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MY BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! With a dashing new husband and visions of babies dancing in her head, Kelly Clarkson celebrates the joys of the season.


“My life did a 180—in the most awesome way.”

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Did FDR move up the date of Thanksgiving?



–Irving L., Des Moines, Iowa

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Q: How does Chris Bosh like to spend Thanksgiving? —Bill C., Miami A: By giving back. Though this year the 6-foot-11 NBA star will be on the road, his foundation with wife Adrienne, Team Tomorrow, will be helping as in years past to serve holiday meals at the Chapman Partnership Homeless Assistance Center in Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh Miami. “These are normal people,” says Bosh, 29. “Some have just fallen on hard times. We keep it simple. We sit and talk. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, and that’s the special thing about it.”


The Oscar winner, 62, recounts the first third of her life in the evocative memoir A Story Lately Told. Why are you telling your story in stages? That was my publisher’s decision, and it took a big onus off me. A lot of people think of me still as Jack Nicholson’s girlfriend. This book is not at all about Jack. But there’s plenty on your filmmaker Do you father, John. The oxygen changed when Dad walked into a room. He have a leonine. A huge presence. question for Walter was Your mother, ballerina Enrica Scott? Post it at Soma, was only 39 when she died in a car accident. What were her /parademag greatest gifts to you? Her humor, her deep love for me, and her beauty. You were a model in your 20s, but you didn’t think you were beautiful, did you? Age makes one more forgiving. I look at pictures from then and think, “I don’t know what I was complaining about.” Your husband of 16 years, sculptor Robert Graham, passed away in 2008. I’ve had to negotiate the last five years alone, and that was huge. You’re not quite the helpless little maiden you were before. For more of this interview, go to

A: Sort of. Exactly 150 years ago, Lincoln designated the holiday for the last Thursday of November. But in 1939, to goose holiday shopping during the Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt moved it up from Nov. 30 to Nov. 23. Some states refused to go along with the plan, and Congress officially settled the matter in 1941 by declaring it be held on the fourth, not necessarily final, Thursday of November. When FDR set turkey day early, wags dubbed it “Franksgiving.” <

OR VOT E F2014 E H T

Delivery Man’s Vince Vaughn talks babies with Cobie Smulders.

Q: Was Cobie Smulders pregnant when she made Delivery Man? —Mary C., Colorado Springs A: No; the actress, 31, wore a detachable baby bump. As she’s a mom in real life (she and her husband, Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam, have a daughter born in 2009), Smulders says it was “very nice at the end of the day to unfurl the fake belly.” For dish on the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother, go to

Kristen Bell voices Anna in Frozen.

Q: What kind of princess is Kristen Bell in Disney’s Frozen? —Gia B., Orlando A: The House of Lies and Veronica Mars star, 33, voices a brash royal at odds with her elder sister (Idina Menzel) in the cartoon musical, out Nov. 27. “I came with loads of ideas to make her more relatable to a modern girl,” says Bell. “She’s scrappy and awkward. I didn’t want her to have good posture.”


What was your favorite movie, song, TV crime drama? Cast your ballot for these and more at through Dec. 5, then tune in to CBS on Jan. 8 to see the winners.




2 | NOVEMBER 24, 2013

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Kelly shares her love of funky holiday sweaters and more in a special Christmas video at


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who, in keeping with the occasion’s low-key country vibe, opted to go barefoot beneath her lace Temperley Bridal gown. “We both wrote our own vows, and it was hard to get through them, but I did it.” With the former Miss Independent now officially Mrs. Blackstock, the couple posed for photos against the scenic backdrop of the 4,200-acre resort, with the groom making a swoon-worthy impromptu gesture right out of a movie. “Brandon was like, ‘The Notebook ain’t got nothin’ on me— come on!’ And he took me out [on the lake] in a rowboat,” Clarkson says. “It was very sweet. The whole thing was perfect.” The honeymoon, however, was by necessity short-lived. After a couple of days holed up at the resort, Clarkson went right back to work promoting her new Christmas album, Wrapped in Red. It features both classics and winning originals cowritten by Clarkson, including the Wall of Sound–esque title track and the ebullient “Underneath the Tree,”


