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27 May - 3 June 2014

Issue 567


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| The national elections may be yesterday’s news in SA, but expats still have many questions concerning the mismanagement of the vote abroad. As hundreds didn’t get to cast their votes despite the best efforts, investigations into the overseas vote begin to produce initial answers by sertan sanderson As the National Assembly is sworn in and Jacob Zuma inaugurated to serve his second term as president, many expats are still irritated for having been unable to cast their votes amid confusion and mistakes. In many instances, people took time off work and travelled considerable distances only to be turned away after queuing for hours. Even if they managed to put their crosses on the ballots successfully, some of the boxes filled with ballots ended up being disregarded on account of not shipping back to Mzansi on time. These included votes from Toronto, Lubumbashi, Havana and Madrid, all of which were excluded due to logistics and customs procedures. But the problems started long before the election date arrived. One of the greatest grievances recounted ahead of the elections was the limited number of voting stations made available by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). As dictated by the Electoral Amendment Act of 2013, voting stations were only allowed be set up in areas classified as South African territory (as defined by The Hague Convention). In practice this would only entail South African High Commissions and embassies. This particular aspect of the new regulation affected voters living far away from their respective High Commissions. The

| THE BOOK OF FORGIVING: Readers have the chance to meet Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu as they launch their new book on forgiveness at two UK venues this week. Read more on page 6

consequences of these limitations could most notably be felt by the South African diaspora living in Perth, Australia, and in Vancouver, Canada – both thousands of miles away from their diplomatic representations in Canberra and in Ottawa, respectively.

Penny Tainton, the Democratic Alliance (DA) liaison in charge of furthering the overseas vote, explains that in order to reach a wider portion of expat voters in the future, she “will continue to look for solutions.” “The IEC has been looking at

the possibility of electronic voting. This has been used successfully for overseas voting by a number of countries. Postal or proxy voting has not been, and is not likely to be, considered due to the possibility of electoral fraud,” Tainton said. More controversy also arose over the VEC10 form required to be filled out online a few weeks after registration but well ahead of the vote abroad date. Intended to facilitate the logistics behind the overseas vote, many expats were entirely unaware of VEC10, prompting them to show up to vote and be turned away. Despite registering with an email address, no reminder was sent out afterwards to advise prospective voters to fill out the VEC10 form by its intended deadline. Many South Africans simply assumed that no additional action needed to be taken and would be prompted by communications sent out by the IEC or by their closest High Commission. “The VEC10 allowed for appropriate logistical arrangements to be made, for example the number of ballots, envelopes etc needed, as well as to effectively provide a ‘voters roll’ for that station,” Tainton said, implying that the VEC10 is here to stay despite its challenges and problems. Further issues emerged at the front of the queues: some prospective voters who had reportedly followed every single step and could prove

their application process had been completed by producing their VEC10 confirmation were still turned away if they didn’t feature on the voters’ roll on account of ‘human error’. Tainton says that this hints at a flaw in the system, which needs to be improved ahead of the next election, for which her team is busy mining evidence and compiling a list of incidences when such error occurred. “This should not have happened. We will follow up on every instance reported to us to try to understand why this happened.” A lack of proper facilities while queuing for hours to vote (as was the case in London) was also among common complaints. Others also criticised the date chosen for the vote abroad: despite being a week earlier than the elections in South Africa, the 30 April 30 still fell on a weekday rather than a weekend, when working people could go to vote more freely all day long. However, considering it is still early days for the fully integrated vote abroad and despite its documented list problems, IEC chairman Pansy Tlakula declared “the 2014 National and Provincial Elections free and fair.” If you wish to contest any of the proceedings and have your grievance considered in upcoming debriefings, contact the IEC on


| 27 May - 3 June 2014 |


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South Africans on shortlist for one-way mission to Mars

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| While South African politicians were squabbling over seats in parliament, the hottest seats of the week were tentatively assigned to 19 Saffas to explore Mars By sertan sanderson Mars One, a visionary mission planing to go to planet Mars, has announced a shortlist of 705 candidates last week - including 19 South Africans. While South Africa’s space agency SANSA is already helping NASA with its own mission to Mars, the Mars One initiative would be an entirely privately-funded project. But there’s still a long way to go for the 15 male and 4 female candidates from Mzansi, as further tests, interviews and challenges are bound to narrow the final number further down to single digits. Six other South Africans who had initially applied to partake in the space mission have already failed to proceed at the first hurdles. The initial rounds to qualify for the audacious mission consisted of filling out a detailed application form, making its details available for public scrutiny, and getting a full doctor’s report to attest good health. But competition is tough - a total of 418 men and 287 women have been chosen worldwide for further consideration in the bold and daring space programme. With the gradual growth of colony at the heart of the risky mission to our neighbour in the solar system, this is a one-way ticket to Mars with no return home. You have to be pretty tired of planet Earth to volunteer for such a programme. 29-year-old Francois from Keimoes in the Northern Cape seems undeterred by the fact that there would be no way back from the journey to Mars. “If I am chosen, I will be the only one from my hometown who would have left this place in 120 years.”

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The successful team will start training for the space programme as a full-time job, during which period further tests will produce the final list of candidates. None of the current candidates from 146 countries have undergone any of that training at this point, details of which remain largely unknown. However, judging by the preparations involved in previous space missions, the training is likely to range from strenuous physical testing to elaborate psychometric monitoring. The prolonged exposure to radiation as well as variations in gravitational pull will also mean added physical strain on the prospective astronauts, which would seriously limit their life expectancy on the planet. Still, there are hundreds of hopefuls interested in partaking in the mission, perhaps blurring the lines of science and science-fiction too readily. The Mars One organisation, which is based in The Netherlands, hopes to launch its first mission to Mars by 2023, sending four individuals from its final shortlist to the planet every two years. The human colony that the NGO hopes to establish on Mars would be entirely selfsufficient, with supplies stocked up every two years by the next set of explorers catapulted into these darkest corners of Mars. By aiming to pair two men and two women together on each mission, Mars One also hopes that the colony will flourish naturally putting that notorious question of who you would pick to repopulate a planet with to the final test. Let’s hope that their care package includes “The Best of Barry White”.

Zuma names new Cabinet

| Cyril Ramaphosa was appointed Deputy President and Deputy Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was promoted to minister of finance in President Jacob Zuma’s new Cabinet

by staff reporter Announcing his new cabinet at a media briefing in Pretoria, President Jacob Zuma told journalists that businessman and ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa would replace Kgalema Motlanthe as Deputy President of the Republic. Zuma named new faces who will form part of his 35-member cabinet, which means he has added one more minister into his executive. Zuma said the new executive – which includes new appointments in the minerals, energy, police and telecommunications portfolios – had been picked in order to drive economic transformation and restore foreign investor confidence by “ensur[ing] implementation and the impact of the National Development Plan (NDP)”. Ngoako Ramathlodi is promoted from deputy minister of correctional services to minister of mineral resources; Tina Joemat-Peterssen, previously minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, takes over as minister of energy; former department of labour directorgeneral Nkosinathi Nhleko takes over as minister of police; and Siyabonga Cwele moves from being minister of state security to being minister of telecommunications. In another big announcement of the evening, Zuma said Deputy Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene would be promoted to Finance Minister, replacing MinisterPravin Gordhan, who moves from the Treasury to head the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs portfolio. His successor, Nhlanhla Nene, is South Africa’s first black finance minister. Nene was the chairperson of Parliament’s portfolio committee on finance for a number of years before being appointed deputy minister of finance in 2008. Besides appointing new personnel, Zuma also announced a number of changes and mergers to the



