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John Lambert Named Interim Athletic Director UB Reinstates Tripathi will conduct nation-wide search for Warde Manuel’s permanent replacement Nursing Degree Program BRYAN FEILER Sports Editor


Former Buffalo Athletic Director Warde Manuel announced that he would take the same position at the University of Connecticut earlier this week. The announcement has left Buffalo in a state of transition. Some the confusion was cleared up Thursday, when President Satish K. Tripathi named senior associate athletic director John Lambert the interim athletic director to fill the void while the University searches for a permanent replacement. “Warde spent a lot of time, while he was here, building continuity and a situation where we could all work collaboratively as a team and that’s going to be his legacy,” Lambert said. “And basically it’s our intention during this transition process to implement those principles [and] keep those in place as we move forward.” Lambert arrived in Buffalo in 1996, was an integral part of moving Buffalo to Division 1 athletics, and is currently in charge of development for the athletic department. Lambert has earned

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John Lambert has been named Interim Athletic Director during the nation-wide search for a replacement.

Courtesy of Paul Hokanson

UB Combats Anti-Gay Sentiments, Bullying SARA DINATALE

teens believe that little or no action in school will be taken toward those bullying them.

Asst. News Editor

The LBGT community is particularly vulnerable to bullying, according to Anna B. Nickerson, associate professor and director of the Alberti Center. That’s why the center chose to use it as the starting point for its colloquium series.

UB’s Jean M. Alberti Center for the Prevention of Bullying Abuse and School Violence discussed how to combat the bullying of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) youth in a Thursday seminar. Amy Reynolds – an associate professor in the department of counseling, school and education psychology in UB’s Graduate School of Education – led the first of what will be a series of colloquiums hosted by the antibullying center. The seminar in 120 Clemens Hall offered a research-based perspective of the anti-gay sentiments among youth, focusing on the middle school and high school environment. UB faculty, educators, graduate students, and community members were in attendance.

“Living with bullying is a daily reality,” Reynolds said in her lecture. “Living with the fear of bullying is a daily reality. Sometimes, these kids are targeted not because they’re out…but because they’re different, and they don’t feel safe.” Satsuki Aoi /// The Spectrum Professor Amy Reynolds leads a discussion about the importance of fighting against the bullying of LBGT youth.

“Life was just so much simpler when all [bullies] did was ask for your lunch money,” Reynolds said in her

lecture. Bullying has evolved, according to Reynolds, who described it as “more underground” – the Internet being the main example. Reynolds stressed

the importance of educators taking a proactive role and being aware on multiple levels. Reynolds showed research indicating that the majority of bullied LBGT

The sense of insecurity and victimization experienced by gay and lesbian teens leads them to be more likely to commit suicide, according to Reynolds. This is something Western New Yorkers are familiar with because of the suicide of Williamsville freshman Jamey Rodemeyer last September. Reynolds herself was involved in a

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Free Fallin’ with UB Skydiving Club LISA DE LA TORRE

Thousands of miles above land, the wind’s howl was deafening.

“When we landed I actually couldn’t hear anything, and my ears hurt really bad,” Kraatz said. “Everyone that I asked said that it happens to some people, and they just get used to it. It was better the second time.”

As it whipped through the open doors of a plane in May 2010, Alyssa Kraatz watched the ground slowly shift farther and farther away. There was no turning back at this point, and as she peered downward at the fields she just took off from she braced herself to exit the plane. Though her heart was racing and her stomach was in knots, the rules made it clear that her only option was to jump.

People have many misconceptions about how it actually feels to skydive, according to Kraatz.

Though some people may question the sanity of those who skydive due to the risks, club Vice President Christopher Kotei, a sophomore aerospace and mechanical engineering major, sees diving as a relatively grounding experience. “I cannot put into words what it feels like to skydive…[it is] a life-changing experience,” Kotei said. “The beauty of the earth while in free fall or canopy flight makes you appreciate life.”

It offers dives that take around eight minutes, and assure new divers that in the unlikely event that the parachute doesn’t

Weather for the Weekend:

Friday: AM Snow Showers- H: 36, L: 30 Saturday: Rain/Snow- H: 37, L: 29 Sunday: Cloudy- H: 31, L: 24



d d

The Institute of Medicine recently recommended that at least 80 percent of nurses reach the baccalaureate level by 2020, and a New York State proposal may require all registered nurses to earn a bachelor’s degree within 10 years. The program is open to those who have earned associate degrees or hospital-based nursing diplomas and who want to further their educations with a bachelor’s degree. Dr. Margaret S. Grinslade, clinical professor and chair of UB’s undergraduate nursing department, believes that the program is well-designed to meet the needs of the working nurse and improve the quality of the current nursing workforce in Western New York. “The changing complexity of the health care environment requires a nurse prepared with the ability to manage complex patients; work collaboratively with an inter-professional health care team; provide leadership at the bedside; engage in the quality improvement; and practice safe, patient-centered nursing care,” Grinslade said. Local cancer treatment center Roswell Park Cancer Institute in downtown Buffalo is in support of the new program being put in place. “Roswell Park is supportive of UB’s RN to BSN program for a number of reasons – the primary one being that research has shown that the more education nurses have, the better care they provide for patients, and the patient outcomes tend to be much better,” said Mary Ann Long, a director of patient care services at Roswell Park. Grinslade said the core nursing program can be completed in a year, and students must reach all university requirements to earn a degree. “The curriculum builds on the knowledge and skills they currently have and provides upperdivision nursing curricula tailored to this group of students,” Grinslade said.

While hospitals aren’t requiring a bachelor’s degree, many are asking for them because of the improved care for patients.


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The original nursing degree-completion program began in 1995, but it closed due to a declining student enrollment rate.

The program’s online nature will also benefit students who are too far away from campus to physically attend classes.

“To my knowledge, there is no requirement, but a preference,” Grinslade said.

The club operates through a nearby skydiving center named Frontier Skydivers, which is open for business May through October and offers deals to club members.

“[When freefalling,] people think that you get sick to your stomach or you can’t breathe, but because you’re going so fast in the plane already, you don’t feel it in your stomach – you’re just changing directions,” Kraatz said.

After ending the program during the 2009-2010 school year, UB’s School of Nursing received approval from the State Education Department to start implementing the year-long online program once again.

“It’s important for nurses to keep up with their education as they move along in their careers so they can keep up with the latest research and trends, especially in specialty areas like oncology,” Long said. “Education level is one of the things that accrediting agencies and quality-designation programs look at very closely, and the Institute of Medicine has also made bachelor-level education a major priority, so this is a priority issue for everyone in nursing.”

There are some risks to skydiving, including landing injuries, equipment failure, and in rare cases, fatality, according to However, most of these dangers can be avoided by adequate training and by taking necessary safety precautions.

Two years later, Kraatz, a junior business management major, is the president of the UB Skydiving Club – the very group that enabled her to jump out of a plane for the very first time that spring day. The idea for the Skydiving Club formed earlier in 2010, and by the end of that year, the members’ efforts to make it an official SA organization finally paid off. Kraatz and the club went on their first trip in early May to the Poconos in Pennsylvania.

Nursing students at UB and nurses already in a career will now have a way to achieve a bachelor’s degree in nursing while still working in their field. The entirely online program caters to the working student and nurse, while furthering the education and way in which people take care of patients in local hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Grinslade believes the program will ultimately improve the treatment of patients. In a press release, Grinslade said that even a 10 percent increase in the bachelor’s degree prepared nursing workforce directly decreases the morbidity and mortality of current patients.

