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The life of

FAIR GAME: Inside UB’s evolving


sexual conduct policies

UB Naked Guy details his experiences of becoming UB’s most revealing fan

UB’s current policies do not prohibit all student-instructor relationships SARAH CROWLEY SENIOR NEWS EDITOR

Hours after finishing his final, Tyler Smith* was at a party at the Villas on Rensch, celebrating the semester’s end with all his classmates. It had become a tradition throughout the course; after each grueling anatomy exam, the group would go out together to de-stress. But this time, the guest list included a teaching assistant he’d been eyeing all semester. The two began the night flirting and ended it at another friend’s house, having sex on a couch in the basement. “It just kind of happened,” Smith, a junior exercise science major said. “The thought occurred to me like, ‘Oh, that TA’s hot. I’d bang her.’ She was cute and smart. Every time I had a question, she helped me.”


Nearly six percent of students reported having sex with a TA or professor in The Spectrum’s sex survey. The university’s policy prohibits nonprofessional relationships between a student and an intructor who could “evaluate” that student in some way.

The two never talked again after that night. The TA, who has since graduated from UB, wasn’t involved in the grading for the course, and Smith knew it was unlikely the two would see each other again. It was nothing more than a “fun little party story,” he said. No big deal. More often, however, relationships between students and their instructors don’t end as a fun story to tell at parties. And while some

schools like Harvard University have policies flatly prohibiting relationships between undergraduates and faculty members, a few factors have kept UB from adapting a hard-line policy on the matter. The result is a professor or TA can have sex with an undergraduate student, as long as he or she is not a current student of theirs and isn’t likely to be.

PROBLEMS with porn

bido, impotence and an image of sex that is skewed from real-life sexual relationships. Like video games, drugs and alcohol, there is a fine line between enjoying porn occasionally and becoming addicted. Porn can be enjoyed, but in moderation. Dr. Lisa Anllo from Linwood Psychotherapy Associates, is a clinical psychologist whose primary specialties are relationship issues and problems related to sexuality. She explained it’s difficult to label what is an acceptable amount of porn to watch, as it is different from person to person. Anllo said there are red flags that occur when someone begins to invest too much time into porn. “If one starts to spend excessive time and energy with a behavior, like porn watching, that has consequences that may be ignored such as less sexually functional behavior with one’s primary sexual/romantic partner, less time spent with family/friends or [interference] with recreational hobbies or even work, then one might want to self-identify as having a need to get help or at least set a plan to limit one’s access,” Anllo said in an email.

Overindulging can have side effects MAX KALNITZ NEWS EDITOR


Porn can be enjoyed in moderation, but if viewed too much, there are severe consequences.

It won’t make your hands fall off and it won’t make you go blind, but watching too much porn can screw up your sex life. Erectile dysfunction, issues with body image and full-blown addiction are just a few of the symptoms of over-watching porn. A 2011 survey by Italian researchers at the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine surveyed 28,000 men who categorized themselves as being addicted to porn. The results showed that many men, some as young as 14, suffered from “sexual anorexia.” Sexual anorexia, according to the report, happens when viewers gradually become desensitized to porn as a result of “excessive consumption,” resulting in a loss of li-

S EX survey



The Spectrum put out a survey to gather students' sexual habits. Check out the results on PAGE 5.


UB Naked Guy watches on in Alumni Arena. Junior Kyle Yagielski doubles as a new student sports mascot.


Kyle Yagielski doesn’t go to Bulls games in the usual fan apparel. Instead of a jersey, he wears no shirt. Instead of pants, he puts on shorts that end well above his knees. And instead of rocking team colors, he puts black X’s across his nipples and writes “UB Naked Guy” on his chest in black marker that “doesn’t come out for a few days.” Starting this year, Yagielski, a junior digital media production and tuba performance double major, has attended dozens of Bulls sporting events as UB Naked Guy, a mascot for student sports at UB. Yagielski’s look of cowboy boots, cowboy hat and short-shorts with a bare chest and legs has become one of the most consistent sights at Bulls games over the past five months. He even brings a sign with him so he can be easier to spot. “If you asked me before I got here if this is something I could see myself doing, I would definitely have said yes,” Yagielski said. “I’ve always enjoyed doing dumb, fun stuff like this and being a class clown. Naked Guy is kind of the natural progression of that.” Besides Victor E. Bull, UB Naked Guy is one of the most well-known figures in UB sports. For Yagielski, a member of True Blue, it is something that went from dare to full-time gimmick. “I think it was the first home football game back in September and we were doing True Blue’s annual running on the field,” Yalgielski said. “I remember leading up to the game telling everyone that I was going to rip my shirt off during it and them just being like ‘cool, whatever, you do that.’” When Yagielski hit the field he ripped off the loose tank top he was wearing and Naked Guy made his debut. He said after the game his friends went up to him and told him they never expected him to do it. He said he was already wearing short-shorts and cowboy boots to the games so it wasn’t far off from what Naked Guy looks like now. CONTINUED ON PAGE 8





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Monday, February 12, 2018

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Thursday, February 12, 2018

The Spectrum | Page 3

Editorial Board EDITOR IN CHIEF

Hannah Stein




Dan McKeon, Chief Emma Medina

Come as you are You’re wrong about sex


Sarah Crowley, Senior Max Kalnitz Haruka Lucas Kosugi, Asst. Anna Savchenko, Asst.



Benjamin Blanchet, Senior Erik Tingue, Asst. Wanly Chen, Asst. ARTS EDITORS

Brenton Blanchet, Senior Brian Evans, Asst. SPORTS EDITORS

Thomas Zafonte, Senior Daniel Petruccelli MULTIMEDIA EDITORS

Allison Staebell, Senior Elijah Pike, Asst. Jack Li, Asst. CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Pierce Strudler CARTOONIST

Ardi Digap


Helene Polley



Stephen Jean-Pierre Shawn Zhang, Asst.

Editorial note: The author’s name has been changed to maintain her anonymity. In a country where only 24 states mandate sex education in public schools, it’s no wonder so many kids get their info from their friends. There are more than a few myths many of us learned in our formative years and carried into adulthood, and they’re ruining our sex lives. From pineapple semen to popped cherries to condom ignorance, here are three misconceptions and the truth behind them. Pineapple juice makes your fluids taste good

This is a popular tidbit of misinformation. When I eat pineapple, I secretly tell myself my boyfriend is going to have an extra fun time going down on me later. It’s pretty easy to debunk, but the pineapple juice myth does hold a sliver of truth. What you eat does impact how you taste and smell. A healthy diet, staying hydrated and eating enough

fiber help keep the good bacteria in your gut nice and happy, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Gunter told BuzzFeed Health. This helps you stay healthy in your lower half, keeping your smells relatively pleasant. On the same note, eating smelly foods, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can make you smell and taste stronger. However, chugging pineapple juice now isn’t going to make your semen taste like fruit tonight. A consistently healthy lifestyle and regular hygiene routine are necessary to keep funky smells at bay. It’s also important to remember everyone’s genitals have a mild odor and taste; balls smell and taste like balls, vaginas smell and taste like vaginas. Strong, foul odors are what you should watch out for, as they can be a sign of infection. When things get abnormally pungent, it’s time to see a doctor. Protection is only necessary for penetrative sex

