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Peace and Joy to All! Merry Christmas

“Best Wishes for the Holiday Season!”

and Happy New Year! from

May the Joy of Christmas Fill Your Home and Heart

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I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have a Zhu Zhu pet and the Furreal Lulu’s walkin kitty. If you can, bring me some snow for Christmas. Love,

Please bring me some pretty rock’s so I can paint them for presents for all my friends, I am 3 yrs old. My name is Peyton Lee J. Bring Trey a remote control. Love,

Where are your reindeer? I want a microphone cause I like to sing. I want a sticker from Santa Claus, too. Please bring my baby brother a car. A red one. I’m here waiting, Santa Claus!

I want a 4 wheeler, also a dog, dirty bike, a kitten, a computer that has games on it. I also want to wish G-ma, pappa, mommy a Merry Christmas.

Brianna L.

Erin L.

Red Rover Game, DS, Toy Story 3 movie, Buzz Lightyear stuff, Iron Man stuff.

Craig R.

Dakota T.

I want a maccup (makeup), and dolls and a ds player, a Barbie doll, a play doh, and my Daddys back to be healed.

Hannah B.

I want a chocolate tuch phone for chrimas and the most thing I want is to be alive more than that and thats all.

Trinity D.

All I want for Christmas is I want a helrcoptr, Coat, Gun, Fishin pole, Bike. Thanks.

Im been good. I will like a nintedo DS game and Game’s with it. I would like a four wheeler that Tre P. runes on a battery. I would like a dvd on how How is life in the North to train a dragon. A new pole? I hope you and the TV for my room. I would like new house shoe’s and elves are all doing well. I would like some new This year for Christmas I would like a touch screen shirt’s that say’s Gentoren DX on the and on the Ipod, monky, and some pant’s and new tennis pajamas that have dinasors on them that are that’s say’s DX. I would like a playstation II for green and they have to mine room. I would like a be a small. I would like lote of stuff. I relly want some dinosor slippers with the dinosor pajamas the new wrestling ring. I and the the slippers have would like new sandles to be green to and size 2 say’s Gentorens DX. A new car that say’s and one dinosor green robe. Please a phone and Gentorens DX. And a new gartine with Gentoren’s some dinosor clothes to. DX. Your friend, They have to be a small and they have to be Paul J. green to and some dino shoes that are size 2 and I want my dad back. I are green and a puppy want a new tv. I want a dog basit hound. beard. P.S. If you give me Aaron E. anything I will still like it. And a Talor Swift DVD. I would like a RC Sincerely, Holicoptor and stealth Lisa F. ride and a remote controle car. I have been a good boy Zach R. all year. Can I have a Wii please? Can I have a May I have a new pair computer too please? of glasses if you can’t get Can I have an ipod? Can I me any I understand, but have a bicycle? Can I if you can I would have toy story 3 movie? appericeate it a lot, and I Can I have Sponge bob 2 would like to know if you Season Movie. might be able to get my Thank you. mom another car since Cole R. someone stole it. Also, I would like to know if you I have slept in my bed 3 know you know where my times! I have been being dad lives because I miss him so much I’m about to really good at school. I cry. And last I wanted to would love to have a know if I am on the bouncy baby, and sea naughty or nice. Have a horse baby. I would also holy-joly Christmas. Your like some new big girl cups and a bell like what friend, is on your sleigh. Andrew S.

Natalie D.

I whant a glee CD board game and bendaroos and blendy pens and Zhu Zhu pet and little mommy play all day and Barbie furniture (pink) and Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and toy organizer and waserma and magic fabric and fashion studio and or beez and horse painting and make pottery and dippin dots and cra-zcookin and dancie doll and baby peek a boo and squinkies and zooble and baby all gone and too cut twis black and b-girlz and livginlz and movie girlz and sweet faith bilingual doll and leap frog and mind flex and if you give me like 7 of thes things and the rest too other kids. Thank you. Love,

Zakania J.

I would like a Nintendo DS, a pumpkin toy, a computer, a TV, and a clock for my room.

I would like a Red Ryder BB gun, Scooby Doo Mystery Mantion, the Mystery Machine & the Emma T. Gang. Please & thank you! I want a bunch of race Joshua M. cars, a helmet, a dart gun that says “Nerf or I have been trying to Nothing” on it, and a lot get along with my sister. of Toy Story toys, just the Can you get me a Xbox ones for boys. 360, baseball bag, Carter G. baseball. Your friend,

Peyton J

Jason G.

Lego Harry Potter train, Lego space, Police Lego, World Police and Heeley Skate Shoes. Love,


I just want my family to have a very good time and to love each other and I don’t care if I get presents. All I want for Christmas is for my family to get along. I also want to give presents to charities!! Merry Christmas!


Writing letters to Santa Claus has been a Christmas tradition for children for many years. These letters normally contain a wishlist of toys and assertions of good behavior or apologies for bad behavior! In the United States, letters are generally routed to North Pole, Alaska. In Britain it is tradition to burn the Christmas letters on the fire so they are magically transported by the wind to the North Pole. In Mexico and other Latin American countries, besides using the mail, sometimes children attache their letters to a small helium balloon, releasing them into the air so Santa magically receives them. The Southern Illinoisan, in partnership with Casey’s General Stores, decided to help Southern Illinois children make sure Santa has the opportunity to read their Christmas wishes. Here are their letters. I want for Christmas a xbox 360, and to marry Trinity.

