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annual report 2016-2017













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Sozo Eden


Sozo Youth Café



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“collaborating to see a community transformed through unconditional




Six years on from the birth of the Sozo Foundation, more than 150 youth visit the centre on a daily basis accessing training, mentoring, nutritional support and care. As a youth organization focused on developing youth and the community, Sozo now employs thirty six staff of whom 75% live in and are from Vrygrond. This year we challenged ourselves to do more, to do it better and to redefine how we achieve our mission. This process required us to streamline our organisational structure. We established a collaborative CEO Team represented by our Chief Executive Officer and supported by the Education and Skills Stream Leaders. This team drives our strategic objectives, ensuring that we lead and manage innovation with excellence. Our objectives were crafted in response to two alarming realities: 50% of youth in South Africa drop out of school and enter the labour market without completing any formal education. One in Two (51.3%) youth aged between Fifteen and Twenty-Four are unemployed . In response to this reality and in articulating our objectives we sought to answer one critical question: For What Purpose (Why)? The future of Vrygrond gets brighter with every tutoring lesson, gardening training, life & skills training workshop and schools session. On the pages of our 2016|2017 Annual Report you will get an opportunity to journey with those who serve and those we seek to serve – telling the story of restored dignity, fresh purpose and enduring hope. (Statistics South Africa, 2014. Quarterly Labour Force survey quarter 2.)




The Heart

Our heart is found in the collaboration between our Tribe, Staff, Centre, Board and Partners. This collaboration enables the outworking of our mission through streams of activity housed within our projects.

The Lungs The lungs provide the minerals needed to fuel the day to day rhythms of our projects. We focus on specific streams that aim to increase Education and develop Skills. These streams and projects are powered by the lifeblood of the heart.

ceo team



anton cuyler I recall starting this year with the gathering of our Sozo Tribe in Constantia

forest one morning early to talk about this New Year. I had a deep inner conviction that this year would be a year of maturity. Maturity for each of us individually but also for us as an organisation. Looking back it turns out the prophecy was certainly fulfilled, but not in a way that any of us could ever have imagined‌ A few months later, I noticed something was wrong inside of me but also physically and having had medical advice I was diagnosed with severe burn out as a result clinical depression. I was admitted into a medical clinic and my journey to recovery had begun. During this time I, became a beneficiary of the vision we so dearly believe in. Transformation though unconditional love. I witnessed our board showing sincere love and support and a willingness to help the tribe when and where needed. I heard how staff members were stepping up to the plate, shifting gears and owning their individual roles and responsibilities. I felt the care and compassion of our community in various ways. A new level of maturity became the product of our potential crisis and as a result the Sozo Foundation has expanded and developed in every area mentioned in this report. It seems that often during our greatest trials, our greatest triumphs are manifested too. I am extremely grateful to be part of this vision and experiencing what this unconditional love truly feels and looks like‌

education arlene bock

I am constantly reminded that in the midst of overwhelming crisis exists the

platform for significant opportunity. The education crisis in South Africa is complex, deep and can often bring about a sense of hopelessness. However as an organisation we have sought out the opportunities for hope to arise. Educationalist Sir Ken Robinson â€œâ€Śthe aims of education are to enable students to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens.â€? Throughout these pages you will get a glimpse of these aims flowing from each individual playing a part in wanting to see our youth thrive and transform using education as a catalyst. This past year we have been able to learn and grow and bear witness to Sozonites owning their learning and ultimately their future! Thank you to all who continue to journey with us and make it possible to see hope arise.


steve morris As I reflect on the year that has passed, it has been a tremendous undertaking

by the team to launch the Sozo Youth CafĂŠ. It has been a privilege to see long held vision birthed into reality. Each day that we enter into the various training spaces there has been a tangible sense of hope resonating from the students about their future. It was Napoleon Bonaparte who noted ‘A leader is a dealer in hope’. Our staff who lead these programmes embody this daily. A highlight of the year was attending an interview with our first student who gained employment, sitting, watching him handle his nerves and present himself and his new skills to an employer was a joy to watch. I now regularly visit him for coffee as he applies his trade and learns his craft employed and thriving. His dream is to one day come back and tutor our barista students I am convinced he will soon have the experience to do so. It is with pleasure I can commend this report to you and I hope as you read through it your hope will also be stirred.

where we

work Vrygrond

A vibrant informal settlement, constructed against all odds located amongst the Muizenberg sand dunes – a community that has truly endured and stood the test of time. Characterized by those who call it home, Vrygrond stands tall, determined and fuelled with unshakable resilience. Tenacity amidst hardship has heightened this community's senses. But this is a place of transformation – our battlefield for justice and equality. It will become a place where racial divides are overcome through appreciating and admiring diversity. Where paralyzing despair will be conquered by miraculous stories of hope. Where premature death will be defeated by purposeful living. It will be a place where misplaced hatred will be defeated through unconditional love. This is our community . This is Vrygrond.