Too many people forget condoms protect against more than

just pregnancy. According to the Center for Disease Control, performing oral sex on a penis, vulva or anus puts you at risk for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, HPV, HIV and trichomoniasis. That’s a long list. Getting tested regularly and discussing sexually transmitted infections with your partner can help you avoid getting one of these bugs, but it’s also a good idea to use a barrier when venturing into unfamiliar territory. Condoms and dental dams are the two most useful forms of protection against STIs during oral sex. You’re probably familiar with condoms, but dental dam may be new vocabulary. A dental dam is a thin sheet of latex that can be placed over the vulva or anus for protection during oral sex. Keep a stash of unlubricated –– maybe flavored –– condoms, just in case. You can even use them to make dental dams if you’re out or can’t find any. Unroll the condom just enough to have access to the tip, cut the tip off with a pair of scissors and snip the rolled-up condom ring. Unroll it, and you have your very own DIY dental dam.

intact hymen. I’m shaking my head as I write this. The hymen is a thin layer of tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening. Like most other body parts, hymens come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like a ring. Some have two holes. Some cover the entire vaginal opening. And some people don’t have one at all. Virginity tests –– inserting a finger or two to check for an intact hymen –– have been practiced for centuries and still happen all over the world today. Some healthcare practitioners use them during physical examinations following sexual assault. All of them are misguided. Because the hymen comes in so many forms, it’s impossible to use one test to determine whether someone has had sex. On top of that, the hymen doesn’t even have to break the first time –– or any time –– someone has penetrative sex. With slow and careful work and gentle pressure with fingers, toys and lots of lube, the hymen stretches. While hymens can and do tear, people break their own hymens doing activities completely unrelated to sex including inserting a tampon or riding a bike.

Popping the cherry

Thanks to years of sexual shaming and glamorized virginity, many believe people with vaginas are supposed to go through some kind of bloodbath the first time they have penetrative sex. While the concept of virginity is antiquated, misogynist and heteronormative, societies around the world still attribute female virginity to an


THE SPECTRUM Monday, February 12, 2018 Volume 67 Number 31 Circulation 4,000

Coming out (again) and coming to terms with who I really am How I stopped letting others define my identity for me

The views expressed – both written and graphic – in the Feedback, Opinion and Perspectives sections of The Spectrum do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board. Submit contributions for these pages to The Spectrum office at Suite 132 Student Union or The Spectrum reserves the right to edit these pieces for style and length. If a letter is not meant for publication, please mark it as such. All submissions must include the author’s name, daytime phone number, and email address. For information on adverstising with The Spectrum, visit or call us directly at 716-645-2152 The Spectrum offices are located in 132 Student Union, UB North Campus, Buffalo, NY 142602100



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When I first came out at 18, I told a few close friends I was a lesbian. Some were supportive, others were confused because I’d talked to them about liking boys before — so surely I must be bisexual, they insisted. Shortly after coming out, I met a boy. He came into my life right after I had been rejected romantically by a girl who had been my best friend. I was vulnerable and lonely. No one, boy or girl, had ever given me a second glance. I was chubby, had cystic acne, thick glasses and a laundry list of mental health problems. So when he started showing interest in me, I had to convince myself to fall in love with a boy — something I have been forcing myself to do my whole life. I remember when my friends started having crushes on boys in middle school. When we had sleepovers, they would ask me which boy from our class I liked. I knew I wasn’t interested in boys, but I couldn’t say that. So I would


think, if I had a boyfriend, what traits should he have? I knew I liked people who were kind and smart and funny. And I had a general idea of which boys the other girls agreed were attractive. So every new school year I made a habit of finding a boy who checked off all those boxes and decided he was my crush. Never mind the blonde haired girl who was first chair in orchestra and got all the leads in the middle school plays and made me blush when she told me she liked my dress. Or the brunette I met in high school with the big blue eyes who used to rest her head on my shoulder, making my whole body freeze up. These feelings came naturally; I never had to convince myself to like a girl the way I had to convince myself to like boys. I knew that probably meant something was wrong with me. I kept reassuring myself that I surely would eventually like boys when I got older. At 18, I walked hesitantly hand in hand with the guy who would become my first boyfriend. Before we got together, I repeatedly told him I was gay whenever he tried to flirt with me. But, deeply insecure and desperate for validation in any form, eventually I caved. “So, uh, does this mean you’re bi?” he asked. “I suppose,” I replied, giving his hand a half-hearted squeeze. Coming out as bi felt like the safest way to come out — and for a while, it did feel right. But it wasn’t until I fell in love with a woman that I realized any attraction I ever

felt towards men stemmed from a desire for approval and validation; from my peers, from society, from the guys I thought I liked in that way. For my entire life, I’ve been told I must like men, even when I tried to express my attraction to women. People allowed me to be attracted to women but insisted that I must like men, too. I have cared for boys and maybe even have had half-hearted crushes on them, but I’ve never felt anything towards a man like what I feel towards women. Sure, they might have ticked off all the boxes — smart, funny, kind, objectively attractive — but there was never that elusive spark. With guys, I always felt like something was missing. I thought I was in love with my first boyfriend. And while I felt love for him, I wasn’t in love with him. It took falling in love with a woman for me to realize that. The first time she hugged me was better than the best kiss I’ve ever had with a man. And when I kissed her, I suddenly understood what all those love songs were about. And when I fell in love with her, it was like my world stopped. Suddenly everything made sense. I fell for her like a schoolgirl feeling the feverish, intoxicating swell of love for the first time. She was the first person I ever felt like I could see myself marrying and having children with — things I was disinterested in when I was younger. In hindsight, it’s obvious why; it’s not that I don’t want to get married or have children — I just couldn’t picture myself doing those things with a man. And now that I’ve realized that, I can’t wait to share these experiences with a woman someday.

Your first love is rarely your forever love, something I learned the hard way. And as tumultuous as our relationship ended up being, it helped me realize something vital about my identity. Something I’ve always known, deep down, but ignored. I let others define my identity for me because I was never sure enough in myself to trust in my own truth. And after so strongly identifying as bisexual for so long, I felt like people would think I was a fraud if I admitted that isn’t really who I am. But I realized the only way to truly be a fraud is to be dishonest about who you are, to choose a label that is easier for others to accept and understand rather than the one that feels truest to you. Every time I tell someone I am a lesbian, it’s like this huge weight lifts off my shoulders. It’s like all those years of doubt and insecurity melt away, and I finally I get to stand tall and say: this is who I am. email: twitter: @mmfowler13

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FAIR GAME: Inside UB’s evolving

sexual conduct policies CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

UB’s policy toward sexual conduct and relationships is guided broadly by its nepotism policy and the faculty code of conduct, which prohibits “nonprofessional” relationships between students and faculty members that have any kind of “evaluative” element like grading or advising. The line between a nonprofessional and professional relationship has created a degree of ambiguity schools are constantly grappling with, said Sharon Nolan-Weiss, director of UB’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and the university’s Title IX coordinator. Although UB has no formal plans to reevaluate its policy, there have been a number of informal “exploratory talks” among administrators in recent months that may result in some formal reassessment, she said. UB’s policy on faculty-student relationships has come a long way since NolanWeiss first arrived at UB in 2001, she said. Before 2008, the strongest policy on the books was an “alert for instructional staff ”: a clause in the faculty-staff handbook warning instructional staff if they were in a relationship with a power differential, they may be “subject to a complaint later.” “I know people in my office hated this policy but at that time the climate was such that that was the strongest thing we could get through,” Nolan-Weiss said. In 2008, the faculty code of conduct included a stronger statement that said faculty are not supposed to enter into nonprofessional relationships with students, particularly sexual ones. In 2015, the nepotism policy broadened the code to include all relationships that could result in a conflict of interest, real or perceived. Although the nepotism policy itself may be straightforward, gray areas remain.

