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5 June 2012 – 11 June 2012

Issue 466


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Kurt Darren oor Bieber, Londen, dans en Dankfees | p11 Kurt Darren of ‘The Big KD’ soos sy aanhangers hom noem, tree Saterdag 9 June 2012 by die SA Dankfees in Kent op. Ons het met Kurt gesels oor sy kuiertjie in die VK.

South African Cathy O’Dowd, the first woman in the world to summit Everest from both sides, seen here in the Alps is heading off on her most dangerous trip yet.


Top South African mountaineer embarks on world first, her toughest challenge yet


by NICOLE HOLGATE HIS summer, South African adventurer Cathy O’Dowd will attempt to reach the summit of the world’s ninth highest mountain, Nanga Parbat, via the infamous Himalayan Mazeno Ridge, a difficult route that’s never been climbed all the way to the top. Nanga Parbat is grouped with K2 as one of the two hardest mountains in the world. As her 9 June start date draws

nearer, she spoke about how she’s feeling and why she’s attempting to climb a route no one has completed before. So why has no one succeeded? “There are nine recorded ways Nanga Parbat has been climbed. Mazeno Ridge isn’t technically difficult, but it’s incredibly long. Two attempts got to the end of the ridge. But then you’ve got another 1km of mountain to go up. So when teams got there, they were

so exhausted and low on supplies, they gave up.” Cathy, the first woman in the world to summit Everest from both sides, described how simple practical issues become the biggest gamble. “We know what we’re going to climb, but there’s a lot we don’t know. We don’t know how much gas we need: you have to melt snow, as well as cook food. On the other hand if your rucksacks are full of gas you’re not

going to be able to pick them up. It’s a set of guesses.” However her South African upbringing is a bolstering influence. “In some ways it was utterly unhelpful. I only saw snow once in Jo’burg – none of that is a good way to be a mountain climber. But I came out with a strong sense of self-reliance and get-up-and-go. You can see that in the diaspora of South Africans ...continued on page 3

Animated Jock of the Bushveld in London | p7 Jock of the Bushveld, the brave Staffie dog, is one of South Africa’s most loved animal characters. Now, a new animated movie has been made and the Wilderness Foundation UK is holding the UK premiere.

Opening the Gateway | p9 A new cross-medium title called Gateway To Africa will be launching in July and will be a vital tool for trade and investment in Africa.


| 5 June – 11 June 2012 |


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Central: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June, no service between Marble Arch and Bethnal Green. DLR: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June, no service between Westferry and Beckton. Northern: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June, no service between Edgware - Hampstead. Rail Overground: Sunday 10 June, no service between Highbury & Islington and West Croydon / Crystal Palace until 8am Sunday 10 June, no service between South Tottenham and Barking. Sunday 10 June, no service between Richmond and Willesden Junction. Replacement buses operate calling at Kew Road (for Kew Gardens), Gunnersbury, Acton Central and Willesden Junction

Dankfees Date: 8-10 June Venue: Hop Farm SA Congregation will host the annual Dankfees from 8 to 10 June – and it’s getting bigger by the year! The main festival is on Saturday 9 June, with a full day of entertainment lined up. A Spur Kids village will keep the young ones entertained with bouncy castles, an obstacle course, face painting, colouring competition and balloons. For rugby fans, the Springboks vs England game will be screened on 9 June, so invite your British neighbours to ensure a fun-filled game watching experience.

SA Business Club panellists (from left to right): Caroline Rowland, Lungi Morrison and Gillian Sanders. The event takes place on 13 June at Deloitte.

SA Business Club: Caroline Rowland, Lungi Morrison and Gillian Sanders Date: 13 June Venue: Deloitte, 2 New Street Square, London With the build-up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the SA Business Club is honoured to host an Olympic panel. Our panel consists of Caroline Rowland – Founder & Executive

Creative Director of New Moon, Lungi Morrison – SA Tourism, UK Country Manager and Gillian Sanders – Champion Tri-Athlete winning both 2012 African and the South African National Champion. As always, the speaker address will be followed by delicious canapes and the finest South African wines. Details: Homelanz Southern Hemisphere music festival Date: 16 June Venue: Boston Manor Road, Brentford, TW8 9JX South African rock band Prime Circle will headline Homelanz, the one-day London Southern

Hemisphere music festival, together with KORA from New Zealand and Alex Lloyd from Australia. Supporting acts at the festival include UK-based SA band Munkinpure, as well as I Am Giant, Jayson Norris, Melic, Bowie Jane, Dave Gander, Glenn Aitken, Anna Coddington, Rietta, J.T. Mills Xperience, and Silent Disco. There will also be loads of delicious food and drink from SA, Australia and New Zealand. Tickets are £25 per person or £44 for two (plus booking fee) and are available on www. Details:

Please email your events to: For more listings, please visit

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Cathy O’Dowd attempts world first Mazeno climb

The infamous Mazeno Ridge.

UK-SA charity the Wilderness Foundation, founded by SA conservationist Ian Player. “Its mission is to preserve wilderness, around the idea that we need access to it to fully understand how we fit into the world. The programme I’m working with is called Wild Swans. They’re getting girls out of urban environments, opening their eyes to the fact that people live very differently in different

countries.” This resonates with her own reasons for climbing: “It’s about embracing the spirit of getting out into the wild, to learn things about yourself. My primary motivation has been curiosity, but the other one is about myself.” Cathy will be blogging every step of her trip on our website. Read about her preparations here: people/columns/mazeno

