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Moving Forward: A summary and history of UB 2020

With the passage of NYSUNY 2020, the UB 2020 plan for academic excellence – the university’s extensive proposal to strengthen education and revitalize the Buffalo-Niagara region – has the monetary and state support needed to move forward.

a premier research institution. The UBonly plan for expansion met opposition by state leaders and in May, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and university leaders proposed the NYSUNY 2020 package as a scaled-down plan for the school with hopes that the inclusion of aid for other SUNY schools would help float it through passage.

UB2020, the ambitious UB-only initiative introduced by former university president John B. Simpson, is dedicated to establishing and preserving UB’s status as

On June 24th, the New York State Senate approved the NYSUNY 2020 tuition bill. For UB, the legislation allows progression with UB 2020 plans. The Empire State

MADELEINE BURNS Senior News Editor

Development Corporation and the SUNY construction fund will provide $140 million for development projects at each SUNY university center (Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Stony Brook). The original UB 2020 initiative would have cost $5 billion in construction over two decades; $3 billion in state funding, as well as additional monies from private partnerships, was required. UB 2020 will now move forward in conjunction with the NYSUNY 2020 plan.

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Two Quarterbacks, One Position, One Competition Davis and Zordich remain friends, push each other to improve despite controversy

AARON MANSFIELD Senior Sports Editor There is a drama unfolding on campus. Nobody knows how it’s going to play out. There will be a

winner and there will be a loser. Who will start at quarterback for the Buffalo Bulls next season: That is the question running through Bulls’ fans this summer. The Bulls’ quarterback play was shoddy at best last season. Junior quarterback Jerry Davis was the starter at the beginning of last year, but his struggles forced sophomore quarterback Alex Zordich into action. Zordich looked impressive in his short tenure as starting quarterback until he went down with injury, at which point Davis reclaimed the role of starter. At the conclusion of last season, most fans expected Zordich to be the starter next year. He was the

Getting Caught Green Handed AKARI IBURI Senior Life Editor Reduce, reuse, recycle. These three words are the classic combination for a green recipe sure to shed those nasty polluting pounds while exercising environmental awareness. With terms ranging from alternative energy sources to global warming, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) to composting, it can be overwhelming trying to digest all the pro-environment jargon. Some may even be led to believe Kermit the frog said it best with “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Since 1999, UB has been fighting to ease the confusion that is clouding environmentalism, kicking Kermit to the curb with the creation of UB Green. “UB Green does exist,” said Erin Moscati, environmental educator of UB Green. “The University at Buffalo has a formal office dedicated to promoting sustainability on campus and greening the campus operations.”

younger and more polished quarterback, but if you take a look at the stats from last year, it appears that Davis was the better quarterback, and in the Bulls’ two-deep chart – an early indication of next season’s depth chart – released this summer, Davis was pegged as the starter. “It was nobody’s fault, but we’re all accountable,” said head coach Jeff Quinn. “We struggled [at the quarterback position]. It was evident and nobody’s going to shy away from that. There were times that our quarterbacks’ decision making wasn’t exactly where we need it to be.” Quinn added that after the blue and white spring game and the 15 spring practices, Davis was the frontrunner. That does not,

Jerry Davis (4) and Alex Zordich (15) in competition to start.

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changes. The aim is for UB to become a climate neutral space by 2030 by striving to eliminate the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. With the office conveniently located on the edge of South Campus, the UB Green facility provides the community with a knowledgeable staff and a library exclusively filled with environmental books and videos.

Spectrum File Photo

The Big Five of Summer

Moscati is a strong promoter for green options and advocates for as much involvement as possible. “I’d really just empower [the students] to kind of take responsibility and let everybody know that whatever your passion is, if you’re interested in bettering the environment, there’s a way for you to do that within your…field of study or your hobby,” Moscati said. Through UB Green’s innovative thinking, the university has created opportunities that make it possible for students to be active in making a difference. The annual UB Commuter Challenge encourages the university’s community members to take alternative modes of transportation to school. The five week long competition starts in the first full week of September and lasts through the beginning of October. “Take the bus, the NFTA metro, bike, walk, carpool and we award points based on how many times you do this,” said Jim Simon, associate environmental educator of UB Green. “So every week you sign up, you use whatever mode you want to use and at the end of the week you log how you did it so you get points for each mode.”

The eco-organization is responsible for shining a light on various issues, demonstrating how simple alternatives in one’s lifestyle can support positive

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NICOLAS PINO Asst. Arts Editor

Warmer weather, cohorts abound, and zero responsibility are the three perfect ingredients to an ideal summer of gaming. Here’s a look at five great titles to keep you out of the sun for the next three months. Portal 2 This Orange Box original combines all the joy of humorous dialogue, brain busting puzzles, and murderous robots all within the safety of the Aperture Science Labs. Valve’s hilarious story of machine versus man warmed gamer’s hearts as the slightly misguided GLaDOS had the insatiable urge for testing and a promised pastry at the end of the game. Portal 2 is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor, offering an extended single-player and an additional co-op mode, the game comes packaged with 10+ hours of quantum mechanical mayhem. Between its mind-bending level design, the laugh-out-loud voice acting by Stephen Merchant, and insanely addicting game play, Portal 2 should be on every gamer’s playlist for the summer.

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Another Law, Another Controversy EDITORIAL BOARD EDITOR IN CHIEF Matthew Parrino SENIOR MANAGING EDITOR James Twigg MANAGING EDITOR Michael Tyson NEWS EDITORS Madeleine Burns, senior Rebecca Bratek Steven Wrobel ARTS EDITORS Jameson Butler, senior Vanessa Frith Nicolas Pino Edward Benoit, asst. LIFE EDITORS Akari Iburi, senior Hannah Barnes Keren Baruch, asst. Veronica Ritter, asst. SPORTS EDITORS Aaron Mansfield, senior Brian Josephs Scott Resnick, asst. Andreius Coleman, asst. PHOTO EDITORS Meg Kinsley, senior Troi Williams Nyeri Moulterie Alexa Strudler Satsuki Aoi WEB EDITOR


The entire state, and indeed the nation, was watching Albany closely on June 23 as the New York State assembly voted to legalize same-sex marriage in the Empire State. In a headline-inducing end-run, Governor Andrew Cuomo managed to usher the bill through the state senate with a 33-29 passing. While this has been a rather contentious issue, The Spectrum editorial board feels that this is a good thing overall. We would also like to remind our readers that there have been many other problems in the definition of marriage. It used to be that people of different religions or of different races were not allowed to wed, that kind of law seems ludicrous now, and we look forward to

a time when same-sex marriage is as nonchalant. While the majority of us do applaud the passage of this bill, we would like to stipulate that the opinions of those who oppose gay marriage are not to be ridiculed now. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. On a more local tack, Republican State Senator Mark Grisanti who represents parts of Buffalo, Tonawanda, Niagara Falls, and Grand Island, broke party lines to deliver one of the necessary votes to secure passage. Grisanti started out as a Democrat, but found himself unable to defeat incumbent Antoine Thompson in the 2008 primary. He received a waiver to run as a Republican in 2010 and was then able to take Thompson’s seat, while

running on a platform that included a promise to vote no on same-sex marriage issues. The problem to his political career is not so much that Grisanti formed his own opinion outside of the Republican Party, but rather that he broke a campaign promise. We at The Spectrum were torn on this issue as well. On the one hand Grisanti showed a large amount of political courage in doing his own research into the subject and forming his own opinions outside of the party that he is currently registered with. On the other hand, Grisanti made a promise to the people that elected him that he would vote no. Another local state senator, Bill Stachowski (D) ran into similar trouble in 2009 when he broke his cam-


paign promise to vote for same-sex marriage and instead voted no. He lost his next primary and now is a former senator from Buffalo. One thing we could agree on is that the political machine is getting much too narrowly focused on singular party platform topics. It could be argued that Grisanti chose to side with the democratic majority that makes up his constituency by the time this vote came up and thus supported its passage. Or it could be the squeaky wheel was amplified by Lady Gaga and her “Little Monsters” over the pleas of religious groups. We are at a crossroads where doing what is right may be equally popular and unpopular. Hopefully, integrity will continue to be the tiebreaker.

Letter From The Editor in Chief

MATTHEW PARRINO Editor in Chief There aren’t a lot of transitions in your life like the one you’re currently going through. You’re no longer a kid. At no other point in your life will you go from one extreme to another like you are this summer. In May you were a high school teenager, with barely any responsibilities. Now you’re in college and your adult life is just starting. While that may seem slightly unappealing, buckle your seatbelt, because the next four or five years are likely going to be the best ones of your life. Above all else, college serves as an arena to figure out exactly who you are and it helps craft the template for who you want to be. Sure, your parents and the way they raised you will always be the foundation of who you are, but it’s the next four years that will really help you figure everything out. Being the EIC of The Spectrum, I would be remised if I didn’t urge you to stay up on current events at UB. Read the paper, read Generation, attend Student Association events, because the college experience is what you make of it. My goal when I was elected was to provide the most complete, interesting, and thought-provoking newspaper I can for the entire UB community. But The Spectrum needs your help. We’re all college students as well, and as hard as everyone at both publications works throughout the semester, we don’t know every great story at UB. If you know somebody or about somebody with an amazing story, please call or email us. The ability we have to share that story with the entire UB world is so cool, and that person or group deserves to have their story told.

Sample everything. If there’s a dance, go to it. If there’s a game, go to it. Whatever is going on at UB, as a new student, you should be front and center taking it all in. My background is obviously in sports and not so surprisingly I have to make an attempt to get you to go out to the sporting events at UB. I talk to students all the time who have absolutely no idea how great of an athletic program UB has built. The football team is on the upswing and the men’s basketball team is going to be extremely fun to watch next season. Get to know the faces behind the jerseys, because the student athletes at UB are some of the nicest people you’ll come across here at UB. Getting to know them makes it that much more fun rooting for the Bulls in all the sports. SA controls about $4 million of your tuition and it controls who comes to fall and spring fest. SA hosts hundreds of events, clubs, and other great activities with the sole purpose of getting students to interact. There is one catch; you can’t do many of these things from your dorm room. Get out there and be a part of the UB community and share your interests and talents with the university. If you do just a little bit of what I’ve been talking about here during the next four years, I guarantee you will leave UB having had a little fun and be confident in the person you’ve become.


Advice From a Former Freshman I was just like you not too long ago

AARON MANSFIELD Senior Sports Editor

Aline Kobayashi

Hey, wide-eyed, awkward freshman. Yeah, you. Read this column. I wish someone had given me this advice before my first year of college.

UB is an incredible place and you’ll love your time here. I know I didn’t want to go to college here in The views expressed – both writ- Buffalo, but I’ve grown to love it. If you don’t fit in ten and graphic – in the Feedback, right away, don’t sweat it. Nobody does. Opinion, and Peerspectives sections of The Spectrum do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board. Submit contributions for these pages to The Spectrum office at Suite 132 Student Union or HYPERLINK " m a i l t o : n ew s @ u b s p e c t r u m . c o m " The Spectrum reserves the right to edit these pieces for style and length. If a letter is not meant for publication please mark it as such. All submissions must include the author’s name, daytime phone number, and email address.The Spectrum is provided free in part by the Undergraduate Mandatory Activity Fee.