Monday, February 12, 2018

There are few “hard” rules when it comes to its application. For instance, Nolan-Weiss advises faculty not to add students on Facebook, but that in and of itself isn’t necessarily “nonprofessional.” The same goes for socializing. Particularly at the graduate level, professors may want to have students over for dinner and drinks, and that too, doesn’t necessarily reach an inappropriate threshold, she said. “If the [socializing is] happening repeatedly and they’re forming a friendship or it’s something where they’re no longer neutral, then you get into a violation of the policy,” Nolan-Weiss said. “But these things are so tough because we really do end up having to look at it on a case-by-case basis.” A nonprofessional relationship violation may result in a memo in the instructor’s file or mandated training, depending on how severe the behavior is, Nolan-Weiss said. Other factors, including the “evaluative” element, can complicate things. If a student can have sex with a professor or TA in another department, it may be difficult to predict whether or not that student will ever be in an “evaluative” relationship again with that professor. Anything from a change in major to the incalculable reach of a particularly esteemed researcher may impact a student’s ability to network or explore other fields. This creates a risk for both parties, Nolan-Weiss said. But given UB’s high number of nontraditional students, it didn’t necessarily make sense for them to implement a more severe policy. “If you’re a 45-year-old undergraduate in the engineering school and you’re dating a medical professor, should that really be prohibited?” Nolan-Weiss said. “Professors have to exercise good judgment and they have to be really cognizant of how that relationship might look to other people. So that’s what we’re asking them to do, but if someone files a complaint, it’s no longer up to them whether that relationship was appropriate. It’s now up to us to determine: Is this something where you’re no longer neutral?”

In The Spectrum’s sex survey, nearly six percent of respondents –– 20 out of 339 –– said they have had sex with a TA or professor. And yet, in the 2017-18 school year, UB has had just two reported incidents of alleged inappropriate relationships between students and instructors so far, one with a professor and one with a TA. Both have been resolved, according to Nolan-Weiss, who would not comment on the nature of the reports or the departments they came from, citing public officer laws that require confidentiality. In that same time, 11 faculty members were subjects of sexual harassment complaints, three of whom were TAs and graduate assistants in a teaching position, according to Nolan-Weiss. One faculty member was the subject of a sexual misconduct complaint. Like many sexual incidents, student-instructor relationships go underreported for a variety of reasons, Nolan-Weiss said. “I’ll usually only see them when they go bad,” she said. When these incidents are reported, they are processed through the Office of Employee Relations, while the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion investigates incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination. Suspected violations can also be reported through the EthicsPoint hotline. When in doubt, err on the side of caution, Nolan-Weiss said. “It’s always a bad idea,” she said. “Students are here to learn, right? They’re here to take advantage of academic opportunities and to start careers. We don’t want to see anything get in the way of that. That’s really the bottom line when it comes to these relationships –– does it have a potential to really derail somebody?”


In the 2017-18 school year, UB has had just two reported incidents of alleged inappropriate relationships between students and instructors so far, one with a professor and one with a TA. Both issues were resolved, according to Sharon Nolan-Weiss, director of UB’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

*The names of students have been changed to protect their identities. email:

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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Spectrum | Page 5

S EX survey have you ever been (354)* sexually active?

have you ever been involved in a threesome or orgy?


are you currently sexually active?


do you regularly use contraception?

157 177 22


Female: Other:


do you use dating apps?



287 Heterosexual 38 Bisexual 14 Homosexual 8 Other 6 Pansexual 3 Asexual

89% 27% 10%



how many sexual partners have you had? (345)*

do you masturbate?



^ on campus?


not including apartments or dorms















1-3 44%


have you ever engaged in the following?




most popular contraceptions



4-7 24%

8-10 6%

most popular places to masturbate or have sex on campus:

11+ 15%

Knox 20 Bathrooms Lockwood


have you had a pregnancy scare?


have you ever had sex on campus?


at what age do you lose your virginity?









* (###) number of people who answered the question










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Monday, February 12, 2018

Being asexual in a sexual world


I fully realized I was asexual –– having little or no sexual appetite –– the first time I went to a strip club. My friends decided we should all go to this strip club in North Buffalo one night –– an idea I sighed and went along with.

We went in and I nursed a beer for a couple hours while they got lap dances and dropped bills in places you could probably guess. But as I sat there, sipping a room temperature Labatt and taking in the shrine to American sexual desire, it hit me: eh, this whole thing probably isn’t for me. That night in bed, I took a mental inventory and did a little bit of searching online. I’d heard of asexuality before but I thought my lost virginity disqualified me in some way. I couldn’t claim to be asexual if I’d been sexual, I thought. An hour’s worth of blogs, websites and deep introspection later, I knew it. I was asexual. But why did I have sex before and why did I not want to have sex now? For some people, sexual appetite comes in waves, depends on the person they’re with or relies on a long list of other personal factors. For me, it came down to wanting to fit in. The world is sexual; no one would argue

with that. Everyone’s either talking about sex or waiting to talk about it. Entering sexual maturity is equivalent to entering overall maturity and sexual performance is everything; if you aren’t at least average at the act, then you’re defective, immature or simply left behind. This isn’t how it should be, but it is how it felt to me growing up. To be asexual in a sexual world is to not be in this world at all. I always felt a need to find a girl and have a relationship, and a relationship for most involves sex. So I had relationships and had sex and thought that if I kept doing it, maybe it would click. Sometimes it was a little enjoyable, other times it was incredibly traumatic. I forced myself into situations where I felt unsafe and uncomfortable, and through no fault of my own or my partner, but through the social code of a sexual world. But even through nightmares about previous sexual encounters, through crying and stopping because I just didn’t want to, through feeling so far out of my body, I still believed I

must be sexual. Do I want to live alone the rest of my life? Do I want to be useless? A few weeks before my maiden strip club journey, I watched an episode of “Bojack Horseman.” In it, the character Todd came to terms that he was simply not a sexual person. It was a strange moment for me; it was the first time I’d seen someone with my sexuality in pop culture. And it was in a show about a sad alcoholic horse. Regardless, that got me thinking, and the strip club had me confirming. In the aftermath of that final realization, I felt self-pity. I couldn’t imagine anyone I had feelings for would feel the same way about an asexual person. I was mad with who I was and wished I could go back to my 20-year denial of myself. I was so afraid of being alone and wrestled with telling a girl I was really falling in love with that I was asexual. I felt guilty for not bringing it up, like my asexuality was a disease I was hiding. CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