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departments in his executive. One of the new ministries will be the Ministry for Telecommunications and Postal Services, due to the ‘fast growing postal sector’. The National Planning Commission and the Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation Ministries in the Presidency have been merged into one department, which will be headed by Minister Jeff Radebe, who will move from the Justice and Constitutional Development Ministry. A new Communications Ministry has also been established for overarching communication policy and strategy, information dissemination and publicity, and the branding of the country abroad, Zuma said, adding that improved marketing of the country would promote investment in the country. This department will include the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa), the public broadcaster, the SABC, the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), Brand South Africa, and the Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA). The Ministry of Women, Children and People with Disabilities has become the Ministry of Women, located in the Presidency, with functions related to the support of children and people with disabilities transferred to the Department of Social Development. The Departments of Justice and Constitutional Development have been combined to be called the Department of Justice and Correctional Services. Zuma has also established a Ministry of Water and Sanitation and a Ministry for Small Business Development. See the full list of new Cabinet Ministers on our site: | 27 May - 3 June 2014 |



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WHO report reveals Saffas are heavy drinkers | The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a new report showing that South Africans consume higher levels of alcohol than other countries in Africa, but lower than those in Europe – or should we perhaps say Russia? Recorded alcohol per capita (15+) consumption (in litres of pure alcohol) by type of alcoholic beverage (2010)

Spirits 17% Other 17%

Beer 48%

Wine 18% Alan Demby and HM The Queen at Kirstenbosch’s stand at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Kirstenbosch Chelsea Flower Show exhibit awarded Silver Gilt medal

| The Kirstenbosch exhibit at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, which showcases South Africa’s rich natural biodiversity and includes a portrait of Nelson Mandela made of proteas, has received a Silver-Gilt Medal and a visit from the Queen

by staff reporter Meeting the Queen is something that every exhibitor at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show (CFS) hopes for. For Lihle Dlamini, Marketing and Communications Director of the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Alan Demby, Chairman of the South African Gold Coin Exchange and major sponsor of The SANBI Kirstenbosch – South Africa exhibit, the dream came true on Monday 19th May 2014 when Queen Elizabeth ll made her traditional tour of the Chelsea Flower Show. Presenting her with a gold medallion minted in honour of the late Nelson Mandela was a high moment for both Dlamini and Demby. Prior to the show, SANBI had sent a letter to the Queen inviting her to visit the South African exhibit. Honouring the invitation, her first stop on her CFS tour was their stand when the team presented her with this commemorative medallion. Demby had a lively chat with The Queen about Kirstenbosch’s immense bio diversity an the popularity of coins bearing her image during the Diamond Jubilee. This year the exhibit was awarded a Silver Gilt medal, notching up yet another medal in 39 years of exhibiting. The exhibit, ‘In Harmony with Nature’, had already attracted much interest from media, celebrities and the royal family at Monday’s preview. Being awarded the Silver Gilt

Medal was a welcome 21st birthday ‘gift‘ for the two designers, David Davidson and Ray Hudson, who have been creating these unusual and innovative displays for that number of years. The 10m by 10m structure, which features dioramas of four different habitats, shows our rich biodiversity. South Africa occupies only 0.8% of the world’s land area yet is home to nearly 3% of the world’s plants and approximately 7% of its reptiles, birds and mammals. This makes South Africa the third most biodiverse country in the world (following Indonesia and Brazil). The stand also features a tribute to Nelson Mandela with a pixelportrait on a stone memorial wall made of dry protea flower head rosettes in a palette of eight natural colours. Dr Tanya Abrahamse, CEO of SANBI was very happy with the outcome. “Meet the Queen and being awarded a medal is a privilege. This opportunity to show the world our unique biodiversity and the harmony between nature and architecture is a source of great pride. The Tree Top walkway or “boomslang’ featured in the exhibit is a perfect example of how nature has inspired architecture and visitors to Kirstenbosch are now able to enjoy this new attraction. Our biodiversity is a national asset and the role that we have in its conservation is vital. Chelsea gives us the opportunity to highlight this and encourage many more visitors to the country and to

enjoy our network of nine National Botanical Gardens.” It is always a rush to finish the stand on Sunday before the judges visit on Monday to make their recommendations. Teamwork is the name of the game and led by SANBI’s Lihle Dlamini, as Project Coordinator on site, the tension is high. The team of Roger Oliver, (Kirstenbosch Horticulturist) Elton le Roux (Kirstenbosch Estate Manager) and Azwinndini Mudau (Horticulturist from the Free State National Botanical Garden) are joined by enthusiastic volunteers, many of whom travel from South Africa, and expats living in London. Exhibiting at this ‘Olympics’ of flower shows is one of the major tourism opportunities to promote South Africa and its rich natural biodiversity and cultural heritage and, with more than 150 000 visitors to the show over the next four days (20th - 24th May 2014) the South African stand is always a major attraction. For the fourth year the South African Gold Coin Exchange and Scoin shops have sponsored the exhibit. With more than 550 exhibits the Chelsea Flower Show is a paradise of unusual displays from all over the world and competition is fierce. Being awarded a medal is the ultimate goal for all entrants. There is a rush by exhibitors to get into the show early on Tuesday morning to see what their stand has won and then it is over to the public to admire the winners and take inspiration from the magnificent horticultural displays.

by deva lee Warning: this article may make your next drink a guilty pleasure. The WHO report looks at alcohol consumed globally in 2010 by drinkers aged 15 and older. South Africans consumed 27.1 litres of pure alcohol per capita in the year 2010. This is more than four times the global average of 6,55 litres. With Gabon, Namibia and Nigeria on our tails, South Africa tops the list in Africa. And while Saffas might consume

less than most in Eastern Europe, we’re drinking more than Aussies (14.5 litres of pure alcohol per drinker) and Kiwis (13.7). The UK drinks more alcohol per capita than SA, but Saffa drinkers consume more litres of pure alcohol (27.1) than Brits (13.8). Stats say we favour beer over most drinks, with wine and spirits being equally popular: With men consuming double that of women in South Africa, we’ve definitely got the ouens to thank for this one.


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Ubuntu Education Fund celebrates fifteen years with stars at London Gala | Charity event raised £750,000 to transform the lives of 2,000 children and their families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa by staff reporter Ubuntu Education Fund, a nonprofit organisation that transforms the lives of more than 2,000 South African children and their families

in Port Elizabeth’s townships, hosted its annual London charity gala at the iconic Roundhouse on 15th May 2014. The event brought Ubuntu’s cradle

to career model to centre stage, celebrating 15 years of innovative health and educational initiatives. Funds raised will allow Ubuntu to empower vulnerable children

Gordon Glyn-Jones Diptych - oil on canvass - 140cm x 280cm

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and ensure their birthplaces do not determine their futures. Guests at the event included Dragon’s Den investor James Caan, Australian comedian Kathy Lette, BBC newsreader Martyn Lewis, cricketer Graeme Smith and artists Pure Evil and Conor Mccreedy. The event, which celebrated Ubuntu’s 15 year anniversary, included a performance by Britain’s Got Talent finalist Asanda Jezile and addresses by Nozibele Qamngana (Ubuntu scholar turned staff member) and Jacob Lief (founder and CEO). Ubuntu external relations manager Nozibele Qamngana told the audience, “Ubuntu is a way of life in South Africa, where we recognise that “a person is a person through other people.” Ubuntu is also an organisation in my community that has provided me with everything I needed to thrive. Standing here tonight, I represent thousands of children in Port Elizabeth. As a member of Ubuntu’s inaugural class of Ubuntu Scholars, I am not alone. I am part of a network of successful Ubuntu alumni who are changing the future of our country.” Jacob Lief added, “Our goal from Day 1 was to help the absolute most vulnerable children, who have been abused, raped, or have lost their parents, break the cycle of poverty. We now have 2000 children on the pathway out of poverty. Today, I stand before you and say that 15 years is just the beginning. We have done something improbable and difficult, but I never doubted we would get here. We are rewriting the narrative for the entire development sector. The evening was capped by a live auction of rare experiences

and items including; President Bill Clinton’s inauguration speech with a personal inscription, a signed Mark Seliger portrait of Nelson Mandela, tickets to the world premiere of the next Bond film and Christopher Kane’s show at London Fashion Week, as well as bespoke art from Pure Evil. According to Ubuntu Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “Ubuntu Education Fund is reaching the people who count, saying, ‘You are not helpless, you are not ciphers that can be manipulated. You are people who can prepare your own thoughts.’ And that is important.” The goal of the organisation is to transform the lives of children living in vulnerable circumstances and extreme poverty, providing support ‘from cradle to career’ and enabling children to become healthy adults with stable incomes. From worldclass health care to educational training and counselling, Ubuntu works within the local community to provide what all children deserve: everything. Ubuntu Statistics • Ubuntu children will earn £8.70 in lifetime earnings for every £1 invested in them, contributing £122,000 to society. • Ubuntu students progress academically at more than twice the rate of their peers. • Ubuntu’s clients’ HIV treatment adherence rate is 96% compared to Port Elizabeth’s rate of 57%, and the 75% average across the rest of South Africa • 72% of Ubuntu high schools students pass their Grade 12 exams compared to only 37% of non-Ubuntu students Get involved:

Private View -

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014 - 5.30pm

Open Night -

FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014 - 6.30pm

Please email: for guest-list on either night


TRAVEL INFORMATION Distance from: Hoxton Overground Station [0.02 mi] Old Street Station [0.8 mi]


| Nozibele Qamngana (external Ubuntu External Relations Manager), Jacob Lief (Ubuntu education Fund co-founder), June Sarpong MBE (TV Presenter), Banks Gwaxula (Ubuntu education Fund co-founder) and Kathy Lette (Australian comedian and author) | 27 May - 3 June 2014 |



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London hosts 50th anniversary gala screening of film classic, Zulu | Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, who played his own great grandfather in the classic 1964 film about one of the biggest battles during the Anglo-Zulu war will be one of the guests at the 50th anniversary gala screening of ‘Zulu’ in London

On 10th June 2014, the Odeon Leicester Square in London will screen a much loved icon of cinema history. Celebrating the 50th anniversary since the original royal premiere of Zulu, the film has been digitally remastered and shown in its original wide screen format. Zulu is a touching film about valour in the face of adversity. It dramatises the historic battle at Rorke’s Drift where the 2nd Battalion 24th Foot held out against over 20 Zulu battalions in 1879. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded on a single day where 150 British soldiers, many of whom were sick and wounded, fielded 4,000 South African warriors. Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, who played his own great grandfather King Cetshwayo kaMpande in the 1964 film, will be one of the celebrity attendees. Having been prevented from attending the original premiere due to the restrictions imposed by apartheid, he will finally be returning to London for the royal premiere that he was denied 50 years ago. “Zulu is an iconic military film and we are thrilled to be launching the new digitally remastered version in celebration of its 50th anniversary with viewers getting the rare opportunity to see it its its original wide screen format at the Odeon,” explains event organiser Suzannah Endfield Olivier, daughter of Zulu director Cy Endfield. Walking With The Wounded is one of three partner charities for the evening, as well as The David Rattray Memorial Trust and

Sentebale. The night will celebrate this much-loved film and the work of all three charities. The screening will be one of the largest fundraising events of the year for the Walking With The Wounded, which retrains and reskills wounded service personnel and supports them in finding new careers outside the Armed Forces. Ticket packages start at £75 and include: • never-seen before behind the scenes footage • entertainment from Zulu choir Amabutho • entertainment from Welsh Guards Male Voice Choir • goodie bags to include the remastered 50th anniversary DVD One ticket holder will be the lucky winner of a montage of images taken during the filming of Zulu signed by Michael Caine, kindly donated by WWTW. The £1,000 Platinum Package includes entry to the exclusive, VIP after-show party and the chance to win a seven-day break in South Africa for two. Where: ODEON, Leicester Square, 24-26 Leicester Street, London, WC2H 7JY When: 18:00, Tuesday 10th June 2014 Buy tickets on About Walking With The Wounded Walking With The Wounded raises funds to finance the retraining of wounded servicemen and women to assist them in acquiring the skills and qualifications necessary to find new careers outside the military. Their ability to fundraise effectively ensures they can finance new qualifications, courses

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and further education for those who are seriously injured. It enables the blind, the burn victims, the mentally injured, the amputees and all the other wounded to rebuild their lives and return to the work place and provide long-term security for themselves and their families. uk


And stay closer to your loved ones

About Sentebale Sentebale is a charity founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. We help the most vulnerable children in Lesotho get the support they need to lead healthy and productive lives. Sentebale works with local grassroots organisations to help these children – the victims of extreme poverty and Lesotho’s HIV/AIDS epidemic. Together, we’re making a big difference to these children’s lives. We can do even more with your help. About David Rattray Memorial Trust The Trust was established in 2007 to commemorate David Rattray who was tragically killed on 26th January 2007. He devoted much of his life to the study of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, to the reconciliation of the peoples of South Africa and to the promotion of the Zulu people around the world. The Trust’s focus is to educate and care for children in a small number of schools in a defined area of remote rural KwaZulu-Natal by supporting the David Rattray Foundation in South Africa and to promote activities which add to the knowledge and understanding of rural Kwa-Zulu Natal, particularly in relation to its historical context.

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| 27 May - 3 June 2014 |


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Tutus launch The Book of Forgiving in UK

| Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu visit the UK this week to launch their new book on forgiveness By staff reporter Londoners have the chance to meet Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu as they launch their new book at two UK venues this week. The Book of Forgiving is an inspiring, personal and practical guide to forgiveness and to creating a more united world by learning to let go of resentment and realise that we can forgive and still pursue justice. Drawing on his memories of reconciliation in postapartheid South Africa, Desmond Tutu, together with Mpho Tutu, herself an experienced teacher and preacher, offers four concrete steps along the path to forgiving and being forgiven. MPHO TUTU AT SOUTHWARK CATHEDRAL On Friday 30th May 2014 at

6.30pm, Southwark Cathedral will host an evening with Mpho Tutu, the executive director of The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation and the Chairperson Emeritus of the board of the Global AIDS Alliance. She has run ministries for rape survivors in South Africa; for refugees from South Africa and Namibia in New York; and for children all over the world. She is currently pursuing a doctorate on forgiveness. The event, which is Mpho Tutu’s only London appearance, will centre around a conversation between Mpho Tutu and BBC Songs of Praise presenter DianeLouise Jordan. The evening will be chaired by Canon Stephen Hance, the Canon Missioner of Southwark Cathedral. This evening is in association with William Collins and with

thanks to the Tutu Foundation UK. Tickets: £10 plus a booking free of £1.25 can be booked through Eventbrite. Seats are allocated on a first come, first seated arrangement. Copies of The Book of Forgiving will be available on the night from the Cathedral Shop and refreshments will be available from The Refectory beforehand. Book on: www.eventbrite.

of the child. There will be light refreshments and registration from 3.40pm. The Book of Forgiving will be available for sale and there will be an opportunity to have your personal copy signed by the author.

