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May 2013 - Congratulations to: Hard Knocks: Diane Rowe Random Hard Knock Voter: Yvonne Moir Photo Competition: David Field Random Photo Comp Voter: Craig Coggon

K e e p i n g o u r s t a ff i n f o r m e d that no one would be put at unnecessary risk to resolve the problem. Managers were called in from various departments to assist with the plan, including Engineering and SHEQ. Needless to say, the situation was brought under control quickly and safely with the remaining scaffolding being dismantled and removed without further incident. We’ve included this story in In-touch because it’s a great example of teamwork succeeding in the face of potential disaster. Efforts are of course now focussed on investigating the causes of the collapse and importantly, what lessons can be learnt for the future. What this incident proved is that the collaboration of skills coupled with excellent communications meant that no one got hurt, and even when things looked bad, faith was put into the systems and procedures that exist. Early lessons to take from this are:

Team works! in the face of trouble It was a windy day in late May when the top 10m section of scaffolding collapsed. The 40m structure was in place to provide access to the new rail loading silo we had constructed earlier that month on a site near Hull. No one was hurt when the scaffold collapsed because experience and leadership prevailed. Earlier that morning two site managers, despite programme pressures, assessed the wind speed conditions and agreed that the planned dismantling must wait till conditions improved. What happened later is a lesson to us all when things go wrong. When the scaffolding collapsed, the team galvanised into action creating an exclusion zone around the structure whilst figuring out how to safely proceed. As the scaffolding dismantlers were already on site, the site team chose to utilise the experience and skills at hand to formulate an action plan that meant © Spencer Engineering Group Ltd. 1989-2013 – All Rights Reserved

•Don’t be afraid to take a lead in any situation, everyone acting as leaders when it comes to safety will make us a safer place to work. •If an incident does start to develop, don’t panic, take control, rely on your experience and training. You’ll know your own competence level and when you’re getting out of your depth, never be afraid to ask for help. •Follow our systems, they are good! and they work well if implemented properly •Your first priority is your own safety and that of others around you.

In touch would like to thank the following people who all worked extremely hard to resolve this incident: Chris Charlton, Bob Graham, Roy and Gareth Jones, Phil Harker, Joe Bennett, Julie Ford, Dave Taylor, Neil Hewitt and Pete Vessey.

June 14th 2013

Issue 34

ICSBOC 2013 report The 8th International Cable Supported Bridge Operators Conference was held in Edinburgh at the beginning of June.

As main sponsor for the event, Jim Mawson and newcomer Nick Lamb manned the Spencer exhibition for the two day event. Nick said: “The level of interest shown towards us was considerable, and from a surprisingly wide range and variety of delegates.” “The quality of technical papers presented was praised by the delegates, and it was surprising how many of the narratives mentioned Spencer and our innovative work in this field” said Jim. The Spencer brand is very strong in the bridge industry, and this was reflected in the wider geographical spread of enquiries. These ranged from locations as near as the Humber Bridge board right through Scandinavia and Canada to the Far East including Hong Kong. Encouragingly, a large proportion of enquires were effectively referrals from previous clients or supplier referrals due in large part to the work we’ve done in the past. The Forth Estuary Transport Authority host and representative Barry Coleford closed the conference with a speech that showered Spencer in glowing terms. Overall the event was a resounding success and should provide a great platform for future structures growth. TM

It’s Half marathon time again

Make £5 blossom – Update

Our intrepid team of tarmac pounders will take to the streets of Hull and north Lincolnshire on the 30th June where they will be taking part in the annual Humber Half Marathon. Team Spencer: Chris Tofton, Chris Charlton, Rob Windard, James Lacey, Nick Maynard, Rob Taylor and Dave Manifold will be flying the flag for us whilst hoping to win the corporate challenge as they did in 2012.

On Tuesday 4th June, the children from Stoneferry Primary School visited Humber Quays to sell cup-cakes and to take orders for their bespoke “designer” ID card lanyards. The children spent time with Charlie and Gary discussing their business ideas. Current reports are that they turned a tidy £70 profit.

Our team will be running for our nominated charity Action for Children, so please get behind them to support this worthy cause. Click below to donate And if you’re in the area, why not come along during the morning and cheer them on.

Julie Worman said: “Hosting the children at HQ was a delightful experience, they were all super behaved and enjoyed their visit to the offices with a hightlight being an audience with Gary and Charlie.

it on good authority that the children are working hard to make these to your specific design. “Thanyou to those who got involved for making these children’s first business steps truly magical” JW

My thanks go to Hannah Backhouse, who, spent more than an hour helping them to create posters and tickets for their other events in the scheme.”

If you would like something published: please contact Julie Worman.

Those who ordered lanyards, Julie has

or via Skype


Promoting Hull Charlie, has helped to launch a major plan to transform the economic fortunes of our company’s home city. He was among local business leaders who spoke at an event at the University of Hull where former Cabinet minister Lord Mandelson launched Hull’s City Plan. Lord Mandelson Photo: Copyright HDM is supporting the a m b i t i o u s programme in his new role as High Steward of Hull, a historical position which has been revived to give him a platform to promote the city to key decision-makers and potential investors. The 10-year City Plan has the potential to attract £1 billion of investment into Hull and has a target of creating 7,500 jobs. The plan includes initiatives to exploit Hull’s potential to become a major hub for renewable energy industries, to make it the UK’s greenest city, and develop the city as a significant visitor

destination, exploiting the area’s rich maritime heritage. Charlie is a member of the City Leadership Board, which is driving forward the City Plan, and he told the launch event, attended by more than 300 local business leaders, about the green initiatives within it. These include plans for a city-wide district heating scheme from which homes and businesses could extract heat from while organisations with waste heat could pump it in. This will lead to lower energy bills for local businesses and households and will attract industries with heat requirements or waste heat which can be put to good use. Charlie also highlighted proposals for a city-wide LED street lighting scheme that would be six times more energy efficient than sodium lights and allow for the optimum lighting required at any given time and location. LED lights are also directional, so they would significantly reduce light pollution and enable the stars to be visible at night.

He also revealed, for the first time, that the City Leadership Board is exploring the potential for the Hull area to host data from all over the world in huge data farms. This opportunity would take advantage of the availability of multiple power sources, reduced energy costs and bracing wind from the Humber to help cool the data servers. In addition, Charlie highlighted the Group’s own plans for Energy Works, a £150 million energy recovery plant in Hull, which has been awarded £20m in European funding in recognition of its innovative green technologies. Lord Mandelson also referred to Energy Works in his address at the event, praising it as a pioneering example of Hull’s green energy credentials. Charlie said: “The green City Plan is about attracting energy-related business to Hull, improving energy conservation and ensuring future development is sustainable. This in turn will improve the quality of life in the city by reducing energy bills and providing jobs and economic growth.”


© Spencer Engineering Group Ltd. 1989-2013 – All Rights Reserved

Spencer in touch issue 34  

In this issue; The kids from Stoneferry turn a profit and we learn some useful lessons.

Spencer in touch issue 34  

In this issue; The kids from Stoneferry turn a profit and we learn some useful lessons.