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The IndependenT STudenT publIcaTIon of The unIverSITy aT buffalo, SInce 1950

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WedneSday, SepTember 5, 2012

Bulls fall short of “special” in Athens

Fall Fest

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Undergraduate students pay $94.75 per semester to fund the Student Association. SA brings Fall and Spring Fest to UB, amongst other activities, clubs and events.

Fall Fest Logistics These numbers are approximate. SA will not receive invoices until October. Total cost of Fall Fest 2012: $200,000 J Cole: $99,000 Childish Gambino: $50,000 French Montana: $35,000 DJ Rosado: $100 Production: $150,000 - $175,000 Which includes: staging, speaker towers, lighting, portable toilets, tents, fencing, metal detectors, EMT station, university police officers (about 40), on-hand ambulance crew, tents set up for artists, food provided for artists, wiring, production crew, etc. Production crew includes: 100 members for pre-show duties (set up fencing, metal detectors, etc.), 400 members during the show (police staff, security staff between stage and crowd, runners (people on staff that drive artists around, etc.) Overall attendance: 7,400 Student attendance: 6,650 General public attendance: 750 Total cost of 2011 Fall Fest: $175,000 The Fray: $150,000 The White Panda: $20,000 2AM Club: $5,000 Overall attendance: 2,100-2,400


More than 7,000 people rocked out to French Montana, Childish Gambino and J. Cole at Fall Fest 2012.

UB ‘can’t get enough’ at Fall Fest J. Cole, Childish Gambino impress mass of students at Baird Point ELVA AGUILAR and DUANE OWENS Senior Arts Editor and Asst. Arts Editor With ideal weather gracing the East Coast from top to bottom, it seemed impossible to stay indoors last weekend. New York City hosted Electric Zoo, Philadelphia held Jay-Z’s Made In America festival and New Jersey was prepping for Rock The Bells. A few hundred miles away – at Baird Point on UB’s North Campus – thousands of students and rap fans gathered to see hip-hop artists French Montana, Childish Gambino and J. Cole at Fall Fest 2012. This year’s Fall Fest served as revitalization for the Student Association’s morale, as an overwhelming feeling of anticipation and high energy engulfed Baird Point Saturday night.

According to SA treasurer Justin Neuwirt, 7,400 people were in attendance – a number that towers over last year’s Fall Fest attendance, approximately 2,400. The Fray headlined last year’s show. SA President Travis attributes the high attendance to the great weather Buffalo had last weekend. “The crowd was well over capacity for Alumni Arena, so if it rained we would’ve wound up having to turn people away,” Nemmer said. Senior sociology major Harris Rosado, who spins under the name DJ Rosado, opened the show with contemporary rap and house music and immediately set the tone for the night. Vivacious, unapologetic, unpredictable and in other words: dope.

The show itself went on without a hitch. French Montana hit the stage right on time and despite the limited time he had to perform, he made due. The New York rapper’s set list predominantly consisted of his radio favorites, including “Shot Caller” and “Pop That.” What gained the most praise from his audience, however, was a track that wasn’t even his own. When Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’” came on over the speakers, the audience erupted and sang along to French Montana’s raspy hook. As Montana’s set ended, the sun began to set and the eagerness in the crowd was broken by an off-stage voice that belonged to the night’s superstar: Childish Gambino. Dressed in Bordeaux (maroon-purple) pants and a swinging gold chain, microphone in hand, Gambino’s energy surged

Nemmer say Nemmer

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SA President hopes to rebuild a shattered reputation LISA EPSTEIN Asst. News Editor While other 16-year-olds were applying for their learner’s permits, Travis Nemmer was applying for college. When the Student Association president skipped his junior year at Clarence High School to graduate at 17, he had no intention of becoming the future SA President or even getting involved in student government. After doubling up on classes and taking AP classes in high school, Nemmer entered UB as a history, political science and Russian major, averaging 20-plus hours a semester. He never did get that driver’s license, and now students may catch the lanky 20-year-old walking around campus, sporting his signature Ray-Ban frames and SA polo. Joseph Nemmer, Travis’ father, de-

scribed his son as someone who puts all of himself into everything he does. Whether it was the rifle team in high school or the Model United Nations, Nemmer puts a lot of time into whatever he gets involved in. That same sentiment carries through in his dedication to SA. “He’s been involved in the Student Association all along, and just seeing what the folks before him have done, he’s learned a lot from that,” Joseph said. “The organizational skill structure from all the clubs that he’s been a part of, and the functions that he’s been involved in organizing is what he brings to his position as president.” The self-described “weird dude” in high school and former captain of the rifle team spends his free time reading, writing and shooting rifles. Sam McMahon, a senior aerospace and mechanical engineering major and one of Nemmer’s close friends, pointed out Travis’ sense of humor as one of his best qualities. “Travis is one of the funniest guys

I’ve ever met,” McMahon said. “If anyone ever wants a perfectly timed sarcastic declaration, they should look Travis’ way.” With his quick wit and vast knowledge of current and past events, friends often consider him “one of the smartest people they know,” according to senior art history major Victoria Feliz. “Seriously, ask him who the ruler of China was in 1493 and he could probably tell you,” Feliz wrote in an email. Nemmer hopes to graduate from UB and go to law school to study election law or criminal prosecution. He spent the summer studying for the LSATs, and he has yet to decide where he’ll be applying. Even while balancing a massive amount of homework and switching one of his three majors from Russian to classics, Nemmer still found time to get involved in multiple clubs and organizations on campus, including Mock Trial, Model UN, Sub-Board board of directors, the College Republicans and the Elections and Credentials committee. Continued on Page 12



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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EDITORIAL BOARD EDITOR IN CHIEF Aaron Mansfield SENIOR MANAGING EDITOR Brian Josephs MANAGING EDITOR Rebecca Bratek EDITORIAL EDITOR Ashley Steves NEWS EDITORS Sara DiNatale, Co-Senior Lisa Khoury, Co-Senior Lisa Epstein, Asst. LIFE EDITORS Rachel Kramer, Senior Lyzi White Keren Baruch ARTS EDITORS Elva Aguilar, Senior Adrien de L'Ange Duane Owens, Asst. Lisa de la Torre, Asst. SPORTS EDITORS Nate Smith, Senior Joe Konze Jon Gagnon, Asst. Ben Tarhan, Asst. PHOTO EDITORS Alexa Strudler, Senior Satsuki Aoi Reimon Bhuyan Nick Fischetti, Asst. PROFESSIONAL STAFF OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR Helene Polley ADVERTISING MANAGER Mark Kurtz CREATIVE DIRECTOR Aline Kobayashi Bri an Keschinger, Asst. Haider Alidina, Asst. ADVERTISING DESIGNER Joseph Ramaglia Chris Belfiore Ryan Christopher, Asst. Haley Sunkes, Asst.

September 5, 2012 Volume 62 Number 4 Circulation 7,000 The views expressed – both written and graphic – in the Feedback, Opinion, and Perspectives sections of The Spectrum do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board. Submit contributions for these pages to The Spectrum office at Suite 132 Student Union or The Spectrum reserves the right to edit these pieces for style and length. If a letter is not meant for publication please mark it as such. All submissions must include the author’s name, daytime phone number, and email address. The Spectrum is provided free in part by the Undergraduate Mandatory Activity Fee. The Spectrum is represented for national advertising by both Alloy Media and Marketing, and MediaMate. For information on adverstising with The Spectrum visit or call us directly. The Spectrum offices are located in 132 Student Union, UB North Campus, Buffalo, NY 14260-2100

Tear down these signs

Up in arms Gun violence past the point of conversation

UB’s current smoking ban is a lost cause Here’s a fun fact you might not be aware of: UB is a smoke-free campus. You might actually have noticed the signs around campus, perhaps leaving Lockwood Library after a study session or strolling through the courtyards of the Ellicott Complex. But despite a three-year nonsmoking policy, these signs are often seen through clouds of smoke. In August 2010, the campus supposedly began enforcing UBreathe Free, the university’s policy that has banned smoking everywhere from dorm rooms to parking lots. The consequences that come with such a heinous crime is usually just as simple as being asked to put it out, but refusal to do so can have you removed or denied re-entry from whatever building, doorway or field you were in. In other words, even if you’re smoking outdoors on the grounds of what is, in fact, a public university, the punishment still stands. So for the last two years, signs have been nailed up across the three campuses, proudly claiming that UB is smoke-free, all while smoke is blown into the air around them and University Police nonchalantly pass by. UBreathe Free is not a frequently enforced policy, but it is one that exists nonetheless. Why? The consequences and dangers of smoking are known, and it’s going to take more a sign on the wall to stop the nicotine-addicted from lighting up. The good intentions can’t be overlooked, however. According to UBreathe Free, the goal is to provide “a healthy, comfortable and safe environment for its students, faculty and staff,” and it genuinely could be a step in the direction for a rather lackluster green movement – not to mention an

