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The Endorphin Effect

The Power of Spiritual Practice

This weekend takes you to the heart of mind-body-spirit wellbeing. It will give you precise and easily practised strategies for supporting and improving your physical and emotional health. This approach can be used when tired, on overload or in crisis. When you feel good, you will feel even better. The very best of mindfulness and healing.

Spirituality is good for you. And good for all around you. Profound, meaningful and inspiring, it connects you to the full experience and purpose of your life. In these two days you will explore what spiritual people of all traditions actually do in practice, so that you can clarify and deepen your own approach and best serve the community of life.

The Sword and Chalice The universe is made of energy and filled with unseen dynamics. We influence it and it influences us. The purpose of this weekend is to clarify precisely how you can consciously, usefully and safely work with these subtle dynamics for healing and transformation – to benefit yourself and those around you. You will explore the essence of how energy workers, shamans, healers, priestesses and priests bless, cleanse and create their effects.

7/8 June

Your Heroic Journey Know thyself. This weekend explores the deep and powerful psychological and spiritual forces at work within you. Understand the crucial strategies for safely guiding and accelerating your transformational path; for managing resistance, shadow and delusion. This is an important training for anyone interested in facilitating spiritual development – your own or that of a companion or client.

LEARN Learn the life-changing practices at the heart of the world's spiritual traditions from an experienced and inspiring teacher. Each workshop is an oasis for reflection and learning, for acquiring skills and concepts that you can use and share immediately. All workshops use meditation and mindfulness.

5/6 July

CONNECTED, MINDFUL AND COMPASSIONATE ‘William Bloom is considered by many to be Britain’s leading and most experienced mind-body-spirit teacher.’ Yoga Magazine. ‘A genius.’ Caroline Myss. ‘Inner peace as easy as breathing. William Bloom has an encyclopaedic knowledge of meditation.’ The Independent ‘A good person with much experience and wisdom to impart, an excellent teacher who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.’ Church Times

VENUE: ST MARY ’S HALL, GLASTONBURY 10am-5pm each day. For more detailed information, longer blurbs and booking: www.williambloom.com 01458 370102 welcome@williambloom.com

Strong and Clear This workshop is dedicated to giving you the understanding and skills to manage the powerful spiritual, energetic and psychological dynamics that are at work in groups, relationships and communications. These practical strategies and concepts are effective at home, at work and with friends. They will improve your calm, strength and positive influence.

DEFINITION Spirituality is everyone's natural connection with the wonder and energy of life – and the instinct to explore that experience and its meaning. Spirituality is about the growth of compassion and consciousness, heart and mind, not materialism and status – love in action.

NEW – Professional Certificate in Spiritual Studies and Companionship Each workshop is also an accredited module in the Spiritual Companions programme for which there is a follow-on course.

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We’re already at the end of our 20th year - and what a year it’s been. Vicki had a baby, Darryl wrote a book, Maxine and Niall joined the team and we’re ploughing headlong towards our 21st anniversary by anouncing the winners (or rather YOUR winners) of the first Spark Awards. It’s been a whirlwind year for us and, as we hunker down and wrap up for winter, we hope you’ll join us in taking space to relax, recuperate and spend time with our loved ones. Love from the Spark team x

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the big interview


George Ferguson Bristol’s independent mayor Interview by Fiona McClymont • photo: BIG Green Week feeling of ‘whoever you vote for, the council gets in’ but I hope that’s changing. People have been really kind and enthusiastic about my role – I cycle and walk around the city, and every day I’ll get hailed by people, some who’ll bother me about something, but generally they offer encouragement and that’s quite refreshing.

George Ferguson, 66, is an awardwinning architect and urban regenerator, involved in projects including the At-Bristol Millennium Project and the Tobacco Factory. He

Celebrate the fact that Bristol does things rather differently than most cities. The Spark is huge evidence of that! I think we should all celebrate the fact that we’re a slightly eccentric city and really cling onto that - there are big threats, the march of the supermarkets being one of them - and resist us being turned into yet another clone city.

is also founder of the Bristol Beer Factory. In November 2012 he was sworn in as Bristol’s first elected (and independent) mayor. We talked with him about his first year in office and his plans for the future.

Being elected as mayor seemed like an impossible task; but I like a challenge. Until the day I won, I wasn’t expecting to be elected. There was an absolute assumption, by themselves and everybody else, that Labour would win, which was perfectly fair if you looked at the numbers. When I turned up to the count, late - because I thought watching lots of bits of paper cross a table was probably a pretty boring exercise - suddenly lots of cameras appeared and I thought ‘Oh my gosh’, but I felt perfectly calm. It’s a huge privilege and a huge responsibility. I remember thinking, ‘Well okay, this is the next few years of my life, my last big job’, because it is; I’ve got no political ambition at all beyond leaving Bristol a better place than when I found it. That’s all I care about. We have something to prove here in Bristol because no other city has done this – we are the only city that voted for a mayoral system. I’ve always got a buzz out of making things happen. Whether it be the Tobacco Factory or my involvement in the Bristol Ferry Company or setting up the Bristol Beer Factory – whatever it is, I’ve never rested from trying to make things happen and then to continue to spread the effect. So being mayor is the ultimate version of that really. Why me? Why not me?! My name had been canvassed by various people as a possible candidate and I thought, well, I’ve got all the life’s experience that’s appropriate. I put myself forward because I’m passionate about Bristol’s future and feel that it wasn’t being well served by the former governance it had. By standing as an independent you are standing on the toes of people who have got used to being in charge. Once the city had decided to go for the mayoral model I decided to stand as an independent. I thought the biggest change would be if we could reduce the domination of political parties in running the city by having an independent who would only look

from the point of view of ‘what’s best for Bristol?’ rather than having strings pulled from elsewhere. I thought the most difficult thing would be all the politics and I was right. It’s easier for me in a way in that I’m relatively naïve about it, and naivety in those situations can help a bit. But I’ve also been encouraged by the attitude of many of the politicians and those who’ve joined my cabinet - they tend to leave their partypolitics at the door when we are discussing things and act as a cohesive, intelligent, decision-making body. Mine is an executive role, not a political role. In effect I run the city - I think that people recognise that. When I first arrived here (City Hall, formerly Bristol’s Council House) I was put on the political floor and I insisted on being moved to the executive floor, along with my cabinet, because it’s important to stress that this is the floor that conducts the business of running the city and is responsible for making decisions. I value my cabinet’s advice – they are very experienced people, and I’d be stupid not to take notice of what they tell me - but ultimately I take all the final decisions. My biggest achievement in this first year – although it was made standing on the shoulders of others who’ve done so much work before – is the winning of European Green Capital. Becoming European Green Capital in 2015 gives us such a fantastic platform to change our environment and quality of life for the better and for us to become an exemplar city for the rest of Europe and, if we’re really ambitious, the rest of the world. It’s staggering – we’ll only be the sixth city to get this (after Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz [Spain], Nantes [France] and Copenhagen); it puts us in a really small club of interesting European cities.

I want Bristol to be seen as a laboratory for change. There is a huge amount of international interest in what’s going on here. I went to the Eco-Cities Conference and the World Mayor’s Climate Change Conference, and there is Bristol, playing quite a principle role. I’m basically saying to people internationally, ‘If you want to try something interesting, come and try it in Bristol’ and because of that Bristol is getting talked about internationally; people are watching our city. I’m absolutely shameless about selling Bristol as a creative, cool city. I’ve always said that if you’re going to do something serious you should also give it a sense of fun because the best way of putting people off anything is to make it all a bit hair-shirt. So traffic-free streets, bringing in entertainment, saying we’re a city of circus and encouraging street art in the right place, it all engages people in a way you wouldn’t be able to if you were just lecturing them. I’m prepared to be tough on some unpopular things. Anything I’ve done that has reduced people’s freedom to use their cars wherever and whenever they want has of course been unpopular with car drivers. But I’ve got to look at the much bigger picture, which involves trying to tackle this city’s air quality and try to declog Bristol from the congestion that everybody complains about. What people are very bad at doing is recognising that they are part of the problem. I feel I’ve started to deal with the problem, but they are going to have to change the way they operate. It’s surprised me how comfortable I’ve felt in the job. I’ve spent my life doing things like this, so it comes naturally to me. And I’ve also been surprised at how incredibly receptive and friendly the general population of Bristol is. There has tended to be a bit of cynicism, a

I’m determined to get Bristol an arena. I’ve still got to get the proposals through the budget (which goes to the City Council on February 18, 2014), but I think I will because Bristol is gagging for a big venue. I’ve been looking at arenas all around the country and there are two ways we could go: either do the safe thing, that most cities tend to go for, and hand over control of programming to a commercial operator; or decide that the people of Bristol should have a role in programming, and enter into a joint venture with an operator. My legacy is not about physical stuff like the arena, or more cycle lanes; it’s about Bristol becoming a happier place. What I would like to see as my legacy which is probably the most difficult and challenging thing - is reducing the huge social and health divide between the richest and the poorest in this city. There is a nine-to-ten year life expectancy differential depending on what area of Bristol you live in, which would be pretty shocking between cities, but within a city, that’s terrible. The biggest issue in terms of health differential is not just poverty itself, but the poor food that comes out of that – so building a healthier food ecology and a stronger relationship between town and country is part of that vision. Another big cause of the differential is air quality, which is why I regard transport as a health issue – get people on their bikes or walking. And ultimately the best way of making this city a better place, is to get everybody into worthwhile employment - I’d measure success by Tesco finding it really difficult to find shelf stackers here because everybody had already got more worthwhile employment. What have I learnt about myself over the last year? That I’m pretty resilient! There aren’t many jobs where people throw things at you – yes, literally! I’ve had coffee thrown over me, I’ve been punched, people pester me. And I’ve found that I am totally resilient to it. I think that frustrates some of the more cynical and nasty people out there who hide behind their laptops, tweeting away. I’ve lost sleep, I’ve had some pretty tiresome people to deal with, but it’s just a hugely invigorating job and I thrive on it. Not for a minute have I regretted taking on this role. www.georgeferguson.co.uk


6 spotlight on

With winter coming we all want a cuddle, but Christmas and New Year are notorious for the stress and loneliness singles and couples can experience. Kesty Morrison talks to the West’s relationship experts.


exual relationships can be a minefield. Finding someone special (or a variety of special people for those polyamourers out there), maintaining the flame and keeping the spark alive (pun intended!) can be quite a series of challenges. We asked Kesty Morrison to explore the world of intimacy for us.

enduring love

“You have to find the right distance between people. Too close, and they overwhelm you; too far and they abandon you. How to hold them in the right relation?” So asks Hanif Kureishi in his book Intimacy. And well he might. Although an excellent writer, Hanif was not an ideal husband, having illicit affairs and even drinking champagne with his mistress during the birth of his son. In this respect however, he was right: this matter of closeness is endlessly fascinating, as a friend of mine said recently on the subject “Love: I’m gonna crack it”. Barbara Bloomfield is Counselling Supervisor of Relate Avon and author of several books on relationships, including the world’s first graphic novel about relationship counselling Couple Therapy: Dramas of Love and Sex, written with Chris Radley. “If someone is having trouble finding a partner or making close connections, firstly they need to look at what’s getting in the way. Asking a trusted friend to give you

constructive feedback on yourself as potential partner material may be useful. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place and need to think about what you love to do, what really inspires you, and join groups to meet other people who feel the same. Try to expand your network of friends and work on deepening your friendships - perhaps a sense of isolation is linked to your problems in finding a partner?” Increasingly nowadays there are online options for meting potential partners. naturalfriends.co.uk has been offering a dating and frendship service for environmentally-sensitive, country-loving, health-conscious, spiritually-aware single people for almost 30 years. With sites like these you can at least get a sense of your date’s politics and lifestyle choices before you go out with them. You might find local interest sites to be useful too. Bristol Ecojam, an online environmental/ethical resource, provides connections between like-minded people, highlighting social events such as Bristol’s Green Drinks (part of a global green social network). Occasions like these, with no pressure and whilst surrounded by similar perspectives and interesting stimulus, can be really useful for people who balk at the directness of online dating.

keep focussed

In the long run, however, many people

believe that happiness depends not on love alone, but on a classic quartet of love, mental-physical health, career, and spiritual health. This excellent foursome highlights the need for balance and staying focused on the self even when being swept away with honeymoon feelings. Confidence building can be very valuable in terms of staying centred. Spark founder John Dawson’s In Front sessions, for example, address people’s fears around public speaking, aiming to empower them to feel comfortable when speaking their truth in public and thereby become more confident socially. This type of self-emphasis can be affirming both for yourself and for your relationship. Along with self-focus in order to build a strong relationship there is the all-important need for quality time spent together, particularly if you have children or share work or financial responsibilities. For romantic escapes to the country for city dwellers, sites such as www.underthethatch.co.uk are worth having a look at. Even the smallest town these days will have facility offering couples time in the bubbles, dual massages or even courses to learn about couples massage to practice at home later. City breaks for rural types can be just as romantic: try www. airbnb.co.uk for a start. If you are strapped for cash or time, even a short break from home can be effective.

“Boredom and routine are the biggest enemies of a good relationship,” Barbara Bloomfield tells me. “Keep the spark alive by scheduling time to talk to your partner about the relationship. Once a week, if you can, go out of the house together to a cafe and spend an hour listening to your partner and telling them how you feel. This regular ‘maintenance’ helps to stop resentments building up.” I especially like Barbara’s suggestion to use ‘a good news sandwich’ i.e. “I like your beautiful shirt. Please can you do the washing up after dinner? That would make me feel very happy.” “When difficulties arise, as they inevitably will do, it’s much easier if you are in the habit of talking intimately with your partner about difficult things,” Barbara adds. “There are opportunities around for personal or couples development that will help you find the courage and the words to deepen intimacy. Talking about problems will resolve many of them but if you need the outside help of a counsellor try to do it sooner rather than later - some people come to Relate when the relationship is at breaking point and it may be too late to resolve things.”

be transparent

Joy Hicklin-Bailey is a spiritual facilitator and healer based in Stroud. Her work is informed by her training as a Jungian psychotherapist, NLP Master Trainer and above all, ten years

spotlight on relationships apprenticeship to a liberated Hawaiian healer Shaman, where she learned the aloha-ai practices of sacred lovemaking. “One of the apparent qualities that creates fertile ground for intimacy is transparency,” she says about intimacy. “The conditioned, defended personality carefully negotiates what is revealed and can never experience positive change in their relationship, true intimacy and real life: it can really move clients forward as they learn about this. “Love is death, in the moments of real love there is a death of what you know and of all that you think you are. That can happen naturally in the moment of eye contact with the postman just as much as with one’s beloved partner when making love for hours. And that is why for many people intimacy can be so terrifying and avoided at all costs – it asks for a dissolving of all that is known. The impetus of intimate relating is to show you that you are, simply, life - utterly loveable, an endless mystery, beautiful - to show you that there is no separation. Lovers can learn ‘You are me’. “Without our joy, tears, exuberance, tenderness and sexual passion we are less alive, less healthy, less available and less playful. To keep being here with whatever is touched in us or a partner or a colleague, however uncomfortable, however exquisite, is the only gateway through which freedom, happiness and true intimacy is tasted. The more you reveal the more others can get you, feel you, know you, respond to you.” “How strange that we should ordinarily feel compelled to hide our wounds when we are all wounded!” says psychiatrist and best selling Author M Scott Peck. “Community requires the ability to expose our wounds and weaknesses to our fellow creatures. It also requires the ability to be affected by the wounds of others... but even more important is the love that arises among us when we share, both ways, our woundedness.” Patterns of wounding and trauma can go back generations. Jane Cutler at Creative Relations facilitates constellation workshops based on bonding and trauma. “Individuals identify their intention for change, their next step,” she explains. “A constellation is the

shape demonstrated by workshop members representing aspects of the individual’s inner world. Seeing how these constellations interact brings insight, contact, integration.” Someone else who incorporates Constellation work is Andrew White, a couples therapist based in Bristol. He describes his work as “trusting in love and teaching skills for communicating from the very depths.” A colleague attended a few of his evening classes and they come highly recommended. Barbara Morgan and Vivian Broughton are also respected Constellations practitioners and trainers working in the Sparkland area.

let’s talk about tantra

The legendary Indian mystic and spiritual teacher Osho (formerly known as Bhagwan

Shree Rajneesh) in his talk Making Love Says This: A Sacred Experience says: “Religions have decried the sacredness of love. They have condemned it as a sin. And the conditioning has gone so deep in the human mind that people are making love in such a hurry...their hearts are guilt-ridden, their heads completely full of sin. If lovers want to make making love a meditative experience, then the first thing is to drop the idea that it is sin, that it is something wrong, it is something immensely beautiful.” Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita is a worldrenowned tantra master and mystic who teaches tantra as a tool for self realisation. She is a master healer, author and consultant. She describes receiving transmission directly from Osho: “His discourse offered powerful indications as to how to go about discovering sexuality as a divine experience. His velvety voice echoes in me to this day: ‘Remain in the present. Enjoy the meeting of two bodies, two souls, and merge into each other, melt into each other. Sex organs also melt into each other. A deep, silent communion happens between two bodily energies, and then you can remain for hours together. It becomes an ecstasy, a Samadhi, cosmic consciousness.’ Osho encouraged his disciples to experiment with the art of combining natural sexual openness, emotional fluidity and deep meditation.” Leora Lightwoman, of Diamond Light Tantra, says that, through tantra, “couples learn how to communicate honestly and with true respect, sharing preferences, likes and dislikes in real time during intimacy, and rediscovering spontaneity in initiating and responding sexually. They are introduced to meditations to become being fully present in each moment together, connecting with whole-body sexual and energetic experiences, and opening into delicious sensitivity where slower, more delicate touch can evoke fullbody and whole-hearted delight. They learn massage and lovemaking techniques to release old body memories and tensions from the sexual organs, to become more alive, relaxed and capable of deeper orgasmic fulfilment. “Tantra helps re-establish sexual polarity (attraction) between men and women. Men

7 are guided to fully embrace their sexual potency, the wild man, and their capacity for extended love-making through opening their hearts, whilst women learn to let go, find their receptivity and fully receive love through sex.” In The Road Less Travelled M. Scott Peck describes love as: ‘The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth... love is as love does. Love is an act of will - namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love... genuine love is volitional rather than emotional. The person who truly loves does so because of a decision to love’. In the words of Massive Attack (and I’m sure M Scott Peck would concur): ‘Love, love is a verb, love is a doing word.’ www.airbnb.co.uk Couple Therapy: Dramas of Love & Sex published by www.mcgraw-hill.co.uk Janecutler@creativerelations.org.uk John Dawson: www.speaking-infront.co.uk www.ecojam.org www.ethicalsingles.com www.greendrinks.org Joy Hicklin-Bailey: www.secret.garden.eu.com Leora Lightwoman: www.diamondlighttantra.com Barbara Morgan: www.theknowingfield.com Relate Avon: 0117 942 8444. Mon-Fri 9.30am 9pm, plus Saturday mornings. www.relate-avon.org.uk Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita: www.tantra-essence.com www.underthethatch.co.uk www.vivianbroughton.co.uk Andrew White: www.themagicofyou.co.uk

For profiles with some relationship practitioners, see the next page and this is followed by our top ten tips.

8 relationship profiles ♥ The Magic of You with Andrew White Relationship therapy is a journey to understanding yourself and the other. Andrew’s therapy works on this simple principle: Love works. And that starts with loving yourself, liking yourself and learning to trust your inner voice. Then learning to love the other person, for themselves: being curious about who your partner is and listening for the need hidden behind their protection. Learn to be emotionally naked and begin to expose the truth of who you are however uncomfortable it feels, because all is transformed in the light of love. It can take time to trust and come out of old patterns of conflict, but little by little, with the support and holding of the therapy sessions, you and your partner can begin to truly hear and feel each other. Listening from the heart works. One to one relationship therapy / coaching for couples or individuals. £55-00 per hour, normally 1.5 hr sessions. Discount for Spark readers: £40 per hour for daytime sessions (ending by 5:30 pm) in Nov and Dec 2013 and Jan 2014 www.themagicofrelationship.co.uk 0117 955 0490

“I found Andrew’s course simple, effective and powerful. The exercises were clear, easy to follow and each week I came away with a nugget that made a difference to how I related. He is a highly skilled therapist who listens and responds with a huge amount of love and compassion.” Jenny, Bristol

♥ Transcendendence for couples with Martin & Hanna Jelfs Martin & Hanna have been running tantra workshops together for 15 years each having discovered tantra several years earlier. The have a centre in their home, near Salisbury where they teach residential intensive courses in tantra in their tantric temple. They also each offer individual sessions in tantra and Martin has also worked as a psychotherapist for 30 years. Their approach uses traditional tantric methods such as mantras and rituals as well as movement, breathwork, dance, and... fun. www.tantra.uk.com info@tantra.uk.com 07875 435104 or 07973 504121

“I can’t wait to go home & practice! This course has opened up the beginning of a journey we have both been longing to begin for a long long time!” N.

♥ Secret Garden with Joy Hicklin-Bailey “The profundity of the openings and awakenings that happen in Secret Garden are extraordinary, real and lasting, The work is demanding and utterly beautiful, and rooted in ordinary life. Fulfill your longing for deep connection and being seen and heard fully. Free yourself from your fears of vulnerability, naturalness and intimacy. Learn to live your relationships consciously and grow your heart and spirit. Whatever your chosen lifestyle, the intimacy of the circle and community wakes you up over and over into presence and power and resources you in ordinary life.” Open to all, Joy runs weekends, retreats of five or seven days, or trainings comprising six modules of four days each over approx. 18 months. Men and women, singles and couples, participate in equal numbers. Generous discounts if you book early, couple or two person discounts also available. Days and weekends can be residential or non–residential; retreats are residential. Trainings have two residential and four non-residential modules (B&B available if required).Men & women, singles & couples, participate in equal numbers. www.secretgarden.eu.com joy1@secretgarden.eu.com 01452 813241 or 07866 470238

“It’s like finding the Holy Grail within.” Annette Geddes, Somerset. “All you share & explorations you facilitate so skilfully is gold dust to a man who desires to be authentic, grounded and present with life, women and men. This is cuttingedge.” Steve, Isle of Man

♥ Natural Friends Established in 1985 as the first ‘green’ dating and friendship site, Natural Friends is the preferred online dating service for environmentally-sensitive, country-loving, health-conscious, spiritually-aware single people. Natural Friends attracts members with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests: unique individuals looking for a compatible partner to share their passion for outdoor activities, musical and creative events, human and animal welfare, conservation and personal development. A great way to meet green singles, Natural Friends has been successfully linking kind, caring, kindred spirits in love and friendship for almost 30 years. Their ethical approach has helped thousands of like-minded people find their perfect partner. Free to join (and free to search members online), full membership costs start at £30 and ‘Early Bird’ subscription discounts are available. Free to join and search. Full membership costs are £30 for 60 days, £45 for 120 days and £60 for 180 days.  www.naturalfriends.co.uk

“We care passionately about the service we offer to our members and strive to find new ways to attract and bring like-minded people together in love and friendship.” Ally & David, Directors

How YOU can Live Awakened Intimacy

ethical dating since 1985

Do you feel less happy than you know you can be in your relating, or stuck, disempowered, inauthentic? Realise love is all that is & create awakeness, intimacy, pleasure & celebration in your loving & living

Looking for Love or just Friendship?

• Womens Retreat Dec 7-8 • Joyful Loving Retreat weekend Feb 15-16 • Joyful Loving Residential Somerset May 24-26 • The Most Intimate Retreat Autumn 2014 • Retreat in Corfu June 2015 • From separation to oneness One to One & Couple sessions


You’ll never see relationships in the same way again

all booking now Call 01452 813241 or 07866 470238 or email joy1@secretgarden.eu.com Visit www.secretgarden.eu.com Look for Joy’s forthcoming book Joyful loving-How You Can Live Awakened Intimacy

Ten love songs

a therapist would love his clients to listen to: www.themagicofyou.co.uk/love-songs Relationship counselling for singles and couples “It’s the love for yourself that you share” Miten, Native Son Islam Andrew White www.themagicofyou.co.uk 0117 955 0490 (=0845 3510604)

Free Talks and Introductory Workshops Exploring and making sense of our intimate human relationships using journeying and guided meditation techniques.

at Bristol City Yoga, BS2 8QW Friday 6th December 2013, 7.30- 8.30pm: Free Talk


Saturday 7th December 2013, 3.30- 5.30pm: Intro Workshop, £10. Friday 24th January 2014, 7.30- 8.30pm: Free Talk

Relate Avon is a successful and growing counselling organisation. In addition to relationship counselling we offer family counselling, psychosexual therapy, counselling for young people and educational courses.

Saturday 25th January 2014, 3.30- 5.30pm: Intro Workshop, £10 please note the free talks may be recorded

Weekend Residential In Beautiful Herefordshire Friday 7th - Sun 9th March 2014 at Poulstone Court, full board from £249

We’re keen to hear from people already trained; and also from trained counsellors interested in extending their training into relationship issues.

Book now at:

If you can work in Bath, Bristol or Somerset and value working with a team of counsellors with ongoing CPD and supervision support contact us on:

www.beautifulrelationships.com info@beautifulrelationships.com | 01803 864160

0117 9428444 recep.relateavon@btconnect.com www.relate-avon.org.uk

Tantra for Couples with Transcendence; Martin & Hanna

Experience Tantric Ecstasy, Intimacy and Bliss

ethical dating since 1985


e are passionately committed to teaching tantra for couples from our centre in Wiltshire and have been doing this for nearly 15 years. We hold a safe ethical space where you learn powerful transforming practices you can use in your life. Our work is a synthesis of ancient and modern approaches to tantra. Our new Couples training Deepening love starts in March. We also teach tantric kriya yoga - Cobra Breath initiation and tantric massage and offer sessions to singles and couples. www.tantra.uk.com; Email: info@tantra.uk.com; Phone: 07875 435104 or 07973 504121

Would you like to meet like-minded singles who care about the environment and ethical living? Natural Friends has been successfully linking kind, caring, kindred spirits in LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and HAPPINESS since 1985.

www.naturalfriends.co.uk 9

10 spotlight on relationships 10 top tips for a happy, healthy relationship 1. If you’re having trouble finding a partner ask a friend you trust to give you constructive feedback on yourself as potential partner material. 2. Try to expand your network of friends. Join a class to meet people who share the same interests as you. 3. Break the tension: don’t be so serious. Poke fun at yourself and at your partner – in a loving way, of course. 4. Do something on the spur of the moment or plan a trip away together. 5. Make time for each other. Go shopping together or go to a movie; maybe visit your favourite restaurant once a month. Put it in your diary and keep the appointment.


Remember when you first met? What was it that sparked the relationship? Do it again!


Forgive each other. Everyone makes mistakes and we all deserve another chance. Forgive your partner and forgive yourself.


Touch. We all love to be touched. Do it for your partner in an affectionate, non-sexual, way.


Spend some time apart. Let your partner indulge in their favourite hobbies while you enjoy yours. Remember your friendships too.

10. Talk to each other. Don’t judge, just listen, don’t argue. If you have different opinions about politics or religion, avoid those topics. Talk about things you have in common.

Surprise a child with a magical Letter from Santa Suggested donation



Visit nspcc.org.uk/santa Call 0845 839 9304 or text Santa to 65599 182921_A5-NSPCC.indd 1

23/10/2013 21:04

MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes

Alliance Française de Bristol

Metanoia Institute, a leading Counselling and Psychotherapy Organisation, offers this exciting course.

• Validated by Middlesex University • 1 year (PG Certificate) and 2 year (PG Diploma)

French Language Courses

• 10 weekends per year • Now recruiting for our Bristol and London campuses - course commencing October 2014 Creative writing offers an innovative intervention to engage with a wide range of health and community needs, as well as a broad spectrum of the problems of living presented by those seeking coaching, mentoring, counselling or personal guidance. This unique programme prepares participants to work at this growing edge. Participants will develop and enhance their ability to work in this field via personal creative and reflective writing, groupwork and research and inquiry projects. Tutored by five published writers with extensive experience of using therapeutic writing in health and community settings. This course offers excellent support in personal and professional growth.

Daytime and evening, individual or groups, business or pleasure: delivered by native speakers.

For more information go to:


or contact the Academic Coordinator, Mandy Kersey, at Metanoia Institute on 020 8579 2505 / 020 8832 3073 (direct) or email: mandy.kersey@metanoia.ac.uk

Telephone: 0117 924 78 09 or: 0117 924 33 67 Visit: www.afbristol.org.uk Email: info@afbristol.org.uk

Teaching French to the World.

Do you need advice on keeping your energy bills down and making your home more energy efficient? Contact our Home Energy Team for free, impartial, local advice about understanding your energy bills, using your heating system, making your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. We can advise you on everything from simple no cost-low cost tips through to financing large scale energy saving improvements.

Love your home Phone

0800 082 2234 Email

home.energy@cse.org.uk Web


www.facebook.com/ EnergySavingAdvice

www.twitter.com/ @cse_homeenergy

The Centre for Sustainable Energy is a national charity that helps people change the way they think and act on energy. 3 St Peter’s Court Bedminster Parade Bristol BS3 4AQ charity 298740

Our Home Energy Team offers free advice on domestic energy use to householders in Bristol and Somerset (including the unitary authorities of North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset).

A catalyst for change Resurgence & Ecologist magazine brings you a wealth of new ideas, exceptional writing and outstanding features on environmental issues. Contributors include: Polly Higgins, Jonathon Porritt, Michael Morpurgo, Margaret Atwood and more… Download a free PDF copy: www.resurgence.org SPECIAL OFFER: Six issues for £25 (usual rate £30) Call 01208 841824 today quoting Q9967

E N V I RO N M E N T • AC T I V I S M • S O C I A L J U S T I C E • A RT S • E T H I C A L L I V I N G 11

12 spark bugle news from Sparkland, compiled by Darryl Bullock

Sound as a Bristol Pound Relaxation Centre saved! S

hortly before we went to press we heard the fantastic news that Bristol’s Relaxation Centre – which faced certain closure after the owner of the Clifton townhouse where the business is based decided to sell – has found a buyer, allowing this much-loved centre to continue. Says centre manager Bernadette Ryder: “For the staff here it has been quite a roller coaster. There is such deep commitment to the centre and such a passion for the work we do, that the prospect of closure was heartbreaking. Now we’re looking forward to raising the bar even further and offering Bristol a Spa retreat with treatments of the very highest standard.” Set in a quiet back street in the heart of Clifton, the Relaxation Centre boasts an indoor spa area along with an outdoor space with a hot tub and tranquil garden. The treatment rooms offer an array of holistic massage treatments carried out by highly qualified massage practitioners with a wealth of experience, some of which have been there since the centre opened. In 2014 the Relaxation Centre will embark on a renovation project to update the spa facilities and enhance its listed Victorian home.



he Bristol Pound, the city’s own currency, is celebrating its first successful year with the launch of its first annual directory – designed and produced by the team here at The Spark. Available throughout the city (and in a few places further afield) the directory lists the almost 600 businesses who have already signed up to the scheme. The Spark – which in recent years has become more and more involved in contract publishing for local, green and ethical organisations (including the annual BIG Green Week programme) - is also a partner in the launch of another new publication, Good Bristol magazine, which is being developed in conjunction with the Bristol Green Capital Partnership. The debut issue of Good Bristol – a free, A4 magazine with features on technology, fashion and music as well as on green business and events - will be available from the end of February 2014.

www. bristolpound.org

Vassall Centre saved!


he nationally acclaimed Vassall Centre, in Fishponds, Bristol, has been saved from closure. The centre, a former rehab hospital for wounded American servicemen during the Second World War, is home to more than a dozen health and disability organisations as well as a much-used conference centre. It was threatened with closure because much of the building was in poor repair and the centre’s trustees couldn’t afford the maintenance costs - estimated at more than £5 million over the next decade.

