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Hayward, California

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The great Syria debate: Obama vs. Congress By Marisol Cabrera

Everyone’s attention in the news lately has been on Obama pleading with congress to issue an attack on Syria to retaliate against the Syrian government for killing its people. Obama has been trying to convince congress to allow the U.S. to use military force in Syria and stop the Syrian government from acting in such ways. There are many opinions and values questioned in this type of situations that I think are what is making this decision very conflicting. There are many reasons why the U.S. should take action, but there are also reasons why the U.S. should avoid getting into conflicts that can result in war. On one side of the coin, we should with the help of other countries defend

Chuy Gomez at Chabot Omar Gonzalez & Tammy Lee

Bay Area radio legend Chuy Gomez came to Chabot College to talk to the Mass Communications Department on Sept. 11, 2013 about his radio career in the Bay Area. He shared his experiences being on the radio, the direction radio is heading now and how in the end he will always remain true to himself and his fans. ‘Chuy Gomez started his radio career in the Bay Area in 1989 on KSOL. He got his “big break” because of his connection with the night time radio DJ, Marcos Gutierrez, who was considered one of the best during that time. Chuy started on KSOL and then moved to WILD 107. While at WILD, he had a chance to work Chuy Gomez, page 4

Syrian civilians because it is not morally right to kill and injure cold heartedly hundreds of people. Although on the other side, the U.S. has issues of its own and getting involved in another country’s issues would be out of the question. Not to mention the political relationships that can arise against the U.S. As I have seen and

understood both sides of the argument, I would like to share that I am against what Syria is doing and that

the U.S. should take some action in this matter with the support of other countries, but I am not certain that using chemical

U.S. troops would be the best idea to use because it sounds like a new kind of war. I feel that the


weapons instead of sending

use of chemical weapons sounds somewhat like WWII, with new weapons.

Back in WWII, the U.S. military experienced the new use of tanks and other artillery, and now Obama wants to experiment with chemical arms? CNN recently released 13 new videos that were shown to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that depicted the g r i e v i n g moments of what Syrian civilians are going through. Nevertheless, it is congress who will make the final decision, and while disputes are being settled, Obama has also been reaching out to foreign countries which can bring consequences such as a peaceful settlement or an agonizing war that will affect everyone.

At least 12 left dead in Naval shooting Shortly after 8 a.m. Monday Sept. 16, An armed gunman, a former Navy Reservist, killed at least 12 people in a mass B R S shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, a secure military facility in Washington D.C., before being killed in a shootout with police. Authorities have identified Aaron Alexis, 34 until recently of Fort Worth, TX as the lone gunman in Monday’s shooting. Reportedly armed with an AR-15, Alexis is said to have been killed after several exchanges of gunfire with police at the scene. 

 However, troubling questions still remain. 

 Washington D.C. Police y



Chief Cathy L. Lanier initially reported that authorities were looking for as many as two additional suspects, both dressed in military-style clothing, according to Associated Press. 

 The suspects were described by Chief Lanier as a White male, dressed in a khaki tan military uniform, short sleeved, with a beret, appeared to be like a Naval uniform” last seen around 8:35 a.m. armed with a handgun. The second suspect was described by Lanier as a Black male, approximately fifty years of age, who may have been in possession of a long-gun.” Lanier noted “that person was wearing an Olive-drab colored possible militarystyle uniform.” Lanier then

“we have no information to believe of those folks are military personnel, but we do have information that those individuals are wearing military-style uniforms.” — Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, descrbuning the two supsects at large.

went on to say that “we have no information to believe those folks are military personnel, but we do have information that those individuals are wearing military-style uniforms.” As part of the efforts to capture the suspects, police issued a shelter-inplace order early in the day, closing a nearby metro station as well as the 11th Street Bridge and a number of nearby streets. The shelter-in-place order had been lifted by late Monday evening as authorities said they no longer considered

that Alexis had acted in concert with others.

 The victims ranged in age from 46 to 73 years old. Police have so far identified 7 of the 12: Michael Arnold, 59; Sylvia Frasier, 53; Kathy Gaarde, 62; John Roger Johnson, 73; Frank Kohler, 50; Vishnu Pandit, 61 and Kenneth Bernard Proctor. Authorities had not yet contacted the families of the other victims at the time of this report.
In addition to those killed, as many as 8 Shooting, page 2



Hayward, California from page 1 again inevitably propel the SHOOTING re-emergence of the issue others have been reported of gun-control onto the wounded, including a national consciousness, police officer injured in an given the fact that this was, exchange of gunfire with as NBC News reports, “the Alexis. deadliest mass shooting Monday’s tragedy will in the United States since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last December, and the worst at a military installation since 13 people were killed at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009.”

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Thursday, September 19 2013

College legislation round up By Richard Schock

Assembly Bill 1358: “Student Body Association: 2013 saw the introduction of Student Representation hundreds of bills in the two Fee.” AB1358 would branches of the California amend a statute authorizing State Legislature, among a student representation them, several could affect fee of $1 per semester, California’s college students increasing it to $2, requiring including Chabot and ½ of such revenues to go other community college toward the establishment students. The following is of a statewide independent a brief legislative-round up. community-college student 
 organization, recognized by Assembly Bill 1241: the Board of Governors of “Student Financial aid, Cal- the California Community Grant Program.” Current Colleges. (Passed by both law requires applicants houses) for a Cal Grant A or B entitlement award to submit Senate Bill 440: a complete financial aid “Student Transfer application within one year Achievement Reform of graduation in order to Act.” SB440 would be eligible. AB1241 would expand the provisions of extend this time limit by the 2010 Student Transfer one year. Achievement Reform Act (“STAR”), requiring that Assembly Bill 1285: California’s community “Student Financial Aid Cal- colleges create associate Grant Program.” AB1285 transfer degrees in every would give recipients of major, and in areas of a Cal Grant Entitlement emphasis, as well as award a second chance if requiring that the California they were later determined State University system to be ineligible for a renewal accept these degrees, and award because they have develop an admissions exceeded the maximum redirection process for household income or asset students who complete level, or failed to meet these degrees yet are denied minimum need threshold, admission to the California but who subsequently meet State University campus for eligibility requirements for which they applied. the award. This bill was stalled in the State Senate Education Committee.

