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October 23, 2013

Southern receives a $3 million donation The Werth Family Foundation will provide funding to the university over the next 10 years Aaron Berkowitz

General Assignment Reporter

President Papazian said the $3 million the school received from the Woodbridgebased Werth Family Foundation will be donated in increments over the course of the next 10 years ($75,000 a year). “The Werth Foundation is really committed to the mission we have here at Southern,” said Papazian. “The Werth’s were so impressed by the students. It’s the students who made that deal on that because of the amazing work that they were doing.” Gregg Crerar, associate vice president of Institutional Advancement, said he’s been working with the Werths for about four years now and agrees with Papazian, the students were a big part of the donation being made. “The President is correct, the Werths gave this support to Southern for the students and the community of Connecticut,” said Crerar. “It was myself and Dr. Vince Breslin that have stewarded the relationship over the last four years, that allowed the friendship to build to where it is today, along with seeing the stability and vision that President Papazian has for this institution.” SCSU announced the school’s reception of the $3 million gift on Sept. 9 and said its triple the size of previous largest donation the school has received. Papazian

said the students will be the ones to ben- meaningful original work, also benefits the primarily for student research stipends, efit from this donation and $1.5 million of people of the state of Connecticut,” said supplies, equipment, travel expenses, and the donation will be used to “endow” the Breslin. coastal research boat charters. center, which will become known as the Breslin said the money will be used Papazian said she looks forward to Werth Center the future of for Coastal and Southern because Marine Studies she knows the (WCCMS). student’s style of Professor learning is changing as time goes Vincent Breslin, on and she thinks of the environmental and the donation will marine studies help make the programs at necessary changes to the school SCSU, said in order to create the gift raises a better learning the profile of environment for coastal and marine research them. programs at “The money SCSU and will they have provided over the not only benefit past four years the students but has gone primaralso the people ily to the students,” of Conn. as said Papazian. well. “To be able to do “Center research projects research, in in the summer addition to providing students and then come Photo Courtesy | with opportu- Left to Right: President Papazian and Dr. Vincent Breslin look foward to the changes back and analyze nities to do en- the donation will allow for students. it. The students vironmentally have continued

to be committed and dedicated to their work.” Breslin said the donation will also provide science students participating in research activities with some financial assistance and more professional level experience. “The science conducted by students at the Center is professional level science. Students participating in undergraduate research are better prepared for graduate studies and entering the workforce,” said Breslin. Peter Werth, who established the foundation with his wife Pam in 2000, said that their main purpose for the donation was to try and make a difference. “We've had the opportunity to look at the research done at the center and its importance to the community. We're believers,” said Werth. Professor Breslin said he thinks the most notable change to the school made by this donation will be to allow the research and educational activities of the WCCMS to be sustainable for Southern. “The funds will allow the center coordinators the ability to implement long-term educational and research initiatives,” said Breslin. “That will benefit SCSU students and the long-term environmental quality of coastal Connecticut and Long Island Sound.”

‘Latinos Beyond Reel’ sparks discussion An inside look into the Hispanic race and its portrayal in the entertainment industry

Aaron Berkowitz

General Assignment Reporter

Students met up in the Adanti Student Center’s theater to watch a film entitled “Latinos Beyond Reel,” which was directed by Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun to examine how Hispanics are portrayed and not portrayed in entertainment media. The film featured actors and actresses stories such as Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, and Mario Lopez. Issues of the entertainers only getting roles that were demeaning to their cultures, the less “ethnic” actors/ actresses receiving more opportunities to get roles, and stereotypes made about Hispanics were all discussed in the discussion that followed the film. Students and faculty in attendance watched the documentary, and then participated in an open discussion after. Questions were posed to the panel of selected SCSU students and then the rest in attendance had the opportunity to share any experiences or thoughts they had with or on a topic that was being discussed. Juliano Nieves, a commuting


Campus Beat The Student Newspaper of SCSU

“They shouldn’t be though besophomore sociology major at SCSU, important for students to attend events was a part of the panel on Oct. 15 and that inform students on the many oth- cause it keeps us from being ignorant. said that he has faced times of adver- er cultures that coexist on campus and I think we could use more educative sity because of his Puerto Rican and that we encounter in daily life. programs like this. Information on Colombian background. “People are afraid to ask about other cultures is available we just have Nieves also said he would like to another culture,” said Ghobrial. to seek it.” see more support The film of the diversity on addressed issues campus. and stereotypes “There’s althat Latino enways bake sales tertainers face in going on around the industry such campus,” said as getting assigned roles that Nieves. are demeaning “But they’re to their cultures. always selling N i e v e s cookies and cake said he thinks or stuff like that. Hispanics are I want a plate of responsible for rice and beans! We some of the need more events stereotypes that on campus, not are drawn on just one ‘Noche De them because of Gala,’ but a couple the separation every year.” that is created John Ghobrial, senior at between the Photo Courtesy | SCSU and memdifferent Latino ber of the panel, Salma Hayek, Andy Garcia, and Zoe Saldana are a few of the Latino countries and said he thinks it’s entertainers mentioned in the film shown. cultures.

“Hispanic countries get in competition between each other,” said Nieves. “I think it’s more of a product of our own people doing it, but we need to realize that we are all Hispanic and there is no pecking order.” Raysa Florentino, senior psychology major at SCSU, was also a member of the panel and said she thinks it’s important for students to attend events like this on campus because they provide insight into other cultures and also address issues that are prevalent in society. Florentino also said she’s been faced with situations where she was being treated differently in the workplace because of affirmative action. “The only way people will get more aware of the different cultures that are around them if they engage in more discussions like this,” said Florentino. “It’s not all about attending the festivities and the fun parts of other cultures as much as taking the time to understand their different characteristics. If we do this then maybe the perception that is casted in the media will change.”

Journalism department hosts an event

New healthcare programs in the United States

Coach Jess Dow to be honored Oct. 25

High school journalism students participate in workshops Page 2

Obama and Congress Students enjoy fellow signed into law a new Southern artists’ work healthcare reform to fix Page 9 our nation’s system Page 5

Student Art League ‘Post-ItShow’

Founder of the SCSU football team selected for college hall of fame Page 13 “All the Snews that’s fit to print”

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October 23, 2013


Majors Expo brings options to those left undecided


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Career Services jeopardy for 1,000 please

Aaron Johnson

social to the students,” said game and also in the ice cream. department, located in the Smith-Ocran. “A lot of people coming out Wintergreen Building offers a The atmosphere was laid was helpful. Something that will comprehensive array of serWhen Southern Connecti- back as the two went around cater to what is important and vices both at the center and cut State University students the first floor of North. Most benefits them,” said Gaglio. online, delivered by a friendly Chelsea Gaglio and Moni students were interested in the The Career Services and knowledgeable staff. Each Smith-Ocran had to come up with an idea for their event in the North Campus Complex. The duo said they had to come up with something that will benefit the students. “It was a joint idea to come up with the jeopardy game,” said Gaglio. “We think this was successful though.” The career session jeopardy game was to shed light on the services of the career service center on campus. Smith-Ocran and Gaglio went door to door asking students questions about what they knew about the career service center and the benefits that they offer. If students got the questions right the reward was ice cream. “We wanted to go door to door because we have to do aaron johnson | general assignment Reporter something that is easy for the students time-wise. No one goes Students answered trivia questions right outside their dorm about Career Services. to socials so we're bringing the General Assignment Reporter

Michelle Hennessy News Writer

As students filled the ballroom they were met with rows of tables, each representing a different subject with a different future. With flags and sweets, posters and art on display, Southern’s Career Services aimed to have every student who left ballroom more secure in what major they wanted to take, according to co-chair of the event Patricia Whelan, PhD. Whelan said every subject SCSU had to offer was represented by a faculty member aimed to help give undeclared and undecided students the best chance of making a decision regarding their majors. “It’s a great opportunity,” said Whelan, “for students to find out what the different requirements are for the major and what they can do with the major after graduation. It helps them just generally find out more information about it.” Whelan said when students start at SCSU, not all are decided about where to take their academic career. “There are some people,” said Whelan, “who walk through the door and they know exactly what they want to do. But it’s not uncommon for students to put one major down on their application form and, once they’ve started their classes, change it to something else.”

According to the College Completion Agenda, produced by America’s College Board, only 56% of students who enroll at a four-year institution will complete their bachelor’s in six years. The Major Expo at Southern, now in its seventh year, helps to get students on track with their academic status and prevent them falling under this bracket, said Whelan. “We want to encourage students to select a major as early as possible from when they start their academic career here, to help them graduate in four years,” said Whelan. Faculty members who attend the event hoped to encourage students to take their subjects, showing some of the career possibilities they can offer. Professor Savage from the economics program said though the subject is becoming more popular among students, mostly due to its career prospects postgraduation, events like the Majors Expo help students understand what the degree is about. “Some undergrads have never heard of economics because they don’t teach it

in high school by and large in Connecti- former chair of the department. He en- department actually offers, what an art cut. So I think events like this help,” said couraged students to take art by showcas- major actually is and what you can do ing some examples of work on the desk. with that major,” said Professor Cochenet. Professor Savage. He said there are “stereotypes and assumptions with people in the university about the art department, so it’s an opportunity to show students what we do.” Students who attended the event said they agree that it helps people at SCSU when making their decisions. “It helps them choose their major and gives them more detailed information on what each major has to offer,” said public health sophomore, Janel Mack. Sociology undergraduate Canei Adger added, “I think it gives them a chance to meet the teachers and other students that they are going to have, and to give them some insight about it so they can decide if it’s good or not and why they should do it.” Whalen said she hopes students will take the opportunity of events like this to further their chances of succeeding in college. michelle hennessy | news writer “The bottom line is,” said Students visited tables and grabbed pamphlets for all the majors offered at SCSU. Whalen, “the earlier someone can determine what their major is, the “I think it’s an opportunity to talk better their chances are of graduating in Around the corner from economics is the art table with Professor Cochenet, in detail with students about what the four to five years.”

Understand the importance of culture through language Michelle Hennessy News Writer

Though modern languages aren’t always a favorite among Southern students, learning another language can prove invaluable to students’ careers, according to professor Elena Schmitt, PhD. “There’s a huge demand for students who speak another language, in every area of study,” said Professor Schmitt. “When our students leave here they can get jobs as translators and interpreters supporting personnel for a variety of organizations, government organizations and the private industry.” According to professor Schmitt, the modern languages department at Southern now offers 11 different languages, with Spanish, Italian and French being some of the most popular. Though the department continues to grow, Professor Schmitt said students tend to fear learning a language rather than see it as an opportunity to further themselves. “I think there’s a huge misconception that comes from the way it’s taught in high schools sometimes, parental memories and also because learning a language is something that isn’t instantly rewarding,” said Professor Schmitt. “It takes time to learn a language. What does come fast though is being able to open our eyes to different

cultures and to the people that live outside enjoyable experience, an experience that Ventura, who majors in Spanish and Italian of our own community.” will help them broaden their horizons.” and hopes to become a translator in court, She said the department doesn’t focus Students like freshman Michelle also see languages as key to succeeding on drills, memorization and out-ofcontext learning. Instead, students will learn how to engage in class discussions about meaningful subjects in the course’s language and use authentic material to help the learning process. Schmitt was joined by Professor Pina Palma, PhD at the Majors Expo event in Southern’s Ballroom, to help encourage students to take a language and see the opportunities that arise from it. “Languages are essential in this small world of ours,” said Pina. “We’re talking at this point not just about one language but several languages for any student to be proficient and to be able to understand others.” Though many organizations now favor multilingual applicants, Pina said she fears students at Southern haven’t grasped their importance yet. “There’s an idea that languages are superfluous, why do it?” said Pina. michelle hennessy | News writer “That’s the attitude and that’s what we need to address as a nation, not just as The modern language department offers 11 different langauges appealing to a a university but as a country. They’re wide range of students. perceived as a requirement, not an

post-graduation. “It’s really important,” said Ventura, “because nowadays there’s a lot of people who speak Spanish and people are coming from their country and they need help with their language, but a lot of people only speak English.” Only one percent of American students chose to study abroad during the 2010-2011 academic year, according to the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers. Yet freshman Allie Benzi said the opportunity to spend a year in a foreign country was the main reason why she wants to take a language course. “I studied French for four years in high school and now I’m thinking about learning Italian,” said Benzi. “It’s pretty important if you want to study abroad so you can learn their language and their culture.” Whether it’s for career purposes or for the chance of going abroad, Professor Palma said learning a language is an important way of becoming more understanding of different cultures. “Being culturally aware,” said Palma, “means to know more about how people see things from different perspectives and how different cultures impact our own lives in our own society. It’s important to remember that we are part of a bigger world; it’s not just us here in this country.”