Though the act of falling itself is painless, Kraatz claims the most discomfort she experienced was post-landing.

Staff Writer

Local hospitals are asking for it, and New York State may be asking for it.

The program will begin March 1, and officials expect to enroll about 25 students.


Courtesy of Dominic Baratta Members of UB Skydiving Club soar above the clouds and through the sky before landing on the ground and heading to class.


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UB Announces “Finish in Four” Program If students meet obligations and can’t graduate in four years, UB picks up tab LUKE HAMMILL Senior News Editor Starting next fall, incoming freshmen will be able to sign a pledge to “Finish in Four” years; if they meet the pledge’s requirements and still can’t graduate in four years, they’ll finish their degrees free of tuition and comprehensive fee charges. The plan aims to “provide entering UB freshmen with the academic resources they need to graduate in four years,” according to a university press release. It applies to all majors except double majors and majors that include a graduate or advanced component (such as occupational therapy). Administrators behind Finish in Four also hope

the plan will reduce the number of UB students who take longer than four years to graduate. “We are trying to improve on [that number],” said Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education A. Scott Weber. “I wouldn’t say we’re unhappy with it…Obviously, we’re sensitive to the cost of college…Almost all [of our degrees] can be finished in four years, so that’s the traditional time, although nationally, that has been moving toward five and six, and there will be some students who wish to spend longer, and that’s fine.” Weber said that though UB will provide additional coursework for free for students who stay on the program’s track and still don’t

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continued from page 1: John Lambert named interim athletic director

graduate in four years, he doesn’t think that situation will actually arise.

the credentials to hold the athletic director position, but has made it very clear he has no intentions of taking the position long-term.

Weber also said that students who wish to study abroad, take internships, and get involved in other extracurriculars that might limit a semester’s credit hours need not worry; the Finish in Four program will still accommodate them.

“I am a piece of the larger puzzle,” Lambert said. “And that puzzle is an outstanding leadership team. That leadership team runs all the aspects of our operations here in athletics and that includes our coaches. If I can provide any type of leadership during this transition that’s exactly what I told the president I would do. But no I don’t have aspirations for the job.”

He acknowledged that those activities are easier to complete in some majors and harder in others, and he added that the summer is also available for studying abroad and the like.

The search has already commenced for Manuel’s permanent replacement. Members of Tripathi’s staff and Buffalo Athletics’ leadership team have discussed how the search will be conducted. The search will be nation-wide and there is no indication whether the replacement will come from the outside or will be promoted from within.

In last week’s interview with Spectrum Editor in Chief Matthew Parrino, President Satish K. Tripathi advised students who wish to take full advantage of the program not to change majors multiple times. “You have to do your part to be on track and not keep changing multiple times, because otherwise you get behind,” Tripathi said. He also stressed the importance of finishing as quickly as possible. “It’s expensive, and they need to get out in four years and do whatever they want to do – whether they want to go to grad school, they want to go to get a job somewhere, or whatever their plans are,” Tripathi said. The university is also planning other improvements for future students. Tripathi talked about cutting down on UB’s bureaucracy. “What we’re trying to do… is to create a new ‘heartof-the-campus’ project here…so that the students can get answers to the questions at one place rather than at 20 different places,” Tripathi said. Email:

Friday, February 17, 2012

One thing that is clear is the university will pick someone that will continue the traditions that Manuel has established during his time at Buffalo. “I have every confidence that the university is going to be able to, through a national search, find someone who can continue to build on what Warde

started here at UB,” Lambert said. “Really it’s a transition, and that’s kind of where we are at today.” Manuel helped with the hiring of football coaches Turner Gill and Jeff Quinn. During his tenure, the Bulls won their first Mid-American Conference football championship and were invited to the school’s first bowl game in 50 years. However, his focus on the classroom is what separated Manuel from many. He has ensured that all 20 teams at Buffalo are above the academic progress rate.

still be here through the MAC tournament in Cleveland.” Lambert will continue to work closely with Warde until his departure next month as they have for the past seven years. Lambert explained that Warde will help him with any problems that may arise. Lambert will continue to enrich Buffalo in any way he is needed during the transition while Tripathi looks for a new Athletic Director.

Manuel left abruptly during what is one of the most successful seasons the basketball team has had since moving to Division 1. However, college athletics does not take into consideration how well a team is performing when presenting personnel change opportunities.

“I work with some of the best administrators, coaches and student-athletes in the country,” Lambert said. “In this particular case, I’m just serving the president in whatever role he identifies to help facilitate that process. And he wants to facilitate that in a timely matter.”

“Unfortunately college athletics doesn’t have a specific timetable for searches,” Lambert said. “It’s when the opportunities become available. And in this particular case, at UConn, the opportunity became available. It just happened to be that that’s when it took place and subsequently that’s why he had to take this opportunity. But I think Warde will

Lambert will officially become interim Athletic Director on March 14, about the same time Manuel will leave for Connecticut. Tripathi has stated that the timetable for naming a permanent Athletic Director is within three months. Email:

continued from page 1: UB Combats Anti-Gay Sentiments, Bullying workshop with the Williamsville school district following the teen’s suicide. She worked with school’s counselors, principals, and teachers to try to ensure a similar tragedy doesn’t occur again. Reynolds cited research that states 30 percent of all youth suicides are connected to gay and lesbian youth. The research also showed that LGBT teens are two to six times more likely to commit suicide. The academic success of these students is in jeopardy as well, as they are three times more likely to miss school if victimized, Reynolds said. Reynolds encourages schools to stop taking the “null approach” when tackling gay-targeted bullying issues. “If [schools] stay neutral, [LBGT youth] are getting all these messages that is not okay, and no message that is okay.” Reynolds said. “They’re going to internalize all the negative messages.” Reynolds said bullied students should be affirmed by the creation of a safe environment. She highlighted the importance of schools having Gay-Straight

Alliances, in order to provide students with necessary support from fellow students and faculty. To Reynolds, the most unexpected and important outcomes of the colloquium were the connections fostered between herself and others working to combat bullying. UB’s Graduate School for Education has already taken some steps in educating future teachers on how to handle LBGT issues. Heather McEntarfer, a doctoral student in the learning and instruction department for education, taught a class last semester about LBGT issues in education. She appreciated the conversations that occurred and will use what she learned in the seminar to supplement the classes she may teach in the future. “I want to go forward teaching more classes.” McEntarfer said. “[I want to teach] classes to future teachers about how to address issues of sexuality, and also just diversity in general.” While the seminar’s focus was on

middle and high school environments, bullying isn’t something that stops once students receive their high school diplomas. “[Bullying] is very relevant to higher education,” Reynolds told The Spectrum. “And I think we assume that in higher education, there is no bullying… In fact, it takes a different form.” Reynolds cited an example of this “different form” by mentioning the recent reports of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship forcing a gay student to resign from his post as treasurer of the club. Reynolds acknowledges that students may mature, and to some extent bullying may subside, but it will always exist as long as people have the need to feel more powerful, she said. The Alberti Center’s next colloquium will take place April 19; Jamie Ostrov will speak about aggression and peer victimization. Future colloquiums are planned for September and November of next fall. There are also plans for a conference this September about cyberbullying.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Ballroom Blitz


Senecas should just admit what actually happened


Sometimes we expect our political leaders to be something more than human. Like public-relations cyborgs, we want them to do everything in an idealized fashion to be good examples for our children.

