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March 12th 2013

Issue 30

Spencer Rail: On track After months of preparation, the Spencer Rail proposals team is moving into an intense period of prequalification and tendering - with nearly £4bn of frameworks and projects being pursued over the next 16 weeks. Critically, we are bidding for a number of high value, long duration frameworks, that if successful will provide a steady pipeline of work for Spencer Rail all the way through to 2019.

Continued success in biomass handling We have become one of the first companies to benefit from supply chain opportunities linked to a £100 million investment in the Humber ports. Associated British Ports (ABP) has announced it had signed a 15-year contract with Drax Power Limited to handle biomass shipments destined for Drax Power Station at Selby. ABP will invest about £70 million in the ports of Immingham and Grimsby, with £30 million of investment divided between the ports of Hull and Goole. The programme is expected to generate about 100 jobs during construction, with an additional 100 jobs created once the facilities become fully operational. It reinforces the Humber’s position as the UK’s “Energy Estuary” and the region’s growing credentials as a major renewables hub. As part of the programme, we have been awarded a multi-million contract to design and construct new rail loading facilities at ABP’s Port of Hull for handling and transporting shipments of sustainable biomass. Paul Gledhill said “We are extremely pleased that the Spencer Group is involved in the construction of this facility. “As the only UK contractor to have successfully constructed and commissioned bulk biomass-handling facilities at both ports and power stations, we are confident this facility will be delivered

in line with the programme, performance and cost expectations. “We also have a track record of working in operational sites without impacting on our clients’ commercial operations, which is clearly an important factor.” The works at the Port of Hull will involve a road vehicle reception facility, conveyor system, a 3,000m³ slipformed reinforced concrete silo and a state-of-the-art loading facility capable of loading trains with 1,600 tonnes of material in just 40 minutes.

Removal of Green Box Should you have a Green Box on your Sentinel card and you have more than six months rail experience and a minimum of four logbook entries, please contact the Training Department who will notify the NCCA that you have completed learning support.

Additionally, there are promising shoots of works within the northern region, including the refurbishment of Sunderland Station. In other news, Spencer is holding a highly specialised training course for the adoption of the collaboration standard BS11000 in London next week. This is being undertaken to prepare our delivery teams with the knowledge to implement truly collaborative projects over the coming years. And in the spirit of true collaboration, we will also be providing places for Network Rail. This will become a significant element of how we work in the coming years as collaboration forms one of the key deliverables for Network Rail in CP5, the others being safety, sustainability, efficiency and self-assurance.

Tony Perrin arrives in Ipswich to his own fanfare Tony Perrin is now in place in Ipswich to take on the role of Project Manager Structures.

You should email a copy of the four logbook entries to; these will be retained as evidence on SOS.

He did actually say: “New, good-looking, charming head of structures manager arrives in Ipswich!!!”

This is to ensure compliance with NWR Standard NR/L2/CTM/021 and will also entitle you to wear a white safety helmet. TM

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A warm welcome to team Spencer

accounts, procurement, commercial and tendering. This will be combined with site experience and time spent at Hull College undertaking a NVQ Level 3 in B u s i n e s s Administration.

Mujahid ‘Muj’ Ahmed has recently joined us as the first of six b u s i n e s s administration apprentices we are to employ over the coming months. Scunthorpe lad, ‘Muj’ is due to shortly complete a ten-week secondment at Humberfield and Driffield where he has made an excellent impression on the team there. Pete Vessey said: “He is doing a great job for us, he is conscientious and a quick learner. A good prospect, very personable and has fitted in very well on site.” Following completion of his current secondment, multilingual Muj will then undertake secondments in various departments such as training, plant,

The development programme specified above will enable Muj to develop his understanding of how our business works from feasibility to completion. Muj said: “I have been made to feel really welcome and I am looking forward to developing within the apprenticeship programme. This is a truly fantastic opportunity and one I am looking to make the most of.”

Training manager goes back to school Aaron McIver and a member of the Wessex delivery team will give a presentation on rail safety to over 200 school kids at Wood School, Surrey on Thursday 18 April 2013. The kids, ranging from 11 to 13 years old, will participate within a very interactive session which will look at a all areas of railway safety Aaron said: “I am really looking forward to delivering this session. This is an excellent opportunity for us to really highlight the dangers which exist on the railway. If we can contribute to raising awareness of the dangers and perhaps saving a life, then I am all for getting involved.”

If you would like something published: please contact Julie Worman. or via Skype csl.julie.worman

Going Hi-tech on the Sudbury line Following on from the successful delivery of a concept GPS train tracking system we installed on the Sudbury to Marks Tey line last year, we’re now pressing ahead with the next phase of the system known as TAWS (Train Approach Warning System).

which signals a train is located. With its four mobile phone network modems for resilience, TAWS communicates each trains exact position on the infrastructure to the

The scheme sees us working very closely with Network Rail and technology experts Futronics to design and deliver a state of the art GPS / ELORAN / GLONASS train positional information and state monitoring system to Network Rail. After the hugely successful concept trial that ran throughout last year, Network Rail has given us the green light to progress the system to a permanently fitted installation. Using GPS, GSM, GLONASS and the ELORAN radio networks, the permanent TAWS transponders gives signallers at the Liverpool Street IECC visibility of their trains over and above simply knowing between © Spencer Engineering Group Ltd. 1989-2013 – All Rights Reserved

One example of the TAWS display screen

signaller every second whilst providing other condition information such as speed, signal strength and general health information about the train. We have installed a bespoke display appliance into the signalling control centre that gives the signaller

pin-point accurate information. This is especially useful when the signaller is giving instructions to (UWC-t) type local level crossing users on that line. Project Manager Peter Kay said: “What we’re doing with TAWS is changing the way signallers see the network. Historically, signallers have only had mimic boards or screens to look at, that whilst accurate in terms of which section a train is currently occupying, TAWS will actually give them visibility of the trains location set against the geography with dynamic arrival times at key locations on the line. In this current phase of the works we’re completely redesigning the Transponders and the central ‘cloud’ based servers that handle the information the transponders send in, and we’ll be taking the system right through product approval so that it can be used elsewhere on the infrastructure. TM

Spencer - In Touch - Issue 30  

With more Biomass handling on the East coast and hi-tech trains in the South, this issue 30 has something for everyone; ohh, and not forgett...

Spencer - In Touch - Issue 30  

With more Biomass handling on the East coast and hi-tech trains in the South, this issue 30 has something for everyone; ohh, and not forgett...