (Hwy 21 ) in Rincon had it's Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting on Friday January 16, 2009. There were twenty members of the Effingham Chamber of Commerce to welcome and support Bobby and Jeanette Cross with their new restaurant. The members of the Chamber gathered in the North Dining Room for coffee and hot chocolate to warm up a bit due to the chilly weather outside. Once warmed up, the group prceeded outside for the traditional Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Bobby and Jeanette did the honors of cutting the ribbon along with the chamber members. The group of members came back into the dining room for the sampling of the restaurant’s wares. There were baby back

Uncle Marco's Pizza Buffet Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting by Robert Palmer

The festivities at Uncle Marco's Pizza Buffet was on Saturday morning at 907 Lisa Street, behind Krystal off Hwy 21, in Rincon. The actual opening was on December 12, 2008. There were members of the Effingham Chamber of Commerce there to support Mark Williams and his staff on their new business. Mark, surrounded by chamber members and the staff did the honors, with three year old

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224 E. Hwy. 80 • Pooler George & Donna Kelly, Owners


by Robert Palmer

ribs, chicken tenders, pineapple chicken skewers, deep fried chicken, deep fried fish, cheese wedges, beef tips and rice, cheescake, chocolate macaroons, coconut macaroons, sweet tea, lemonade, coffee and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

If a you c ar ar h e h it yo its a u y ca co ou r b ve , ec re au d? s


Ashlyn to assist as he cut the ceremonial ribbon. The group then went into the store to sample the pizzas which were regular meat, veggies, chicken with different bases such as Alfredo and barbque bases, desserts, oreo butterfingers, apple cinnamon, chocolate chip cookies, wings and a salad bar. Either eat in or take out, special toppings made by request. Buffet cost is just $5.99 for adults plus drink and $3.99 plus drink for children. Call them at 826-3422.

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PHIL W WEST (912) 748 6639 Take Off Pounds Sensibly Pooler TOPS meets every Thursday at Trinity United Methodist Church on Benton Avenue. Weigh-in starts at 5:30 p.m. Program starts at 6:00 p.m. For more information, call 450-3633, or 912-823-9844.


Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. © 2008 Allstate Insurance Company

Page A6 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009


Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dance

Regarding Historical Meetings....

Fund Raising event sponsored by the Springfield Revitalization Corporation for the renovation of the Mars Theatre in downtown Springfield. All proceeds go to the Mars Theatre Project.

Dear Editor, Bloomingdale History Society wishes to thank you for all the coverage you have given us in the past 3 years. February 9th at the Bloomingdale Community Center, we will have our annual meeting. During the day, from 11 AM to 6 PM we will be hosting a “Quilt and Needlework Fair,” which will be FREE and open to the public! We encourage all to exhibit their needlework and share with us any stories that may come with their work. At 6 PM we will have a chili supper, followed by our meeting and the naming of local citizens who have contributed to our

February 14, 2009 7:00pm until 11:00pm

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum 175 Borne Avenue • Pooler DJ – Bill Bailey • Band – Paradox

Dinner Buffet Cash Bar Available • Semi-Formal Tickets: $50 per person Available at: Fireflies Jewelry & Gifts

105 N. Laurel Street • Springfield

Citizens Bank of Effingham

community. God Bless you and our country. Please call 748-4680 for more information. Barbara Rawlings, President

Regarding Last Week’s Front Page Story....

Dear Editor, Just wanted to tell you the front page story in the Spirit, Prayer in the Oval Office, was amazing! The story brought me to tears. What a wonderful President we had. He will be sorely missed! Teresa Brewton Pooler

Springfield & Rincon Locations


For more information contact Lisa Brant at 754-9600, Mary Downing at 754-6540, or Jackie Tyler at 772-3514

Grand OpeninG

he’d been in a Pooler bar when he was approached by a man who wanted to know if he wanted to buy some cocaine. The man said he didn’t, but as the night progressed, the junkie became more and more hostile towards him. When the man attempted to settle his bar tab and leave, the junkie grabbed him, stepped on his right foot and punched him in the face. The offender then ran out the bar, shouting “I gotta get outta here! I’m on Federal Probation!” The victim said he didn’t think much about the incident until he went to the hospital for his sore ankle, and learned the man had damaged the ligaments in his ankle. • An anonymous caller notified Police of four men break-

Keeping Smiles Healthy!

We Welcome New Patients with $50 Discount HigHway 80 Family Dental Bradley Busbee, DMD

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• Foreclosures • Garnishments • Repossessions • Lawsuits • Tax Levys • Evictions • Harassing Calls


• Your Home • Your Paycheck • Your Car • Your Furniture


divorce (Simple Uncontested)



Plus Court Cost


ing into a home in a Pine Barren Road subdivision. The Officer arrived and spoke with the men, learning that they were there working on repairs to the property. He suggested that the men should not be working late at night, and allowed them to leave. The original caller then showed up and pointed out that the builder never has workers leave the job site, then return later in the night. He insisted the men were there to steal what they could, and should have been arrested. • An Officer stopped a Savannah man in a blue Camry for speeding 66mph in the 50mph zone on Pooler Parkway near Hwy 80. The man was soon taken to jail for driving while suspended.

_____________________________________ Continued on Next Page


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• Around 3pm, an Officer was





Chapter 7


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Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A7

Go-Karts • Arcade • Party Rooms • Miniature Golf

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POLICE REPORTS driving down a Bloomingdale road and noticed a man in short pants and an orange t-shirt staggering down the road. The weather was a bit nippy for short pants, so the Officer slowed down to see if the man needed any help. As he got closer, the man threw his hands in the air and shouted “I did it! I was wrong! Take me to jail!” The Officer ended up picking the man up and transporting him home, where he’d been in a fight with his girlfriend. (Reminds me of a little love song I sing to my wife every now and then... “If my nose was runnin’ money, I’d blow it all on you... I’d buy you a Cadillac, a new Mercedes too.. I’d build you a mansion, up on that mountaintop, If my nose was runnin’ money, but honey, it’s not...”)

Port Wentworth

• An Officer was inside the CVS Pharmacy when a Florida woman approached and shouted “I’m tired of every American having [expletive deleted] privileges and freedom except me!” The Officer asked the woman what the problem was, and she pointed at the cashier and another employee and said “I’m tired of the likes of these people having jobs, nice cars, and a roof over their heads!” The Officer asked the woman to step outside so she wouldn’t bother the other customers in the store. Outside, the woman began a profanity laced tirade, and the Officer again warned her to calm down and watch _____________________________________ Continued on Page 15

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Blackbelt academy


Page A8 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009


Family Dentistry


Internal Medicine

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Children's Dentistry


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Craig T. MarTinson, DMD

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111 Southeast Hwy. 80 • Pooler

1102 N. Columbia Ave.

Locally Owned & Operated

748-EYES (3937) 748-EXAM (3926)

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143 Canal Street, Suite 400

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New patients welcomed!

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Hwy. 80 Family Dental 506 W. Hwy. 80 • 330-9229

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22 W. Oglethorpe Ave. 443-1400

Heidi M. Braun, MD Board Certified in Internal Medicine

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Islands Effingham 135 Goshen Road Ext. (Kroger Shopping Mall) Suite 206 461 Johnny Mercer Rincon Suite C-5 • Wilmington Island 826-3797 898-7714


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Family Practice


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Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A9

Your Spiritual Guide Brother "Other" Bob Preaches On 75th Birthday On Sunday night, January 18th, Rev. Bob Parrish preached a guest sermon at First Baptist Church of Rincon on his 75th birthday. Rev. Parrish was associate pastor at FBC Rincon before he retired in 2004. Nicknamed "Brother Other Bob" by one of the youth since the senior pastor is also named Bob (Dr. Bob Rogers), he and his wife Nina remain active members of the church. Rev. Parrish preached a sermon on "What to Do when You Get Old," sharing about the faithfulness of old heroes of the Bible like Abraham and Moses. Huxie Scott of Savannah came as a special guest and sang a song about not giving up on life when you turn old. At the conclusion of the service, the senior adults of the

Senior adults and Bob Parrish and Huxie Scott with 75 balloons in celebration of Rev. Bob Parrish's 75th birthday. church surprised him by coming down the aisle with 75 balloons as the congregation sang "Happy Birthday." Afterwards the congregation enjoyed a cake and ice cream fellowship in the Memorial Chapel.

Hymn #365

A minister was completing a Temperance sermon. With great emphasis he said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river." With even greater emphasis he said, "And if I had All the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river." And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he Said, "And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river." Sermon complete, he sat down. The song leader stood very cautiously and announced with a smile, nearly laughing, "For our closing song, Let us sing Hymn #365, "Shall We Gather at the River."

We’re On A Roll!

Life can be tough! Sometimes, all you need is a sense of humor to roll with the little challenges, but at other times the struggles are more serious. Family issues, financial problems, illness, unexpected loss – it’s not always a laughing matter. We can’t eliminate the problems, but at Ash Street Baptist Church we’re exploring how God can get us through the tough stuff, all while discovering friendship, support and encouragement. Don’t come up short, join us this weekend! 310 Ash Street • Bloomingdale Turn beside the Bloomingdale Post Office 748-0902 or 748-0163

Rev. Bob Parrish and Nina Parrish cut his birthday cake.

Let’s have a Revival! That starts with Me and You!

Reaching For Souls Refuge Church (Located in the All American Glass Shopping Center, parking lot in back of the building)

Pastors: Stanly & Angela Abraham

HEALING & MIRACLE REVIVAL with PASTOR JOHN MEADOR Friday, January 23rd @ 7pm Saturday, January 24th @ 7pm DeDication Service:

Sunday, January 25th @ 10:30am Come as you are and see the goodness of our Lord! Everyone Welcome! Join us for this breakthrough Revival! It’s a new season, it’s a new day, there is a fresh annointing, and it’s coming Your Way! For more information, please call us at


Southern Gospel At it’s BEST!

105.7 Springfield • 330-4127

Sundays @ 11AM & 7PM Wednesdays @ 7PM for Bible Study & Children’s/ Youth Activities

Page A10 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009

Valrie Ann Harden

Guyton - Valrie Ann Harden, 62, died Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at Memorial Health. The Chatham County native was a member of Cresthill Baptist Church. She was a teacher at St. Vincent’s Academy for over 30 years. Through the years she has coached softball, junior varsity basketball, and most recently tennis at St. Vincent’s Academy. She was preceded in death by her parents, Wimpy and Frances Harden. Survivors include her sisters, Dale (Ray) Nease of Boca Raton, FL, and Carolyn Harden of Las Vegas, NV; brother, Paul (Brenda) Harden of Guyton;

step-brothers, Theron (Diane) Johnson, Mitch (Kay) Johnson; step-sister, Lynn Matthews; nieces, Cindy (Brian) Homberger, Sherri (Jerry) Dotson, Tracy (Jordan) Pierce, and Nicolyn Broderway; nephews, Trey (Leah) Harden, Donnie (Jessica) Harden, Brett Harden, and Alex Thill; great-nieces, Tyler Homberger, Macy Harden, Hope Harden, and Ansley Harden; great-nephews, Kyle Homberger and Will Harden. Funeral services were held at 1:00 p.m. Saturday in the chapel. Interment was in Elam-Egypt Baptist Church Cemetery. Remembrances may be given to St. Vincent’s Academy, 207

E. Liberty Street, Savannah, GA 31401 or Amercan Diabetes Association, 3783 Presidential Pkwy. #102, Atlanta, GA 30340. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, Effingham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Lois Helmey Crapps

WILLIAMSBURG - Lois Helmey Crapps of 201 Gaslight Way, passed away Thursday, January 15, 2009 after being diagnosed with cancer last October. She was born November 15, 1920 in Effingham County, Georgia to the late George Emanuel & Leonie Zittrauer

In Loving Memory of Jack C. Cowart October 8, 1958 ~ January 20, 2006 Who was killed by a drunk driver. Jack, Our heart still ache with sadness and secret tears still flow. What it meant to love you, no one can even know. We know you don’t want us to mourn, but remember the happy times we shared. We want you to know you will never be forgotten as long as Mom and Dad are here. We love you ~ Moma & Daddy (C.W. & Dorothy Cowart)


Family Owned and Operated Since 1971

2460 Hwy. Hwy. 80W 246021S Hwy901 21 South Rincon Pooler Rincon, Georgia 754-6421 748-2444

Helmey; one of seven children and survived by brother, Eugene Helmey (Savannah) and sisters, Mildred Nease (Ridgeland, SC) and Betty Porter (Savannah). She and her late husband Master Sergeant Walden “Pete” C. Crapps were members of Our Saviors Evangelical Lutheran Church, Norge, Virginia and are survived by their four children Leon Crapps (Anchorage, AK), Billy Crapps (Glennville, GA), Teresa Robertson (Williamsburg, VA), Marsha Demasters (Cincinnati, OH); eleven (11) grandchildren; (22) greatgrandchildren; and one (1) great-great-grandchild. Remembered by all as “Lois,” she enjoyed her church fellowship with the Women’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Association which included creating quilts for the needy. She enjoyed extensive travel in the US and abroad with family and friends, and had a never-ending love for cooking and sewing. Above all she dearly loved spending time with her family, church and friends. Her life was and is an inspiration to all who knew her, and it can truly be said that she never met a stranger. Her wonderful caring ways touched many lives. Funeral services were held on Monday, 11 a.m., January 19, 2009 at Zion Lutheran Church. The family would like to thank Lois’ many friends who provided food, cards, visits, prayers, and hospice care during her illness. “God bless you for your generosity and heartfelt concern!” In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church’s “Organ Fund,” P.O. Box 10, Norge, Virginia 23127. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, Effingham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Leomie C. Branson

Leomie C. Branson, 86, of Savannah died Thursday January 15, 2009 at her residence. She was born in Lower Lotts Creek in Bulloch County, but lived most of her life in Savannah. She retired from Union Camp Corporation, and was a member of Lower Lotts Creek Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Glen Branson, Sr. and grandson, William Hall Branson. She is survived by 1 son, Larry Branson and daughter in-law, Paula of Savannah; 5 grandchildren, Powell, Lee, Blake, Hall and Glenn Branson. Funeral Services were held at 11:00 am Monday, January

19, 2009 at Southside Baptist Church with Interment at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Thomas Michael Buttimer, Sr.

Thomas Michael Buttimer, Sr., 73, of Savannah, GA passed away peacefully Friday January 16, 2009 at Candler Hospital. He was born in Savannah, GA., was a communicant of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and retired from ILA Local #1475. He was a member of the Hibernian Society, Knights of Columbus Council #631, graduated from Benedictine Military School, attended Catholic University of America where he earned varsity letters as Cross Country Captain and met his wife of fifty one years Patricia “Molly” Buttimer and attended Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina, He was preceded in death by his parents Patrick Joseph and Elizabeth Buttimer, Sr.and 3 brothers, James D., Patrick J. and John F. Buttimer. He is survived by his wife Patricia (Molly) Buttimer of Savannah, GA.; 1 son, Thomas M. Buttimer, Jr. (Sherry) of Richmond Hill, GA; 3 daughters, Anne Harvey (Rob) of Rincon, GA., Virginia Dickey (David) of Rincon, GA. and Mary Garrett (John) of Atlanta, GA; 3 brothers, Anthony J., Richard J. and Edward M. Buttimer; 2 sisters, Sister Brigid Buttimer and Sister Helen Marie Buttimer; 11 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Benedictine Military School, St. Vincent’s Academy or American Cancer Society. Funeral Services were held at 1:00 pm Monday at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church with Father Jeremiah McCarthy Officiating. Interment was at the Catholic Cemetery. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Louise Cheely Bass

Louise Cheely Bass, 89, of Leesburg, GA. died Sunday January 18, 2009 at Lee County Health and rehabilitation Center in Leesburg, Georgia. The Funeral will be 11:00 AM Tuesday at Calvary Baptist Temple with Rev. Wayne Watts and Rev. Larry Williams Officiating. Born May 13, 1919, in Savannah, Georgia to Charles Cleon Cheely and Willie Bessie Cheely, Mrs. Bass lived in Savannah until recent years. She was a life time member of Calvary Baptist Temple where she worked with

To the family of

Shelton Knowles

Ask us about transferring your prearrangements


“Our thoughts and prayers are with you.”

~ Spirit Newspapers

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A11

Mrs. Betty J. Tuten Calvert

Pooler-Mrs. Betty J. Tuten Calvert, 77, passed away on Sunday, January 18, 2009 at her home. Mrs. Betty was born in Chatham County to the late Graham Tuten and Lilla Bell Tuten Hagan and was also preceded in death by her brother, Henry Tuten. She lived in Charlotte, NC for twenty-one years and retired from GA Pacific. Survivors include her daughter and son-in-law, Sherry (Jack) Boatright of Bloomingdale; two sons and a daughter-in-law, Randy (Vicky) Calvert of Lancaster, SC and Jimmy Calvert of Jesup; three granddaughters, Lora (Mike) Helmly of Rincon, Savannah Calvert of Jacksonville and Cameron (Jason) Rudisill of Indian Trail, NC; two great-grandchildren, Liana Sumpter and Aidan Rudisill and her beloved pet, Lacy. Graveside Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. on Thursday at Gravel Hill Cemetery on Hwy 80 in Bloomingdale. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Reba Elizabeth Tuten Beasley White

Pooler- Reba Elizabeth Tuten Beasley White, 84, died January 19, 2009 at her residence. The Grays, SC native was a member of the West Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She had lived in Savannah for many years before moving to Pooler. She was preceded in death by her parents, Alma Cleland and Percy Tuten, and her son and daughter-in-law, Johnny and Evelyn Beasley. Survivors include her husband, Robert “Bob” White of Pooler;

son James Beasley (Norma) of Pooler; grandchildren, James Beasley, Jr., Crystal Morrison, Jay Beasley, and Stuart Beasley and their families; sisters, Myrtle Walker (Woodrow) of Ridgeland, SC, Doris Shaffer (Kenneth) of Inkom, Idaho, Miriam Ussery of Savannah, and Charline Ginn of Varnville, SC; brothers, Jason Tuten of Rincon and Ronnie Tuten of Savannah; several great-grandchildren; and a great-great granddaughter. Funeral services were held at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the West Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Interment was at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mr. Walter J. Rogers

Savannah: Mr. Walter J. Rogers, 66, died January 16, 2009, at his residence. He was a life long resident of Savannah. He retired in July 2008, after 32 years at Piggly Wiggly. He was preceded in death by his parents, Israel and Elizabeth Rogers. Survivors include his wife Brenda J. Rogers, two brothers and sister-in-laws: Jack and Mary Rogers, and Donald and Brenda Rogers. Two sisters and brother-in-laws: Patty and Raiford Cowart, and Mary and Bobby Wilson and a number of nieces and nephews. Graveside service were held at 11 A.M. Tuesday at Bonaventure Cemetery. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mr. Michael James Sellers

Garden City-Mr. Michael James Sellers, 59, passed away on Monday, January 19, 2009 at Candler Hospital. Mr. Sellers was born in Carmel, California and lived in Garden City most of his life. He was a member of the I.L.A. Local # 1475. He enjoyed traveling in his RV and kyaking. He was preceded in death by his mother, Geneva Miles Sellers and his daughter, Christina Jackson. Survivors include his wife, Linda Sellers of Garden City; daughter and son-in-law, Alison & Scott Selman of Savannah; grandson, Jackson Selman of Savannah; father, James Monroe Sellers of Savannah; sister and brother-in-law, Debbie & Henry Whitfield of Savannah and a uncle, Gerald Sellers of Savannah. Memorial Services: 6 p.m. on Thursday in the chapel of the funeral home. Remembrances may be given to the Humane Society, 7215 Sallie Mood Drive, Savannah, GA 31406.

Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Eula Ricks Batey

June 3, 1948-January 15, 2009 Savannah- Thursday, January 15th, 2008, his LORD of infinite wisdom, called our mother, sister, dear friend & servant, Eula Ricks Batey to external rest. Born to the late Mr. Willie & Azlena Holder Ricks on June 3, 1948 in Adrian, GA. She was educated in Johnson & Chatham County public school; in 1966 she graduated from Tompkins High School. After graduation, she served honorably for 4 years in the United States Air Force, and receiving numerous awards and traveling worldwide being dedicate sorely to her beloved Unites States Country, she returned to attend Savannah University College. Mastering in Education graduating with the 3rd highest honors. A member of Who’s Who in American College University, Kappa Delta Association, NEA & CAE. After 30 years of dedicated and passionate teaching, she retired in 2008. She was blessed with 2 devoted children; Mary Catherine Batey and Edward M. Batey Jr., of Savannah, GA; six devoted and untiring sisters; Mrs. Betty J. Saxby of Macon, GA; Barbara L. Sturdivant of Atlanta, GA, Jeannito Ricks, Carolyn White of Savannah, GA; Earnestine Brown of Macon, GA; William Brown of Rincon, GA; two brothers; Larry T. Ricks of Macon, GA’ Tommy Ricks of Atlanta, GA.; Numerous cousins, nieces and nephews, countless loving, caring and devoted friends and colleges. Our family sends a very, very special Thank-you. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Mary Louise Yarbrough Browne

Mary Louise Yarbrough Browne, widow of Stephen F. Browne Jr., passed away peacefully at Hospice Savannah Inc. on her 83rd birthday, Sunday January 18, 2009 surrounded by her loving family. She is survived by daughter, Michelle Browne; son, Michael Browne and daughter in law Teri Browne; sister, Bette Ann Caldon; niece MaryAnn Alvey; three grandchildren, Keith Blanton, Sara Browne, and Emily Browne; and was Great Grandmother of Feather, Ethan, and Gabriel. Memorial Services will be held 11am Saturday, January 24 at the Chapel of Fairhaven Funeral Home. Remembrances may be made to Hospice of Savannah. Fairhaven Funeral Home is in

charge of all arrangements.

Mr. Earl E. Edwards

Mr. Earl E. Edwards, 86, died Friday, January 16, 2009 at his residence. Mr. Edwards was an Effingham County native, a member of the First Baptist Church of Rincon, and a US Navy veteran. Survivors include his wife, Betty Edwards of Rincon; daughters and sons-in-law, Patsy Woodcock and Jerry of Bluffton, SC and Nancy Miller and Johnny of Metter; son, Tim Edwards of Springfield; brother, Robert Edwards of Clyo; eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Graveside services were held Monday, January 19 at 11 AM at Rincon Cemetery. Riggs Funeral Home in Guyton, Georgia was in charge of arrangements.