The event is free to attend but booking is essential. Book on: tutu-foundation-forgivingthe-sutton-life-experiencetickets-11436291255

DESMOND TUTU AT SUTTON LIFE CENTRE On Monday 2 June at 4pm, The Tutu Foundation UK will hold a discussion at Sutton Life Centre with Desmond Tutu, hosted by Ian Royce of Sky News and the Michael McIntyre Chat Show, a supporter of the NSPCC and rights

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Summer of South African theatre

| The South African season at Jermyn Street Theatre includes major work by Athol Fugard and Reza de Wet, with performances by actors including Janet Suzman, Jack Klaff, Doreen Mantle and Basil Appollis by staff reporter This summer, Jermyn Street Theatre presents a five week season featuring some of South Africa’s most acclaimed playwrights and best-loved performers. The London season includes major work by Athol Fugard and Reza de Wet, with performances by actors including Janet Suzman, Jack Klaff, Doreen Mantle and Basil Appollis. To complement the season running from 10th June - 12th July 2014 there will be a series of special workshops and events including a full production of a newly commissioned play by Jack Klaff, and readings directed by BBC Theatre Fellow at the Bush @ Lyric, Roy Alexander Weise. There will also be a discussion chaired by Dr Cindy Lawford, featuring Audrey Brown, the presenter of Network Africa on the BBC’s World Service. Line-up: Fever by Reza De Wet Directed by Anthony Biggs A haunting tale of an English governess working for a Boer family in South Africa during the 1890s, and her sister Katy back home in a seaside hotel in England. When Emma dies Katy discovers her hidden diary and learns the full and terrible extent of Emma’s yearning and isolation. A prolific writer who wrote eleven plays in fourteen years before her untimely death in 2012, Reza De Wet has won more theatre and literary awards than any other South African playwright, including the prestigious Herzog Prize (1994), the highest honour in Afrikaans literature. Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act by Athol Fugard Directed by Cordelia Monsey Warning: This play contains nudity and is unsuitable for persons under 16 years old Two lovers lie together and talk. Frieda is a white, middleclass librarian. Philander is a married Cape Coloured man with a young family, living in the most abject conditions in one of South Africa’s thousands of shanty towns. The police enter and arrest them, and both are forced to give statements.

Written in 1964, the year Nelson Mandela began his sentence on Robben Island, and inspired by real events, Statements is a devastating story of illegal love under apartheid. A playwright whose work is performed and celebrated on a global scale, Athol Fugard’s plays include The Blood Knot, Sizwe Banzi is Dead, and “Master Harold” … and the boys. District 6 Our Buckingham Palace (European Premiere) Co-authored and performed by Basil Appollis Directed by Sandra Temmingh Associate Producer and Co Author: Sylvia Vollenhoven Whenever you bought furniture from Mr Katzen he generously threw in a print of King George the VI and his Queen. They were hanging all over the District, hence the nickname Buckingham Palace. Acclaimed South African actor Basil Appollis celebrates the life and work of legendary writer Richard Rive and his tales of District Six – the heart of Cape Town ripped out because it stood in the way of grand apartheid fantasies. With the Mother City being World Design Capital 2014 this play shows us how important it is to redesign our skewed historic perspectives, to reflect on the contested wasteland at the foot of Table Mountain and to put District Six centre stage where it belongs. And it’s all done with humour and style. SPECIAL SUNDAY PERFORMANCES Sunday 22nd June 2014 4pm One-off performance of District 6 Our Buckingham Palace Following the performance there will be a discussion about South Africans and displacement, chaired by Dr Cindy Lawford and featuring Audrey Brown, the presenter of Network Africa on the BBC’s World Service. 22nd and 29th June, 6th July 2014 at 7pm Under a Foreign Sky Written and performed by Jack Klaff Directed by Anthony Biggs ‘I am not under some foreign sky. I am there with you, my people, when it happens’. Anna Akhmatova

Inspired by the recent death of Nelson Mandela, celebrating two decades since the dismantling of Apartheid and yet unflinching about the divisions in South Africa today, celebrated actor Jack Klaff presents his achingly funny and deeply moving tribute to his homeland, told through forty years of letters between Melville Barnett, a writer in self-imposed exile in Europe, and the people he left behind in the Beloved Country. 29th June 2014 4pm Janet Suzman and Greig Coetzee Janet Suzman and friend Greig Coetzee take you on a lighthearted trek through forgotten South Africa, discovering the pleasures and pains of Afrikaans comic writing. 6th July 2014 at 4pm My Truth and Reconciliation By Doreen Mantle One of the UK’s favourite actresses talks about her own experience of growing up in South Africa. Details: Dates: 10th June to 12th July 2014 Tickets: £22, £18. SPECIAL all Inclusive – book any 3 shows for just £45.00 All tickets booked via box office with any credit/debit card is subject to a £1 booking fee. Tickets booked online are subject to the above plus an additional booking fees. Call the Box Office for further information on: 020 7287 2875 Or book on www.

| South African actor Basil Appollis

Anthony Biggs & Clive Chenery for Jermyn Street Theatre present




10th June-12th July 2014 Jermyn Street Theatre presents a season of theatre, featuring some of South Africa’s most acclaimed playwrights and best-loved performers. The season includes major work by Athol Fugard and Reza de Wet, and performances from Janet Suzman, Jack Klaff, Doreen Mantle and Basil Appollis.

Box Office:

020 7287 2875

Artistic director Anthony Biggs

‘...the tiny but pioneering Jermyn Street Theatre.’ Mark Lawson - BBC


| 27 May - 3 June 2014 |


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| Gordon Glyn-Jones in his studio in London

| South African maestro Tony Cox

Padkos, a new album from South African guitar maestro Tony Cox

| The latest album by legendary South African finger-style guitarist Tony Cox includes covers by some of South Africa’s musical greats such as Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse, Bright Blue, Johnny Clegg, Hugh Masekela and Nico Carstens By Peter Groves Padkos (meaning ‘food for the road’), the title of Tony Cox’s latest solo offering, is an album for which the legendary South African finger-style guitarist has picked a number of South African musical song classics, interpreting them in his own inimitable style. The record is named as such because it is just the sort of music you’d want to listen to on a long journey along some dusty, unforgiving road, to put you in the right frame of mind. Having released numerous albums incorporating his own musical compositions over the years, some with his guitar buddy and lifelong friend Steve Newman, this is partly a collection of covers, which includes songs originally written and performed some of South Africa’s musical greats such as Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse, Bright Blue, Edi Niederlander, Johnny Clegg, Hugh Masekela and Nico Carstens. There are some new tracks from Tony though and for the first time I can remember, vocals from the man himself, surprising, considering that I have generally known the modest Tony to be selfdeprecating of his abilities in this department. His voice, satisfyingly appealing, is not too dissimilar to that of Greg Lake in tone

(particularly on ‘Ancient Dust’) and really works, I feel. This was, in a manner of speaking, an album waiting to be made and is up there with his other recordings as a work of real quality. It put a smile on my face listening to the tracks because they carry the stamp of Tony Cox, if you are as familiar with that unmistakable guitar picking style as I am. I met the very approachable Tony personally whilst he was on a musical sabbatical in United Kingdom a few years back and got to know him as a man dedicated to his craft, with an infinite love for the guitar. This is so clearly demonstrated in his ongoing series of summer and winter international guitar night concerts organised over the last year or two in Cape Town and elsewhere, to which he has invited and performed with the cream of the world’s finger-style guitarists. His immense talent as a musician notwithstanding, his live shows, in small venues generally, where he feels most comfortable, are thoroughly entertaining and engaging, leaving you mesmerised and transfixed. Not only does he play a mean guitar, but tells a good yarn too, often leaving his audience in stitches. His larger than life warmth and personality puts a stamp on and shines

through on this particular album, which varies in tempo and mood throughout, adding a freshness to the songs he has reworked, making them all the more interesting to listen to. On a few of his renditions Tony is accompanied by the rich warm tones of bassist Victor Masondo and the cool percussion of David Klassen, which complement rather than overwhelm the sound of the guitar. On the recording Tony uses his Takamine PS95 and Ian Corr baritone guitars. He ends the album with an absolute gem of a melody that will captivate and move you to tears, as he performs Bright Blue’s composition ‘Weeping’ accompanied by the sounds of a string quartet, with utter beauty and sensitivity, leaving you wanting more. I do hope there will be a sequel, if Tony chooses to do one, given the vast amount of material to call upon, Abdullah Ibrahim’s ‘Mannenberg’ being one piece I’d love to hear him play. Now wouldn’t that be food for thought! Do yourself a favour and check out some clips from Padkos and lots of other stuff, video too, on Tony Cox’s website: musicvideo.html Buy the album: | 27 May - 3 June 2014 |