Now a property management company has stepped in to buy the site, guaranteeing its future for at least the next five years. All of the centre’s tenants – including organisations such as Action and Disability in Work UK and The Care Forum - have been told that they will be able to stay with no increase in rent. The Vassall Centre’s conference facilities include two main rooms and six meeting rooms, providing fully-accessible space for two to 120 people, and a fullyequipped kitchen is also available, catering for meetings, conferences and parties. www.thevassallconferencecentre.org

winter at Hawkwood Although most of us might be thinking about wrapping up warm and preparing for the winter ahead, the team at Hawkwood College, near Stroud, are busy making the house extra cosy as they get ready to welcome guests over the winter period. Events in December and January include crafts courses, a solstice spiral, singing wonderful music from all traditions, and two New Year retreats. Groups of family or friends are welcome to hire accommodation and meals over Christmas and New Year: chef John Butt (who has worked alongside Raymond Blanc) trained locally and in the Bavarian Alps, and uses his expertise and flair to create fantastic meals using organic, free-range, local and fair trade ingredients. Groups of family or friends are welcome to hire accommodation and meals over Christmas and New Year, and early pre-Christmas lunches are available by reservation on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 December. Polly Higgins, one of the Top Visionaries of the World (see Ignite, page 16) is hosting a New Year residential at Hawkwood (Dare to be Great, January 17-19). Renowned singer songwriter Helen Chadwick will be in residence at the time and will give a concert on Saturday January 18. www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk

spark bugle

13 get clicking A

ward-winning photographer Simon Roberts has been commissioned by University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust to create a series of artworks inspired by Bristol and the South West region. Called Behold, Respond, Inspire the exhibition is part of an arts programme for the redevelopment of the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI), and Simon wants you to get involved. Over the past few months Simon has been visiting Bristol and the South West, photographing the area and some of the events that took place over the summer, including the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. Now he is inviting amateur photographers to contribute by submitting photographs which reflect the people and the character of the region. “I felt it was important to give the public an opportunity to help steer the project, given that the BRI is at the heart of Bristol’s community and that many people have an invested interest in the future of the hospital; be they former patients, current employees or visitors,” Simon tells us. Photographs will be displayed in an online gallery and may also be incorporated in the final artworks, which will be hung in the A&E department and new adult wards of the BRI in 2014. More than 1,000 photos have already been submitted, but Spark readers can get involved by submitting winter-themed photographs of Bristol and the South West. Submissions should be made before March 2014. www.beholdrespondinspire.com

investing in solar



hirty council homes, an office and a number of schools in Bristol are set to benefit from a more efficient energy system thanks to a £2.8 million solar partnership. The new project, known as SoLa Bristol, will benefit from the photovoltaic (PV) panels, already installed as part of the SMART City Programme in Knowle West. Panels will be linked to battery storage to allow solar energy to be used when the sun is not shining, and homes will be fitted with Direct Current (DC) lighting systems that will be powered directly from the batteries. Running for three years, the scheme, which is grant-funded through Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund, has been running in two test homes in Knowle West since September and is now being rolled out to the rest of the properties. The scheme is expected to reduce both carbon emissions

Pat Pilkington, cancer charity founder (1928-2013)

S Dorothy Brown, building conservationist (1927–2013) and energy bills, and this will be monitored by the University of Bath, who will report on the project in 2015. George Ferguson, mayor of Bristol said: “We need to lower our carbon output, encourage cleaner energy use and tackle the social and economic inequalities between different parts of Bristol. SoLa Bristol contributes to all three of these important aims and I’m absolutely delighted to see it up and running.” www.knowlewest.co.uk

new cycle lanes for Bristol B

ristol will shortly be announcing radical new proposals which will make it the first city in the UK to adopt Dutch-style cycle lanes. The Bristol Cycling Manifesto states that Bristol must be far more ambitious for cycling, the most cost-effective solution for congestion, health, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. “Cycling already benefits everyone in Bristol with thousands of people out on bikes every day, more than in any other large UK city”, said Martin Tweddell, Chair of Bristol Cycling Campaign. “Tens of thousands more would like to join them, if they felt confident that it was safe and easy”. Bristol City Council is currently producing a new cycling strategy, which would include the segregated cycling routes, with an aim of launching the scheme in Spring 2014. The Bristol Cycling Manifesto hopes to quadruple cycling in the city to 20 percent of all travel, and 30 percent of trips to work, by delivering a comprehensive cycling network by 2025. “Our manifesto includes a strategy that will bring independence, health and mobility to everyone in Bristol through a comprehensive network of 200 miles of Cycling Freeways and Cycling Quietways,” says campaign co-ordinator Eric Booth. “Cycling Neighbourhoods will emerge through local plans for ‘safe routes to school’, ‘safe routes to work’ and ‘safe routes to shop’. It’s affordable, deliverable and will bring over £1 billion of benefit to the city”. With more than 16,000 people travelling to and from work on two wheels, Bristol already has the highest number of commuting cyclists of any city in the UK, and similar schemes are being considered in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds and Newcastle. www.bristolcyclingcampaign.org.uk


orothy Brown, who helped save many of Bristol’s most historic buildings, died in October suddenly at the age of 86, whilst working in her local public library on her last campaign. Born in Berwick and brought up on a farm, against her father’s wishes Dorothy went to the University of Edinburgh (he disapproved of women’s education). There she met her husband Tom, a vet. They had five children, and set up home in Clifton, Bristol in 1954. In 1970, she became involved in a campaign to protect the Avon Gorge from plans to erect a hotel near Clifton Suspension Bridge. She set up the Bristol Visual and Environmental Group primarily to combat the infamous 1966 Development Plan which would have seen many of Bristol’s historic buildings demolished in favour of Brutalist concrete and steel constructions. Dorothy was instrumental in saving many of the 400 listed buildings earmarked for demolition, including Brunswick Square. She also helped save Clifton’s Victorian lido and, in 1984, she bought Acton Court in Iron Acton, now regarded as one of the most important Tudor buildings in Britain. The author of several books, including Just Look at Bristol, Bristol and How it Grew and Rediscovering Acton Court, in 1979 she helped set up the Conservation Advisory Panel to advise Bristol council on planning, and served on this panel until her death. She campaigned relentlessly to improve the quality of design in Bristol and restore life to the centre of the city. Her work to save old buildings and improve planning in and around Bristol was recognised with an MBE in 1988 and an honorary degree from Bristol University in 1991.

hortly after the autumn issue of The Spark was published we learned of the death of Pat Pilkington. Pat, who passed away in August aged 84, was the co-founder of Penny Brohn Cancer Care, the Bristol-based charity behind one of the first holistic approaches to cancer treatment in the UK. Formerly known as the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, Penny Brohn Cancer Care began in 1975 as part of a voluntary project created by Pat – who had previously worked as a radio producer for the BBC - and her husband Christopher, an Anglican clergyman. The couple offered emotional and spiritual support as well as information on complementary therapies including meditation and acupuncture. It was then they met acupuncturist Penny Brohn, who was herself diagnosed with breast cancer. While Penny was receiving treatment she and Pat discussed plans for a new system of care that would provide cancer patients with the support that Penny felt that she had lacked. Along with Dr Alec Forbes, the centre’s first medical director, they produced a new nutritional plan for patients and a treatment regime which encompassed relaxation, meditation and group healing. Their pioneering spirit led to the founding of The Bristol Cancer Help Centre. From modest beginnings in Pat’s home they moved to a former convent in Clifton; a further move followed in 2007, to larger, purpose-designed premises just outside Bristol. In 2006, a few years after Penny’s death (which came almost 20 years after her initial diagnosis), the Bristol Cancer Help Centre was renamed Penny Brohn Cancer Care in her memory. “Pat’s energy, spirit and vision have helped transform cancer care,” says Francesca Barnes, chair of Penny Brohn Cancer Care. “Her focus on caring for the mind and the spirit, as much as the body, was revolutionary 30 years ago. It is a testament to her legacy that this is very much the norm today.” Pat was appointed MBE in 2003. Although Christopher passed away in 2007, Pat continued to serve on the board of Penny Brohn Cancer Care until shortly before her death. She is survived by two sons and a daughter.

14 ignite december the main event: Winter Warmer Appeal

December Bristol RSPCA Clinic and the Bristol Dogs & Cats Home are holding their annual Winter Warmer Appeal, and there are lots of different ways that you can donate tinned dog or cat food, old blankets or cash. You can contribute to the appeal by texting WARM22 and the amount (ie, WARM22 £10) to 70070, calling 0117 300 3968 or on-line at www.justgiving.com/ WWA13. Alternatively you can drop off donated food at one of the many collection points around Bristol, at the RSPCA charity shop on Gloucester Road or directly to Bristol Dogs & Cats Home in St. Philips. www.bristoldogsandcatshome.org.uk

red is the colour

December 1 The Terrence Higgins Trust will hit the streets for World AIDS Day, raising funds to help those living with HIV in our region. On Nov 30, the Church Above the Shops, Union Street, Bristol will host a free celebration (1.30-6pm) including a performance from Bristol’s LGBT choir. www.worldaidsday.org

chapel concerts

Dec 6-22 Celebrate the festive season with a series of choral concerts held at the magnificent Tyntesfield House every weekend during December. These special seasonal shows will feature some of the best choirs, string quartets and gospel groups in the region. Times vary: booking essential. 0844 249 1895

guitar Legg-end Dec 7

World-class master of finger-style guitar Adrian Legg is at The American Museum, Claverton Down, Bath to host a concert and workshop: a rare chance to spend a couple of hours learning from one of the most celebrated guitarists of the past 20 years. www.bath.ac.uk/icia

get involved! email editor@thespark.co.uk to give us info on your campaigns, events & projects Marked around the world since 1992, but with its roots in 1981’s International Year of Disabled Persons, the International Day for Disabled People (December 3) was adopted by the United Nations to raise awareness of the inequalities experienced by people with impairments. www.un.org/disabilities December 5 marks two very special birthdays: it’s 10 years since Bristol-based charity Temwa was founded and gourmet pie eatery Pieminister opened the doors of its first shop. To celebrate, the two organisations have teamed up for a special anniversary party. Hosted by Ben Norris (Mock the Week/Never Mind the Buzzcocks), the evening includes a gourmet dinner from ethical caterers The Surplus Supper Club. Once the plates have been cleared,the party will continue with the legendary DJ Derek offering up the best reggae beats in one of his last ever appearances, plus live music from Babyhead, First Degree Burns, and The Mankala Band. Tickets for the evening, which takes place in the At-Bristol building, are £55 (afterparty just £5) and 100% of profits will go directly to supporting Temwa’s community-driven projects in Malawi. www.temwa10.eventbrite.co.uk

christmas crafts

Dec 7 Trinity in Bristol is hosting a Christmas Art Market, providing a chance for local artists to exhibit and sell work to the public. Expect a range of festive activities, including live acoustic music, mulled wine & cider and the obligatory mince pies to get you in the Christmas Spirit www.3ca.org.uk/events

get dressed December 7

Celebrated each year during the first weekend of December, Tree Dressing Day recognises the importance of trees to all types of living creatures. Now celebrated worldwide, why not go outside and decorate your favourite tree with something beautiful, bright and shiny? www.commonground.org.uk

winter wonderland

December 14 Windmill Hill City Farm, Bristol is hosting a Christmas Fayre to promote their new visitor’s centre & outdoor play area. Entry is free, and there will be carols and storytelling to enjoy alongside the mulled wine and mince pies! www.windmillhillcityfarm.org.uk

It’s a little bit outside of Sparkland, but we felt this was worth flagging up: human trafficking exists within the UK but often goes unnoticed. It is a growing problem, with a recent government report showing that the number of human trafficking victims in the UK rose by more than 50 per cent last year. Housing and social care provider BCHA and the Purple Teardrop Campaign are hosting a conference on Human Trafficking on December 10 in response to the growing need to raise awareness of this problem amongst front-line professionals, and ensure that people are able to recognise and respond to the signs. Taking place in Bournemouth, speakers will include a range of professionals from organisations including Barnardos, Unseen UK, The Salvation Army and Love 146. www.bcha.org.uk/humantrafficking

Prior arangement Dec 18 retreat treat Dec 24-27 Folk rock pioneers Steeleye Span return to St George’s Bristol for a festive-themed show. Maddy Prior and her boys will debut material from their new album Wintersmith, based on their collaboration with author Terry Pratchett www.stgeorgesbristol.co.uk

almanac Full moons: December 17 (sunrise 8.13am; sunset 4.04pm), January 15 (sunrise 8.12am; sunset 4.32pm), February 14 (sunrise 7.29am: sunset 5.26pm). Spring 2014 issue of The Spark available from February 24

Reconnect with nature in a spiritual, peaceful atmosphere.The EarthSpirit Christmas Spa Retreat, near Glastonbury, offers healthy food, walks, a hot tub, sauna & treatments in a beautiful landscape - perfect for personal transformation & well-being. 01458 272161, office@earthspirit-centre.co.uk

birthdays, anniversaries etc On Dec 4, 1872 the American ship Mary Celeste was found abandoned under circumstances which to this day remain unknown. The first performance of Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia

medicinal Mells Dec 28 -

Jan 1 A traditional Tibetan Amchi (doctor) is in Mells, Somerset using the Buddha’s methods to alleviate suffering. Ancient wisdom, combined with 25 years’ experience practising medicine, makes a treatment from Amchi Tsetan a real opportunity for restoration and renewal. angelalong7@yahoo.com

on Dec 18, 1892. Happy Christmas! Christmas Day was celebrated for 16 centuries prior to the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar on Jan 6/7 - which is why Jan 17 is still referred to as ‘old twelfth night’. David Bowie and Shirly Bassey both celebrate their birthdays on January 8; acting

Volunteers are needed to help with a day of Christmas-food hamper-packing, distribution and delivery. The Bristol Basket Brigade secretly deliver hampers with everything needed for an exceptional Christmas feast to local families in need. Go to the Southbank Centre, Dean Lane, anytime between 9am - 4pm on Sunday December 22 if you’d like to help. Search for the Bristol Basket Brigade on Facebook, and register on line or just come along. Southbank Centre, Dean Lane, Bristol BS3 1DB

legend Betty White (the Golden Girls, Boston Legal) will be 92 years’ young on January 17. February 19 is a big day for music: soul superstar Smokey Robinson, singer Seal and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi all share a birthday today.: imagine that trio!

BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL Presents Christmas at the Redgrave Theatre a a



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Exquisite bar and cocktails a a

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RED BRICK BUILDING, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9FT

Call of the Wild – Environmental Education Outdoors! March – November, with WildWise and special guests

Reawakening the Ecological Imagination April – July, with Martin Shaw and guests

Schumacher Experience Week 6 – 11 April

Howard & Elsa Malpas Howard & Elsa Malpas th -27 th April 2014 th -27 th April 2014 2525 At

Change Your World Tel: +44 (0)1803 865934 www.schumachercollege.org.uk



GAUNTS HOUSE, GAUNTS HOUSE, Wimborne, Dorset DT DT Wimborne, Dorset  44 (0) 01202 841522  44 (0) 01202 841522 e.mail: booking@gauntshouse.com

e.mail: booking@gauntshouse.com


UK 8 RESIDENTIAL SHAMANIC CONFERENCE Thursday 4th September To Sunday 7th September 2014 Pre-Conference day 7th September 2014 Thursday 4th September To Sunday Wednesday 3rd September 2014 Pre-Conference day rd A major event in the3shamanic calendar. September 2014 Wednesday An opportunity to share the world of shamanic practice with shamanic A major event in the shamanic calendar. teachers from around the world An opportunity to share the world of shamanic practice with shamanic Some of the presenters are well known in their own field of shamanism, teachers around world others not so well known, but allfrom are excited bythe what that they bring to Some of the presenters are wellwith known share us. in their own field of shamanism, others not so well known, but all are excited by what that All this in the beautiful surroundings of Gaunts House . they bring to Booking will start at share the beginning of April 2014. with us. Forbeautiful more information go to: of Gaunts House . All this in the surroundings www.shamanconference.co.uk Booking will start at the beginning of April 2014. To speak to Howard or Elsa call: For more information go to: 020 89758 9950 Or www.shamanconference.co.uk 07977 935633 To speak to Howard or Elsa call: 020 89758 9950 Or 07977 935633



a Chr istmas & New Years Eve a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

a different kind of activism a different kind of thinking


a a

Music events Fr idays/Satur days

PAINTWORKS, Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3EH


a a


Adapted by Adrian Mitchell Directed by Jenny Stephens Fri 29 Nov – Thu 19 Dec 2013 10am/ 2pm/ 7pm (times vary) £17 full/ £11 concessions/ Schools £8 www.oldvic.ac.uk Box Office: 0117 973 3955


Locally-sourced daily specials a deli a mezzes a gourmet crêpes or pizzas a Sunday roasts




Breakfast, lunch and evening dining


By CS Lewis


16 ignite january & february get involved! email editor@thespark.co.uk to give us info on your campaigns, events & projects

footsteps in the snow

January 2 Why not join the Mendip Ramblers for their Festival of Winter Walks? Today they’ll be taking in the delights of Glastonbury. If you can’t make that on Sunday 5 the group will be visiting two nature reserves around Street: on Monday January 6 the group travels to Wells. www.mendipramblers.co.uk

dare to be great Jan 17-

the bees knees

here we go a-wassailing

Wiltshire wonder

tramp stamp January 24

Jan 14 Fancy learning about how you can help our underthreat native bee population? Somerton & District Beekeepers’ Association is hosting an introductory course for those wanting to take up beekeeping: six weekly sessions, just £25 for the whole course. Eddie Howe 01458 272114, email redrascal@tiscali.co.uk

18 Polly Higgins, one of the Top Visionaries of the World (The Ecologist), invites you to discover your unique capacity for greatness, whether that’s changing the world or setting intentions for your own life, in a residential weekend at Hawkwood, Stroud. www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk/courses

Jan 19 Want to make some new friends, work in an amazing place and help a great cause? Just three of the reasons to consider volunteering at Stourhead, Wiltshire. Drop in to the Discovery Centre (11am-2pm), meet the team & find out how to help. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/stourhead

spread your wings Jan 31

here isn’t the news Feb 5

Celebrate Imbolc at Glastonbury’s Faery Ball at the Assembly Rooms. Featuring Celtic & Medievalinspired music from The Dolmen and Serpentyne, this fund-raising evening includes an auction with contributions from the faery community. www.faeryevents.com

Writer, philosopher & TV presenter Alain de Botton is in Bristol to talk about his new book. Mixing current affairs with philosophical reflections, The News: a User’s Manual tells us to take precautions before venturing anywhere near the news and the noise it generates. www.ideasfestival.co.uk

Widcombe walk Feb 11 & ancient footsteps Feb 15

25 Wrap up warm and join the staff from Prior Park for a free city-to-garden walk, 10am – 12pm. The guided walk starts at Bath Tourist Information Centre, leads you through Widcombe and into Prior Park, taking in beautiful views & discovering local history along the way. 01225 833422

Explore the mysteries of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Enjoy a guided walk with views of the stone circle, learning about ancient archaeology and visiting earthworks that reveal much about the people who lived here. £5. 01980 664780 stonehenge@nationaltrust.org.uk

did you know? On February 18 1855 a series of mysterious hoof-like marks, known as the Devil’s Footprints, appeared overnight in the snow in Devon. These footprints extended throughout the countryside for up to 100 miles, strating in Exmouth, carrying

on through Topsham and then going across the river Exe to Dawlish and Teignmouth. There have also been reports that footprints appeared in Totnes and Torquay, and there were stories of similar prints in Weymouth, Dorset and even as far away as Lincolnshire. In each of these cases

January 17 Join in the traditional wassail celebrations at Lacock Abbey (7-8.30pm); bring a pot or pan and a wooden spoon and scare the evil spirits out of the apple trees, drink and sing to a healthy harvest and enjoy the live music, warming soup and punch. Booking essential. 0844 249895

Comedian, actor & Chaplin enthusiast Omid Djalili hosts Bristol’s Slapstick Festival Gala at Colston Hall, kickstarting the festival’s 10th birthday celebrations and a series of global events to mark the centenary of the screen debut of Chaplin’s Little Tramp character. www.slapstick.org.uk

lush lyrics

February 8 Three of the south west’s best community choirs once again join forces to form the 350-strong Gurt Lush Choir. Let them sing away your winter blues with an acappella collection of folk, classical, opera, gospel & pop music from around the world and across the centuries. www.gurtlushchoir.com

doctor’s orders

February 23 Enjoy the informal woodland garden of vaccination pioneer Dr Edward Jenner at Berkeley, Gloucestershire. Discover snowdrops, the early wild garlic and wander through his herb garden to the Grade 2 listed Temple of Vaccinia, centuries’ old trees and vinery. www.jennermuseum.com the footprints would go on for miles before stopping. abruptly. Unsurprisngly there were many claims of people having seen a devil-like figure in the Devon area at the time: townspeople attempted to track down the beast responsible, but without success.

According to environmental campaigners Greenpeace the government has put nearly two-thirds of England ‘up for shale’, without fully understanding what effects fracking is likely to have on the countryside or on the health of local communities. Despite the government’s enthusiastic ‘dash for gas’, we have the power to make fracking very difficult, and may even be able to halt exploration in its tracks, if enough of us come together. Fracking involves horizontal drilling that can extend two miles from the actual drill site, passing directly under the homes of those nearby. If you don’t want fracking companies pumping toxic chemicals under your home, you can say so.: any drilling there would then become trespassing; the frackers would be breaking the law.Therefore, if enough of us say we are not willing for the land under our homes to be fracked, we make it harder for companies to ignore the law and could stop fracking in its tracks. All you have to do is declare that your home is Not for Shale and you will be added to the growing legal block to stop fracking where you live. Find out if your home is at risk of being fracked. Look up your postcode at www. wrongmove.org now. The Rucksack Project is helping homeless people keep warm this winter - and you can help too. The Rucksack Project - which began in Bristol in 2009 - is a worldwide movement of people helping those sleeping rough on the streets through the harsh winter months. All you need to do is go to a charity shop, buy a cheap rucksack, sleeping bag, a flask (which can be filled with hot soup), and other cold weather essentials and then donate it directly to a homeless person on the streets, either one to one or in a group. Join the Facebook group to find out more. www.facebook.com/rucksackproject In a similar vein, Bristol charity The Flamingo Foundation is launching a Christmas campaign calling on people to donate a pair - or pack - of brand new undergarments as a festive gift. Whether you wear boxers or briefs, tightie whities or generous Bridget Jones-style pants, being able to buy new underwear when we need it is something most of us take for granted. However, this isn’t the case for people living on the streets, who say that underwear is often the most difficult item of clothing to get hold off. Pants can be dropped off at a variety of local venues: the full list of drop off points is available from their website. The Flamingo Foundation is also selling pantsthemed Christmas cards in their online shop. Festooned with pictures of festive undergarments, the sale of each card funds one pair of pants. www.flamingofoundation.org/pants Because houses, haystacks, walls and roofs which lay in the footprints’ path were travelled straight over, it has been suggested that an experimental balloon released from Devonport Dockyard had left the mysterious tracks by trailing shackles on the end of its mooring ropes.

Sing for Sue! Get into the festive spirit with one of seven Sing for Sue concerts happening this December. Sip on a glass of mulled wine, munch on a mince pie then sit back & prepare to be filled with Christmas cheer as you watch a wealth of musical talent. Last year’s concert was a sell out so ensure you get your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Highlights include: Cirencester - Friday 6th, Holy Trinity Church. Cirencester Male Voice Choir, Swindon Scratch Choir & soloist Alison Sutton. Bristol - Saturday 7th, St Mary Redcliffe Church BBC’s Will Glennon presents Bristol Male Voice Choir and a Russian ballet performance. Tewkesbury - Saturday 7th, Methodist Church. The Heart&Soul Choir showcase a repertoire of world music both ancient & modern Taunton – Saturday 7th, St Mary Magdalene Church The Somerset Hills Chorus are set to warm hearts & bring Christmas closer. Portishead - Thursday 12th, St Peter’s Church PONITA, Avon Harmony, Highdown Primary School plus soloist Louise Milne. Bath - Friday 13th, St John’s Church Bristol Male Voice choir and People of Note. Cheltenham - Saturday 14th, Trinity Church Choir factor, Swindon Village Primary School and violinist Rupert G. Marshall-Luck All proceeds go to the Sue Ryder charity to provide incredible care for people living with life-limiting illnesses. Tickets available online and start from £6. www.sueryder.org/SingForSue Email: Southwest@sueryder.org or call: 0117 929 3618 Sue Ryder is a charity registered in England and Wales (1052076) and in Scotland (SC039578). Ref No.02016. © Sue Ryder. October 2013.


18 events diary regular

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Saturday 30 November

Saturday 7 December

Taijiwuxigong with Ann Sheldon. Learn this simple yet powerful form of Chinese self-healing exercises to clear your body, energy system and mind. Old tensions are quickly released, leaving s sense lightness, clarity and vitality. 7.45-8.45pm. Different theme each week Contact Ann on 0117 377 0103 or email taijiwuxigong@waitrose.com

Free Signposting Service from The Happiness Project - visit the signposting wall for a monthly roundup of Bristol’s events and opportunities for enhancing your wellbeing. Open from 10am. Broadmead, Bristol. Come and drop in. Free tea! More information: www.wearelightbox.co.uk or call 0117 329 0908

Beshara workshop: The Vision of Rumi’s Masnavi: seeing and knowing, speaker Professor Alan Williams. Hamilton House, 2-5pm. Admission free. Donations. Contact: bristolbeshara@outlook.com

10am-2pm. Come and make a lovely Christmas wreath from natural materials. Drop in anytime until 1pm. £10 includes materials. Children welcome. Wrap up warm. Lucy 0750 690 5394 www. thegoldenhillcommunitygarden. com


Thursdays fortnightly

Biodanza EVERY TUESDAY 7-9pm - introductory class £5.00

Its a fusion of music, movement and feeling. It re-connects you with the experience of being alive, being in the moment and being accepted for just who you are. A wonderful opportunity to connect with people on a very real level. No need to be able to dance… St Werburghs Primary School, James St ,Bristol Antoinette Lorraine antoinette@biodanza4all.com 07784787635 www.biodanza4uk.com Teacher Training also available in Bristol

Tuesdays Women’s Sharing Circle. Nurture & Honour the Feminine. 8-9.30pm, St George, Bristol. www.april-healing.co.uk/groups april.runciman@gmail.com Tuesdays

New Dimensions Bristol Positive Living Group A monthly meeting of like-minded people, to hear talks on a wide range of esoteric subjects


Clive de Carle www.thesolutionsclinic.com Sunday 19 January 2014 HEALING SICK HOUSES AND CLAIRVOYANCE

Sue and John Geis www.Feathers-healing.com Sunday 16 February 2014 SOUL CONTRACTS

Hazel Newton www.vibrantsouls.com Held at: The Friends’ Meeting House, 126 Hampton Road, Redland, Bristol. BS6 6JE Everyone welcome. Refreshments included 3.00pm – 5.00pm Entrance £5.00

Ffi contact 01749 678834 leasurs@tiscali.co.uk www.positivelivinggroups.org.uk

Mondays Free Happiness Workshops from Light Box - unlocking people’s creative potential to be happy. 2-4pm. Different theme each week. Broadmead, Bristol. Book online: www.wearelightbox.co.uk or call 0117 329 0908

Easton Community Choir. A fun, friendly and vibrant choir singing a glorious range of songs. 7.30-9pm. www.eastoncommunitychoir. org.uk 0117 965 8485 Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays Forest School for 1-4 year olds. Mums, Dads, Nannies & Grannies! Come and enjoy the magic of the forest for nature trails, woodland fun, seasonal songs and stories around an open fire at Little Badgers Carer & Toddler Group. www.BadgersForestSchoolBristol. co.uk Tuesdays, 3rd Monthly Bristol Laughter Workshops with Joe Hoare. Learn to laugh more, for your health, wellbeing and happiness. 7.30-9pm, from £7. Also Laughter Facilitation Skills: www.joehoare.co.uk www.bristollaughterclub.com

december a







Dec 7 The Egg Meeting fortnightly on Thursday evenings in St Werburghs Our repertoire comes from different folk traditions - from Celtic & American traditional tunes to East-European wedding dances or an arrangement of the Archers Theme tune! No auditions, any age welcome! www.gasworks-scratchy-folk-orchestra.co.uk martin@martinsolomon.com 0117 9522178

Fridays “Mikkyo Meditation” Esoteric Buddhist Meditation class. 7.30pm, YogaSpace, 10 Park Row, Bristol. www.daikokuji.org.uk/bristol Fridays, 2nd monthly Sound Bath / Meditation, nr Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS6 6TN. 7.30-8.30pm, £10. Experience deep relaxation of mind and body, immersed in the cosmic vibrations of gongs and singing bowls. celia@soundscape.org.uk 07742 131549 www.soundscape.org.uk Saturdays & 2nd Wednesday Your Community Clinic: enjoy holistic therapies for less. Weekly Saturday clinic in St Werburghs and monthly Wednesday clinic in Broadmead. Qualified, insured therapists offer massage and other therapies for £13-£35. Everyone of all ages welcome whether suffering from longterm health problems, or after some “me-time”. Reiki shares and courses also available. For full treatment list and further info: www.yourcommunityclinic.com or 07809 736187 / 07982 243804

november Friday 29 November Laughter Medicine Workshop. 7-8pm Love Lounge, The Bell Inn, Walcot Street, Bath. £5. www.laughtermedicine.co.uk Sue Holmes 07786 291967


Dec 14 DJ PJ and K’chevere BOCABAR BRISTOL








nye Parties + D J line up See website for events in Bristol and Glastonbury

www.bocabar.co.uk Sunday 1 December Boost. A free course for people who feel that their shyness or lack of confidence is holding them back from achieving the things they would love to do in life. See more details on the website or call Daniel. December - March. Hedley Hall Training (Bath). www.hedleyhallbath.org.uk Daniel 07791 849372 Sunday 1 December Weight Mates. A free course for men who would like to create a sustainable weight management programme which suits them individually. No specific diets involved. Limited to 7 places. For more info see website or call Daniel. December - March. Hedley Hall Training (Bath). Daniel Kronenberg 07791 849372, www.hedleyhallbath.org.uk Saturday 7 December Christmas Art Market at The Trinity Centre, 11am-5pm. Unique & creative gifts for every person on your list, including you! Music, festive food & drinks – join us to shop or simply come to soak up the atmosphere! Free entry. The Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW. www.3ca.org.uk 0117 935 1200 Saturday 7 December The World’s First ‘Shamanic Chocolate Laughter Ceremony’. Bristol. 11am-7pm. £35/£50/£65. Cacao, healing, fancy dress. Spaces limited so book asap. Sue Holmes 07786 291967 www.laughtermedicine.co.uk

Saturday 7 December

Sing For Sue throughout December. This year the Sue Ryder charity are holding seven Christmas concerts throughout the South West including one at the beautiful St Mary Redcliffe on 7th December. Grab a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine and enjoy the entertainment on offer guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit!


Saturday 7 December “A pause in the noise” an art exhibition by Uphill Artists and more at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bedminster from 7th December until 4th January. www.grantbradleygallery.co.uk Saturday 7 - Sun 8 December Women’s Retreat, near Stroud. Radiant Love is your nature, enjoy this deep dive into nourishment, pleasure, support & celebration of woman • Saturday Feb 15- Sunday 16: Joyful Loving, Stroud: Live Awakened Intimacy: join this rich, deep exploration & celebration of the dance of male & female energy. Call 07866 470238 www.secretgarden.eu.com Email joy1@secretgarden.eu.com now Sunday 8 December Join us for a White Eagle Christmas meditation at 11am. Bristol. Donations only. Bring mince pies, or similar, to share. bea@theacupunctureplace.co.uk 07853 212 872 Friday 13 - Sun 15 December Embercombe Friends Weekends. Stay in a yurt, work on the land, be part of a community. Monthly: also 24-26 January, 14-16 February, etc. wandia@embercombe.co.uk www.embercombe.co.uk Thursday 19 December Early Bird deadline for The Spark spring issue. Get the discount for your springy fetes, celebrations & inspirational events. 0117 914 34 34 sales@thespark.co.uk Book and pay for ads online at www.thespark.co.uk

Who am I? What is life? The OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary's one and two year training brings intense and joyful inquiry to these fundamental questions. Recent students describe the journey as 'radical homecoming, continued awakening, healing and  acceptance....' 

Training programmes commence each autumn.

Join us at an experiential introductory event! Call or visit our website to find out more about our introductory events. www.interfaithfoundation.org www.osif.org.uk UKenquiry enquiryline: line:08444 0333 332 1996 UK 457004 The OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary is part of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, a charitable company limited by guarantee.Registered Charity No: 1099163 (England and Wales) SCO40148 (Scotland) Registered Company No: 4432622 (England and Wales).

Cultural cinema and digital creativity centre Our Café/Bar is the perfect social space overlooking Bristol’s Harbourside serving delicious fresh, local and ethical food all day long.