I want a farm house that goes in sand, a coat that has white feathers on it, Gabe R. new computer games and my own desk to put stuff I want a Wee, a toy cat in. with a leash, scarf and Christopher M. clothes. I would also like pajamas, a big box of I would like a baby doll things like snowmen, for Christmas and a Easter eggs, Hannah Barbie too. Montana things and Taylor B. Justin Bieber things in it. I also want a doggie with a Can I have army guy leash and a collar. Santa stuff, cowboy things, a Claus, thank you for pair of jeans, a belt for bringing me toys. my pretend cowboy Ashlee S. guns, a cowboy hat, my own carnival ride and a hot tub. Your reindeer are I want a bike, a fourreally cool. I will have wheeler, and a scooter. Michael J. cookies, milk, carrots, and ranch dip waiting for you. I want toys for Christmas. I want cars, Drake T. new roads, and train tracks. Also, do not forget I would like a helicopter the train. I want a that has a camera in it bulldozer, Stinky the and it shows you stuff. I Garbage Truck, a squeaky want a BB gun and a little toy for my dog, two turkey that is real. Also, doggie bones and an goggles that can show outside swing set. Please, you monsters in the night. Santa, please! Zander B.

Xander L.

I would like some cat dishes, Twinkle Toes, a bug catcher, new decorations for our Christmas tree and Skechers with a “S” on them.

I want an Iron Man toy, and Iron Man game, and Iron Man backpack that has a button I can push to make me fly, and a bike.

Conner T.

I want a dinosaur toy

Morgan L. that eats toy fish. When I get this dinosaur I will name him Cruncher. The fishes name will be food. I want a green po-go stick, a green Hot Wheelz car that has pink fire, and a Criss-Cross-Crash toy for my cars. I also want a Isis N. claw toy and a monster car.

I want a pet shop, a princess doll, slippers, a toy dog, a microphone, and a horse. I like you Santa, thanks for making Christmas trees! Your reindeer are cute.

I want a Hanna Montana microphone, a High School Musical video game, a Hannah Montana shirt, and a box of crayons. I also want Hannah Montana and Nathan R. Dora stickers. I love you, Santa! I hope you have a good Madison L. Christmas. Brittany S. I would like orange and red high heels, a Hello I want a r/c helicopter. Kitty game, & Hello Kitty Camlin L. clothes and shoes. Also a Chawawa game, a I have been a good Princess game, a white boy. I would like an toy puppy, and a real Ironman Helmet, a big horse. I love you Santa! buzz lightyear & Toy Story Tristen M. 3 movie. Oh & a Mobigo, please. I hope you and I want a DS, a PSP and Mrs. Claus have a Merry some games, a dirt bike, Christmas! Love, and p.s. movie.


Noah H.

Happy Holidays from Your Friends

Logan V.

I would want a video game, a real spider web toy, a Lego Spider Man game, a Toy Story video game for Xbox, a bike with a helmet and stuff for your elbows and knees so that I do not get hurt.

I want for Christmas is a dog and a big stuff totso and Victoria’s Secret and all of the toys story 3. PS3 games and a phone and a camera and a rilly car like is little and a baby fent like is a kasl. Love,

Nick O.

Macey S.

I have fed the dog to help Mom. Could I please have a ds? Another thing I want a buzz lightyear I would like is a and woody and potatoe chalkboard. Please bring head. I also want a big totso and colognue and a my dog a bone. Your 4-wheeler remote contort. friend, I want a DSI and games Madison to the PS3 and a tent and hot wheels and all toy I have fed the dog to story 3. Laptop, help my Mom. Could I skateboard, phone. please have an x-box Core S. 360. I would like three more things please. I would like a bone for my I want, Sandy’s Lego god, a D.S. for my Rocket, Stinky the brother Parker, last Garbage tuck, Lego City pokemon sold silver and World. Love, Xander S. all the pokemon D.S. games. Your friend, I want a Xbox 360, a Chase cowboy game, batman game, Tomica City-Hole I have been doing my City, Thomasases’ Misty best in school and I Island rescue, and a flat helped put up lights. Can screen T.V. Love, I please have an Ipod Zane S. touch and a ground force drifter and a new nerf gun. I have a question, Is Please bring me a Rudolf the red nose million dollar winning reindeer really exist? lottery ticket for Christmas. Thank you. Seth W.

Laura M.

I have help my mom decorate the tree. I help my teacher remember stuff. Could I please have some Indiana Jsones Keith M. legos? Another thing I would like is a game for the PS2 called the Dukes Can I have a ribstike of Hazzard. How small are and a lego sets and a your elves? Love, d.s.i and a new bike and a new wii. Thank you very Nick much Santa!!!! Kaleb I have really tried to be good. Could I please I wont to wish you, Mrs. have a playstashin 3? Please get my sister a Santa and the Elves a doll. What do your elves Merry Christmas and remember cookies will be look like? Bring my mom a helper. Sincerely, waiting for you. Please bring me a beautiful doll Sam A. if you got room in your bag. I love you Santa, I have really tried to be and everyone at the nice to Ryan. Can I have a North Pole, and your play car my size? Can I reindeer’s too. Love ya have a mp4 player? Will and Take care of your you come to my home Self. Thank you and Merry first? Love, Christmas. Brystol P.S. Their will be milk too just for you. I am going to give you Sophie B. cookies and milk. Thank you for all the presents I have helped my mom you give us. Merry cook a lot. Could I please Christmas. Have a good Christmas. I want a have Zhu Zhu pets? Another thing I would like dertbike. Have a nice flying on your sled. O ya is Zhu Zhu pet track for my brother. What do your and a sled, a DS, a laptop. Your friend, elves look like? Love, For Christmas I would like you to bring my wife a million dollar lottery ticket. Thank you.