You know how everyone says college is going to fly by? It will. I’m going into my fourth semester and it feels like yesterday—seriously—that I was in your shoes. Cherish your time in college. You don’t want to be one of the couple thousand freshmen who are unfolding campus maps the first day of classes. Nor do you want to be the freshman walking into class late on the first day. Print off a map online and find out exactly where all your classes are before school is officially in session. Listen, you’re not some social outcast. Eventually you’ll meet some people on campus who you can hang out with. It’s substantially easier, however, if you get involved. Join a club. Play intramurals. Maybe even write for The Spectrum (shameless plug, I know, but I’d love to meet you).


I can honestly say that joining the paper was the best move I’ve made in my undergraduate career. Before I wrote for The Spectrum, I could go a whole day on campus without seeing someone I knew. Now I can’t go five minutes.

The Spectrum is represented for national advertising by both Alloy Media and Marketing, and MediaMate. For information on adverstising with The Spectrum visit "" www.ubspectrum. com/ads or call us directly.

You don’t want to be the guy who smells weird or the girl with yellow teeth. Also, gaining the Freshman 15 is not inevitable. You can avoid the pounds if you go over to Alumni Arena and use your free membership to workout. Everybody wants to look good at their high school reunion. Might as well get started in college.


I’m interning at a television station and something The Spectrum offices are located in one of my mentors said stuck with me: “I wish I’d 132 Student Union, UB North Camworked harder in college so I could have a better pus, Buffalo, NY 14260-2100 paying job.” Telephone: (716) 645-2468 Fax: (716) 645-2766 Copyright 2011 Buffalo, N.Y. The Spectrum is printed by The Buffalo News 1 News Plaza Buffalo, N.Y. 14240

Oh, one more thing…be tremendously wary of parties on South Campus. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint and I know a handful of other kids who’ve experienced trouble in that area. Be careful. I’ve seen way too many good college students get in trouble with the law. It’s not worth it. Crash at

REBECCA BRATEK News Editor Welcome to the Queen City. The City of Good Neighbors. The Nickel City. The City of Light. Most importantly, welcome to the City of Buffalo. Before I begin my “rant” of why you, as incoming students, should love this city as much as I do, I must admit that I’m a little biased. Born and raised in this beautiful city, I’m proud to call myself a Buffalonian. I’m going to ask you to forget anything you’ve heard about this city and also to remember that UB is located in Amherst, a suburb in the Northtowns, and not fully in the city proper. There is more to this city than the secluded and overbearing concrete walls of UB North Campus. While our population may be dwindling and some of our streets may look a little ragged, this area has a heart and soul unmatched by any other (and you can quote me on that). It pains me to hear anyone my age talking about how this city has “gone to the pits” and that they cannot wait to get out and move away. I think it takes time away from your home to really appreciate what it means to you. Recently, I took a road trip to Tennessee with a couple friends – the first time I was out on my own and out of state without any adult supervision. I had the six best days of my life, but I couldn’t wait to get home. As I was driving over the Skyway (which connects downtown to the Southtowns) upon my return, I was overwhelmed by emotion. That drive felt like home. The smell of cheerios from General Mills, the view of HSBC Arena as I crossed the horizon into the city, and my ”go-to” exit at Delaware Avenue – everything made me reminisce about the first encounters I had with this place. As I drove through the city, I realized that many non-Buffalonians don’t see the city as I do because they don’t know what to look for. Let me be your tour guide. First, take a trip to the Elmwood Village, one of the most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods in Buffalo and the country. Filled with art galleries, unique shops, local restaurants, homey cafes, and even some parks amongst the rich architecture. SpoT Coffee is the place to go if you need to get off campus to cram for an exam and Starbucks is too “mainstream” for your tastes. Here, the barista could be your neighbor, in your world civ class, and probably has your name and order memorized. Take a walk through Delaware Park – the crown jewel of the Olmsted Park system. Frederick Law Olmsted designed this park to be the “Central Park” of Buffalo and amongst the expansive greenery is Hoyt Lake, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Buffalo Zoo, and a golf course.


Welcome to Buffalo

a nearby friend’s place or call a taxi. Just don’t get behind the wheel. I can’t make this sentence clearer: do not sleep with everyone you’re attracted to. Pregnancies and STIs are easier to obtain than you think. Plus, you’ll get a reputation as a slut or a man whore and, although you might think you’d enjoy that reputation, you won’t. Don’t be that guy. Also, don’t focus all your time on one person. You’re young. It probably won’t work out longterm. Too many kids waste a couple years of college focusing completely on a relationship that doesn’t even work out in the end. There are a lot of beautiful people at UB, that’s undeniable. I know you think you have your game on tight, but this is college – it’s a whole different stage. “So, Aaron, how do I get that person’s attention?” In this age, there’s an easy way to learn about someone without appearing creepy. You know what I’m talking about. Facebook. Find someone in your class attractive? Pay attention to that person’s name if attendance is called and check Facebook to see what he or she is into. That doesn’t mean you should add that person as a friend. That could be creepy. Do not ever use a pick-up line. This is class, not a nightclub. In addition to the Facebook method, just pay attention to the small things – how does this person dress? What kind of music is he or she listening to? Hold doors and say “God bless you” if that person sneezes. If you have a (clean) tissue on hand, offer it. It’s worked for me. Not kidding. Push through it. Everyone gets stressed out at a few points every semester. You’ll be just fine if you work as hard as you can and remind yourself that “what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. I can’t say that these years are the best years of your life because, well, I don’t know what the future holds. But these are some damn good years if you take college for all it’s worth.

If nightlife is your thing, Buffalo boasts a thriving scene. Party in the “sky” at Sky Bar, enjoy drinks and music at the trendy Allen Street Hardware Café, sample 32 draft beer choices at the Blue Monk, or dance the night away at Club Marcella. Local restaurants pepper every inch of the city and give even the pickiest eaters something to enjoy. Merge on Delaware Avenue suits the needs and taste buds of vegetarians and vegans; Tempo offers some of the best fine dining Buffalo has to offer; and take a trip downtown to Anchor Bar to experience the birth place of the chicken wing (but head to Duff’s for the better recipe). The music scene is diverse and local venues are proud to support local music. HSBC Arena scores the “big-name” acts, while smaller venues, such as Town Ballroom, Mohawk Place, The Tralf, and Buffalo native Ani DiFranco’s refurbished church, Babeville, provide a more intimate setting that allows acts to connect with fans. Hailed as “the City of Good Neighbors,” Buffalo is full of some of the most hardworking, kind-hearted, and welcoming people you could meet. Citizens here are not afraid to lend a helping hand to their neighbors and it’s been said that everyone is connected by 1.5 degrees of separation – you can’t move an inch in Wegmans without bumping into a friend of a friend (or the friend himself!). I don’t expect this column to make anyone instantly fall in love with Buffalo, but I implore you to truly experience your new home. There’s more here than UB; Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York State, filled with hidden treasures to be discovered. This place matters. Welcome to Buffalo.

Email: Email: rebeccca.bratek@ubspectrum. com FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011 v THE SPECTRUM




Go Greek or Go Home KEREN BARUCH Asst. Life Editor It’s that time of the year. High school graduates are wrapping up their final goodbyes, wiping away their last tears, and slowly letting go of their tight grasp on the friends and family that they are leaving behind. There are approximately 3,200 freshmen and there are a total number of 19,395 undergraduate students at UB. Entering the crowded Queen City can cause some freshmen to feel anxiety and fear from the sudden change of population. Students must adjust to a new, independent and competitive life style, because more students means more work is required to really stand out. UB offers many clubs and events for the purpose of helping students make smooth transitions from high school to college. Late night tie-dyeing, comedy shows, and floor activities are meant to encourage students to make friends and figure out who they are comfortable sharing their college experience with. There are 42 Greek-lettered social fraternal organizations at UB. The

mission of Greek Life is to provide members with academic and social advisement, as well as supporting leadership development and opportunities for community involvement, according to UB’s Greek Affairs website.

Somewhere in the twists and turns of her college career, Amanda Katz, a senior international business administration major changed her view on Greek Life and she is now the president of her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma.

In Spring 2011, Zeta Beta Tau and Alpha Epsilon Pi showed a strong sense of community involvement when they coordinated a Hoops For Hearts charity event that raised money for Save a Child’s Heart. Ross Davidson, a senior health and human services major and member of ZBT, believes that helping others in the community, meeting new people, and doing service are the best part about joining a fraternity.

“I never wanted to join a sorority; I was actually repulsed by the idea,” Katz said. “I rushed because my friends were doing it, so I figured if we all did it together it wouldn't be too bad.”

“I didn’t decide to join until my junior year because I had friends outside of Greek Life, but then a friend approached me and convinced me that this would look good on my resume, so I joined,” Davidson said. Davidson eventually ran for president of ZBT, and although he lost, he still feels as if he is a part of a brotherhood bond that will last a long time. According to Lindsay Feinberg, a sophomore speech and hearing sciences major and member of Sigma Delta Tau, joining a sorority was always in her college blueprint. During high school she was a member of the B’nai Brith Youth Organization, a youth led Jewish teen club. “The mission of Sigma Delta Tau is to foster personal growth as well as build lasting friendships. We focus on our philanthropy which is Child Abuse America,” Feinberg said. Being a member of SDT has allowed Feinberg to continue growing within an organization and has opened up new doors to helping others in her community.

Dana Himoff, a sophomore intended business major and member of Alpha Phi, had a different high school career than most. Himoff was raised in New York City and grew up in a religious orthodox Jewish family. She attended Ramaz School, a private Modern Orthodox Jewish prep school located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She had to follow the school dress code, always wearing long skirts and shirts to cover her knees and elbows. Entering UB was a huge culture shock for Himoff, and she slowly left her orthodox lifestyle and began to search for her new identity at a public university. Discovering Greek Life and Alpha Phi has helped her figure out who she is and who she wants to become, according to Himoff. “Alpha Phi has taught me how to live and work with other people, open up and share experiences with others,” Himoff said. “I am a person who keeps a lot to myself, but having a support group like my pledge class has changed that about me in a positive way.”


A Different Kind of Clubbing

Every chapter in Greek Life has a different aim and purpose. Denis Gao, a sophomore environmental design major and member of Pi Delta Psi, held the cultural position hoping to teach others about difVERONICA RITTER Asst. Life Editor ferent aspects of culture. “[I am in charge of] setting up events that promote and teach different aspects of culture to people seeking new experiences,” Gao said. “Such events can be [trying] different types of food, [celebrating] holidays, [and learning about] special traditions or even outfits; anything that is unique or special to each culture.”