MANAGING EDITOR Edward Benoit EDITORIAL EDITOR James Bowe NEWS EDITORS Luke Hammill, senior Rebecca Bratek Sara DiNatale, asst. Lisa Khoury, asst.

So far, this has been exactly what we’ve expected from State Senator Mark Grisanti.

ARTS EDITORS Nick Pino, senior Vanessa Frith, senior Brian Josephs Elva Aguilar, asst. Vilona Tranchtenberg, asst.

He and his wife were attending a black-tie gala at the Seneca Niagara Casino. Their daughter was singing at the event for the Seneca Diabetes Foundation. Once the event was over, a little before midnight, an argument broke out between two Seneca cigarette merchants, Eric White and Seth Snyder.

LIFE EDITORS Aaron Mansfield, senior Keren Baruch Lyzi White Rachel Kramer, asst. SPORTS EDITORS Tyler Cady, senior Bryan Feiler Nathaniel Smith

Grisanti tried to break up the fight between the two. Everything afterwards is somewhat unclear, but a fight erupted with Grisanti at the receiving end of some heavy blows. His wife tried to pull the men apart, but two other women then attacked her from behind.

PHOTO EDITORS Meg Kinsley, senior Alexa Strudler Satsuki Aoi WEB EDITOR Matthew Parrino James Twigg GRAPHICS DESIGNER Haider Alidina


Maria Grisanti, his wife, ended up with a concussion and bruises on her face from having her head slammed into the floor. State Sen. Grisanti ended up with a few cracked ribs.


Now comes the spin-factor that the Senecas are trying to put on the altercation. A camera-phone video was released of the events after the initial fight where security guards were holding Grisanti back. He is apparently furious.

Then a prominent Seneca businessman, Ross L. John Sr., said that Grisanti shouted racial slurs at one of the security guards. Gerald Walsh, the attorney for Eric White and his wife, went on to say that neither White nor his wife hit Grisanti or his wife. They claim that Grisanti was the sole aggressor. Of course, because everyone comes out of a fight with a concussion and a bruised face and back when nobody at all hit them, right? The Senecas should be ashamed of themselves for how they’ve handled this situation. Instead of admitting that some of their people acted improperly, they’re continually backtracking to justify their actions. Grisanti never made any racial remarks, even the security guard holding him, who was supposed to be the guy Grisanti was insulting, didn’t hear him say anything racist. John is

a bold faced liar who is only trying to bolster a negative image of Grisanti to the public. Maybe Grisanti shouldn’t have been involved in the first place, but these people were disturbing a family function by having a loud argument. If some troublemakers were screaming when your family was trying to eat a nice dinner at a restaurant, going up and telling them to stop wouldn’t be unreasonable. Somewhere in the middle is probably the truth, so here’s what probably happened: Grisanti told the two guys to can it and take it outside, they told him to leave, he didn’t back down, and then they got into a fight. As far as the video afterwards goes: of course he’s going to be pissed. A group of people just slammed his wife’s face into the ground, and she has a concussion. He has a right to be mad. Any human on earth that just witnessed his or her husband or wife get beaten to a pulp would be completely inconsolable. Let Grisanti be a human.

Hardened Arteries


A massive culture shift is needed to combat obesity

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Las Vegas is the ultimate land of sin and excess. Ever since the old mob days, people have converged on the Nevada city to live out fantasies of being high rollers and of extreme gluttony. The Heart Attack Grill feeds on this carnal human instinct by cooking the most fattening, greasy, and disgustingly huge portions possible. More than anything, it’s the pinnacle of un-health. Hamburgers named after heart procedures, unfiltered cigarettes, and butterfat milkshakes lumber through the restaurant carried by ladies clad in nurses’ outfits ready to write you a “prescription.” The door even has a disclaimer: “Cash only, because you might die before the check clears.” Its most famous gimmick, however, is their over-350 pound guarantee. If you’re over the prescribed weight, you eat for free. Sad irony abounded on Wednesday, however, when one diner suffered a heart attack while eating a “TripleBypass” burger. Confused tourists laughed while the man clutched his chest in agony until someone realized he wasn’t kidding.

email any submissions to

People are quick to blame restaurants like this for the obesity epidemic, and it’s easy to see why. Heart Attack Grill might be a single store, but fast-food joints have long capitalized on gluttony to bring in customers by touting the extreme portion sizes as “good values.” One third of Americans are obese, and fast food companies have their share in the blame, but truly they’re more of a symptom of a culture than death peddlers. After the landmark documentary Super Size Me, companies like McDonalds and Burger King began actively promoting healthy options like salads and fruits on their menus. Now, the sad truth is that people simply don’t want it. Convenience is only part of the equation; people truly do just want greasy and nasty foods. Michelle Obama has been trying to combat the obesity epidemic, but things haven’t been easy on the first lady. She’s actually encountering resistance to her work from Tea Partiers and conservatives who view it as another instance of the government getting fat. Huge resistance erupted when former New York Governor David Paterson attempted to put through

a tax on soda to help combat the obesity epidemic. We Americans tend to like things that allow us to reminisce about the past, when burgers were a quarter each and nobody worried about their health. It’s hilarous to watch Paula Deen craft her butter soaked monstrosities on the Food Network, remembering the days when nobody knew how bad butter was for you. Just like losing weight as an individual, losing weight as a nation will take a radical change in thought. Our culture has to change from one that values materialism to one that values a better quality of life, and that doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, we can point fingers at the Heart Attack Grill, saying that it’s the main problem behind our national health decline. It’s a really easy scapegoat to throw under the bus, but we need to work as individuals to demand better quality of food. The free market reacts to what we want because that’s what it will make the most money on. Most people know the advice: it’s easier to put weight on than lose it. Let’s not make it harder by resisting

To Fight or Not to Fight


Sports Editor

“I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.” – Rodney Dangerfield Many years ago, Dangerfield was right about the constant donnybrooks and slobber knockers that would spill out over the course of the game. But with the players being subject to supplemental discipline and the introduction of instigator penalties, fighting has decreased. I don’t believe there is ever a time in a hockey game for a bench-clearing brawl. There’s no reason the game should get to the point that everyone is on the ice fighting for half an hour and the game needs to be ended. But fighting should always have a place in hockey. There are two instances when a fight should happen. The first being when someone on the other team throws a cheap shot on a teammate; the second being when your team can’t get any momentum going and it needs a boost. Earlier this season, Bruins forward Milan Lucic took a run at Sabres goalie Ryan Miller and nobody stepped up to fight him. The Sabres then became the laughing stock of the league because Lucic laughed about it after the game.

When your star player gets hit and injured, a teammate needs to step up and fight that player or he will continue to do it.

body on the line and will play harder. Also, if you’re on home ice, it will electrify the crowd and get the fans back into the game.

A defensive lineman in the NFL will keep hitting a quarterback no matter what you do. It’s his job. But a hockey player will think twice about hitting a star player if you punish him in a fight.

People say that fighters are taking spots away from more skilled players. But a team has one or two players that are classified as enforcers and many of them can play. An enforcer may be less skilled but he tends to make up for it in willingness to hit, block shots and occasionally fight.