I am 3 years old. I would like an xbox controller with a charge stand, xbox games. I like anything Toy Story and I like cars and trucks. Also my mommy is having my Jacob C. baby brother in march, his name is Braxton and he need bottles because I really want a Barbie house. I want a baby doll im going to feed him. Thanks mema for writing. that has a jacket with a Thanks Santa, I have been hood to put over its very good. head, the baby doll talks Hunter G. too. Also, I have a CD player and I would like a I would like a doll & Kid CD for it. I want you to Kitchen with food & get my mommy a dishes. Please & thank necklace that has a you! diamond in it.

Dylan F.

Santa I want a toy truck. Santa I want a flip car and a car whot fits and a will and me. And I want a Mario game.

Kalie M.


I would like a bike, a dirt bike, and a go cart, a new xbox controler.


I would like a new high chair and books. Please and thank you.

Isabellah M.

I have tried to be good this year. Could I please have a dirt bike and a chest protecter and helmet? My brother Parker would like a cat. Could my brother Andrew please have a Ipad? Do you realy live in the North Pole? Your friend,

HappyHolidays from all of us at

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Max P.



I want moon dough and All I want for Christmas I am sorry I fought with that’s all. Thank you is cars, tractors, and ice my brother. I won’t do it Santa! Hope I get what I cream. Thank you. anymore. I like how your want ok? Thank you. Rylan W. elves make presents. They work hard. Can you Georgia All I want for Christmas bring me a new jump rope. I lost mine. Can you is Barbie doll with long I have been good this year. Could I please have hair, cookies and crackers. bring my mom new dishes. Can you tell Mrs Please don’t forget the a bike, a DS, an electric Claus I said hi because I cookies and crackers. scooter and a plane set. am too shy. Love, My sister Madeline wants Love you. a beauty kit for Christmas. Lela S. Breana Do you have a pet? Your friend, All I want for Christmas I been good. I like the reindeer. Rudolph is my Aidan L. is puzzles, games for my leapster, Power Rangers, favorite. Can you bring I have helped my mom and race cars with a white me a big brown horse. I will put him outside in my decorate the tree. Could I fence around it. Thank you. yard and feed him carrots please have a DS, play stashin 3, Barby house, Carsen C. and apples. Have a happy Christmas. Love, and a Baby Alive. Please bring my cat a sweater. I have been a good girl, Aiden Do you live in the north real good. I like the deers pole? Love, best. I likes the toys I have been a good boy. I like ho-ho’s deer. Mackenzie S. because the elves make Can you bring me a Thomas train. I want I help by taking my dog them. Can you bring me a real a circle fish tank out for a wollk. Can I puppy dog. He for at my please have a dollhouse can be white. I mommy’s and a basketball? Love, house. I need Brittany will give him water and new crayons too. Merry I have been very good. give him food. Thank Christmas I have shared my toys. you. Love, Santa Claus. Could I please have a Love, Barbie Dream house? Raven Anoth thing I would like is Logan a small ATM like a bank. I have been good. I What does the North Pole want a Barbie Fashion I been a good boy. I will look like? Sincerely, Fairy, and some leave you some hot chocolate. Can you bring Emily sweatshirts with butterflies and dogs. I like me a DS and Mario Kart. your sleigh. Merry Merry Christmas Santa I have been good this and Aunt Stacy. Love, year. Could I please have Christmas, Santa. Love, more wii games? Please Madison Garrett bring my dog a unchewable bed. How I have been a good girl. I have been a good girl. little are your elves? Love, It is cool when you make I like that you give us Eric toys. Could you bring me presents. Rudolph is my a pink scooter. Merry favorite reindeer. I would Christmas, Santa. Love, like a red watch. I also I have cleaned the house with my mommy Alexis want DS games. Merry Christmas, Santa Claus. and my daddy. Could I Love, please Justen Bieber I have been a good please? Can you give boy. I think it’s neat when Daci Brienna a Justen Bieber you feed your reindeer Barbie. Can you send me carrots. Could you bring Please bring me a a picture of Rudolph me a Spiderman bike and skateboard and a bike, a please? Your friend, a TV. I like monster trucks new crayons. Love, Jolie too. I hope you have a Lex good trip from the North I have been trying to be Pole. Love, good in school. Could I Timmy please have a joke book? Please bring my brother a I have been a good girl. toy dinosaur. How cold is The thing I want for the North Pole? Love, Christmas is purple horse Chiara watch, and a horse jewelry box, and a horse All I want for Christmas bike. I like your reindeer. I like the ones in front. Tell is a chuggington train, Mrs. Claus hi. Love, dinosaurs, and any toy you want me to have. Avery Princess shoes for mommy, baseball hat for I have been a good girl. daddy and baby doll for I like the reindeer. Can my sister, and new shoes you bring me a piano? I for my brother. Thank want a book with flowers. you. Merry Christmas. Love,

I want a Batman for Christmas. I want a blue ball for Christmas. I have been good. I want a white dog. Merry Christmas. Love,

Please bring me a phone, a motorscooter, a PSP, a basketball court, a motorcycle, a train set, and a tent. Love,

Zachary C.


