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Martha Stewart’s new book is Living the Good Long Life


at 71!

The domestic diva is looking good and feeling great about aging well BY DOTSON RADER

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—Donna L., Racine, Wis.

A: “I’d like to believe it means ‘harmony.’ It’s a combination of the first three letters of my father’s name, Sherrod, and my mother’s, Marilyn,” says the 43-year-old star of


Shemar Moore as FBI agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds

most beautiful thing about each other? KATE: For my mother, it’s her compassion, how much she gives, whether it grandkids or out in b to her kids and gra be got a sparkle. the world. She’s g GOLDIE: What Wh I love about Hudson, 34, and mom m her resilience, Katie is h Hawn, 67, are the how h ho w she continues to ask brand ambassadors questions and grow. question er// for the Almay Mother/ Have yyou had any beauty Daughter Beauty Campaign. fashion mishaps? o fa or GO GOLDIE: I have more mishaps than anym You both have such body! bo I wear my a glow. What do you clothes inside out, clo attribute that to? but bu I don’t care. GOLDIE: Happiness, That Th started with my connectivity, family. We leotards when I was l le have our support dancing. da system in-house and nd Any budding actors in A that makes us happy. py. the next generation? th If someone could K KATE: Ryder [her older be a fly on the walll son, so 9] is quite the when you’re at home, me, comedian. He takes an co what would they see? ee? improv class and loves it. imp KATE: That we For details When Whe do you feel like have such a blast on Almay’s Mother/ you’re you’ your best self? together! We all Daughter Beauty KAT KATE: When I see my live within 10 Campaign and for a chance to win a makechildren happy, I feel ch minutes of each over, go to parade I’m making the right I’ other, and there’ss .com/almay choices. GOLDIE: Katie’s ch always a family right—you’re only as member at happy as your least someone’s house. e. happiest child. What do you think nk is the



the hit CBS procedural (Wednesdays).“My father is black and my mother’s white, and they’re from the late-’60s civil rights era. They just wanted me to know that I was the product of two people who loved each other. I think that’s a beautiful story and a beautiful mind-set.”

Q: Does Winona Ryder watch her movies when they’re on TV? —Dee H., Colorado Springs

A: “Well, yeah! Now they’re considered golden oldies, which is awesome,” says Ryder, 41, whose latest film is The Iceman (in theaters May 3). “I was watching Little Women recently, and I didn’t want to get up for fear of missing something. And Heathers is like my own Rocky Horror Picture Show; I recite the lines when it’s on. It may seem odd, but I think it’s because they’re really good movies.”


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Ryan Lochte

of the day I like to relax and watch movies with my dog, Carter,” says Lochte, 28. “He’s an 87-pound Doberman, but he thinks he’s a lap dog and lies right on me!” Find out where the athlete keeps his medals at

Q: One Life to Live and All My Children are comQ: Does Ryan Lochte enjoy ing back online! Will the swimming in his spare shows pick up where they time? —Arlene P., Chicago left off? —Peg C., Reno A: The revived All My A: The Olympian and star Children begins five years of the new E! reality show later, while One Life to What Would Ryan Lochte Live’s time lapse is a year. Do? (Sundays) typically Both debut April 29 on trains six hours a day, so if he doesn’t have to be in the For the inside scoop, go pool, he’s not. “At the end to /soap, where Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer on One Life to Live) and Cady McClain (Dixie Cooney on All My Children) are blogging about Cady McClain, Lindsay Hartley, and Jordi Vilasuso on All My Children their shows. Winona Ryder



Q: Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore has a unique first name. What does it mean?

2 • APRIL 28, 2013

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For the photo op mom Say thanks for the memories: Fill this delicate frame (in red, white, or aquamarine) with a favorite photo of the two of you and watch her flash a picture-perfect smile. ($13–$17;

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With a new book offering baby boomers great advice for aging healthfully and gracefully, Martha Stewart proves that living well is the best revenge


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| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |





artha Stewart takes off her flats and points to her left foot. “It’s killing me,” she says. “Someone stepped right on top of it last week. This part here.” She rubs the affected area and smiles ruefully. It is an oddly charming, vulnerable moment for a woman generally known for being strong and in control—qualities that have served her well in building her extraordinarily successful career. The basics of her story are the stuff of entrepreneurial legend: Raised in a lowermiddle-class Polish-American family in New Jersey, Stewart has been a model, a stockbroker, a caterer, an author, a publisher, a TV personality, and a lifestyle expert during her 71 years. When her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, went public in 1999, she became one of the very few self-made female American billionaires. Even her five-month imprisonment on convictions stemming from a stock sale did little to tarnish her brand; after her release in 2005, new product partnerships were signed, and Stewart devoted herself to rebuilding both her company and her reputation rather than walking away. As she writes in her new book, Living the Good Long Life: A Practical Guide to Caring for Yourself and Others: “When

6 • APRIL 28, 2013

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Stewart, photographed in March in the kitchen at her company headquarters.

