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October 11, 2012 Hayward, California


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The New & Approved

Student Government of Chabot Out of numerous strategic trainings came creative plans aimed at:

• Creating more services for our students, • Utilizing our communication tools to foster greater community between ASCC, students, faculty, staff, and our administrators, • Taking an active role in deeply understanding our campus through research and survey & inquiry, • Lastly, dedicating our time and energy to consistently better our office, our practices, and ourselves in order to serve not only our campus, but to serve our community as well. The proof is in the pudding. What exactly have we been up to? Our ASCC President Titawny Cook has been setting the stage for numerous musical bands to perform on campus in hopes of increasing community and student activity, as well as taking steps to utilize our radio and tv stations. Our very own activities director Theresa Pedrosa is working to bring bus passes or discounts for students of Chabot. The Inter Club Council (ICC) has put into action their new set of bylaws, and redefined limits to allocating funds. The entire ASCC has also been active in supporting numerous educational and political forums and events aimed at educating our ALLEN LIN/STAFF PHOTO campus about important issues facing our state -- specifically Prop 30 By Skye Ontivero and Measure I. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL CHAIR Soon the entire ASCC office will be moving from its hidden hallway to the open space above the cafeteria in room 2355 where the Office of The past couple years have been rough for our campus. There have been Student Life (OSL) is now. This way ASCC will be more visible and acmany educational budget cuts coming down from Sacramento, and the cessible to students, and all clubs will have the opportunity to have their leadership within our district has come and gone. Although our school own creative space were the ASCC is now. has suffered heart aches and inefficiencies, change for the better has come The majority of students don’t know about services and opportunities back to Chabot as new energy and new faces support the school. that can benefit them right here on campus. Waivers, grants, discounts for Under the guidance of our new adviser Sara Parker, the ASCC has PG&E, transfer and program information, and other resources meant to been dedicating much time to figuring out what our role is on our campus, dramatically change a student’s life go unseen and unused. what students really want or need from us, and how we will strategize and Big changes come in small steps, and I am confident that Chabot will utilize our resources in the most efficient way possible to meet the be greatly impacted by the work of the ASCC this year. needs of our campus.

What is your student government doing for you? By Brian Chua ONLINE EDITOR

ASCC had a meeting on Oct. 3 which had many items on the agenda, including request for aid. The health department asked for a little funding for their Halloween Health Fair coming up on Oct. 31. Their primary concern was providing healthy snacks and water to promote healthy living and hoping for a good turn out of students. The Senate board agreed that this event would be beneficial for the campus and voted in favor of helping fund the event. Reid Alexander, one of the many DJ’s at KCRH Chabot radio, went before the ASCC asking for some funding for the Halloween Dance on October 26. He stated that he wanted to throw a successful dance with around 400 people in attendance. KCRH will also have surprise, aspiring local bay area artist that will come and perform at the dance. Alexander also stated that they would give out a good amount of free tickets to the dance. Professor Thiel, of ceramics and pottery, appeared before the board stating that he teaches one class in particular - Art 9 Colloquium - pro bono to give back to the community. Thiel and his students are collaborating on sculptures to submit to the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts in Davis, Calif. Thiel’s request was for help with lodging for students who go to the conference and help raise the money to enter the conference. Although the

Chabot College’s ASCC Senate 2012-2013.


ASCC council fully supported the idea of helping them, financial director Andrea Preciado decided to postpone the request until the following meeting to give them a more accurate number of how much they can help fund the Art 9 program. The conference is not held until next semester in April. Last item on the agenda for the meeting was Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) President Richard Copenhagen coming to Chabot on Oct. 24 to give an open forum. Members discussed what issues Copenhagen will talk about and how they want him to talk about being active in your college senate. The SSCCC has meetings in Sacramento and it is tremendously helpful if our senate has proper representation there. If you have any questions for your student government, their next meeting is today, Thursday, at 3 p.m. in building 200.