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Join the FoodBank South Africa 12-hour fast on World Hunger Day

| 28th May 2014 marks World Hunger Day. You can make a difference in South Africa’s hunger epidemic by supporting FoodBank SA with a 12-hour sponsored fast and a donation of £10, which will feed one person in Mzansi for four months. Read on for details By staff reporter FoodBank SA is running a 12-hour Fast campaign on World Hunger Day to raise awareness of hunger in South Africa, an initiative that was established by The Hunger Project. Committed to the sustainable end of world hunger, you can support FoodBank SA by fasting from 7am to 7pm on 28th May 2014 and by donating £10, which will provide food for one person for four months. If you would like to get friends to sponsor you, you can set up your own page for

FoodBank’s 12 hour sponsored Fast on Just ahead of the event. After pledging a minimum of £10 online, you will join a global community of people fasting for 12 hours on the day. Your pledge as well as your fast are designed to make you understand the plight of those, who suffer hunger on a daily basis. Go to www.foodbank. to register and take part in this unique charity event. Having raised over £5,000 before, the annual campaign is a great opportunity to get involved

and make a difference. The charity of the year hopes to break its previous record and counts on widespread participation to achieve its goal. South Africa produces enough food to feed its entire population – yet twenty percent of South African households (a staggering 11 million people) have inadequate access to food. In order to address this imbalance FoodBank SA rescues and redistributes over 4.3 million kilograms of food products annually, providing food to over

600 beneficiary organisations across the country and facilitating the provision of 41,500 meals daily. Fasting for 12 hours may feel like a challenge for some, but many people in South Africa go without a meal for 12 hours as a daily reality – because there simply is no food at home. You can follow the campaign on Facebook (Foodbank Foundation South Africa – UK), Twitter (FoodBankSA_UK) and Instagram, and learn about other activities you can be part of in

order to raise awareness about the reality of hunger across SA. Remember to use the hashtag #FoodBankSA12HourFast to connect with other participants worldwide, and tag FoodBank FoundationUK.

The adult tooth fairies 31st AnniversAry

| There were few more devoted to the pristine pearlies than this South African princess, apart from every American movie star who can blind a Boeing at two hundred miles. But dental evil lurked in this fairytale…

s A L e 1 MAy – 31 MAy

The Optimist

Karen de Villiers

Once upon a time, our heroine decided to give into temptation and carnivore lust – she bought a dozen sticks of droëwors (dried boerewors or beef jerky to the uninformed – but jerky sounds… well). It was her secret passion (one of them) and she ate as one possessed. A fragment of bone lurked deep within. A matter of cosmic timing, eager consumption and fate, when the bone met a back tooth at a mathematical angle and bam! Half her tooth became the second bullet-type fragment in our heroine’s mouth. This particular lady is the white princess of tooth obsession. Her tower filled with rinses, toothpastes, vibrating brushes and the ever desirable dental floss. Flossing as one knows, should best be done in private, it is not

a pretty sight, and she was the flossing champion. There were few far and wide more devoted to the pristine pearlies, apart from every American movie star who can blind a Boeing at two hundred miles. ‘Damn,’ she winced and fled to the dentist. Said tooth was duly repaired at the cost of one Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits from France. Well sort of, and still slurring and drooling a cheaper version of plonk hours later, our damsel presumed order was restored to the world. Not to be. As in all fairytales, evil lurked in the form of a now uneven bite. ‘I have an uneven bite,’ she confessed, filled with shame, but resolved to take some form of painkiller with her vino and by tomorrow all will be fine again. How was she to know that all was not going to be well in the meadow of molars, and by morning she was back at the dentist, her worst fears confirmed. The dentist said, ‘You do indeed have an uneven bite but your glassy eyes tell me you have taken many, many anti-pain pills, so I need to rescue you from a future of amphetamine addiction and remedy the situation pronto’.

Prizing open the now locked jaw, he set to work with tools akin to those used in the Tower, bar the rack of course. ‘Oooh, aaah, eeee, asshole.’ He asked her to spit. Easier said than done, she tried to answer, but it sounded like she was saying ‘eeaer ed an un’. The Novacaine was bliss, but alas, like most illicit relationships, was doomed to failure and once again, the pain gripped her aching gums. Why me, she lamented, what have I done to deserve this? Rather than fling herself before the bus, our heroine did the next sensible thing – banished the ‘banting’ diet and bought two Magnum Caramel ice creams. Ate them both. Her muffin top would become a muffin mountain, but c’est la vie, she was in need of cold solace. The moral of the story is, and our poor heroine will attest, is that once again, life will take you out regardless. One day a fragment of bone, the next, who knows, a crossbow to the butt, but rather than give up and succumb, we must be thankful that we live in an era of drugs and wine to ease the pain. Two adult tooth fairies are better than one.

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The Paris Catacombs

24 hours in the Cape Town


• • • • • • • • •

2 en-suite bedrooms, with terrace 2 dedicated parking spaces Designer furnishings and equipment Choice of 3 pools and use of the gym 24/7 on site security Convenient for Waterfront shopping, restaurants Fully managed and hassle free Trip Advisor 5 star rated Gross rental yield 9%, assuming 60% occupancy

It makes so much sense!

Call FD Express on SA (011) 0838733 or UK 01252 724663 email Visit for more details

| What do you do when you’ve seen it all, done it all and eaten every last baguette in Paris, and feel overcome by a sense of “ennui”?

By Sertan Sanderson YOU’VE climbed on top of the Eiffel Tower, you’ve swung your legs up in the air at the Moulin Rouge, and if you have to enter yet another all-day staring contest with the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, you might just start believing that there is actually some truth to Dan Brown’s creepy novels. Let’s face it: your love affair with Paris has lost its “je ne sais quoi” and you just don’t know how to rekindle the flame of l’amour. So what can you discover in Paris after all the predictable tourist traps have long been ticked off your bucket list already, and whether ‘left-bank’ or ‘right-bank’, all you care about is simply how not to break the bank in this expensive European capital, where you can easily spent €15 on a stale croissant and a lukewarm coffee. Perhaps the best way to start exploring the alternative underbelly of Paris is to actually go underground – deep into the caves and caverns of the Paris Catacombs. A fascinating journey, during which you will be joined by the remains of over 6 million people from all over the last millennium, the catacombs are actually an “ossuary” – a place where bones are kept and displayed – and so much more than that. Set partly in former mining shafts, the catacombs display these human remains in fascinating patterns, where you can literally wander from chamber to chamber filled with skulls and bones from floor to ceiling. This is truly an underground labyrinth, so please do not wander off alone – or you might join the company of your 6 million friends there, and that would be très tragique.

Some might call the whole experience macabre – especially the sign at the entrance that reads “Arrête! C’est ici l’empire de la Mort” (translation: “Halt! This is the empire of Death”). But between the two certainties of life – death and taxes – this might be a good opportunity for once to choose the former. But it’s not all about death: more recently during World War II,

these catacombs were used both by the French resistance as well as by Nazi occupying forces for strategic purposes as well, so it’s not only ‘ancient’ history and bones that you will be observing here but a site of international recognition, which contributes to our understanding of contemporary history as we know it. The unassuming entrance to this massive and magnificent