Merry Christmas. Will you bring me some presents? I want a drum for Christmas. I want a desk and a Woody chairs and Buzz table for Christmas. I have been good. Thank you. Love,


Please bring me makeup, perfume, Hannah Montana Barbie, and a puppy Pillowpet. Love,

Please bring me a stuffed dog, a real duck, a pig toy, a real cat, and a wagon. Love,


Please bring me a baby

Hailey R. cat, some bendable

animals, a real baby horse, a toy four-wheeler Please bring me a that you can ride on, and pillow bone from Dave’s, a swingset. Love, Please bring me a toy mouse, a toy duck, makeup and a pretty Alexxis a unicorn Pillowpet, a beautiful dress in different slinky, Playdoh, and a pig. colors. Love, Please bring me new Love, MJ Halie tennis shoes, a new bookbag, new toy cars, new pants, shirt, and Please bring me a video Please bring me a hoodie, a new real fourwatch, a walking Bigfoot dinosaur, a tree with wheeler, and a new bike. with a remote, a monster Christmas ornaments, a Love, truck, and two guys with turkey, a frog, a pig, a motorcycles. Love, Blake lizard, and some candy. Ethan Love, Please bring me a red Collin Spiderman figure and a Please bring me a real black Spiderman figure. puppy, a real four Please bring me Love, wheeler, a toy remote makeup, a trampoline, control dirt bike, a black Jorge a bike, a ring, and Legos jeep, and toy gun with a for my house so my scope. Love, Please bring me a sister can play with them. Walking Bigfoot, a new Treal Love, Vanesa bike, motorcycles with guys, Lincoln Logs, a toy Please bring me Legos, puppy, and a remote an animal kit, a train set, Please bring me a control four wheeler. glue for my house, and a trampoline, a gun, a Love, real phone. Love, bicycle, and Monkey Evan Business Sports Stomp Jonathan Walkers. Love, Please bring me a Please bring me a JJ trampoline, a Walking kitchen and a trampoline. Bigfoot, a calculator, a Love, Please bring me a new motorcycle bike, a yellow Teddy Bear, a toy horse, Hailey M. motorscooter, a toy and a Hannah Montana turkey, and a clock. Love, Stage. Love, Please bring me a pink Dominick Sydney guitar, a Barbie house, a stuffed Teddy Bear, and a stuffed zebra. Love, Please bring me a Please bring me a motorcycle guy, a video Lani FurReal Friends Go Go watch, a monster truck My Walking Pup, a Littlest that can turn into a robot, Pet Shop with Kittens, I would like a pillow, and a skateboard with a pet, Barbie video, and a and a Barbie Pet Shop. guy on it. Love, little Christmas tree. Love, Love,



Whitney E.




Eli S.


I have been good. I want a new toy truck that has 4 big black wheels and is yellow. I want new clothes like a black sticker shirt. I think it is cool that the reindeer can fly. Love,

Merry Christmas. I want a black doggy, some markers, and a marker board. I want a desk for Christmas. Thank you, Santa Claus. Love,




Age: 18 mos. Parents: Nate & Amber


May Your Holidays Be Bright!


Jessica & Jaidyn


Age: 6 Parents: Jeff & Carla

Ages: 7 mos. & 6 years Parents: J.R. & Amy Siblings: Caitlin & Reid

Age: 20 mos. Parents: Brad & Dana

PLP Battery 1362 N. 7th St. Murphysboro, IL


HAPPY HOLIDAYS to You and Yours! Alpha Services





Age: 16 mos. Parents: Heather & Chris

Age: 11 Parent: Ruben & Belinda

Age: 5 Great Grandmother: Sandy

Age: 6 Parents: Michelle & Darren

1806 N Court St. Marion, IL


Best Wishes & Happy Holidays to One & All ELKVILLE State Bank 110 1/2 S. 4th St., Elkville



Ryan, Kristen, Austin, Lauren and Colton Ages: 18, 13, 15, 7 and 10 Parents: Carol & Mike

Mason & Payton Ages: 4 & 2 Parents: Amber & John



Please bring me a Barbie Glam Vacation Jet, Barbies, a new bed, a Barbie Pet Shop, and a pet hamster. Love,

How are you Santa? I hope you have had an awesome year. I am a good boy. I would all the Wii games for Christmas. I would also like another cat. I would like a laptop and a DSI. The Wii games are for Dylln and me. I don’t know what Daci wants. I hope I can see you on Christmas. Love,

How are the reindeer and Rudolph? I would like a Dora microphone for my little sister, Molly. A monster truck that says Big Foot would be a good gift for my older brother, Michael. I would like an American Girl doll, I think named Sally. Also, I would like a heart necklace for my mom. For Dustin Dad, I was think a new wallet (his keeps ripping I have been a good girl. because he works so How are you? I would like hard). I will leave you cookies and milk. Love, a doll for Christmas. My sister would also like a Madi doll. My brother would like Star Wars toys. I will How is Mrs. Clause? I leave you cookies and would like a motorized milk. Love, scooter for Christmas. I Elizabeth would also like polka dot boots. I would like a diamond necklace for I have been a good my mom. I would like you boy this year. How have you been? I would like to buy my dad sunglasses. I would also a wrestling cage and talking wrestling men like a new outfit. I will leave cookies out for you for Christmas. I will at the door. I like you be sleeping when Santa Clause, more than you come. Love, Preston anything! Love,


Please bring me a Teddy Bear, a tree club house, a green dress, a Princess and the Frog dress, and a tea party set. Love,


How are the reindeer Mrs. Clause and Rudolf? I want a real puppy and a dog house for Christmas. My dog’s name is Brittney. I also want an IPod, a toy Barbie doll, and Ken’s Dream House with an elevator. My brother wants a tall monster truck. My sister wants a dancing Dora. I will leave you cookies, milk, and soda (I always do), on the counter in the kitchen. Love,


How are you doing? How is Rudolph? For Christmas, I would like a blue DS. I would also like a guy Transformer, a Rubics cube, a toy computer, and a toy Nerf gun (I can only have Nerf guns because the others are too dangerous.) I have been a good boy. Look on the table between two chairs for your milk and cookies. Love,


How are the reindeer and Mrs. Claus? I want to give you a big hug. You are the best Santa ever. I would like a pink and red DS and DS games for Christmas. I would like a flower squishy toy for Bentley. I would so like some real money for my parents. I would like to come to the North Pole. Love,


How is Rudolph? I want a brown Zusu pet named Mr. Squwiggles, a yellow DS, a Rubics cube, and another Ferbe. For James I would like baby clothes and a rattle. Look for your milk in the fridge because it might get sour. Look for your cookies on the island. Love,


My name is Makayla O. and Im 5 years old I live in West Frankfort could you bring me a 4 wheeler, helmet, IPod and a baby bathtub thank you very much. Love,

Makayla O.