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continued from page 1... around the world: sheer confidence that lets us get out there. And a certain pig-headedness!” “This is a very self-sufficient expedition. Everest for example, there are other teams around. On this expedition we won’t see any other climbers for six weeks. We will have satellite telephone, and I will be writing a blog, but people can’t get to us! We know it isn’t impossible, but many have failed. So there’s a big psychological difference.” Mazeno Ridge provides an incredibly dangerous climb for several reasons: “There are distinct advantages and disadvantages: it’s along the top of a ridge, which means you don’t have rock falls or avalanches. The disadvantage is that there’s no easy way of getting off. If we decide we can’t do this, we have to go back along the ridge. You may complete the route, but you need to have energy and supplies for at least two days’ climb back down again! If you get into trouble and you’ve run through 95% of your physical, mental and survival goods,you’re stuck.” Luckily Cathy will be in a team of six: three sherpas, herself, and two British climbers. “It’s a strong team: Sandy and Rick have climbed this mountain by the standard route, which is the way we’ll come down.” There has also been a lot of mental preparation, involving speaking to others who have climbed the route, and scrutinising maps and photographs. On the physical side, “I’ve spent a lot of time ski touring in the Pyrenees (where she lives), and I trail run.” Of reaching the top of the mountain itself, Cathy is philosophical. “I don’t know if we can succeed, because much of it is down to luck. If it snows every night, we’re not going anywhere. If the snow is hard and we can walk on it, that’s a huge advantage. I just don’t know. I’m interested in the process: trying and learning and exploring what’s possible. Even if this just means getting off the mountain with nobody injured.” While there is peril, there is also a lot of time for thought. “It’s a slow process, high altitude climbing. I’ve written a few novels in my head! As you’re trapped with the same people 24 hours a day, you have to be able to find your privacy and take a break.” Another form of mental escape will be her coverage of their journey using state-of-the-art equipment. “I haven’t done a big Himalayan expedition for nine years, and the technology has changed considerably. In 2003 I was giving reports from base camp, nowadays it’s a PDA, a satellite telephone and a solar panel. I’ve got this kit weighing less than a kilogram, which I can take up to the summit – in theory!” Cathy is climbing to support



| 5 June – 11 June 2012 |


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TutuDesk brings portable desks to African pupils TutuDesks, a portable writing surface, extends the learning environment from the school and into to the home!

by KWAME WILSON TUTU Desk is an innovative social enterprise that aims to address the fact that 95 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa (more than 3 million in South Africa) do not have access to a classroom desk. This shortage affects the

development of children’s literacy and their overall academic performance, as well as their ability to concentrate in class. TutuDesk UK supports South African charity The Desmond Tutu 2015 Tutudesk Campaign Centre in its aim to supply 20 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa

with a Tutudesk by 2015. The TutuDesk is a portable writing surface that the child owns. It is lightweight and durable. They carry it to and from school each day, thus extending the learning environment from the school and into the home. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond

Run by South Africans

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Tutu is Patron of the organisation. He knows first-hand what it is like to learn without a desk, “I was a barefoot township urchin. I went to school where there were no desks. When the teacher asked us to write, we knelt on the floor and used benches as desks… I wish such an aid had been available in my day!” The TutuDesks are funded through sponsorship. In return for funding, sponsors can print their social or brand messaging on one side of the TutuDesk. Businesses are tripping over themselves to be able to advertise their brand at the same time as supporting such a worthy cause – it’s a unique access to bottom-of-the-pyramid customers, especially noting the lack of formal media infrastructure in many of the countries where TutuDesks are deployed. TutuDesk UK make the sponsorship engagement process very simple, although they

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do have some guidelines for sponsors as Rebecca Sweetman, Executive Director of TutuDesk UK explained, “We provide our supporters with everything from design to logistics planning as part of our pricing schedule.” Interested parties are invited to contact Rebecca Sweetman at

The size of the desk seen above is approximately 60x45cm.

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The good things about Britain I’M bored of talking about ‘The Spear’. So let’s not. Let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about how amazing Britain is. I’m not supposed to hold up one country at the expense of another. My job description requires me to be acerbic, bitter and cynical at all times, on pain of having the editor come round to my house and read Evelyn Waugh at me. But I’m struggling to be bitter this week. It’s sunny outside, the Queen is about to mark 60 years on the throne, and I’m in a good mood. So here are some things I love about Britain. I love the food. I was always told that British food was terrible, that the country couldn’t cook, that its citizens lived off Mars Bars and fried dog turds. But almost every meal I’ve had in a British restaurant, and even most pubs, has actually been a bit of alright. And when British food gets it right – oh boy. Oh wow. Roast beef. Yorkies, Spotted dick. And before you say anything: yes, I know the staff and cooks of all restaurants are European, but they don’t count. I love the postal service. Royal Mail are my heroes. They do a thankless job, they do it every day, and it’s almost always done faultlessly. It is a credit to this country that post offices, from Brixton to Bromley-By-Bow, are almost always welcoming, friendly places. Maybe I’ve just been unusually lucky, but my post in five years has almost never gone missing. I love the music. British hip-hop is my particular poison, but really, what’s not to love? The UK has given the world more brilliant, life-changing music than almost anywhere else, America included.

Think about it. I love the sense of humour, which – despite some pretty rotten things happening to the country in the past few years – is still alive, still intact and still laughing. British comedy is still the finest on earth, bar absolutely none. Shows like The Thick Of It and QI prove that nobody appreciates a good joke quite like the Brits. And I love the

iPlayer too, and most of the BBC, for letting me access it in half a second. (The iPlayer, you may be interested to know, was built by a South African, Anthony Rose.) Most of all? I love the Queen. I’m a royalist. I say this unapologetically. It’s unfashionable to be one. The Queen is supposed to be past it, a relic of colonialism, something

that should be abolished. I always find this point of view exasperating, as if the Queen was some kind of embarrassing ancient aunt living in your spare room. It’s just not true. She’s done a magnificent job for 60 years and has been a stellar ambassador for the country. The most common complaint is the amount it costs to keep her in

palaces – but it’s only relative. Put against the amount the UK spends on education, or defense, and it’s almost nothing. Hating the Royal Family for what they do is pathetic. It shows you haven’t got any decent causes to fight for. Congratulations, Your Majesty. Your health. Having said that though, bunting is a stupid word.

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Thursdays & Sundays RED RED WINE: Last weekend, wine lovers basked in glorious sunshine and enjoyed a day of South African flavours at the inaugural UK version of the Pinotage on Tap festival at Poynings Grange Farm in Poynings, West Sussex. Photos by Anthony Swan.