Monday, February 12, 2018


I wanted this column to be about how I overcame that fear but the truth is, I haven’t. People around me talk about sex all the time still, and I do too to feel like a part of it. I act like I get it, like I’m just like you all and modern life is just a series of drinking, partying and having sex. I mean, The Spectrum’s biggest issue each year is often the Sex Issue. It’s all pretty exhausting and isolating. Many friends and family members expressed some form of concern or at least curiosity about me dating as an asexual. “How would that work?” they asked. I don’t know the answer. “You probably just haven’t found the right person,” some said. I might never. I struggled over the past year to be OK with being asexual and I now have some sort of a fragile acceptance of myself. I came to terms with more things along the way –– things I don’t want to discuss just yet –– and now choose to identify as queer, a comforting label that offers an alternate world where I can feel how I feel and be around others who understand that alienating and unsafe feeling. Most of my closest friends are queer, and we bond in the beautiful way only people who share a certain flavor of aloneness or fear can. But even so, I still worry I’ll never really find love without sex. I still feel a little broken and a little on the outside looking in. Still a little unaccepted, by myself and by the world. Still a little alone and a little useless. And the more I learn about my queer identity, the harder it all gets. Again, I really wanted to tell you readers how I overcame all of this and now love myself fully. I really, really did. But, I can’t. email:

The Spectrum | Page 7

The TALK UB students share their experiences with having the sex talk CARTOON / ARDI DIGAP


When Sankara Daly told his dad he wasn’t sexually active, he was ready for an open discussion about sex. Instead, his father handed him a book. Parents typically don’t have a calendar with a date circled for the talk, but many parents anxiously anticipate this interaction. This conversation varies among families, but can cover a range of topics from sexually-transmitted infections (STI) to consensual sex. UB Professor Lance Rintamaki, who teaches Sexual Communication, thinks parents feel a strong responsibility to educate their children on sex, even if they struggle to do so. “[Most] parents say it is their responsibility to educate their children about sexual health topics, but less than [half] actually try to broach these subjects with their children,” Rintamaki said. “So many people wish they were more capable with having this type of conversation with their kids, but often feel unprepared when those moments arise.” Daly, a senior computer science major, agrees with Rintamaki. Daly said his father should have been more open about the topic instead of giving him a book to read on it. “He could have explained his life experiences with me because most of what I found out was from my own research and experimenting with my girlfriend,” Daly said. “As I got older, he started to share more of his life experiences, but now it’s like I’m receiving my sex talk later in life af-

ter it’s not needed.” Sex therapist Samantha Heuwagen said parents may be fearful or paranoid of their children’s sexual activity, which can lead to ambiguous answers about sex topics. Heuwagen argues learning about safe sex at an earlier age correlates with higher levels of maturity. “Having comprehensive sex education that starts in preschool or kindergarten develops a sense of comfortability for these children to grow up and talk about sex,” Heuwagen said. “With these programs, these children are going to grow up more mature about the choices they make regarding sex and that’s a positive thing.” In countries like the Netherlands, comprehensive sex education is taught as early as the age of four, according to PBS. In the United States, all states are involved in sex education, however, only 20 states require the material to be accurate, according to National Conference of State Legislatures. Currently, the New York State Senate and Assembly has yet to pass a bill that requires medically accurate sex education to be taught in public schools. When Jernisa Reed became sexually active, she wasn’t aware of safe sex procedures. Reed, a junior social science and mental health major, wasn’t taught about condoms or STIs until after having sex. “I didn’t know any of that stuff you were suppose to know before you have sex,” Reed said. “I thought it was going to be like the movie, but I didn’t know it was going to

hurt that bad or bleed.” Comprehensive sex education isn’t just teaching about sexual intercourse. Sexologist Lanae St. John said this type of education can teach children about components of a healthy relationship and the value of consent. “Comprehensive sex education is not just what a penis does with a vagina,” St. John said. “I think it’s super important to talk about love, relationships and dating. We want our children to have a healthy relationship and to ask what love feels like.” Like Daly, some UB students said they weren’t given a proper sex talk and learned about sex on their own. St. John, however, encourages parents to talk about sex with their children and advises them to have continuous conversations. “We have a level of responsibility. If we’re not going to acknowledge the topic, they’re going to find out in other ways …,” St. John said. “You don’t have to encourage them to have sex, you just have to acknowledge it. The best we can do is to validate their experiences and make sure they’re safe.” For his own kids, Daly plans to take a different approach than his father. He said he wants to comfortably talk about sex with his kids. “I want to be able to constantly talk about sex and make it seem that it’s not something you need to worry about, but something that is meant to be enjoyed with two people who like each other,” Daly said. email:

Ash Wednesday Feb 14 North Campus Mass Student Union Flag Room Noon

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Monday, February 12, 2018

The life of


Almost immediately after the run on the field, people were going up to Yagielski and asking for a picture, something that has become a norm for him. “You can tell if someone is seeing him for the first time because they usually ask for a picture,” said junior psychology major Kevin McCormick. “It is usually parents or students you haven’t seen at the games before asking him.” McCormick is a personal friend of Yagielski and also a member of True Blue. McCormick was there during Naked Guy’s first appearance and has witnessed some of the persona changes over the past five months. He remembers when Yagielski told him about ripping his shirt off and thinking, “no way he does it.” McCormick helps by writing on Yagielski’s chest. “At this point, he has gone all in with it so I just help him out with what I can,” McCormick said. “I have been his friend for the entire thing so I kind of have had a front-row seat to it.” McCormick remembers when Yagielski told him in November he wanted to do something new with Naked Guy, but not knowing what. During a cold November night during a football game against Bowling Green, McCormick found out the change. The traditional short shorts were swapped for a speedo. Yagielski said he spent the entire “below freezing” night in the outfit, keeping himself warm by going into the bathroom to be near a heater and to throw hot water on himself. McCormick described it as Yagielski “upgrading” the Naked Guy outfit. When asked if he was surprised by Yagielski adopting UB Naked Guy, McCormick said, “not at all, knowing him it makes perfect sense.” Yagielski said he does not care what other think of Naked Guy, as he just does it to


UB Naked Guy stands with True Blue at a game. UB Naked Guy has become a common fixture at UB games often sitting with True Blue.

have a good time and be a “genuine goof.” To Yagielski, college sports antics like Naked Guy are a normal part of college athletics. Yagielski has followed Division-I sports during his entire tenure at UB, once being a part of the Thunder of the East band. Yagielski said he looks at big conference school student sections and sees an environment that could exist at UB given the school’s size. He said students section antics like Arizona State University’s Curtain of Distraction are the kind of things that inspired him to make the Naked Guy a regular fixture at Bulls sporting events. His routine at basketball games can involve calling out coaches for having their shoes untied, counting down from 20 when

there is only five seconds left on the shot clock, yelling “bad” at the first sight of an airball and more hijinks. He admits interest in UB sports could be better, but is happy to see as Naked Guy grows, so does interest in the Bulls. He cited the recent men’s basketball game against Western Michigan crowd of more than 7,000 as a sign school interest is growing. Yagielski said he slowly gains Twitter followers for the @UBNakedGuy account after every game. The account’s cover photo is a picture of Yagielski as UB Naked Guy holding a sign that reads, “Khalil Mack is my dad.” Recently men’s basketball head coach Nate Oats started following UB Naked Guy. “I love the support and I am surprised


sometimes by who ends up following me,” Yagielski said. “You never really know who is a fan when you are walking around on campus. I even met my girlfriend being UB Naked Guy.” Freshman biological science major Ashley Comstock and Yagielski have only been dating for a couple of months, but Comstock can remember briefly meeting him in September. “It was the first game he ever did [as Naked Guy] and I went up to him to get a photo to actually get the attention of another guy I was talking to at the time,” Comstock said. “So now I have this photo of us months before we started dating where he is almost naked and it was taken by the guy I was seeing before him.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

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Monday, February 12, 2018


Comstock said by just getting to know Yagielski, nothing he does as UB Naked Guy surprises her. She said he has a large comfort zone even in the most awkward of situations. Even her parents found out about her new boyfriend through UB Naked Guy. “I think someone told them after seeing it on Facebook or something,” Comstock said. “It is definitely not how I would like him to be introduced to them but they love it so it’s all good.” Now Comstock finds herself helping Yagielski get the black marker off his chest, just so he can do it again days later. Yagielski considers UB Naked Guy a character to have fun with at games who stands on his own opinion, separate from True Blue and even Yagielski himself. Perhaps left most unphased by the character is his own mother, Pam Yagielski.