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Peace gardens bloom at Oikos University Eagle scout project pays tribute to victims of last April’s school shooting By Ami Stair CONTRIBUTING WRITER

ginia Tech massacre. It is also the sixth deadliest United States school massacre overall. After Durst heard about the shooting he was After 300 hours and the help of 50 volunteers, inspired to work on his project, “I thought that it Hayward resident Kinsa Durst has completed building a peace garden on Saturday, Sept. 22 would be a perfect place to build a peace garden for my project. I think that the incident gave Kofor Oikos University in Oakland. Kinsa Durst is a senior at Bishop O’Dowd reans a bad reputation in America. The shooter High School and has been a Boy Scout for troop was a Korean and I myself am part Korean, so 818 for the past six years. It has been his dream I wanted to show people that one crazy person to achieve the highest rank in Boy Scouts of does not represent an entire population. I wanted to make up for what he had America, which is the done.” eagle scout. In order to A lot of time and prepachieve this rank, you aration went into making have to do a service this project. Durst had project before you turn been planning this gar18 which Durst will be den for over 5 months. He turning this October. spent most of his summer For his project, Durst working with a landscape built a peace garden in architect who helped him memory of all the viccreate the design for the tims who were killed garden and put together in the Oikos University the process to find out shooting back in April. what materials he would Oikos University is need. a small private Korean PHOTO COURTESY OF BISHOPODOWD.ORG He fundraised to buy Christian College locatKinsa Durst, 17, waters the garden at Oikos University. Durst the materials for the gared in Oakland. On April raised $6,000 and recruited volunteers to build a garden for 2, a former student at the seven people killed when former student One Goh opened den and raised $6,000. The the school shot at people fire in a classroom on April 2, 2012 over a tuition dispute. Eagle Scout Project rule is that all left over money is inside a classroom and given to maintain the project or given to the benkilled 7. This was the third deadliest university eficiary; the project only cost him $4,000. shooting in the United States, right after the Vir-

The Pastor and Dean of Students Hyeonoak Pak allowed Durst to build the peace garden and is very grateful, “After the shooting the students had a really hard time getting back on their feet. Most of the students come from South Korea to

The shooter was a Korean and I myself am part Korean, so I wanted to show people that one crazy person does not represent an entire population. I wanted to make up for what he had done.

try and start a life here in the United States. When the shooting happened, it was just very unfortunate, but fortunately Kinsa Durst has built this beautiful peace garden to remind us of the peace that exists in this world and to remind us of the six students and employee that were lost.” Now that the project is complete, Durst will be sending out thank you cards and having his Eagle Scout Ceremony on Oct. 27. Durst hopes, “that everyone who sees the garden can feel hope. There is a lot of war and violence going on in the news, there needs to be more peace gardens.”

Historic 16th Street Station celebrates its centennial year

As stated on the station’s official website, 16th Street Station was built in 1912 as part of the Southern Pacific Railroad in Oakland. CONTRIBUTING WRITER For many years, it served transcontinental trains, regional commuter Community organizers at the historic 16th Street Railroad Station in West trains, and local street cars. In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake caused Oakland held an event commemorating its 100th anniversary on Saturday, major damage to the station which eventually closed. The event was made possible by BRIDGE, RAILS, TSP, and the staSept. 29. Entitled “Celebrate the Past: Look to the Future,” the free event gath- tion crew. BRIDGE Housing acquired the station in 2002 in an attempt to ered locals outside the station as they enjoyed food trucks, music, raffle provide affordable housing for low-income families. prizes, and a self-guided tour of the station’s main hall. Now dubbed as Central Station, the 29-acre area surrounding 16th Street Station has newly built apartments stretching all the way to 12th St. Among them is Ironhorse, a 99-unit rental apartment structure owned by BRIDGE Housing, at 14th St. According to Lyn Hikida, a media relations representative for BRIDGE Housing, the non-profit organization helped build the master plan. The plan was to start with housing and redevelopment. “The housing would generate tax to help rehabilitate the station,” Hikida said. However, the tax revenue is now being allocated to the state fund. They also spend money on security and cleanup. “People still think it’s abandoned,” Hikida said, “…but we’re still here.” BRIDGE Housing and its affiliates hold events to continue raising funds and help restore the building. Aside from BRIDGE, Holliday Development, H.F.H., Ltd., and Pulte Homes also helped generate plans for redevelopment. The iconic station has also been rented to shoot films such as “Hemingway & Gellhorn” starring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. Frankie Whitman, in charge of commercial development, was on location to help organize the event. “It’s all about the money,” according to Whitman. “We need about $30 million.” The money generated over time will be used to help fix the building. Greeted by volunteers, guests were encouraged to donate and help raise money. “[The station] will eventually be turned over to the community, but in the meantime BRIDGE is holding it,” Whitman said. By Maria Maniego