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It’s all about surviving in this extraordinary world—physically, mentally, emotionally. I wrote it because nobody is paying attention to the silver tsunami of baby boomers who are now turning 65. My book focuses on what you can do for others and what you can do for yourself in terms of aging gracefully. MARTHA STEWART:

What I like about it is that, like you, it’s detailoriented and full of common sense.


How did you meet your husband?

His sister was in one of my college classes. She came to school every day in a Rolls-Royce with a chauffeur. [laughs] I’m not kidding. She came up to me and said, “Oh, hello, my brother is at Yale Law School and you are very pretty. Would you like to meet him?” I said, “Sure.” We fell in love on the first date. Was he the first man you loved?

Above, modeling in her early 20s. Right, ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on the day her company went public, in 1999.

Thank you. I attended an early session of the Clinton Global Initiative. President Clinton asked everybody to make a pledge to help humanity. So I pledged a book about caregiving, and I did it. I’m very proud of that. He wrote a blurb for the back cover. You’re obviously aging gracefully, because you look amazing. You were a model as early as 13, weren’t you?

Monday Declutter kitchen shelves

Tuesday Maximize your medicine cabinet

Why did you quit your successful Wall Street career?

Commuting was just too much. I chose to come home and start a catering business. I was a very good cook, and I knew I could build a business. You’ve said that people don’t know how poor you were as a child. How poor were you?

I was the second of six kids. I wouldn’t say we were poor; we had no money. That’s different.

Just for money. But it was fun.

How is that different?

You must’ve known you were beautiful.

My parents were able to pay our expenses, but not for education. We were encouraged to work hard in school and get scholarships.


What did your parents expect you to become?

As Stewart describes in her new book, Living the Good Long Life, once children are grown, it’s easy to find yourself in a house filled with relics and memories. But the good news, she says, is that the older we become, the better we are at living a well-edited life. Go to each day this week for exclusive tips from Stewart’s book on creating a home that works for you today—and for the years to come. Sunday Create a welcoming entryway

Yeah, he’s the first man I slept with. [laughs] I finished my sophomore year, got married, and commuted from New Haven to Barnard College until I graduated. I had Alexis when I was 24. After she was born, I went to work on Wall Street.

Wednesday Keep the laundry room neat

Thursday Organize your office desk

Friday Increase closet space

Saturday Make a small room seem bigger

My father was the smartest guy; he said, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” Your first book, 1982’s Entertaining, was a best seller, and after that your career took off. How did that affect your life?

I kept saying, “I’m still going to clean out the chicken coops.” I could have had more help, but it was important to me to continue to do a lot. I have a pretty interesting personal life. Now it’s even more interesting because I finally have grandchildren, whom I adore.


PARADE: Your new book, Living the Good Long Life, covers topics ranging from diet and fitness to creating a safe, healthy home and caring for elders. How would you describe it?

No, I actually didn’t. I knew I was good enough to get $60 an hour, which was the going rate at the time. I wasn’t the cover girl. I wasn’t Suzy Parker. But I should’ve been. Maybe if I had had somebody encouraging me ... But then I got married when I was 19.


you’re through changing, you’re through.” We meet at Stewart’s company headquarters in Manhattan, a vast industrial space where her magazines, Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Everyday Food, are produced; there are also TV facilities and a kitchen similar to the one in her home in Bedford, N.Y., outfitted with items from her Home Depot line. Although at press time she was embroiled in a dispute between Macy’s and J.C. Penney over the rights to sell her wares (“We try something new,” she says, exasperated, “and we get slapped with a lawsuit”), she talks with surprising candor on a variety of subjects. As she settles in at her conference table, Stewart, who is single (her 26-year marriage to publishing executive Andrew Stewart ended in 1987), shares photos of her only child, Alexis, and grandchildren Jude, 2, and Truman, 1. “Last week I gave them a party,” she says. “Look how cute!”