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“Kyle has always done stuff like this,” she said. “Even when he was a kid he always had a gimmick as being loud in his classes. When he was a part of the marching band he used to wear a kilt, for crying out loud. When I heard from a friend he was doing Naked Guy I was just like ‘of course.’” Yagielski said his parents support him in almost all of his antics, Naked Guy included. He said his parents don’t have a problem with it even as he adopts things like a speedo. “I think [my mom] just wishes I wouldn’t swear so much,” Yagielski said. The future for Naked Guy is something Yagielski is always thinking about. He said it is a question of “how do I keep this fresh?” For him, that is considering things like writing something new on his chest or a new sign. Yagielski said he is not sure what the future for Naked Guy will be, but plans to do it as long as possible. “For me, I am just as comfortable out



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UB Naked Guy stands with True Blue at a game. UB Naked Guy has become a common fixture at UB games often sitting with True Blue.

there [as Naked Guy] as I am in clothes,” Yagielski said. “I think that is why it has become a thing is because I know how to go out there and show that I am having a blast and I think that’s infectious.” You can see UB Naked Guy at most ma-

jor Bulls home games. email:

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Anal-ize this A look behind students’ thoughts on analingus


For Sofia Rapatsouleas, analingus is a routine part of sex. Analingus is the oral sex practice where a person stimulates another’s anus by use of their mouth, including lips, tongue or teeth. Forty-four of 356 students polled indicated they have participated in analingus during sex, according to The Spectrum’s Sex Survey. While many people find the act offputting, those who engage in analingus –– or rimming –– say it is a pleasurable experience and encourage others to try. “Rimming has become a routine at this point, as we engage in it everytime we have sex,” said Rapatsouleas, a senior sociology major. “I love everything about rimming and I recommend that people should give it a go, especially if you are trying to spice up a relationship. It is definitely a pleasurable experience and it keeps our sex life interesting.” Memes concerning analingus have dominated the internet in recent years and popular rap artist Nicki Minaj has bragged about how much she enjoys getting her salad tossed numerous times in her songs, asking for someone to “point [her] to the best ass-eater.” In other chart-topping hits like the 2014 Omarion song “Post to Be,” artist Jhené Aiko called for partners to “eat the booty like groceries.” Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart titled works with analingus sensibilities, titling one composition “Leck mich im Arsch” (Lick me in the arse) over 200 years ago. Individuals who practice analingus should take the proper precautions, however, as


Analingus is becoming a new internet trend. Memes regarding the subject have dominated the web, and rap artists like Jhené Aiko and Nicki Minaj have bragged in their songs about how much they enjoy rimming.

there are chances the act can lead to an STI, gastrointestinal infection, E. coli, salmonella and even HIV. Charlie Glickman is a sex and relationship coach and educator. Glickman, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration For Men and Their Partners,” suggests some helpful tips that can provide protection while rimming. “Make sure that the receiving partner washes well externally, which is easy to with soap and water, but also be aware of how your partner is feeling and confirm that they have not had any digestive issues in the past

few days,” Glickman said. “I also suggest using a barrier, such as a dam or Saran wrap by putting lubricant on the anus of the receiver, laying the barrier over the anus and licking through the material.” Taylor Marabella, a freshman biomedical engineering major, was dumbfounded after finding out some people have a sexual preference for rimming. “I really thought ‘eating booty’ was a joke because I see people tweet about it all the time and there are funny memes that display the act,” Marabella said. “I could not imagine myself ever doing that because I do not

want my mouth around that area and I do not want someone else’s mouth around that area of mine.” Some people don’t want their anuses to be involved in sexual pleasure, but Glickman encourages individuals to experiment with their bodies and discover new stimulations they might enjoy. “If you cannot be present in every part of your body, you cannot be fully present in your body,” Glickman said. “I have spoken to many women about rimming and they have told me it feels amazing because it provides a gentle physical stimulation to a part of your body that does not receive a lot of touch.” Rapatsouleas has never achieved an orgasm from analingus, but said it enhances orgasms when combined with other stimulation. “If other parts of my body are being sexually stimulated at the same time that it is being done, it definitely enhances my orgasm,” Rapatsouleas said. Much of the stigma against analingus revolves around the primary use for the anus: expelling waste from the body. Patrick O’Brien, a junior legal studies major, thinks experiences with rimming are appalling. “The anus is only meant for an exit, never an entrance for anything to go in,” O’Brien said. “If I were to ever have any thoughts about trying it, I would get a mental image of feces coming out and it would turn me away.” For Glickman, men tend to stray away from stimulation of their anus as a means of protecting their heterosexuality. “Anal stimulation is just as pleasurable for men as it is for women because they both have the same nerve endings there,” Glickman said. “I think it is great when men explore their anal pleasure because it will make you a better giver when you know what it is like to recieve.” email:

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Monday, February 12, 2018

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Most college students are no strangers to porn. In fact, college-aged males and females make up the second-largest demographic of porn viewers, according to a 2015 infographic released by the adult entertainment juggernaut PornHub. Thirty-one percent of viewers are between the ages of 18 and 24, the infographic showed. Additionally, a 2015 survey from Covenant Eyes showed on average, nine out of 10 boys and six out of 10 girls viewed porn before the age of 18. For The Spectrum’s 2018 sex survey, 222 out of 346 students said they watch porn. Students that do watch porn watch at different rates weekly, most watching at least once a week and some watching twice a day. As porn has become more accessible, moving from our computer screens to our mobile devices, its viewership has grown substantially. In 2017, PornHub drew 75 million visitors daily, each spending roughly nine minutes watching content. This is up significantly from 1 million daily views when the website launched in 2007. The statistics show porn isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re a daily viewer or save it for a special treat, the adult entertainment industry is constantly growing and adapting to its ever-increasing audience. But porn has its drawbacks. Over-watching porn can skew viewers’ perceptions of what is realistic and what is fake. In recent years, Anllo said she has noticed issues with body image and anxiety as a result of watching too much porn. “Before porn was widespread across the internet, it used to enhance people’s sex lives,” Anllo said. “But now, there are people with compulsive addictions as a result of watching it too much.” Anllo said she’s noticed that more and more young people are being influenced by porn and as a result, view themselves as inadequate



L .