How are the reindeer and Rudolph? I would like a pink DS for Christmas. I How are you? I would would like a new jewelry like a blue DS for box for my mommy. A Christmas. I would also new car would great for like a Dora doll. For my my daddy. My mommy brother Alex, please bring also needs new jewelry a big truck named Chuck. because hers is all over Bring bracelets for Mom her room. My sister, and tools for Dad. I will Trinity wants a Maxi girl. be good until Christmas. I Bethany would like a love you. Love, microphone, both girls Gabby sing a lot! I will see about leaving cookies and milk Would you please bring at the doorstop for you! me a Mac truck to carry Love, my pretend racecars? Gracey Weston really wants Thomas the train toys. How is Rudolph? Santa Weston and I have been is nice. Christmas trees good boys. I will leave are great! I you cookies and milk. hope you like Love, the cookies Kayden and milk we leave out. I I love you! Good luck hope you get sending presents. I have my little brother, been a good boy. I would Ky, a truck and like Mario 7 Stars for Wii, boot. I want my a Big Foot remote control mom to get a monster, and a Pokemon Wii game. I Poki part game for want my Christmas. Well, I also dad to not have drown Kerby Epic be mad yarn for DS. I would like a anymore 4-wheeler for Morris. Dad when I and I will leave you some watch too carrots, they taste really much TV. good. Love, You have my other list of Brayden toys for me, so you know what I want. Love, I want a red and purple Skylar DS for Christmas. I like DS and it is fun to play While writing you this with. I have a DS but it is letter; I fell and hurt my pink. I get to play with it forhead talking too when I stay on green for Clariten; then we started 5 days. Guess what? Then laughing and I forgot I will have 2 DSes. I would what I wanted for like one for my sister Christmas! Great! Love Madi, too. Love, always,



I would like you to give all kids Casey Chocolate donuts to eat on Xmas morn with their milk. I would like a baby alive doll and big foot monster. Then when my family come to see me we can all eat Casey Cheese Pizza for dinner. I’ve been real good and tried to keep my room clean. Love,

Jordan M.

I want an electric guitar, and a set of drums.

Blake M.

How are you? How are your elves? How are your reindeer? How is Mrs. Em Clause? How cold is it up there? I am good my family is to. I Love I have been good this chrismas it is my #1 year. I would really like a trampoline with sides, this favorit holiday! For chrismas I want a Monster way I won’t fall. Maybe high Dolls and New some puma’s black and Books and lots of white at Marion mall. Squinnkys, pet shop, and Please help other kids that don’t have anything. Zooblels and a snuggie and a woodzes and most Your friend, Jonathon Y. of all I want a puppy! Pleas wright back. Love, I want a bike for Christmas. Nicole F.


I have tried really hard to be good this year. For Mikayla Christmas, I would like a I have been a good girl walking and getting good grades puppy, a make up kit in school. I would like it very much if you brought and a Nintendo DS. Merry me squinkies, rapunzel doll, littlest pet shop and Christmas! polly pocket. I will have Karson food on our roof for the reindeer and your favorite I have been vey good cookies and milk in the this year. I would like to kitchen. Love, recive the Movie Eclipse, Caris R. and an MP3 player. And Shreck the Final Chapter: I have been a good boy the movie. Thanks & Merry Christmas. at Walmart and at McDonalds. So I want you Lilly to bring me a batman cave, farm set, follow me I have been a very Thomas and a buzz good girl. I want a light costume. I will go to bed up Barbie, an Easy Bake early and Oven, make up, nail will have polish, clothes, & an cookies electric train for my and cousin Wade. I love you milke Santa. waiting for Maggie H. you. Love, Canon I would like an electric train set with an old locomotive also a switch Hi, my track, box cars, tankers, name is flat cars, coal cars and a Alee. I am caboose. I love trains but 5 yrs old whatever you bring me I and I am a will like. good girl P.S. I have been trying most of the to be good. I am sorry time. How are your when I was bad. elves and reindeer doing? Did you have a Wade H. nice summer. Well, let’s get to it. For Christmas I I want a batman movie, would like a pink DS lite. pj’s, a race car track, a A new Barbie doll. Also I blue camera, a DS and a would like the Crayola 73 Scooby Doo game. Merry pc. Ultimate kit, 24 pack Christmas Santa. Love, of playdo, little mermaid Gavin C. styling salon. Also, American girl doll. Oh I want a 4-wheeler, toys yeah and a new black that are orange, Iron puppy that can never Man, and cups. Love, grow big. Love and Ethan O. kisses, Alee G. For Christmas I want anything that pertains to Elmo, and I want a “Big Santa you are the Best One. Mrs Clause you are Truck”, or “Mowing” and a hat. the Best one. Be careful and please Bring Me lots Zakary M. and lots of Presents and tell them to be Safe and I would like spiberman CoZy. toys and a bicycle. Love,

Sarah R.

I want a ben ten game and a DIS vueod game and a drum set and a wii and a cell phone.

Danny K.

How old are you? What is your favorit type of cookie? What is your favorit reindeer? Santa I am sorry for kicking a little girl in the tummy! I want a wii and Star wors game. My dad wants a new xbox 360 I want a toy kitty and a paper guitar! Thank you you’re the best. Love,

Brandon F.

I have been a good girl so I would like a baby doll, pj’s, a necklace and a Barbie doll for Christmas. Merry Christmas! Love,

Emma C.