ot long ago, Kelly Clarkson was afraid of flying. Eager to conquer that fear, a particularly inconvenient one for a jet-setting international pop star, she tackled it head on—by going for her pilot’s license. Panicky during initial lessons, she felt her confidence slowly grow. And last month, the three-time Grammy winner and her fiancé, music manager Brandon Blackstock, shared piloting duties as they flew themselves to and from their intimate, top-secret wedding at Blackberry Farm, a rustic resort nestled in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains. (Here comes the bride in a shiny new Cirrus SR22!) The 31-year-old singer, who has built a multiplatinum career on lovegone-wrong power anthems, long believed she’d never wed. Which is why, standing before her groom and his two children on a covered bridge on Oct. 20, she got a little emotional. “I bawled like a baby,” admits Clarkson,

ls merry e e f n o s to lark Kelly C bright, thanks and m and ay albu life d i l o h t w a hi erful ne d n o w a

S I R CH ✴



NOVEMBER 24, 2013 | 5

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to Blackstock. “My life did a 180, in the most awesome way,” she says. “I’m still very self-sufficient—it took forever for but me to let him carry my bags—but ike, Brandon’s good at making me feel like, ‘Let other people be there for you.’ I’m way more girly now; it’s so gross! My former self would hate me. She’d be ay.” like, ‘You’re such a tool.’ But that’s okay.” Finally finding Mr. Right madee it Alll easier to forget the Mr. Know-It-All re re who came before. “I only had like three an-an boyfriends my whole life before Branust s don, and two of them were good, just nlyy nl not a good fit,” Clarkson says. “I only u ic us had one real stinker that I wrote [music f” about] and made a lot of money off of. of.” hat She was still recovering from that occk breakup when she spotted Blackstock f r fo nearly eight years ago at a rehearsal for rds. the American Country Music Awards. scal (Clarkson was performing with Rascal our u Flatts; Blackstock was the band’s tour dimanager.) The attraction was immedid ate, at least for her: “He walked by and I was like, ‘That dude’s hot!’ Five minutes later he walks over, and I was so embarrassed because I thought he heard me.” Unaware that Blackstock was married at the time, she remembers thinking he was going to ask her


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both of which she’ll perform in her first holiday special, Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale, airing Dec. 11 on NBC. Loosely inspired by A Christmas Carol, the star-studded hour (with appearances by Blake Shelton and William Shatner) finds Clarkson playing a fame-obsessed, Scrooge-like version of herself—quite a stretch for the original American Idol, as executive producer Ian Stewart discovered. “The first time I met her, I was struck by how you could be that famous and that down to earth,” says Stewart, who reports that as he was leaving the meeting, “she said, ‘Hey, come here and give me a hug!’ She’s just honest and says and does whatever she feels like, which is so refreshing.” As Clarkson sits down for an interview on a crisp fall afternoon in Nashville, that unfiltered girl-next-door charm is in full effect. Before starting to date Blackstock in 2012, “I was single for almost seven years,” says the singer, dressed casually in a well-worn, longsleeved Grateful Dead tee and jeans, as her beloved dogs Joplin, a miniature Labradoodle, and Security, a Maltese, chill nearby. “Every Christmas, it was like, ‘Seriously, I’m still pathetically alone? Awesome. I’m still telling people I’m okay with it? I’m not.’ ” Fortunately, those holiday blues are in the past. This year, Clarkson is looking forward to spoiling Blackstock, 36, and his children from a previous marriage, Savannah, 12, and Seth, 7 (“Girl, I already have presents bought!”) and baking pies using pumpkins grown on her property. A big get-together is in the works as well: “We’re inviting our family for a weekend,” she says. “We love the Griswold Family Christmas, and we’ll be doing the moose mugs like in the movie [National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation] and all this fun stuff.” Clarkson is still amazed at how dramatically her world has changed thanks 6 | NOVEMBER 24, 2013