In Loving Memory of

Shelton KnowleS January 31, 1952 ~ January 12, 2009

Shelton passed away at his home on January 12, 2009. He is sadly missed by his three sons, Shelton of Albany, Joseph and Sheldon of Rincon; two daughters, Desma Marie Knowles of Ty Ty, Gaand and Edna Wright of Tifton; a brother, Harvey (Deniece) Knowles of Guyton; a sister, Jane (Herbert) Morris; three grandchildren and many family members and friends. Memorial Services were held on Friday, January 16, 2009, at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Springfield. Riggs Funeral Home in Guyton was in charge of arrangements.

Shhh! She’s getting to know her grandma. They may be too young to understand the loss, but they’re never too young to appreciate how special she was. Our DVD tribute is a collection of your family images provided on DVD for you to replay again and again. Call to find out more. 2794 US Highway 80 W • Garden City

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(912) 964-2862

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the youth program for many years and was a member of the Love Sunday School Class. In 1980 she retired from the Chatham County Board of Education as School Lunch Coordinator. She served as President of the Georgia School Food Service Association and Secretary/ Treasure of the National School Food Service Association. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Charlie Crisp Bass and her sisters and brothers Martha Bryan, Georgia Fares, Mary Martin, Tom Cheely, Felix Cheely and Mack Cheely. Survivors include one daughter and son-in-law Linda and Harry Flake of Leesburg, Georgia, one grandson and daughter-in-law Steven Chris and Lisa Flake of Nashville, Tennennsse, and two great-grandsons James Carson and Harrison Connor Flake and one great-granddaughter, Delaney Anne Flake. Funeral Services were held at Calvary Baptist Temple at 11:00 am. Interment was at Hillcrest Abbey Cemetery. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Page A12 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009


Bloomingdale Alpha United Methodist Church 5 East Hwy 80 • 748-4062 Pastor Anna Kelley Ash Street Baptist Church 310 Ash Street • 748-0902 Rev. Carlton Wiley Bloomingdale Alliance Church 501 West Hwy 80 • 748-6351 Rev. Ken Otto Church of the Nazarene 1116 East Hwy 80 • 748-9128 Pastor: David Horne First Baptist Church of Bloomingdale Cherry Street • 748-4017 Rev. Darrell Bailey Covenant Believers Center Word of Faith 5912 S. Hwy. 21 • 330-0943 Pastor L. D. Monroe

New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road • 988-3598 Pastor Bryan M. Smith Liberty Pentacostal Church Little Neck Road Life Springs Worship Center 1105 E. Hwy. 80 330-0740 Pastor Julie Stanley

Living Hope Community Fellowship 5800 Augusta Rd. (Hwy. 21 next to Dairy Queen) 965-0406 Pastor Joyce C. Hall

Fairlawn Baptist Church 4719 Augusta Road • 964-4371 Rev. Harold Edwards, Sr., Pastor Church of Christ 4506 Augusta Rd. • 964-6443

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 4285 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-1979 Pastor Robert L. Miley

Macedonia Baptist Church Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Delmons White

Silk Hope Baptist Church 18 Tower Dr • 233-8424 Rev. Donnie Brannen

Safe Haven Church/ Mission Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Emmett Patterson

Woodlawn Baptist 407 Talmadge Ave. • 964-8676 Gary Johnson, Pastor

Liberty Christian Fellowship Church 302 Church Street • 772-5522 John Tanner, Pastor Royal Temple Holiness Church 409 Samuel Small Dr. - 772-3498 Elder Verdie Banner

Woodlawn United Methodist 2502 Hwy 80 • 964-0787 Sanford Brown

Clifton Baptist Church 100 Big Hill Rd. • 964-2335 Rev. Oddie Luckett Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness 4869 Louisville Road • 964-1210 Dean Forest Baptist Church 1524 Dean Forest Road 964-7369 Rev. Larry Strickland

New Providence Baptist Rev. Steve Taylor 772-3590

Zion Fair Missionary Baptist 4123 First Street • 964-1322 Ronald Smalls Parkway Church of Christ 4360 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-4040 Clay Johnson Silk Hope United Methodist 5212 Silk Hope Rd. • 447-5282

New Hope Christian Church 2420 Courthouse Rd. • 772-4499 Rev. Brad Proudfoot Trinity Faith International Church 776 Kolic Helmey Road Pastor: Kaye Bell

“What you are is My gift to you. What you become is your gift to Me.”

- God

Piney Grove Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-5966 Pastor Belizaire Joseph South Newington Baptist 462 John Carter Road • 748-4831 Pastor Nathaniel Steve McCoy

Fellowship Assembly of God 5224 Augusta Rd. • 964-4243 Pastor Gary Smith

St. John Divine Baptist Hwy 80 Rev. Alphonso Piper

First Baptist Church of Garden City 35 Nelson Ave. • 964-0355 Rev. Ken Sharpe

Westside Christian Church Hwy 80 • 748-0309 Pastor Leonard Daughtery

Garden City Primitive Baptist 126 Smith Ave. • 964-5014 Pastor: Elder Hugh Thompson

Bloomingdale Fellowship Church of God of Prophecy 1501 E. Hwy. 80 • 748-2181 Pastor: Mark Minter

Jasper Springs Baptist Church 62 Smith Ave. • 964-6864 Pastor: Rev. Johnny Bowen

Bulloch County Oak Grove Baptist Church 2285 Oak Grove Church Road Portal • 865-5174 Pastor Robert Jacobs Firm Foundation Baptist Church 937 Mixon Road • 865-4505 Dr. Bernard D. Carter Effingham International Worship Center 2836 Hwy 80 • 748-7308 Pastor Eddie Tomberlin Berea Southern Methodist Church 2872 Noel Conaway Road (GA 30 near Kolic Helmy Rd), Guyton Silver Hill United Methodist Church Silver Hill Church Rd. Pastor Al Fernandez Clyo United Methodist Church Railroad St. at 3rd. Ave. Pastor Al Fernandez Corinth Baptist Church 290 Corinth Church Rd. 754-0032 • Shawnee Pastor Jeff Self Mizpah United Methodist Church Clyo Kildare Rd • 754-1563 Pastor: Jose Velasquez

Garden City Central Baptist Church 4010 Old Louisville Rd. 965-0752 Rev. Kenny Harrelson Count It All Joy Ministries Highway 17 Michael Tucker Wilder Memorial Baptist 1 Gamble Road Rev. Tom Keller Wildwood United Methodist Garrard Avenue Rev. Rick Bishop Chapel in the Garden Presbyterian Church Daren Russell 93 Main Street • 964-5734

Guyton/Marlow Faith Ministries International 51 Central Blvd. (Hwy. 17) 772-4849 Pastor, Bruce Meyers

Pineora Baptist Church 131 Elkins Street • 772-3044 Pineora (Corner of Ga. 17) Pastor: Bobby Braswell, Jr.

Pine Street Baptist 118 Lynn Bonds Avenue Pastor: Chris Roberson New Vision Pentecostal Church, 2355 Hwy 119 • 772-4417 Pastor: Charles Bazemore Pineora Holy Church of God 460 McLaws Rd. • 232-6100 Pastor Ronnie Miles

Garden City United Methodist Church 62 Varnadoe Ave. • 964-5780 Rev. Dan Pegram

Faith Baptist Church 1951 Hwy 119 South • Guyton Dr. Calvin Bradley, Pastor 772-5269

Elohim Christian Fellowship 309 Main Street, Suite F Pastor Leroy R. Kirkland III 966-5005 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 41 Main Street • 964-1649 Rev. David Rasmussen United House of Prayer For All People 4107 6th Street • 966-5522 Elder Samuel Ransom

Elam Egypt Baptist Church Paul Moore, Pastor 2166 Egypt Ardmore Rd • 754-5060 Rev. Peter Vermeulen United Methodist Church Ga. Hwy 17 • Marlow Rev. Peter Vermeulen Hwy. 30 Church of Christ 1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd. 728-3819 John W. Wright, Jr.

Oakland Missionary Baptist 187 Burkhalter Rd. • 236-3439 Pastor Jerry Wright Alpha & Omega Ministries 4906 Pineland Dr. Pastor James P. Witherspoon

Everlasting Life Christian Church 614 Hwy. 80W • 964-6003 Rev. Van Marie Green, Pastor Trinity Church of God 2202 Hwy. 80 • 964-8770 Frank Gupton

First Baptist of Marlow 2229 Central Ave. • 772-7438 Pastor Daniel Alexander (Minister of Gospel)

Oak Grove Missionary Baptist 4617 Louisville Road • 964-2683

Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association Education Center Central (Hwy 17) & Simmons Rd.

New Birth Savannah Meeting at West Chatham Middle School Gym 800 Pine Barren Road • 233-6755 Pastor: Kenneth K. Law New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road Pastor J. S. Hartman • 572-6001 Heavenbound Baptist Church 1014 Quacco Road 921-1500 Rev. Gene Alderman First Presbyterian Church Pooler (PCA) 329 Hwy. 80 East • 330-9415 John Fender, Pastor

Crossroads Worship Center Hwy. 80 at North Rogers Street Rev. Joe Hubbard 547-5101

South Effingham Community Church 289 Harley Road • 728-3810 Dr. Charles G. Cooper, Jr.

Calvary Assembly of God 1007 West Hwy 80 • 748-5847 Daniel Webber, Pastor

Zion Lutheran Hwy 30 at Ga. Hwy 17 Marlow • 728-3430

Risen Saviour Lutheran 1755 Quacco Road • Pooler Worship: 10AM Pastor James Borgwardt

Church of Christ Hwy 80 Faulkville Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-7332 Pastor Albert Hill Eden Baptist Church 435 Dogwood Way • 748-2373 Rev. Jonah E. German United Methodist Church Meldrim Rev. Peter Vermeulen Powers Baptist Eden • 748-6288 Travis Cowart, Sr.

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Hwy 80 West, Just Outside Bloomingdale


The Sycamore at West Chatham Meeting in homes on Wednesdays Pastor Ric Smith 596-4725

Sand Hill Baptist 1931 Sand Hill Rd. • 728-3681 Rev. Royce Hendry

Fountain of Life 2836 Hwy. 80 • Faulkville • 704-1462 Pastor Joseph Clinton

Guyton United Methodist 401 Church Street • 772-5099 Rev. William A. (Chip) Strickland

Christ Presbyterian Church Coffee, Welcome with Worship at 10:00 a.m. 1743 Quacco Road • 925-6441 Rev. Ed Ayers • 713-1276

Faith Bible Baptist Church 5137 Old Louisville Rd. 964-7655 Dale Mathis, Pastor

Solid Rock Baptist Church 5th Street • Meldrim

Bethesda United Methodist 3608 Midland Road • 728-3332 Pastor Matt Waldron

Palm Grove Primitive Baptist 2207 Shaw Avenue • 964-2080 Elder James W. Kicklighter

Abundant Life Community Church (ELCA) 119 Canal St. Suite 104 Just off the Pooler Parkway near Cancun Mexican Restaurant Weekly Worship - Sundays at 10 AM Pastor Seth Bridger 856-6871

Countryside Baptist Church 1201 Noel C. Conaway Rd. Pastor Terry A. Wilson

Meldrim/Eden/Faulkville Meldrim First Baptist 748-5220 James Carlisle – Pastor

Guyton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 301 Pine Street 772-3478

Pooler Beth-El Alliance Church Quacco Road Rev. Michael Owens

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church 1285 Pine Barren West • 748-6016 Sunday Worship 10:30am Rev. Dr. Robert LeFavi, Vicar First Baptist Church of Pooler Hwy 80 • 748-7521 Rev. Otis Hill Rothwell Baptist Church 216 Rothwell Street • 748-7593 Rev. Devin Bell South Valley Baptist Church Rev. Barry Jackson Pine Barren Road • 748-0279 Reaching For Souls Located in the All American Glass Shopping Center on Hwy. 80 478-494-0893 Pastors: Stanly & Angela Abraham Trinity United Methodist Church Corner of North Newton St. & Benton Drive • 748-4141 Pre-School, 748-4410 Pastor: Randy B. Nease It’s Harvest Time Church 409 W. Hwy. 80 • Pooler 748-1560 Sundays at 11am Pastors Greg & Donna Van Gorp West Chatham Baptist ChurchSouth Rogers Street Rev. David Stanford MorningStar Baptist Church 131 Canal Street (off Pooler Parkway) Pastor Tom Byerly Savannah First Seventh Day Adventist 50 Godley Way • Pooler 748-5977 Rev. Mark Pioutrowski

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A13


Pooler Gateway Community Church Now meeting at the YMCA on Pooler Parkway • 220-1074 Pastor Matt Hearn Church of Christ in Pooler Meets at Quality Inn (behind Burger King on Governor Treutlen Drive/I-95) Services: 10AM-Bible Class 11AM-Worship Service Every Sunday Contact 912-966-2071 The Church at Godley Station (Meeting Sundays at 9am behind Home Depot on Pooler Pkwy) Pastor Earnie Pirkle Assoc. Pastor: Steve Dees 220-4440 Port Wentworth Bonnybridge Baptist Church 811 Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-0553 Dr. Dan Hall, Pastor Open Door Ministries at Joel’s Place 13 North Coastal Hwy. at Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-5001 Pastor Neil Bush Bible Connection Ministries 410 S. Coastal Hwy. • 965-1101 Pastor: Alex Grant, Jr. First Baptist Church of Pt.Wentworth Hwy 25 • 964-5811 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Hwy 25 • 964-0219 Father Michael J. Kavanaugh North Salem Baptist 955 Hwy 30 • 964-7933 Pastor Phil Hudson Port Wentworth Alliance Church 222 Cantyre Street • 964-4495 Pastor John Smith Faith Foundation C.O.G.I.C. 7 Cantyre Street • 964-0019 Pastor, Elder Earl Williams, Jr. Port Wentworth Baptist 231 Grange Rd • 964-0762 Real Life Christian Fellowship 841 Crossgate Rd. Pastor Paul L. Taylor, Jr. Port Wentworth United Methodist 201 Turnberry Street • 964-4210 Pastor: Grable Page Rincon Effingham Baptist Church 1007 North Columbia Ave. 826-3794 Pastor: Tom Davis Jehovah Shammah Assembly of God 432 Blandford Rd. • 826-2173 Pastor Jackie Gordon St. Luke’s Episcopal 155 Goshen Rd. 826-3332 Worship Service, 9:00 am Sunday School, 10:30 am Rev Dr. Bob LeFavi New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 130 Giles Avenue • Rincon 826-2431 Solomon J. Roberts, Sr. - Pastor Living Faith Church of God 3789 Noel C. Conway Rd. Rev. Sean Faircloth 728-8811 House of Prayer of Rincon Fort Howard Road in Rincon Services: Sunday 11 AM & 6:30 PM 826-2570 Pastor: Mildred Lake Cornerstone Baptist Church Lexington Avenue Sunday: 10:45am • Wednesday: 7pm 754-9650 Pastor Duane Logsdon Centerpoint Churct Meeting at Effingham YMCA 1224 Patriot Drive Pastors David Rhoads & Mike Bassett 826-5521 Acts III Global Church 604 Goshen Road • 826-2981 Pastor, Al Usher Church of the Harvest 434 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-6461 Rev. Brunson Goshen United Methodist Church Hwy. 21 at Goshen Rd 826-6088 Pastor Ricky Rushing Abercorn Baptist Baker Hill Rd. • 826-4213

Bryant Temple W. 6th St. • 826-2896

Ephesus Reformed Baptist 826-4598 • Pastor Steve Thomas Faith Presbyterian 2000 Lexington Avenue 826-6880 Rev. Mary Beene First Baptist of Rincon 201 E. 6th St. • 826-5536 Dr. Bob Rogers New Life Worship Center 5509 McCall Road • 826-3832 Pastor Paul Flippo First Christian 826-2224 Minister Steve Parker Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church Blandford Rd. • 826-5259 Rev. Jonah E. Jerman Goshen Road Baptist 1323 Goshen Rd. • 826-1826 Rev. Frank Hodges Grace Community Church 1094 Goshen Rd. • 826-4204 Pastor Wesley Corbitt Marantha Assembly of God 454 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5234 Rev. Mike Beck

Gethsemane Baptist 1102 N. Maple St. 754-7530

Holy Trinity Lutheran 303 S. Laurel St. • 754-3353 Rev. Joe Copeck Jerusalem Lutheran 2966 Ebenezer Rd. • 754-3915 Rev. Elanor Russey Laurel Hill Lutheran 530 Laurel Hill Rd. • 754-6718 Rev. David Hendrix New Bethel Pentecostal 2402 Old Dixie Hwy • 754-1509 Darrel Childress, Pastor New Hope Apostolic 525 Ardmore Oaky Rd. 754-4079 Mount Hope Missionary Baptist 5083 Mount Hope Road 772-3280 Pastor Leonard Lemon, Sr. Freedom Christian Center 409 S. Laurel Street Pastor: Cynthia Streeter Sundays@11AM • Wednesdays@6PM St. Boniface Catholic Church 1952 Hwy 21S • 754-7473 Mass: Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Father Wes Lamb St. Mathews Baptist 218 Wallace Dr. • 754-3143

Northside Baptist Hwy 21N • 826-5346 Rev. Mike Jones

Springfield United Methodist 209 Cleveland St. Rev. Ben Martin

Rincon Church of God Hwy 21, Rincon Pastor: DeWayne Merritt

Thomas Chapel AME Savannah Town Rd. • 754-1233

Rincon Baptist Temple 305 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5818 Rev. Ron Hand Rincon Church of Christ 306 E. 4th St. • 826-5440 Rincon United Methodist 107 Savannah Ave. • 826-5796 Sr. Pastor: Rev. Larry Bird Journey Community Church 5938 Ga. Highway 21 South Pastor Michael Bassett 754-9444 St. John’s Lutheran Hwy 21 at 7th St. • 826-5411 Springfield Agape Assembly of God 703 First St. Ext. • 754-6354 Pastor: Shane Holcombe New Testament Fellowship UPC 307 South Laurel St. • 754-9782 Pastor: Walter Thomas Bethel Lutheran ELCA 1984 Hwy 21N • 754-6561 Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger Holy Samaritan Apostolic Church of the Living God 148 Rawls Drive Pastor Isiah Brehler, Sr. 754-4234 First Baptist of Springfield 1435 Hwy 119N • 754-3443 Rev. Jeff Rollins Northside Church of God 273 Church Row • 754-4801 Pastor Reginald Anderson, Sr. Life Baptist Church 1541 Highway 21 South 754-3148 Pastor Charles Powell

Turkey Branch United Methodist Turkey Branch Rd. • 754-0053 Madison Morgan – New Pastor Union Springs AME Union Springs Church Rd. • 754-9460 Fellowship Bible Church 841 Old Dixie Hwy. • 754-9645 Pastor Robert Quarterman Savannah Church of Christ of Savannah 11808 Middle Ground Road 925-1719 • 925-2458 Southwest Community Church Now meeting at Jacob G. Smith Elementary School Pastor Dusty Reynolds

Chevis Oaks Baptist Church 102 Sylvania Rd. at Chevis Rd. 925-3852 Rev. Eric R. Carpenter

Bethel New Testament Christian Church 1295 Little Neck Road • 412-4995 Pastor D.M. Nelson New Vision Baptist Church 2417 Louis Mills Blvd. 236-4841 Pastor Gary Bradham Savannah Holy Church of God 707 Little Neck Road • 920-0042 Pastor: Rev. Ryan Ralston Chatham Parkway Baptist 1950 Chatham Pkwy. • 644-7447 Pastor Van Power Quacco Baptist Church 215 Quacco Road • 925-3885 Pastor Barry Minsky Southside Assembly of God 401 Tibet Avenue Rev. Jack Moon Ft. Argyle Gospel Fellowship 909 Ft. Argyle Road (Hwy. 204) Pastors Douglas & Glenda Lane 748-4339

Southwest Baptist 831 Little Neck Road • 925-0699 Dr. Robert B. Peacock, Pastor

Daniel Baptist Daniel Siding Rd. • 756-3637 Alfred Banks First Baptist of Richmond Hill Hwy 144 • 756-2196 Rev. Keith Joseph St. Anne’s Catholic Hwy 144 • 756-3338 Fr. Joseph Smith Coastal Community Christian 10770 Ford Ave. • 756-3455 Rev. Mark Snaveley Richmond Hill Church of Christ Hwy 144 • 756-4970

Richmond Hill Presbyterian Hwy 144 • 756-2339 Pastor: Rev. David A. Long, III

Bethel Missionary Baptist 5863 Ogeechee Rd • 927-8044 Rev. Jerome Baker

Richmond Hill United Methodist Hwy 144 at Carter Rd. 756-2190 Pastor William A. Strickland

Coastal Christian Center 6073 Ogeechee Rd • 925-3166 Ron and Rosie Chambers Holy Church Of God 707 Little Neck Rd • 920-0042 Rev. Ryan Ralston New Mount Olive Baptist 835 Chevis Rd. • 920-1133 New Testament Missionary Outreach 102 Waynesboro Rd • 927-6368 Southside Church Of God 50 Henderson Blvd • 927-4408 Pastor John A. Reyes

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Fort Argyle Road • 927-3169 Rev. Nathaniel Bowles

Southwest Chatham Amazing Grace Baptist Church 5790 Ogeechee Road • 858-4362 Pastor: George Barron

Corinth Baptist 19536 Hwy 144 • 727-2617 Gary Quinney

Savannah Christian Church 55 Al Henderson Blvd. Pastor Cam Huxford

Word of Faith & Truth Ministries 2427 Abercorn Street • 398-7630 Pastors Mike and Erma Taylor

First United Pentecostal Church 1735 Grove Point Rd • 927-0569 Rev. David A. Hodge

Bryan Neck Missionary Baptist 727-2163 Pete Broxton

St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Hwy 144 • 727-2650 Pastor Clark Hubbard

Spring Hill Baptist 44 Carol Way 925-7523

Georgetown Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints 1200 King George Blvd. 927-4146

Bethel Missionary Baptist Hwy 17 • 756-3324 Pastor: Rev. Jerome Baker

Holy Church of God Little Neck Road

First Southern Methodist Church of Savannah 1821 Montgomery Cross Road (across from Lake Mayer)

The Cross Road Baptist Church 8510 Middleground Road 925-0571 Rev. Chip Morgan

Richmond Hill Full Gospel Church Hwy. 17 South Pastor Riley Nelson

Richmond Hill Calvary Holy Church of God 8933 Spruce St. • 756-3509 Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church Bryan Chapel (10512 Ford Ave.) 727-5608 • Sundays at 10:00 Pastor Gary Soop Trinity Baptist Church 1805 Cartertown Rd. • 756-6699 Rev. Chris Howard Richmond Hill Assembly of God Meeting at Plums Restaurant Sundays, 10:30 a.m. Pastor Daniel Haun, 920-6264 Calvary Baptist 756-2702 Eugene Brown Canaan Baptist 756-3533

Prayer of St Francis of Assisi...