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The Student Newspaper of SCSU

News Editor

They paced back and forth, up and down the hallways; pens, notepads, and brochures in hand as they looked for the room number of their first workshop of the day. Once they found the room, they shuffled to find a seat. Southern’s journalism department hosted High School Journalism Day and the students were eager to learn. One of the 14 workshops, instructed by journalism professor Jodie Mozdzer Gil, was about using social media as a tool for reporters. “News is coming to you now, that’s the main idea,” said Gil. “And according to PEW research, 30 to 40 percent of your news that you receive as readers came from links of some kind.” Gil said there was a growth from 2010 to 2012 in how many people received their news from social media. The trend wasn’t about everyone doing it in that way but how many more people

“All the Snews that’s fit to print”

question that was missed most was how many mistakes does it take for employers to trash your resume. Most students said two or three and were surprised to find out the correct answer was only one. According to an article written by Alison Doyle -- a college career services representative – the top 10 tips for constructing a sound resume includes: Include all your contact information, add a profile or objective, include resume keywords, choose the right resume format, prioritize your resume content, write a custom resume, use a resume template, and email your resume. The program almost did not take place due to scheduling issues that both Gaglio and SmithOcran had, but both agreed that they enjoyed doing this program. “We wanted to push them to use the different services that are offered here,” said SmithOcran. “Like we said before, just something that caters to the upperclassmen here.”

are doing it. The way people received news about fifty years ago was either from a newspaper or radio, said Gil; individuals were seeking out information on their own. Today, news takes on a different path of reaching out because of social media. With information consistently being thrown in one’s way, said Gil, it’s important as a journalist to know how to use the information in a professional way. “The crazy guy running out the library is social media. You don’t know for sure that the library is on fire, but it possibly could be,” said Gil. “Because everyone screaming fire is not crazy, they could be telling the truth.” One still has to be a journalist when using social media, said Gil. Make sure to check the sources' information before sharing with readers. Students from Wilbur Cross, James Hillhouse, Newtown, and Wilby High Schools, to name a few, paraded around the third floor of the Adanti Student Center heading into another popular

workshop about blogging for an online magazine, hosted by Aisha Harris, culture blogger for Slate Magazine. “It’s all about having a

particular sensibility and learning how to adapt to the publication you are writing for,” said Harris. Siena Cicarelli, Newtown High School senior, said that

although she has hopes of becoming a lawyer she could definitely she herself as a journalist throughout her college years. “My favorite part about the blogging for an online magazine workshop was how to use blogging to brand myself and even our school paper,” said Cicarelli. Cicarelli is one of the editors in chief for her high school’s newspaper. She said there are about 1,800 students at her school so she learned some useful tools that she can bring back. But it was the keynote address from Alaine Griffin, reporter for the Hartford Coumalaysia Jimenez |News editor rant, which closed Alaine Griffin , keynote speaker for High School Journalism Day. the day’s activities.

All the students came together to hear what personal experiences and growth she came to know because of her role as journalist. “I am here today as a cheerleader for journalism, with a few warnings about its future and advice on how to survive it,” said Griffin. With the advancement of technology and the downsizing of newspapers newsroom the future of journalism is changing said Griffin, but its death is nowhere in site. “As long as there is a desire for quality of journalism,” said Griffin,” a public still interested in investigated stories, and editors and reporters determined to excel at what they do, it wont matter how that news is getting to readers.” Griffin reassured all the students that there would be a place for them in journalism as long as they remembered two things: first, get to know the latest technology and learn the skills to navigate the digital world. Second, master the regular use of basic journalistic standards.

Efforts to lower crime begin locally Setting down his coffee and leaning back in one of the chairs around the conference table, Chief of Campus Police, Joseph Dooley, explained the different strategies used in the area to try and combat crime. Once a week local police hold CompStat meetings, a method that helps to lower crime rates by comparing data from different areas and creating focus points from there, according to Dooley. “By having a more datadriven approach and looking at what the trends are saying, it’s a pretty simple formula,” said Dooley. “You’re going to have increased awareness and a better distribution of forces where you need them and then crime will go down.” “I often tell people,” said Dooley, “we do more than just drink coffee, like the stereotype suggests. There’s a method to our madness.” Though Dooley said crimes have been falling in recent years in the area, New Haven still struggles with gunrelated crime. In a report by the Connecticut Association for Human Services, nearly 70 percent of all gun crimes in Conn. take place in New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport alone. The report showed in 2010,

ONLINE classes in: business communications computers

Malaysia Jimenez

News Writer

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student receives a customized experience by working with the staff to address his or her individual needs. Smith-Ocran said she was a little surprised that so many of the students did not use the career services. “I was shocked they didn't know; I think its important to do programs for those students, especially the transfer students,”said Smith-Ocran. The questions came from a website that Gaglio found online and included do's and dont's of constructing a resume and tips for after college. During the night, students showed and had good participation throughout. Several students did not even realize the career service center existed. “This was our first time doing this. I Googled it and was able to get the jeopardy game from another school and overall I think that everything went well,” said Gaglio. Students had difficulty answering some questions, and most were even surprised by the actual correct answers. The one

High School Journalism Day occupies the ballroom

Michelle Hennessy

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October 23, 2013

62 of the 92 homicides using a firearm in Conn. were in these three cities. It said the rate of murders involving firearms is nearly six times higher than Conn. as a whole. With notorious cases such as the Sandy Hook shootings, America’s gun laws have come under increased criticism in recent years, with President Obama now advocating tougher laws when it comes to gun control, according to the White House. In reaction to the Newtown shootings, an article on the White House’s website titled “Now Is The Time” states that even if one child’s life can be saved, then something must be done. “Now is the time,” states the website, “to do the right thing for our children, our communities, and the country we love.” Southern students like Alexander Polaco however said they don’t think the liberal laws are to blame for the gun crime rate the US faces. “I think [the laws are] fine now,” said Polaco. “I wouldn’t want them to get any tougher. The people with guns who commit the crime have them illegally so I don’t think toughening the law would make any difference.” According to the Small

The Student Newspaper of SCSU

Arms Survey, the United States has the highest number of civilians to legally own a weapon, with between 83 and 97 percent of the population owning a firearm, making up 35 to 50 percent of the world’s civilianowned guns. For Polaco though, these figures don’t make him feel any more vulnerable to gun crime. “[It makes me feel] more safe because then people

up the place and someone else had a gun, then they could stop them.” Noxon and her friend Ireishka DeJesus, a social work sophomore also from Meriden, both say they feel a lot safer at home than they do in New Haven. “I don’t think there’s as much crime there as there is here,” said DeJesus. “I think [New Haven] is known as one of the more dangerous places to be.” While some American students at Southern may say the high level of gun ownership in the U.S. helps make it a safer place, exchange student Anna Goetsch from Germany disagrees. “A friend of mine who’s also in Connecticut and me were joking one day that we should get bulletproof vests or something!” said Goetsch. “I don’t feel as safe in America as I did in Germany.” She said it’s not only down to how many people own guns, but also the kinds of people with access to them that makes her feel unsafe. photo courtesy |Andreas Photography “People are using Gun laws and owners are under strict criticism. the guns that aren’t educated to use them,” said can defend themselves,” said “Let’s say there was someone Goetsch. “I think some people who came in [the Student get guns because they don’t feel Polaco. A poll by ABC News and Center] and started shooting safe anymore.” the Washington Post found 51 percent of adults nationwide believe having a gun in the house makes it safer, compared to only 29 percent who said it would make it more dangerous. Special education freshman Alexandria Noxon from Meriden says she also prefers the number of civilians who own a gun. “I’d definitely say it makes me feel more safe,” said Noxon.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, nearly 68 percent of homicides in 2010 involved a firearm in America; in Germany, less than 27 percent. The contrast is consistent with a lot of the rest of Europe with countries like Spain, Finland, the U.K., having significantly less homicides involving a firearm in 2009, according to the UNODC. It showed in Spain less than 23 percent of homicides involved a firearm, less than 20 percent in Finland, with it dropping to less than 10 percent in the United Kingdom. Whatever the feelings are outside of the U.S., most Americans think having stricter gun control laws would not help reduce the amount of gun violence in the country, with 61 percent voting against it helping in a CNN/Time/ORC poll. After taking a second to think about it, Chief Dooley said he didn’t think there was a correlation between the amount of people who carry a gun legally, and the rates of gun-related crime in America. Sitting forward in his chair, the Chief said: “America is a great country. People can speak freely and the Second Amendment is something that was put in place for a reason; the right to bear arms is a right that people care for.”

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IvyLee Rosario

Editor In Chief

October 23, 2013

New healthcare programs in the U.S. Rachel Forst

With Halloween soon approaching, it makes us think about what plans we are looking forward to, and reflecting back on the years prior. I remember the fun times of being a kid and picking out a new costume every year from my favorite characters. From Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, to Disney princesses Jasmine and Mulan, Halloween as a child was always something to look forward to. As the years pass by, we get to that awkward realization that we have to drastically change our plans for the next Halloween. When is too old to go trick or treating? And what do we do once that lovable holiday tradition is now out of our grasp? The transition occurs from childhood doorto-door candy taking to holiday parties or forgetting about the holiday all together. For some people once the candy goes, Halloween no longer has an importance. Its not a holiday that is “celebrated,” or one that gives students the day off from school, so why should it be so important? For others Halloween turns into a way to show their true grown up potential with provocative costumes and parties galore. Halloween should allow for each individual to express themselves in their own way, but its not something I particularly care for. Other than the fun and enjoyment of it as a kid, I now take more excitement out of a horror movie marathon and the scary aspects of the holiday and less about parties that could occur at any time. Each person will have their own followup plans to Halloween once they get passed the age of trick-or-treating; they just have to figure them out.