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Fleet Week and America’s Cup By Allen Lin


The USS Makin Island, an amphibious assault ship is docked at Pier 30 along the The Embarcadero for public tours.

The U.S. Airforce, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and Marines return for the 31st Annual San Francisco Fleet Week from Oct. 4 - 8. The USS Makin Island returns with ten ships, open to the public for tours. Eleven air performances were held, from the Blue Angels to a B-2 bomber. The America’s Cup also held their last race for this year on the same weekend as San Francisco’s Fleet Week. ALLEN LIN/STAFF PHOTOS

A marine attack helicopter called a cobra is on display for public tours on the USS Makin Island.

The Blue Angels final fly over of the San Francisco Bay in a tight triangle formation. Blue Angel plane 6 had mechanical difficulties and was not part of the air show on Saturday Oct. 6, 2012.

Artemis Racing from Sweden (left) and J.P. Morgan BAR from the United Kingdom (right) are docked by the America’s Cup village along The Embarcadero.

San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon By Tammy Lee SPORTS EDITOR

The 7th Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon, also known as California’s fastest half marathon took place on Sunday, October 7, 2012. More than 14,000 entrants participated in the annual event and for the first time, the event included a 5-mile mini marathon where young and old competed together. Roger Craig, 3-time Super Bowl Champion with the San Francisco 49ers and race co-founder was present and competed in his 19th marathon event. Live bands played along the course which ran throughout downtown San Jose to motivate the runners during the run.

Roger Craig, 3-time Super Bowl Champion for the San Francisco 49ers, poses with the PF Chang’s Dragon Team at the San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Sunday Oct. 7, 2012. (Left) A Team in Training participant in the half marathon runs in honor of her dad.


Half marathon runners cross the halfway point running under a giant inflatable rockstar.

(Right)More than 14,000 participants ran through Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose.



“Frankenweenie” comes to life By Raymond Magallon STAFF WRITTER

Remaking 1984’s “Frankenweenie” as a full-length movie was a stroke of genius for creator Tim Burton. Whether it be “Beetlejuice”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Corpse Bride”, or “Alice in Wonderland”, Burton has a way of creating movies that intrigue his audience and “Frankenweenie” was no exception. “Frankenweenie” boasts a terrific voice cast including Winona Ryder, Martin Short, and Catherine O’Hara. With another film score by Danny Elfman and screenwriter John August of “Corpse Bride” and “Big Fish”, Burton is surrounded by a powerhouse team that can do no wrong. Grade school student Victor Frankenstein seems very interested in his science class, as well as his science teacher (portrayed by an animation that brought about memories of Vincent Price) whose ideas infuriated many of the town. After a science class about living tissue in dead animals and a freak accident that leads to his dog’s death, Victor realizes there’s a chance to save Sparky. In very classic Frankenstein-style, Victor brings back his dog and works to keep Sparky a secret. After a turn of events we see a heart-warming tale about a boy and his love for his dog along with the discrimination and narrow-mindedness portrayed in the original “Frankenstein”. This movie has references from Igor to the chase of Frankenstein’s monster and does a very good job paying homage to Mary Shelley’s book while adding Burton’s unique spin on it. The movie does not disappoint and although it wasn’t perfect, “Frankenweenie” was successful on a few fronts. It made you feel for the characters, and gave a reality to Burton’s creations. At the showing we heard laughs, cheers and sentimental aww’s throughout the first black and white movie to go into IMAX 3D, and if you have any desire to see this movie you should take 2 hours and head to a theatre. Burton clearly released this film for his fans, creating a black and white work of art that reminded you of why you loved Tim Burton in the first place. Those who have seen any of Burton’s previous films should keep an eye out for references to some of his older films as well. For those who don’t quite enjoy Burton’s work as much, “Frankenweenie” could be a hit or miss. To contact the writer of this article, you can email him at