“a generation of young leaders who inspire positive change in their own communities�

Achievments this Tutoring




1 of 2016 started on the 1st February with great anticipation. This year we began with the planning of a Connect Day that took place on the 20th February where learners, tutors and staff experienced a morning of team work and games. Essentially, this provided the opportunity for individuals to get to know each other in an interactive, fun and friendly environment – which we realised was so important for our tutors and learners to bond. This set a great standard going forward within the tutoring space.

Information Technology We

value our partnership with VCLABS (one of our neighbouring NGOs) who provided our learners with basics in computer literacy. During Term 1 and 2 learners received training in Microsoft Word and throughout Term 3 and 4 they were exposed to more advanced programmes such as Excel and PowerPoint.


significant element that sets Educentre apart from other after-school programmes is the provision of Grade Mentors. These Grade Mentors serve as consistent role models who are able to plough into the lives of our young people and journey with them for not only one year but throughout the duration of the programme.

Nutrition We have focused on creating healthy meals for our learners which include a nutritious, fresh fruit after every meal. A nutritionist and registered Dietician (through our partnership with Projects Abroad) facilitated a Live Life Well course over 7 weeks to teach our learners about living a healthy, balanced life.

Career Inspiring Initiatves Term 2 saw a group of our Grade 11 and

12s attend the University of the Western Cape and Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) open day. We hosted an Effective Learning workshop where learners were assisted with study tips and memory techniques for effective studying. During the third term we hosted a Graphic Design Course to expose our more creatively inclined learners to the basics of Graphic Design.

Psycho-social Intervention The psycho-social intervention

we provide is serviced by our Sozo Care department. In direct service to the Educentre our social worker, Lorraine Moko, has been able to provide various intervention strategies aimed at an individual (counselling) and macro level (life skills workshops). She has been a great support to the Grade 12 learners in the weeks leading up to their exams, offering them a support group that included a space to vent, share experiences, fears and also partake in out-door, physical activities that relieve significant stress and anxiety.

We believe that because Sozo Educentre provides learners with access to a safe environment, where they are surrounded by like-minded peers, they are free to be themselves. We ensured that the Sozonites were pushed out of their individual comfort zones this past year through various platforms and opportunities. We create an environment at Educentre where learning and growing is safe and failure is met with support instead of criticism.

Winter Hub During the June/July

2016 school holidays we hosted our second annual Winter Hub. It was an incredible two weeks of specialised tutoring as well as life-skills and career focused workshops. The activities and highlights included the following: • creative expressive workshops (e.g. art, dance, poetry and drama), • gender roles and identity workshop, • fire department led a fire & safety workshop, • Sozo Career TedTalks, • Financial Fitness led by Nedbank, • Childline presented a bulling workshop, • the Child Protection Policy awareness workshop, • and lastly an excursion to the Cheetah Outreach Park

Educentre impact

405 Hours of Tutoring Provided



Attendance Rate for 2016



Pass Rate for 2016

9080 Nutritious Meals Provided

Grade 12 results: Pass Rate

91% 82% 4 3 2

Post-schooling opportunities

Bachelors Pass

Sow-it-forward as a volunteer tutor


story of success Kerry-Ann Voster

We had the opportunity to have an interview with Kerry-Ann Voster, an Alumni

from Educentre. She passionately share her transformative journey and experience during her time with Sozo and beyond.

Why did you decide to join Sozo? Kerry-Ann: I started in the beginning, June 2011. It was a struggle in the beginning. But I first wanted to have a taste of the pie but then in the end it made me become mature. It made me realise that the dreams that I have is not just lying there when I go to sleep but that it can become a reality. That is why now I just dream! It made me realise that my environment doesn’t define who I am – my environment grows me and it makes me who I am. If you look at me now, compared to when I was in Grade 8, what a difference it had made, I’ve grown so much. I realised that nothing can keep you back (not even your teachers or Vrygrond) but only your mind that keeps you from achieving your goals – because what you tell your mind, goes to your heart and what your heart wants is what it will get.