Our editorials represent the general opinion of the staff on an issue, but they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all individuals. On a particularly controversial issues, staff members who disagree can write Op-Ed columns explaining their position. Students or faculty who wish to share their opinions are welcome to write guest Op-Ed columns.

health insurance is about 600 dollars a year with low copays something a student either can or doesn’t want to have to pay for with the extra fees with tuition. Healthcare in the United States is what some According to the Heritage Foundation, a call in need of help which brings in Obamacare foundation on research and educational instituor The Affordable Care Act. Four years ago, tion on key policy issues and helping influencing President Obama and Congress signed into law the public’s views said, “Individuals in most states the health care reform, which is meant to repair will end up paying more for premiums depending our nation’s healthcare system. Obamacare would on where they live, and the opposite for others. In help millions in this country obtain quality health some states, insurance premiums have higher rates; insurance including students on the Southern with Obamacare it will either double or triple their Connecticut State University campus. Although premiums for a young adult.” Many students have opted to check if they some may not agree with what this health care qualify for state Medicaid instead of having to reform law will provide. What Obamacare is trying to provide this na- buy a healthcare plan that will have those paying tion with is affordable healthcare coverage for low- enormous fees. This health care reform is aimed income families as well as attempting to make it at young adults to gain coverage or receive better like “universal” healthcare which many countries in Europe and Asia and some in North America have. What Obamacare is trying to do is expand Medicaid coverage for the millions who don’t have insurance or can’t afford high premiums. “The Affordable Care Act” provides young adults to stay on their parents own health insurance plan till they turn 26, eliminates pre-existing conditions and gender discrimination for those to obtain insurance, creates state-based health insurance marketplaces where Americans can shop for affordable coverage plans online, as well as protecting many from unjustified rate hikes. This new healthcare reform should appeal Photo Courtesy to many students who don’t have insurance, have trouble finding plans with premiums they can afIs Obamacare successfully providing people ford individually or who do not want to pay for the with affordable healthcare? student health insurance each year. The student

Michelle Hennessy

the things I get asked, “Oh you’re from Britain?” Other favorites of mine include whether or not givone man asked me on the bus, “Your English is so ing someone a piggy back ride ‘exists’ in England good though, how long have you been learning it?” and one of the other internationals being asked if Having lived in three different countries before After dying of shock and then returning to Germany was involved in the Second World War. I was 16, travel has always been a big part of my life. the conversation confused and saddened by what Despite this, and despite the fact New Haven is I still remember the first time I visited New York I’d just been asked, I managed to reply in the least rated as the fourth most dangerous city in America when I was six, stepping out of the taxi and look- judgmental way I could before desperately trying to (I clearly didn’t do my research before arriving) it’s ing up (and up, and up) at the concrete jungle that find my earphones to avoid any more questions. I’m definitely home now. Perhaps it’s the weather, perwas miles away from anything I had experienced thankfully not the only international student to be haps it’s the people, or perhaps it’s just the fact it’s in growing up. asked some of the most bizarre questions I’ve ever America, which instantly puts it above any other city I’ve lived in; there’s something about the interesting By the time I left I was hooked and the thought heard. of being able to get there by train in less than an My German roommate was asked on the same people you meet on the public transport and the hour seemed like a distant dream. bus what the main language is in Germany, “It’s conveniently placed Dunkin’ Donuts on every other Yet here I am, eight weeks into my year in really not English?” he asked while she sat there street that’s going to make returning to my home America, having been to New York twice, Boston hoping his question had been lost in translation. country a bitter-sweet feeling. and Cape Cod with upcoming trips planned to Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon and California; my very own American dream. I had looked into coming to the United States for college ever since I was 16, but after a combined feeling of shock, horror and disbelief when researching American tuition fees, I knew unless I could find a scholarship for shopping or eating, I would have to settle for just a year. Saying goodbye was hard, moving so far away from home and not seeing friends and family (and my two biggest loves: my car and my dog) for so long is a challenge, but at the same time has given me a new found independence that would have taken a long time to acquire had I stayed in England. I’ve had to make several adjustments while being here: making the great switch from tea to coffee (a life without Dunkin’ seems so distant now); swapping queue, lifts and uni for line, elevator and college; and making the conscious decision to leave to catch the bus half an hour after it’s scheduled to arrive, would it kill them to be on time every once Photo Courtesy in a while? An SCSU student who has dreamed of coming to the United States for college since she was 16. I’ve also had to learn not to laugh at some of News Writer

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Melanie Sabol

then, there have been a total of three Hunger Games novels written, one movie that has since hit In 2008 the science fic- theaters, along with The Hunger tion novel, The Hunger Games Games: Catching Fire hitting written by Suzanne Collins, hit theaters this November. bookstores everywhere. Since Yet, what is the big deal with Copy Editor

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‘The trilogy is based off of a postapocalyptic North America, where children need to fight to the death in an arena in order to survive.’ — melanie sabol

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Living in New Haven for a year

Page 5

The ‘Hunger Games’ phenomenon strikes again

benefits with the insurance they already have. With the government shutdown the past two weeks, many know Republicans in Congress do not want this law to take effect. Many in office have tried to uphold the law and repeal the reform, according to; “Increases the health care costs, causes premiums to go up, as well as adds to tax hikes.” Obamacare at the moment for young adults such as those on Southern’s campus would be good for those who are uninsured, if they do or do not know anything about the health care reform. In the long run, for students or the nation as a whole this reform will grant millions better coverage and for those who have no insurance will give them better options in choosing. Medicaid and Medicare are expanding by 2014 which will half of America will be covered by the Medicaid expansion. Preventive services will be covered with no out-of-pocket cost, helps families with no insurance to gain coverage is what this reform is attempting to do although some who refuse to have this law take effect do not want that or already have those benefits with the health coverage they currently have. “Students who want to gain insurance will lose options when this reform takes full effect,” according to the Heritage Foundation; Obamacare will have students by force to drop their insurance completely or reduce the benefits. When Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act take effect many on campus and in the nation will have to figure out what is best. Many are in favor of the benefits and changes according to a CNN poll, stating 38 percent favor the changes.

Special to the Southern News

Ivylee Rosario

O pinions

October 23, 2013

The 2008 science fiction novel ‘The Hunger Games” set records.

The Hunger Games? The trilogy is based off of a post-apocalyptic North America, where children need to fight to the death in an arena in order to survive. This is all done as a punishment for the rebellion that occurred many years ago. Collins’s writing is so well done in this trilogy that the idea that 24 children are placed into an arena to fight for their lives just goes out the window. You follow Katniss Everdeen around through her experience with the games. Senior at Southern Connecticut State University Natalie Schriefer said that she got into The Hunger Games when it came out a few years ago. “I’ve read all three books and have seen the movie. I’ve enjoyed them all.” The movie set records when it premiered by bringing in $155 million on it’s opening weekend. Everyone who has read the books had to be one of the firsts to see the movie. There were people starting the trilogy once they first

saw the movie. “The books left me wanting more,” said Schriefer. “The movie did a fairly job of getting most of the information and facts from the book correct.” Just as other readers, Schrefer, loved following around Katniss Everdeen. They watched as Everdeen’s life unfolded after being part of the games. Once she was part of the games Everdeen met Peeta Mellark and her life turned into reality show and people were reading her life now turn into a love story. Since the Hunger Games trilogy was so popular, everyone you knew was reading it so you always had someone to talk to about it. Last Halloween, many people went as Katniss Everdeen. Tyler Kekac, senior at Southern Connecticut State University, has read all the books and thought they were great. “My friends had all read the book and said it was great, so I had to see what it was about,” said Kekac. “After reading the books I

saw what all the hype was about,” said Kekac. “I see why the book took off so well that it did. The storyline of this post-apocalyptic is just so interesting for teens and young adults.” The books offer a different way of growing up for young adults. They are reading about guys and girls their age doing things that would never be thought to happen to them. The Hunger Games took off so well because of the end of the world concept behind it. The idea that Everdeen would have to

readers flock to it because it was so new and crazy. Following around Katniss and her troubling love triangle makes readers forget about their own life. Readers are dropped in another world where The Hunger Games happen. A life that would never be a reality for the readers, that’s what causes such phenomenons. Just as in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. And just as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games offers a story for all ages

Photo Courtesy

The Hunger Games trilogy consists of these three novels.

fight for survival is what people loved reading. Collin’s writing offers readers something other to read other than vampires and werewolves. This new concept of fighting for one’s life, made

to enjoy. Everyone wants to read it and make sure that their expectations are being held up because of this phenomenon. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set to hit theaters Nov. 22.

The idea of designer babies Gaining weight can becomes popular in U.S. become a major issue for students on campus Gabriel Muniz

Special to the Southern News

By receiving a U.S. patent for technology that allows for the selection of certain genetic traits in children, the genomics company, 23andMe, is bringing humanity one step closer to the creation of mass hybridized babies so-called “designer babies.” The 1997 film “Gattaca,” paints a vivid picture of the direction the world is headed in. Should “designer babies” be given precedence in society? This explores one crucial aspect of a gene-centered world: genetic inequality Consider just three quotes from the narrator/protagonist of the film, Vincent Freeman, an “invalid” who notes the discrimination which results from the commodification of genes: -“I belonged to a new underclass no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. No, we now have discrimination down to a science.” -“The best score in the world wouldn’t matter unless I had the blood test to go with it.” -“My real resume is in my cells.” Because the protagonist is born an “invalid” (without genetic modification), he is both discriminated against and forced to work the worst menial jobs imaginable. For him to reach his goal of space explorer he needs to impersonate a “valid” with superior genetic traits. Remember “the resume is in the cells.” In such a world, racism is really “geneism.” Now imagine if “designer babies” are born with certain superior traits like IQ levels. Will people be disqualified for jobs on account of not being endowed with a genetic advantage? The more “designer babies” become marketed to those in good-standing, chances are working classes and those living in poverty will not be able to give their kids a better start in life as their better-off counterparts will. Hence, social class, determined by one’s genes, will, indeed, perpetuate a social and genetic divide. “Designer babies,” just like

the Eugenics movement before it, can further dictate that only select groups of people have children, leading to unnecessary abortions and forced sterilization. If parents realize that their baby might be born with the wrong eye color or other abnormality, it is likely to even be aborted for not being “designer enough.” Any cosmetic defect in a fetus will be exterminated. From a 1849 bill in Texas proposing sterilization for “undesirables," to the 30 percent of Puerto Rican women left unable to have children by 1965 after a post-World War I campaign to sterilize the growing number of unskilled laborers, American history is replete with incidences of forced sterilization. Selective gene choosing, then, disguised under the market-

Today, in times just as bad, is it a coincidence that this “designer baby” technology is now slowly reaching the mainstream? If things continue spiraling downward, will a hybrid race be necessary to prevent humanity’s descent into the abyss of self-extinction? After all, what better way to offset the evils of humanity – crime, pollution, moral decay, etc. –than by creating a race of humans that from birth are gifted genetically, therefore less prone to disease, and endowed with near superhuman intellect and therefore able to solve the problems plaguing humanity? The answer appears to be technological advances at the expense of people’s humanity. More troubling is how appealing the idea of a designer baby will

Photo Courtesy

Is the world coming closer to creating designer babies?

able term “designer babies,” can, in time, become a cruel form of human selective breeding— which groups can have children and which should not due to their particular gene pool. This is, as it has been noted by critics of transhumanist technologies, a form of humanposthuman caste warfare. Interestingly enough, the rise of Eugenics, “genetics,” for the politically correct, surfaced at a time when the U.S. economy was in a bad condition.

The Student Newspaper of SCSU

be for those transfixed by social media, especially on the celebs that are likely to promote it as fashionable. The second celebrities begin showcasing their “designer” kids, gullible followers will do likewise, creating a new form of “keeping up with the Jones’s.” And yes, it’ll be due to the overrated, but insanely tempting word: “designer.”