The league won’t punish a clean hit just because a star player got injured. Players will hit more and make good plays less. It will slow down the game even more than a two-minute fight that happens less than once every other game. “If you get rid of fighting, you are going to get more of the dirty play. Let them fight, and get rid of all of the stickwork.” –Hall of Famer, Gordie Howe

Teams need tough guys if they want to be successful. The Penguins lost the greatest player in the world, Sidney Crosby, to injury. But they are still winning because they can play a skilled game, a defensive game, and a grind-it-out game.

If you don’t allow fighting to take place then there will be more penalties out of frustration. The sticks will start to come up and players would hit more, which will take away from the new standard of post-lockout play.

In basketball, you can hit a big three or a throw down a jam – it happens all game. In football, if a guy hits you hard you line up next to him on the next play and hit him back. But in hockey you may not score all game and you may not have a chance to hit that player for the rest of the game due to line matchups.

If your team is losing in every aspect of the game, then a fight may be necessary. Obviously scoring a goal, making a hard, clean check, or even blocking a shot are more civil ways to get to your team going but you don’t always have an opportunity to do that.

I won’t use the excuse that it’s tradition because all sports evolve. But, despite what our mother’s have always said, fighting sometimes is the answer.

If you win a fight that lasts a few minutes your team is going to get inspired that you put your


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The New Age of Athletes as Role Models AARON MANSFIELD Senior Life Editor

Terrell “Pom-Poms” Owens is playing in the Indoor Football League next season. Jeremy “Nobody Knew My Name Three Weeks Ago” Lin couldn’t be more popular. See you later, me-first athletes. Nice to have you on the national scene, humble heroes. Overplayed and over-punned as Jeremy Lin may be, he’s just the latest in a contemporary trend of character athletes exploding in the media, blowing up ESPN, and infiltrating Facebook feeds. Here’s a statement I know I’m going to need to explain, but bare with me: this craze is making society a better place. The next generation of sports fans is watching. Kids pay attention to popular athletes’ every move, and thankfully now, a lot of those moves are reputable. Charles “Weight Watchers” Barkley once infamously proclaimed: “I am not a role model!” He was wrong. Once you’re a public figure, you are automatically a role model whether you want to be or not. Though most athletes aren’t positive ones. Back when I was a sports-obsessed 8-yearold (read: spending as much time perusing CBS Sportsline and listening to AM radio sports talk as most college kids spend on Facebook), the guys dominating the media were nothing like Lin or Tim Tebow. My idols were Vince Carter and Allen Iverson. I wanted to be just like them. I saved all my birthday and Christmas money to buy their jerseys and shoes. I’d lower my basketball hoop to seven-and-a-half feet and try to do the through-the-legs Vince Carter dunk (read: fail miserably every day). I even bought A.I. finger bands. Yup. Finger bands. I looked like a moron whilst tearing up (read: taking 75 percent of my team’s shots) a small school fifth grade basketball league. All because I looked up to them. I guess that’s not all that bad, but the story doesn’t stop there. I wanted to act like my heroes because, you know, I wanted to be them. I was an arrogant trash-talker who thought he was better than he was, who thought he was more important than the team. I cared more about my stats than our team’s result. And when it came to practice, I could skip whenever I wanted to because Iverson made that cool. Thankfully, I had some positive, caring role models in my life that quickly knocked me off my high horse – including a Coach Carter-like basketball coach who made me run suicides until I cried – but not every kid is fortunate enough to have those. That persona worked for Vince Carter and Allen Iverson because they were talented enough, but it doesn’t work for most wideeyed kids. And that cocky “all about me” attitude is what has permeated sports culture for the better part of two decades. Until this year. I know there have been exceptions along the way (i.e. Reggie White, Mariano Rivera), but never has the media been so infatuated with good-character athletes. Players like Lin, Tebow, Kevin Durant, and Drew Brees are dominating their respective sports, and the media is embracing their meekness. Sure, for every one of those guys, there are probably 20 Floyd “Money” Mayweathers, but the fact of the matter is: Lin and Tebow have been by far the two most popular athletes this year, while Brees and Durant have been two of the most consistently dominant. I know there are going to be haters whenever someone is doing something big, but why hate on Lin and Tebow just because they’re different? They aren’t supposed to succeed. They’re underdogs. Kids are naturally going to want to be like them, and that’s got to be good for society. They show kids that you can overcome the odds, and once you’re a star, you don’t need vanity to be charismatic and adored. A couple days ago, a television reporter asked Lin which nickname he liked best: “Linsanity,” “All I do is Lin,” etc. He responded with: “I actually like ‘Jeremy,’” and then proceeded to credit his teammates for the Knicks’ turnaround. Believe it or not, UB has some quality role models of its own in the athletic department. Last semester, quarterback Chazz Anderson led the football team with his altruistic attitude and overwhelming desire to become a pastor. As for the red-hot men’s basketball team, Zach Filzen and Titus Robinson spent their summer helping people in East Asia, and all the guys on the team are friendly and approachable. Oh, and head coach Reggie Witherspoon just might be the nicest person at this school. Talk to him just once and you’ll understand. Just make sure you aren’t Michael Porrini. Kids line up for high-fives and autographs after every game at Alumni Arena, and the players always oblige. They understand that they’re role models. The Buffalo Bulls may not be professional athletes, but that doesn’t matter to the kids. In the youngsters’ eyes, the athletes at UB are larger than life. Linsanity might end abruptly and Tebow might not even start next year, but at least the youth of 2012 is seeing that you don’t need to be selfish to succeed in sports. That’s something we can all get behind. Email:

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Friday, February 17, 2012

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Recent UB Grad Jumps Into Business World


just watching, you actually win something.”

Staff Writer Everyone wants to be funny; many people think they’re witty and clever. How about testing those theories and letting others decide? is a website that invites people of all ages and talents to post videos and compete for prizes, and it was co-founded by a student who just graduated from UB. Matthew Waxman left school with a BS in accounting in May of 2011, but he had no idea the path his career was about to take. Waxman was planning on working at a stock broking firm in the fall and going to graduate school for accounting in the spring. In fact, he was pretty set on that plan, but there’s a reason he now advises students to “keep an open mind.” Maxx Yellin, a friend of Waxman’s from high school, approached his former classmate with the idea of LoadNVote. Waxman didn’t think too much of it. It just seemed like a far-fetched dream. That is, until a bunch of investors pounced on the idea. Now LoadNVote is a reality, and by the end of August, it was Waxman’s dream job. “It’s definitely not the field I pictured myself in, but it’s amazing,” Waxman said. “I love doing it every day. It’s the first and last thing I think about.” As for the site itself? “This site is used as an outlet to get exposure,” Waxman said. “People can expose their talent and gain recognition. It’s like YouTube where you can expose yourself, but instead of people

Besides uploading their own content, users have the opportunity to vote for winners in other categories like: Best Group Picture, Just For Fun, Musical Talent, Peak of the Party, Unique Talent, Worst Pick-Up Line, and Write the Caption. The submission with the highest amount of votes is the winner. One of the contests that is still accepting applicants asks for users to submit their funniest caption about a picture from of two fuzzy animals – one in a paper bag and the other sitting next to it. The winner will win a five-night, all-inclusive (including airfare, hotel stay, meals, drinks, and club passes) spring break trip to Electro Beach, Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico during any week the winner wishes, sponsored by College Travel Experts. Other prizes include a $100 Best Buy gift card for showing off the best “Original and Unique Talent” and a $100 Guitar Center gift card for the best uploaded original musical talent. The method is simple: companies invest in sponsored contests on LoadNVote, and they get free advertising and promotion on the site. Freshman legal studies major Sara Fonda has participated in a few contests on the site. “I would tell students who don’t know about the site to give it a try,” Fonda said. “For simply uploading a picture or video interesting to them, they can win some really great prizes. It’s so simple – not only loading but voting, too, and looking at all of the cool contests becomes quite addicting after a while.” Waxman and Yellin founded the website with a third former classmate, Jonathan Doman. The

