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30 October – 5 November 2012

Issue 487


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WHY ZUMA DROPPED ZAPIRO LAWSUIT President Zuma drops all charges against Zapiro over the cartoonist’s infamous Lady Justice drawing



RESIDENT Jacob Zuma has dropped all charges against cartoonist Jonathan “Zapiro” Shapiro as he wanted to protect free speech, the presidency said on Sunday. Presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said, “The president … would like to avoid setting a legal precedent that may have the effect of limiting the public exercise of free speech, with the unforeseen consequences this may have on our media, public commentators and citizens. “Whereas the president believes that in an open and democratic society a fine and sensitive balance needs to be maintained between the exercise of civil rights, such as freedom of speech, and the dignity and privacy of others, that balance should be struck in favour of constitutional freedoms,” he continued. The infamous ‘Lady Justice’ cartoon showed Zuma loosening his trousers while Lady Justice was pinned down by then president of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema; Congress of SA Trade Unions general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi; SA Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande and secretary general of the ANC Gwede Mantashe, all saying, ‘Go for it, boss.’ Zuma was acquitted of a rape charge two years previously. Zuma had reduced his charges of September 2008 against Zapiro and Avusa Media, the publishers of The Sunday Times, as well as the

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SA Power 100 - Nicky Hambleton-Jones | p13

Nicky Hambleton-Jones left Pretoria for the bright lights of London to become the well-known host of ‘10 Years Younger’, a top style consultant and author of four books.

Tutu teaches Londoners about Ubuntu | p3 Zapiro’s latest cartoon comments on President Zuma’s decision to drop the charges against him. Image:

newspaper’s then editor Mondli Makhanya - for damages stemming from the cartoon from R5 million to R100,000, said media lawyer Dario Milo last week. The president also dropped his claim that the depiction damaged his dignity, but continued to state that it damaged his reputation. He had still been asking for an unconditional apology, but has now dropped all charges and will contribute to his ex-rival’s costs. “The newspaper and the cartoonist wanted to perpetrate an image of the president as a sexual deviant,

despite a court of law rejecting the allegations against him and clearing his name,” said Maharaj. Zuma reportedly dropped the charges as he wanted to prioritise collaboration with those against whom he was taking action, to address problems facing the country and to develop a common nationhood. The president also wanted to work on removing racist attitudes in SA through open dialogue. Zuma’s actions were reportedly also influenced by the current global economic climate, and his

desire to find lasting solutions to the country’s economic difficulties. Shapiro said he was pleased that the court battle was over. “It’s a great victory for freedom of expression, satire and comment,” he told IOL. He added however, “It’s a bit of a cheap trick … to drop the charges and completely cave in, then call me a racist.” He also contested Maharaj’s statement on free speech. “Claiming freedom of expression [after] pursuing someone for four years and being the most litigious president we have ever had.”

Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu offered some advice to Londoners on mending communities through the philosophy of Ubuntu.

SA model competes for UK’s plus sized crown | p9 South African stunner Trene Rama is one of 20 finalists chosen out of 300 applicants for the Miss BBW International beauty pageant on 10 November.

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| 30 October – 5 November 2012 |

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Southern Africa faces acute food shortage

Southern Africa faces an acute food shortage after months of erratic rains, flooding and displacement. South Africa remains the bread basket of the region and the biggest exporter of staple crops but South Africans living in rural communities still face food insecurity and hunger on a daily basis by REBECCA COLEMAN

THE entire Southern African region is facing one of its worst food shortages, according to the United Nations deputy humanitarian chief, Catherine Bragg. Concluding her five-day visit to Southern Africa, Bragg called on regional nations and humanitarian agencies to work together in order to address the region’s chronic food shortages. “Southern Africa is facing a silent food-insecurity emergency,” said Bragg. “In Lesotho, about a third of the population does not have enough food to eat or sell. In Zimbabwe, 1.6 million people are expected to be food insecure, and many families are selling their own livestock to cope with this dire situation.” Livestock sale is considered a last resort option for many families

across rural Africa who typically associate herd size with personal wealth. According to the World Food Programme 2012 regional food security update erratic rains, cyclones and displacement are largely responsible for the lack of food in Southern Africa. The report goes on to say that South Africa’s projected closing of stocks for the 2011-2012 marketing season was 693,000, the lowest figure on record since 1992-1993. Bragg stated that Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland were the worst-affected countries. The African Union is yet to make an official statement on the food crisis in Southern African. However, newly appointed African Union Commission Chief and former wife of President Jacob Zuma, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma,


outlined food security as a priority for the African Union. “Africa has one quarter of the world’s arable land and land is a source of livelihood for 70 percent of the population. Yet the continent generates only 10 percent of global agricultural output,” DlaminiZuma indicated in the report. “The African Union will therefore put maximum effort to implement the provisions of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme so that Africa can feed itself and have more for export.” South Africa remains the largest food exporter in the region. However, the bulk of South Africa’s exported staple crops leave Africa. 71% of South Africa’s total maize output was exported to Mexico last year. A USAID report on the region claims that the food shortages South Africa’s neighbours are experiencing will put a strain on South Africa’s exportable maize surplus. Section 27 of South Africa’s constitution entitles every South

African citizen to sufficient food and water, and that “the state must by legislation and other measures, within its available resources, avail to progressive realization of the right to sufficient food.” The Department for Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing has adopted a Zero Hunger Policy in an effort to eradicate all forms of food insecurity in South Africa by 2030. However, in a report from the Parliamentary Monitoring Group in May, the chairperson of the Committee on the Zero Hunger Programme and Food Security Policy “formally expressed great displeasure at the Department’s continued failed projects.” Is it just the weather or have inadequate land policies also left South Africans hungry for reform on agriculture? Leave your comments at www. News



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Tube Closures Central: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November, no service between Leytonstone and Woodford via Hainault. Rail replacement buses operate. District: Saturday 3 November, no service between Putney Bridge and Wimbledon due to planned engineering works, with reduced service between Earl’s Court and Putney Bridge. Replacement buses are operating. Jubilee: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November, no service between Stanmore and West Hampstead. Rail replacement buses operate. Metropolitan: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November, no service between Harrowon-the-Hill and Aldgate. Rail replacement buses operate. Northern: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November, no service between Edgware, East Finchley and Kennington via Bank branch / Charing Cross. Rail replacement buses operate. Edgware Branch: Customers travelling between Central London and all stations north of Hampstead (and vice versa) must travel via the Jubilee line and Finchley Road; no service between Edgware, East Finchley and Kennington via Bank branch / Charing Cross. Rail replacement buses operate. High Barnet Branch: Customers travelling between Central London and all stations north of East Finchley (and vice versa) must travel via the Piccadilly line and Arnos Grove.

Record 455 rhinos poached in South Africa in 2012 by MILTON LINDSAY





2012 HAS been a record year for rhinoceros killings in South Africa. Thus far 455 rhino have been illegally poached this year in South Africa, which is home to 20,000 rhino, 90% of Africa’s total rhino population, eclipsing last year’s total of 448 poached rhino. The number of rhino killed each year has been increasing at a somewhat rapid rate over the past five years. In 2010, 333 rhino were slaughtered and in 2007 just 13 were lost to illegal poachers. Poachers have long targeted rhinos because of their horns, which are believed to contain medicinal qualities in many countries in Eastern Asia.

However, rising affluence in the region, particularly in China, Vietnam and Taiwan, has increased demand for rhino horns, despite the fact their healing qualities have long been disproven. In these countries, rhino horns have a street value of $65,000 a kilogramme – a higher value than gold. Over half of the rhino deaths this year have occurred Kruger National Park, South Africa’s premier nature reserves. Park officials have stepped up efforts to better protect rhinos, deploying soldier and surveillance aircraft patrols to monitor the nearly 20,000-kilometre park. | 30 October – 5 November 2012 |



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Desmond Tutu teaches Londoners about Ubuntu

Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu offered some advice to Londoners on implementing Ubuntu at the‘Conversations for Change’ event in Croydon by DEBBIE MYBURG

LAST Tuesday night Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu came together in Croydon to celebrate the progress of Tutu senior’s Conversations for Change programme. Considering Tutu is such a high profile person, the quality of the event was disappointing for some. The Archbishop, who is always engaging, seemed to lack his usual vigour (and due credit, he is now more than 80 years old). However, it was an important event, if not a historic and vital one, where the Archbishop heard about what has been going on in the UK’s flagship and foundation programme, based on the South African truth and reconciliation process. Through dance, music and poetry, Tutu and his daughter watched children from all cultures share how they “build bridges between ever more diverse and sometimes fractured communities”. Of course, as with all children’s concerts, not everything went to plan, however it was engaging to see Indian, Chinese, African and English children interpret their own ideas about how to get along with each other and show the Tutus what they had learned. Having been to a Conversations for Change event before, I am always impressed with the reason the foundation exists.