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grow up in a family environment,” she says, “so I didn’t understand it or know if I could do that properly.” Becoming a stepmom changed her mind. Making soccer-practice runs and helping out with homework come naturally, although, she admits, “seventh-grade math, man, it kills me!” And watching her husband with his kids “is the sexiest thing ever,” she says. “He’s a great dad. It’s such a turn-on!” Though Clarkson has generated plenty of snarky tabloid ink over the years for her lack of interest in being a size 0, she feels she’ll enjoy the attention that will undoubtedly accompany her baby bump. “Everybody calls me fat all the time,” she says, “so I can’t wait to have a reason, instead of everybody just being a jerk!” And she figures she’ll be immune to pressure to rapidly drop the baby weight. “I’ve never been Gisele Bündchen, so ain’t nobody expectin’ that! I like to set a [low] standard so people don’t expect a lot.” Self-deprecating humor aside, Clarkson plans to raise the bar again in the new year. While she confirms she turned down an offer to return to Idol as a season 13 judge (“I loved the idea,” she says, but was on tour with Maroon 5 during the show’s summer auditions), she’s finishing up two albums, one “very soulful” country and one pop. “She’s not as angry about [relationships] anymore, so we can explore other topics,” says producer Greg Kurstin, who worked with Clarkson on Wrapped in Red as well as her new pop disc. Not that newlywed bliss means Clarkson’s sassy power anthems are a thing of the past, Kurstin adds: “There’s still a fire in her.” Just call it her own brand of happily ever after. “My big thing when Brandon and I started dating was, I wanna be with someone who’ll push me to be a better person,” she says. “I don’t like settling. I think we can constantly grow and learn.” And, as Clarkson has proven, even fly.


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out. “But he was just coming to say that he was from my hometown.” As the two later discovered, they likely crossed paths growing up in Burleson, Texas: Blackstock’s childhood home was three doors down from a good friend of Clarkson’s mother. “I was always at her house, and he lived right there. Crazy! It’s destiny. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.” Soon after the duo reconnected at the 2012 Super Bowl, Clarkson was sure she’d found The One. Blackstock was divorced by then but concerned about mixing business with pleasure, as Clarkson was being managed by his father, Narvel (Reba McEntire is his stepmother). “He was like, ‘My dad’s gonna kill me if this doesn’t go well.’ I said, ‘So? We’re both adults. And it’s gonna go awesome!’ In my head, I was like, ‘I’m already married to you!’ “I believe you help make your stuff happen,” she adds. “I’m a really powerful manifester. My friends make fun of me—‘Don’t wish for something if you don’t want it to happen!’ ” As further evidence, she points to when she was a 20-year-old cocktail waitress trying out for what was, in 2002, an untested Fox singing competition. “I came home after the very first Idol audition and was like, ‘I’m totally gonna win this.’ Not in a cocky way; it was like something bigger than me was at work,” recalls Clarkson, who had already turned down two record deals because, she says, execs wanted her to lose weight and “be a frickin’ robot.” Now she’s just as certain she’ll soon be a mom. “My eggs aren’t getting any younger so we’ve already started trying,” Clarkson says. “I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it!” She laughs. “And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!’ ” For Clarkson—whose parents split when she was 5, the painful fallout of which she chronicled in her hit “Because of You”—the desire to have a child came as a shock. “I didn’t really 8 | NOVEMBER 24, 2013

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Microsoft, Windows, Xbox 360 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Dell Venue, Inspiron and XPS are trademarks of Dell, Inc. 6

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This holiday, give the gift that gives and gives


For the sound hound If you want to rock without the dock, this box amplifies a smartphone simply placed on top. ($38;

For the mom with cold fee feet et Pamper her tootsies with these cozy shearling-lined slippers. ($100;


For the football fan Score points with tthis retro pigskin, perfect for th a pickup game. ($40;


, N O I T N E ATT PERS! P O H S ore s and sc ustomer c y a id r ck F gram Leah In other Bla million h these tips. By 8 8 e th it rt deals w Outsma the best


With more places opening on Thanksgiving— including Macy’s and JC Penney— you can avoid the masses and find the best prices.

Skip the crowds altogether and keep your budget in check by shopping from home, since many businesses let you get Black Friday deals online. Then pick up your item in the store another day.