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7 | 5 June – 11 June 2012 |


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Kurt Darren oor Bieber, Londen, dans en Dankfees… Conrad Brand gesels met ‘Kaptein’ Kurt Darren oor hierdie week se Dankfees en sy (kort) kuiertjie in die VK

by CONRAD BRAND KURT Darren of ‘The Big KD’ soos sy aanhangers hom noem, tree Saterdag 9 June by die SA Dankfees in Kent op. Ek het met Kurt gesels oor sy kuiertjie in die VK. Die Dankfees Waarna sien jy die meeste uit by die Dankfees? Vetkoek, pannekoek of potjiekos? Ek sien vreeslik uit om met die mense te gesels en al hulle vrae te beantwoord. Dan natuurlik ook die vertoning in die aand. Die Band het nie saamgekom nie, dis net ek alleen. Ek beplan ook om twee van my nuwe liedjies sing, dié sal eers Augustus 2012 beskikbaar wees as my nuwe CD vrygestel word. Ons gaan sing en dans tot ons klaar is. Gaan daar ‘n geleentheid wees om van jou CD’s te koop by die Dankfees? Ek weet nie of mens soveel mag saambring nie, maar ek sal ‘n paar saambring. Ek het Kurt toe aangemoedig om daai CD’s (Klippies in my geval) heel onder in sy tas te sit. Daar waar dit veilig is en niemand daarna sal vra nie. Laat jou tas sommer bubblewrap, net om seker te maak. Die toer Vir hoe lank is jy hier in Engeland? Is jy op toer? Ongelukkig is ek net hier vir ‘n paar dae, want ek is besig met ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse en Namibiese toer. Ek het laasjaar redelik getoer in Amerika, Australië, Nieu Zeeland, ook by die Cannes Fees in Frankryk. Waarna sien jy die meeste uit om te doen tydens jou besoek? Ek is mal oor Londen, dit is ‘n cosmopolitan city en hou daarvan om na shows te gaan kyk. Met my vorige besoek het ons Stonehenge en Bath gaan sien. Ek hou daarvan om by goeie restuarante, goeie kos te geniet. As jy na die teater gaan, wat is jou gunsteling vertoning? Een van my gunsteling vertonings was Cirque du Soleil wat ek in Las Vegas gesien het. Ek geniet ook comedy.

Wat sal jy verkies en in wat se orde? Opera, Musicals, Ballet, Drama? Musicals, Drama, Opera, Ballet. Het jy vriende hier wat jy tydens jou besoek sal sien? Ja, Etienne Jordaan en sy vrou Roelien is goeie vriende. Hulle het ‘n baba wat ek nog nie te siene gekry het nie. Ek sien daarna uit om saam met Etienne ‘n bier op die baba te gaan drink. Musiek en lewe Kan jy die eerste keer onthou wat jy opgetree het? My eerste liedjie wat ek voor mense opgevoer het was ‘Jerusalem’ en ‘The green green grass of home’ onder my moeder se begeleiding. Ek was sewe. Mense wou hê ek moes Country sing, maar ek sing toe balades en eers later het ek my eie liedjies begin skryf. Dans liedjies, waarvoor ek nou meestal bekend is. Ek sal egter altyd ‘n balade soos ‘Hemel op Tafelberg’ tussen my dansnommers hê, dit is belangrik. As jy iets in jou verlede kon verander, wat sou dit wees? Om miskien vroer my eie liedjies te begin skryf het, maar die lewe volg paaie en miskien sou dinge dan nie so uitgewerk het soos nou nie. Ek is baie gelukkig en sou nie veel anders as dit wou verander nie. Waarna luister jy nou op jou iPod? Ek doen baie shows so as ek kan, laat ek my ore rus, maar as ek luister, luister ek graag na David Grey, Coldplay, Michael Buble of Laurika Rauch. Wie is jou gunsteling SuidAfrikaanse kunstenaar? Laurika Rauch, Parlotones and Gian Groen. Wie is jou gunsteling international kunstenaar? Elton John en Michael Buble. Ek sien jy en Justin Bieber hang nou uit? Ek reken hy het jou styl gesteel? (Lag lekker) Nee ons hang nie uit nie. Justin was by die Kruger Wildtuin en tydens oggendete het daar blykbaar ‘n liedjie

van my op die tv gespeel. ‘n Bietjie later loop ons toe mekaar by die lughawe raak en Justin was in ekstase om te sê dat hy my vroer op die tv gesien het. Wat inspireer jou danspassies? (Kurt lag sommer lekker) Nee man! My vriende lag almal vir my danspassies en ek sien dat ander SA kunstenaars my nou namaak om die gek te skeer. Ek het aan die begin net gesit en my balades gesing, maar toe ek my eie liedjies begin skryf, het ek begin dans. Ek kan nie regtig dans nie, ek skud skud maar rond… Suid-Afrika Baie Suid-Afrikaners in Engeland dink daaraan om terug te keer na SA. Wat sal jou eerlike raad wees as ‘n vriend jou vra? SA se infrastruktuur is 100% reg. Ek en ander is ook bly om te sien dat die ANC sy eie mense klap as hul kwaad doen, hulle wil ook die land reg hê. Daar is baie young professionals of soos hulle ook genoem word, Black Diamonds, wat fantasties doen en ons land se sake op hul hart dra. SA is baie beter as in daai begin-dae. Die land het nie ineengestort soos baie geglo het nie. It’s not a black or white thing, but an SA thing. Wat is jou opinie van die “Zuma Spear”? Om eerlik te wees sou ek ook, as iemand sonder toestemming my so uitbeeld, baie kwaad en verontreg wees. Dit is ons President en al stem jy dalk nie met als saam wat hy doen nie, moet jy erken dat hy nie sleg doen nie. Mens moet respek hê vir ander, as persoon. Ek verpes mense wat ons mense, taal en kultuur afkraak en ek praat nie van kleur of ras nie, ons as SuidAfrikaners.

Toekoms Wat hou die toekoms vir Kurt Darren in? Ek wil aanhou die lewe geniet. Ek is laasjaar met die mooiste vrou in Suid-Afrika getroud en is baie gelukkig. Ek het ‘n platemaatskappy oopgemaak en wil voortgaan om my eie liedjies te skryf en videos te skiet. Ek sal graag wil aanhou doen wat ek tans doen , vir solank as wat ek gesond is en energie daarvoor het. Wat is op jou Emmer-lyse (Bucketlist)? Ek wou nog altyd ‘n game farm hê of wildbewaarder word. Wel, ek het nou die game farm, maar

wil dit nog in ‘n Big 5 game lodge verander. Ek wil ook graag Rio sien en die Bora Bora eilande. Ek wil ook graag in die West End opvoer, dalk in ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse produksie. Ons sien uit om jou op die Hop Farm te sien en onthou, bring maar ‘n keppie saam, dit gaan lekker warm wees! Ek hoop so! Vra asseblief vir die mense om my te kontak op Twitter @Kurt Official of op Facebook oor wat se liedjies hulle graag wil hoor by die Dankfees. Kurt Darren en Pieter Smit tree Saterdag 9 Junie om 19:00 by die Dankfees op. Inligting en kaartjies: www.

Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa? Moving to South Africa?