Rodin’s The Thinker at the Rodin Museum

11 | 27 May - 3 June 2014 |


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Boulevard des Invalides

Paris Opera House

unknown underbelly of Paris mausoleum is located in Montparnasse, just off Place Denfert-Rochereau, which houses the former gates to the city, “le Barrière d’Enfer” – which aptly translates as “the gate to hell”. Oh là là… When you resurface from this kingdom of the dead at the gates to hell, you could make your way to nearby Boulevard des Invalides, one of Paris’s many famed and impeccably manicured boulevards. It’s worth taking a leisurely stroll down this avenue far away from the chic boutiques and fast commerce of the more centrally positioned arrondissements. If you haven’t had enough of seeing death and decay so far, you can take a quick look at the fascinating Cimetière de Montparnasse (Montparnasse Cemetery) on your way, where only the rich and beautiful could afford to rest in peace. This is one of the most well-known Paris cemeteries, next to Cimetière du Père Lachaise and, of course, Cimetière de Montmartre. While there, you can say hello to some literary greats like Susan Sontag, Samuel Beckett and Marguerite Duras. With decent walking shoes on your feet and perhaps a watereddown café au lait in a plastic cup in hand, you should be able to make your way to Napoleon’s tombs at Les Invalides in less than an hour from there – if you care for more bones yet. But as a seasoned Paris commuter you’ve probably paid your respects to this military expert more than once already. However, right across the street from Napoleon’s tomb, the Rodin Museum invites you in to marvel at one of the world’s greatest sculptor’s creations and ideas. Known for his bronze sculpture “The Thinker” (a casting of which can be seen at this museum), Auguste Rodin is considered a visionary artist, who was way ahead

of his time with his particular brand of casting the human shape into clay, heralding the modern art movement alongside some of his contemporaries in visual arts. You can – and should – learn more about this French artist if you have the leisure to explore his works, whose celebrated quote “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely” still lives on in self-help books today. Or you can always resign yourself to viewing more predictable artwork at the nearby Musée d’Orsay, which also doubles as a formidable spot to enjoy some lunch. Cross the Seine river at Pont Royal and cut through the Tuileries Gardens to make your way to l’Opéra . In actual fact, the building is called Palais Garnier, but who has time for such details? Do yourself a favour and call in advance to schedule a tour of this magnificent edifice, which is as much of a trademark for Paris as the Eiffel Tower is. The Grand Foyer of the opera house is enough to make your eyes melt – in fact, you’ll probably want to move in. But this building is only a fleeting domicile even for the grandest of prima donnas, many of whom have been on stage there over the decades. You might even want to catch a performance while you’re there; both opera and ballet are housed under the same incredible roof, and with 380 performances a year, there should be something appealing for all musical tastes – as long as you appreciate classical works. Another nearby treat is the well-known Café De La Paix. It’s actually not a “café” at all, but a luxury eatery that will burn deep holes into your pockets, but every cent spent on this incredible menu is worth the investment. If you’re planning on having a date night, un petit rendez-vous, in Paris, then

this certainly a great place to take your cheri(e). If you want to take your soirée into the wee hours of the morning, consider Anthracite in nearby Le Marais, an elegant night-life spot built to honour contemporary cabaret acts and the Parisian underground bar scene, which is booming. The kitchen also prepares some contemporary French cuisine of outstanding quality. But when the beautiful oysters and langustines have all been consumed and washed down with a young Beaujolais, you still have beautiful Place Vendôme to bring you back to why secretly you are still in love the same old Paris, the reliable Paris, the Paris that is full of snobbery, elitism, and those delectable macaroons from Ladurée; the Paris where every unlit alleyway you wander uphill and every dirty puddle you step into reminds you that Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien!

Place Vendôme

Après le bain by Edgar Degas at Musée d’Orsay


Zimbabwe Community

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Ritualistic male rape a growing concern in Zimbabwe

| Ever thought about hitchhiking your way through Zimbabwe? Think again… Get your tickets from


the show that you ve been waiting for!

tickets on sale now! 0844 249 4300

LIVE IN LONDON! 1 & 2 August 2014 - Eventim Apollo Hammersmith

By Sertan Sanderson Reports have recently surfaced across Zimbabwe recounting how men, who tried to hitch a ride in rural regions of the country, have ended up drugged, threatened with weapons and forced to repeatedly have sex with women while their semen was meticulously collected in condoms for some obscure later use. The rape victims were then reported to be dumped along the roadside after the women were finished with them. These unusual series of attacks are said to be performed under the influence of forcefully administered sexual stimulants, such as the erectile dysfunction medication “Viagra”. Reports on these ‘sperm hunters’ had first appeared about five years ago, with 17 cases initially recorded by the police but never successfully prosecuted due to limitations in legislation. It is likely that out of a notion of shame, many of the male rape victims may never have come forward, as numbers continue to grow steadily. As incredible as this trend may sound it seems to have its roots in a highly ritualistic society, where magic spells and tonics play an important role in everyday life; it is alleged that the specimens collected in the condoms are used for traditional healing potions widely known as “juju” or “muti”, which are all intended to bring good fortune and success. The Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association has spoken out against the controversial practice. Spokesman George Kandiyero announced that he considers the forceful collection of sperm to be a form of “witchcraft.” “We are totally against the idea. It has really frightened people. It has really brought in a bit of shock because normally it was the other way round. Normally we know of men raping women, not women raping men.” Rape is still considered a taboo subject throughout Zimbabwe, with the vast majority of victims throughout Southern Africa still being women. However, with these latest reports on male rape committed by females, that

taboo might finally begin to be challenged, as a public debate appears to be encouraged by the events.That being said, women’s rights groups in the country are growing increasingly unhappy with the one-sided reporting on the occurrence of male rapes, saying that the situation could make light of the epidemic of female rape. The situation is only exacerbated by the fact that many courts in the country do not accept women assaulting men as a form of rape, gradually making these reports of male rapes in Zimbabwe a bone of contention in the public eye. With all these challenges in mind, the taboo story is now turning into an unofficial public awareness campaign among Zimbabwean men, as neither the government nor the police seem to be able to do anything about the phenomenon. Young men are reported to be telling each other not to get into cars with strangers, no matter how attractive the women used to lure them in may be.A 26-year-old hitchhiker on his way to Harare said that young men cannot dare to get into a car driven by a woman, “even if she’s old, we can’t.”National police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena confirmed that hitchhikers are especially at increased risk of falling victim to these attacks. “These cases occurred mostly when the victims were hitchhiking and boarded private vehicles. We encourage people to use public transport.”

13 | 27 May - 3 June 2014 |


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Companies search for ‘star players’ at Careers in Africa Summit | Africa takes up seven of the ten places on the world’s fastest growing economies list. Conglomerate leaders at London’s Careers in Africa Summit were looking for the CEOs of tomorrow to be part of Africa’s imminent rise

By Belinda Liversedge Africa may be one of the fastest growing economies, but South Africans looking to be part of the success story won’t find an easy ride to the top. That was the message at the 12th annual Careers

in Africa Summit, held over a hot May weekend in London. Opportunities for ambitious South Africans lay within the country’s borders and beyond, to East and West Africa where strong consumer demand is

fuelling business opportunity and expansion. Cement manufacturer giant Lafarge is ramping up production in South Africa where a R4 million state spending plan is in place to improve rail, roads, energy and water infrastructure. Lafarge’s ready-mix concrete is needed to support it, but the company needs more than just workers at its fifty plus plants. “We are looking for engineers, finance experts and supply chain experts who will become leaders,” said Lanre Opakunle, general manager for Industrial Performance. “I have a mandate to find minimum two people to do my job and that’s why I’m hunting every year.” Plant manager for Ashaka in Nigeria, Graham Bright, agreed. Speaking fresh from the site that has just announced a four-fold increase in yearly production, he said: “You’re going from division three to the premier league of football. You are looking for the star players.” Insurance and investment company Old Mutual was there

Surinder Singh Route – Alternative to the UK family migration route | Since the introduction of the new UK family migration rules in July 2012, thousands of families have been torn and kept apart, as they do not qualify under the new minimum income threshold requirement by JP breytenbach Currently, everyone is holding their breath in anticipation of the judgement on the appeal, lodged by the UK Home Office. The appeal was heard in March 2014, and judgement is being awaited. In the meantime, all family migration applications that do not fulfil the minimum income threshold requirement is being ‘put on hold’ by the UK Home Office. Whatever the outcome of judgement, it will unfortunately not stop the UK Home Office from amending the rules again. However, there is an alternative route for families currently residing in another EU member state. This route is called the Surinder Singh route named after the case law that established this precedent – R v Immigration Appeal Tribunal and Surinder