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Hayward, California

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tips on how to start the school year right By Christopher Gutierrez

For the first tip on how to start the school year right, the attention turns to the History professor Mark Stevens. He advises, “Immerse yourself in the life on campus. Go to a Chabot football game,” Mr. Stevens believes that students should make use of their enrollment and use their student identification card to attend on campus-sporting events. Why stay on campus any longer than one should have to? Mr. Stevens informs, “Well, for one thing it’s cheaper than a Raider’s game; it’s very inexpensive. Two, we have players you can talk to in the locker rooms. And three, its pretty good play.” “In a nutshell, take advantage of the clubs and sporting events. Explore the things around you.” As a university student, Mr. Stevens wasn’t able to experience what it was like to be a socialite because he attended a commuter school. Attending these events will widen one’s social circle and more than likely every person there is a student. “It’s great, the more involved you can become in college. Over at universities students are required to pay big fees, “Sometimes students at universities might ask, ‘what am I paying all this money for?’ “Well, hey, you have

football, field hockey games, lectures by teachers, and all that entertaining stuff.” Mr. Stevens places emphasis on the idea that students should take more advantage of college fees; don’t ignore them. “You’d be pleasantly surprised.” Communications professor Veronica Martinez concurs with the suggestion about creating a supportive atmosphere made by Mr. Stevens when she says “Making friends with students in class and outside of class helps in so many ways. There’s actually been research done that shows the more familiar you are with that space (seating area), the more likely you are to keep coming. If you don’t know anyone in the room then it’s easier to drop the class and not come.” Professor Martinez continues to suggest three main tips for incoming and currently enrolled students. The first tip is that students should take notes on everything during class time, tip number two would be to communicate with the instructor early on or to visit their office hours, and the third is to utilize school resources. “Always read and take notes so that you can participate in class.” “The communication lab is located in the 800 building, room

802: We have a unique resources for public speaking students. We purposefully pick tutors that try to make it a really comfortable space. So students feel way better, on track, lower anxiety.” When students visit teachers at

expounds on the subject, saying, “Students need to develop a sense of inner strength on the daily. Have the, ‘I chose to be here’ mentality.” Most students lack confidence. Believing in one’s self is a difficult thing to


Student, Nakisha Thompson, raises her hand in class to ask a question during Professor Thomas Dewitt’s lecture. office hours, it helps in building a connection; “there’s a rapport,” says Ms. Martinez, “there is also more clarity on the content of the class, but then it just opens the door to further questions. At last, English professor Thomas Dewitt discourses on the concept of self-efficacy and students should harness it at the start of each semester. He

Opportunity and freedom

do, say for example, when a 8 paged essay is due next morning and there’s only 8 hours left in the night. “Sometimes students don’t make a full commitment to themselves.” To do small things like engage in class helps build confidence. Mr. DeWitt provides a sports analogy on the subject of self-confidence, “For example,

problems to students. They want to bring resources to the students in order for inviting students from lives in the community. By Marisol Cabrera them to succeed. Their goal Chabot to join their project Their mission is also to obtain as much On Friday, Sept. 13, the in revolutionizing the way in statement is to present real support as they need from Opportunity and Freedom which students experience opportunities by expressing other community and faith Project had an orientation their education and personal and addressing personal based organizations that will help them understand the community in which the students here at Chabot are living in. With the help of other resources, they hope to accomplish and create a better community for students. They believe that if they meet the basic needs of students such as food, transportation, childcare etc. through action teams (which focus on these areas), students will have a better learning environment and they will be more engaged in what they are focused Mills offers talented women who want an exceptional on, as well as knowing that and personal education the ability to: their families are secure • Transfer in spring or fall. • Get the classes you need to graduate on time. when they are in school MAKING THE WORLD MORE . . . • Earn merit scholarships totaling up to $20,000. because their community • Transfer with no minimum number of credits. Oakland, CA • Transfer without completing your GE requirements. has improved. VISIT PROGRAM: October 7 • 9:00 am–1:00 pm “There are 14 thousand Learn about our programs, meet our students, RESERVE YOUR SPACE AT plus students right now; WWW.MILLS.EDU/VISITPROGRAMS. and tour our campus. half of them technically are


because if you aren’t confident joining the soccer team then you sort of half try. Trying, maybe, got you cut from the team. But giving it your all, well, we don’t know what could have happened. You could have been made team captain!” After, he goes forth relating it to educational studies, “When necessary students will stay up and extra three hours, training or studying new techniques.” Self-belief and willpower keep the momentum going all year long. Students don’t want to fail; teachers don’t want to fail students. If a student hasn’t developed a sense of selfmotivation, then they are utterly indifferent. More tips about English from Mr. Dewitt are as follows, nonrequired reading and writing to improve basic skills, “I know it sounds like such a teacher saying this but I recommend students to find 15 minutes everyday to write and read,” two, make it work, “ Trust your own pen. Lot of students are kind of verbal they just clam up when it comes to writing,” and three, acknowledge that it is interdisplinary, “English is more than English. It opens up to you the whole world of the university, potentially if your hold mind is open. It’s like a doorway—English is like a doorway.”

living in poverty according to the definitions of poverty by the U.S. government,” said Chabot instructor Tom DeWit, “and so our students have problems all the way through just paying bus fair, particularly eating healthy, being able to afford that math book that’s $150 bucks, be able to have that access to technology. These things are a struggle to a lot of our students.” Tyri Watson shared with other members his experience on one of his visits to the alameda food bank where one of the advisors told him a story, “on how a five year old she once knew had to walk into his kitchen and open his cupboard and see just a little bit of cereal left and that little boy had to make the decision to not eat because his younger sister had not eaten.” Watson continued, “But that type of stuff happens every day and those are Opportunity, page 4