"Lord, Make me an instrument of Thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; not so much to be understood as to understand; not so much to be loved as to love; For it is in pardoning, that we are pardoned; it is in dying, that we awaken to eternal life."

New Praise Community Church 7220 Hwy 17 • Richmond Hill (2.7 miles South of I-95) Rev. James Hahn 756-2688 North Bryan County Abundant Life Church of God 119 Wildwood Church Road Pembroke • 653-3696 Olive Branch Baptist Church Olive Branch Road - Ellabell Pastor Clent Sullens (912)858-3216 Northside Independence Baptist Church 458 W. E. Smith Road • Pembroke Pastor Jeff Spencer • 653-3088 Ellabell United Methodist Church 3079 Hwy. 204 • Pembroke Pastor: Rodney Body 858-2534 Christ Baptist Church 3580 Wilma Edwards Road Ellabell • 858-2724 Interim Pastor: Travis Cowart, Jr. Faith Harvest Sanctuary 1237 Bill Futch Road Ellabell Tony Hewitt 858-5446, church Gospel Baptist Church 5126 Wilma Edwards Road Ellabell • 690-1066 Pastor John Whitaker Ellabell First Baptist Church 3425 Hwy. 204W • 826-5003 Pastor Keith Perdue Pembroke United Methodist 102 College Street 653-2220 Rev. Ricky Bishop Bread of Life Holiness Church #119 Cypress Bay Loop Road Pembroke (912) 858-3161 Prophet Walter Wright, pastor Church of Christ Hwy 204 • Ellabell Min. Joseph Holloway, Jr. 858-3283 First Baptist Church of Blitchton 5204 Hwy. 80E • Blitchton Rev. Darnell Barner • 858-3274

Page A14 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009

Hey - Hey - Hey Tater Tot is 3! Happy Birthday Ali! “Alissa Reese Lively”

January 27th We love you very much! Love, Mimi & Big PaPa

My Big PaPa said I’m too pretty and too smart to play with DAWGS!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ali! Love you! Love, Big PaPa


Mr. & Mrs. Hammond

Tracy Davis Neal and Toby Alphonse Hammond were happily wed with their toes in the sand on Tybee Island on August 8, 2008, as the sun set. The bride is the daughter of Russell Truman Davis of Pineora and Susan Bush Freeman of Garden City. She is the granddaughter of the late Christine Groby Barnwell of Guyton and the late Russell L. and Marie Davis. The groom is the son of Percy Hammond of Lenoir City, TN and Carole Carter of Lebanon, TN. The couple spent their honeymoon on Tybee Island and currently reside in Murfreesboro, TN.

Mikey Edwards!

Star Student Award - 2nd Nine Weeks Marlow Elementary School We are so proud of you! Keep up the good work! Love, Dad, Mom, Screven and Madison

Hope you are feeling better soon,

Mrs. Irene Avila! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Spirit Newspapers

Happy Anniversary

Yank! Love, Your Wife

Happy Birthday

Ben Anderson!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Dorothy Bazemore! Love always, Amanda, Sam & family

Happy Birthday Matthew Proctor!

We love you! Love, Pam, children and grandbabies

We love you! Love, Your Family

Happy 30th Birthday

Happy Birthday

Rusty Woods! “Get-er-done DAWG”!

How ‘bout them next 30 years? Love, Amanda, Sam and family

Happy 4th Birthday Angel gAy! Love, Nikki and DL

Daddy! Love, Chase

The Midwife Group of Coastal Georgia & The Family Health & Birth Center would like to congratulate: David & Dana Braswell, Jr. on the birth of Gabriella Renee, born: January 17, 2009

Merrick & Amber Hoecht on the birth of Grayson William, born: January 18, 2009

Happy BirtHday Angel! Love, Momma, Yank and Aaron

Happy BirtHday BoBLove,&Mom Ben! Happy Birthday to my husband,

Bob Anderson! Love, Ashley

Happy Birthday

Paul Lovezzola!

We love you! Love, your wife, children and grandchildren

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Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A15

New Potentate Elected At the Annual Meeting to sistant District Attorney, served elected Alee Shrine officers for 2009, John Johnson was elected Potentate over the 32 county Southeastern area from Augusta through Savannah to Soperton. Nearly 2,000 Shriner Nobles belong to the Masonic affiliated organization. Johnson, a retired Jesup As-

as Treasurer and Master of the Jesup Mason Lodge and Treasurer and President of the Jesup Shrine Club. The primary philanthropy of Shriners is free transportation and hospital care for burned and crippled children. For additional information


homeless and were just looking for a place to sleep. • Officers were dispatched to a local trucking company where a trucker said his 2001 International tractor, valued at $15,000, had been stolen. He was also missing the trailer and chassis, and the container that held over $100,000 worth of Dewar’s Scotch whiskey. • A woman called Police about her neighbor’s dog being loose and running through the neighborhood. An Officer arrived and noticed the dog running in a front yard with a smaller dog tagging along. (Kinda like Spike in the old cartoon!)The dogs returned to their backyard, and didn’t appear to have been intentionally released, so no charges were being filed against the owner. About five hours later, the woman called back, noting that the big dog was out again. The Officer’s supervisor showed up this time, and as he got out of his patrol car, the dog attacked him. He was able to deploy his pepper spray, and the dog again retreated to the backyard. He noted that the fence the dogs were jumping is made of very low cow fence, held together with a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and bungee cords. The Officer called Animal Control to come retrieve the dog, and the owner will be cited on several city ordinance violations.

her language. The woman then stated that she was very upset and had the “right to talk anyway I choose!” The woman was yelling so loudly that three Georgia State Troopers who were eating inside at the next door Zaxby’s came outside to see what all the commotion was about. The Officer warned her once more, and when the woman again cursed, she was taken to jail on disorderly conduct charges. • A woman filed a report, telling Officers she’d been to a fast food business in Garden City recently and paid with her credit card. She thought the cashier took a little too long ringing her up and processing her payment, so she checked her bank account online that night. She found that someone had paid over $225 to Georgia Power, $70 to Alltel, and $1 to U-Haul with her credit card. She called U-Haul and found out the name of the woman who’d made the payment, then called the fast food business and verified that that person worked there. The case was then turned over to detectives to prosecute the employee on theft by deception charges. (“You want fries with that bread and water?”) • A convenience store clerk called Police about a suspicious white Ford with two men in it in the parking lot. She was concerned that, since the car left every time an Officer pulled in, the men may be staking out the store for a possible robbery attempt. Officers pulled up around 1am and checked the Ford, finding both men inside the car asleep. They handed over their identification, and one man was found to be wanted out of Bryan County. He was taken into custody. The other man explained that they were



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John B. Johnson Potentate er. He explained that the dog was lost for about a month from hunting, and had just been staying over at a friend’s house. (Hey man, if you can’t take care of the dog, give it to me or somebody else who will at least feed and water it. I’ll run the ads to find a good home and it won’t cost you anything.) • A Springfield man reported his 1980’s Massey Ferguson tractor, with an orange post hole digger attachment, was stolen from his field. The tractor is valued over $8500. • Deputies responded to a

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(Office) 754-1729 (Cell) 912-682-9239

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office

• A Guyton woman called Deputies about a neighbor’s home, where a dog was being kept and was in poor health. The woman went over and fed and watered the dog, then called Animal Control to take possession of it. Deputies were able to contact the dog’s own-


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concerning Masonry, Alee Shrine or patient screening clinics, please contact the Savannah Alee Shrine Office at 3552422.

Frances Decker, M.D.; Minkailu Sesay, M.D.; and Angela Chumley, FNP

Dr. Sesay is now accepting new patients. He completed his residency at Medical Center East in Birmingham, Alabama, and is board certified in family medicine. Dr. Sesay specializes in all aspects of pediatric, adolescent, and adult medicine. The team at Memorial Health University Physicians – Rincon is dedicated to providing the highest level of care. Because quality matters, choose Memorial Health University Physicians.

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211 W. HWY. 80 (Next to Car Wash)


241 SILVERWOOD COMMERCIAL DRIVE | RINCON, GEORGIA To schedule an appointment, call 912-826-8802.

Page A16 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009

POLICE An Old Friend With New Ideas! REPORTS Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Chatham, Effingham, Bryan, Bulloch or Liberty County may join our credit union!

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Pooler Branch • The Shops at Godley Station 107 Grand Central Blvd., Suite 201

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Hinesville Branch


Hunter AAF Branch Is your hearing keeping you in isolation? 912-354-6420


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Statesboro Branch

ILA Branch



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treet • Building 100 • Suite 102

Susan Timna, AuD • Katherine Neufeld, AuD Cori Sams, AuD • Leigh Ann Burke, BC-HIS Debra Troop, Hearing Aid Tech Michelle Steward, Hearing Aid Tech Susan Harrison, Receptionist

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If unable to attend, please call make appointment for consultation You Are Invited To Join Us For A Complimentary Personal Demonstration & Consultation By Appointment Only

Main Office: 5203 Frederick Street • Savannah Pooler Office: 114 Canal Street, Building 100, Suite 102 • Pooler

Step out into a whole new world


Springfield residence for a report of a fight and a burglary. Another man had let one of the men involved into his home to clean himself up from the blood on his face. Deputies ran a check of the man’s ID through dispatch, and he was soon on his way to jail for a Chatham County warrant for child support obligations. • A man told Deputies he backed his ‘99 Chevy S-10 back up to the fence in his back yard to where a group of men were standing in his neighbor’s yard. He said something to them, something to the effect of “Well, let’s rock and roll then!” At that point, the men in the neighbor’s backyard began throwing bricks at the man’s truck, breaking his front windshield and denting his hood. (“I know... it’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do!”) • A Meldrim man told Deputies someone stole his ‘89 Ford Mustang from his back yard. The Mustang was dark blue, with a light blue left quarter panel. The man said the engine was about blown, and there was very little fuel in it. Within five hours, the Mustang was found not far from the man’s home where it had apparently run out of gas. • A Deputy was finishing up his call at a Clyo home where a man was complaining about people driving by his home and harassing him. As the Deputy was walking back to his patrol car, a Chevy pickup pulled in behind him. The Deputy walked over and motioned for the driver to roll his window down. The Deputy quickly recognized the odor of alcohol coming from the truck and soon, the driver and three passengers were on the way to jail for underage drinking. (... and harassing of the old man!) • A woman told Deputies she was giving a girl friend a ride home from a support group meeting when they began to have words. She finally told her friend that she was tired of getting pulled into her problems. Her friend then grabbed her pocketbook and began rummaging through it, saying “If I find your brass knuckles, I’m gonna use them on you!” The woman said she pulled over on the side of I-16 and ordered the woman out of her car. She wanted the incident documented in case the woman shows up at her house with her own brass knuckles. (There are just so many things wrong with that report...) • A Guyton woman told Deputies that a man drove a four wheeler up into her driveway and she walked out to tell him to stop. The man then began cursing the woman out. A neighbor came over and told the Deputy the same man had torn down some private property signs she’d posted in the _____________________________________ Continued on Next Page

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A17

Don’t Have Low Country Eye Associates, P.C. Health Insurance??


We Specialize in the Uninsured • 25 Years Experience in Family Medicine

• Office Visits $45 • DOT Physicals $50 • School Physicals $25 • Labs, EKGs, X-Rays 50%-75% Lower Than Most Offices

Family Eye Care • Treatment of Ocular Disease Contact Lenses • Most Insurance Accepted

Now Accepting Medicare

New CoNCept HealtHCare


Jack Heneisen, M.D., FaaFP

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri – 8:00-1:00, 2:00-6:00


1214 N. Columbia Avenue • Rincon (Next to Wiley’s Home Furnishings)

1000 Towne Center Blvd., Ste. 502 • 912.748.1272

POLICE REPORTS past, and he’s always drinking out in public. On top of all that, the man has also exposed himself to her while she’d been doing yard work. Deputies will be keeping an eye out for the man in the neighborhood from now on. • Half past midnight, Deputies were alerted by a passing motorist in Guyton that the Subway door was open. The Deputies went to check it out, and spotted a green Taurus coming down Lynn Bonds Avenue with it’s lights off. The car turned left on Hwy 17, then left at the four way stop. Another Deputy was notified, and he made a traffic stop when the Ford turned onto Little McCall Road. At the Subway, the Deputy noticed the screwdriver used to pop open the cash register. The money drawer was missing, and coins were scattered across the floor to the front door and down the sidewalk. Back at the Taurus... after noticing the large amount of coins spilled on the floorboard, the Deputies opened the trunk of the car and found bundles of money. The driver and his three passengers were turned over to Guyton Police and soon arrested for the theft. • Now back to the real Police Work... Deputies responded to a Rincon area residence where a man complained that his neighbor’s goats were getting out, coming over to his yard, and eating his shrubbery and flowers. • A Clyo woman was smart enough not to fall for a money order scam. She’d received three money orders for $950 each, with instructions to cash them and forward some of the money back to the sender. The woman simply turned them over to Deputies. (And saved _____________________________________ Continued on Next Page

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Garden City

• An Officer made a traffic stop on a woman in a Honda, but when he realized that he knew the woman and that she was probably intoxicated, he called a backup Officer to come handle the stop. That Officer recognized the odor of alcohol on the woman’s breath, and asked her if she’d take some field sobriety tests. About that time, the woman turned away from the Officer and whispered to the original Officer, “Can you help me out here?” He explained that Officers have a duty to perform.

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B&M Pool Spa & Patio

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Look For The Big Red Dots!

herself about $3000 by doing so!) • A man filed a report of harassing phone calls, explaining to Deputies that a man keeps calling his cell phone drunk and complaining, wanting an explanation on why he bailed his mother out of jail. (This one’s just missing a pickup truck and a train reference, or we’d have another number one country song on our hands!) • An Atlanta contractor filed a report with Deputies after he arrived at the job site and discovered that someone had stolen his concrete mixer, valued at $1000. A group of Hispanics working nearby also reported their concrete mixer stolen, although none of them couldn’t speak no English for the report. (Meanwhile, one of the thieves was caught nearby when enough of the concrete spilled on him that he couldn’t escape from the scene. He’s now a hardened criminal.) • A Deputy was on patrol on Clyo Shawnee Road when he spotted an orange go-kart approaching in the opposing lane of traffic. The go-kart quickly pulled behind a nearby residence, and the two young men got off and fled into the woods. However, they couldn’t cover up the tracks the go-kart had left in the nearby driveway where they live. The Deputy had the go-kart towed to be held.

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Call Ahead For Takeouts 230 Hwy. 80 • Pooler


The woman then took, and failed the sobriety tests, and was taken to jail for DUI.

Bryan County Sheriff’s Department

• A woman told Deputies she purchased a new stereo system online from The Onkyo system was delivered by FedEx, but before she got home, someone stole it from her front porch. (So..., tell me again how much you saved by shopping online...) • Deputies found a ‘93 Ford Ranger nose down in a ditch off of Hwy 280. The driver was standing outside the truck, and it was evident he was highly intoxicated. He failed his field sobriety test by sucking on the tube rather than blowing in it for his breath test. • Around 10:30am, a Deputy was on Hwy 67 outside of Pembroke and noticed a Ford F 150 in the southbound lane swerving over both lane lines. He made a traffic stop, and the woman stumbled out of her truck. The Deputy asked if she’d been drinking, and the woman said no, she’d just gotten off work. She then failed a field sobriety test and was taken to jail for DUI. • A Deputy responded to a residence off Hwy 204 for a report of a burglary. On the way there, he passed by the suspect vehicle, which sped


up, then turned into a driveway. The back seat passenger fled into the woods, while the driver and another passenger remained in the car. The driver quickly explained that the incident at the house on Hwy 204 was all a big misunderstanding. The Deputy then informed the two that he was going to have to put them both under arrest for the burglary charge, and one of them took off running, leaving just the driver to be arrested. The car was searched, and a stolen Dell laptop, a 52” flatscreen TV, and a Play Station were recovered from the car. • A Richmond Hill man filed a report with Deputies when he discovered someone had stolen his ‘94 Sierra Pickup from his home. The truck is white with blue interior. It has a crumpled hood from an accident. The paint on the truck is peeling, and the air dam on the front is hanging down on the right hand side. The paint is peeling on the roof. On the driver’s side, the primer paint is also peeling and rusting. The paint is also peeling from the fenders, and there’s a tear in the front driver’s seat. (I mean, just in case you see it, or if you want to just return it...)


• The shoplifters have ap_____________________________________ Continued on Page 20

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A19


20 Tuesday

• West Broad Street YMCA “Inauguration Lunch” Invitation... Local Y to offer projection of inauguration On January 20, 2009, at 12 noon, the 44th President of the United States will be sworn in. In honor of this historic and eventful day, the West Broad Street YMCA at 1110 May Street is offering an Inauguration Lunch. The Y will have a projection of the inauguration events on a large screen. People are invited to “brown bag” it by bringing their own lunch and enjoying the company of others for this important day. “We want to celebrate with our neighbors,” says executive director Peter Doliber. “We invite anyone who can get away for their lunch break to come and join us. It will be one of those days where you will remember where you were when it happened. We all want to be together for it!” Doors open at 10 am. The event is free to the public. Refreshments will be available. Call 233-1951 for more information. Jan.

22 Thursday

• POOLER CROSSROADS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUSINESS AFTER HOURS THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 2009 5-7PM AT SPANKY’S IN POOLER Start the new year with business networking at the Pooler Crossroads Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Business After Hours Thursday, January 22, 5-7PM at the Pooler Spanky’s Restaurant (1221 E. Highway 80). RSVP by January 20 to or (912) 313-4417. Admission is $10 for current Pooler Crossroads Chamber members and $20 per non-member. There will be a cash bar for beer and wine. Jan.

24 Saturday

• Relay For Life in Effingham County Relay For Life of Effingham County will be held Friday/ Saturday April 3-4, 2009 at Effingham High School. Teams are now forming to raise funds to help win the battle against cancer. Your workplace, school, church or organization can form a team and participate in this fun and most worth while activity. Get your team together and register at www.relayforlife. org/effinghamga and start your fundraising. Our big kickoff is being planned for January 24, 2009 at Rincon United Methodist Church (107 Savannah Ave). Join us for a Free Pancake Breakfast! And if your company would like to become a corporate sponsor of the Relay, we would welcome your support. For additional information,

contact Victoria TenBroeck at the American Cancer Society, 355-5196. Remember, the American Cancer Society is ready and willing to provide a wide range of support services for those facing this dread disease, from transportation to counseling to make-up tips. If you or a loved one could use some help, contact the ACS at 1-800-227-2345 or visit their web site at www. • Coach’s Corner Hosts Benefit Concert for Tyler and Cole Clinton Coach’s Corner has established a Trust Fund at United Community Bank in the names of  the late Michele Clinton’s sons for  their future  education.   Coach’s Corner embraces the Clinton family by hosting this community memorial concert; the first concert in the new band stage on Saturday, January 24th, beginning at 1:00pm. “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Henderson family. They have treated my family as an extension of their own”, stated Rick Clinton. Come out and enjoy a  day of festivities featuring musical acts from The Courtenay Brothers, Chief and the Homewreckers, Keith & Ross and G.E. Perry. Other acts will be announced at a later date.  All proceeds from this concert go directly to Tyler and Cole Clinton’s education.  General admission tickets for the memorial concert will be $5. VIP tickets are available for $25 including tent access, a concert ticket, food and beverages. Tickets are available at Coach’s Corner in advance and the day of the concert. Coach’s Corner parking will be available and surrounding businesses will also share their parking lots for the day. Michele Clinton was a loyal Coach’s Corner employee for the past year. She was a loving wife and mother, a dear friend and personal trainer who will truly be missed. She passed away after a car accident in December. The Thunderbolt Fire Department is proud to assist and support this memorial concert. Additional charitable donations may be contributed to the trust fund at United Community Bank. For further information contact John Henderson at Coach’s Corner at 352-2933.

In Loving Memory Of


28 Wednesday Pooler MOPS (Mothers of

Taylor Jeaux Kinchen May 19, 2001 ~ January 21, 2008

• Preschoolers - birth through kindergarten) meets at Trinity UMC in Pooler the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays monthly from 9:30 to 11:30. Meetings feature time to get to know one another, a devotion, a speaker, and childcare. MOPS can help you be an even better mom! Please join us this month. For more information, contact Trinity UMC at 748-4141 or Jan.

31 Saturday • On January 31st, the Savannah Mall is sponsoring a car and motorcycle show for Cops C.A.I.R. (Cops Against Illegal Racing) Campaign. The event will take place outside of the Bass Pro Store and in front of the entrance to Ruby Tuesday’s. Cops C.A.I.R., Inc. (www. is a non-profit corporation that was founded by a local law enforcement officer and is designed to teach young drivers about the effects of illegal racing, aggressive/reckless driving, and impairment. The program will be taught locally and in other areas throughout the Unites States. The intent of this program is to reduce property damage, injury, and loss of life. The car and motorcycle show will serve as a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Cops C.A.I.R. Campaign. The event is open to all makes and models. Registration for the event is $20. Music, food, door prizes and a raffle will be offered during the event. There is no charge for spectators. Area law enforcement and fire department agencies will be present. Fire department personnel will demonstrate some of their equipment and how to extricate a trapped person from a vehicle using the JAWS of Life. The U.S. Army National Guard will be in attendance with their Custom Chopper built by OCC (Orange County Choppers). They are bringing it in from New York! They will also have their Patriot Hummer and are providing a rock climbing wall. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will also be in attendance with exhibits on display.