Remote control dirt bike, monster truck, woodul people paint with divas house for people.

Mackenzie Jo P.

I want 2 mabeu P cases a hat and a pillow, pet and games and 2 rainbow socks and 2 motorcycle tires. Sincerely,

Sydney S.

I would like a pillow pet, cow toys and a car. Love,


I might be feeding your reindeer again this year. For Christmas I want High School Musical sing it for wii. Thank you for all the presents last year. you are the best. I want the game Sorry. How is your reindeer doing? Hope you have fun Santa hoho. My name is Ewan and I have been a very good boy all year. I like Thomas, Dora, and Kailan. I would also like a rocking horse that I can ride on. Thank you.

Ewan C.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Great and Safe New Year!

Have a Blessed and Joyous Holiday Season! Need Room for Your STUFF?R

Old Rt. 51 South, Cobden, IL 800-772-STUF



How are you? I am fine. I will be 4 years old the day after Christmas. I have been a pretty good boy this year, depending on who you ask. Mommy says not so much, but Big Daddy (my grandpa) says I’m really good. For Christmas this year I would really like it if you could bring me a Bigfoot raido controlled toy, a WWE Money-in-the-Bank Ring with some of the wrestlers to go with it (John Cena is my favorite), a Nintendo DS, a Rex toy from “Toy Story”, videos of “Toy Story 3” and “How to Tame your Dragon,” Thomas the Tank Engine, a toy gun, a “Dragon” Viking toy, anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a toy puppy. My baby brother, Faolin, has been very good, too. He’ll be 3 months old for Christmas, and he would like some baby toys. I really have been a good boy, so I hip you can bring me something. If I’m not at my house, I will be a Big Daddy and Grandma ‘Neen’s house. I will leave out a snack for you. Say hello to Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the reindeer for me. I love you, Santa! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! My name is Kelsey. I love you & Rudolph very much. I want to know how you can be in so many place at once. My dad says those are youre tall elvs that you send out to play you & that you are still at the North Pole working on gifts & the Naughty & nice list. I hope I’m not on the Naughty list, I’ve been For Christmas, I want a trying to be good all year jet fire coster tycoon 3, a long but its hard to do. bunny, and cheese. I’m in kindergarden & I Cadeo A. am doing pretty good. I don’t want a bucket of How are you doing? I coal like my grandma would like a Tonka Radiosays. My brother Kevin Control Ricochet and a says we are going to Razor Electric Go-Cart for leave carrots & Milk out Christmas. I would also for Rudolph. Does he like like a real drum set. that? I hope so. Well here Please bring me Monster it goes, my list for Santa. Jam monster trucks, an Its not a whole lot Urban-X Street Fury because you have to take Scooter, an r/c care of everyone in the construction vehicle whole world. Wow that a excavator, and an r/c lot of cookies & milk jumbo car hauler. Your that’s what me & my friend, brother are going to Nathan P. leave out for you. Hope you like them. My dad New Nike shocks and also says you use your digital camera. Santa train sometimes! Is Caitlin B. that true? My list… Gold spongebob charm, fur I want pop the pig and real friends – go go my a DSI and a phone (real) walking pup, tangled and boot and four Aiden J. repunzel hair braider, wheerler and megamind puppy swim school, and books and fake spongebob alarm clock, glasses and a fake jeep I am 5 years old. I really zhu zhu pets, zhu zhu and a football jersey and love Thomas and would pets pizzeria, spongebob a hamster and a camo hat love to have Tidmoth lego sets – I’m starting to and that is all. Love, Shed for Christmas. I Tae would also like to have a like lego’s, Wii game – Dora or something Sesame Street DVD my speed, I’m 6 I would like lots of toys please. My mommy years old, Things to for Christmas. Thank you would really like draw on or color. I Santa Claus. Love, something too. She like to color & draw Griffin C. would like for doctors a lot. My mom & to find a way to help dad are tired of me I have been very good Autistic children like using up all of their all year. Please send me me so that I can note books. So some good stuff. I would learn to talk. maybe I can have like some lego WW2 Vincent C. some of my own. stuff, a papper Jams Thank you santa! guitar, teck decks, flick I am Nathaniel. I I love you! I will tricks, star wars, halo, and have been very be listening for a redline bike. Bring gifts good. I would like your slay bells for my brothers and please: Toy Story 3 Christmas sisters. And this fabric tri-county land fill Eve! softener is to make my Bigfoot the Kelsey letter smell good. monster Star Josh W. wars the force I tried to trainer collector’s be a good boy. Bring I want to give my dog a pack super hero me a present please, friend to play with and he headquarters Ultimate Santa. Ho, ho, ho. Bring doesen’t have no won to workbench and a Toy me a motorbike. Please play with. Story 3 DVD. Love, Connor E. Nathaniel bring me toys for my train set. Please bring This is Kevin. I love you Grandma Lingle a new I want a labtop and a very much. I’m in the 2nd pan. Get Pawpaw a new dsi and a ds and a pair of grade. I have made good big tool. Mommy and grades all year so far. I’m Daddy need wire cutters. shoe’s and a relaxing Your friend, chair and a icarly having my dad write this Ethan P. backpack, and a flip up because my writing is phone and icarly shoe’s sloppy for a 2nd grader. I would like a boy doll, and icarly lunch box and I’m not going to ask for a freind ship brales, stuff a pack of earing, and I whole lot this Christmas puppy and a happy new want my ears pearsd and because I know you have year. Love, some pants. Love, to build & buy kids gifts Anna Brandi R. for the whole world. I was wanted to know how you get around the whole world in 1 night & what do you do to get in houses without a chimney? Also does Rudolph & the other reindeers like carrots & celery & a bowl of milk. That’s what my sister Kelsey & I are going to leave them Christmas Eve. We will leave you cookies & milk a big 1180 E. Main, Carbondale glass! I bet that’s why you are so overweight, but 618-457-8822 that’s alright I love you that way! We will leave you some extras cookies to take back to the North Pole for Mrs. Claus. Well here’s my list… Star wars – At At, Star wars – Lego Wampa Set, Star wars – The force unleashed game for Wii, Mongoose – Blue or black New bike, Star wars – Lego Darth Vader Clock, Star wars – Remote control flying Joe Ollis Auction Service LLC melinium falcon, toy story 400 New Hope Rd. Buncombe, IL 3 movie, Donkey Kong country returns for Wii, 618-833-2227 or 800-272-9791 Star wars – Calatic heros/Action figures, Star wars – Boba felt helmet, Star wars – hail fire remote control missle firing, Star wars – the complete trilogy for wii lego version, star wars – the complete save on DVD, 1 big box of all kinds of legos. I love you santa & I know I asked for a lot of star wars stuff for Christmas but I love star from wars almost as much as I love you. Merry Christmas! Can’t wait until Attorneys at Law Christmas Eve!