WEEKEND PICKS Who: Lyzi White What: Safe House

three have been friends since high school, and decided to go into business together by turning their idea of a video contest website into a reality. With the help of Canrock Ventures, a venture capitalist firm in Jericho, NY, they received the funding necessary to launch their website on Feb. 2. There are already 600 accounts on the site and over 25,000 viewers daily. With 10,278 fans on Facebook and 10,495 followers on Twitter, LoadNVote is continuing to grow and attract new users. The site also has several interns from UB. “Since it’s still new, we are trying to keep improving the site and giving people the best experience,” said Aaron Marsh, a former UB student who works for LoadNVote. The webpage provides every user with their own profile page that acts as a résumé for users to showcase their talents. Participants are able to view all the prizes they have won alongside all their uploaded videos. According to Waxman, the main users of LoadNVote are college students. However, the contests are open to people of all ages. LoadNVote is a concoction of YouTube, with a pinch of Facebook and a hint of American Idol. Stirred in together, the site just gives students the opportunity to win. Talent or no talent, so long as users have creativity and some free time, prizes and recognition are virtually guaranteed.

resume is something that would interest most people,” said Joseph Maxwell, a senior exercise science major.

Staff Writer While some students are beginning to tremble in fear at the thought of the “real world” because of their lack of experience with “real jobs,” others are taking a different route toward making money and being proactive in filling their résumés. These students are beginning to rent themselves – no, not sexually – to companies around the world.

It is an expanding platform, with over 10,000 students located in France and the U.S., according to Dierstein and Guillaume’s website has seen over 1,500 jobs posted by companies with more than 100 in the past month alone.


To the founders’ delight, students are signing up to rent themselves every day, hoping to obtain a job that will boost their résumé or help them earn some extra cash. Students must be at least 18 years old and enrolled in college. Upon filling out the registration material and providing the site with a valid school email address, students are able to start looking for jobs that best suit their specific skills. There are currently six available categories for students to choose from when searching for jobs: programming, designing, writing, marketing, administration, and consulting. Those six categories are then broken up into subcategories that further tailor to students’ specific skills and abilities. When students find a job that they want, they place their bid on the position. The winning student is the one that is most qualified and offers to do the job for the cheapest price. is a website that posts an assortment of opportunities for qualified students. The website draws from different companies looking for help with various projects or jobs. The website, which was started by Morgan Dierstein and Guillaume Truttmann, aims to connect businesses looking for help with competent students who need extra money and have a valuable skill set to offer. “Generally anything that could build your

Where: A movie theatre (AMC Maple Ridge 8 or Dipson Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre) When: Whenever your heart desires Why: Ryan Reynolds plays the good guy and Denzel Washington takes the role as the badass renegade in this action-thriller. Whether you’re looking to live an action-packed life vicariously through the main characters, or you just like watching Reynolds and Washington strut their stuff on screen, you’re sure to have a good time on the edge of your seat. Who: Rachel Kramer What: Safe Sex Bingo Where: SU Lobby and Student Union 145 When: 10 p.m. Why: This isn’t your grandparents’ retirement home bingo. Prizes include condoms, lubricants, and other things to make your Valentine’s Day weekend enjoyable yet safe. One of the main reasons to go: it’s a free event for students and you can walk away with a bag of sexy goodies. Go with your friends and have a good time winning high quality things like vibrators and other sensual gifts from Who: Keren Baruch What: Buffalo Sabres game Where: First Niagara Center When: Friday Feb. 17, 7:30 p.m. Why: The Sabres are competing against the rival Montreal Canadiens this Friday. Head downtown to a great environment filled with passionate sports fans and then take the party elsewhere at any of the bars situated within walking distance of the arena. Who: Brian Josephs What: Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror



Page 5

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When: Right Now Where: New York Times, NME website Why: Sleigh Bells’ sophomore effort, Reign of Terror, was highly anticipated from the moment it was announced last year. “Comeback Kid,” the album’s energetic first single, only increased the hype for its Feb. 21 release. Fortunately for the duo’s thirsty fans, the album is now being streamed for free on the New York Times and NME websites. The album features a more guitar-driven direction than their debut, Treats, and should be on full volume in dorm rooms for the weekend. Who: Vilona Trachtenberg What: Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles When: Feb. 17-19 Where: Shea’s Performing Arts Center Why: If you’re a Beatles fan or want to partake in reliving one of the biggest names ever in Rock ’n’ Roll, this show is for you. Although Paul McCartney is still alive and playing shows, this is the closest you can get to reliving Beatle-mania and seeing the quartet come to life through their songs. This Broadway show provides the stage setup of the actual Beatles, and presents the full range of the Beatles’ discography live, including songs that they didn’t perform for live audiences. Who: Elva Aguilar What: International Fiesta: Dreams of a Cultural Paradise When: Feb. 18 at 7:30 p.m. Where: UB North Campus, Center For the Arts Why: Not everybody is lucky enough to get off campus during weekends. UB’s International Fiesta is a great way to not only spend your day outside the dorms, but it’s also a great way to support your fellow students and their respective SA clubs. Enjoy the convergence of different styles of music, dancing, and costumes by clubs in UB’s International Council like the Latin American SA, Filipino American SA and more. Every year, this event is heralded as an on-campus celebration of UB’s diversity. The event is a must see for any undergraduate.

photo illustration by meg kinsley /// the spectrum.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Rock Out Without the Penniless Pout ADRIEN D’ANGELO Staff Writer Product: ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Company: Audio-Technica Headphone Type: Passive, Close-back dynamic Price: $159.00 Rating: A In a world where Beats by Dr. Dre are adorned by every pseudoDJ on the block, the cans on your dome make a strong statement. Unfortunately, not every music enthusiast is able to drop $300 on a pair of head-huggers. Fear not folks, Audio-Technica is here to help. Courtesy of Audio-Technica Put down your Beats by Dre and pick up a pair of these sleek, comfortable and reasonably priced Audio Technica ATH-M50s.

The first thing that draws the eye to these puppies is the sleek, slim, and compact design. The ear-

pieces cradle up into the headband for maximum mobility, making it a great choice for on-the-go musicians, DJs, and sound techs. These phones are also adjustable in virtually every way possible – with notches for size, and earpieces that rotate 180 degrees vertically and horizontally. This makes a seal possible even if you have a giraffe head. Late night in the studio? With thick cushions, you can keep these on for hours in continuous comfort. (Though if you’re on take 217 maybe you should give it a rest, Mozart.) The gold-plated 1/8-inch headphone jack with 1/4-inch screw-on adapter makes a solid, clear connection. This is accented by a neat little spring right where the jack meets the cord, removing the problem of the adapter pinching the cable and wearing out the rubber.

Courtesy of AMC The dead walk again to haunt Rick and his cohorts in The Walking Dead in the midseason premiere, “Nebraska.”


