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SVO Honoring US Veterans


SVO raises the American flag, POW flag, and the California State flag as part of their event honoring U.S. veterans on Nov. 5, 2013 in Hayward, Calif.

On Nov. 5, 2013, the Chabot College Student Veterans Organization (SVO) hosted a noontime event in the Chabot Events Center in Building 700 to honor and remember military veterans. The first activity they had planned for the day was a raising of the “Flag” that took place at the Chabot College flagpole located at the entrance of the college. Aaron Allen, SVO Vice President called to attention the posting of the colors and the American, POW and California state flags were raised. A moment of silence was also observed out of respect to the veterans and

The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days

The Spectator

Hayward, California

By Tammy Lee


to remember the soldiers who have served, are missing or who have lost their lives for our country. Club member Tim Miller notes, “It’s a tradition on Veteran’s Day to honor our brothers and sisters, missing or passed on.” Michael Bon, SVO President addressed a packed event center informing the audience that one of the things that SVO is working on is getting a permanent Veterans Resource Center. A permanent center can lead to additional resources such as new computers to help those in need. Their hope is that they can also have access to the office hours of some instructors so that the

Veterans Resource Center can be opened at all times. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. David Joseph, who is a clinical psychologist and serves as a counselor at the Oakland Veterans Center. At Chabot College, where Dr. Joesph regularly does veteran outreach, he has been instrumental in bringing awareness to student veterans here on campus and making sure that they have access to the resources and support they deserve and need. Outreach coordinator for the Oakland Outreach Center, Dottie Guy gave information about the outreach center and the services they provide. Her goal is to make sure the veterans she works with get the benefits and care that they deserve and have earned through their service. Among those in attendance were veterans from several different branches of the armed forces and many who have served in different wars as far back as the Vietnam War. During a question and answer session both Dr. Joseph and Dottie Guy helped the student veterans out with information to assist them with issues they may be facing. Some of the challenges that veterans deal with may include problems with their benefits, little knowledge of available counseling or other resources that may be available to them. The information session guided them on how best to utilize and find support for student veterans on campus. Chabot College President, Dr. Susan Sperling was able to make SVO, page 3

Thursday, November 14, 2013

El Dia de los Muertos at Chabot College

Mexican hot chocolate. According to Patricia On Nov. 5, 2013, the Office Molina, president of CLEA of Student Life, Puente Club, and a counselor at Chabot, CLEA (Chicano-Latino the day of the dead “is a Education Association) and tradition that started in the library celebrated El Mexico and it is celebrated Dia de los Muertos at the throughout the world and all By Tammy Lee


The Altar de Muertos in the Student Center at the El Dia De Los Muertos celebration at Chabot College on Nov. 5, 2013 featured photos, offerings, momentos and favorite foods of people who have passed away.

Student Center. Some of the festivities included Mariachi Terra Linda performing for the students in the cafeteria while staff members handed out free pan dulce and

Latin American countries.“ The holiday focuses on the gathering of friends and family to pray for and remember loved ones who Puente Club, page 3

Making a Difference: Alex Harmon November Youngster of the Month for his work within the Hayward community. Chabot College student, When asked if the honor Alex Harmon, was bestowed upon him came as recently selected by a surprise, Harmon took it in Hayward councilmember stride and said, “I was sort and mayoral candidate of surprised but at the same Francisco Zermeño as Harmon, page 3 By Tammy Lee


Alex Harmon, a Chabot College student, was selected as Hayward Councilman/Mayoral Candidate Francisco Zermeno’s November Youngster of the Month for his work within the Hayward community.


2 Hayward, California

Thursday, November 14, 2013


What are you most thankful for this year?

Jean Rojas, Undecided “I help people unconditionally now. I help them with almost everything – relationship, school work – and basically I made difference on a lot of people’s lives.”

“Black Friday is really important because it’s when all the prices go down. People go crazy but there’s a bad side to it that people get stepped over because there’s stampede going on.”

Joseph Gerardo, Music Major

Sabrina Mele, Child Psychology

“I’m thankful for being alive and still being at Chabot and I got a job recently, so I’m thankful for that.”

“…that I have a job. I graduated, so I have an AA, but it’s really hard to find a job.”

Black Friday: Yay or Nay? “I’m not sure about what it has to do with Thanksgiving...but I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s relevant because it’s a good time for people to get stuff they need.”

“My first time was when I was 12, and it was a mad house. I didn’t go again until a few years ago…Honestly, I like the idea of Black Friday, but it’s become so dramatic.”