It is to support people and to build stronger and more resilient communities in areas especially affected by tension and conflict; health inequalities and also those rooted in historic discrimination. Using SA as a template, Croydon is just one such area that holds workshops to learn how to deal with these inadequacies. I am proud that London, a first world city, is adopting our South African vision of the world to adopt Ubuntu – a uniquely African philosophy that emphasises our humanity and our interconnectedness as human beings. Teaching young children this philosophy harnesses power within the youth and encourages respectful conversations which can reduce tension and future hate crime. The Tutus were asked a variety of questions by the audience, including an intriguing one about how Ubuntu can teach and enhance the Croydon community. He replied, “Events such as the London riots teach us that we are all VSP’s- very special people. We are all children of God and even though we commit atrocious crimes we can change as people”. His daughter was also asked how to deal with different ethnic groups on council estates. She gave some great advice by saying, “There are very many ways to begin a conversation and to recognise each

Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu speak about social change. Photo by Ludwig Wagner.

other as human beings. As soon we begin to recognise each other as human beings, we begin the journey of crossing barriers and divides. It can start with a simple hello or even a smile.” To find out more about the foundation or how to run a Conversations for Change workshop, visit www. or join them on Facebook: tutufoundationUK

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Tutu’s granddaughter “suspended” by SA Tourism

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Freephone: 0800 026 0535 Lungi Morrison is currently on “special leave” which has sparked controversy. Send at:

educated in South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, and Nigeria, was appointed to the role just over a year ago. She was previously an independent consultant to MTN during the 2010 FIFA World Cup,

and the general manager of public relations and communications for the Gauteng Tourism Authority. News

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ON the eve of Desmond Tutu‘s talk in London, his granddaughter Lungi Morrison was at the centre of controversy following an announcement that she is on “special leave” from her position as South African Tourism UK Country Manager. According to TourismUpdate., there has been “industry talk that she had been suspended”. A travel industry insider told that SA Tourism was “in disarray” and an investigation was underway. However SA Tourism issued the following statement, “Our UK Country Manager, Lungi Morrison, is currently on special leave and our Europe Regional Director, Bashni Muthaya, is acting in the position of UK Country Manager. Our UK office is staffed and fully operational and we will be unveiling our marketing plans for the UK at the World Travel Market in London in November. “We are also very excited about the 5,5% growth we’ve seen in the UK market in the first six months of this year, as the market recovers from the global recession, and we are looking to build on that at World Travel Market.” Morrison, who grew up and was

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| 30 October – 5 November 2012 |


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‘Virgin birth’ on board flight from London to SA A woman on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to Johannesburg has given birth to a son at 30,000 ft


A WOMAN on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to Johannesburg has given birth to a son, at 30,000 feet. When the woman – who is yet to be identified – went into labour on Thursday night, the crew made plans to divert via Palma, Mallorca. But when it became apparent that they would not make it to the

island in time the crew made a bed out of pillows at the back of the plane, and talked her through the process of labour. Apparently, when the captain announced the birth of the baby boy passengers burst into a round of applause. News24 has reported that the woman was 32 weeks pregnant. “It all began a couple of hours into the flight when the passenger



complained of stomach pains,” said cabin supervisor Emma Goodman, as reported by The Mirror. “One minute we were delivering drinks, and the next we were delivering a baby.” Mother and baby were taken to hospital in Palma as soon as the plane touched down. The rest of the passengers were flown back to London, where they were put on

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MPs welcome Gordhan's measures to contain debt


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MPS have welcomed the Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan's measures to clamp down on public debt, following his tabling of the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement in the National Assembly last week. ACDP MP Steve Swart said: "He sent a very strong message to investors and credit rating agencies, that we are following a prudent fiscal path and that we are busy with debt consolidation to reduce our government debt in the long term". Swart also said Gordhan sent a strong message on tackling

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corruption and wasteful expenditure urgently, as well as sticking to the February forecast. He said The Economist cover article on South Africa last week was alarmist and added that he didn't think the article took into President Jacob Zuma's discussion earlier this month with social partners and the fact that South Africa was on course from a fiscal perspective of debt consolidation. DA MP Tim Harris welcomed the spending freeze which he said would consolidate fiscal consolidation, which is something investors would be pleased to hear. -

Cabinet agrees to Gauteng e-tolls roll-out


0800 833 833

our congratulations and wish the new family well.” Under Virgin’s code of practice pregnant women can fly until 28 weeks, provided that they have not had any complications. Women who are between 28 and 36 weeks need to notify Virgin in advance, and also provide a medical note. After 36 weeks travel can only be authorised for medical or compassionate reasons, with approval from Virgin’s medical advisors.



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another flight to Johannesburg. A spokesperson from Virgin Atlantic said,“Virgin Atlantic can confirm that a passenger on board VS601 gave birth to a baby boy en route from London Heathrow to Johannesburg. The aircraft diverted to Palma in Mallorca and both mother and baby are doing well in hospital. We are so proud of our cabin crew, they all pulled together to help deliver the baby and make the experience as comfortable as possible. We would all like to offer

CABINET has agreed that the South African National Roads Agency Limited should proceed with the implementation of the Gauteng e-tolling system, Transport Minister Ben Martins announced last week. On Friday the Department of Transport gazetted the toll tariffs and regulations for public comment that will apply to users of the toll road network in Gauteng. Martins said the gazetting of the toll tariffs marks the beginning of a 30-day period for public comment. Government will,

after the 30-day period - having considered the views of the public - publish the final tariffs. The committee has been holding engagements with stakeholders such as Cosatu, religious leaders and the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance on the GFIP. Martins said government has proposed that toll fees for e-tag users be capped at R550 a month for light vehicles, adding that monthly toll caps for e-tag registered heavy vehicle users have also been introduced. The closing date for submission of all comments is 26 November. - | 30 October – 5 November 2012 |



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On “ANC officials suspect DA-Britain ‘plot’ to take over SA” Brian: “Speaking to News24 last week, a senior ANC official stated that the South African government had concerns about Britain and other European governments siding with the DA. The source continued that the DA were developing strategic international relationships to strengthen their planned government takeover after the 2019 or 2024 general elections.” Any sensible government (and also any sensible opposition party) would be making such strategic international relationships to encourage investment. But sensible doesn’t seem to apply to the ANC. Helen Zille is preparing for government – maybe not in in the next few years – when the gullible ANC supporters realise that they have been taken for a ride over the past few years. Once they stop listening to Malema things will move on positively. Helen, you will be the saviour of SA – go for it. Vusumuzi O Sibanda: @Brian So, in your view who is most dangerous and should not be listened to? Malema? Msholozi? ANC? Beware the gusty winds from the north!


Helen Zille speaks to the SA Chamber of Commerce in London

stop being so paranoid. Makes me wonder what the ANC is so afraid of, the world knows you are corrupt with no semblance of respectable governance whatsoever. Helen Zille will be this country’s saviour. Shazy W: Oooohhh how I wish it were true, to have British laws ruling in SA – we could have a taste of law and order! Could we banish corruption out the door – wow, just imagine. Jacob Singer: I wish the takeover would happen, then South Africa would be saved. You would not have millions of rands spent by President Zuma on a house, and crime would be reigned in making it safer for all South Africans. Read the book The Vase with the Many Coloured Marbles and learn what Emily Kleintjies thought about South Africa’s future.

And who is this ‘senior ANC official’? He needs a rest – in a mental home! Beauty: This is an absolute joke – since when did normal democratic political alliances become “suspicious plots” ? Insane paranoia indeed… Er… and isn’t “strengthen their planned government takeover after the 2019 or 2024 general elections” basically just being scared of the outcome of a free and fair election? Get real ANC – if you can’t deliver, get out of the way for someone else to try and do better than you’ve done in over 18 years!

George N Gray: I would consider that Cameron has enough problems with the non-European groups in Britain and would not be interested Prices include Taxes in being part of a takeover bid giving them another +/-60 million loungers895 and scroungers. Abuja Accra John: I hear that Mugabe and If Helen Zille/DA were to take Addis Ababa 699 Bangkok Malema are going to form a secret over South Africa we would alliance to stop any moves by almost certainly get a vastly more Cairo 495 Dar’Salaam foreign governments? honest government that the current Entebbe 795 regime Guangzhou bent corrupt led by Zuma CJ: I have been living inJohannesburg London who is still from criminal 895hiding Khartoum for the past 10 years and can prosecution by not allowing the 945to beAuckland honestly say it would be Kuala great Lampur “spy tapes” handed to the to have the backing of a Cape world Town DA. 1,095 Mauritius superpower again… upwards and Zuma is indeed paranoid, and Toronto 645he is Windhoek onwards SA! thinks that clever.



