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WINDCHIMES Music of the Spheres®

8 different tunings • Available in 6 sizes Soprano $79 • Mezzo $119 • Alto $189 • Tenor $390 • Bass $595 • Westminster $269

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A 3D port of Star Fox 64 is among the first titles for the new 3Ds.

A resurrected franchise and two remakes are among the hotly anticipated 3DS titles

No glasses needed Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld incorporates the latest in visual technology without the fussy frames Finally, we can ditch annoying glasses and enjoy 3D entertainment with dignity. Well, at least Nintendo 3DS gamers can. The new 3DS is the first portable 3D gaming system to hit the market – though an intended holiday-season release has been pushed back to early 2011. Still, gamers

will be able to enjoy all the 3D fun with their naked eyes. Three-dimensional objects protrude from the 3.5-inch, 800x240pixel screen, and players can control games via a 3-inch touch screen, the D-pad and an analog “slide pad” that allows 360degree motion. The

device also contains motion and gyro sensors. Other features include an embedded mic, wireless communication to connect with other players, and a depth slider to adjust the level of 3D effect. Gamers can even shut off 3D completely, but where’s the fun in that?

Kid Icarus: Uprising Hero Pit and his partner Palutena, the goddess of light, battle against Medusa’s army in the first ‘Icarus’ title since 1991’s “Of Myths and Monsters” for the Gameboy. Star Fox 64 3D Experience the full distance and depth of outer space as you guide Fox McCloud and team on intergalactic missions in this 3D remake of the classic Nintendo 64 title. The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D One of the greatest of games of all time, the remake of this N64 best-seller will allow players to finally experience hero Link – both as an adult and a child – in 3D, as he fights to save Princess Zelda.

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Accessory revolution For every iPad out there, there are many stands, cases and connectors to help tablet converts personalize and get the most out of their fancy new devices Kindles, iPods and iPhones. Price: $25,

Bamboo lap desks from Quirky are spinable and sustainable.

It goes without saying that 2010 is the year of the iPad. Despite the recession-y conditions in which it was unveiled, Apple’s new tablet device has been the most successful product launch in the company’s history – even bigger than the iPhone launch just a few years ago. Techindustry analyst iSuppli expects nearly 13 million iPads to ship to consumers by the end of the year, an amazing 82 percent increase from predictions it made as recently as April. In spite of skepticism about what the device can do, iPad buyers are finding all sorts of uses, from e-mail and watching first-run movies to reading newspapers, magazines and books. Just like the iPhone, dozens of companies, including Apple itself, are rolling out accessories to jump on the iPad phenomenon. There are cases to protect the device from scratches and screen breakage, devices to prop it up for watching movies and typing, and some gadgets that do both. Here’s a survey of some of the most interesting accessories available for the iPad this holiday season:

Apple Official iPad Case Many of those who stood in line and bought their iPad the day it went on sale also got the Apple iPad Case to protect their precious purchase. It’s a skintight reinforced microfiber sleeve with a folding cover that adds little bulk but plenty of functionality. The cover protects the screen and when folded around creates a stand that props up the iPad at different angles for either watching movies and browsing photos or for using the onscreen keyboard. While not as attractive as some of the other options, it’s cleverly designed to almost become a part of the iPad. In fact it’s designed to remain on it all of the time (partly because it’s near impossible to remove). Price: $39, and Apple Retail Stores Accessories Apple also offers a number of accessories that add more utility to the iPad. While it makes a great device for viewing photos, the fact that it lacks both an actual camera and a USB port make it difficult to import images directly to the iPad. Apple’s iPad Camera

Page 4 Friday, December 3, 2010 The Southern Illinoisan

Connection Kit is the solution. It consists of two small adapters that each plug into the charging connector at the bottom. One has a USB port, and the other a slot for an SD card that lets you move your images quickly onto the iPad. Price: $29, and Apple Retail Stores If you do serious writing you’ll want Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock. The on-screen keyboard is good for a paragraph or two, but it’s difficult to do cut and past and precisely move the cursor around. The aluminum keyboard has a built-in dock that holds the iPad erect and charges it at the same time. You can also use it to connect the iPad to a TV. Price: $69, and Apple Retail Stores

iPad Cases The Waterfield Suede Jacket is a lightweight sleeve with a small pocket for headphones and small accessories. It’s the least intrusive way to carry your iPad, but protecting it against drops is not part of the jacket’s design. Waterfield, which manufactures all of its products in the USA, also has cases for