Campus Hayward, California

UC Workshop By mintoy tillman

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013 Chabot College held a UC personal statement workshop at noon. English professor Larry Cain gave tips on writing a personal statement in Room 758 in which four students attended. “We don’t do drafts here, we give you tips and pointers on how to write your drafts,” said Cain. This workshop usually has 25-30 students seated that are interested in learning how to write a personal statement that stands out to any UC. Cain explained to the Chabot students the benefits of applying a few days before the deadline, which is Nov. 30. He gave tips on SVO

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time in her busy schedule to attend the SVO event and share a few words with the packed room as a surprise guest speaker. During her speech she mentioned that it was important for her to speak at the event because her father was a World War I veteran. She also announced that there will be a new permanent home for the veterans resource center in room 2351A above the cafeteria where the current

Thursday, November 14, 2013

how to write the two essays that total up to about a thousand words. “This is one place where it’s okay to brag and whine,” said Cain. The importance of including your hardships and obstacles as well as your achievements and best qualities was discussed. “Be yourself when you write these things [and] don’t be too formal,” said Cain. Tiffany Drew, Business major at Chabot, plans on transferring to CSU East Bay or SF State. DENISE OLBERG/STAFF PHOTO “I plan on transferring really soon and I want to Larry Cain, English professor, speaks to students on behave tof the UC system giving them tips on filling out make sure I take all the right their UC applications on Nov. 5, 2013. steps,” said Drew. concluded the workshop statements can be found in in getting an idea of how Cain gave the students by reading a few personal the transfer center at the to write their own personal prompts on writing their statements of other students. front desk, available to any statement. personal statements and Copies of personal students that are interested PATH center is located in building 2300. Until the move occurs to the new location they can be found in room 2345. One of the biggest announcements the SVO had to share was that the organization was accepted as a part of a national coalition of more than 850 student veteran organizations in all 50 states. The SVO isn’t an organization limited to just veterans. It is open to everyone whether you are

in the military or not, you support the military or an army brat; the SVO is opened to everyone. The SVO will be cosponsoring a Toys for Tots event with the U.S. Marines along with the Law and Justice Club and Change it Now at the Event Center TAMMY LEE/STAFF PHOTO on Dec. 3, 2013 from 8 a.m. Dr. David Joseph, keynote speaker, and Dottie Guy, outreach – 3 p.m. The event is open coordinator for the Oaklands Veterans Center, spoke at the SVO event to the entire community on Nov. 5, 2013. www.chabotcollege. beyond Chabot College. Santa and a showing of Polar visit There will be food in the Express and Rudolph will be edu/veterans or email them at chabotstudentveterans@ morning; activities for the shown. For more information, kids including pictures with


away, the Altar de Muertos also featured pictures, have passed away. offerings, mementos and What set this year’s favorite foods of family celebration apart is that the members belonging to some Altar de Muertos located in the participating clubs cothe Student Center shows sponsoring this event. Chabot faculty who have The purpose of El Dia passed away. Molina notes, de los Muertos is to honor CLUB

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Jesus Cabrera stands in line to get the complimentary pan dulce and Mexican hot chocolate during the El Dia De Los Muertos celebration at Chabot College on Nov 5, 2013.

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VISIT PROGRAM: December 6 • 10:00 am–12:15 pm Learn about our programs, meet our students, and tour our campus.



“This year, we wanted to celebrate people who have worked here and celebrate their life and show the hard work and dedication they put into Chabot.’’ In addition to pictures of Chabot staff that have passed

loved ones who have passed away and to remember them. Those who participate in this celebration believe that death is not the end of everything and that there is life after death.



Hayward, California

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hayward Recognizes Youngster of the Month TAMMY LEE/STAFF PHOTO

Alex Harmon is an active member of the community, having been part of various local organizations such as the Hayward Youth Commission and the General Plan Task Force.


