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KING Gayle King is starting 2012 with a big new job: cohost of CBS This Morning








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Personality Walter Scott,s


P Lisa Niemi Swayze

Q: How has Patrick Swayze’s wife, Lisa, been coping since his passing?

their three kids are grown. “The empty nest is great!” says Vieira, 58. Since leaving NBC’s Today in June, she remains a special correspondent for the network and is promoting the nonprofit, which supplies books and clothes to needy children.

—H. M., Manhattan Beach, Calif.

A: More than two years


Timothy Olyphant The actor, 43, returns Jan. 17 as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens for season three of FX’s Justified (10 p.m. ET). Season two will be on DVD Tuesday. Raylan is a tough guy, known for his unblinking stare. Are people intimidated by you? I’d like them to be, but

they’re usually not. I have a number of ways of telling my children how I can have them arrested. It seems to work.

after his death, she’s still struggling. “I had no idea how hard this road would be,” says Swayze, 55. “Sometimes it’s all I can do just to put one foot in front of the other.” She chronicles her experience with loss and grief in her new memoir, Worth Fighting For, and is optimistic about the future: “Little by little, I have more good days, just like I was promised.”

The show is set in Kentucky but shot in California. Have you gotten any feedback from southerners?

I don’t feel like I run into too many people from Kentucky. I think I’m hanging around in the wrong places.

—Hilary Swank on her career. She’s currently showing off her lighter side in the romantic comedy New Year’s Eve. P Andy Serkis and Caesar

Q: In the new Planet of the

Apes movie, was Caesar played by a real animal? —Gigi, Los Angeles

A: A primate was respon-

sible for the acclaimed performance, but it wasn’t a chimpanzee—it was actor Andy Serkis. The 2011 film used motion capture technology to harness Serkis’s expressions and movements, which were

then applied to animated renderings of Caesar from infancy to adulthood. “It’s about believing you are that thing and totally inhabiting it,” Serkis, 47, has said of the process. Previously, he brought to life Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and King Kong in the 2005 remake.

Will the body count be higher this season than last? It might be. We’re surely off to

Get more season three teasers at Letters to Walter Scott can be sent to P.O. Box 5001, Grand Central Station, New York, N.Y. 10163-5001

2 • January 1, 2012

P Vieira and Cohen


Q: Is Meredith Vieira still married? —Anonymous, South Carolina

A: Yes, she and her hus-

band, journalist Richard Cohen, have been married for 25 years and have more time together now that

Who Said It? <

the races in the first episode. My guess is a little more blood gets shed this year. Are you a good shot in real life? Anything within five feet, I’ve got it. What’s your favorite part about playing Raylan? Well, he doesn’t have to run. I appreciate that I don’t have to do any physical exercise. It’s fun pretending to be cool.



Email your questions to Walter Scott at /contact

“I usually die in my movies. I don’t live to see the credits.”

“I’ve never really been America’s sweetheart, but for a minute I think that’s what they wanted me to be.” See the answer at


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your guide to health, life,



can’t stop the music. The singersongwriter, 65, has won seven Grammys and created thousands of country and pop tunes, including “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolene,” a 1973 hit she revived with Miley Cyrus, whom she calls her honorary goddaughter. Now she costars with Queen Latifah in Joyful Noise (in theaters Jan. 13), which has three new Parton-penned songs. She discusses the gospel according to Dolly with Thelma Adams.

PARADE Did you and Queen Latifah bond? We come from different worlds, but her real name is Dana Owens, and my mother’s name is Owens—so I said, “We’ve gotta be cousins!” You met your husband, Carl Dean, at Nashville’s Wishy Washy Laundromat. How’d you know he was the one? I had left two boyfriends at home and the last thing I wanted was a man. I came to Nashville to work on my music. Wouldn’t you know I met him the very first day? It was as if God said: This is the man that’s going to love and understand you. And Carl felt like he’d 4 • January 1, 2012

fast-food restaurants, and picnic. We love that stuff that will harden your arteries in a hurry.

