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Wednesday, february 11, 2015

Volume 63 No. 47


Three’s company 50 Shades of Fetishes A close look at how society handles threesomes

An exploration into kinks, fetishes and where they come from

About 10 percent of UB students have had a threesome, according to a survey of 837 students conducted by The Spectrum. YUSONG SHI, THE SPECTRUM

BDSM, a kinky form of rough sex involving a dominant and a submissive, is growing in popularity and gaining acceptance in mainstream media with the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Some students, however, still struggle to accept their own kinks or fetishes. YUSONG SHI, THE SPECTRUM

TOM DINKI SENIOR NEWS EDITOR After getting a drink and coming back to the dance floor during a party near South Campus, David Stockman* found a girl he’d been flirting with earlier in the night dancing with one of his friends. But the friend, Cam Lucas*, wasn’t trying to steal the girl from Stockman – he wanted to share. “Yo, she’s down for a threesome,” Lucas whispered. That night – which started out as a possible normal hookup for Stockman – would become his first and only threesome experience. And he’s not the only college student who’s sexually experimented with more than one person at a time. About 10 percent of UB students have had a threesome, according to The Spectrum’s sex survey of 837 people. And according to sexual health experts and educators, college students are sometimes more willing than other age groups to participate in them. “In that age range, people are more likely to experiment and explore and get things out of their system, so to speak,” said Dr. Justine Shuey, a sexologist and

sexuality educator who is an adjunct professor at several colleges in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Threesomes – which can be considered any sexual acts involving three partners of any gender – are well-documented fantasies for both men and women. But they aren’t limited to college campuses. A threesome with two women is the No.1 fantasy of heterosexual men, according to Shuey. They’re featured in both pornographic films and mainstream pop culture. How I Met Your Mother dedicated an entire episode to characters coveting a ‘Threesome Belt.’ But trying to get better at threesomes from watching porn is like trying to be a better driver from watching a Fast and Furious movie, said sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko, who lectures about sexual health at college campuses across the country. “It’s really hard to go to rock climbing without someone showing you the basics. We don’t talk openly about the basics of sex, and we don’t talk about the basics of sexual exploration,” Mihalko said. “Culture does a terrible job of preparing young adults for exploring things safely.” SEE THREESOMES , PAGE 4-5



Brittney is turned on by the sound of urine falling into a toilet. It’s one of her kinks. Lorna Loster has been tying men up since she was 14 years old. It’s her fetish. A fetish is something one needs in order to have a fulfilling sexual experience while a kink is just something sexual one enjoys. Although sometimes thought of as taboo or uncommon, 23.5 percent of UB students admitted to having some sort of kink or fetish including spanking, public sex, feet and bondage in The Spectrum’s sex survey. Brittney, whose name has been changed for her privacy, is aroused by urine-related activities. This kink is also defined as urolangi, or “watersports,” including watching people urinate, getting urinated on – a “golden shower” – or watching people wet themselves. This is only one of countless fetishes and kinks people could have. Some are more common, like a foot or spank-

ing fetish, while others are less common and even illegal, like erotophonophilia, arousal from killing someone, or bestiality, the desire to have intercourse with an animal. Bondage, however, is a fetish that has recently grown in popularity and acceptance. In 2010, the American Psychiatric Association announced it would change the diagnostic codes for fetishism and BDSM – overlapping abbreviation of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism – in the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The new definitions will have a distinction between behavior and pathology, meaning consenting adults will no longer be considered mentally ill for being a sexual minority. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon is also helping to alleviate the stigmas surrounding the BDSM community. But some students still struggle to accept their kinks and fetishes, though they may not be as uncommon as people think. SEE FETISHES, PAGE 2


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Continued from fetishes, page 1 New York is ranked 28 in amount of BDSM searches on, the largest porn website on the Internet. This includes the words “punish,” “bondage” and accounts for 1.2 percent of all PornHub searches. Loster, owner of local sex shop Four Beauties near South Campus, is a dominatrix and breast fetish model. The 28-year-old gets paid to stand in front of a video camera and jump around, shake her shoulders and play with her size 36M breasts. But her real enjoyment comes from wearing fishnet stockings, heels and a corset as she assumes the role of a dominatrix; whether it’s as a model or in her everyday life, she loves being in control. “It’s my lifestyle and it’s in me, I have to do it,” she said. But it’s not about the sex for the dominatrix. She’s more into “having all the power.” In a typical BDSM scenario there are two roles: dominant and submissive. A dominant figure, like Loster, has the power in the situation whereas the submissive has given up the power, according to Dan, a BDSM expert who has been educating people about the sex subculture for three years. Dan doesn’t reveal his last name but goes by his nickname Frozen Meursault in the BDSM community. As a dominatrix, Loster spanks, ties up and disciplines men who ask for it. She currently has relations with five submissive men in what she calls “her stable.” Just because someone is playing a dominant role, however, doesn’t mean he or she is getting all of the pleasure – that’s for the bottom. The top is the person giving the sensations and the bottom is the person receiving them, according to Dan. Joshua, a junior at UB whose name has been changed to protect his privacy, loves to submit to other guys and identifies as a bottom. “I have this natural attraction to power, physical and otherwise,” he said. “So once I find power, I want that around and I will make sure he knows he’s taken care of.” This means he would rather give a blowjob than receive one and he will only be the receiver in penetrative sex. He said this is what has led him to his kinks of getting choked and having his hair pulled during sex. Where do they come from? Fetishes, kinks and paraphilia – illegal fetishes and kinks – usually develop in the adolescent stage of growth through associative networks, according to Lance Rintamaki, UB’s sex communication professor. This means the brain links something often not associated with sex, like feet or urine, to feelings of arousal. It’s unknown why this occurs and it’s unavoidable for some people, Rintamaki said. “When someone develops a fetish or a kink or a paraphilia, it’s not under their control and it’s not their fault,” he said. Brittney, who also enjoys looking at women’s feet, ac-

Lorna Loster poses at FetishCon, a convention for people involved in the BDSM community. She is a dominatrix and model for breast fetish porn. COURTESY OF LORNA LOSTER

knowledged her urolangi kink when she was in high school. “I saw people wet themselves and something about seeing them almost make it to the restroom got me excited and nervous,” she said. Loster was 11 when she recognized her fetish. She accidently saw an episode of an HBO documentary show, “Real Sex” and it sparked her curiosity. She started researching the kinky sex she saw. By the time she was 14 years old, she started teaching herself and experimenting with tying people up and other domineering acts like making the boys in her class carry her books. “I’ve always had that controlling nature,” Loster said. “It’s weird because with my friends who aren’t in the lifestyle, they can’t really read that off of me. But once I find out you’re into the lifestyle, it all comes out.” It wasn’t until she was 17 that she considered herself “serious about being a dominatrix” and got involved with dom-sub relationships. Dan was introduced to the lifestyle through a girlfriend he had when he was 17. When his girlfriend told him she was into BDSM, he was unsure of what his role would be. After his first experience, he actively sought information about rough body play, including punching, slapping and choking. At first he said he tried to “compartmentalize” his desires by looking for a “vanilla girlfriend” – someone who isn’t in the BDSM community – while also looking to fit in his kinkier interests on the side. It wasn’t until he accepted “this is a part of who I am” that he fully im-

mersed himself into the lifestyle. -Throughout his exploration, Dan became aware of the three consent rules of the kink and fetishism community. -Informed consent: people know the risks of what they are consenting to -Enthusiastic consent: people shouldn’t be coerced into doing anything they are uncomfortable with -On-going consent: occurs throughout an activity to ensure people don’t feel pressure to continue an activity if they don’t want to. As a dominatrix, Loster ensures her submissives are aware of all three types of consent and she also always participates in “after care.” “If you do anything that seems abusive you have to do [after care],” she said. “People are in disarray sometimes and you need to make sure their minds are back in order and they acknowledge it’s play and not reality.” Acceptance For a long time, Dan described himself as “in the closet” about his rough body play fetish. “On some level there is a component of ‘it’s just a sexual activity’ and some would argue that it’s not the same as accepting who you love,” Dan said. “But for me, my relationships have a power exchange and I’m polyamorous and so I have more than one partner that I care about, so in a lot of ways it is [like coming out of the closet].” Joshua disagrees with that comparison. He said kinks and fetishes are something that can be kept in the bedroom, and therefore is nobody else’s business. But he does think it’s important to be vocal with sexual partners about what he likes. To encourage sexual partners to participate in rough sex involving choking and hair pulling, he guides his partner’s hands around his own neck and into his hair to subtly let him know what he wants. “Just cause I’m a bottom doesn’t mean I can’t be a little bossy,” he said. “If they don’t like what they’re doing they’ll move their hands back.” Brittney has talked to her boyfriend about her interest in urolangi and although she hasn’t experienced her kink yet, he is open to trying watersports with her. It took her a long time to accept her fascination with urine. She struggled with shame, guilt, disgust and denial over her kinks and is slowly starting to accept them. Her boyfriend has helped her come to terms with them and realize they are just “sexual preferences and interests.” She advises other people to accept their kinks and fetishes without needing the approval of others. “It does not make you a freak or abnormal,” Brittney said. “We all have our different preferences and turn-ons and the longer you try to deny it, the more difficult it will become to think or engage in sex.” She joined online communities to help her embrace her kink and encourages other people to do the same. “Odds are there is somebody else who is into what you’re into,” Dan said. “It’s highly unlikely that you invented a fetish. Most people aren’t that creative.” There is a stigma surrounding kinks and fetishes but Dan said there’s no reason for people to be ashamed of what makes them happy. email:

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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There’s a good chance you picked up The Spectrum today because you saw “SEX” bold across the cover. Maybe you’re a fateful reader, eager to pick us up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – or, perhaps, you just wanted to read about fetishes, threesomes and the new sex shop on South Campus. Look, I get it. There’s a reason this is our most-read issue of the year. Most college students like reading about sex, but there’s more to the issue than that – this year especially. College newspapers across the country produce sex issues, many of them mainly feature columns, sex advice and pieces about safe sex practices. The Spectrum team wanted to

Sharon Kahn, Senior Gabriela Julia Dan McKeon, Asst. ARTS EDITORS

Jordan Oscar, Senior Tori Roseman, Senior Brian Windschitl SPORTS EDITORS

Jordan Grossman, Senior Quentin Haynes, James Battle, Asst. PHOTO EDITORS

Yusong Shi, Senior Kainan Guo, Asst. CARTOONISTS


Jenna Bower Kenneth Cruz, Asst.