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SAA forgotten ‘what customer wants’

Paul Kopke writes in response to last week’s article, ‘Shake up at SAA’s UK headquarters’: I read this article with interest, which turned into disdain and I realised that the GM of SAA (UK), has done like many businesses do: Forget what the customer wants , but surround yourself with ‘good’ people, and then everything will be ok! While he admits that SAA has ‘made mistakes’, he is not going to get ‘back on the map’ , when SAA has just alienated 100,000 of the Saffers (out of 300,000

Saffers living in London & surrounds) who originally come from the Western Cape (Cape Town and surrounds) . The reason being that SAA has recently cancelled the direct London to CT flight, which means a tiresome trip via Jhb - which is not fun and wastes a lot of time for Saffers wanting to spend as much time as possible on holiday or business in CT rather than sitting around in Jhb airport in transit. As a Capetonian, I know this has angered a great deal

of people - both in CT and in London - as we are now forced to fly using BA or Virgin. Within in our business, we employ many ex Cape Town people, who are pissed off, to say the least! So, by Kershaw recruiting a new ‘team’, including ‘high profile individuals’ – they will just cost SAA a lot of money, and not necessarily bring in enough business to cover the loss of business from many angry Cape Town people. Please pass this message on to the poor man.

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The tale of Henry Olonga Photos by HEATHER WALKER UK-BASED Zimbabwean former national test cricketer Henry Olonga shared his story with members of Saax Group (Southern African Actuarial Connection) at Towers Watson’s office in Westminster last Tuesday night.

Tutu in Croydon Photos by LUDWIG WAGNER ARCHBISHOP Emeritus Desmond Tutu and his daughter Reverend Mpho Tutu hosted a public debate in Croydon, called “Conversation for Change”.

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Best Wine Taster in the Whole Wide World

TO be fair not the BEST in the whole wide world. Or come to think of it, not much of a taster. More like a sipper. A frequent sipper. But I want to learn. I want to be elegant, a sophisticated taster of wines from fancy regions of the globe. So I sit here with a £1 copy of Jancis Robinson’s Wine course book. I am so keen my head is already giddy with the idea of being so erudite and polished by the end. Still at chapter one, the one about how to taste wine. Step 1: Look at the wine in the glass. Got it. Damn. Wrong glass. I have one of those fancy, coloured tulip cupped numbers which for swirling is disastrous. Must be less energetic next time. I must look for the colour, not of the glass but the wine. See Red. See White. Never mind, I must look for tawny or light red meniscus. In the

FANIE os oppie jas


Oor my persoonlike Kamp Staaldraad

AS adolessent was my tandartsbesoeke blote formaliteite. Soomloos en moeitevry. Mý tiener-jeremiades was gesetel in die afwesigheid van my kuite, in die aanwesigheid van my puisies en in my windmaker-step se halsstarrige weiering om te gaan lê soos Vanilla Ice s’n. My tande, uit ‘n ellelange lys van potensiële moontlikhede, was die lááste ding waaroor ek ooit selfbewus sou voel. Maar ’n jaar of vyf gelede het ek tot die onrusbarende besef gekom dat als nie pluis was met my pêrels nie. My agt-en-twintig staatmakers was ooglopend aan’t verweer en spoedig het alle definisie onder my individuele tande verdwyn. Ek was die eienaar van die tand-weergawe van die monobrow. Met ’n swaar gemoed het ek ’n afspraak by ’n ortodontis gemaak en die diagnose was verdoemend: ek is inderdáád besig om my eie tande af te vreet en sonder professionele ingryping sal ek oor tien jaar geen tande meer oorhê

red. Got it! It’s there but no idea what that actually means so I will pat myself on the back and move to step two. Step 2: Smell the wine. This is where I just fail miserably. The lady speaks of aromas of gooseberries and eucalyptus and I smell wine. Just wine. So I take a deep breath and try again, sniffing the wine to within every nose hair and deviated septum. Maybe the allergic nose does not help, not the fact that it is almost permanently blocked so with furrowed brow I try once more. I want to smell those overtones of cherries and chocolate. Maybe nie. Ja, hulle sal my kan help, was die uitspraak, maar nie alvorens ek ’n langdurige proses deurmaak om die hoek te verander waarteen my bo- en ondertande op mekaar neerkom nie. En nou het ek draadjies. En nou het ek draadjies. Ja, ek moet dit twee keer sê, net om die realiteit van hierdie amper ondenkbare feit te beklemtoon. En dis nie sommer net ’n plaatjie met ’n tingerige ou draadjie hier oor die botande langs nie. Dis treinspore. Bo en onder. Met rekkies en al. Wanneer ek praat klink dit of ek te lank op die wynkar gery het, wanneer ek eet klink ek soos ’n brandsiek hond wat aan sy Epol verstik en wanneer ek glimlag lyk ek soos Buck Rogers se robot, Twiki. Biediebiedie, ô-ô. En in die proses is my naïewe oortuiging dat draadjies eintlik maar net tandjuweliersware is, wreedaardig verpletter. Dit is nie. Dit kom reguit uit die hel uit. Dit trek en druk en wring my kake dat dit voel of AB sy dryfhoue teen my smoel geoefen het. Om nie eers van die skawery en skrapery teen die binnevleisies van my kieste te praat nie. As dié gekrappery so onbeheers moet voortduur, sal jy eersdaags ’n potlood reg deur my kuiltjies kan steek. In welke geval ‘tong in die kies’ dan seker ‘tong déúr die kies’ sal wees. Maar dis darem nie als ’n geween en ’n gekners van tande nie (see what I did there?) ’n Positiewe uitkoms is dat ek deesdae spog met ’n ingeboude Halloween-kostuum.


Ek hoef immers net te glimlag vir die mees vreesaanjaende gedrog om sy verskyning te maak. Boonop kan ek die volgende oggend nog aan die vorige aand se biefstuk peusel, en om alles te kroon voorspel die ortodontis dat die ganse profiel van my gesig uiteindelik anders daar sal uitsien. Wat net ’n goeie ding kan wees. Party mense reken ek is braaf om dié loutering op my ouderdom te trotseer. Braaf? Regtig? Felix Baumgartner was braaf om van die maan af te spring. Roald Amundsen was braaf om kaalvoet oor Antarktika te loop. Om soos ’n tiener te lyk en soos ’n bejaarde te eet is nie braaf nie. Dis dom. Maar ek troos my daaraan dat twee van die sewe doodsondes, ydelheid en vraatsug, nie langer deel uitmaak van my daaglikse kwellinge nie. Wanneer ek eendag my dae in Huis Herfsblaar slyt, sal die 2-jaar lange foltering wat nou soos ’n berg voor my lê, reeds lankal vergete wees (seker ook soos die meeste ander herinneringe aan my lewe) Ek sal dalk nie meer mooi kan hoor of mooi kan sien nie, maar ’n stuk biltong sal steeds vir my ‘baas’ moet sê. Wat ek nou deurgaan is dus ’n belegging in my toekomstige eetgewoontes. En dis hierdie skrapse, byna onsigbare silwer randjie wat my motiveer om die hele petalje, wel, in die tande te vat en maar net, wel, daarmee vas te byt. People

Sable offers an impressive portfolio of professional services. We have over 25 years of experience advising individuals, contractors and small businesses who have international interests and connections.

sable services Accounting Tax Wealth OFFSHORE Foreign Exchange Law Immigration

Sable Group

Castlewood House 77/91 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1DG t: +44 (0) 845 094 3990

Sable is a group of professional service companies. Sable Accounting Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registered number 03517738. Sable Private Wealth Management Limited is registered in England & Wales, number 04305265, Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.



the green pepper smell is lurking deep within the drink, mocking me for my attempts, but no, still no hint of liquorice. Do they actually stick some hazelnuts inside the vat when no-one is looking? I do smell the oak smell though, that is not too difficult to detect, it smells like wood and the label says it was made in an oak barrel. Feeling a little less victimised I move onto the next step. To recap I have seen the colour of the wine and smelt wine. Step 3: Taste the wine. The lady recommends I take some oxygen along with the nectar and swirl it around in my mouth. I have seen connoisseurs pucker lips and resemble Hannibal Lecter at this stage. When I try, the wine slips from the lips and I look like a drooling idiot. Combined smell and taste will tell me something but all I know is that it tastes rather good. Will try some more me thinks. And to begin again, swirl, sniff, swill and for the novice like me, swallow. Should have spat. Step 4: Balance. This is when all the elements of the wine comes together. This distinguishes the wine. I have had so many attempts at this; the balance may just refer to something else. And this is chapter one. By the end I may be able to tell a Bordeaux from a Chilean, but for now I need to work a lot harder to be the best wine taster rather than the best wine drinker in the world. Sjoe!


| 30 October – 5 November 2012 |


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COOKING with Steele


Toad in the hole – South African style

Visit: In association with

I FOUND the most amazing South African sausages in Asda the other day; Aunty Joan’s. This is literally Aunty Joan’s recipe straight from KwaZulu Natal – brilliant! You could imagine how I got a little overexcited about the fact that not only do they do the tastiest periperi flavoured beef sausages but they also do a fabulous boerewors. As I’m marrying an Englishman, poor sod, who can’t quite get his head around boerewors, I went for the spiced pork flavour instead and tried them in a bit of Yorkshire batter. The classic toad in the hole dish is perfect for this time of year. Have it on a Sunday evening when the last thing you feel like doing is whipping up a gourmet meal, as it is quick and easy and the perfect hangover cure.