Hayward, California

Chuy Chuy Chuy Chuy GOMEZ! CHUY!

from page 1

with Mancow Muller and was the street for his show morning show. Chuy was pursuing a full time career at the time because he was expecting a baby. KMEL offered Chuy a night show on their station to

cohost with Rosie Mendoza, though he was going to be the main host. They even offered to cover the benefits of his soon to be born child. Chuy accepted the offer and he almost passed out when he saw how much he was going to make. The show started with Chuy and Rosie “Bombdiggity” Mendoza. For 20 years, Chuy became

During the Q&A with Chuy Gomez on Sept. 11, 2013 at Chabot College in Hayward, Calif., Jerry “LuckyDollazz” Law asked him what his plans were now that his time at KMEL has come to an end.


from page 3

the things that we can help eradicate and look to find solutions so people can be more successful.” DeWit stated that they are also reaching out to religious organizations to learn more about what are the main factors that the community struggles with and the ways in which they help the people who need it. “We gotten to a few, and

a staple in the Bay Area starting in 1993 where he always made it a point to reach out to his community through food and toy drives. Unfortunately it all came to an abrupt end when KMEL let him go without warning on Aug. 15, 2013. Chuy was an integral part of KMEL during all times of the day and many of the Mass Communications students he was speaking to shared how they all grew up listening to him. Chuy also said he wasn’t bitter about KMEL letting him go. Though he was disappointed, he understood that it’s life and it’s just how radio is. “I was blessed to be in one station for 20 years in the city that I grew up” said Gomez.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Chuy Gomez reacts excitedly to the Mass Communications students’ chanting “Chuy Chuy Chuy Chuy GOMEZ!” and shares his life in radio on Sept. 11, 2013 at Chabot College in Hayward, Calif.

[we] started to ask them about how they serve their community, what issues do they work on what kind of partnership would they want with Chabot, [and] how can we help out Chabot students who attend to that church.” If you want to be a member or are interested in helping, you can contact or MARISOL CABRERA/STAFF PHOTO

English instructor Thomas Dewitt’s instructing the class about different group organizations.

Movin’ 99.7 Fernando talks to KCRH students By Marisol Cabrera & Tammy Lee

On Wed. Sept. 18, Fernando from the Fernando and Greg show from Movin’ 99.7 came to Chabot to talk to the KCRH 89.9FM radio staff about his experiences as a radio personality and how he began his career in radio. He shared that he has worked in various places such as Dallas, Philadelphia, Austin and Baltimore but he had hoped to work in the Bay Area and was looking for any excuse to return to the Bay Area. Now partnered with Greg, and their show, “The Fernando and Greg Show”, they have

a following of over one hundred thousand listeners. KCHR Sports director, Travis Koonze shared how he felt having a radio personality come to talk to them and giving advice on how they can get involved in the radio industry. “ I think its great. It gives the KCRH staff more knowledge of life in radio and it is very motivational.” Fernando shared with the staff how he started out as an intern for the Q102 radio station. “…So for about three weeks that’s all I did, every Saturday and Sunday night for about two and six a.m. in the morning was open up the mic and say ‘Q102’. But you know I was learning [how] to answer

the phones, how to talk to people.” He noted that internships are important because you never know whom you will meet and interestingly enough, it was at an internship he met Greg. When asked about his most memorable interviews, he listed interviewing Madonna as one of his favorite interviews. Even though it was on the phone, which he noted can be difficult to do phone interviews because the person can become disengaged which Madonna was not. He shared that she ended up giving dating advice to the listeners. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, was considered


Fernando looks back fondly at his time as an intern at Q102 with the KCRH 89.9FM staff on Sept. 18, 2013.

one of the worst interviews because he was put off by the fact that Fernando had not yet seen the movie Bieber was promoting at the time. Chad Mark Glen, Mass Communications professor sums up his thoughts on

guest speakers such as Chuy Gomez and Fernando addressing the KCRH staff; “It’s nice to have the actual people from the industry. It motivates the students.”

Local Hayward, California


Thursday, September 19, 2013


The city of Hayward and Michael L. Emerson reached an agreement to construct a 9/11 memorial in Hayward, Calif. The site location for the proposed plan is at 22738 Mission Blvd.


The city of Hayward has announced the construction of a memorial to bring tribute to the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. This agreement was signed by the city of Hayward and also the founder and designer of the memorial, Michael L. Emerson, this past Sept. 4. This contract was finally signed after a mishap between these two but that now is in full effect. Michael L. Emerson, a former Marine veteran as well, has been designing memorials like these for quite some time now. He was also involved in building some of the memorials in New York. After the tragedy of 9/11, Emerson went to New York City, devastated with what had happened, and he became more involved in trying to remember these heroes. While he was there, he became aware that not a lot of people had heard about

build this project will be engraved in the memorial as well. Mr. Emerson is asking the whole community for their support because without them this project will be impossible. “We can use all the support and donations we can get,� says Emerson. He wishes to finish this project by Sept. 11, 2015, with the only setback being financing. If you wish to support this project, you may contact COURTESY OF DESIGNER MICHAEL L. EMERSON Designer Michael L. Emerson, a Marine veteran, layed out his plans to construct a 9/11 memorial in Hayward, Emerson at 510-274-0777, and also on his website, Calif. H a y w a r d 9 11 M e m o r i a l . Flight 93. Flight 93 was a local family members of the community workers com. passenger fight flying from the Flight 93 victims. He received compensation. Newark, New Jersey to San wanted to commemorate The memorial that will Francisco that was hijacked these heroes by building a be built here in Hayward is by four al-Qaeda terrorists memorial as tribute to the also going to be 100 percent and crashed near Stonycreek fallen. The city of Hayward donated and built by the Township, Pennsylvania denied his idea saying to not community. It is not only a on Sept. 11, 2001 as well. waste his time. Instead of memorial for the fallen of Emerson immediately listening to them, he found the 9/11 tragedy but also started to inform the people an alternative and went to of Flight 93 heroes, our who had not heard of that Union City to see if they local veterans, and our first incident. would accept his proposal response heroes who have Upon returning to and they did. This memorial lost their lives on the line of COURTESY OF DESIGNER the Bay Area, Emerson was funded on donations duty. Names of community MICHAEL L. EMERSON contacted some of the alone, neither Emerson nor members who will help