8 • APRIL 28, 2013

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I don’t have that kind of fame. I am not a rock star or a movie star; I’m a businessperson. I definitely know who my friends are. I’m much more open and trusting than, say, my daughter is. I mean, people who didn’t visit me when I was in West Virginia [in federal prison] Alexis checked off the list. I didn’t. Why not?

Because there are reasons some people don’t feel comfortable doing stuff. In your book, you talk about dealing with loneliness.

Get a dog! [laughs] Plant a garden. Do you have a man in your life?

statements, and obstruction of justice.]

I don’t consider that a mistake. It was a normal thing that people do every day. They sell stock. What was a mistake was the way it was handled. I’m not supposed to say it, but I was not guilty of any crime. I became a target because I was a strong and a rich woman who had been very successful. That’s in the past. It would be very unfair to be defined by that moment. In the past, you’ve compared your personal difficulties with those of Hillary Clinton: You went through trial and imprisonment; she endured the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

I admire Hillary greatly, her inner strength. She did a phenomenal job as secretary of state. The best thing of all was the way she treated her husband.

Well, I did, and now I don’t. [Stewart was linked Most wives would have with ex-Microsoft billeft him. lionaire Charles Simonyi Well, I wouldn’t have. until 2008.] Charles lived “I finally have grandchildren, whom I adore,” says Stewart Hillary was married to the on the West Coast, and I (with Jude and Truman). president. Walking out lived on the East Coast; it on him when he’s stupid would’ve shown was a perfect relationship. The only things weakness and self-centeredness. She saved I miss about Charles are his boat and his him, her self-respect, and her daughter. plane. I’ve been very busy. Where do you meet men? Do you use She didn’t cut the family asunder. As a Internet dating services? result, she gained his respect forever. Guess who wrote the book Love in the Your company has suffered some finanTime of Algorithms: What Technology Does cial distress lately. Do you have a plan to reverse things? to Meeting and Mating? Dan Slater, who just married my niece Sophie. So I know We’re about 50-50 [products and publishing]. Our [profit] margins are much all about online dating. I told Dan I’d pay higher in merchandising. We like designhim if he found me my next boyfriend. Have you ever met a man online? ing and making products. We’re good I have not. I sat down once with the at it. We want to have our own stores. application for and started That’s how the J.C. Penney thing came to laugh. I couldn’t even get past the first around; it was an opportunity to have 700 page. And that’s a very good site! stores within J.C. Penney. What I want What do you think when you look back at to do now is build freestanding stores. some of your mistakes?

Will you write your autobiography?


Of course. I have my title and everything. I’ve led such an interesting and complicated life that it’s getting to be time to record it.

Like the stock sale that resulted in your imprisonment. [Stewart was convicted on four counts of conspiracy, making false


You and your husband split in 1987; why did you never remarry? Does fame get in the way of finding a love you can trust?

10 • APRIL 28, 2013

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Kennections By Ken Jennings HOW TO PLAY

All five correct answers have something in common. Can you figure out what it is? 1. What was the maiden name of Norma Jeane Baker’s mother, which Norma Jeane chose as her own stage name?

✎ 2. What midwestern state capital is centered on the narrow isthmus between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona?

✎ 3. What last name did Daisy Fay take when she married her cruel millionaire husband in The Great Gatsby?

✎ 4. What’s the last name of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s 1-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy?

✎ 5. What comic strip character often schemes to mail his adorable nemesis, Nermal, to Abu Dhabi?


Play trivia puzzles by Ken Jennings and readers at ANSWERS: 1. MONROE; 2. MADISON; 3. BUCHANAN; 4. CARTER; 5. GARFIELD ALL ARE U.S. PRESIDENTS NAMED JAMES



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Around the


Make the Make the rec recipe ecipe ipe pe e a p and po st a pic picc post at ffac cebo eb ok. ok com om /pa /p parad radema ema emag m g /parademag


Family Time


Beli Be Believe liev evee it oorr no not, ot, t, eeverything very ve ry yth hingg make this amazing you yo u ne need ed ttoo ma m ake k thi h s am maz azin ingg your grocery store cake ca kee iiss att y ourr gr ou groc ocer ery y st stor orre BY Y KAR KAREN EN TAC T TACK KA AND ND D ALA A ALAN NR RICHARDSON ICH H ARD A SON AR

GOLDFISH CAKE Bake 2 (8-inch) round cake layers from a vanilla or white boxed cake mix. Let cool. Tint 2 (16-oz) cans vanilla frosting orange using 4 tsp yellow food coloring and 12 drops red food coloring. Sandwich, cut, and arrange layers as shown at right. Freeze cake until firm, about