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| 5 June – 11 June 2012 |


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South Africa’s DJ Fresh to rock Gigalum DJ Fresh brings his ‘Fresh House Flava’ to London on 10 June

South Africa meters

9664 kilo

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Opening Touchies & Human Foosball kick off Cupcake & Mosaic workshops Pale skop kompetisie Tug of war Jakob Deist Pieter Dorfling Prophet Human Foosball fun Touchies Finals Cupcake Workshop 2 Rugby : Springboks vs England test Potjiekos judging Prize ceremony Kettiebom competition*

All day

SA foods, 4X4, Target shooting, Human Foosball & lots more


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Saracens Kids Rugby coaching Boeresport Stamp design Obstacle course Story Time Colouring competition winners

Dankfees show

19:30 - 22:00 Kurt Darren & supporting act

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Gospel band Prophet

*Kettiebom prizes includes: Andre Stears Half eternity diamond ring - £1200 Scoin shop Nobel Peace Gold Medallion - £500 Expat Explore Holiday voucher- £500 ZAUK SA goodies-£200 3x Blue Mango salon gifts - £120 each A case of Lourensford Estate wine - £60

Dankfees H o p Fa r m , Pa d d o c k Wo o d, K e n t, T N 1 2 6 P Y

8 - 10 June 2012 w w w. s ag e m e e n t e . co m / da n k f e e s

registered Charity: 1041617

by STAFF REPORTER GIGALUM have just announced that they are flying in the legendary DJ Fresh from South Africa for an exclusive gig in Clapham South on Sunday 10 June. Just in case you aren’t a fan already, DJ Fresh aka Thato Sikwane made a name for himself in the ‘90s on YFM before he was snapped up by 5FM where his ‘Fresh Drive’ has become one of their most popular shows. His first four house albums – the “Fresh House Flava” range – are said to have altered the house landscape in South Africa, bringing the genre into the mainstream music scene. Fresh has shared the DJ booth with a number of internationals during his career to date, including “Little Louie” Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Armand Van Helden, Chris Lake, Paul Van Dyk, Oskido, Fat Boy Slim, Hoxton Whores, Jazzy Jeff, Harley & Muscle, Ready D, Kenny Gope Gonzales, Viny Da Vinci, Deep, Gregory and Dominic Spreadlove. Cities like Johannesburg, Miami, London, Cape Town, Moscow, Brisbane, Ibiza, Leeds, Durban, Gaborone, Birmingham, Dubai, Montreal and Melbourne have all danced to Fresh’s beats. But he is as excited as ever about coming over to London this Sunday as he’s heard so many


Technicolour London

THE day started off with a strong Italian coffee and rusks, speaking Afrikaans. Sun blazing through the window, watching the planes fly into Heathrow above me. Silent birds. It was off to the city. Grabbing a skinny mocha with one pump of chocolate and no cream, caught the tube and had a quick glance at the Metro with the music in my ears. Oxford Street was teeming with tourists – you know by the pace. Londoners never dawdle or stop mid-sidewalk to ponder. Skinny shorts walk by burkhas, buggies push past trackie bottoms and the standard black gear is slowly disappearing. Lunch at the Mothership, my Selfridges. Was it to be a falafel platter, a burger, Chinese, fish and chips or the healthy option? Went for the

good things about the worldrenowned Gigalum Sessions. This event is first come first served on the door, so if you want

to get in, don’t roll up later than 4pm. And it really is free entry. Details:

DJ Fresh will play an exclusive gig as part of the renowned Gigalum Sessions.

detoxing smoothie – dark green spinach, akai and spirulina in a cool glass. Next to me they were talking Mandarin. I can never go to Selfridges without a detour to the second floor - the shoe galleries. The bigest selection of shoes in one place in the world. Passed by the Louboutins, those heels will kill me, past Chanel, Tod’s, Mulberry… gazing lovingly at them all. This place is addictive, the mecca of taste and luxury, and I can but look and lust. But more to do in this city that sleeps while awake. The summer was calling and that means one thing. The parks. A more leisurely walk this time, to stop and fawn at puppies and watch those soaking up the sun, unashamed in their bikinis and shades. Was meeting the children for a boat trip, a picnic lunch and a ride on the Boris bikes. Heard French and German spoken. A man was handing out the Evening Standard to the commuters on their way home. To Shoreditch for a barista class at One Perfect Cup. Six students; young, old, middle-aged, learning the art of a perfect expresso, how to make a macchiato or a latte… it’s all in the timing and temprature. How to steam the milk, turn the coffee, grind the beans. Tasting the differences until you know you

have created that ‘Perfect Cup’. It was still light outside when I left. 8.30pm and the pavements were bursting with urbanites having a beer in the sun. Clumps of friends and colleagues catching up. As I walked down the tiny alleys of Shoreditch, past shops selling everything from flowers, curries, Scandanavian buns and vintage clothes, I turned into Bishopsgate Road towards Liverpool Street, and stopped in wonder. Before me stood the Gherkin, master of glass and light reaching to the sky. I had to stop. I had to take a second to take it all in. My city. The bunting is threaded outside the shops. The Queen’s face is everywhere. She is the star of the show, and I have not heard a negative word. Olympic mascots entice the tourists. Cyclists fly past. Old buildings stand next to modern designs. The pulse is intoxicating. And I did all that in one day. When I really miss South Africa, when I feel the pang of homesickness, I need to remind myself of that day. Locals, foreigners, tourists, homeless, yuppies, immigrants, all twisting and turning in the whirl that is London. And I realise just how fortunate I am to be here. To be or become whatever is possible, for in London, anything is possible. And breathtaking.