Congratulations to those who have been accepted into The University at Buffalo. Many have spent their summer preparing for their upcoming freshman year and they should be excited because this is one year that will most likely be engrained in memory forever. While it is important to find the per-


Courtesy of Benny Higo / Student Association

fect bedspread, flat screen T.V., and wardrobe, nobody should forget to mentally prepare, because life as they know it is about to transform drastically. Going away to school for the first time can be foreign and overwhelming with many adjustments, but UB hopes to make the transition a little smoother. “UB is such a large school that it’s easy to get lost in the crowd,” said Meghan McMonagle, a junior psychology major and vice president of the undergraduate Student Association. “Joining Student Association clubs is the easiest way to make the campus smaller and to find friends who share your interests.” Getting involved in clubs in college often makes the experience more fulfilling. It opens new doors for students, introduces them to new people and friends, keeps students active and busy, and also looks great on a resume. UB is a diverse campus because of the vast variety of clubs available to students. UB encourages students to welcome and accept diversity, open horizons, and step outside boundaries. Do not be afraid to take a chance and join something unfamiliar, one will see how rewarding and enriching it is once they step outside the comforts of what they’re used to. UB has clubs dedicated to religion, international cultures, sports, dances, politics, theatre, gaming, and more. There’s even a Pokemon club. Even if a student wasn’t such a fan of joining clubs in high school, which is understandable, here at UB, it is different. “Students organize and run each of our clubs providing leadership

opportunities and more exciting events to all undergrads,” McMonagle said. “You could be traveling with the Lacrosse team to Boston one weekend and white-water rafting with our Outdoor Adventure Club the next.” Whether it’s from sororities and fraternities, club basketball, or skiing, clubs make college worthwhile because there is always something to do. UB’s clubs are always looking to expand and absorb new people. After all, that’s what the college experience is all about. Judy Mai, a junior health and human services major and member of Lesbian/Gay and Bisexual, Transgender Alliance (LGBTA), encourages all students to join a club whether it be the LGBTA or another. “You don't have to be in the LGBTA community to be a part of the club,” Mai said. “Allies are welcomed as well. I am not LGBTA and I still love it because I am an advocate. The LGBTA is a safe club on campus where you won't be judged for who you are… even if the LGBTA is not the club for you, get involved with any club on campus! …If you don't find what you're looking for [then] start one.” Students who have an idea for a club that UB doesn’t offer are invited to start their own. As long as students have gathered 10 full-time UB students, completed a club packet, and received approval from the SA Senate, the club is good to go. “I started my involvement with SA on the club level,” said JoAnna Datz, Student Association president. “Immediately, I was amazed with everything that SA offers to the students.”







Dancers, Twirlers, and Colorguard (Flags)

Share your talents with us! 

 

 

We are the largest performing ensemble at UB and we are open to all UB Students regardless of major! Everyone is eligible for Performance Scholarships and Participation Stipends - all members are eligible to receive financial incentives ranging from $125 - $750 for performing as a member of the UB Marching Band! You do have time!! rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday (6:30 - 8:30 pm) That's only FOUR hours! You earn academic credit, perform for thousands of fans, plus so much more!

Register now to join us for the 2011 Season at  FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011 v THE SPECTRUM


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indoor basketball court

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UB 2020 Continued from Page


“Educating more citizens of New York State and attracting more students from across the country and around the world will reverse the “brain drain” that has characterized the region in recent years,” according to the university’s website.

University officials are confident that moving the medical school downtown will help develop Buffalo’s emerging biomedical economy with the addition of more than 3,000 new full-time jobs in Western New York and at UB by 2018.

discovery process.

Plans that include the entire university currently focus on the relocation of the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (and later the dental medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health schools) to downtown Buffalo’s medical corridor. UB President Satish K. Tripathi said that the objectives of the plan’s next phase include “enhanced educational and research excellence, improved health care for Western New York, and creation of an innovation economy that will produce regional job growth.”

The existing campuses will be enhanced to become more cohesive and pedestrianfriendly with the addition of walkways, new facilities for bicyclists, recovery of green space from current parking lots, removal of unsightly temporary buildings, and the reinforcement of historic quadrangles.

In addition, the bill authorizes all SUNY campuses to raise tuition $300 annually for five years under the “rational tuition plan” included in the bill. Although the tuition will increase from $4,970 annually to $6,470, the state has guaranteed that each campus may keep the additional proceeds. The bill prevents the state from cutting funding to SUNY an amount equal to the proceeds from tuition increases.

UB is eligible for $35 million in state seed money from the NYSUNY 2020 bill for the medical school expansion. Development plans have been finalized and construction of a new medical school will be completed by 2016. Collaborations with leading health care and research institutions such as Kaleida Health will help transform Buffalo into a “hub for ground-breaking medical care, education, and research,” according the university’s website.

“We will highlight the character of each campus, create more magnetic public spaces, do a better job taking care of the campus “public realm” and revitalize campus landscapes,” according to a statement on the university’s website. “All of UB’s campuses need to be more comfortable, more inviting, and truly more lovable.” More than $500 million in capital projects are currently under construction across North, South and the downtown campuses. The “Heart of the Campus” initiative, part of UB’s campus master plan, is based upon the concept that students learn everywhere on campus, not solely in classrooms. New student housing, classrooms, study spaces, computer centers, libraries, and dining services will be designed in continuity with the

Through UB 2020, the university will undertake a massive overhaul of the school’s academic units; beginning with the five health science schools.

As stated in the bill, New York State lowincome students who qualify for the maximum aid amount through Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) will not be affected by tuition increases; the university will be required to dedicate a portion of tuition revenues to need-based financial aid. “The financial-aid program authorized by the bill, and UB’s financial-aid plan, will assure that UB education remains accessible to low-income and middle-income students,” Tripathi said. “Even with tuition increases, UB will remain one of the most affordable public universities in the U.S.”

tals approximately $20 billion statewide and $3.7 billion locally, according to a report by the UB Regional Institute and the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government at the University at Albany. Although concern exists that UB will privatize as its works rely upon public-private partnerships for construction and monetary support, university officials stress that UB “is and will remain public, a flagship campus of the State University of New York system. UB remains committed to its mission as a public research university, educating students of all socio-economic levels, and being a vital contributor to the region’s economy and quality of life.” Through work with Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, UB is assisting in the development of life-sciences based companies. Additionally, more than 60 companies have been created through technological transfer (research to commercialization) from UB to the private sector.


The economic impact of the SUNY system to-

Must Play Summer Games L.A. Noire

Child of Eden The ′40s were a time of global unrest and an American home front rife with sex, drugs, and as the title suggests, crime.

The game’s plot follows Cole Phelps, a returning war hero, who’s come to aid the LAPD in LA’s largest series of crime sprees. Players will have to decipher clues, sort evidence, and grill suspects utilizing Rockstar’s innovative MotionScan technology to unravel some of the most morbid mysteries the City of Angels has ever seen. What sets L.A. Noire apart from its competition is that in and of itself, it has managed to create an entirely new genre; half puzzle, half shooter, and wholly and originally unique. While in some respects the game doesn’t topple Rockstar’s previous franchise Grand Theft Auto, it does manage to eloquently interface a series of challenges that will put both the player’s thumbs and minds to the test. With the sprawling hub of L.A. never look-

ing so bleak, players thankfully can indulge in the game’s monotone, sanguine world in the safety of their basements. inFAMOUS 2 PlayStation 3 owners will have the chance to flex their relatively ambiguous moral muscles this summer with inFAMOUS 2. This time around, Cole MacGrath is adding fire and ice to his growing repertoire of elemental mastery. The female protagonists in the game will either help him be the savior of Empire City, or be the one who finally puts the nail in the coffin for the downtrodden metropolis. Placing a larger emphasis on morality, the developers over at Sucker Punch have poured their heart and soul into what is definitively the must-have game on the PS3 for the warmer months. Promising new skills, new locations, and a ton of untarnished meat bags for Cole to dispose of, inFAMOUS 2 adds a spark to the summer’s electronic nightlife.

With all of its fast-paced shooting, technosynth beats, and a healthy dose of LSD-infused visuals, Child of Eden has found a formula for a psychedelic success. Between all of the trippy, high-Rez graphics (pardon my PS2 pun) the game has somewhat of a coherent story, although in the end becomes nearly irrelevant as the game is just downright fun. Child of Eden is also one of the first games that actually has a well-done Kinect alternative style of play, as the player’s arms will become virtual lethal weapons as they rain digital pain on the funkadelic baddies. Though it lacks the “personal massager” that made Rez so famous, for $60 Child of Eden is by far, the cheapest way to get your fix using some of that expendable summer dough. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Those old enough to fondly remember playing through the original Sci-Fi shooter, Deus

Ex, have been waiting for this next iteration of their favorite series for quite a while. From everything shown on the game so far, they won’t be disappointed. Human Revolution takes place 25 years before the events of the original, but fear not, as the arsenal of all the human augmentations will be at the player’s disposal once more. Developing in one primary style of gameplay (i.e. combat or stealth) will grant the player some of the slickest moves this side of America’s Best Dance Crew, while their secondary slot will be used for either social or technology skills. Using both skills in varying combinations allows the player to craft a distinctly new gameplay, different in nearly every way from their peers. While Deus Ex: Human Revolution won’t be out until the end of the summer, now’s the perfect chance to catch up on everything that’s happened in the dystopian world before this summer’s groundbreaking return to the future.


SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 2 ALL STUDENTS WELCOME • REGISTER NOW! Family Weekend at UB is tradition. Every year, families and students reunite to revisit what makes UB great. The weekend features activities to help families experience college life at UB. This past year’s weekend included an evening of comedy, an afternoon of tours on and off campus, a Jazz Coffeehouse, Family Brunch, Buffalo Pride Party, UB Bulls athletics and so much more. Join us in celebrating this wonderful time in your student’s life.



Don’t just attend UB,

Liveit! UB Residence Halls offer: A home away from home With friends you will have for a lifetime Convenience No place is closer and it’s a quick walk to class One price for everything High-speed internet, cable, furniture, fitness centers, and utilities (even electric unlike some others) Great academic environment Students who live on-campus are more academically successful

Contact us for details: UB Campus Living Residential Operations 106 Spaulding Quad 716-645-2171



Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Meg Kinsley /// The Spectrum


By now, you have probably made the choice to either live at UB or live at home. But since this is most likely a new adventure for most students, they still have no idea what they’re getting into. The University at Buffalo Residence Halls & Apartments house 5,200 students in traditional residence halls and nearly 2,000 students in apartments each year – that’s nearly 25 percent of UB’s student body. These students have the best college experience according to Jeanette Zalba, associate director for organizational development for the housing program, “[Living on campus] is an awesome experience. When they say ‘complete the experience, live on campus,’ and when they say ‘don’t just attend UB; live it, love it,’ it is true,” Zalba said. “This gives you the opportunity to spread your wings a little bit more; get a little bit more independent from that setting.” The University Residence Halls & Apartments are all inclusive – no matter which room you choose (or get placed in), all students receive the same benefits. The room comes fully furnished with utilities, Internet service, and cable included in the rate. Services such as fitness and study centers, student and professional staff, dining halls in the building, and bus shuttles to and from campus are included in the rent.

