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The Source Issue 48 - 30 May - 12 June 2013

Jalal Luqman UAE's pioneer of mixed media art

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Letter from the Editor The hot weather is here and the mercury has quickly started rising, everyone has migrated indoors and what better way to keep up to date on the happenings in our gorgeous oasis city than by reading The Source Magazine. This issue, we profile a new rail system that promises to interconnect the Emirates to each other and to its' neighbors beyond our borders. Etihad Rail looks to take transporting passengers and goods via rail into the


future. EDITOR

Next we head over to Europe and take a tour of beautiful Munich, one of the world's most livable cities. Munich will have everyone daydreaming

Brenda Chandler JUNIOR WRITER Mehak Alam

about going for a visit and never have to leave. ARABIC EDITOR

We hope you enjoy all the content in our magazine. We strive to keep

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Congratulations to last issues winner, Manal Hammad, who correctly identified that OnetoOne Hotel-Al Ain is located at Al Wagan-Ain Al Faida. She won a fantastic Friday Family Brunch Voucher for 4 from OnetoOne Hotel-Al Ain.



This week we have teamed up with Wadi Adventure to bring you an adventurous competition where you could win Airpark & Zip line tickets for 2 guests worth AED100! All you have to do is answer the following question: Name any three adventurous activities to do at Wadi Adventure. Email your response to competition@thesourceuae. com along with your full name, age and contact information, with Adventure as the email subject. The name of the lucky winner will be announced next issue! Prizes must be collected within 7 days of notification

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If you hear that everybody is buying a certain stock, ask who is selling. Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it. Plan more than you can do, then do it. A magician pulls rabbits out of hats. An experimental psychologist pulls habits out of rats. Anyone can count the seeds in an apple. No one can count the apples in a seed. Always borrow money from a pessimist; they don't expect to be paid back. Copy from one, its plagiarism; copy from two, its research. All easy problems have already been solved.

By Asma Shaikh, 21, Al Ain

This magazine is so cool. I always read it and even recommend it to my friends♥ -Princess Muni I love reading this highly informative magazine -DJ Malik Thanks for the likes: Henna Bhojwani, Maham Khurram, Andree Attieh, Khalid Al Muhairi, Maira Alejandra Lopez Santander, Omar Aftab, Kashiana Williams, Umm Omar, Lamees Zidane, Remondo Alsaadi......


A rich GCC woman, who comes from a well respected family, had her life turned upside down after a sightseeing holiday to Dubai. The woman, a self proclaimed kleptomaniac was charged with stealing gold jewelry worth over AED 200,000 from five different shops at the Dubai Gold Souk. Snapshots showing her stealing the valuable items were caught on surveillance cameras and were immediately distributed among shopkeepers as a precautionary measure in case she made further attempts. Police received a call from one of the retailers alerting them of the woman at their store. The salesmen kept her busy until they arrived, and the police arrested her, as she was leaving, in possession of more stolen goods. She was taken to her hotel, to retrieve the remaining stolen items, and that’s when her husband learnt of his wife’s behavior.



Many of the conventional cleansing products available on the market contain chemicals which have a negative impact on the environment and a toxic-effect on humans. Switching from chemical cleaners to natural cleaners can help avoid skin and breathing irritations while you’re cleaning items inside your home, such as mirrors and windows. Make your own natural mirror and window cleaner by diluting vinegar with water. Apply with a pump-action plant sprayer, then wipe with scrunched up newspaper for a great shine and sparkle. 8

The Source


A garden with abundance of trees and water: oasis Al Ain madinat al wahat Al Ain is the oasis city


House of Arts end of year concert

Al Ain’s first underground multi-level parking lot launched The first underground multi-level car park in Al Ain’s downtown area was launched by the Department of Transport (DoT) last week. Located behind the city’s Souq Al Markazi (Central Market) on Zayed Bin Sultan Street, this AED100 million facility was built in cooperation with the Al Ain Municipality.

requirements of people with special needs in mind,” he said.

The parking area covers more than 9000 square meters with a total of 424 parking spaces, including 16 parking bays for people with special needs. It is located in a prime location surrounding, the main bus station, the old fruit and vegetable market, the gold souq, Al Ain Oasis, the central market, and famous tourist attractions like the National Museum and Al Murabba Fort.

Suhail Thani Al Muhairi, from the Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Section of Al Ain Municipality, said, “The project was part of the Municipality’s endeavors to attain the Al Ain 2030 Vision by promoting the city’s unique aesthetic features.”

Mohammad Nasser Al Otaiba, General Manager of Abu Dhabi’s paid parking system, Mawaqif, at DoT in Abu Dhabi stated that the launch of the facility was in line with DoT’s strategy to optimize transport infrastructure in the city. “The building has been meticulously designed to allow a smooth flow of traffic in and out of the building. With the

Environmentally friendly and clean technologies implemented in the facility will lower the level of energy consumption while offering vehicle owners an efficient air-ventilation system.