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Tyler Harder Derek Hosken, Asst.

THE SPECTRUM Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Volume 64 Number 47 Circulation 7,000 The views expressed – both written and graphic – in the Feedback, Opinion and Perspectives sections of The Spectrum do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board. Submit contributions for these pages to The Spectrum office at Suite 132 Student Union or The Spectrum reserves the right to edit these pieces for style and length. If a letter is not meant for publication, please mark it as such. All submissions must include the author’s name, daytime phone number, and email address. The Spectrum is represented for national advertising by MediaMate. For information on adverstising with The Spectrum, visit or call us directly at (716) 645-2452. The Spectrum offices are located in 132 Student Union, UB North Campus, Buffalo, NY 14260-2100



The digital age’s affect on how we cover sex

go beyond that this year. I think we did, doing research and reporting on topics we thought students didn’t fully understand. But we ran into problems we didn’t anticipate. Students, many absolutely infatuated with sex, are scared to talk about it … to a publication. Millennials have been told over and over to be conscious of what they post on the Internet. And UB, you seem to have listened. The No. 1 answer my reporters got from potential sources on our mission to write real stories about real topics was, “Only if you don’t use my name. I don’t want this to show up on a Google search.” We obliged. We have every right to publish this edition – every right to write about things frankly that may be hard to talk about. And we know they’re hard to talk about, being why we’ve granted sources the option to talk to us anonymously, something you’ll rarely see in our regular editions. The sexual revolution in the 1960s and ’70s allowed Americans to loosen their morals on premarital sex, casual sex and birth control use. The digital revolution seems to have made students scared to talk about those very topics on record, fearing what will be left behind in their digital footprint.

That response made us want to run this issue even more, with the hope maybe an article explaining why fetishes shouldn’t be stigmatized or the psychology behind threesomes would make people feel at least a little more comfortable with the less-talked about parts of sexuality. A quote in a college newspaper shouldn’t turn off a future employer – but I can’t say for sure it won’t. I can say The Spectrum’s former sex columnist, who put her name on every column, is now killing at law school. It shouldn’t be taboo for a student to openly talk about sex, but even my own editors can’t control how society (mainly employers) may perceive them if they put their names to an article reviewing sex positions. We’ve been producing a sex issue for five years. It’s become a staple in The Spectrum newsroom, but doing something because we’ve always done is not a good reason to do anything. Every year, the incoming editor in chief evaluates our list of special issues. I never considered taking away the Sex Issue, but I did think about why it was important to keep. Stories come up every few years – if not more often – about college papers frustrating administrators with sex-focused editions. In 2014, a paper at Central New Mexico Community

College had its sex issues swiped off the racks by administration. The college shut the newspaper down, just to later reinstate it and return the newspapers, realizing their failure to acknowledge the First Amendment. The Spectrum is an independent publication, meaning we decide what goes onto our pages. With that comes a lot of responsibility, especially in an issue that forces us to question what’s justifiable and what isn’t. This issue isn’t crude for the sake of being crude. There are no photos of half-naked models throwing condoms in air as some gimmick to get you to pick up the paper. We’ve aimed to have well-thought-out images to accompany well-thought-out content. Last year, I wrote an article revealing of the 1,003 students surveyed, 42 percent didn’t get tested for sexually transmitted infections. The year before, I chronicled the life of a student stripper. And this year, there’s more stories I hope get you to think and challenge how you understand sexuality. Sex is messy, fun, serious and worth talking about meaningfully, even if you’re not having it. email:

Supreme Court refuses to cater to prejudice Gay marriage is worthy of support, but states deserve rights, too Subverting the law for the sake of equality is ultimately a worthwhile endeavor. Lora and Julie, the first samesex couple to marry in Etowah County, Alabama on Monday would certainly agree. So, too, would Olanda and Dianah, Cooper and Jessie and all the same-sex couples in Alabama who finally saw their relationships recognized and legalized after the Supreme Court declined to block a January federal court order that made states begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Voters in Alabama approved a statewide ban on gay marriage in 2006 by a 4-to-1 margin. But this January, U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade ruled that the law was unconstitutional after hearing an adoption case involving a same-sex couple. As a judge in the Federal District Court, Granade initiated an intense debate over Alabama’s gay marriage law with her ruling. The attorney general’s office in Alabama immediately expressed its opposition, with Attorney General Luther Strange turning to first a federal appeals court in Atlanta, and then bringing the legal battle to the Supreme Court. In both cases, the state’s arguments failed to sway the federal


courts. Alabama’s desperation to maintain a prejudicial and discriminatory ban is clearly deplorable. There’s little to debate about the state’s stance against gay marriage – it’s simply wrong. But the dilemma about the legal rights of states versus the federal courts’ is murkier. It’s satisfying to hear that the Supreme Court struck down a state’s request, but only because doing so supported the cause of

gay marriage and allowed for an expansion of freedoms. Looking past the context, the legal actions that brought same sex marriage to Alabama are questionable. It was a judge for the Federal District Court – not the state – who first declared the ban to be unconstitutional. And it was a federal appeals court, and the Supreme Court that proceeded to quash a state’s request to maintain its laws.

If a federal judge can strike down state law and have that supported in the nation’s highest court, then states’ rights are endangered. Clearly, the majority of the population in Alabama supports a ban on gay marriage. As unpleasant as that is, the state has the right to represent and support the voters’ opinions with laws that back them up. Most of the nation, at this point, does support gay marriage. So at a national level, Alabama is an outlier, but they have the right to differ from the rest of the nation – until a federal ruling on gay marriage is announced. At the same time, it’s an embarrassment to live in a country where some states still deny equal rights on the basis of sexual orientation. And the judges in Alabama who are refusing to issue marriage licenses of any kind just to avoid marrying gay couples aren’t doing much to generate sympathy for the state’s plight. After all, there’s something pleasantly ironic about a state, in its quest to deny same-sex couples their rights, losing its legal rights and influence along the way. email:

Bills’ pickup of Incognito far from inconspicuous Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan made it known that he wants to “build a bully” with his new team. With the signing of Richie Incognito, it’s clear that Ryan means business. Incognito, a veteran offensive guard who has made the Pro Bowl as recently as 2012, is unfortunately equally experienced in bullying and brutish behavior on the field and in the locker room. Suspended from the league in 2013 for his infamous bullying of then-teammate Jonathan Martin to such extreme that he ended up leaving the team, Incognito has been benched for head-butting, arrested for assault, suspended and ejected from games for fighting and sent to anger management treatment (clearly, it didn’t take). That list could be far longer, but the point is made: Incognito plays dirty. He’s a liability, in terms of racking up penalty yards during games and causing distractions off the field.

High-risk, high-reward move a smart play But if Incognito can get his act together, and if the Bills coaching staff can keep him in line – those are two gigantic “ifs” – this could end up helping the team enormously. Sure, the move isn’t great for the team’s image, but the Bills already have a reputation for picking up so-called “troubled” players – Marcell Dareus, Terrell Owens – and so do plenty of other teams. Michael Vick is still an NFL quarterback, after all. So although Incognito – and other violent, dirty players – arguably don’t deserve another chance, they’re on the field anyway. And because Incognito’s going to be allowed back in the league, the Bills might as well take advantage of a talented athlete at a great price. When it comes down to it: The

NFL is just a business. If it won’t cause too much of a public relations firestorm, the league is going to let players with questionable pasts continue to play. Incognito didn’t beat his child or punch a woman in the face (though he has been accused of groping a female volunteer at a golf tournament), so to the powers that be, he’s not the worst of the bunch. His anger issues, his use of racial and homophobic language, his time spent in psychiatric care – somehow the league has deemed it acceptable to look past all that and give the man another chance. That decision can be debated and derided endlessly, but Incognito is now a Buffalo Bill and he could be a boon to a struggling team. Incognito has to know that this

is his last chance. He has to accept that it’s time to stop throwing punches and slurs. If he can just do his job, he can be a standout player on the field. His teammates could benefit from the presence of a veteran player. But the Bills coaching staff has to do its job, too. Incognito needs to be made aware – and kept aware – that there is no tolerance for misbehavior and violence. A 31-year-old shouldn’t need extensive supervision and guidance, but Incognito clearly does, and the Bills need to provide that. And if they can’t, Ryan has to be ready to cut Incognito without hesitation. Buffalo is already known for its Super Bowl losses and its inability to draft an effective quarterback. They need to become known for nurturing talent, not dirty players. email:


Continued from threesomes, page 1 Threesomes may be easier to fantasize about than to actually execute. Some people rush into it and are afraid to say something when they’re not comfortable. Boundaries are rarely established beforehand. There can be a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and relationships and friendships can be altered afterward. The fact that “most students have gotten their sexual help information from mainstream porn and whatever article came up on a Google search,” doesn’t help, according to Mihalko. “Most parents and high school teachers aren’t talking about these things with seniors, about to be freshmen, in college,” Mihalko said. “And it’s not necessarily being talked about on college campuses either.” The fantasy Stockman agreed to the threesome. He saw it as a way for him and Lucas to bond, and, according to him, it worked. Stockman said there were never any secrets between the two friends – who had met during their first semester at UB – after the threesome. “I could not talk to this man for 20 years, and it would be just like we talked the day before,” Stockman said. “Once you know how someone f****, you know everything about them.” People have threesomes for many reasons. Some people are looking to empower themselves, some are trying to satisfy their partner or some want to get out of a normal routine. Shuey said threesomes are a common sexual fantasy because people want to be desired by more than one person simultaneously. They’re also desired because they go against the ‘status quo.’ Shuey said the more taboo something is “the hotter it is for people.” “We live in a monogamous-centric society. So the idea of having more than one person in the bed can be erotic from an, ‘Oh, I’m breaking the rules’ perspective,” Mihalko said. Senior Brian Jones* claims to have had five threesomes during his time at UB. He said he’s had a “good amount of sex” in his life, so “it’s good to experience something different.”