Apparel retailers unveil their best deals then. Make sure free shipping applies not only to purchases but also to anything you may need to return.

Your donation to Smile Train has an immediate and long-term impact. By training local doctors, Smile Train provides free cleft surgery to children all over the world so they can eat properly, speak more naturally, feel accepted in their communities, increase their confidence and simply smile. Your donation will change a child's life forever. This season and the many that follow.

Donate at or 1-800-932-9541 Text MOBILE to 877877* to get Smile Train news and updates. $250 Surgery.

$125 Half surgery.

$50 Medications.







Credit Card # Visa



State Expires


Discover Signature

My check is enclosed.


Smile Train, P.O. Box 96210 Washington, DC 20090-6210 *Msg&Data Rates May Apply. Reply STOP to opt-out. Reply HELP or contact 1.800.932.9541 for help. We’ll txt you up to 3x/mo.

continued on page 19

Smile Train is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS, and all donations to Smile Train are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. © 2013 Smile Train. © PARADE Publications 2013. All rights reserved.



ACTIVE: 1 hr 30 min TOTAL: 2 hr 25 min SERVES: 16

1 box yellow cake mix 1 cup buttermilk 48 soft caramels 48 1 (16-oz) can vanilla frosting 1 cream-filled vanilla snack cake 1 plain pretzel stick 1½ cups diced frozen pound cake

This fun cake brings out turkey’s sweet side BY KAREN TACK AND ALAN RICHARDSON

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour a 2½-quart glass ovenproof bowl and 2 small (about cup) glass ovenproof bowls. 2. Prepare cake mix as package directs, but substitute buttermilk for water. Pour ½ cup batter into each small bowl and remaining batter into large bowl. 3. Bake until toothpicks inserted into centers come out clean, 20 to 25 minutes for small bowls and 40 to 45 minutes for large bowl. Transfer to a rack and cool 10 minutes. Turn cakes out of bowls and let cool. 4. Meanwhile, knead 12

Watch a how-to video at parade .com/turkeycake. Post pictures of your finished cakes at facebook .com/parademag.


1. Make turkey body: Slice one 1¼-inch-thick piece from right and left sides of large cake, about 2½ inches apart. 2. Make drumsticks: Cut snack cake in half crosswise. Using vanilla frosting, stick cut side of 1 half of snack cake to side of 1 small cake. Repeat with other half of snack cake and small cake. Cut 1 (3-inch) piece from each end of pretzel stick. Poke 1 into end of each snack cake. Freeze until firm.


caramels into a ball (if they don’t soften easily, microwave 2 seconds). Press into a rectangle; roll out, between 2 sheets parchment paper, into an 8-by6-inch rectangle. Transfer to waxed paper. Repeat with 12 more caramels. Soften 24 caramels the same way, then roll out to a 13-inch circle. Transfer to waxed paper. 5. Trim flat sides of cakes to make level and put large cake on a plate, domed side up. Form body and drumsticks as shown below. 6. Working 1 drumstick at a time, spread some frosting over cake and snack cake, leaving pretzel stick plain. Wrap 1 small caramel rectangle around drumstick; smooth. Trim any excess. Repeat with other drumstick. 7. Spread most of remaining vanilla frosting over large cake. Drape large sheet of caramel over large cake, leaving an opening at tapered, trimmed end. Smooth caramel. Use a dot of water to attach drumsticks to either side of the cake at tapered end, crossing pretzel sticks. 8. Pile pound cake cubes in caramel opening and under drumsticks, as stuffing. Toss coconut with green food coloring to tint and sprinkle over stuffing. Garnish, if desired, with marzipan fruit and fruit leather cut into leaf shapes.



Table Around the

2 Tbsp shredded coconut + Green food coloring + Marzipan and fruit leather, for decorating (optional)

12 | NOVEMBER 24, 2013

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1-866-768-6517 •

A Mother’s Embrace

P ERSONALI Z ED B IRT HS TONE RING Hand-crafted in solid sterling silver with gleaming 24K gold plating Personalized with engraved names and crystal birthstones for up to 5 children

Arrives in custom case with Certificate of Authenticity

Personalized with Each Child’s Name and Birthstone! A mother embraces each of her precious children with a love beyond compare. Give her a beautiful expression of the never-ending love that fills her heart with a beautiful new jewelry creation—“A Mother’s Embrace” Personalized Birthstone Ring.

