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September 13th 2013

K e e p i n g o u r s t a ff i n f o r m e d

Issue 39

Driving in adverse weather conditions Take extra care when driving in adverse weather conditions. Fog can be particularly treacherous and below are a few points of advice intended to help you stay safe. Whilst driving in foggy conditions: Switch off your radio as you may be able to hear a hazard before you can see it. Reduce your speed and ensure you are able to stop in the distance you can see ahead.

Photo: Del Cowie

The Big Dalmarnock Bridge Lift “We were under a bit of pressure in that we carried this out in a six-and-a-half hour non-disruptive possession, but it was something we were intent on doing from the very beginning.” David Field, our Project Manager on the Dalmarnock Station upgrade sounded positively excited as he described the complex difficulties the team faced as they navigated the crane lift of a pedestrian bridge walkway, complete with roof and glazing. The £11m station development project is part of the preparations for the Commonwealth Games which is

being hosted in Glasgow City next year. The entire station is expected to become the major transport hub for the Games. With incredibly limited access, a small window of time and a bridge span longer and taller than a double-decker bus, it was supremely down to good planning and well-executed skills on the day that got the job done so smoothly. “I think we can all be proud of a job well done” is what David Field said and I think we’d all have to agree. For more information on this please visit the news section of our Website.

Fog is often accompanied by rain and low temperatures, so the road surface may be slippery. Ensure that fog lights are used if visibility is below 1OOm. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, avoid hanging on the tail-lights of the vehicle ahead. If a vehicle is travelling too close behind, slow down gradually and let them pass. Watch out for banks of dense fog ahead and slow down BEFORE entering. If you hit an area of dense fog unexpectedly, and your visibility decreases suddenly, reduce your speed considerably but avoid making an emergency stop. Don’t brake too quickly. Be smooth with acceleration and braking, cars behind you are almost certainly using you as their guide.

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On-Line Reporting

Spencer Rail minds their PQQs Spencer Rail’s on-going drive to secure new markets and clients continues. They have recently received notification of a successful framework PQQ in relation to the Southern E&P framework. And whilst they are waiting optimistically for the results of other PQQs such as the HV Framework for the London Underground and the Siemens EGIP Depot, they are still looking on towards more and more possibilities through October and onwards. Furthermore, tender activity is in a busy stage too, with on-going progress for the Southern Multi-functional Framework, the Southern E&P framework and the National Track Framework. Deliverables are currently being undertaken across this portfolio, with the first key deliverable of the 26th September, for the Southern Multi-functional submission.

Competence Assessments are in Full Swing Our current delivery of competence assessments are going well and have been undertaken across Wessex and Ipswich Chord. We are now undertaking assessments on Putney, Purley and Gravesend. Progress is being made with regards to our commitment to have competence assessments in place for all live projects we are delivering. We are also using this as an opportunity to develop the training records for employees and subcontractors across the business.

Community Update at Ipswich We have some photos of a successful community update meeting held recently at Ipswich. These kind of events perfectly reflect our commitment to keep all stakeholders involved and informed about what is happening on our projects. A select panel with a broad knowledge of our Ipswich programme was able to give a progress update and answer questions from the public. So a big thanks needs to go to all those people on and off site (and not just Ipswich) who contribute to public engagement. There are many of us who have a

Freedom Festival Support “An estimated 8,000 people attended a spectacular outdoor theatre performance hosted by the Spencer Group as the success of Hull's Freedom Festival boosted the city's bid to be UK City of Culture in 2017”. We supported a UK exclusive performance by French outdoor theatre pioneers Transe Express on a site the company owns adjacent to the headquarters at Humber Quays on the Hull waterfront, as part of our backing for Hull's showcase cultural and arts jamboree. Transe Express wowed festival-goers with the 'Les Tambours de la Muerte' show, based on the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' festival. Three-metre tall skeletons arrived in

responsibility to interact with members of the public on a daily basis and together we are all helping to maintain good relationships and to affirm our core values of respect and the delivery of excellence.

Welcome new starters Andrew McKenna - Sustainability Advisor - Group Richard Scott - Project Manager - Engineering Paul Ritchie - Operations Director - Rail South Suki Singh - Intern - Rail Scotland Adrian Kilburn - Project Director - Rail South Emily Ball - Design Manager - Design Michael Gale - Admin Assistant - Rail South

A Real New Start! Sara Graves, one of our Administrative Assistants, has had a baby boy. Thomas James Graves was born at 10.40 on 10th September weighing in at 9lb 12 and a half oz. Both are doing well and I’m sure we collectively wish them all the best! the city's Fruit Market arts quarter to join a procession of frenetic drummers and dancers, who then led a transfixed crowd over to Humber Quays for a finale show that ended with fireworks exploding across the night sky.” Read more about our involvement with ‘Freedom’ on our Website.

You can do your bit to help in this area by submitting all your relevant certificates to: The more that gets done beforehand, the smoother the process will go, so thanks in advance for your cooperation. TM

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Spencer in touch issue 39  

This week, we’re lifting large bridges in Scotland, learning some tips on driving safely as the winter approaches, and down south we’re list...

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