compared to the actors on their phone and computer screens. People are going as far as getting cosmetic surgery to enhance their genitals to mimic professionals’ body parts. “One interesting phenomenon, which is more recent, is that you have women shaving their vulvas and pubic area and it’s thought that this is due to porn and its accessibility,” Anllo said. “This depiction of unrealistic, retouched [body parts] is actually causing women to go to cosmetic gynecologic surgeons.” Another issue floating around the world of porn lies within the ethics of the trade. A large portion of its viewers being under the age of 18, this raises the question: is porn a realistic platform for young adults to learn about sex? Porn caters to viewers’ fantasies and gives them an opportunity to explore sexuality in ways that they might not be able to with their partner. More often than not, what occurs in a pornographic video doesn’t translate to how sex happens in real life. The problem is younger viewers may be oblivious to this important fact. Dr. Lance Rintamaki, an associate professor in the department of communication, teaches Sexual Communication. He realizes many people view porn for its unrealistic elements. But, he says, it’s important for viewers to remember there is a fine line between what’s real and fake when it comes to porn and sex in real life. Open communication with your partner is always necessary when trying to bring in new ideas to a relationship. “The common theme in porn is fantasy. Both men and women in the college age group have learned a lot about what they think sex is about from watching porn, but this causes a lot of problems,” Rintamaki said. “Boys develop expectations about how they’re supposed to look, how they’re supposed to perform and what partners like. [The] same thing applies to young girls, but what you see in porn can be way off the norm. If you learn that’s how [sex is] sup-




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T H E 3 1 ST A N N U A L

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porn to learn about sex. People just have to realize that’s not how it actually works.” Other students feel porn is a good outlet for viewers to explore their sexual fantasies and get new ideas to try with their partners. Jessie Smith*, a junior health and human services major, said she disagrees with claims that porn causes issues with body image. Smith said she believes porn is very inclusive due to the vast number of categories and ethnicities represented in porn. “With porn, there are so many body types. It’s very diverse. Anyone can have sex or film porn,” Smith said. “It’s all about what you want to see in your personal time. If your sexual orientation is straight, but occasionally you want to watch same-sex porn, who’s going to stop you? Everyone can be represented in porn, which is what makes it so appealing.” With an increase in compulsivity, Anllo applauds the small number of schools across the country that offer porn literacy classes. The schools approach the natural curiosity of viewing porn as more sex-positive instead of shaming youth for exploring their sexuality. Some schools are beginning to offer programs that help youth learn how to properly navigate watching porn, while educating them about the realities of sex. Anllo hopes more schools will adopt such programs, but notes an obstacle might arise in the form of parents who might not understand the intent. “[It’ll be hard to convince] parents who are conflicted about acknowledging their kids’ sexuality, nor will schools at pre-college level want to touch it necessarily as they fear upsetting the parents by teaching about sex in this more accepting, normalizing way,” Anllo said. “But one can hope that some more progressive middle schools might take it on with inclusion of discussion groups for parents.”


Former U.S. National Security Advisor (2013-17)


posed to be, though, we have a problem.” If read the wrong way, harsher genres of porn can subliminally steer male viewers towards rape culture and sexual violence against women. Rintamaki talked about the typical differences between porn targeted towards men and women. “Most porn is made by men, for men, and tends to focus on a fairly graphic, first-person point of view. By contrast, porn made for the average woman’s sensibilities builds over time, establishes connections between the characters involved and shows them together as a couple, working as a team,” Rintamaki said. “Women often aren’t sex-averse, but recognize that porn for them needs to be about way more than just deep-d*cking. If you’re confused when your girlfriend responds with disgust to your super sloppy porn focused on nothing but lady parts, the problem is your kind of porn isn’t her kind of porn.” Both Anllo and Rintamaki said there are ways to get help if you are affected by porn addiction. There are numerous 12-step programs such as Sexaholics Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous who work individually and with your partner to help fix addiction. Each program and therapist offers a different framework for recovery, but programs often aim to moderate porn usage and work with patients to begin having regular sex with their partner again. Students have mixed feelings about the psychological side effects of watching porn. Jeffery Gonzalez*, a senior exercise science major, says he agrees with Rintamaki. Gonzalez thinks watching too much porn can severely warp someone’s perception of what sex should be like, resulting in unnecessary anxiety and self-confidence issues. “In the adult entertainment industry, porn stars are hired for a specific reason. Companies find the best-looking people that have nice bodies, huge penises or breasts, and people become self-conscious of themselves and their bodies,” Gonzalez said. “It’s all for show. As you get older and begin exploring your sexuality, a lot of people watch


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Monday, February 12, 2018

DIVING into DEEPFAKES Students, law professors discuss legal and moral implications of digitally-altered porn


You could be the star of a porno without even knowing it as the result of an alarming new trend that has raised legal and ethical concerns in the U.S. Deepfakes, named after the Redditor who first started face-swapping celebrity faces onto porn performers’ bodies, are becoming more popular with the rise of user-friendly applications like FakeApp, which allows people to create their own realistic face-swapped videos using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Despite public backlash over the technology’s ethical and legal implications, current U.S cyber law might make it difficult for people to protect against its use. Putting people’s likenesses in pornography when they did not agree to it is called “involuntary pornography,” wrote Alex Halavais, former UB professor and author of the book “Cyberporn and Society,” in an email interview with The Spectrum. “You should not take pictures of people without their permission,” Halavais said. “You certainly shouldn’t alter those images. You definitely shouldn’t share them –– altered or not –– without the permission of the person involved. This is deeply unethical. It is absolutely a form of harassment. As in most sexual matters, consent is essential.” Redditor “Dangero” was excited about the technological potential of deepfakes,

only to be disappointed upon realizing much of the community was using it primarily to create digitally altered sex videos of celebrities. Because of this, Dangero decided to create the subreddit r/deepfakessfw as a PG comedy-oriented alternative to the nowbanned r/deepfakes group. The r/deepfakessfw community now boasts 1,093 members and content such as iconic scenes from “The Titanic” that feature Nicolas Cage’s face on Kate Winslet’s body, and Nicolas Cage’s face on the body of “The Lord of the Rings” character Smeagol the internet is really into Nicolas Cage. But outside of Dangero’s efforts, many people create deepfake not to generate laughs but to create non-consensual sexual content of celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Celebrities include Emma Watson, Gal Gadot and Taylor Swift, among many others. The process of creating deepfakes is still relatively time-consuming, but in the future it will be as simple as supplying a software with a collection of photographs or a link to an Instagram profile, according to Dangero. In an interview with Motherboard, Deepfakes, the redditor, said he just found a clever way of doing face-swaps. He explained the technology by saying he supplied the software with Google image searches, stock photos, and Youtube videos of individuals

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to train the deep-learning algorithm to manipulate videos on the fly. In his case, he trained the algorithm to manipulate porn videos and “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot’s face. Public opinion aside, current revenge porn law is not up to speed with this technology, said UB law professor and cyber law expert Mark Bartholomew. Revenge porn laws don’t cover this kind of digitally-swapped content because the body in the video does not actually belong to the person who is being depicted, Bartholomew said. The laws against revenge porn are covered under the privacy rationale, which protects “intimate facts” about an individual, Bartholomew said. In the case of deepfakes, the images are not covered under the privacy rationale because the body and face don’t belong to the same person. There are also other loopholes which could prevent legal action against the makers of pornographic of deepfakes. One is the difficulty of proving ill-intent on the creator’s end and the other stems from the First Amendment right to free speech, which allows citizens to make commentary on public figures, according to Bartholomew. Some websites, including Twitter, Pornhub and Reddit, aren’t waiting for the laws to catch up and have already pushed back against deepfakes, banning salacious deepfakes from their platforms in the past week, according to Motherboard. Emily Walker, a senior computer science major, said she sees deepfakes as a type of defamation because it presents a potentially harmful image of a person without their consent. “I think as a gut reaction it’s good that these companies are saying we should shut