Fall jazz band concert

Special guest Bob Sheppard, saxophonist with the Jazz Orchestra at the Reed L. Buffington Visual and Performing Arts Center in Hayward, Calif. on Friday Oct. 5, 2012.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

NBA 2K13 rocks

consists of a “who’s who” of A-list actors and muSTAFF WRITER sicians that include Bow Wow, Sean Kingston, Pauly On Oct. 2, 2012, 2K D, Vinny, and wait for it, Sports released NBA 2K13 wait for it…. Justin Beiber! for the PlayStation 3, XBOX That’s right ladies and gen360, and the Nintendo Wii. tleman; gamers can Every October, have the pleasure or video game publishdispleasure of player 2K Sports releases ing the Beibs against a new NBA 2K video game to coincide all-stars like LeBron, with the beginning Kobe, Durant, Melo, of the NBA reguGarnett and others. lar season. Despite There are a few having a new edinew game modes as tion released every well. There’s a mode year, NBA 2K still called MyPLAYER. remains a huge hit. The first time you It has been a cash pop in the game you cow for 2K Sports must create a charas it is always one of acter. From then on the top-selling sports A customer plays NBA2K13 at Best Buy. whenever you play a JYRA VALENZUELA/STAFF PHOTOS video games of the game, you will earn only press the shoot button year. credit. That credit can be In terms of graphics and if you want to score points. used in MyPLAYER mode presentation for NBA 2K13, All the other controls such to buy apparel, clothing, ac2K Sports has once again hit as passing and jumping are cessories, etc. for the charnothing but net. The graph- the same, but these minor acter you created. ics are very impressive and changes will take some time 2K Sports also brought it’s going to be difficult to get used to. back the legendary teams One of the reasons why for 2K Sports to top themfrom last year’s game, selves next year. It feels like fans of the series continue to which include the Lakers you’re actually watching a buy NBA 2K every year is and Celtics teams from the real NBA game. One of the because of the updated team ‘80s and the Bulls teams most impressive features is rosters made from trades, from the ‘90s. Thanks to the detail in the player ex- free agency, and the draft Jay-Z, executive producpressions, their jerseys and during the NBA off-season. er of the game, both the even the hardwood court With this year’s edition of 1992 Dream team and the NBA 2K, fans can now be designs. 2012 U.S Men’s Basketball In terms of gameplay, able to play the new look Olympic team are both fea2K Sports made a few minor LA Lakers with Dwight tured in the game as well. changes on the controls. If Howard and Steve Nash, So while the whole deyou want to perform differ- the Houston Rockets with bate of which Olympic team ent ball control maneuvers rising star Jeremy Lin, the is better cannot be settled in like cross-overs there’s now New Orleans Hornets with a new control stick feature rookie sensation Anthony real life, it can be with NBA where you can swerve the Davis, and the 27 other new 2K13. To contact the writer of left joystick up and down so look teams. this article, you can email In addition to the curyou can try to stumble your opponent while there guard- rent teams, also new this him at eabueg@theching you. Unlike past games year is a celebrity team that By Edrene Abueg

where a player can shoot or dunk the ball by just swinging the right joystick or by pressing the shoot button, gamers don’t have the option of just swinging the left joystick anymore, you can