This solid sterling silver ring is plated in 24K gold and features a stylish contemporary design that you customize yourself. Each child’s name is elegantly engraved on the entwined bands which are accented with rows of pavé set crystals. Embracing the center of the ring is a circle of sparkling birthstones— one beautiful crystal for each cherished child. Unique and fashionable, this beautiful ring is sure to become a treasured keepsake.




Exquisite Craftsmanship… Exceptional Value

A perfect gift for the holidays, or for any

special occasion, this striking ring is an o outstanding value at $129*, payable in 4 easy i installments of just $32.25 and backed by our 120-day guarantee. To reserve, send n money now just mail the Reservation no A Application. You won’t find this lovely gift i stores. So don’t miss out—order today! in

A Fine Jewelry Exclusive from

The Bradford Exchange LIMITED-TIME OFFER Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Respond as soon as possible to reserve your ring.




j e w e l ry

P.O. Bo x 8 0 6 · Mo rt o n G rove, IL 60053-0806

YES. Please reserve my ring with the names and birthstones indicated. (Limit of 5 names with up to 10 letters each) Ring Size______ Child’s Name

Ring shown actual size We must receive your initial payment by 12/13/13 to guarantee Christmas delivery. Call 1-866-768-6517 or visit

___ ___ ___

2. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___

3. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___

4. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___

5. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___

Mrs. Mr. Ms.

*Plus $9.98 shipping and service. Address Sales subject to product availability and order acceptance. To assure a proper fit, a ring sizer will be sent to you after City your reservation has been accepted.

©2013 BGE 01-11819-001-HIC13

Birth Month

1. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Name (Please Print Clearly)



01-11819-001-E90593 © PARADE Publications 2013. All rights reserved.

Ask Marilyn By Marilyn vos Savant

Why does a slightly damp sponge work better at absorbing a liquid spill than a totally dry one? —Mary L., via email

Actual size is 40.6 mm

The LAST 2013 American Silver Dollars? Minting of 2013 American Silver Eagles Will Cease. Millions of people collect the AmericanEagle Silver Dollar. In fact it’s been the country’s most popular Silver Dollar for over two decades. But there’s one “secret”that many people do not know. It’s actually against the law for the U.S. government to strike any more 2013 Silver Eagle coins after Dec 31st. That means that sometime in the next few months, the government will issue the order to stop the minting of these magnificent 2013 American Eagle Silver Dollars—and the dies will be destroyed forever!

America’s Latest U.S. Eagle Silver Dollar Don’t wait until it’s too late. Today you have the opportunity to secure these massive, hefty one full Troy ounce U.S. Silver Dollars in stunning Brilliant Uncirculated condition while our supplies remain. These legal tender United States Silver Dollars feature a nearly 100-year-old design of Lady Liberty striding confidently forward while draped in a U.S. flag, while the other side depicts a majestic U.S. eagle, thirteen stars, and an American shield. But the clock is ticking. Once production is stopped, no new 2013 American Silver Eagles will ever be struck again!

The Most Affordable Precious Metal— GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED Silver is by far the most affordable of all precious metals — and each full Troy ounce American Eagle Silver Dollar is government-guaranteed for its 99.9% purity, authenticity, and legal tender status.

Timing is Everything Our advice? Keep this to yourself. Tear out the page if you have to, because the more people who know about this offer, the worse it is for you. Demand for Silver Eagles in recent years has shattered records. Experts predict that 2013 Silver Eagles may break them all over again. Supplies are limited and there is a strict limit of 40 per household.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee You must be 100% satisfied with your 2013 Brilliant Uncirculated American Eagle Silver Dollars or return them within 30 days of receipt for a prompt refund (less all s/h). Don’t miss out on this limited release. Call immediately to secure these American Eagle Silver Dollars before they’re gone forever. 2013 American Eagle Silver Dollar BU Your cost 1-4 Coins - $27.95 each + s/h 5-9 Coins - $27.75 each + s/h 10-19 Coins - $27.50 each + s/h 20-40 Coins - $27.25 each + s/h

Offer Limited to 40 per Household



Complete 1 to 81 so the numbers follow a horizontal or vertical path—no diagonals.