From your Pennies to your Prayers,

Thank You Deeply and Sadly missed by, Parents ~ Pheral and “P.J.” Paula Kinchen Sisters ~ Shelby and Kourtney Grandparents ~ Larry, Sr. “Paw Paw” and Polly “Maw Maw” Drawdy Uncles ~ Larry, Jr. and Gene Loper Aunts ~ Angie Loper and Leslie Drawdy Cousins ~ Trey and Bobby Drawdy and Olivia Loper Along with other family members and friends

KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!!! 103 Prosperity Drive Garden City, GA 31408 912-964-8315



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Gun Shop


Cleve’s Gun Shop 912-748-6722

Located next to Subway in Faulkville

Tue-Fri, 11-7 • Sat, 10-4 • Long guns • Handguns • ammo • Hunting BLinds • atV’s & more! “if We don’t Have it, We’ll try to get it!” *Special orders made from in-store catalog

Counseling Services

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Business • Life Home • Health SR22

Anisa Grantham, LPC, NCAC

Licensed Counselor & Certified Addiction Counselor




Off-site Gunsmith specializinG in Gun BlueinG, parkerizinG, cleaninG & repairs

1550 Dean Forest Rd. • Garden City

5946 Hwy 21 South • Rincon • 826-0918

(Between Wendy’s and Lovezzola’s Pizza)


Barber Shop

Consultation Services

Window Tinting

Come in and see us!

Moving Your Business? We can install or repair your phone system! We sell phone systems by Avaya, Nortel, Meridian, Norstar, and Panasonic

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Seth Bennett

Pet Care

Your “Other” Family Doctor!

A full-service veterinary medical facility, committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Webb Animal Clinic strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Rincon, GA and surrounding areas.

Webb AnimAl CliniC 826-1830 Office hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm • Early Drop-off, 7am • Saturday, 8am-12Noon

3612 Highway 21 North • Rincon (On the North side of Rincon)


324 E. HWY. 80 • POOLER

“As You Think... So Shall You Be.”

Barber Shop

Individual Therapy (child, adolescent, adult) Family Therapy • Group Therapy Couples Therapy • Christian Counseling Substance Abuse & Mental Health Assessments

Men ~ Women ~ Children Tuesday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, 9am-2pm

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772-3185 Walk-ins Welcome!

Durden Consulting Services, LLC Kenneith Durden, MA, LPC 912-988-3649 • 478-455-2092 Cell 1145 W. Hwy. 80 • Suite J • Pooler

GA 17 South • Guyton



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1 (16 oz.) Bag Frozen Broccoli 2 Cups Chicken Broth 1/4 Cup Onion, minced (optional) 2 Cups Half & Half 2 Cans Cream of Potato Soup 1 Cup Diced Velveeta Cheese Salt & Pepper to taste

Locally Owned & Operated

Boil first two ingredients for 8 minutes, covered. Add Half & Half and potato soup. Melt cheese in soup. Serve.


Send your favorite recipe along with your name, address and phone number to:

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Whatcha’ Got Cookin’? Broccoli Cheese Soup

135 E. Hwy. 80 Pooler

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Spirit Newspapers P.O. Box 33 • Pooler, Georgia 31322 or fax to 748-0490

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POLICE REPORTS parently moved north to the Rincon WalMart... Security personnel tried to detain a man who was wearing a sweatshirt as he tried to leave the store with a bag of fried chicken from the deli. When he grabbed the man, the man turned and punched him in the face, then ran across the rear parking lot to an apartment complex. (No word on injuries to the chicken.) • The loss prevention manager at WalMart called Police after he caught a young man hiding items in his pockets and trying to walk out the door without paying for them. The items included a package of steaks, and a package of Nicoderm Stop Smoking patches. (This boy’s going to jail for shoplifting the stop smoking patches. Jail, ...where cigarettes are currency. _____________________________________ Continued on Page 23

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A21

Jack-In-The-Box, Inc.

Payroll CheCks Cashed here! * *With required identification

You know, I don't want to sound like that guy I knew who saw conspiracies everywhere (including the one where the Jewish mafia put a cow into the road to wreck his brother's car because they knew he was on to them), but it sure looks an awful lot like the referees were giving the Cardinals a LOT of help in the NFC Championship Sunday. Of course, the Eagles didn't seem to be doing themselves any favors with the way they played, either. And then, when the defense suddenly found themselves in the second half, it looked like Philadelphia was going to pull it out. Then the defense fell apart again. I mean, props to the Cards for playing WAY above their heads. And they're certainly hot at the right time. But, come on? This is the best the NFC has to offer? Oh well, I was 1-1 in my championship picks. I'm going with the Steelers. Maybe Bradshaw will at least be rendered mute with glee… Whoever Michael Vincent is, I wish he'd quit finding me new jobs… Sean dropped this in the mailbag regarding UGA's antics in their bowl game: "…I have always been a Georgia fan but I am wearing the Gold & Blue colors. After that Tarzan dance Georgia did in it's win over Michigan St, one has to say to himself, 'Do I really support this kind of behavior?'" "Georgia is the best 10-2,103,9-4,etc. . They never will be a winner until Mark (Richt) gets fired and they get a true disciplinarian. A good friend of mine, Brad…, has the news paper clipping of the Bulldogs celebrating on his fridge. Brad is a Tech grad and loves to show us "Bulldog Fans" what and who we are cheering for each weekend. "Paul Johnson seems to be a little more on the up and up and blue and gold do reflect the heat better than black and red." I'm with you all the way there, Rem- except it's gold and black. At least it's supposed to be. It looks blue to me sometimes, too… I see where one of Julie's coworkers (Stephanie) is going to Vegas at some point for vacation. I told her I'd give her some money to bet for me, but every time I do that the person I gave the money to says "oh, I lost your money- but I won 80 bajillion dollars with mine." Why bother?

So, I was relaying to Sandi last week that I had been lazy and not bothered to cook any chicken to put in my salad- something that I normally do for my lunches. Instead, I decided I'd use some of the turkey lunch meat instead of putting in any effort other than chopping vegetables. Sandi then helpfully pointed out that what I'd prepared was a chef salad, to which I asked "so, chef's are lazy, too?" "My stepdad is…" Some local developer seems to think that the next great idea that will rescue Underground Atlanta from being the financial black hole that it's been for its entire existence is to build a casino there. Said developers, who hold a 50 year lease on Underground seem to think a casino would bring in some insane amount of money and tourists. Catch is, the casino's games will be electronic lottery machines. Now, for as long as I can remember going through Underground has been like walking through a third world marketplace, sans the chicken playing tic-tac-toe. There are lots little kiosks with cheap gold chains, cheaper tee shirts with pictures of Al Pacino as Tony Montana on them and even cheaper cell phone accessories. The stores try, I guess, but there's not really much to choose from. Sneakers and an "As Seen on TV" store are about all I can remember. And night life? Well there's an Irish pub that's about as Irish as Savannah State's student body, a hip-hop club and a hip-hop-salsa club. Oh yeah, and one of those Slurpees with alcohol places. Of course, Underground is

r e l o

o P

Over 260 New Units!


STORAGE 108 Sharon Court

(Off Hwy. 80, behind Jim Walter Homes)

Pooler Highway 80 748-7782

currently geared to a different demographic than the one I reside in. I have no problem with that. Exactly who would a casino appeal to, though- especially one that doesn't have the standard casino games? I'm not saying the whole place couldn't use a makeover, I just don't know that a casino is the right idea. A more selfish objection is that it's going to ruin my view. I mean, looking east or north from our place, our view is pretty limited. To the east there are two office buildings, some parking garages and Grady Hospital in the way, and north- well, pretty much all office buildings. We do have a pretty good line of sight to the south, though. The capitol, Turner Field, pretty much most everything southeast of us is in view. Unfortunately, they want to stick up a 27 story building right in the middle- less than two blocks from us. I vote no… "Hey, what do you think about D. Lowe and the Japanese fella'? Sounds like a new sitcom."Craig, from the mailbag. I'm not terribly impressed by the contracts the Braves gave Derek Lowe or Kensin Kawakami, but they both have dependable track records and I'm hoping for good things out of them. And it sure beats the heck out of the Braves giving the oft-injured A.J. Burnett a contract- or trading away 48 prospects for Jake Peavey. I'll tell you who does seem kind of excited about the arrival of Kawakami, though- our usual sushi chef, Happyman. He got transferred to a new RuSan's north of town, but Shelby and I made the trek out to the boondocks to see him Saturday to say "hi." And get some tasty treats, of course. Anyway, Kawakami's signing was one of the first things Happyman mentioned when we were out there Saturday. Happyman had never seen a game in person until a couple of years ago, but he's ready for baseball season to start so he can go check out one of his countrymen. I imagine our old buddy Junji (our regular sushi chef from one of the

STATeSBoro Northside Drive 764-2509

We Do It All! 3 Tire Repairs

other RuSan's) feels the same way- even if his favorite players were Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui…

3 Shocks/Struts

Charles had this to say about Sunday's NFL games: "It's almost an all-feathered NFL playoff! Philadelphia Eagles, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Arizona Cardinals." "You could call them, the Arizona Pyrrhuloxias since they don't actually have cardinals in Arizona, but the Pyrrhuloxia which does live there, is a close cousin. I'm just not sure how to pronounce that word." "I think that was my very first "sports" comment ever." (I think it's pronounced "b-ir-d")…

3 Oil Changes

Mass transit riders in 24 cities rode pantless last weekend as part of a performance art act begun eight years ago. The "No-Pants" stunt, sponsored by the New York group "Improv Everywhere" had participants riding in only their shirts and underwear and acting as if it was an everyday occurrence. At least 34 people participated in Atlanta, while in Phoenix more than 90 people took part. I'm guessing Phoenix had the better turnout than we did because it was a little warmer there, and a little less- breezy, shall we say? So the parents who I mentioned last week- the ones who named their son "Adolf Hitler"? Yeah, seems they're in the news again- this time because Adolf and his two siblings have been removed from their parents' custody by local child protective services. No word was given on why the kids had been placed in protective care. Come on, though- are you surprised? I'm not given to quoting Keanu Reeves from movies, but I think this line from "Parenthood" sums things up nicely: "… you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car - … you even need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let (anybody) be a (parent)…" And finally- happy birthday to Drew and John who are celebrating this weekend, and Jeff- who's celebrating early next week… As always, send your questions, praises, or gripes to, or via snail mail to: Bean Spouts c/o Spirit Newspapers P.O. Box 33 Pooler, GA 31322. God, bless America.

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(Editor’s Note: Outdoor Truths is a weekly sportsman’s article that appears in newspapers and regional magazines across 13 states in the South, and Midwest. It is a blend of observations and experiences that have come over time from being in God’s great outdoors. We’re proud to offer this column for the outdoor sportsmen in our area.) I’m always excited about the ing. Many of them were battimes I get to go on an extend- tling all sorts of illness or dised hunting or fishing trip. The ease. Instead of continuing to expectations are always high fight, their desire was simple. and the opportunity to go with They wanted to go home. Not a friend makes the miles pass to the brick and mortar earthly quickly and the laughs come in dwelling, but to their heavenly abundance. home. I just returned from my final As a young man, I never deer hunting trip of the year. understood why anyone would Each day of this four day hunt trade life for death. As an older offered its own challenges and man, now I do. hours in the tree stand made It was not that these men nights in a warm bed even more and women wished to cease to comfortable. We fought cold live, but it was that they wished and windy days along with dis- to live in a better place; one covering that we were too early that promised a new body and Gary Miller for the rut. By the last day, my where most of their loved ones mind was drifting toward home. were waiting. I was tired of fighting the ele- It was sort of like my hunt- to live. For a Christian, that is ments, tired of battling my bod- ing trip. It was not that I did not far from the truth. They have ies urge to stay in bed, and tired love to deer hunt, but when it not lost their desire to live, only of being away from my family came right down to it, what I their desire to do it here. whom I love. I wanted to go really loved more than anything Remember that God always home. was at home. And not only heals. Sometimes He does it As I reflected on my desire to could I be with the ones that I here and sometimes He does it leave I was reminded of a lesson loved, I could do it without fac- in Heaven. that I had learned earlier in life – ing the battles that I was lookone that helped me understand ing at right now. Copies of Gary’s Book, Outdoor more about death and dying. You may have an elderly Truths, Hunting and Fishing For Over the years I have stood loved who is fighting a battle Answers, are just $10, and are at the bedside of many of the of sickness. You may think available at Spirit Newspapers’ elderly who were sick and dy- that they have lost their desire office.

POLICE REPORTS Anybody else find that ironic?) • An Officer turned onto West 9th Street just after 11pm, and noticed a man walking on the side of the road. The man tossed a beer can into the edge of the woodline, so the Officer stopped and soon had him under arrest for drinking in public, and probably for littering unless he forgot to charge him with that. During the pat down search prior to putting him in the back of the patrol car, the Officer felt something in the man’s pocket. “What’s that?” he asked. “I don’t know,” the man replied. Then the Officer pulled out the marijuana pipe. “[Crap-ola!] I meant to put that back in my bedroom!” (Them drugs’ll make you forgetful son!)

D Liquors &M Come See Us For All Of Your Beverage Needs!


503 W. Hwy. 80 • Pooler Locally Owned & Operated 17 Years Must be 21 years old to purchase alcoholic beverages.

• Around 8:30pm, an Officer was on Hwy 21 when he spotted a blue Ford Crown Victoria running the red light at Fort Howard Road. He made a traffic stop, and the driver turned over his ID card, admitting that his license was suspended. The Officer then patsearched the man and found a pill bottle with nine different pills in it in his pocket. He was arrested fo driving while suspended and possession of controlled substances. His female passenger was also searched, and she soon faced similar drug charges for the controlled substances found in her pocketbook. • An Officer clocked a gray Ford Taurus southbound on

Lisa Street at 39mph in the 25mph zone. He made a traffic stop and the woman driver’s license was found to have been suspended three times. (Shouldn’t we just take her car away from her at this point?) • About a quarter after 9pm, an Officer was southbound on Hwy 21 and noticed a black Chevy four door sedan crossing over the fog line and moving at a very slow speed. He activated his emergency lights, and the driver turned onto West 9th Street. As the woman was making the turn, she threw what looked like a prescription pill bottle out into the street. The Officer asked her what she’d thrown _____________________________________ Continued on Page 25

Join Us For Our

Annual Sportsmen’s Banquet Saturday, January 31st 7:00 p.m. Tickets Are Just $10!

Our featured speaker will be Gary Miller, who writes the syndicated column Outdoor Truths. (Gary will also be preaching revival on February 1st through the 4th)

RoThwell BApTisT ChuRCh

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Do You Need Help Collecting Child Support?

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The Chatham County Child Support Office (OCSS) collected 30.2 million dollars in child support last year for the children of Chatham County. OCSS is part of the District Attorney’s Office and receives funding from the state and federal government.

SERVICES PROVIDED: • Location of Absent Parents • Paternity Establishment • Establishment of Child Support Orders • Enforcement of Child Support Orders Cost: A one-time $25 application fee which is mandated by the state. Applications are available at the Child Support Office, 415 W. Broughton Street, Savannah, GA, 912-652-7400 or at Spirit Newspapers, 1204 US Hwy. 80 West, Suite B, Pooler, GA 31322.

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in Springfield on Friday night. Over in Garden City, Groves coach Deborah Puckett likes dressing up in some sort of black attire for most of her team’s games, especially at home. On Tuesday night, the outfit looked more like a mourning “getup” as visiting Windsor Forest took a commanding 33-18 score into the locker room at halftime. Before the night’s activities started, Puckett handed the public address announcer (yours truly) a gospel tape to inspire her team. Either it didn’t work or the girls were slow to respond to it. Whatever the case, the team came out in the second half on a tear and completely throttled the Lady Knights and pulled off a stunning, 57-56 victory. Ashley Wright and Courtney Williams led the way for the Scottish Rebels by scoring 14 and 13 points, respectively. The last second basket by Williams with 2.3 seconds remaining in regulation was the edge the Rebels needed to improve to 4-12 in overall play and 2-6 in the region. Her efforts helped cut off the great play by the Knights’


W. H.

BOWMAN Carpentry


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By C. Edward Wilson Girl’s basketball teams providing tight games Effingham County over the years, has usually lost to Statesboro High on a regular basis. New head coach Karl DeMasi knew that when he took the job or better yet when he took the challenge. My, my, my. What a difference a year makes as the Lady Rebels from Springfield gave the city girls of Statesboro a good backyard whipping in their latest encounter on Tuesday night. By the time the Rebels’ shoes cooled off, Effingham had easily defeated the Lady Blue Devils, 43-27. Leading the way once again was Shaniqua Goldwire with a double-double of 17 points and 16 rebounds. Teammate Whitney Roberson was the only other Rebel to hit the double-digit platform with 11 points. With the win, Effingham improves to 12-5 overall and 5-3 in region play. The Lady Rebels play host to the Screven County Gamecocks on Friday over on Highway 119


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three-headed monster scoring machine of Bianca Washington (18), Jade Stokes (14) and Shantel Rivers (11). Williams, who usually is unassuming when playing, caused her team to get back in the contest by disrupting the passing lanes and picking off passes to help her team ignite fastbreaks. Groves will have its hands full on Friday night against Bradwell on Friday night. Westside sports schedule Friday, Jan. 23, 2009 Richmond Hill vs. Washington County Groves at Bradwell Institute Bryan County vs. Jenkins County Effingham County vs. Screven County Savannah Christian vs. Claxton Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009 Richmond Hill vs. Thomson Groves at Portal South Effingham vs. Savannah Christian Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009 Groves at Jenkins


South Effingham vs. Effingham County Bryan County at Claxton

Savannah Christian at Savannah Country Day


suspended. • Just before 11am, an Officer was patrolling an apartment complex when he spotted a Volkswagen pulling into the complex from Fort Howard Road. He checked the tag on the VW, and found it didn’t have a county decal attached. He made a traffic stop. As he approached, he told the driver why he was being stopped. “A relative told me it was a traffic violation, but I ignored him...” the man said. The Officer noticed that the man was stuttering and appeared to be very nervous. He began to question the man and then asked for permission to search his vehicle. The Officer soon located a baggie of Ecstasy pills hidden in the dashboard. The rear seat passenger was also arrested when another baggie of pills was found behind the driver’s seat in front of him. Both were charged with possession with intent to distribute.

out of the car, and she acted like she didn’t know what he was talking about. She was charged with littering and no insurance. She was then taken to jail when Dispatch advised they had a warrant for her arrest. • An Officer found out at 3am that a man’s truck had been stolen while it was parked at Pump #2 at a local convenience store. The man said he was only in the bathroom for about three minutes... • An Officer spotted a green Ford Taurus northbound on Hwy 21 around 8pm as it crossed the fog line at least twice. He made a traffic stop, and the driver was found to be suspended for a DUI he received back in August. He was taken to jail for driving while


Page A26 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009


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Use additional paper if needed. Name_______________________________ Phone#__________________ How Many Weeks_______ Address__________________________________ City________________ State____ Zip_________ We do not refund ads for items sold after ad has been placed.

Phone in............ 748-3567 Fax in.................748-0490 E-Mail us:

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REAL ESTATE NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS Easy to finish new log cabin shell on 1.7 acres, $89,900. 2 acre - 5acre waterfront homesites from $99,900. Easy to access mountain homesites $29,900-$89,900. 1-828-247-9966 (Code 19) SAPA

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Yard Sale... Saturday, Feb 7th, at West Lane in Brooklet. 020509 ——————————————— Huge Indoor Yard Sale! Every Saturday, 8am - 2pm. Big Red Barn, Mossy Oak Music Park, Highway 119, West from Guyton to Old Louisville Road, Follow Signs. Call 912772-3467 for more information! ———————————————

Thrift Store

Great clothes at great prices. 201 Turnberry Street in Port Wentworth, corner of Turnberry and Crossgate Roads. Saturdays, 9 AM until 1 PM. Proceeds benefit the Mission work of Port Wentworth United Methodist Church. For more information, please call 964-4210. tfnah

lost & found FOUND! Approximately January 5th on GA 30. Case containing about 40 CDs. Call 748-4713 to identify. tfn ——————————————— Found... small black and white kitten, long hair, very friendly, in the old downtown Pooler area, near Tietgen and Whatley. Really nice kitty, might have been someone’s Christmas Pet! Call to identify, 2723592. tfn0209 ——————————————— Missing... short hair Golden Retriever mix, with light colored paws, female, from Low Ground Road area in Effingham. Reward offered. Please call 660-8339. tfn0209 ——————————————— Found: Girls bike in Springfield area. Call to identify, 754-9801. ———————————————

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CLASSIFIED ADS WORK! For as little as

Got a bicycle to peddle? A washer to unload? Place your classified items today, and watch them get

Lost, black and white Shih-tzu, missing since October 18th from the Hwy 30 area and Zittrouer Road in Guyton, between Effingham High School and Zion Lutheran Church. Pet belongs to a handicapped child. If found please call 728-7882. ——————————————— Found... young 40 lb. female dog, in the area of North King George Blvd. in Georgetown. Found December 9th. Call 315-681-1964 to identify. 0109 ——————————————— Stolen! If you know somebody that’s suddenly come into possession of an air compressor, a Campbell Hausfield Model VT610202, it could be mine. Give me a call and let me let the Police go check the serial number! Call Fred, 728-3391. TFN0309

pets Helpful numbers for animal owners/lovers... Chatham County Animal Shelter, 351-6750; Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Referral Center, 355-6113, PALS, 925-7257, Save A Life, 598-7729, 2nd Chance, 748-6097, Humane Society, 3549515, Statesboro/Bulloch Humane Society, 681-9393. ——————————————— CKC miniature Pomeranian puppies for sale... females, $500, male, $450. Parents on premises. Please contact Ashley, 667-1849 for more details. 012209 ——————————————— Chihuahuas... Cute puppies that will touch your heart! Males, just 13 weeks old, for sale at good price! Call 754-1320 or 695-0768.