Meghan Cole

Special to the Southern News

Many students at Southern Connecticut State University have admitted that gaining the ‘freshman 15’ has potential of becoming the worst nightmare of a college student, said Jennifer Rochefort, sophomore education major. “College students have so much more freedom, and since many freshmen have an unlimited meal plan, they can go to the dining hall whenever they want,” Rochefort said. “And as we all know, dining hall food is not very good for you.” Rochefort said, “Conn. Hall provides numerous unhealthy food choices—which in return causes students to make unhealthy food choices”. Larry Luizzi, sous chef for Conn. Hall and Pulse Dining Market, said he disagreed with the students. “We have our everyday things out like pizza, burgers, and fries but we also have a salad and sandwich section,” said Luizzi. “For every deep fried, unhealthy food, there is a healthier version available at all times.” According to Nicole Pruchnik, sophomore athletic training major, it was easy to maintain her weight as a freshman because of being a student-athlete. “Wearing skin tight clothes everyday is like standing on a scale 24/7,” said Pruchnik. Yet, it was hard for Rochefort to maintain her weight because at home there were no choices but to eat what her parents made her and being at college offers many tempting opportunities to indulge, according to Rochefort. “The dining hall offers so much and so much of it is unhealthy that I find myself wanting splurge sometimes and not eat what I know what's good for

me,” Rochefort said. Since the dining hall allows students to eat whenever and however much in quantity they want, it is easy to gain the ‘freshman 15’ or more, said Rochefort. According to an article by CBS News and The Associated Press, one out of six students gained 10 or more pounds during freshman year, and six percent gained the ‘freshman 15’ or more.

exercising.” Rochefort said it is the students fault for not utilizing all of the exercising opportunities but the school does a poor job of letting the students know when there are workout programs going on and when pool recreation wwhours are, etc. Pruchnik said drinking plays a huge role in the weight gain the freshman college students. “Drinking has a lot of

Photo Courtesy

Gaining weight becomes a major concern when you have unlimited food access in dining halls.

“Students have the freedom to go to the dining hall whenever they want and no one is monitoring what they get or how much they get,” Rochefort said. “We all know especially that the dining hall is a great place to sit down and talk and the longer people sit there, the more food they get.” According to Pruchnik, the school could do a lot more to promote healthy decisions. “I feel that a lot of people don't use the gym on campus because it costs money when it should be free,” Pruchnik said. “I don't think the school does enough to promote

calories that most people don't think about,” Pruchnik said. “Also, when people drink they eat a lot of foods that aren't good for them.” According to Pruchnik and Rochefort, although the school provides students with a variety of unhealthy food choices, it is ultimately up to the student to maintain their own weight. “It's cheapest and easiest to buy foods that are not very healthy,” Rochefort said. “However, it would benefit their students if they paid a little extra money to buy healthier foods but this is Southern, so we know that won't happen.”

“All the Snews that’s fit to print”




L ifestyle

23, 2013

Page 7

Dear Annie,

Page 6 http :// thesouthernnews . org

October 23, 2013

I’ve recently started dating this girl and things have been going really well, but I have this weird feeling that she’s hiding something from me. The relationship has been great so far, but she still has yet to introduce me to any of ther friends and family and she never keeps her phone on her when she’s around me.

The Love Doctor is in... Ask Annie!

When she’s not with me she has her phone on her 24/7 so I’m getting the strange vibe that she’s talking to somebody that she doesn’t want me to know about or she’s hiding something else from me. I don’t want to come right out and ask her about it because I could just be paranoid for no reason at all. Help!

Love/life/relationship/sex advice Ask Annie at:

Sincerely, A paranoid boyfriend

Get creative Mixtape Madness

DIY projects are perfect for the idle hands on campus! Kelsey Mix

· Red fabric paint · Sponge or paint brush · Thick packing tape Since Halloween is com· Cardboard or newspaper ing up next week, and I know · Blue denim pants or shorts I’m crunched to find a costume, · Fake nerd glasses maybe others are in the same · Red and white beanie boat as I am. To make the shirt, all you I took to the Internet to find need to do it put the cardboard cute and easy costumes for Hal- or newspaper inside the shirt so loween parties…because let’s the paint doesn’t seep through, face the sad truth; we’re too old for trick or treating anymore. The first one is for the girls who love playing around with makeup. Boys could always switch it up and do it themselves! You’re going to make yourself into a scarecrow. These are the things you’ll need: · Orange or red face paint or eye shadow · Black eyeliner or face paint · A flannel shirt · A straw hat (optional) · Overalls (optional) First, draw a triangle in black eyeliner or face paint on your nose and color it in with the orange or red face paint. Then take the black and draw little lines all around the triangle to resemble a scarecrow’s nose. Next, draw two lines from your mouth and up your cheek, extending your smile, and draw smaller vertical lines up the larger lines. Then put on your flannel and straw hat and you are a scarecrow! Just jeans are fine to wear, but if you have overalls it completes the look. Online Editor/Copy Editor

Pair it with your blue denim, whichever length you prefer, and your white and red beanie. For the nerd glasses, you can spend the money at Claire’s or any other accessory store, or you could just get a really cheap pair of black sunglasses and knock out the lenses…that’s what I did last year!

Nicole Dellolio Opinions Editor

It’s already almost the end of October so that only means one thing: Halloween! This week’s playlist is a compilation of songs to get you in the mood to scare. Enjoy! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

“Thriller” - Michael Jackson “Monster Mash” - Bobby Pickett & the Crypt Kickers “Ghostbusters” - Ray Parker Jr. “Highway to Hell” - AC/DC “Somebody’s Watching Me” - Rockwell “Runnin’ With the Devil” - Van Halen “Superstition” - Stevie Wonder “Love Potion #9” - The Clovers ‘Time Warp” - The Rocky Horror Picture Show “I Put a Spell On You” - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Have a quick playlist that gets you through the week? Share it! Submit them to

Retweetable tweets of the week

Miley Cyrus’ highly anticipated new album came out recently and got the approval of many. Katy Perry, along with other celebrities, are using social media to talk about the government shutdown.

Photo Courtesy

Another easy unisex cosA quick and easy project for creating your own Halloween costume is a classic: Where’s Waldo? tumes this year. If you don’t have a red and white striped shirt, it’s so simple to make one. tape horizontal stripes down the And you’re set! Have a safe Here’s what you’ll need: shirt, and paint the spaces with and happy Halloween everyone! · A white t-shirt red fabric paint.

One of the major signs that someboy is cheating on you is if they start pulling away emotionally and physically without any reason at all. If this starts to happen, you need to immediately address the issue as soon as you notice that it starts to happen so you can get the truth out of them. Finding out the truth hurts, but it’s better for you in the long run to find out sooner than later.

-Nicole Dellolio

The Student Newspaper of SCSU

There are many signs to look for if you think your partner is cheating on you. If you see your partner on a date with someone that is not you can be general sign that you are being cheated on, but if it’s not that obvious here are a few more. If your partner becomes very distant, meaning less phone calls, less texts and less spending time togther can indicate a cheater in the relationship. When you try to hangout with you’re partner and she says “I’m busy.” “I’m busy” translates to I’m hanging out with someone that I have feelings for right now so I will get back to you when I can. If you find out someone is cheating on you, LEAVE. There are too many people in the world to sit and chase someone. Yes it will hurt but you must move on. KNOW YOUR WORTH!

Natalie Barletta

Special to the Southern News

In our culture, part of the ‘college experience’ is the aspect of partying. A party is usually held at someone’s dorm, with loud music blasting with a really heavy beat, and red cups are strewn everywhere with strange liquids. Two people, who were strangers at the beginning of the night, are now making out in the corner, and you can tell that it’s getting hot and heavy. Welcome to the party scene. This occurrence happens every weekend at most college campuses. With partying, there comes the automatic assumption that alcohol is present. And we all know what can happen when someone has too much to drink. “I just don’t understand why partying has to involve drinking when other fun activities or hobbies can be done sober,” said a Southern Connecticut State University student. On one side of the coin, partying can be good because school

can be stressful at times, and it When under the influence of be weaker than when we’re sober. that are not as great. The third can be a great way to unwind alcohol, your judgement tends to That’s when we make decisions thing is that it can have an effect and relieve the stress. After a long week of classes and work, this can be a great way to relax, and get your mind of things. It’s always a great way to meet people, and broaden your social horizons. You get to meet people in a relaxed setting, because it’s harder to meet people in settings such as classes, and it’s less awkward then approaching people in the school cafe. It can also be a more relaxed environment for you to bring a date to, versus a date just with the two of you. On the other side of the coin, however, partying has some negative aspect. When someone is partying too much their grades can be effected. When you’re out partying when you have a big test that Monday, chances are you’re not going to be studying for most of that weekend, until Sunday rolls around. Cramming, as you Photo Courtesy all know, isn’t exactly the most effective way of studying. Party- The pros and cons of being a party animal while you’re in college and how it can effect you. ing can also affect your social reputation.

Special to the Southern News

He says....

Too much alcohol leads to problems

Janine Savoie

the telling signs of a cheater Now we’ve all heard the phrase “once a cheater is always a cheater,” but that isn’t isn’t true in every case. If somebody has cheated in the past, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will do it again. There could have been major problems in their past relationships that lead them to do what they did, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to do the same thing to you.

Being in a relationship is always tricky at first, but learning to trust the other person is a huge step.

on your health. Too much alcohol can lead to problems later on in life. It can lead to problems with your liver in addition to other parts of the body. Although we can’t see the effects of it now, the health effects of what we do now in life can really hurt us later on. “I feel like there’s such a thing as too much partying”, said Nick Weihler, a student at Albertus Magnus. “A lot of people waste their parents money to go to college so that they can just drag away their education. Then what is the point of even going to college? I think that there wouldn’t be as much partying going on if it was their money, and not their parents.” I think partying is ‘to each their own.’ It’s not my cup of tea, however, I don’t judge others who enjoy doing it. However, I do think when done in excess, it can lead to problems larger than the Sunday morning hangover. That’s when we must judge when the light switch of the party will be on, and when it goes off.

The Netflix binge we’re all guilty of

Pillow Talk

She says....

Photo Courtesy

Dear A paranoid boyfriend, First of all, I just have to ask if she’s ever given you a reason to believe that she could be lying to you about anything. Maybe there’s a problem on your part. Did you have a relationship in the past when the other person was always lying to you and hiding things? If so, you could be taking the suspicion from the last relationship and dragging it into your new one. If you honestly think that their is a problem maybe try casually bringing it up with her and hear what she has to say. Good luck and play nice! Love, Annie

-Malcolm Smiley “All the Snews that’s fit to print”

Netflix began as a DVD rental service via snail mail, but the website has grown into the world’s largest online provider for streaming movies and television series. Over 30 million subscribers have watched over two billion hours of streamed video through since it was founded in 1997. Recently, users have found themselves on a Netflix binge, devoting short periods of time to over-indulge on TV series and movies offered through the website. I have used Netflix for movies, but it’s the television series that I’ve spent the most time watching. My recently viewed page shows entire seasons watched in just a couple of days. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with Netflix, but it definitely gets addicting being able to watch full seasons, episode after episode, commercial-free. I know there are many others out there who can relate. With full seasons of shows that are no

Photo Courtesy

Netflix has grown into the world’s largest online provider for streaming movies and TV series.

The Student Newspaper of SCSU

longer airing on television, users have taken to the web to catch up on their favorite shows or to relive the seasons. “I always forget to watch shows when they air on TV,” said Devin Dufour, SCSU sophomore. “I use Netflix to watch the seasons on my own time, without commercials!” Dufour also said she has found herself on a Netflix binge at times. “I’ve been obsessed with Breaking Bad,” she said. “I’ve been trying to power through all the seasons and sometimes I watch up to four, hour long episodes in a row.” I also know what it’s like to attempt to power through an entire series. During the snowapocalypse that happened earlier this year, I took to Netflix and started the Gossip Girl series. A week’s worth of snow days, six seasons, and 122 episodes later, I was pretty much all Netflixed out, but the fact that I had so many options at my fingertips made the website a lot more inviting than regular cable

programming. According to a report done by, around 38 percent of Americans have said that they use the website, a rise from 2012. 88 percent of these users have reported streaming three

or more episodes a day, but with shows like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead available for streaming, who can blame them? Want to become a part of the new binge craze? offers the top 45 TV series that are the most binge-worthy. From shows like “Parks and Recreation” to “The X-Files,” you’re bound to find something new to indulge on.