When you cook, what’s your specialty? Chicken and dumplings. money, entertainment, and more It’s all country cooking. I’ll bring my grits when I travel because I get so I HAVE NO PLANS hungry on the TO EVER RETIRE. I’LL JUST BE road. I try to THE VERY BEST AT stay on my THE AGE I AM, low-carb WHATEVER THOSE diet during uring NUMBERS ARE.” the week, ek, and then when I know I have a day off, I say, “Make me a pan of corn bread.”” You’ve been very open about your plastic surgery. I joke that if I see something sagging, dragging, or bagging, I’ll have it nipped and tucked. People say I look so happy and I say, “Well, that’s Botox!”


Dolly Parton

How many wigs do you have? I put one on every day for some reason or another, so I must have at least 365. I don’t wear wigs when I’m home.

Despite your sunny disposition, you’ve weathered some storms—including The Tennessee treasure on food, family, growing up poor with 11 and why she’s no diva siblings, and the death of your beloved parents. Folks think with sunny What do you like to been looking for me, people that you’re always do on Sundays? someone who wouldn’t try happy. I’m not. Songwriters When I’m home, I spend to strangle him, because have to be in touch with Sunday with my he’s pretty independent. their emotions. husband. If It seemed like we were You can’t live on For Dolly’s we’re not cookbrought together for a the surface chicken and dumplings recipe, ing, we travel reason. After 47 years— because you go to Parade around in our 45 married—we believe can’t harden .com/parton camper, stop at that now more than ever. your heart.

Do you have any advice for Miley Cyrus? I remember myself at her age. We’ve all been a bit too hard on her. I hope she holds it together because there’s a world of things she can do. She should keep an eye on things and make wise decisions. What ticks you off? People being late. I hate if you’re at a meeting and waiting on somebody. I’m the most prompt person. Ev Everybody says that if I’m on time, I’m late. Ever been called a diva? Oh, no! I’m a working g girl. I don’t make people be bend over backwards, and I don’t like that in people. I am definitely no diva.


Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You


Writing down your goals will help clarify what you want, whether it’s to lose weight, exercise, or improve your overall health. Check your list regularly to stay motivated after the novelty of the New Year has worn off. For video tips from Dr. Oz on how to hit your target, go to



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Manner Up! Modern etiquette made easy

Q: Over the holidays, my 5-year-old nephew broke an expensive vase I’d just received as a gift. His parents haven’t offered to replace it; their attitude is “Boys will be boys.” Should I ask them to pay for it, or just suck it up? A: If you willingly let a bull into your china shop, your policy changes from “You break it, you bought it” to “What was I thinking?” The same goes for 5-yearold nephews. (I just hosted a birthday party for nine 10-year-old boys, which involved breakage and bloodshed, so I know what I’m talking about.) That said, good manners dictate that his parents offer to pay and that you refuse to accept—and they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain! At this point there is nothing you can, or should, do about it. Money can be tinder for all kinds of family conflagrations, and asking for reparations is exactly the kind of seemingly small but fraught moment that could lead to hard feelings for years to come. Let it go—and take comfort in the fact that your nephew isn’t your day-to-day problem. Your broken vase is a small price to pay for that. —Judith Newman Send your questions to


—Name withheld, Tacoma, Wash.

6 • January 1, 2012

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By Marilyn vos Savant

Why does a foot rub feel good only when someone else does it? —J. Fletcher, via email

“I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to bubble-wrap them.”



Complete 1 to 81 so the numbers follow a horizontal or vertical path—no diagonals. MORE WAYS TO PLAY!

Print and play a new puzzle every day at

















For the same reason you can’t tickle yourself: As our bodies are bombarded with sensory stimulation, our brains have evolved to turn down the volume on input that we produce ourselves. This allows you to ignore sensations that don’t warrant attention, such as the pressure on your foot every time you take a step. It also explains why brushing your own tangled hair hurts less than when your hairdresser does it. And parents who spank are wrong to say,

“This hurts me more than it does you.” Yes, they’re referring to psychic pain, but they may not realize that, in a physical sense, the child feels a slap harder than they do because it comes from an outside source. The brain of the parent tones down the sensation on his or her hand, but the child’s brain allows the full sting. This is one reason fights escalate quickly, especially among children, who have less control over their emotions. The pain you feel when you hit someone is less intense than the pain felt by the receiver. If the person retaliates, you’ll feel that you received a harder blow than you gave. Before you know it, the fight may be out of control. It’s something to think about before you ever touch another person in any way that is less than loving. To ask a question, visit Parade .com/askmarilyn



