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July 19th 2013

Issue 35

station. Users of the new system will need to pay attention to where they are filling up. So, where can you use the cards? There are two tiers of savings available to you. The primary network delivers the best price reduction and so we would encourage you to look out for these petrol stations: Primary networks= Shell, Texaco, Morrisons, UK Fuels & Total Secondary networks= Esso, Tesco

World’s biggest dehumidification contract Great news from our Engineering division which is celebrating being awarded a prestigious contract. We have been awarded a contract for the dehumidification of the main cables of the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark. The bridge forms part of the Great Belt Fixed Link which connects the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen. The link consists of the West Bridge which is of box-girder construction and carries rail and road traffic, the East Tunnel which carries rail traffic and the East Bridge which is a suspension bridge carrying road traffic. We have been awarded the contract to dehumidify the East Bridge main cables. This is significant as the East Bridge is 6,790 metres (22,277 ft) long with a free span of 1,624 metres (5,328 ft) making it the world's third-longest suspension bridge span, surpassed only by the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge (Japan) and Xihoumen Bridge (China). Jim Mawson, the Project Director responsible for the project said "Winning the Great Dehumidification contract fantastic achievement for all


Belt a

concerned. The fact that we have won the contract for the largest suspension bridge in the Western World is testimony to our position as the global market leader in suspension cable dehumidification. This is our 5th dehumidification project on large suspension bridges and the second international contract and represents another milestone in this growing market / sector."

New Fuel Cards We have decided to move to a new fuel card company offering the potential of up to £26k a year in savings based on agreed discounts on the pump prices. The move to ‘Forecourt Fuels’ has been prompted by a number of technical issues suffered under our current suppliers as well as the introduction of a new additional 2% fee on all transactions. Obviously, this was going to have a significant impact on our business.

Please also note it is important to look for the ‘UK Fuels logo’ when entering a petrol station as some places such as BP based at a MOTO services will take the card but a stand-alone BP station will not. If you have any doubts then check the pump for the logo or ask at the service desk prior to filling up. Additionally ‘Forecourt Fuels’ have provided information on a number of tools assist you in finding the right station nearest to you. When the switch happens you will be given two cards: A Shell card for use at Shell, Total and Esso garages and a Texaco card for all the others (if in doubt, take both in!). As before, please ensure you provide your mileage when filling up. To aid the transition we are staggering the roll out of these cards starting with the Grey Fleet (opt outs) and we would welcome your feedback on your experience with the cards so please send any comments via email to:

Whilst the benefits of the switch are obvious, there is an additional factor to take into account. The new fuel cards, whilst delivering a cost saving, are not accepted at every single TM

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Spencer on Radio 4

Who better to hear from in a Radio 4 feature on the economic potential of Hull city and the Humber region, then one of the directors of a successful local company that is thriving despite the global economic difficulties? The World Tonight programme reported positively on the Spencer Group’s growth, spotlighting its increase in turnover by 40 per cent in the previous year. Gary Thornton highlighted the great potential of Hull and the Humber to prosper from investments in renewable energy industries, which would reinforce the region as the UK’s “Energy Estuary”.

Gary Thornton - Chief Operating Officer

He said: “For the very first time there is a lot of joined-up thinking with regards to branding the locality… The Energy Estuary sums it all up for me. Whether it is wind power or developments like biofuels, there is a lot of togetherness and that joinedup thinking extends into the academic side. There are a lot of courses available now and people are getting prepared and skilled for the likes of Siemens and others coming to the city…” “It will take a while for it all to happen, but we’re open for business.” What a great opportunity for us to, not only have Spencer’s success broadcast on national radio, but also highlight the positive growth taking place at the moment in the Humber Region.

A Wel’kim’ addition to the Training Department Kim Chambers (arguably the cheeriest person in the known universe) has been developing well in her new role as Training Officer. March of this year saw her moving from HR into the Training department in order to develop a broader knowledge of personnel development issues. As part of the Training team she has been involved in projects such as strengthening our safety critical training supplier list and developing the accuracy of competency frameworks. This drive for development stems from her aspirations to gain Full CIPD Membership (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). She is currently an associate Member of the CIPD and Training Manager Aaron McIver thinks this is just the thing she needs to move forward in her goals: “Kim is doing a great job for us. She is conscientious, very organised and a quick learner. She is very personable and has fitted in very well within the team. I am fully behind her pursuit of CIPD membership and will endeavour to provide her the opportunities required to gain the experience necessary to satisfy CIPD prerequisites.” It’s encouraging for us all to know that Spencer is playing a part in helping Kim to develop her career. We wish her all the best On a tenuously related note, Phil Laver (Graphic Designer) had this to say about Kim: “Can I just say, I think Kim is great! The other day she gave me a 2 litre bottle of Dr Pepper for basically no reason! Who does that!?” Other sparkling beverages are available. - Ed

New team members We’re pleased to welcome our newest team members: Jason Smith - System Support Officer Kevin McGuinness - Project Engineer Yvonne Hodgson - Project Surveyor

The first engineering company in the UK to We have officially pay a living become the first wage engineering business in the UK to pay the Living Wage and one of only three private sector organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber to sign up for the campaign. In being awarded the “Living Wage Employer” mark, Spencer joins a growing number of ethical companies and organisations committed to a fair pay policy. This new development has seen 16 of our colleagues enjoy an average rise in annual pay of £1,259. The scheme applies to Spencer’s entire workforce including agency workers in roles such as cleaning, administration and security (as long as they have been continuously employed for at least 13 weeks of course!). For more information on this story there is a detailed press released on the news section of our website. If you would like something published: please contact Julie Worman. or via Skype csl.julie.worman

Nonstop networking for our Rail Division It has been a busy few weeks for our Rail Division having chalked up business opportunity meetings all over the UK, from York to Edinburgh to Birmingham to London. One of these was an eventful meeting in Birmingham where the basis of ‘East West Rail’, a £475m CP5 project, was presented to Spencer. This project’s prequalification stage will open in September and is one of a host of major projects, outside of frameworks, that Spencer are in line to participate in. We also had a couple of projects nominated in the Scottish Transport Awards. Although we didn’t win, it’s encouraging to have our efforts recognised. TM

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Spencer in touch issue 35  

After a short hiatus we're back with a brand new staff writer. Please welcome Phil Laver, our very own Graphic Designer-come-verbose wordsm...

Spencer in touch issue 35  

After a short hiatus we're back with a brand new staff writer. Please welcome Phil Laver, our very own Graphic Designer-come-verbose wordsm...