The fall of Wayne DUANE OWENS Asst. Arts Editor Let me jump right in this: the Wayne you used to know, the one who used to be labeled as “Weezy the Monster,” yeah that guy is dead and gone. Those catchy bars that you heard in the first two Dedications, in Da Droughts, in the first two Carters and No Ceilings are no more. I remember back in the day when I used to put Wayne lyrics in my Away Message on AIM, and now I can’t even stand to hear him anymore. It’s wild. I actually sat down to think of when this drastic change occurred. Before Wayne got sent to Rikers Island, he dropped No Ceilings, which was honestly one of his best works, an easy top five. But then he came back from prison and dropped the track “6 Foot 7 Foot,” which was set to appear on his next album Carter IV. The track was chills, but in real life Cory Gunz had as good of a verse as Wayne on the track. Then before the album dropped, Wayne decided to follow the trend and do a mixtape first. That mixtape was Sorry 4 The Wait and it was just another all right proj-

opportunity to satisfy all those statistics you’ve been hearing about 75 percent of students preferring to socialize in smoke-free environments. But does UB even get anything out of UBreathe Free besides the satisfaction of saying no and getting to stamp its rarely used “green” card? UB is a campus of contradictions when it comes to its smoke-free policy. You can’t smoke on campus grounds, but if your intention was to smoke outside the Student Union, for instance, all you need to do is stroll across the street to The Commons, which is not university owned. There’s nowhere on campus that UB is allowed to sell tobacco product … except at CVS in The Commons. Even though a 2010 MyUB survey shows that 92 percent of UB students disapprove of smokers throwing their cigarette butts on the ground, there are no ash receptacles. The last contradiction is actually problematic, though. Yes, it’s a poor attempt to eliminate smoking under the assumption that smoker without a box to dispose of his cigarette butts in won’t smoke at all, but it’s also an obvious example of how UB is losing its smoking ban battle and its green battle. The current system is unpractical, and nobody can take it seriously. Prior to UBreathe Free, the university had designated areas on campus for people to smoke. Executed properly, that system can keep the campus clean and possibly even eliminate alienating its students. Go back to those designated areas instead of penalizing students for lighting up everywhere, and the university can at least call a draw on both fronts. Email:

ect, much like the actual Carter IV album. Then on a whole non-music related flow, this man just started dressing wild. Wearing shiny red snowboard boots to Miami Heat games. And around this time his brand, TrukFit, was gaining popularity in the world of Zumiez. These are non-music related events that have everything to do with the music this guy has been putting out. Ever since he’s been on this whole skateboard flow, his bars have drastically changed for the worse. He raps about skateboarding, but can’t even skateboard! Skateboarders like Hopsin are even tired of Wayne and his posing skateboard life. “Wayne, skateboarders don’t like you, I’m telling you that right now,” Hopsin said. “Learn, it’s cool, learn. But don’t come out with all this huge buzz about you skateboarding, claiming you’re a skateboarder because people like me get upset and other skaters feel the same way. Only reason skaters are hanging around this guy is because he’s Lil Wayne, but they don’t like him. I’ve talked to skaters and nobody likes Wayne as a skateboarder.” First this guy claimed he was part of the Bloods, but when he was out in L.A. the Crips pressed him, and now he’s a skateboarder. You’re a grown man, dog. How are you a poser and you’re hitting 30 later this month? Then Wayne let it be known on his DEWeezy episode that skateboarding is his new love in life, replacing music. “Music is in trouble because I am really in love with this skating sh**, and I would not lie to you,” Wayne said.


Over the weekend, three students at Buffalo State College found themselves in an overplayed situation. Freshman Jabril Muhammad was shot in the forearm after a gang of five or six robbed him and his friends when they were walking on the West Side. Gun violence has been a frequent headliner this summer and after a series of highly publicized incidents – from a Colorado theater to Buffalo’s own Martin Luther King, Jr. Park – talks regarding ways to prevent further incidents have been prevalent. But those talks, as always, have been broad and sometimes vicious. They have sparked enough arguments on Second Amendment rights and pre-purchase mental health screenings to last a lifetime. In the midst of all of the usual nonsense, the country’s biggest names have forgotten some of the most important voices: the youth. Now is the time to ask questions and demand answers as the fall semester starts up. Students are returning to their campuses after months of living in their parents’ basements and partying in the neighborhoods they grew up in and around. They shouldn’t have to fear getting shot in their first weeks of school, whether they’re out after dark on the streets of the West Side or walking back home on campus. They shouldn’t have to fear those around their campus, and they definitely shouldn’t have to fear the people on their campus. Whether it’s for protection or power, people own guns and use guns, and that isn’t going to change on its own. Why is it that kids feel the need to get guns, though, and what are they defending themselves from? Each other? Their neighborhoods?

If you feel that way, then why put out music that isn’t as good as your previous work? Or why put out music that your whole heart isn’t into? You’ve me out here listening to these weak bars, like: “If the best things in life are free then why the f*** we pay attention.” This dude isn’t even lukewarm; he’s cold linguini. When I heard Dedication 4 was coming out, I knew this was going to be Wayne’s make or break. This mixtape would decide if all that weak stuff before was play-play or if he really has just lost it or doesn’t care. But when I saw the album artwork I already knew it was a disaster in the making. I own all of the DJ Drama X Lil Wayne Dedications in my iTunes community. The first three have Wayne just chillin’, nothing wild; Dedication 4 shows Wayne as a TrukFit cartoon character with his tongue out. I’m looking at all four of them now and it’s just hilarious how awkward D4 looks with the rest of the Dedications. I tried to dismiss the artwork and not judge it when I saw the unofficial tracklist floating around the Internet in early August because there were a lot of A-list features, but when the official tracklist dropped Monday, all hope was abandoned. The first feature that I saw was Gudda Gudda, and I almost smashed all 15 inches of my MacBook. So far I’ve listened to Dedication 4 about three times through, and I had to force myself. The hottest song is “Green Ranger,” more because of J. Cole (Wayne admitted he didn’t like the beat and wasn’t going to rap that much). This is prob-

What’s interesting is the neighborhoods around UB’s South Campus are some of the most dangerous in Buffalo. Amherst, on the other hand – where North Campus is located – was recently ranked number 48 on Money Magazine’s Top 100 Places to Live. Why is this notable? Because most nights on South, it can be difficult to even find police. Meanwhile, Amherst police and University Police on North are out and ready for action. Regarding the incident this weekend, Buff State police said they are doing and have done everything in their jurisdiction for the investigation. There’s no blame that can be put on them, but what goes beyond that? What else could have been done before? The violence, of course, is not unique of the Queen City’s college campuses. Buffalo has reached over 30 homicides on the year so far and most of them have been shootings. Mayor Byron Brown has at least made a start in Buffalo with his annual, no-questionsasked Gun Buyback Program, but what happens after? If no questions are asked, how difficult is it to just go out and buy another gun? There are going to continue to be talks regarding arming citizens, what weapons should be banned and what precautions can be taken to stop people from getting shot. But there’s no longer time for talk. When there is blood on the streets of the country’s campuses, there isn’t any time left for twiddling thumbs and false promises. It’s time for action. Email:

ably his worst mixtape, and I’d grade it a C. Too many TrukFit references, flow was off on a few songs and it just wasn’t that Wayne who I knew as the Best Rapper Alive. This is also the first mixtape by Wayne to not receive five stars on the download sites as well. I read a comment on the site talking about how back in the day jocking Wayne was the thing to do and now hating Wayne is the new wave. Almost did a Spartan 300 dive in those comments and engaged in Internet beef, but I chilled. Hating Wayne is never what’s up. I don’t even hate him. I recognize everything he has done – the fact that he’s in my iTunes over 500 times speaks to that; I feel like if he doesn’t want to rap or isn’t serious about rapping, then he should just chill. Right now I feel like the only reason he puts out this music is to plug his label and brand. That’s smart, but it weighs on his name whenever music is mentioned. And I know rapping the same content can get old. Dude has been doing this since he was 11 and he is going on 30 this month. If my years of mathematics from public education schooling are correct, then that’s a good 19 years of rapping about sex, drugs and regular everyday happenings. I’d get bored, too. For today, though, and probably from here on out, new Wayne gets passed over. I don’t even get excited when I see someone put him on the track. I’ll stick to Tha Carter II and everything else pre-skateboard life. Email:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