One of the most amazing emporia the capital offers to the carnivorous gourmet. St. Marcus Fine Foods Ltd, the first to bulk produce Biltong & Boerewors in the UK. For the past 30 years we have been producing the most amazing range of Biltong and Boerewors with a huge and imaginative choice of gourmet sausages and other fine specialty meat products. along side our enormous range of imported fine South African produce, Did you Know St Marcus Is: The oldest establishment in the UK for the manufacture and import of SA foods St Marcus have been awarded a gold medal for Our Beef biltong. St Marcus Holds the most awards and diplomas for our Boerewors, biltong &Burgers in the UK In the South African taste awards out of 5 categories St. Marcus came away with 3!! The Johannesburg Sunday Times called Emory St. Marcus "Mr. British Beef Biltong" way back in 1984! Why? ... Because he is!

1-3 Rockingham Close, Priory Lane, Off Upper Richmond Rd West, Roehampton London SW15 5RW

21C Holmethorpe Ave, Holmethorpe Industrial Estate Redhill, Surrey RH1 2NB

• 280ml semi-skimmed milk • 3 eggs • 160g flour • 1 tsp wholegrain mustard • 1 tbsp flat leaf parsley, finely chopped • 8 Aunty Joan’s pork sausages (or boerewors, if you feel like overdosing on home) • 8 slices of streaky bacon, chopped into 2 cm pieces • 2 sprigs of rosemary, picked off the stalk • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped • A little vegetable oil for cooking

What’s on

Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival London gala evening Date: 1 November Venue: Vue West End The gala evening of the Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival will be held in London on 1 November, where three short films from the festival will be screened with Q&As with the adventurers afterwards. The Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival, which will be showing at cinemas around the country from 8 October, will include excerpts from Charley Boorman’s journey across South Africa, before it is screened on Channel 5 in January 2013. ACTSA’s annual conference: ‘Justice for SA miners’ Date: 3 November Venue: The Human Rights Action


• Pre-heat the oven to 200°C • Place a flat baking sheet on the bottom shelf to prevent any spillage • Place your 23x15cm roasting tray, or one very similar, on the middle rack in the centre of your oven, this will allow good circulation of the hot air • Using a medium bowl, whisk your eggs together and slowly incorporate the milk, mustard and chopped parsley • Sift the flour into a large bowl and with the back of a wooden spoon make a well • Slowly pour the egg mixture into the flour while continuously whisking, making a smooth batter • Once all the egg mixture has been added, season it well and leave to rest for 15 minutes • Heat up a large frying pan and drizzle with some vegetable oil • Once hot, begin to seal your sausages in the pan, browning evenly on all sides • Add the bacon and cook for a further 5 minutes or until the bacon becomes crispy • Finish with the rosemary and garlic, cooking for just a further minute, then remove from the heat and put aside

• Carefully remove the hot roasting tray from the oven (it will be very hot so do be careful) • Place it on a mat and pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil into the tray • Using tongs, place the sausage and bacon mix in the roasting tray • Gently pour the batter over the sausages and put back the oven for 20-25 minutes or until risen and golden brown • Try not to open the oven door before 20 minutes as this may prevent it from rising • Once cooked, remove from the oven and allow it to rest for 2 minutes • Serve hot, straight out of the dish and accompanied with a rich onion gravy Top South African chef Angie Steele hosts fun cooking classes at The Avenue cooking school in Putney. These include Dinner Party Demon to brush up those key skills to help you impress, and Ready Steady Date for single cooking with loads of laughs. To book visit www. courses/angie-at-the-avenue or e-mail

brought to you by

Centre, Amnesty International UK, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA This year’s conference will explore the crisis in the mining industry and the struggle against the exploitation of workers and for safe working conditions and decent jobs. It will look at the underlying problems which led to the tragic loss of life at Marikana and have given rise to strike action in other mines across South Africa. The keynote speaker is Peter Bailey, Health and Safety Chairperson, National Union of Mineworkers South Africa. The conference will take place after ACTSA’s AGM, where you will have the opportunity to elect ACTSA’s Executive and decide its priorities, to register for either please email

Breakfast Indaba Putney Date: 8 November Venue: Carluccios, Putney The South African Chamber of Commerce has partnered with to deliver the most proactive business networking opportunity within the South African community over a monthly Breakfast Indaba. Our guest speaker will be Tom Holmes, Founder and Chairman of creativebrief. www.creativebrief. com is now the leading provider of agency intelligence to senior marketers and makes the marketing landscape more accessible, transparent and navigable, providing brands with the critical intelligence required to make accurate and informed decisions. To book your place, please visit

Please email your events to: For more listings, please visit

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Lovoka launches exclusively for retail at Harvey Nichols Award-winning South African liqueur Lovoka is stocked exclusively by the famous Harvey Nichols stores

Available exclusivey at

Ultra-premium, triple distilled vodka based liqueur from multi award-winning South African company LOVOKA has just arrived in the UK.

BY STAFF REPORTER HARVEY Nichols is pleased to announce the exclusive UK launch of the award-winning South African Liqueur Lovoka. Established as a leading luxury brand in South Africa, Lovoka is an ultra premium, triple distilled vodka-based liqueur which is infused with either decadently indulgent caramel or smooth luxurious chocolate to provide a sophisticated, luscious, and truly unique taste experience. Unlike other cream based liqueurs Lovoka is lactose and dairy free, and provides a luxurious yet clear tipple which can be sipped over ice or enjoyed in a range of cocktails. Lovoka caramel and chocolate

are made using the finest ingredients sourced from across Europe to ensure a high quality and consistency in every bottle. Packaged in unique aluminium bottles that were developed specifically for freezer storing, Lovoka chills much more quickly than spirits in a glass bottle, providing an ice cold indulgent treat and a striking table addition. Lovoka can also be stirred into coffee, hot chocolate and other warm drinks, to create a hot taste sensation. Lovoka is available at Harvey Nichols Wine Shops nationwide and online now, priced at £27.95. Details:

LOVOKA comes in decadently indulgent caramel or smooth luxurious chocolate flavours

Join us at stand 2D139 and discover why LOVOKA is the name on everyone’s lips this Christmas. Show Specials available. Lovoka is available at Harvey Nichols Wine Shops. Photos by Barbara Leatham.


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South African model competes for Britain’s plus sized crown Essex-based stunner Trene Rama is one of 20 finalists chosen out of 300 applicants for the Miss BBW (Big Beautiful Women) beauty pageant by NATASHA MINTO SOUTH African stunner Trene Rama is shaking things up in the plus size world of modelling. The 24-year-old who moved to the UK with her family from Johannesburg when she was 15 has been chosen out of 300 applicants to be in the final of the Miss BBW (Big Beautiful Women) International beauty pageant. A first of its kind, the competition aims to bring plus size women together to celebrate the beauty of size in a non-judgemental environment. Their tag line is ‘Not everyone wants to be a size zero and we are here to prove that there is life after a size 18!’ Trene was scouted by BBW at a shopping mall in Romford, Essex, and was coaxed into applying by her friends. “It’s surreal and bizarre and luckily I am at a point where I am comfortable with my body, otherwise I would never have applied,” she said. Now one of 20 finalists, Trene will take to the catwalk on 10 November in London. “I’ve had to learn to walk in heels and I will have to wear a swimsuit in public but I’m really excited,” she said. When asked about her role model she explained how she, like other plus size girls, never had role models growing up as the media has never painted a positive picture. “In the magazines, someone goes from being curvy and gorgeous one week to overweight and hideous the next, but if I had to choose I would say Adele as she is sincere, talented and beautiful.” Trene, who is 5ft 7½in (1.7m) tall and wears a size 16 to 18, is now preparing to face off against other girls who are also big and beautiful. “I realised early this year, after my grandmother’s death, that life is so short and precious and I shouldn’t put my life on the backburner while I chased the

Pianist William Vann and singer Njabulo Madlala will share the stage again.