——————————————— Long haired Chihuahuas, two males, up-to-date on shots and very healthy! 9 weeks old! $350 each. Call 772-3946, Effingham. 021909 ——————————————— Adorable female kitten, about 4 months old, litter box trained. Must go to a good home like her sister did! Please call 660-1017 or 7549871. tfnSHT ——————————————— 4 Silver Laced Wyandotte Roosters in search of Chicken friendly homes. Just $12 each. Please call 728-7578. tfn020509 ——————————————— Baby cockatiel, female, with or without cage. Call 754-9992. tfn0209 ——————————————— AKC/CKC Puppies, CFA Kittens... Yorkies, Bichons (White, fluffy, hypo-allergenic, odorless, nonshedding) Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, Persians, Himalayans, Siamese... Current Vaccinations, Written Health Guarantee, State Licensed. Call 826-5172, Rincon. tfn0109 ——————————————— Free kitten to good home. Up-todate on shots. Orange, male, about 12 weeks old. Will pay for second round of shots! Call 220-0910. tfnLC ——————————————— Chihuahuas, male, long hair, black/ tan, CKC Registered, 16 months old. $200. Call 667-2545 or visit us on the web at tfn0109 ——————————————— Free Mixed Siamese kittens to good home! Please call 754-9859. tfn011508 ——————————————— Beautiful Golden Palomino Mare with white mane and tail. Regular quarter horse. Leads and rides well. No vices. $1500. Other horses available starting at $500. Call 912685-4423. tfnSH ——————————————— Very cute bunnies FREE to good homes! Call James 856-2267. tfnah ——————————————— Want a Great Pet? Try There are pictures and a brief history of each of these wonderful “rescued” pets. tfnah

for your info Gentilly Gardens Assisted Living and Alzheimer Care Community is located at 625 Gentilly Road, nestled in the heart of Statesboro, GA. We offer Assisted Living for seniors and Alzheimer care for seniors with memory impairment. We have a well qualified staff under the supervision of a licensed nurse. We offer a full activities program, weekly laundry service and housekeeping, 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, transportation to doctors appointments and shopping, 24 hour supervision and keypad entry system in Pathways Memory Impaired Unit with an enclosed courtyard. Openings now available, ask about our move-in special. For more information, call LaDonna Cowart at 912-681-1923 or email at Schedule your complimentary lunch and tour today! ——————————————— Riding lessons... Western Pleasure and Beginner English. $30 per lesson. Call 660-4035, Guyton. ——————————————— My Father’s House in Effingham is a ministry of Guyton Christian Church. We are a social group for teens (at least 14 years old) and adults with and without disabilities. We are having a Birthday Party for Everyone, on Saturday, January 24th from 6 - 8:30 PM at Guyton Christian Church behind the Guyton Post Office. Opening prayer/ blessing and supper begins at 6 PM. Admission is free. tfn012209

——————————————— I am looking for someone to keep my 10 year old daughter in my home (in Springfield) after school 3 days a week from 3:30pm - 8:30pm helping with homework/chores, preparing supper, doing light housework, and transporting her to any appointments and or basketball practice/ games (usually only 1 day a week). I would prefer a mature adult that has no children they are caring for now (maybe a grandmother figure). Please call 661-3837. tfn0109 ——————————————— Jenkins Class of ‘89 is looking for Alumni for our 20 year reunion to be held Memorial Day Weekend 2009 (May 22-24). Please visit our site at for more information and to update your name and address. Contact info: Davida Blake (912) 228-0123 or 013109 ———————————————

“SYLVANIA WAY” Assisted Living for a Better Way of Life!

Sylvania Way is located in the quiet town of Sylvania, GA nestled among the pines on five peaceful acres. Our highly qualified staff provides the care you are looking for. All rooms are private with private baths. We provide 24 hour watch, three home cooked meals per day, three snacks in between meals, bedding and laundry washed weekly and as needed, a large great room for visiting with family, weekly Church meeting and much more! We are Medicaid Approved. Please stop in and visit our home or call 912-663-5036 for information. tfnSW ——————————————— Wilton Cake Decorating classes now signing up. Will be an eight hour course, four sessions of two hours each. For more information, please call The Cake Corner Bakery in Pooler, 748-5952. tfnSH ——————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! ——————————————— Wanted: volunteers for a threapeutic assisted activity and riding program. If you love children and horses you will enjoy helpinging others at Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center. Volunteering at FETC is mildly physical. You must be able to walk for 30 minutes and jog for short distances. No horse experience is needed we will train you. Come and enjoy a beautiful farm setting and help a child or adult with a special challenge to have the gift of hope and as they build conifdence and new abilities with horses. Call Bonnie Rachael at 912-655-1480. tfnSH ——————————————— The Savannah Ogeechee Canal Museum and Nature Center, a nonprofit corp. 681 Fort Argyle Road at Bush Road, Savannah, GA 31419. Phone: 748-8068, Fax: 748-0805. Visitors welcome 9 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week. Volunteers needed to greet visitors and help with light maintenance. tfn1207

Business Oppty. Laundromat for sale, $200,000. Call 547-3342. tfnah

help wanted Silverhill United Methodist Church has an opening for an experienced youth leader. Please call Pastor Al Fernandez at 308-3476. tfn0209 ——————————————— Spirit Newspapers is still looking for a couple of writers to cover local events. Some story leads provided. Contact Steve, 748-3567.

Hampton Inn and Suites Savannah Airport Is opening soon and is hiring for the following: • Night Auditor (FT & PT) • Breakfast Hostess (FT & PT) • Housekeepers • Front Desk Agents • Houseperson Potential Candidates must possess an outgoing personality & be able to work a flexible schedule to include weekends. Apply in person @ The Staybridge Suites Savannah Airport


Local, Short & Long Haul Drivers! Competitive Pay, 401k, Paid Vacation & Holidays

GEMITRUCKING INC. 1-800-905-GEMI (4364)

——————————————— Part time help needed at Sunshine Daydream Tanning Salon in Pooler. Call 355-4684 or 748-4791 for details, or come by and apply at 1014 East Hwy 80, east of I-95, next to Classy Nails. 012909 ——————————————— EMT’s, Paramedics... The Bryan County Board of Commissioners is now accepting applications for Georgia Certified EMT-Intermediate and Paramedics for the Emergency Medical Service. All applicants must possess and maintain a valid Georgia driver’s license. All applicants must possess appropriate certifiction for position applied for. Must also satisfactorily complete pre-employment physical and drug screen. Applications are available at the County Commissioners’ Office, located at 116 Lanier Street in Pembroke between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday thru Friday. These positions will remain open until filled. Bryan County is an equal opportunity employer and we endorse the Americans With Disabilities Act. ——————————————— GARD, a no kill shelter in Pembroke is adding another part-time kennel cleaner 3 days a week. Must be a hard worker, animal lover, honest, and dependable. Hours will vary some but should be 3-4 hours a day. Call 653-2480 to find out more, please ask for Vernon or Joy. ——————————————— Are you a stylist? Do you have a flair for fashion? Glaze Beauty Boutique and Day Spa located in Rincon is looking for you! Fast-paced environment and high rate of walk-in traffic. Please call 912-826-1011. ——————————————— What recession!? Immediate openings for EXPERIENCED sign makers, installers, service techs and layout artist. Great pay and benefits for top quality, experienced only. Apply by resumé and/or application only. No phone calls. Mail or in bring in person (9-4 Mon-Fri only) to Doug Bean Signs, Inc., 1600 Dean Forest Rd. Savannah, GA. 31408. EOE. ——————————————— Now hiring pizza maker, night shift, full time. Apply in person at Lovezzola’s Pizza, 320 East Hwy 80 in Pooler, right off I-95. tfnSH ——————————————— Work Monday thru Friday, 8-5. Excellent pay and benefits. Will train. Must be 21, with valid Driver’s License reg. Call MOLLY MAID at 898-1011. tfnSHMM ——————————————— Professional Sales Associates needed at Savannah Toyota... Join a winning team with the people, products, and services best suited to meeting the Coastal Empire’s every automotive need! Training, Car Allowance, $2000 per month guaranteed salary, attractive bonus structure, health insurance, 401K, paid vacations. Apply in person to Rick Rondeau or Leo Rea, 11101 Abercorn Street, across from Lowe’s. EOE, Drug Free Workplace. No phone calls please. tfnSH

——————————————— Help Wanted... We’re trying to replace a tremendous employee, who’s leaving us after 17 18 years with the company. Experienced cake decorator position. For more information, please call The Cake Corner Bakery in Pooler, 748-5952. tfnSH ——————————————— Five Star Family Fun Park is now hiring: arcade tech, go kart mechanic, concession help, and lawn and building maintenance help. Apply in person at 1040 East Hwy 80 in Pooler, just east of I-95, or call 330-9860. tfnJM ——————————————— Drivers wanted, local and regional, container and flatbed. Home most nights and every weekend. Great pay and benefits. Must be 25 years old with Class A CDL, two years minimum experience required. Call 1-800-905-GEMI (4364), or apply online at tfn1209 ——————————————— Diesel Mechanic Position available, insurance, paid holidays, 401K, pay rate depending on experience. Call Gemi Trucking, Inc. at 800-905-4364. 1209

professional SVC Certified Heating & Air offers honest, reliable, dependable and affordable service providing service on all makes and models. Licensed and insured. Call today, 604-7305. 022809 ——————————————— Antique and Collectible appraisals... Written appraisals, $250 base fee plus $10 per $1000 over the first $1000 valuation. Verbal appraisals, $50 per item or like set of items. Call Al for appointment and details, 234-1582. tfnSH ——————————————— Gunsmithing... In business for 20 years. Call 786-5800. tfnSH ——————————————— Catering... For all your office and Christmas parties! Featuring low country boil, oyster roasts, and barbecue. Call David, former owner of Weisenbaker’s Restaurant in Rincon, 667-7074. tfn0109 ———————————————

Mrs. DoudtDryer Laundry Service

Pick-Up and Deliver... Wash, Fold and Iron Clothes. Low Prices! Call now! 748-4280. 1208 ——————————————— Tree Removal, big and small! Pruning, Underbrush, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Land/lot Clearing. No job too big or too small. Call Mark at 547-0743 or James at 412-4128. tfn0808 ———————————————

Southeast Technical Associates

We provide computer hardware, service, printer service, and networking for small and medium businesses. For a free consultation on your computer needs, please call 748-8610. tfnSH

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A27

Childcare In-home childcare has opening for kids 6 weeks to 10 years old. I am located on Courthouse Rd between Little McCall and Midland Roads. I am First Aid and CPR certified. Please call Heather for more information at 484-0959. 012909 ———————————————

First Week Half-Off!

State-licensed. Some transportation is provided. $75 per week. Now accepting ages 4 weeks to 4 years. Come have fun with us! Savannah/ Pooler area. Please contact Ms. Jewel at 912-631-9064 or 912-7489566. 012209 ——————————————— Sweet Peas Daycare has flexible hours and we’ll work with your schedule. Meals provided. CPR certified. Licensed. Affordable rates, and we accept CAP. Serving the Rincon and South Effingham area. For more information, call 826-4186 or 695-6462. 011509 ——————————————— Rincon area... Would love to watch your little ones. Before & after school, nights or if you just need a night out or need to go shopping without your little ones! Call Terry at 826-1104. tfn0209

cleaning services Make your home sparkle with just one phone call! Call Molly Maids! Gift certificates available! Call 8981011. tfnSHMM

Handyman Handyman offering all types of general carpentry services. Big or small jobs, reasonable rates. Call 398-3896. tfnah ——————————————— EJ’s Wall and Home Services. Free Estimates! Specializing in drywall repair, painting, water damage, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and more. Call 912-713-4252. EJ’s Wall Does It All! tfnEJ

wanted Land Wanted: Looking for 20-50 acres in Effingham County. Some wetland is okay. Will pay $2000 $2500 per acre. Call 659-8950. ——————————————— Needed: one 6 ft. or longer covered trailer for the transportation of the ‘Gospel Allusions’ traveling ministry presentation. If donated, can supply tax receipt. Contact Michael at Acts III, 826-1614 or 912-604-7025. tfn1208 ——————————————— Oak church pews of any size. We’ll refinish and donate them to other churches in need. Of course, will pay for them! Please call 6650358. ——————————————— We pay top dollar for junk vehicles! Free pickup! Wrecked, Junk, Filthy, Broken Down, we take them all! Sell your car for cash today at Cash-n-Carry 352-0725, 500 Staley Avenue, in Savannah. tfnSH ——————————————— Firewood Needed... for cooking. Hickory or Pecan only, please. Call 210-7577. tfnSH

FREE STUFF! Free Fire Wood... Take as much as you need. Some is oak. Call 2208868. tfn021909

stuff for sale Pageant dress with gorgeous detail. Toddler size 3-5, $89. Call 6598950, leave message. 021209 ——————————————— Glass coffee table and two end tables, all for $125; new smoke glass TV stand, $75. Call 858-4311. ——————————————— Electric keyboard with stand, like new, multifunction with digital display. $85 cash. Call 748-8562. ———————————————


Oak, Fat Lighter, and Hickory. All Split! Call 412-5988. Will deliver long distance for multiple loads. 021909 ——————————————— Wells Cargo cargo trailer, 6’X10’, good condition, $950. Call 3983896. tfnah ——————————————— Twin size sleigh bed, brand new, $249. Bar stools with padded seats, $69 each. Very nice! Call 6650358. ——————————————— Washer and Dryer for sale- in good shape. $200 for set. Call 754-9908. ——————————————— Blue lift chair... reclines, just like new! We paid $400, asking $350. Also, Scooter/Power chair, almost brand new! Used very little. Model Jet III, paid $6,300, asking $5,000. Call 826-1548, Rincon. tfn0209

——————————————— 4 good condition, used tires, P235/70R15. Take all for $110. Call 220-8868. 011509 ——————————————— Used oxygen machine, $250. Call 964-5585. 020509 ——————————————— Solid mahogany 4-section barrister bookcase with glass doors, $495; 50” mahogany Victorian 3-drawer dresser with mirror and 2 night tables, $495; 78” solid mahogany fireplace mantle, $495; 50”x24” mahogany Queen Ann desk, $300; 3-piece glass top coffee table with two side tables, $149; SALE: new mahogany Chippendale dining chairs, $85 each; solid queen knotty pine sleigh bed, $395; NEW!! Queen deluxe mattress and box spring, only $299! Call 6650358. tfnTS ——————————————— Baldwin Piano, Aerosonic, really good condition, $1000. Call 4293977. 022609 ——————————————— 2001 Peavy Head & Amp (guitar) combo, 800 watts, $300; 2 sets, racing helmets/goggles, chest protectors, pair boots, $75 each set; Call 912-685-2566 or 912-6631838. 022609 ——————————————— Large wall unit entertainment with 32” RCA TV, both in excellent condition, original cost, $2200, will sell both for $1000 or $800 for wall unit only. Call 308-5717. 022609 ——————————————— BowFlex, excellent condition, Model Extreme II, paid $1500 will sell for $950; Commercial Tanning Bed, good condition, asking $900. Call 912-656-9594. 021209 ——————————————— Coffee table, octagon shaped, oak, and two end tables, oak, all three pieces, $125. Call 748-7632. tfn021209 ——————————————— Go-kart for sale. Side by Side Refrigerator. Must sell due to medical emergency! Call 658-0094. tfnSH ——————————————— Toddler bed, port-a-crib, new record player w/ albums and 45’s, 110 V tanning bed. MAKE OFFERS! Call 658-6222. tfn020509 ——————————————— Classic Cameras from a private collection. Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Kodak, Olympus, Petri, Canon, Russian Fed, Russian Kiev, Flash Units, Motor Drives. Minolta SR100 Camera with 55mm lens and Toyo 75-200mm lens, $99; Gold Stamping machine for photographs, $99. Call 826-7111. All equipment in working order. tfnah ——————————————— 20’ Flat Net with doors, net new, $200 or best offer. Call 748-1735 or 398-3454, ask for Bobby. 020509 ——————————————— 77” Grandfather Clock... with cherry finish, chimes every hour. $100. Ab Coaster as seen on TV, brand new, still in the box! paid $500, asking $300. 1950’s tavern desk, oak, $400. Call 704-4156. tfn020709 ——————————————— Special Sale! Custom made knotty pine crib, play pen and twin bed, includes crib mattress: Reg. price$395, Now $295! Call 912-6650358. tfnTS ——————————————— Evenflow wooden crib with mattress $75, Winnie the Pooh crib set $20, Graco swing (green will work for a boy or a girl) $25, 6-drawer, Wood Dresser Aimour with gold trim $125. Please call 912-220-2919. tfn0109 ——————————————— Hand tools and power tools, a container full of them. Must go! Call 748-7023. tfn0109 ——————————————— ‘96 EZ-Go Golf cart, $1200. Call 352-1117 or 507-4880. tfn0109 ——————————————— 8 Mahogany Chippendale dining room chairs, new, regular price $1195, SALE $800; 4-piece set, new Maple kitchen chairs, $99/set; 42” round Oak table with leaf and 4 Oak chairs, $275. Call 665-0358. 010809 ——————————————— King size bedroom set includes tall 4-post bed, mattress, dresser and armoire, $750; 82-piece Noritake china, $250. Call 748-8369. 010809 ——————————————— Trampoline with sides, $125; bunkbeds with mattresses, $175; 2 antique drawers, $80 each; Hot tub, needs a new cover, and comes with an extra heat pump, $600. Call 4299974. tfnPHRE ——————————————— Authentic Baseball autographs, and other sports memorabilia, now 30% Off at Cobb’s Galleries, 122 East 37th Street at Abercorn in Savannah. Also, Vintage Comic Books, 50% Off! tfnSH ——————————————— New solid hand-carved mahogany queen rococo bed, $895; king size, $995. Call 655-0358. tfnTS ———————————————


Call me for fast pick up! Also have full size, all cycle washers and dryers at $160 each! Delivery, 4 month warranty included! Call Eddie at 429-2248. 0209

——————————————— New Jazzy Powerchair, can carry up to 300 lbs. Cost $4,248, will sell for $2,500. New power lift, can lift up to 350 lbs. Cost $4,444, will sell for $1,500. Used only once. Call E. F. Davis at 748-0799. 010109 ———————————————


ew custom made knotty pine sleigh bed, dresser with mirror, tall 5-drawer chest, (2) night tables and new pillowtop mattress and box spring. Just $1695! Call 665-0358! tfnTS ——————————————— Tappan, 4 burner, convertible gas range, like new, $200. Call 7484499. 012909 ——————————————— Loveseat and Sofa, wine and gold stripes with a touch of sage, like new, $700; high back chair, wine color, like new, $50; swivel rocker, wine color, like new, $50; Dining room table with 6 chairs, cherry mahogany color, very good condition, $200. Call 912-748-2681. ——————————————— Side by side refrigerator/ freezer, 22 cubic feet, good condition, $250. Call 748-2785. 012209 ——————————————— 2005 Tama complete drum set. 5 piece with cymbals and stands. Will deliver. Paid $800, asking $500. Set is in mint condition. Please call 660-8345. tfn010809 ——————————————— Everything you need to open your own salon! Two shampoo chairs, two shampoo bowls, stand behind backwash unit, black and blue. Nail tables, reception chairs, complete stations with mat, mirror, chairs. Everything’s black. Call 658-0094. tfnSH ——————————————— Vintage Comic Books, half price! Also, authentic autographed baseballs and other sports memorabilia! Call Al, 234-1582. tfnSH ——————————————— 2004 “Giant” TCR Aero 2 road, bike. Has XERO Lite wheels, Shimano 105 derailers (18speed), composite forks, aero bars and compact geometry frame. Bought for $1100, selling for $600. Please call 660-8345. tfn010809 ——————————————— Large Broyhill table with leaf and six upholstered chairs, $500. Writing desk, in great condition, cherry finish, just $100. Call 667-6899. tfn0509 ——————————————— $3 a bunch! Collards, Mustards and Turnips – Sweet Potatoes – Tomatoes – Cabbage – Boiled Peanuts. 250 Monteith Road in Port Wentworth, 8am-6pm, Monday thru Saturday. Call 224-1199 for more info. tfnLC ——————————————— Thousands of antique and vintage cut glass and depression flass, now 30% off at Cobb’s Galleries, 122 East 37th Street at Abercorn in Savannah. 90% Off when you pay with pre-1965 silver coins. tfnSH ——————————————— Remington Shaver for sale. Retails for $34.99 brand new. Will sacrifice for $30. Titanium Microflex. Call 961-9926, evenings. tfn

ExcEptional FranchisE opportunity National restaurant brand seeks new hands-on franchisee for existing restaurant in Pooler, GA. Qualified buyers will receive all the benefits of a complete franchise system with a minimum capital investment. Contact: 800-418-9555 ext. 1355

——————————————— 100% Complete 12’X20’ Buildings, starting at $2,750 (electrical ready only). Call 429-7445 for more information or visit tfnah ———————————————


Sunvision Pro 28LE2F tanning bed, retail $4500, will sacrifice for best offer. Call 658-0094. tfnSH ——————————————— Signage... electric extravaganza sign to draw attention to your business. Also, an “open” sign, neonlike. Call 658-0094. tfnSH ——————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! ——————————————— John Deere ‘06 model 3320, 33HP Diesel 4X4, 800 hours, front loader, back-hoe attachment, canopy, ereverser transmission, 85% rubber, very nice machine! $20,000. Call 631-9559, leave message. tfnah ——————————————— ATN Nightvision Scope, generaton 1 with case, $250. Call 754-7400 or 856-3358. tfn0209 ——————————————— Child’s electric power wheelchair... Paid $2000, will sacrifice for just $400. Call 754-4659. tfnSH ——————————————— Iron Kitchen set, table with 4 chairs, glass top, green floral plaid design. Paid $1000 will sell for $400. Call 428-0582. tfnah ——————————————— Tell them you saw it in The Spirit!!

cemetery lots

2 burial plots in Hillcrest Abbey’s Prayer Section with vaults, headstones, and bronze markers. Worth $9000, will sell all for $5500. Call 748-8369. tfn0309

Earn Extra Cash Daily! Delivery Drivers Needed 2, 3 & 4 Hour Shifts Available Full-Time Positions Also Available

BENEfits iNCluDE: Drivers can Average $10-$15 per Hour Cash paid Nightly (tips) Excess Mileage Reimbursement Bi-Weekly Paychecks Flexible Scheduling Employee Discounts on Pizza Exciting, Fast-Paced Work Environment 401K & Health/Dental Insurance Available

Must be over 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle, own auto insurance and must be able to work nights and weekends.

Apply in person at:

POOlER, GA 950 Morgan’s Corner Rd Suite 5-D 31322 or online at EquAl OPPORtuNIty EMPlOyER

Page A28 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009

Richmond Hill • 50 Sabal Drive Mediterranean style villa. 1.19 acres on marsh tidal creek in a gated community. 5 bedrooms, 4-1/2 baths, formal living and dining room, gourmet kitchen with island. Master suite with fireplace and sitting area. Hardwood, tile and porceline flooring. 3-car garage and outside kitchen. 4264 sq. ft. $679,000. Call Cheryl Pass at 912667-5888.

Richmond Hill • 45 Meadows Road Cute! Cute! All brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Greatroom with cathedral ceiling, country kitchen with separate dining area. Media room with 120” screen and stadium seating. Great location in a family neighborhood on a large lot. $174,900. Call Cheryl Pass at 912-667-5888.

Black Creek Area • 394 Elm Road Welcome home in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 1.47 acres. Large country kitchen with breakfast area and separate formal dining room. Greatroom with cathedral ceilings and fireplace. Master bath with garden whirlpool and tiled separate shower. Wood, tile and marble floors. New carpet and paint. All brick with porch and patio. Bring your 4-wheeler or your 18-wheeler. $229,500. Call Cheryl Pass at 912667-5888.