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Club Rush Day at Chabot in full effect

organizations were in attendance with booths set up with information of the club, pictures, models, and freebies. There were also club The cafeteria was packed during College members who are open to answer questions hour last Thursday as Chabot College’s you may have regarding them. Some of the “Club Rush Day” was in full effect. Chabot’s clubs there were the A.S.C.C., Biology Club, diverse variety of student clubs were out Gay-Straight Alliance, DECA, Video Game/ giving out information and entertainment to Anime Club, Studio 1328, MEChA, Black the student body. Student Union, FX and Puente. Think that there is nothing to do on “It’s outstanding, awesome. Time for campus? Think again. The huge diverse the clubs to put themselves out there, variety of student clubs here at Chabot engage with the student body as well.” Said Ronel Marcellano, Vice President of FX “For the Cross” Club. “I like it, and the music is a good addition.” said Chabot student Ana Cadenas. Music and entertainment was provided by our oncampus radio station, KCRH 89.9FM who were also giving away prizes and snapping photos of students enjoying the clubs at the event while promoting our college radio station. Students learning about various clubs and groups available on campus. It is never too late College showed what they offer to students to join one of the many student clubs or and held sign-ups for new or returning organizations on campus, many have open members to join them at Club Rush Day, meetings during college hour usually between taking place last Thursday in the Cafeteria noon and 1 p.m. throughout campus. Club during college hour. Rush Day is held in the beginning of each “It’s an interesting, helpful event. Gives semester in the cafeteria in 2300 building. people a taste from clubs you can join,” said To contact the writer about this Brandon Ekholm, Vice President of Studio story, he can be reached at aharmon@ 1328. Many on-campus student clubs and By alex harmon STAFF WRITER

Biology club showing some items on display at Chabot’s Club Rush. YA’SHALAN NELSON/STAFF PHOTOS

Chabot’s ASCC giving out candies and info about their program.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Puente and CLEA By Christopher hom CONTRIBUTING WRITER

To celebrate and honor Hispanic Heritage Month, the Chicano Latino Educators Association (CLEA) and the Puente Project teamed up to host an event on Thursday Sept. 27, between building 700 and the Grand Court of Chabot College. The goal of the event was to inform students about both programs, meet and greet with Puente and CLEA members and counselors, encourage new members to join and have as much fun as possible. CLEA was founded in 1986 to help support the goals and opportunities for Chicano Latino students at Chabot College. The program is designed to increase the incoming population of new Chicano Latino students, as well as helping each student graduate and transfer to a California State University. CLEA also promotes for greater numbers and success within the Chicano Latino

faculty and staff. Every CLEA member can expect to feel the true Chicano Latino experience while expanding their network along with service to the local Chicano Latino community. CLEAoffers scholarships to new and existing members. Some of the requirements for students are they must be enrolled in at least six units at Chabot College, complete the scholarship application that includes three essay questions, provide a letter of recommendation along with a copy of any high school or college transcripts, and be an individual who has never received the scholarship. Felix Galaviz and Patricia McGrath founded the Puente Program at Chabot College in 1981 to initially help Mexican-American/ Latino students transfer to four-year colleges and universities. According to current Puente counselor and coordinator, Sandra F. Genera, the main mission of the Puente Program is “to help Latino students transfer to a university after Chabot,

earn their degree, and inspire members to return as leaders to their community.” The program requires that each student enroll into an accelerated writing course and an English composition class to reinforce confidence with writing, reading and critical thinking while exploring different elements of Mexican Latino culture, says Genera. Puente students are also scheduled to meet with a counselor at least three times during the semester to discuss an academic plan to graduation, explore career options and set lifetime goals that are within reach. CLEA and Puente are open to any student regardless of race, ethnicity or culture and ensure a positive environment to guide you through the college experience. 34 year old Puente veteran, Anthony Garcia, claims that “it was scary coming back to college as a less than average writer, I am so thankful my friend introduced me to the Puente