Staff Writer Show: The Walking Dead Date: Feb. 12 Network: AMC Grade: AFor a show about walking corpses, The Walking Dead becomes more alive with each episode. Last Sunday – after three months of tedious waiting – season two of The Walking Dead resurrected itself with the gripping mid-season premier, “Nebraska.” Rick Grimes

What’s so distinctive about The Walking Dead – a TV series about the inevitable zombie apocalypse – is that it isn’t centrally about the chronicle of stumbling, drooling corpses prowling for brains; the program is specifically about the human characters and how their personal ethics clash, even when faced with uniting against the crumbling of civilization. But as the surrounding world becomes destroyed with death and disease, The Walking Dead focuses on the destruction of civilization within the group of human survivors. The show simply wouldn’t work if the plot focused on humans constantly screaming and running away from reanimated cannibal corpses. Survival is the foremost priority for Rick – particularly for his son (Chandler Riggs, Terminus) and wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies, Foreverland) – but to earn survival, he must battle through not only zombies, but also the conflicting morals within himself and in his fellow comrades.

Wish You Were There EDWARD BENOIT Managing Editor

“Run, run, run, run.” An aged rocker repeats the line into a microphone, again and again. Behind him, his band mate slaps out one of rock history’s more famous bass riffs. Meanwhile, a pig-shaped dirigible meanders above the audience, its antics accompanied by the crowd’s clapping to the song’s tempo and a chromatic, psychedelic light show. No, it’s not still 1981 – it’s the Pink Floyd Experience. The Pink Floyd Experience (or PFX, the group’s self-styled abbreviation) is one of the nation’s premier Floyd tribute bands. On Tuesday night, the

continued on page 8

The Resurrection of The Walking Dead (Andrew Lincoln, Made in Dagenham) and his troupe of survivors carry on from the astounding ending of the previous episode. Emotions have become stranded in an isolated purgatory, remote from any sign of happiness.

Page 7

After the inhumanity that Shane (Jon Bernthal, Rampart) – Rick’s second-in-command – caused for the remaining survivors, hope for existence in a zombie-occupied world has been drained dry. Hershel (Scott Wilson, Dorfman) refuses to allow Rick and his team to remain within the safety of his farm, the safe-haven that the main characters stumbled upon early in season two.

continued on page 8

It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay voices and are legends in their own rights but what made Whitney such a star was her unorthodox look mixed with her colossal vocal range. Whitney had no qualms relying on her talents to make her successful, but she also served as a pop-culture icon for black women, and eventually women of every ethnicity.


Asst. Arts Editor

Whitney had that big hair, that bigger smile, and an even bigger voice that dominated the charts from the moment “Saving All My Love For You” was released in 1985. From then on Whitney only progressed.

In “Nebraska,” Rick once again must work for the sake of the group and convince Hershel to let his people stay on the farm. The philosophical struggle Rick and Hershel have gives a humane sentiment in an inhumane world – something relatively unheard of in zombie stories.

The music industry was brought to a halt on Feb. 11, the eve of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, when R&B pioneer and legend Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel room.

As usual, the conclusion of the episode will not only drop jaws, but also possibly unhinge them. AMC shows tend to give an awesome twist in their closing scenes, to make the show worth watching

When the news initially broke via TMZ, social networking sites exploded with allegations. My Twitter feed showed reactions from the heartbroken to the haters. Radio personalities, rappers, singers, actors, and actresses alike all took to their Twitter accounts to pay their respects.

This Sunday at 9 p.m. AMC will unveil the next episode: “Triggerfinger.” With only five episodes left of season two, one has to wonder: who will live, who will die, and who is the father of Lori’s baby?

One reaction that stood out to me the most was Houston rapper Bun B. It read: “A lot of us are just now realizing how many of our memories are connected to Whitney’s music. First love, first dance, first heartbreak, etc.”


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Audrey Lin /// The Spectrum

It was in 1992, however, that Whitney released the song that would catapult her into superstardom. Whitney’s rendition of Linda Ronstandt’s “I Will Always Love You” is probably her most notable song. The song went multi-platinum a total of four times in the U.S., which is a number unheard of for musicians today. Whitney is renowned as the inspiration and forerunner of the contemporary R&B phenomenon, along with artists like Janet Jackson. Today’s pop and R&B divas like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Mary J. Blige all credit Whitney Houston as a major influence in their careers. This woman is immortalized as a flawless singer and yet, when she passed away, her life’s worth was tainted by ignorance.

I had no idea how right he was.

It doesn’t make sense.

The ugly reactions came after the commemorative ones. The tweets from people I refer to as “Twitter cynics” were downright disrespectful. The overwhelming theme of those tweets referenced her drug problem and failed marriage. The worst part was they were making a mockery of this woman’s life based on demons she obviously couldn’t control.

That woman found on Feb. 11 is the result of a world most of us don’t know and would never want to know. If you’ve never experienced that earth-shattering feeling when someone you love passes away, then you couldn’t understand. That was a life that passed. A life that inspired more people into greatness than it did into ambiguity.

It’s crazy what people will do for a retweet and obscure Internet fame. You can’t put “Got 110+ retweets” on a résumé, moron.

I wasn’t ever a Whitney fanatic, but nobody, especially her, should be remembered that way.

Whitney definitely had her problems, but that doesn’t give room for anybody to allow her faults to overshadow the mountains she moved with her presence in the music industry.

I’ll always love you, Whitney.

Before Whitney, the R&B world had a predominantly soulful sound with Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, and Anita Baker. These women had powerful

Thank you for “Heartbreak Hotel.”


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University at Buffalo 5.25” x 9.56”

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Continued form page 7: wish you were there San Diego-based group brought its award-winning, This isn’t to say that the entire first half of the set career-encapsulating, Roger Waters-venerating show was nothing but an unwaveringly and unthinkingly to the CFA’s Mainstage Theater. faithful recapitulation of Floyd’s material, however: small embellishments were made here and there. Some of which – like having saxophonist Jesse MalThe group wasted no time jumping into things, and loy play the ending solo of “Wish You Were Here” kicked off the first half of its set with “Shine on You – were actually quite radical. Crazy Diamond (1-5)” in all its 13-minute glory. The fidelity PFX showed the original material was evident – guitar tones and phrasing were nothing short “We’re going to take a bit of a break, but we’re going of Gilmore-esque, the vocals had that stilted and half-shouted Roger Waters quality, and the band as a to be back soon with some more amazing music,” said guitarist Zachary Throne after an uninterrupted whole tried its damndest to maintain the subtleties 45 minutes of mimetic Floyd – the first words said to found in the studio version while playing live, and the audience (aside from lyrics) since the band took succeeded. the stage.

Controls to the Heart of the Sun” was fair game. Accompanying the Experience was one of the better light shows to ever grace the Mainstage Theater: “Echoes” and other songs in the group’s psychedelic fare were complemented by weaving chromatic lights; “Learning to Fly” by cool blues; “Money” by unnatural greens and bronzes. The lighting walked the fine line of wowing in its own right while not superseding the performed material.