Griffin Technology’s Elan Passport Folio is a durable folio that opens like a book to access the iPad. It’s made of leatherlook textured vinyl with a suede lining and contains pockets for business cards and papers. Price: $49.99, to purchase Brenthaven’s 5-in-1 iPad Case provides a hard shell for protection, a horizontal viewing stand for watching movies, a typing stand, and a handle to secure the iPad while reading. Price: $59.95, Incase offers a Convertible Book Jacket that works much like Apple’s case, though it carries a little more bulk. It’s made of a heavy black, leatherlike vinyl with a microsuede lining, and, like the Apple case, functions as a stand with adjustable viewing positions when its cover is flipped around the back. Price: $59.95, The iSkin Vu Case is a shell that combines soft rubber material with hard transparent plastic to envelope the edges and back of the iPad. It comes in variety of colors and has a door at the bottom that opens for charging. Price: $64.99, to purchase and find retailers

iPad Stands If you’re going to use the iPad for reading you’ll likely want a way to prop it up, since it’s quite a bit heavier than

eReaders such as the nook and Kindle. (Said weight and the difficulty of reading in bright sunlight are two of the few criticisms of the iPad, and one reason why the sales of eBook readers like the Kindle continue to be robust.) The Twelve South Compass offers an ultra-portable solution to prop up an iPad on a desk or, for the jet-setter, on an airplane tray. It’s a compact folding stand made out of aluminum that angles the iPad for viewing or typing. It’s beautifully constructed of aluminum, much like the iPad itself, and comes with its own carrying case. The best part? It folds down to the size of a 6inch ruler. Price: $39.99, Levenger’s Thai Pad is a lightweight wedge-shaped silk cushioned pillow especially designed to prop up your iPad. It sits on your lap and positions the device at the perfect angle. Works great while sitting in a chair or in your bed. Price: $39, to purchase or find retailers The Twelve South Compass functions as a stand and folds up to 6 inches.

HOLIDAY WISHES 2 The Kinect for Xbox 360 brings in-motion gameplay right to the living room.

Everybody on your

feet The Wii stands alone no more. With the introduction of Kinect for Xbox 360 and Play Station Move, gamers the world over will be taking a more active role in their video game adventures.

Video-gaming couch potatoes are so yesteryear. In 2010, gamers must get on their feet to conquer feats in seventhgeneration gaming systems. Two new consoles debuted this year with action-packed adventures for all ages to enjoy. Gift-givers, compare specs below to decide which gaming system will help lovedones make all the right moves.

PlayStation Move Perhaps “Move” is short for “move over.” The new Sony game controller for PlayStation 3 has carved out a space in the motioncontrol gaming world just in time for the holiday season. Armed with the motion-sensing controller, gamers will explore high-definition worlds powered by highdef Blu-ray media. The variety of games includes dance, sports, family fun

and action. For those games requiring navigation through onscreen characters, gamers may opt to try the new navigation controller’s analog stick in place of the D-pad of the PS3 game controller. Whether gamers are pantomiming a golf swing or kung-fu kick, the PlayStation Eye USB Camera captures their every move. Built-in vibrations surge through the motion-sensing controller and help gamers feel like they’re in another world. Up to four motion controllers can be connected to the system at once, so there’s room for friends and family to join in on the experience. Gamers will need the PlayStation 3 home console and PlayStation Eye USB Camera in addition to the new game controller to get moving in game play. The PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle is

$399.99, but Move components are available for individual purchase. New PS3 Titles Compatible with PlayStation Move Sorcery Sony Computer Entertainment, $39.99 SingStar Dance Sony Computer Entertainment, $39.99 Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Capcom, $39.99

Kinect for Xbox 360 Gamers and their limbs are the motion controllers in Microsoft’s new Kinect for Xbox 360. The Kinect sensor, which features an RGB camera and depth sensor and microphone, has full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition and voice capabilities. There’s no need to memorize commands like you do in handheld gaming. “You simply step in front of the sensor and Kinect sees you move,

hears your voice and recognizes your face,” says Mike Delman, corporate vice president of Global Marketing for the Interactive Entertainment Business. Clothing or furniture in the room won’t affect game play. However, as imagination takes flight, they should be careful not to trip over that ottoman in the living room. The sleek black Kinect sensor plugs into any Xbox 360 and retails for $149.99. The Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect is $299.99. New Kinect for Xbox 360 Titles Dance Central Microsoft, $49.99 Kinectimals Microsoft, $49.99 Kinect Sports Microsoft, $49.99

Nintendo Wii It was the first motionsensing console out of the

gate back in 2006, and Nintendo’s Wii still covers the broadest demographic in sales. In addition to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers, the system offers the Wii Zapper for crossbow and shooting games, the Wii Wheel for driving games and the Wii Balance Board for fitness games. The experience of classic games like Super Mario Brothers and Tetris becomes complete, interactive immersion. And when gamers tire out from all the movement, they can kick back and watch a movie or TV show streamed from Netflix – subscription required, of course. The Wii Bundle retails for $199.99 and comes with the console and two games: Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. New Wii Titles Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo, $49.99 Wii Party Nintendo, $49.99