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same time, I’m really involved with the community, but I don’t make it all what I’m about because I still have my social life. I’m still a 20-year-old guy just enjoying my life like everyone else does.” Harmon grew up in downtown Hayward, “in the heart of everything,” he says. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to be an active part of his community. If he wanted to see change, he needed to have an input in whatever is going on. This ranged from commenting on news articles he reads online to helping hold signs when the teachers at his old elementary school were on strike. These “simple”

actions, as he referred to them, allowed him to have a voice and to try to make a difference in the community he loved. When Harmon was in middle school, he volunteered at the library and one of the librarians suggested that he join the Hayward Youth Commission. The Hayward Youth Commission, comprising of 13-20-year-olds in the Hayward area, advises the mayor, City Council and Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (H.A.R.D.) in addition to the school district on issues that affect young people. Harmon served on the Hayward Youth Commission for three years, and it was his involvement

with them that resulted in his part time job with H.A.R.D., working with teens and youth programs. In between his time with school, work and the Youth Commission, he always made it a point to stay involved with his community, and he liked going to local meetings. “I just wanted to be part of the process and going to City Council meetings. As a high school kid, I felt awkward because I was the youngest one there,” he recalls. Harmon is also currently the youngest member of the General Plan Task Force, which is Hayward’s basic planning document that is the blueprint for the city’s development, growth and policies on land use citywide.

“I feel good because as the youngest one there, I feel like I can make a difference because I’ll be a big part of the change. [Their] goal is to do it, have it all done by 2040. “So in 2040, I’ll be in my 50’s,” Harmon quips. He further notes, “It’s good to have a young perspective on what’s going on because all you hear is other people talking about how they want Hayward to be what it used to be. At the same time, you got to make it more catered to the people who are growing up now. “Hayward has Chabot [and] Cal State. A lot of young people are in Hayward, and it’s a good

Annual Thanksgiving Swim By Maria Maniego

On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, Hayward Plunge will host its Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Swim with light refreshments, raffle prizes and lap swimming.

This event requires a $4 minimun donation and will run from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Hayward Plunge opens its doors every Thanksgiving Day in remembrance of the late Karen Gordin. Gordin was a lifeguard who died in a car accident


On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 2013, Hayward Plunge will host its Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Swim. Brandon Tyler Lee, a lifeguard with H.A.R.D., is one of the young, potential talents employed by them.

on her way to work. She was 19 years old when the incident happened in 2001. Management then thought of ways to remember her by. “We grieved a lot [and] tried to think of what we could do,” manager Tom Prusinovski said. Scholarships are also awarded aside from the usual event activities. Two college student lifeguards are given these scholarships, one working for the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (H.A.R.D.) and another from an outside agency. The H.A.R.D. Foundation also donates $1,000 a year for the scholarships. The money raised will be added to the Karen Gordin Scholarship Fund to aid free swimming lessons.

chunk of the population so I’m glad I can be part of that. I can be the voice for us.” As for what the future holds, he says, “In the future, I don’t know exactly what I want to do for a career but I can possibly see a future in local government. Maybe [I will] be a city councilmember or something but at the same time, I just want to work with the community, kind of like what I’m doing right now.” Given his deep involvement with all things concerning his community, Harmon coyly hints that one day in the future, perhaps he’ll consider even running for mayor in his beloved city.




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Hayward, California


RHINOCEROS By Suliman Babakarkhail

If you are a fan of hilarious dialogue and witty back and forth retorts, you will love “Rhinoceros.” The theatre students have adapted this play and performed it brilliantly. The original play, written by Eugene Ionesco in 1959, follows the story of Berenger. Set in France,

the inhabitants of a town are plagued with roaming rhinos. The characters are initially baffled with the absurdity of a free rhinoceros, but they soon realize there is something very familiar about these beasts. The main character Berenger is portrayed as an average man with common problems. Throughout the

play he is criticized for his demeanor, appearance, and lack of temperance by his friend Jean. He then tries to awkwardly court his coworker, Daisy whom he has fallen for. His story is told through an absurdist perspective. The play aimed to create and break connections between characters as they


The Fever is Here

dotted lines. Still in the soft r&b/ pop genre, Bieber grabs listeners’ attention with By Amyra Soriano His brand new single, “All another semi camouflaged Bad”, was released on Nov. love song. The single “All Bad” compromises a boy’s It’s crazy to think how 11, 2013. Justin Bieber does not love life and the chance that far technology has come walk far from his already may or may not be given. with its capability to In a world of cheaters and magnify upcoming artists’ players, Bieber yearns to credibility. From nothing prove his sincerity through to everything, singers and his new melody. He sings, rappers are given the ability “Trying to tell me I’m just to sell themselves to the like the others / But I ain’t public through common all bad…” Is Bieber just playground with homemade another boy who cried songs. Ex YouTube star, wolf. Or has he genuinely Justin Bieber, wows changed into a man? Listen fans again with another to All Bad by Justin Bieber. surprisingly catchy track.