"what you tell your

mind, goes to your heart and what your heart wants is what it will get."

What was your biggest challenge as a youth throughout your journey at Sozo? K: Grade 10 was my biggest fear – because I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it – but then as I journeyed through the years I reached grade 12 and by then we as a grade in Educentre (the Fearless Tigers) bonded in a way that I never knew was possible. They made a way to help me and each other, like they formed a protection around me. This made me realised that surrounding yourself with people with the same or even higher goal than you is the best thing. They were gold to me and they still are as we continue to stay connected even as Alumni.

Any highlights that come to mind? K: My highlight was the week before graduation, during that week us as a grade worked together so well, none of us argued, we were preparing for the graduation, dancing, singing. And on that day we swore to each other that we would never grow apart, even though we will be living in different parts of South Africa for studies. #Fearlesstigers

How did you feel when your name was announced at the Sozo Celebration for the Award? K: Wow! On the day of the graduation when I received the Sozo All Star Ambassadors Award, like my grade just instinctively knew before they even announced it, they had that confidence in me. It was so amazing!

What are your dreams for the future? K: My dreams is to study, go get my masters and PhD in sports science and I would want to teach, I would want to empower others with the skills that I have. Because I am a teaching assistant at Capricorn Primary at the moment and I am actually pretty good at it. And I realise that I have the skill. I want to become a Life Orientation and Physical Education teacher. Because I see these young children, and they are in need of something more than just education. Showing them the more (soccer, etc.) which helps them with motivation for their education. My end goal is that I want to open up my own building and start a gym.

What message or advice would you like to give to the youth in the community? K: I always tell the learners at school, it’s not about where you start, it is where you are heading, it’s not what your mom has to give you, it’s what you have to give to your mommy, because she is probably working three or four jobs to get you through school, so you only got to do one job to take her out of that four jobs.



“equipping unemployed young people in Vrygrond to be engaged, inspired What We Provide and contributing community





has been an exciting year of pioneering and implementation for the Sozo Foundation in launching our latest project The Sozo Youth CafĂŠ. The programme launched in partnership with the Department of Social Development was officially opened at the end of May 2016 by Minister Albert Fritz with the first students engaging in the programme from June 2016. We have engaged the students in our innovative 1-4-1 model of training.

One month lifeskills & Heartlife training

Four months skills training

One month job readiness/ex􀄕it



Entrepreneurial Stream

Technical Skills Stream

Students engage in a four month basics Students are given hands on training by in business course based on the Learn to Earn model. Students are then trained in hairdressing by an industry professional once a week and they gain practical job-shadowing experience on-site in our mini-salon. At the end of the course they are presented with a hairdressing kit enabling them to enter into the informal economy.

our Master Builder, a professional of the industry with over 15 years of experience in a variety of practical handyman skills including carpentry, plumbing, basic electrical work, paving and tiling. Students gain on-the-job experience as well as job shadowing opportunities and receive a basic handyman toolkit so they can enter into the informal economy.

Barista Stream

Digital Stream

In partnership with local business Woza Students are trained in the basics of Coffee School along with our Youth CafĂŠ Mentors who are trained by the Ground Up Academy train-the-trainer programme we provide Master trainer sessions with industry professionals as well as online interactive video tutorials which focus on the key skills required to set the grinder, make espresso and foam and texture milk for cappuccinos. Students gain a deeper understanding of coffee itself and learn practical skills for milk technique and latte art as well as health and safety, customer service and basic business.

graphic design and video editing and learn to use programmes such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. The first month of the course includes teaching on the history, principles and elements of design. Skills acquired include magazine layout, logos and poster design in Adobe Photoshop as well as video shooting and editing. The last month of the course focusses on portfolio development and securing Internships at local businesses such as Media Village.

achievments this


Our first 6 month programme saw 65 students start the programme and 53 graduate and complete the programme. Our second 6 month cycle began in January 2017 with a full intake of 65 students starting the programme, we will graduate this programme in June 2017.


Schools work

We have been able to successfully employ 10 youth mentors from the local community to assist in the running of the programme. Mentors were trained professionally as baristas and are now performing at a high standard in delivering barista training to their peers.

In addition to the work completed in the 6 month programme we have been able to launch an exciting partnership with a local High School (Sibelius High School) at the request of the school we are delivering life skills and a job readiness programme one day a week over 6 week cycle to all grade 9 & 10 pupils.