I think I’ve been a pretty good boy this year. I have a Christmas list for you. I would like a Nintendo DS, a laptop, BenTen toys, Star Wars toys, Handy Manny toys, video games, and a guitar. I have two brothers and four sisters who deserve gifts also. Thank you for the gifts.

I’ve been really good this year. This year I really want a laptop and more earrings and a phone. And a guitar. But what I really want for Christmas is a new pear of shoes and cloths and pants and makeup. That is all I want for Christmas. Your friend,

I would want a moter scooter, a phone, a pillow pet, a easy bake, and a thing that I wanted last year and a DS game. Love,

Abby K.



Hannah H.

What I would like for Christmas is the puppy Chloe S. game for my new DS that I played at my friend’s house. I would also like a I would like a puppy: Barbie and the diamond the breed pitbull, some castle movie. This quarter horse posters, a horse book, I wish that I can see I have got straight A’s on my report card. And I Jeremiah W. my mom and brothers, I have acted well in school. want a bit bull because I would like a new bike mine died, a new outfit, a Sincerely, and a new pair of close. I moxie girl, and a horse. Chloe want a pink waterfall and Thanks so much, I love my owen world but I want horses. Love, I want for Chriskmas is a the pink waterfall in my Makennah S. ipod touch with a camera world. Well I will still be and Dairy Queen maker awake. Give me coal if and zoo zoo pet with all What I want for you have to. Remember of the zoo zoo pets in the Christmas a Ipod and a the waterfall has to be world and a laptop and cell phone and a laptop little enough to fit in my my own maid and pony and a new pair or shoes mom’s car. Thanks Santa. and a new tv and a desk and puppy. Love, Love, for my room and some Amber H. Hannah D. toys for Haitai and some toys for the kids that have First of all I would like cancer. Love, to thank you for my front I want a lego harry potter for it and alego Samantha A. teeth last year, I have used them alot. I’m sure king Arthur set and a new baseball bat. I hope I get I have been a good boy the elves have told you I have been a good boy these. Love, this year. I’ve got all A this year. I would like a Nathan B. and A+s, I’ve only got 1 kitchen to help my timeout this year. Love, I’v been good this year. Johnny M. mommy cook supper. I would also like a tricycle I get good grades in so my daddy doesn’t school. I do my What I would really have to pull me around in homework. I respect my want for Christmas is the teachers. I do what they love and joy of Christmas. the bike trailer. Thanks Santa. Love, say. I would like a remote And some WWE action control car. But what I figures. If you can’t Ethan really want the most is to git me that I will be with my family. still have fun Sincerely, on Rylee W. Christmas Day and I’ll I want a XoBox 360 and still love Christmas. I Nike Shax gray, orang, get straight A’s and a paint ball gun. A car that is relly call for my in school and I respect you of dad for my mom a fday all. Love, screen for my mom for me a lamptop please Quincy K. Hello, my Santa!!! name is Jacquelyn. I have Owen B. I want a blackberry torch, pink dell laptop, zu been a very good girl this year. I would like a foofa zu pets, psp, dsi, ipod I want a I spy Santa its doll and the wonder pets square. Then a pelletgun. mp3 playor, new shoes, dolls. Could you bring my baby doll, dsi case, pink Please I am your best brother a pirate ship? I camara, x-box elite friend! Bye. can hardly wait for Cameron electric guitar. Panda Christmas to get here. I pillow pet. I have been will make sure to leave I have been weely good getting good grads. some milk and cookies for Sincerily, this year. Can I have a bike, a psp a skatebord, a Allison D. you. Love, electrk gitar, a Denver Jacquelyn broncos stuff. Your friend, What I want for Charles D. Cristmas is Globe so I can My name is Ryan. I have look at places I have been really good this never look at before, iPod year. I would really like to I want a phone. And I so I can lising to music, have MarioKart Wii, Lego would like a remote club penguin Toys-R-Us Truck, Lego concol car. And if my City Fire Station, and sister be’s bad I could run membership, junie Lego City Police over her feet. Your friend, beejones books, game Headquarters. I will leave Kathryn M. boy, bandjo, bike, Zelda ocrina of time, boat, some cookies by our tree for you on Christmas Eve. I want a laptop charger special present. and a DS charger and I Jonathon K. My mom can make Reindeer food too. I want want a day to have fun in you to have plenty of the snow and I want the I would like Wall-E and Mask movie and that is all Phineas & Ferb Nintendo energy! Thank you Santa and I hope you have a I want for the joy of Ds games. Thank you. safe flight! Love, Christmas. Bye, Love,

May this Holiday Season be a Sweet One!