Find out what’s on today: watershed.co.uk Box Office: 0117 927 5100 Watershed 1 Canon’s Road Bristol BS1 5TX


2020 events eventsdiary diary

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Friday 20 20 -- Sun Sun 22 22 December December Friday

Thursday 23 23 January January Thursday

Saturday 8 8 -- Sun Sun 9 9 February February Saturday

Winter Solstice, Solstice, Sounding Sounding the the Winter Yule workshop workshop at at Chalice Chalice Well, Well, Yule Glastonbury. Sacred Sacred toning/ toning/ Glastonbury. overtoning, finding finding your your Soul Soul overtoning, Note, Soundbath Soundbath and and more. more. £75 Note, £75 non residential. non residential. Info/bookings Info/bookings www.centreforpuresound.org www.centreforpuresound.org

Final deadline deadline for for ads ads in in The The Spark Spark Final spring issue. Here comes the hazy spring issue. Here comes the hazy sunshine, the the blossom, blossom, the the baby baby sunshine, wabbits! wabbits! 0117 914 914 34 34 34 34 0117 sales@thespark.co.uk sales@thespark.co.uk Book and and pay pay for for ads ads online online at at Book www.thespark.co.uk www.thespark.co.uk

Sat 28 Dec Wed- 1Thurs January Saturday 28- Dec 2 Jan

Monday 27 27 January January Monday

Tibetan Doctor in Mells, Passion, Power and Love, Somerset. wonderfully restorative workshop Information: for New Year by top tantra angelalong7@yahoo.com teacher, Jan Day. EarthSpirit Centre, £325 plus food and Saturday 28 Dec - Thurs 2 Jan accommodation. janday.com 0208 123 9831 Passion, Power and Love, or jan@janday.com wonderfully restorative workshop for New Year- Wed by top1 tantra Sat 28 Dec January teacher, Jan Day. EarthSpirit Centre, Doctor £325 plus Tibetan in food Mells,and accommodation. Somerset. janday.com 0208 123 9831 Information: or jan@janday.com angelalong7@yahoo.com

A creative creative group group for for women women A without children not through without children not through choice. Connect Connect with with women women in in choice. aa similar similar situation situation and and explore explore the issues through the the arts.arts. 12 the issues through 12 Monday evenings. Monday evenings. wildwoodhealingarts.co.uk wildwoodhealingarts.co.uk

Taijiwuxigong with with Andy Andy Henry. Henry. Taijiwuxigong Learn this simple yet powerful Learn this simple yet powerful form of of Chinese Chinese self-healing self-healing form exercises to clear your body, body, exercises to clear your energy system system and and mind. mind. Old Old energy tensions are quickly released, tensions are quickly released, leaving ss sense sense lightness, lightness, clarity clarity leaving and vitality. Open to all. £105. and vitality. Open to all. £105. Contact Ann Ann on on 0117 0117 377 377 0103 0103 Contact or email email or taijiwuxigong@waitrose.com taijiwuxigong@waitrose.com

Friday 31 31 January January Friday

Monday 17 17 -- Fri Fri 21 21 February February Monday Embercombe Community Community Build. Build. Embercombe Learn new new skills skills completing completing our our Learn new Cob Cob and and Oak Oak Linhay. Linhay. Also new Also 17-21 March. 17-21 March. 01647 252 983 01647 252 983 www.embercombe.co.uk/ www.embercombe.co.uk/ communitybuild communitybuild Saturday 22 22 February February Saturday

Bristol Laughter Laughter Workshop. Workshop. Bristol See Tuesdays Tuesdays See Tuesday 21 21 January January Tuesday

10-week gardening gardening course course 10-week at Windmill Hill City Farm, at Windmill Hill City Farm, Bristol: Bristol: Growing Organic Organic Food Food Growing 1: Organic Organic Methods Methods 1: and Fruit Fruit Growing Growing and Tuesdays Tuesdays 9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm Starts: 21 21 January January 2014 2014 Starts: Ends: 11 April April 2014 2014 Ends: Tutor: Tim Tim Foster Foster Tutor: Fee: £110 £110 Concessionary Concessionary Fee: Fee: £25 £25 Fee: To enrol enrol or or for for more more information information To about this this and and other other courses, courses, please please about call 0117 0117 963 963 3252 3252 or or email email call info@windmillhillcityfarm.org.uk info@windmillhillcityfarm.org.uk

Saturday 8 8 -- Sunday Sunday 9 9 March March Saturday William Bloom Bloom Workshop Workshop in in William Glastonbury. The The Endorphin Endorphin Glastonbury. Effect -- Mind-Body Mind-Body Health Health and and Effect Well-Being. Well-Being. www.williambloom.com www.williambloom.com 01458 370102 370102 01458 welcome@williambloom.com welcome@williambloom.com

Sunday 23 23 -- Friday Friday 28 28 March March Sunday


Tuesday 21 21 January January Tuesday

Don’t want want another another year year like like the the Don’t last? Had Had enough enough of of poor poor health, health, last? bad relationships, relationships, unfulfilling unfulfilling bad work, ongoing ongoing feelings feelings of of sadness? sadness? work, Join us at Cardiff Novotel for this this Join us at Cardiff Novotel for Life Healing Healing workshop workshop to to change change Life all that. that. Change Change in in just just 2 2 days? days? all Yes, read read testimonials testimonials at at www. www. Yes, aplacefortheheart.co.uk aplacefortheheart.co.uk Tel: 029 029 20710744 20710744 Tel:

Bristol Laughter Laughter Workshop. Workshop. Bristol See Tuesdays See Tuesdays

New Years Years Eve Eve Dance Dance Party. Party. New Hamilton House. House. Hamilton See dance dance listings. listings. See

Bristol’s gardening gardening guru guru Tim Tim Bristol’s Foster teaches teaches how how to to prune prune new new Foster and established established soft soft fruit fruit bushes bushes and and propagating propagating from from cuttings. cuttings. and 10.30-12.30, £15. £15. 10.30-12.30, Lucy 07506 07506 905 905 394 394 www. www. Lucy thegoldenhillcommunitygarden thegoldenhillcommunitygarden .com .com

Saturday 1 1 -- Sunday Sunday 2 2 March March Saturday

Tuesday 18 18 March March Tuesday

Tuesday 31 31 December December Tuesday

Saturday 11 11 January January Saturday


The Journey. Journey. ‘Finding ‘Finding Earth, Earth, The Finding Soul’. Soul’. A A powerful powerful week week Finding for people who want their lives to to for people who want their lives make aa difference difference to to our our world. world. make 01647 252 252 983 983 01647 www.embercombe.co.uk/journey www.embercombe.co.uk/journey


Sat 29 29 March March -- Friday Friday 4 4 April April Sat

William Bloom Bloom Workshop Workshop in in William Glastonbury. The The Power Power of of Glastonbury. Spiritual Practice Practice -- Fully Fully Alive, Alive, Spiritual Fully Awake, Awake, Transforming Transforming the the Fully World. World. www.williambloom.com www.williambloom.com 01458 370102 370102 01458 welcome@williambloom.com welcome@williambloom.com Tuesday 15 15 April April Tuesday Bristol Laughter Laughter Workshop. Workshop. Bristol See Tuesdays See Tuesdays Wednesday 16 16 -- Friday Friday 18 18 April April Wednesday Into the the Wild: Wild: Teenage Teenage Boys Boys Into Mentoring year course. Join Mentoring year course. Join WildWise for for aa year-long year-long WildWise mentoring programme programme for for teen teen mentoring boys aged aged 13-16. 13-16. The The programme programme boys runs over over 5 5 adventures adventures from from runs April–October 2014. 2014. April April 16-18, 16-18, April–October May 24-26, July 28-30, Sept May 24-26, July 28-30, Sept 26-28, Oct Oct 29–Nov 29–Nov 1. 1. 26-28, For further information and For further information and booking www.wildwise.co.uk www.wildwise.co.uk booking tel: 01803 01803 868269 868269 tel: email: info@wildwise.co.uk info@wildwise.co.uk email: Thursday 17 17 -- Thurs Thurs 24 24 April April Thursday Living Tantra Tantra 1 1 is is top top tantra tantra Living teacher, Jan Jan Day’s Day’s signature signature week. week. teacher, A must-do. must-do. EarthSpirit EarthSpirit Centre. Centre. A Course fee fee £370 £370 (early (early booking), booking), Course £395 (full (full price) price) plus plus standard standard £395 food and and accomodation accomodation is is £460 £460 food including hot hot tub tub use. use. including janday.com 0208 0208 123 123 9831 9831 janday.com or jan@janday.com jan@janday.com or Friday 18 18 -- Monday Monday 21 21 April April Friday

February 2014 2014 February

Yoga Foundation Foundation Course Course Yoga Five weekends weekends in in Devon Devon Five Starting February February 2014. 2014. Starting

Saturday 22 22 -- Sun Sun 23 23 February February Saturday

Also Teacher Teacher Training Training Also and Yoga Yoga Therapy Therapy Courses, Courses, and Classes and and Retreats. Retreats. Classes

Life Writing Writing Holiday Holiday Life on the Beautiful Scilly Isles Isles on the Beautiful Scilly

www.northerndrum.com www.northerndrum.com

The Shaman’s Shaman’s Doorway Doorway The with with

For more more information information For please call call please

29th March-4th March-4th April April 2014 2014 29th Amazing scenery & walking Amazing scenery & walking ● Lovely accommodation l Lovely accommodation ● Tutoring by Paul Dodgson l Tutoring by Paul Dodgson ● Writing workshops l Writing workshops ● Personal tutorials l Personal tutorials ● Fine, locally sourced food l Fine, locally sourced food

Chris Lüttichau

● l

22 -- 23 23 February February 2014, 2014, Stroud Stroud 22

01392 420573 420573 01392 or email email or

Saturday 12 12 -- Sunday Sunday 13 13 April April Saturday

The Devon

The Devon info@devonyoga.com School info@devonyoga.com School www.devonyoga.com of ofYoga www.devonyoga.com


A membeR oF The InDepenDenT YogA neTwoRk A membeR oF The InDepenDenT YogA neTwoRk

Saturday 8 8 February February Saturday Gurt Magnificent Magnificent People People -- 350 350 Gurt singers from from Gurt Gurt Lush Lush Choir, Choir, singers Magnificent AK47 AK47 and and People People of of Magnificent Note take take the the stage stage to to banish banish Note the winter winter blues blues and and create create the an exciting, exciting, eclectic eclectic night night to to an remember! 7.30pm, £10/£2 under remember! 7.30pm, £10/£2 under 18s. 18s. www.colstonhall.org www.colstonhall.org

Introducing the the ancient ancient Introducing shamanic path path to to healing, healing, shamanic awakening, and and earth-based earth-based awakening, spirituality. Experience Experience and and spirituality. learn core shamanic practices: learn core shamanic practices: the “original “original instructions” instructions” for for the wholeness and and balance. balance. wholeness Price £120, £120, Deposit Deposit £30 £30 Price

To book book your your place place or or find find out out To more, please please contact: contact: more, Leonora Adams Adams 07549 07549 694 694 472 472 Leonora leonora@northerndrum.com leonora@northerndrum.com

Monday 24 24 February February Monday New mag Sparkout outtoday. today.The Thespring spring New issue will will inspire, inspire, excite, excite, enthuse enthuse issue & delight delight you, you, oh oh yes yes indeedy. indeedy. & 0117 914 914 34 34 34 34 0117 sales@thespark.co.uk sales@thespark.co.uk

email: carnwethers@aol.com carnwethers@aol.com email: www.carnwethers.com www.carnwethers.com Tel: (01720) (01720) 422415 422415 Tel:


Meditation with with Shen Shen Jin. Jin. Meditation Fully residential course in the the Fully residential course in Shropshire countryside countryside with with Shropshire accomplished female female Qi Qi Gong Gong accomplished and Meditation Meditation master master Shen Shen Jin. Jin. and Shen Jin teaches how to create Shen Jin teaches how to create aa deep and and cleansing cleansing Chan Chan (Zen) (Zen) deep meditation state including meditation state - including breath, posture posture and and visualisation visualisation breath, techniques. techniques. Contact Ann Ann on on 0117 0117 377 377 0103 0103 Contact or email email buqibristol@buqi.net buqibristol@buqi.net or Sunday 20 20 -- Friday Friday 25 25 April April Sunday Catalyst. ‘Shape ‘Shape your your future’. future’. For Catalyst. For young adults to a young adults whowho wantwant to make make a difference. difference. 01647 252 252 983 983 01647 www.embercombe.co.uk/ www.embercombe.co.uk/ catalyst catalyst


Tuesday 1 1 April April Tuesday

Saturday 10 10 -- Sunday Sunday 11 11 May May Saturday

Pea within within aa radish radish within within Pea tomato inside inside an an orange orange aa tomato enveloped by by aa pumpkin pumpkin baked baked enveloped in aa mud mud oven. oven. Veg Veg out out with with aa in vengence, midday midday meal meal with with Lirop Lirop vengence, Loaf, pudding pudding will will be be rhubarb rhubarb and and Loaf, april fool. fool. april www.geddit.com www.geddit.com

William Bloom Bloom Workshop Workshop in in William Glastonbury. The The Sword Sword and and Glastonbury. Chalice -- How How to to Work Work with with the the Chalice Energies of of Nature Nature and and Universe Universe Energies for Healing Healing and and Transformation. Transformation. for www.williambloom.com www.williambloom.com 01458 370102 370102 01458 welcome@williambloom.com welcome@williambloom.com-

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A complete Qi Gong System Founded by Dr Shen Hongxun and taught by Andy Henry

Bristol Workshops 2014

8-9 February 12-13 July

Learn a simple yet powerful system of Chinese healing exercises to clear your body, energy system and emotions. Old tensions are quickly released leaving a sense of lightness, clarity and vitality. Students will also receive healing from the teacher. Open to all. £95 per w/end 10am - 5pm Sat & Sun

Contact: Bristol Weekend Workshops and Healing Clinic T 0117 3770103 / 07766 100383 E Taijiwuxigong@waitrose.com


for living!

We see and listen to so many things, yet few are significant. Trivialities may mesmerise, seduce us from the real riches and happiness of life. This introductory ten week course is designed to engender fresh perception and discussion with those interested in seeing past life’s troubled surfaces, and mere opinions, to what is reliable, lasting and true. Sort out the ideas; find depth of being. ‘Without vision the people perish’ Good use of the mind and positive emotion may follow from the profund wisdom of great teachers. Explore the world’s great schools of thought, great ways of living, from the East and the West.



Prior knowledge of philosophy is unnecessary, yet an open mind is always attractive and useful.

He tastes nothing who does not taste for himself .


6.45 for 7.00 .

Sunday 11 May indigO2 London

Tuesday,7 17th Sept. Tuesday January 31 Milsom Street, Bath. 07751 959 759


peterderbyshire@ supanet.com

th Bristol. Thursday Sept Thursday 919January 7.00 for 7.15 01 225 722 136

The Future of Wellbeing

Bristol Grammar School, University Road.


Ten weeks £79, Concessions. Full time students £20

Enrol on line now, or on arrival, www.bathandbristolphilosophy.org

Bath and Bristol School of Philosophy,

branch of The Fellowship of the School of Economic Science. Charity no. 313115

www.philosophycourse.com www.schooleconomicscience.org Backwell School Community Courses January 2014 21

22 events diary Saturday 10 - Sunday 11 May

houses for sale

Natural Bee Keeping. Suitable for beginners and intermediate, learn ‘bee first’ techniques in a beautiful environment. 01647 252 983 www.embercombe.co.uk/bees

Beautifully Designed 3 bedroom ‘Eco-home’

june Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 June William Bloom Workshop in Glastonbury. Your Heroic Journey - The Psychology of Spiritual Development. www.williambloom.com Saturday 7 June


starting at 7pm Tickets from £25-40 To book and more info go to www.seedidea.net

july Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 July William Bloom Workshop in Glastonbury. Strong and Clear Holistic Leadership. www.williambloom.com

classified accommodation offered St Ives, Cornwall Cosy log cabin, peaceful location, fully equipped, heated, sea views. Sleeps 2/3. Perfect for winter breaks on the Cornish coast. www.millyandmartha.com 0770 385 9106 Sunny Room for Rent In creative household in Bristol, sharing with two others. Close to Gloucester Rd and local amenities. £395pm (inclusive). For more info please call 0797 919 5531

Built using sustainably sourced materials. Idyllic position, walking distance all amenities of small Somerset market town of Langport. Highly insulated, incorporating renewable energy sources/energy saving devices. Guide price £290,500. 0777 9535562 http://greatbowyard.co.uk/ Two Houses For Sale in Bulgaria

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Location in the village of Lomec, near Troyan. Perfect opportunity for self sufficient life. Pavlin - 0753 309 5370

Jobs Job With A Difference & Unconventional Hours! Lively, (tall) disabled woman values: integrity, positivity, and Holistic Living. Loves…. music, good food, gardening, nature and creativity… Requires PA’s for facilitated assistance with all practical aspects of daily life, personal support and mobility, and getting out and about on a 24 x 7 basis (Please note: some lifting and manoeuvring is required). No previous PA experience necessary but basic common sense required of running a home. Involves all types of driving, a varied work day, adaptability, dependability and the capacity to be self-motivated, focused and “on the go”. • Essential requirements: Tall female, 25 yrs+ with a full clean UK driving licence & at least two year’s driving experience; fluent written and spoken English • Also: hardworking, practical, a fast learner; with a high level of core physical strength, fitness and stamina (comfortable with busy days and assistance with mobility) • Desirable: Applicants should be mature (not necessarily in years), genuine, flexible, reliable, positive, willing and easy going. Gross Pay: £8.40/£9.16 per hour. Block shifts: 24hrs+. Location: Keynsham/Bristol area. For accessibility reasons, please reply by texting your name and address to receive written details and application pack to 07984 819469 This advert complies with Section 7 (2b) of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975

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Shiatsu for deep healing

and personal tr ansformation


One Year and Three Year Practitioner Training Courses also available All courses are taught in Bristol.

Professional Hypnotherapy Courses Classroom courses at The Clifton Practice, 8-10 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 1PD.


Starting 2014—Birmingham Choice of comprehensive part-time Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) Courses. A 10 month week-end course or small group weekday course (Thurs/Fri). These lively and very practical, practice based courses are approximately 150 hours of classroom study plus home study leading to full Diploma qualification (DHP) and externally accredited (NCFE) Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD NQF Level IV).

Bristol School of Shiatsu Tel: 0844 335 0573 info@shiatsubristol.co.uk www.shiatsubristol.co.uk

The Open University has assigned this Course 45 credits at Undergraduate Level 1 and Graduates are qualified to join the leading hypnotherapy associations. The solution focused training programme is designed and written by practising professionals to give you a thorough and sound knowledge of the application of clinical hypnosis enabling you to become an effective practitioner. Fees are payable in instalments and are discounted according to postcode to help with travel and accommodation. We are supported by the Learning and Skills Council for the provision of Professional and Career Development Loans. For details of forthcoming courses please telephone The Clifton Practice Head Office Tel:0117 317 9278 or simply visit our comprehensive website: www.cpht.co.uk.

Foundation Course, Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Courses, Classes, Workshops and Retreats in Devon and North India.

The Devon




Telephone: 01392 420573 Email: info@devonyoga.com


A member of the Independent Yoga Network.

three weekend foundation course • 12/13 October • 2/3 November • 23/24 November this practical shiatsu foundation course, that includes a full body routine, will give you a very good grounding in this powerful healing art.

Book before 7th February 2014 to secure your place! Special discount for siblings and multiple courses!

Join our Intensive February 2014 Half Term Foreign Language Course for Juniors (from 11-17 years old)! ● ●

From 17th-21st February 2014 A great way for your child to accelerate their language skills in a fun and positive environment!

For more information call us on +44 (0) 117 906 7660 Or email fl@ihbristol.com

www.ihbristol.com/languages/ junior-classes 23

24 IN! The West’s cinemas Stay indoors and go to the movies with Melanie West

Bradford-on-Avon Film Society (BOAFS), Bradford-on-Avon

CineMe, The Tobacco Factory, Bristol CineMe has been going strong for five years and currently takes place on the last Tuesday of each month in the Green Room, providing a platform for independent short filmmakers, predominantly, but not exclusively, from Bristol, to showcase their work. They provide a space for short film, documentaries, animation and music videos that are seldom seen in mainstream venues. The nights are also a chance for people involved in all aspects of the industry, from make up artists to directors, to meet and discuss existing and future projects. CineFeatures is affiliated to CineMe and has previously shown independent and limited distribution films in venues such as the chapel at Arnos Vale Cemetery. CineMe also host talks and Q&A’s happening: screenwriter Bob Baker has featured. Other venues are sometimes used, check website for details. Everyone is welcome, tickets are £5 (£3 conc). www.cinemefilms.com

photo: The Theatre Orchard

The Curzon Community Cinema, Clevedon and is The Curzon turned 100 in 2012 ally used tinu con st olde the reckoned to be t raised nigh ning ope Its . land the in cinema of ilies funds for the survivors and fam those on The Titanic. out audio Until 1930 films were shown with used was ent and musical accompanim iest days to swing things along. In the earl people 200 just ed seat it ma of the cine ) and 400 ost alm for ing seat has now (it te aera to ned the roof ingeniously ope of nd arou g tzin spri the auditorium. The ! ular pop less n bee have may disinfectant one ces, In 1945 there were two box offi ple to buy on the east side for poorer peo west side the on one and low-cost tickets ony seats. balc ding inclu s one ier for the pric rably side Today things have moved on con run is se hou ure and the much loved pict se rpri ente ity mun com t as a not for profi , ases rele ern mod of n ctio sele showing a and kids over 0s ‘silver screenings’ and babies sessions.

photo: Mark Epstein

The Frome Film Club, Merlin Theatre, Frome The Frome Film club is run at the Merlin Theatre once a month, with screenings from September through to July. It’s a fairly recent addition to the local arts scene, launched in 2011. Membership is a reasonable £30 for the year, which gets you ten film showings, but you don’t have to be a member to see movies. A limited number of walk-in seats are available each time; or turn up 15 minutes before a show and you may be able to get a ticket for an empty member’s seat. The club shows a selection of the best independent world cinema. There is also a supper club, where food is available to members an hour before the film starts. The country where the film was shot provides the inspiration for the meal and the prices average at around £6 a time. Pre-booking for this is essential due to limited places.

The BOAFS has been going strong for 24 seasons. Film selections are drawn from winners of international film festivals and suggestions made by members. Membership for one year is £25 and this lets you settle into your seat up to 14 times over the course of the season, which runs from September to April, meaning you often get two films to view in a month. Like many independent cinema groups, BOAFS relies on the support of volunteers who help with the screenings, the bar and who also fundraise and publicise the group’s activities. New volunteers are always welcome. Guest tickets can be purchased for the screenings if you don’t wish to become a member, get one up to 24 hours before the show at the Tourist Information Centre in Westbury Gardens. Guests and members must be over 16. Check website for venue. www.boafs.org.uk



Somerset Film @ The Engine Room, Bridgwater The Shipham Community Cinema (SCC), Shipham This not-for-profit enterprise was set up with support from the British Federation of Film Societies and shows films monthly on a Friday evening. Membership is £10 and then it costs £2 per film attended. Guests are welcome, adults for £4 and children for £2 (subject to film certification). Members are also entitled to attend a monthly Sunday screening, which starts at 4pm. A civilised cup of tea and a slice of cake are also available! SCC offer their members the opportunity to watch a Blu-Ray of any film shown that they may have missed. Keeping up with the times they also offer “pop up” movies at short notice which could be topical movies or the best of current world cinema. Ken Loach (above) has even dropped in by for a Q&A on one of his films. www.cinema.shiphamhall.co.uk

Bristol Bad Film Club, various venues, Bristol If you choose to watch movies that fall outside of the mainstream, it doesn’t mean that they have to be intelligent and thought-provoking…or even good! This is the premise for the Bristol Bad Film Club. The films, shown monthly, are selected on the basis that there are some movies out there where the plot, camera work, acting abilities and budgetary constraints all appear to be conspiring together to create a deep-fried Mars Bar of a movie – so bad it’s actually good.These kinds of films, whilst they can be arduous to watch alone, can become a whole-heartedly chortle-filled experience when shared, or maybe I should say endured, together. Previous offerings have included “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and “Samurai Cop”. Say no more. If you need a light-hearted laugh to beat those winter blues then check their website or Facebook page for details. 24 www.bristolbadfilmclub.co.uk

fé The Blue Walnut Ca y Film Club, Torqua first The film club meets on the nth. mo the Thursday evening of the of ure nat ite Despite the pet are tiered ts sea le ilab ava 23 cinema, the are you for comfortable viewing and nd. sou nd rou treated to Dolby sur season which Members pay £35 for the cember and De to ry rua Feb m runs fro Members includes 11 film showings. movie. the ose take it in turns to cho seats, at pty em to me lco Guests are we sions occur a cost of £5 per film. Discus one any afterwards in the café, for is one of ue ven wishing to stay on. The host the to UK the in es only three plac wh l, ere Manhattan Short Film Festiva ning for eve ten films are shown each ing for vot ce ien a week with the aud r late is ner win the e; their favourit equent Infr . are Squ es Tim in ced announ by Friday film nights also happen food for n ope café donation, with the . 7pm m and drink fro .uk www.bluewalnuttorquay.co

Based in a community media centre, Somerset Film offers a varied programme of film events and courses as well as drop-in advice sessions, training facilities and equipment for budding local filmmakers. Film and Food evenings happen each month, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is showing on 19 December; £10 will cover your dinner and visual entertainment. Other organisations are hosted too; you can catch “War on Democracy” by John Pilger on 12 December, part of the Bridgwater Trade Council’s Cinema of Dissent season. Junction events screen short films, or excerpts from longer productions, with a focus on local filmmakers. These are free. Archive films are taken out to surrounding village halls for showings. “Decode” is a downloadable app created by young local filmmakers showcasing Bridgwater’s history. One-off events such as “Oska Bright On The Road” celebrate films made by and for adults with learning difficulties. www.somersetfilm.com

Training for Beginner and Practising Hypnotherapists

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Become a Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy and NLP Training

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taught locally in a dynamic, interactive way in small classes by a qualified, accredited teacher and full-time hypnotherapy NLP practitioner.


COURSES IN BATH AND CHELTENHAM Evening, weekday and weekend classes available. For course details & interviews contact Hilary Norris-Evans on 0788 771 4892 or via www.getmindfit.co.uk To download a brochure go to www.hypno-nlp.org

boxes from


with free delivery

Courses accredited by the National Council for Hypnotherapy , NCHP, OU and NCFE


01803 762059

Local Training to National Standards Local Training to National Standards

The Spark is proud to present the first Bristol Pound Directory. Grab your copy from your local £B shop now.

ONGOING: Programme of CPD Workshops ONGOING: Programme of CPD Workshops Introduction to Counselling Skills: 10 week course Introduction to Counselling Skills: 10 week course

January 2014 Start: January 2014 Start: -weekly seminar Infant Observation Infant Observation -weekly seminar

We We have been providing have been providing Psychodynamic Psychodynamic Counselling Training, toto Counselling Training, Nationally accredited Nationally accredited standards since 1983 standards since 1983

PG Diploma/ Post Qualification training: Psychodynamic PG Diploma/ Post Qualification training: Psychodynamic Approaches to Counselling in Schools Approaches to Counselling in Schools Foundation Certificate (Diploma Stage 1)

Learning with horses is a wonderful & powerful experience

September Start: September 2014 2014 Start: Diploma in Psychodynamic CounsellingBACP accredited Diploma in Psychodynamic CounsellingBACP accredited (& process) (&BPC BPC accreditation accreditation ininprocess)

Personal Development Workshops and Coaching (no previous experience of horses needed) Enhancing: • Authenticity • Emotional and Self Awareness • Intuitive Communication • Personal Empowerment

Foundation Certificate (Diploma Stage 1)

Advanced Diploma Diploma Once (BPC Advanced Once-Weekly -WeeklyPsychotherapy Psychotherapy (BPC accreditation in process) accreditation process)

Rosie Withey International personal development coach Eponaquest and Riding Coach (BHSII)

www.wessexcounsellingservice.co.uk www.wessexcounsellingservice.co.uk

Call Rosie on 01761 453168 / 07775 594294 For more info and dates – or Visit www.horsesasteachers .co.uk

01373 453355 453355 01373





Lovingly prepared by the team at the Spark, the Bristol Pound Directory lists almost 600 local businesses which accept the Bristol Pound. Support your city, your community & your currency!

Riverside Garden Centre & Cafe Bristols Community Garden Centre

Clift House Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1RX 0117 966 7535 www.riversidegardencentre.com 25

26 planet back to the land Jessie Marcham meets the people at the forefront of the landshare revolution

would Jubilee-ve it?


hen I moved to Bristol last summer I was keen to find a way to get gardening with my toddler. Frustratingly, our steep and wild allotment plot proved almost totally incompatible with a small child. But as I explored my new neighbourhood, a plot of slightly overgrown land caught my eye; a nice level little garden, surrounding a community hall, with a concrete path and a grassy lawn. It looked ideal in terms of size, location and toddler accessibility. It seemed so sad to see the land unused and unappreciated. At home one day, I signed in to the Landshare website and realized that this very same little garden was listed there: Jubilee Hall garden, available for growing “flowers or vegetables”. Hardly daring to believe it was true, I sent an email through the website, expressing my interest. A few days later I met with Kate, who works for Dance Voice, the charity that owns the lease on the Jubilee Hall. I was amazed to find that I was the first person to have ever enquired about using the land, though it had been listed on the Landshare site for over a year. Within a fortnight Kate had given me a simple tenancy and a gate key, and I was busy cutting back the grass and digging over the first beds. Though there is still a huge amount of work to be done at the garden, it has already become a real haven for me and my happy toddler.


ur new green writer, Jessie Marcham, looks some of the ways you can enjoy your own slice of the Good Life. Whilst many of us may dream of a smallholder’s life on the land, this autumn three hardy souls have taken up a unique opportunity to turn their dreams in to a reality in a field in Devon. They are the first tenants of the Ecologial Land Co-operative (ELC). ELC’s managing director, Zoe Wangler, explains that despite growing recognition of the many social and environmental benefits of small-scale ecological agriculture, “our property market and agricultural supply chains push out and exclude smaller producers.” Agricultural land prices in the UK have trebled in the last decade, and the planning system presents many barriers to low-impact developments. So, back in 2005, a group of land workers, business advisors and planning consultants came up with a bold but simple idea to ‘provide affordable opportunities for ecological land-based businesses in the UK’. It took six years to research the idea, raise over £150,000 through two share issues, buy 22 acres of land on the DevonSomerset border, and submit a detailed planning application to Mid Devon District Council to create three low-impact residential smallholdings. The plan was to install a shared barn, rainwater harvesting system, an access track and solar panels on site, and then sell long-term affordable leases for each of the three plots. The leasehold agreements would be designed to ensure that the holdings remained sustainable, and that tenants were selected for their skills, experience and local connections. But despite support from MPs, academics, and even the parish council, the planning application was rejected. Undeterred, the group appealed. Zoe describes the threeday appeal enquiry, as “a nerve-racking experience”, but was “absolutely overjoyed” when planning permission was finally granted in April 2013. Selected from dozens of hopeful applicants, James Dexter is one of ELC’s new tenants. With 20 years’ growing experience, he’s “ready” for the challenge of creating his own viable ecological smallholding, but says he

“wouldn’t have been able to face dealing with the planning system as an individual”. Recognising that the project is “setting a precedent”, and undaunted by spending his first winter at the site in a static caravan, he speaks with enthusiasm about his plans for an orchard, chickens, salad production, and a timber frame house. ELC’s first three plots have been sold with 150 year leases for around £70,000 each, a fraction of the normal £250,000+ price tag for a residential smallholding. Over time the co-operative hope to replicate the concept on dozens of sites and, as they build up experience and a reputation, costs should come down. ELC will be looking for new investors in January 2014, as they open a share launch with the aim of raising enough capital to buy two further plots of land for development.


For those seeking square meters, rather than acres, for their smallholding ambitions the Landshare initiative offers another innovative route to accessing affordable land. Created by TV chef Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall and his River Cottage team in 2009, the Landshare website now has over 70,000 registered users across the UK. Realising that many people long for a little plot to grow some veg, whilst others find that they have too much land to tend, Landshare

aims to help match people who own land with people who want to use it. Sam from Stroud has been delighted with his Landshare experience. After he had been suffering from chronic arthritis for three years, his back garden had become “overgrown with six foot-high brambles”. He registered on the Landshare website in 2012 and found the process “very simple. You just describe what land is available and wait for a response.” A quick search of the site’s map reveals a surprising diversity of land listed, albeit concentrated in urban areas: back gardens in Glastonbury; an overgrown orchard in north Somerset, a field to share near Bath, and a ‘community smallholding’ in Bristol. Likewise, people looking for land are many and varied. Some have struggled to find an allotment, or outgrown their own back gardens; they include families who want to grow their own veg, and people hoping to keep chickens, bees or even pigs. In spring of this year, Sam was contacted by Tom, who had no garden of his own, lived very locally and was “full of enthusiasm”. Within weeks he had transformed Sam’s garden, and, Sam happily admits: “my garden is now more fruitful than it ever was when I did it myself”. For more on the Ecological Land Co-operative, including the new share issue: www.ecologicalland.coop To sign up to Landshare or view the searchable listings: www.landshare.net

solar city T

his year saw the launch of Bristol Solar City (BSC). We spoke with Kerry Burns of BSC and David Saunders, of Bristol Power Co-op, about the exciting plans. What are the main aims of BSC? Bristol Solar City publicly launched during 2013’s BIG Green Week, with a set of clear goals: for Greater Bristol (that’s Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, and North Somerset) to have installed 1 Gigawatt (GW) of solar photovoltaics (PV) by 2020; to deliver clean, green jobs to Greater Bristol, and to put the region on-track to having the cheapest energy in the UK. What businesses or organisations are involved? The working group comprises installers, wholesalers, consultants, universities, local authorities, charities, finance providers and community energy groups. BSC was envisioned back in 2009 and a task group set up to try. In 2011, during the Bristol-Hannover Energy Summit, the Bristol Solar City Group was formed. That was the year that solar made a huge leap in the UK with the introduction of generous feed in tariffs. Solar PV went from 70 installed Megawatts (MW) to over 1000 MW in about eight months, a colossal multiplication. Since then, nine of Bristol’s solar installers have formed a co-operative, BASIC (Bristol Area Solar Installer Co-operative), and have delivered a pilot solar PV programme in Lockleaze for Bristol Power Co-op and a solar thermal installation project for the Ashley Vale Action Group. What’s next for BSC? As the solar economy unfolds we hope to lead the rest of the nation - Bristol has huge strengths in high tech and can be at the forefront of necessary technical advances. At the same time hundreds of millions of pounds of mostly private investment will be spent installing solar PV throughout the region, and this can provide thousands of new jobs in solar design and installation, in low-energy retrofits, in building pioneering all-solar homes, in providing electric vehicles and more. The idea is that solar energy kick-starts and fuels a green revolution that brings economic and environmental benefits – not just to a few dedicated green pioneers – but to all of us.