10 603

Youth mentors employed

Students engaged on this programme to date (May 2017)

Social Enterprise

Job shadowing

We have been able to raise a small Our social enterprise income from the completion of certain building projects with the team, this income was used to purchase a tool kit for each technical skills student. The most successful route to employment has been seen to be barista training and we are now exploring expanding the baking and catering training provided by the Youth CafĂŠ. Of our graduated students we have seen a number of successful exit paths. To date we have seen 25 students from our first . cohort find employment


students completed their shadowing experience in the local community and the wide Cape Town area. This is a good indicator of our growing base of partnerships with local business. We have successfully partnered with both business and NGO’s in the delivery of training.

Of our students are now engaged in employment, further study and some starting to work

2,000 Hours of job shadowing

story of success Zhaun Katasie

Zhaun Katasie (Educentre and Youth Café Alumni) shares his journey with Sozo and beyond…

Why did you decide to join Sozo? Z: For me I saw Sozo as an opportunity to develop myself and knowledge further, build myself up, add more qualities that I never had before, and now I am happy, and lucky because Sozo helped me. I started Sozo when I was in Grade 9, back in 2013, and then came back for the Youth Café. This was awesome, it was the best moment. We learnt new experiences and how to empower yourself.

What was your biggest challenge as a youth? Z: For me learning the new stuff, and [meeting] the new people, I had to make new space to get to know new people and their character and how that influences my character. By the time graduation came, I felt like a new person because we developed each other as buddies. Uncle Cecil [Sozo Youth Café Trainer] told us we have to help each other to succeed in life.

How did you feel when you won the Ministers Award??

"celebrating one another, we graduated as one team and as a family."

Z: The graduation was an epic moment at Sozo, that is where we celebrated one another - we graduated as one team and as a family. Even till today we stick together, supporting each other to find employment. Winning the award made me feel that my efforts [and the hard work] that I put in reaped reward. Even doing the speech that morning, I wrote something down but then I thought “no” I’m going to leave it at home and speak from my heart. I decided to buy a laptop for my studies with the award.

What are your dreams for the future? Z: My dreams are explained in one word: SUCCESS - studying and equipping myself as best as I can and to give my family the best life possible. To pass over to my friends, all the [knowledge and skills] I have received. I never thought I would be a teacher at Capricorn Primary School, here I try to encourage them to take their education seriously. I want to make a success of my life, I don’t need to be wealthy, I just want to keep it simple and stay humble.


"a self-sustaining, food secure, communty of organic food


achievments this Home gardening Sozo Eden hosted two 10-week Home

Gardening Courses in 2016 from March to May and September to November respectively. Francisca Jeftha recruited and trained ten women from varying cultural backgrounds for each course. As a resident of Vrygrond, Francisca understands the challenges of gardening in her local community and her passion for gardening as well as her love for people in her community combine to make her the ideal person for this role.

Community partnership Sozo

Eden was commissioned by Communiversity, one of our neighbouring Non-Profit Organisations, to provide Home Gardening training for their students over an eight week period. We presented two classes of 36 students with certificates at their Graduation Ceremonies on 24 June 2016 and 14 January 2017 respectively. Francisca facilitated the training and Yusrah Abrahams, our newest addition to the Eden team, shadowed Francisca in preparation for her future role as a trainer.


Four Seasons Support On a weekly basis Francisca goes out

into the community to do follow-up visits. She heads out into the community on foot to visit Home Gardeners to provide them with the encouragement and advice they need to continue to garden long after the end of the course.

Annual Sozo Celebration At the annual Sozo end-of-year cel-

ebration in December 2016, past and present Home Gardeners were invited to take part in the festivities alongside Youth CafĂŠ and Educentre graduates. Our Home Gardeners shared stories of how the Eden course had impacted their lives and Francisca handed out prizes and certificates to Outstanding Gardeners. One of our Home Gardeners, Tamia Bolisiki, recited a poem she wrote about the role of Sozo in the Vrygrond Community which brought tears of hope to many in the audience.

Nutrition Programme Partnerships From July to September 2016 Deborah Over three Talbot, a Registered Dietitian and BSc Med Honors Graduate from Projects Abroad, along with her group of volunteers hosted our first ever weekly Nutrition Programme at the Sozo Centre. On the 7th of September 7 community members were awarded a certificate and a gift of healthy dry rations which they had learned to include in their diets to avoid the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high-blood pressure issues which plague the Vrygrond community.