For the Win(g) ERIN MAYNARD Staff Writer


Local church fundraises for facilities GISELLE LAM Staff Writer Without wheelchair-friendly facilities, going to church can be a hassle – or it can even be impossible – for the elderly and disabled. As a result, these individuals opt for staying at home and missing significant events like weddings, church services or funerals. At Augustana Lutheran Church in local suburb Tonawanda, Rev. Troy A. Mulvaine noticed a decreasing number of senior citizens attending church regularly. He decided to resolve the problem once and for all – and he’s looking for help. Mulvaine wants to install an elevator and handicap-accessible restroom, but $70,000 is needed to put this plan into action. On Saturday, Sept. 8, Augustana is hosting a fundraiser in hopes to raise enough money for the project. Mulvaine aims to raise a couple thousand dollars, he said, through this fundraiser. If it proves to be successful, there may be another one in the spring. The fundraiser will take place at Augustana Lutheran Church and will consist of a flea market at 9 a.m. and then a Krolick’s Chicken BBQ at 2 p.m. Ticket charge will be $9.50 at the door, or $9 if purchased prior to the event; the event is expected to last all day. Reverend Mulvaine advocates UB students to attend the event and support the mission in raising money for these facilities. UB students will have the chance to meet others in the community and maybe find their “church home,” he said.

Ray Scuderi, a senior chemical engineering major, smirked to the crowd. His hot sauce-covered smile and empty plate were evidence of his victory. He had just taken first place in the first College Cup wing-eating contest, part of the 11th annual National Buffalo Wing Festival at Coca-Cola Field. Scuderi was the first to polish off 25 wings, beating out competitors from Erie County Community College, Buffalo State College, D’Youville College, St. Bonaventure University, SUNY Fredonia and SUNY Delhi. UB took first, third and fourth place while St. Bonaventure took home the second place award. Third place was awarded to Drew Zahralban, a sophomore actuary science major, and fourth place to Vincent Buttimer, a senior mechanical and aerospace engineering major. The two were part of a three-man team of students from UB’s True Blue club, which also included Cody Breite, a senior geology major. UB coaches Reggie Witherspoon, Jim Kwitchoff and Felisha LegetteJack led the True Blue team. Usually they are in the business of basketball. But this past Sunday, the three headed to Coca-Cola Field to put their leadership to the test in a different sort of venue: the world of competitive eating. “There are not a lot of opportunities to represent the whole university,” Witherspoon said. “This is one.” The three coaches stayed on stage during the competition, encouraging all the UB students to “dive into the plate and just keep eating” as LegetteJack said. “It’s our job to motivate them, to keep them laughing,” Legette-Jack said. “We have to keep this True Blue.


UB student Ray Scuderi polished off 25 wings, making him the winner of the first College Cup wing-eating contest.

This is our city. Our name is in the contest’s name. We have to win.” And UB did win. But the university’s wing-eating champion never even intended to participate in the event. According to Scuderi, his roommate from the previous year entered him in the contest, and Scuderi only found out when a festival representative called him to confirm. Scuderi has never even been to the wing festival before – neither had his two teammates. They all agreed they were “doing it for the Bulls.” “He [entered my name] because I’d eaten two garbage plates in one night,” Scuderi said. “He thought I could handle the wings. I was in somewhat of a coma after that. The wings were much easier.”

The wings eaten during the contest, provided by RuChDa Wings in Georgia, were only prepared to be medium hot. And while Scuderi likes the heat, especially the hot wings from local Duff ’s Famous Wings, some of his UB colleagues were grateful the wings weren’t too spicy. “I like to eat a lot of mild wings,” Buttimer said. “I can only eat like 10 spicy wings but I can eat 30 mild.” Zahralban agreed, stating that he likes the mild wings better because he really likes the flavor of the sauce, and he thinks there’s more flavor in the milder wings, while hot wings just burn. Breite’s favorite wings are spicy barbecue. Continued on Page 9


Unpack Your Troubles Suicide Prevention Week s e p te m b e r 4-15, 2 0 1 2


Wellness Activity Day SePt. 4 / 11AM–2PM / Student union LoBBY Healing Art Activity, Yoga and Mindfulness, nutrition demonstration, Missing From the Pack, Mental Health Awareness resources, Games and Prizes.


Active Minds Speaker: Stacy Pershall SePt. 5 / 7PM / Student union tHeAter And LoBBY Stacy’s program educates students about her journey through bullying, mental health issues, suicide and healing through therapy. For more information on Stacy visit doors open at 6:30PM. Arrive early, seating is limited. Advanced reserved seating for faculty/staff bringing classes/students or groups are available by contacting Carissa Uschold at

QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer Suicide Prevention Training SePt. 6 / 10AM–12PM / 210 Student union this training assists participants in learning to recognize the warning signs of suicide and ways to effectively help someone in need. register online at:

Out of the Darkness Walk to benefit American Foundation for Suicide Prevention SePt. 15 / 10:30AM–12:30PM / deLAWAre PArk Join the uB Walkin’ team or make a donation at:

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Arts & Entertainment Edgefest rocks the Harbor FELICIA HUNT Staff Writer

While the majority of UB was at Baird Point for Fall Fest on Saturday, others chose to attend Edgefest on Sunday – the Fall Fest that rockers desperately sought. It was estimated that over 40,000 people filled the Buffalo Outer Harbor for the concert. Every year, both Fall Fest and Spring Fest are disputed among the student body and this year was no different. “If UB would take their rock community into consideration with their choices for Spring/Fall Fest, I’m sure more people would be more apt to attending, not only UB students, but people who are willing to pay for the tickets,” said Curtis Warner, senior English major. “Bringing bigger names that people actually know of can help bring the UB community further together.” Earlier this year, promoters Fun Time Presents and After Dark Presents succeeded in convincing the NFTA to let them book concerts at Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. Alternative rock station 103.3 The Edge FM took this opportunity to bring back Edgefest. Since The Edge is a heavy alternative rock station, Chevelle, Three Days Grace and Evanescence headlined due to their heavy rotation on the radio station. Out of the four opening bands, New Medicine and Halestorm revealed the most potential. These relatively new bands exuded enough energy to be recognized by the crowd. New Medicine’s single – “Race You to the Bottom,” a drinking song – persuaded the crowd to scream the lyrics and throw up their middle fingers when needed. However, Halestorm stole the other opening band’s thunder with lead singer Lzzy Hale’s vocal range of soft whispers to high screams. While Halestorm concentrated on playing tracks off their new album, The Strange Case Of…, their first single “I Get Off ” from their debut album thrilled the crowd. “When we introduced ‘I Get Off ’ to our fans, the reception was great,” said guitarist Joe Hottinger. “You can feel the energy radiating from our fans when we play it to this day.” When Hale sat at the piano to play “Break In” and Evanescence vocalist Amy

