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Get Back In The Game And Hear Everything You’ve Been Missing! The 4 Main Reasons These Sound Amplifiers Are Flying Out The Door:

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Comfortable! Super Value!

Ear-Pro IQ boasts a design that is virtually invisible for those that are sensitive to having a device in their ear.

■ Small, lightweight So discreet, and very comfortonly you know able! it’s there! The Ear-Pro IQ is truly a game changer with its strong boost in sound volume, ■ The clear tube nearly invisible design and remarkable sound quality! Offered directly to the makes it almost invisible! public for only $19.95! And it’s literally changing people’s lives! The increased ■ Incredibly discreet design – sound volume makes it so much easier to join conversations from a distance, only you know it’s there! watch TV without disturbing others and listen to all the sounds in nature! Shown against ■ The extra boost in volume black backsupercharges ordinary hearThe affordable invention for many Americans who want a ground so you powerful volume boost to hear more sounds – loud and clear! For both ing into super hearing! can notice the men and ■ Turn up the volume on almost clear women! all sounds and voices ear tube! The 4 Main Reasons Americans Are Rushing around you – without disturbing others! To Get Their Hands On The Brand New Ear-Pro IQ: sound quality will 1 Almost Invisible Design! The clear tube makes it almost invisible! ■ The blow your mind – amazing at this price level! 2 Very Comfortable! Comfortable behind-the-ear design. So lightweight you hardly feel it’s there. ■ No endless frequent battery changes, thanks to energy3 Crystal Clear Sound Quality! The strong volume boost increases the sound level of all those everyday sounds around efficient construction! you – loud and clear! ■ Fits the contour of your ear! ■ Sound so clear you can hear a The lightweight design with 4 Remarkable Value! This U.S. Company hits a price breakthrough pin drop! exceptional amplification power with a brand new premium hearing invention for less than $20 – ■ Adjustable volume control! makes it a bargain for only $19.95. that’s amazing!

Amazing offer!


Price Breakthrough!

• NO additional installments! • NO hidden fees!

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Super Hearing In Seconds!

$30.00 OFF!


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Go From Ordinary Hearing To

MSRP $49.90


Virtually Invisible! Crystal Clear Sound!


Perfect for men and women of all ages, who want to hear all sounds loud and clear!

Introducing the Premium Level Sound Amplifier that delivers How is it possible? Hear everything $19.95 seems impossible for this crystal clear sound and is virtually invisible when you wear it! you’ve been missing Only quality level! But we drop all unnecessary

“What?? Less than $20 for a Premium Level Sound Amplifier?” is a reaction we get over and over again from people! The brand new Ear-Pro IQ is certainly taking Sound Amplifiers to a new level. It delivers crystal clear, exceptional sound like you normally would find in much more expensive units! The clear tube makes it almost invisible when you wear it. And it’s easy to use and take care of – and so comfortable to wear! Lightweight and compact size! And it’s yours for less than $20. For a superb Personal Sound

All this is included: • Ear-Pro IQ ad• 6 earpieces – to make sure the vanced Personal unit will fit most Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) ears • Battery for one • Cleaning brush hundred hours of • Instruction listening time manual

Ear-Pro IQ


90 day return policy! We offer hassle-free exchanges and returns. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 90 days, for any reason, and your purchase price (excluding shipping & handling) will be refunded.

Amplification Product (PSAP), that’s unheard of in this industry. Just turn it on and transform your hearing into SUPER HEARING, thanks to the advanced micro-electronic amplification technology. Battery with approx 100 hours of listening time included. Each set consists of 1 Ear-Pro IQ and 6 rubberized earpieces in different sizes, to give a customized fit for everyone. Adjustable volume control. Fits both left and right ears. Gives you a boost in sound volume so you never miss a word again! Order today, directly from us!

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Not a medical device. This is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) intended for recreational purposes. Designed for everyone who wants to amplify sounds and voices around them. Not intended for medical purposes or for the hearing impaired, who may benefit from individual advice from specialists.

Offer not available in stores!

– loud and clear!

• Watch TV and hear everything easier – without turning up the volume and disturbing others! • Participate in conversations from a distance – never miss a word! • Hear what others are saying – even if they are far away! • Bring it to the theater or the movies! • Hear all of nature’s sounds! • So many more recreational uses!

middlemen and sell directly to you. We produce large quantities to get the manufacturing price down and pass the savings on to you! We make it possible!

Super-offer! 4-pack batteries! Each battery has approx 100 hours listening time. Amazing value! Only $5.99 for a 4-pack. Item no. 10-1550 4-pack batteries for Ear-Pro IQ . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.99/set

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Extra 4-packs of batteries! 4-pack of 100-hour-batteries for Qty: $5.99 per set. Item no. 10-1550.

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A Heartfelt Thank You from Robin Roberts

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A Heartfelt Thank You from Robin Roberts