SA musicians in concert - The Dream, the Hope; Our Homeland

impossible dream of becoming a size 10, I am comfortable in my skin and love the way I look.” Not worried about the competition Trene said, “I have met some lovely girls so far but I’m also quite determined. I believe in and stand for beauty with a purpose and that is what sets me apart from the competition, I volunteer where I can and try my best to inspire others.” She added, “I am nervous too though and I’m worried that I might do something dorky like fall off the catwalk or get my dress caught in something!” Trene also has brains and holds a 2:1 degree in psychology with clinical and health psychology from the University of Bangor in North Wales. “I think as South Africans we value education. We are passionate about learning as we see it for its true value. We strive

to get the most out of what we learn and are determined to use it to improve our lives and the lives of others,” she said. Trene believes the importance of Miss BBW International should not be underestimated in light of the fashion industry’s continuing obsession with stick thin models. “I think this competition is incredibly important in providing a different type of role model for young girls,” she said, adding “It is important to provide a healthy alternative to size zero.” For more information about the plus-size pageant, visit

by STAFF REPORTER SOUTH African singers Njabulo Madlala and Filipa Van Eck will be joined by pianists William Vann and Ben Schoeman for a fundraiser concert called ‘The Dream, the Hope; Our Homeland – Inspiring the next generation of South African musicians & opera stars’ at St James Piccadilly on 23 November at 7.30pm. The first half of the programme will be songs by Schumann, Schubert and Duparc, while the second half will see the musicians joined by a small band and exploring an American spiritual and South African songbooks. All funds raised at this concert will go towards the Amazwi Omzansi Africa Project (Voices of South Africa project). Amazwi Omzansi Africa is an non-profit organisation that was started by South African performing artists both in SA and abroad with visions of building bridges through music and the arts, to promote local, national and international collaborations. The initiative aims to create platforms around the country

and the world from which young and highly talented singers and musicians can come to learn, to grow, be inspired and be given a chance to showcase their talents at home and elsewhere. The project will connect young talented musicians, especially those from previously disadvantaged communities, with experienced artists who have been working in the field for many years through workshops and mentoring. It will also run a national singing competition in January 2013. Your support in attending will go a long way in helping Amazwi Omzansi give a platform to those artists who are ready and waiting but with nowhere to go. Tickets are priced at £12, £15 and £20. All tickets are unreserved and include a drink during the interval. To book your ticket please email Njabulo Madlala: You can also book your tickets via St James Piccadilly’s concerts manager Sarah Baxter on 020 7381 0441 or Entertainment

Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa?

The purr-fect move to South Africa

Whole house contents to cars or just single items, no one is more careful than Doree Bonner International. We’ve been moving our customers possessions around the world for over 90 years - providing the highest standards of service at sensible prices. For a free moving survey and estimate, telephone our

Find out more at: or email:

freephone number and get your move off to the ‘Purr-fect’ start.

0800 091 3514

Our partner in South Africa is Elliott International

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Business: Gateway to Africa

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Trade & Investment

Angola launches $5bn sovereign wealth fund by STAFF REPORTER ANGOLA, Africa’s second-biggest oil producer, has announced the launch of a sovereign wealth fund with $5 billion in assets to ease the impact of commodity price volatility. The Fundo Soberano de Angola, or FSDEA, will be managed by a three-member board led by Armando Manuel, an adviser on economic issues to President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. The fund will make an annual report to Parliament and will appoint internationally recognized independent auditors. The creation of the fund was prompted by the IMF, which loaned Angola $1.3 billion after crude prices fell in 2008. The government passed a law to create the fund last year, it said.

Investments will include financial securities and stakes in infrastructure and hospitality projects and other industries that may exhibit strong growth in subSaharan Africa. “Projected to grow from sales of oil and through the performance of its investments, the FSDEA’s strategy is to create attractive long term risk-adjusted returns by investing in a wide range of asset classes – both in Angola and internationally,” a statement from the fund said. The fund will also target domestic agriculture, water, power generation and transportation to attract foreign investment to Angolan infrastructure projects. Hotel projects including a hospitality school in Angola are planned.

An article in The Economist has criticised President Jacob Zuma, stating that he has “drifted and dithered, offering neither vision nor firm government”. Photo by World Economic Forum.

ANC spokesman challenges Economist’s gloomy outlook Mac Maharaj has called last week’s article in The Economist, which claimed South Africa is on the slide, “misleading”






by WILLIAM CLARKE PRESIDENT Zuma’s spokesman Mac Maharaj has lashed out at The Economist magazine’s characterisation of South Africa as “sliding downhill”, and dismissed suggestions that the country is print Nedbank Golf Challenge becoming a “de-facto one party state”. “The assertions in the article published by the UK magazine The Economist… cannot go unchallenged as they are so misleading,” said Maharaj in a media statement. The article entitled ‘Cry the Beloved Country’, published on 20 October, claimed South Africa was “on the slide”, and cited predictions that Nigeria could overtake SA as Africa’s largest

economy in a few years. The article said slow GDP growth, poor education and high unemployment were causes for concern. “In direct contrast to The Economist article, 11:16:47 a strong vote ad.Page 1 21/9/12 of confidence was given in the last week by the international business community with the country’s inclusion in Citigroup’s World Government Bond Index… Our success is also visible when benchmarking the country against other emerging market economies such as the Brics and Next 11 countries,” said Maharaj. The Economist also criticised the leadership of the ANC and the party’s “incompetence and outright corruption”, accusing former

president Thabo Mbeki of “racetinted prickliness”, and claimed Zuma had “drifted and dithered, offering neither vision nor firm government”. Maharaj said, “We have noted the tendency of late to exaggerate the debates and contestation within the ruling party, the African National Congress, as being a symptom of instability. ANC conferences are no more controversial than political dynamics in many other countries… The democratic exercise should be seen as a strength rather than a weakness for the country.” Maharaj also drew attention to the resilience of SA’s banking sector, and the attractiveness of its infrastructure.




This is the day to change lives Make things happen; register now for 13 September 2013. Nedbank Limited is incorporated with limited liability in South Africa (no.1951/000009/06) and its London branch is registered in England and Wales (no.BR001334), and whose registered address is 1st floor Old Mutual Place, London, EC4V 4GG. Nedbank London is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority (FSA Register number 204684).

Angola’s sovereign wealth fund hopes to attract foreign investment to its infrastructure projects. Photo by Felipe Miguel.


Business: News Registration now open to attend the SA Business Awards 2012

The annual South African Chamber of Commerce Business Awards are on 28 November at the South African High Commission in London

by HEATHER WALKER REGISTRATION to attend the South African Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2012 is now open! This popular annual event, to be held this year on 28 November at the South African High Commission in London, will recognise trailblazing South African business people in the UK within the following categories: • Business Leader of the Year (sponsored by SAA) • Charity of the Year (sponsored by Global Options) • Entrepreneur of the Year (sponsored by The Red Phone) • Innovator of the Year (sponsored by Nedbank)

• Rising Star of the Year (sponsored by Sanlam) • Woman in Business of the Year (sponsored by Standard Bank). Nominations for the competition have now closed but the voting is hotting up! Vote for your preferred candidate in each category by clicking on their name on the Business Awards page on and leaving a comment under their profile. Register to attend the South African Chamber of Commerce Business Awards at http:// Vote for nominess on

UCT Alumni talk on caring for mothers in South Africa

by STAFF REPORTER THE final UCT-UK Alumni event of 2012 will be a presentation in London by Dr Simone Honikman, Founder and Director of the Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP) at UCT (www. She will talk on “Caring for mothers is a positive intervention for long-term social development.” The PMHP, housed within the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health at UCT, is a superb initiative which addresses mental illness among pregnant and postnatal women and girls from the severely disadvantaged communities around Cape Town. These women, who are affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence and

social exclusion, have very little support, and pregnancy can make them more vulnerable to mental illness. Dr Honikman’s presentation will outline the work that the PMHP is undertaking, including an account of the successes of the project to date, and what it hopes to achieve in the future. Details: Date: Thursday 8 November Time: 6.30pm Venue: London House Small Common Room, Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Sq, London, WC1N 2AB Tickets: £15 (refreshments will be provided) RSVP: for payment details

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THREE INSIGHTS INTO: Answering your business ‘why’ by PAUL HARRISON DEFINING why you do what you do is the only way to truly inspire people and get them to join your business vision. The most successful business people in the world are money motivated, they are driven by a bigger mission, they are driven by their ‘why’. We asked Steve Trister of Performance Dynamite for his top three insights into how pioneers of business think. Insight 1: This is not about you. In business your ‘why’ has to be outward focused - to serve your clients and potential customers. No one gives two hoots what your personal why is, keep that to yourself. They will however buy

into your big vision if your ‘why’ is big enough. Insight 2: Make your ‘why’ something that scares you a little. When you look at it you should think, How on earth am I going to achieve that? It’s none of your business to know the how. It is very much your business to share your message and inspire people along the journey with you. If you do it in the right way, they will join your tribe, your business vision. Insight 3: The final one is very simple. Search onYouTube for “Simon Sinek – how great leaders inspire action”. This video had a profound impact on me and continues to blow the minds of my clients. If all you do after reading

Steve Trister of Performance Dynamite

this article is watch that video, my work would be done here. Watch the video on www.

Steve Trister answers Kalli-Lee Pasqualucci’s questions on getting to her ‘why’ How do I decide on my ‘why’? You have to think about the bigger picture. Don’t focus on detail. Focus on the end result. Make it short, clear and something that will have a huge impact.

Kalli-Lee Pasqualucci is a UKbased South African who has started a small business and is very keen to build the business and maximise her returns.