Lee joined her, the crowd erupted in the loudest cheers of the day. Hale and Lee formed an eerie melody that captivated the crowd. Drummer Arejay Hale executed acrobatics with his drumsticks, throwing one in the air while continuing to play and grabbing the drumstick once again. “Arejay is an animal on the drums and we gave the new record room to embrace the animal inside it,” Hottinger said. Hard rock band Evanescence has secured a spot within the rock community with singer Amy Lee, christened “the queen of rock” by Hale and others. Lee’s haunting vocals of heartbreak are the focal point of the group, but each member contributes his or her own talents such as drummer Will Hunt’s lightning fast skills reminiscent of ’80s metal bands like Motley Crue. The band played tracks off all three of their records to satisfy fans from each era. Their smash hits “Bring Me To Life” and “Call Me When You’re Sober” were balanced with songs such as “Oceans” and “Imaginary.” “Playing both old and new songs helped to give a good mix and depth to their performance while showcasing Amy’s talent both vocally and as a pianist,” Warner said. Evanescence’s theatric and melodramatic performance was near perfect minus some missed shrill notes in “Disappear.” However, this is the band’s style: high and long notes. There are times when perfection is unattainable. Spring Fest alumni Three Days Grace closed out the six-hour festival and seemed to be the highlight of the night. During tracks such as “I Hate Everything About You” and “Pain,” the crowd sang louder than vocalist Adam Gontier. When the band transitioned from their hit “Home” into a cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” the crowd rapped along with Gontier. This unexpected cover infused rock growls and drums pounding with Eminem’s timeless lyrics made the crowd even more energetic. “It’s a great rock show and all the bands give it their all to make sure the fans don’t leave without having the time of their life,” Hottinger said. “We’re excited to close the tour on a high note in Buffalo and hope the fans want us all back again.” Email:


the groundbreaking BROADWAY musica l



Bastion game review:

The pieces fit MATT BENEVENTO Staff Writer Developer: Supergiant Games Grade: APlatform: PC/Xbox Live Arcade/iPad Rating: E10 It’s time to rebuild the world one step at a time. Bastion is a single-player role-playing game that drops you into the shoes of The Kid as you fight to rebuild the shattered world of Caelondia. A mysterious event known as The Calamity has fractured and destroyed much of the old world. You control The Kid from a third-person isometric viewpoint as you blast, slash and smash your way across the world to restore the Bastion, a sacred sanctuary, and discover the mystery of The Calamity. Bastion offers a wide array of weapons, ranging from swords and hammers to pistols and mortars that are collected throughout the game. Before each mission you can pick two weapons and one special ability. Special abilities range from decoy dummies that will confuse enemies to powerful grenades that can wipe out entire groups of foes. These abilities are tied to a potion called Black Tonic. At the beginning of the game, The Kid can only carry a maximum of three Black Tonics and three Health Potions, but more potions and tonics can be found in abundance throughout Caelondia. As The Kid levels up, you unlock slots for “Spirits” that boost The Kid’s attributes. Spirits can be purchased or unlocked as you journey through the game with varying effects. Some offer minor buffs like increased health, while others will give you a bigger boost at the cost of reducing another stat like increased critical hits and decreased health. Bastion’s graphics are reminiscent of vivid watercolors that shimmer and glow in a dreamy haze and immerse you deep into the game’s atmosphere. The Kid traverses the sundered world of Caelondia, and the ground rushes up from the void to lead him to the next piece of the puzzle.

This component makes the game very easy to navigate and almost impossible to get lost in. Enemies and obstacles often fall from the sky, keeping you on your toes and keeping the action continuous. Much of the environment is destructible. Players who take their time and destroy as much as they can are rewarded with shards that are used as currency in Bastion. The game offers a unique alternative to standard difficulty modes in the form of shrines and idols. Once you progress to a certain point in the game, you can restore the Bastion’s Shrine. This structure lets you invoke the gods, powering up enemies in varying ways. Players who choose to do so will be rewarded with an increased percentage of experience gain and shard collection. Idols can be activated or deactivated before missions in the Bastion and unlocked or purchased as the game unfolds. The game’s most notable achievement is in the sound effects and music department. The game features a revolutionary reactive narrator that guides The Kid through the adventure. Bastion’s soundtrack is a masterpiece that never gets old. A blend of old west, the blues and eastern instruments is perfectly timed to raise the intensity of a battle or give a reflective calm to the game’s cut scenes. Despite being a single player game, you never feel alone. Keeper of the Bastion, The Stranger, narrates The Kid’s quest with mysterious morsels, encompassing the history of Caelondia to the enigma of The Calamity. The Stranger will also comment on realtime events such as The Kid’s effectiveness in dealing with enemies and obstacles. The only disappointment with Bastion is the game takes less than 10 hours to complete. Luckily, after you finish your first run through, new modes are unlocked like Score Attack Mode and New Game Plus mode that make a second play through enticing. At the relative steal of $15 or 1,200 points on the Xbox, this game is a must-have that will keep you returning to Caelondia over and over again. Email:


& SEPTEMBER 9 AT 7:30PM Tickets: Center Box Office (M-F, 10-6) and Charge: 1-800-745-3000 Info: 716-645-2787 Groups: 716-645-6771 Student Discounts at Box Office We accept Campus Cash

The Adult Galaxy 2113 Niagara Falls Blvd Amherst NY

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NOW DELIVERING TO Ellicott dorms, North & South Campus

les to South, t t u h S B rth, U inations! o N B t U er des h t o d an


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Some like it rough

College Cooking 101 BRIAN JOSEPHS Senior Managing Editor

First, boil water in the pot and toss the pasta (I use spaghetti) inside. Don’t worry about how much pasta to use, as it’s better to have leftovers to use on a rainy day than barely enough to use for one full meal. Wait 10-15 minutes or until it’s soft. Put the concoction into a strainer to drain the water, then throw it back into the pot to heat. Put some cheese in it and stir until it’s evenly distributed. As for the Alfredo: just heat it up in a separate pot until it bubbles. Pour the sauce on the pasta (either while it’s in the pot or on a plate, your choice) and bon appétit.

basics. Here are a few:

Tuna UB meal plans are an extremely deceptive thing. The average student starts the semester off with 100 or so meal exchanges and Dining Dollars. It feels like there’s so much to choose from – like the late-night convenience of Sizzles, the ever-present Richmond Dining Hall and the test of endurance known as Pistachio’s. As your amount of Dining Dollars diminishes, meal exchanges dwindle and the very thought of food at the dining hall makes your stomach churn, college will become less of a learning experience and more of a test of survival. Take it from a senior – cooking becomes almost a necessity to pass this test. Being able to cook Ramen noodles is cool, but that may not be enough to keep you going through those hard winter months. It’s being able to cook up some mean pasta with Alfredo sauce that will give you the carbs to keep you going through those long study hours. It’s being able to make some mashed potatoes that will bring those guests to your dorm. Personality will only get you so far. But most importantly, cooking is a huge step toward self-sufficiency. That’s what will separate the guy proudly standing over his homemade breakfast – ready to show the world what’s what – from the guy tripping over his flip-flops and spilling that meatball sauce all over the floor. Be a Don Draper, not a Patrick Star, and learn how to at least cook the

FELICIA O. Special to The Spectrum

Ingredients: One can of tuna, mayonnaise, relish (optional) Tuna is essential, mainly because it’s quick and easy to make and also a cheap source of protein. But be advised: there’s a right and a wrong way to make tuna. The first time I made tuna was in front of guests in my apartment. I poured the tuna into a bowl and threw at least three spoonfuls of mayonnaise into the mix. The result was a white mess that barely passed for edible. My guests were appalled. Don’t be a Brian Josephs. Drain the liquid from the can first (preferably with a strainer) and then only put a maximum of one spoonful of mayo into the mix. Stir and throw some relish in there if you see it fit. It’s a fiveminute process that will give you at least four days worth of food – and, if you keep the mayo under control, a healthy option.

Mashed Potatoes Ingredients: Potatoes, milk, butter, heavy cream, pepper and salt There are potato buds in a box and instant mash potatoes sold in Tops and Wegmans, but that’s the easy route. This way of making mashed potatoes takes a little longer, but removes all those artificial ingredients and it’s just the healthier route. Plus it tastes better. You ought to get starchier potatoes (at least one pound) because they’ll mash better. If you’re not sure what that is, ask someone in the produce section of the supermarket. Peel the potatoes, cut them into quarters and throw them in a pot. Add water until it completely covers the potatoes. When the water boils, lower the stove heat and wait for about 15-20 minutes.

Pasta with Alfredo sauce Ingredients: A box of any pasta of your choice, cheddar or Parmesan cheese, broccoli, can of Alfredo No one’s going to have the determination to stand in the line at Pistachio’s for 10 minutes every day, or the grit to continually eat the dining hall’s bland pasta offerings. So why not make the darn thing yourself ? It’s simple if you have two pots.