Media information: The Spark / Lower Shaw Farm 88 x 132mm / November 2014

LOWER SHAW FARM Connect • Learn • Relax

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July 4 – 6 July 11 – 13 August 18 – 25 September 12 – 14 October 10 – 12 Various dates And More!

Yoga and Walking Wild Flowers Family Activities Holiday Women’s Weekend Mushroom Weekend Beginners’ Bread-baking

Delicious meals prepared with local and organic food. There’s a friendly welcome, relaxed atmosphere, lovely gardens and friendly sheep, pigs, chickens, and ducks! Ask for our brochure: Lower Shaw Farm, Old Shaw Lane, Swindon, SN5 5PJ. 01793 771080 • enquiries@lowershawfarm.co.uk



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Published quarterly in full colour, 88 pages. Subscribe for just: £13.95 (UK 1 year) Permanent Publications SP, The Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hampshire GU32 1HR Tel: 01730 823 311 Email: info@permaculture.co.uk

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28 social change building blocks Will Simpson meets the local group taking positive action to provide affordable housing


t can’t have escaped anyone’s notice: the sheer number of commercial properties that lie vacant in our cities with forlornlooking ‘To Let’ signs in their windows. But a group in Bristol has taken it upon themselves to do something about the situation, and in some small way try to solve the housing crisis. Abolish Empty Office Blocks (AEOB) is a project that developed out of the ‘reconciliation laboratory’, held last year at St Stephen’s Church, that looked at the wealth divide and how it could be alleviated. The group’s audacious plan is to locate empty commercial properties in the city, buy them and convert them into affordable homes that, crucially, will be owned by the community. And, unlike the ever-dwindling stock of council houses, they cannot and will not be sold off for profit. “Bristol currently has over 2 million square feet of un-let offices - that’s over 60 acres,” says group co-founder Tony Crofts. “At the same time Bristol City Council has been forced, under the Right To Buy scheme, to sell off over 13,860 council houses and – surprise, surprise - now has a housing waiting list of 14,750. It’s a total mismanagement of buildings in the town and provision for people to live. It really offends me.” Like the other members of the group, Crofts has a background in affordable housing. He founded the Stonesfield Community Trust, the first successful community land trust in the UK, which lets out 15 houses in an Oxfordshire village as well as the local post office. He has also put

his life savings into a housing co-operative and has had it written into his will that his shares will be inherited by that co-op. It didn’t take long for AEOB to identify its’ first project: a disused builder’s merchant and adjacent shop/office building in Whitehall in the east of the city. The group have had their offer accepted and recently launched a community share offer to raise the £640,000 it will take to buy and renovate the properties. Crofts is confident the co-operative will meet their target: “The minimum shareholding is £50 and the maximum legally allowed is £20,000. People who actually want to come and live there can probably afford to

“Bristol currently has over 2 million square feet of un-let offices - that’s over 60 acres” find £50, and people who are public spirited and have a certain amount of money will be able to invest in this for the satisfaction and for a reasonable interest rate.” The group has been in contact with Bristol City Council who are fully supportive of the scheme: unfortunately more groups of public-spirited individuals are going to be needed to help fulfill the need for affordable housing if councils no longer have the resources or freedom to do so. “This has to be done by a non-profit

a local voice

Will Simpson meets local indie news publishers


s The Spark comes to the end of our twentieth year as an independent community-focused magazine we are delighted to be bucking the trend, and happy to share elbow space with other local printed voices. Depending on your viewpoint, the decline of printed media is an issue that provokes complete apathy or hand-wringing angst. But wherever you stand there’s no doubt that local newspapers’ circulations are plummeting to scarily low levels, ground down by the flight of advertisers to the Internet and the demands of profit-hungry corporations that (usually) own them. Many famous local titles appear to be in a death spiral they’re unable to break: in Sparkland alone in recent years we’ve seen the demise of much-loved publications including Venue, Folio and The Source. But if you peer closer there is another more hopeful story. In a number of places locally small-scale, grassroots, community-minded newspapers are emerging to fill in the gaps that established print media is either unable or unwilling to cover. One significant example is Filton Voice, running in north Bristol and the brainchild of ex-Evening Post Assistant Editor Richard Coulter. When Richard took redundancy in 2011 he turned his attention to producing a community magazine that has a 50/50 mix of news and advertising and a focus on stories of real interest to local people. “It’s hyper local,” he explains. “It’s about the stuff that actually affects people’s lives.” The Voice has already had a positive

making group of philanthropic or idealistic individuals,” Crofts insists. “There is no other option. With any houses that the council builds it is immediately obliged by the government to offer them for sale which means that they nearly always end up in the hands of buy-to-let landlords who then let them at twice the rent, which defeats the whole object of the exercise.” The group estimate that the planned 16 flats on the Whitehall site should be completed by the end of 2014. After that they will be looking at further properties to convert. “We are continually looking at possible sites,” says Crofts. “In the Portland Square area (in central Bristol) there are many former houses that have been made into offices in pursuit of per-square-foot rents and that are now standing empty - they need to be converted back into homes.” The very fact that a group like AEOB exists is a sign of the times. But it is fantastically positive that people are gathering together to take positive action to combat wasted spaces and the lack of affordable housing. “London is soon not going to have enough working people living in it to run its services because they are being driven out by the bedroom tax, housing benefit capping and low wages. The same could easily happen to Bristol,” warns Crofts. “So it’s up to us. If we drive all the working people out of the city who is going to drive the buses and wipe our bottoms when we’re older?” www.aeobhousepeople.org.uk

impact on the community it serves. Richard tells of a recent story they ran about the threatened closure of the local clinic for expectant mums and the elderly. “We went to the meetings and gave it a lot of coverage and eventually the health authority started to listen. It’s a story that would have been too small scale for the Bristol Post to cover but we kept it bubbling along and, as a result of the consultation, they decided to keep it open and are now even thinking of expanding what the clinic offers.” This sort of grassroots journalism is meat and potatoes for the recently-revived Bristolian. The self-styled ‘Smiter of the High and Mighty’ first launched in 2001 but re-emerged last spring after a spell in the wilderness. “We publish the news that doesn’t get into the established media,” explains Jon Silver, one of the team that produces the paper. “We cover the relationships of power in Bristol. We’re very much on the side of the ordinary

Bristolian who has to deal with greedy bosses and corrupt officials.” Supported by little more than donations and the occasional fundraising event, The Bristolian has broken many stories over the years. But why go to the effort of producing a printed newspaper when you could just put it all in a blog? “Too many people think ‘oh you put it on the Internet and that’s the story out there’,” says Silver’. “It’s not. Not everyone flicks through the Internet every day. A lot of people aren’t even connected to it. We consciously go out and hand-deliver The Bristolian to shops, pubs, cafes – we want it in people’s hands. We want ordinary people to know that we’re out there and we’re listening and we’re looking for stories.” For Richard Coulter, a community newspaper reaches the places a blog never could. “Online doesn’t offer the same commercial opportunities. Because digital has become so fragmented there are too many opportunities to advertise digitally, where as the funny thing about print is usually in every community there will only be one outlet. With a website you might have mindblowing statistics about page impressions, but are you actually reaching everybody in the community? Probably not.” Filton Voice has been so successful in its’ first year that sister newspapers have been set up in Keynsham, Bishopston, Winterbourne and Downend. Meanwhile, with a burgeoning network of sources and reputation that now goes way beyond the city’s borders, The Bristolian looks likely to

stick around for the long-term. So are the South West’s community newspapers better placed to survive the ongoing digital revolution than the mainstream media? “I think we’ve all got problems and ours are different from theirs,” reflects Richard Coulter. “We’re just trying to be a commercial success, based on a good editorial model, but we want to be in a position where, if things changed in five or ten years, that we are in a position to adapt. Maybe in ten years’ time there will be digital model that will allow us to go away from print.” In the meantime he encourages others to have a go. “As a business start-up there’s really not that much investment needed you could even run it from your box room. You’d need to make sure that you have all the necessary skills in place, but for somebody who has got some background in news I think it’s a very manageable opportunity.” www.filtonvoice.co.uk 0777 555 0607 richard@filtonvoice.co.uk facebook.com/Filtonvoice thebristolian.net 07936 427 731 (leave a message or text) Twitter: @BristolianNews BristolianNews@gmail.com facebook.com/TheBristolianNews Please continue to support us too: syou could even buy an ad! Call 0117 914 3434. www.thespark.co.uk Twitter: @Spark_Magazine facebook.com/thesparkmag

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30 food Tony Benjamin meets some crafty brewers and discovers more than meat & potatoes

Beer for more C

hristian Morrish of quality drinks emporium Independent Spirit of Bath is introducing a customer to some of his stock: “It’s got peppercorns and passion fruit, with a long taste of hibiscus. I should say it’s really not traditional” It’s classic wine-speak but, although it came from a wine barrel, it is actually a beer – Schnoodlepip - a limited-edition from Somerset independent brewers Wild Beer. This is the blossoming world of craft ale, where the business of mixing hops, malt, water and yeast become a lot more complex. “To be honest the beer was only meant to be a sideline,” Chris says, nodding towards the shop’s abundant stock of specialised cocktail spirits and wines “But there’s been a massive demand - and we really like it!” They stock around 100 different bottled ales from around the world with locally produced brews taking pride of place. He’s particularly enthusiastic about the locals: “It’s great when the Wild Beer people deliver – they’ve always got time for a chat, and they’re friendly and informative, like all the small guys.” Nobody knows who coined the term ‘craft beer’ – we know it came from the States, but ask any British brewer what makes beer ‘crafty’ and you’ll get a different answer, and some don’t like the name at all, seeing it as a marketing thing. But it is a handy way to sum up the anarchic new wave of beer making that’s sweeping across the country, with independent brewers using a mix-andmatch of quality ingredients and techniques from various countries to make highly

individual ales. And it’s happened with amazing speed, with many breweries only a year old and new ones appearing almost daily. Kubla, on the edge of the Quantocks, are a case in point: sisters Kaite Loomes and Emily Drinkwater started the one-barrel operation together and their first beers were ready in December 2012. A keen home-brewer Kaite had a background as a flavourist in the food industry while Emily had run gastropubs. Both were keen beer drinkers. “I thought it was an exciting idea,”

Emily recalls. “And if it didn’t work we could always just drink the stuff ourselves!” Their first ales – Paradise, a chocolate stout, and the lavender-scented Rock – proved an instant success, and production has already trebled. Emily thinks the secret is in the care given: “Kaite takes it gently, perfects the recipes and maintains quality. It’s all about nature and the seasons.” With limited budgets, many of the area’s craft brewers rely on personal recommendation to find new customers, as Fleur Cooper of Shepton Mallet-based Wild Beers explains: “It’s all about word of mouth and direct communication. We’ve become an established brand in a year through getting out and meeting people.” They are now exporting to America, Norway and Thailand with China very keen as well. “It’s bonkers!” she admits “It’s happening so fast it’s frightening! But it’s not about the speed, it’s about getting it right and sticking to your principles.” Based on a farm, Wild Beer’s Brett Ellis and Andrew Cooper still share their barrel room with a dairy. Experienced professional brewers, they met working at the Bristol Beer Factory and their first brews marked them out as making exceptional ales, including the wild yeast-brewed Modus Operandi, finished in bourbon barrels. “We make our own idiosyncratic beer in our own esoteric way because we want to,” Andrew asserts, but behind the freebooting swagger he knows the commercial realities. “With new breweries coming along all the time the market will soon get saturated. It’s crucial

we produce something of great quality so we don’t have to water down our ethos.” Wiper and True, Bristol’s most remarkable brewery, doesn’t even exist, though you’ll find their India Pale Ale and others all over Bristol and as far away as Cheshire. The elusive Michael and his partner created a ‘cuckoo brewery’ by persuading other brewers to let them use their tanks in a seat-of-the-pants operation fraught with risk. One batch got infected, another was lost when the host brewery went bust but somehow they’ve kept up production. Another keen home brewer, Michael wants to introduce a new beer experience to people not traditionally interested in the stuff. The Wiper and True project was originally intended just for Christmas 2012 but public demand and his own sense of achievement made it impossible to stop. What’s been impressive is the readiness of other brewers to help him, typical of the supportive friendliness of a brewing network that respects the quality of a fine ale whoever makes it. “It’s all based on enthusiasm,” as Kubla’s Emily says. “The makers share it with the customers and it shows in all the great beers.” And a growing number of discriminating beer lovers can only agree with her. www.independentspiritofbath.co.uk kubla.co.uk wildbeerco.com wiperandtrue.com

The return of the High Street I

t’s the most common road name in the UK yet, if you believe everything you hear, you’d think the High Street was an endangered species. With the combined threat of supermarket chains and on-line shopping, popping out to the shops has become a thing of the past. Or so the story goes. But when it comes to food we’re seeing signs of a shift back to shoppers seeking better quality and value from local independent butchers, bakers and…grocers (figures for candlestick makers are proving harder to pin down). The horsemeat scandal of 2012 was a big factor and, while big supermarkets scrabbled to espouse ‘locally produced’ meat, it seems that their customers were rediscovering the joys of shopping local. North Street, in Bristol’s Southville district, is a thriving byway of independent businesses clustered around the Tobacco Factory theatre and bar, rescued from demolition by architect (now Mayor) George Ferguson. Having recently seen off the threat of a huge new supermarket development, the area’s future looks bright. Despite the recession, lively pavement cafés and bustling weekend crowds tell a story of confidence that’s readily appreciated by greengrocer Mike Rudge, of the longstanding Ashton Fruit Shop. “It is a thriving High Street here,” he says. He thinks the key to success is keeping an ear out for changing tastes. “If you listen to the customers you can’t go wrong. If there’s stuff we don’t have then we go and get it. The main thing is quality – it has to be good. We look for seasonal produce and get what we

can from local farmers but it has to meet our customers need, too.” Opposite the grocers Chris Cierpic’s Rare Meat Butchers launched just three years ago. An experienced butcher with a mission to improve people’s expectations, Chris only sells free-range and local produce with a map on the wall showing where it all comes from. “Poor quality meat never does justice to a meal – it spoils the other ingredients. Supermarkets sell ‘corner cut’ meat, really lean, but it’s tasteless, like topside. We don’t sell it, we sell ‘Leg of Mutton Cut’ beef shoulder and it cooks up perfectly. It costs less than the supermarket stuff yet it’s such good quality stuff.” Plenty of younger people are finding their way to his shop, drawn by reputation and Rare Meat’s busy Facebook page. “These youngsters – they’re amazing. They know exactly what they’re after and you can talk to them about how they’ll cook it. They’re real foodies.” This younger market already has its

own demographic buzzword: the Millennials. Currently aged 25-35 they are generally ‘brand resistant’, preferring to find individual products that reflect their own tastes. They don’t believe advertising, the experts tell us, but rely more on word of mouth and social media; they’re healthy in their attitude to food and prefer quality to quantity. A few doors down from the Rare Meat premises Southville Deli owner Paul Wick has been increasingly aware of the Millennials in his organic grocery, wholefood shop and café. “There’s certainly been an upturn in interest in the whole street and it’s been sustained by quite a young crowd. It’s as though they’re finally seeing that it’s a rare thing to have good local shops and they want to make use of them.” He wonders if it’s the buzz of meeting people face to face (rather than tweeting them) that brings younger customers out but, whatever the reason, it’s great for trade and, after 12 years on North Street, Paul has

opened a second shop in Redfield. There’s more recession-busting expansion at miniscule artisan bakery Mark’s Bread, which now has a spacious café alongside. It’s a little way down the road from the other shops but still boasts a permanent queue out of the door with stock regularly selling out by early afternoon. Though his award-winning fare graces many a Michelin-starred dinner Mark Newman thinks that there’s a bigger chemistry at work, too: “You need a critical mass of good shops so that people can get most of what they need in one trip. You can do that in a supermarket but it’s anonymous – here the customer gets a personal touch because we know them and we know what we’re selling. Even the queue is a good thing – people chat with each other, it’s really friendly.” So, with Tesco writing off expansion plans this year and a recent Mintel report showing sales of supermarket bread steadily dropping maybe rumours of the High Street’s demise were slightly exaggerated. It seems it’s not just on North Street where customers are discovering that real bread is the best thing since sliced bread, after all. Ashton Fruit Shop: 29 North St, BS3 1JN 0117 966 6838 Mark’s Bread: 291 North St, BS3 1JU www.marksbread.co.uk Rare Meat Butchers: 250 North St, BS3 1JD www.facebook.com/ raremeatbutchersofsouthville Southville Deli: 22 North St, BS3 1JA & 259 Church Rd BS5 9HT www.southvilledeli.com

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32 family Kate Evans explores ways to discipline a child without being a disciplinarian

partnership parenting P

artnership parenting, unconditional parenting, connected parenting, positive parenting. There are a lot of names for it, but it’s all exploring the same idea: a new approach to childhood discipline that isn’t about punishment or reward. I spoke to Alice Sheldon, a Bristol based teacher and explorer of partnership parenting methods, to find out more.

has the emotional vocabulary to consider the other person’s needs, they understand that they have to take some responsibility for household tasks. But then it’s up to the parent too, to make the tasks manageable for the child, and give them fair warning of when they need to be done. Because the child has an input, they have some control over the situation too, and often come up with remarkably creative solutions!

Kate: How did you become interested in partnership parenting? Alice: I heard about it by mistake. It’s based on the strategy of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg (which is more about ‘consciousness’ than ‘communication’ really). I did some training in that, and I found that it works! Because I was the mum of a young child, I felt I was living in a 24/7 practice zone. We know what we don’t want as parents. You know you don’t want to shout, bribe, threaten and be grumpy. But what do we do instead? So what’s wrong with punishing a child who has done wrong? Or with rewarding a child who has done well? The problem with these strategies is that children learn to behave in order to get something or avoid something. The child is focused on external motivators, rather than looking inside themselves and seeing how it is for them when they do something that hurts someone or makes them feel happy. Punishment makes children feel bad. It gives the message “I am bad”. When you put a child on the naughty step, they experience shame and humiliation, or defiance and anger. Either they feel “I’m wrong”, or “you’re wrong”. Neither helps them learn. And there is an impact on the parent’s relationship with the child. That’s not how I want to connect with my child. Judging and blaming is painful for everyone. It sounds like there are no boundaries, and the kids will run riot! No, that’s called permissive parenting. That’s where the child is free to do whatever they want, and their behaviour is left unchecked, no matter how much it affects others. This leaves children unprepared socially. If they don’t get any feedback about how their actions affect other people, they don’t learn about other people’s needs, or their own. Similarly, with authoritative, dominant parenting a child will only learn how to do what their parents say is good or bad. They miss out on the opportunity to work out how to become considerate and compassionate. How does it work then? The basic premise is that however a child behaves, it’s telling you something about that child. It’s important to separate the behaviour from the child. You dislike that behaviour, but you try to relate to your child, and understand why they did that. In my Partnership parenting course I teach three simple stages: a model that can be applied to any child of any age. How do I understand what my child is feeling? How do I understand what I am feeling? (We all bring expectations and learned patterns of behaviour to our parenting.) And then, once we understand what we both want from the

relationship, we find a strategy that works for both of us. Some parents approach the course in very practical terms, learning tools to help them from day-to-day. There are simple things like how to listen to a child, how to express yourself in a way they can understand, and how to lay down a compassionate boundary. Many of us have murderous rages that we only experience in our own family. We can learn what to do so that rage doesn’t explode onto our family. And there is also the option to go much deeper. Many of us see-saw between “Why did you do that?!” and “I’m such a bad parent!”. Once we understand the message behind our judgments, rather than feeling bad about them, we can start to transform our anger and guilt. This approach would never work for my child, because my child is spectacularly naughty. There is a very clear place for boundaries, which may include physical restraint, but

the approach is compassionate rather than punitive. First you empathise: “Are you cross/ sad/scared/whatever? and put in whatever boundary you need to. Once your child is calm, you talk about why the behaviour is not OK with you. Then you mutually work out what can be done to remedy the situation. But this isn’t just for high-needs children. And while parents who are struggling are likely to seek help, people who are bumbling along, just getting by, can also really benefit from improving their connection with their child. It’s for everybody. So how can I get my kids to do the washing up? Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution with partnership parenting, so you have to find your own answers. But let’s look at the scenario. The child is having fun, playing or reading a book. The parent is exhausted. You talk about the needs and wants of the child and the parent, and you work out between you what’s reasonable. Because the child

Do you think the problems parents experience are exacerbated by living in nuclear families? Definitely! We’re meant to live in a village. Parenting is hard. We are often very alone, and we don’t always have those extended support networks. When we have moments of not coping maybe there’s no-one else around to help. One of the great things about attending or facilitating parenting courses is the chance to talk about how it really is at home: hitting, losing it, screaming, the lot. When the first person in the room brings up the subject, everyone visibly relaxes.


Punishment, bribes, manipulation and control are rife in our society. Raising kids without them sounds like revolutionary stuff. Absolutely. I really believe that if we can teach our children ‘power with’ rather than ‘power over’ or ‘power under’, then that equips them to be citizens who can change the world. Alice Sheldon offers partnership parenting courses: five weekly sessions in Bristol during term time. Skype courses available, and Alice can be booked for individual parenting advice and support. www.thepartnershipparent.com Michael Rosenberg: www.nonviolentcommunication.com

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recommended reading: Unconditional Parenting The book that is credited with founding a movement. Alfie Kohn makes a compelling case for rethinking traditional parenting strategies and bases his theories soundly in scientific research.

celebrating young people with Down’s Syndrome

Oliver Hellowell, aged just 17, is a talented wildlife photographer with his own website, prints and cards for sale, and regular exhibitions of his work. www. oliverhellowell.com. And take a few moments to watch 11-year-old Agi K’s entrancing film series My Little Sister (who happens to have Downs Syndrome).


Toddler Calm The new British book on non-punitive parenting. Sarah Ockwell-Smith translates the concepts behind Kohn’s work into simple strategies you can apply to younger children.

Find them on YouTube or at www.agnieszkaproductions.co.uk


short breaks for families with special needs

When Kids Push Your Buttons: and What You Can Do About It Bonnie Harris’s book focuses on flash points in discipline, and helps parents to defuse the anger, stop the shameblame game and implement constructive alternatives.

Bristol City Council is offering free transport for families with children with disabilities, special needs or life-limiting conditions. Families registered with the Short Breaks scheme can access wheelchair-adapted cars and minibuses (with driver provided if necessary) or receive free minibus driver training. Journeys must be planned a week in advance. Contact Bristol Parent Carers on 07914 320540 (Tues or Thurs, 9am-1.30pm), or email info@bristolparentcarers.org.uk with “New Transport Scheme” in the subject line.


Love Bombing Psychologist Oliver James’s simple strategy to reconnect parents and children can transform family relations for the better. www.lovebombing.info

go by bike!

BANES council’s Go by Bike project is proving a great success. A third of children in participating schools now cycle to

Six varieties Biodynamic Organic Pure Fairtrade Unbleached tea-bags

Agnieszka (11) and Magdalena (7) from My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s Syndrome) school, up from just seven per cent four years ago. Council Cycling Development officer Jim Imeson tours schools in the area, motivating children to do more with their bikes and scooters and attend free, organised sessions on the Odd Down Cycling Circuit. www.bathnes.gov.uk/gobybike

bike workshop

Bristol Bike Workshop is running monthly family bike workshops. Repair, customise or decorate your kids’ bike, rehome one your child has outgrown or snap up a mini bike that has been donated. The suggested donation is £3/£5, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Bristol Bike Workshop is located in Hamilton House, 7 City Road. www.thebristolbikeproject.org

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We have a lack of alternative models of parenting in our culture, and many of us had poor role models. And we have a need for compassionate self-care. If we have some time off, we can come back to the ‘problem’ behaviour and often find it much easier to deal with. I think it’s important to remember that everyone is doing the very best we can given the circumstances we’re in, and what we’ve experienced in our own lives. Part of positive parenting is actively trying to build a community. We meet up socially. We do non-competitive games. We know that all the adults there are committed to this kind of parenting, and that’s important, because some of what we do may not be widely understood. When you don’t use a punitive approach in a social context, some other parents might misinterpret that as not doing anything at all.


www.essential-trading.coop www.ethicallyessential.coop 33

34 body & soul are you having a laugh? Beccy Golding is getting merry with Joe Hoare and his laughter workshops


imes are hard. And when times are hard, you gotta laugh, else you’ll cry. With this in mind I sought out laughter specialist Joe Hoare. Joe developed Natural Laughter Skills (NLS) “to impart the skills to generate your own laughter.” This is in contrast to Laughter Yoga, which works from the outside in, using exercises to create physical laughter, “I’m a big fan of Laughter Yoga,” he assures me “ and I incorporate some of their exercises, but I do understand it may alienate some people. We have a cultural resistance to it (in the UK).” “People are often resistant to the idea of laughing as a yoga-style practice” Joe adds, “feeling that its about ‘having to force a laugh’ but I have looked for gentler ways in, from the inside out. It’s about loosening up, getting our attention into the body and the head; a willingness to laugh, a lightheartedness. The key is to start gently and invite the playfulness and creativity.” Joe’s life hasn’t all been full of laughs. “I hit the rails a number of times,” he explains. “in my early 20s I was suicidal and in my mid-30s I had a mild breakdown caused by a year of insomnia, which was hell. I didn’t know how to relax or discharge tension from my system. When I emerged I vowed that there had to be a better way of living. I had a ‘healing wake-up’ – KAPOW! - my life became all about ‘The Healing Power Of..’. I became voraciously interested in the healing world. I trained as a healer, started a daily Chi Gung practice, learnt to breathe properly using (Buddhist meditation practice) za-zen, but I still had to find my own modality. Then I did voice work with Chris James and started teaching ‘Free Your Natural Voice’ sessions. I found there was lots of natural laughter – to free the voice you must relax the body and you often start to laugh. “My job is not to make people laugh, but to help them get back in touch with their own laugh. The benefits of laughter come from the act itself. In the West we have the mindset that laughter comes from an external stimulus – a joke or something funny – so what do you do if nothing external makes you laugh?” The benefits are, simply, that a good old belly laugh makes you feel better – it’s a psychological release, but it is proven to have positive physical effects on the cardiovascular

“My job is not to make people laugh, but to help them get back in touch with their own laugh. The benefits come from the act itself. In the West we have the mindset that laughter comes from an external stimulus – so what do you do if nothing external makes you laugh?” and pulmonary systems – it oxygenates the blood and improves circulation which energises us and helps us think better, and it releases seratonin. Two years ago The Royal Society released research showing that laughter increases pain thresholds. Laughter has also been found to be good for psoriasis and diabetes. “In mind body spirit terms,” Joe adds “laughter is liberating; people

become more intuitive, more present – living ‘here’ in their bodies, with a whole-body consciousness, not distracted.” Now he’s found laughter (and never has insomnia) Joe uses it in a range of settings. He runs stress management courses for NHS staff and team-building and conferences for corporate clients; he’s developing sessions for the Thomas Pocklington Trust, who work with people with sight loss, with the working title of Natural Laughter Skills for Mindful Resilience. “It’s about helping people get in touch with their inner resources; an antidote to the increasing issue of loneliness and depression.” Joe offers one-to-one coaching, “I always bring levity to the sessions.” He runs laughter retreats, laughter facilitation skills courses and laughter workshops at festivals. In 2013 Joe published his own book Awakening The Laughing Buddha Within (co-written with his pal Stephen Russell, the Barefoot Doctor). His Bristol Laughter Club is “almost certainly the longest running series of laughter workshops outside India”. Dr Kataria, a practising GP, cardiologist and the founder of Laughter Yoga, who Joe studied with in the early 2000s, suggested the idea of the Laughter Club and it has now been running every month for ten years. www.joehoare.co.uk www.bristollaughterclub.com Royal Society research into laughter & pain thresholds: bit.ly/GZ9vd6 www.laughteryoga.org - for laughter clubs, events & training internationally other laughter practitioners in Sparkland include: Neely Good: Laughter evenings, parties & workshops 0772 207 2279 agoodfeeling.yolasite.com Sue Holmes, who runs ‘Laughter Medicine’ evening workshops at The Bell Inn, Bath, and is touring the UK this autumn with ‘the world’s first Chocolate Laughter Ceremony’, a day of laughter, healing and celebration including a drink of ‘magical healing’ raw cacao from Guatemala. 07786 291967 www.thehomehealer.co.uk Luke Andreski, happiness guru, author and poet who has created the Maxus Irie religion-free cult: 07445 542631 www.captivatingcult.com www.lukeandreski.com

below: Joe Hoare (centre)

news • Huge congratulations to Paula Rainey-Croft of Heaven on Earth, the bespoke green funeral directors based in Bristol, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Good Funeral Awards in September. Established in 1995, Heaven on Earth is also a Natural Death Centre, specialising in helping families plan a personal, individual celebration of the life of the person who has died. www.heavenonearthfunerals.co.uk

• Reading Well Books on Prescription is a new scheme, piloted around the country but available nationally since June 2013, providing access to self-help books for people experiencing a range of common mental health issues including anxiety, depression, phobias and some eating disorders. 30 books are available, all with some form of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) angle. The books can be recommended by GPs or other health professionals and are available to be borrowed from your local library for free. For full book list see www. booksonprescription.org.uk http://readingagency.org.uk/adults/quickguides/reading-well

• The Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery, formed as a campaigning group in response to the south Bristol cemetery’s threat of closure and potential redevelopment, celebrated 25 years of achievements in rescuing and rejuvenating what is now a beautiful green space, with a cafe and music/ theatre venue, as well as still being a working cemetery. Sadly many of the graves had become invisible, unreadable or hard to reach. As part of the celebrations the Remembered Graves project was launched to find and mark the graves of people of local or national significance. Those honoured so far include pioneering physician William Budd, prison and education reformer Mary Carpenter and graves belonging to ‘babies who died at birth or shortly after.’ www.arnosvale.org.uk

• A new outdoor gym has been installed at Ladies Mile on The Downs in Bristol. It consists of five stations, providing a range of exercises for both gentle new-to-it exercisers and more sporty-types, to help improve physical health, fitness and well-being. • If you are interested in psychic and clairvoyant self-development the new Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre, based at Wapley Stables near Yate runs courses and circles as well as classes in Shamanic, Reiki and horse communication work. www.heavensentspiritualcentre.co.uk

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Also on offer: Holistic Massage for Dec & Jan: £50 for two sessions with one practitioner (offer open to first time clients only) Feb 2014: Systemic Constellations offer: £40 for first 90-minute sessions with Lycia Harper.

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Nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. ■ Organic & natural toiletries, candles, incense, aromatherapy oils, crystals, sun catchers, wind chimes, teas & infusions. ■ Recycled stationary and quality greetings cards. ■ Monthly Allergy Testing. ■ Mail order available. ■

Design & make your own unique wedding rings and memories to last a lifetime here at workshop


www.workshop22.co.uk 01173290393

Health Unlimited, 248 North Street, Bristol BS3 1JD 0117 902 0622, www.silver-gecko.com


With the ingenious “Blowker”, blow poker Firewok gadget of the year

video online at


reach over 100,000 customers! call Maxine on 0117 914 3434 email maxine@thespark.co.uk 36

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The Relaxation Centre To relax is to enjoy life

stand out With over 20 years experience of delivering effective, eye-catching advertising, visual marketing and communication, Forest Graphics can help you promote your ethical business to a wider audience. Visit www.forestgraphics.net to see our


Spend £100 on our Christmas gift vouchers in December, and get a free spa session to enjoy yourself*!

portfolio of recent work that really gets noticed - and let us help you make your business message stand out.

*Terms and Conditions apply, see website for details

Tel: 0117 970 6616 www.relaxationcentre.co.uk facebook.com/therelaxationcentre @RelaxCentre

Buy online at www.lavera.co.uk (free postage) or from good Pharmacies and Health Food Shops

enjoy your 5 a day with a Riverford vegbox

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9 All Saints Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2JG

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‘The Spark is at the heart of the alternative west’ - BBC

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organic veg, meat, dairy + more fresh from our farm

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WINNER 01803 762059 www.riverford.co.uk

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50%mention off for up to 8 weeks the6390 in order to claim your 10% off Big Yellow Bristol Central - Please 0117 Please mention the955 code SPARK1012 in code order to claimSPARK1012 your 10% off Big Yellow Bristol Central - 0117 955 6390


The World’s Worst Records Volume One The perfect gift for the vinyl junkie in your life ● 260 pages ● Fully illustrated


Contact: Andy Ballard Telephone: 07583 345 562 Email: andyballarduk@gmail.com

Please mention the code SPARK1012 in order to claim 10% off SPARK1012 in order to claim your 10% off Please your mention the code wco.u .k bigyellow. w. .u

Buy your loved one a subscription to the west’s ethical quarterly for just £10 a year. We’ll even send them a card from you! 0117 914 3434 beccy@thespark.co.uk www.thespark.co.uk

e™ Get some me space in yourr life ife.

Make Life Easy For Yourself Simple solutions for stress-free adults and happy,confident children

Vegetarian Guest House Cardigan Bay, West Wales Relaxed quality B&B accommodation with ensuite rooms. Venue for Civil Ceremonies & Courses.

A great range of hypnosis recordings to help you and your children relax and enjoy life.