Ellen DeGeneres, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Victor E. Bull head-swap. New video-altering technology has been used to create realistic fake pornography involving celebrities called Deepfakes.

this down and eventually the law will maybe catch up,” Walker said. Some students feel it’s not the responsibility of these platforms to regulate this kind of content. Laura Flores, a sophomore health and human services major, said she thinks it’s more the responsibility of the individual to not post pictures of themselves online to the public. “It would be hard to regulate, so you can’t blame social media platforms for your face being stuck in porn video,” Flores said. “Because how many people use Twitter? Millions.” Jeffrey Ye, a senior computer engineering major, said he has mixed feelings on whether platforms should regulate deepfakes. “These social media platforms can pick and choose what to leave and remove depending on their personal agendas,” Ye said. Despite backlash from social media platforms, Halavais said deepfakes are only getting started, and he is not surprised they first surfaced in pornography. “Pretty much every new communication technology is used for erotic or pornographic content very early on,” Halavais said. “Books, film movies, the instant camera, the home video recorders — all of these found their initial market in pornography.” email:

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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Spectrum | Page 13

Sex machina Project creator and students talk about sex dolls and the future of relationships



The Realbotix project by RealDoll is developing a sex robot with touch sensor and heating abilities. Students are concerned about what the future of relationships will be as the robot gains popularity in the sex doll industry.

The days of making love to sex dolls that are no better than inflatable pool toys are over. In 2018, sex dolls can love you right back and ask you about your day. Companies like Synthea Amatus and RealDoll have developed realistic sex dolls, equipped with interactive memory features and sexual abilities. In past years, developers like TrueCompanion have made robots like Roxxxy, a bot programmed to respond to user preference and communication capabilities. Matt McMullen is the CEO and founder of RealDoll, a California-based manufacturer developing a sex robot since 2013. Of the

dozens of characters McMullen has created at his company, the Realbotix project’s model differs in its realistic nature. “She can carry on a conversation, respond to intimacy and remember things about the people she interacts with,” McMullen said. “Touch sensors, full body heating and self -lubrication as well as vision and motion detection are all features in development.” The bots’ facial and bodily features look to replicate human functions, according to Realbotix’s website. Realbotix claims its product can be positioned in “hundreds” of ways, its face system “enable[s] users to attach different faces.” The bots, which operate on a low voltage system and battery pack, are fully customizable in their features. McMullen thinks people are excited for the new dolls and adding robotics and AI to the doll only enhances it. “Our customer base is very very diverse, and it is difficult to state a specific demographic,” McMullen said. “People are attracted to the dolls for a lot of different reasons beyond just sex.” If you’re looking to purchase a bot, which is currently available for pre-order, McMullen said its price will be roughly $12,000 to $18,000, depending on its level of customization. Dr. Michelle Mars is a lecturer in psychotherapy at Australia’s Jansen Newman Institute. In 2012, Mars and her colleague Ian Yeoman foresaw the future of sex robots being used for prostitution by 2050, according to the Huffington Post. Mars thinks as sex doll technology becomes more realistic, the market will differentiate into those looking for authenticity and realism and those seeking simulation. “They can be a vehicle for sexual learning and exploration, [so] gender and sexuality will become more contingent and fluid,” Mars said. “Women have been interacting with sex machines since the 1800s when vibrators were first invented. They will be with us into the future. They will be an alternative to a real life encounter, but they will never replace it.”

Students like Gabriela Jimenez, a junior biomedical sciences major, have seen posts on social media about the bots and how women should feel afraid of being replaced. “I think it is unethical just because it’s not a human but it does the same thing as a human, so in a sense it can replace us,” Jimenez said. “It can replace the communication and the bond you could have with an actual human. At the end of the day, it’s a robot and it’s not like it could reproduce so it takes the place of someone you could actually build a family with.” Jimenez thinks that the bots’ human-like characteristics are impressive and thinks they’re beneficial for people with not a lot of social skills. Others like Aishat Keshiro, a senior biological sciences major, feel fearful over how relationships will turn out with these advancements. “We’re so impersonal now with technology so imagine if we bring robots into it; there’s another reason for us to disconnect more,” Keshiro said. “Now people could just relay their emotions and feelings into objects instead of people. If people say this will replace women and change the dynamics of relationships, it’s very questionable as to the extent and how people will perceive it. I want to see how it will be foreshadowed.” Mars said there’s no spiritual dimension to an interaction with a machine, as opposed to one with a human. She does think it’s possible to form attachments to non-human and inanimate others, such as a robot. “Many of us are intimately connected to our phones. However, the attachment we might feel to our phones is different to the attachment we might feel to our lovers or parents or children,” Mars said. “As AI becomes indiscernible from real the divide will diminish, however I believe it will always be there.” email:

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

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Buffalo vs. Central Michigan Position breakdowns for the women’s basketball game against the Chippewas


Despite the Bulls’ success this season, there still remains one team ahead of them in the Mid-American Conference: the Central Michigan Chippewas. The Chippewas are currently first in the MAC and have been perfect in conference play this season. They are the last team to beat the Bulls, having a 86-79 win back in January. In the rematch, the Bulls (19-4, 10-2 MAC) will play in Alumni Arena, a home field advantage they did not have in the first game. The game will be crucial as a win and would put the Bulls one game behind the Chippewas (20-4, 12-0 MAC), but a loss would put them four games back. Below is a position-based breakdown for Wednesday’s game with tip-off scheduled for 7 p.m.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Bulls win 64-49 over the Redhawks Women’s basketball team’s defensive performance secured victory THOMAS ZAFONTE SENIOR SPORTS EDITOR

Saturday’s win marked the second straight game where the Bulls held their opponent to less than 50 points. Senior guard Stephanie Reid had 16 points, six assists and 0 turnovers in Saturday’s away win. Senior center Cassie Oursler led the team in rebounds having 14 points and 13 rebounds in the Mid-American conference game. “I was really impressed with how we played on defense out there and with our ability to box out our opponent,” said head coach Felisha Legette-Jack. “It was great that we were able to play with a sense of urgency on defense for 40 minutes in back to back games.” The Bulls (19-4, 10-2 MAC) spent the first quarter exchanging shots with neither team taking a strong lead. Senior guard Katherine Ups shot 2-2 from beyond the arc in the quarter. Despite the Bulls taking the lead, the Miami (OH) University Redhawks (15-9, 7-6 MAC) kept it close at 2017 to end the quarter. In the second, the Bulls didn’t pick up offensively but defensively. They held the Redhawks to just 6 points the whole quar-