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Can Themba’s story ‘The Suit’ on stage in London Drum writer’s haunting tale of jealousy and revenge in 1950s Sophiatown comes to the Young Vic after its acclaimed Parisian debut

Groove with Goldfish & Jesse Clegg on 16 June

by STAFF REPORTER SOUNDS Of Africa, a concert featuring the best artists from Southern Africa, will take place across three stages at the historic Coronet Theatre in Elephant and Castle on SA Youth Day, 16 June. Goldfish, Jesse Clegg and DJ Kent are just a small selection of the diverse line-up covering genres from rock, pop, electronica and jazz on the live stage to deep house, electro and trance on two other stages, with live acoustic and chillout in the VIP area. If sound is not enough for you, be visually blown away by the LED backdrop, fire explosions, Ibiza’s famous ice and confetti cannons and a surprise guest appearance only to be revealed on the night. Band stage (electronica, jazz, rock, pop) • Goldfish • Jesse Clegg • What Now • Plus host Little Leigh and comedy by Parys Potgieter, DJ Tobie Allen and more

House floor • Hosted by Kudu Marketing • DJ Kent, Coco Loco, Mixolis, Azee, K.I.F.F, Tait and more

Engine room (electro, progressive & trance) • Derek “The Bandit” • Hilton Caswell, Garth Hill, Gee-4Rce, The Fome, Justin Time and Hoova Groova VIP room (live acoustic and chillout) • Hosted by • Acoustic sets by What Now, Jamie King, Steve Peralta and Joe Robbins Details: SoundsOfAfrica (including a £10 discount code) Prices: • £25 Standard saver – limited • £30 Standard tickets • £50 VIP (queue jump & VIP area) – limited Tickets are available at or by calling 08444 771 000

by STAFF REPORTER PETER Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne co-direct Can Themba’s hauntingly beautiful story The Suit, with music by Franck Krwczyk. Performed by a company of international actors, singers and musicians this run at the Young Vic from 21 May to 16 June follows its critically acclaimed world premiere at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris. In the dusty heat of 1950s Sophiatown, a young worker returns home to find his wife in bed with her lover.The lover escapes, leaving behind his suit. The only revenge the husband takes is to instruct his wife to treat the suit as an honoured guest. But how long can she endure this pitiless sentence? Can Themba, born in 1924, was a South African journalist and writer. In his remarkable short stories published in Drum he recorded life in Sophiatown when it was a lively and bohemian quarter of Johannesburg and before the whole area was destroyed in 1954 under the apartheid Group Areas Act. When his work was banned he left South Africa and died in Swaziland in 1967. This new production is part of World Stages London – an

London premiere of animated Jock of the Bushveld film by STAFF REPORTER JOCK of the Bushveld, the brave Staffie dog, is one of South Africa’s most loved animal characters. Percy Fitzpatrick’s book was published in 1907 and the 1986 feature film featured a soundtrack by Johnny Clegg. Now, a new animated movie has been made by Duncan MacNeillie and his team and the Wilderness Foundation UK is delighted to be holding the UK premiere of the new film on Wednesday 13 June. The screening has been donated to Wilderness Foundation UK as a fundraiser in support of Forever Wild – their campaign to raise awareness and find solutions through community engagement to help combat the rapid and tragic decline of the Southern African rhino through sophisticated poaching networks and units. Through increasing poaching we are in real danger of losing this iconic species for future

generations to appreciate, and the natural world loses a major strand in its delicate web of life. In 2011, 448 rhino were lost to poaching in South Africa alone. Statistics grow daily each month in Southern Africa in 2012. The evening is an opportunity to work together to raise necessary funds for our ‘Forever Wild’ campaign and the ongoing efforts of The Wilderness Foundation to continue to educate people in rural and urban communities about the value of wild nature and the magnificent creatures that live in the remaining protected areas in pockets across the world. The night will include supper, the screening, a raffle and silent auction. Details: Date: Wednesday, 13 June Time: 6.30-10pm Venue: The Kinema, South African High Commission, Trafalgar Square, London

Price: £40 per person including supper Please note: As this event is being held at the South African High Commission, all tickets must be bought and paid for in advance. Booking: Download a postal booking form or book online at

Can Themba’s The Suit will be performed by a company of international actors.

unprecedented collaboration between eight London producing venues and 12 UK and international co-producers that celebrates the exhilarating cosmopolitan diversity of London. The Suit joins a season of shows staged in May 2012, each created by leading artists.

Performances: • 21 May to 16 June 7.30pm daily • Wednesday & Saturday 2.30pm matinees 2, 6, 9, 13, 16 June. Tickets: £10 to £29.50. A limited number of discounts are available for each performance. Details:


Business: News

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by PAUL HARRISON IF you are marketing your business online, there are a whole host of websites to help drive traffic to your site. Paul Harrison spoke to Internet Marketing and Online Product Development expert Phill Turner to find out how you can take advantage of one of the fastest growing social media websites ever: Pinterest. 1) Get a Pinterest account Those guys at Pinterest are very clever. To drive interest in their project the only way you can get an account is find someone who already has an account and get them to invite you. They have worked on the basic human desire that we all want something we can’t have. If you don’t know anybody just type ‘Free Pinterest Invite’ into Google and some good soul will fire you over an invite, no strings attached. There are millions of excited users so someone will help.

2) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Pinterest is all about images so make sure you use some amazing, eye-catching pictures to get people interested in what you are doing. Think of ways of showcasing your products and services. If you are a florist show the beautiful flower arrangements you create and people will follow you just like Twitter and Facebook. This will help drive traffic to your site. 3) Don’t forget the links When putting your images on Pinterest make sure you always put your link below your image. Remember to always write it like this: http://www.yourwebsite. com. This will ensure people know it’s clickable. Also make sure you use a keyword in the picture name and you will recieve a Search Engine Optimisation boost for your site if your page has the same keyword – and don’t forget this is all free!

Internet Marketing & Online Product Development expert Phill Turner.

Phill Turner advises Craig Richmond on promoting his website with Pinterest do. You need to think about what is visually pleasing to a new audience. Anything exciting to you is probably going to be for potential visitors, so share what you love first and see if you get results.

Craig Richmond is a Londonbased Durbanite with a website that he wants to use Pinterest to promote. Phill answers Craig’s questions. How should I start to use Pinterest for my business? Firstly, look at what you could share from your website or blog right now that would get people interested in what you

How do I know if I get visits from Pinterest to my website? Google Analytics is a free service by Google ( analytics) which shows you where your visitors come from. All you need to do is add a small piece of code to your website and you will be able to find out. If you’re using WordPress, a free system to develop websites, you can use a free plugin called Woopra, available at www., to give you live stats

for how many people are reading your website. How can I use Pinterest with other Social Media? You can really set your social media on fire by linking Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest. When you sign up for Pinterest, look for the settings tab and click the sliders for Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Timeline and then every time you post on Pinterest it will be syndicated on Twitter and Facebook. Once you have set this up you will have a system for driving traffic to your website and spreading word of your business. Visit Phill on or if you have any question, please email