N AT I O N A L U N I V E R S I T Y Nonprofit

One Course Per Month

Thursday, November 14, 2013 all tried to figure out why there are rhinos everywhere. It was performed well, with amazing timing. There was great chemistry between the actors which was made clear through their interactions. Everyone was on point and performed enthusiastically. The amount of practice and work that has been put into this play is obvious. The sets were well crafted and their use of lighting techniques created an interesting aurora in the little theater. Even

a packed house did not stress these actors as they delivered a magnificent performance. If you get a chance, you should check out future plays. It helps one appreciate the level of dedication these students put into their work. ‘Rhinoceros’

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Written by: Eugene Ionesco Directed by: Linda AmayoHassan


Snowflake Teahouse

The soft sheets of ice are garnished with your choice Got a sweet tooth and tired of fruits or nuts. Unlike of the same old chocolate other franchised “boba” brownie and vanilla ice teahouses, Snowflake has cream you could make a huge selection of hot yourself at home? Well, and cold teas to meet all crave no more and slide different types of cravings. through the local dessert Rather than handing out a joint for unique Taiwanese plastic glass of week old delicacies! Now closer than tapioca, the hot milk tea is By Amyra Soriano


Online & On Campus




A crepe filled with strawberries or other various dessert items at Snowflake Teahouse in Union City, Calif.

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ever, Snowflake Teahouse opens in the heart of Union City at 1788 Decoto Road. The ambiance is sweet like everything else in sight. Snowflake Teahouse is accessorized with eclectic furniture, which makes the experience even more of an excitement. Its home-like features make an afternoon catch up date comfy. Snowflake Teahouse specializes in shaved ice, which is popular in Asia and Hawaii. The treat is perfect to share with a group of friends while playing a game of Jenga.

served in it’s own personal teapot set. Simply classy and clean. My personal favorite is the strawberry crepe. Made to order each time, the crepe is the perfect combination of savory and sweet. Strawberries overflow the top of the pastry, which make a person feel less bad for all the ice-cream and Nutella they’re about to eat. Overall, it’s an “okay” place to try new things and step out of the daily Starbucks routine. Ditch the coffee one time and check out Snowflake Teahouse!


6 Hayward, California

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Smoking Areas Have their Place on Campus By Nicholas Thompson

Any subject involving smoking tends to be a controversial one. While the state has laid down its laws on where it is and is not okay to smoke, people against smoking still try to keep smoking areas as far away as possible. While the dangers of smoking have been made public, many people still do it and those people have their right to have designated areas around campus. While many people, including myself, do not smoke and do not like being around it, those who do smoke should have areas where they can. Currently, there is no ban on smoking. It is still perfectly legal to smoke given they are in open spaces away from main entrances or in designated

areas that fit a specific guideline given by the state. For Chabot, that means the parking lot as well as some of the open areas in the front are perfectly legal for smoking. A current trend of California universities is to be smoke free campuses, even though a decent amount of their students who attend smoke. While it is a good goal to have a smoke free zone, the state has not made smoking illegal and I don’t think those who want to smoke should be penalized for something that is legal. While universities and state colleges have the right to make their campus a smoke free campus, I don’t think a community college such as Chabot should follow that path. Chabot accepts all who apply, it would be wrong to take away areas for those who smoke because Chabot


Students at Chabot such as Andrew Hixenboss use the parking lots on campus as smoking areas.

is supposed to be a place of acceptance. Until laws are passed that ban smoking or make it so there is no smoking within a given number of

yards from a school, there should always be smoking areas around campus for those students who choose to smoke. Remember that no

one is forcing you into the smoking area if you do not like it, so instead of complaining or trying to get the areas removed, next time just walk around it.

Friend zone; Zone of no Gender Integration in Sports Return or Excuse to Play Victim By Christopher Gutierrez

At Chabot College, the safety rule regarding separation between male and female sports teams has not yet been challenged. However, say for instance if a female basketball player were interested in playing a male dominated sport she should be given that equal opportunity--regardless of her being a female because she can posses the same qualities and skill that a male athlete has in order to play the same sport. Perhaps, she wanted to play baseball or footbal. Would she be allowed to join the team, what would happen? Could this happen at Chabot? Many believe that sports are male dominant because of things like similar size and body composition. On the other hand, there should be an equal opportunity no matter the age, race, sex, or religion. I believe this as true as well because whether or not a sports player is male or female should not matter. What matters most is that the player is highly skilled,

determined and physically fit. There should also be no special treatment involved in recruitment for players of opposite sex. Girls should be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams for a trifold of reasons. One, because they can be just as devoted as men; two, they are capable and should not be underestimated; and three, they are willing to go the extra mile. For example, girls have a lot of talent in a certain sports such as the professional American tennis players, the Serena and Venus Williams. With a seven-time Grand Slam title, there is no reason why either sister should not be allowed to try out for the male tournaments. If a female athlete is interested in playing with boys then yes, she ought to be allowed. If a female athlete doesn’t want to, then she doesn’t have to, but she should be allowed to try out for the team. Male athletes need to accept the fact that it’s not only men that can play football, soccer or baseball but that women can play as well.