Cartoon rtoon Parade Parade



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GAYLE FORCE King at the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan, Dec. 2





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i, everyone, I’m Beyoncé!” Gayle King calls out to a group of CBS staffers she’s meeting for the first time. The line gets a big laugh, just as King intended. Soon this 57-year-old journalist and TV personality, up until now best known as Oprah Winfrey’s closest friend, will be showcasing that playful sense of humor in the highestprofile job she’s ever had: Starting Jan. 9, she’ll be cohost, with Charlie Rose and Erica Hill, of the new CBS This Morning program. The venture will be an eye-opener for King, who loves staying out late, hitting movie premieres and concerts (her musical tastes range from Jay-Z to Josh Groban). “I never had a desire to do a morning show because I don’t like getting up that early. Thank you, Jesus, for hot flashes!” she laughs, explaining why she’s up these days before 5 a.m. anyway—and how she’ll need to rise only a half hour earlier to do the show. Dating, she notes (she was divorced in 1993), may be a bit more challenging: “I’m available for afternoon tea. I love sandwiches with the crust removed!” King was born in Maryland and lived for most of her elementary school years in Ankara, Turkey (her father, an engineer, worked for the U.S. government). A news junkie who has a TV in every room, she spent 21 years anchoring news programs in Kansas City and Hartford, Conn., but says it was never her dream to go national. “Unless you lived in one of those places, you got to know me through Oprah. I’m really okay with that,” says King. “I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be on the morning news. But now at this stage of my life, it’s all I want to do. It’s so cool.” She resisted a network job in the past because she was raising two kids. “I wanted to be in a community I really liked,” says King. “I wanted to go to the grocery store and the post office. Network to me meant a lot of traveling, and I’m a very nervous flyer.” Now she’s an empty nester: Daughter Kirby, 25, works in Washington, D.C., and son Will, 24, who worked for


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“I’m going to get better organized. That always seems to elude me.”

a New York investment bank for two years, is now pursuing business opportunities in Shanghai. “I’m trying to pretend they’re still just away at college,” says their doting mother. One of King’s goals for 2012 (see below): fly 14plus hours to visit Will in China. What will CBS This Morning be like? When we talked in early December, it was still a work in progress. “I know Charlie will drive the first [7 a.m.] hour,” King says, “and I’ll be driving the second, which will definitely be geared toward women. Erica will be on both. How it opens on day one will not be how it looks on day seven. Everything takes a hot minute to gel.” The aim is to get the perennially third-place show out of its ratings rut. With executive producer Chris Licht (late of MSNBC’s Morning Joe) at the helm, CBS This Morning is meant to be a harder-hitting, less frivolous take on the day’s stories than its network competitors. It won’t be deadly serious, however. King’s not suddenly going to become buttoned up. “I don’t know how to be anyone other than me,” she says. “I was never stiff, even when I was supposed to be.” Anyone who’s seen the 2010 camping trip she and Winfrey took in Yosemite for The Oprah Winfrey Show, merrily bickering the whole way, knows this. (Highlights are on Though King will continue in her position as editor at large of O, the Oprah Magazine, saying yes to CBS meant giving up her radio program and the two shows she has hosted on Winfrey’s OWN network. She was nervous her new job would prompt “tabloid stories about Gayle and Oprah fighting,” she admits. “But Oprah said, ‘Are you crazy?’ She was adamant that I begin the conversation. You couldn’t find a better cheerleader for me. “Someone just said to me, ‘There’s only a small group of people who’ve done this,’ ” King adds about her big leap to morning show host. “And we have nowhere to go but up. I intend to go up!” —Roger Friedman



“At some point I’ll go to Shanghai to visit my son. I’d also like to see Egypt, and I’ve always wanted to go to the Mall of America—I love a good mall!”

Gayle tells how she and Oprah differ, and how other morning show hosts reacted to her new job, at


“I’d like to do a wall of black-andwhite photographs. Black women and children, or couples, a great collection.”


“I will continue to hope for someone to design hotlooking high heels that don’t leave you crippled by the end of the evening.”

They did it!

“I GOT OUT OF DEBT.” ERROL BRYAN, 52 New York City In 2004, Errol Bryan’s wife lost her nursing job, which cut their household income in half. Within two years, he’d maxed out his credit cards and owed $17,000. Bryan called a nonprofit credit counseling service and worked out a plan to reduce his cards’ interest rates by paying $260 a month. Now debt-free, he has begun to save at least $100 a month.