“All the Snews that’s fit to print”

Arts & Entertainment

Celebrity Gossip: Not-So-Perfect Paltrow

Snoop hosts the 2013 Hip Hop Awards Jamila Young

Arts&Entertainment Editor

Some of the biggest names in the hip hop community came together for the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards, hosted by rapper Snoop Dogg. It took place at the Civic Center in Atlanta, Ga. It began with a sketch where Snoop Dogg was being interviewed by James Lipton from the show “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Comedian and actor Kevin Hart presented the first award of the night for the Perfect Combo Award. Hart appeared on stage with multiple police officers standing behind him to promote his upcoming movie “Ride Along,” set to come out in January of next year. Kiana McDavid, freshman nursing major at Southern, said she wasn not too fond of Snoop Dogg being the host. “He’s not my favorite guy,” said McDavid. “I would’ve preferred Kevin Hart.” A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake won the first award for their collaboration of the song, “Problems.” Drake & A$AP weren’t present to accept their award. BET’s own Bow Wow, host of the weekly show 106&Park, and his new co-host

During Diddy’s part of the performance, he put a crown on his head in response to a diss record that rapper Kendrick Lamar put out, telling people that he is the King. There were also performances from Future, Rick Ross & DJ Khaled, Schoolboy Q , Kendrick Lamar, Yo Gotti, Rocko, Rich Homie Quan, and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. Rapper Eve presented Rapper MC Lyte with the I Am Hip Hop Award. A video played that showed Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah telling stories of how Lyte has influenced them and what they like about her. MC Lyte also spoke in the video. Lyte said that she grew up doing a lot of writing because her mother would make her write. “You want to go where?” “Write me an essay,” Lyte said, recalling conversations she would have with her mother when she wanted to go somewhere. When Lyte walked to the stage to accept her award, the crowd gave her a standing ovation. She gave a speech thanking her supporters, and she gave some advice for females. “Ladies if you want to be treated like a queen, act like one,” said Lyte. Snoop Dogg ended the night giving out bags of breakfast food to the audience members.

Photo Courtesy|

What’s going on in A&E? -Album Reviews: Pearl Jam and Darkside -Movie Reviews: “Captain Phillips” and “Gravity” -Book Review: “We Need to Talk About Kevin” -Celebrity Gossip: Not-So-Perfect Paltrow photo courtesty|

Documentary:Girl Rising Student Art League’s “Post-it Show” Aaron Berkowitz

General Assignments Writer Students gathered in the Adanti Student Center’s theater on Oct. 15 and 17 to watch a documentary called “Girl Rising.” The film emphasized the power of an education and human spirit by following nine young girls from different countries and showing how they deal with the struggles that they face. Chi Anako, a graduate intern in the Multicultural Center at SCSU, facilitated the discussion of the documentary after it ended and said she hopes the students see how fortunate they are compared to some of the conditions the girls in the film have lived under. “I did relief work in Haiti,” said Anako. “I think maybe that’s why I am able to see where they are coming from and some of what they are going through. The girls’ stories really hit me and I couldn’t help but try to see myself in their shoes.” Anako also said she encourages students to come out to the different Multicultural hosted discussions and events that are held on campus because they often cover things that are not only important but force people to expand on their thoughts or further develop their beliefs. Dawn Cathey, First Year Experience instructor, said she brought her class to get them thinking about the many different journeys that people from all over the world have to take and to inspire them to help others in need. “Part of the responsibility my students have in this class is for them to think about how they can make a difference in the lives of [the people in] our community,” said Cathey. “It motivates the students

Aaron Johnson

to believe that as they learn about different things they can take that knowledge and turn it into something positive.” Bailey Smith, a freshman psychology major at SCSU, said she enjoyed the film and said that it provided her with a new outlook on the value of education. “It’s important for people to attend events like this because it gives you insight to someone else’s life other than your own,” said Smith. “I got the concept of how important education is. I feel like students today go just to earn more money in life but we forget how privileged we are to have photo courtesty| [the opportunity] that other people don’t.” Anako said she wants the freshmen who watched the film to appreciate the trials and tribulations that the nine girls faced. “I hope the students can gain some understanding of how blessed we are to be in our situations,” said Anako. “It’s important to keep the people who are less fortunate than us in mind and give back in any way that we can.” According to the Multicultural Center’s website, the film aimed to change people’s outlook on why it is so important for girls to get their education. “I don’t know if I could have been as strong as these girls were,” said Anako. “I asked myself, would I be as strong as them if I was in their situations? Or, would I be okay with facing death if it meant me getting an education? That’s why this film speaks volumes about who the girls are in this film because they are so young and haven’t seen some of the same things that adults are but yet they still have so much of knowledge on a wide array of things.”

General Assignment Reporter

For the first time this semester, the students of Southern Connecticut State University were given the opportunity to present pieces of their art for all to see, but with a small twist. “We’ve been doing a Post-it-Show ever since I’ve been here,” said senior Ave Rivera. “I’m not sure who came up with the idea. But all students’ work is welcome, not just art students’.” The Post-it-Show gives an opportunity to the patrons of the art gallery to write comments, critiques, etc., on sticky notes and post them next to each piece of art. Senior Sarah Edwards said that she was a little worried about the immediate feedback from people, especially with this being her first time doing a presentation. “The feedback has been good. I was kind of nervous at first, to be honest. I’ve been painting since I was little and this was my first year doing this; I never really thought about doing this before,” said Edwards. Senior art major Marla McLeod -- like Edwards -- had several painting in the gallery. She said that the most difficult part of getting ready for the gallery was figuring out what the concept of each painting would be. “I have two works titled ‘August’ and ‘The Lipstick,’” said McLeod. “The easy part is painting. The concept behind it takes a lot longer, about a month.” McLeod said that her painting “The Lipstick” was a piece about the inner struggle of a transgender person. The piece was constructed to be a LGBT statement. She also said that the idea of the Post-it-Show was great and

that she enjoyed it. “I love it. Definitely helps as far as constructive criticism is concerned,” said McLeod. During the night, students and parents walked through the gallery posting notes all along the walls next to each piece of work. Curator Miguel Benitez said that one of the purposes of the event was to get students used to showing off any work they have created. “We definitely use this as a training mechanism. So they can get use to hanging in actual shows,” said Benitez. The show was also open to any students from Southern that wanted to submit pieces of work and was not only for art majors on campus. Benitez was able to shed some light on who came up with the idea for the ‘Postit-Show.’ “I believe it was Christa Blake. The point being to come up with an easy way to put people’s work out there,” said Benitez. “Anyone who wants to present can too; this isn’t strictly for art majors.” The event was held in Earl Hall on campus and sponsored by the Student Art League. SAL provides exhibition outlets and creative pursuits for student artists, craftsmen, and students of other academic disciplines of Southern Connecticut State University and to further develop the creative potential of each individual. As well as reach out to the student body about the current trends and activities in the arts. Benitez said that this year the event was not as difficult as previous years. “This year was not as much work as last year,” said Benitez. “But all this work is a calumniation.”

Brianne Kane

After near-constant drama for the past several weeks reverberating through the media from the directions of stars Miley Cyrus and most of the Kardashian clan, last week was refreshingly quiet in the celebosphere. The definition of quiet in Hollywood, however, is up to subjective interpretation. Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, certainly attempted to keep lips at Vanity Fair magazine hushed recently. Despite the actress’ efforts to prevent the publication from continuing an investigation on an alleged affair she had with Miami billionaire Jeff Soffer, 44, in 2008, E d i t o r- i n - C h i e f Graydon Carter announced he has no plans of scrapping the article. The report centers around the friendship of Paltrow and Soffer, photo courtesy| specifically during the reopening of the billionaire’s photo courtesy| Fo n t a i n e b l e a u Hotel in Miami for which Paltrow was personally flown in by the businessman to stay in his own home. Paltrow, wife of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 36, since 2003 and mother of their two children Apple, nine, and Moses, seven, adamantly denies allegations of any romantic involvement with Soffer. A representative for the movie star told US Weekly those accusations are “ridiculous.” “She has been friends for him for a long time. Chris [Martin] is friends with him as well. He flew down a dozen friends. There was no romantic relationship,” Paltrow’s representative said. Paltrow reached out to friends about the article as early as May of this year asking them to refuse discussion with Vanity Fair, as well as further business with the magazine. “Vanity Fair is threatening to put me on the cover of their magazine. If you are asked for quotes or comments, please decline. Also, I recommend you all never do this magazine again,” Paltrow wrote. Soffer, husband to supermodel Elle Macpherson, 49, since July 2013, has not commented on his and Paltrow’s supposed liaison. In more light-hearted matters of the heart, 19-year-old actress Dakota Fanning stepped out in New York City with British model boyfriend and former lover of Adam Levine’s fiancée Behati Prinsloo, Jamie Strachan, 32. The two strolled through the city hand-in-hand between in-store shopping intermissions. The pair have been a public item since early September when they appeared similarly together in the Big Apple with linked arms and large, toothy grins. A source told E! News then that the couple were not living together, but were “definitely a couple” and “had actually been dating for quite a few months.” Though the young lovebirds’ romance is new, Fa n n i n g ’s photo courtesy| comments to Glamour magazine earlier this year may indicate this relationship is more serious than just a fling. “I don’t really date,” she said, “I have a weird vision of relationships because my parents have known each other since second grade, and they got married right out of college. I’ve always thought that’s what it’s supposed to be like, and if it’s not, then I don’t want to waste my time on it. Even when I was 14, I was like, ‘I’m not gonna marry this person. What’s the point of doing it?’ It’s not me being naïve. I just know what it’s supposed to be like. And I think until I feel that, I cannot be bothered.”

Oct. 23

Thursday Oct. 24

October 23, 2013

concern that something is inherently wrong with Kevin becomes more and more be“We Need To Talk About lievable. Eva says she feels a Kevin” is not for light reading bond with Kevin, no doubt before bed, nor is it the kind as his mother, but also as the of book you flip through a person who understands him – few pages and forget all about who doesn’t fall for his façade, it – this book will eat you alive. like his father does. As Kevin “We Need To Talk About grows older, eating, pooping Kevin” sucks in readers from and speaking now, he becomes the very beginning about a boy who born and from the very beginning his mother can tell something is “off.” But no one else sees it. The story begins with the mother, Eva, going on about her and her husband’s marriage. They were in love, they made love, they had fantabulous adventures and since she was a traveling columnist, she had many adventures of her own! Until her husband started mentioning, and mentioning, and mentioning starting a family. So she got pregnant. And immediately she could tell something was odd. Eva never really wanted to be a mother, so she figured she was just freaking herself out with this concern about something being “off ” about her pregnancy. The baby, Kevin, is born a beautiful bouncing baby boy. But Kevin is a torturous child. The only person Kevin will stop screaming for is his father, as if Kevin knows if he makes Eva’s complaints seem outrageous then she herself will seem outrageous, or crazy. Franklin, Kevin’s father and Eva’s husband, does start to wonder if Eva is crazy or just resents their son somehow. Soon Eva gets pregnant again with a daughter, Celia. This “happy” family then tries to stranger and even more frightmanage living with Kevin… ening. Eva mentions being scared of Kevin, being scared and then living without him. As the story continues, the of being alone with him. Throughout the novel Eva readers see Kevin only through Eva’s eyes, nonetheless her drops in little memories of Staff Writer

Copy Editor


E ntertainment

Book review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

Carissa Duhamel

Page 9 O ctober 23, 2013

for the show, singer and television personality Keshia Chante presented A$AP Ferg with the Rookie of the Year Award. Drake also won the award for People’s Champ for his song, “Started From The Bottom.” Current and up-and-coming rappers participated in pre-recorded cyphers that were shown throughout the awards show. Some rappers who participated in the cyphers were Joe Budden, Lil Kim, the A$AP Mob, Slaughter House, and Kendrick Lamar. There was even a rapper in the cypher who rapped in Spanish. The last cypher of the night was from the cast of the BET show, The Real Husbands of Hollywood. All of the castmates were dressed in white suits except for Kevin Hart who was shirtless. Cast member Boris Kodjoe, being of German descent, decided to rap in German with English subtitles underneath him. There were also music performances throughout the show. The first performance was from rapper Meek Millz. Millz performed while walking through the aisles of the audience to the stage where he ended his performance. Rapper 2 Chainz performed with a set resembling the inside of a house behind him, and also with surprise guests, rapper/producer Mannie Fresh, and rapper Juvenile. French Montana performed his song “Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin’” with rappers Diddy, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg.