30 minutes. Meanwhile, make eyes: Cut 1 marshmallow in half crosswise. Put a dot of frosting on uncut ends of both marshmallow pieces and attach 1 Junior Mint (or other brown chocolate candy) to each to make pupils. For top fins, cut fruit leather into small semicircles (use pinking shears for a zigzag effect). Remove cake from freezer and coat with remaining orange frosting,

smoothing with an offset spatula or a butter knife. Use the back of a small spoon or butter knife to make scales in frosting, leaving fish face smooth. Decorate body with green, orange, and yellow chocolate candies, such as M&M’s. Attach eyes and top fins by pressing into frosting. Press 1 orange gummy ring onto front of cake for mouth. Add gum balls to serving platter, as bubbles.

Cut a small, 2-inchwide semicircle from 1 side of layer cake. Cut semicircle into 2 pieces, 1 large and 1 small.


On a serving platter, stand cake up on flat, cut side. Position large piece on 1 end of cake to form tail. Place small piece alongside cake to make 1 side fin.


Sandwich the 2 flat (bottom) sides of cake layers together with cup orange frosting.

12 • APRIL 28, 2013

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Tell us your adoption story at

In this excerpt, three families share the moving tales of how they came together

Nati and Grace, shortly after Nati joined the Knoblers, in Santa Monica, Calif.

Sibling Resemblance By Grace Knobler, 13 years old

When Nati first arrived from Ethiopia, families would give us strange looks. It took me a while to figure out why they were looking at us. I would forget that our family was different from other families. I would forget sometimes that Nati’s skin was a different color, that his eyes were brown and not blue, and that his hair was black and not blond. One day, one of my friend’s parents came up to me and said, “Wow, Grace, you look so much like your brother!”

I replied, “Which one?” Nati fit into our family perfectly.

Ties That Bind

By Mary-Louise Parker

My daughter had been left in a playpen in an empty room at the orphanage so I could meet her in private, and she was crying. Seeing her for the first time was all kinds of overwhelming, but I was fortified by the trust she showed when I picked her up and she put her head on my

shoulder. She stopped crying, and I saw the beginnings of this bright little girl who now ropes in almost everyone she meets. The next day, when a nurse came to take my daughter, she latched on to me. The caregiver gave a little gasp, and then called another nanny over to watch as she reenacted trying to take Ash. Ash would have none of it. The nannies laughed and chattered to each other. I asked an English-speaking nurse what they were saying. “They are happy for her,” she said. “They are saying, ‘Look, she knows already that’s her mother.’ ” She was sure Ash knew that I was her mom and my son was her brother. Ash and my son looked at each other with nothing less than agreement when he told her that before we were the “two family,” and now we were the “three family.” “You’re my sister, I’m your brother. We’re gonna take a big plane and it bumps when it goes down, but don’t worry. The plane will be safe and we’ll go home. It’s gonna be great.” They knew everything before I truly processed it; they knew who they were to each other, and nothing, nothing on earth, makes me happier than when they walk down the street holding hands, or defend each other, or unite against someone. Even when that someone is me, I’m still silently cheering.

Dylan, age 1, and his new sisters

The Greatest Gift

By Meghan Gilbert-Hickey

He is mine and not mine. That’s the most we can say of any of our children if we are honest with ourselves. Before Dylan came home with us, he belonged to his birth mother and father, a nurse, two foster mothers. He belongs to them still and, though he doesn’t know it now, he always will. And yet they’ve lost him, for now, at least. I saw it happen with the last foster mother. I watched her watch him become someone else’s son. I carry her loss with me as a reminder of the enormity of my gain. I carry Dylan’s losses most of all: the man he might have been but will not be; his birth mother, who had to say that first goodbye. And I carry her losses: the son she does not know, the smile, always open-mouthed, close-eyed, that she does not see, and the deep-breathing sleep she cannot watch with awe. From Carried in Our Hearts: The Gift of Adoption; Inspiring Stories of Families Created Across Continents by Dr. Jane Aronson with the permission of Tarcher, an imprint of Penguin Group. Copyright Jane Aronson 2013.


Adoption Journeys

14 • APRIL 28, 2013

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Word Teaser Can you guess the meaning?