BRYAN’S TIPS Seek help. The credit counseling service charged $40 a month, but it gave Bryan the advice he needed to devise a wise strategy. Pay smart. Bryan had been making $100 payments on each credit card balance, but most of that went toward interest. The credit counselor set up a plan to pay off the lowest balance first. Think before you shop. “If it’s not a necessity, I don’t buy it,” Bryan says. —Holly Schmidt January 1, 2012 • 9

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THIS IS THE YEAR TO ... she’d spend her golden years as a wife and grandmother, but when her husband left, she needed to find a job. Mark, 40, was a warehouse supervisor. He liked his coworkers, but he kept feeling as if the days were slipping away without his having really lived. Finding your passion in situations like these is like spotting a tiger in Times Square—you’re in the wrong territory. Go looking in its natural habitat: your memory.

2 Track Your


As a life coach, I have a passion for helping people find the source of their passion. This new year, I’d like to help you locate yours. I know some of you are thinking, “Passion is for zillionaires! I need to mash my nose against any grindstone I can find.” Or maybe you believe you have no strong interests, you’re too old to chase them, or yours would require costly training. You’re wrong. We all have something we’re passionate about; it’s never too late to pursue it; and you 10 • January 1, 2012

may be more prepared than you know. Identifying your passion is a methodical process, like following a faint path or tracking an animal. Here’s how to do it.


Notice if you’re on a cold, or joyless, trail. Consider these three clients of mine. Todd, 51, was a manager at a utilities company. He was grateful to have a job— but constantly exhausted and miserable. Alicia, 63, thought

Recall a hot track. Scan your memories for experiences that caused you to forget that time was passing. Those are hot tracks, signs you’ve connected with your passion. Todd’s hot tracks were hiking and skiing. Alicia remembered teaching her son with Down syndrome to read. Mark thought about a massage he’d had for a back problem.


Spot the patterns. Now look for warm tracks, memories with a similar kind of energy. For Todd, it was hunting trips with his dad; for Alicia, seminars she’d taken; and for Mark, bandaging an injured bird. Todd’s experiences all involved outdoor activity; Alicia

loved learning and teaching; and Mark was drawn to healing.


Warm up your life. Examine your schedule. You’ll see your activities range from cool to warm. Each week, cancel one small cool thing and do something warm instead. This way, you can find your passion without quitting your job. Over time, little steps may lead to big changes. As Todd spent more time outside, he realized he could work in the great outdoors reading gas meters—without too big a pay cut. Alicia met a few moms with special-needs kids who wanted help teaching them to read. She began working with them, they referred her to others, and suddenly she was in business. Mark took massage classes at night and now earns more as a therapist than he ever did at his old job. My point is not that these people are making a good living (though they are); it’s that they’ve all found how to make a good life for themselves. Track your passion and by the end of this year, you could be closing in on a life that truly satisfies you. Martha Beck is the author of the just released Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.

They did it!

“I FOUND A NEW CAREER.” JENIFER TWEDELL, 38 Grants Pass, Ore. After Jenifer Twedell lost her 61-year-old mom to lung cancer, she reexamined her life. Her job selling athletic club memberships left her uninspired and without the flexibility she wanted. Then her best friend came to her with an idea: to run an online directory of local businesses. Within five months, their first clients were on board.

TWEDELL’S TIPS Banish fear. At first, Twedell was afraid of the risk involved in quitting her job, but after doing her research, she went with her gut feeling that the business would be a perfect fit. Network. Twedell met her accountant while sitting on the sidelines at her son’s soccer game. Expect obstacles. After falling short of her goal of signing up 60 new businesses in the first month, she learned to set more realistic objectives. —H.S.