Dr. Justine Shuey said people should be more conscious of sexually transmitted infections during a threesome, as more bodily fluids are being spread between multiple people.

Jones once had a threesome with two girls in a UB dorm – initiated by the girls rubbing sun tan lotion on his sunburnt thighs. He had just gone tanning to prepare for spring break. One of his threesomes started when a girl crawled into bed with him and another girl he had just had sex with. Shuey said there’s no “common theme” of who initiates a threesome. For Stockman’s threesome, it simply started when Lucas approached the girl on the dance floor and asked her, “Want to have sex with me and David?” Alcohol and communication Stockman, Lucas and the girl had to find out where to actually have the threesome. They left the party and wandered the University Heights streets. Stockman described the trio as “enthusiastic, adventurous and hammered” as they searched for a safe place to have sex.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 YUSONG SHI, THE SPECTRUM

All three were under the influence of alcohol the night of the threesome. Most of Jones’ threesomes occurred after nights of drinking at parties and bars as well, like when he and his male friend ran into a drunk girl they “knew from Facebook” and convinced her to come back to Jones’ basement to have sex. “Maybe we’re talking about it at the bar, like, ‘Oh yeah is that a good idea?’ Or, ‘Should we try something like that?’” Jones said. Both Mihalko and Shuey recommended against having a threesome while under the influence of drugs and alcohol – but it’s how many college students experiment sexually. “In college, there’s a lot more of an alcohol and hookup culture,” Shuey said. “The more you drink, the lower your inhibitions are. That might be something you’re not necessarily thinking you’re brave enough to do while you’re sober, but if you’re un-

A lot of things can

der the influence, you might be like, ‘Hey, I want to try this.’” Mihalko said most people want a threesome to happen organically, which in college can mean “everyone’s drunk.” He said people think it will be a good idea to experiment while high or drunk, but in reality, it could go awry. “If you have to do shots of tequila to do a threesome, that means the next day someone’s going to regret it,” he said. Mihalko and Shuey recommend all participants discuss what they’re comfortable doing and whom they’re comfortable doing it with before engaging in sexual activity. Mihalko said most threesomes fail when one person is afraid to communicate when they’re uncomfortable. He said they often don’t speak up because they do not want to ruin the experience for the other two people. “When you don’t speak up, you’re going to ruin it anyway,” he said. “Most people don’t want to explore a fantasy and then the next morning have everybody regret it.” He said to “call a timeout,” and check in with everyone whenever you are in doubt during a sexual experimentation. Shuey said that if one person in the threesome is more hesitant than the other two, the threesome probably shouldn’t be happening. She’s often asked by people in relationships how to convince their partner to have a threesome. Her response is usually, “Find another partner.” She said if a person is uncomfortable with the situation, every aspect of the experience becomes more difficult. “They’re uncomfortable, so in the back of their mind they’re thinking of 20 million different things so they can’t be in the moment and enjoy the moment,” Shuey said. Jones said being comfortable with the people you’re with is important. Every male he’s engaged in a threesome with has been a close friend, and said most of his threesomes with two women have been with his female friend and her friends. The situation was different for Stockman. He acknowledges he’d known Lucas for four or five months at the time of the threesome. He’d known the girl for four or five minutes. Navigating a threesome Stockman, Lucas and the girl had walked four blocks before they arrived at the front door of a friend’s house. “We pleaded with him to let us use his attic,” Stockman said. “They weren’t too into it, but they were fine with having us bang in their attic.” CONTINUED TO THE NEXT PAGE

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Once upstairs, the three found a “dirty old mattress with like a 20-year old pad on it,” in the corner of the attic. Stockman said Lucas was fully erect before he even took his pants off. But Stockman had a “slower start.” He said he was comfortable being naked in front of another man, but found it difficult to get an erection around another man. Jones said it’s never been “weird” between himself and his male friends during a threesome. “As long as the tips don’t touch,” Jones said with laugh. Jones has been in a threesome where the two other girls kissed and touched one another on top of him. Women are sometimes more likely to engage directly with each other in a threesome, as sexual fluidity is more common in women than men, according to Shuey. She said men typically fall on one end of the spectrum of the Kinsey Scale, which is a rating scale of a person’s heterosexuality and homosexuality. Men are more likely than women to be 100 percent heterosexual or 100 percent homosexual. Mihalko was once in a threesome with a heterosexual man and a woman where the man wanted to see if he could handle being in a threesome with another male. The man did not want to engage in sexual acts directly with another man, he “just wanted to see if they could roll with another penis in the bed,” according to Mihalko. Mihalko said it’s important for people to realize they can explore sexually with the same sex without threatening their sexual identity. “If you’re Republican and you vote Democrat, it doesn’t all of a sudden make you a Democrat,” he said. About 24 percent of people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender said they’ve had a threesome in The Spectrum’s sex survey. Some threesomes are made up homosexuals of all the same gender, but for Stockman that wasn’t case. Stockman and Lucas did not touch one another, but being in the presence of another man was still out of Stockman’s comfort zone. The trio engaged in an “Eiffel Tower” – a sexual position in which the female receives vaginal penetration from behind while also giving oral sex to the other male. Stockman said he had to stare at the girl to try and forget there was another penis three feet – or “however long the girl’s torso was” – away from him during this position. Lucas ejaculated before Stockman and went downstairs. Stockman said it was “definitely more natural” when he was left to have sex with the girl alone. The morning after Lucas now goes to a different school, but he and Stockman still remained friends

after the threesome. Stockman said he never saw the girl again. “A lot of people think sex ruins relationships between friends but I don’t,” Jones said. “Usually right after I’ll just be chilling, talking in bed with them naked. It’s never really weird for me. As long as I don’t make it weird, they don’t make it weird.” Mihalko said threesomes are “weird” by their very nature, but the situation can be made less weird if the participants talk about the weirdness the next day. He said people often feel they’re not allowed to discuss it after the fact, and that’s why college students sometimes feel embarrassed when they run into another participant on campus. “Thank people for being generous with their genitals,” Mihalko said. He said participants should not brag about their threesome experiences, as people’s privacy should be respected. Thinking it through, keeping it safe For couples that engage in threesomes, the effects can be tricky. Feelings of jealousy and insecurities can be exacerbated after adding another partner to the mix, according to both Mihalko and Shuey. “It could either be a, ‘Hey we really liked this,’ or it could stir up jealousy – ‘You liked that other person more than me,’” Shuey said. Shuey said people have to be more conscious of preventing STIs during a threesome than a sexual experience with just one other person. “If you touch person A and you get fluids on you, and you touch person B, you’ve just exchanged those fluids,” she said. Mihalko encourages all sexually active college students to get tested a few times a year. He said it’s also important for people to remember there’s nothing wrong with them if they didn’t like their threesome experience, or if they never have one during college. He said there’s a pressure on college students to try “everything” and a perception that a person is not “evolved” if they don’t like experimenting. “You’re allowed to like what you like and explore what you want, and figuring out you don’t like something is also a win,” Mihalko said. “It doesn’t mean you’re broken or unevolved, it just means you don’t like that thing.” Jones is not sure he’ll have threesomes after graduation. He said he’ll be in “the real world” and may find the right person. “We’ll see,” he said. Stockman is still open to having another threesome experience in the future because, as he puts it, “normal sex gets boring.” *Names have been changed to protect source’s privacy email:


Size of the boat or motion of the ocean UB student analyzes the perception of penis size and its importance



“I could never date a guy with a small dick.” That’s what some girls are saying around campus. Is it rational for a “small” penis to be a deal-breaker? Or is there some logic behind this statement? Before I expose the secret formula to sex, I should probably start off by introducing myself as Ty, a new male sex columnist for The Spectrum. In order to do this position justice, I have to speak from personal experiences, without sounding like a full-blown man whore. I’m going to assume you all just wished me luck while reading this, so thank you. Now, back to the penis. I guess the whole importance of the penis begins during puberty. Once guys hit puberty, we kind of adopt this mentality that having a bigger penis is not only attractive on us, but also a bare minimum requirement to be considered “boyfriend material.” The average erect penis is 5.1 inches, according to a study done at the Alfred C. Kinsey institute for sex research out of a sample of 60 men from the university of California in San Francisco. Some guys may think their penis should be as big as their ego, but I don’t. And that’s not what I found out. In a personal survey I conducted, I simply asked 100 women if they preferred penis size or the motion of the penis itself. Sixty-eight out of the 100 women said they preferred to date a man with a larger penis. This still leaves 32 other women in disagreement but it’s a clear reinforcement of this idea of a larger penis being better.

