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Homemade profiteroles

filled with vanilla cream and drizzled with melted chocolate

Sticky toffee pudding

with homemade toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream.

£5.95 £5.95

Baileys creme brulee


Dark chocolate torte


with a mixed berry compote and vanilla ice cream.

White chocolate bread & butter pudding served with vanilla anglaise.

Selection of mixed ice cream mint choc chip - cinder toffee - smooth chocolate rasberry swirl - vanilla bean - mango sorbet.


2 scoops £3.50

3 scoops £4.50

Selection of sandhams cheese


accompanied with biscuits, celery, grapes and tomato chutney

Selection of sandhams cheese

selection of five Sandham’s cheeses from Garstang, the family cheese makers since 1929 Red Rum - Lancashire cheese laced with rum and wine Flaming ’eck - fiery Lancashire cheese with jalapeno peppers and sun dried tomatoes Garstang blue stilton Sandham’s smoked Lancashire Blackbellies - a strong crumbly Lancashire cheese

Desserts Menu  
Desserts Menu  

Autumn 2009 desserts menu