For fastest service, call toll-free 24 hours a day

1-888-201-7145 Offer Code TAE394-08











Please mention this code when you call.

A Coin Flip You Can’t Afford to Lose Why are we releasing the most popular silver dollar in America for a remarkably affordable price? We’re doing it to introduce you to what hundreds of thousands of smart collectors and satisfied customers have known since 1984 — is the place to find the world’s finest coins.

Water molecules are attracted to each other more than they’re attracted to anything else—in this case, the sponge material. So when you press a moist sponge against a spill, the water moves faster to bind with the existing liquid than it would move to a dry sponge. This “sticky” property of water is also what accounts for its surface tension. You can demonstrate this by filling a glass with water and carefully observing the glass from the side as you add a little more, drop by drop. Due to surface tension, you will be able to make the water level rise slightly above the rim!

14101 Southcross Drive W., Dept. TAE394-08 Burnsville, Minnesota 55337


Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Past performance is not a predictor of future performance. NOTE:® is a private distributor of worldwide government coin and currency issues and privately issued licensed collectibles and is not affiliated with the United States government. Facts and figures deemed accurate as of September 2013. ©2013





14 | NOVEMBER 24, 2013

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Don’t forget. Medicare Open Enrollment is the time to compare your current plan with all your options for 2014. By carefully comparing, you may find better coverage, higher quality or lower cost. And with the health care law, people with Medicare are now eligible for a number of free* preventive benefits, like annual wellness visits and some cancer screenings, as well as over 50% off brand name prescription drugs if you’re in the donut hole.

Medicare Open Enrollment: Now’s the time. *When using qualified and participating physicians or providers.


Medicare Open Enrollment: October 15 – December 7, 2013

Information and tools at: Talk it over: 1-800-MEDICARE (TTY 1-877-486-2048) © PARADE Publications 2013. All rights reserved.

Sunday With...


TALK TO MISS KAY! Join us for a Facebook chat with her on Monday, You and Phil have Nov. 25, at 1:30 p.m. ET four sons. Did you ever at wish for daughters? /parademag.

f you ask Kay Robertson, fondly known as Miss Kay, how long she plans to be a part of her family’s hit reality show, she’ll say she’s not sure. But she does feel a sense of loyalty to her huge flock of fans. “I think America needs us,” says Robertson, 65. “Duck Dynasty has given some hope to bringing the family back. I want to set that example.” The A&E series, which will air a Christmas special on Dec. 11, has also brought back the family dinner. Each episode ends with the clan enjoying a home-cooked meal, and Robertson is sharing some of those dishes in her first cookbook, Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen. The Louisiana native talks to Erin Hill about food, her boys, and her husband, Phil.

Have you thought about a bigger house? You could live in a mansion if you wanted! We just added a closet. The boys laughed and said, “Mama’s got her money and what does she do? She builds a new closet.” I’ve got way too many good memories in this house, so we’re not going anywhere. DUCK DYNASTY’S

PARADE: Who taught

you to cook? My grandmother, Callie Mae Carroway. I was at her feet all the time, so from an early age I was rolling out dough and probably making a big mess! I played with it as much as I did any good, but I learned. I did love that rolling pin, which is maybe why I love to make pastries and pies now. Is it true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, I know it is in the GET MISS KAY’S PECAN PIE RECIPE AT PARADE.COM/DUCK.

Miss Kay

The reality TV matriarch dishes about her love of cooking and old-fashioned family values South—I don’t know about everywhere! I think one of the things Phil adored about me was even though I wasn’t the best cook when we got married, I had a passion for it and knew I could improve. Let’s face it, nowadays not a lot of women are interested in the kitchen. We watched you two renew your vows on the show this year. What’s the secret to

your 49-year marriage? You have to fight for your marriage, do whatever it takes. The commitment has to be there. And if you don’t have a sense of humor, I don’t know how anybody makes it. There have been many times that we took something we disagreed about and later just laughed at the way we acted. If you’re never able to laugh in life, you sure don’t enjoy it.