More hit-or-miss were the supporting visualizations each song had. While most tunes’ videos took the abstract route – amorphous shapes and pulsating tendrils, à la iTunes visualizer – some looked like Studio fidelity seemed to be the band’s modus opemusic videos made from stock footage and clip art. The second hour of PFX was a lot less rigid than the randi, at least for the first half of the set: “Shine on One particularly egregious example was the visualfirst. For one, there was no long, nonstop rendition of You Crazy Diamond” was followed by “Welcome to ization of “Money,” which featured contrasting scenes Animals or Dark Side of the Moon (as cool as that would the Machine,” and then “Have a Cigar,” and then the of excess and poverty, bills with the motto “root of all have been). Rather, the setlist was a collection of rest of 1975’s Wish You Were Here, uninterrupted, in evil,” and other images whose underlying purpose Pink Floyd staples with a sampling of B-sides mixed its entirety. Fidelity, indeed. was to be as heavy-handed as possible. in; everything from “Time” and “Money” to “Set the

Continued form page 7: rock out without the penniless pout As for the cable itself, you’ve got about 12-feet to work with. Long cables are great, but to keep you from having to play jump rope, this wire is coiled down to about five feet of manageable copper-clad aluminum. Headphones like Beats pride themselves on their noise cancelling technology. Really, it’s a simple way to add a small feature and $75 to the price. You really don’t need any fancy battery-powered noise-cancelling device with the ATH-M50s over your ears. People may be talking around you, or to you, but the only voice you’ll hear is the iconic Robert Plant’ (if you’re into Led Zeppelin that is). Even with the other positive attributes, the

sound quality of these headphones is what puts them above the competition.

The 45mm neodymium drivers give these headphones deep bass, clean mids, and crisp highs, with a 15 Hz-28 kHz frequency range. However, you might have to ask your dog what that sounds like, since 28 kHz is well over the average hearing range of humans. These high frequencies help to produce a more natural sound, and it makes a difference, especially for singers who plan to use these as

These headphones are designed for professional monitoring and mixing, but you don’t need to be a musician to appreciate the way they bring your favorite songs to life. With superb high-quality sound that matches up to models over twice the price, there’s not an inch of disappointment from a purchase like this. The only notable con is the carrying bag, which would work much better as a hard case. Other than that, there’s really no way to bring them down. For the price, they’re the best headphones you can find. Period.


Continued form page 1: free fallin’ with ub skydiving club







open, there is one on reserve. Since Frontier Skydivers is closed most of the school year, the Skydiving Club does not jump year-round. However, the members meet every Monday in the offseason to learn about and prepare for the act of skydiving. In addition to learning the basics, the club engages in fundraisers to boost awareness and earn money for their dives at the same time. “This semester we’re going to try to give the members the money that they raise [through fundraising],” Kraatz said. “So say they sold $50 in raffle tickets, it’d be $50 off their jump when they’re ready to go.” These raffles are especially helpful, because the price of skydiving can be steep (around $200 without videotaping the jump). The proceeds enable the members to dive more frequently and with more financial ease. Skeptics may argue that skydiving is too extreme of a hobby for them, and that there are plenty of other activities that could satisfy one’s appetite for the extraordinary. But in reality, there are people who are drawn to skydiving not only for the pure adrenaline-packed thrill, but because it is not an activity that people can simply do on any given day, in any given place. In other words, it is a break from the routine.

The Pink Floyd Experience is currently on a national tour. Future dates include shows at Storrs, Conn. and Lynn, Mass.


Continued form page 5: Rent-a-student

monitors in the studio.

Audio-Technica is a company known primarily for its microphones, and since headphones are basically just microphones in reverse, it’s a good sign that quality headphones are on the way.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Pink Floyd Experience experience was the general tone and atmosphere of the show: rather than the morose self-importance that has characterized everything Roger Waters has been a part of since 1975, the show’s tone was relatively feel-good and lighthearted. Occasionally interrupting the Floyd onslaught were short interludes – a stand-alone guitar or bass solo, for instance, or just some generally positive words from one of the band members – while the show itself ended with a sing-along to “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” accompanied by a decidedly happy-looking and winged Battersea pig.

“It takes me out of my usual structured life,” Kotei said. “It is very fast paced and exciting.”

“I think that would be a good asset to students here,” said Kasey McCarthy, a senior civil engineering major. “I know a lot of people are looking for experience, at least to put on their résumé.” Before any work or communication is exchanged between the student and the company, the company must make a down payment of $99. This policy acts as insurance so that the company is serious about the job and that, in the unlikely event that the company does not pay, the student will receive compensation. Once a company picks a student for the job, the collaboration between employee and employer begins. A time frame for completion, the budget, and other project specifics are established at this time. Everything can be submitted electronically and

remotely – meaning a student in Buffalo can potentially help out a business in California. “A lot of businesses are struggling now to get all the work they need done with small budgets, and a lot of students are looking for ways to get exposure,” Dierstein said in an interview with “We help both parties connect.” The website takes a 15 percent cut of each transaction between student and company. The peace of mind is an intangible asset that provides to ensure the best possible chance of mutual satisfaction between both parties.

Email: features@

Looking forward, Kraatz plans on pursuing a license to skydive without a professional, and is going to be training over the summer to attain it. This is different from tandem jumping because instead of the professional controlling the direction, Kraatz will be completely in charge. The steering and spinning will be in her hands, giving her the opportunity to make the most of every dive. Kotei plans on using his position as vice president to help share his positive experiences with others, and he wants to inspire people to give skydiving a try. “Growing up, I had inspirations of being a fighter pilot,” Kotei said. “I saw skydiving as way to get closer to that fantasy of mine. Once I found out UB had a skydiving club, I joined it so they could assist me in crossing skydiving off my bucket list.” Though some students may find this pastime too extreme for their tastes, the members of UB Skydiving have the opportunity to cross something off their bucket list, one jump at a time.





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Friday, February 17, 2012

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BracketBusting in South Dakota Buffalo Looks to Start a New Winning Streak TYLER CADY

After playing 12 straight games in the Mid-American Conference, the men’s basketball team will now step out of the league – and time zone – to play its next contest. The Bulls (16-7, 9-3 MAC) will face South Dakota State (21-7, 13-3 Summit League) in part of the SEARS ESPN BracketBusters series. The game will be televised nationally on ESPNU. The Jackrabbits come into the contest undefeated on their home floor this season (11-0), and are in the midst of their best season ever in the Division 1 ranks. Buffalo will likely experience a hostile environment in Frost Arena Saturday, as they are expecting a large crowd on hand for the school’s first nationally televised contest. The key to slowing down South Dakota State will be slowing down Jackrabbit’s junior guard Nate Wolters. Wolters is scoring at a clip of almost 22 points per game and has been the type of explosive guard that the Bulls have struggled to contain this season.

Courtesy of Aaron Stoneberger/ SDSU Collegian

For the two Bulls’ leading scorers – senior forward Mitchell Watt, and sophomore forward Javon McCrea – the matchup appears to be a favorable one as even Nagy isn’t sure how to stop the two big men. “I don’t know quite frankly,” Nagy said when asked about his game plan for the Bulls. “They can considerably overpower us inside, the only team in our league that would be similar to that would be Oral Roberts. I don’t know if we’ll go zone or how, but it’s going to be a big challenge for us.” On the South Dakota State side, the 6-foot-8 forward Jordan Dykstra is the only formidable interior matchup for the Bulls’ bigs, and Nagy insists that guarding the paint will be more of a team effort than something that Dykstra will have to face alone. “It ain’t going to go down to one guy,” Nagy said. “All five guys need to help, the only problem is that [Buffalo] shoots the ball well too, so you have to pick your poison.”

“We’ve got to go into it with the mindset that we’re not going to let [Wolters] get anything easy,” said Buffalo head coach Reggie Witherspoon. “Sometimes he makes it look easy, but we want to make him work to get what he gets.”

Buffalo isn’t the only team who can put points up, the Jackrabbits are 17th in the nation at scoring at just under 79 points per game, and their up-tempo play is something that the Bulls will have to cope with in order to pull off the road victory.