Continued from Page 1 Participants can enter the competition at anytime throughout the five weeks and are all guaranteed a certificate. Commuters that show exceptional dedication will additionally receive a prize. Simon explains how the challenge is not only enjoyable for the competition, but it exercises a good cause. “Why is it a big deal that I ride my bike instead of driving,” Simon said. “Well, you’re going to be taking your car off the road and you’re going to be burning less fossil fuel, and did you know that we’re running out of oil in the ground?” With minor changes to a daily routine, students have the power to be a tremendous influence on greening the campus and environment. “The things that we buy, where we buy them from, all the decisions that we make will have a little impact,” Simon said. Using a personal water bottle instead of buying from the vending machine, a reusable bag over plastic, or ditching a busy

Students who do live on campus make the most of these benefits, according to Zalba. “Sometimes people will get caught up in how expensive it is, but think about this: you don’t have to start your car up every day and spend the gas money to get here,” Zalba said. “[Students] have access to the services. They can walk back to campus and meet with their professors or go to the library.” But, with positives come negatives. Maybe you don’t “click” with your roommate and you struggle to overcome your differences. Maybe your neighbors like to play music at 2 a.m. when you would rather sleep. Living in a community with hundreds of other students can be tough. “You're stuck with people you may or may not like. Some people get lucky, but most people don't. Sometimes it's a matter of incompatibility; sometimes it's a matter of safety and social situations,” said Hannah Carroll, a junior biomedical sciences major who has lived on campus for two years. “UB is diverse, which hits close to home the first couple of weeks at school.” Other students had different gripes with the dorming system. Kaitlin Maley, a junior English major, said that the food situation takes getting used to – it’s difficult to learn how to eat healthy on a campus that offers fast food and sometimes “inedible” dining hall cuisine. Olivia McCarthy, a sophomore art history major who is moving home after dorming as a freshman at the University at Albany, hates community bathrooms and the need to have a passcode to get in. When in a rush, this hassle is bothersome, according to McCarthy. Also, don’t forget the shower shoes – your mother isn’t there to clean up after your neighbors.

grocery store for the local farmers market are all decisions that make a difference. “It’s a lot of fun going to the farmer’s markets. You see people, you get to meet people, you get to see the farmer handing you the stuff they picked versus going to the store and seeing the banana that came from South America,” Simon said. “You don’t know who picked it, what the working situation was, how long it took to get across the ocean, how much gas was burned to fly the plane over here.” During the Fall and Spring months, Capen Hall hosts a small farmers market open to students and the UB community to purchase locally grown products. The diverse items range from baked goods to fresh fruits, honey sticks to canned jam. Meatless Monday is another alternative that encourages an ecofriendly lifestyle. The consumption of meat leaves a larger carbon footprint than a diet without it because of the process and

energy poured into its production. For devoted meatlovers, Meatless Monday may sound ridiculous, but it’s the little changes in one’s life that make an impact. Recycling is another major contribution to being green that has been recently made easier at UB with the help of UB Green. The familiar three bins dedicated for plastics, glass, and paper will be simplified to a one bin system called Single Stream Recycling. Instead of bothering with the confusion of multiple recycling bins, student participation will be enhanced with the use of one bin that accepts any type of recyclable material. UB will also see exciting changes with the addition of a new solar array that is expected to launch this summer. Funded by a grant from the New York Power Authority (NYPA), the solar park will be designed by internationally renowned landscape architect Walter Hood who will bring his artistic visions from Oakland, Calif. to Buffalo.

The 750 kilowatt solar park will be built on UB’s North Campus and modeled after a strip of DNA, functioning as both a space to collect alternative energy and a learning facility. The creative installation will help power the on-campus apartments and reduce the amount of carbon emissions while being one of the largest solar arrays on a college or university campus in New York State. Simon is excited about all that UB Green is doing this summer and hopes people continue to volunteer their time to help the cause. “It’s really easy to get caught up in the environment, polar bears up in Alaska, that’s all great,” Simon said. “But there’s stuff that is happening right in our back yard… there’s the Great Lakes, there’s Lake Erie, Buffalo River. All these places are polluted because of the things that we do and the behaviors that we take.”

“I decided to commute so I wouldn’t have to take out extra loans for a dorm,” said David Moore, a junior English major. “It’s been nice living at home with my family and it allowed me to keep my job and work more hours.” A parking permit is valid on all campuses and is included in the mandatory student activity fee, so all you are paying for is the gas to get to and from school. Although many students equate living at home with “loner who doesn’t get to experience college,” commuters report fulfilling college careers. There are many opportunities to meet other students. Speak to the kid in your psychology class who always lends you a pen – he could be a great new friend. Or maybe the girl who parks next to you every day lives in your neighborhood and needs a carpool buddy. “If you’re trying to decide between dorming and commuting, it basically comes down to your personal characteristics,” said Beth Goldwater, a junior exercise science major who lives at home and commutes. “[With commuting] there is a separation from school and home instead of living and going to the school at the same place. I personally just could not see spending all the money to dorm when I can live so much cheaper at home.”


Many who attend UB make the choice to stay at home or live off campus for many different reasons. Whether the commute is a short 5 minutes or they love their mother’s home cooking, most UB students do not live on campus.

..but on the inside they are missing you! Study Break

Deluxe Birthday

Traditional Snack Pack

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To: My Favorite Student University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14261

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Best Of UB Spectrum Opinion: Oscar A. Silverman Library, Capen Hall

Try to hit Pistachio’s at an off-hour for great food without the wait. Pistachio’s sandwich station also offers freshly pressed paninis with familiar flavors such as buffalo chicken or Mediterranean cuisine. Overall, Pistachio’s is the place to be for a delicious afternoon meal.

Oscar A. Silverman Library, better known as Capen, is UB’s undergraduate library. Open 24 hours, the library is perfect for study sessions at all hours.

Category: Best Dining Hall

AKARI IBURI & STEVEN WROBEL Senior Life Editor & News Editor Category: Best Library

Spectrum Opinion: Goodyear Dining Hall, South Campus

The four-story library, accessible by the street level entrance of Capen Hall, has areas devoted to group study or silent studying to suit everyone’s needs. The library is also a printing hub for students and faculty, so computer access becomes scarce in the 10 minutes before and after classes in the early afternoon. Centrally located on campus, Capen is the perfect place to meet for group projects that may require computer or printer access.

College dorm dining halls have a nasty reputation for serving up flavorless food and having limited selections. Goodyear Dining Hall, located on South Campus, refreshingly breaks the mold. Goodyear changes the selections often (there are different “themed” meals every night), and allows students to choose what appeals to them. Anyone searching for a good dining hall meal should hop the Stampede to South Campus and enjoy Goodyear Dining Hall. Category: Best Parking

While there are many establishments at UB that serve pizza, taking a walk over to The Commons for La Rosa Pizza is worth the hike. Serving a variety of traditional and specialty pies, La Rosa is certain to have a satisfying slice.

Spectrum Opinion: Cooke Lots Although the argument can certainly be made that there are no good places to park at UB, the Cooke Lots are the lesser of all evils. While convenience of location rides upon a student’s individual schedule, Cooke Lots sit right on the western edge of the Spine near NSC and Cooke, and is a quick jaunt from the entrances to both buildings – perfect in a Buffalo winter.

Eat-in or call ahead and order a whole pie to take to a study session. La Rosa offers many specials each week, so be sure to stop in to get a good slice at a good price.

Cooke happens to be one of the last lots to fill up during the morning rush and has a steady flow of turnover, so a spot can be found at almost any time of day for anyone willing to wait a couple minutes and stalk a couple people to their cars.

Category: Best Vegetarian Spectrum Opinion: Edgy Veggies, Student Union The simplicity of Edgy Veggies’ build-your-own salad proves to be one of the tastiest options on campus. Located inside Putnam’s in the Student Union, it is one of the newest additions to UB.

While most coffee fanatics flock to the well-known shops to get their caffeine fix, few know that they can skip the long lines by swinging by Capen Café where service is fast and friendly and the coffee is delicious. Category: Best Sushi Spectrum Opinion: Dancing Chopsticks, The Commons Waltz deep into the Commons and experience Dancing Chopsticks, a restaurant that serves Japanese Cuisine and rolls some of the best sushi on campus. Sushi combinations can range from tuna and avocado, to spicy shrimp, to eel wrapped in brown rice. Patrons may order a roll directly from the chef himself and he’ll make it fresh or they can select a premade roll that is out on display. Unlike Soma Sushi in the Student Union, Dancing Chopsticks has a cool atmosphere and free tea that adds to the enjoyment of chowing down on a roll or two.

Category: Best Pizza Spectrum Opinion: La Rosa Pizzeria, The Commons

soymilk so students can mix a cup to their preference.

Category: Best Gym

Category: Best Restaurant in Commons Spectrum Opinion: Rachel’s Mediterranean, The Commons Although Rachel’s often flies under the radar, it is an all around great place for fantastic food and service. With delicious entrees for under $10, Rachel’s Mediterranean serves hearty souvlakis, tasty gyros, phenomenal falafels, and so much more. Vegetarian or not, anyone can enjoy a meal at Rachel’s. With some of the cleanest tables on campus and utensils always neatly in stock, it is obvious that the owner takes exceptional care of the restaurant. Sandwiched in a nook between Bollywood Bistro and Korean Express, this mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine is sure to leave hungry bellies happy.

Spectrum Opinion: Alumni Arena

Pick a leafy green, add several healthy toppings, select from a slew of dressing options, and enjoy. Because the customer gets to pick their own fresh ingredients (protein options are included), Edgy Veggies is a great pick for vegetarians and “meatetarians” alike.

The combination of cardio machines on the upper level, weight lifting on the lower, an indoor track wrapping around the top of the main gym, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and courts for racquet sports Alumni supplies students with the latest in fitness equipment. Alumni hosts open gym nights where students are welcome to use the gym area to participate in a variety of indoor sports activities. Lockers are conveniently available for $15 a semester so students can easily go from class directly to the gym without having to lug around sweaty clothes.

Category: Best Place to Chill Spectrum Opinion: Student Union, 3rd Floor Looking for a place to socialize without getting sucked into the loud vortex of the Student Union? Simply trudge up a couple flights of stairs to the third floor – a location that is surprisingly quiet and exceptional for people watching.

Although this space is widely used by athletes, all students are invited to exercise on the equipment.

The open space of the third floor of the SU slightly echoes the energy from the bottom floor and the seats around the railings are perfect for sitting and chatting with a friend. Some use the space for napping, reading, or even eating lunch.

Category: Best Coffee Spectrum Opinion: Capen Café, Capen Hall Whether cramming for an exam, pulling an all-nighter, or waking up for an 8 a.m. class, students often find coffee critical to their sanity. UB understands the science behind a good cup o’joe: one can grab a cup at Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, and every other campus dining shop that serves this invigorating beverage.

Category: Best Dining On The Spine Spectrum Opinion: Pistachio’s, Student Union, 2nd Floor Newly renovated, Pistachio’s is a student staple for lunch at UB. The eatery is divided into a pasta station and a sandwich station, each of which offer made-to-order meals fresh every day. Sandwiches and pastas are both customizable and delicious, often with lines going out the door (although it does move quickly).

Capen Café, in the belly of the Academic Spine, is the perfect one-stop-shop for a quick fix. From Colombian to House Blend, French Vanilla to Guatemalan, Capen Café offers a variety of bold flavors that will satisfy any coffee lover. Lactose intolerant? The small shop has alternative creamers such as

Category: Best Place to Nap Spectrum Opinion: Club Capen, Oscar A. Silverman Library Naps are inarguably awesome in a comfortable bed, but they’re even better on stiff, bright-green library couches. The basement of the Silverman (Capen) Library is full of nappers who take the art of sleeping seriously. Tucked away beneath the wide staircase that leads to the basement, the napping nook seems to be the ideal place to take a break. Walking by the basement windows of the Silverman Library is like passing a giant fish tank full of sleeping people, it is peaceful within the actual library and students are guaranteed a few winks of shut-eye. Category: Best View of UB Spectrum Opinion: Clemens Hall, 10th Floor North Campus is made up of over 50 clusters of buildings, each varying in height and purpose. In the evening, once the sun goes down and the classroom lights illuminate campus, Clemens Hall’s 10th floor is the place to be. UB looks like a city all on its own as the buildings light up the sky. Whether on a study break from the library or exploring the campus at night, Clemens’ 10th floor is the perfect place for a brief getaway from everyday UB.