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Home, sweet

Cool cameras Casio Exilim EX-H20G If they’ve ever wondered just where in the world that photo came from, Casio’s new Exilim will tell them. The 14.1-megapixel cam features Casio’s Hybrid GPS technology will geotag photos and videos, both in- and outdoors, in addition to showing the user’s current location, which is displayed right on the camera’s 3-inch high-res LCD. Price: $349.99,


High-tech upgrades know no bounds – even when it comes to an every-day object like the alarm clock Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer How’s this for an alarm clock? In addition to waking them up from a nap, the Dash keeps them up-to-date with e-mail and social networking sites with apps for Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to streaming

content from Netflix, YouTube and Pandora. Or, Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer. they can simply hit the snooze button on the 800x480 LCD thinking fans in the touch screen. middle of winter, but Price: $199.99, these Dyson devices are worth getting excited Dyson Air Multiplier about. The bladeless No, you might not be “fans” draw in air and

The Gift of Relaxation

amplify it up to 18x. No blades or grille make them both safe and easy to clean. The multipliers are available in table, tower and pedestal models. Price: $229.99 to $449.99, Dyson devices such as the Dyson Air Multiplier are worth getting excited about.

Sony Cyber-shot TX9 Sony’s newest Cyber-shot is great at capturing 12.2-megapixel stills alongside 1080i high-def video. But the coolest feature is the Intelligent Sweep Panorama Mode. Simply press shutter and sweep and the camera continuously shoots and stitches together images for stunning horizontal and vertical shots. In video mode, the Panorama feature records separate right- and left-eye shots for dramatic presentation on a 3DTV. Price: $399.99, Sony Cybershot TX9.

Sonos ZonePlayer S5 If they want to stream music from your iTunes library to any room in the house, well, there’s an app for that. The Sonos Controller app turns any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a remote that plays music directly from a computer or hard drive to any room with a Sonos ZonePlayer S5 all-in-one

wireless music system. Control volume, change tracks and – if you have more than one S5 in the house – even sync up songs, all from your Apple iOS device. Music services, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody and SIRIUS all instantly stream, too. Price: $399.99,

Great Gift Ideas from Square Deal Clothing House! $ 50 $ 50 Massage Gift Certificates 1/2 hour $35 • 1 hour $60



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Hooded Sweatshirt

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HOLIDAY WISHES 2 Kit (sold separately). Only .74 ounces and available in seven colors, it’s also the first nano to feature a clip for easy on-the-go use. Price: 8GB – $149; 16GB – $179

Listen Up

The iPod Class of 2010 is the best yet

September is known as “Back to School” month, but it’s rapidly becoming “New iPod Month,” as Apple has annually – and methodically – debuted its newest portable media players then since it introduced the iPod nano in 2005. Here’s a look at this year’s crop, which debuted Sept. 1: iPod shuffle The shuffle offers up to 15 hours of audio playback, be it music, audiobooks or a favorite podcasts. Shuffle mode will randomly cycle through playlists, while actual clickable buttons (absent on the previous shuffle model) allow users to navigate tracks, control volume and pause/play music. A clip

easily tethers the minuscule .44-ounce shuffle to a bag or shirt, for hassle-free commuting and working out. Price: 2GB – $49 iPod nano The new nano is the first to feature a touch-screen interface and can playback music up to 24 hours on a full charge. Users can swipe their

The new iPod Touch is sleeker than ever.

way through their music, call up a Genius Mix or even tune into FM radio. A fitness

button can track steps as a pedometer and also syncs up with the Nike + iPod Sport

iPod Touch The new iPod Touch is sleeker than ever – only 3.56 ounces and just a smidge more than a quarter-inch thick. Featuring a 326ppi high-res Retina Display, HD video recording and Face Time video chat over a WiFi connection, the iPod Touch really is an iPhone without the phone. The new Touch offers music playback up to 40 hours on a full charge (7 hours of video playback), More than 200,000 apps are available, too, through Apple’s App Store. Price: 8GB – $229; 32GB – $299; 64 GB – $399

Jewelry Armoires

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Shop Our Do It Best Selection of Over 40,000 Products Cocoon Whirpool

18V Lithium-Ion Drill/Impact Kit

Unit includes 10 jets, built in armrests, textured bottom, and 1 HP rated motor. Fits into existing bathtub space.

Impact driver offers 0-3,200 IPM/2,200 RPM with variable speed: 0-350/0-1,400 RPM. Delivers 400in./lb of torque.

Vintage bronze finish (black appearance) on steel with clear crackle glass. SKU 515847

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12V Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Delivers more torque and Driver

Outdoor Wall Lantern





52” Studio Ceiling Fan w/Lights Available in: Brushed Nickel, White, Antique Brass & Bright Brass

drives more screws on a single charge. 0-500 RPM for faster screwdriving.



Shilo Compact Electric Stove Traditional cast iron look. Includes a real working door, large flame viewing area, ember bed, and flame control.

SKU 500746

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Do It Best Gift Cards make great stocking stuffers!

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Holiday Wishes II  

Listen Up! 'Tis the season for technology

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