How do you spend Sundays? Robertsons love Sundays! The most important thing we do is gather together with our church family for worship, teaching, and fellowship. After church, we like to have a nice lunch of roast, vegetables, and definitely rolls or biscuits. And I love catching a nap when I can. How has fame affected your family? It’s hard going places now. Phil refuses to go to the movies because people come sit with you and want to talk the whole time. But I go myself and they don’t bother me as bad as they do the guys—the bearded ones, as I call them!


Of course, but I wound up having them in my daughters-inlaw and then my granddaughters. I always thought, what would I have done with a girl if I’d had one? There was nowhere to put her! But with the boys, it’s kind of like a locker room. They don’t mind all being in the bathroom together.

16 | NOVEMBER 24, 2013

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the dash holiday app is here serving up recipes and entertaining tips to make the season bright.

available for free in the App Store Š PARADE Publications 2013. All rights reserved.



from page 11

For the trendsetting tween Let her mix t and match her snow boots with penguin, owl, or panda cuffs. p ($25; cupcakesandcartwheels cupcakesandc .com for retailers)


For the biker dad Kick his style into high gear with stainless steel cuff links that look like a bike's chain ring. ($60;

Choosing the right Medicare Part D plan There’s more! Get 20 other great ideas at parade .com/gift.

can save you



Get your FREE plan comparison** today.


Visit or your nearest CVS/pharmacy®.

Medicare enrollment is now!


For the jokester Appearing to go in one ear and out the other, these earphones are sure to make a point. ($30;

* Based on user sessions on the PlanPrescriber insurance plan comparison tool, powered by eHealth (10/15/12–11/19/12), expressed as an average of potential savings. Typical savings identified by calculator are in the $375-$475 range per year based on user-inputted drugs or other data. Your costs may vary depending on the Part B premium, a plan’s cost-sharing obligations for your drugs, any Part D penalty that may apply, and whether you qualify for Extra Help from Medicare with paying your drug costs. CVS/pharmacy calculator prepopulates data based on CVS/pharmacy preference and prior prescriptions filled by CVS/pharmacy. Potential savings identified using CVS/pharmacy calculator may vary from PlanPrescriber national averages. ** CVS/pharmacy does not endorse any particular plan. © PARADE Publications 2013. All rights reserved.

Presenting the Acoustic Wave ® music system II.

Our best-performing all-in-one music system. When we introduced the original Acoustic Wave® music system, it changed the way many people listened to music. Today, the improved Acoustic Wave® music system II builds on our more than 40 years of industry-leading innovation to deliver even better sound. This is the best-performing all-in-one music system we’ve ever made, with sound that rivals large and complicated stereos. There’s no stack of equipment. No tangle of wires. Just all-in-one convenience and lifelike sound. It’s no exaggeration to say this system is something you need to experience to believe. There simply is nothing else like it. Even better sound than its award-winning predecessor. With proprietary Bose® technologies, our engineers were able to make the acclaimed sound even more natural. We believe you’ll appreciate the quality even at volume levels approaching that of a live performance. Use it where you like. This small system fits almost anywhere. You can move it from room to room, or take it outside. It has what you need to enjoy your music, including a built-in CD player and digital FM/AM tuner. You also can easily connect additional sources like your iPad,® iPod® or TV.

with no interest charges from Bose.* And if you order now, you’ll receive free shipping. You’ll also receive the optional 5-CD Changer free – a $299 value. The changer lets you enjoy your music for hours without stopping to change CDs. And a slim, credit card-style remote lets you conveniently control both the Acoustic Wave® music system II and the changer. Compare the performance FREE 5-CD Changer with large, multi-component stereos costing when you order by much more. And discover why Bose is the December 24, 2013. most respected name in sound. To order or learn more:

Hear it yourself risk-free for 30 days. Use our 30-day, risk-free trial to try it in your home. When you call, ask about making 12 easy payments,

1-800-448-2073, ext. G9380 


Efn8mX`cXYc\@e K@K8E@LDJ@CM<I% Shown with optional 5-CD Changer.