Kalli-Lee Pasqualucci

Do I need a ‘why’ if I’m a small business owner? Yes, yes and yes! Even a one-(wo) man band has to have a huge vision, a massive ‘why’. More so if there’s just one person in the business. You’ll need to influence others to help you. Not having a ‘why’ or a tiny one won’t galvanise anyone to listen to you.

I’m unsure how to share my ‘why’. How do I best approach this? I was too, so that’s natural. My question would be, How is that fear serving you? If it gives you the catalyst to get out in the world, then great. If it stops you, that’s not good. Take the pressure off yourself and focus on sharing your message. For more information you can visit Steve at www. and if you have any other questions you would like answered, please email

Legally Speaking: Local announcements drive ZAR Tier 5 Sport visa


: My brother wants to come to the UK to play professional rugby at club level for a local rugby club. Is there a visa that will allow him to do this? : Yes, the Tier 5 Sporting visa is a temporary visa and available to applicants who want to come to the UK to work as sportspeople for up to 12 months. In order for him to qualify for this visa, he would need a sponsor and a valid certificate of sponsorship from the club. Furthermore, he would need to be internationally established at the highest level in his sport and his employment must make


a significant contribution to the development and running of sport at the highest level in the UK.

Please ask your brother to contact us for more information or for assistance in his application. JP Breytenbach Director of Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Limited or

MONDAY 22 October saw the ZAR trading at 13.866 against the British Pound. Against the US Dollar it was sitting at 8.66. Investors were treading lightly in early week trading ahead of the release of local inflation data and the medium term budget statement on Thursday. Participants in the market were seeking reassurance from South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s mid-term budget statement (MTBPS), after the three-and-a-half year low that the ZAR found itself at earlier in October. Tradition Analytics summed the ZAR’s performance in

the previous week, in comparison with the outlook ahead of the MTBPS: “Whilst the Rand did make a comeback last week, the recovery needs to be looked at in context and a dose of realism applied,”. The currency weakened steadily during the run up to the statement, touching 14.12 briefly on early Friday morning. Within a couple of hours it had strengthened by almost 20 cents to just above 13.90. The strength was attributed to better than predicted factory inflation data released on Thursday, and ultimately the positive sentiment gathered from

the MTBPS. In his statement, Gordhan pledged to tackle wanton spending by government officials, and stressed the importance of narrowing the country’s everwidening current account deficit. The release of September trade data on Wednesday, manufacturing and unemployment data on Thursday and vehicle sales on Friday should influence the ZAR’s movements for the week ahead. GBP/ZAR: 13.933 EUR/ZAR: 11.197 USD/ZAR: 8.676 AUD/ZAR: 8.980 Rates as of 9.20am 29 October. Composed by Jesse Crooks

Note: The above exchange rates are based on “interbank” rates. If you want to transfer money to South Africa then please register/login or call us for a live dealing rate. Make use of a Rate Notifier to send you alerts when the Rand exchange rate reaches levels you are looking for. Brought to you by

Call 0808 168 2055

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Business: SA Power 100

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Nicky Hambleton-Jones Stylist, author and television presenter by WILLIAM CLARKE

BULLET BIOGRAPHY Born: Pretoria Lives: London Career Trajectory • Studied dietetics and worked as a hospital dietician • Moved to London in 1996 • Launched her own personal styling business, NHJ Style Consultancy, in 2001 • Presented Channel 4 makeover show 10 Years Younger in 2003 • Launched NHJ Style Consultancy in 2008 Books • 10 Years Younger • The 10 Years Younger Nutrition Bible • Top to Toe • How To Be Gorgeous

Why did you come to London? I always had a keen sense of adventure and I always wanted to travel. I’d just come out of business school, and was working for Arthur Anderson at the time, and wasn’t particularly happy. A lot of my friends had gone to London and were travelling and I just thought, it’s now or never. Because I knew people over here I thought right, I’m going to go over and I’ll work a bit and travel a bit, and I’ll come back home.

How did you come to be a stylist? It was in 2000. I’d been working in London for about five years, from marketing to management consulting, and never found a job I particularly liked. I’d been made redundant three times in two years, and I was fed up with the whole corporate world, and really lacking motivation. I decided to be self-employed and set up my own business. So I hired a life coach, and she asked, ‘What are you passionate about?’ and I said, ‘Fashion’. And she replied, ‘Well what could you do with fashion?’ I said, ‘I think I’ve got a talent for helping people dress’, so she said right, great, explore that. But there was nothing available, there was image consultancy, where they told you what to wear, but there wasn’t anyone who gave you that kind of celebrity stylist service whereby they made you

look fantastic, they bought the clothes for you, they did your shopping, they transformed your look. A friend of a friend phoned me up and said she’d heard I was styling, and could she hire me. I’d never done this before and I didn’t know if I could do it, but I just went for it. I spent the day with her, went through her wardrobe, went shopping with her and completely transformed her look. It gave me a buzz, and I thought, I’ve got a talent for this, there’s definitely something in it. That gave me the motivation to keep going, and from that point on it gave me the motivation to practice on more and more clients, and I refined the whole process and developed my way of working. I run my own courses in my style academy, on how to train people to be personal stylists based on everything I’ve learned over the years, having been selftaught. I was about two years into my business when I got the TV deal. I think the TV gave a lot of awareness of the brand, to myself, and helped build that momentum. What are you working on at the moment? I’ve got my style consultancy and my style academy. We’ve got a lot of international students who want to come to London, but not all of them can, so we’ve launched a correspondence course that enables us to train people virtually all over the world. I’m also working on a few TV development projects with an international focus. Not based in the UK but in the Netherlands, Australia, things like that. I also work with corporate clients and write columns for various magazines, so it’s quite varied. You have a book out at the moment, How to be Gorgeous. Tell us more about that. It’s all about styling, about how to be gorgeous all the time, so it was really just translating the knowledge I had in my head, and the experience that I’ve gained as a personal stylist. The idea of the book is to give people who can’t afford a personal stylist the how to in terms of how to style yourself, of how to pull

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Andrew Feinstein

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Former ANC MP, author, policy consultant, NGO director

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looks together, and give yourself a more stylish appearance without having to invest in your own stylist. It was easy to write because it’s what I know, but it was also really rewarding. I think anyone can improve the way they look. I think that if you want to look better you can look better. Anyone can do small things to make them feel better about themselves. Do you miss South Africa? Would you return to live there? I do miss South Africa. I miss the sunshine and the lifestyle, which is very outdoorsy and very easy in a lot of ways. A lot easier than living in London in some respects,

but I’m a Londoner through and through; even when we’re coming into winter and I think goodness, it would be nice to be living in South Africa. I think London’s too much in my blood now and I would miss the buzz and the constant creativity that goes on in the city. When you go home life is much slower, which is fabulous, but when you are used to the pace in London it would take me a long time to adjust. My husband is English, I have a son who was born here, and my businesses are here, so I’m quite established in the UK. But never say never.


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THE GRAFT IS GREENER David Cave | Police constable and Taekwondo coach


Born: Worksop, England in 1971 but immigrated to South Africa in 1974 with my parents How long in the UK: I came back to England on 26 March 2001 and have been here ever since. I recently visited my family who still live there (in Vereenging) Job: Police constable Motto: A team is not a team if you don’t give a damn about one another (from the movie Best of the Best)

Tell us about your background. I did all my schooling in SA and after that went into the old South African Defense Force (SADF) and was part of the rationalising of all 53 other African Forces whereby we formed the SANDF (which it is still known as today) and held the rank of captain. Unfortunately due to politics I resigned in early 2000 after serving more than 12 years. On the sporting side I represented South Africa in Taekwondo for a number of years and was captain of the All Africa Games held in

Johannesburg in 1999. I had many of my own Taekwondo schools and was the head coach for Taekwondo in the SANDF. I was also the provincial coach (North Gauteng) for Taekwondo as well as the national coach (under 17 years) that went to Ireland in 2000. I also played and coached ice hockey in Pretoria. What is the biggest challenge of your job? Not knowing what I will be dealing with from one minute to the next, but hopefully making a difference in people’s lives. Do you miss home? Yes, I do miss home with the lovely weather, braais, biltong, droewors and especially family and friends. However, thanks to Facebook I am just on the other side of a laptop. Does it help you being South African? Coming from such a diverse culture definitely helped me to help all walks of life here in UK. Always treat people the way you would like to be treated. What does the future hold? Hopefully still doing what I am doing now. In July 2013 I am going to represent South Africa in Taekwondo in Coventry, England.