Although only 32 women in my survey said they appreciated the motion of a penis over its length, that doesn’t mean penis length takes the crown. There is definitely such a thing as bad sex. Some guys just don’t know how to pleasure a woman. They either rely on the size of their penis, or the act of sex itself, to automatically please a woman. In other words – a tool. Just like I’ve heard women say they would prefer a bigger penis, I have also heard women say certain men had “big” penises and the sex was still boring. Think of it like getting into a physical altercation. Let’s take for instance, a short guy who is on the skinnier side of 150 pounds, fighting a tall, muscular prized champion fighter weighing 210 pounds. If the tall fighter doesn’t know how to throw a punch, the smaller man will take home the prize. Essentially, height and weight wouldn’t have determined the winner of that fight – skill would have. My question for these women who prefer a “large” penis then becomes, what is a large penis? Do you even know what you’re looking for? And are you simply basing penis size off of the porn you watch when your roommate isn’t present? Social media also plays a huge role in enhancing the idea ‘having a bigger penis matters.’ It creates chatter and when the person next to you says a bigger penis matters, you’re going to believe a bigger penis matters. I’ve witnessed women make comments about wanting a man who had at least a 6-inch soft penis. But some male penises remain the same length erect as they are flaccid, and others enlarge during erection. Even some women who are virgins say they would prefer a bigger penis, as if they’ve felt one before. I’m forever confused by that mindset. It’s almost a universal fantasy shared by many women, regardless of their sexual experience. It’s almost the same thing with sex. Regardless of penis size, some men just know how to penetrate a female in the way that pleases them the most. They may know different speed techniques, or different spots that can make a woman orgasm. Simply having a “bigger” penis isn’t an automatic implication of a better sexual experience. So for the fellas, put down the penis enlargement pills and work on your skill. email:






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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

UB gets passing mark in sexual health University ranks No. 53 in annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card ASHLEY INKUMSAH


UB offers students free Trojan condoms from the Wellness Education Services office located in the Student Union. That’s one of the reasons Trojan, a brand of condoms and lubricants, is giving UB a passing mark in its annual Sexual Health Report Card. UB ranked No. 53 in Trojan’s 2014 Sexual Health Report Card – a ranking of 140 American universities’ sexual health services. UB dropped two spots from 2013. “I’m proud that we rank so well [because] our providers love what they do and take great care of their patients,” said Nicole McDermott, a staff assistant at UB’s Student Health Services office in Michael Hall. “We have added some new services recently, like the [long-acting reversible contraceptives] placements, so I hope that helps us to rank higher next time.” Trojan commissioned the study that was done from Sperling’s Best Places, an independent research organization based out of Portland, Oregon. The rankings are based on a number of classifications, from the number of hours per day the university’s student health center is open, to whether HIV and sexual transmitted diseases (STIs) testing is done on university health premises and if the university website provides information on sexual health for the students, according to Bert Sperling, president of Sperling’s Best Places. Sperling said the top schools in the rankings offer a wealth of information about the resources and services provided by the health center, and create their own informational pages about topics such as different contraceptive methods.

Health Services offers more than just condoms SAMANTHA BRENNER STAFF WRITER If Rebecca Weitz, a junior health and human services major, needs to go to the doctor, she can’t travel over 400 miles to see her gynecologist on Long Island. Instead, she goes to South Campus. Health Services on South Campus in Michael Hall offers students like Weitz an accessible way to get check ups without having to a hop in a car. From condoms and pregnancy tests, to lube, dental dams and more, students have access to various contraceptives at little to no cost through health services. In the fall, they provided sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing to just over 500 students. Last year, Health Services and Wellness Education handed out approximately 20,000 condoms to UB students. According to a sex survey conducted by The Spectrum, 56 percent of UB students use protection – female condoms or condoms. “We refill our little bin [of condoms] five to six times a day, if not more,” said Kara Fitzpatrick, office manager of the Wellness Center. “I would say there are definitely a great number of people who take advantage of that.” But what students may not realize is the option of specialty clinics on campus like Women’s Health Services. “Students probably don’t know about us until they need us,” said Susan Snyder, director of Student Health Services. Many students are unaware the specialty clinic provides genealogical care and services and counseling for women. They are also unaware of the preventative services the clinic has to offer, according to Snyder. Women’s Health Services provides females at UB with pap smears, testing for STIs and human papillomavirus (HPV), as well as HPV shots and emergency contraception. “Having a women’s health clinic on a college campus is great because students can stop in after class if they want and it’s not out of the way for students who don’t have their own car,” Weitz said. To receive a pregnancy test from the clinic, students are given a handout explaining the effectiveness of the pregnancy test and

The clinical services that UB offers include free condoms for both males and female, dental dams, lubricant, STI testing, pregnancy tests and GYN exams, according to McDermott. Student Health Services also has a board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner and offers birth control counseling and prescriptions and placement of long-acting reversible contraceptives such as IUDs and implants. “I work in a very non-judgmental environment and we really try to stress the fact that everyone likes and wants different things when it comes to their sex lives – and that is 100 percent OK,” said Maddie Collins, a junior sociology and media study major who works as an SBI student Health Educator. UB’s SBI Health Education, a studentowned division of Sub-Board I Inc. that offers sex-positive education and sup-

port, has hosted “Sex Week” for the past three years in the spring. Sex Week includes classes and services for students on education, exploration and discussion of healthy sexuality, according to Jane Fischer, Director of SBI Health Education. Making the choice to be sexually active and communicating about likes and dislikes with partners are some of the topics educators encourage students to consider. “We hope it is an opportunity for students to find something in the week that speaks to them and their needs or interests regarding sexual health and sexuality,” Fischer said. Sex Week will be held in April this year. Collins said she is particularly proud UB has the Safety Shuttle and walk stations because it encourages sexual safety when walking to different points on campus.

Mustafa Khalafalla, a junior aerospace engineering major who works as a Safety Shuttle driver said that the safety shuttle is a key aspect of UB’s sexual health programs in that it encourages a safe environment. But he also said that giving out free condoms might be an encouragement for students to engage in too much sexual activity. He worries that this may cause students to look at sex as a “sport.” Oregon State University, which ranked No. 1 on the list, provides students who live in residence halls and co-ops with a service to anonymously order free condoms, known as “The Condom Express.” The University of Oregon, which ranks No. 17, has an iPhone app called SexPositive that adds up the type of sexual activity that students are thinking of engaging in and makes recommendations on the safest way of avoiding pregnancy and STIs. Sperling said some of the universities that rank near the bottom of Trojan’s list have a policy not to acknowledge sexual activity between students. “They believe sexual activity should be between married students and not between unmarried students,” he said. Brigham Young University ranks last on the list at No. 140. Sperling said the best thing that UB can do to improve its future ranking is to increase the amount of sexual health information which is provided on its student health center web site. “We are passionate about this because we are providing this information to students and what they’ve done with this is that they’ve approached administration to say we need to have better resources,” Sperling said. email:

Last year, Health Services and Wellness Education handed out approximately 20,000 condoms to UB students.


what options are available depending on the outcome of the test. A staff member at the Wellness Center will give the student options whether to take the test in the privacy of their dorm, apartment or in the Student Union bathroom with a staff member there for support. “We aren’t interpreting the results, we are there to support the person as they take

the test themselves,” Snyder said. To receive emergency contraception, the student must sign a form allowing Health Services to bill their student account $25, which is the cost for Plan B One-Step, which may prevent pregnancy after having sex. Nationally, for students in four-year colleges and universities, unplanned pregnancy

Women’s Health Services is one of the clinics offered to UB students is about 2 percent of the population, Snyder said. Even though it is a relatively low number, it can have a huge impact on students. “We want to continue to offer the testing, and want to continue to support students as they make choices about unplanned pregnancy,” Snyder said. Health care services also offers two types of counseling: prevention/contraception and emotional support. Prevention counseling is for students who are interested in contraception. A student can meet with a nurse and can speak about what her options are and what would work best for her. The second type of counseling is available for students who receive unexpected or emotional results from a positive STI result, or an unplanned pregnancy result. “Our providers spend a fair amount [of time] talking to them about what this means, what their options are, what other resources are available to them,” Snyder said. Women aren’t the only ones who can receive health services such as testing for STIs and HPV. “It’s harder, I think, to get men to participate in preventative health care,” Snyder said. “For this age group we stress with them testicular cancer and doing self exams. It is recommended that men get tested for STIs annually and encourage men to take care of themselves.” Most STIs are treatable or curable, but not all of them have symptoms. Weitz said having a health clinic on campus allows for quick check ups or for any questions she may have. It’s a convenient alternative to travelling home to Long Island when she needs a condom. Although, she said she would only use the services as a first opinion and probably go to another doctor to confirm or reject any results. Other than condoms, a variety of protection for safe sex and sexual health items are also given for free in the Wellness Center in 114 Student Union. The services provided by UB are available to any registered student regardless of the student’s insurance plan. email:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Naked twister:


How realistic are the craziest sex positions?