That responsibility will rest with the top of Buffalo zone to not allow the junior to get into the lane too easily. Wolters isn’t known for being the most prolific shooter, so much of his successes come off of the dribble.

This game has little bearing on the Bulls’ season, as the MAC is traditionally a one-bid league to the NCAA tournament. And, the contest comes at a brutal time, in the midst of the squad’s second trip through the grueling MAC East.

“He’s hard to stay in front of and he’s very good on the break,” said South Dakota State head coach Scott Nagy. “The one weakness he has is that he hasn’t shot the ball great from the outside. But…when he does he’s impossible to stay in front of.”

“It’s a challenge,” Witherspoon said. “We’re at a stage where we’re coming down the stretch with our conference opponents, and we’re trying to focus in on that. Now we’re out of that and facing a team we don’t know a whole lot about so it’s a challenge.”

Where Wolters and the Jackrabbits backcourt excel, their frontcourt falters. Their usual seven-man rotation boasts just two players over 6-foot-6, and the

Buffalo will face that challenge head on Saturday at 1 p.m.


Bulls Fall Short to Conference’s Top Team

Two Jackrabbits to watch: G-Nate Wolters: The dynamic 6-foot-3 guard is one of the best scorers not only in the Summit League but also in the country, averaging 21.8 points per game. He relies heavily on his midrange game and his ability to drive to the hoop, as he is only a 25 percent 3-point shooter. He also leads the team in assists with six per contest, and he can rebound the ball well for a guard, pulling down over five per game. F-Jordan Dykstra: Dykstra is the perfect offensive compliment to Wolters. The 6-foot8 sophomore is a guy who can take and make the long range shot. He is shooting 43 percent from three. He has upped that mark in conference play, shooting nearly 50 percent in the Jackrabbits’ 16 Summit League games. The Bulls will win if… The big men can stay out of foul trouble. Sophomore forward Javon McCrea, and senior forwards Mitchell Watt and Titus Robinson all have a size advantage over the undersized Jackrabbits. As long as they are playing over 25 minutes, they will be able to make a huge impact on this game. The Jackrabbits will win if… They run, run, and run some more. What they lack in size they make up for in terms of speed and tempo, as they are 17th in the country in scoring average at 78.6 points per game. They are 11-0 at home this season, so South Dakota State should be able to feed off the intensity of the home crowd at Frost Arena. Predictions

The Bulls have to bounce back after a tough loss to Kent State on the road. They may have some problems dealing with a team that has tremendous long-distance shooters – especially after allowing Kent State to go 11-of-18 from distance Tuesday – but if they can keep the game at a half-court pace defensively, they can steal this road game. Look for McCrea to have a big day in what will be a wild game on ESPNU.

On paper, the women’s basketball team shouldn’t have been able to even compete with the seven-time defending Mid-American Conference champions; but for 40 minutes the Bulls gave Bowling Green all it could handle. Buffalo (7-19, 2-10 MAC) took to the road Wednesday evening as it faced Bowling Green (21-5, 11-1 MAC) in the Bulls’ first trip to the brand new Stroh Center. After holding a slim lead at half the Bulls battled the Falcons all the way until the end, but failed to pull off the upset, losing 62-52.

Buffalo-83 South Dakota State-79

Buffalo has struggled mightily this season as it currently sits in last place in the MAC. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bowling Green has dominated the MAC for the better part of the last decade. A loss to Toledo (17-7, 10-2 MAC) on Saturday snapped the Falcons’ 18-game win streak within the MAC.


Sports Editor The Jackrabbits are undefeated at home this season and that streak will continue. The Bulls zone will have some problems containing Wolters, and I think this will be a high scoring affair that will bust the Bulls’ bracket.

The Falcons came out flat and the Bulls took full advantage, keeping a lead throughout the first half. Senior guard Epeshia Holmes took over the starting role at point guard as sophomore Margeaux Gupilan was not able to make the start due to illness.

Buffalo-79 South Dakota State-84 Courtesy of Nathan Dreimiller / BGSU Marketing & Communications Jessica Slagle (14) dribbles away from Beth Christensen (42) as Bowling Green defeated the Bulls 62-52 on Wednesday night.

Buffalo hung blow for blow with the Falcons for much of the game, and trailed by only four with a minute to play. But a bucket by sophomore Alexis Rogers and a steal on the defensive end seemed to put the dagger into the hopes of the Bulls’ possible mammoth victory.

“I was really proud of the way we defended,” HillMacDonald said. “We really made Bowling Green have to work for every basket.

“We had opportunities we just couldn’t close it,” HillMacDonald said. “At the end when we needed to score we didn’t step up and knock down baskets. That’s kind of the story of the past couple games – we put ourselves in position to be in it at the end and possibly win it, we’re just missing those critical baskets.”

Senior guard Brittany Hedderson dropped in only 15 points, five shy of her team leading 20 points per game. Hedderson shot a damaging 6-of-23 from the floor. After a poor shooting performance on Saturday as well (7-of-24), back-to-back shooting struggles from her is something Bulls’ fans are not accustomed to seeing.

On a night where the Bulls forced 20 turnovers from the MAC’s top team, rebounding woes and poor shooting would result in their demise.

All-Time Record: First meeting between the two teams

Sports Editor

Staff Writer

Rogers led the way for the Falcons with an impressive 16-point and 12-rebound double-double. Late game free throws allowed senior Jessica Slagle to accumulate 19 points, and shot a confident 9-of-11 from the free throw line.

Current Record: (21-7, 13-3 Summit League)



Holmes got off to a hot start, scoring seven of the Bulls’ first nine points. Holmes’ hot hand would eventually cool off as she finished with only nine points, and shot 3-of-13 from the field.

Scouting South Dakota State

tallest player to receive significant playing time stands at only 6-foot-8.

Senior Sports Editor

Nate Wolters will be a threat for South Dakota State as it welcomes the Bulls for an ESPN Bracketbuster showup.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The rest of the team did not turn in a strong shooting performance either. The Bulls finished the night shooting 31 percent from the field. Second leading scorer, sophomore Nytor Longar, fouled out of the game after only 13 minutes of action. Her frontcourt mate, senior Beth Christensen, would pick up the slack for Longar’s absence. She logged 38

minutes and was able to pull down 10 rebounds. The Bulls have four more games remaining on their slate in conference play, three of which are at home. On Saturday afternoon Miami (Ohio) (18-7, 8-4 MAC) will come to Alumni Arena. “Miami has great shooters, they’re a very smart team,” Hill-MacDonald said. “I think it’s going to be what happens at the defensive end, playing 40 minutes of solid defense, not giving them wide open looks, and taking advantage of their weaknesses.” The Bulls will attempt to prevent the Redhawks from making a late season push at first place in the MAC’s East division. The game will tip at 2 p.m.



Senior Sports Editor It’ll be interesting to see how both teams approach this game since it amounts to be meaningless, as both teams would likely need to win their conferences to get to the big dance. However, I’d assume both teams would want to put on a good showing for the national television audience. The Jackrabbits are undefeated at home, and they should be hyped up, but Buffalo’s interior should be far too much to handle, as they greatly outsize South Dakota State. McCrea and Watt will have a field day against the smaller squad, and the Bulls will start a new winning streak. Buffalo-84 South Dakota State-73

The Spectrum Volume 61 Issue 55  

The Spectrum, an independent student publication of the University at Buffalo. February 17, 2011.

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