Holiday Holidays! Super 8 Motel

Seasons Greetings

from the Joe Ollis Auction Family!

Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP 100 N. Illinois, Carbondale


Merry Christmas Wishing You the Very Best!

Seasons Greetings

Feirich Mager Green Ryan

Kevin F.

2001 W. Main St. Carbondale, IL 62901



PISONI REAL ESTATE 700 South Park Avenue - Herrin, IL 62948 Richard Pisoni, Broker Work: 618-942-4435 Cell: 618-967-3092



My name is Brayden. I’ve tried to be a good boy this year. I’m very excited about Christmas. I would like pirate toys and a buzz lightyear toy. Could you bring my sissy some stuffed animals? I can’t wait for Christmas! I will leave you cookies and milk. Love,

What I would like for Christmas is a Mad Hater doll form “Alice in Wonderland”, “My little pony movies”, and the “Barbie and Pegasus” DS Brayden game. Santa, how is it at the North Pole? What I’m 4 years old, and I kind of cookies would you don’t get to see my like me to leave out for Mommy very much. I you when you visit? I’m would like one day to be so excited for Christmas!!! just about us. I want my Love, Mommy to come home Kylie for Christmas, she is in the Air Force and I want My name is Myles and i to go to Pizza Hut with am 9½ years old. I am so her and give her lots and excited for christmas this lots of hugs and kisses. year! I cannot wait for Love, snow and I cannot wait Cheyenne for my favorite kind of cookie to come out!! It is I have been a good the round kind of cookie boy. Please bring me a with the green stripe that basketball goal, tractors, only comes out at & all kinds of stuff. I like christmas time. Oh, and dump trucks, & coal may I please have some trucks that dump the coal of these toys santa?? Air & a scooper that scoops hogs Hawkeye, Mario up the coal. Cart DS, Mind Flex, a Lucas C. telescope, cyclaws, hot wheels stealth ride, My name is Maddie. I’m spynet video watch, and four years old. I would most of all I want a dog! really like the “My Little Thank you Santa! Love, Pony Christmas” book Myles and a tea cup piggy doll. I just can’t wait till you I have been a good come to my house on little boy this year and I Christmas. Santa, please would like STINKY the tell Rudolph and the garbage truck and Toy Elves that I said hi. Love, Story 3 toys. Love,



from the Residents and Staff of 210 E. College Energy, IL Healthcare of Energy



Hello from Southern Illinois. I teach 5th grade and I want you to know that my boys and girls have been very good this year. I am very proud of every one of them and I hope you will I have been really fill their every wish this good this year. I have been good at school and Christmas. As for me, I helping my family around would really like to have some snow on Christmas the house. There are Day and I would like for several things I want this year, but the things I want the Harrisburg Bulldogs to win the Eldorado most is a monster High Holiday tournament. Take Wallet to store all my care and have a safe trip money, a collection of on Christmas Eve. Say beauty items like body hello to the reindeer for wash, glitter gel, and me! Happy Holidays. body lotion, and a Hello Mrs. W. Kitty microphone. When you get to my house we I am 5 yrs old and my will cook you delicious name is Mayson. I have cookies!!! Love, Mickayla been a really good boy this year. My my and dad Hello Santa, my name is said I have been good. Please send me Ella, but i am sure you already know that. I want something my Christmas Baby Alive for Christmas. list. Here are some things I would like. Bullseye and I promise I will not write or color on her. I also love Jessie from Toy Story. I would like a leapster or a Casey’s pizza, (cheese or laptop computer. Also I pepperoni). So I would really want Stinky the like to win the contest. I would (if I win) also like to garbage truck and Bigfoot the Monster. share some of the pizza Thank you. Love, coupons with week-end Mayson warriors. Church groups buy food and take sacks of food to the schools, to My name is Brooke H. I send home with kids that live in Radom, Illinois. I may not have a lot to eat would like a Rapunzelo Braiding Doll = $29.99. I on the week-ends. I will have plenty to share. I will have been a good girl. I am 5 years old. Use the leave you a cookie, I don’t have a chimney, but door - we don’t have a mom says you will get it. chimney. Bring me a little banana. Thank you. Love,


Brooke H.

For Christmas, we would like all of the homeless animals across southern Illinois to find safe, loving, forever homes (although, you would be welcome to toss a cat or two our way. We love chasing cats!). There are so many animals across Southern Illinois who do not have loving homes, and this saddens our puppy hearts. Also, after you, Mrs. Paws, & your doggie elves help find homes for the thousands of abandoned animals, we would love some new toys. We promise not to chase you up the chimney, dog’s honor! We love tennis balls, cow hoofs, anything that squeaks, frisbees, and we would love a comfy, fluffy bed. Thank you Santa Paws! Recently rescued,

Zoey & Belle Dallas

I am 4 yrs old. I have been really good this year. I would really like to stay up late and see you when you visit. I will leave you some cookies and milk and some food for your reindeer. Could you please bring me a buzz lightyear with action wings,a pixton cup 5000, a hypercity megastation and a cruncher dinosaur. Thank you. Love,


I have been pretty good this year. My grades are all good and I listen to my mom. I know I need to pick up my room. I will have it done before you get here. I will donate the toys I don’t play with to salvation army to make room for new ones. One thing I really want is a giant donut maker, it makes two cakes and you put it together like a donut. I like to bake so maybe some new gadget to bake with. I am into 4-H and would like a pygmy goat or one of those fainting goats. Mom says we don’t have a big yard to raise them and the neighbors wouldn’t appreciate it. They didn’t mind the ducks or the crowing roasters. Anything would be nice. Take care Santa, and have a Merry christmas. Love,


Letters to Santa  

Official Delivery Station

Letters to Santa  

Official Delivery Station