Discover the Power, Precision, and Passion of the UB Marching Band! 

Attention Musicians and Drummers

Share your talents with us! 

 

 

We are the largest music ensemble at UB and we are open to all UB Students regardless of major! Everyone is eligible for Performance Scholarships and Participation Stipends - all members are eligible to receive financial incentives ranging from $125 - $750 for performing as a member of the UB Marching Band! You do have time!! rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday (6:30 - 8:30 pm) That's only FOUR hours! You earn academic credit, perform for thousands of fans, plus so much more!

  Register now to join us for the 2011 Season at    



Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement

Athletic Bands/ “Dazzlers” Dance Team

Student Activities

It’s Student Life@UB Intercultural Diversity Center

Student Unions

Greek Affairs

You are probably asking yourself, “what is Student Life?” or “who is Student Life?” and “why do I need to know them?” Student Life is a unit within the Division of Student Affairs that provides meaningful opportunities, programs and services that help students get involved and participate in “out of classroom” educational and social experiences. Earn a Leadership or Global Competency Certificate, join the Marching Band, or fraternity or sorority. Find out about the 7 student governments. Attend or help plan one of our many fun programs such as the Haunted Union, Family Weekend or “Late Night” Friday event!

Student Life


Student Life Suite 150, Student Union University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14260-2100 Tel: (716) 645-2055 Fax: (716) 645-2371 Interim Director: Tom Tiberi




The Voice of the Undergraduate Student Population

The Student Association is the voice of the undergraduate student population at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Coincidentally, SA is the largest student government of the SUNY system. Its dedicated staff and elected officers have the obligation to carry out projects promoting student activity. The student government as a whole takes part in deciding which activities best reflect the interests of the student body. Funding for services provided by SA comes from what is called a Mandatory Student Activity Fee. SA funds over 150 clubs, organizations, and services.

2011-2012 SA Eboard Our mission is to better the university experience of all students at the University at Buffalo by listening to students’ VOICEs, educating them on what is occurring at UB and within SUNY, advocate for their needs, while President Vice-President Treasurer providing an enjoyable and rewarding JoAnna Datz Meghan McMonagle Sikander M. Khan experience through limitless services, opportunities, events and club organizations as your 2011-12 Student Association Elected Officials.


+150 Clubs and the List Keeps Growing. Special Interest Services And Hobbies Bahai - Bible Talk - Breakdance Club Brothers and Sisters in Christ - Circle K - Club Dance Dance Revolution - College Democrats -College Republicans - Combined Martial Arts Club - Community Action Corps - Connected to Christ - Educational Opportunities Program - Gospel Choir - HIP HOP Impulse Dance Force -Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship - JAM CLUB - Jewish Student Union - Korean Folk Art Club - LGBTA - Mock Trial - Muslim Student Association - Outdoor Adventure Club - SARPA SMASH CLUB -Swing Dance Club - True Blue SA - UB ANIME - UB Go Club - UB Improv - UB Kickline - UB Norml - UB Skydiving - UB Step Troupe - UB Veterans Military Members - Unite for Sight Buffalo Health - United Nations Association Student - Urban Renewal

Sports Alpine Ski Team - Baseball Club - Boxing Club - Crew Rowing Team Cross Country and Track - Equestrian Club - Field Hockey -Gymnastics - Kendo Club - Mens Club Soccer - Mens Ice Hockey Mens Lacrosse - Mens Rugby - Mens Volleyball - Roller Hockey - TAE KWON DO - UB Aces Tennis - Cycling - Paintball - Rock Climbing Sailing Club - Ultimate Frisbee - Womens Club Soccer -Womens Club Volleyball - Womens Ice Hockey - Womens Lacrosse - Womens Rugby - Wrestling

Legislative Branch Senate:The Senate is responsible for the allocation of the SA budget and the recognition/derecognition of SA clubs. The Senate is especially important to clubs because the Senate determines their annual budgetary allocations, based on recommendations by the Senate Finance Committee, which hears a Budget Request from all clubs. 12 of the 18 voting members of the Senate are elected to their positions based representation of students residing either on-campus or off-campus. Petitions will be available August 29th in 350 Student Union. The election will take place in September. Assembly: The Assembly is responsible for dealing with issues of importance to the undergraduate student body. The Assembly approves the SA President’s platform, passes legislation, approves presidential appointments and deals with student issues, including advocacy, student rights, activities, concerns and welfare. To be a part of the Student Assembly, undergrads are required to obtain 40 signatures from their peers. Petitions will be available on August 29th in 350 Student Union.

SUNY Delegates: The SUNY Delegates represent the needs and concerns of UB students on a statewide level. They consist of representatives from all SUNY schools designated by the board of trustees. UB’s undergraduate representatives are elected annually by the members of the undergraduate student body during the campus wide election in March in which the officers are elected for the following term.

SA Events, Services & Opportunities How is your Mandatory Student Activity Fee Used? Fall Fest FREE Film series Spring Fest Sports Council Clubs Spring Gala International Council Clubs Winter Gala UB Trippin’ Academic Council Clubs After hours tutoring Spirit week Engineering Council Clubs Homecoming Carnival POC Council Clubs SISH Council Clubs Student Affairs Advocacy SA Days in the Student Environmental Advocacy Union Comedy Series UB Athletics Sponsorship Distinguished Speaker Series Sabres tickets Student Legislation

And So Much More!

We want your feedback! Post your thoughts on our facebook page or fill out our feedback cards which are located throughout campus Office: Suite 350 Student Union, Buffalo, NY 14260

Regular Hours: M-F 9:00am - 6:00pm Phone: (716) 645-2950

Academic Alpha Epsilon Delta - Anthropology - Association for Computing Machinery - Association of Pre Med Students - Communications Undergraduate - Environmental Network - Exercise Science Geography - Geology - Minorities in Health Related Professions Minority Management Association - Multicultural Nursing -Nursing Student Organization - Pharmacology Toxicology Club -Political Science - Pre Dental Club - Pre Meds Without Borders Pre-Pharmacy Club - Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society - Student Association of Speech and Hearing - Student Visual Arts Organization - Undergraduate Biology Association -Undergraduate Psychology Association

International African - Bangladeshi - Caribbean - Chinese - Filipino AmericanHong Kong SA - Indian - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - KoreanLatin American -Malaysian - Organization of Arab Students Pakistani - Polish - Taiwanese -Turkish - Ukrainian - Vietnamese

Engineering American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics - American Institute of Chemical Engineers - American Society of Civil Engineers - American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Engineering Clubs Coordinator - Engineers for a Sustainable World - Engineers Without Borders - Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Institute of Industrial Engineers - National Society of Black Engineers - ROBOTICS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space - Society of Automotive Engineers - Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - Society of Women Engineers

People of Color Asian American SU - Black Student Union Native American People Alliance - PODER Latinos Unidos Note Temporary Clubs are not mentioned

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Continued from Page 1 however, mean that the position belongs to Davis. Quinn was clear that Zordich is still very much in the running. Quinn said there is summer training and fall camp, so he still doesn’t have his mind made up. Neither QB wants to sit on the bench this year, but both realize that what the teams needs is more important. “I want to be the starter because I don’t see myself as a backup quarterback, but it’s all about what’s best for the team,” Davis said. Much like Davis, Zordich said he doesn’t see himself as a backup. He said no one on the team would ever accept that role, and each week you need to fight to earn a starting job. The Bulls have three other quarterbacks who are competing for playing time, too – redshirt freshman Rudy Johnson and incoming freshmen Joe Licata and Tony Daniel. Though the benching was difficult for Davis, it gave vital game-time experience to Zordich. He was thankful for the chance to face college-level competition. He said he felt comfortable when he was given the chance to play. “I think that the quarterbacks definitely need to step up their game,” Zordich said. “We all have a lot to prove coming into this year and we’re going to be the ones who need to carry the team offensively.” It would be expected that the controversy would turn

Spectrum File Photo


Quinn’s First Season is one to Forget

The bright spot for the Bulls last season was their defensive unit. Quinn thought his defense was one of the best in the MAC and he looks for it to continue to have an impact on games for Buffalo.

Football team ends season on 0-7 skid AARON MANSFIELD Senior Sports Editor UB’s football program wasn’t relevant until the 2008 team reached the International Bowl. After a mediocre 2009 campaign, new head coach Jeff Quinn brought with him hope of a return to Mid-American Conference championship glory in 2010.

It was a season of chaos and confusion for Buffalo. Quinn looked like the right man for the job and Buffalo put a hurting on its opening day opponent, Rhode Island. With sophomore quarterback Jerry Davis making his Bulls debut, Buffalo routed the Rams, 31-0. Davis passed for 302 yards and four touchdowns and the defense pitched a shutout. The Bulls were off to a roaring start.

Unfortunately for UB fans, it was clear that Quinn couldn’t revive the football team overnight. The Bulls limped through the 2010 season and finished 2-10.

Then reality set in considering the Rams were a Division 1 subdivision school. The lowly Rams were no accurate barometer for how successful this Bulls team would be, as Buffalo found out in Waco, Tx. The Baylor Bears put a hurting on Buffalo, 34-6.

Last season there were times that the Bulls just simply beat themselves, according to Quinn. The Bulls just made too many mistakes and the turnovers haunted them throughout the season. Quinn felt that there was a serious lack of balance on his football team.

After being outmanned by a far superior Big 12 opponent, the Bulls came back home with hopes of getting back on the winning track. Central Florida stood in the way. Though the score was 10-10 midway through the fourth quarter, UCF pulled away to win the game, 24-10.

“Our kids are very competitive,” Quinn said. “They gave great effort and wanted to win, but we just came up short. I always said that we were a good team that didn’t play very good football, and so the offseason was focused on getting bigger, faster, stronger, and

Following the heartbreaking home loss, the Bulls took to the road for three consecutive games and it didn’t begin the way they hoped. Connecticut bested the Bulls, 45-21. With its record now 1-3, the Bulls desperately needed to get a win at Bowling Green. The

Zordich and Davis into rivals, but though they’re fierce competitors, the two quarterbacks get along just fine. Davis said that he is roommates with Zordich on the road and they talk and communicate well. Davis added that Zordich is very serious about the game of football, and he doesn’t joke about it. That no-nonsense attitude pushes Davis. It’s clear from Zordich’s demeanor that Davis was spot on with his assessment. Zordich speaks with complete sincerity about everything pertaining to football. “Jerry and I get along fine,” Zordich said. “Obviously, we’re two competitors and we both want the spot, but that’s how it is and how it’s always been. Jerry and I have a very good relationship.” The drama promises to unfold in exciting fashion throughout the course of the 2011 season. The curtains will open Sept. 3 at Pittsburgh. “It’s a competitive situation and that’s the way I like it,” Quinn said. “These kids understand that every day they’ve got to come out here and prepare and practice to be like a starter. We just need to get better. Jerry Davis and Alex Zordich are both quality young men who care deeply about this program and they’ve both shown tremendous improvement.”


defense ensured Buffalo did just that. The Bulls put up 441 yards to Bowling Green’s 176, but Buffalo only narrowly escaped, 28-26. The squad recorded a win in its first MAC game of the season, but more importantly, the team was back on track.