Richmond Hill • 803 River Oaks Approved for short sale. Deepwater condo! 3100 sq. ft. top unit with breathtaking views of the Ogeechee River. 3 bedrooms with a finished bonus. This is a great buy to live your dream on the water with all the amenities. Split floor plan with master suite. Lots of upgrades. Gated community. $274,500. Call Cheryl Pass at 912-667-5888.

Pooler • 313 W. Collins Possible commercial! Great location with heavy traffic count on Hwy. 80. This is fantastic for daycare, office or business. Owner will help with rezoning and closing. $279,900. Call Cheryl Pass at 912-667-5888.

Chatham County Acreage 3.26 acres on Quacco Road. Great for homesite or development. Many possibilities! Motivated seller. Call Cheryl Pass at 912-667-5888.

Call Cheryl Pass 912-667-5888

Office: 756-9727 Fax: 756-9744

——————————————— Four plots at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens, Gethsemane Section. $900 each. Call 826-1644. ——————————————— Hillcrest Abbey East... On Wheaton Street in Savannah... Nandina, Lot 82, three spaces, $2500 for each. Call 748-0797. tfn1208 ——————————————— Three cemetery plots, in Hillcrest Abbey West, side by side in Veterans II Section. $4000 for all. Call 748-8594. tfn1208 ——————————————— 1 cemetery lot at Adams Cemetery in Bloomingdale. $1200. Call 7486436. 0708 ——————————————— 4 lots in Forest Lawn, Garden of the Good Shepherd. $3000 OBO for all. Call 912-823-2608 or 912481-0325. tfn0708 ——————————————— 4 Cemetery Lots for sale in Hillcrest Abby West on Dean Forest Road. Will sell in sets of 2 or all 4 for $1600 each. Lots located in a very desirable area. Please call 728-3403. tfn0308 ——————————————— 4 Choice Cemetery Lots in Garden of Gethsemane at the entrance of Forest Lawn in Savannah. $2,225 each or all 4 for $8,000. Call 912-842-2792 or 912-690-0066. tfn1008 ——————————————— 2 choice burial lots at Jesus Kneeling Section of Bulloch Memorial Gardens in Statesboro. Call 912653-4968 or 912-682-6550. ——————————————— Two mausoleum crypts, $7000, or best offer. Located at Hillcrest Abbey West. Call 748-6361. tfn0608 ——————————————— Two mausoleum crypts with brass plates, side-by-side, eye level. Located in Hillcrest Abbey West. HALF-PRICE. For details, call Jim Stalnaker: 964-8594 work or 8424858 home. tfn0408

land for sale North Effingham... On Hwy 21 north of Springfield, approximately 5 acres, just 15 minutes from new Industrial Park. Call 663-2924. tfnSH1209 ——————————————— Single wide mobile home, 2 bedroom, 2 bath on 5.9 acres located on Courthouse Road, near Midland Road in Effingham County. Property has deep well and 2 sheds. Mobile home is in great condition. $72,500, possible owner financing with a minimum of 5% down. Call 772-5395, leave message. 0909tfn ——————————————— On the Ogeechee River... Land for sale near Millen. 35 acres. Owner asking $89,500. Call Joe, 6635016. tfnJP ——————————————— Rivercrest Plantation, in south Bulloch County close to the Ogeechee... five to seven acre tracts of beautiful land, homes only, horses welcome, starting at just $60,000. Call Matt Cramer for details, 658-5099. tfnSHBW ——————————————— 100 ft. by 200 ft. cleared lot at 605 Richland Avenue in Rincon. Located a half-block from Rincon Elementary School. Call 754-9209. tfn0609 ——————————————— Waterfront lot for sale by owner... .50 acre, deep water, dock, high land (no flood insurance required), community water system installed, landscaped. Isle of Wight, Midway. $330,000. Call 912-884-3332. tfn0609 ——————————————— 59+ Acres... Light Industrial $1,400,000. Large 59+ Acre Tract, zoned light industrial in South Effingham! Near I-16 and the new I-16 Effingham Industrial Site! RARE RAILROAD FRONTAGE! Great location for future growth!! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH ——————————————— South Effingham Acreage... Large 9.78 acre tract in South Effingham on Herbert Kessler Rd! Great location and South Effingham Schools! Cleared home site convenient to Rincon, Pooler, and Savannah! Build your dream home! Only $125,000. www.stephennewsome. com! Call Stephen Newsome 6612248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH

——————————————— Large Site w/Commercial Potential... 19.45 Acres in Bloomingdale on Hwy 80. High profile site for Potential Commercial! $3,600,000.! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 3519737. tfnSH ——————————————— 51 Upland Acres only 1 mile off of I-16! Great location for future development! Convenient to Savannah! Only $720,000!! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH ——————————————— 4.5 Acres... Hwy 80, Bloomingdale... 4.5 Acres of PRIME commercial property on Hwy 80. High traffic location in a thriving area! $990,900. www.stephennewsome. com! Call Stephen Newsome 6612248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH ——————————————— Burnsed Road, off of Ash Branch, 8 acres, perk test done, over 450 ft frontage. Ready to GO! $60,000 or best offer. Call 912-210-0120. 0609tfn ——————————————— Lot for sale in Midway, $500 down owner financing, mobile home or house, trees, water, septic tank, electric installed, near boat landing. Call 884-9119. tfn0109 ——————————————— 5 acres for sale in Toombs County. GREAT view, you can see for 15 miles! Corner lot with paved frontage. Partially cleared. New utility building with electricity on property. 5 minutes from Lyons. One mile from Ohoopee River. 10 minutes to I-16. $29,000. Call 826-0054. tfn1209 ——————————————— Taking bids on 155 acres 2,200 feet road frontage on Midland Road, Effingham County, Georgia. Call 912-964-4331 or fax 912-9644337. MAKE OFFER! 0109 ——————————————— 100’ X 200’ lot in nice neightborhood, off of Hwy 80, near Chatham Parkway and I-16, $35,000. Call 313-5023 or 964-0574. 0309tfn ——————————————— Lots Available in North Effingham, Two adjacent lots, One 10 acres and one 18.7 acres. Timber recently cut. Located on Springfield Highway and Thompson Road, just north of Corinth Church Road. $6000/acre. Call 912-748-0903 or 770-925-9408. 0309tfn ———————————————


11.22 acres... Nice large tract for sale located on Hwy 17N in Effingham County. 475 feet of frontage on Hwy 17N. Convenient to Guyton, Springfield and Rincon! Great location and potential for future growth! $110,000. Call 272-7242. 0209 ———————————————


Half acre wooded lot with dock site on Savannah River on Stokes Bluff. $89,900. Call Jimmie at 912-6639836 or 912-754-6091. tfn0309 ——————————————— Over five acres on Adams Road in Bloomingdale. No wetlands, partially cleared. Beautiful lot with nice oak trees, over an acre and a half cleared for you to build your dream home on! Has a well and septic system in place. Won’t last long! Call today, 412-9202 or 748-4033. ——————————————— Residential lot for sale on lovely street in Garden City. Call 9645192. tfn020509 ——————————————— Two 5.0 Acre Tracts For SaleSouth Effingham on Marlow Road. Choose a cleared lot w/pasture area for horses or a wooded lot with gorgeous oaks to build your dream home. No wetlands! $135,000 per lot. Contact Amy Kuharik, Covenant Advantage Realty, 772-8353. tfnSHCAR ———————————————

Marshfront Lot REDUCED!

1 acre lot, #51, at Spring Cove, near Harris Neck Wildlife refuge. Gated, underground utilities, covenants, homeowners association, ready to build. $159,000. Call Phil West at 748-6639 or 312-3388. 1008tfn ——————————————— Screven County... 90 acres with 1800 foot road frontage, 3 septic systems, a pond, a 4” deep well, assessed for county at $233,500. Will sell for $185,000. Also, will divide. Call 912-826-5658. tfn120308


——————————————— Lot for sale in Westwood Heights, 85’ X 121’. Call 748-7632. ——————————————— 2 acres in Rincon. $140,000. Zoned R-4. Can be divided into 6 lots, $60,000. Call 657-7074 or 826-2293. tfn0708 ——————————————— 5 acres just north of Springfield, 3 car garage, septic tank, deep well, highway frontage, $100,000 firm. Call 912-661-1071. tfn0208

comm. property - sale Great Investment Property... Commercial property and shop, also includes house/office. $2500 month rental income potential. Deep well, shop is 1800 square feet, heat and air. Potential to add second floor for 3600 square feet. House is 800 square feet. Off Ogeechee Road, between Chatham Parkway and Dean Forest Road. $250,000, will negotiate. Call Andy, 313-3558. tfn051509 ——————————————— New home on 1 acre, located on Hwy 80 in Bloomingdale. Great potential in a fast-growing area for a commercial office location. www.! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH ——————————————— Commercial property, located in Pooler on Highway 80, approximately 3/4 of an acre, $265,000. Call 844-7469, ask for Paul. tfnah ——————————————— Best Deal on Office Space in Godley Station... Approximately 1000 sq. ft. includes four offices, reception area, kitchenette & bathroom. $135k (will consider lease option) Call 772-3298. tfnSHMR ——————————————— Building features 6 individual offices, lobby and reception area, handicap accessible, private bath for employees and a break room with a full kitchen. Property sits on 1.5 acres and has two additional building sites. It is located 1/2 mile from Effingham Hospital and would be perfect for medical offices. Only $395,000! Call Julie Hales, Southern Homes and Land Real Estate, 657-4120! tfnah

vacation Property Smoky Mountain Log Cabin

Very old, very comfortable log cabin located 7 miles from I-40 at exit 24. The cabin sits on a beautiful 1.1 acre lot with lots of very large trees and a small stream crossing the property. Cabin overlooks a beautiful stocked fish pond. The cabin is about 150 years old and was moved to the current location in 1974. The cabin and property are being sold as is, furnished. There is also a recently built 16’X16’ garage on the property. $178,000. Call 8263773. tfn0509

homes - sale Great South Effingham Home... Large 4BR/2BA home with Fireplace, Wood Flooring, Upgraded Carpet, Master Suite with Garden tub and separate shower, 2 car garage, gutters, sprinkler system, and a community pool! Great location to raise a family in South Effingham. Move in ready and priced to sell! Only $164,900!! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH ——————————————— More For The Money in Pooler! Large 2067 sq ft home on a stocked pond in a great location for only $159,900! 4BR/2BA, Fireplace, new carpet, new paint, two kitchen pantries, attached garage, and bonus room. Move in ready and priced to sell! Come take a look at this great deal with your own eyes...before it’s gone!! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/ TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 3519737. tfnSH ——————————————— 32 acres with small farm house, a fixer-upper! 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. 7169 Newington Hwy, Screven County. $150,000. Call 912-7487775 or 912-660-4134. tfn0909


826-2550 Office


Godley Station in Pooler... 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large great room, large master bedroom, dining room, kitchen with breakfast area, 2 car garage, fenced yard, in great neighborhood, includes appliances. Just $189,900. 153 Village Lake Drive. Call 748-7020 or 507-4848. tfn0609 ——————————————— South Effingham Home – River Access... Spacious 3BR/2BA home located in South Effingham on approx 1 acre! Large family room, Large back deck, Swimming Pool, Workshop, Master bath w/garden tub and separate shower, new flooring, on a Quiet Cul-de-sac lot! Ogeechee River Landing Too! Only $144,900! www.stephennewsome. com! Call Stephen Newsome 6612248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH ——————————————— Immaculate Home in Stonegate! Absolutely gorgeous home with over $25,000 in upgrades! South Effingham Schools! Large 4BR/2 BA home w/Private backyard, Custom paint and trim, Seamless Gutters, Large covered patio, Community Clubhouse, Pool, Ball field, Tennis, Lake, & More! Only $239,900. www.stephennewsome. com! Call Stephen Newsome 6612248/TriCounty GMAC Real Estate 351-9737. tfnSH ——————————————— For Sale by owner, South Effingham/Bloomingdale. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home, large fenced lot, wood floors, fire place, screened patio, storage building, $179,900. Contact Melina 912-596-7894. 0609tfn ———————————————


Are you Looking for a Good Deal, New Home, and a Great Location? We have 6 foreclosures, ready to meet your needs. Prices starting at $133,000. ranging to $195,000. Call Amy or Amy for more details. Amy Jenkins 912-663-6230, or Amy Capwell 912-547-6550, ERA Adams-Pevey Realty office 912-826-2550.


——————————————— House FSBO, Springfield, Cedar Creek, 3 lg. Bdrms, 2 baths, lg. 2 car gar. with electric garage door opener, 1 acre, 1/2 wooded with small stream, lots of extras! Great location on cul-de-sac, near Springfield Elementary. Will email pics. $174,900. Call 659-8950, please leave message. tfn091509 ——————————————— Guyton Area... at 3764 Hwy 119 South, 3500 SF, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath on 1.7 Acres with Two Car Garage. Also has Bonus Room, Formal Dining Room, Breakfast with French Doors, Large Family Room with Fireplace and French Doors, Large Laundry Room. IMMACULATE!! Priced to Sell Quickly at $229,900 firm. A must see!! Call 826-5172 or 663-6631. tfn091509 ——————————————— 829 Barnsley Road, in Port Wentworth... Nice brick home, over 1700 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, family room with fireplace, screened porch, double car detached garage, fenced yard. Call Diane Jones, 6577074. tfnAH ——————————————— Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with eat-in kitchen, garage, privacy fenced back yard. In Cedar Creek subdivision, approximately 1 mile from heart of Springfield on Hwy 119. Call Diane Jones, 657-7074. tfnAH ——————————————— Sylvania, GA... 3 bedrooms, 1 and a half bath, new flooring, new roof and new light fixtures. Good location in town, and close to shopping! $69,900. Call 912-857-6401 or 912230-9279. tfn0809 ——————————————— South Effingham School District... Jamestown Sub-division, 1/2 acre lot, 1,790 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room with fireplace, 2 car garage. Asking $182,500. Call 912-704-4694. tfn0709 ——————————————— 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in Garden City. Over 3,000 sq. ft., large walk-in closets, detached workshop and garage. $219,900. By appointment only, 964-0574. tfn0709 ——————————————— Garden City, Camellia Avenue, approximately 1800 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, kitchen with lots of cabinets and all appliances, dining room, hardwood floors, sun room with fireplace, deck, 5 car garage, extra storage, central heat & air. $199,500. Call 507-4880. 0709tfn ——————————————— House for sale, Victoria Oaks Subdivision, South Effingham School district. Over 1400 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, separate dining room, pool, large fenced yard, brick. $165,000. Call 912-856-1705. tfn0609 ———————————————

Amy Jenkins, REALTOR 912-663-6230

Short Sale... Now available on approved SHORT SALE for a limited time! Unprecedented investment opportunity! Professionally decorated, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, bonus room, 2 car garage, charming new gated community nestled in the country, tons of amenities! Call (818) 445-0779. tfn0509

POOLER AREA RENTALS POOLER TOWNHOMES Godley Park – Community Pool, Fitness Center, Playground and Park.

4 bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths, 1700 sq. ft., end unit. New construction! Washer and dryer. Reduced to $1100. 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths with den. Ceiling fans throughout. 1/2 Month’s Rent FREE! REDUCED – 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths with den and balcony off master. Washer and dryer. New construction. $1000. SiNglE FaMily hoME iN goDlEy PaRk – 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths with 1-car garage. Master bedroom is entire 2nd floor. $1100. ToWNE lakE – 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths with bonus. Master downstairs. Fireplace in living room. Den, formal dining room, fenced yard. $1500. FaRM @ MoRgaN lakES – Furnished 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. Bonus room has pool table. Sleeps 7. 6 month lease accepted.

Call Ava Lavergne

Pat Hancock Real Estate 912-450-1851 ——————————————— House for sale... Victoria Oaks, in South Effingham school district, over 1400 sq. ft., 3 br/2 bath, sep dining room, pool, large fenced yard, brick. $165,000. Call 912856-1705. tfn0609 ——————————————— 252 Old River Road, Eden/South Effingham... 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1843 sq. ft. on approx. 1 acre. Private floating dock on 25-acre lake. South Effingham Schools. 5 minutes to I-16, 15-20 minutes to Savannah. Large master bedroom and bath with Jacuzzi tub. Fireplace, new appliances, new paint and new flooring! ONLY $269,000! Call owner, John at 7489661. tfn0409 ——————————————— New 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double garage with bonus room, decked attic, large living area, numerous upgrades, 1900 sq. ft., 219 Quartz, Stonewalk subdivision in Rincon. $199,900. New 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double garage, bonus room, decked attic, large living area, large walk-in closet, numerous upgrades, 2300 sq. ft., 320 Pebble Drive, Stonewalk subdivision in Rincon. $205,000. Call 844-1825. tfn0409 ——————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! ——————————————— Blue Ridge Mountain home on 1.95 Georgia acres. Cozy 2 bedroom, 2 bath with loft. Beautiful landscaped yard. Great area and location, with friendly people. $179,900. Call 912685-4423. tfnSH ——————————————— 1518 Nease Road... Effingham... In Law Suite! Excellent condition, 4/5 bedrooms, 3 baths, approximately 3900 square feet, oversized 2 car garage, workshop, gourmet kitchen with custom cabinets and stainless appliances, hardwood floors and more. In Law suite features living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath with whirlpool tub and seperate shower. Wheelchair/handicap accessibility. One acre lot with deck overlooking pool in a gorgeous wooded setting. Call Thea Blanton, 927-8925 or 667-2614, Shore, Bell, and Seyle Realty, LLC, 356-1653. ——————————————— Great Buy!! Statesboro Home for Sale... 208 Nesmith Way, near Georgia Southern. 4 Bedroom 2 Bath corner lot. New appliances, wood floors, 10 x 12 storage building, fenced back yard. Community ponds for a relaxing afternoon fishing or a nice walk around the neighborhood. Just $135,000. Call Vicki at 912-687-4882. For additional information, visit

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A29 ——————————————— House for Sale in Rincon in Picket Fences Subdivision. Like new! Only 2 years old, excellent condition, cottage style home! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1480 sq. ft., separate 2- car carport with breeze way with 2 utility rooms. Sprinkler system, nice yard, fireplace, 9+ foot ceilings with crown molding, chair molding in dining room, spacious kitchen. Garden tub in master bath, trey ceiling in master and dining room. All appliances stay and wood blinds. Safe and convenient neighborhood. Available immediately. Call 912667-3866 for more information or appointment to see! 0308tfn ——————————————— Must Sell! Desperate! 1543 East 53rd Street in Savannah. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, den, 1323 square feet. Minor repairs. Tax value $133,000. Will sell for $99,000. Appointments only. Call 484-1476 or 484-0187. tfn031509 ——————————————— FSBO- Unique 2 story house on 2.6 acres in south Effingham County between Port Wentworth and Rincon on paved road. 2 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, large 2-car garage, central H/A. Approximately 1600 sq.ft. Built in 2001 w/ deep well and septic tank. Located on a large, private, semi-wooded 1.3 acre lot adjoining a similar sized subdivided lot in a very safe, well established, semi-rural community. Room to build 2 more houses. Convenient to Gulfstream. $325,000.00 OBO. Call 925-4263. tfn0209 ———————————————


Guyton! .93 acre lot with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home in Victoria Oaks. 2 car attached garage with 2 car matching detached. Privacy fence in back, matching utility shed, real wood floors, neutral colors throughout, kitchen appliances convey. Sprinkler system, floored attic with fold away steps, 8 yrs old, move in condition. FSBO, just $175,000, firm. Priced below tax value. 912-856-3859, can be shown anytime. 0209tfn ——————————————— Garden City Home for Sale, 109 Nelson Ave. 3 Bedroom, 2 bath home with fenced yard on corner lot. Hardwood floors, fireplace, stainless steel appliances, ceramic tile in kitchen. Priced low for quick sale at $128,500. Call 912-9641626. 0209tfn ——————————————— Great Rincon Location! Built in 2001, 3BR/2BA, tile flooring, new paint, one-half acre fenced lot, storage bldg, seller pays 3K in closing cost- $119,900. Virtual tour at www.! Contact Amy Kuharik, Covenant Advantage Realty, 772-8353. tfnSHCAR ——————————————— Beautiful 3200 square foot home sitting on over 4 acres of lakefront property. This home features 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths, a huge greatroom with a stone fireplace, open kitchen with formal dining room, a recreation room, screened back porch, large deck and a perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. It even has it’s own private boat dock! What a way to spend your day! Priced to sell at $425,000! Call Julie Hales, Southern Homes and Land Real Estate at 657-4120 for your private showing! tfnah ———————————————

REDUCED Again!!!