Continued on Page 9

Have you ever imagined being pushed up against a wall by a man or pushing a girl against the wall and completely ravishing each other for hours upon hours? Ever thought of tying your partner to the bed giving you complete control of him or her? Maybe you should read the latest erotic phenomenon: Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s a terribly written book. There’s barely any semblance of a plot, the characters are unsympathetic and un-relatable to the point of being annoying and obnoxious and you can catch numerous grammar mistakes throughout the book. So then, you might be asking yourself, why are women (and some men, I’m sure) lining up at the closest Barnes and Noble to buy this novel? Well, let’s take a look at this excerpt: “Before I know it, he’s got both of my hands in his viselike grip above my head, and he’s pinning me to the wall using his lips…his other hand grabs my hair and yanks down, bringing my face up, and his lips are on mine.” And we have our answer. Fifty Shades of Grey is not a literary masterpiece. But that doesn’t mean it has no value. It has lifted the veil of female fantasy, giving women the opportunity to read and discuss something that would have been considered a taboo subject only a few months ago. Not only that, but have you heard that rope sales are up recently? According to an article by The New York Post, many women are: “…even slipping into hardware stores and demurely asking for bondage material.” Maybe men shouldn’t be complaining about the book after all. Friends of mine have called Fifty Shades “mommy porn,” due to all of the older women ranting, raving and panting about the erotic novel. Hey, it’s just their alternative to watching videos on Brazzers or There are a multitude of different reasons for why women (and men) don’t like porn. Some feel it’s Continued on Page 10




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“Hey, this is my…friend?”


RACHEL KRAMER Senior Life Editor So, what is this exactly? You aren’t a couple, but you’re together. He isn’t your boyfriend, but you’re exclusive. Your relationship status on Facebook is still single, but is it really? Seriously, what is this? To say I was one half of a melodramatic summer romance, doomed from the start (as we both were headed off to different schools in the fall) would be an overstatement. We were having fun and not thinking about the consequences or the future. It was a summer fling, and as defined by “a summer fling is a sexual adventure free of hassles, commitments or drama, timed for the summer only. Something light and fun-filled with nothing to worry about at the end of the season.” I agree. After a discussion of: “we’re together when we’re together, and not when we’re not,” heartfelt goodbyes were said and a promise was made that we will see each other over Thanksgiving break. So that’s it, right? Apparently not. It has been a week since our heartfelt goodbyes yet he continues to text me daily. Every night, I fall asleep after receiving a good night text message accompanied by an emoticon blowing me a kiss. There’s a message when I wake up wishing me a good morning as well. Wait, I thought this wasn’t a relationship? According to, there are 4.5 million college couples in the United States that are considered long distance relationships. Good for them. I could never do it, which is why summer flings exist – for people like me. Multiple articles in Cosmo tell girls to calm down and not think so much. They have warned you against falling for your summer fling, but that’s easier said than done.


Who knew a summer fling could be a thing? KEREN BARUCH Life Editor Many people ask the question: What’s a summer fling? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s doing the dirty over the summer. Whether “doing the dirty” means having wild sex or just holding hands, whether it means with one or 100 different people, it’s constantly having your mind on your significant other(s) during the summer season. So why does this differ from the fall, winter, and spring season flings? The majority of us college students go home for summer vacation and for four months our lifestyles change. For starters, we don’t have the stress of exams and essay deadlines so we have more free time. The bulk of our nights are not spent in a blacked-out drunken stupor because – instead of our best friends – we have our parents and siblings to greet us at the door each night. There are different types of summer mindsets: “I’ve just spent an entire year in college improving my sex skills. Let me show them off to all of my old high school boys, and maybe my neighbors too, so they can see how much I’ve grown.” “Who needs a summer boy? I never get to see my parents and I want to spend as much time with them as possible. There’s no need to constantly be harassed by a boy.” “I have a tendency to fall in love with every boy that smiles at me. I don’t think I can handle leaving anyone after these four months end, so I’m just not going to get too emotionally involved with anyone. I will hook up with people here and there, but nothing too serious.” “I can totally handle a long distance relationship because these were the best four months of my life and I can’t even picture myself letting a random boy inside of me ever again.” “I have a boyfriend from Buffalo and these

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George Shea, the founder and CEO of Major League Eating, pegged Lauren Masset, an early childhood education major from Buffalo State to win, noting, “slender eaters have an advantage.” Drew Cerza, the festival founder, took the opposite tack, and cheered on the D’Youville tennis player, Robert Amabile, who’s from Cerza’s alma mater. The crowd cheered the loudest for Masset. As the only female to accept the challenge, she was the darling of the competition. Dennis George, known as the Quizmaster, called Masset a “chicken-eating chipmunk” and even Legette-Jack was cheering for Masset at points, in what can only be called a display of female solidarity. Though Masset had a good start, both she and Amabile fell to Scuderi in the end. Shea credits Scuderi’s win to having made sure all the wings were completely stripped of chicken, so as to not accrue penalty points.

Also on the schedule for the day was the Competitive Wing Eating Competition, a professional eating contest sanctioned by Major League Eating. The contest is one of approximately 80 events held annually. Sonya Thomas, a six-time champion, attempted to fend off challenges to her title. Ultimately, she placed second, ahead of Juliet Lee, who ate 5.63 pounds of wings in 12 minutes, but behind Joey Chestnut’s 7.61 pounds of wings. Chestnut’s win was a new world record, the weight equivalent to 191 wings. Thomas consumed 6.36 pounds in the allotted time. Chestnut is also the current world-record holder in another famous New York competitive eating event: the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and Buns contest, held every July 4 at Coney Island. Email:

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8: COOKING IT Lastly, toss the potatoes into a strainer then mash them with a potato masher (or with a spoon if you don’t have one). The basic recipe says put one or two tablespoons of milk and heated butter and four tablespoons of heavy cream, but since the title of this section is Healthy Living, we recommend that you skip those ingredients as they are not a necessity. Stir your creation and pepper (stay away from super-unhealthy salt) for flavor. Brown Rice Ingredients: A bucket of brown rice, salt, olive oil This one’s going to take a bit of trial and error for you to nail the water-to-rice ratio. Too much water

will make for some soggy rice and too little will make the rice too hard. There are a lot of recipes online that post a specific ration, but I think finding the right amount comes with experience. Regardless, you should only put a small amount of olive oil and salt (optional) into the water. Pour the rice grains and heat at a high setting until the water boils. Then turn the knob to a low setting and cover the pot for the next 20 minutes. It’s longer than a simple trip to the dining hall, but you’re saving yourself a meal exchange in the process. Uncover the pot and enjoy the smell of steam and freshly cooked rice. Email:

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North Campus events - 10:00 PM in SU | South Campus Events - 9:00 PM in Harriman

SU Lobby

September 7

Carnival & Trick My Fish Tank

September 13

Grocery Bingo & The Price is Right Harriman Hall

September 14

Scavenger Hunt

SU Lobby

September 15

100ft Pizza

Goodyear Bus Loop

September 21

Solo Circus

SU Theater

September 28

Fitness Night

SU Lobby

October 5

90s Dance Party

SU Lobby

October 11

Murder Mystery Party

Harriman Hall

October 12

Scene It Game Night

SU Lobby

October 30-31 Haunted Union

Student Union

November 15

Psychic Medium Fair

Harriman Hall

November 16


SU Theater

November 30

Tie Dye Bingo

SU Lobby

December 7

Cupcake Boss

SU Lobby

There will also be Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournaments at most Late Night UB events in the SU Social Hall!


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9: “HEY, THIS IS MY…FRIEND?” During this awkward transition from fling to friends, it’s best to enjoy the little things. You could smile when he sends that cute text, and make sure you hair look cute when you video chat. But since it may not last forever, treasure those moments. “Like any relationship, communication in a summer fling is key,” Michelle Togli, a writer for Seventeen magazine said. “A ‘summer fling’ is a loosely defined term, so make sure to talk about it with your guy so no one gets hurt.” I have seen other people do this kind of thing and I figured it would be no big deal. It’s easy to sound like an emotional girl who falls in love with every frog she kisses while trying to meet her prince, but let’s face reality: finding that connection with someone in college is hard. How many times have you started to think you’ve found that special someone only to find out he is just trying to get in your pants? That’s college. My advice would be to enjoy the moments that make you happy when it comes to your fling. Don’t get too attached and don’t let a text with a winking smiley face prevent you from having fun with that new and exciting guy checking you out at the bar. Email:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8: SOME LIKE IT ROUGH degrading to women; others don’t like their significant other watching it because they consider it cheating. What Fifty Shades does is give women the opportunity to imagine these naughty – and when I say naughty I mean sex playroom filled with whips and chains naughty – scenarios in the comfort of their own brains, while not making them feel guilty. The scenes in the book tapped so well into the fantasy part of our minds that it was easy to forget about the choppy writing because all you could focus on was the spanking, whipping and tied to the wall, submissive/dominant sex. The book is all about experimentation. The main character is not only introduced to the BSDM sexual lifestyle, but to sex in its entirety – she starts off the novel as a virgin. She’s thrown into the world of sex just as many of the readers are thrown into the world of rough sex.