Book Now For Christm as & New Year 01239 811 155

marketplace: reach over 100,000 customers! call Maxine on 0117 914 3434 email maxine@thespark.co.uk


reach over 100,000 customers! • call Maxine on 0117 914 3434 • email maxine@thespark.co.uk 37


act - buqi

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Welcome to The Spark Listings – issue 75 Find lovely people offering you a plethora of services and opportunities, from courses to counselling, massage, personal development, spirituality and yoga... plus food suppliers, eco-builders, holiday providers and more. Making the global personal... the personal global... we think you can’t separate the person from the world they live in. * When you reply to an ad please say you saw it in The Spark - it’s the advertisers who pay for The Spark to exist so it’s great for them to know their ads are working (and it really helps us). Thanks.

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are included in our listings ads if the advertiser has given them to us:


Level entrance to building Room with level access Adapted toilets Steps and no. of steps Not accessible Home visits available Telephone for further info

Listings sections this issue: activsm acupuncture architects, buildings & home arts therapies astrology bowen technique breath therapy buqi business services career development centres & venues children • birth • education chiropratic city farms clothing - green * new * coaching complementary clinics complementary practitioners

computers & web design constellations counselling & psychotherapy: • bath • bristol • bristol north • families/young people • glastonbury • psychotherapy • relationships • somerset • s glos • spiritual • general c&p training c&p noticeboard courses, groups & workshops craniosacral therapy cycling dance death & dying dentists & dental care doctors/holistic physicians energy eye health

feng shui food gardens & gardening gay, lesbian & bisexual healing herbal medicine holidays: • activity • b&bs & hostels • holiday cottages home & decluttering homeopathy hypnotherapy languages massage & bodywork mediation meditation movement & bodywork music & sound nutrition / diet

personal growth courses personal growth practitioners rebirthing reflexology reiki relationships relaxing & winding down rolfing rooms & spaces shamanism shiatsu spiritual paths & practices training voice volunteering women yoga (other listings sections are available see website for full list)

Small Print. It’s very rare, but once in a while an advertiser behaves in a way they shouldn’t. If you’ve had an experience with one of our advertisers that made you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, cross or bamboozled, please let us know as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to make the situation better - this could be through gentle persuasion, direct challenge, or in some cases by refusing to accept their custom. Having said that, the small print still stands..

Blue Sax Publishing Ltd, who publish The Spark, cannot take any responsibility for the quality of an advertisers’ service or advertisers’ conduct. In choosing an advertiser you may wish to consult the appropriate professional bodies. We gather the info but we can’t and don’t evaluate the advertisers. Advertisers are advised that all copy is their sole responsibility under The Trade Protection Act. All adverts must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice.

We reserve the right to refuse, amend, withdraw or otherwise deal with advertisements submitted to us at our absolute discretion and without explanation. Blue Sax Publishing can accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from omission or inaccuracies relating to telephone numbers, wording, spacing or positioning or other material regardless how caused.

Deadlines for the year ahead • spring (issue 76) early bird 19 dec • final 23 january magazine published 24 february • summer (issue 77) early bird 20 june • final 18 july magazine published 19 august • autumn (issue 78) early bird 26 jun • final 24 july magazine published 1 sep • winter (issue 79) early bird 25 sep • final 23 october magazine published 24 november

Eco-Decorators, Organic Gardeners “Inside Out“

activism Replace Animal Tests

with superior human tissue tests. Sign our petition: www.SaferMedicines.org

acupuncture Acupuncture, Acupressure Massage (Tui Na)

Bath & Salisbury Established practitioner, calm disposition, gentle technique, treatments tailored to the individual, strategies to maintain health, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Insured member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and local authority registered. First treatment half price. Salil Pande BSc (Hons) MBAcC, www.explorehealtharts.com explorehealtharts@gmail.com 0751 804 1808

Maintenance, clearance, light removals. Maintenance - care & repair of your property both inside and out, including painting, door hanging/adjustment, loft insulation and boarding, hanging shelves, assembling flat packs, fencing, etc. Clearance - sensitive and eco-conscious, house (and garage) clearing, recycling where possible, certified and appropriate waste disposal where needed. Light Removals - fully insured to move your treasured (or unwanted) items, large or small. I am a careful, thorough worker with an eye for detail, offering a friendly yet excellent service! Please call me to discuss your needs. Gregory Champion 0790 662 8383 gic.hk3@gmail.com

Isabel James Lic.Ac, MBAcC, MRCHM

• Traditional Chinese Acupuncture • Chinese Herbal Medicine • Experienced children’s practitioner • Gentle effective treatment. Fully qualified practitioner with 10 years’ experience in successfully treating a wide range of conditions, both physical and mental/emotional. Bishopston, Bristol. Tel: 0117 924 1188

architects, building & home

We provide a high-quality building service, specialising in eco-upgrades, sustainably aware alterations & extensions; balancing quality & value to create better spaces with existing resources. • Our experience with many local architects, engineers & surveyors for refurbishment & structural alteration work informs our advice & guidance, for a variety of projects & situations. • We offer impartial advice for eco-upgrades to improve a building’s thermal performance; helping buildings evolve in changing times and managing resources more sustainably, through optimising space, light & temperature. • Qualified - competent - reasonable. Member of The Green Register & The AECB. Contact Simon Reid (iCIOB) info@buildingecologic.co.uk 07500 692199 & 0117 924 6024

• Quality decorating with attention to detail. Non-toxic paint specialists. • Garden maintenance / design and landscaping. Pruning, weeding, strimming, fencing. Free estimates. Established 2000. 0779 272 8012 / 01761 452461

Happy House - Women Painters/ Decorators

Large range of home improvement skills & green product knowledge. Free estimates/advice. Reasonable rates, quality service. No job too small. Sam: 0779 343 2973 Shell: 0792 014 0108

Licensed to Drill - WBSR

Bristol • Garden landscaping & maintenance, fencing, decking, patios, ponds • Floor sanding, internal and external decoration, loft insulation • Hen houses and chicken runs, log stores and sheds etc. Friendly reliable local builder offering excellent service for jobs big or small, inside or out. Competitive rates, free quotes and good work generally wonderful. Steve Rose 0117 964 6670 or 0776 324 0158

Man With Van £20ph

Strong, helpful, trusty, reliable, handy. Pavlin 0753 309 5370 supermanvanuk@gmail.com The practice, formed in 1984, has specialised in community buildings, doctors’ surgeries, private houses, and many small-scale extensions and alterations. No job is considered too small and all designs are unique and specific to their client and situation. Special consideration is given to sunlight, view, ecological materials, context, inclusive access, to produce quality solutions that the users will cherish. Vic Love Architects Ltd operates a sliding-fee scale and offers a service to suit, from initial ideas to the full service including designs, drawings for regulations, building contract management and site inspections. Nearly all the commissions have come from referrals from satisfied clients, reflecting the close working relationship and service provided as well as the character, design and quality of the completed buildings. Vic Love Architects Ltd has completed over 1000 projects throughout Bristol and the immediate area. If you have any architectural projects in mind of whatever size, we welcome you to ring us or pop in to the shop for an informal chat. ‘Vic Love Architects Ltd’ 188 Bedminster Down Road, Bristol BS13 7AF Tel: 0117 963 3007 Fax: 0117 963 3007 ABH e-mail: viclove@viclove.co.uk

Woman With A Van

Removals etc. Runs on Bio-diesel. Bristol & beyond. £20 ph. 0779 974 7875 Imogen

arts therapies Susan Lawrence Dramatherapy

Dramatherapy for individuals & groups Using play, movement, voice and storytelling, dramatherapy can help you to • develop your creativity • discover other aspects of yourself • develop your confidence and self expression • heal hurts. Please phone / email for more information. Phone 0117 933 2607 Email susan_lawrence_evaluation@yahoo.co.uk www.susanlawrencetrainng.co.uk

astrology Astrological Counselling & Advice

For insight foresight and hindsight. Exploring the dynamics of birth charts & relationships; astro-weather forecasts, specific questions & directions; live & by skype. Catriona Mundle thedriftofstars@gmail.com 0117 924 4470

bowen technique Christian Dunham ECBS

Australian Bowen Therapist based in Bath. Telephone: 07910 332393 www.christiandunham.net

breath therapy Natural Breathing Training

Asthma, snoring, anxiety - learn to breathe well, naturally. Buteyko based courses. Live without fear of breathlessness and sleep soundly. All ages. 0117 318 0986 www.naturalbreathingtraining.com

buqi Buqi Energy Therapy

Buqi activates the flow of vital Qi energy to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Qi carries the messages that encode all life processes from the vibration of a single cell to the metabolism of the whole body. Buqi treats most conditions by clearing stale Qi from the body. Benefits include improved general health, energy levels and posture. Lightness, flexibility and vitality return. Clifton and central Bristol. Contact Ann for details. 07766 100 383 or buqihealth@gmail.com

Tall order? Can you reach 60,000 readers in Bristol, 12,000 readers in Bath, 3,000 readers in Glastonbury, 2,100 readers in Stroud and another 21,500 readers in and around the West? Plus 1.5 million+ online visitors every year? And all of them interested in changing themselves and the world? Probably not by yourself. But there’s a magazine that can. The Spark – running around the West since 1993.

or visit www.thespark.co.uk for more info or to book online

business services

centres & venues

If it’s all stressing you out - bookkeeping, self assessment - don’t worry: we can help. I am a local ethical accountant you can talk to, flexible, cost-effective and professional. I offer accounts preparation, tax returns and advice for individuals, self-employed, partnerships and limited companies. Also VAT, Payroll (online RTI), and free phone advice for clients. Prices from £75 with a free first hour meeting. Telephone: William Everatt on 0117 325 9050, 07711 050509 or text for a call back. Email: William@thegreenaccountant.co.uk www.thegreenaccountant.co.uk

Bristol-based NM Systems offers virtual administration services available throughout the UK, and provides services for small and home-based businesses that may not have the time, room or regular work to employ someone on a permanent basis. I have over 15 years’ administration experience. I can work for clients on an ad-hoc or regular basis, and can provide support evenings and weekends, ensuring your business benefits from consistent and reliable back-office functions. I am committed to providing high quality work at reasonable rates with efficiency, professionalism, confidentiality, discretion and integrity. Benefits of using NM Systems: • Only pay for hours worked • No need to provide office space or equipment; save on running costs • No PAYE, National Insurance, holiday, sickness, or training costs • No Agency Fees • Long-term and short-term support available. Contact admin@niallmilligan.co.uk tel: 0779 036 9121

Are You Still Looking For An Accountant?

Accounts and tax return preparation for partnerships and individuals. Assistance with Revenue investigations. Siri Perera Chartered Accountant. Ashley Down, 0117 923 2113. siri.perera@btinternet.com


Offering your business a greener and healthier way to network. 0117 377 9231


career development Career or Job Change Wanted?

Make 2014 your year! Inspirational tailor-made sessions based on Richard Bolles’ careers guide ’What Colour is Your Parachute’. www.realvocation.com Marietta 0796 309 3729 B

Public Speaking Fears?

My passion is about helping people find their voice and find their ease in front of groups. It can be done! Take a look at my page ad in Courses, Groups & Workshops, or go straight to: www.speaking-infront.co.uk John Dawson 01225 425300

Take the time to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate in a wonderful spiritual and peaceful atmosphere. To relax and connect with like-minded people, enjoy healthy food, walks, hot tub, sauna and treatments. The beautiful landscape makes it perfect for personal transformation to boost your creativity and sense of well being. We offer at a reasonable price: • Christmas Celebration Spa Retreat: 24-27 December 2013 • Spring Equinox Spa Retreat: 17-20 March 2014 The EarthSpirit Centre is located near Glastonbury and has been offering facilities for workshops for many years. Please also check out our midweek discount deal 50% off hall hire when booking our centre. www.earthspirit-centre.co.uk office@earthspirit-centre.co.uk

busi - comp

children - education

Steiner Academy Bristol is a new school for children aged 4-16, opening in 2014 and offering an education that is creative, engaging and environmentally conscious. Our vision is for a school in which children can fully experience childhood; think independently, clearly and considerately; observe the world perceptively; and act with creativity, courage and self-determination. We are currently acquiring a site, which will be announced soon. We are part of a group of Steiner Academies, state-funded schools that build on the ideas of Steiner education with a commitment to diversity and accessibility. Our school will be accessible to all, regardless of background, income, ability, faith, gender or any other consideration. www.steineracademybristol.org.uk

Bristol Steiner School

Where education is a journey not a race. Regular Open Morning Tours available by booking. Next Open Evening Thursday 20th March, 6.30-8pm. www.bristolsteinerschool.org 0117 933 9990 reception@bristolsteinerschool.org A versatile venue for Frome. The Cheese & Grain is available for hire for local residents and clubs, and for all registered charities at reduced rates. Corporate, educational and charity meetings can be booked by negotiation, with access to all venue facilities including screen projection and catering. Contact Martin Dimery at martin@cheeseandgrain.co.uk Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Frome Tel: 01373 455 768

Gaunts House, home of the Gaunts House Charitable Foundation Ltd, is a country mansion set in beautiful Dorset countryside, with an amazing intention. We are here to learn, grow and develop our consciousness, and to provide the environment for you to do the same. Our Community of Profound Learning is a spiritually-based, holistically-minded group of free thinkers committed to exploring and supporting the evolution of consciousness and the awakening of their inner selves. As well as hosting private retreatants, Wwoofers and other volunteers, we are a leading venue for courses and workshops. Tel: 01202 841522 www.gauntshouse.com

children - birth www.birthjourneys.co.uk

Holistic Midwife/Birth Preparation Mentor: one-to-one consultations, inspiring Birth Preparation courses; Birth Story Listening to resolve a negative birth experience, breastfeeding support. Karen: 0770 851 2520

Of course you can... with the spark

counselling & psychotherapy training ads appear on p42, the courses, groups & workshops section starts on p44, the training section on p49, and check out our event ads too, starting p18, for all sorts of inspiration

chiropractic What Treatment Is Best For You?

Healing comes from within; harness your innate potential... With 15 years experience I specialize in helping people with longterm health concerns in a unique way. Back pain/sciatica, headaches, chronic fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia, thyroid/weight problems. Individualized programmes including; gentle body therapy, connected Breathwork and lifestyle/ nutrition advice. www.innate-health.net 07904 706 706 Bath

city farms

There’s loads of great things happening down at the farm! • 14th December: Christmas Fayre & opening of our new visitors centre and play area - outdoor market, santa’s grotto, carols, mulled wine and more! 12-4pm, free. • Our nursery expansion will be complete by January 2014, creating more places for under 5s to experience forest school, city farming and lots of outdoor time. • Our courses and workshops range from jewellery-making and stained glass to parenting and first aid courses. • The café has created a fantastic new winter menu, including hand-crafted pies and a large gluten-free section. • And a big Moooo to everyone from our two beautiful new Friesan calves! Visit for free – we’re open 7 days a week, 9am-4pm. www.windmillhillcityfarm.org.uk

clothing - green Seamstress

All industrial, domestic and creative sewing jobs. Alterations, repairs and commissions. Heavy duty work including leather and canvas. Evening wear and special occasions. Katie 0779 893 7707 ktmcgill@live.co.uk



Make lasting friendships and reflect on your journey as you build a living doing what you love. Learn how to: • Market yourself naturally, find clients and charge properly.• Use your intuition to guide your business • Get focussed, effective and in your joy! “An inspirational reminder of who I am, where I wish to be and who I wish to gather along the way.” Becki Online community, meetings in Frome, coming soon to Bristol. Visit the link below to join for free, read more and get the PDF “Make It Happen: 5 keys to make your big ideas a reality”. www.aliceirving.com/SPARK

No Crystals, No Funny Stuff

Let’s just get on and sort it out Stuck? In a hole? Brick wall? You have the answers, but you haven’t been asked the right questions yet. Whether it’s work, home or creativity, the respectful but rigorous style of Solution-Focused Coaching will get you jump-started again. Ex-drugs worker, mediator and Probation Officer, now trainer, coach and teacher, Roger de Wolf looks forward to hearing from you, if you think skilled conversation might be useful. rogerdewolf@msn.com 07971 844054

Seeking Joy, Embracing Change!

Helping women to create clarity & transformation. hello@wednesdayteatime.co.uk

☞ Voice Coaching, Facilitation, Therapy Caroline Gill 0798 055 5893

complementary clinics

Arcania’s fantastic new central location, right next to Bath Abbey, offers rooms to rent for therapies and small groups. We specialise in our own branded Aromatherapy product range, Gemstone Jewellery, Books, CDs and other Unique Gifts for the Mind, Body and Spirit. The holistic treatments and groups we offer in our Therapy Rooms from highly qualified therapists and practitioners include: • Massage (Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, etc.) • Beauty Therapies (Waxing, Facials, etc.) • Reiki • Ayurveda • Astrology/Palmistry/Card Readings • Past-Life Regression Therapy • Meditation • Courses/ Workshops. All are welcome, just call the shop for information or to book an appointment. Gift Vouchers sold for treatments or goods. Room hire available. Open Monday Saturday 10am-5.45pm & Sunday 11am-4.45pm. 6-7 Orange Grove, Bath, BA1 1LP. Tel: 01225 335233 info@arcaniabath.com www.arcaniabath.com

Acupuncture, Allergy Testing, Aromatherapy, CBT, Colour Light Therapy, Counselling, E.F.T., Health Kinesiology, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Iridology, Massage, McTimoney Chiropractic, N.L.P., Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Sports & Remedial Massage (Holistic / Swedish / Thai), Time Line Therapy. Free ‘Which Treatment?’ Consultation. Excellent natural health treatments given by the same qualified and experienced practitioners that made the clinic such a success from the start. Gift vouchers. Children’s clinic with treatments given at reduced prices. Casual callers welcomed. ABC Tel: 0117 94 44 448 more complementary clinic ads over the page


comp - comp

want to advertise in The Spark? see inside back cover for details

complementary practitioners

Acupuncture Eleanor Breen 07834 160906 CBT David Wilcox 07766 465 678, Lucy Nicholas 07757 814204 Holistic Massage Kathryn Smith 07906 540 389 Birth & Parenting Dominique Sakoilsky 07969 204763 Psychotherapy & Counseling Matthew Appleton 0117 942 9696, Bryan Greene 01275 395 215, Bridget Grew 07845 978082, Garth Naude 0770 900 1528, Cheryl Garner 01275 395 214, Liz Sorapure 0117 944 4380 Craniosacral Therapy 0117 942 8647 - Dominique Sakoilsky, Jenni Meyer, Matthew Appleton. 26 Cairns Road, Westbury Park, BS6 7TY (Entrance in Russell Rd). Tel: 0117 942 8647. S1 Further info www.cairnsclinic.co.uk

Therapies: • Acupuncture - Sarah May, Elizabeth Greswell • Anti-smoking - John Crawford • Bowen Technique - Anne Brunton • Chiropractor - Catherine Barber • Craniosacral Therapy - Claire Attridge • Energy Medicine - Sue Bryant, Nadine Siebdrat • Homeopathy - Stephanie Woolley • Hypnotherapy - Joanne Cole, John Crawford, Roger Stennett, Samantha Cleverly • Inner Child Therapy - Joanne Cole • Kinesiology/Allergy Therapy - Andrew Kemp, Amanda Hassan-Ally, Claire Kedward, Ellen Forshaw • Massage - Samantha Cleverly, Charlotte Perrey • Nutrition - Sue Bryant • Physiotherapy - Jonathan Watkins • Pilates - Samantha Cleverly • Past Life Regression - Joanne Cole • Psychology - Jane Simmons • Reflexology - Claire Collins, Anne Brunton • Relaxation & Stress Release - Sue Bryant, Nadine Siebdrat • Spiritual Healing - Andrew Kemp. For information or bookings please call 0117 962 0008, info@chironcentre.co.uk ABT www.chrioncentre.co.uk

Practitioners. • Louise Chapman - Acupuncture 07789 913 873 www.sites.google.com/site/ louisechapmanacupuncture • Jon Muscaty - Osteopathy and Naturopathy 07968 680 851 www.jonmuscaty.co.uk • Heidi Spindler - Therapeutic/Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology 07966 453 815 hspindler.mail@gmail.com Hypnotherapists. • Claire Brigg 07984 305 239 www.clairebrigg.com • Susan Cassidy 07887 565 907 www.solutionsinmind-hypnotherapy.co.uk • Susan Rodrigues 07743 895 513 www.susanrodrigueshypnotherapy.co.uk • Matthew Dyson 07989 576 456 www.dysontherapy.com • Stephanie Burton (nee Hill) 07915 158 089 www.cliftonhypnotherapy.co.uk Hypnotherapy Information and Appointments Line: 0117 973 3260

are you looking for more space?

check out our rooms & spaces ads on p48

Located close to the Arches, Enso offers a relaxed and friendly environment to treat a whole range of today’s health problems. With a team of dedicated and experienced practitioners of traditional and conventional therapies, your every need will be catered for in the comfort & informal surroundings of Enso. Acupuncture Sarah May 07929 252756 • Neil Kingham 07985 916114 Holistic Therapy Angela Riettie 07954171583 Hypnotherapy Julia Crocker 07786 001295 • Michael Hughes 07969 122938 Shiatsu Julie Decarroux 07845 804015 Thai Massage Cliff de la Croix 07726 301714 C.B.T. Lucy Walker 07534 218877. Whether you have a serious on-going health issue or just want to de-stress, simply phone or pop in for information on any of the treatments that we offer. Treatment Rooms available for hire to qualified practitioners, please call for details.

Therapies available: • Acupuncture • Aromatherapy • Ayurveda • Bach Flower Remedies • Cranio-Sacral Therapy • Holistic Facials • Health Kinesiology • Homoeopathy • Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage • McTimoney Chiropractic • Medical Herbalism • Nutrition • Pregnancy Massage • Reflexology • Shiatsu • Osteopathy and more. Appointments can be made by visiting the shop or by telephone. We are happy to help you choose which treatment may be appropriate. In addition most practitioners will give 10 minute free consultations to help you decide. Open Monday to Saturday 9.30-5.45pm and Sundays 11-5pm. Gift vouchers available. Neal’s Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms, 7 Northumberland Place, Bath BA1 5AR Tel: 01225 466944 e-mail: bath@nealsyardremedies.com www.nyr-bath.com

Are you stuck in a maze of confusion? Bewildered by therapies and remedies? Don’t know what advice to believe? The answer is simple! I can unlock what your body already knows it needs to restore or maintain health, with the fine detail of Kinesiology. Help resolve major & minor problems: digestive disorders, food intolerances, fatigue & low energy, allergies, asthma & eczema, migraine & headache, stress-related problems, PMS, menopause, muscle & joint pain, poor immunity to infections, vitamin & mineral imbalances, etc. Diana Sheppard KFRP. Natural Health Caring with Kinesiology. Call 0117 977 6354 for free discussion of your needs www.dianasheppard.co.uk

Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Integrated Therapies Dave Costello 07715 975 887 www.wellnesspractice.co.uk

Online Crystal Therapy • Acupuncture. Sandra Arbelaez 0794 7808484, Eleanor Breen 0783 416 0906 • Aromatherapy. Belinda Jeffery 07941 501660, Trish Utaboon 0776 622 4006, Sarah Mortimer 07851 307062 • Birth preparation/Doula. Trish Utaboon 0776 622 4006 • Counselling. Mo Cahill 07922 254618, Laura Cooper 07808 216 718, Peter Lowis 07981 798165, Jo Reader 0771 324 3547, Maggie Tweedy 07854 183 740, Konstantina Sokolaki 07921 212 622 • Craniosacral Therapy. Patricia Falvey 07905 283 797 • Herbal Medicine. (Chinese) Sandra Arbelaez 0794 780 8484 • Holistic Massage. Sarah Hoare 07976 710368, Karunavapi 07709 284056, Sandra Arbelaez 0794 7808484, Belinda Jeffery 07941 501660, Moksarava 07735 339 829, Cassandra Rosa 07765 348 294, Sarah Thorne 07516 676342, Nikki Whyman 07773 231 094, Rachel Lindars 07932275622 • Hypnotherapy. Sarah Mortimer 07851 307062, Stephanie Betschart 07731 784 254 • Indian Head Massage. Belinda Jeffery 07941 501660, Trish Utaboon 0776 622 4006 • Pre/Post Natal Massage. Trish Utaboon 0776 622 4006 • Psychotherapy. Achalavira Rose 07795 820 293, Catrin John 07967 188 060, Peter Lowis 07981 798165, Andy Mckeown 07976 436149, Hellena Bitsios 0753 117 5136 • Reflexology. Belinda Jeffery 07941 501660 • Reiki. Sandra Arbelaez 0794 7808484 • Shiatsu. Hannah Currant 07981 992178, Rosie Freeman 0798 027 9452. Or contact our Coordinator, Karunavapi 0758 708 9220 or healingroomsbristol@gmail.com The Healing Rooms, 162 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8NT www.healingroomsbristol.co.uk

Neal’s Yard Remedies is the UK’s foremost destination for scientifically formulated, ethical, natural health and beauty, with the largest range of certified organic products in the UK. At our Bristol store, you will find our award-winning products which are handmade at our eco-factory in Dorset, using home grown and sustainably sourced ingredients. You can also enjoy a range of relaxing and rejuvenating therapies including massage, acupuncture, reflexology and facials. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer your questions and help find the right product or natural remedy to suit your needs. Neal’s Yard Remedies Bristol, 126 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2RP www.nealsyardremedies.com

Herbal Apothecary & Therapy Rooms in central Bristol with an integrated team of experienced practitioners offering:• Herbal Medicine • Acupuncture • Reflexology • Shiatsu • Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage • Craniosacral Therapy • Counselling. We’re in a beautiful 16th century building, and have a huge range of herbs and herbal products, many locally grown and produced in our dispensary. We have some spaces available for additional therapists - please call Max or Lisa if interested. 58 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AZ Tel: 0117 927 6527 Email: info@urbanfringe.co.uk www.urbanfringe.co.uk

Be empowered to heal yourself in your own time and space. Email consultations and personalised crystal healing layouts posted direct to you. www.KatesCrystals.co.uk

Reflexology and Massage Therapist Ali Humble (MAR), Mobile therapist. www.alirelaxationtherapy.co.uk Tel 07961 985297


Tabitha Gale

Integrated Healing, Kinesiology & Reiki sessions. Workshops. Tel: 07989 376656 www.bristolkinesiology.co.uk

☞ Clearing with Anthony Johnston Clearing patterns brings emotional freedom. See C&P Bristol section

☞ Stuart Taylor

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy. See Hypnotherapy section

computers & web design A Unique and welcoming city retreat providing complementary therapies and classes. Less than 10 minutes drive from Central Bristol, this peaceful haven provides a rural environment for those wishing to escape from the city without having to travel for miles. Services include: • Massage • Reflexology • Acupuncture • Osteopathy • Kinesiology • Homeopathy • Nutrition • Reiki • Counselling • Hypnotherapy • Pilates • Yoga & Meditation. Yanley Court is also home to The Natural Pregnancy Partnership, a group of experienced therapists specialising in therapies/classes for pre- and post-natal women. Therapy rooms and a beautiful workshop area are available to hire. Yanley Lane, Long Ashton, BS41 9LB. Information and bookings: 01275 394554 info@yanleycourt.co.uk www.yanleycourt.co.uk

Slow computer at home? Want to get the best out of your business computers? We can help. Both on-site and in-shop repairs, upgrades and network support to suit you. We have 14 years’ experience helping home users, local businesses and global enterprises. Call us to find out our competitive prices or visit our website www.goto-it.co.uk If you need help with IT, you know where to goto! Graham Simmonds 0117 969 8767 / 07977 149171 support@goto-it.co.uk www.goto-it.co.uk Supporting home users, voluntary, NHS and private organisations for over 14 years.

Bristol City Yoga Therapy Rooms

Relax, revitalise and restore yourself. Treatments include various massages, acupuncture, ayurveda, reflexology, shiatsu, and now hypnotherapy and sports therapy. 07582 425237 therapies@bristolcityyoga.co.uk

The Practice Rooms

Range of therapies; expert practitioners. Bath, Clifton, Salisbury. www.thepracticerooms.co.uk

The Relaxation Centre

Enchanting Spa and treatment centre offering holistic massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, shiatsu, aromatherapy, reflexology, and reiki and much more. Prices from £30 for 30 mins. Discounts available. www.relaxationcentre.co.uk 0117 970 6616

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comp - couns


Core Process Psychotherapy

Using mindfulness we explore the difficulties you bring to develop understanding and potential for change and wellbeing. Free first meeting. Helen Gunson 07929 717 708 NA hgunsoncpp.blogspot.co.uk Are you looking for a tech company who speak your language? If you’re looking to create a website, or build a computing application that will help you run your business then igeek are the company who can help. Using clear, simple English we’ll be with you every step of your journey, from design and build through to testing. From websites you manage yourself, to online shops, to fully-fledged business databases, igeek ensure that our experience and your creativity combine to create positive results. We work with organisations like yours to help technology empower you, make you more efficient and increase your productivity, leaving you more time to spend on the important things. We grow with you: we’re the technology company that can make a positive difference. Call today for a chat. www.igeek.co.uk 0117 370 2469

New Macs, Refurbs, repairing sick Macs, advice, upgrading. Printers, ADSL broadband - all in one shop. Easy parking & helpful staff with years of experience. Macs have a lot to offer: professional MacPro Tower, powerful MacBookPro, budget iMac, with Intel Quad or dual Processors, extremely fast and stable. Virus resistant. Macs are so much easier to use than PCs. We supply doctors & practitioners, designers, musicians, architects, writers, students & creative people in the South West. We provide advice & service, new & old equipment, printers & scanners, upgrades & repairs, software, memory, Giclee printing & Internet Services. iMacs from £1075, 13“ MacBooks £895, 15“ MacBook Pros £1345, Mini’s, Towers and ’Bits’. Talk to Pete Douglas - 0117 983 6999. Tantra, 48 Kensington Park Rd, Brislington, Bristol BS4 3HU (off Bath Road past ITV, near Go Outdoors), 9am-6.30pm. e-mail: pete@tantraweb.co.uk web: www.tantra.co.uk

Bringing healing to personal and trans-generational trauma. Finding greater autonomy in everyday life. Based on the work of Professor Franz Rupert. A Bristol program of Saturday all-day and Thursday evening workshops throughout 2014. Jane also offers one-to-one constellations work, psychotherapy, supervision and therapy group work. Please contact Jane Cutler for further details on 0117 963 2505 janecutler@creativerelations.org.uk

counselling & psychotherapy

Starfish have a remarkable ability to recover from injuries: in time they even re-grow damaged limbs. As a person-centred counsellor, I believe human beings can also heal from all sorts of emotional hurts and damage, and can develop and grow throughout their lives. A counselling relationship where you feel safe and affirmed can help this process. I aim to build a relationship with you in which you feel accepted and understood – where you can risk ‘letting your guard down’ and trying out new ways of being. Comfortable counselling rooms near Whiteladies Road. 50 minute initial ‘taster’ session: £10. Dinnie Brooks, BA, Dip Couns, MNCS. 07791 667279 starfishcounsellingbristol@gmail.com

Bristol Creating the space to bring all of you. Helping you find your way towards meaningful life and vitality. My background is in Spiritual Care and Teaching. Free first meeting. Achalavira Rose, MA.UKCP Registered. (male) NA 07795 820 293

Core Process Psychotherapy

Mindfulness, Focusing & Body-Centred This form of therapy is a gentle enquiry into one’s present moment experience. It can be used as a basis for exploring anxiety, depression, relationship difficulty, stress and trauma, etc. Free initial meeting. UKCP senior student. www.patfinnegan.co.uk 0117 953 7772 pat.finnegan@btinternet.com

Core Process Psychotherapy

“Well, its like this... the counselling & psychotherapy section starts with • geographic and specialist areas, • leads onto the general C&P ads • continues with C&P Training • and ends with C&P noticeboard.”

c&p bath Core Process Psychotherapy

Bath I offer a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings about the issues and relationships in your life. I will support you in developing insight and tapping into your own well-being in order to find new ways of relating in the world. Sue Abbotson 0778 844 1845. Diploma in CPP, UKCP Registered sue@psychotherapy-bath.com

c&p bristol

Skilled in listening and understanding and an empathic and experienced practitioner. Sue offers healing and a safe, supportive space to encourage personal growth and positive self-esteem, often making lasting changes in a relatively short space of time. This is not prolonged therapy or fanciful theories, but a down-to-earth approach that brings rapid results in areas such as anxiety and stress, bereavement, burnout, depression and relationship difficulties. 29 years’ therapeutic experience; currently in holistic counselling and healing, and originally as a medical doctor (general practice/psychiatry). Individual sessions in Clifton & Stroud. Groups: For new groups please see website. www.drsueedgley.co.uk 01453 885707

A Compassionate Space For You

Person-Centred. Experienced. General and student counselling. Bereavement. Living with cancer. Meditation, mindfulness. Free introductory meeting. Sherry Santer Reg MBACP. 07948 562040 NA www.talkingtherapybristol.co.uk

Affordable Therapy

Trainee therapist in Clifton. Special interest in bereavement and loss. Linda Williamson 0770 470 8442


Affordable Therapy for Women

Founded by German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations is becoming an increasingly familiar phrase within therapeutic and spiritual circles, with the potential for healing both individuals and whole families. Workshops: • 18-19 January, Frome. Contact Barbara Morgan on theknowingfield@gmail.com • 7-9 March, Dublin, Ireland. Contact Lorraine Na Ghairbhith on lornig@hotmail.com • Individual consultations • Supervision • Training (next one starts 2015 in Frome). For further info on any of the above contact: Barbara on theknowingfield@gmail.com tel: 0796 675 5509 or visit website: www.cominghome.org.uk