The next game was one the Bulls would like to forget. With the team leading 3-0 in the first quarter, starting quarterback Zordich went down with a rib injury. Davis came in and struggled, going 5-for-16 for 39 yards. The Bulls dropped the affair, 20-3.

Or so it appeared. The Bulls proceeded to get mauled by Northern Illinois, 4514. The offense mustered a season-low 250 yards.

Davis and the Bulls looked much better in their next game, but the Bulls still couldn’t get a win. Though the quarterback went 20-for-32, threw for 222 yards, and ran for 42, Buffalo lost to Eastern Michigan, 21-17. The game came down to the final play, as Davis’ desperation Hail Mary fell incomplete in the end zone.

The next game featured much anticipation for Buffalo. It was the homecoming game and the Bulls put a new starting quarterback on the field. Quinn felt that Davis wasn’t getting the job done, so freshman Alex Zordich was given the reins. With all that promise, Bulls fans expected to see a better product on the field, but they filed out of UB Stadium with heads hung after a 42-0 shellacking. Zordich was sacked five times and he threw three interceptions.

In the last regular season contest, the Bulls attempted to send out their seniors with a win. However, Buffalo fell 22-14 in Akron, as Davis fumbled on the potential game-tying drive. This year, the team looks to rebound.

Zordich pulled it together in his next start. The freshman went 16-for-33 for 210 yards and he scored his first touchdown against Miami (OH), but the Red Hawks held off a late Bulls’ surge to win 21-9.

“The exciting part is that we have a new year ahead of us,” Quinn said. “We’re a football team that was extremely competitive, but we had to fight through some challenges and struggles. This year’s team has learned from that.

The Bulls took on the Ohio Bobcats in Zordich’s next appearance. The freshman showed off some impressive running skills, but the Bulls fell behind 21-0 and couldn’t recover. The game ended in a 34-17 Ohio victory, as the Bulls dropped to 2-7 on the season.

With a year of Quinn’s system in place and two talented quarterbacks with game-time experience, Buffalo fans have high expectations. Email:

Summer: June July August

North Campus Special Events Field & South Campus Hayes Hall lawn. In the event of rain, the films will be moved into Norton 112 on North Campus and Allen Hall on South Campus

Showtime Schedule All movies start at sunset

North Campus TUES 6/21 & FRI 6/24 TUES 6/28 & FRI 7/1


South Campus WED 6/22


WED 6/29

Battle: Los Angeles

TUES 7/5 & FRI 7/8

TUES 7/12 & FRI 7/15 TUES 7/19 & FRI 7/22 TUES 7/26 FRI 7/29 & TUES 8/2 FRI 8/5 TUES 8/9 & FRI 8/12 TUES 8/16 & FRI 8/19

WED 7/6

Rio Limitless Tron Legacy Fast Five Arthur Bridemaids Thor

WED 7/13 WED 7/20 WED 7/27 NO SHOWING WED 8/3 WED 8/10 WED 8/17

Pirates OF The Caribbean

(1) The Curse of the Black Pearl (2) Dead Man's Chest (3) At World's End (4) On Stranger Tides

TUES 8/23-North WED 8/24-South FRI 8/26-North SUN 8/28-North



Summer Movie Preview Edward Benoit Asst. Managing Editor

If you needed further proof that actor Kevin James (The Dilemma) has literally no shame, look no further than Zookeeper. This is a movie that promises a shameless James alongside talking animals, clichéd relationship humor, and excessive product placement for T.G.I. Friday’s. Honestly, this makes Paul Blart: Mall Cop look like Sunset Boulevard.

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

Horrible Bosses

Director: Michael Bay

Director: Seth Gordon

Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Stars: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis

Release Date: June 29

Release Date: July 8

As the poster and trailer proudly proclaim, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon is the latest film by Michael Bay (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), with Bay being to film what Burger King is to cuisine. Unfortunately, this film will be without Megan Fox, so unless sitting through a 150-minute toy commercial is your thing, you can probably afford to skip this one.

It sounds a lot like Office Space, but with heaping doses of hyperbole and planned homicide. As a result, it will almost certainly lack all the craft, wit and quirkiness that made Office Space great. Then again, Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Jennifer Aniston from — among other things — Office Space are in it, so Horrible Bosses might not end up being a horrible movie after all.

Larry Crowne Director: Tom Hanks

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2

Stars: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts

Director: David Yates

Release Date: July 1

Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint

Tom Hanks (Toy Story 3) and Julia Roberts (Eat Pray Love) co-star in this low-key production that does nothing but serve to demonstrate how much their careers have slumped since the days of Cast Away and Erin Brockovich. Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame contributed the screenplay, rounding out this production’s collection of has-beens from the early 2000s.

Stars: Kevin James Release Date: July 8

Release Date: July 22 Just when you thought DC and Marvel were running out of filmable intellectual property, and the slew of super hero movies just might come to an end, along comes Captain America: The First Avenger. Aside from reinforcing the notion that Hollywood is either completely out of original ideas or is completely unwilling to take a financial risk filming one, does this movie really offer anything we haven’t all seen a million times already? The short answer: no. Friends with Benefits

Release Date: July 15 A must-see for those of you that still actually care about Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows: Part 2 is easily the biggest release of the summer movie season. While fans may be disappointed that they’ll have no more mediocre Harry Potter films to look forward to, at least Radcliffe, Watson and company can move on to other acting work and get on with their lives. Hopefully, Potter fans will do the same. Captain Avenger


Director: Joe Johnston



Rise of the Planet of the Apes Director: Rupert Wyatt Stars: James Franco, Freida Pinto, Andy Serkis Release Date: August 5 Perhaps the only summer blockbuster that doesn’t look utterly stupefying or like outright schlock, Rise of the Planet of the Apes boasts a script that actually deals with pertinent social issues, in this case the ethical concerns and ramifications of “playing God” through genetic research. The trailer also promises lots of CGI apes breaking things, just in case all of that relevant social commentary gets to be too boring.

Director: Will Gluck Stars: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis

Final Destination 5

Release Date: July 22

Stars: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Arlen Excarpeta

Speaking of original ideas, no summer movie season is complete without a romantic comedy. This year’s major offering is Friends with Benefits, a film that features Mila Kunis (Black Swan) passionately kissing people that decidedly aren’t a very thin Natalie Portman. Unlike the last major film Kunis was in, this probably won’t be in the running for any Oscars.

Release Date: August 12

Cowboys & Aliens

Zookeeper Director: Frank Coraci

Stars: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Samuel L. Jackson

Director: Jon Favreau Stars: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford Release Date: July 29 If you’re asking yourself what Daniel Craig (Defiance) and Harrison Ford (Morning Glory) are doing in a movie that looks and sounds like it was conceived by a 7 year old, you’re in good company: the only thing more baffling than the fact that this movie exists is the star power and hefty budget behind it. Unfortunately, all the A-list actors in the world can’t redeem a dyed-in-the-wool B-movie.

Director: Steven Quale

If there’s anything better at cheating death than the kids in the Final Destination movies, it’s the Final Destination franchise itself, which should have rightfully met its demise long ago. Seeing as this latest offering boasts nothing we haven’t seen four times already, deciding not to kill $10 and two hours of your spare time to see this seems to be the most sensible thing to do.


Welcome to Life JAMESON BUTLER Senior Arts Editor

College is about training you for the real world. This means that you don’t necessarily learn everything from professors and textbooks. There are many life lessons that are taught everyday that most people will probably overlook, lessons about how life doesn’t fight fair, but you still have to get back in the ring. Here you will meet some of the people that you will hold dearest to your heart. While there are thousands upon thousands of people at this school, there are only two or three people that you will become close to and form a long lasting relationship with in the end. I’m not saying that you should only try to find close friends, because everyone needs some good drinking buddies, but realize what they are and don’t try and make them into something they are not. College is the most amount of freedom with the least amount of responsibility a person will have in their entire life. That is why most people drop out after the first semester or two, because they cannot handle all the freedom that is presented at college. While it is unfortunate for the people that have to leave, it provides the ones that remain a warning; college is work first, party second. At first, the work might look insurmountable, but after a while, it becomes a piece of cake. By the end of your sophomore year, a seven-page paper is a single night of work. But don’t let your classes get in the way of the most important part of college: the people. The most effective way to meet your fellow students is just go knock on people’s door the day you move in to the dorms (sorry commuters). I have met a lot of my closest friends by simply knocking on their door and starting a conversation. While most of it is not advertised, there are hundreds of clubs for people to network using something that they enjoy. This is honestly one of the easiest ways to meet people.

Fellow students are essential for It’s funny how one piece of paper chang- survival at this institution. Without es your whole life. As you gracefully friends, this cold and snowy campus walk across and grab your diploma, you will eat you alive. are told that you are now an adult. After a while, the magic of UB is going I graduated in 2007, and I still feel don’t to fade away and the flaws become painfully apparent, but until then, it is feel close to being an adult. one of the best places to go to school. College is where you decide what path you are going to choose for your travels in life. But the funny thing is, most Email: jameson.butler@ubspectrum. of what you learn is not learned in the com classroom.

Earn a Leadership Certificate! Looking for a leadership experience that is self paced, individualized for you, will prepare you for the workplace, and improve your effectiveness in current or future leadership roles? Then consider enrolling in the Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) through the Center for Student Leadership & Community Engagement (CSLCE).

Come to the session “Jump Start Your Leadership Journey” on day two of Orientation to enroll or learn more by visiting 235 Student Union or



Soundtrack to the Summer JAMESON BUTLER AND VANESSA FRIT Senior Arts Editor and Arts Editor Album: Dirty Work Artist: All Time Low Release Date: June 7 The Baltimore boys shed the humble beginning of Hopeless Records for the limelight of a major label, leaving fans questioning if their heroes were soon to become sellouts. Dirty Work proves there is no need to fear, as the pop-punk outfit provides its best album to date. Although some songs border too heavily on the world of pop – “I Feel Like Dancin” for instance – they do so tongue in cheek. However, the fast-paced, concert-ready lyrics of “Time-bomb” and “Just the Way I’m Not” combined with the anthemic hooks of “Heroes” serve to set the tone of the album as a whole, breaking briefly for the sentiment and acoustics of “No Idea” and “A Daydream Away.”


derwood and Sheryl Crow. Album: Bad Habits Artist: Every Avenue

Album: Gold Cobra

Release Date: Aug 2

Artist: Limp Bizkit

The third fulllength album by the Michigan quintet, Bad Habits looks to build on the higher quality composition developed on Picture Perfect, while bearing less of a pop influence. The first single, “What Ever Happened to You,” proves this to be the case and hopefully will set the trend for the rest of the album.

Release Date: June 24 Yes this is real. After numerous set backs and release dates, Fred Durst and company have returned with more rap metal. This time around though, they are much older. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like Chinese Democracy, but it probably will. Album: 4 Artist: Beyonce

Album: All Things Bright and Beautiful Artist: Owl City Release Date: June 14 Adam Young is back with the electronic synthpop that powered the 2009 album Ocean Eyes and the hit single “Fireflies.” However, the repetitive sound of the past is back, leaving little variety other than in the lyrics.