2 0

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Fat in the abdominal area is different than fat in the rest of the body. It is difficult to reduce and is hazardous to health. Abdominal fat produces destructive hormones that spread throughout the body. There are 2 types, outer fat and intestinal fat. Excess fat on outer abdomen Stubborn fat around intestines



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Up Your Gratitude “Knowing that you had to work on Thanksgiving of all days, I thought I’d express my gratitude that you have taken the time and made the effort to learn my name and greet me each day in a way that makes me feel like a person instead of a number. It’s a small thing, but on any given day, it can make all the difference. Thank you!” About three years ago, I gave a card with these words to a Starbucks barista named Kimber. When I went in the next day, she told me, nearly breaking down, that my note made her realize what she did really counts. It was my 260th thankyou of 2008, the year I vowed to send one to a different person every day. I succeeded—though it took more than 365 days. I embarked on the endeavor at a time when I felt anything but thankful. On New Year’s Day 2008, I went for a hike, feeling at an all-time low. I was overweight. I owned a law practice, but it was losing money. Entangled in a divorce, I lived in a depressing apartment. The woman I’d been dating had recently ended our relationship. On my hike, I heard a voice. It said I shouldn’t focus on what I wanted or had lost but should be grateful for what I had. The idea of a year of thank-yous popped into my head. This project transformed my life. I saw how much I had been blessed by so many people in different ways, and acknowledging their blessings seemed to make them multiply. After I thanked colleagues for directing cases to me, they referred more. When I expressed gratitude to clients for paying promptly, they began doing so even more quickly. Something more subtle occurred, too. With my thank-you notes, I was trying to tell people how much their kindness meant to me. As they responded, that same message was reflected back. In 2010, I put out a book about my year of thank-yous,

12 • January 1, 2012

BE SPECIFIC. Perhaps start by thanking the people who just gave you holiday presents. Open with “Dear So-and-So,” identify the gift (“the red and white tie”), and say one sincere thing about why you like it (“It’s a perfect match for my blue suit”).


A Simple Act of Gratitude (now in paperback). A few days after its release, I got my first thankyou y from a reader. The next week, I received a few f more, and then my publisher sent a whole box. b My readers showed me how the effects of gratitude g continued to ripple out. A nursing home patient who was paralyzed on her right side said she was grateful to be born left-handed and had written notes to the staff. One woman went in person to deliver her message to a former teacher, who read it and wept—she’d been working for 23 years and no one had ever thanked her. My circumstances have improved immeasurably since that hike. I’m now in great shape—I ran a marathon to benefit leukemia research in part to thank an employee, and then completed two more. I found a small but lovely house, and I was appointed to my dream job, Superior Court judge. Having written my 860th note, I can say I keep learning that gratitude is a path to the peace we all seek. Recently, a friend whose support led me to write my book passed away. On my desk is a thank-you from him, and I pray that the heartfelt note I’d sent to him did not go unread. At sad times like these, I return to the practice that turned my life around. I sit and think about the people to whom I owe so much. Then I take out my pen and write.

“I LOST WEIGHT.” BOB FORSYTHE, 50 Aledo, Tex. Six months ago, Bob Forsythe started his morning by washing down pills for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and knee pain. At 290 pounds, he’d failed at diets before. Vowing to lose 50 pounds by his 50th birthday, Forsythe decided to go to a doctorsupervised weight loss clinic. Now he eats healthy meals and has started exercising. The 50 pounds are gone, and his doctor even took him off his meds.

FORSYTHE’S TIPS Have a support group. Forsythe’s three sons texted him every week for results of his weigh-ins.


GRAB A PEN AND PAPER. Refrain from sending an email. Handwritten notes feel special, almost like the person is there with you. I use plain off-white cards that have my name printed on the front and my name and address on the envelope.

They did it!

DIG INTO THE PAST. After thanking your close friends and family, write to people who helped you at critical moments. I reached out to the doctor whose operation cured my pain, and to another doctor who told me I needed to stop drinking.

KEEP IT SHORT. Your message doesn’t need to be long and eloquent—my cards are small, with room for only three or four sentences. By sticking to a few lines, you keep the focus on your thank-you and on the other person’s kindness. —J.K.

Be open-minded. Forsythe tried foods he didn’t think he’d like. “I’d never had turkey sausage, and now that’s my choice.” Adapt. At his favorite Mexican restaurant, he orders taco salad with grilled chicken and skips the tortilla shell. —H.S. continued on page 14

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SundayDinner fge

Bowlful of Warmth Judy Collins rhapsodizes about homemade soups I used to make my own bread from scratch and baked both bread and pies on a woodstove. But I’ve stopped eating sugar and flour. Now I love making soups; they’re one of the secrets of good health. They’re cooked for a long time so everything delicious gets spread throughout for a wonderful flavor. When I’m on the road, I have this soup for lunch or dinner because I find it enormously satisfying.