Core Process Psychotherapy

Clearing takes place in a confidential, one-to-one setting where you work in areas of your choosing. The Clearer guides you in a series of communication processes that clear current problems and discharge stacked up communications, helping you find and express your inner truths, bringing insight and clarity to areas of your life that have been held in tension and confusion. Clearing offers the possibility of dissolving deep-seated patterns and fixed attitudes to bring greater satisfaction, emotional freedom and life fulfilment. To find out more about Clearing, or to arrange a free consultation with Anthony, please ring 0795 005 2100 or email anthonymjohnston@gmail.com

(£25-35 sliding scale) I have 20 years’ experience, trained with Integrative approach. Art therapy and dreamwork also offered. Happy to work short term. Issues might include being in a period of change, loss, addiction, sexual orientation, deep sadness, illness, menopause, anxiety, relationships, spiritual crisis, etc. Phone Maxine 0117 329 7600 or 0781 494 3965 (free initial 30 minute consultation)

Contact Point Psychotherapy

Low cost psychotherapy for adults provided by appropriately trained and supervised psychotherapy students in advanced training. Call 0117 950 3420 for an application form

Core Process Psychotherapy

Bristol Whether you feel out-of-step with life or have a specific issue, the gentle and compassionate CP approach can help to bring awareness to what is happening, which may then help you to find the strength and potential to heal. Free introductory meeting. NA Sue Allen MA UK Reg. 0117 968 5315

Bristol An opportunity to bring awareness to whatever is going on for you, in an atmosphere of safety, warmth and acceptance. That awareness brings more choice and is, in itself, the start of the healing process. Free First Meeting. NA Katy Taylor, UKCP Reg: 07952 064702

Counselling & Wellbeing

Live. Love. Learn. Let Go. Be who you really are. Helping you be all that you can be. www.ismenecole.com 0791 262 6968

Counselling for Recovery. Maggie Tweedy

Dip. Couns., BA, BACP member. Person-centred, 12 Step, cognitive and depth counselling. Relationships, abuse, food, drugs and general counselling. AB Bristol and Stroud. 07854 183740

Counselling Psychology, Redland

With Andrew Dale BSc. Integrative approach. Wide experience in NHS and voluntary sector. Short/long term contracts. Final year trainee, Metanoia doctorate. 07804 088477 andrewdale.psychology@gmail.com

Counselling / Psychotherapy A Chance For Change

Supportive, understanding counsellor offers opportunity for personal growth or change Considering change in our selves or our lives can feel daunting. I work at your pace eg. loss, depression / anxiety, stress, low confidence, health problems, relationships, past / future issues and others. Sessions £25 pro-rata with income. 01275 837 487 S8,T www.mariabelliscounselling.co.uk

Economical Psychotherapy

Supporting your personal and professional life. Bristol. www.shackleypsychotherapy.co.uk Evelyn 0794 259 7544

Integrative Body Psychotherapy & Counselling

Terry Davey (UKCP Registered) Work with both individuals and couples covering a wide range of problems. I offer a fully embodied and relational approach to change, both empathic and challenging, encompassing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. I have particular expertise in trauma (PTSD), abuse and couples counselling. T Call 07969 000317 www.bristoltherapy.co.uk more counselling & psychotherapy ads over the page

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couns - couns

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Louise Mullins (MNCS)

Counselling and stress management. For: stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, abuse, addiction, relationship issues. Reduced rates for those on a low income. www.serenity-zone.com 0777 050 0631

Low Cost Counseling

Trainee Counselor, £10-£20/session. Free consultation. Natasha, Student BACP Member, 0794 478 0874 CHT

Lower Cost Psychotherapy

c&p families/young people Help! Counselling

Counselling & psychotherapy for 9-25 year-olds & support for those caring for children No limit on the number of sessions. Sites across Bristol. Also in Bath, Torquay and Exeter. We ask for an affordable contribution to our costs. You choose: the payment, the issues and how many sessions. All staff CRB checked. ABC Tel: 0117 950 2511

Therapist in last year of training with bcpc. Clifton. Silke Kuball 07910 536431

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy uses an approach that helps us to see more clearly how we create our own habitual patterns and blocks to our natural potential. Listening deeply with awareness and compassion, we work together to follow your unique path back to this innate health. I offer a free introductory session. Pauline Battson Dip CPP MBACP, NA 07981 638 967

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

When we bring awareness to the patterns and defences adopted to cope with life it can open up space to ’do oneself’ differently and uncover inherent health and wellbeing. I offer a profound welcome to this life-enhancing enquiry. Free introductory meeting. Katharine Rider MA Core Process Psychotherapy. www.riderpsychotherapy.co.uk NA 0781 344 9797

Person-Centred Counsellor

An integrative approach to counselling which aids the individual to explore their concerns taking into consideration his/her unique needs. Free consultation. H Maria: 0773 669 8137 MBACP

Person-centred Counsellor

I work with individuals and couples in an integrative way and am able to accommodate each individual’s unique needs working through unhelpful feelings, thoughts and behaviours in a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential environment and aim for a greater self-awareness. Visit my websiite for more information. www.tammycounselling.co.uk tammycounselling@gmail.com 0797 021 9799

Spiritual Healer: Emotional Therapy Medium clairvoyant, 20 years’ experience. Anita 0750 786 4837 www.bristoldreamreader@gmx.com

Sue Ryall

Warm, empathic counsellor & psychotherapist I aim to help you find your way through your pain, struggles and confusion. I deal with emotional, physical and spiritual issues and have 25 years experience working with people to become more at ease with themselves and their lives. UKCP reg. sueryall52@gmail.com www.sueryall.co.uk 0117 921 1147

Your Voice Counselling Understanding You

Professional counsellor offering safe, effective support. John McGuirk www.yvcounsellingbristol.co.uk yourvoicecounselling@gmail.com S1,T 0779 677 7110

c&p bristol north Confidential Counselling (gestalt), BS35

Bring awareness to vulnerable areas of pain or impasse. Creative support for an inner journey of healing and growth. John Dykes. Text: 07508 509667 email: coursesandcounselling@gmail.com

Embodied-Relational Therapy and Supervision, Bishopston, BS7

Kamalamani - Adv. Dip. Integrative Counselling, Adv. Dip. ERT, MBACP(Accred) Offering you warm, creative, and confidential conditions for therapy. My work is influenced by 18 years of meditation and engaged Buddhist practice and an interest in ecopsychology. Please call 07905 147 968 or see my website for fuller details: www.kamalamani.co.uk info@kamalamani.co.uk

c&p south glos

c&p glastonbury

Core Process Psychotherapy

Offering a space to explore and untangle patterns and habits which get in the way to living fully. The gentle, compassionate approach of this therapy can support you towards well-being. Some of the issues I work with include relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma etc. Free first meeting. Susanna Hoare, MA. 0117 932 4323 www.susannahoarepsychotherapy.co.uk

c&p spiritual counselling

Supervision & Psychotherapy in Glastonbury

Biographical Counselling

with Judy Scott Experienced, Integrative Psychotherapist (Metanoia-trained), and qualified Supervisor with extensive experience in private, statutory, NHS, and voluntary sectors, currently has spaces for supervisees and clients. MBACP (Snr Accred.) and UKCP Reg. Contact Judy Scott 01458 830118 judy.scott79@gmail.com www.mendip-psychotherapy.co.uk

Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. Ringwood clinic, near Bournemouth. Sally StClair 01425 472649


c&p general

c&p psychotherapy Dance Movement Psychotherapy for Adults, Children, Families

Hebe Alloun Dance Movement Psychotherapist UKReg, (BaHons, Msc (oxon), PGDipDMT) Dance Movement Psychotherapy uses movement as well as words and instead of words. Hearing what the body has to say, the body instinct, history and body wisdom, you can find new ways of being in your relationships, in work, and in your relationship to yourself. I work with the whole person towards resolving trauma and empowering the body/mind. Centre Bath and Bradford on Avon. hebealloun@yahoo.com www.hebeallounmovementpsychotherapist.com AT

Integrative Counselling

Psychotherapy in Central Bristol with Tone Horwood

Rob Porteous MA, Dip H.I.C., BACP accredited. Long/short term counselling for individuals. 0117 971 3805

Spaces available in Thursday group from January Registered by UKCP as a psychotherapist and by HPC as a Dramatherapist. I offer psychotherapy from a Humanistic & Integrative perspective to individuals, couples and groups, and supervision to Arts Therapists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Ffi 0117 972 1077 or toneh@talk21.com

☞ Core Process Psychotherapy with Susanna Hoare. See C&P South Glos section

c&p training

Regan Crum

I offer a safe, confidential & professional space where we can explore what you would like to explore in your life. I have experience in trauma, attachment, loss & bereavement, anxiety & depression. My therapeutic approach is based on your needs as a client. My theoretical underpinnings combine Attachment, Intersubjectivity & Neuroscience & also use Phenomenological approaches with a freedom & openness to spirituality. Regan Crum BA PGCE MA PG Advanced Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy Final Year Trainee. 0780 514 7624, http://fulcrumhouse.co.uk email: reganstherapy@yahoo.co.uk

c&p relationships Relate Counselling for Relationships, Families, Children Relate offers counselling in a professionally managed and supervised organisation. The vast majority of our clients would recommend our services and use them again. We work in Bristol, Bath, Chilcompton, Weston-s-Mare and Street. Contact: 0117 942 8444 recep.relateavon@btconnect.com www.relate-avon.org.uk

c&p somerset

We have been providing Psychodynamic Counselling training to nationally accredited standards since 1983. Ongoing: • Programme of CPD Workshops • Introduction to Counselling Skills: 10 week course. January 2014 start: • Infant observation - weekly seminar • PG Diploma/Post Qualification training: Psychodynamic Approaches to Counselling in Schools • Foundation Certificate (Diploma Stage 1). September 2014 start: • Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling - BACP accredited (BPC accreditation in process) • Advanced Diploma Once-Weekly Psychotherapy (BPC accreditation in process). 01373 453355 www.wessexcounsellingservice.co.uk

c&p noticeboard

An Introduction to Dance Movement Psychotherapy. One-Day Course, Saturday 22nd March, 9am-5.30pm. • Develop your non-verbal skills • Integrate creativity into your practice • Expand your awareness of movement • Learning will be a creative & explorative process • Time for reflection will be given • CPD certificates will be provided. Suitable for: Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Arts Therapists, Social Workers, Dance Practitioners, Educators and those interested in studying DMP. The day will be facilitated by a RDMP, clinical supervisor & private practitioner, MA lecturer. £100.00 (Early Bird)/£110. £40 non-refundable deposit. Refreshments and lunch included. Ffi contact admin@dancevoice.org.uk 0117 953 2055 Quaker Meeting House, Wedmore Vale, Bedminster, Bristol. BS3 5HX www.dancevoice.org.uk

Central Bath, Clifton Village, Salisbury. Beautifully set-up, professional rooms in period buildings in central, affluent, high profile locations. Exceptional value and completely flexible, user-friendly terms to suit both start-up and established therapists. Community oriented multi-disciplinary practice. Membership includes use of rooms in all our locations. Counselling Trainee Offer: up to 50% reduction in rates. Terms apply. To find out more about joining our community please go to our website: www.thepracticerooms.co.uk or ring Angus Landman on 01225 920812

The Spark free, thinking, and independent.

Jenny Oliver (UKCP Reg) Psychosynthesis

Express more of your potential. jennyoliverpsychotherapist.co.uk 01458 241205

We come to therapy for many reasons: personal problems, interpersonal difficulties, general dissatisfaction with life or for personal development. I work out of Core Process Psychotherapy because it offers a contemplative, spiritual, yet down-to-earth approach. CPP is in tune with my own views of what is truly helpful to the client. It offers a heartfelt acceptance of the client and honours their way of working. My practice is set in Wiltshire countryside; a rural retreat near Castle Combe, a short drive from Bath and Bristol. It is easy to find. I offer a Free Introductory Meeting. Phone Andrea Legh-Smith UKCP 01249 782516 or aleghsmith@gmail.com

Sweet-Track is a centre for Psycho-Spiritual education providing accredited professional counselling trainings. The courses are designed to create a learning environment, where we support the development of self-actualisation and professionalism by integrating physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. This is a Path of the Heart, where every person is nurtured as a unique individual. Our aim is to empower people’s spiritual expression and respect each other’s differences. Accredited by CPCAB. Glastonbury accredited courses 2014. Non-residential. • Art of Effective Listening, 18hrs: starts 11th March • 1 day workshop: 15th March - Spiritual Emergence or Spiritual Emergency • CPD Course; Counselling with Spirituality, 40hrs: April • Level 2 Counselling Studies, April. 01458 835552/ 833933 www.sweet-track-counselling.co.uk info@sweet-track-counselling.co.uk

take one every three months. T

or visit www.thespark.co.uk for more info or to book online



You CAN blame your ancestors for your public speaking fear

animals 600 million

Really we’ve only just got here. In the blink of the evolutionary eye we have arrived at modern civilisation. For 99.9% of our history we have been foragers. Our ancestors lived in violent times where one mistake could mean

Primates 75 million

Geat Apes 15 million

humans 2.5 million

death. Our human brain developed in those turbulent times As a result our brain got really good at spotting threat and we developed our flight this line indicates the time where flight and fight response was really really important to our survival

and fight response. That’s great for when there is a tiger around but not very handy when you have to deliver a presentation on Tuesday morning to the sales department. Our stone-age brain helps us to over-think, over-worry, get entangled in thinking about what others are thinking. We make it all too complicated. As a result of this evolutionary legacy lots of people hate public speaking. So we need a re-think. We need to see public speaking differently. We need to make it

modern humans 0.5 milllion

simpler and that is what I’ve been teaching for 14 years. I work with people who don’t like public speaking and want to feel more at ease. And people who

human language started 120,000

want to be really good speakers too. I run courses in Bristol, London and Manchester. I offer over 40 courses a year. All courses come with a money

powerpoint 1987

back guarantee. For a chat ring John Dawson on 01225 425300 or email john@speaking-infront.co.uk or see my website.





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courses, groups & workshops

Are you working for justice, peace and co-existence with nature? Transitioning from structure to self-support? The collaborative inquiry aSALT course (Spiritual Activist Leadership Training) may help you sustain your efforts. A Schumacher Institute learning programme, aSALT stands alone and fits well with Pale Blue Dot, the Sustainability Tool Kit and Shift. “aSALT helped me take a leading role in PSC and East Side Roots as I’d learned to create an environment which engaged constructively with conflict” (Marian Connolly). One evening, one day a month, Jan-Dec 2014, 10 sessions. Setting agendas together, activities include allotment, dialogue, creativity. Cost £600 payable in instalments. Facilitator: David Mowat. bigbromo@yahoo.co.uk www.schumacherinstitute.org.uk

The greatest gift we can ever give ourselves is to be more in the present moment. Why? Because life passes us by when we’re caught up worrying about the past or future, whether it’s driven by anxiety, doubt, low self esteem or lack of confidence. Mindful awareness helps us to work skilfully though difficult and challenging times so that we can spend more time being content. Trained at the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness we teach the well-respected 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. It’s a welcoming course running daytimes and evenings at central Bristol locations throughout the year. info@beingmindful.me www.beingmindful.me Being Mindful

The Beautiful Relationships Workshop is designed to help people develop, nurture & uncover the love that is sometimes obscured within us. The Workshop will give you a self-help tool kit, enabling you to navigate harmoniously through the jungle of human relationships. Led by Shamanic practitioner & journeying guide Paul Hayward. Events at Bristol City Yoga, BS2 8QW • Friday 6th December, 7.30-8.30pm: Free Talk • Saturday 7th December, 3.30- 5.30pm: Intro Workshop, £10 • Friday 24th January 2014, 7.30-8.30pm: Free Talk • Saturday 25th January 2014, 3.30-5.30pm: Intro Workshop, £10. Weekend In Herefordshire. Friday 7th - Sun 9th March 2014, at Poulston Court, from £249. www.beautifulrelationships.com Tel: 01803 864 160

We are passionate about the development of human potential and conscious evolution. We run evenings, days, courses and retreats with a profound instrument of awakening called The Form - Reality Practice™. 5 day Non-Residential retreat: 8th to 12th February 2014. Regular Introduction Sessions Plus Lifting The Veil - Woman’s Programme. For our full program visit our website. Proud supporters of: www.cosmoforminitiative.org The e-Aware Centre is an oasis of aliveness and openness in the heart of the city; with a vision to grow and be available to serve the community of Bristol. A space dedicated to events and activities that connect, inspire and uplift the heart in embodied loving action. All are welcome and we look forward to meeting/ hearing from you soon. e-Aware, Colston Yard, Bristol BS1 5BD 0117 929 0166 engage@e-aware.org www.e-aware.org

Centre of Excellence for EFT, Bath Learn this effective easy to apply ‘Energy Psychology’ technique that clears emotional blockages and pain, shifts negative thought patterns, old beliefs and helps you move forward on your Soul’s Journey. Courses include EFT Level 1 Self-help days, EFT Level 2 Practitioner Training, EFT Level 3 Advanced, & Trainer Training. Rowena is designer of Emotional Freedom ‘Light’ Techniques adding depth to EFT, working with past lives and ancestral patterns, pre-requisite Level 1 & 2. Rowena works alongside Dr Rosy Daniel at Health Creation, Bath and sees Clients for EFT one-to-one Sessions & Regenerative Healing. 0776 996 4441 EFT@rowenabeaumont.com www.rowenabeaumont.com

Embercombe is a beautiful centre, founded to ‘touch hearts, stimulate minds and inspire committed action for a truly sustainable world.’ Our valley overlooks Dartmoor, with yurt villages, orchards, lake, meadows and organic garden. The Journey is our core programme, a powerful 5-day residential for people who love the world and want to make a difference. Catalyst is for 18-25s seeking to shape the future. Speaking Out is for anyone wishing to find their authentic voice on the issues that matter to them. The Heart of Leadership is for people in business seeking to place sustainability at the heart of what they do; WWOOF and other volunteering; Day visits and residentials for Schools and Teacher Training. Conference space for 100 with accommodation; Easy access, 7 miles from Exeter train station. Sleep in yurts with wood fired stoves and enjoy our home-cooked food. Tel: 01647 252983 www.embercombe.co.uk

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Discover who you really are. An Enlightenment Intensive is a uniquely powerful group process. It provides a real opportunity to directly experience the answer to the ancient question “Who am I?“ There is no teaching - just a pure, intensive process of self-discovery over three and a half days. If you have a sincere desire to be more awake and more real, to experience a breakthrough in consciousness, or to find greater depth and meaning within yourself, an Enlightenment Intensive could change your life. 2014 dates: New Year, May, August. Barry and Emma McGuinness, www.enlightenment-intensives.info 01225 446972

Learn how to honour yourself, to have purpose and meaning in your life - and to equip yourself with the tools for change! By identifying and working with your Goddess Archetype you can bring about life-changing transformation. Cassandra Campbell-Kemp’s unmissable all-day workshops, held at various venues in the South West. • Equilibrium Natural Health, Pewsham, Chippenham SN15 3RS. 30th November 10-5pm • Arcania, Bath BA1 1LP. 7th December 10-5pm • The Chiron Centre, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 3AL. 14th December 10-5pm • Hawkwood College, Stroud GL6 7QW. 19th January 10-5pm • Ingleside House, Cirencester GL7 1BN. 22nd February 10-5pm www.know-thyself.co.uk 07580 058676 cassandra.campbell-kemp@know-thyself.co.uk

In the country surrounded by horses, yet still located in Westerleigh, Bristol, Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre offers workshops, courses and friendly development circles that will enhance/ develop your psychic and mediumship skills, inspire, stimulate and enlighten you. February • 15th: Beginners Trance with Bernie Scott • 22nd & 23rd: Reiki 2 with Sarah Presley. March • 15th: Psychic Art with Ann Oliver • 22nd: Angel communication with Sharon May • 29th: Beginners Mediumship with Bernie Scott April • 5th: Natural Wisdom - a healing journey with Lisa Woods • 6th: Horse Communication and Healing with Horses Voice. Limited places - early booking advised. Venue Hire available. 2014 programme: www.heavensentspiritualcentre.co.uk Tel Maria: 01454 321583 / 0794 071 6001 heavensentspiritualcenter@outlook.com

3 years’ worth of Lottery-funded, 2-hour happiness workshops. Timetables & booking system online. • Creative and fun • Using applied Positive Psychology • Held in the vibrant, Light Box shop in Broadmead, Bristol • Free tea! • Signposting Service: discover what’s on offer in Bristol • Special events - see website for details. One participant said: “I found this a really positive and valuable experience. It brought about some lasting change in my life.“ More detail on our website www.wearelightbox.co.uk Facebook.com/lightboxhappiness

Connect! Learn! Relax! Affordable Courses, Events, & Weekend Breaks. Choose from: Yoga, Gentle Walks in Wiltshire, Mosaics, Spoon Carving, Green Family Activity and Craft Breaks, Easter Break, Juggling and Circus Skills, Willow Baskets, Women’s Breaks, Healthy Cooking and Nutrition, Bread-baking and more. Venue also available for groups. Delicious meals prepared with local and organic food. There’s a friendly welcome, relaxed atmosphere, lovely gardens and sheep, pigs, chickens, and ducks! - and now a rustic wood-fired sauna! Eco-friendly and easily accessible by public transport. Prices from £144 for a weekend - all inclusive! Ask for our Brochure! Lower Shaw Farm, Old Shaw Lane, Nr. Swindon, SN5 5PJ. 01793 771080. enquiries@lowershawfarm.co.uk www.lowershawfarm.co.uk

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is simple, natural yoga for the mind. It’s easy and enjoyable to learn, effortless to practice and it lasts for life! Our fully qualified, highly experienced and enthusiastic teachers offer expert instruction in this simple, effortless meditation. Learned by more than 6 million people worldwide, 650 scientific research studies on TM show benefits such as improved sleep, improved memory, concentration and energy, reduced anxiety and depression, clearer thinking and reduced use of alcohol and tobacco. No concentration or visualization needed: learn to meditate effortlessly! Beginning Bristol Saturday 11th January, Cheltenham Saturday 8th February 2014. Free information pack available from The Meditation Trust charity on 01843 841010, info@meditationtrust.com

Take time out from the stresses of modern-day living - find refuge in this beautiful and secluded Cotswold valley, only 30 minutes north of Bristol! Learn, practise and experience the art of mindfulness; living life deeply in the present moment, finding calmness, solidity and clarity of mind, connecting with your deep aspirations. Three and six-night residential retreats, monthly days of mindfulness. Delicious organic vegetarian food, spring water, eco-friendly. Small group sizes, experienced facilitators, low cost. • ‘Mindfulness & Yoga’ (30th January) • ‘Mindful Living Experienced’ (20th February) • ‘Vegetarian Cooking in Mindfulness’ (13th March) • ‘Mindful Gardening’ (18th April) • ‘The Cotswold Way in Mindfulness’ (29th April). www.binleyfarm.org breathe@binleyfarm.org

Be seen where people are looking for you - that’s what the spark listings is all about. Full list of sections available, loads of advertising info, and online ad booking at www.thespark.co.uk

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cours - eye

craniosacral therapy

death & dying

Gentle Touch • Deep Listening Mindfulness helps us be with physical and emotional stress, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Not by rejecting our experience but by learning to be present with it in a consciously spacious and kindly way - that is mindfully. Since 2006, providing courses throughout the year with a big emphasis on kindness and compassion, including: The 8 Week MBSR/ MBCT Mindfulness Course, Mindfulness for Health Professionals, various Follow Up Evenings and Day retreats, and our new level 2 course - Mindfulness Deepening Our Practise. Philippa Vick for Bath 07814 206508 Laurence Milburn for Bristol 01179 249455 www.bath-bristol-mindfulness-courses.co.uk

Does one really know oneself and the meaning of life? Theory is fine, but is there the inner stillness yet to see straight, to live life to the full. This introductory ten-week course is designed to engender fresh perception and cheerful discussion. Explore great schools of thought from east and west - an open mind is always attractive and useful. Ten-week courses at Bath and Bristol, starting January, May and September. £79. Concessions £49. Students £20. See www.bathandbristolphilosophy.org www.philosophycourses.com www.schooleconomicscience.org

Into the Wild: Boys Mentoring Year Programme - 13-16 years. ‘Into the Wild’ recognises that teenage boys need challenges, adventures, risks and role-models. WildWise have an exceptional team of qualified, experienced outdoorsmen to facilitate young men on a journey of discovery. Over 5 journeys throughout the year we invite you to learn new skills, expand your awareness, develop yourself, make new friends, tackle challenges, have great fun, be surrounded by the power of nature, and maybe take an important step or two on the road towards manhood. 2014 dates: April 16-18, May 24-26, July 28-30, Sept 26-28, Oct 29 Nov 1. www.wildwise.co.uk 01803 868269 info@wildwise.co.uk

Transform Your Life - Develop Your Spirituality Change Our World • 8/9 March: The Endorphin Effect • 12/13 April: The Power of Spiritual Practice • 10/11 May: The Sword and Chalice • 7/8 June: Your Heroic Journey • 5/6 July: Holistic Leadership. Learn the life-changing practices at the heart of the world’s spiritual traditions from an experienced and inspiring teacher. Each workshop is an oasis for reflection and learning, for acquiring skills and concepts that you can use and share immediately. All workshops use meditation and compassionate mindfulness. All build towards the new Professional Certificate in Spiritual Studies and Companionship. Venue: Glastonbury, St Mary’s Church Hall. www.williambloom.com

Chrissy Holmes: Healing Trust Tutor We are passionately committed to teaching tantra for couples from our centre in Wiltshire and have been doing this for nearly 15 years. We hold a safe ethical space where you learn powerful transforming practices you can use in your life. Our work is a synthesis of ancient and modern approaches to tantra. New: • Deepening Love and Intimacy Part 1: 14-18 March. Residential at our Centre near Salisbury. See http://www.tantra.uk.com/couples.html • Tantric Massage Residential weekend 28 Feb-2 March. • Tantric Kriya Yoga and Cobra Breath initiation 28-30 March. We also offer sessions to singles and couples. www.tantra.uk.com info@tantra.uk.com 07875 435104 or 07973 504121

Offering sessions & courses in healing, spirituality & metaphyscial subjects. Also Spiritual Companion & Coach. Please visit www.chrissyholmes.com or phone me: 0117 949 7442

Designing The Second Half Of Your Life

Book courses to inspire and motivate you in your work with people. The Training Exchange offer a programme of short courses for continuing professional development. Enjoy the benefits of learning in multi-agency groups with people from a range of backgrounds including: housing, health & social care, criminal justice, education, youth & community. One day courses (£125 + VAT) • Addiction, dependency & recovery • Difficult & aggressive behaviour • Resilience skills. Two day courses (£225 + VAT) • Brief solution focused therapy • Motivational interviewing • Mental health first aid • Groupwork skills. Concessionary places available for individuals & small organisations. Contact Eve or Mandy for dates & course details: 0117 941 5859 info@trainingexchange.org.uk www.trainingexchange.org.uk

Working with all ages including babies and elders; gentle, powerful hands-on skills for physical and emotional concerns. Patricia Falvey RCST 0790 528 3797, HT ppatzan@yahoo.co.uk

Subtle Bodywork: Adults, Children, Babies • Injury • anxiety • stress • anger • trauma • autism. Millie Wood Swanepoel RCST. Bristol, Dursley, Stroud. 07754 182 082 m.wood.swanepoel@googlemail.com www.milliewoodswanepoel.com

As you reach mid-life and children leave home on new adventures, what is coming next for you? This series of 3 workshops is for women who find themselves in this new phase of life and want to make the most of it. Led by 3 skilful and experienced facilitators, we will inspire and support each other to review and celebrate our lives so far, reconnecting to what matters and designing what comes next. Location: Bath. Contact: designinglife2014@gmail.com 07952 662 552

Writing Life

Life writing workshops with writer Paul Dodgson in Bristol, the South West and beyond. Also see Scilly Isles holiday advert in March events section. www.writinglife.co.uk

☞ Bristol School of Shiatsu courses From beginner to practitioner. See Training section

☞ Healing Workshops for Women Loss, childlessness, mothering. See Women section

Heaven on Earth

• Bespoke Pink & Green Funerals • Members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors • Lifetime Achievement Award Winners. Funerals for all budgets. Cardboard, bamboo & willow coffins available. www.heavenonearthbristol.co.uk 0117 926 4999 (24 hours)

dentists & dental care

cycling Ranzo Cycles

www.ranzocycles.com Bicycle workshop in Southville, Bristol for affordable repairs and sales. 8am-10pm drop off and collection welcome. Also find us at Tobacco Factory Market on Sundays. Ranzo Cycles, 4D West End, Bristol, BS3 1AU Tel: 07425 134590 Email: njcooksley@live.co.uk ABC


Friendly, family dental practice in the heart of Hotwells, offers you a complete dental service, from replacing your mercury fillings to a full mouth make over - giving you back your healthy Natural Smile. We take the time to understand you as an individual, your concerns and desires, and view your dental treatment as part of your whole health. Sensitive, caring, dentist and team who take pride in minimising their impact on the environment. Selection of natural oral hygiene products available and free checkups for children (see website for more details). Principle practitioner Dr Nicola Bone BDS DPDS. 251 Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol BS8 4SF. www.thenaturalsmile.co.uk 0117 929 2165

doctors/holistic practitioners • Group and 1:1 psychotherapy • Group and 1:1 Clinical Supervision for Counselling/Psychotherapy Practitioners Working on body/mind connections: emotion, creativity, self and social integration. Working with people of all ages, abilities and needs. Ffi contact admin@dancevoice.org.uk 0117 953 2055 Quaker Meeting House, Wedmore Vale, Bedminster, Bristol. BS3 5HX www.dancevoice.org.uk

Dr Rohrbeck - Functional Medicine


Crystal Heart School of Crystal Healing

Next Professional Diploma Course in Crystal Healing starts January 18/19 2014 in Glastonbury. If you love crystals and are interested in vibrational energy healing, this transformational course is for you! Two years training - fully accredited by FSEM. Easy payment plan. Places moving fast - contact Gwyneth Cox: 01458 860874 www.crystalheart.org.uk


Private Consultations Specialised in Chronic Health Problems: Allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Thyroid disorders, Skin problems, Mental Health, Hormonal problems. Treatments: Nutrition, Diet, Supplements, Detoxification, GAPS Protocol, Cell Regeneration. Helios Medical Centre, 17 Stoke Hill, Stoke Bishop, Bristol BS9 1JN Appointments line: 0758 471 9348 www.dr-rohrbeck.com AC email: info@dr-rohrbeck.com


An invitation to wake up and remember who you truly are! This is a guided evening of conscious dance to a beautiful mix of global trance, tribal beats and sacred sounds. Allow your whole being to move naturally, find your own spontaneous dance and come home to that which is always alive, free, happy and at peace... take a deep dive journey into the miracle of Life! A big welcome to all, even if you feel you have forgotten how to dance! No previous experience necessary just a willingness to move! Every Wed evening 7.30-9.30pm. St Michael’s on the Mount Parish Hall, BS2 8BE. £15 abundant/£10 waged/£5 concession. Last class 18th Dec, New Year restarts 8th Jan 2014. Further info - leigh@naturaldance.co.uk

Bath. 5 Rhythms. Sue Kuhn

Mondays 7.15-9.30pm, Gateway Centre, London Rd, BA1 6DH. Weekends. 01225 465846 www.suekuhndance.com

New Years Eve Dance Celebration

The “Medicine Dance” team, Bernadette Ryder and Dawn Morgan, invite you to an alcohol-free evening where soulful party people can welcome in the new year through the natural high of dance spiced by moments of connectedness and visioning. Price £20-£30. Hamilton House, Stokes Croft. See: www.shapeshift.co.uk or www.in-rhythm.com or contact Jon: 0797 006 9256

Award-winning green energy supplier Good Energy uses electricity that comes from local, natural sources like sunshine, wind and water. Founded by Juliet Davenport in 1999, it was the first electricity supplier to have a 100% renewable fuel mix. Nearly fifteen years later, its mission to help tackle climate change and provide energy security stands as strong as ever. Good Energy supports a growing community of homes, businesses and communities generating their own green electricity across the UK. It’s also investing in new sources of renewable power to help take us closer to a cleaner, greener energy future. You can switch online at goodenergy.co.uk or over the phone on 0845 6011410

eye health Bates Method Natural Eyesight Improvement

Beneficial any age or condition aspectsofvision@btinternet.com 07710 500 494

“we thought it was an extremely straightforward and streamlined process.” You can now book and pay for your listings ads online: www.thespark.co.uk


feng - home

want to advertise in The Spark? see inside back cover for details Therapeutic Healing

feng shui

Feng Shui creates harmony in your home and maximizes your potential to enhance your quality of life, health, wealth and relationships. It can also stimulate business growth and success. Space Clearing cleanses negative energy from a building (from your past experiences and any previous occupiers), giving you a fresh, revitalized start. It can also help to sell a house, and transform a new house into your home. Sue Holmes is a professional, experienced and highly reputable Feng Shui and Space Clearing consultant, achieving consistently excellent results. Her consultations are practical, thorough, effective and life-changing. Sue Holmes www.thehomehealer.co.uk 07786 291967