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Business: Gateway to Africa

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Trade & Investment

Opening the Gateway

A new cross-medium title called Gateway To Africa will be launching in July and will be a vital tool for trade and investment in Africa by IRENE MADONGO A NEW publication focusing on business and opportunities in Africa is set to hit the streets next month. Named Gateway To Africa (GTA), the Londonbased title aims to provide vital tools for investors and decisionmakers focused on the developing continent. At its core is the premise that South African businesses in the UK and on the continent form ideal partners to leverage opportunities in the rest of Africa. The print element of the title, an A4 glossy magazine, will have a highly-targeted executive distribution in the UK and South Africa. At the heart of the title will be a website (www. In addition a weekly e-newsletter and digital edition will be distributed to a select database of British, Sub-Saharan and South African decision-makers. The initiative forms part of the stable of Blue Sky Group, publishers of the UK-based newspaper The South African, SA Property Monthly, Australian Times and New Zealand Times. The publication sets out to be a conduit for trade and investment between UK and Sub-Saharan Africa. Readers will be provided with in-depth original business features, tools and news that unlock the opportunities between the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa. It aims to provide resources for UK and BRICS companies looking at doing business in developing Southern Africa, via South Africa. It also seeks to do the same for companies in Africa who wish to extend their influence in the UK,

Blue Sky Group’s new title, Gateway To Africa, will cover many key sectors - from banking to mining. The publication will be launched in July 2012.

or transcontinental companies who can service the African supply chains. Sectors covered will include: energy, banking, finance, retail, agriculture and mining. Interviews with a cross-section of key African entrepreneurs and leaders on the business stage will feature. Most importantly, the magazine sets out to become the place to speak directly to highly-skilled, experienced African recruits in the UK looking to bring their skills back home to African corporates.

The launch comes at a time when various business and government figures are increasingly highlighting the development and opportunities emerging in Africa. Last month South Africa’s Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said Africa is often referred to as the “new investment frontier.” Africa is believed to be the second fastest growing continent after Asia. In addition, a recent Barclays report that surveyed 250 UK companies found that the vast majority (92%) believe there is

opportunity for business in Africa today. Two thirds of the companies surveyed think this opportunity will grow in the next five years. “Over the last 10 years of publishing we have built up an invaluable

network of individuals and partner organisations whose sole intent is the success of the continent,” said James Durrant, MD of Blue Sky. “Africa's time has finally come and we're here to assist.”

Our future won’t be the same without green. A leading funder of South Africa’s Renewable Energy programme. Contact Mark Weston on +44 (0) 207 002 3482

Nedbank Limited is incorporated with limited liability in South Africa (no.1951/000009/06) and its London branch is registered in England and Wales (no.BR001334), and whose registered address is 1st floor Old Mutual Place, London, EC4V 4GG. Nedbank London is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority (FSA Register number 204684).


Business: News Legally Speaking: TB screening


: Is it true that South Africans now need to do a prescreening test for TB when they apply for a visa to the UK? : Not yet, but it seems to be in the pipeline. The UK Home Office has announced that a pre-entry screening programme will be introduced over the next 18 months for citizens of 67 countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis (TB), wanting to enter the UK for more than six months. The implication of the new measures will be that citizens from these countries, including South Africa, will need to be screened before applying for a UK visa of six months or more. This measure will not apply to tourists, business visitors or other visitors coming to the UK for less than six months. The costs of screening will be met by the applicants. However, the Home Office has said that the screening programme will not be implemented for South Africans during the UK summer of 2012. BIC will inform clients as soon


A TB screening may be in the pipeline for South Africans hoping to get a visa for the UK. Photo by Katrin Morenz.

as more information becomes available. JP Breytenbach Director of Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd or

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China in Africa: Law and Economics

by STAFF REPORTER THE University of Cape Town Trust invites you to a talk by Professor Salvatore Mancuso, UCT’s Chair in Comparative Law in Africa. The lecture on 19 June will be on, China in Africa: Law & Economics. How has China been able to overtake any other presence in Africa? What are the legal implications of such massive Chinese presence in Africa? This presentation will offer a general overview on the main aspects of Chinese investments in Africa. It will also analyse, from a legal point of view, the agreements between China and the African states, as well as the Chinese policies on investments in Africa. The Chinese approach towards law in Africa and the possible developments of the legal aspects of Chinese investments in Africa will also be examined.

The event will be held at Goodenough College on 19 June.Photo by Steve Cadman.

Professor Mancuso came to UCT from the University of Macao where he was Professor of Comparative Law and Legal Anthropology. He also holds the position of Honorary Professor of African Law at the Centre for African Laws and Society, Xiangtan University, China, and has held Visiting or Adjunct Professorships at various institutions. Professor Mancuso is the author

of Il diritto del Kenya (The Law of Kenya) and Diritto commerciale africano (African Business Law), and has edited numerous other publications, including Research on Legal Environment for Chinese Investments in Africa. Date: 19 June, 6.30-10pm Venue: Goodenough College, Mecklenberg Square, London, WC1N 2AB RSVP: net for payment details.

Rand at six-month low to Dollar

Important information for PPS policyholders If you have a PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit or PPS Professional Disability Provider policy and are currently living and working in the UK, you should check whether your policy benefits are still sufficient for your needs. In some cases, higher UK earnings for graduate professionals and the effects of currency fluctuations mean that PPS members could need to purchase more units to maintain their level of cover. However, records show that many members simply maintain their contributions at South African levels. In the event that you should need to draw on your policy, that could mean you will find that your cover does not provide the level of benefit you need.e RSM Tenon has been appointed by PPS to develop it’s UK services for members. Call us now to find out if your policy is still right for you, or find out more at:

THE Rand began trading last Monday 28 May around the 13.17 mark against its British counterpart and 10.52 to the Euro. The Rand opened significantly stronger on Friday 1 June at 13.10 to the British Pound and 10.50 to the Euro. The Rand is still being trashed around by news coming out of Europe and the US. This is a trend that analysts expect to continue among emerging markets until there is more certainty around the situation in the European Union. The massive debt situation in Europe has somewhat dented consumer and investor confidence leaving the Central bank in a sticky situation. This drop in confidence has had a crippling effect on the multiplier phenomenon where consumers are now holding on to their funds in anticipation of more bad news instead of injecting the funds back into the economy to stimulate growth. Governor Gill Marcus has once again stated that she will not manipulate the official exchange

rate. She stated that there are better uses for foreign exchange reserves. “If you take that path, you’ve got to have very deep pockets. We don’t think it is good use of our money. It is very expensive,” Marcus told a forum. It seems as though for the time being most of the markets are taking a wait-and-see stance until

further news comes from the EU regarding the debt and bailout situation. GBP/ZAR: 13.05 EUR/ZAR: 10.48 USD/ZAR: 8.502 AUD/ZAR: 8.208 Exchange rates as of 9.17am, 1 June 2012 Composed by Paul Gerber