A SEXY SPECTRUM EDITOR I never thought I’d say this, but this weekend, The Spectrum forced me to spice up my sex life. When all of us at The Spectrum started talking about our annual Sex Issue two months ago, I volunteered my long-term boyfriend and myself for what was sure to be the most difficult article of all – the “sexperiment.” My fellow editors perused endless sex position websites looking for the most difficult, awkward and ridiculously named sex positions around. While they laughed, gasped and cringed, I was thinking about how I would recover from this challenging task I was charged with. Oh, the things I put myself through for The Spectrum. After a weekend of exploring these new sex positions, I have put together a list so you and your partner can chose which new positions to add to your repertoire. Grab a friend or lover and give ‘em a go. And remember, I did this all for you.

The Dolphin Difficulty: medium Pleasure rating: high I was relieved when my kind colleagues chose this position, because it is one of our personal favorites – a guaranteed finisher. Although it looks uncomfortable for the lady’s neck, kind of like The Butter Churner, this one is actually really comfortable once you get into the grove. Unlike many of the other positions, this one requires effort from both parties. My boyfriend usually holds my hips and moves me up and down in rhythm with him, while I raise and lower my butt along with him, or squeeze my hip abductors to help stay in place. The Dolphin also allows for brilliant views of each other, so despite the distance between you, it’s a very intimate position. Make sure you guys try this one out; I guarantee it’ll become a staple in your repertoire.

The Love Triangle Difficulty: medium Pleasure rating: high If your guy is looking to do some work and let you lay back and just enjoy it, then this is for you. I pretty much just laid back, stuck one leg up in the air and waited for him to get comfortable in a deep lunge. The Love Triangle doesn’t allow for easy movement for the guy, but the girl can rub herself on his leg for extra pleasure.

The Propeller Difficulty: impossible Pleasure rating: none The Propeller is a position very similar to The Snow Angel, except the girl keeps her legs between the guy’s legs and lays them flat on the bed. The difficulties arose in the same place as penises have this habit of sticking straight out when erect, or curving just a bit, but not 180 degrees.

Magic Bullet Difficulty: easy/medium Pleasure rating: high I’d venture to say The Magic Bullet is almost iconic. There are very few sex position images more recognizable than a pair of lady legs resting on a man’s shoulders, but this one demands the girl to hold her legs straight up in the air and close together, rather than in a V-shape (another iconic position). The Magic Bullet allows for deeper penetration, and there aren’t many things sexier than a man’s torso (shoulders and chest, yum yum!) during a sex position where he’s sitting up and working hard.

Girl on Top Difficulty: easy Pleasure rating: high This one is a classic go-to for a reason – it’s easy, offers great views of the lady, allows for intimate eye contact and kissing and is incredibly pleasurable. I don’t think I need to explain this one, because you all should be doing it, all the time. Sometimes people think sex between people who’ve been together for a long time can get boring, especially since many stick with the same few positions. But when you’ve got one this consistently good, it only gets better with time.

Row His Boat Difficulty: easy Pleasure rating: high My fellow editors gave me some rest by choosing Row His Boat, a position we both love. We typically reserve this one for nights on the couch when we’re both too lazy and/or excited to walk the necessary five steps to our bedroom. Plus, sometimes in the winter the bed sheets can be just too damned cold and if you’re already on the couch… Anyways, this is essentially Girl on Top, but by having the guy sit on something, you’re getting a new angle of penetration. The closeness of your bodies and faces makes this seriously intimate. And, if you haven’t tried public sex but are thinking about it, open your curtains and let everyone wonder what things you’re getting up (to).

The Butter Churner Difficulty: very challenging Pleasure rating: high This one is terrifying to look at, extremely difficult to get into and requires a lot of endurance on the guy’s part, but highly pleasurable once you’ve both gotten into place. The hardest part is working out exactly where everyone’s body parts should go and maintaining the height of the girl’s pelvis. If the girl starts to slip and drop her butt toward the bed, then it’s very difficult for the guy to squat over and over, and lower and lower. But once you’ve both got it going and have sufficiently warmed up your legs and neck to avoid cramping, you’re going to feel some serious penetration in a way few other positions allow.

Face to Face Difficulty: medium Pleasure rating: medium Websites and magazines always tout what an intimate position this is because of how close your faces are, but my boyfriend and I are not particular fans of this position. If we do this one, then I place myself more on his lap, holding myself up with my legs. If you do this position as shown, then you’re not going to be able to do much easy movement. It’s a nice sitting hug but could allow for more pleasure with your own variations.

Doggy Style Difficulty: easy Pleasure rating: medium Now, I may be violating the sanctimony of Cosmo here, but I really don’t like Doggy Style. I find it immensely uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I know this is one a lot of couples like and find super pleasing, so I figured I’d give you some variations for it. I’d much rather drop down and lie fully on the bed and have my boyfriend enter from behind. Weirdly enough, I prefer a type of Doggy Style if he’s standing off the bed but I’m in the same all-fours position. Another A+ variation is when the guy stands off the bed and the girl kneels on the bed and bends at the waist. Whatever way you do it, playing around with variations of Doggy Style will be one of the most pleasurable ways to spend your evening.

The Pretzel Difficulty: easy Pleasure rating: high If you’re bored with missionary but aren’t ready to jump into the more difficult positions, take on The Pretzel. By lying on her side, the girl’s pelvis is raised, allowing for deeper penetration than missionary. Like Face to Face, The Pretzel is better when you put your own spin on it. We did try the designated style for a while but I ended up dropping my upper leg quite a bit, nearly ending up on my stomach (another personal favorite). Anything sideways is always a winner, but this is a new one, and definitely going to be put in regular rotation.

Missionary Difficulty: easy Pleasure rating: medium/high Do I even need to review this one? It can be extremely pleasurable or extremely boring, depending on if the guy gets his hands involved with the lady’s breasts or clitoris or not. Basically, all guys need to keep in mind they can’t just expect a girl to seriously enjoy a position this simple if they aren’t doing something a little more exciting with it. The girl can also work to make this one better – I tend to raise my lower back and pelvis and gyrate my hips. SEE SEX POSITIONS, PAGE 10



Waiting for love EMMA JANICKI


Kadriye Tekin, a sophomore health and human services major has never kissed anyone. While she is on the clock at Alumni Arena, she said guys regularly come up to her and hit on her or ask her to hang out. “Half the time no one will believe me,” she said. Although many people are surprised when Tekin tells them she hasn’t kissed anyone, a significant percentage of UB students are in similar situations. A survey by The Spectrum of 837 students found that about 14 percent of students are not sexually active and another roughly 5 percent are sexually active, but have never had sexual intercourse. The 2013 UB American College Health Assessment found that about 34 percent of UB students hadn’t had any sexual partners in the prior 12 months. Despite how many students on campus are choosing not to have sex, they sometimes encounter harsh judgments from others. Stereotypes about the sex lives of college students can impact how some view their fellow classmates, something Nadine Thomas*, an abstinent student, has encountered. “My friends have all been supportive of my decision, even though I’ve had many who don’t understand why I would

want to abstain or would judge me for it,” Thomas said in an email. “I’ve endured a countless number of jokes about me being a naive, innocent virgin. That is such a stereotype, being a virgin doesn’t really say a lot about your personality.” By senior year, 40 percent of college students nationwide are virgins or have had sex with just one person, according to the Online College Social Life Survey, a survey designed by Paula England and conducted between 2005 and 2011. At UB, about 23 percent of students have had one sexual partner. Thomas said she decided to wait to have sex because she wanted to find someone she was “comfortable” and “secure” with, because “there are so many things that can go wrong, or so many ways it can get embarrassing.” Like Thomas, Tekin wants to wait to kiss someone until she meets someone she is comfortable with. Although Tekin hasn’t experienced many harsh judgments from others, she said her guy friends either find it “awkward” or “so fascinating,” some even asking her whenever they see her if she’s kissed a guy yet. Once, a teacher even told Tekin she “needed to get on that.” Tekin said it can be “overwhelming” when guys at Alumni Arena hit on her. “I want to be liked for who I am than for what I do with guys,” she said. By waiting for someone they are com-

What is: sex? LGBTA uses Jeopardy game to talk about sex and romance

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

About 14 percent of UB students are not sexually active, survey finds fortable with, Tekin and Thomas are both avoiding feeling regretful of their sexual experiences – something many students at UB are familiar with. Nearly half (46.57 percent) of responders to The Spectrum’s survey said they had a sexual encounter they later regretted. But students who are sexually active can take steps to decrease the chance of later regretting a sexual encounter by learning more about themselves, according to Jane Fischer, the director of SBI Health Education, a division of Sub Board I, Inc. “Someone might feel regret because of what their family or culture believes, because they were cheating, because of what friends think or say, because of alcohol or drugs, or many more reasons,” Fischer said. “It’s important to understand what your sexual wants and needs are, what’s OK for you and what’s not, and why you feel that way.” Fischer said people need to talk with their partners before and during sex, but “we’re more comfortable having sex than talking about sex.” Thomas has been conscious of her decision to wait when deciding whether or not she will date someone. She said she’s a “good judge of character,” so she figures out pretty quickly whether or not the guy would wait for her to be ready to have sex. Thomas is now in her first relationship and said she wants to have sex with him. “Not only is he the most compassion-