Release Date: June 28 Everyone’s favorite independent woman is back with her aptly named fourth album, 4. It is good to see a familiar face in the pop world that is dominated by cheesy rappers and attention whores that can’t make a good pop song for their life. The pop world needed something to revive it, and this album might just do that.


Artist: The Wonder Years Release Date: June 14 Although the band’s name invokes ideas of the idyllic American past, the lyrics of Dan Campbell delve into the confusion and depression of growing up, leaving home, and trying to reconcile your present with the town you left behind. With lyrics that many twentysomethings will find incredibly relatable, Suburbia gives fans another dose of the antidepressants they have been craving since The Upsides of early 2010. As usual, the lyrics are sewn tightly into the life and experiences of Campbell, making some wonder how it could be anything more then a melodic autobiography. However, “Local Man Ruins Everything,” “Summers in PA,” and “Hoodie Weather” will give any doubter a chance to see the themes are more universal.

Release Date: Aug 22

Album: This Is Country Music Artist: Brad Paisley Release Date: May 23 With his boldly titled ninth studio album, Paisley attempts to define the genre that he has become so integral to. Topping out at 15 tracks, Paisley gives new life to the cliché themes of southern life, relationships, and death; all with a little help from Carrie Un-

Depending on who you ask, Coldplay is either almost as influential as Radiohead, or almost as bad as Nickelback. This song probably won’t change any minds, but it is one of the most immaculate sounding songs to be released this year. Coming across as a bit of a sequel to “Viva La Vida”, this number features booming keyboards and drums, a gorgeous guitar line, and brilliant production by super genius Brian Eno, who has previously produced bands ranging from Talking Heads to U2. The haters will still hate, but Coldplay should pay no attention. They created another epic, beautiful jam with this single. Expect to hear this number for a while. The video, in which Rihanna literally shoots a man down, is getting more press than the song itself. That is a shame because Rihanna has produced quite a lovely tune.

Artist: Lil Wayne Better late then never seems to be Weezy’s new motto as his latest album was pushed back yet again, hopefully hitting stores in late August. With three singles already released, the new record features collaborations with Drake, Rick Ross and Kanye West.

Coldplay – “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”

Rihanna – “Man Down”

Album: Tha Carter IV Album: Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing

to hit the airwaves, and trying to figure which ones have staying power, and which ones will fizzle out.

JOHN HUGAR Contributing Writer Every summer there’s one song that stands out above the rest, usually known as the summer anthem. Whether you’re on the beach, at the club, or just flipping on MTV, it’s impossible to get away from. There have been some memorable ones over the years. In 2002, Nelly convinced any female who would listen to take her clothes off, in 2004 listeners heard Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris utter the word “yeah” about 10 trillion times, and in 2007 a girl named Delilah almost certainly took out a restraining order. What will dominate the airwaves this year is the question on our minds. In Hot Hits With Hugar, we’ll be looking at the songs about

Boasting a wicked reggae rhythm, it’s a bit like last year’s smash, “Rude Boy”, only with a darker theme. While the subject matter is dark, it’s also presented in a fairly lighthearted fashion, and is nowhere near the more serious material of 2009’s Rated R. If people can get past the video and start appreciating the song for what it is, it has the potential to take off. Paramore – “Monster”

heavily courting mainstream success, while trying in vain to cling to its roots. As for its hit potential, it might get some play, but it won’t reach the heights of “Misery Business” or “The Only Exception”, which is probably a good thing. Lil Wayne – “How To Love” Lil Wayne and acoustic guitar sounds like it would be a match made in the fieriest pits of Hades, but somehow it ends up working. Lil Wayne’s first attempt to break out of hip-hop (last year’s Rebirth) was a monumental failure, but he fares much better this time around. “How To Love” is a bit like Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz, sporting mellow vocals, and even mellower instrumentation. A lot of purists won’t like to see Lil Wayne take this direction, but anyone who just enjoys good pop music will approve. This song should be a huge hit, and prove that despite a rough start, Lil Wayne really can succeed in genres outside of hip-hop. Scotty McCreery – “I Love You This Big” Even for an American Idol song, “I Love You This Big” is ridiculously sappy, and frankly, one of the blandest songs to be released this year. Granted, McCreery’s vocals are strong, and musically it’s a perfectly decent slab of generic modern country, however the lyrics are just way too simple and meaningless. The song will probably be a hit anyway, because it’s perfectly pleasant to listen to, but a little more effort would’ve been nice.


Paramore is known as a pop/punk band, but that’s a bit of a misnomer. Ever since 2009’s Brand New Eye, it has been about 90 percent pop and 10 percent punk. This latest number, off the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon soundtrack, largely continues that trend. The problem for this song is not how commercial it is, but rather that is does not know what kind of song it wants to be. “Monster” seems like a metaphor for where Paramore is right now;

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Year in Review: A summary of last year’s biggest news stories at UB MADELEINE BURNS Senior News Editor There’s never a dull moment at UB. To help our newest readers catch up, The Spectrum has compiled a list of the most talked about stories from the 2010-2011 academic year. New President The first day of classes in fall 2010 was more than the beginning of a new school year: President John B. Simpson, the university head since 2004, announced his retirement and UB embarked on a global search for his replacement. It was rumored that Simpson’s decision was influenced by the slow movements of Albany and the State University of New York officials relating to the UB 2020 plan, his extensive plan for university and Buffalo-Niagara development. However, Simpson explained that the choice was purely personal; he wanted to spend more time with his wife and family. UB ignored SUNY guidelines throughout the selection process; to students, the search was not transparent and many were unsettled by the university’s decisions to keep them in the dark. The path to a new president was peppered with unexplained retirements of officials near the office of the president. On Apr. 18, 2011, Satish K. Tripathi, former UB provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, was chosen as UB's 15th president. His proximity to Simpson throughout his time as provost ensures that UB 2020 will move forward. The appointment concluded a seven-month international search during which 68 candidates of broad academic disciplines and professional experiences were considered. UB in the City On Sept. 14, 2010, the first shovel broke ground on UB’s downtown expansion. The $46 million construction of a new Educational Opportunity Center is an important step forward for UB 2020; the building is the first in the UB Downtown Gateway Complex, which will connect the university to the surrounding community.

tion technology, and environmental industries. The 63,834-square-foot EOC building will be constructed primarily of environmentally sustainable materials, in conjunction with the mission of UB 2020.

The Real Deal About the Freshman 15

“I started not to care as much about what I was eating. I just ate the food that was there and wasn't too worried about eating healthy,” said Jenna Gustafson, a sophomore chemical engineering major. “It takes more of an effort to make better choices. Towards the end of the year I started to become more conscious of what I was eating, and always chose the healthier option.” Another component of the Freshman 15 is physical activity, or rather, the lack of it. For someone who was an athlete in high school but is no longer participating in sports in college; having the same eating habits will have different results than it did when activity was involved.

Afraid of Heights University Heights, the area immediately surrounding South Campus, had a rough go of it in 2010. Known for affordable housing that appeals to those in Greek life and those searching for a cost-efficient apartment off-campus, the Heights poses a danger to young residents.

The super sneaky way that the calories really add up is alcohol. No parents and no rules means that students want to get seriously crazy and adult beverages are generally involved in the process. Not many people really notice or care that these kinds of drinks also have calorific value, and they do not call it a beer belly for nothing.

An investigative report by Andrew Wiktor, former editor-in-chief of The Spectrum, found that in an eight-block radius within the University Heights, 75 landlords rent properties that are not up to code and total hundreds of violations.

Although it’s super easy to fall into these typical traps, there are simple ways to avoid them as well. It’s all a matter of control and effort. The easiest way to avoid over-eating is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you’re full. It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s tempting to ignore the fact that your stomach is full when a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is staring you in the face. And a trick for the dining halls is instead of grabbing another plate to fill the time, just get a glass of water to drink when enjoying long dinner conversations.

During the academic year, four houses rented to UB students caught fire and all resulted from electrical and malfunctioning or natural gas problems. Similarly, violence in the Heights leaves some students wary of renting or purchasing off-campus. In one instance, five UB students were sent to the hospital with injuries ranging from broken jaws to fractured eye sockets. In another, a UB football player was stabbed in the chest while leaving a bar near South Campus. Students in fraternities and sororities aired concerns about safety in the Heights and called for increased security and police presence. “Three Cups of Deceit” Greg Mortenson’s story made it to 60 Minutes; unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons. Mortenson, the author of the motivational memoir Three Cups of Tea, was accused of embellishing stories of his school-building activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan so that he could embezzle nearly $7 million dollars from the Central Asia Institute – his not-for-profit organization. On Nov. 10, 2010, before the story broke, Mortenson spoke at UB as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series and was presented with a check for $25,000; $15,208.62 wad directed to his charity, “Pennies for Peace.” The funds were provided by the Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement. As such, concerns about UB’s processes in selecting speakers were raised.


Healthy options can sometimes be hard to find, but they are definitely there. Little things like choosing whole-wheat, adding extra vegetables, and choosing a small-sized anything can be a big help. There are also plenty of options for healthy meals that are also delicious, like the salads at Edgy Veggies or a sandwich from Bread Box.

Meg Kinsley /// The Spectrum

HANNAH BARNES Life Editor It’s a nasty truth that some college freshmen may have to buy a new pair of jeans by the time they get home for winter break. As in, a bigger pair. This phenomenon goes by the name the Freshman 15, referring to the amount of weight supposedly gained by a college newbie during their first year away from home. Such gains do not befall all students, but a fair amount suffer from at least a few new pounds courtesy of their freshmen year. There are several new factors encountered in college that can lead to new pants sizes that all students should watch out for. College is like an all-you-can-eat buffet, making it very tempting to go back for a second or third plate from the dining hall, or grab another burrito at Moe’s to stash as a snack for later. With all this food available, it can sometimes be hard to resist. “I attempted to mostly eat the same as I did before,” said Kelsey Clark, a sophomore biomedical sciences major. “It was harder to eat healthy because of the temptations like Pistachio’s pasta and Moe’s, but I tried to limit that to once or twice a week.” UB does a great job of making sure students are fed well, and as a result, there is food everywhere. For freshmen with a meal plan, it’s as easy as one swipe of a UB card to conveniently get something. Each dorm has a buffet-style dining hall, as well as other food options like The Cellar in Governor’s, Sizzles and other food stops in the Ellicott Complex, and the brand-new Au Bon Pain on the first floor of Greiner Hall. Small stores in the dorm are also a quick way to grab some snacks, and they are fully loaded with unhealthy yet yummy options. Not to mention the Student Union that houses Moe’s, Tim Horton’s, and the food-filled Putnam’s.

Avoid over-indulging. Sure, that pasta at Pistachio’s may be the most delicious thing ever, but it’s not the best thing to eat every day. Save your splurges for once in a while and make them really count by sharing them with your friends instead of scarfing them down in between classes. Go to the gym on a regular basis. There is most likely one very close to the dorm, the machines are easy to use, and are free for all UB students. A few nights a week there will make a difference, and exercising will give you the freedom to eat more of your favorite foods. “I tried to exercise at least four times a week,” Clark said. “The gym was right below my floor, so I would just go down and use the treadmill and weights.” Find a friend who also wants to stay healthy to join you at the gym. Working out is often more enjoyable when there is someone else there for motivation and support. Whether it’s getting healthy meals together, working out somewhere other than the gym, or knocking back a few less drinks, the buddy system makes it fun and easy to stay healthy If the gym isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to stay active on campus. A great one is to join a club sport that you love. This will keep you moving and introduce you to other people, a huge bonus. Walk to class if possible, always choose water, and cut down on the Cheez-Its. Little things like this, and the big things like exercise, will keep students fitting into their favorite clothes all year long.