program.” According to Garcia, the greatest experiences throughout the Puente Program are “the 24/7 support system they have for homework and projects, priority registration, extra help with English 1A from Ms. Land, meeting and interviewing a city councilman and setting up a plan to transfer to Santa Clara University”. Puente programs are implemented all over the community colleges and high schools of California. They are giving each program the opportunity to network and expand horizons to different students and communities with the same program guidelines. Each Puente member is also introduced to a mentor or local professional that corresponds to the student’s major or career choice. This allows students to see how successful people have made it to where they are today and the process they had to go through in order to establish them selves

within the community by asking questions, internships and one-on-one help with planning for the future after college. The college experience isn’t always a cake walk, especially if you have no idea where you want to see yourself after attending community college so programs like CLEA and Puente are great resources to begin planning and preparing for a brighter future. Students can expect to learn and interact with other students, faculty and staff, mentors and business professionals, counselors and teachers. They can all shed some insight on how to succeed in classes, transfer to a university and maintain a solid foundation for a career later on after college graduation. The academic integrity along with the large network of support can help boost the confidence and motivation for each student’s journey to a career begins with a single step in the right direction.


Lady Glads roll Trojans


Upcoming games FOOTBALL OCT. 13 vs.


Last week the Chabot women’s soccer team defeated the Skyline Trojans by a final score of 3-0, bringing the Lady Glads’ overall record to 5-3-3. Early in the first half, both teams had trouble maintaining possession of the ball as erred passes led to a high number of turnovers in the neutral zone. Approaching the 22nd minute, Chabot started to find a rhythm moving the ball down the pitch, setting up what looked to be perfect scoring opportunities. Fortunately for the Trojans, the Gladiators seemed to be a little gun shy, electing to pass the ball one too many times instead of taking a shot on goal. Skyline’s luck ran out in the 26th minute when a corner from freshman midfielder Alexandra Puga bounced two times inside the penalty box allowing Tatiana Arteaga to turn the Trojans poor defense into a 1-0 lead for the Gladiators. Despite several other scoring chances for Chabot, the score remained the same going into halftime. Coming out of the half, Skyline played inspired soccer looking to pass the ball over the top of Chabot’s defense and get their attackers into space with favorable numbers against the Gladiator goalie. Skyline’s main target was Katie Jacques, who set up the Trojans’ best scoring chance. After receiving a pass, which looked to be offsides, she managed to control the ball inside of Gladiator territory and delivered a well placed cross to Jasmin Cazares. Cazares shot the ball high over the net ruining a perfect chance at getting the equalizer. The close call woke up Chabot as the defense and the offense would pick up its intensity dramatically. In the 71st minute, Puga would increase Chabot’s lead by streaking down the pitch on a breakaway and beating the Trojans’ goalkeeper, making the score 2-0. The last 20 minutes of the contest would be ele-

mentary for the Lady Glads, as they dominated every aspect of the game. Heidi Olsen would tack on the third goal of the contest for Chabot, practically walking the ball in as Skyline’s goalkeeper was out of position. It was a good win for Chabot, who are tied with the most overall wins in the North Coast Conference with Ohlone. But there was a feeling that a lot was left out on the pitch for the Gladiators. Markus Bathelt, Head Coach for Chabot said after the game “I feel that the last two games we came out flat during the first 30 minutes. It takes a long time to get going, but for some reason after halftime we seem to get better. I think it’s a mental thing”. Nathalie Ruiz, center midfielder and defensemen for the Lady Glads said “We just have to keep up the aggression, and make sure we are getting prepared before the game so when it starts we can play well right off the bat”.