Organic Produce The Sozo Eden Garden based at the

Vrygrond Community Centre has been named “Oasis” to represent the refreshing effect it has on the surrounding community members. While we still enjoy the support of the surrounding NPOs who purchase our organic produce on a daily basis, we also sell our organic vegetables and compost at the Bay Community Church on the first Sunday of each month. All proceeds from the sale of fresh produce is ploughed back into Eden and helps to keep the programme running.

days in September 2016 we partnered with Projects Abroad and assisted their staff with setting up an Organic Vegetable Garden at Floreat Primary, a local primary school based in Retreat. We worked with 60 volunteers over three full days to dig and fill two trenches with organic matter in order to transform the beach-sand into fertile soil. Francisca showed the volunteers how to plant seedlings, create a seed-box, make a compost heap and brew bottles of organic pesticide. The maintenance of the vegetable garden was entrusted to the care-takers at Floreat Primary. The produce will go to the school’s kitchen and will be used for the school’s feeding scheme Sozo Eden continues to employ the Soil for Life training methodology for organic home gardening and our staff have continued to attend mentoring and training sessions at Soil For Life on a bi-weekly basis. We no longer rely on Soil For Life for the organic waste we need to provide for our Home Gardeners as we have secured our own sources of the materials we need. Sozo Eden has also managed to continue to supply all our Home Gardeners with compost directly from our Garden Centre.

New Staff Members

New Garden Centre

In March 2016 we had the privilege of We have been very busy since the offering Yusrah Abrahams a part time position as Assistant Gardener with Sozo Eden. Before long she was working full time at Sozo helping out with other projects, but her true passion is gardening and as such, she began to work fulltime with the Eden Team. Yusrah has also spent time learning how to be a Home Gardening Trainer from Francisca, which means that in future we can run simultaneous training groups in the Vrygrond Community.

Aquaponics Francisca

Jeftha was sponsored by Aquaponics4Everyone to attend a fourday Masterclass in Commercial Aquaponics with world renowned Aquaponics expert Murray Hallam in Stellenbosch during November 2015. This came at a time when we were experimenting with Aquaponics and we have since set up our own gravel bed system at the Paradise Garden Centre. We have been successfully growing, harvesting and selling vegetables from this system. We plan to introduce aquaponics to the Vrygrond community by developing a course for our Home Gardeners.

end of 2015 with the expansion of our new Garden Centre, aptly named “Paradise”. The technical skills students from Youth Café constructed a beautiful plant nursery for us. We have dug deep trench beds, planted in containers of all sorts and begun a composting system. Peter Sweatman, owner of Autowater, installed our irrigation system which uses well-point water and Rob Ervine from SA Value Engineering installed a pond for us which forms an integral part of our aquaponics system. We have created pallet-beds to serve as wind-breakers against the harsh Southeast wind of Cape Town and during March we had the privilege of having Ben Kingsley from the UK join us as a volunteer who generously donated indigenous flowering plants to Sozo Eden to create a flower garden which has added a splash of colour to the garden and also attracts much needed pollinators. Ben also designed the layout of the garden in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and practically suited to growing more vegetables in each square meter of space.

story of success Sarah Nduna

Sarah Nduna is a refugee from Zimbabwe who lives in a small home in

the backyard of another property in Vrygrond. Sarah joined the Sozo Eden Home Gardening programme in March 2017 and began a 10-week journey of learning how to grow her own organic vegetables in the limited space and sandy soil Vrygrond has to offer. Francisca Jeftha, Home Gardening Trainer, says she has never before seen someone more eager to learn and implement what was taught during classes hosted at group members’ homes in Vrygrond. Halfway through the Eden course, Sarah’s landlord decided to build a chicken run in the backyard, taking up the space Sarah was using for her organic garden. Instead of giving up due to lack of space, Sarah planted in containers wherever she could and replanting her seedlings in a large container on top of some concrete slabs. At the Sozo Eden Awards Ceremony Sarah was awarded a certificate for “Most Tenacious Gardener”. Upon receiving her prize, a planterbox for her vegetables, she exclaimed ‘’Here is my land!”