For many students, it is preferred to just grab the first thing that catches your eye or whatever sounds the best, and not many think about whether their meal is healthy or not. Because of this, unhealthier foods may end up becoming the norm in a student’s diet.

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Ready for Another Rodeo After a successful season, the Bulls prepare to stomp deeper into the MAC ANDREIUS COLEMAN Asst. Sports Editor For the students who make up True Blue and all other supporters of the UB’s men's basketball team, life as a fan is more promising than ever. Despite low expectations for the 2010-11 season, head coach Reggie Witherspoon's program ultimately went further than any other team in Buffalo men’s basketball history. The Bulls finished the year with a record of 20-14, going .500 in the MidAmerican Conference. Last year's team was one with just two seniors that lost its five leading scorers from the season before. Though the team may not have been able to go as far as many expected, Witherspoon knows that they did surprise many.



"I think what people may have seen is that we got to a point where we hit a wall energy-wise once when we got into conference play," Witherspoon said. "If you were to say that you were going to be top 20 in the country in blocked shots, steals, field goal percentage, and win 20 games, it would have been shocking to people." The team's memorable campaign was due largely to guard Byron Mulkey, who takes with him valuable leadership and leaves a hole at the point guard position. Mulkey averaged 13 points, 4.5 assists and 2.5 steals per game for Buffalo last season. The daunting challenge of replacing him awaits junior Tony Watson II and sophomore Jarod Oldham. Fans got a preview of the future through these players last

season and will definitely see one or both of them at the reins for the Bulls this time around. "[Oldham and Watson] are the guys who play the position in practice,” Witherspoon said. "They are anxious but we can get them seasoned and up to speed. We'll see how fast we can do that." Oldham pleased fans last season with his defensive prowess and he stood out the most amongst his fellow freshmen, with the exception of sophomore forward Javon McCrea. McCrea took the MAC and the country by storm with his performance – including a dominant 28-point, 13-rebound output in the team's MAC-tournament ending loss to Kent State. Voted MAC Freshman of the Year, Mc-

Crea was third on the team in scoring and second in blocked shots. He was also invited to try out for the USA Basketball Men's Under 19 World Championship Team. He was named a finalist for the squad. Thirteen finalists remained and twelve went on to make the final cut to travel overseas with the team. Unfortunately, McCrea was the final player cut from the team. Witherspoon, who coached the USA team last year and was on the committee that chose it in 2006, is well aware of this achievement, and is very proud of his young star. "This has never happened for the program and rarely happens for someone in this conference," Witherspoon said. "In 2006, Blake Griffin got cut from the team, just to

Courtesy of Brandon Freeland

tell you how competitive it is. It's a tremendous honor.” Buffalo was at its weakest when on the road. Witherspoon cited travel as a major detriment to his team's productivity on the season. "We are trying to discover different ways to travel, to conserve our energy, and get better sleep," Witherspoon said. "Only two of our last nine games were at home. In spite of that our end of season RPI was 139, so top third in the country again. We did a lot of great things but we have to find a way to build on that." One way to build on that should come by way of the team's returning leading scorer, senior guard Zach Filzen. Along with senior forward Titus Robinson, Filzen is playing with Athletes in Action on a tour of East

Asia this summer. “[Robinson] had his ups and downs," Witherspoon said. "There was an adjustment on his part with the presence of a Javon McCrea, but we are definitely expecting [senior forward Dave Barnett], Titus, and Zach to be more assertive in their leadership capacity. Byron was a tremendous leader that everybody trusted, and that's something you have to earn." Together with senior center Mitchell Watt, Buffalo will rely heavily on consistent play from its veterans to maintain poise. With the developmental opportunities that the players have earned this year, Witherspoon is optimistic.

Email: sports@ubspectrum. com

SPORTS Volleyball Impresses in 2010 BRIAN JOSEPHS Sports Editor The volleyball program did a complete 180-degree turn when head coach Todd Kress took the reins in 2009. The squad continued its turnaround in 2010 as it posted a solid 18-16 overall record. The Bulls’ strides were evident from the beginning of the season. Buffalo began the season at 6-1 – its best start to the season since 1990. The Bulls ended their non-conference schedule with a 12-4 record, including an undefeated record at home. That non-conference record was the Bulls’ best since joining the Mid-American Conference in 1999. Buffalo received a large amount of help from its freshmen. The first-year players accounted for 544 of the team’s 1608 kills. Arguably the most threatening of these newcomers was freshman hitter Dana Musil. Musil had 16 kills in just her fourth game – against Niagara. She finished the season with a team-high 295 kills. Kress expects Musil to become an even bigger asset to the program in the upcoming seasons. “Each year, [the players] are getting better and better,” Kress said. “I would hope that Dana puts up even bigger numbers for the program for sure.” The positive momentum and the performance of the freshmen looked to be the perfect combination for the Bulls as they headed into MAC competition in late September. Buffalo started with its first ever MAC-opening win – against Miami (OH), 3-0. However, the Bulls would see their success dwindle over the next couple of matches. Buffalo dropped four straight matches before winning its first ever match against Ball State, 3-2. The team then fell into a fivematch losing streak, its longest skid of the season. The Bulls bounced back after winning just two matches in October. The squad began its final month of the season by hosting Ohio in what proved to be a thriller. Buffalo overcame an early fifth-set deficit to defeat its rival in front of a frenzied Alumni Arena. The win was the volleyball team’s second ever against Ohio, and its first against the Bobcats since 1999.

The Bulls finished 5-11 against the MAC in the regular season. They went on to dominate Akron, 3-0, in the first round of the 2010 MAC tournament before falling, 3-0, in the quarterfinals to the tournament winners, Ohio. This year’s volleyball team looks to bounce back. The Bulls recruited nine talented players to add to six returning athletes on the roster. This group makes Buffalo one of the youngest teams in the nation. “The adjustment that we’ll make with such a big group of newcomers is that we’ll have to work on team chemistry and team bonding,” Kress said. “You’re looking at six returners and nine new faces so that will be the biggest task we’ll face for the first few weeks of preseason.” Blocker Abby Niekamp will be the only senior when this year’s season starts. She was the Bulls’ second-leading striker with 290 kills, and she had the highest kill percentage at .336. Kress is confident that Niekamp will fill her role perfectly as one of the leaders of the team. “She’s been through this whole process for three years,” Kress said. “She knows what the expectations are and she knows what’s required. She’ll be able to set the standard. Abby brings a lot as far as just saying and doing the right thing.” Kress believes the team has the right mindset to make big steps when the 2011 volleyball season starts. “This is a very determined and very goal-oriented group,” Kress said. “I know that they’ll be doing the right things over the summer just to be in the best possible shape and the best possible condition. We expect to hit the ground running in the fall.”


Alexa Strudler /// The Spectrum

N O V E M B E R 1 4 - 1 8 , 2 0 11




Bulls Have Historic Season BRIAN JOSEPHS Sports Editor It was clear that the women’s basketball team had to make some strides after posting a disappointing record in its previous two seasons. The team’s progress showed as it took the program to new heights in the 2010-11 season. The Bulls finished the year with a 16-16 record, a higher win total than their previous two years combined. Their 8-8 record in the Mid-American Conference was also a vast improvement. Buffalo’s performance earned it its first ever postseason tournament berth in the Women’s Basketball Invitational. Buffalo’s resurgence was spearheaded by senior guard Ashley Zuber and senior forwards Jessica Fortman, Bridgette Kendricks, and Kourtney Brown. The four combined for 65 percent of the Bulls’ buckets for the season. Brown became one of Buffalo’s most recognized athletes through her extraordinary output on both ends of the court. Brown broke Brenna Doty’s 14-year all-time scoring record when the Bulls beat Central Michigan, 92-89. She also broke Janet Lilley’s 20-year-old rebounding record in the same game.

Alexa Strudler /// The Spectrum

Brown’s 1,995 points are the most points scored for either the men or women’s basketball programs. She also ended her career

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with 1,124 rebounds, an All-America Honorable Mention, and a MAC alltime record 260 blocks. The Bulls saw other records fall as well. In the CMU game, Fortman became the 19th player in the program’s history to reach the 1,000 point plateau. Zuber provided the offensive spark for Buffalo on many occasions, and she led the team with 198 assists. She broke the Bulls single-game record with her 16 assists in January’s 94-89 loss against Miami (Ohio). The individual standouts helped Buffalo remain resilient throughout the season. The Bulls always found ways to bounce back from game-to-game even after the most disappointing losses. Buffalo suffered a crushing 72-52 loss to MAC Champions Kent in February. Four days later, however, the Bulls came back to defeat Miami (OH), 7774, in a thriller. The Bulls suffered their worst loss of the season in their last regular season game – against Bowling Green. Buffalo dropped the game 92-68 despite Brown’s 32-point performance.

gan, 90-69. The season finished with the Bulls’ first postseason appearance, where Buffalo lost against Wright State, 82-79. Although it lasted for only one game, the Bulls’ appearance in the Women’s Basketball Invitational is still a new plateau for the women’s basketball program. Buffalo has a huge hole to fill with its four seniors graduating from the team. However, the task is made easier with the talent that this year’s squad possesses. Junior guard Brittany Hedderson looks to be a major offensive threat in the fall. Her 343 points were bested by no one but Brown during the 2010-11 campaign. Junior forward Beth Christensen and junior guard Nicki Hopkins will also be key factors for Buffalo. Hopkins made the team’s second most 3-pointers and scored 17 points to push the Bulls to a crucial 70-65 win against. Christensen’s 27 blocks were the second most on the team and she will be looking to improve those numbers.

Email: sports@

The Bulls put the crushing blow behind them to host Ball State in the MAC tournament opening round. Buffalo’s low turnover total led the Bulls to an 82-73 victory and a trip to Cleveland for the quarterfinals. There, Buffalo had its short tournament run ended by Central Michi-

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5 Hold dear 6 In — — (briefly) 7 Runner’s rate 8 Mouths, in zoology 9 Theol. belief 10 Turbine parts 11 All right 12 Soprano Gluck 13 Chats, slangily 21 Golfer’s props 22 Coop sitters 24 Column order 25 Kid 26 To date (2 wds.) 27 Bathrobe size 28 Newton or Asimov 29 Fainthearted 30 College credits 31 — box 32 Loafer insert 34 UPS competitor 37 Magritte or Russo 38 Worked on a second draft 40 Wire thicknesses

41 Egyptian creator god 43 More recent 46 — couture 47 Organic compound 48 Burst of laughter 49 1977 whale movie 50 Rani’s wear 51 Doting 52 Air France hub

53 Giza’s river 54 Got a ticket 56 The Mustangs 57 Sweetie-pie

Sudoku – Difficulty 4/5






t Offi








duc a

s pu



l La



m Ca





s A l a Leg

is st


e c an


tS ud

M t n e


ci al

He Off


e c n ra

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