Game notes

• Chabot is undefeated at home, posting a 5-0-3 record

YOUR DREAM AT MILLS COLLEGE. • Chabot has scored 13


OCT. 16 vs.

OCT. 19 @

After slow start, Chabot shuts out Skyline

By Rashaan Mungo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Las Positas Hawks Merced Blue Devils

Laney Eagles

OCT. 27 vs.


Feather River Golden Eagles

Ohlone Renegades

OCT. 19 @

OCT. 23 vs.

De Anza Dons

Cabrillo Seahawks

3 vs.

West Hills Golden Eagles


OCT. 24 vs.

NOV. 14 vs.

Modesto Pirates

Skyline Trojans


OCT. 17 @

West Valley Vikings

Skyline Trojans

OCT. 19 vs.

OCT. 24 @

Foothill Owls

Gavilan Rams


OCT. 16 @

Las PositasHawks

West Valley Vikings


unanswered goals in its last two contest, defeating Cañada 10-0 and Skyline 3-0

• Oct. 12 @ Hartnell is Chabot women’s soccer next game • Oct. 23 vs. Ohlone is Chabot women’s soccer next game at home *For more Women’s Soccer games see “Game Notes”in Lady Glads article. *All Volleyball home games will be played at Las Positas College 3000 Campus Hill Drive, Livermore, CA 94551

Mills offers talented women who want an exceptional and personal education the opportunity to: • Transfer in spring or fall. • Get the classes you need to graduate on time. • Earn merit scholarships totaling up to $19,000. • Transfer with no minimum number of credits. • Transfer without completing your GE requirements.


Oakland, CA

INFORMATION SESSION Saturday, October 20 9:30 am–12:30 pm


Chabot College — College Spectator Size: 6” x 6” • Insertion date: Oct. 11, 2012 Ad #9112DREAM

Thursday, October 11, 2012

SpectatoR the

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2009 General Excellence Award Winner



The business of sex toys

Sex toys are no longer for the lonely and single, as popularity in the use of toys significantly increases.


PHOTOGRAPHERS Vernon Aglubat Gabriela Ballesteros Asti Davis Kenia Dominguez Aaron Geronimo Ya’Shalan Nelson Denise Olberg Jyra Valenzuela Jasmine Washington


Room 2325 25555 Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545 or for Advertising contact:


Letters may be edited for grammar, length, libel or clarity. Letters should be 250 words or fewer, and must include full name, address and daytime phone number, even if full name is not to be published.


The Spectator shall not accept advertising containing ads that suggests prejudice, racism or discriminatory attitudes; ads that mislead or make false promises; ads that may cause potential monetary loss to the reader through fraud or injury or risk of health; ads that defame or invade privacy; ads that may be interpreted as vulgar or offensive to the sensibility of the average reader.

A wall lined with sex toys at L’amour Shoppe in Hayward, Calif. By Ryan Rasberry STAFF WRITER

Over the years, taboo adult toys have become big business and more common in the bedrooms of America. When you think of someone who buys sex toys, an image comes to mind of a lonely or perverted person shopping behind the tinted windows of a porn store. Someone who uses sex toys may seem to be lacking or unsatisfied in the bedroom. What you are about to discover is that is not necessarily true. According to the University of Chicago, in 2002 the adult toy business was a $500 million a year business. Now, according to the adult toy manufacturer www., it generates $15 billion a year in the United States alone. Believing that adult toys are rarely used would be foolish thinking, according to Dr. Laura Berman, America’s leading love and sex

therapist. “In fact, a study I performed with found that 44 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have used a sex toy,” and these aren’t lonely women. “Seventyeight percent of women who use or have used a sex toy reported being in a relationship. Additionally, a recent Durex study found that close to 25 percent of people have used sex toys with their partners.” In addition, pop culture has effects on the adult toy business. The recent craze over “50 Shades of Grey” a book outlining bondage, S and M (sadism and masochism) and other sexual activities has made women and men eager to try something new. It has been documented by www.http://adameve. com that sales of bondage toys, which include straps and handcuffs, have increased over 50 percent. Ben Wa Balls, small beads that improve the quality of