personal vs. private identities




Musical chairs isn’t just for children’s parties or elementary schools – the classic game makes a pretty good icebreaker for college students gearing up to have a frank discussion about sex. The LGBTA, or Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance, held a dating techniques and romance language meeting on Monday, where they discussed sex, romance and the situations college students find themselves in. The club’s goal was to have an open conversation about these topics. The group used a Jeopardy game to pose questions about relationships and sexual practices as related to the lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer community. “Social media portrays gay sex as glamorous and smooth, but it’s not always like that,” said Paris Canty, a senior psychology major and the president of the LGBTA. “The first experience can be really uncomfortable, and awkward, and painful. Neither of you really know what to do because it’s completely new … We talk about [sex] in this open place so people feel like they can ask questions, share experiences and get rid of the clichés.” The LGBTA holds regular meetings on Mondays, where members not only talk about their feelings and experiences but also have fun with the friends they’ve made in the club. The meetings have an upbeat, friendly atmosphere with everyone chatting before the meeting and all throughout. The open atmosphere is a comfortable setting to address issues that are faced by not only members of the club,

but all college students. As Monday’s meeting continued, more intricate, situational questions came up such as what to do if your significant other decides to transition genders while you are still in a relationship or how to react if your crush likes your friend. The room was split into three teams, each of which gave thoughtful responses to the questions. The club’s executive board analyzed the answers, then approved or disapproved with a “yaaas” or “nah.” The exercise allowed participants to enjoy friendly competition while learning about sexual terminology and different situations that can arise. “It’s important to talk about sex because everywhere else, it’s taboo,” said Andrew Baumgartner, a senior nuclear medicine and psychology major. “Because it’s so taboo, the subject is avoided, and then there’s no way to get information about it. We keep the open atmosphere here so people can feel comfortable when they speak about sex.” The club doesn’t just hold Monday meetings, but they also host regular events, sometimes with other clubs such as the UB College Republicans and even the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. They have movie nights, potluck dinners and life-sized pong tournaments. In addition to their own events, the group participates in school-sponsored events like Relay for Life and Oozefest. The club constantly welcomes new members, no matter their sexual orientation. They work closely with groups on campus like the Christian Fellowship in order to exchange ideas and discuss their differences. SEE LGBTA, PAGE 10


Out of the closet:


LBGTA members play a game of musical chairs to break the ice for new members before their sexual and romantic language meeting ANGELA BARCA, THE SPECTRUM

ate, genuine person ever, but he’s been so patient with me when it comes to sex,” Thomas said. “I’m so happy I waited.” Although Tekin and Thomas have made decisions to wait to kiss or have sex, both said people shouldn’t judge others for their decisions. “If you feel comfortable with someone, and you think you’re ready, then I do encourage you to do it,” Thomas said. “But don’t have sex because it’s the cool thing to do, or everyone around you is having sex.” For Tekin, if someone you want to date doesn’t understand the decision to wait or judges you for it, then they are “clearly not the right person to be with.” Every student must make their own decisions about when, where and who to have sex with, but many (about 41 percent) are certain they “absolutely” want to have more sex this semester than they did last semester. Whatever decision students are making about their sex lives, it is important to know oneself, according to Fischer. “We can’t know the future, but we can take steps to identify our own boundaries, limits, wants, and beliefs ... and learn from experience,” Fischer said. “Life, and sex, often involves walking this road that sometimes is a little bumpy.”

When we go shopping, we usually are attracted to things that we feel will look good on us and we things we like. Now, imagine every time you went shopping, you were assigned a random stranger. You don’t know this stranger, you don’t wish to know this stranger, but they are more than willing to “help” you every time you select an item. Because you know this stranger has little to no knowledge about you besides the persona they assigned to you in their head, you would think their opinion wouldn’t matter. That is how it is for many queer persons when they go out, except the one person is turned into everyone. Misconceptions about a person come from a limited understanding. We make up for this by associating it with things we do know. Nobody wants to look foolish, stupid or ignorant because it’s a negative in society and a blow to our self-esteem. Queer-identifying people have this with questions such as, “Who is the guy in the relationship?” when involving two lesbians, the assumption that a more feminine man who is sexually attracted to men will engage in anal sex from the receiving end. These come from media’s structure in representation. Media favors the more outrageous, the more shocking, the other; so gay men are structured to be seen as the white girl’s best friend, to be seen as flamboyant and an accessory or extension of the popular female. This idea emphasizes the sarcastic and quick-wit of the homosexual male, giving them more value by society’s standards but limiting their dimensions. This identity is limited to white males of the queer spectrum. Race can also influence how an identity is given, as black men are portrayed to be an amped version of their white counter parts with added traits of the urban essence. This breaks down the homosexual male to be promiscuous, fashion minded, clever and slightly obnoxious. People are not simply these four traits, but these are the first things that come to mind giving homosexual males their identity. Women are not given the best start at life since birth, but adding another stigma against them yields a more difficult life-

style. Lesbian and bisexual women, despite popular belief, are not more accepted than males in the queer community. Lesbian and bisexual women are more sexualized than men. In the media and in life, there will be talk of a man being harmed due to his sexual identity but not of women receiving harm for discovering themselves and publicly displaying it. Women are not safer by any means but they don’t receive more questions about their sexuality and don’t hear “you’re going through a phase” or “you haven’t found the right guy yet.” Women who do experience their bisexuality are not going through a phase but may surpass themselves in order to increase their societal standing and decrease the amount of interviews they get from bystanders about their sexuality. Remember the story about the “helper” inserting their opinion although they should have better things to do, now imagine them dressing you. While many struggle to find a sense of self, others struggle to maintain it. When a woman dates a masculine woman, it does not mean she is less of a lesbian, it means she is attracted to masculine women. When a man dates a feminine male, it does not mean he attracted to females, it means he is attracted to feminine men. A common misconception lost in translation is feminine is assigned to female and masculine assigned to male, which is false. To think of this from a different perspective, imagine your ideal partner, boyfriend or girlfriend. Now flip the sex of the person to the opposite one – are you still attracted to him or her? A straight man usually cannot find himself attracted to a feminine male but can find himself attracted to a feminine female. So, why are queer people expected to find both sexes equally attractive, if that’s not the case with heterosexuals? Sometimes perspective is the most important thing to acknowledge. Your truth may be somebody’s lie. Those of sexual minorities cannot control their desires any more than a person can choose what color their skin will be. It can only be altered by dangerous methods that may do more harm before good. When we try to find ourselves we often come up to two different types of obstacles: Me vs. Me or Me vs. Them. The issue that can be stopped is Me vs. Them because it is dependent on the people in society. Before inserting an opinion, ask if what you are about to say is based on what’s good for the person or what’s good for you. Will that sentence actually help them in life? Or will it help the idea you have of them? Despite popular belief, you are not the center of the universe. Paris Canty is the president of LGBTA and a senior psychology major. email:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015





























2 Have you ever masturbated on campus?

21% 79% NO

Have you ever been sexually assaulted during your time as a student at UB? YES

93% NO

birth control vaginal ring



pull-out method


birth control shot




no birth control


not sexually active

not applicable



< 6 MO 6 MO - 1 YR 1 YR - 3 YR 3+ YR NA


13% 7.7% 19.3% 10% 50%

24% 23%

If you are not currently in a relationship, where do you typically meet people you have sexual encounters with?



35% 15%


17% 15%






the gym

have you ever had a threesome?




79 632

through mutual friends

dining halls

never in the same place





not sexually active



birth control sponge



birth control implant






the pill













what age did you first have sexual intercourse?





15-17 18-20













8% 14%







Do you use protection (female condoms/condoms) during sexual encounters?

56% 18%



11% 15%

in a monogamous relationship

have you ever had a sexual encounter with a ta or professor to recieve a better grade or specialtreatment?

20 YES






31 NA 138




A man’s guide to a single Valentine’s Day



Saturday will be my first Valentine’s Day being single in three years. I’ve done my fair share of the whole ‘be a good boyfriend and make Valentine’s Day special for the girlfriend even though you could care less’ routine: planning out the day and spending more money than you have on flowers, jewelry and dinner. All of the things a disorganized, poor, 20-year-old male college student doesn’t like to do. But not this year. Saturday is going be the first Valentine’s Day I spend alone since Feb. 14, 2011. I have no one to spend the day with this year. I have an entire day completely to myself. But don’t feel bad for me. I’m still going to have a better day than most of you in relationships. I’m going to be able to start my day the right way: sleeping until noon. While the rest of you will be waking up far earlier than anyone should on a Saturday for a pleasant Valentine’s Day brunch or simply to prepare for the ‘Big Day,’ I’ll be catching up on some quality sleep time. Besides, who wants to be rudely woken up with a “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you,” text? Not me. Instead of putting on my best dress shirt, spending 30 minutes on my hair and heading out for said expensive brunch, I’ll whip up myself some eggs in my pajamas.