Sing ex parte Secretary of State for the Home Department. In short, the Surinder Singh route entails that the EU partner must exercise his/her EU treaty rights (by working, being self employed, self sufficient or a student for example) and live anywhere in the European Economic Area with his/her nonEU partner for a period of at least three months. After exercising this EEA citizenship right, the family can gain access to the UK, as they are then covered by European law. There would thus be no need to apply under the UK family migration rules, and the family will only need to apply for the EEA family permit, which does not require a minimum income threshold. It is important to note that there are important requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to

qualify under this Surinder Singh route. There has also since been new case law on the issue. BIC therefore strongly advise any family thinking of taking the Surinder Singh route, to first seek immigration advice from an expert. Contact BIC today for a consultation on the Surinder Singh route. JP Breytenbach Director of BIC, Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Limited. or

to find the skills and personalities to drive strategic expansion. Firmly established in South Africa, the company is looking to capitalise on opportunities East and West, where it has reported a 27 per cent increase in sales. “We need people who are passionate about the continent,” said Johannes Gawaxab CEO for African business. In real terms this means breaking new ground, such as negotiating culturally complex attitudes to death in order to promote life insurance. “In banking and insurance the penetration is very low [across Africa], so we’re creating market share. We are looking for people who can build,” he said. The company has set aside $US 600 million to fund operations across East and West Africa and wants to boost Africa’s contribution to business from 10 to 20 percent by 2020. Children or adults of the ‘80s may remember LC Waikiki and its cartoon-print and surfer inspired T-shirts. The French incorporated company was bought out by the

Turkish group Taha in 1991 and its African growth story was one of the Summit’s more leftfield ones. LC Waikiki wants to rival Primark with a low price and product strategy, beginning first in Europe. “We are not in South Africa yet,” said recruitment manager, Canan Hotanoğlu. “But we are working on [it], starting with Nigeria and Angola in 2015.” With the majority of companies looking for talent to join projects in western and eastern Africa, opportunities for new recruits were mainly for the UK-based Africans from those countries. Queues for Coca Cola were about an hour long for opportunities in sales and marketing in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, for example. But for South Africans looking for the challenge of Africa’s bigger growth story, CEOs should apply now. Careers in Africa Summit, held by the Global Career Company, will be in Johannesburg from 21st - 23rd November 2014.

1st Contact Forex Rand report

| Markets in the US and the UK are closed today, so here’s a run-down of the ZAR’s market performance last week by 1st contact The biggest headline last week was the SARB meeting, which offered no change in the repo rate. The Rand gained some ground after the announcement, going on to trade at strong levels of above 10.31 as the 10.30 support held. The Rand strengthened against the Dollar on Thursday last week, closing at USDZAR10.33, compared to Wednesday’s close of USDZAR10.37. This came in the face of a strong performance from the Dollar against the major crosses, and a weaker performance from the commodity currencies we monitor. Rand appreciation was in tandem with the (mostly strong) performance from the emerging market currencies we track. The Dollar strengthened against the Euro, Pound and Yen, with the biggest move seen against the Yen (0.4%). The Rand strengthened against all major crosses, with the

biggest move seen against the Yen (0.8%). Two of the five commodity currencies we monitor (the ZAR and CAD) strengthened on the day; the remaining three (the NOK, NZD and AUD) weakened. Five of the nine EM currencies we track strengthened; the exceptions were the HUF, IDR, THB and BRL (all of which depreciated). Turning to commodity prices, platinum, copper and gold rose by 1.1%, 0.6% and 0.2% respectively last week. Brent, meanwhile, fell by 0.2%. Non-residents were mild net sellers of local equities (-ZAR259 million) and were aggressive net sellers of local bonds (-ZAR1 078 million). Brought to you by

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Business: Classifieds SERVICES

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SA SHOP DIRECTORY The Chichester Biltong Company The best of British from a friendly bunch of South Africans who made Sussex our home. But there was one thing we couldnt live without from our native land..Biltong! So we made our own using traditional recipes handed down through generations. We only use the finest prime British beef! Get our “readers 10% EXTRA FREE” offer by using the VOUCHER CODE ‘SA10’

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The Springbok Café The Springbok Café offers traditional South African food, wine and beers served with a smile in a friendly atmosphere. All this plus the option to grab your favourite S.A. groceries before you leave after relaxing and kuierring with us for a while. The Springbok Café` Ltd, 1 East Reach, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3EN, 01823 254966,


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FOODS4YOU Whether you like to create an incentive program for your employees or corporate gifts at special times or throughout the year. Foods4U – Corporate Services Division is there to assist and help you maintain your critical internal and external business. Unit 22 / 24 Manford Ind. Estate, +44 (0) 87 00 33 2130, Manor Road, Erith, Kent, DA8 2AJ.


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St Marcus One of the most amazing emporia the capital offers to the carnivorous gourmet. People have been flocking to St. Marcus for their amazing range of Biltong & Boerewors Visit us at: 1-3 Rockingham Close, Priory Lane, off Upper Richmond Road West, Roehampton, London SW15 5RW Call us at: 0208 878 1898 Online:

KALAHARI MOON The Southern African Shop in Bristol. Wide range of stock including excellent boerewors and biltong. Centrally situated, friendly service. Connecting South Africans. Tel: 0117 929 9879 Address: 88 - 91 The Covered Market. st Nicholas Market, Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1JQ Email: Website: NO1 South African Shop Lots of lekker stuff for a taste of home. Including fantastic biltong, droewors and boerewors. 5 Marlow Drive, St Catherines Hill, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2RR. The shop is about 2 miles north-west of Christchurch town centre and 6 miles north-east of Bournemouth town centre. There’s loads of free parking and the shop is easy to get to from the A338. Tel: 01202 496041 10’ish to 6pm 7 days a week. CHICHESTER BILTONG COMPANY BILTONG doesn’t get any better than this ! Arguably the best and most authentic South African biltong in the UK. WE ONLY USE ORGANIC SPICES. Our FINEST range has no e’S , gluten, sugar or preservatives. Use promo code SAFFA10 for 10% EXTRA FREE. / 01243 699 722



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Susman’s Best Beef Biltong Co Ltd If you’re missing home give us a call, supplying you with all your favourite South African products and more. Phone: 01273 516160 Fax: 01273 51665 Cambridge & Villages Toft Shop – Village Shop & Post Office With a South African section selling all your favourite tastes from home! Pop in and pick up your treats – Biltong; Boerewors; Koeksisters; Rusks; Sweets; Chips; Groceries etc. Web: www. Tel: 01223 262 204. CB23 2RL

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What a difference a month can make

| Heyneke Meyer would have been a worried man four weeks ago, but he can now look ahead to the international season with optimism as the South African franchises have shown sustained improvement in May By Michael Todt Turn the clock back four weeks, and South African rugby seemed to be suffering one of its darkest hours. The Stormers, Cheetahs and Lions were receiving consistent beatings, making the argument for a sixth franchise seem almost embarrassing. The Bulls were at best indifferent, and even the Sharks were beginning to stutter, conceding four tries at home in a 34-18 thrashing by the Highlanders. Not one of our teams had won in Australasia at that stage, and, with the exception of the Durban-based

side, the combined conference would have only made for good reading if you were doing a handstand at the time. The Stormers, in particular, have won four of their last six games after a wretched start to the campaign. But it is their last two outings which have impressed the most, as they swept aside the Force and the Cheetahs 24-8 and 33-0 respectively. It’s been more reminiscent of the ruthless, error-free rugby Allister Coetzee’s men have become revered for, and the dismantling of the

Force also did the Bulls’ playoff bid the power of good. It’s far too late for the Cape side in terms of advancing in the competition, but with eight Stormers players in his squad, Heyneke Meyer might well be happiest of all about their late momentum. Other than their humiliation at Newlands on Saturday, the Cheetahs have also been a much-improved outfit in recent weeks – most notably beating the Brumbies 10 days ago – while the Lions have shown great heart, and were denied only by the TMO in matches against

the Highlanders and the Force. The Bulls have started to turn the screw at just the right time too, picking up three wins in succession – including a 44-23 humbling of the Brumbies on Saturday – and they sit firmly in the race for a wildcard place in the playoffs. But the biggest kudos of all must go to the table-topping Sharks, who completed a clean sweep of New Zealand by holding off the Blues 29-23 in Auckland on Saturday, and it completes an Australasian tour in which they have won three out of four games. No one will forget last

week’s rear-guard in that dramatic win over the Crusaders in a hurry, and they should wrap up the South African conference for the first time. More importantly, they’ve answered the questions asked of champions, and by peaking at the right time, they look set to secure a home semifinal berth as the team to beat. All in all, things are looking a heck of a lot brighter for South African rugby than they did a month ago. Not so for the Australians; and the New Zealand sides have shown vulnerabilities of their own of late too.