According to Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at Good Vibrations in an article by Mens Health: “There is a sense of being erotically overwhelmed that comes along with being restrained, and many women find it quite passionate.” So men, if your girl is reading this book, there’s a good chance that she’d be open to trying some kinky sex. The best way to do that is to start off slow – diving right in and buying a sex swing tomorrow is probably not the best idea. Start out with some restraining. Blindfold him (or her). And before you start off with some handcuffs, try tying up your partner’s hands with a lacy pair of your underwear or a necktie (I hear grey silk works wonders). The restrainer feels the rush of power and control, while the restrained gives him or herself up to be at the mercy of the restrainer. Both scenarios can be equally sexy. Spanking, (light) hair pulling and

nibbling are the introductory moves in Rough Sex 101. Then, if you test those out and come to like them, move on to scratching and pining down your partner. If you’re really the sexually adventurous type, you might want to see how you like choking in the bedroom. Try it and if you don’t like it, then go back to “vanilla sex,” as Christian Grey so aptly named non-BSDM sex. Power and control are sexy and can really spice up the bedroom. But make sure to communicate with your partner often and maturely. Jumping into the rougher side of sex can be exciting, but shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your partner says they don’t like something, stop and try something else. If you’re getting really intense, have a safe word. But hey, some like it rough. Maybe you will, too. Email:

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9: WHO KNEW A SUMMER FLING COULD BE A THING? four months away from him are the hardest four months I’ve ever endured in my life, like, ever. Like, even worse than that time my goldfish died.” “I had a good four months and I stupidly let myself fall in-like, but I’m realistic and know I can’t handle a long distance relationship. Goodbye was hard but staying together might be even harder. I don’t know what we are, I don’t even know if we should place a title on this; I guess I’ll call it an open relationship.” What now? What if you’re a number six and you are so totally in like with your summer fling? I don’t think any magazine, book or relationship guru out there can give perfect advice because this title is easily the most confusing one a relationship can possess. My attempt at advice: let the good times roll and go with the flow. Granted, it’s going to be difficult. You’re going from a quick and easy drive away from one another to a train or even plane ride. You are going to be tempted to set bizarre rules on your relationship. “Let’s only talk three days a week and leave the other four to tone it down so

we don’t get too attached,” or things like, “let’s just not talk on nights that we’re getting with other people.” Don’t do this, babe. Just go with the flow. There will be moments where all you want to do is get into your partner’s arms, kiss his soft lips and wake up five hours later to his snores, realizing you both passed out hugging. But you won’t be able to. There will be times when you’re attracted to someone else at the bar, and you will kiss him and maybe even bring him home with you, because you are in an open relationship and you can do that. Maybe he will do the same. Will you feel weird about it? Probably. Will you do it anyway? Probably. There will be nights you feel as if you’re losing feelings for him because you’re not spending every second with him like you did at home. You will crave that intimate sex he provided you with and just let someone else attempt to make you feel that way. Then there will be that moment he visits you or you visit him and that will

probably be the best weekend of your semester. All of the feelings you had over the summer with rush back to you and you’ll realize that this “open relationship” isn’t as confusing as you thought. You’ll see that the texts, phone calls and Skype dates were good teasers and placeholders, but the real thing is so much better. Or maybe you won’t. And if you don’t, then don’t be down on yourself because you gave it a try. Either you were too emotionally involved or you realized you weren’t so interested, and that’s okay. No matter which turn your open relationship takes, just know you’re not alone. These thoughts are normal, this crazy notion of being with someone, but not exclusively, although you may think you like him enough to be exclusive just not right now, isn’t so crazy. Go with the flow, babes, and let me know how it goes. Email:

unique student living 4

bE Droom st u DE n t tow n hom Es

apply today

great location to campus. private bedrooms with spacious walk-in closets. private bathrooms. individual leases.

apply online @ 100 V i ll a s Dr . E a st | 7 16.689.9600

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New Stampede buses charge onto campus

Several Spectrum reporters said they saw old Stampede buses on the Buffalo State College campus last week. Lisa Krieger, assistant vice president of finance and management at Buffalo State, said there are a few of the old buses being used on her campus for students. “Buffalo State contracts with First Transit, Inc. to operate a shuttle service between the Lofts at 136, where some of our resident students are being accommodated, and the Buffalo State campus,” Krieger wrote in an email. “We understand that First Transit (not Buffalo State) owned and operated a bus fleet that was previously used at UB.” Austin said there are approximately five former UB buses being used at Buffalo State.

mark as well, coming short with 83 yards on 14 carries and a touchdown. With the Georgia lead at 24-6, the Bulls racked off 10 unanswered points on consecutive drives, capped off with junior running back Branden Oliver’s two-yard rush on the first drive and an 18-yard field goal by Clarke to bring the score to 24-16 at halftime. Oliver hit the century mark again, rushing for 112 yards after rushing for 100 yards or more eight times last season. The crowd of 92,446 was not happy with Georgia’s effort, and they let them know as they showered the team with boos late in the half. It wasn’t enough to derail the No. 6 Bulldogs, who regained their composure early in the second half and forced the Buffalo offense to struggle. The Bulls punted on their first five possessions of the second half with no drive lasting over 20 yards. Meanwhile, previously struggling quarterback Aaron Murray – Georgia’s Heisman hopeful – started to open up a Buffalo defense that was missing arguably its best defender, suspended junior linebacker Khalil Mack. Murray finished 15-for-26 with 258 yards and three touchdowns. Despite all evidence for a moral victory, the Bulls’ players don’t feel positive after the loss. “There are no moral victories,” Quinn said. “We line up, we play, we want to win. That being said, there are things that we can take away from this game. We saw some tremendous play at big times. We play these games for national exposure, to be able to play against a great team. I’m proud that these players fought hard and made some plays.” The Bulls will go from heavy underdog to heavy favorite in a week’s time, as they turn around to play FCS foe Morgan State (1-0) this Saturday in the friendly confines of UB Stadium. Kickoff is slated for 6 p.m.



LISA EPSTEIN Asst. News Editor Riding the UB Stampede is now easier for students with disabilities because of a new fleet of wheelchair-accessible buses. The features don’t stop there. Students can track where any bus is in real time with a new mobile app. If a Stampede bus stops suddenly, speeds or is in an accident, Parking and Transportation Services will know because of its new real-time GPS tracking. But even with the state-ofthe art updates, not all students are impressed, like senior English and photography major Joyce Adiges. “I think [the new buses are] OK,” Adiges said. “They’re pretty small compared to the other ones. They get packed really fast and there’s no space for people who want to stand up near the back, since their knees are in the way.” Christopher Austin, assistant director for Parking and Transportation Services, thinks the lower, wheelchair-accessible floors better serve all students. “[The new buses] open up opportunities for our students and faculty staff members who have disabilities to not only use our dedicated transit services, but to open up the options to use our system when they need it,” Austin said. Austin said the fleet of buses was from a 7-year-old contract, and transportation services didn’t think the buses would make it another year. Between 2005-11, ridership increased 30 percent, Austin said. He felt it was clear more buses were needed than in previous years. “It was an opportunity for us to get the right type of bus to service the university and the pas-


UB got new environmentally conscious, disability-friendly buses for the 2012-13 school year

senger loads,” Austin said. “We geared more toward heavy duty, transit-style buses.” The new fleet features 28 buses – four more than the last – and the new buses cost about $350,000 each. The managing features make it safer and more efficient for the Parking and Transportation department, as it now has the option to view buses at any time with GPS trackers. Speed and sudden motion are recorded, which is then reported back to Parking and Transportation Services. The GPS tracker can also be viewed on the UB Stampede page of the Parking and Transportation website. Students can view the buses by downloading the UB Mobile app on any smartphone. Austin thinks the accessibility of these features makes it especially helpful to all students.

