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2013 ANNUAL REPORT The Sparrow’s Nest

WELCOME from Kevin Thompson What an exciting and pivotal year for The Sparrow's Nest!

2013 was the year in which so much of what all of us; staff, donors and volunteers, have worked so long and hard to accomplish became reality. It has been such a joy and encouragement to watch as God has used so many people, in so many unexpected ways, to make this dream come true. While much happened on several fronts, the key event was the successful purchase of our "Nest" in the O'Fallon area. All the things that had to come together to make that happen are a story for another day, but just believe me when I say that God was walking with us every step of the way. And once we had the home, the scope of the work necessary to get it ready was almost overwhelming. But, as always, we had amazing volunteers who donated incalculable time, talent and treasure to make the home a place of safety and comfort for our future clients. We will always be in debt to those who gave so much to make the house a reality. And 2014 holds equal promise. We've hired our first staff and they have hit the ground running. We have passed all of our inspections and our license application is in process. We will, very soon, be up-and-running and accomplishing our mission. There remains much work to be done. And, the only reason we have such confidence in our ability to do it is because we know we have a big and gracious God, and amazing support form all of you that have worked so hard with this ministry. Please pray that we continue to always put the Lord first in this work, and that we humbly let him use us as servants to accomplish His will in all that we do.

Kevin Thompson President of the Board

WELCOME from Carissa Figgins Hey there Sparrow supporters! In 2011 I was faced with the choice of turning away from the issue of teen pregnancy and homelessness in St. Charles County or meeting it head on. Today The Sparrow’s Nest is poised to address this issue by providing a stable home environment anchored in the gospel, guided by a dedicated staff and an empowering network of volunteers. Since our beginning, The Sparrow’s Nest board, staff, and volunteers have been building a stronger and stronger foundation for this organization to grow based on spiritual guidance, solid business practices, and fiduciary responsibility. This year’s annual report focuses on the ultimate destination – family. However it is defined by you, our supporter, through our efforts to implement The Sparrow’s Nest’s mission of providing a Christ-centered shelter and to educate homeless, pregnant, and parenting young women by providing a wide range of services that empower them to make positive and healthy life decisions for themselves and their babies. You will find that The Sparrow’s Nest family has worked tirelessly to meet these goals. From purchasing and renovating our first home to building consistent financial processes to preparing our volunteers for work, The Sparrow’s Nest made strides toward creating a home for young women facing unplanned pregnancies to find their true identity in Christ. As we continue on our path, The Sparrow’s Nest looks to a bright future of fulfilling our calling alongside you. Thank you for your continued support.

Carissa Figgins Executive Director


The mission of The Sparrow’s Nest is to provide a Christ-centered shelter and to educate homeless, pregnant, and parenting young women by providing a wide range of services that empower them to make positive and healthy life decisions for themselves and their babies.

2013 1st annual Gala

We believe in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances.

SUMMARY 2013 marked significant gains for The Sparrow’s Nest. A five bedroom, four bath home was purchased to house the first residents of The Sparrow’s Nest. The Sparrow’s Nest hosted five successful, major fundraisers and was the recipient of the proceeds of many third party fundraisers and grants. Through the efforts of over 200 volunteers, renovations were made to the facility; supplies and furniture were acquired; and policies, procedures, and programming were created. Two additional board members were added to the Board of Directors. Eleven churches supported The Sparrow’s Nest on various levels by providing volunteers, technical support, printing and copying services, as well as financial support. Paid staff was recruited and interviewed and will begin employment in the summer of 2014. Official collaborations were formed with Christian Family Services, Bethany Christian, Parents as Teachers, and Bridgeway Behavioral Health.

The Nest

2013 BOARD ROSTER Kevin Thompson- President Cesar Silva- Vice President Sandra Wilhite-Secretary Teresa Simmons- Treasurer Carissa Figgins- Executive Director Anne Schoch Caleb Freeman Jessica Henman Mark Hollander Carla Klaskin Kate Thoelke David Trampe

2013 3rd annual Sparrow Golf Scramble

THANK YOUS A special thank you to the following businesses, churches, and individuals for significant contributions to the renovation of The Sparrow's Nest home. 2 Dump It AmbeReen Lawns American Heritage Girls MO 1776 Armstrong Teasdale Mark & Amy Atchley James Baker Beseda Flooring Boulevard Dental Care Jim Bramhall Buchheit Supply Cass Bank Civil and Environmental Consultants Community Living, Inc. (CLI) Cottleville Firefighters Community Outreach Cottleville/Weldon Springs Rotary Club Dardenne Prairie Church Ran Disko Divine Homes Ekklesia Church Michael Etheridge Fick Supply First Baptist Church Harvester Fisher Scientific G & W Roofing Co Girl Scout Troop 1576 Girl Scout Troop 395 Girl Scout Troop 4014

Grace Hauling Grace Presbyterian Grasser Electric Barbara Hahn Harvester Christian Church Harvester Church of the Nazarene Holmes Water Treatment Company Immanuel Lutheran - St. Charles Leiber Heating and A/C, LLC Matthew Liefer Markus Small Group - Church of the Shepherd McCarthy Pest & Termite Control Inc. Bob McKnight Miller Design Group, Inc. Tom Pepper Porter Paint Mike Sanders Schneider Electric Securix Sherwin Williams Support Innovations T.R. Jones Contracting Christian Telford The Way Church Wiese Nursery Zion Lutheran Women's Mission League

FINANCIALS The Sparrow’s Nest is a start-up non-profit and will begin operating in the spring of 2014. 2013 financials are summarized here and provided in detail on subsequent pages. Total 2013 Income


Expenses: Programming Fundraising Administrative Total 2013 Expenses

$12, 526.29 $12, 526.29 $12, 387.68 $37, 440.06

Ending Net Assets

$141, 708.46

2013 4th annual R.U.S.H 5K

The Sparrow's Nest Statement of Financial Position - Cash Basis December 31, 2013 Assets Current Assets Cash Due from Officer Total Current Assets

$ $ $

124,884 13 124,897

$ $

306,552 306,552



$ $

14,806 14,806

$ $

171,815 171,815

$ $

244,828 244,828



Property and Equipment Building Total Property and Equipment

Total Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities Mortgage Note Payable - Short Term Total Current Liabilities

Long Term Liabilities Mortgage Note Payable - Long Term Total Long Term Liabilities

Net Assets Unrestricted Net Asets Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

The Sparrow's Nest Statement of Activities - Cash Basis December 31, 2013 Revenue Contributions Special Events Interest Total Revenues

$ $ $ $

153,177 25,950 21 179,148

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

264 1,586 4,850 5,620 1,719 689 713 1,719 1,709 1,319 12,526 551 840 251 278 2,079 727 37,440

Increase in Net Assets



Net Assets, Beginning of the Year



Net Assets, End of the Year



Expenses Computer Expenses Contract Services Mortgage Interest - Building Property Maintenance - Building Insurance - Building Utilities - Building Books, Subscriptions and Reference Postage and Mailing Printing and Copying Bank and Credit Card Fees Special Event Expenses Education Storage Advertising Meeting Expenses Liability Insurance Other Operating Expenses Total Expenses

TSN 2013 Annual Report  
TSN 2013 Annual Report