Page 10

when she traveled, when she was happy, and didn’t have a psychopath for a son - the good ol’ days. Kevin’s behavior escalates in middle school and high school, and he makes friends finally however with odd and somewhat frightening children. Kevin gets in trouble; Eva wants to reprimand him while Franklin thinks Kevin can do no

Photo Courtesy|

wrong. Celia ends up being the post child for perfection, being very quiet and polite at all times compared to the snarling and rude Kevin. Let me explain: Kevin is a

psychopath. Psychopathy is an antisocial personality disorder, and psychopathy means it is more genetic than environmental. This means that his “bad” behavior is not the usual sneaking out to go to a party in high school, when Kevin acted out badly it changed people’s lives forever. For instance, he made a lie about a drama teacher at his school sexually harassing him. Kevin held a cloth of poison to Celia’s eye, his little sister (in kindergarten at the time), until it was so badly burned she needs the entire eye to be removed at a hospital. At the end of the book we finally see the big event: Kevin kills seven of his peers, a cafeteria worker and a teacher with a bow and arrow. From the beginning we know this ending is coming, as the story itself is structured around Eva’s visits to Kevin in jail, however nevertheless the final chapters of the novel are difficult just because you know it’s coming. So you see, this book will eat you alive. This is the book you sit down with one weekend and show who is boss by reading it in one sitting. This is the book you cry and curse and scream at. This is the book you read over and over. The trauma of a school shooting is fresh in this country, especially in Connecticut, but this novel allows us into the minds of the attackers, and of their families. Kevin may be a psychopath, he may be one of the most terrifying children ever, but even he has a mom that tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. This novel allows us to hear her story, of what it means to create a baby, raise that baby into a young man, and watch as that young man laughs at his trial for murdering nine people.

Gravity and Captain Phillips Reviews

Garrett Owen

visual effects and a thrilling ride, “Gravity” is for you. The film stars Sandra Bullock and The Oscar season is just George Clooney. Bullock and getting started with a full Clooney play Dr. Ryan Stone slate of films already released and Matt Kowalski, a team that should be talked about of astronauts on a mission in for some time. Two of the deep space when their shuttle is destroyed leaving them spinning out of control and alone. For the rest of the film scenes of dangerous debris soaring through space, complete darkness, and astronauts struggling to breathe keep Photo Courtesy| you on the edge of your seat hoping films that have already been for a survival as an ending. Visually speaking, this movreleased “Gravity” and “Captain Phillips” will be leading ie was unbelievably convincing, candidates for many accolades I thought I was actually in space once award season is in full with them. This takes you to answing. other place where you just get As a huge film fan my- lost in the film and nothing else self, I have seen both of these matters. My palms were sweatand came away very impressed ing the entire time because at with each of them. These two every moment something was films bring different elements going wrong for Ryan. The to the screen but both share highlight of the movie wasn’t in one common theme, fantastic the dialogue or even in the visuacting. One is a space adven- als but in the facial expressions ture film that takes you to and the sound of her gasping another world and the other is for air when oxygen was low. Those moments were what based on a true story of a hijacked cargo ship by desperate took this movie to the next level and what could take it all the Somali pirates. For those that are into way to the Academy Awards. special to the southern news


Oct. 25

Saturday Oct. 26

Sunday Oct. 27

Watch out for “Gravity” as a strong contender for best picture and Sandra Bullock for best actress in a leading role. For those of you that are not feeling it and not really into science fiction thrillers but enjoy a more realistic thriller maybe “Captain Phillips” is more your speed. Based on the true story of the hijacked U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama off the coast of Somalia. Captain Richard Phillips played by Tom Hanks is taken hostage onto a life boat by a group of armed Somalian pirates. This film is also a thriller and one that brings out some of Hanks best acting in his career. His exchanges with the Somali pirate captain Muse, played by Barkhad Abdi, are intense and shows the pure desperation of both men. As the film goes on, you see up close how the situation escalates from threats, to physical

harm right up until Navy Seals rescuing Phillips and end the standoff. This film stands out in a different way because visuals are not extravagant but rely heavily on the dialogue between both main characters. As the pirates are seemingly getting more desperate and dangerous, the Navy quickly devised a plan to take out the pirates. After luring the captain of the pirates off the boat three Navy Seals lock on targets and at one time take out the remaining three. Hanks does his best acting in the last scene as he is inspected for injuries by a Navy nurse. It all comes out as he feels all of the emotions of a person who didn’t know what his fate would be. There is no other way to explain that final scene, it is a must see. Also look for “Captain Phillips” and Tom Hanks to be contenders for some Academy Award nominations.

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Monday Oct. 28

Tuesday Oct. 29

On Campus LGBTQI Potluck ASC Room 309 4:30pm-6pm

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Southern News| Aaron Johnson

The Student Newspaper of SCSU

“All the Snews that’s fit to print”

The Student Newspaper of SCSU

“All the Snews that’s fit to print”


October 23, 2013

E ntertainment

Page 11

Album Reviews: Pearl Jam by Josh Falcone and Darkside by Xavier Lassiter Pearl Jam

Lightning Bolt The album’s title track picks up the pace after the slower “Sirens” and while not as kinetic as the earlier fast-paced tracks, it still brings the rock upfront and center. It has the same energy as the earlier tracks and is a nice pick up after the previous track.

Lightning Bolt Earlier this month, Pearl Jam released “Lightning Bolt,” the band’s tenth studio album. The album is a follow up to the 2009 “Backspacer.” “Lightning Bolt” keeps with the band’s knack for borrowing from different genres in one single album. The following is a breakdown of the album’s 13 tracks. Getaway The album opens with the fast tempo punch of “Getaway,” which I found to be a great way to open the album. This track ended up being one of my personal favorite cuts from “Lightning Bolt.” Mind Your Manners “Mind Your Manners” was the first single released for “Lightning Bolt” this past July. The song is another up-tempo song. When first hearing it on it’s own this past summer I did not immediately take to the track, but with its placement right after “Getaway” here, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the quasi-punk tone to “Mind Your Manners.” My Father’s Son Another up-tempo blast here in “My Father’s Son,” this one sounds like it could have been easily placed on the band’s previous album “Backspacer.” The song has a similar structure and rhythm as “The Fixer” and “Johnny Guitar.” Sirens Here the band seems to want to slow things down a bit to give the listener some time to breathe. “Sirens” is the album’s and subsequent album tour’s torch bearing ballad, and when played in concert, will be the moment of a thousand cellphones raised triumphantly towards the sky. This track sticks with the album’s rather sad motif but builds to overcoming the sadness we face with a little old fashion L-O-V-E. This is another one of my favorites off “Lightning Bolt” thus far.


Psychic Darkside like the space in between notes, and try to explore it as much as possible to create vast soundscapes that seem barren and wild. They achieve this by patiently building tracks with fleeting electronic sounds and the steady thump of a bass drum. Once the mood is completely established, and endured, a groove will become a complete musical thought when guitarist Nicholas Jaar syncs up a melody with the driving beat. Darkside formed when Jaar started collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington while they were touring together for Jaar’s solo album, Space is Only Noise. The pair then released DARKSIDE EP in 2011, an album that had a hollow desolate atmosphere and simmering funk guitar licks. Continuing where they left off in 2011, Darkside has returned with their first full-length album entitled Psychic. It plays with the same techniques as before, but now their world is bigger, and their grooves are, well, groovier. The album has an apocalyptic quality to it. Droning, ominous tones surround pulsating drum beats to give each track a constant sense of travel. There is a constant feeling of being on the move, and the rest stops are brief. A lot of the synth landscapes turn into bluesy guitar driven jams. At times it sort of sounds like the Terminator soundtrack meets Prince. The 45-minute album is impressive because of how much music is packed into such a brief window of time. There is an entire color-wheel of sounds that revolve and flicker. The collages of effects, samples, and synth are constantly transforming over bumping beats. Some tracks are solely shape shifting grooves that never settle on one thought, but others blossom into catchy guitar-driven choruses.

Infallible “Infallible” continues the up-tempo bulk of the first half of “Lightning Bolt.” This track is one of the albums best songs lyrically with Eddie Vedder’s soothing baritone easing us softly as we fall down from thinking we are flawless. The song finishes the first half of “Lightning Bolt” on a punchy tone. Pendulum The second half of “Lighting Bolt” opens on the exact opposite note as the first half of the album with the fittingly titled “Pendulum.” A slow haunting song that feels like the thoughts of a lost soul. The placement of “Pendulum” continues Pearl Jam’s tradition of an almost bi-polar track progression, where the albums go from 100 mph to 25 mph and then back up to 110 mph and then back down again. Swallowed Whole And now “Lightning Bolt” hits the accelerator again with “Swallowed Whole.” While it isn’t as fast paced as the albums first few tracks, “Swallowed Whole” picks up the listener from out of the slow creepy place that is “Pendulum,” pumps along and finds Vedder examining the power of listening to a record has on one’s soul.


Yellow Moon The slower pace is continued here with “Yellow Moon,” a folksy tune that features Vedder wallowing about life and death, “One life, one grave, joins the parade” and the unknown uncertainty of when our time will be up. Future Days The album’s final track circles back around to the earlier themes of love found on “Sirens.” This track is the most “pop” sounding song I think Pearl Jam has released since the 1999 cover “Last Kiss,” and I am sure it will be the first Pearl Jam song regularly used as a couple’s first dance song at weddings. I found this track to be the weakest song on the album currently. I just couldn’t get past the feeling that it did not fit with the rest of the album’s tracks. As a whole, “Lightning Bolt” is a solid album and I would definitely recommend it to people who are looking to listen to something that harkens back to old school opus albums. I think this album rips, except for the closing track, but it might grow on me. 3.5 out of 4 owls!