Hayward, California

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hayward - Shortly after Mayor Michael Sweeney announced that he would not seek re-election in 2014, two council members have set their eyes on the mayoral post. Here’s what each had to say about their agenda, achievements, and their beloved city. Hayward On! A leaky roof led to more than a decade of public service for City Councilman Francisco Zermeño. Because of his urge to help, he became involved with the condominium association and then the city. Now on his second term as a council member, Zermeño believes that he is ready to become mayor. Zermeño became Hayward’s planning commissioner for eight years. He felt that then council members had faith in him because he was reelected to the position. Upon discussing his agenda, he focused on three major areas: education, economy, and public works. Some of his ideas involve incentives for potential businesses; safer and high quality police and fire departments; and shuttle services that extend

from Cal State East Bay to Chabot College. Also part of his vision is for students who graduate from Hayward high schools to have automatic entry to the two colleges. Among the many accomplishments that he has are three that he is mostly proud of: the John Pappas Humanitarian Award; the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Award; and his family. “It’s a humbling experience; it makes me feel like people appreciate what I’m doing.” Zermeño considers Hayward to be a great city. “[It has] a lot of things to offer, and it has a lot of fantastic promise. I want to be that person that takes it forward.” Born and Raised As a Hayward local, City Councilman Mark Salinas is truly proud of his hometown. He believes that the city is now in its “defining moment.” “I think we need leadership…that is representative of what the city is today, and will represent what the city can be in the future,” Salinas said. Since Salinas took office,

the City Council focused on three priorities: keeping the city crime-free; keeping it clean; and focusing on environmental initiatives. He has constantly voted for enhancing police and fire services, and he supported one of the most aggressive illegal dumping ordinances in the city. What challenges Salinas is maintaining a balanced budget for the city. “We have stayed disciplined. We have stayed true to our priorities, and our employee groups have done a tremendous amount of work in contributing more to their pension and health care,” he adds. Along Mission Boulevard, he is pushing for the abolishment of check cashing, tobacco, and liquor stores. This initiative - which he is mostly proud of - is due to health risk factors. For Salinas, Hayward is an “education city.” He reflects, “I deeply believe that much of our success as a city lies in how our kids and how our young people… are prepared to lead the future and contribute to our economy and society. Not every city can boast that.”

AMVETS Invites Veterans to Join commenced that day with an opening ceremony On Thursday, Sept. 5, introducing its elected 2013 veterans gathered officers and its commander, at the Hayward Veterans Commander Michael L. Memorial Building to Emerson. AMVETS invites establish what would be honorably discharged a monthly gathering for veterans to join their them. every first The AMVETS meetings (American Veterans) Thursday of the month at Hayward Post 911 7 p.m. This is a chance for By Maria Maniego


Commander Michael L. Emerson took oath at the opening ceremony of AMVETS Hayward Post 911 on Sept. 5, 2013.

veterans to discuss key issues concerning them. According to Commander Emerson, they discuss issues related to health and retiree benefits, current conflicts, homeless veterans, and education. They also do various types of charity events to reach out and help fellow veterans. As a life member of AMVETS, Commander Emerson was contacted and assigned to initiate the Hayward Post 911. Lewis C. Derfuss, an adjutant for AMVETS Post 1776 in Vacaville, Calif., also cited suicide awareness as part of their issues. “We can…get them some help and turn that around,” Derfuss said. For contact information, visit


Luis J. Rodriguez, a former gang member-turned-author, discussed his former life at the REACH Ashland Youth Center on Sept. 12, 2013.


On Thursday, Sept. 12, REACH Ashland Youth Center was graced with the presence of a former gang member-turned-author to discuss his memoir and interact with his readers. Author of several poems and memoirs about his former life, Luis J. Rodriguez, talked about why he wrote “Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.” and its sequel, “It Calls You Back: An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing.” Rodriguez opened up about his son, Ramiro, for whom he wrote his books. The latter was sentenced to 28 years for three counts of attempted murder. Rodriguez then began to turn his life around to become “the father I should’ve been when my children were younger.” They have since reconciled and his son was released in 2010. It was also during his speech when he announced his intention to run for governor of California. Rodriguez was inspired by the youth and said, “Imagination of young people is one of the most powerful things we can bring into it.” He also discussed leadership by reading one of his poems. “Leaders don’t create followers; leaders create other leaders,” Rodriguez mused. His words truly resonated with the crowd. Some members of the audience had read some of his books in high school,


and they have since been inspired by him. Others were given a chance to ask him questions during the event. As a fan of his work, Daniel Mora read a few quotes from “It Calls You Back.” One of which was: “I often thought that good things should have happened to me.” Rodriguez then explained the concept of “selfsabotage.” “We sabotage ourselves. We get an opportunity, and we don’t go there. So we get called to our destiny and sometimes we refuse the call, or we turn the other way. Everybody can do [beautifully], but is everybody going to make it? That’s when it’s going to be up to you individually. Do you have the character? the courage? the stamina? That’s what we have to inculcate in our young people,” he contemplated. As an afterthought Rodriguez shared, “If you start thinking that you deserve the best, and start acting that you are the best, what’s going to happen? You’ll get the best.”



