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19 March 2010

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Women more skilled at budgeting than men Women Women Womenmore more moreskilled skilled skilledat at atbudgeting budgeting budgetingthan than thanmen men men London : Women are better than men at budgeting and maintaining a record of the household expenditure, a new study has found. The research, conducted by money management website love, shows that women are less likely to build up debts and will try and pay off the money they owe unlike men who would rather pay as less as possible.It was also revealed that fewer wives paid their bills late or forgot to pay them completely unlike their other halves. “For years, women have been thought of as the big spenders, splashing their cash on clothes and shoes,” the Daily Express quoted a spokesman for love, as saying. He added: “But it seems men are gaining their own reputation when it comes to managing their finances while women are learning how to handle their money.” The survey, comprising 3,000

Britons, also demonstrated that men’s debit cards carried an average debt of 2,176 pounds, while women had just 1,987 pounds.One in four men confessed to regularly paying their credit card bills late, or even forgetting them altogether. On the other hand, only 17 percent women made the same mistake.It was seen that women were also better at keeping track of their expenses. Twice as many men ignored their finances with one-tenth admitting to burying their head in the sand, compared with just one in 20 women. Over 57 percent women knew where money had to be spend each month and when bills need to be paid, while a mere 54 per cent of men could boast of the same. One in 20 men even confessed to having no idea about the position of their family finances, always ended up overspending and forgot to pay household bills.

'World's oldest' whisky unveiled Exercising in the heat may help you eat less London: The study of 11 physically active men found that participants ate less immediately after working out in hot conditions -- about 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 Celsius) -- than in a more moderate, 77 degree Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) environment. On average, the men ate roughly 300 calories more when they worked out in moderate temperatures than when they exercised in the heat. "Our findings suggest that if you exercise in a warmer environment you will eat less in the subsequent meal," researcher Dr. Kym Guelfi, of the University of Western Australia's School of Sports Science, told Reuters Health. In theory, she said, that would be a good strategy for exercisers trying to lose weight. However, Guelfi added, future studies should look at whether warmweather exercisers just make up for the smaller meals with larger ones later in the day. For the study, which is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers had 11 young, regularly active men make several visits to the exercise lab. During one visit, the men ran on a treadmill for 40 minutes in 97 degree heat; on another visit, they performed the same workout under 77 degree conditions. On a third visit, they rested in a moderately warm room. In all three situations, the men were then presented with an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and were found to eat the most after working out in moderate conditions.

Edinburgh: A Scottish whisky firm today unveiled bottles of what it claims is the oldest single malt whisky in the world, having spent the best part of a century inside an oak barrel. Gordon and MacPhail's Mortlach 70-Year-Old Speyside was sampled at a launch party in Edinburgh Castle, where it was escorted through the doors by pipers and a military escort. "It matured for 70 years in the cask

and that is what makes it the oldest whisky in the world," a spokeswoman for Gordon and MacPhail told AFP. The whisky was filled into its cask on October 15, 1938 by the grandfather of the company's managing directors David and Michael Urquhart. There will only be 54 full-size bottles priced at 10,000 pounds each (USD 15,000), with another 162 smaller bottles on sale for 2,000 pounds.

Chewing gum can give you wrinkles Warning: Sex & Sacrifice New York: A constant gum-chewing habit can cause wrinkles to pop up, health experts warn. People who chew gum compulsively are likely to develop wrinkles around their mouth, according to doctors. As per Dr. Joel Schlessinger, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon from Omaha, Neb., many of his patients who chew gum regularly have developed these wrinkles, reports The New York Daily News. “I think the gum is responsible to some degree for it,” he told MSNBC. As for the link between gum and wrinkles, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hema Sundaram, of Washington, D.C., told MSNBC that chewing gum causes people to overuse their jaw muscles.

Paris: The latest show at Paris' Quai Branly museum comes with a warning for visitors: "This exhibition of Moche ceramics shows sexual acts of an explicit nature." But the extraordinary and graphic testimonial of the ancient Moche civilization of Peru isn't about physical pleasure or procreation, according to the curator. He says the sexual acts evoke the rituals that accompanied the death of dignitaries, and the human sacrifices that went with them. They tell a story about the power of the elite that he says has

parallels with modern life. "Sex, death and sacrifice in the Moche religion," which opened this week and runs until May 23, brings to Europe for the first time 134 erotic Moche ceramics on loan from the Larco Museum in Lima, Peru. The Moche lived on what is now the northern coast of Peru between the first and eighth centuries. The ancient Andean people belonged to one of the first societies to organize itself in way that would be recognized as a state, constructing cities with elaborate monuments and specialized centers for the production of textiles, metal and ceramics.


25 19 March 2010 Life Style and that is what makes it the oldest whisky in the world," a spokeswoman for Gordon and MacPhail told AFP. The w...

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