The Yanks are on yet another shopping spree. Yep, that’s right. The club that said at the beginning of the 2013 season that they were going to cut their payroll to $189 million; well that was short-lived. The Yankees are already on their heels in pursuit of acquiring St. Louis Cardinals outÅMTLMZ +IZTW[ *MT\ZIV )\TIV\I *ZI^M[ KI\KPMZ *ZQIV 5K+IVV IVL 2IXIVM[M[\IZ\MZ5I[IPQZW<IVISI Sounds pretty similar to the 2008-2009 YanSMM[[QOVQVO5IZS<MQ`MQZI++;IJI\PQIIVL)2 *]ZVM\\#QVI[MI[WV\PMa_W]TLOWWVIVLTI\MZ_QV the World Series. Oh yeah. The Yankees spent $423 million on them over their contracts. Although these players are worth a lot of money, \PM AIVSMM[ WNÅKM _QTT KWV^MVM WV 5WVLIa NWZ I meeting to discuss how they could still reduce the \MIU¼[T]`]Za\I` Hal Steinbrenner, team owner, wants to be able to reinvest the money instead of having to pay out to smaller markets. So how can the Yanks accomplish this? Well after a dismal 2013 campaign, the Yanks are willing

photo courtesy |

and lack humanity. While it’s moody and inspiring like the sound of rain, it’s definitely lacking human empathy. Many passages are dazzling, though not necessarily comforting. However, there are occasionally some warm and lively moments that are good for head bumping. “Golden Arrow” slowly sews droning synths, macabre sound effects, and a pulsating bass line together. Tension transforms into mania by the time the ominous groove drops. It sounds like something out of an old sci-fi B movie.


Number 25 was the rank -;86 OI^M \W 3WJM *ZaIV\ AMIP \PM [IUM *ZaIV\ \PI\ won five titles, 15 all-star appearances four in which he _I[ VIUML 5>8 \_W \QUM NQVIT[ 5>8 IVL WVM \QUM TMIO]M5>8 While he still is rehabbing his Achilles he tore last [MI[WV *ZaIV\ Q[ [IQL \W JM ahead of schedule according \W \MIU LWK\WZ[ IVL *ZaIV\ PQU[MTN +PZQ[ *W[P 2WISQU 6WIP 2WPV ?ITT *TISM Griffin, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker to name a few ahead WN *ZaIV\ *]\ \PM WVM \PI\ ZMally caught my attention was Dwayne Wade being ranked PQOPMZ \PIV *ZaIV\ ,WV¼\ get me wrong, Wade when healthy is a top 10 player in \PMOIUM*]\PQ[R]UX[PW\ is awful and his legs aren’t the same anymore as far as M`XTWLQVO \W \PM K]X NWZ I point. Paul George has risen to 6*)[\IZLWU_PQKPZM[]T\ML into him signing a massive M`\MV[QWV _Q\P \PM 8IKMZ[ this offseason which is key for them to beat the Heat. 5a Q[[]M _Q\P \PQ[ -;86 ranking is the fact that many XMWXTMIZM_ZQ\QVO>QVW\PM 5IUJI WNN  TQSM PM Q[V¼\ \PM PHOTO COURTESY | CHICAGONOW.COM best to ever do it. Yeah I said it, the best to NBA player rankings are out and Lebron James is ranked first among all of them. ever play the game of basSM\JITT 5IVa WN  aW] _QTT [Ia WN \WLIa*]\1[\QTTIUOWQVOWV\PMZMKWZLIVL and healthy and that will be the scoring support 5QKPIMT2WZLIV_I[\PMJM[\IVLPMPI[[\I\[\W [IaQVO *ZaIV\ Q[ \WX  7J^QW][Ta 3QVO 2IUM[ George needs. XZW^M [W *]\ I TW\ WN  aW] O]a[ _PW IZM ZMIL- Q[V]UJMZWVMQV\PMTMIO]M)VLI[IV6*)LQMNumber four is James Harden. Harden ing this article I can mostly guarantee have not hard fan, James over the years has gained my re- has showed everyone he deserved his own team _I\KPML M^MZa 2WZLIV OIUM IVL *ZaIV\ OIUM spect as much as I did dislike him. He has proven instead of playing behind Durant’s shadow. to compare. he is a winner despite leaving to a much better Harden’s slicing and dicing offense is really Well unless you’re in your late twenties team but I don’t blame him one bit. Durant will unguardable. His mindset, which is “Operating and up then yes I can sit down with you and be number two because he is really difficult to Kill Everything” has placed him in the discusPMIZ aW]Z LMJI\M *]\ \W JM PWVM[\ 4MJZWV go against on defense. He has a seven foot four sion for top players in the game and had earned and Kobe are the greatest in my time and the wingspan and has a jump shot that can shut the him the number four spot in my ranking. KWUXIZQ[WV[ JM\_MMV \PM \_W 1 KIV LW *]\ light out at a gym. Taking over the final spot in my top five let’s get back to these crazy rankings. For a player that is skinny, Durant takes the ZIVSQVO[Q[VWVM\PMTM[[3WJM*ZaIV\6]UJMZ[ Kevin Love to me has the right to be in task to guard the opposing team’s best player no don’t lie, rings don’t lie and also his production the top 10 hands down. What he does night in matter the size and to me that’s what champions over the past years, show why he is still the best. and night out is everything plus more you want do. Even though he never won a ring, he has In the final minutes with the game on the line, from your big man. He can stretch defenses reached the finals and balled out. \PM5IUJI[\ZQSM[ with his perimeter jump shot, he’s a bully down 5a \PQZL ZIVSQVO _QTT JM 8I]T /MWZOM .IUW][Ta*ZaIV\PI[[IQLIJW]\\PM_IaPM low with the boards on offense and defense. George has blossomed so fast in such little time attacks offense is simple, I will always win no =VNWZ\]VI\MTa PM XTIa[ NWZ I 5QVVM[W\I \MIU and to me he has gained my respect and support. matter who it is in front of me. that fell off since Garnett left to win a ring in Indiana as a team has grown to a championship “If you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for *W[\WV KITQJMZ \MIU IVL \PQ[ aMIZ M`XMK\ \PMU \W JM \PMJMIZº[IQL*ZaIV\ *]\ \PMV IOIQV \PM[M ZIVSQVO[ even better. The addition of Luis Scola is goSCSU_SNews11.1875x6.487_Layout 1 10/9/13 2:15 PMIZM PageJI[ML 1 off of the top players to the worst players as ing to be HUGE. Also, Danny Granger is back

Beltran is one of the big names the Yanks are going after this season. to shed a few players. Players on this list that could JM TMI^QVO \PM *ZWV` L]M \W NZMM IOMVKa IZM 2WJI Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Hiroki Kuroda and +]Z\Q[ /ZIVLMZ[WV )VL WN  KW]Z[M _Q\P 5IZQIVW Rivera and Andy Pettitte retiring, their contracts will also be gone. The captain, Derek Jeter, will hopefully rehab _MTT MVW]OP IVL JM IJTM \W \ISM \PM ÅMTL NWZ \PM Yankees for more the 17 games like he did this past season. If Jeter opts to go for the player option that will drop his salary from $17 million to $9.5 million. And of course there’s that whole A-rod thing. The Yankees would be more than happy to rid themselves of Rodriguez. If A-rod ends up getting his 219-game suspension the Yankees will not have to pay him the $31 million that would be due to him VM`\[MI[WV*]\_M¼TTITTPI^M\W_IQ\\W[MMPW_\PI\ headache ends. First on the Yanks list- holding onto Robinson Cano. They know that he’s going to cost them money; somewhere around the ballpark of just under

UQTTQWV<PMaIZMM`XMK\ML\WUISMIVWNNMZ\W Cano that would offer him $25 million for the 2014 season; that’s a $10 million bonus from this past season- not too shabby. Tanaka is on the top of that list too. While he will also put a hole in the Yankees pocket, the Yankees are targeting and are hot on acquiring both these players. The Yankees had little to no production from behind the plate. Romine and Stewart were not really productive at the plate, and recorded a lot of errors at the catching position. So that is the reason for the Yankees shopping IZW]VLNWZIKI\KPMZ*ZQIV5K+IVVQ[ITMN\PIVLML batter and is a wall behind the plate. )[NWZ+IZTW[*MT\ZIVPMPI[[\I\ML\PI\PM_IV\[ to come to New York, so the Yankees are in the makings of trying to get that acquisition. Whatever the Yankees are stirring up, it better come out a hell of a lot better than last year. Life needs to be struck back into that stadium, and I think changes are the only way that’s going to happen.

On “Hearts” uneasy bass murmurs complement faint, glimmering guitars, and chugging tribal toms. The feeling of imminent danger is then pleasantly erased when the song erupts into a bluesy little jam. “Paper Trails” is undoubtedly the catchiest song. The combination of slick stanky blues riffs and a funk bass line make it very easy to groove to, though the ominous feel of the rest of the album is not lost. Also, It’s one of the few times there is any singing, and it leaves you wanting more. It’s also good to note that Jaar’s low croon makes him sound like a cybernetic Jim Morrison. Psychic is awesome because Darkside are actually forging an original identity, something that many electronic artists struggle with. The genre is highly saturated so it’s easy to get lumped in another artists wake. If you try to meld alternative and funky time signatures, you’re Radiohead. If you write big hooky dance numbers then you’re Daft Punk. If you have a knack for being a weirdo with complex and dissonant compositions, you’re Aphex Twin. But thankfully, Psychic is a fresh mix of cold metallic electronica and blues guitar. It has creative merit and flashes of pop accessibility. 3 out of 4 owls!


King James remains on top of throne SPORTS WRITER

Psychic constantly plays with sterility. Most of the tracks are cold, clean,

The Student Newspaper of SCSU


Yanks are after Lebron ranks No.1 among all other players in league four big names Bobby Martinez

Let The Records Play The band isn’t done with the vinyl yet, here proclaiming the cure for any ailment is a good stash of records to listen to. The song is a bluesy romp with a little surf rock vibe thrown in, and continues Pearl Jam and Vedder’s declaration of the power of listening to anything on vinyl, which was also proclaimed in the “Vitology” cut “Spin The Black Circle.” Sleeping By Myself “Sleeping By Myself ” was originally found on Vedder’s 2011 solo record “Ukulele Songs” and now finds Vedder and his ukulele accompanied by the band on this mellow but fast-paced song about loneliness that actually sounds more upbeat compared to the original sparse recording by Vedder.