By Nicholas Thompson

Throughout social media, online memes, or just stories amongst friends, the friend zone is used to describe having romantic interest in a friend who does not reciprocate those feelings. While many people believe the friend zone is an inescapable zone their interest puts them in out of spite, I believe it is just an excuse for people to play victim when they do not catch the eye of that special someone. The friend zone is simply being romantically interested in a close friend. This interest is often followed by acting in ways or saying things a significant other would but, while the gestures are appreciated, the romantic feelings are not reciprocated and it often leads to a deeper bond of friendship rather than romance. This scenario happens all the time in social interaction but there are few things young adults, especially males, complain about more than “being in the friend zone.” I will not argue that it does not hurt to love someone and not have those feelings reciprocated, I have been in that situation more than once, but that does

not make the person who does not reciprocate those feeling any less of a person. Acts of kindness, flirting, taking people out to eat, etc. can all be things that lead to romantic interest but there is no guarantee. People tend to feel entitled to someone’s heart because they did some nice things and flirted but that is wrong. No one is entitled to someone’s heart, you have to stand out enough in that person’s eyes for them to give you their heart. Excuses are made all the time when someone is in the friend zone, such as nice guys finish last, he/she is missing out on me, or I will find someone better, but a lot of the time, it may

be as simple as you are not their type. When it comes to being in love with a close/best friend, it can be tough. Do not fall into seeing things as black and white as either they love you back or they will always be your friend. If you truly are their friend, than keep being just that if they do not love you. Who knows, you may not be what they are looking for right now, but later on you may be exactly what they want. Don’t play victim or feel entitled to their love, just stick with them as a friend if that is all you can do and perhaps your dedication to your friendship will result in it blossoming into romance.


Getting gifts for your friend can also be risky because one is not sure if the same affection will be reciprocated.


Opinion Hayward, California

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Friday, More of a BUST than “best” By Elise Reyes

The holiday season is such a joyous time of the year. What starts around the end of October and carries throughout December and even January is a time full fun, family, friends, food, holiday drinks at Starbucks (my personal favorite)… and the “best” sales on anything and everything the day after Thanksgiving? I’ll be the first to say that I’ve never participated in the shenanigans of Black Friday, nor do I really want to. I can understand its allure, but it also greatly puzzles me. Sales are awesome in every way and holiday sales with up to 70% off (or even more) are totally stellar but I’d rather not be at a store overcrowded with people just to attempt to purchase an item I’m not even guaranteed. Perhaps I have a completely biased view of Black Friday since I have yet to attend the “event,” but I would like to think that my opinion is educated. Many of the people I know and many people I’ve seen

have told me that it isn’t even that great. I’ve seen reports and stories of some of the amazing “sales” just being regularly priced items marked way more expensive then marked back down to a price similar to their original expense. What’s the point of a socalled sale extravaganza if it’s not a true sale? Like most things, I firmly believe Black Friday is a part of the hype. While you can find really great deals and get your holiday shopping done a bit earlier, the crowds and frenzy of it all can prevent you from getting what you came to the store to get. The fear of being trampled and injured is enough to keep people at home and away from the madness, but it is definitely not enough to prevent the crowds from scavenging and scouring for what their heart desires at a fraction of the price. It’s a matter of luck and aggressiveness. Timid people shouldn’t be involved with Black Friday just as much as overly


The day after Thanksgiving will be a treturous experience, some would arguee the pay out is much sweeter then meets the eye.

zealous and violent-prone people who don’t always get their way. This upcoming Thanksgiving will be an interesting one for me,

though, since I will be partially participating in Black Friday and all it has to offer as a sales associate in retail. What I will experience in the near

future will probably add to my already negative view of Black Friday, but who knows, maybe I’ll even find a phenomenal deal of my own.