Hayward, California MOVIE REVIEW

Sexually explosive: Don Jon

things—his body, his pad, his car, his family, his church, his women, and, most importantly, his porn. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has All of which are ingredients done it again in the foully to feed the ignorant clever, yet comedic movie, monster raging within. The Don Jon. He does not fail overflowing selfishness to woo the screaming ladies does not allow him to see out of their seats and keep eye to eye with anyone the fellas laughing. other than his reflection in The film follows Don the mirror or reach honest Jon, a young player whose human connection. entire world only revolves Don Jon portrays the around a few contradictory By Amyra Soriano

Thursday, September 19, 2013 typical, immature boy transitioning into a genuine man through realization of truth versus fantasy. He gradually learns the difference between a million, egotistic pleasures and true happiness from two, very, different women. Ultimately, he climbs Maslow’s pyramid and reaches self-actualization, which he lacked as the pornography obsessed creep in the beginning. Although the progression was a tad bit slow and

redundant, the unexpected, satirical burlesque was well worth the hour and a half of awkward partial nudity and implied sexual acts. “There’s more to life than a happy ending.“ ‘Don Jon’

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating: Rated R - Comedy, Romance, nudity, drug use Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johannsonn Running time: 1hr 30 min Directors: Joseph GordonLevitt

Behind the scenes with Joseph Gordon-Levitt By Amyra Soriano

It’s no doubt that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a ladies’ man like his character in the movie, Don Jon. However, there is definitely more to Joseph GordonLevitt, than meets the eye. Beneath the breathtaking smile and radiating brown eyes is a man of real moral values. Joseph GordonLevitt reveals the cold truth of genuine intimacy in relationships these days, or lack thereof. Amyra Soriano: What inspired you to have your kind of unique twist on a romantic comedy type of movie? JGL: Well, so, I’ve been acting as an actor since I was young. So I’ve always paid a lot of attention to how people react to TV and movies

and all kinds of media. It’s always intrigued me. And occasionally horrified me. And I think especially when it comes to love and sex and relationships, we’re all quite impacted by the stuff we see on the media. And I wanted to tell a story about that. Amyra Soriano: How was the transition from actor to director? JGL: I’ve been doing this for 26 years now. I’ve been on hundreds of sets. I’ve worked with that many directors. And that’s definitely a big part of why I felt able to do this job. And in that way, I didn’t feel like a first time director. Amyra Soriano: Can you relate to Don Jon? If so, in what way? JGL: Sure, I can relate to him. I think we all have a tendency to be selfish. To want what we want and objectify people and just


Writer/Director/Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt sets up a scene on the set of Relativity Media´s “Don Jon”.

sort of put people in boxes with labels on them. And we all have a tendency, because it’s easy. It takes less effort to be selfish than it does to, like, really pay attention to who’s in front of you and learn who they are as a unique individual. That’s harder. So, I identify with that. Sure. I think we all can. And, you know, Scarlett’s character does the

same thing. I identify with her as well. Amyra Soriano: As the writer and director of Don Jon, how did you create the characters of Barbara and Esther? Any challenges? Did you base them on anyone in particular from your personal life… or not? JGL: Not. Not one person. I think both Jon and Barbara are sort of

amalgamations of plenty of people I’ve observed, including myself. We all have that tendency to pigeonhole people. And have our checklist. Our sort of wishlist that we wanna check off. Scarlett really brought so much to this character. One thing I really love about Scenes, page 10

3rd Annual Star Wars Day at AT&T Park Tammy Lee

It could be said that the Empire invaded AT&T Park as over 41,000 San Francisco Giants fans packed the ballpark on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013 for the 3rd Annual Star Wars Day. It was a festive event as fans from the young to the old, showed up dressed as Princess Leias (with the cinnamon roll buns hair to the sexy Leia in Return of the Jedi), Jedis, Ewoks, Storm Troopers, Clone Troopers, Darth Vaders for a day at the ballpark where everything including photos

of the Giants players in the various Jedi garb were shown on the stadium’s giant screen. Clips from the different Star Wars movies, including one that was edited to feature the team’s mascot, Lou Seal, in key scenes was shown between innings. Even the umpires received a Clone Trooper escort onto the field. Before the game started, kids with light sabers in hand hung over the Giants dugout hoping to get autographs from George Kontos, Jean Machi, Hunter Pence and J.T. Snow. Star Wars, page 10

A San Francisco Giants fan dresses up like Darth Vader during the 3rd Annual Star Wars Day at AT&T Park on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013 in San Francisco, Calif. TAMMY LEE/STAFF PHOTOS



Hayward, California STAR WARS

from page 9

Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants’ mascot, showed up on the field dressed as Darth Vader and demonstrated his light saber skills to the packed stadium. Lou Seal stood on the sidelines during a somber moment as the Giants Community Fund, the

San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, Las Casas de Madres, as well as the local chapter of the Junior Giants honored survivors of violence and brought awareness to stopping violence in their communities in their annual Strike Out Violence Day.