Another thing I won’t have to do Saturday: pick a girl up in my car. Women deserve to be equal to men; so can we please get over this cliché that it’s the man’s job to pick the women up for dates? Gas prices may have dropped recently, but it’s Buffalo and the road conditions aren’t the best this time of year. Anyone else remember the Stampede lines last week? A car is a person’s own private space. It’s an extension of yourself really. So why would I take time out of my day clean it out for another person? Am I really supposed to throw out month-old Tim Hortons cups, drive thru receipts and used gym clothes so a pretty girl has room to put her feet somewhere? Absolutely not. A romantic ice skate downtown by the waterfront sounds like a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, but instead I’ll stay inside my warm house watching college basketball or Netflix. Ice-skating is hard enough. You don’t need to a girl dragging you along, insistent on holding hands while you’re barely managing to stay balanced. I’ll be staying fit and watching my diet while you have to dig into a box of chocolates your significant other bought you. We all know most of the flavors are disgusting. Who wants to eat five gross pieces just to get to the flavor you really like anyway? Speaking of gifts, I’m proud to announce there will be no $200 withdrawal from my checking account to Kay Jewelers this year. Someone should let them to know to stop sending me ads and coupons in the mail. I will not need them. I’ll pay for just for one meal at dinner instead of two. I’ll be able to enjoy my food instead of having to listen to someone talk about their day and remembering to chew with my mouth closed. Of course, everyone needs the company of another person at the end of the day. Even if we don’t admit it, we’re all searching for someone we can connect with and possibly be in a relationship with. I’m no different. I’m sure I’ll feel some loneliness by the time Saturday comes to end. But that’s what Tinder is for. email:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Continued form sex positions, page 7 Reverse Cowgirl Difficulty: easy Pleasure rating: low/medium As with my views on Doggy Style, I am being blasphemous to sex advice worldwide in that I find this to be totally lame. I love Girl on Top, don’t get me wrong, but Reverse Cowgirl is really only about penetration and the lovely view the guy has. It doesn’t allow for much more pleasure than that, whereas most girls need some type of external stimulation to have an orgasm. Guys, if you really want your girl to get into this one, then you need to be conscious of the spots that make her moan when you touch them and capitalize on that. The Snow Angel Difficulty: impossible Pleasure rating: none When this position was chosen, about five of us editors gathered around the computer screen using our Physics 101 knowledge to figure out exactly how this would work. We wondered what contortion the penis would have to be put into, and believe me, our conclusion was not a comfortable one. Once we got into bed, my boyfriend and I decided to give this one a go first. It was a total bust. For reasons unknown, the author of this position thought penises could bend down and back towards the guy’s butt in a pleasurable manner. Unfortunately, the laws of nature won and we laughed this one off. Perhaps with some time and creativity you can find a way to make the angles work. Being together for years like we have means you’re comfortable exploring crazy new options, but sometimes couples can feel a little stagnant in their sex. If you spend an evening trying each one of these, you’re going to do some serious laughing, but most importantly, some serious bonding. For those of you dating someone new or hooking up, it might feel a bit awkward to suggest something like The Butter

Churner, but it’ll be fun exploring something new with someone new. Best of luck on your own “sexperiment”! The Spectrum editor who wrote this piece asked to remain anonymous to protect her privacy. email:

Continued from LGBTA, page 8 The meeting Monday began with a game of musical chairs, which broke the ice for newcomers and regular attendees alike. People stepped in and out of the meeting, greeting friends before running to class or staying to enjoy the program. People who stepped in without knowing anyone were greeted with enthusiasm and were invited to participate in all of the activities. “This is actually my first meeting,” said Nick Backiel, a freshman accounting major. “I see why people come here, though. Everyone is so friendly, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable, even when we were talking about sex. I can definitely see myself coming back.” Whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgen-

der or straight, members of the LGBTA saw the importance of discussing sex and romance. Sexual orientation didn’t matter – many members left the meeting feeling informed. The chatter was just as loud at the end of the meeting as it was in the beginning. Once discussion of new executive board elections and future events ended, the club meeting turned into a hangout for friends new and old. It wasn’t until a Student Association member approached the executive board – because the room was needed for another event – that people began leaving the room, taking their happy chatter elsewhere. emailil:


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Lorna Loster opened her shop on Jan. 23 after deciding she wanted to be her own boss. The shop promotes a safe environment for those who are skeptical about the sex industry.

In order to make the store comfortable for all customers, Loster keeps her “X-rated” products in a locked glass case at the register. She also painted the walls slick pink in order to give more of a “cozy and girly” vibe and to make people “feel more at home.” Loster offers numerous products that are key to the success of her business, most notably lingerie and exotic clothing. Four Beauties offers sizes from XS - 6XL in order to appeal to the entire market. Loster also markets her clothing as “classy, but revealing.” The shop offers shoes, accessories, novelty items, gifts and party supplies in addition to the clothing. Although the shop has been open for roughly two weeks, Loster said the biggest sellers are fetish items such as stockings and whips. She said it is not a coincidence. “Fifty Shades of Grey” – a critically acclaimed erotic novel that explores fetish and bondage – will hit the big screen Friday. The release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” led to a 7.5 percent increase in sales of sex-themed products, according to a report from research firm IBISWorld. “A fetish is something that is much bigger than ‘Fifty Shades of Gray,’” Loster said. “Many people do it for a lifestyle, some do it for fun. It can go from very soft like light bondage and tickling, to really extreme stuff like … use your imagination.” Loster said she has taken the right precautions to make the shop as friendly and comfortable as possible. From the outside, Four Beauties shows various lingerie items and men’s apparel with several signs that promote the wide range of sizes and other merchandise. A red curtain runs around the front windows. It’s not uncommon to see adult shops around the country do the same thing. Most stores put up a curtain to prevent children and pedestrians from seeing the more promiscuous items. A sex shop must abide to specific laws in order to functionally operate. Less than 10 percent of the inventory can be phallic or vaginal-like products but they cannot be presented in the front window. Loster abides by the law, but she put the curtain up for a different reason. “I want the customers to feel comfortable,” Loster said. “Most adult stores block the windows off so little kids can’t see the raunchy items through the window. I do it for discretion. People who are new to the life can come in and no one would know if you came in or what you buy here.

Sex and the Queen City Sex shop opens near UB South Campus, promotes a ‘safe sex haven’ JORDAN GROSSMAN


Buffalo’s South Campus just got a little sexier. Lorna Loster runs the only store near Buffalo’s South Campus that offers a plethora of novelty sex toys, lingerie, exotic dancer costumes and other intimate sex enhancers. But Loster will never call her store a “sex shop.” “It’s a fashion and intimates boutique,” Loster said. “That’s a title I came up with because I don’t want anyone to think ‘raunchy.’ People won’t sit there and say ‘Oh, you went to that sex store?’ They’ll sit there and say, ‘I went to the boutique.’” Loster opened her Four Beauties adult shop at 3083 Main St. in the University Heights near UB’s South Campus. The shop officially opened on Jan. 23 and welcomes anyone with a valid 18-plus ID. Loster said the main intention of the store is to create a safe environment for people who are looking to explore his or her sex life. Loster – an intended sex therapist who studied at the University of Pittsburgh – first worked at a sex shop when she was 18 years old. She quickly realized she wanted to work in the sex industry. After

working at her first shop, she was motivated to one that didn’t make customers feel uncomfortable. “I worked at one in 2004,” Loster said. “I tried to work there and I didn’t like the atmosphere. It was creepy to a certain extent. You didn’t feel comfortable in there.” In 2012, Loster began the inception of an adult shop that wouldn’t make customers feel uneasy upon entrance while being able to enhance a person’s sex life. The moniker “Four Beauties” references a Chinese legend about the four most beautiful women in the world – a running theme in the boutique. Above the register is an abundance of oriental décor, including posters, embroideries and wall art. Loster said the addition of an adult shop in the Heights has not posed any issues or criticism so far, but the risk is present. Four Beauties is located near 28 schools where students under the age of 18 attend, according to But Loster is convinced there will not be a problem now or in the future. “As long as the child is taught properly by their parents, it shouldn’t be an issue,” Loster said. “I don’t see issues coming either. I keep my storefront just like any retailer that sells lingerie at the mall. It’s not until they come inside when they see the rest of the store.”

I want this to be a sex safe haven.” One of Loster’s main goals is to turn skeptics about the sex industry into believers. She said a common misconception about adult shops is publicity. “Most people think that [sex shops] are things to look down on,” Loster said. “They don’t believe it should be public. But most people need to know it’s something natural for all of us.” UB’s South Campus has been a target market for Four Beauties due to the high number of college students that reside in the dorms and houses around South Campus. “College is about exploration, not only through knowledge, but [exploring one’s] self,” Loster said. “Students are away from parents and are here to explore. I’m just a stepping stone to help further the process.” Charlie Wanderer, a sophomore physics major, lives directly above Four Beauties. When Wanderer returned from winter break, he wasn’t aware that a sex shop would be opening below him. “It wasn’t there when I moved in earlier this year, but it took us for a surprise when I came back from break and saw it opened,” Wanderer said. “The store doesn’t bother me though. It caters to different clientele that I’m not used to, but it keeps to itself and does its own thing.” Phil Berg, a sophomore exercise science major, lives with Wanderer and was not excited about the opening of the shop upon returning from break. Berg said he thinks it will draw a “weird” customer base to the neighborhood. Berg also said the location of the shop was not ideal, considering the proximity of Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, which is located a few blocks further down Main Street. “It’s an interesting business to be opened up on a street with so many young kids running around, like the elementary school just down the street,” Berg said. “I don’t know what the shop will do to prevent kids from seeing their stuff.” Nonetheless, Berg found humor in the opening of the store. “I wasn’t concerned [with the shop]; it was more funny to me,” Berg said. “I never thought in a million years that I would be living over a sex shop.” Loster plans to open two other shops around Buffalo in the future. The other two shops will specialize in specific apparel, rather than a conglomerate of adult products. She plans to have one of her locations to be in Allentown, a community in downtown Buffalo. Like Four Beauties, she plans to promote a comfortable environment for the customers. “My other store will be strictly toys and novelties,” Loster said. “Three in total, in different areas, is my goal. These will be places where you don’t feel uncomfortable when you walk in.” email:


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Jackie, a Biological Sciences graduate student, studying young polar bears Kali and Luna at the Buffalo Zoo.