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Hayward, California

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lady Gladiator’s basketball season opens at home with loss to Siskiyous Chabot being outscored 3013 in the first half proved to be their downfall. By Chris Booker

The Chabot Lady Gladiators women’s basketball team began their season on Thursday Nov. 7 falling to the Siskiyous Eagles 62-52. Chabot knew that coming into the game that their opponent was a really

“We’re a new team so we all have to learn how to evolve as a new team.” -Sabrina Head formidable one, as the Eagles finished ranked 5th in all of Northern California the previous season. The first basket of the game and the season for Chabot came around the 18 minute mark when freshman guard Azeb Behane sunk a three-pointer to give Chabot the early 3-0 lead. Surprisingly, this was the only time Chabot had

the lead in the whole entire game. One of the strangest moments of the game came right when Siskiyous was leading Chabot at 8-7. For around five whole minutes no one scored as both teams were at a stalemate until there was 8:30 left in the half, when the Eagles hit a three and gave them an 11-7 lead. With 6:00 remaining Siskiyous went on a 12-2 run to balloon their lead to 20-9. The run subsided after a good shot by Bri’ale McCoy, but the Eagles were absolutely relentless on both sides of the ball, finishing the half on a 10-2 run and having a 30-13 lead. When the second half began, it felt like there was a completely different Lady Gladiator team out on the court. Chabot went on a commanding 14-4 run to begin the half and were able to trim the score down to 34-28 with 15:25 remaining in the second half.


On Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 Lady Glads sophomore guard Sabrina Head pushes the ball forward in Chabot’s loss against Siskiyous College.

After a Siskiyous timeout following the Lady Gladiator’s run, the Eagles finally picked up where they left off from the previous half. They went on an 8-0 run to extend their lead to 42-28 and decreased Chabot chances of coming back into this one. Unlike the beginning of the second half Chabot was not able to put together a comeback as they would drop their first game of the season at home to the tune of 62-52.

After the game, Chabot sophomore guard Sabrina Head had this to say about how her team played, “We did well by rotating the ball and working as a team. We’re a new team so we all have to learn how to evolve as a new team.” The Lady Gladiator’s head coach Mark Anger also gave his takeaways from the game that his team lost, “We were missing a few kids that we found out today and that kind of hurt us with the first half trying

to get ourselves together. It was our first game of the year, we had a bad first half, and we just didn’t start very well.” Coach Anger looked into the next game in which he wanted to see improvement on. He simply put it that the team needs to play better defense. It will be a while until the team comes back home as their next scheduled home game won’t be until January of 2014 when they take on Hartnell.

Chabot volleyball learns why Gavilan is leading the NorthCoast conference in 3-0 loss By Nicholas Thompson

On Friday, Nov. 8, Chabot lost to a dominant performance by conference leader Gavilan. Chabot took the court Friday ready to play the role of David in this David vs Goliath match against conference leader Gavilan. Chabot came into this match feeling confident after their dominant win on Wednesday however Gavilan is no easy task. The first game was a good battle. Chabot and Gavilan would trade points often, however dominant

front line play by Gavilan would keep them in the lead for most of the first game. Chabot kept fighting but in the end they were unable to capture the lead and Gavilan took game one. Game two started and Gavilan showed why they were leading the conference. Gavilan dominated in all aspects in the second game, giving up very few points while scoring on almost a constant basis. Gavilan took the second game with ease to give them the 2-0 lead. Chabot was faced with an incredibly difficult task

in winning three games in a row in order to beat Gavilan. This task proved to be too much as Gavilan took game three and the match after a well played game three by Chabot was not enough. In post game interviews, Coach Amber Sammons commented on her young team saying, “I feel like the past two games have been eye openers for their potential. With a team of freshman, we have a great foundation for next year and tremendous potential.” With only a few games remaining in the season, Freshman Amber Wright,


The look on Chabot’s outside hitter Christiana Roberts face perfectly describes the team’s loss to Gavilan on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013.

was vocal about getting more of the Chabot community to come out to the games saying, “Volleyball is not something you see everyday. It is not what you expect, there are people diving everywhere, it is a high level of play and it is intense.” also adding at the end of the interview, “unlike football and basketball, we

wear spandex” The loss on Friday made the Gladiator’s record 4-17-1 on the season with a conference record of 1-81. The Chabot volleyball team will close out their 2013 campaign at home on Wednesday Nov. 20th against Foothill College, where they hope to finish the season on a good note.

The Spectator Nov. 14 , 2013  
The Spectator Nov. 14 , 2013