Find Rugby Now 7s and London 10s and Touch Festival

| With the O2 Touch Spring leagues hitting the halfway mark and the Summer leagues already starting to fill up – that is nothing compared to the action we have for you by in2touch Following the successful 2012 London 10’s event with 20 Rugby teams and 20 Touch teams participating, we are very pleased to announce the 2014 event will be held on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th July 2014 at Ilford RFC in East London (The Mixed social touch event will be held on Sunday the 27th July 2014). The mixed social touch teams will play in a one-day competition on the Sunday, but are welcome to take part in the Saturday evening festivities and camping opportunities. This competition will bring together mixed social teams from across the UK to fight it out to be crowned champions. The London 10’s showcases all elements of Rugby Union and Touch Rugby – bringing all the best aspects both on and off field. Not only will the two day event display the skill and talent that is evident in this fine capital, but live music, bars and entertainment will also be on offer. 2014 sees the London 10’s and Touch Festival join forces with the fantastic FRN 7’s Tournament which will see Men’s and Women’s 7’s, Men’s Opens and Social 10’s all on Saturday 26th July 2014 and then the highlight of the event will be the 16 team mixed Touch Competition on Sunday 27th July 2014. Entry is open to any teams that wish to enter – but remember, first come, first served! So make sure to sign up and register for the fun filled weekend! Team entry will cost £180 – which not only covers entry, but tickets to the days activities and festivities, but the entertainment as well. (Please note: All players in the squad must be over the age of 17

to participate in the competition). Not only is playing in a one day competition a fun and exciting challenge for you and your teammates, it is also a way to meet new friends and discover the many ways in which the game of Touch can be played. As we all know – touch competitions are as much about the games that day as they are about the social aspect – so to avoid massive FOMO, sign up now! There will be plenty to keep the kids and adults entertained with activities all throughout the day. Activities for kids include a bouncy castle, rodeo bull ride, a Cactus Hoopla game, a Giant Connect 4 and other rides, as well as a junior rugby demonstration match. This should get kids of all ages involved in the activities! There will be plenty of entertainment for the adults as well with a rodeo bull ride and performances from the crystal palace cheerleaders! Did we mention that all of this is included in the price of your entry? To sign up head to www., or for more info simply email

Visit us online or in-store Victoria Station Tel: 0207 931 9314 (open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-6pm) London Bridge Shop Tel: 0207 357 9314 (open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-6pm) Raynes Park Shop Tel: 0208 4170044 (open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-5pm) Southfields Shop Tel: 0208 780 3727 (open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-5pm)

Liverpool Street Shop Tel: 0207 374 4994 (open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm) Wimbledon Shop Tel: 0208 971 9177 (open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-5pm)


Paddington Shop NE tel: 0207 262 4646 (open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-6pm) /theSavanna



27 MAY - 3 JUNE 2014

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Find Rugby Now 7s p15


| Following Toulon’s decisive victory, Bryan Habana joins Bakkies Botha and Danie Rossouw along with All Black Brad Thorn as the only players ever to win the World Cup, Super Rugby and Heineken Cup titles

By staff reporter Toulon beat Saracens in a Springbok-dominated Heineken Cup Final at Cardiff’s Millennium stadium on Saturday. This means Bryan Habana, Bakkies Botha, Danie Rossouw and Brad Thorn, who play for the French side, are the only players ever to win the World Cup, Super Rugby and Heineken Cup titles. A comprehensive display from the reigning Heineken Cup champions ended Saracens’ 2013/14 Euro adventure despite the gallant efforts of Mark McCall’s men led by Steve Borthwick. Former England fly-half Jonny Wilkinson kicked 13 points in a 23-6 win for Toulon. The lights went out moments before two of English rugby’s most respected and professional players led out their respective sides for the last time in a European clash, as Borthwick and Wilkinson took to the turf to a cacophony of cheering from the 67,578-strong crowd. Saracens made a strong start, as Chris Ashton hunted down last season Heineken Cup semi-final man of the match Juan Martin Fenandez-Lobbe, as the Argentine looked to collect Owen Farrell’s pin-point kick off. Lobbe knocked on to give both sets of forwards, in particular the front rowers a chance to acquaint themselves with each other at the scrum. Saracens were awarded the pnalty as Mako Vunipola twisted and manoeuvred Carl Hayman into collapsing the

CARDIFF, WALES - MAY 24: (L-R) Bryan Habana, Bakkies Botha, Juan Smith, Danie Rossouw and Joe van Niekerk of Toulon and South Africa celebrate after their victory during the Heineken Cup Final between Toulon and Saracens at the Millennium Stadium on May 24th 2014 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

scurm. Farrell took his time as he drowned out the whistles and boos to kick the first points of the game. A team the calibre of RC Toulon would expect a response, and Wilkinson and his men didn’t disappoint as they immediately ventured into Saracens territory to test out the Saracens defence, but the Sarries stood firm to the first of many red and black attacks in the

first half. Toulon’s forwards though were in the mood. The Afrikaan lumps of Bakkies Botha, Dannie Rossouw and Juan Smith repeatedly battered the Saracens rearguard, with man of the match No.8 Steffon Armitage a constant menace. Saracens did frustrate their opponents and could have doubled their lead after Fernandez-Lobbe

was yellow carded for taking Alistair Hargreaves out in the air, but Marcelo Bosch’s long range attempt fell short. But Toulon’s dominance would eventually tell, and with Saracens missing only two tackles in the first forty minutes then it would be a good bet that a fortuitous bounce of the ball would break the deadlock after Matt Giteau’s

clever grubber kick evaded Alex Goode with a wicked bounce, Drew Mitchell caught the ball and offloaded to the Australian who raced away to score. Wilkinson converted. Before half-time, with Toulon now back to their full complement of 15 players with Lobbe’s return from the sin bin, Jonny Wilkinson landed a trademark drop goal to extend his sides lead to seven points as they went into the break. The second-half again started positively for Mark McCall’s men as Owen Farrell landed his second kick of the afternoon, again after the Saracens front row forced their Toulon counterparts into a penalty. In reality that would be the only crumb of comfort for the north Londoners as Toulon cut loose in a performance that suffocated and frustrated Saracens. After Wilkinson landed another penalty, Toulon scored their second of the evening in a fine, well-worked try between back rowers Juan Smith and FernandezLobbe, with the former Springbok Smith the try scorer. Wilkinson again converted giving Saracens a mountain to climb. After the England World Cup winner sent over yet another three points the nail was in the Saracens European coffin. The disappointed Saracens team now turns its attention to this Saturday’sAviva Premiership Final against Northampton Saints at Twickenham. Tickets on sale at

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Expats seek answers on overseas vote l Tutus launch The Book of Forgiving in UK

The South African 27 May - 3 June 2014  

Expats seek answers on overseas vote l Tutus launch The Book of Forgiving in UK