However, some students aren’t aware of the app, like Adiges and Amal Ibrahim, a junior political science and pre-med major. “[The new buses] are all right, but nothing major,” Ibrahim said. “Like [Adiges] said, you have to get there earlier. It’s first-come-first-serve basically, so if you’re there first you’ve got [a seat].” Both Ibrahim and Adiges agreed they would prefer to have the old buses back on campus. One of the new features UB will begin implementing this year is the use of biodiesel to fuel the buses. “The buses are able to run on biodiesel, and that allows us to add a green component of the services that we weren’t able to have in the past,” Austin said. “It’s a green air alternative and it reduces carbon dioxide emission.”


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through the crowd as all of Baird Point yelled and got to jumping right along with him. As an up and comer, the rapper is a force to be reckoned with, receiving over 250,000 first-week downloads when his mixtape, Royalty, dropped in early July. Those familiar with Gambino’s lyrics screamed them back toward the stage. Those who were hearing these potent bars for the first time were truly vibing, to say the least, which is exactly what the rapper had hoped for. “I just want to keep going,” Gambino said. “I really want to grow as an artist. I don’t think I’m anywhere near where I need to be.” Gambino poured his heart into every one of the 14 songs he performed. The extra emphasis on ‘F’ bombs read through the actor-turned-rapper’s facial expressions. His energy transferred into the audience, which was filled with jumping, yelling and some crowd surfing to the music. The diversity of Gambino’s set list was well balanced between his mixtapes and albums as well as content-wise. The rapper kicked off with “Freaks and Geeks” and transitioned into tracks from his album Camp and mixtapes Culdesac and Royalty. Tracks such as “I’m On It,” “Heartbeat,” “Bonfire” and “One Up” will have people doing their research on old work and new work alike. “I knew he was legit when I saw them setting up the different instruments. A lot of artists [don’t give their best performances] to college audiences, but he came correct,” said Christinna Renee, a student at Buffalo State College. “If they didn’t know who he was before, they do now.” Gambino left his audience almost hungover from his set, which flowed perfectly into the night’s headliner: J. Cole. The ladies came out in droves for the North Carolina

rapper, as high-pitched shrieks and screams drowned out any other sound when he bounced onto the stage for his opening track “Rise and Shine.” Similar to Childish Gambino’s set, J. Cole performed a variety of mixtape tracks as well as songs from his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. The feel of his set was much more intimate than his predecessors’. J. Cole performed softer tracks such as “In The Morning,” “Lights Please” and “Lost Ones,” but didn’t lose his connection with the crowd. Those in the front row had their eyes fixated on the 6-foot-3 St. John’s alumnus – who played on the basketball team – almost in a trance, rapping along every word of each song. After bringing the crowd down, J. Cole immediately flipped the switch by giving every member of his band the opportunity to show their respective talents on guitar, keyboard and drums. The standout was J. Cole’s DJ, who gave the audience a serious lesson on turn tabling. What solidified J. Cole being a perfect decision as a headliner was his impromptu decision to jump into the pit and interact with his fans for one last moment before exiting the stage. It took his whole entourage and security to finally get him to leave. Despite the apathy from non-rap fans, those in attendance were content. SA recognizes the student body will never be unanimously content, but it hopes last weekend’s show displayed how important the organization is to the student body. “The dust will really settle when the [Student Activity fee] referendum is over and it decides if we won,” Nemmer said. If it does, continue to look out for more concerts. If not, cole world. Email:

Nemmer decided to run for SA President after seeing the lack of communication and progress last year’s executive board made. He recognizes the previous eboard had little to no communication throughout its tenure. “We [the students] deserved better, and that’s pretty much it,” Nemmer said. “I didn’t see anyone else running who could restore the autonomy and confidence that students need in the SA. We had whole departments that did nothing, and we had an e-board that was more concerned with beating each other than they were serving the students. Finding bad things to say about last year’s e-board is like finding a needle in a needle store.” Nemmer came into office after Joanna Datz and the previous e-board, where then-SA Treasurer Sikander Khan and Vice President Megan McMonagle signed off on a counterfeit SA app worth $300,000. Nemmer decided to change the culture of the SA office by communicating with the new eboard and reducing the staff size from last year. Nemmer cut event planners completely, and streamlined the office to four bookkeepers and two assistant treasurers. “There were a lot of people who showed up, did nothing and received a paycheck, or didn’t show up and received a paycheck,” Nemmer said. “[This year we have] smaller, more efficient government, and that’s the inner Republican in me.” Feliz credits Nemmer’s organization and communication skills for helping him work well with people. “The College Democrats and College Republicans are very close,” Feliz said. “I would often see him in the office fixing any mistakes the e-board made. He was also very good at communicating with his e-board on exactly what they needed to do.” Nemmer says the new e-board is generally in the office at the same time. “If we ever need anything we just yell across the office, it’s great,” Nemmer said.


The Don Davis auTo WorlD lecTureship FunD presenTs

the 26th annual


speakers series

sept 20

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The new e-board also plans on showing their faces as a group, and not as separate entities. Nemmer believes his honesty is something unique he brings with him into his position. “A lot of the presidents spend a lot of time thinking of the most political, most appropriate answer,” Nemmer said. “I like to pride myself on being a bit shorter, speaking a lot more honestly than [presidents] in the past. I don’t spin events; I just tell people what happened.” McMahon thinks Nemmer’s diversity of experience from previous clubs sets him apart from past presidents. “Past administrations have been sucked into rubber stampstyle leadership and I think the turmoil surrounding last year’s executive board really brought that to light,” McMahon said. McMahon credits Nemmer’s extensive experience in SA for allowing Nemmer to see first hand what is successful and effective within the organization. When Nemmer stepped into office, he knew he would be facing student-wide distrust. Nemmer wants people to see the real value in SA, rather than dwell on the past. “Everybody, and we can talk about this at any level of government – local, student, state, federal – people inherently don’t trust government, and that’s natural,” Nemmer said. “What we want to do is make the students recognize that the $94.75 that they put into SA is a sound investment.” McMahon said Nemmer has a very clear vision of what he wants long term for the e-board. He trusts that Nemmer can succeed at anything he attempts in the coming year. “Travis is an excellent judge of character; I believe that his choice of staff this year speaks strongly to that,” McMahon said. “He not only has tremendous ability to lead on his own, but he also ensured that he surrounded himself with intelligent and competent staff members.” Nemmer is looking for greater club autonomy and wants clubs to


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spend less time adhering to arbitrary SA protocols and more time doing their club’s activities. The new e-board is currently writing and implementing the first set of codified internal controls and club protocols. “I’m very much of the idea that the government which governs least governs best, especially when it comes to bodies like the clubs,” Nemmer said. “The fewer institutional lines and restrictions and restraints and rules for the sake of rules there are, the better they function.” UB is often known for its large commuter base and apathetic student body. Nemmer admits when he was a freshman at UB, he didn’t care enough at first to get involved in the clubs. But it was through his own initiative he found clubs and organizations to get involved in. Nemmer said SA has limited funds for marketing and signage, but he truly believes if UB could get more students involved on campus, the apathy would go away. McMahon feels the participation in SA-sponsored events is directly related to Nemmer’s position as president. “I believe Fall Fest’s record attendance numbers are indicative of Travis’ preliminary success in increasing student participation,” McMahon said. “It’s important that every undergraduate student realizes their money funds these events and that they are capable of participating as much – or as little – as they want.” As a triple major in the liberal arts program, Nemmer knows UB as a whole is shifting more toward research and development, with the expansion due to UB 2020, but Nemmer believes the focus should always remain on the students. “It’s very easy in the hub bub of the promise of UB 2020 to ignore the students that we have now,” Nemmer said. “We shouldn’t sacrifice today for the sake of tomorrow, especially when we’re looking at things like departmental budget cuts and dwindling professors.”