female orgasms by exercising pelvic floor muscles, have increased over 350 percent. Surprisingly enough, California and New York are not the leading consumers of adult toys. The top ten states that use adult toys consist of: Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, West Virginia, Idaho and South Dakota. Many states, especially states in the south, had banned until recent years, “the sale, production or distribution of…any device… for the stimulation of the human genital organs.” In February 2008, a federal appeals court overturned a Texas statute banning the sales of sex toys, deeming such a statute as violating the Constitution’s 14th Amendment on the right to privacy. The overturn of this statute is a good thing because sexual satisfaction plays a role with health according

to Dr. Sonia Davison, of the Women’s Health Program at Monash University, Australia. “We found that women who were sexually dissatisfied had lower wellbeing and lower vitality. This finding highlights the importance of addressing these areas as an essential part of women’s health care, because women may be uncomfortable discussing these issues with their doctor,” Davison says. The boom of adult toys has crossed borders from books to health to the judicial system. The raunchy subject, although never thought of as conversation at the dinner table, is becoming a norm in the privacy of our bedrooms and the acceptance of it has only proved beneficial to our happiness and to our health. To contact the writer of this article, email him at

Between the Sheets a new column about sex & relationships

Have sex and relationship questions? We want to know what YOU want to know.

Email your comments and suggestions to



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beneficial weight loss supplements: biotin and cinnamon

Those suffering from Type 2 diabetes can find biotin to be a great addition to their diet thanks to the regulation of blood sugar that biotin offers. If you are interested in losing weight, biotin is essential for converting fats, Bottom line, everyone has a product out there advertising the ‘new best carbs and proteins into energy. weight loss’ remedies. I want to offer my advice by asking you to not feed It is also plays an important role in the building and maintaining musinto the fad diets and start thinking about beneficial supplements that will cle fibers. It can help those looking to add muscle as part of their training support a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, have any prior medical program and additional muscle mass requires more energy from the body conditions or are taking medication, consult your doctor before use. In to work, so this in turn can help burn calories. addition to a multi-vitamin would like to recommend two of my favorites Biotin helps promote the health of skin, hair and nails by nourishing that you might not have heard of before: biotin and cinnamon. cells throughout the body. Biotin is an all-natural beneficial supplement, so why not add it to breakfast? By Rachelle Qutob STAFF WRITER

The three main benefits to taking biotin is the fact that it helps with hair and nail growth, regulates blood sugar and assists in weight loss by metabolizing fats and sugar. As one of the B-complex vitamins, biotin can be found in many types of foods but can be diminished through the process of cooking.


That’s why I recommend taking one, 1000 microgram dose of this daily supplement in the morning with your vitamins to increase the success of your new diet and exercise routine. If you are opposed to taking a pill, foods rich in biotin include spinach, broccoli and proteins such as chicken and fish.

Cinnamon, strangely enough, has many beneficial aspects. I don’t care if you want to sprinkle cinnamon on your cereal in the morning or take the recommended dosage, but I highly suggest for this spice to be a part of your daily diet. It is particularly a great source of magnesium, fiber, iron and calPHOTO COURTESY OF VEGETARIAN-NUTRITION.ORG cium. Doctors have performed studies that have shown even just smelling cinnamon can have a positive effect in improving our memory and performance. Cinnamon has long been used as a pain relieving remedy in Chinese medicine and it is shown to improve arthritis and reduce pain. Overall, it doesn’t have any harmful side effects and with all of its beneficial factors, there is no reason you shouldn’t add this into your daily handful of vitamins.

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The Spectator Oct. 11, 2012  
The Spectator Oct. 11, 2012  

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