By Marilyn vos Savant

With a limited amount of funds for charitable donations, is it better to give a little to a lot of charities, or a lot to one charity? I usually do the former, but I wonder whether it would be more beneficial if I limited myself to one or two favorites instead of trying to send something to every organization that requests a donation. —Sue Ford,

(a) a large vein in the neck (b) the lead performer in a jug band (c) a business cycle of about nine years (d) a chemical used to prolong the shelf life of wax fruit (e) a tangy stew of rabbit meat, cooked in an earthenware pot ANSWER: (C)

Ask Marilyn


Sanford, Maine



Complete 1 to 81 so the numbers follow a horizontal or vertical path—no diagonals.










23 19




You probably would do better to focus your generosity on the causes that are dearest to your heart. Administrative costs are major expenses for these organizations. Consider the difference in 100 charities each routinely handling 10,000 donations of $10 compared with each handling 1,000 donations of $100. Their revenue is the same, but in the second situation, the time they spend managing it is much reduced.


5 7

Coins shown larger than actual size of 38.1 mm in diameter.

your coin will be presented in an archival quality case. PCS STAMPS & COINS


By acting fast you can receive an 1889 Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar for just $39.95 — quite a value versus the regular price of $90 (plus $4.90 shipping and service). This is one of the historic silver dollars minted between 1878 and 1935. Since then the U.S. Mint has never issued a 90% silver dollar for circulation. Collectors have been hoarding desirable Morgan Silver Dollars for more than a century. With the price of silver having skyrocketed, these precious silver dollars are certain to be more coveted than ever!


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YES! Send my 1889 Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar for just $39.95, with no obligation to purchase anything else. For fastest service call us toll-free at 1-888-702-7269.


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Please print clearly.

Address City/State

Zip Limit one per household.

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Shake Yourself Skinny! How I Lost 85 LBS*, and it was as easy as shake, shake, shake!

“Finally, at age 54, I’m in better shape than I have been in years. A few years ago, if you had told me that I’d look or feel this good, I wouldn’t have believed you. After three pregnancies and then rupturing a disc in my back, my weight climbed steadily uphill. I was up to 214 pounds‌ and I’m only 5’3â€?! It got to the point that the only clothes I felt really comfortable in were the hospital scrubs I wear for my job. I was wearing a size 20 jean and size 22/24 top, and I couldn’t face the reality of how large I had become so I stopped weighing myself altogether. I tried counting calories and cutting out my comfort foods, but I hated having to cook separate meals for myself and not being able to enjoy what the rest of my family was having. And due to my injury and severe osteoarthritis, exercise wasn’t an option. Even getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle.

Cind y lost 85 lbs *! B efore, 2 14 lb s

*SENSAÂŽ advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control. Studies show average weight loss of 30.5 lbs in 6 months. Cindy used SENSAÂŽ for 11 months.

My turning point came one day when my granddaughter blurted out, ‘Grandma, you’re fat!’ It nearly brought me to me tears. I wanted to be a role model to my grandchildren instead of a bad example, and I knew I needed to make a change before it was too late.

The SENSAÂŽ Breakthrough

SENSAŽ Weight-Loss System. I was intrigued, so I visited their web site and read the facts: SENSAŽ was invented by a neurologist and works with your senses of smell and taste to help encourage portion control. When sprinkled onto food, SENSAŽ helps you feel full faster and satisfied on smaller portions. No need to cut out any of my favorite foods or add in an exercise program. I went ahead and ordered it, but before I tried it I brought the package to my doctor. He took a look at the ingredients and informed me that it contains no stimulants, diuretics or fat blockers like so many other traditional diet products. He could see no reason not to try it, so I started shaking SENSAŽ on everything I ate. SENSAŽƄWSHUIHFWO\LQWRP\OLIH,FDQVWLOO HQMR\PHDOVZLWKP\IDPLO\DQG,FDQVWLOO HDW P\ IDYRULWH IRRGV , MXVW IHHO VDWLVƄHG RQVPDOOHUSRUWLRQV All I have to do is shake my SENSAŽ, and it gives me the power to push my plate away when I feel full. SENSAŽ has changed me on the inside and out. I have energy to play with my grandkids, and I feel good enough to walk long distances without having to stop to rest. ,pPƄQDOO\FRPIRUWDEOHLQP\RZQVNLQDQGP\ whole family is proud of me. Best of all, I’m now the role model for my grandchildren that I always wanted to be�. -

One night while browsing online, I came across an advertisement for the

Simple Success “Within the first week, I noticed that I wasn’t going back for seconds the way I used to. By the third week, I realized that I wasn’t craving sweets anymore. I ended up losing several pounds that first month, and I even dropped a pant size.�

Cindy, 8WDK




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