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France’s Celtic corner John Burke explores Brittany - from Mont Saint-Michel, the medieval fortified abbey, to the walled city of Saint-Malo


585 499 445 580 575 730 795 289 520 540 470

515 609 615 675 609 629 520 459 439 619 669


JOHANNESBURG £895.00 return Baggage Allowance: 55kg

469 589 695 619 679 450 619 669 689 730 79

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the same ancient language. This romantic and remote region is, nonetheless, easily reached from England. One of the cheapest ways is to take the car-ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe (£15 one way for foot passengers), as it allows you to stop over in Normandy and also take a break in Paris. LD Lines also goes from Portsmouth to westerly Le Havre. If you go straight on by train, an express TGV gets you from Paris to Rennes in 125 minutes. Rennes replaced southerly Nantes as Brittany’s chief town, and although inland, it’s an ideal


by JOHN BURKE BRITTANY has France’s longest stretch of coastline, making the province thrice the size of Cornwall that, likewise, juts out into the ocean. Rugged scenery is not the only unique aspect of the peninsula bounded by the lookalike namesake of Saint Michael’s Mount; both face the English Channel. The stubborn, seafaring (and sometimes separatist) Bretons are a race apart from the Franks and Gauls, being cousins to the Cornish with whom they share the legends of King Arthur and almost

base for excursions if you don’t have time to tour all 2,730km of coast. Rail Europe does various passes, and the one for all France on any six days (£243) means you can cover a lot of the peninsula. A bus makes the 90-minute trip northwards to Mont Saint-Michel, the medieval fortified abbey that becomes an island during one of the highest and fastest tides in the world. Trains, however, take only one hour from Rennes to the walled city of Saint-Malo whose vast yachting harbour is just visible from one of the Channel Islands. The statue of Jacques Cartier, who discovered Canada, is on the ramparts. Other trains go westwards, past St Brieuc, the gateway to the Emerald Coast, to Brest where France bases her Atlantic fleet. It is only 80km by bus from Brest to Quimper where the houses are timbered, musicians play bagpipes and fishwives speak Breton. Their tall bonnets of white lace remind one of the three lighthouses on the craggy western tip of Europe. This is the Cornouaille district that includes the little ports of Douarnenez and Concarneau

Mont Saint-Michel becomes an island during one of the highest and fastest tides in the world. Photo by John Burke.

whence trawlers go out into the Bay of Biscay for tunny and sardines. Between them is the Wild Coast where wind and waves hurl themselves against the coloured granite, from which are made the Breton churches and calvaries that get many pilgrimages. Yet medieval Vannes and its yacht basin are so sheltered by the lakelike Gulf of Morbihan that


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f l y

there is a profusion of subtropical flowers and foliage. Halfway along the southern railway between Quimper and Rennes, this resort boasts a chateau too, but even more impressive is the castle at Josselin, and another nearby attraction is Carnac whose rows of 2,792 prehistoric stones are as mysterious as Stonehenge. Everywhere, you will see the onetime duchy’s flag with black and white stripes, although it could be confused with that flown by visiting boats from Cornwall. And the Breton symbol of three suns spiralling out of three joined rays is very similar to the three legs on the Isle of Man’s flag. Those of all six Celtic nations, including Wales and Scotland, fly outside a restaurant in Saint-Malo’s rue de Chartres where I had mussels, chips and wine for £9, although posh menus offer the famous oysters from nearby Cancale. Nearby is one of Brittany’s many Irish pubs. France’s fine wines cost less than in England, but usually I drank rough cider from Bédée ice-cold. This traditionally washes down the regional pancakes that include 31 with savoury flavours (galettes), such as Breton onions. Another 45 pancakes (crêpes) are sweetened with anything from Chantilly cream to Calvados, an apple spirit from Normandy that is set alight on the plate. There are a dozen pancake-bars in Rennes, including Les Piplettes – menu at £9 with free coffee for diners showing a city-pass costing £11 at the tourist office in the cobbled old town.

17 | 30 October – 5 November 2012 |

Zimbabwe Community

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Vote for Zimbabwean wedding cake designer Natasha Orange! Natasha Orange from Langley, Berkshire is in the top 10 cake designers for the Hitched Breakthrough Awards

Mashasha & Sam perform at Film Africa Live Date: 2 November, 8pm Venue: Rich Mix Zong Zing All Stars The 8-piece Zong Zing All Stars create the barely suppressed euphoria of cavacha – the music that has given rise to soukous music in the Democratic Republic of Congo, makosa in Cameroon and coupe decalé in the Ivory Coast. Arguably the most infectiously danceable music in the world! Mashasha & Sam Our favourite southern African duo are back, ready to blaze the Rich

Mix stage again. The charismatic Zimbabweans fuse their traditional roots with jazz into an irresistibly dance-inducing, groove-driven blend of afro-funky beats Doors: 8pm. £8 / £6 in advance / £5 on the door for Film Africa

really represents a lifelong passion to demonstrate my creativity,” explained Natasha, who moved to the UK 11 years ago. She is one of the 10 finalists for the Cake Designer Award, selected by Wedding Cakes magazine editor Jenny Royle out of hundreds of entries from all over the country. 50 people (10 in each category) have been shortlisted by expert judges in five categories. Natasha began her career in marketing and communications and the storyboard skills she often used then help her to work with brides on their dream cakes today. Natasha said, “I entered the HBAs because I knew, from my own wedding, that Hitched was

cinema-goers for screenings on Friday 2 November – you will need to present your Film Africa cinema ticket at the door for your discounted entry. Details:

the UK’s most popular wedding website and if I had a chance of winning an award from them, this would give potential clients the reassurance that I was a recognised and respected business in the industry that they could trust. “I am proud to represent the many Zimbabweans and South Africans in the UK - to show that it is possible to make a name for yourself in a foreign land.” To vote for Natasha, simply go to and click on Natasha Orange in the wedding cake designer category. Zimbabwe

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Help Natasha Orange win by voting for her wedding cake design.

by TENDAI PILATWE A ZIMBABWEAN wedding cake designer has been shortlisted for a national wedding awards competition – and she needs your support. Natasha Orange from Langley, Berkshire, who runs events company Slice of Time, is in the top 10 cake designers for the Hitched Breakthrough Awards. The Hitched awards recognises talent in the wedding industry, including cake design, wedding floristry, wedding stationery, wedding photography and wedding hair styling. “I was baking cakes to sell or raffle at my grandmother’s bingo club in Harare, Zimbabwe from the age of 14 so Slice of Time

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Charl Bouwer reflects on London 2012 Paralympic swimming hero Bouwer rates London 2012 Games the best ever and looks ahead to the Rio Games in 2016

by SAMMY MNCWABE CHARL Bouwer is a Paralympic veteran, having competed at three Games with two gold and two silver medals to his name. He is classified as an S13 visually impaired swimmer. He chatted to us about his recent London 2012 experience and his plans leading up to Rio 2016 and beyond. How did London 2012 compare to Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004? London 2012 was definitely the best Paralympics for me. The accreditation process was quick and unlike in Beijing, communication was great because all volunteers spoke English. The facilities were excellent especially the Aquatics Centre; it’s best venue I have ever swam in. Also this time I knew what to expect whereas in Athens I was just a kid. Your first day of competition got off to a rough start, what happened? The 100m Butterfly was my first race and I really struggled in

it. I swam 20 splits slower than my best time and finished in 7th place. When I got out of the pool, I was really down thinking this Paralympics is over for me. The next day you went on to win gold, how did you manage to motivate yourself? Before the 50m Freestyle final, I had a Skype chat with my coach Pierre de Roubaix who encouraged me to focus on my technique. My friend and teammate Kevin Paul was also very supportive. He walked with me to the call-up room, we just chatted and he kept me calm. During the race, I felt superb but was really shocked to realise I had won. I’m a 400m Freestyle specialist so we didn’t train to win the 50m. That’s when I felt my Paralympic campaign was underway. What impact did your heavy schedule have on your performance? By the time the 400m Freestyle final came around, I had had five

Charl Bouwer receives his cheque from Sascoc following the Paralympics in London. Gert Oosthuizen, Deputy Sports Minister is left, then Gideon Sam, President of Sascoc and Fikile Mbalula, Sports Minister. Picture by Wessel Oosthuizen / SA Sports Picture Agency.

consecutive days of competition. All that excitement of winning a gold and two silver medals had taken its toll on me. I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, finishing fifth. I would have enjoyed it more if I’d had a break between my races. How significant was your last race of the Games? I got three days’ rest before the 200m Individual Medley and I went out really hard, but unfortunately I finished in 4th position. However, I’m still very proud of my performance because four years ago I didn’t even swim in that race. So that was a great improvement for me. What has life been like after your successful Paralympics campaign? It was great to see that the Paralympics received the same coverage as the Olympics, so

everybody back home got to see us compete. Being on the Paralympics team has also opened a lot of doors for me. I’ve met Western Cape Premier and DA leader Helen Zille and this week I’ll get to meet former President Nelson Mandela for the second time. What advice would you give to young swimmers? No matter what career path you choose in life, you need to work hard and believe in yourself. In Afrikaans we say byt vas, (bite down and hold on). In the last three years I’ve had a lot of pain in the swimming pool, but in the end it paid off. No pain, no gain. How are your preparing for Rio 2016? I’ve been on a bit of a break and will resume training in Stellenbosch next week in preparation for the 2013 IPC

Swimming World Championships in Canada. Then in 2014, I’ll spend some time competing in Europe so I can benchmark myself against my competitors. After that, I will compete at the 2015 World Champs and focus on training hard in the months leading up Rio 2016. Do you have any future plans beyond Rio? Rio will mostly likely be my last Paralympics. I love swimming, but I know that it won’t sustain me for the rest of my life. So at some point, I have to stop and start working on my career. I will hopefully have my Theology degree by then and my dream is to work in Parliament specialising in Community Development. Sport

AFCON draw hands Bafana a lifeline by SAMMY MNCWABE HOSTS South Africa will will face Cape Verde in the opening match at Soccer City on 19 January. While this will be the Cape Verdeans’ first appearance at the continental showpiece, they are not to be underestimated. The small island nation has already proven its stock by edging out Cameroon 3-2 in the qualifying round. They also occupy position 51 in the FIFA rankings, 25 spots above Bafana Bafana. However, captain Bongani Khumalo‘s team remains the most experienced of the two sides and a win against Cape Verde will go a long way in boosting their confidence before they face tougher but very beatable Group A contenders Morocco and Angola.