Note: The above exchange rates are based on “interbank” rates. If you want to transfer money to South Africa then please register/login or call us for a live dealing rate. Make use of a Rate Notifier to send you alerts when the Rand exchange rate reaches levels you are looking for. Brought to you by

Call 0808 168 2055

For further information contact: Henning Wilken Tel: +44 (0)20 7535 1636 Mob: +44 (0) 7972 004 003 Email: 66 Chiltern Street London W1U 4JT RSM Tenon Financial Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, FSA register number 192618. A member of RSM Tenon Group PLC. RSM Tenon Financial Management Limited (No 03953153) is registered in England and Wales. Registered Office 66 Chiltern Street, London W1U 4GB. England. CRM13453003(12)CK


549 465 435 645 645 619 849 270 599 685 520


JOHANNESBURG £525.00 return Baggage Allowance: 55kg

545 550 620 459 715 645 489 559 565 639 629

495 685 649 639 690 440 685 524 555 699 79

Cape Town £ 703 Johannesburg £ 525 Nairobi £ 560

Lusaka £ 710 Harare £ 701

13 | 5 June – 11 June 2012 |

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THE GRAFT IS GREENER Richard Rosato Monavie Gold Executive by PAUL HARRISON

Born: Kimberly, South Africa How long in UK: 10 years Job: Monavie Gold Executive Background: Finance and Accounting – Specialising in Treasury Project Management Motto: The same wind blows on everybody. The wind of opportunity or the wind of difficulty. It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines my destination, but the set of the sail (Jim Rohn).

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44040_FX_Blue_Sky_ad 1

What do you do in your job? I run my own Micro Franchise distributing products for Monavie. What is the most exciting thing about your job? I get to help people achieve goals they never thought they could through not only showing them an amazing product but by supporting them every step of the way. What is the most challenging thing about your job? Joe Public, on the whole, is very distrusting and it makes the promotion of a nutrition product challenging at times. Most people don’t believe, no matter how much evidence you provide, that you want to help them and that the product you are promoting is all it promises to be. Tell us an interesting story related to your job. Having found it really challenging trying to convince people that our products are amazing, I decided to become an absolute ‘product of the product’ and changed my life completely. In the space of four and a half months I lost in excess of 40kg, regularly documenting my journey on my blog. As soon as people started seeing that I was not only promoting our product but living it, things changed. Our business has almost doubled in the last few months and is growing every week. People are achieving their weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable way. We have made so many friends and seeing people achieve their goals is more rewarding than any sum of money in our bank account. We have also just had our first success story with someone who wanted to gain weight and build lean muscle, which opens up an entirely new sector we can provide assistance in. Plans for the future? To empower people. To show people that success is easily achievable when you have the right support structure and that we will provide the support they need, regardless of geographical boundaries. Do you think being South African helps you in your job? Yes I do. Growing up in South Africa, where there is no state medical provision, the reality is that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. This mindset has helped me tremendously in the last decade to always give more than is expected of me (i.e. what I get paid for) and by doing so, have gone on to build a successful business from the ground up. Want to be interviewed in this section? Please email Paul@ business

29/03/2012 14:10


Business: Classifieds ACC & FINANCE

Use accountants that do more than ‘crunch’ the numbers... let us help grow your business Company formations and Secretarial Services Business planning & development • Management support • Team training & development • CFO/FD Services • pay only for time required by your business • Compliance Services • Accounting Services • Profit improvement programs • Taxation planning • Personal and Corporate • Contracting solutions

Call Exceed UK now for a no obligation discussion on +44 (0) 870 060 0996.

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NO1 SOUTH AFRICAN SHOP Lots of lekker stuff for a taste of home. Including fantastic biltong, droewors and boerewors. 5 Marlow Drive, St Catherines Hill, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2RR. The shop is about 2 miles north-west of Christchurch town centre and 6 miles north-east of Bournemouth town centre. There’s loads of free parking and the shop is easy to get to from the A338. Tel: 01202 496041 10’ish to 6pm 7 days a week. QUALITY SOUTH AFRICA Biltong £22 per KG Droewors £20 per KG Game Biltong £40 per KG Chilli Sticks £22 per KG Cheese Grillers £14 per KG Koeksisters £3 for 5 And many more For more great prices find us on or contact Christopher on 07543106591

FOOD & DRINK ABANTU BUTCHERS Abantu Butchery boerewors specialist, supplying wholesale and catering and retail shops as we are fully EEC licensed, we can also supply vacuum packed steaks in any quantity you may require. Probably the best boerewors you have tasted at a remarkable price. 19 City Arcade, City Centre, Coventry, CV1 3HX Tel: 02476555767 CAMBRIDGE & VILLAGES Toft Shop – Village Shop & Post Office With a South African section selling all your favourite tastes from home! Pop in and pick up your treats – Biltong; Boerewors; Koeksisters; Rusks; Sweets; Chips; Groceries etc. Web: Tel: 01223 262 204. CB23 2RL THE CHICHESTER BILTONG COMPANY The best of British from a friendly bunch of South Africans who made Sussex our home. But there was one thing we couldnt live without from our native land..Biltong! So we made our own using traditional recipes handed down through generations. We only use the finest prime British beef! Get our “readers 10% EXTRA FREE” offer by using the VOUCHER CODE ‘SA10’ CRUGA Home of CRUGA biltong. Cruga’s factory shop offers a full range of South African and Zimbabwean groceries plus boerewors, droewors and of course biltong. Tel: 01908 565 432 Email: Web: Address: Tilers Rd Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3LH

SHEBEEN BAR Edinburgh’s only South African bar has opened in Leith. A unique, stylish bar with something for everyone,delivered by experience and friendly staff. As expected we stock a large range of South African beers, wines, ciders and snacks, including a classic selection of cocktails and Dom Pedros. Opening hours are from 12pm to 1am. Come down and enjoy a true taste of Africa. 3-5 Dock Place, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6LU. 0131 554 9612.