Outfielder, Hunter Pence, autographs baseballs for the many kids lined up along the San Francisco dugout during the 3rd Annual Star Wars Day at AT&T Park on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013 in San Francisco, Calif.


from page 9

Barbara is that she doesn’t fit in to any one category. It’s a common thing in movies. Especially in comedies with male main characters. The female characters often end up one or the other thing. The good girl or the bad girl. The angel or the bitch. The Madonna or the whore. No human being is like that. And that’s a huge part of what makes the movie funny and sincere. The characters feel like human beings. Esther too, she doesn’t fit into any category. And Julie is a stellar actress. Esther’s sort of the opposite of Jon and Barbara. Jon and Barbara are all about their front and all about this mold that they’re trying to fit into. Esther just can’t

Thursday, September 19, 2013 “I Think (...) When it comes to love and sex and relationships, we’re all quite impacted by the stuff we see on the media. And I wanted to tell a story about that.” — Joseph Gorden Levitt be bothered and she’s just kind of perfectly honest and present all the time. To a fault. So you put that character together with the Jon character and it’s gonna be funny. And eventually, they’ll both learn something from the other. Amyra Soriano: So, you were with Tony Danza in Angels in the Outfield when you were younger. Did he impact you as an actor? Is he some sort of role model or idol to you now? JGL: Yeah! I mean he says it himself. That he feels sort of paternal to me. I definitely have that with him. He’s just such a good,

sweet, lovable guy. And that shows on the screen. Anytime you see him on screen, you always wanna smile, because he’s just so good-hearted. Which is why I thought it was really f-great to cast him for this part. I love it when I’m watching a movie and an actor is doing something that I don’t expect them to do. And so, seeing Tony, like, with a short temper. Or, you know, sort of being lecherous. Or not listening to his family and stuff. I love that. Because, uh, it’s not what you expect.


Grand Theft Auto V Review on Xbox 360 By Davis Dichoso


Clone Troopers prepare to escort the umpires onto the field during the 3rd Annual Star Wars Day at AT&T Park on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013 in San Francisco, Calif.

Thousands at the Castro Valley Fall Festival


Norbridge Ave. was a sea of people during the 41st Annual Castro Valley Festival on Sept. 15, 2013 in Castro Valley, Calif.

For the past decade Rockstar Games, has one existential title that shocks parents around the world with blood, sex, and violence. Yes, I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto V. Its retail release dropped this past Tuesday, Sept. 17. GTA is one of those games that certainly is much more than meets the eye; with its extraordinary storytelling and its innovative “open world” design makes it a front runner inspiring dozen of games along its history since 2001, with its first 3D release of Grand Theft Auto III. GTA V has certainly turned the tables with designating three commonly equal protagonists Michael, Franklin and Trevor, who are the main face of GTA. Throughout the game, you simultaneously switch between the talented characters to pull of special heist, theft and other major

misdemeanors for their grand plan to take over Los Santos. Overall, game play is smooth and certainly responsive with AI reacting to destructive decisions in game. The graphic is nonetheless stellar and its endless world that will set

the community festival. The trees lined along Norbridge Touted as one of the biggest Avenue combined with the local events of the year, table filled lawn tucked away a vast amount of people off of Redwood Boulevard, attended the 41st Annual provided a great seating Castro Valley Fall Festival area for people to hang out on Sept. 14 and 15 in front and enjoy the local vibe. Participants were also of the Castro Valley Library able to eat and watch the on Norbridge Ave. Since its inception Jay Bonet Band perform on COMICS in 1972, the festival had Sunday afternoon. The two-day festival School Days: Squinkles! by Abril Castanon historically been held in Castro Village, known to featured a car show, a variety the locals as “the Village”. of booths including arts and However, road construction crafts, a diversity of foods forced its move to the new and wellness options that offered free spinal checks location last year. With BART providing or free music lessons for all free parking, the new ages. location was a good fit for By Tammy Lee

your adventurous side up in flames traveling every inch of the map. Did I also forget to say recreational activities? GTA V is one of those that will go down in the history books, with just three little letters threatening the rest of the world.


Opinion Hayward, California

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Which iPhone will you choose, the 5c or 5s? By Marisol Cabrera

Everybody is talking about the new iPhones that are coming out Sept. 20, 2013. So, what’s the big fuss all about? They are basically two phones that function alike with only a slight change in appearance. The iPhone 5c has replaced the iPhone 5 and has been revamped to make it more accessible for people to buy. The iPhone 5s is more similar to the

iPhone 5, with the only difference being the gold colored outer casing. Both phones are definitely not as expensive as one imagine it to be which a good start, but I am not yet convinced that these phones have fixed whatever glitches they may have. Which phone is the better phone to get? The diagram below illustrates what each phone has to offer in terms of features.

iPhone 5c -It comes in five different bright colors -The 16 gigabyte phone costs $99 and the 32 gigabyte costs $199 -It weighs 4.65 ounces with a height of 4.90 inches and a width of 2.33 inches -It has an A6 chip which gives you a 10 hours of LTE browsing time, 10 hours of talk time 10 hours of video playback time up to 40 hours of audio playback and up to 8 hours of internet use on 3G -1080p HD video recording -8 megapixels camera -HD face time -Siri the intelligent assistant -IOS 7 and iCloud

In my opinion, there really isn’t that much difference in either phone, other than their appearance. The iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s are nice phones with very intriguing features. Nonetheless, it is up to you the consumer to decide whether it is worth the money to purchase either phone or wait until Apple comes out with it’s next iPhone.

iPhone 5s

-It comes in 3 different colors -Touch ID -The 16 gigabyte costs $199, the 32 gigabyte costs $299 and the 64 gigabyte costs $399 -Weighs 3.95 ounces, has a height of 4.87 inches and a width of 2.31 inches -A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, which gives you CPU and graphic performance and is two times faster than the A6 chip. It is a desktop class architecture -M7 chip that measures motion data more efficiently than the A7 -8 megapixel camera -1080 HD video recording -HD face time -Ultrafast LTE wireless -IOS 7 and icloud

From page 1

Ready for another war...? I think not By Marisol Cabrera

Although on the other side, the U.S. has issues of its own and getting involved in another country’s issues would be out of the question. Not to mention the political relationships that can arise against the U.S. As I have seen and understood both sides of the argument, I would like to share that I am against what Syria is doing and that the U.S. should take some action in this matter with the support of other countries, but I am

not certain that using chemical weapons instead of sending U.S. troops would be the best idea to use because it sounds like a new kind of war. I feel that the use of chemical weapons sounds somewhat like WWII; with new weapons. Back in WWII, the U.S. military experienced the new use of tanks and other artillery, and now Obama wants to experiment with chemical arms? CNN news has recently released 13 new videos that were shown to members of

the Senate Intelligence Committee in closed doors by Obama that depict the grieving moments of what Syrian civilians are going through. Nevertheless, it is congress who will make the final decision, and while disputes are being settled, Obama has also been reaching out to foreign countries which can bring consequences such as a peaceful settlement or an agonizing war that will affect everyone.