For a chance to win a copy of Judy’s memoir, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, visit

Split Pea Soup 1 (16-oz) package yellow split peas, rinsed 2 (10½-oz) cans chicken broth 2 cups water 1 package dried onion soup mix (preferably Lipton) 1½ cups baby carrots, rinsed and sliced 2 large Vidalia onions, chopped 6 stalks celery, trimmed and diced 1 large or 2 small leeks, stripped of their outer leaves, rinsed, and chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 Tbsp Grey Poupon Dijon mustard 3 or 4 Tbsp tamari or soy sauce 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper

1. In a large pot, combine peas, broth, water, and soup mix. Stir well. Add carrots, onions, celery, leeks, garlic, mustard, tamari, and balsamic vinegar. If mixture seems too thick, pour in a little more water. 2. Bring to a full boil over medium, reduce heat to a simmer, and cook for about 2 hours, stirring and skimming surface occasionally. 3. Remove from heat and let sit for an hour at room temperature. 4. Puree, in several batches, in a food processor or blender until smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste.

SERVES: 10 I PER SERVING: 170 calories, 30g carbs, 11g protein, 1.5g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 1,060mg sodium, 9g fiber

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Make One Healthy Move a Day 7 tips to get you started BY JESSICA CASSITY

CREATE A LIST OF FIVE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. Personal happiness has more to do with how you spend your time and what you think about than external circumstances, says Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want. Prepare a list of the simple life events that make you feel good—smiling at strangers, sipping the perfect cup of coffee, taking a walk with friends. Commit to at least one moodboosting act every day.

CUT CALORIES, NOT TASTE. Swap high-calorie ingredients for healthier options, says nutrition and wellness coach Mona Laru. Try Greek yogurt as a spread instead of mayonnaise, portobello mushroom steaks rather than beef, red peppers on pizza in lieu of pepperoni, and applesauce for your baking in place of morecaloric oil.

QUIT WAFFLING ON YOUR DECISIONS. Washing your hands can help you stop questioning a decision, according to Spike W. S. Lee and Norbert Schwarz, psychology researchers at the University of Michigan. “Cleansing appears to remove not just physical residues, but ‘mental’ residues, such as the concern about whether one made the right choice,” says Lee. 14 • January 1, 2012

SHARPEN YOUR SHORT-TERM MEMORY. First, eliminate distractions like TV, says Marc Berman of the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto. Then organize the data you’re committing to memory so that similar facts aren’t grouped together. For instance, if you’re trying to memorize two phone numbers, you’re more likely to succeed if you focus on a different type of task in between.

STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS. Pay attention to the small things your family and friends do for you. In a recent study, couples recorded the gratitude they felt for their partners, whether it was for taking the kids to soccer practice or shoveling the driveway. The subjects reported feeling more connected to their loved ones for over 24 hours afterward.

GET ORGANIZED ABOUT PAYING BILLS. Go digital, says Emily Wilska, founder of the Organized Life. “Having bills automatically paid from your bank account or charged to a credit card can mean fewer checks to send.” Opting for electronic statements will also cut the clutter.


with Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough

THE POWER OF REINVENTION MB: I’ve reinvented myself several times. I’ve been a local news anchor,

an overnight network anchor, and a cable news host wearing sexy clothes on a chick show. That definitely was not me, so I went back to my roots as a journalist. I rose to the top—then was fired on my 39th birthday. I assumed my career in television was over, so after months of looking, I landed a job in PR. Just when I was about to take it, I found myself blurting out,“I’m not perfect for this job, but I have a friend who is.” I had to go back to who I was. It meant calling up places like MSNBC and begging for any job. I took a very low-paying position but found out what I was made of. JS: I got elected to Congress at 31. Seven years later, for a variety of reasons, I had to come home and be a father to my two boys, then in middle school. So I quit during my fourth term to become a smalltown lawyer. Ninety-five percent of the people who wanted to talk to me when I was a congressman had no interest in talking to me now. It took a while to reconnect with who I was, but the best type of reinvention is reconnection, whether it’s Mika getting on Morning Joe; Steve Jobs being fired from Apple, getting beaten up, then going back to