Bulls lost 90-88 to Huskies

CENTER: CHIPPEWAS In the last game, center Cassie Oursler had a poor performance, shooting 1-12 with only 6 rebounds. Since the loss, Oursler has bounced back including a double-double in the game against the Kent State Golden Flashes (11-14, 4-9 MAC). The Chippewas have junior forward Reyna Frost at center where she has produced strong numbers all season. Frost averages over 10 rebounds a game and can score double digits despite being undersized for the spot. In their first outing, she had a double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Despite the edge going to the Chippewas, don’t be surprised if Oursler has a strong performance on Wednesday night. FORWARD: BULLS The Bulls’ best performance in the first Central Michigan game came from sophomore forward Summer Hemphill. She shot 7-10 with 15 points, 10 rebounds and 0 turnovers. With senior guard Katherine Ups able to play forward along with senior forward Mariah Suchan on the bench, the Bulls have a strong set of players to fill the three and four spot. This allows them to switch from a twoguard scheme to a three-guard scheme, making them more unpredictable on the court. The Chippewas don’t have the same level of depth at this position. Starting forward Tinara Moore is a solid player but has already shown issues trying to stop the Bulls’ forwards in their first game. The Chippewas also start with a three-guard scheme which should allow Hemphill to have another strong performance where she can attack the lane. GUARD: PICK ’EM The guards will be the x-factor in Wednesday’s game as both teams rely on their shooters for most of their points. The first time around junior guard Cierra Dillard struggled shooting, going 6-26 and 3-20 from beyond the arc. A strong performance from the Bulls’ best shooter will be paramount for a different result on Wednesday. Senior guard Stephanie Reid will look to repeat a strong shooting performance, with 20 points in their last game. If she can have a strong passing day too, she could make up for a lack of made shots by Dillard. Add in the bench guards including freshman Hanna Hall and senior Liisa Ups, and the Bulls have depth at the position. The Chippewas may not have the same talent at the guard spots, but they have plenty of depth. According to their official website, 11 players on the team can play guard. Despite that, the team rarely calls on their

ter. With help from a made three from junior guard Cierra Dillard the Bulls were able to expand their lead to 33-23. The third quarter saw both teams shoot below 40 percent. With neither team having a single three pointer in the quarter, the score was 46-35 heading into the fourth. In the final 10 minutes, the Bulls kept up with their strong defensive performance holding the Redhawks to just 6-16 from the field. This win marked the second straight double-double for Oursler. “I want my teammates to trust me, but to feel comfortable so they can shoot the ball and know I can get it back even if they miss,” Oursler said. Reid was the team’s most accurate shooter going 5-8 from the court. Legette-Jack said if more baskets had gone their way in the game she would have had a doubledouble. This marked her seventh game this season with 15 or more points. “I was happy about the team performance more than my own,” Reid said. “It felt like we did a really good job of staying concentrated on the game and not letting up on pressure.” The Bulls’ biggest issue on the court came in the form of turnovers as the team had 19 on Saturday. The Redhawks had 10. Yet their defense made up for it holding the Redhawks to just 20-70 shooting. This win puts the team four games ahead of the Redhawks in the MAC West division. Legette-Jack said she was impressed with how well her team played on defense despite not having a great shooting effort, pointing to their lack of discouragement the whole game. Next will be a home game against the

Bulls lost steam in second half in OT


Freshman guard James Reese slams it at the rim. The Bulls are coming off a close overtime loss.


The men’s basketball team has been a force on offense this season. They currently average a school record 83.7 points per game. But over their past seven games, they have been unable to hold their opponent to under 40 points in the second half. The Bulls (18-7, 10-2 MAC) lost Saturday afternoon after blowing a 13 point second half lead. They came in looking to go 8-0 against the MAC West division. With eight minutes to go in the half, Buffalo led the Northern Illinois Huskies (11-14, 4-8 MAC) 72-59, until the Huskies went on a 21-4 run over the next seven minutes. Led by sophomore guard Eugene German, the Huskies clamped down on defense and forced three turnovers while limiting the Bulls to one free throw made to

bench and has their starters play 35 minutes or more. But that same starting five also had one of the best defensive performances against the Bulls all year. Expect junior guard Presley Hudson to be the Chippewas’ best guard shooting. Both teams shot below 50 percent in their first game, so if one team can get hot shooting early, they have a chance to run away with it.

tie it with just under five minutes remaining. Senior guard Wes Clark helped keep the Bulls in the game, scoring eight of his team-high 21 points during the closing minutes of the second half. “I think we’ve been talking about closing the games in the last eight minutes and you know we haven’t been very good at it over the last six, seven games before it,” said Buffalo head coach Nate Oats. “I think the fact that our guys still can’t get themselves focused for the last eight minutes ended up costing us two games now cause it cost us that Kent State game.” The Bulls were able to rally together in overtime as Clark and junior forward Nick Perkins each hit a three pointer to give the Bulls an 88-86 lead with just under two minutes remaining. Buffalo would remain scoreless as German scored the final four points including a clutch layup with three COACHES: BULLS Head coach Felisha Legette-Jack has already been trying to address the issues the Bulls showed in the last Central Michigan game. She expressed in recent post-game interviews she would like to see the team return to a more fast-paced style. With LegetteJack’s track record and a deep coaching staff, expect the Bulls to look different then they did last time against Central Michigan.


Senior guard Stephanie Reid comes in for the layup. Reid is coming off a strong performance in the Bulls’ win on Saturday.

Central Michigan Chippewas (20-4, 12-0 MAC). The Chippewas currently sit first place in the conference and were the last team to defeat the Bulls. Now the Bulls will enter the game coming off two strong defensive performances, something the team does not put much stock in. “We don’t carry these games with us into the next one,” Legette-Jack said. “We are always looking forward, trying to play the best basketball game we can play in this moment right now.” Tipoff for the game is scheduled for 7 p.m. email:

seconds remaining that lifted the Huskies over the Bulls. “We played pretty good basketball for 32 minutes and built up a 13 point lead, then relaxed for three minutes and it’s all gone,” Oats said. Buffalo was handed its second loss in four games after starting off 8-0 in conference play. Their last loss was against the Kent State Golden Flashes (12-13, 6-6 MAC) where the Bulls led by 18 points during the second half. Oats cited the start of the spring semester as a reason for their recent struggles. “We’re limited, we’re back to being limited to the time we’re allowed with players now that school’s in session,” Oats said. “With that six weeks where school was out, we weren’t limited. We were making everyone get in and shoot 100 free throws a day, now they got to do it on their own.” The Bulls could not maintain their hot shooting in the second half and overtime periods. They shot 20 percent worse over the final 25 minutes, including only three makes on 14 attempts from three. The most glaring statistic of the afternoon was the Bulls’ free throw shooting. The Bulls shot a season low 42.3 percent from the line with only 11 makes on 26 attempts. Perkins, a career 74.6 percent free throw shooter, made only 5 of 12 in the game; a season low in percentage at 41.7 percent. Junior guard CJ Massinburg, the leading scorer for the Bulls, opened the scoring for the team with a layup but would only finish with 6 points in 39 minutes, his lowest scoring total of the season. The Bulls’ bench was strong, scoring exactly half of the team’s points with solid performances by junior forward Montell McRae and freshman guard Jayvon Graves. Huskies’ sophomore guard Justin Thomas had a career high in points with 17. The Bulls look to rebound on Tuesday in a home game against the Golden Flashes with tip off scheduled for 7 p.m. email:

The Chippewas have strong leadership in head coach Sue Guevara, former head coach at the University of Michigan. As with Legette-Jack, Guevara will be looking to fix the holes even after winning the first game. Given the Bulls’ recent strong performances, it would seem Legette-Jack may already have her team ready to go. email:

The Spectrum Vol. 67 No. 31  

The Spectrum, an independent student publication of the University at Buffalo

The Spectrum Vol. 67 No. 31  

The Spectrum, an independent student publication of the University at Buffalo