Personalised Reiki Treatments using a combination of Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing and Counselling to achieve Harmony and Balance. Suitable for physical and emotional symptoms. www.april-healing.co.uk Radford Mill Farm Shop has been trading in Montpelier, Bristol, since 1979, selling organic fruit and veg sourced as locally as possible, including Radford Mill Farm, our 115-acre farm 15 miles southeast of Bristol, managed organically since 1977. Now: organic pork, organic apple juice, organic salad veg - all from our own farm. We produce a wide variety of dips, sandwiches, quiches, soup, pizza and cakes in our organic kitchen, all of which can be enjoyed in our small café with indoor seating. We also sell wholefoods, herbs and spices, Bristol-made bread, natural soaps, toiletries and we accept bulk orders. Open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 10am-6pm. Radford Mill Farm Shop is at 41 Picton St., Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5PZ. 0117 942 6644, A richardrmf@hotmail.com


Bristol’s one-stop ethical living store & deli specialises in: • natural, organic and fairtrade wholefoods • a range of award-winning organic breads • foods for specialist diets including gluten-free, dairy-free and raw • superfoods • baby-care products • nutritional supplements • environmentally-friendly household products • holistic beauty, body and skin care. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ask as the chances are we can order it in for you. Members of our experienced team are always on hand to offer advice on nutrition, supplements and skincare to help you achieve and maintain health and vitality. Wild Oats Wholefoods, 9-11 Lower Redland Road, Bristol BS6 6TB Tel: 0117 973 1967 Fax: 0117 923 7871 www.wild-oats.co.uk

gardens & gardening

Transformative Kinesiology, BS35

Particularly powerful way to liberate or unblock yourself from habitual conditions. Mysterious, respectful, effective. John Dykes. Text: 07508 509667 email: coursesandcounselling@gmail.com

herbal medicine Organic Herbal Medicine

Bath & Salisbury Herbal Medicine utilises the properties of plants to encourage natural healing and enable the individual to reconnect and understand the health of the whole body. All tinctures used are organic. No charge for tinctures at the first consultation. Weekends only. Katie Tildesley BSc (Hons), MNIMH, www.organicherbalist.com organicherbalist@outlook.com 0786 418 1729

holidays - activity Tai Chi, Yoga & Qigong in Tenerife

The one-stop natural shop specialising in all things organic, ethical and ecological. New shop and café now at the old Woolworth store in Glastonbury. And don’t forget the new website: www.earthfare.co.uk Earthfare, 45 High Street, Glastonbury. Tel: 01458 831004

Food You can Trust from your local Natural and Ethical Grocer. Harvest has been at the forefront of organic, non-GMO, vegetarian and ethical choices since 1971. Harvest remains passionate about offering the widest selection of ethically sourced, earth friendly, organic and real food alternatives you can trust. Our extensive range includes many vegan and gluten-free choices; our tasty delis offer many locally prepared sweet and savoury specialities. In a world of supermarkets and faceless chain stores, Harvest is your local independent workers’ co-operative food store, providing fresh, friendly and relaxed service... discover a unique and special shopping experience. • Part of the Essential Trading Worker Co-operative. Bristol: 11 Gloucester Road, BS7. 0117 942 5997 www.harvest-bristol.coop Bath: 37 Walcot Street, BA1. 01225 465519 www.harvest-bath.coop

Your local Wholefood Healthfood & Nutrition Centre • Café & Takeaway • New Salad Bar • Top quality dried fruits, nuts and seeds • Top quality groceries • Organic & GMO-free foods • Vitamin and mineral supplements • Special dietary needs • Qualified nutritionist in-store • Herbal & homeopathic remedies • Sports nutrition 100 High Street, Portishead Tel: 01275 817178

At the heart of the bustling Gloucester Rd, almost next door to The Cooperative. Specialising in an ever-expanding range of Organic Vegetarian and Vegan foods, all of which is guaranteed G.M.O. free by our main suppliers. We also provide a large selection of non-organic foods to give our customers choice, much of this available from bulk, reducing packaging to a minimum. Amazing ranges of cereal, nuts, fruit, roasted coffee from Brian Wogan (use our grinder), increasing range of Gluten and Wheat-Free lines, selections of Japanese and other ethnic foods. Supplements, homoeopathic (including Solgar, Higher Nature, Quest, Weleda, Bach), toiletries, etc, plus much more. Friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. Member of The National Association of Health Stores. Reasonable prices, cards accepted £5+. Wheelchair access, help available with bulky items. Open from 9am until 5.30pm, Monday-Saturday. 113 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8AT Tel: 0117 987 2199 www.scoopawayhealthfoods.co.uk

Our new shop is now open in Redfield • Large range of chilled vegetarian products & organic wholefoods, including gluten-free & wheat-free pastas, biscuits & breakfast cereals • Our cheese counter includes locally-sourced & vegetarian cheeses • Organic bread from Herbert’s Bakery • Fairtrade & organic coffee ground to order & large range of fruit & herbal teas. • Organic wines & local beers including champagne and beers from Bristol Beer Factory & Severn Cider products • Refill your Ecover & Bio D bottles at our refill station • Buy from our range of over 30 organic wholefoods & flours in scoop bins, and make big savings! Opening Offer! - cut out & redeem this advert at our Church Road shop for a free regular-sized coffee or tea when you buy one of our quality sandwiches. • 259-261 Church Rd, Redfield BS5 tel 0117 941 2061 • 260-261 North Street, Bedminster BS3 tel 0117 966 4507 • www.southvilledeli.com or find us on Facebook

Since 1993 we've been busy inspiring positive change in the west country...

On three acres in Bristol’s sunny Cumberland Basin, Riverside looks after the growing needs of Sparkland. Run as a workers’ co-operative Riverside relies on individuals to give the garden centre its unique community feel. In the heart of the city we offer advice, healthy plants and organic solutions. Our vegetarian café is open daily. www.riversidegardencentre.com Clift House Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1RX Tel: 0117 966 7535

December & January Relax and unwind this winter in Sunny Tenerife with Lishi Tai Chi, Yoga and Qigong Retreat Holidays. 11-15 Dec 2013 or 15-19 Jan 2014. Beautiful, rustic, eco-green accommodation. Cheap flight direct from Bristol. 30% discount for Spark readers. Quote SPK30. www.lishi-unlimited.org/holiday

holidays - b&bs & hostels Pembrokeshire Coast, near St Davids

Unique 4 Star Eco Hostel & budget B&B. Discounts given for longer stays and arriving without a car. 01348 831 800 www.theoldschoolhostel.co.uk ABCT

gay, lesbian & bisexual

holiday cottages Devon. Bantham Beach. Two Beautiful Wooden Studios

A free, confidential service which provides information and support to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transvestite community. We also provide support to people concerned about issues to do with their sexuality, as well as to anyone with concerns about a friend or relative. We offer advice about safer sex and have extensive information on local and national services for LGBT people. If we can help, or if you just need someone to chat to, our lines are open every day, 10am-11pm. 0117 922 1328 www.bristolblags.org.uk

healing Energy Healing, Massage & Reiki

with Helen Clare Hamilton, warm healing listener. Massage Training Institute, UK Reiki Federation. Now available at Fulcrum House BS6. helenclare@hotmail.com 07826 186 124

Johrei Art of Living

Art of Healing. Art of Beauty. Art of Nature Come along to our drop in Healing Centres in Bristol: Clifton, Redcliffe & Staple Hill. For times and details contact the British Johrei Society. email: info@johrei.org.uk tel: 01225 745766 www.johrei.org.uk

Tara Therapies - Clevedon, North Somerset

Restore your health and wholeness: physical, emotional, mental. Crystal therapy, colour therapy, spiritual healing. Also Tarot readings. www.taratherapies.vpweb.co.uk NA,HT Jill Rhys Jones - 01275 877280

Close to stunning beach, river, cliff walks. Ideal short breaks, retreats. • Spa studio, £90pn. Sleeps 6. Outside jacuzzi. 1 double bed en-suite. 4 singles. Large living space. Wooded gardens. • Sunset studio, £60pn. Overlooks Burgh Island. Beautiful sea views from bedroom. Sleeps two. Tel: 01548 561419 www.discoveryretreats.co.uk timhunt@fsmail.net

home & decluttering Declutter Your Home or Office

I can declutter your stuff, organise you and find the storage solutions that work for you. Call Alison on 0117 911 7556 www.armitage-homedecluttered.co.uk

Help With House Clearance

Bristol & Bath Areas I can help you sort out your home or house when you move, or after a bereavement. I have 35 years experience, and will recycle as much as possible through auctions and charity shops. Call Janet on 07941 264843 or email me at: janet@rustyrails.fsnet.co.uk

Reorganise Your Home This Winter!

‘Lisa worked alongside me to sort and clear. I could leave her with tasks (domestic chores too) and pop out to do school runs. I now know where everything is so I don’t have to buy more. Saving me time and money. I feel clear and calm’ (Sara). Lisa - 0776 629 6497 energisingspaces@yahoo.co.uk - affordable rates

...we’re now into our 21st year! Thanks for your support along the way

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Kelley Boulton, Registered Homeopath Low Cost Clinic. Call or text: 07736 174564 www.bristolhomeopathy.com

Lyn Clark: Registered Homeopath

housing & land

AEOB, a Quaker-led Community Interest Company Reg. No. 32137R, seeks people willing to invest at least £500 for twelve years in a recoverable Community Share secured on property. We aim to follow Elizabeth Sturge’s “Better Homes for Poor People“ initiative by starting to replace council houses sold off as speculative assets, with permanently-affordable homes owned on behalf of the community. 3% interest at end of first year (while we’re building) rising, we hope, to 5% thereafter. Target £600,000 for this to be possible. Tel 0117 926 5931, email totony.crofts@virgin.net or write to 3 Windsor Terrace, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4LW. www.aeobhousepeople.org.uk


Modern Foreign Languages. Junior classes and Adult evening classes. Our Modern Foreign Languages classes are a great way for you or your child to improve and accelerate their language skills in a fun and positive environment! Join our Intensive February 2014 Half Term Foreign Language Course for Juniors (from 11-17 years old)! 17th-21st February 2014. A great way for your child to accelerate their language skills in a fun and positive environment! Book before 7th February 2014 to secure your place! Special discount for siblings and multiple courses! For more information call us on +44 (0)117 906 7660 or email fl@ihbristol.com www.ihbristol.com

massage & bodywork *** Please note that adverts in this section are for professional practitioners offering therapeutic, healing, remedial and/or relaxing massage or bodywork sessions. The Spark does not knowingly advertise, or accept advertisements for, sexual services *** Life-affirming, psychotherapeutic massage and bodywork with Laura Irvine FGBII. Post-partum home visits. Bristol. Ffi: 07973 169237 laura.irvine@blueyonder.co.uk Traditional balancing massage treatments: Indian Head, Ayurvedic Facelift, Ayurvedic Foot and Hand Massage, Shirodhara, Marma Therapy. www.blissful-ayurveda.co.uk marion@blissful-ayurveda.co.uk 07854 767433

Looking Forward To Your Future

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Learn how to conquer stress, anxiety, confidence, smoking, weight and many issues with hypnotherapy to help you relax, regain focus and move forward in your life. Free initial consultation with registered, experienced practitioner. Stuart Taylor HPD. CBT(Hyp). SFBTSup(Hyp). • Bristol Natural Health Service, Horfield: 0117 944 44 48. www.taylorhypnotherapy.co.uk Mobile: 07840 269 555

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy Your Key

Holistic, Remedial & Sports Massage Therapy Tim Bartlett MTI APNT Practitioner and Tutor. Massage and bodywork for healing, health & well-being. 0752 500 6880; BNHS, Horfield: 0117 944 4448

Helping your body/mind to restore its own innate health. Sensitive, experimental, meditative. Flexible availability, Bristol (NW), home visits. Concessions available. Natasha: www.kaaya-thai-massage.co.uk S20,HT 0794 478 0874

Massage for Women

With Sadie McCarthy MTI APNT IIHHT. Aromatherapy, Holistic/Pregnancy Massage, Reiki. 0791 411 4340

Matthew Harrington BSc.(Hons) APNT

Massage and Bodywork. Holistic, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Remedial, Sports, Lomi Lomi and more. Experienced. Peaceful calm environment. Bishopston. www.matthewharringtonmassagetherapy. freeindex.co.uk BS2,T 0117 924 4923 / 0781 487 3265

Our friendly group usually meets four times monthly, Redland, Bristol, to practice meditation and mindfulness following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Ffi: Julia 0117 942 6128

☞ Philippa Vick’s 8 Week Mindfulness Course

See Courses, Groups & Workshops section

movement & bodywork

Qigong is a way of directly experiencing and opening to the subtle energy known as Qi in oriental medicine. It connects us more deeply to the natural flow of energy around us and to the source of our aliveness. It is simple to learn yet challenges each person to their own limit. Benefits may include the healing of deeply engraved patterns of physical and emotional disharmony, increased vitality and clarity of perception, the cultivation of inner stillness and, most of all, a deeper enjoyment of being alive. Monthly courses in Bristol/Bath/Cheltenham/ Frome and summer camps/residential Qigong retreats with Daverick Leggett. Details: 0117 928 7280 www.qigong-southwest.co.uk


☞ Reflexology and Massage Therapist Ali Humble (MAR) See Complementary Health Practitioners section

Shelagh O’Neill It was through movement that you developed your sense of self as a child. Movement is still a great resource to improve how you do what you do. For actors, musicians, geeks and anyone who is thinking of getting older. Awareness Through Movement workshops. Individual Functional Integration lessons monthly. Bristol. www.nicefeldenkrais.co.uk 0797 332 4035

music & sound

A regular place for rusty instrumentalists to meet and share the pleasure of making music together, the emphasis being on creating a relaxed, fun and sociable atmosphere. We are rough, folky and fun! Our repertoire comes from different folk traditions - for example we play Celtic and American traditional tunes, East-European wedding dances plus an arrangement of the Archers Theme tune! The Gasworks Scratchy Folk Orchestra meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings in St Werburghs. Our main activity is our fortnightly rehearsal but we occasionally get asked to do public performances. No auditions. Any age welcome! http://gasworks-scratchy-folk-orchestra.co.uk Martin Solomon martin@martinsolomon.com 0117 9522178

Livewire. Quality PA / Sound Engineer • Hire for Bands, Seminars, Conferences, Audio-Visual • Work locally, nationally, internationally • Professional, friendly, experienced. Contact Mark www.bathpa.co.uk mark@bathpa.co.uk 07970 924655

nutrition/diet foodfitforyou.co.uk

Personalise Your Diet. Food Intolerance Testing. Feel Better Again! Louise 0777 9 642 563


As founded by Dr Shen Hongxun. A traditional method of Chinese Medicine to clean the meridians and organs by standing and moving exercises, spontaneous body movement and mental concentration. Old emotional tensions can also be released, leaving the practitioner clearer, happier and healthier. This simple and profound system allows beginners to experience its benefits quickly. Older students will be able to reach deeper states with their own practice. The course is open to all. There is no age restriction. Time: 10am-5pm. Cost £95 for weekend. Bristol Workshops 2014: 8-9 February, 12-13 July. Enquiries to Ann on 07766 100 383 e-mail: taijiwuxigong@waitrose.com

Helen Cooke, a highly qualified practitioner (nursing background), offers personalised nutritional therapy and/or stress-management. Vitamin deficiency/allergy/metabolic testing available for targeted approach. 07905 383203

personal growth courses Taijiwuxigong Classes

Learn a simple, powerful form of Qi Gong to develop your energy force and for self-healing. Evening and lunch classes in Bristol. 07766 100 383 wuxigong@gmail.com

personal growth practitioners The Twinflame Path

Be consciously aligned with your Higher Self’s will and priorities. Transformational Higher Self Readings, Energy Healings and Spiritual Coaching. Amber Ariana 0117 330 1130 www.twinflamepath.com

Alan Wilmot MTI CNHC Massage and Bodywork Practitioner. Available daytime, evenings and weekends in and around Bristol. 07786 150356 www.getthemassage.co.uk

Unlock, relax, take charge of stress, depression or anxiety. Interest Dental Phobias. Keynsham area clinics. HPD. MNCH Acc. Call Julia - 0117 986 5201 www.sfhypnotherapy.co.uk

The Feldenkrais Method

Thich Nhat Hanh Inspired Meditation Group

Repair, Refresh, Relax... Holistic Massage

Sarah Hoare, MTI CNHC



Kaaya Thai Massage

Experienced, dedicated holistic massage practitioner / tutor. Pain relief, injury recovery, pregnancy, well-being, self development, inner peace. Bishopston & Southville treatment rooms. 07976 710368 www.sarahhoare.co.uk

Transform your emotions with FasterEFT, NLP & personalised hypnobirthing. AH Sally 0778 9872713

... we can help! Divorce or separation can be painful... and costly. Family mediation is the first choice for couples who want to achieve a negotiated settlement when their relationship is at an end. Resolve the issues arising from your break up... effectively, economically, quickly, conveniently, amicably. www.progressive-mediation.co.uk frances@progressive-mediation.co.uk 0117 924 3880 / 0788 903 9393 / 0796 387 6377

Biodynamic Massage and Treatment

Blissful Ayurveda - Awake the Senses

Want help with Emotional, mental health or relationship issues? Stopping smoking, habits or addictions? Weight or eating issues? Managing pain or health conditions? Phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder? Work, study or sports performance? Stress management, confidence and self-esteem? Help is here! Mindscape offers holistic, client-centred hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP and occupational therapy, supporting people with a wide range of issues to achieve their goals and dreams. Experienced, well qualified, state registered NHS mental health specialist. HypnoBand and Hypnobirthing trained. Centrally based (Montpelier). For free initial consultation please contact Kate Mortimer (BA.Hons, BSc.Hons, MA, DipCAH, HPD, PNLP, Advanced EMDR, MNCH(Acc), RAPHP, HPC reg.) on 07810 510170 www.mindscapetherapies.co.uk

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25+ years’ experience. Consultations; mentoring; teaching. Home: 0797 488 7850 Clinic: 0117 974 1199

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Explore Taijiwuxigong - a simple yet profound set of Qi Gong exercises for self-healing and energy development. Once learned Taijiwuxigong can be used for life. It works to improve body, mind and spirit at many levels. The gentle yet powerful exercises activate and clear the energy system, lighten the spirits and calm the mind. Lunchtime courses available from 1-2pm, Wednesdays or Thursdays, Bristol Folk House. Thursday evenings offer longer, relaxed sessions for deeper study 7.15-8.45pm, also at Bristol Folk House. Safe and suitable for all, and all are welcome. Call 07766 100 383 or e-mail: wuxigong@gmail.com

rebirthing Rebirthing - Doug Sawyer

We use Conscious Breathing to heal the body/ mind/emotions at all levels with love. Call Doug 0774 809 6834 www.dougsawyer.co.uk

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Jeanette Simson Reflexology

Restoring Harmony and Balance Reflexology to aid relaxation and promote health and well-being at The Practice Rooms, Clifton Village. I hold a diploma in reflexology and am a member of the British Reflexology Association. £30 per session. Gift vouchers available. Contact Jeanette on 0787 9817664 or jeanetteryan@hotmail.com


I offer Reiki sessions and small friendly Reiki classes in North Bristol, Devon, South Wales and Wiltshire. I have been practising Reiki since 1992 and was initiated as a Master in 1996 by Ben Verheijden who trained with Phyllis Furumoto, the present lineage bearer and Inger Droog, who brought Reiki to Holland. I am a trained counsellor, Buteyko teacher, funeral celebrant, psychic and bodyworker. I use Reiki on myself every day; it sustains me physically, mentally and emotionally. For a leaflet, dates of classes, to book a session, Master Apprenticeships call 0117 924 6581, e-mail: reikisouthwest.co.uk website: www.reikisouthwest.co.uk

Deep Body Work

Pursuing balance and harmony mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. Treatments. Massage. Training. Millie Wood Swanepoel, Reiki Master, teacher, practitioner m.wood.swanepoel@googlemail.com 07754 182 082


Would you like to meet your perfect partner for Love, Friendship and Happiness? Natural Friends is a great way to meet like-minded green singles. Since its formation in 1985 as the first ‘green’ dating and friendship site, we have been successfully linking kind, caring, kindred spirits in Love and Friendship. Join today for Free to find someone with whom to share those special moments and add richness and meaning to your life. www.naturalfriends.co.uk

relaxing & winding down

Rolfing for improved posture and ease of movement. Rolfing helps you develop a more upright posture and to relieve associated pain. I use a combination of body reading, soft tissue manipulation, movement and perceptual work to investigate and treat pain or discomfort in the system. Also helpful for gynaecological health and abdominal issues. Rolfing can be deeply changing, bringing greater ease and grace in movement. Rolfing will help you enhance your practice of sports, yoga, dance, martial arts, etc. Andrea Newman’s Bristol practice is on Mondays at the Centre for Whole Health, Lam Rim, Victoria Place, Bedminster. Free car parking opposite. Bookings 0117 923 1138. www.yogaandrolfing.co.uk andrea@yogauk.com

“this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine” helping you find your spark & your light

Tensegrity is the practical wisdom of shamans of ancient Mexico. Tensegrity Passes and Breaths (Magical Passes) help redistribute energy in the body, bringing increased perception and general wellbeing to practitioners. Tensegrity helps release stuck energy and makes it available to us again bringing a deeper connection to nature and the entire universe around us. It offers the possibility of navigating our life in connection with our true self, the part of us that has direct access to silent knowledge. Tensegrity is apt for people of all ages and abilities. Bristol Tensegrity Practice Group meets weekly at Wilder Street Studios, BS2 8QA T: 0794 714 0309, www.tensegritybristol.co.uk S16,T


Rolfing is an effective method of realigning the body, and in so doing, alleviating related problems such as back pain, stiffness, muscular tension, poor circulation etc. The body is held together by a web of connective tissue. When a part of the body is injured or chronically held out of vertical alignment, the tissue shortens in certain areas, ‘fixing’ the body into an abnormal posture. This new pattern limits our freedom of movement, and over the years tends to cause common painful symptoms. In the 1950s, Dr Rolf developed this hands-on method of freeing and rebalancing connective tissue. Contact: Anna Orren, 45 Trelawney Road, Cotham, Bristol BS6 6DY Tel: 0117 973 5987

Rolfing realigns your structure by energising and freeing the web of connective tissue within the body: ‘The Organ of Structure’. The Human Being is more than a collection of parts. There is a pattern, an order, as in all matter organised into biological units. That pattern - how parts fit and work together - is a basic factor in well-being or its lack. Rolfing promotes well-being by enhancing the body’s pattern of organisation; alleviating poor posture, releasing tension, back and neck problems and stiffness of joints. Discover a muscular structure that’s free of pain. A posture within gravity that gives you a light, flexible and energised body. For more information, a free consultation or an appointment, call Simon Wellby 0779 969 3546

rooms & spaces Whether it’s wallowing in our hot tubs under a wintery sky, a stress-defying sweat in the saunas or stream room, or the cosy comfort of teas and teacakes in the lounge, The Relaxation Centre is a luxury worth discovering. Offering an extensive range of treatments Holistic and Thai Massage, Reflexology, Hot-stone Therapy and more - everything you need for tranquillity is here. For full information about our spa and treatments, please telephone, or visit our website. 9 All Saints Road, Clifton BS8 2JG 0117 970 6616 www.relaxationcentre.co.uk

Fulcrum House is located at 3 Grove Road, just off Whiteladies Road (Clifton/Redland). Our wonderful Georgian building has 7 beautiful, generously proportioned private rooms, kitchen facilities and a small private courtyard. Our group room is suitable for groups up to 14 people. We offer regular four-hour slots and instant online booking of single sessions for our registered psychotherapists, counsellors and complementary practitioners. We host a CPD programme of workshops and seminars providing a stimulating environment to work in. Fulcrum House has grown into a friendly, thriving community! Visit www.fulcrumhouse.co.uk S2,BT or call 0117 330 5336

Three well equipped and well proportioned therapy and consulting rooms. Warm, professional, comfortable and sensibly-priced (with waiting room) all within a landmark Georgian terrace with views over Phoenix Wharf and the water towards Queen’s Square and Welsh Back. We’re near St Mary Redcliffe Church, with excellent parking and great transport links (including Temple Meads and the M32) with ready access to the city centre, south Bristol and beyond. The Harbourside Practice, 3 Redcliffe Parade East, Redcliffe BS1 6SW. For more information or to drop by just get in touch: phone Clive on 07947 023371, go to http://theharboursidepractice.co.uk or e-mail clive@theharboursidepractice.co.uk

River Voice Shamanic Practice

Central Bath, Clifton Village, Salisbury. Beautifully set-up, professional rooms in period buildings in central, affluent, high profile locations. Exceptional value and completely flexible, user-friendly terms to suit both start-up and established therapists. Community oriented multi-disciplinary practice. Membership includes use of rooms in all our locations. Counselling Trainee Offer: up to 50% reduction in rates. Terms apply. To find out more about joining our community please go to our website: www.thepracticerooms.co.uk or ring Angus Landman on 01225 920812

Bristol City Yoga

Bright, beautiful studio and therapy rooms. 0117 924 4414 info@bristolcityyoga.co.uk

Consulting/Therapy Rooms

Alma Vale Rd, Clifton, Bristol Attractive, quiet and professional rooms in Clifton for psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches. Competitive rates. For more information contact Kunderke Kevlin on 0772 764 4830 or e-mail: kunderke@gmail.com See www.45almavalerd.co.uk

The Relaxation Centre

We are open to taking on new practitioners in a range of body therapies. You must be highly skilled, fully qualified and insured, with several years experience. Bernadette: 0117 970 6616 www.relaxationcentre.co.uk Ad-hoc & permanent therapy rooms for rent. Warm and friendly therapy centre offering purpose-built treatment rooms at very competitive rates. Free nearby parking, centrally located, tea & coffee facilities and reception areas. • £20 per 4-hour session • £15 for additional 4-hour sessions • £10 per 1-hour ad hoc sessions Call 0117 942 5832 for further information doug@bristoltherapist.com www.bristoltherapist.com

Shamanic training. A year-long journey through this beautiful medicine wheel. • Learn and experience powerful healing techniques that shift the matrix of your energy field • Discover the ancient wisdom teachings of the Inca shaman • Become a healer, a coach, an inspiration to others or use this 4-part residential training to heal yourself so that you can be the change you want to see in the world. See website for details, dates, courses www.spiritoftheinca.com email: Spiritoftheinca@gmail.com Tel: 0776 525 8614

Yogasara: the Love of Yoga & Life

Beautiful studio available weekends / some weekdays. A delightful and dedicated space to share your contribution to humanity. Come and join us. A Community Interest Company putting people, planet, yoga before profit. Committed to sustainability, community and making this planet a better place. www.yogasara.co.uk Picton St, Montpelier. Sarah 0778 692 8458 / Chris 0778 692 8458

One-to-one healing sessions and sacred ceremony. I also offer divination by email. Contact Katerina. www.rivervoice.co.uk/shamanic-practice email: info@rivervoice.co.uk 0777 280 7157

Shamanic Shoestrings

Offers core cross-cultural Shamanic healing, Soul retrieval, Extraction medicine, Power animal retrieval, Divination and also Shamanic Counselling where you can learn to undertake your own Shamanic Journeys - working with these ancient healing and problem-solving methods which are still effective today. www.shamanicshoestrings.co.uk email shamanicshoestrings@live.co.uk Phone 01225 445971 or mobile 0797 626 4432

shiatsu Bath Shiatsu Practice

A quiet space in the heart of Bath We are very experienced bodyworkers and offer bodypsychotherapy for your deeper issues, a place to be held during difficult emotional times, support around illness, ongoing CPD classes for third years and graduates. Heidi Armstrong MRSS(T) 0774 637 4507 www.heidiarmstrong.co.uk Rebecca Davis MRSS(T) 0782 508 2555 www.bathshiatsu.co.uk

Bristol School of Shiatsu

Established 1984, offers training courses from beginners to professional practitioner level. Please refer to Training section for further details www.shiatsubristol.co.uk

Shiatsu and Qigong with Nicola Ley

Working with the Lightbody, Shiatsu for the body, mind and spirit. Qigong classes for self-healing. Treatments, tutorials, classes. T 0117 987 9806 nicola.ley@gmail.com

Shiatsu and Yoga Therapy

Safe, gentle, confidential. Low rates available. For more info please contact Max Rose on 0787 919 5531 earthchoices23@gmail.com

or visit www.thespark.co.uk for more info or to book online

spirit - train

spiritual paths & practices

Learn meditation. Learn how to work with your mind and body. By simply being present we can bring mindfulness and awareness to our experience and allow more space and joy to develop in our lives. Our evening sessions offer meditation for all, with meditation instruction available. Tuesdays Stroud. 7.45-9pm at Chalford Village Hall, near Stroud. Call John or Sophie: 01453 889609, or email johnseex@talktalk.net Dorchester. 7.30-9pm, The Friend’s Meeting House, 8 Holloway Road, DT1 1LF. Call Colin: 01305 889476 Wednesdays Bristol. 7.30-9.30pm, 17 Lower Redland Road, BS6 6TB. Call Christine: 07505 384628, or email bristol@shambhala.org.uk Visit our website for more details www.bristol.shambhala.info

Part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, we offer a path to greater awareness and kindness traditional Buddhist practices with the potential for unlimited positive change, appropriate to the contemporary world. Our community is dedicated to realising this vision together for the sake of all beings. Come and see for yourself! Drop-in Classes - (Suitable for beginners) • Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-2pm • Monthly on Sats - check web for dates - 10am-1pm • Tuesdays - Buddhist teachings including meditation to enhance your everyday life, 7.30-10pm. Shop/reception Monday Friday 1-4pm, selling books, meditation / yoga equipment, Buddha statues, incense & more. www.bristol-buddhist-centre.org info@bristol-buddhist-centre.org 162 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston BS7 8NT. AC 0117 924 9991

Bristol Sakya Buddhist Centre, 121 Sommerville Road, St. Andrews, Bristol BS6 5BX 0117 924 4424, bristol@dechen.org www.dechen.org/bristol Regular events - open to all - no experience necessary. • Meditation Evenings: Tuesdays 8pm. Learn to meditate and reflect on Buddhist teachings. £4. • Meditation Mornings: Wednesdays 10.30am, Saturdays 10.30am. Learn to meditate. Free. New!! Meditation Evening: Mondays starting 6th January 2014 • Classical Tibetan Language Classes: beginners course starting January 2014. £4. Ffi contact Sakya Centre. Bath Sakya Buddhist Group meets every Tuesday 8pm. Practise meditation and contemplate Buddhist teachings. Newcomers welcome, £4. Museum of Bath at Work, Julian Road, Bath, BA1 2RH, 07747 633577, bath@dechen.org www.dechen.org/bath


A spiritual practice which is ancient yet always new, reaching back within Christianity to the desert fathers and mothers of the fourth century. John Main a Benedictine monk rediscovered this practice and has made it available to all. Open to people of any denomination or none - for example if you practise Mindfulness, you are welcome to come and share the silence and support. Give your soul space to breathe. Advent Quiet Day in Bristol, December. Day on Rainer Maria Rilke led by Canon Patrick Woodhouse, Bath 15 February. The World Community for Christian Meditation is contemporary, ecumenical, contemplative. Over 25 weekly groups in The Spark’s area. Newcomers always welcome. For info: call 01275 463727 or email bristol@christianmeditation.org.uk More info go to www.christianmeditation.org.uk

Do you long to deepen your experience of God, your relationship with others, and your appreciation of all the world’s major faith traditions - while remaining deeply rooted in your own? Do you yearn to be an activist in healing the divisions between peoples, nations and religions? One way to do so, with other committed men and women from diverse backgrounds, is on our two-year, part-time training. Students can go on to become interfaith ministers, offering spiritual counselling and sacred ceremonies tailored to the needs and longings of individuals from all faiths and none. To see if the One Spirit that calls us, calls you too, ring 0333 332 1996, or visit: www.osif.org.uk

Quakers share a way of life, based on our experience of the divine, rather than a set of beliefs. We are rooted in Christianity but we welcome everyone who is seeking truth and is attracted to worship based on shared silence. We do not have a written creed but try to bring the values of love, peace, truth, equality, simplicity, justice, and care for the environment into our lives and work. Newcomers are always welcome. Sunday Meetings in the Bristol area Bath, York Street, BA1 1NG, 11.00am. Bedminster, Wedmore Vale, BS3 5HX, 10.45am. Central Bristol, Champion Square, BS2 9DB, 11.00am. Clevedon, 15 Albert Road, BS21 7RP, 10.30am. Frenchay, Beckspool Road, BS16 1NT, 10.30am. Horfield, 300 Gloucester Road, BS7 8PD, 10.30am. Portishead, 11 St Mary’s Road, BS20 6QP, 10.30am. Redland, 126 Hampton Road, BS6 6JE, 11.00am. Thornbury, The Chantry, Castle St, BS35 1HB, 10.30am. Weston-super-Mare, High Street, BS23 1JF, 10.30am. Sidcot, Oakridge Lane, BS25 1LT, 10.30am. Please contact us for information about other Meetings during the week and for Children’s Meetings. We offer small discussion groups throughout the year led by experienced Quakers. For information ring 0117 942 9142 www.bristolquakers.org.uk