“I’ve learned if I followed my gut and worked harder than everybody else, it would pay off.” —Joe Scarborough

STOP DWELLING ON PAST MISTAKES. We’ve all tripped on a stair or fumbled a word. But as you replay the mistake in your head, chances are everyone else has moved on. “It’s likely they’ve experienced the same types of disaster and are empathetic,” says Thomas D. Gilovich of Cornell University. Not convinced? Try to remember the last time you saw someone stumble. It’s easier recalling your own blunders, isn’t it? First published in Better Each Day: 365 Expert Tips for a Healthier, Happier You

Apple; or me reconnecting with my kids. It’s an ongoing search for a job or lifestyle that reconnects you with who you were before you started making compromises that everybody told you you had to make. MB: When Morning Joe came along, it was a risk, but I just had a feeling it was going to be good. If your gut is telling you something loud and clear, sometimes it’s all you’ve got. JS: When I quit my law practice to be a conservative TV host on a liberal network, my friends called me crazy. But I’ve learned if I followed my gut and worked harder than everybody else, it would pay off. MB: I would add this, specifically for women: Don’t apologize. Be very clear what your value is and what you bring to the table. JS: Here is my formula for success: Wake up before everybody else. Go to sleep later than everybody else. Work harder and smarter than anybody else. And love what you’re doing. P


2 0

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Super-Powerful “Diet Pills” Make Comeback

They’re flying off the shelf... But they’re NOT for everyone!


ost of us thought the era of the “Super-Powerful” diet pill ended a few years back when the FDA removed Ephedra and Fen-Phen from the U.S. market because of safety concerns.

with an aggressive thermogenic compound (for fat burning and stamina). This two-pronged attack on fat is apparently what makes the compound so effective... and so popular.

While the pills do cause rapid weight loss (no doubt about that), these amphetamine-like compounds are fast becoming a favorite among bodybuilders, college students, and overstressed, exhausted homemakers for their energy and stamina-boosting properties (in other words as But recently, an entirely new crop of high-quality, powerful “go-fast” pills). Because cult-like super-powerful and super-effective diet pills are trends that begin with bodybuilders and college coming out of hiding and are hitting the shelves students quickly become mainstream, many of your local Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and GNC.

Well, it turns out that “most of us” were wrong. It seems that a huge, multi-billion-dollar, “underground” market for these amphetaminelike fat burners sprung up even before the ink was dry on the FDA’s decree.

The current leader in this new category is While the pills do cause rapid weight loss (no doubt a product called BiphedAdrene™, developed and about that), most people buy them as “speed” pills sold by a division of Generix Labs, LLC. The company tells us that BiphedAdrene is a two-part system comprised of a unique “Amphetamine BiphedAdrene (or BiPhed for short) critics are A spokesperson for Generix Labs explains, “One Provisional Complex” (for powerful appetite concerned about the overuse of these powerful of the things we often heard, as we made a study control, mood-elevation, and energy) combined compounds. of the weight-loss market, is that people missed the mood-elevation and boost of energy that that were ‘side-effects,’ if you will, of the Fen-Phen and Ephedra class of diet pills. The weight loss was always primary, but nearly as important was the increase in energy and mood. These new non-amphetamine compounds provide not only very substantial weight loss, but also a similar mood and energy boost.”

While these “super pills” are finding their way into the general marketplace, they are definitely not for everyone. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about taking them if losing five or six “vanity pounds” is your goal. These diet pills are intended exclusively for the significantly overweight. But that’s not the only caveat. You should check with your doctor to ensure you are in overall good health before considering any of this new category of pills. Let’s face it... even though this new generation of diet pills, such as BiphedAdrene, promise “easy” weight loss, increased energy, and improved mood, they are expensive ($135 for a 30-day supply) and need to be used very responsibly. See you in the supplement section!


We sincerely apologize to anyone who has been unable to find BiphedAdrene at their local retailer. We simply didnʼt anticipate the overwhelming demand due to recent publicity. However, we are happy to announce that BiphedAdrene is once again available direct from the manufacturer (and shipping is always free!).

Enter promo code INSTOCK at checkout and save $25!

To Order Direct Call 1-800-403-2515

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Cheerios® Twin Pack, 24.5oz



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