Clark Hill, (Augusta area) building lot... deep waterfront lot, 1.39 acres, cleared, ready for you to build on! Just 60 miles from Athens and 40 miles from Augusta! For sale by owner. $199,000, $179,000. Call 912-661-0769 or 912-661-4601 or 925-5213. tfn1208 ———————————————


Bulloch County

Home for Sale in Brooklet, Akins Community, one mile from fourway stop at Arcola and Mud Roads. Stilson Elementary and Southeast Bulloch High School area. 3000+ Square Foot Brick Home on 8 acres w/ 15 year old Loblolly Pines. Shop with 2 vehicle covered parking, heat pump, crown molding, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, large kitchen with dining area in bay window, sun room, game room, garden shed w/running water, master bathroom has ball and claw bathtub and double pedestal sink on tile floor, carport, heart pine walls, ceiling fans, exposed heart pine beams, heart pine see-thru kitchen cabinets, fireplace with heart pine shelving, cabinets, and drawers on each side, lots of storage space (closets and attic), laundry room with laundry sink, two rooms with DIRECTV connections, lots of outlets, formal dining room, and foyer with coat closet and original, hand-crafted, stained glass, raised panel wood front door. Ready to move in! $250,000 or best offer. Photos of interior available at: anne. For appointment to view, call: (912)-687-5081 or (912)-823-3176. ——————————————— Albany, Georgia... Frame house on two acres. Commercial building, 30ft.X40ft. 10 pecan trees. Near shopping center. Call 912-537-2532 or 229-436-9544. tfn0209 ——————————————— New home? Save on your insurance! Call 748-3040 for more information. tfnah ———————————————— Tell them you found it in The Spirit!!

mobile homes 2006 Clayton Mobile Home... 16x70; 3 bed, 2 bath, fireplace, master bath has separate shower and double vanities, great condition, neutral colors throughout, currently in Bluffton, SC, but must be moved. $ 43,000. Can email pictures. call 656-9843 and leave message or email greensmurf53@ ——————————————— 2002 28x80ft., 2,026 sq. ft. mobile home for sale. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, all appliances stay. Crown molding, fireplace, wood floors, and more! Asking $64,900. Owners will pay $5000 towards moving and setup. Must be moved. Call 912-7481211. ——————————————— 3.47 acres on Ziegler Road in Faulkville... 1996 64 x 28 Palm Harbor home. Double carport, with large utility room, workshop, 34 x 13 screened backporch, pool, lots of decking. Just $150,000. Call to see, 748-7023. tfn0809 ——————————————— LIKE NEW! 2005 Very nice 16X80 Mobile Home 3br/2ba, located in Bloomingdale, just 2 minutes from I-16 and 5 minutes from I-95. Selling for PAYOFF, just $33,000. Call 660-6585. tfn0709 ——————————————— Home & Land... 14X80, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large living room/ kitchen combo, Cathedral ceilings throughout. Some appliances stay. Outside building wired. Large corner lot, 1.25 acres, partial fenced. Located at corner of Broomstraw Trace and Sommerside Drive in Bulloch County, near Blitchton in Eldora Farms. Selling AS IS due to health issues. $42,500. Call 912823-9206. 0809tfn ———————————————

Roommates Roommate wanted to share 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Pooler. Large Master Suite, just $650 per month. Call 429-9974. tfnPHRE ——————————————— Roommate needed in the Pooler area. Private bedroom and bathroom, $125 per week. Call 6574141. 0109

Land for rent Private half-acre lot for mobile home. Bloomingdale. Rent is $228 per month. Call 884-9119. Water, sanitation included. 0909 ——————————————— 5 acre lot for rent with option to buy. Located in Knob Creek, Ellabell, Southeast Bulloch County near I-16, Route 80 & 119 on paved road. Long lease possible. Dry land. Good for mobile home. Please call Ada at 912-789-6073 or 912-6566059. tfn0908

homes for rent

For Sale by Owner... 210 Saddlehorn Lane, Saddlehorn s/d, Guyton, 4Br/2 Bath, Doublewide M/H 2100 sq ft m/h with brick foundation, appliances included, bank financing available to qualified buyers. $94,900. Call 912-657-3148 or 9640087. tfnHutch ——————————————— 12x68 Mobile Home on 1 acre lot, located in Effingham, across from SEHS, $56,900, negotiable. Call 728-5762. 0709tfn ——————————————— 60x26 MOBILE HOME, 2001, 1560 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, family room, dining room, utility room with washer and dryer. Kitchen with all appliances. $36,000. Ask about owner financing! Call 912-441-7637. tfn0609

Condo for rent. Available immediately. Right off of I-95 in beautiful Port Wentworth. 2 bedroom, 2 bath. $825 per month. Call for more information, 912-313-0957. tfn0509 ——————————————— Georgetown... 2 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, rent includes pools and fishing lake amenities. New paint, new carpet, new floors! No pets. $850 per month plus deposit. Call 912-507-4704. tfn051509


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Savannah, GA 31405 ���� ����� ���� � �� � �� ���� �� � (912) 351-9737 �-.(*' +, �%))(* '�

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(912) 330-5500 • Pooler (912) 661-2248 • Cell


2002 Homes of Merit, 28’X60’ mobile home, 1600 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, great upgrades! Laminate flooring, open floor plan, well kept by one owner. New refrigerator, all appliances included as well as back porch. Spacious bedrooms, walkin closets, large mater bath. Have to see to appreciate. You move!! $39,000, Guyton. Serious inquiries, email 0908tfn

3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, located in Guyton. $850 per month, $850 deposit. Call 655-7892. 012909 ——————————————— Bloomingdale... 4 bedroom, 2 bath, large yard, 11 total rooms, new appliances, central heat/air $950 per month. Pets okay with deposit. Available February 1st. Please call 748-4331 or 748-1735. tfn052209 ——————————————— Pooler... 4 bedroom 2.5 bath former Model Home in Godley Park. Gated community with many parks and rec center with gym, pool and playground. Home has wood, tile and carpet floors. Also has surround sound, granite countertops, jacuzzi tub, two car garage. Located on main park. $1295 per month. Call 912-884-4495. tfn052209 ——————————————— Georgetown area... 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in King’s Grant subdivision. New flooring and paint, central heat and air, garage, fencedin backyard. #3 Green Iris Court. $950 per month plus $950 security deposit. No pets. Call 667-5645. 012909 ——————————————— 111 Blue Heron Court in Richmond Hill, great shape, 4 bd/2ba, $1100 month, fenced yard, great schools. Call Ashley 658-8303. 012209 ——————————————— Port Wentworth... 3 bedroom, central heat and air, available now! $700 per month, $600 deposit. Call 927-3595 or 656-3595. tfn0409 ———————————————

Home & Land

Effingham County... 4,042 square foot Low Country Home. 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, on 11.5 beautifully wooded acres, just 4.5 miles north of Springfield off Old Dixie Highway. Best floor plan ever! Wrap around porch. In-law/guest quarters. Please call for appointment. Priced to sell at $485,000. No Real Estate agent fees. Save thousands!!! Call 754-7529 or 665-0752. tfnSH

——————————————— On 5 Acres! 4 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide mobile home located in Rincon. Large screened porch, 2 car garage and stable. Great for horses. $110,000. Call 912-7543599 or 658-9439. 0908. 1108 ——————————————— 1996 mobile home for sale on 3.84 acres. 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, permanent foundation/skirting, deep well, 16ftX14ft. covered porch. Located at 3183 Old Dixie Hwy in Springfield. $99,900. Buyer pays closing fees, negotiable. To see, call 912-663-7722 for an appointment. tfn0209 ———————————————

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——————————————— Guyton Area... at 3764 Hwy 119 South, 3500 SF, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath on 1.7 Acres with Two Car Garage. Also has Bonus Room, Formal Dining Room, Breakfast with French Doors, Large Family Room with Fireplace and French Doors, Large Laundry Room. IMMACULATE!! $1500 per month. Call 826-5172 or 663-6631. tfn041509 ——————————————— Southside Savannah... 12510 White Bluff Road, 2 Bedroom, 2 bath home in Windsor Crossing, $695 per month plus deposit. No pets! Call Lana Nesmith Properties, 653-0100 or 728-5695. 012209 ——————————————— For Sale or rent... Savannah, 2028 Mississippi Ave. 3 Bedroom, 1 bath home with fenced yard. $750 per month plus deposit. Call Lana Nesmith Properties, 653-0100 or 7285695. 012209 ——————————————— Savannah... 2111 Fernwood. 3 Bedroom, 1 bath, 2 car carport, fenced yard. $775 per month plus deposit. No pets! Call Lana Nesmith Properties, 653-0100 or 7285695. 012209 ——————————————— Springfield... 402 North Pine Street, Effingham County. 2 Bedroom, 1.5 bath home with carport. $750 per month plus $750 deposit. Pets okay. Call Lana Nesmith Properties, 653-0100 or 728-5695. ——————————————— Springfield... 404 Maple Street, Effingham County. 2 Bedroom, 1 bath home. $850 per month plus deposit. No pets! Call Lana Nesmith Properties, 653-0100 or 728-5695. ——————————————— Hickory Knob Subdivision Rincon, 2100 squre feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, sunroom, office, seperate dining room, 2 car garage. $1200 plus deposit. Call 657-9888. Pets allowed with deposit. tfn041509 ——————————————— Somersby Subdivision, Pooler... Excellent condition, 3 BR, 2 Bath, 2 car garage, private backyard. Only $995 per month plus amenity fee. Call Thea, owner/agent, 667-2614. tfn051509 ——————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Bloomingdale. Central heat & air, hardwood floors, privacy fence. $900 per month plus $900 security deposit. Call 313-0115, ask about discount. 0509 ——————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2 car garage, fenced-in backyard located on quiet cul-de-sac in the Sandfly area. Home is located close to WalMart, lake Mayer, Truman Parkway and great Elementary school. $995 per month plus security deposit. Ready for move in! Call Steve at 604-6634. tfnah ——————————————— Port Wentworth home... 2 Bedroom, 1 bath, with central heat/ air, fenced yard, garage. $750 per month. Pets okay with deposit only! Call 748-4331 or 748- 1735. tfn0409 ——————————————— 3 BR, 2 BA, formal dining, breakfast room, fenced yard, 2 car garage, new paint, carpet, appliances, blinds, $1100 month + sec dep. Please call 450-6688. tfn0409 ——————————————— Two bedroom, one bath house in Guyton on 7 acres of land. Quiet and secluded. No pets. $700 per month, $650 deposit. Call Chuck at 659-9908 or Dale 660-7574. tfn0409 ——————————————— Rincon Ebenezer Schools... New 3 Bedroom, 2 bath with double garage, 1200 square feet, no smoking, no pets, $995 per month, $1000 deposit. Call 547-1364. tfn0409 ——————————————— Garden City... 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen furnished, sunroom with fireplace, garage, 1800 square feet, like new! $1200 per month. Call 352-1117 or 507-4880. tfn0409 ——————————————— Condo in Gated Community for rent. 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, washer, dryer, refrigerator. No pets. $900 per month plus $900 security deposit. Call 748-6600. 0309tfn ——————————————— Pooler Area Home for rent, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 square foot home, with fenced in backyard, and lots more! $850 per month, $850 deposit. Call 429-9248. tfn0309 ——————————————— Rincon... 218 Four Oaks Court. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, fenced yard, $975/month, $975 deposit. Call 604-7631. tfn0209

——————————————— Pooler Townhomes for rent in Godley Park... 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, all appliances provided, gated community, pets okay, all amenities included! Very convenient to I-95. $950 per month. Call Matt, 6585099. tfnSHBW ——————————————— Cute 2 bedroom cottage in Guyton with hardwood floors, fireplace, screened porch, seperate garage. In excellent condition! All appliances included. No smokers. $800 per month/$800 security deposit. Call 663-6683, Owner/Agent. tfn0209 ——————————————— Exclusive Effingham neighborhood... 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, all brick, formal dining room, all amenities including community pool, and lots more! In beautiful Kate’s Cove! $1800 per month, call 826-1073. tfn 0209 ——————————————— Townhome for rent... Rincon area... 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, all on one level. Great schools in this area! Just $900 per month. Pets require an additional deposit. Call 826-1073. tfn0209 ——————————————— 3 Bedroom, 2 full bath home located in Auriga Farms, South Effingham, $1200 per month. Available November 1st. Non Smokers only please. $1,000 deposit required. Call 912.658.8552. 0109tfn ——————————————— Beautiful new home! Ready to move in after October 18th; Nice community at Lake Shore. Address: 6 Allen Brook Dr. - Port Wentworth. 4 Bedrooms/2 bathrooms. 2 Car garage. $1,150/Month. One month deposit. Call 305-259-4080. tfn0209 ——————————————— Ellabell... 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2-car garage located in Park Place. No pets, no smoking. $1025 per month plus $850 deposit. Available October 1. Call 912-858-2677 after 7 PM. tfn0109 ——————————————— Pooler... Stunning, new 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath all-brick home with gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, cherry hardwood floors, fireplace, and two-car garage. Great location! $1,450 per month. Call 585-259-9272. tfn0109 ——————————————— Rincon... New, large 2 bedroom, 2 bath Townhome, pool, pavilion, playground, single level, no stairs, $850 per month, $450 deposit, credit check. Call 912-613-2248. tfn0209 ——————————————— Rincon... Cobbleton. Executive brick 3br / 2ba home with a bonus room. New construction with builder upgrades throughout! Tile and wood floors, double garage, sodded and landscaped front yard, master suite with access to the covered back patio. $1350 per month. $1350 deposit. Call Platinum Properties, 826-2151. tfnSH ——————————————— Rincon, Springfield, Guyton... We currently have 7 homes for rent under $1000 per month in Effingham County. Call or email for our current list. Call Platinum Properties, 8262151, or email to PlatinumOffice@ tfnSH ——————————————— South Effingham Luxury. 3BR/2BA. Split plan (1600sf). Extensive upgrades. Fabulous Amenities Center. Outstanding schools. Established lawn with irrigation system. 1 mile to Chatham County, 4.5 miles to I-95. $1295/mo. Call 912353-8970. tfn0109 ——————————————— Guyton... beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with spacious kitchen, large fenced lot, screen porch, pets okay, access to pool and pond. $1250 per month, plus deposit. Call 772-8583. tfn0109 ——————————————— Guyton... 3 or 4 bedroom house on large lot for rent. $900 per month, $900 deposit. No pets. Must have references. Call 667-8375. tfn0109 ——————————————— Port Wentworth... Two bedroom, two bath condo available for rent right off of I-95. In beautiful Newport community. $825 per month. Call 313-0957. tfn1208 ——————————————— 11605 Willis, Savannah... Nice 3 bedroom brick home in great location has 2 bedrooms, living room with formal dining, large den, breakfast area, fireplace, fenced-in back yard, garage. $995 month/ deposit. Call Heritage Properties, 748-4452. tfnHP

1st Month Home Rental Free! Check Us Out... 2, 3 & 4 Bedrooms

Chatham ClassiC homes 912-450-2200 ext. 103 1105 S. Rogers Street • Pooler (Individual Homes & Individual Yards)

——————————————— House for Rent/Lease to own in Rincon in Picket Fences Subdivision. Like new! Only 2 years old, excellent condition, cottage style home! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1480 sq. ft., separate 2- car carport with breeze way with 2 utility rooms. Sprinkler system, nice yard, fireplace, 9+ foot ceilings with crown molding, chair molding in dining room, spacious kitchen. Garden tub in master bath, trey ceiling in master and dining room. All appliances stay and wood blinds. Safe and convenient neighborhood. Available immediately. $1200 per month plus 1st month’s rent with deposit and security check. Call 912-667-3866 for more information or appointment to see! 0308tfn ——————————————— Great home for rent in Hickory Knob Subdivision in the heart of Rincon. This home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with huge living room. Dining room, eat in kitchen with tile floors, big laundry room and a newly added office. Two car side entrance garage makes this rental a must have. Huge fenced in backyard with a swing set and lots of mature trees to enjoy your privacy. It also has a shed for storage with electricity. French doors lead to the back deck. It is a steal for $1300 monthly plus security deposit. The home is 1700 sq. ft. Call today! 912-313-0528 or 912-313-0527. 0309tfn ——————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much!

apartments - rent

2 bedroom, 2 bath, located in Guyton, with off-street parking. $600 per month, $600 security deposit. Call 655-7892. 012909

EFFINGHAM 149 Walnut Drive – Well kept 1991 mobile home on .49 acre lot. 3BR/2BA, 1232 sq. ft., fenced, playhouse, large back porch, single detached garage. Price reduced! $69,900. Call Pat Porter at 912308-2340.

SprINGFIEld For Horse lovers, come ride with your neighbors, 1325 Shawnee Egypt RD, Custom Built home on 5.02 acres, 3BD/3BA with 2000 sq ft, oversized garage, open floor plan, front and back rocking chair porches. Price Reduced $229,900. Call Pat Porter 912308-2340.

EFFINGHAM 134 Laurel Lane. Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, built in 2008. 1509 sq. ft., split floor plan with huge master bedroom. SS upgraded appliances including refrigerator. South Effingham school district. $167,000. Call Pat Porter 912-308-2340. BlOOMINGdAlE Adams Road. Beautiful 5.24 acre lot zoned R-A-1 located in a high demand area of West Chatham. Build the home of your dreams! $209,900. Call Pat Porter 912-308-2340.

pAtrIcIA pOrtEr 308-2340 Cell 135 Goshen Road Rincon, GA


Page A30 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 ———————————————

HALF OFF Special!

Condo for rent. Available immediately. Right off of 95 in beautiful Port Wentworth. 2 beroom, 2 bath. $825 per month. Call for more information, 912-313-0957. tfn0509 ———————————————


Efficiency apartment... Clean $175/ week. Call 927-3595 or 656-3595. ——————————————— Near St. Joseph’s Hospital... Super large one bedroom, one and a half bath, large living room, dining room, kitchen furnished, end unit, hardwood floors, washer and dryer connections, 1000+ square feet. $700 per month. Available January 1st. Call 352-1117 or 507-4880. tfn0409 ——————————————— Quacco Road Efficiency apartment, one bedroom, all utilities furnished, no pets. $100 deposit, $175 per week. Call 925-5948 or 925-4060. If no answer, leave message. tfn0309 ——————————————— 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with dryer and washer hook-ups, all new appliances, $500 deposit, $700 per month. No pets. Located in Springfield. Call 220-0169 or 748-5315. ——————————————— DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH, 1 bedroom, 1 bath studio, 248 Ferrill Street. New carpet, new bath, new kitchen, $500 per month. Section 8 welcome. Call 912-927-7077. ——————————————— Apartment for rent. No pets. Furnished or unfurnished. $1000 per month with $1000 deposit. All utilities included. Call 912-667-9865 or 912-826-4593. tfn0109

ROOMs f o r r e n t Mature, female household offers large private locking room and bath. $150 a week covers laundry room use and supplies, kitchen privileges and most food. Located mid-town Savannah near hospitals. 3,800 sq. ft. home on golf course with pool. Call 351-0115. tfn0509 ———————————————


Furnished room in quiet area. Includes utilities, internet, television, washer and dryer, stove, refrigerator. Near Gulfstream, I-16 and airport. Shared kitchen and bath. Call 210-0181. tfn0209 ——————————————— Lakefront home... Room for rent, share a bathroom and a kitchen. Large fenced in back and front yard! Female preferred. $550 per month, plus half utilities. Call 224-1110 for more information. tfn0209 ——————————————— Room for rent, with private bath and TV. Telephone, cable and utilities included, in Port Wentworth close to Gulfstream and Dixie Crystals. Refundable deposit required. $155 per week, call 665-2393. tfn011109

mobile homes - rent Effingham Rentals... 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home, $750/month. 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home, $700/month. Both are located in Rincon city limits. Call Stacey Graham, Southern Homes and Land, 657-9015 or 772-6683. 012209

——————————————— 2 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home in Eden off Hwy 80, Effingham County. Private land with porch. Water, stove, refrigerator, and dryer included. Older mobile home remodeled. $550 month, $550 deposit. Call 675-1276. 012209 ——————————————— 2 bedroom mobile home on private lot. $625/month includes water and garbage. Located on Ogeechee Road near Berwick area. Call 6582759. 012209 ——————————————— Three 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide mobile homes in Effingham County. Call Lana Nesmith Properties, 653-0100 or 728-5695. 012209 ——————————————— Effingham County... 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home in excellent condition. $750 per month, $700 deposit. Fully electric- includes stove, refrigerator and dish washer. Spacious rooms. Located in Azalea Point near Springfield off Courthouse Road. Call 912-663-4276. tfn0509 ——————————————— 220 Southern Charm Way, Azalea Point subdivision, Effingham County. 3 Bedroom, 2 bath doublewide mobile home with a privacy fence. Pets okay with a $300 nonrefundable pet fee per pet. $875 per month plus deposit. Call Lana Nesmith Properties, 653-0100 or 728-5695. 012209 ——————————————— Faulkville... 3 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home with large fenced yard. References required. $600 per month. Call 748-6736. Will be available February 15. tfn0509

——————————————— 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom mobile homes for rent. No pets. Call 844-2724. ——————————————— 1 bedroom furnished camper for rent. Living room area, kitchenette. All utilities included in rent. $150 per week plus $100 deposit. Call 925-4060. 012209 ——————————————— 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Double Wide MH on .71 acres in Effingham County at 177 McClaws Road, Guyton. 1680 sq. ft. with brick foundation, appliances included $850/ mo., $850/dep. Call 657-3148 or 964-0087. tfnHutch ——————————————— 765 4th Street Ext. in Guyton... Doublewide mobile home on large lot, 4 bedroom, 2 baths, 2,042 sq. ft., large living room, spacious dining room, master bath with soaking tub, double vanity and stand-up shower, separate laundry room, fresh paint, large rear deck, quiet neighborhood. $900 per month plus $900 deposit. No pets. Call 4293597 or 210-4461. tfn0509 ——————————————— 476 Cypress Bay Loop Road, Bryan County... Approximately 1700 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide mobile home on large lot. Completely remodeled! New carpet, new paint, new kitchen, and master bath with stand-up shower and soaking tub. $900 per month includes water and power plus $900 deposit. No pets. HOME for RENT: 476-B Cypress Bay Loop Road... 2 bedroom, 1 bath home. Has been completely remodeled! New roof, siding, carpet, floors. $600 per month plus $600 deposit. No pets. Call 4293597 or 210-4461. tfn0509


Thursday, Friday & Saturday January 22nd, 23rd & 24th

SPRINGFIELD CHRYSLER • DODGE • JEEP Highway 21 • Springfield 912-754-4000 • 1-800-642-2727

5629 Hwy. 21 • Rincon (Near Kroger)


Come Together For This Huge Sales Event! Special Sale Located at Springfield Chrysler Location:


——————————————— Effingham County... 4 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home in excellent condition. $825 per month, $700 deposit. Fully electric- includes stove, refrigerator and dish washer. Located in Saddlehorne Subdivision near Springfield off Little McCall Road. Call 912-663-4276. tfn0509 ——————————————— 3BR/2BA Mobile home on large corner lot at 177 McLaws Road, Guyton. New appliances, new paint, new carpet, fireplace, large back deck. Available immediately. $850 per mo./$850 dep. Call 6573148 or 964-0087. tfnHutch ——————————————— Special! 1/2 OFF 1st month’s rent! Pooler, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 980 sq. ft. Nice community. $600 per month, $600 security deposit. Call 450-3010. 0309 ——————————————— MELDRIM... 4BR/2BA mobile home w/addition, Master BR includes master bath with his/her vanities, 1/3 acre, large fenced backyard, central heat/AC, front and back porch, water/trash incl., $800/mo. $500/dep., yearly lease preferred, no inside pets, no smoking. Landlord holds R.E. license. Call 813523-5212. tfn0409 ——————————————— 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 16 x 70, very nice home, sitting on private lot overlooking pond. On Sandhill road. $625 per month, plus $500 deposit. References required. Call 728-4092, leave name & number. tfn0409 ——————————————— In the country, near Guyton, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double wide, private fenced yard, NO PETS, $600 per month plus deposit. Call 772-3524. 0309tfn ——————————————— South Effingham... Doublewide mobile home for rent. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, water furnished. Call David at 667-7074. tfn0209 ——————————————— Country Living! 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home on 3 acres for rent. Horses and pets considered. $700 per month + security deposit. Call 856-0826 or 772-8227. 0209tfn ——————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath double wide mobile home for rent, 28X60, huge great-room, large breakfast area off of kitchen. Large master bedroom with 2 closets, separate laundry room. Located on a large lot in Bryan County, off of Cypress Bay Loop Road. Pets negotiable with deposit. $850 per month plus $850 security deposit. References and minimum 1 year lease required. Available now! Call 912-429-3597. tfn0209 ——————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide on 2 acres of land in a very nice neighborhood in Springfield. $700 per month plus security deposit. References required. Call 257-5712. tfn0109 ——————————————— South Effingham... One mile from South Effingham High School, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 14 ft. X 70 ft. mobile home with 2-car carport on one acre lot with fenced in yard. $700 per month. Available October 1. Call 772-3136. tfn0109

commercial rentals

Commerical lot in Garden City for sale or lease, or lease/purchase. Perfect for small utility/construction company. $650 a month. tfn052209 ——————————————— Land, Office/house, and shop... shop is 1800 square feet with air and heat, two 10 x 10 roll up doors with glass storefront. Built in 2005. House/office is 800 square feet. Off of Ogeechee Road, between Chatham Parkway and Dean Forest Road. $2500 per month. Call Andy, 313-3558. tfn051509 ——————————————— Office Space for rent. Two small offices, downtown Pooler, $375 per month, utilities included. Call Phil West at 748-6639. tfnah ——————————————— For rent, Westside: 5 stall horse stable, barn, fenced pastures, riding arena, trails and more. $700 per month. Call 748-9000. tfn0409 ——————————————— Rincon next to WalMart... 1002 Lisa Street, 900 square feet retail/ office space, 980 square foot check cashing setup, will change to suit. Call 547-1364. tfn0409 ——————————————— 1711 Dean Forest Road... Building G, 1500 square foot office and warehouse. Will be ready January 1st. Call 925-8165, 713-2800 cell. ——————————————— Office Space for Lease... Westside office approximately 1,700 sf, immediate occupancy. $1950/month, partially furnished, great location next to Southbridge. Please call Rose at 236-2240/appointments. tfn0309 ——————————————— HIGHWAY FRONTAGE... 1 acre with office building and some furniture, car wash and utility building. Used to be a car lot. Located on Hwy 21, downtown Rincon. Call Brad for details, 912-663-1461. tfnSHRT

BOWYER MOTORS Low Down Payments

(Partial Listing)


Minute Financing

GENERAL MOTORS 04 Chevy Tahoe LT...............$13,995 05 Pontiac Bonneville...........$10,795 07 Chevy Impala .................. $9,795 01 GMC Yukon SLT XL ............ $8,995 06 Chevy Malibu LS............... $8,995 04 Chevy Impala LS ............... $8,995 02 Buick LeSabre LTD ............ $8,995 05 Chevy Impala .................. $8,395 06 Chevy Malibu LS............... $7,995 99 Chevy Suburban LS............ $7,995 99 Chevy Tahoe LT................ $7,995 02 Chevy Silverado Reg. Cab ... $7,995 01 Buick LeSabre ................. $7,995 04 Pontiac Grand Prix GT ........ $7,995 99 GMC Yukon SLE................ $7,995 05 Chevy Cobalt................... $6,995 04 Chevy Malibu .................. $6,995 02 Chevy 2500 Utility ............ $6,995 98 Olds Aurora..................... $6,995 02 Chevy Impala .................. $6,995 04 Pontiac Grand Am ............. $5,995 97 Chevy S-10 LS.................. $5,995 02 Chevy Cavalier................. $5,995 01 Buick Regal LS ................ $4,995 95 Cadillac Seville STS .......... $4,995 02 GMC Savanna Cargo Van..... $4,995 94 Olds 98 Regency .............. $4,995 01 Chevy Cavalier................. $4,995 96 Chevy Monte Carlo............ $4,995 98 Olds Cutlass.................... $4,995 95 Buick LeSabre LTD ............ $3,995 98 Chevy Cavalier................. $3,995 94 Buick Park Avenue............ $3,795 96 Chevy Blazer S-10 ............. $2,995

FORD/LINCOLN/MERCURY 03 Ford F-150 Supercrew ........ $9,795 05 Ford Freestar Van SE ......... $8,995 04 Ford Explorer XLT ............. $8,995 00 Ford Expedition EB............ $8,995 02 Ford Escape XLS .............. $8,795 04 Ford F-150 XLT ................ $7,995 04 Ford Freestar Van ............. $7,995 00 Ford Crown Victoria LX....... $6,995 01 Ford F-250 XL .................. $6,995 06 Ford Taurus SE ................ $6,995 97 Ford Mustang .................. $5,995 95 Lincoln Towncar............... $4,995 97 Ford Crown Victoria LX....... $4,995 96 Mercury Villager Van ......... $3,995

CHRYSLER 06 Dodge Magnum Wagon ....... $9,995 93 Dodge Ram Reg. Cab ......... $9,995 02 Dodge Durango ................ $9,795 01 Dodge Ram SLT ................ $8,995 05 Dodge Stratus SXT ............ $7,995 00 Dodge Durango ................ $7,995 04 Dodge Neon .................... $7,995 04 Dodge Intrepid SXT ........... $6,995 01 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 ...... $6,995 03 Chrysler Concorde LXi........ $6,995 00 Chrysler Town & Country LXi $5,995 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4.... $4,995 04 Dodge Intrepid SE ............. $4,995

IMPORTS 03 Toyota Corolla LE ............. $7,995 03 Mitsubishi Galant XL ......... $7,995 01 Isuzu Trooper .................. $6,995 01 Nissan Altima GXE ............ $6,995 96 Nissan Maxima GLE ........... $5,995 01 Isuzu Trooper .................. $5,995 00 Nissan Altima GXE ............ $5,995 97 Toyota Avalon XL.............. $5,995 01 Toyota Corolla ................. $4,995 97 Toyota Corolla ................. $3,995

232-3725 714 Montgomery St.

Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009 • Page A31 ——————————————— 2000 sq. ft. Warehouse space with roll-up door, office and bathroom. Located in Rincon. $1100 per month. Call 826-4295. 0109 ——————————————— Available Now: Restaurant for lease in high traffic area in Effingham County. Optional equipment package available. Send email to: tfnSH ——————————————— Attn Contractors: Landscapers, Electrical, Plumbing, General. Ideal office and parking facility available. Located on Blue Jay Road next to the new Mighty Mike’s. Call 912685-4423 or 658-5773. tfnSH ——————————————— Will be available May 1, 2009... 5125 Augusta Road, Hwy 21, Garden City, Georgia: 849.6 sq.ft. office space, 31’8”X26’7” and bath; 2,299.1 sq.ft. steel building with overhead crane, 31’8”X99’; 5,288.2 sq.ft. fabrication shop, 54’8”X100’2” with overhead crane, 22’ lift. Total: 8,436.9 sq. ft. Call Ted at 964-4331 for price and a copy of lease. Zoned Heavy Commercial. 0109 ——————————————— 308 Carolan Street, Savannah... + or – 6 acres, 2.5 acres have 7’ fence. Zoned Industrial. Call 9641127. 0109 ——————————————— Now leasing space in a brand new shopping center being built in Bloomingdale. For more information, call Ron “Bogie” Walker, Today Real Estate, 748-9999. tfnSH

cars Camaro

1992 Convertible 35th Anniversary Edition, red with black top, 42k miles. Excellent condition. Great DAWG car! $12,000 OBO. Call 920-2670. tfn0709 ——————————————— Classic... 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe, 4 door, 67K miles, light blue, brand new wide whitewalls, a Show Car! One like this won the 1950 First Southern Darlington Race! Will sacrifice for just $6,000. Call 964-4527. tfn071509 ——————————————— Need transportation? Wrecked car? Car not running? Autos for rent, $30 per day. Valid driver’s license and MVR required. Must be over 24 years old. Weekly rates available. Call 547-3536. 022609 ——————————————— 1993 Dodge Spirit 4 door, 4 cyl, automatic trans, air cond, pwr locks, tilt and cruise. Factory alloys, am/ fm/cd. Runs and drives great! Only $1475. Call Mark (cell) 660-6275. Pics available. tfnSHMJP ——————————————— 1999 VW Cabrio convertible, 185,000 miles, new vinyl top, runs good. $2200. Call 308-1729. tfn0609 ——————————————— 1993 Chevy Sport Van, Automatic, Runs good! Asking $1500. Please call 912-220-2919. tfn0609 ——————————————— 2007 Chevy Cobalt, 4-door, AT, AC, power locks, power windows, cruise, tilt, CD. Call Harry Mahn at Springfield Ford, 912-826-0058. tfnJP ——————————————— 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier, $600 as is. Call 826-3729. tfn0509 ———————————————


1990 Chrysler LeBaron GT convertible, like new, showroom condition, always garaged, only 26K original miles. White exterior, white leather with burgundy trim interior, turbo 4 cylinder, 30 mpg. $5995. Call 658-2268. tfn0409 ——————————————— 2002 Chevy Malibu, white, power windows and locks, cruise control, brand new tires, good condition, runs great! Asking $4800. Call 5075982. tfnAH ——————————————— 2002 Nissan Altima, silver, 4 door, just 75K miles, power sunroof, in very good condition and well maintained. Original owner. Great gas mileage! Just $8000. Call 6679491. tfn0409 ——————————————— ‘98 Ford Mustang Convertible... Needs a little body work, but runs! My very first car, and I just don’t need it anymore! First $3500 takes it! Would be perfect fixer-upper for young person! Call 667-9491. tfn0409 ——————————————— 2000 Lincoln Town Car, one owner, 95k miles, very clean, new tires. Can be seen at 134 Raymond Road, Pooler. Call Ted at 964-4331. tfn0109 ——————————————— 2000 Lincoln Continental... Loaded! Maroon with all the options! Won’t last long at only $8,880. Call Abram, 398-2232. tfnSTSH ——————————————— New car? New Insurance! Call for a free quote today! 748-3040. tfnah ——————————————— Motor.... ‘89 IROC-Z Camaro L98 350 Chevy motor, complete-rebuildable. $350. Same as ‘89 Corvette motor. In Southside Savannah. Call Kevin at 912-667-2379. tfnSH

trucks/vans/suvs 1999 Ford F-250 Triton, V8, XLT, 4 door, extended cab. Tow package, bedliner, seats 6 with center fold down console, cruise, tilt, power steering, seats, windows and locks, A/C, automatic, AM/FM/Cassette, keyless entry, tan exterior with tan upholstery, no tears or stains, good tires, tinted windows. Excellent condition! Small ding on tailgate. $8500 or best offer. Effingham/Springfield, 659-8950 or 754-1455. tfn0509 ——————————————— 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, sport utility four wheel drive. 6 cylinder, 4.0 liter, automatic, good condition, just 93K miles, a/c, am/fm cassette CD stereo, alloy wheels, trailer hitch and much more! Only $6750. Call 598-8299. tfnJP ——————————————— 1994 Ford Ranger XLT Extended Cab, 4.0 automatic, AC, power windows, power locks, runs good. Call 748-8074 for more info. tfn0509 ——————————————— 1993 Chevy W/T pickup truck. Great shape, 4.3 V6 engine, automatic, air cond, ps, pb. Ready to go! $2275, pics available. Call Mark (cell) 660-6275. tfnSHMJP ——————————————— 1994 Chevy Silverado, short bed, reg cab, V8 eng, automatic trans, pwr wind, pwr locks, tilt, cruise, factory radio and alloys. $2275. Call Mark (cell) 660-6275. Pics available. tfnSHMJP ——————————————— 1992 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Truck. Short bed, reg cab, 4 cyl eng, automatic trans, air cond, pwr strng, pwr brakes. Factory alloys. Runs and drives great! $1775. Call Mark (cell) 660-6275. Pics available. ——————————————— ‘96 Ford F-150, 6 cylinder, new engine, 5-speed, $3000 OBO. Call 657-1433. tfn0109 ——————————————— 1997 Ford F150 XL Pickup Truck. short bed reg cab. 4.2 V6 eng, automatic, air cond, ps, pb, factory alloys and am/fm/cd. bedliner. Ready to go! $2975. Call Mark (cell) 6606275. Pics available. tfnSHMJP ——————————————— 1986 Ford F150, 6 cylinder with 300 motor, runs good! Blue. $1500. Call 704-4156. tfn0609 ——————————————— 1987 Ford Ranger king cab, red and gray, manual transmission, good condition, runs good, driven by a senior citizen, $1000 or best offer. Call 748-6562. 0609tfn ——————————————— 2005 Dodge Durango Hemi... 65K miles, clean and very well cared for! New tires! $15,000. Call 748-7023, or cell, 661-0637. tfn0609 ——————————————— 2000 Ford E350 Ext. XLT 15 passenger van... all power, privacy glass, cruise, tilt, 5.4 V-8, dual a/c, new tires, only 83K miles. Very nice! Just $6950. Call 663-5016. tfnJP ——————————————— 2000 Ford Explorer XLT... V6, automatic, cloth, all power, great condition, wedgewood blue. Just $5950. Call Joe, 663-5016. tfnJP ———————————————


2004 Toyota Tundra SR5, step bars, loaded, including leather seats, tonneau cover, spray in bedliner, 49K miles, asking $17,500. Call 7728276. tfn041509 ——————————————— 1995 Volvo/GMC, Class A, stand up sleeper, all new tires, white with blue stripes, Detroit engine, 10-speed transmission. $9000. Call 658-2268. tfn0409 ———————————————


1999 GMC Sierra King Cab, original owner, 163K miles, black with pewter bottom. All electric, 5.3 V-8 engine. $7295. Call 658-2268.

——————————————— 2004 GMC Envoy SLT: Black on grey leather with wood accents, sunroof, premium audio... Just 37330 miles! Real nice. $13,000. Call Justin at 912-660-7496. tfnSHST ——————————————— 2004 Ford Freestar Van, good condition, keyless entry, power windows, cruise control, CD player, fold flat third seat, towing package. $5900. Call 507-4880. 0209tfn ——————————————— 2007 Chevrolet Colorado, 4 cylinder, extended cab with deluxe cargo cover and sprayed liner. Excellent condition. Less than 1500 miles. One owner. Call between 6-10PM, 667-2011. $17,000 FIRM. tfn0409 ——————————————— 2007 F150 Supercab, 4-door, cloth seats (front and back). Only $12,900! Call Harry Mahn at Springfield Ford, 912-826-0058. tfnJP ——————————————— 1993 Ford Pickup F-150 Extended Cab, new engine with about 500 miles, new radiator, 32” tires. Asking $6000 OBO. Call 966-2588. tfn0309 ———————————————

Perfect work van... 1987 GMC Rally, 8 passenger, window van, owned by Chatham County for 21 years. Well kept, dual a/c works perfect! Brand new Goodyear Radials, new front shocks, small V-8 engine, runs perfect, transmission shifts perfect. Just 124K miles. Take it for a test drive! Just $2900. Call 748-0404 or 398-2520. tfn0309 ——————————————— ‘97 Jeep Wrangler... 6” lift kit, Warn 8,000 pound Wench, new Mickey Thompson tires, very good condition, $7500. Call 667-9959. tfnSHLF ——————————————— 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT3, 5.3LV8, 52K miles, 4X4, crew cab, sunroof, DVD, leather, new tires, all power, loaded! $21,900. Call 912547-0147. 0209tfn ——————————————— Freightliner M2 Hauler, 330 HP, 1000Lb./Torque, air ride & brakes, crew cab, leather, DVD, back-up camera, air ride hitch, bed has 7 storage compartments, sound system, Garmin 7200 GPS, Silver Leaf engine monitor and more! $94,500. Call 912-964-7474 or 912-6568800. 0409tfn ——————————————— 2003 Chevy Trailblazer, black with gray interior, great condition, automatic, A/C, CD player, 4 door, towing package, must sell! $5900. Call 912-659-2126. 0209 ——————————————— 1991 Ford Bronco 4x4- Power windows & locks, cruise, A/C, CD player. 110,000 miles. Red in color. Asking $2600. Contact Tim at 912202-3055 or Rhonda at 912-8562727. tfn021509 ——————————————— 2000 Toyota Tundra Limited Edition, 2WD, double cab, 4-door, 4.7 liter, good condition, $5000. Call 656-0880. 1208 ——————————————— 1994 Toyota extended cab 4X4, 4WD, white, brand new transmission and clutch. Lift kit, 33” mud tires, spray-in bedliner, cold A/C, dual exhaust. Runs great! $4500. Call 596-2663. tfnah ——————————————— 2002 Ford 150 Extended Cab, 58K miles, ice cold AC, excellent condition! $8,995. Call 585-259-9272. 0109 ——————————————— ‘87 Chevy Silverado C-20 with service boxes, new fuel pump, brakes, tune-up parts, transmission, etc. Runs sweet! $2300. Call 856-8135.

motorcycles/atvs ‘04 Harley Davidson FLSTCI- CC 1450- Glacier white, very low miles. $14,500. Call 658-1382. tfn072209 ———————————————


’98 Harley Davidson Dyna FXDSC... Full chrome, 10K miles, one owner, garage housed, excellent condition, $10,500. Call Larry at 826-4267. tfn0909 ——————————————— ‘99 Harley Sportster 83 Hugger, forward controls, Just 9,000 miles, loaded! $5,500. Call 657-3482, Jerry. tfn0609 ——————————————— 2004 Honda Shadow, 1100cc, 2300 original miles, candy apple red, garage kept, excellent condition, $5700. Call 912-657-5288. 0509tfn ——————————————— 2005 Kawasaki Bayou 250, very low hours, gently rode, like brand new! Great for pleasure, hunting or Christmas! Have 2 of them at $1850 each. Call 912-657-6559. 0509tfn ——————————————— ‘02 Harley Davidson Dyna Lowrider 1450, good condition, silver and chrome, asking $11,000. Call Larry, 429-0653 after 5pm. tfn0509 ———————————————



2002 Dutchman 26’ lightweight camper. Like new, never been pulled! Has a slide-out living room, sleeps 6! $11,000. Call 912-9886254, or 912-308-4823. ——————————————— 1991 31 foot Coachmen Motorhome, only 41,700 miles, excellent condition, garage kept. Just $14,000. Call 826-5868. tfn1208 ———————————————— Tell them you found it in The Spirit!!

BOATS/jet skis 1999 21’ Carolina Skiff with 150 Yamaha and galvanized trailer. All good condition. $10,000 or best offer. Call 748-1735 or 398-3454, ask for Bobby. 0609tfn

NOW OPEN! 2002 ford taurus se


‘07 700 Arctic Cat... 4x4 4-wheeler, $4,000 firm. Call 663-2924. tfn051509 ——————————————— 2000 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster, 6500 miles, $5500. Lots of chrome! Call 754-4311. tfn0309 ——————————————— 2003 Harley Superglide, 100 Year Anniversary, black, 16” Ape Hangers, chopper light, lowered, chrome and extras, $10,000. Call 912-3133060. tfnahlw ——————————————— 1990 Harley Davidson FXLRS Low Rider Custom... with red and gold flames, 22K miles, good condition, must sell! $6700. Call after 5pm, 653-5576. tfn013109 ——————————————— 1991 Honda ST1100, in good condition. 53k miles, garage kept, new tires, Corbin and original seats, clear-view windshield, Givi top case, $3900. Call 912-484-5265 or 912-748-8981. 1108tfn ——————————————— 2003 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Deuce, 1550. 294 miles, kept indoors, flawless condition. Must see to appreciate! $18,995. Serious inquiries only please. Call 667-0018 or 748-7035. tfn1208

campers/rvs/trailers 2005 3’ Potomac 5th-wheel RV with 2 slides, top of the line interior, has washer and dryer, deluxe restroom. Never any pets or smoking on the inside. Immaculate condition. $24,500. Call 912-653-0319. 0709tfn ——————————————— 2006 33’ Fleetwood, double slide, king size bed, fully equipped with everything needed to start camping. Too many extras to mention! Asking $20,000. Call 450-3831. 0709tfn ——————————————— 1995 Winnebago Adventurer, 35’, sleeps 6, queen bed, 454 Chevy drive train, Michelin tires, awnings and lots of extras! $18,995. Call 658-2268. tfn0409


$ 2001 ford f-150 xlt



1998 jeep wrangler sport



• Consignment Vehicles • Trades • Locate Service • Buy Used Vehicles 2001 chevy corvette conv.



1998 dodge grand caravan





Anniversary Edition” Electra Glide Classic

——————————————— Wi-No-Na Itasca 21’ Kevlar expedition canoe, $500 or best offer. Call for complete description, 912695-7080. 0109tfn ——————————————— Jet Ski For Sale- 2007 Seadoo GTI SE w/Comfab Trailer. Like new, less than 40 hours. Yellow/ Black in color. All maintenance documentation available. Learner & Fast Key included. $7600. Call 912-655-8894, ask for Mark. tfn0509 ——————————————— 2007 Bass Tracker, 16 1/2’, 40HP Mercury 4 stroke engine. Less than 30 hours. $9500. Call 663-5126. 1208tfn ——————————————— Boat motor, 15hp, Yamaha 4 stroke, electric start. Used only 3 or 4 times. (I upgraded to a larger motor!) $2000. Call 234-3348. tfnTS

2001 ford explorer



EFFINGHAM AUTO SALES 6014 Hwy. 21 South at McCall Rd. (Across from Springfield Ford, between Lovett’s & Enterprise Rentals)

26,700 miles LOTS of CHROME Cruise added Taking a break: call (912) 429-7074

826-1071 663-5016 Cell

Page A32 • Spirit Newspapers • January 22 - January 28, 2009

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Shopping Spree! Designer Fashion at an Affordable Price Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, and more... Located Inside...

• Hair Studio • Airbrush • Tanning • Massage Therapy • Skin Care • Custom Spa Packages • Celebrity Makeovers Our Day Spa offers an oasis of relaxation in the heart of Rincon. Inviting to men and women, the cozy but elegant atmosphere allows you to unwind and escape!


Tucked away in Rincon’s newest shopping location, Waterford Court Plaza

(Turn next to Verizon Wireless on Hwy. 21 South, and head staight into Christmas Gifts at Glaze!)

Are You A Stylist? Do You Have A Flair For Fashion? We Are Looking For You!


Spirit Newspapers, January 22nd

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