OCTOBER 23, 2013

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23, 2013

Coach Jess Down to be honored Oct. 25

Before Hall of Fame game, Dow will be saluted by National Football Foundation Bobby Martinez

program that dominated opponents for four decades that resulted into 16 winning seasons The founder of Southern playing against teams such as Connecticut State University’s Connecticut University, Northfootball team, Jess Dow, has western and Temple to name been selected into 2014’s col- a few. Southern’s athletic dilege football hall of fame. rector Patricia Nicol said Jess Dow was a part of a Dow’s legacy will forever be a

part of Southern and is pleased to know he has been recognized for his work he did in his time. “He,”said Nicol, “set the foundation for sustained athletic excellence for our football program and the entire athletic department. I am extremely pleased that the National Football Foundation has selected him for this prestigious honor. It is certainly well-deserved for his many contributions to SCSU, to college football, and to college athletics on the whole." Dow began his football program in 1947 at New Haven State Teacher’s College, which was Southern Connecticut’s State University previous name. During his time at the realm, Dow’s teams were dominating opponents giving Dow the recognition of one of the most successful coaches in a small college. Nicol said Dow was not just a football coach to Southern, Nicol said his work off the field as far as a worker for the school was appreciated greatly. “Jess Dow,” said Nicole, “left an indelible legacy on the Southern Connecticut State University community over the span of four different decades in his roles as a coach, administrator and faculty member,” Dow was born in Tona Texas in which he played fullback for Littlefield High School from 1930-1933. Dow was then named as an All-American at West Texas State in 1937. Dow managed to secure a roster spot for the Philadelphia Eagles in which he was a part of for three seasons. Dow left the Eagles to join PHOTO COUTRESY | SOUTHERNCTOWLS.COM the U.S. military but was discharged. He left to be a part of Jess Dow is founder of Southern Connecticut athletics. World War II and was named Lieutenant Commander during


After a disappointing campaign last season going 7-18, senior Moni Smith-Ocran and crew look to turn things around for the Owls basketball team this season. Being a young group of girls, Smith-Ocran said that the mentalities of the players as a whole wasn’t as strong as it used to be. “We really needed an extra pusher in the paint more often during games,” Smith-Ocran said. “We were just missing that driver on our team that really brought us together as a whole.” Being on the same page in everything that each player does is going to be key to the Owls success this season, Smith-Ocran said. For junior, Mariah Hankton, she said she looks at last year as a learning experience. “This season we have to brush last season off and keep continuing to work hard,” Hankton said. “That hard work will show come game time.” Before the Owls start the season on Nov. 9, they started early game play by hosting an alumni game earlier in the month. Not only were players able to have fun, by said that they learned a lot about the athletic programs at Southern. “There were a lot of laughs and memories being shared throughout the whole game,” Hankton said. “I think everyone

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really enjoyed being back in the ÅMTLPW][MIVLM`XMZQMVKQVO\PMQZ prime all over again.” As for preparation for this coming season, the new fresh talent keeps rolling in. This year the team has added four new players to the team; three freshmen and one junior transfer student. “We are really excited to have them as an addition to our team,” Hankton said. “They are a very talented group who came in ready to work and are on the same page as the rest of the team.” Smith-Ocran said that she could see the team meshing easily together in workouts, but there’s still work to be done. “I think it’s going to be a good challenge for us to see how we work as a whole under adversity,” Smith-Ocran said. This being Smith-Ocran’s last year as an Owl, she said she wants to make the most out of it and be sure that she has given her all in every game. “I don’t want to have to look back at it wondering what I could have done better,” Smith-Ocran said. Because the team has more returning players than they did last year, both Smith-Ocran and Hankton said that they are looking forward to getting more wins. “We all have a drive to make something for our team and to prove to everyone that we are unstoppable,” Smith-Ocran said. “I think with the new and older players returning on the team like

Bobby Martinez


PHOTO COUTRESY | SOUTHERNCTOWLS.COM The Owls will take on the University of New Haven in the Hall of Fame game on Oct.25.

his time in the military. Dow went on to receive his master’s degree in education. Dow’s first season as a head coach didn’t go well resulting in a 3-4-1 record. Dow’s way of coaching was like no other. He was always open to play tougher teams that would help his team become a better team and also build a strong program. Dow managed to coach one undefeated season in in 1956 and also had seven teams over a span of 10 years that lost one game during their season. One of Dow’s greatest accomplishment as a coach came in 1959 in which his program

received their first bowl game, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Playoff Bowl semifinal. In 1965 Dow won coach of the year and the Eastern Conference Title which was Southern’s first year in the EFC. After coaching for 18 years, Dow became Southern’s director of athletics until 1975. Dow retired with a record of 10840-6 with a winning percentage of .730. In memory of Dow, Southern named their field which is currently called “Jess Dow Field” after Dow. Not only was Dow a coach for football, he was also a coach

of basketball, baseball, track and golf. Dow was a member of numerous programs which helped build his name as one of college football’s best coaches and person overall. Dow was a part of the American Association of University Professors, Race Brook Country Club, the Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club and the New Haven Rotary Club, American Football Coaches Association, the American College Golf Coaches Association. Dow died at age 88 in 2003.

transfer student Sydni Lester and Keshia Primo, we are going to be something dangerous. We found our missing pieces.” Smith-Ocran said that these two players bring versatility and consistency to the team. “Sydni can shoot a short jumper even with a good defense,” Smith-Ocran said. “Maria Wesely is going to be deadly behind the arch and Taylor McLaughlin can play both inside and outside; which adds more to our package as a whole.”

23, 2013

With hundreds of athletes playing Division-II football, three players on Southern Connecticut’s football team are currently fighting for that number one spot in stats for their respective position. Mike Dunkley is in his junior year at Southern Connecticut State University. In 2012, Dunkley’s finished the season with 58 tackles, 39 of which were solo. With six games in this season, Dunkley’s has already matched his total of interceptions from last year with three. Dunkley said this season his team’s defense has a much clearer and better mindset and his team is playing well because of that. “We been focusing and playing hard each game,” said Dunkley. “We also have been focusing on technique and getting to the ball.” The Owls defense has allowed a staggering 24 points a game this season. Dunkley is ranked 24th in the country with three interceptions. Dunkley said the reason he has been able to help his defense this year is due to his studying of the quarterback and also off the field film study. “I’ve been playing in coverage,” said Dunkley, “like how I’m supposed to do playing with good technique, staying focused and breaking on the

ball.” Dunkley is four interceptions behind Darnell Evans from Shaw University. Dunkley said he is happy with his game because he worked hard off-season to improve as a player and help his team as best as he could. He said if he was to finish the season as a top five leader in interceptions, it would mean a lot to him. “It would be great,” said Dunkley, “all the hard work I put in would show and it would feel real good.” Despite last season’s rough ending, the Owls are currently 3-3 and are in sync on both offense and defense. The Owls rank number five in D-II football with sacks allowed, number 19 with third down percentage and number 24 for tackles for loss. Brian Wilcox who is ranked number 19 in the D-II football with 19 solo tackles and total tackles said he is happy with the statistic but is more happy with his team. “It really doesn’t mean that much right now,” said senior Wilcox. “It’s a good thing but I am much more happy with the play of my team to be honest.” Wilcox said his team’s defense this year has been a much better unit than last year and has been playing well. “Our defense,” said Wilcox, “has definitely taken care of our piece of the pie. Some days our offense is doing good and our defense isn’t picking them up

PHOTO COUTRESY | SPORTSPAGEMAGAZINE.COM John Moscatel (28) is ranked No. 15 in the country with nine rushing touchdowns.

and vice versa.” Wilcox has a total of 38 tackles on the season with one interception. Wilcox, who is averaging 10.5 tackles a game, said working on his game on and off the field is the main reason why they’re doing well this season.

“I worked hard over the off-season,” said Wilcox. “I just want to win and my drive is very good.” Running back John Moscatel is ranked number 15 in the country with nine rushing touchdowns. In six games Moscatel has managed to put

up numbers that consist of 649 rushing yards, nine touchdowns off of 109 carries. Moscatel had a breakout game against Pace University this season rushing for a season high 159 yards and four touchdowns. As the Owls continue to march towards a playoff spot,

they have four games left to help improve their 3-3 record. The Owls have one home game left against New Haven and three games away with hopes of finishing at the top of their conference standing when it’s all said and done.

Owls pitching got the team 20 wins last season, along with ERA of 3.45 Jennifer Hoffer

Oct 25

Oct 25

Oct 26

Oct 26

Womens Soccer:

Men & Women Swim-


Field Hockey:

Womens Soccer:

vs. Bentley @ 1 p.m.

vs. Bentley @ 5 p.m.

vs College of Saint Rose ming vs College of Saint vs. University of New



Pitching staff continues to be key to success

Redeeming themselves as a program is one goal that Smith-Ocran said she wants to accomplish. “I just feel we’re going to be different this year,” SmithOcran said. “I feel like my team has grown as a whole. The team chemistry this year is very strong. We are on the same page. It reminds me of my sophomore year’s team chemistry- inseparable.” Individually, Smith-Ocran said that she really wants to work on her consistency in anything she does on the court this season. For Hankton, she said there’s always room for her to improve on the defensive end. “With defense comes offense,” Hankton said. “Defense is our thing and we are always looking to get better in that area.” Hankton and the team look to start off strong on both defense PHOTO COUTRESY | SOUTHERNCTOWLS.COM IVLWNNMV[MQV\PMQZÅZ[\OIUMWV Nov. 9 against Saint Thomas Smith-Ocran has a total of 269 rebound in her three years at Southern so far. Aquinas College.

Rose @ 4 p.m.


Owls currently rank in the top 20 in Division II in three categories

Oct 22

@ 7 p.m.



Hall of Fame game, honoring Jess Dow Oct. 25 PAGE 13

Football team is improving, shows in rankings

After a losing season, basketball looks to get back on top SPORTS EDITOR



Smith-Ocran determined to lead Owls

Jennifer Hoffer



Haven @ 7 p.m.



pitcher, Rocco Cundari said he is excited to see how this team SPORTS EDITOR does this coming season. “Overall I liked what I saw The Owls won the city se- in the City Series,” Cundari ries this fall going 2-0; defeat- said. “I know our pitchers will ing both Yale and University have quick innings. We don’t of New Haven. Rocco Cundari really have big hitters, so we got the win for the Owls against move the runners around with Yale, which set them up with a infield singles, which produced date against University of New runs for us in those two games.” Haven to battle for the chamThe Owls will be without pionship. The Owls would beat Michael Cleary, Sam Greenthe Bulldogs 5-4 as pitcher Pat berg and Kyle Cummings this Egan would go on to throw six season. So the new guys will no-hit innings. have to fill their shoes. The Owls are a fairly “We’re very young,” young team this year, but senior Cundari said. “We have five or

six seniors and everyone else is either a junior, sophomore or freshman. We have a couple of great young live arms and a new shortstop that can come in and fill a big hole when Sam Greenberg was here.” Matt Burns will have to fill in Cleary’s sport as he is moving to centerfield. “I have to pick up the slack, right where Cleary left off,” Burns said. The reason for the Owls success over the past years has been their pitching. “As long as I’ve known about Southern, its always been their pitching,” Cundari said. “We don’t give up many runs; we don’t give up many hits. Pitchers are constantly keeping us in the game.” Burns said he believes that Southern has one of the best pitching staffs in the country. “Our defense is always huge, and as long as we have are pitching coaches there with us,” Burns said, “We’ll be all set.” Last season the Owls went 20-21-1. Regardless of the record, Cundari said he was very proud about the way they played. “I felt that we were the biggest underdog in that tournament,” Cundari said. “We played against two Division I schools and matched up against the conference PHOTO COUTRESY | SOUTHERNCTOWLS.COM champion last year. I was very proud that we stepped up Cundari finished with a 6-3 record last seaon with a 2.60 ERA. and achieved what we could.”


Not only are the Owls facing a slew of new players, but they also got a new coach. Nick Restaino will take over as Owls head coach. Restaino was a head coach at Fordham, but left after the 2010 season to pursue other opportunities. He spent seven seasons with Fordham posting a 31-231 record in his last season with them. Athletic Director Frank McLaughlin at Fordham said it was a pleasure to have him at the reins for the team. “We are extremely thankful for Nick’s hard work and dedication to Fordham’s baseball program,” McLaughlin said. Cundari said he is excited to start working with him and see what he can do with this team. “He brings a lot of new knowledge to the game,” Cundari said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what he could do here and help us get a lot of wins.” Entering the 2014 season, Cundari said he would like to work on keeping his walks down. “That was my biggest disappointment,” Cundari said. “If I keep my walks down and throw a lot of strikes like I always do, that will definitely eliminate a lot of possible runners that could score.” As for Burns, he said he just wants to get through a full season without getting hurt. “I have to learn how to stay healthy,” Burns said. “I want to


PHOTO COUTRESY | SOUTHERNCTOWLS.COM Pat Egan went 4-2 last season with a 2.73 ERA.

play the whole year this year.” offseason and make new relaSo until the season starts, tionships with the freshman to the Owls will continue to work create an even stronger team. on their strong pitching in the


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