"Here is my land"

Sozo The Light A poem by Tamia Bolisiki (Nxelewa)

Sozo the Grace of God for Vrygrond Sozo the Hope of girls and boys of Vrygrond Sozo the land that produces knowledge and better life for our children in Vrygrond Today we see light from our children’s future all because of your hard work Sozo Thank you for remembering Vrygrond in your prayers Thank you for loving and caring for our sons and daughters We parents of Vrygrond, we salute you, Sozo Go on, don’t stop, keep up the good work Sozo Ulilanga ukukukhanya ulithemba usisiqinisekiso (Sozo does not turn to light and hope is guaranteed) Izingqi zakho ziye zavakala zabonakala xa abantwana bethu bephuma phambili kwimviwo zabo futhi benomahluko (Your notes have been made evident when our children are top of their examinations and they are different) Sozo you are the light, you are the sun, you are the hope, you are the security and the hope of our children and our communty Sozo we salute you Sozo the HOPE Sozo the LIGHT Sozo the FUTURE Sozo We Salute You (Psalm 148:13 Praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above earth and heaven)



"a community of holistically transformed families and


achievments this Educentre Parenting In

2016 we have presented two parenting input sessions: One on basic parenting skills for parents of teenagers and another on addressing issues of sexuality with your teen. Both were well attended by parents of Educentre learners and participation was lively.

Live Life Well The

Live Life Well programme was introduced as a support to the Educentre’s nutrition programme. Two groups of about 10 learners were run in 2016. Learners were encouraged and educated around making healthy choices regarding lifestyle and nutrition. The programme was presented in partnership with Projects Abroad and developed by a qualified dietician.

Matric Support Group Once again the matric group had the

opportunity to be a part of a support group run by the Educentre Social Worker. Here they were able to support each as well as learn new skills in managing stress and coping with anxiety related to exams.




groups of girls attended the Dignity Programme in 2016 – which makes it a total of 24 girls who have attended. The group focusses on building healthy self-esteem and sexuality. The programme was also extended to the Youth Café hairdressing stream and was well received. The care team feels that there has historically been a lack of programmes catering for young men and boys. We hope to address this through the development of a programme aimed at encouraging good choices and embracing healthy choices for boys

Winter Hub workshops Winter

Hub provides a unique opportunity to address lifeskills topics with the entire Educentre group. The Care team presented Sozo’s Child Protection policy to the learners as an awareness raising activity. Also Childline presented an anti-bullying workshop to all the learners. Furthermore, learners were encouraged to engage in acts of kindness through motivational talks and a campaign called “Pay it Forward”.



As Sozo’s services have expanded, as well as our team, we have come to realise

that taking care of our staff is of fundamental importance to our work. From our early days we have been aware of the need for psychosocial support for our beneficiaries and we continue to put an emphasis on this as we tailor it to each programmes’ individual needs. Staff Care over the past year has focussed on the needs of our staff in this area as we realise that the work we do can become emotionally and even physically taxing, therefore the main aim of Staff Care is to educate and support staff in an effort to promote holistic well-being and prevent burnout or compassion fatigue.


Pastoral Care


In addition to counselling and soft skills

support is as important to us as supporting our beneficiaries. This year we have partnered with FAMSA in offering support to our staff where needed in the form of counselling.

In-service training The care team has conducted a needs

assessment with staff regarding their needs for soft skills training. We feel that it is important to skill our staff to be able to deal with the stresses and difficult situations which they encounter while working with beneficiaries. We believe that is one way in which to continue transforming the community and building resilience and emotional health in individuals.

training, staff also have access to informal support in the form of pastoral care. This service, currently provided by volunteers, acts as a space where staff are able share about their experiences at work and in life in general and receive a form of informal support and encouragement. Any need for formal support is then referred to the counselling services.

the figures 2016-2017



Donations and Grants (R2,943,580)

Central Administration (R1 564 148)

Individuals (R2 289 661)

Youth CafĂŠ (R1 348 653)

Total = R5 484 685

Fundraising (R189 062) Interest (R35 481)) Venue Hire (R15 638) Training Fees (R11 263)

Total = R5 266 668

Educentre (R873 078) Eden (R459 872) Capital Expenditure (R460 023) Care (R310 843) Design (R250 051)

financial donors Bidvest Corporate SE Bloomberg Philanthropies Claude Leon Foundation Community Chest of the Western Cape Community Church Chafford Hundred Connect Network CRC London CRY EMpower Frank Jackson Foundation Givengain GMS Systems Heartbrands Kerk In Actie King Baudouin Foundation National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) Nedbank Private Wealth Charitable Foundation New Day Stewardship Stichting Projecten Zuid-Afrika (SPZA) The Bay Community Church The Learning Trust Western Cape Department of Social Development

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