iphone 5s (Left) and iPhone 5c (Right). Photo courtesy of

Trending Topic: #social networks Thoughts on what’s buzzin’ & the “like” By Elise Reyes

For the past decade, nothing has held continuous popularity and relevance to today’s society quite like social networks have. In the early 2000s, circa 20052006, websites like MySpace, Friendster, and Xanga were atop the social networking ladder. I, myself, am not going to lie—I had one of each, and I was in, like, what…sixth grade? As the years have gone on, I’ve grown up and you can say that social networks have as well. There are so many more websites and web apps to choose from. Plus, Friendster and Xanga are all pretty much extinct in the online world. The bigger boys have come out to play. According to eBizMBA, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In (not to mention Pinterest and, yes, even MySpace) are the crown jewels of social networks. It’s seriously so rare to find someone without at least one social network. I believe it’s honestly pretty hard not to have one, nowadays. They definitely are used for what they’re made for (socializing and basically any type of leisurely pleasure), but they also have business and educational purpose. Some classes have groups on Facebook where homework can be posted and students can share and answer questions. Twitter has even been integrated into educational projects. Many businesses also connect with their clientele through social networking. Oh, how the times have changed. As much as I hate to admit it, social networks have actually improved my life. They keep me in the loop of what’s going on around me and they let me keep in touch with friends and loved ones. I can keep tabs on my favorite sports teams, too, so I always know the latest news and what’s going on during games. Although, I wouldn’t say social networks are a must have. I think a lot of people could actually do without them. As great as they can be, they also come with a lot of negatives. They’re time-consuming & can be a waste of time, privacy is absolutely non-existent, and priorities can be pushed out of order if abused. Like I’m sure many others do, I have a love/hate relationship with social networks. Though they’re great for keeping tabs on the virtual world, they can totally take you away from your actual life, unless you find a good balance between the two, and I think that’s honestly all you need with anything.


10 Hayward, California

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Women being underrepresented in media By Marisol Cabrera

The media has had a major impact on our society, because it has become one of the main influences in our daily lives. I believe that women (as well as men) have been misrepresented in the media over the years. Although media persuades women to look, act and be a certain way, women have been inclined to follow this ideology that is intended to satisfy men by what appears to be the image of the “perfect women”. Although media persuades to identify the “perfect women” in different aspects. When you turn on your TV and see reality shows, cartoons, news, commercials, movies etc., or when you see pictures in magazines of women, they are mostly tall and skinny with the ninety-sixty-ninety look. They also must have a smooth and pretty face, accompanied by revealing clothes such as short skirts, booty shorts, or extremely low-cut dresses, and five inch heels. Not to mention, their youth. Not only must a woman retain her appeal throughout a TV show or movie where she is almost killed by a bomb or taken hostage by aliens, but she must also say what is expected of her. For example, a housewife’s duties in most shows like, “The fresh Prince of BelAir”, “everybody loves Raymond”,

women are portrayed as housewives whose obligations are to care for their husband and children as well as keeping the house clean all while having their youth and beauty. According org, women owe only 6 percent of all full power commercial broadcast and radio stations in the U.S. as oppose to people of color who own 8 percent. As we began to see more women in the media such as news broadcasters or reporters, they still make up for 28 percent of local news directors and 16 percent of the general managers at TV stations that air local news. The way women are portrayed in the media has caused women to be inclined to the “perfect women” by trying to be flawless in every aspect. This has caused insecurity between women, causing them to buy every beauty product that will make them look more appealing while trying to control their daily life situations. The media has also caused insecurity amongst young girls. In YouTube; there has been a up rise of girls between the ages of 12 to 15 to ask their viewers if they are considered beautiful. Women representation in the media has the effect of inclining girls and women to be what they see on TV, which can cause the

worst case scenarios such as death; all because they want to reach the media’s preferences in women by developing anorexia, bulimia, and skin diseases, due to all the products and surgeries their skin consumes. All I want is for women to feel secure of themselves know that no one is perfect in life. There is no such thing as a “perfect women”. If all women where perfect, then we

Photo courtesy of Before and after pictures show how women are photoshop to look a certain way that is unusual.

Have you used your ID card today? By Marisol Cabrera

ID cards, as we all know (from having visited Admissions and Records, campus security, the Health Center, or the Financial Aid office), are important because of the information that is provided on them. They prove to student services, places that hold

personal documents , that you are exactly who you say you are. However, on the other hand, I do not think that ID’s are that much needed. Sure, I know they

are important sometimes but do we really need them? Whenever I’m presented with a situation where an employee needs my information, I do not hand them my ID card to scan. This is not just because it’s outdated. No. Instead I tell them my W number because I’ve memorized it. This method is simpler for me since I do not have to

would all be the same to men. So why change our imperfections, if that’s what makes us unique. Like Jean Kilbourne said in her documentary “Killing us softly 3”, “Women have unrealistic goals for beauty that will never be accomplished. We need to change society’s definition of beauty.”

out who they are. If a person looses their ID, they have no choice but to buy another one, spending more time and money. Once a person memorizes or carries with them their W number, then I do not see the need in carrying around an ID card. It is true that ID cards are important, but only in certain occasions where you are not in school and need some verification. Sure it is easy for you to scan your ID rather than read an amount of numbers but if you memorize your ID number, you should have no problems. ID cards can also be helpful since some places around the community like the movie theater on B Street gives discounts to students’. There may be other places that provide this sort of benefit, but it is MARISOL CABRERA/PHOTO ILLUSTRATION uncertain what other factors worry about having my ID ID cards may provide to at hand or if I misplaced it. students. Many people forget or loose ID cards are not in my their ID’s; which makes it opinion that necessary, but difficult for the employee occasionally they do come asking for their ID to figure in handy.