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New to meditation? Experienced? All are welcome. Zen meditation at Fulcrum House, 3 Grove Road, Bristol, BS6 6UJ. Every Tuesday at 7pm. Evening practice includes chanting, silent sitting meditation and walking meditation. It’s fine to sit on a cushion, bench or ordinary chair. Contact: 0117 963 2505 or email: bristolzencentre@gmail.com www.bristolzen.org www.furnacemountain.org


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A Free Church with an Open Mind Are you looking for a welcoming community who gather to nurture one another’s lifelong spiritual growth? Although historically rooted in the liberal Christian tradition, Unitarians also value the insights of many world faiths and other sources of wisdom. For details of meetings, including meditation, intergenerational activities and personalised child dedications, marriages and funerals, please phone the contact numbers given below. Bristol - Frenchay Chapel, Frenchay Common and at Unitarian Meeting, Brunswick Square, 0117 950 7906 www.bristolunitarians.blogspot.com/ Trowbridge - Unitarian Meeting House, 45 Seymour Road, 01225 761866 www.trowbridgeunitarians.org.uk/ Cirencester - Quaker Meeting House, Thomas Street, 01285 651507 www.cirencesterunitarians.org.uk/ Crewkerne - Unitarian Chapel, Hermitage Street, 01935 862602 www.westunitarians.org.uk/congregations.html National Unitarian website: www.unitarian.org.uk Charity no. 234482

Zazen is the posture of awakening. This practice has been transmitted from the time of Shakyamuni Buddha to now. Zazen is simply sitting with legs crossed, back straight, the attention focused on the posture and breathing. In zazen we do not seek to obtain anything. By turning the gaze inwards we can go naturally beyond the limits of the ego and directly experience awakening to our true nature. ‘In our disturbed world, practising zazen means coming back to the human being’s true dimension and rediscovering the fundamental balance of our existence’ Taisen Deshimaru. Bristol Zen Dojo holds zazen practice five days a week with an introduction every Wednesday from 6-7.30pm. Bristol Zen Dojo, 91-93 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8AT. E: info@zenbristol.co.uk W: www.zenbristol.co.uk T: 0117 942 4347

Authorised Mother Meera Meditation 1st Friday monthly, 7.30pm, near Stroud. www.mothermeera.org.uk 0796 997 2124


‘Exploring what it means to be human from the perspective of the unity of being.’ Saturday afternoon workshops. Admission free. Donations. 30th November: The Vision of Rumi’s Masnavi: seeing and knowing, speaker Professor Alan Williams. 2-5pm Hamilton House. For the spring programme, including a 7-week evening class, contact: bristolbeshara@outlook.com and see www.beshara.org

Tranquillity for Life

Transform your Inner Diamond - create positive changes www.tranquillityforlife.com 01454 320179 ABHT

Professional Diploma course in Thai Yoga Massage Training begins in January 2014 with Fiona. We teach a comprehensive hands-on approach to learning Northern-style Thai massage, its spirit and underlying principles as inspired by our teachers Asokananda and Pichet Boonthume. • Key aspects include developing sensitive touch, working with breath and energy; finding flow; mindfulness meditation; yoga; self care and client care. • Dates: 25, 26, 27 January, 22, 23, 24 February, 22, 23, 24 March, 26, 27, 28 April, 7, 8 June. September practice day. November exam. For information and registration please contact fiona@bodywisdom.org.uk 0774 7514971 www.bodywisdom.org.uk

Professional Training Courses in Holistic Massage with 2 intakes per year, February and October. Booking now. Level 4 MTI Diploma course. Also Level 4 MTI Diploma course in Remedial & Sports Massage. Introductory Workshop weekends throughout the year. Advanced Workshops available for practitioners to extend their skills and experience. Massage Practice Days and Regular Supervision groups with BCMB tutors. BCMB is accredited by the Massage Training Institute (MTI) and works to the national training standards of the General Council for Massage Therapy. Workshops also available in Worcester. 30 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2HY. 0117 377 1201 enquiries@bristolmassage.co.uk www.bristolmassage.co.uk

Diploma courses are run in autumn and spring. Aromatherapy Diploma (18 months). Includes two types of massage, aromatics, A&P, pathology and business skills. Professionally accredited by AAPA. Reflexology Diploma (12 months). Includes reflexology theory and practice, A&P and business skills. Professionally accredited by IFR. Traditional Indian Head Massage (10 weeks). Professionally accredited by IIHM. Runs autumn, spring and summer. Anatomy & Physiology. Widely accepted by therapy training courses. One-day and CPD courses • Introduction to Aromatherapy • Introduction to Massage • Advanced Massage Techniques (CPD) • Marketing Your Therapy Business (CPD) • Using Social Media (CPD). For more information on our courses visit our web site: www.bristolschoolofholistictherapies.co.uk Contact us for a copy of our prospectus. info@bristolschoolofholistictherapies.co.uk Phone: 0870 8890350

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train - yoga

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The Bristol School of Shiatsu is one of the longest established Shiatsu schools in Britain, offering courses at all levels from a three-year Practitioner Training to three weekend beginners Foundation Courses. Our non-residential, part-time courses are taught by UK Shiatsu Society registered teachers who share a common commitment to presenting Shiatsu tuition of the highest standards, in an atmosphere that is enlivening, supportive and fun, while offering diversity in their teaching styles and approach to Shiatsu. The School puts emphasis on an intuitive approach to Shiatsu within a framework of Traditional Oriental Medicine and, as well as the mastery of Shiatsu for the healing of others, we encourage the personal development and well-being of our students. For more information please contact: Bristol School of Shiatsu, PO Box 419, Bridgwater TA6 9ES. Tel: 0844 335 0573 e-mail: shiatsubss@blueyonder.co.uk S2 www.shiatsubristol.co.uk

We hold free open days with a free lunch and offer free treatment for patients at our teaching clinic. If you are looking for an inspiring vocation, a change of career, or are just interested in knowing more about homeopathic medicine then your future is a short bus ride away. Open days are held throughout the year for you to sit in on lectures, watch the clinic in action and chat to staff and students. Courses are part-time and designed for busy people who wish to study alongside their present occupation. For further information contact the college via the website: www.conhom.com or telephone Kate at the office 01275 877083

Starting in Glastonbury, Spring 2014. 5 experienced BWY diploma course tutors are collaborating to deliver this British Wheel of Yoga Diploma course. It is both practical and thorough, meeting the robust educational standards of Ofqual at Level Four. Student teachers are encouraged to develop a personal approach to professional yoga teaching within safe and informed parameters. Initial requirements: 3 years’ yoga experience including the BWY Foundation Course. Contact: Angela Ashwin angela-ashwin.co.uk info@angela-ashwin.co.uk 01395 224605 Andrea Newman yogaandrolfing.co.uk andrea@yogauk.com 01643 708410 Wendy Teasdill teasdill.com wendy@teasdill.com 01458 898 263 Debby Wilkinson whitehorseyoga.co.uk enquiries@whitehorseyoga.co.uk 01380 816844 Linda Morley lindayoga.co.uk

Ever wanted to do something incredible? How about volunteering your time for the Sue Ryder charity? Volunteering is great for both personal and professional development with opportunities on offer for everyone. Sue Ryder provides compassionate, personal care for those living with life-changing illness and there are plenty of ways you can help out; from event support to helping with collections, we want to hear from you! Any time you can spare is appreciated. If you are interested or would like to hear more, please call the fundraising team on 0117 929 3618 or email southwest@sueryder.org

Specialist Yoga Studio and Therapy Room, Stokes Croft. A wide range of classes catering for new and experienced students of all ages and abilities, including: Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Restorative, Meditation and Pilates. Women are supported through childbirth with our range of therapy treatments and classes for pregnancy, mum-baby, baby massage and women’s yoga. We also run children’s and family classes. We offer weekend workshops and retreats, regularly host visiting teachers and also offer a comprehensive Teacher Training programme. New Student Offer: First class is free when you register on: www.bristolcityyoga.co.uk/spark 0117 924 4414 info@bristolcityyoga.co.uk www.bristolcityyoga.co.uk



We’re just 10 minutes over the Severn Crossing. Holistic Massage Diploma: an accredited career-changing course starting in February. Bach Flower Remedies: Bach Centre approved Level 1 - open to everyone. Accredited Courses for Professionals: a wide range of Advanced Massage courses • Hands Free Massage • Hot Stones Massage • Warm Bamboo Massage • Thai Foot Massage • On Site Massage • Indian Head Massage • Pregnancy Massage • Infant Massage Instructor Course • Advanced Spinal Reflexology • Reflexology Refresher. Easy to find venue & free parking. Visit our website: www.teachtherapy.co.uk BCL telephone: 029 2059 1118

The Cauldron and the Rose, a ceremonial journey of remembering. Discover and realise your inner empowered and aware feminine. Through exploration of the four goddess archetypes associated with the Celtic Fire Festivals, and using inner journeys, voice, movement, meditation, creative enquiry, and ceremony you are guided on a quest of revelation. • Imbolc 30th January - 2nd February • Beltane 1st May - 4th May • Lammas 31st July - 3rd August • Samhain 30th October - 3rd November. Venue: the Ceridwen Centre, near Carmarthen, Wales. Other women’s retreats, workshops and circles The Still Point, Singing the Bones, Calling Down the Moon, and Grace and Space. Jules Heavens 01239 841787 jules@soundweaver.demon.co.uk www.julesheavens.com

The Devon School of Yoga brings together classes, workshops, retreats and training courses under one umbrella, covering all aspects of the subject. Set in dedicated studios across Devon, ideal surroundings are provided for yoga practice, study and contemplation. The school teaches a holistic approach with an experienced team. The next two-year (500 hour) teacher training course starts September 2014. The next five-w/ends (200hour) foundation course starts February 2014. Also two year post graduate yoga therapy course. Plus: weekly classes. Day workshops. Residential w/ends. North India retreat and The 2014 Devon Yoga Festival 1-3 August. For information or a copy of the programme, please contact us: The Devon School of Yoga, 4 Barnfield Hill, St Leonards, Exeter EX1 1SR. 01392 420573 info@devonyoga.com www.devonyoga.com

Healing Workshops for Women One of the fastest-growing complementary therapies, Kinesiology can increase energy levels, release stress, address digestive problems, overcome learning difficulties and raise self-esteem. You will learn how to test for food sensitivities, relieve many back and neck problems, access the body’s need for water and take the guesswork out of which supplements to use, plus many other exciting techniques. These simple yet powerful tools will give the lay person or the professional a very sound, practical approach to authentic Kinesiology. Start date 22nd February 2014, taught over four weekends. See website for dates and taster sessions. For further information or courses in Bristol call Dawn Bailey 07968 202252. www.dawnbaileykinesiology.co.uk

11 module Hypnotherapy /NLP Certificate Training. Taught by a qualified, accredited teacher, hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP with over 15 years of experience. Course accredited by NCH, NCHP, NCFE and OU. Includes NLP Practitioner and specialist certification in Anxiety, Ericksonian and Stop Smoking. Evening, weekday or weekend training in small classes. Also New Course Starting January 2014 in Cheltenham, Isbourne Centre (www.isbourne. org). Cost: only £1950. For details / to arrange an interview contact Hilary Norris-Evans: 0788 771 4892 info@getmindfit.co.uk or getmindfit@hotmail.com To download a prospectus visit www.hypno-nlp.org - site of the UK Academy or Hilary’s website: www.getmindfit.co.uk

Bristol City Yoga Teacher Training

The Guild of Professional Healers

200-hr and 500-hr YTTC. Apply now for 200hr and short intensives in Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga. Yoga Alliance Certified. 0117 924 4414 training@bristolcityyoga.co.uk

Professional & Introductory Massage Courses in Bradford-on-Avon.

Sulia Rose 01225 867330 sulia@hotmail.co.uk

Susan Lawrence Training

www.susanlawrencetraining.co.uk Tailor-made training courses, workshops and team development • confidence building • improving communication • change process facilitation • and much more - please visit my website for details. Phone 0117 933 2607 Email susan_lawrence_evaluation@yahoo.co.uk (I also offer Dramatherapy - see my ad in Arts Therapies section for info)

offers spiritual healer training in Clifton. Further details see GPH website www.guildofprofessionalhealers.org.uk Contact Dawn Redwood 01278 783678 dawn.redwood@yahoo.co.uk

☞ Wessex Counselling Training

Psychodynamic Counselling: Intro, Foundation, Diplomas. See Training section

voice Voice Coaching, Facilitation, Therapy

Voice Coaching & Vocal Arts Therapy (www.iavmt.org). Individuals & groups. Personal & Professional development - mind, body, breath, voice. H 07980 555 893 www.voicemoves.co.uk

Infertility, childlessness, abortion, miscarriage, still-birth, child loss, mothering special-needs children. Share your experience within a healing, compassionate and therapeutic space. www.belashka.com


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Dear Spark, The latest edition of The Spark is out and about but local people need to see something of ourselves in it! It may stimulate advertisers too! Your reference to Bridgwater Carnival (so very last century) mentioned low-energy light bulbs, ignoring the fact that it is a truly hideous event and miles from being green. None of you can have been to it! We in Wivey, on the other hand, hold the greenest and most creative carnival in Somerset. No motor vehicles, only decorated wheelbarrows. People costumed and on foot; a great samba band, high-quality stalls and all very, very local. When do you want to come and visit - admire our solar panels, our community herb garden, Saturday Farmers Market, The Greenhouse? Unfortunately you have just missed the Arts Festival. Looking forward to you saying YES. Yours, Kim McGavin Thanks for the invitation Kim: we’ll see if we can organise a Spark day out to Wiveliscombe in the New Year!

Comp winners: issue 74 Dinner at the Stable: Liz Crow, Bristol Eco Handbook: Catrin Merlett, Yate; Peter Downie, Swindon; Georgina Pickworth, Bristol Tints of Nature: Wendy Jennings, Yate; Anna Ferguson, Bath; Sheila Ashkam, Bristol; Judy Hampshire, Midsomer Norton Wordsearch games: Mr J. Pargeter, Saltford; E. M. Pritchard, Bristol; Phil Cook, Gloucester; David Curl, Glastonbury; Penny Sinclair, Taunton; Elanora Ferry, Bristol; Joyce Gillespie, Trowbridge; Lee Challenor, Weston-super-Mare


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he Spark has teamed up with green energy supplier Good Energy to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a whole year’s supply of its electricity - worth up to a whopping £550 (the average spend on electricity based on Ofgem calculations). Good Energy was the first electricity supplier to have a 100% renewable fuel mix. Nearly fi fteen years after the company began its mission to help tackle climate change and provide energy security, its’ principles stand as strong as ever. We love that Good Energy use electricity that comes from local, natural sources like sunshine, wind and rain and supports over 55,000 homes, businesses and communities generating their own green electricity across the UK. They are also investing in new sources of renewable power to help take us closer to a cleaner, greener energy future. Not only does Good Energy usually cost less than the Big Six’s standard dual fuel tariffs, it has been voted top of the Which? customer satisfaction survey three out of the last four years and has consistently topped Ethical Consumer’s survey as the best green electricity supplier. So you can be sure switching to their supply is good for the planet as well as your pocket. To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize - a year’s supply of Good Energy electricity - just answer this simple question: When was Good Energy founded? (you’ll find the answer at www.goodenergy.co.uk) Send your answers (details at right) to Good Energy Competition.

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Closing date for all competitions in this issue, unless otherwise stated, is January 23, 2014. Please send all competition entries on a postcard or sealed envelope, along with your full address, phone number and email address to The Spark, 86 Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB. Competitions can also be entered online at www.thespark.co.uk/competitions Only one entry per person per competition will be accepted. Please send separate entries for each competition. Entry is open to residents of Sparkland (roughly 50 miles radius of Bristol) except employees (and their families) of The Spark, its printers and any other companies associated with the competition. Entrants must be aged 18 or over. No responsibility can be accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed in the post, or due to computer error. The prizes are not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives are offered. Prizes are subject to availability and the prize suppliers’ terms and conditions. In the event of a prize being unavailable, the promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.


The Spark awards T

here’s been plenty to celebrate at The Spark recently – our 20th anniversary for starters. But as we head into our 21st year we wanted to find a different way to celebrate all that’s great and good (and green) in Sparkland. Which is how our Beccy came up with the marvellous idea of launching our very own Spark awards. But how were we to decide who has the best course, which restaurant offers the best locally-sourced food or who deserved special mention as this year’s Green Hero? Simple: we didn’t. We left it up to you. Announcing our intentions in the last issue, and plugging the idea furiously through Twitter and Facebook – we left it up to you, our lovely readers, to nominate who (or what) you thought deserved recognition for all they have achieved in the last year. And the nominations flooded in: Darryl’s inbox has been bombarded with suggestions for the Best Green Initiative and the Best Community Group. So here are the winners (and runners-up) of the first ever annual Spark Awards - each of whom gets a lovely Spark mug! Please support these great people, groups, projects and initiatives and start thinking about which you would like to nominate next year. Congratulations to all of the award-winners and a special award from us to all of our readers just for being you!

The out and out winner here was Hawkwood, the residential learning centre near Stroud. A registered charity and an independent centre for adult education, Hawkwood has a packed programme of courses, including personal and spiritual development, arts & crafts, music, health & well-being as well as nature and sustainability. “It is just the best place in the world to be going to work to in the morning,” says Hawkwood’s principle, Alicia Carey. “We have a great team of people working here who truly care about our place.” “Facilities are excellent, staff are responsive and super helpful, they always go out of their way to accommodate us and can’t be faulted,” adds Rhonda West Pollard of the National Trust. Runners up in this hotly-contested category were Bath’s Green Park Station, which is managed by the Ethical Property Company and provides office space for small businesses as well as hosing a weekly farmer’s market, and Bristol’s La Ruca, the familyrun café, deli, meeting room and centre for all things South American. www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk www.greenparkstation.co.uk www.laruca.co.uk

Alicia and Katie from Hawkwood toast their success

Runners up in the community group award are: The Bristol Bike Project, which repairs and relocates unwanted bicycles, helping people from all walks of life get out on two wheels. The community project also teaches useful, practical skills to recovering substanceusers, people with mental health problems and learning difficulties in a positive, supported environment. The Reader Organisation is a charitable social enterprise which works nationwide to connect people with great literature through shared reading. www.twitter.com/BrambleFarmBris www.thebristolbikeproject.org www.thereader.org.uk

Organic fruit and veg wholesalers Sunseed Organics - based in St Phillips, Bristol – came out top here, with readers enthusing about the great price of their organic veggies. Says Sunseed’s Kerstin Schmidtke: “The Sunseed Organics people are thrilled to be nominated for this award and believe that this nomination reflects Bristolian’s appreciation of the wide range of organic fruits and vegetables that we offer at wholesale prices. Thank you Bristol & the South West for your kind nomination.” Our two runners-up were the Square Food Foundation, Bristol’s groundbreaking cookery school where all of the profits from their paid cookery master classes go directly to support their work in the community. The wonderful Star Anise Arts Café in Stroud also proved popular with readers, especially for their family-friendly storytelling and music sessions. www.sunseedorganics.co.uk www.squarefoodfoundation.co.uk www.staraniseartscafe.com

When told they had won, Catherine Jameson, of Bramble Farm, told us: “We are absolutely delighted to be recognised by the Spark and Spark readers! Best community group! We have had a couple of difficult years on the farm...a poor growing season last year, difficult onsite conditions followed by a spate of animal attacks this year, animal feed and bedding cost increases and an increase in rent. But that’s all behind us now! Onwards and upwards. The overwhelming support shown to us by the community after the attacks and now with this award gives us the strength to carry on. We hope Bramble Farm will grow, develop and continue to be a feather in the cap of Knowle and Filwood ward. We would love our farm to become the heart of the community and this award spurs us on to continue to find ways in which to do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this award which we receive with pride and gratitude. Please join our online forum group, Friends of Bramble Farm on Facebook for details of our local meat sales, open days and general discussion of all things farm and nature related.”

It probably comes as no surprise that the group behind the winning bid to have Bristol crowned European Green Capital 2015 should have won this section. Bristol beat Brussels, Glasgow and Ljubljana: it was the third time Bristol had entered the competition. Congratulations all round!

Runners-up here were online lobbyists 38 Degrees, the UK-based not-for-profit political activism organisation that campaigns on issues including the environment and climate change, and Avaaz, the global organisation that promotes activism on issues such as human and animal rights. The work that Frack-Free Somerset has been doing to try to prevent fracking in Sparkland was also highlighted by Spark readers.

Catherine from Bramble Farm

www.bristolgreencapital.org www.38degrees.org.uk www.avaaz.org www.frackfreesomerset.org

Featured in this issue of The Spark, Bristol Solar City (BSC) are the winners of our Best Green Initiative award. Made up of a group of local organisations united by the goal of seeing Bristol become the UK’s solar capital, BSC aims to install 1GW of solar PV locally by 2020. A project that has proved very popular with Spark readers is the Golden Hill Community Garden in Horfield, Bristol. Says Spark reader Jo Sampson: “My children have enjoyed really fabulous holiday activity days and events which have taken them back to nature. With lots of things to do including growing, pond dipping, making pizzas in the frog oven, it is a brilliant local community resource and deserves this accolade for the sheer hard work the people involved have put in.” Also mentioned in dispatches was Folly Farm, a stunning 250-acre nature reserve close to both Bath and Bristol, owned and managed by Avon Wildlife Trust. Winner Light Box is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) that works with a variety of support services in Bristol. Through workshops and signposting services its three-year Happiness Project promotes a step-by-step approach to wellbeing. “Thank you for nominating Light Box for a Spark award,” says Lucy Duggan. “We’ve been doing this for nearly four years now, have had over a thousand people take part and heard some amazing stories of change along the way. The people who come to our workshops never stop amazing us and we are still enjoying it so much. “

www.bristolsolarcity.com www.thegoldenhillcommunitygarden.com www.follyfarm.org

Dr Gabriel Scally (above) who, you might recall, was interviewed in The Spark earlier this year, becomes our inaugural Local Hero. Dr Scally is the former Regional Director of Public Health for the South-West of England who left the Department of Health after becoming disillusioned with planned changes to the NHS and gained a reputation as a whistleblower, campaigning against what he saw as ‘the demolition of the NHS and the public health system’. Lots of nominations in this section, with George Ferguson (see interview, page 5) Bristol’s first elected, independent Mayor coming a close second to Dr Scally and local food heroes The Haughton Family – Barny (Bordeaux Quay/Square Food), Phil (Better Food Company/Community Farm) and Liz (Folk House Café) – who collectively deserve honourable mention.

Community Conscious is a not-forprofit project based at Hamilton House in Bristol, offering a range of complementary treatments, massage, mindfulness practice and yoga to people in Bristol who face issues of isolation, unemployment and family breakdown. “It means so much to us to be picked for the Holistic Health Award,” says Nealey Conquest of Community Conscious. “We are proud to have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our clients so far and are committed to making a difference to the lives of many other disadvantaged groups across Bristol.” Similarly, Your Community Clinic works throughout the city providing low-cost treatments for people on low incomes. There were many nominations in this section, but the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust (which supports cancer patients and their families by providing funds to employ complementary therapists in the NHS and in hospices) and Penny Brohn Cancer Care – the local charity which helps people to live with the impact of cancer through physical, emotional and spiritual support designed to work alongside medical treatment – both rated highly.

Lucy Duggan, Light Box Leading UK dance movement psychotherapy (DMP) practitioners Dance Voice provide a dedicated training centre for masters level and national certificate courses. Our second runner-up, Mindfulness-West, offers courses, workshops, and one-to-one mindfulness coaching in Gloucestershire, Central Bristol and points beyond. www.wearelightbox.co.uk www.dancevoice.org.uk www.mindfulness-west.com

who have we missed? Tell us! mail@thespark.co.uk

We received an amazing number of nominations for Green Gathering, the family-friendly festival where performance meets permaculture, with one reader singling the festival out for ‘being resilient and important enough to come back after being shafted, bankrupted and silenced by the authorities (and) for creating a space where activists can play, bond and share skills, thus making the world a better place.’ Your other favourites included the ‘amazing’ kid’s workshops at Buddahfield, the alcohol-free festival which allows people to practise and learn about meditation and Buddhism, and the child-friendly films and workshops put on by Bristol’s Watershed arts centre. “They theme them, so it’s always really interesting,” a Spark reader tells us, “For example you might get a shadowpuppet film followed by chance to create your own shadow animation afterwards.”

This was another hotly-contested award, and by far and away the greatest number of nominations which came in to The Spark office were for Shambala – a number of people also put the festival forward for the Best Green Initiative award, thanks to their Bring a Bottle campaign, where organisers banned the sale of bottled water on site. Loved and renowned for its fancy dress, join-in, feel-good vibe, some of the festival’s followers were cautious about sharing their best-kept secret. “Shambala is really thrilled to be nominated in the first Spark Awards,” says Sidharth Sharma Creative Director of Shambala Festival. “We have always had great respect for the ethos of The Spark Magazine, and always love reading the inspiring stories, showing us what sort of planet we could be living on if we put our minds to it.” The biggest event of Bristol’s year also had a big impact on Spark readers: the Gromit Trail – raising funds for Bristol Children’s Hospital – was a huge success and brought hundreds of thousands of extra visitors to the city in search of the Aardman Animation dog. Finally, another wonderful enterprise that our readers brought to our attention is the Copa Sandino/Copa Lucrecia Lindo two Football for Nicaragua events that have taken place in Bristol each May since 1987. Latino food, drink and music flows all day and this year the men’s tournament raised £1,500 towards the building of a pre-school for under fives and the women’s tournament raised £500 for a girls football and personal development project in Nicaragua. www.shambalafestival.org www.gromitunleashed.org.uk www.latinamericainbristol.org.uk

www.communityconscious.org www.yourcommunityclinic.com www.cancertherapies.org.uk www.pennybrohncancercare.org

www.greengathering.org.uk www.buddhafield.com www.watershed.co.uk

Shambala-goers celebrate


54 changemaker

Ras Bandele Rastafarian Elder

Interview by Fiona McClymont • photo by Jo Halladey Ras Bandele Selassie, 63, is a Rastafarian Elder of the Nyahbinghi order, based in the St Pauls community, Bristol. He is a Friend of Fairfield House, a Grade II listed building in Bath - home to His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia during 1936–41 (whilst in exile following Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia) which he bequeathed to the city to be used as a care/support home. Since 1999 Ras Bandele has run an informal meeting place – Rasta HQ in St Pauls – to give news, counsel and advice to his community. My name – Bandele – means ‘born away from home’. I was born in Jamaica but my home is Africa. That is our story – we are a mystery to the world. I came to England in ’64. My family had come over before me for a better life, financially. I was sent here as a youth, and I wasn’t pleased because I was living in Jamaica with my auntie and everything was ok according to my fourteen-year-old mind, so why am I going on a plane? I came off the plane in London, my father and my brother pick I up, and we drove to a place called Trowbridge, where my mother was waiting for me. That was the first big change in my life. I began to search for my own identity not just that of my family, my mother and father, but me. I knew that I was not just a Jamaican come to England, and that’s it. I started my search in the library. I wasn’t a good reader but I could read enough to see where I was coming from. I read history; of mankind, of God, and book upon book of the history of slavery. It might sound strange, but I had never seen or heard the word ‘slave’ until I read it. I asked my family about it. It was a shock; mostly the shock was in the explanations of my father and also in why did he keep it to himself? That is a question I am still asking now. In 1975 I headed for Bristol to find stronger roots. I thought that I’d find more people who could identify themselves. It sounds simple now but at that time it was a big thing to say ‘See me? I was born in Jamaica, but I’m an African’. That wouldn’t be going on in Trowbridge, you see. In Bristol there was Rastafari Bredren and Sistren gathering

up, it was a network. I started going to the gatherings. It was a Bible foundation - my parents were Christian, so that wasn’t strange to me. What was new was the overstanding and the explanation of what I’m reading – that’s what made I want to stay around. I arrived up to the calling of the Rastafari faith and that has brought me to where I am today. Once you become an Elder, everything is on your shoulders; then you have to carry the nation. I’ve had that position for the last fifteen years and it’s a very big responsibility. With everything I do, I have to think of everyone. Anyone at any time could come to I for any upliftment, so I have to watch my liberty and my lifestyle. Anything good carries pain. When you say you’re a Rasta people automatically believe that you’re not supposed to do anything wrong; they give you that Holiness, you are held up by them. In the middle of my passage, my own family started to grow – wife and children - so I was carrying a double load because I had a family inside and a family outside. Some people would say ‘Oh you must go to the wife and children first’, but as a Rasta you say that both families are as important as the other. So your decision must come to what is the most vital call – who’s in more pain, which one couldn’t do without for the moment. If it wasn’t for Jah the Almighty, then the strain would show, but Him carry some of it - the trust I give Him made it easier and gave me strength. I left behind ‘nuff madness. To be a Rasta means that what you used to do, you don’t do no more: drinking alcohol, gambling with your friends, the hiding, listening to certain music. Our biggest change is to leave the barber and to leave the butcher. When we preserve the beast, the animal , we feel that is a big change and a big glory, but it is hard at the time. But like I said, what is not a strain, cannot be good: you leave those things behind that are not good for humanity because the faith is higher than that. Changing my hair was a terrible strain at first, because it shows people straight away that you’re not with Babylon. It’s like putting on your wedding ring – it’s a change in you that can be identified. I already had an afro, so was always a man with plenty hair anyway, but when I start my natty I got such rejection. People look at you funny because their concept of you is strange. What I have done, along with many other Elders, is bring culture and consciousness to the community – you need to know your own mind if you are to move wisely. Rasta HQ is many things - an outlet, a newscarrier place that lets people know what is going on in the Rastafari world; when are the celebration times, the important dates, how things are. My door is open – people come to me because of respect and trust; they know that what they say to me remains here. What has happened to many of them is so terrible – you see so many problems - that they need

a place to give them a little encouragement back. Somewhere to say to them, ‘Tomorrow will be better: don’t worry, man. Don’t panic’. Years ago, when I was young in the faith, I felt like I had to explain everything to everyone. I used to think I needed to recruit, to go and tell my friend and brother about it; but when you grow in the Faith you realise who is to get it, will get it. So you don’t really need to explain it unless a person asks a question about it. The Faith is for those who are called and those who take it. I’ve learnt that now. The biggest change is in the acceptance of Rastafari by ordinary people. When I was younger there were jobs I would never have applied for, doors I would never have knocked on; it’s different now, everything is more level. People see now that Rasta is also doctor, nurse, teacher, musician, scholar, runner, pilot; they can see that Rastafari is all around us, and it’s not all about smoking weed all day and reggae music. The younger Bredren have worked hard to manifest that. The knowledge I had to go searching for in a library is now right there in the classroom. All we want now as Rastafarians is for society to consider the displaced African. I want Rastafari to look forward to repatriation with compensation and I would like them to really get themselves organised and centralised, like other groups do. I know the mayor is in the magazine this issue – we like the mayor! But I would say to him, I hope we all have the same overstanding

of ‘diversity’. Because in the diversity of community here in Bristol, he has people who want to go home to Africa, because those people realise that they came from Africa – not as a refugee or an immigrant, but they came as a slave. So they should have the double right to return, with help, from the mayor and any governing body of the community in Bristol. I will go back to Africa. As a Rastafarian, I am always planning to go. But it’s not about having an individual plan I don’t work that way, you see. Rastafari here is also my family, so I would feel I was leaving people behind. I am of that troubled mind. It is I left carrying the torch, and I need to pass that on to someone capable of carrying it. I’m waiting for that to happen because it would mean a great accomplishment. That would be a good thing for me. 1.

I n Rastafari language ‘overstanding’ is used in place of ‘understanding’ to illustrate that the knowledge/comprehension comes from a place above.


 astas adhere to the principle of ‘Ital’ food R and limit their diets to what they consider “pure” food, therefore most are vegetarian.



Sabbatical gathering in honour of Haile Selassie, first Saturday of the month, 1-8pm Fairfield House, Bath BA2 3QJ. Last Saturday of the month Ises (praises and prayer), Kuumba Centre, Bristol, BS2 8UD. Rasta HQ, 136 Grosvenor Road, Bristol, BS2 8YA.

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cherry tomato tarte tatin

serves 2 or 4 (depending on how hungry you are), prep 10 mins, cook 30 mins Heat the oil and butter in a 23cm ovenproof frying pan. Add the sugar and balsamic and season with salt and pepper. Put the garlic bulb cut side up in the middle. Scatter over the marjoram and arrange the tomatoes cut side down around the garlic. Cook for 5 mins. Sprinkle over the breadcrumbs. Cut the pastry to the same size as the pan, lay it over the top of the tomatoes and tuck in the edges. Brush with beaten egg. Bake in a 220°C oven for 20 mins, until golden and crisp. Remove from the oven and leave to sit for 5 mins. Run a knife around the edge of the pastry to loosen it, place a plate over the top and tip it out. You may need to do some tomato patching, depending on how nonstick your pan is. Cut into slices, squeezing out the garlic to spread over the tarte.

1 tbsp olive oil 40g butter 1 tsp caster sugar 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar ½ whole head of garlic (cut in half crossways) 4 sprigs fresh marjoram or oregano 250g cherry tomatoes, cut in half through the middle 1 tbsp dry breadcrumbs 320g sheet all-butter puff pastry, rolled out to 3-4mm thick 1 egg, beaten extra virgin olive oil, to serve

Recipe by Kirsty Hale, Riverford Cook

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