Snoggy’s Food Shops

SNOGGY’S PutNeY ButcherY

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KALAHARI MOON WESTON The Southern African Shop in Weston (Opp Tesco car park entrance). Wide range of SA and Zim products. Relax in our licensed cafe while shopping. And try our South African homecooked food. 7 Lockling Road, Weston Super Mare, BS23 3BY. Tel: 01934 708089. Email: KALAHARI MOON The Southern African Shop in Bristol. Wide range of stock including excellent boerewors and biltong. Centrally situated, friendly service. Connecting South Africans. Tel: 0117 929 9879 Address: 88 - 91 The Covered Market. st Nicholas Market, Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1JQ Email: Website:

SUSMAN’S BEST BEEF BILTONG CO LTD If you’re missing home give us a call, supplying you with all your favourite South African products and more. Phone: 01273 516160 Fax: 01273 51665 THE SOUTH AFRICAN SHOP We stock most SA consumer goods in our large store in Maidenhead or order online and get next day delivery service throughout the UK. Your home away from home. Mon – Friday: 9:30am – 5:30pm Saturday: 9:30am – 6pm Sunday: 11am – 4pm Tel: 01628782511


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Voted the BEST tasting Biltong and Dry wors by thousands of SAFFAS living in South West London THE BUTCHERY - Everything made on site including our burgers and delicious Boerewors, plus our range of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Spicy Lamb sausages. YOU HAVE NOT LIVED UNTIL YOU HAVE EATEN ONE OF OUR AGED SEASONED RUMP STEAKS... affordable and like butter in the mouth...

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A World Wide Tax Solution Company is the answer to all your tax problems and needs.

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ST MARCUS FINE FOODS Largest importers & producers of SA foodstuffs in UK. Retail & wholesale. 1 Rockingham Close, Roehampton, Putney SW15. Tel 020 8878 1898. Biltong Factory is now open to the public. 8 types of Boerewors. All SA foodstuffs stocked. Free Parking. Tel 020 8878 1898 / 21C Holmethorpe Avenue, Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, Redhill, RH1 2NB Web:

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SA man wins Blind Golf Championship London-based South African Pieta le Roux has overcome many challenges to become a successful blind golfer Blind golf, like all golf, is governed by the rules laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Players meet six times a year for the EBGA major competitions. There are three one-day events, a two-day English Strokeplay Championship, a Matchplay Championship played over three days and the Lawrence

Levy British Blind Masters, a fourday 72 hole competition (the only one of its kind in the world). Pieta is a member of Potters Bar Golf Club and also visits the driving range once a week to keep his game sharp. “Golf is a passion and I do it for the love of the game. I admire Ernie Els and Rory Mcllroy, who are both humble.”

For Pieta, winning is about testing himself and he loves to be able to give back to other disabled people. He loves giving motivational talks and encouraging people. Pieta needs to find sponsorships for each tournament

for himself and his guide, of which flights and accommodation are the most expensive. He would love to do a world tour: the Japanese, American, and Australian Blind Opens.

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Pieta le Roux (centre) receives his Primary Club Matchplay Championship trophy.

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with Baaba Maal & Friends Paco Peña Angelique Kidjo Gregory Maqoma Oumou Sangaré & Béla Fleck Noo Saro-Wiwa Chika Unigwe Taj Mahal Vocal Ensemble of Africa Muntu Valdo Nuruddin Farah Funmi Olawumi The Ultimate Afrobeats Utopia Inua Ellams


by RONEL VAN ZYL I CONGRATULATED Pieta le Roux on his win of the 2012 Primary Club Matchplay Championship over the mobile as he was travelling from work (locum physiotherapist) to meet his wife Elmarie at Euston station for a weekend away. I could hear him ask directions from bus drivers and at stations while carrying on his conversation with me. What makes this so amazing is that he is visually impaired; even for a sighted person London can be a daunting place to master. Pieta started playing golf aged 12 with his dad. He also competed in various sports like athletics, cricket and rugby. After qualifying and working as a quantity surveyor he started to lose his sight to such a degree that he could not continue to work as such and had to find an alternative occupation. He retrained as a physiotherapist at UWC, where for the first time in his life he was catered for as a visually impaired person. In 2001, he started playing blind golf at the invitation of the South African Disabled Golf Association. Blind golf stands out in the arena of disabled sports in that it includes only minor modifications to the standard rules of golf. Blind or partially sighted golf players have a sighted coach who assists the golfer in describing distance, direction and characteristics of the hole, and helps with club head alignment behind the ball, prior to the stroke. From this point, the golfer is on his own, and it is his skill that determines the resulting stroke. The guide plays a vital role giving the golfer as much information as required, describing the terrain, direction and distance as accurately as possible and lining up the player for the desired shot. Pieta explained, “All my confidence is in my guide. My wife Elmarie has been my guide for the past nine years and knows my golf better than me. We need funds for her to travel with me to these events and if she can’t go I have to use a volunteer guide.” They met in 2003 at a blind cricket tournament and discovered they were both sport fanatics. Pieta taught her all the rules of golf and in 2008 Elmarie won World Championship guide and her Springbok colours. On the golf course it is a strictly professional relationship.

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5 June – 11 June 2012





RUN THE BRITISH 10K FOR STARFISH Run through the heart of London for South African children


by STAFF REPORTER OIN the Starfish team and help improve the lives of children affected by Aids in southern Africa: run the British 10k on Sunday 8 July. This great run takes you through the heart of London, past the many iconic sights that this great city has to offer. Take in the awe-inspiring backdrop of the British 10K as you pass Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Nelson's Column and Westminster Abbey. Public places have sold out so this is your chance to take part! To run for Starfish you are requested to pledge to raise just £180. For this you will receive a complementary Starfish running vest, fundraising pack, ongoing support with your fundraising and training leading up to the run. Starfish will also be there on the day

to cheer you on! To sign up please download and complete the entry form on and e-mail to hester.enthoven@starfishcharity. org. Details: Starfish on 020 7597 3797. Other Starfish events to get involved in: • London Nightrider cycle challenge: An exciting 100km moonlit bike ride through London on Saturday 9 June. • London to Paris Cycle: • 11 - 15 July • 25 - 29 July • 15 - 19 August • 5 - 9 September • 12 - 16 September • 19 - 23 September • London Duathlon: Sunday 9 September, Richmond Park • London to Brighton Cycle: Sunday 16 September

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The South African, Issue 466, 5 June 2012  
The South African, Issue 466, 5 June 2012  

Top South African mountaineer, Cathy O’Dowd, embarks on world first, her toughest challenge yet; Kurt Darren oor Bieber, Londen, dans en Dan...