BUILDING 2300, RM 2325

Second floor above the cafeteria



Hayward, California

Chabot womens soccer comes back late

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Forces tie against Diablo Valley College By Chris Booker

The Chabot College women’s soccer team tied on a tightly contested match up against Diablo Valley College on Friday, Sept. 13 with the final score being 1-1. The tie moved Chabot’s record to (0-2-2) and featured some of the most intense plays of the season for the Gladiators both on offense and defense. The game was tied at halftime with both teams barely getting any chances in the half prior. In the second half, the tie would be broken by DVC, however, on a free kick at the 18th minute to give them a 1-0 lead. The Gladiators would not give up and it showed as their offense continued to put more pressure on Diablo Valley throughout the whole second half. Their offensive effort finally pulled through when Chabot’s Kimber Loham scored the equalizer at the 38th minute to tie it at one goal apiece. “The ball got played through and I shot it and I fell because it was money.” Said the freshman Loham on how the goal took place. This play was a crucial moment in the game and with seven minutes remaining in the game, both teams had plenty of time to take the lead and win the game.

The first chance came for Chabot about two minutes after their game tying goal with Virginia Boatwright just missing the go-ahead goal on a wide shot. DVC’s chance came in the final two minutes of the game but the shot sailed over the goal. Which shots by each team missing their target, the game ended in a tie with the score being 1-1. For the whole entire first half in the game Chabot College sophomore goalie, Serena Sanchez, shined as she made stop after stop to prevent shots from DVC from getting into the net. The best one definitely came at 34th minute in the first half, where DVC looked like they were going to score the first goal of the match on a wide open breakaway. Sanchez made an absolutely tremendous diving save to keep DVC off the board, and, most importantly, preserve the tied game. After the game, Sanchez praised her team’s effort by saying, “I think, in the second half, we really pushed ourselves and we came back and DAVID SORIANO/STAFF PHOTO played really well.” Chabot will still aim for a victory in their upcoming Gladiator forward Kimber Lohman (#6) celebrates with teammate after scoring a matches against their fellow CCCAA game-tying goal against Diablo Valley College during a match played at Chabot on Sept. 13, 2013 opponents.



Hayward, California

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chabot football falls to 1-1 after loss to College of San Mateo By Nick Thompson

On Saturday, Sept. 14, Chabot’s football team lost their first away game of the season to College of San Mateo, 28-7. The Gladiators were looking to continue their success on Saturday in their first away game at the College of San Mateo. After a dominating performance the week before in a win against Delta Valley College, the Gladiators were riding high going into the game. The Gladiators quickly learned they were in for a battle when San Mateo came out and scored a quick touchdown to put them up 7-0 within the first five minutes of the game, causing the Gladiators to fight an uphill battle from the start. Chabot’s defense was able to bounce back and got a few early interceptions but the offense was unable to capitalize. Chabot’s offense got close to the goal a few times in the first half but was never able to find the end zone. A few missed field goals and a couple of punts gave the San Mateo offense a lot of ball time and they were able to capitalize, relying heavily on the run, pushing the score to 21-0 at halftime. The rough start for Chabot continued after half time. The San Mateo defensive line was able to constantly put pressure on QB Zach Lujan and were able to catch running backs Rowe and

Rockwell in the backfield multiple times. With frustrations high, the Chabot defense made a few costly penalties that ultimately led to another San Mateo touchdown bringing the score to 28-0. Finally, early in the fourth quarter, the Gladiators were able to find the end zone after an excellent return by Jordan Ferguson, which was topped off by a goal line touchdown by Jayde Rowe. Sadly the touchdown came a little too late. A couple of turnovers put the idea of a comeback out of reach and San Mateo was able to hold off Chabot, giving Chabot their first loss of the season. In post game interviews, Chabot players rightfully were not happy with the loss but still held their heads high. Defensive lineman Cory Faiva made the feelings of the Gladiators clear, stating “If we stick it out, we will be alright… we lost one, but we get up and keep fighting.”

Running back Hunter Rockwell adding, “we battled all game but we definitely have a lot of work to do.” The Gladiators know they have some work to do to get back to winning but it seems the players are confident that they can bounce back and have another good game like their season opener. The Gladiators next game will be Sept. 21 at American River College at 2 p.m.

Womens volleyball suffers defeat to Hartnell

Chabot lost the fourth and, what proved to be the final, set after a long back and On Tuesday, Sept. 17, the Gladiators forth battle between the two teams. The dropped their match to Hartnell in four final score of the matchup had Hartnell sets 18-25, 9-25, 25-17, 21-25. Early on, victorious 3-1. it didn’t seem like Chabot had a chance Although Chabot lost the match, the against their opponents as Hartnell played Gladiators showed proved that they are a nearly flawlessly, winning the first two sets. team that would not give up until the final The Gladiators finally woke up and they point. Chabot will hope to rebound and use won their third set where, at one point, they what they learned in their future matchups scored seven straight points. this season. By Chris Booker

UPCOMING HOME GAMES vs. West Valley Oct. 4 @ 6:30 p.m. Chabot College Gym

vs. Skyline

Oct. 18 @ 6:30 p.m. Chabot College Gym

vs. Cañada

Nov. 1 @ 6:30 p.m. Chabot College Gym Chabot freshman Christiana Roberts goes in for the kill against Hartnell during their home game on Sept. 17, 2013.


The Gladiators briefly celebrate after putting a point on the board against Hartnell during their home game on Sept. 17, 2013.

The Spectator Sept. 19, 2013  
The Spectator Sept. 19, 2013