In Group B, Ghana will battle it out against the DR Congo, Niger and Mali. Meanwhile, the defending champions, Zambia, have been pitted against Nigeria, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso in Group C. Nicknamed the group of death, Group D sees the star-studded Ivory Coast face powerhouses Tunisia and Algeria, as well as Togo. With the official tournament ball aptly named Katlego, (a Setswana word meaning ‘success’), expectations are now running high for Bafana Bafana, especially after a “dream draw”. There is hope that Gordon Igesund’s side can emulate the 1996 winning team and lift the trophy on home soil. A solid performance in our own backyard

would also serve as a fitting tribute to the late assistant coach Thomas Madigage, who passed away in a car crash last week. Tickets for the three-week competition are already on sale with prices ranging from R50 for the cheapest to R200 for the most expensive seats. In a bid to attract capacity crowds, organisers are also offering an early bird discount of 10% to fans who buy their tickets before 20 December. A total of 32 games will be played across five stadiums; Soccer City in Johannesburg, Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, Nelson Mandela Bay in Port Elizabeth, Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg and Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

19 | 30 October – 5 November 2012 |


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South Africa triumphs at Hong Kong Sixes Fourth title for South Africa in world-renowned annual tournament after they set Pakistan a huge total in Final

by ROB FLUDE SOUTH Africa beat Pakistan by 37 runs in the final of the Hong Kong Sixes tournament on Sunday, to add to their titles in 1995, 2006 and 2009, and in the process pocketed a tidy US$40,000. Captain Colin Ingram led from the front with both bat and ball, playing a captain’s innings of 34 not out and grabbing three wickets in the defence of his team’s total of 142. The win denied Pakistan a record

sixth Cup title at the Hong Kong Sixes, and also a record three times back-to-back wins. “It has been an awesome event. The guys really enjoyed themselves and each other’s company and we just stuck to what we had done all week, which was to bowl tightly and field well. And our batting clicked as well,” said Ingram after the game. Pakistan won the toss and put South Africa into bat, believing that they could chase down any

score after the Akmal brothers, skipper Kamran and man-of-thetournament Umar, in fine form with the bat. However, South African openers David Miller and Robert Frylinck, and then Dillon Du Preez and Ingram set their opponents a daunting score and it proved a very

tall order for the Pakistani’s. Pakistan’s bowlers all proved expensive, with the South African batsmen carting them to all parts of the ground, notching up an impressive 16 sixes in their innings. Pakistan started well, with the Akmals getting their team to 53-0.

However, once they retired, South Africa blast through their batting order and victory was there for the taking. “We did not mind when they put us into bat for our main strength all week has been our bowling, and chasing means added pressure on you too,” said a satisfied Ingram.


South Africa’s Hong Kong Sixes team collects the trophy and the cheque.

Head of Sascoc asks for R400 million for 2016 Olympic Games by MILTON LINDSAY

AFTER winning six medals this summer in London, the South Africa Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) says it needs R400 million (£28 million) to prepare athletes for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. The additional funding, Sascoc head Gideon Sam told MPs on Tuesday, would go towards establishing a training centre in Europe, which would enable South African athletes to compete on the European circuit. While the London Games were South Africa’s most successful since being readmitted in 1992, the six medals South African athletes won (three gold, two silver and a bronze) failed to meet the national goal of 12 medals in total. The R400 million for 2016 would be a substantial increase from 2012, where Sascoc spent R19.6 million on the Olympics and R16.7 million on the Paralympics. In his address to South Africa’s Parliament, Sam said that sources of funding for Sascoc were a major issue. While Sascoc currently receives funding from the National Lottery, its lotto licence is nearing expiration. However, Sam said that even

SASCOC President Gideon Sam. Photo by Wessel Oosthuizen / SA Sports Picture Agency.

if its position on the consortium running the National Lottery is secured, Sascoc needed additional financial support from the government to meet its 2016 goals. Do you think the additional funding will translate to better Olympic performance? Let us know on www.thesouthafrican. com/sport


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30 October – 5 November 2012


STUBBORN STREEPTRUIE END TROPHY DROUGHT WP youngsters upstage star-studded Sharks as their 11-year Currie Cup nightmare is over


by WESLEY MCKAY APETONIANS breathed a monstrous sigh of relief on Saturday, as their beloved Streeptruie captured the Currie Cup in a thrilling and frenetic encounter in Durban on Saturday, beating the much-fancied Sharks 25-18. In a repeat of the 2010 final, during which the Sharks thrashed a hapless WP side 30-10, the visitors set about avoiding those mistakes in claiming back their first Currie Cup trophy since 2001. Midway through the first half, Sharks flyhalf Patrick Lambie had kicked four penalties to Demetri Catrakilis’s one, before the Province fightback began with a penalty from Joe Pietersen. Then the moment of the match. Juan de Jongh, who has been unfortunate not to be a regular Bok starter this season, scored the only try of the match seven minutes before the half-time interval to take Province into the break 16–12 ahead following Catrakilis’s straight-forward conversion. The try itself was pure magic. De Jongh ran onto an inside pass from Catrakilis, midway between the Sharks’ 22 and the halfway line, bouncing away from two Sharks tacklers before side-stepping Lwazi Mvovo to score underneath the posts. As you’d expect from a Sharks team laden with Springboks – particularly in the front row with incumbent Bok props Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira and Jannie du Plessis – the home team dominated most of the scrums, but could not

turn the advantage into points on the board. Their lineout was a mess, with Western Province lock Eben Etzebeth repeatedly spoiling their ball. It was a game of the fly-halves from there on in with Lambie and Catrakilis exchanging penalties until the Province number ten sealed the deal with two late drop goals, for an individual contribution of 17 points. Western Province had entered the cauldron that is the Absa Stadium Kings Park as total underdogs against an intimidating Sharks line-up that had not lost a single home game all season, but fought magnificently hard to win. For coach Allister Coetzee and his side, the victory was long overdue and will hopefully help to eradicate the memory of the Stormers’ home semi-final loss to the Sharks in the Super Rugby competition a few months ago. “We know how the Sharks feel at this point in time, we have been knocked out in semi-finals and finals, but we stuck to our guns. We knew we had to do what we do all the time and sometimes it is going to tip over to the right side,” he said. You have to feel for the Sharks and their die-hard supporters. Two consecutive Currie Cup final losses to the Lions and Province respectively, as well as a Super Rugby final mauling by the Chiefs in Hamilton in August is a bitter pill to swallow. In fact, it was the Sharks’ eighth loss in a final in their last ten attempts in these two competitions. These sentiments

PRIDE RESTORED: Western Province lifts the Currie Cup for the 33rd time in their history, to add to their Super Rugby Conference trophy, Vodacom Cup and U19 title this year. Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images.

were reflected in Sharks’ coach John Plumtree’s post-match comments. “To make two finals in the two major competitions we compete in and not get a gold medal…we’re devastated.” As much as it is easy to feel sorry for the Sharks and their supporters, Province fans will be reluctant to do so, particularly in the light of the gloating from Sharks fans on

social media before referee Jaco Peyper – who incidentally had a mare of a game – blew his whistle for kick-off. The focus for South Africa now shifts to the Autumn Internationals, when the Boks will play Ireland, Scotland and England on consecutive weekends. Man of the Match: Demitri Catrakilis came close, but we had to give this award to Deon

Fourie. A superb display by the Province skipper, who slotted into the role for the knock-out games following Jean de Villiers’s injury. He led from the front with some thunderous, speedy runs, and disrupted the Sharks’ breakdown all day long. Unfortunately for Fourie, he was overlooked yet again for national honours, but it was mostly thanks to him that “die Currie Cup kom weer” to Cape Town.

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The South African, Issue 487, 30 October 2012  
The South African, Issue 487, 30 October 2012  

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