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with your housing A P P LY T O DAY F O R FA L L 2 0 1 5 VILLAS ON RENSCH




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HELP WANTED HELP WANTED PART-TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Lasertron Family Entertainment Center is currently hiring for general customer service. Working at a fast, detail-oriented pace and having excellent customer service skills is a must. Starting at $11/hr, must be available nights and weekends. Stop in and complete an application at Lasertron, 5101 North Bailey Avenue, Amherst. NY APARTMENT FOR RENT APARTMENT FOR


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bedrooms, hardwood floors, off-street parking & laundry. Local, responsible landlord with maintenance staff. Call, text or email Jeremy Dunn, (585)261-6609 or email Jeremy Dunn @ jgdunn2@msn. com

MINNESOTA AVENUE, 3-BDRM, $705/month. 5/6 BDRM $1,200/Month. Energy efficient, beautiful hardwood, big back yard, off-street parking, laundry, security system 716-446-1213 leave message.


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Institute Inc.

DAILY DELIGHTS sponsored by Collegiate Village Apartments Crossword of the Day Wednesday, February, 2015 FROM UNIVERSAL UCLICK


ARIES (March 21-April 19): An opportunity to form a partnership should be taken advantage of by sharing and adapting your skills and services to fit universal needs. It’s up to you to sell what you have to offer. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Making reforms will help you move forward with your plans. You’ll be questioned initially, but once you share your long-term goal, you will be given the freedom to carry on. A worthwhile suggestion will pay off, enabling you to exceed your expectations. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Take a cautious approach to whatever you do. Someone will be working against you. Keep your strategy a secret and refrain from letting your emotions govern an important decision. A romantic relationship will take an unexpected turn. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Don’t hesitate to ask questions or change your mind and your direction. Consider starting a creative project based on your skills, and you will experience greater freedom. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Fix up your home or make a domestic move that fits your current lifestyle better. Trying to please the people you love most is likely to backfire. Do what’s best for you and keep on moving. Someone you admire will offer you insight. 2 VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Make an effort to understand the partners you are involved with personally and professionally. A well-thought-out response will help you maintain your position and your reputation. Do whatever it takes to show off what you have to offer. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Focus on professional gains. Make a unique change or take a personal interest in people who have something to contribute to your ideas and goals. Use emotional tactics when dealing with someone trying to take advantage of your kindness. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Promote a project you’ve been working on or make a suggestion that will help you entice an audience to join in your pursuit. Raise your profile by making influential connections. Taking a small risk could pay off in big ways. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Listen, but question what’s being said. Get the facts straight or you’ll pay for someone else’s mistake. Situations you face with friends, neighbors and relatives will escalate, putting you in an awkward position. Travel delays are likely. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Use your savvy business sense to gain approval. An unusual idea you came across in the past will be an ideal solution to a problem you are facing now. R AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Listen to what’s being said and use your experience and knowledge to fight opposition. Wasting time on something you cannot change will set you back. Try to settle a money matter, allowing you the freedom to move forward with your plans. 2 stars PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Sign contracts and invest time and money in a creative idea you want to pursue. Collect old debts and clear up misunderstandings before you move forward. Romance can help improve your personal life and relationship. A commitment can be made.

Edited by Timothy E. Parker February 11, 2015 ABOVE GROUND By JoLene Andrews

ACROSS ACROSS   1 Musician Clapton   5 “Stop acting up!” 11 “Eight” starter 14 Like Erte’s style 15 Stayed away from 16 Alternate sp., in crossword clues 17 Filled with uncontrollable emotion 19 Cy Young Award stat 20 Boardwalk sights 21 One spelling for a zigzagging ribbon used as trimming 23 In an angry way 26 Give cheer to 27 Made flood-resistant, as a river bank 28 Olympic skiing category 31 Discharge through the pores 32 Ending passage in music 33 Units of resistance 36 Balloon filler 37 Job possibility 40 Three, on sundials 41 Russian despot 43 Yemeni port 44 Pops the cork 46 Bangs, yells, sirens, etc. 48 Annoyances

49 Annex 51 Numbers game, e.g. 52 Natural hideout 54 They often wear dark eyeliner 55 White House Webaddress ending 56 Where Jack and Jill live now? 61 “If ___ told you once ...” 62 Make null and void 63 Cookie favorite 64 Bard’s “always” 65 Acid, water or wind, over time 66 Butter units

13 Make an outline of 18 Aware of 22 History Muse 23 Athletic shoe part 24 Kathy Lee’s old partner 25 Repeatedly 28 Fifth canonical hour 29 Father of Balder 30 Went lickety-split 32 Transfer ownership 34 Underground laborer 35 Oscar winner Spacek 38 Ballerina’s step 39 “Faust” author 42 Dig for truffles 45 Fish-food seller 47 Chant   1 Tokyo, once   2 Accelerate (with “up”) 48 Much ado about not very much   3 Word with “skater” or 49 Longhorn’s rival “water” 50 Herd, as cattle   4 Nonspeaking “CSI” 51 Lehmann roles or Lenya   5 Descried 53 This puzzle’s theme   6 Day starter? word   7 “The Merry Drinker” 54 Mortarboard sporter, painter Frans briefly   8 Naval officer (Abbr.) 57 “I” affliction   9 Tack, 58 Nest egg, for some nautically 59 Permits 10 Swirled, as 60 ___ Gatos, Calif. a whirlpool 11 Perform better than one needs to 12 200 milligrams


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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

of the back doors,” Brown misdemeanor, or Exposure of a Person; a said. “Once he left, we tried violation-level offense,” Bartolomei said. sneaking out the other back While neither Greene nor her boyfriend door.” ever received any information in regard to The cop was waiting be- a report or referral to Judicial Affairs, they hind the door and ques- have a feeling their adventure is not so setioned Brown and the girl. cretive anymore. He let them off with a warn ing *Names have been changed to protect the ano“I guess it was worth the nymity of these students. story,” Brown said. In the spring of 2014, Lauren email: Greene*, a senior nursing major, wanted to add some excitement in her sex life with her boyfriend. They made it their mission to have sex in all the libraries on campus. On a Saturday afternoon, they went to the Health Sciences Library on South Campus to study. But not much studying took place. Greene and her boyfriend went into one of the private rooms located upstairs on the second floor and got to business. “We had to study but couldn’t do work before,” Greene said. “We had so much sexual tension.” They started to have sex in the corner of the room so nobody walking past could see through the window on the door. “We got really into it so I wanted him to throw me on the table,” Greene said. “He refused because there were other people in the rooms next to us. He was too scared we were going to make too much noise and get caught.” When they successfully completed their mission, they went back to studying, believing they had successfully gotten away with having sex in the library. Elizabeth Lidano, director of Judicial Affairs and Student Advocacy, said she hasn’t received a case in regard to students having sex in public locations on campus. Lidano said in an email if she were to receive such a report from UPD, the guilty students would be charged with a violation of disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct is defined as “conduct which is disorderly, lewd, indecent; breach of peace; or aiding, abetting, or procuring another person to breach the peace,” according to Lidano. “But, it isn’t something we are seeing,” Lidano said in an email. At the beginning of the following semester, when Greene and her boyfriend went back to the library for the first time, they noticed signs on the private rooms reading, “Inappropriate conduct will be reported.” While Greene’s story ultimately went unreported, Bartolomei said situations involving students, such as the ones described, would result in a student conduct referral to Judicial Affairs depending on the circumstances. “However, under state law, potential offenses could include Public Lewdness, which is a B PHOTO BY YUSONG SHI, DESIGN BY JENNA BOWER

‘Sexperiences’ Students share their on-campus sex stories the Bulls Stadium between the words NEW and YORK.” Despite students’ stories, students having sex in a public location isn’t a major issue University Police is faced with regularly, according to Assistant Chief of Police Chris Bartolomei. “We rarely receive such calls and it is not considered a common problem on campus,” Bartolomei said in an email. One night during finals week last semester, Will Brown,* a freshman undecided major, and a girl were in her dorm room, under the covers – naked – and about to have sex. But then one of her roommates walked in.

DANI GUGLIELMO STAFF WRITER About 23 percent of students claim to have had sex in on-campus buildings other than residential bedrooms, according a Spectrum survey of 837 students. It’s not unusual for students to have sex in on- and off-campus housing, but there’s a riskier group of students who claim they’ve had sex in public parts of campus. Anonymous students who took the sex survey said they’ve had sex in parking lots, Knox 20, a library stairwell, Baird Point, a biochemical laboratory, a Student Association club office, the Follett Campus Bookstore, the Stampede and even in the “center of

Earlier that week, Brown had created a bucket list with his friends – a pact that each of them had to have sex in an academic building at UB. “When her roommate opened the door we quickly sprung to get our clothes back on before she turned the corner into the bedroom area,” Brown said. “We were able to get dressed and then we casually talked to her roommate for about 10 minutes.” Brown figured this would be the perfect time to put the bucket list into action. They told her roommate they were going to get ice cream from Perks, a coffee and ice cream shop located in the Atrium at the Ellicott Complex, to escape for some privacy. Instead, the two went to the Millard Fillmore lecture hall in the Ellicott Complex for what many would consider “better than ice cream.” Sex. “After going in and scoping out the situation we turned off the lights and laid down behind the back row,” Brown said. “Before things could get intense, our bad luck persisted.” Brown said a UB police officer strolled in with a flashlight, thwarting his plans. “We hid until [the officer] went out one


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The Spectrum Volume 64 Issue 47  

The Spectrum, an independent student publication of the University at Buffalo.

The Spectrum Volume 64 Issue 47  

The Spectrum, an independent student publication of the University at Buffalo.