Blake myCoskie ToMs Founder and author, “start something That Matters” uB reaDs author

Wednesday, September 12th 109 Capen Hall 3:00-4:00pm

8 pm, UB Alumni Arena

novelist and social commentator uB’s 37th annual martin luther king Jr. Commemoration keynote speaker

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apr 27

Walter mosley

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bulls fall short of “special” in Athens Bulldogs capitalize on special teams mistakes to foil Bulls’ upset bid NATHANIEL SMITH Senior Sports Editor ATHENS, Ga. – In order to defeat an opponent as strong as the team the Bulls faced on Saturday, everything has to be perfect. It has to be a special effort by a group of players that believe they can win. That effort was apparent in all but one phase of the game: special teams. Georgia (1-0) took full advantage of the Bulls (0-1) special teams’ woes, as it was able to eventually pull away in the second half, defeating Buffalo by the score of 45-23 at Sanford Stadium. The Bulls’ miscues on that unit were aplenty, especially early on. Buffalo responded to an early Bulldog touchdown with a 75-yard drive of its own, capped off by a 16-yard touchdown pass from the arm of junior quarterback Alex Zordich to junior wide receiver Alex Neutz. But then came the mistakes. A missed PAT by sophomore placekicker Patrick Clarke kept the Georgia lead at 7-6. Moments later, freshman running back Todd Gurley woke Sanford Stadium up with a breathtaking 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown that extended the lead to 14-6. Gurley finished the game with 227 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns. “That electrified the fans and it electrified me, too,” said Georgia head coach Mark Richt. “That was fun to watch. You need a guy with bravery to hit it up in there full speed, the ability to break some arm tackles and the speed to take


Georgia running back Todd Gurley (3) leaves the Buffalo defense in his wake. Gurley torched the Bulls with 227 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns as Georgia defeated Buffalo 45-23.

it to the house. He looks like he will be a pretty good return man.” In all: two bobbled kick returns that were eventually handled by the return man, one missed PAT, one touchdown given up by the Buffalo kickoff coverage and a blocked kick that led to a Georgia touchdown. It was very disheartening to head coach Jeff Quinn, who preached the importance and the progress of the special teams unit all spring and summer long, before Saturday’s contest. “Conditions were tough and they were able to make some plays, especially on special teams and that’s disappointing

from my perspective because we have spent a great deal of time working on special teams,” Quinn said. “They played fast, smart and physical.” Despite the woes, Buffalo put an early scare on the Bulldogs in the second quarter, thanks to the play of Zordich. He was able to locate receivers for most of the second quarter and when the play broke down, he was unafraid to run and used his feet to convert crucial thirddown plays. He led two scoring drives of 75 yards and 95 yards during the game, and he finished 14-for-14 with 148 yards and a score. He nearly ran for the century Continued on Page 11

UB Game in Review For two quarters, Buffalo was competitive, fighting the sweltering heat and sixth-ranked Georgia on Friday and cutting the lead to 24-16 at halftime. The Bulls took it to the Bulldogs, as Buffalo’s offense had no trouble moving the ball against a unit that likely featured multiple future NFL players. Mistakes on special teams hurt Buffalo, as a missed PAT and a 100-yard kick return for a touchdown hurt the Bulls’ chances. The Bulldogs made adjustments at halftime, as their defense eventually smothered the Bulls and their offense was able to finally move the ball more effectively, opening the game up. Player of the Game Junior defensive lineman Colby Way stepped up big time against a team filled with offensive weapons. He finished the afternoon with six tackles and two sacks. He was part of a unit that put more than occasional pressure on Heisman hopeful Aaron Murray. Unsung hero Senior linebacker Willie Moseley filled in more than admirably in place of star junior linebacker Khalil Mack, who missed the game due to suspension.

Moseley finished with six tackles and a sack, as he seemed to always be around the football. Bull Killer Freshman running back Todd Gurley had a breakout first game of his career. The rookie phenom started off in style with a 100-yard kick return for a touchdown, helping swing momentum Georgia’s way early. He later added a 55-yard touchdown run to put the game away for good. The Buffalo defense had no answer for the speedster out of Tarboro, N.C. He finished with 227 all-purpose yards and three total touchdowns. Turning Point of the Game After halftime, the Georgia defense showed why it finished last year ranked fifth in the country, forcing the Bulls into multiple three-and-outs. In the second half, Georgia forced the Bulls into five consecutive punts, as only one of the Bulls’ drives in the second half surpassed 19 yards. Bulls honored: Way received Mid-American Conference Defensive Player of the Week

honors after his performance Saturday. Also, junior quarterback Alex Zordich received UB Athlete of the Week honors after an impressive outing. He went 14for-24 with 148 yards and a touchdown. He was also able to move the ball on the ground, as he ran for 83 yards and a score. He said what? “I mean, it was a lot more talk than anything else. We felt like we were really well matched with them up front and we just kept on working. It was a good experience to come down here and play, but we are going to learn from this.” – Way on the Georgia offensive line Looking ahead Buffalo will look forward to the comforts of home as the Bulls take on FCS team Morgan State (1-0). The Bears beat Sacred Heart (0-1) last Saturday in a four-overtime thriller, 30-27. Leading the way was running back Travis Robinson, who rushed for 110 yards and two touchdowns. Kickoff for the game on Saturday will be at 6 p.m.

9/8 @ 6pm

@ UB Stadium!!

AARON MANSFIELD Editor in Chief Georgia’s chorus of 92,000 boobirds should tell you something: UB’s football team won on Saturday despite its 0-1 record and lack of a turbo button. After Buffalo fell 45-23 to No. 6 Georgia, a game which UB very much threatened to win, head coach Jeff Quinn said he does not believe in moral victories. “There are no moral victories in my opinion,” Quinn said. “We line up, we play, we want to win. “They’re a better football team than us. And that’s evident.” Is Georgia better? Of course. But let’s keep it 100: This is the epitome of a moral victory. The Bulls walked out victorious and Georgia left shaken. As I exited the stadium, the die-hard Dawgs fans had their heads hung. Nobody was smiling. They weren’t happy with their team. Nevermind the 22-point difference in favor of Georgia or the ‘L’ etched into Buffalo’s record books. The scoreboard is not indicative of the game. Here’s what happened in three lines: 1. Georgia’s talent pulled away in the end from a team it should have pulled away from in the first five minutes, and UGA’s fans booed their beloved Bulldogs mercilessly. 2. Buffalo junior quarterback Alex Zordich, who struggled mightily in spot starts as a freshman and narrowly won a quarterback competition this summer, surprised; Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, a preseason Heisman favorite, disappointed. 3. Special teams blunders, including Georgia blocking a punt and returning a kick for a touchdown immediately after Buffalo made it a one-point game, blew it for UB in an otherwise impressive performance. After seeing games at Tennessee and Georgia the past two years, I am convinced the BCSconference teams own a turbo button that most Mid-American Conference schools just don’t have. In open space, the Bulls have no prayer. Georgia’s speed, size, talent and rabid, massive fan base give it an incomparable – and, in this case, insurmountable – advantage. Despite all that, despite Vegas odds makers and people like me who would not have been surprised by a 40-point loss, the Bulls were down 24-16 at halftime, and they believed they could win. Quinn said his team was talking about it in the locker room. Sophomore cornerback Cortney Lester said his squad was “excited.” Junior running back Branden Oliver, who carried 30 times for 112 yards and a score in front of a big group of family (he hails from Miami, Fla.), said he believes God created all men equal, and for that reason the Bulls believed they could win. It was a one-possession game, for goodness sake. The Bulls outscored Georgia 10-0 in the second quarter, and heading into halftime you’d have thought the blue and white had a 30-point lead. Sanford Stadium was that lifeless. Reality won out, of course. Georgia won. That’s what was supposed to happen all along. Based on preseason rankings, Buffalo is not supposed to be very good (picked to finish second-last in the MAC East), and Georgia is supposed to be one of the best teams in the country. Neither team fulfilled expectations on Saturday. It’s hard to hush the 92,000 people clad almost entirely in red, but the only noise in the second quarter came from the boobirds – who let their team hear it often throughout the humid afternoon. They let their team hear it hard. Yes, coach Quinn, Georgia was the better football team. Yes, UB took the loss and talent won out in the end, as it usually does. But this Buffalo team was playing without its second-best player, linebacker Khalil Mack, who served a one-game suspension for a fight with wide receiver Fred Lee. This team was playing on the road in a hostile environment against one of the highest-ranked teams the school had ever faced – and it didn’t blink. I call that a victory. Email:



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The Spectrum Volume 62 Issue 4  

The Spectrum, an independent student publication of the University at Buffalo. September 5, 2012