Address City




Email (Optional)

Mail to: SST, Bose Corporation, P.O. Box 9168, Framingham, MA 01701-9168

*Bose payment plan available on orders of $299-$1500 paid by major credit card. Separate financing offers may be available for select products. See website for details. Down payment is 1/12 the product price plus applicable tax and shipping charges, charged when your order is shipped. Then, your credit card will be billed for 11 equal monthly installments beginning approximately one month from the date your order is shipped, with 0% APR and no interest charges from Bose. Credit card rules and interest may apply. U.S. residents only. Limit one active financing program per customer. ©2013 Bose Corporation. The distinctive design of the Acoustic Wave® music system II is a registered trademark of Bose Corporation. Financing, free shipping and free 5-CD Changer offers not to be combined with other offers or applied to previous purchases, and subject to change without notice. If the Acoustic Wave® music system II is returned, the 5-CD Changer must be returned for a full refund. Offers are limited to purchases made from Bose and participating authorized dealers. Offer valid 10/19/13-12/24/13. Risk-free refers to 30-day trial only, requires product purchase and does not include return shipping. Delivery is subject to product availability. iPad and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

© PARADE Publications 2013. All rights reserved.

LAST CHANCE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Order by December 20 for delivery by December 24*

The gif t that lets them enjoy their music.

Even more. Shown in Platinum White with Multi-CD Changer.

The Bose® Wave® music system III and Multi-CD Changer. Give that special someone the acclaimed Wave® music system III and see them smile. Give it together with the Multi-CD Changer for hours of uninterrupted music, and watch that smile grow.

Premium sound quality makes it a great gift. The Wave® music system III brings new life to music. And now, it has an improved FM/AM tuner for better radio reception. Radio text for song and station information. Convenient touch-top controls for on, off and snooze. And dual alarms so you can set two different wake-up times. You enjoy an audio system like no other, an improvement on what was already the most highly acclaimed system in its class. The Multi-CD Changer makes it even more appreciated. Designed exclusively for the Wave® music system III, the optional Multi-CD Changer allows you to enjoy convincingly accurate sound for hours on end. One CD or MP3 CD goes in the Wave® music system III, and three more go in the changer. They work as one. What’s more, a credit card-style remote easily operates every feature. It’s all-in-one convenience from a system that provides an elegant addition to the living room, kitchen, bedroom or office.

Take advantage of our 30-day, risk-free trial. Choose your favorite color: Platinum White, Graphite Gray or Titanium Silver. And use our 30-day, risk-free trial to experience the performance in your own home. Order it together with the Multi-CD Changer, and you’ll even save $150. You’ll also receive free shipping. And when you call, be sure to ask about making 12 easy payments, with no interest charges from Bose.† Order the Wave® music system III today. Better yet, order it with our Multi-CD Changer. You’ll make their holidays even more special. SAVE $150 when you order the Wave® music system III with the Multi-CD Changer by January 4, 2014.

To order or learn more:


ext. TZ874

*In-stock items only. Not responsible for delivery service delays. Some exceptions may apply. †Bose payment plan available on orders of $299-$1500 paid by major credit card. Separate financing offers may be available for select products. See website for details. Down payment is 1/12 the product price plus applicable tax and shipping charges, charged when your order is shipped. Then, your credit card will be billed for 11 equal monthly installments beginning approximately one month from the date your order is shipped, with 0% APR and no interest charges from Bose. Credit card rules and interest may apply. U.S. residents only. Limit one active financing program per customer. ©2013 Bose Corporation. The distinctive design of the Wave® music system is a registered trademark of Bose Corporation. Financing and savings offers not to be combined with other offers or applied to previous purchases, and subject to change without notice. If the Wave® music system is returned, the Multi-CD Changer must be returned for a full refund. Offers are limited to purchases made from Bose and participating authorized dealers. Offer valid 10/26/13-1/4/14. Risk-free refers to 30-day trial only, requires product purchase and does not include return shipping. Delivery is subject to product availability.

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