“The Mawaqif building took 18 months to complete. It has four lifts and has been equipped with state-of-the-art security systems such as CCTV and round-the-clock security surveillance as well as firefighting equipment and alarms”, he concluded. The building’s Parking Guide System will indicate if a parking bay is free if the light is green and occupied if red. Mawaqif fees of Dh2 per hour and Dh15 for a full day will be applied after the initial six-month period.

iPhone and iPad for lucky Bridgstone customers

The House of Arts is celebrating its end of year concert. Hundreds of students and teachers will be performing in different catagories on Friday, June 14 starting at 9:00 am, at the Multaqa Social Club, UAEU ( The highlight of the day will be the dancing event, which will start at 2 pm and will showcase performances in Ballet, Tap, and Modern/Jazz. At 6 pm, the newly founded Al Ain Chamber Ensemble, comprised of the schools outstanding students, will be performing. As on previous occasions, the House of Arts will donate proceeds to the Hope Centre, a privately run school for children with special needs. Tickets can be purchased at the door: AED 30 for adults and AED 15 for children.

Opening soon... La Poupee Beauty Center-Al Ain is opening on June 7th, 2013 3 lucky winners will receive complimentary Manicure & Pedicure with nail art services...! Simply tell us: Where is La Poupee Beauty Centre located in Al Ain? (Hint: Log on LaPoupeeAlAin)

Last week Bridgstone held drawings for their Change to BRIDGESTONE Campaign. Two lucky winners from Al Ain took home prizes. Mr. Omer Sultan is the lucky recipient of an iPhone 5 and Mr. Moojib Rahman took home an iPad 4. The grand prize of a special plate with the number 785 is yet to be won. "Congratulations to both winners. There are still lots of prizes to be won in the Everyone's a Winner promotion at BRIDGESTONE which ends June 30th or while supplies last" officials said.

For more information Tel: 03 7801090 Email: Join us at LaPoupeeSalon LaPoupeeSalon Insta

Email your answers to Include your name, age & contact details

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Graffiti vandalism slammed by Al Ain Municipality

Vandals have made it a habit of marking their presence on one of the UAE’s highest walls at Jebel Hafeet. The wall, atop Jebel Hafeet’s south-eastern edge, has become overrun with hundreds of names and words inscribed on it in English and Arabic. Tourists write their names as high as they can, and then pose for photos with pride. Al Ain Police, Al Ain Educational Zone and Al Ain Sports Club have all stepped forward

to help spread awareness of the illegality of such actions. The municipality has listed some 133 common actions as violations attracting various punishments.“Graffiti is among these acts of misconduct,” said an official, who asked not to be named. Al Ain’s Muwaiya Bin Sufyan School for basic education, launched a campaign, where students were asked to remove graffiti from the schools walls, in a bid to have active participation of the youth in keeping the country clean and beautiful.

Speedsters to be monitored by a new radar Abu Dhabi-Al Ain road parallel to Abu Dhabi University is now being monitored by a new speed radar, installed by the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, in order to combat road fatalities and serious injuries. The speed limit on this road is 120 km per hour. According to the First Lieutenant Marzouq Saeed Al Zaabi, Roads Surveillance Branch at the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols

Directorate, the new radar will monitor speedsters who pass on these roads at more than 141 km per hour. The installation of the new radar is part of a comprehensive traffic safety plan by Abu Dhabi Police that aims to increase the number of computerized control devices and control traffic violations to help in sustaining high levels of safety on both internal and external roads in the city.

Unidentified Flying Pizzas

We have all heard of UFO’s but if you hurry down to Luce at the Danat Al Ain Resort on or before June 3rd, you are sure to encounter UFP’s. That’s right; the incredible Chef Manolo is back wielding his unidentified "flying pizzas” topped with a healthy helping of humor and fun for all ages. This guy is an absolutely hilarious clown, whose thick Italian accent, ridiculous attire and charming personality will turn your dining experience into a circus. In fact, this multi-faceted chef spends only six months of the year delighting people with his culinary talent and the other six months engaged in professional circus clowning! Chef Manolo Mosconi is back in the UAE by popular demand and we are very fortunate to have him in Al Ain for just a few more evenings. He is an acrobat, a comedian, a musician and lest we forget an amazing chef sure to delight your belly and heart during an unforgettable evening. So say “ciao” and join him until June 3rd at Luce in the Danat Hotel Al Ain Resort.

Teenager drives recklessly in Al Ain A 17-year-old Arab motorist terrorized several motorists and passengers of vehicles on the Dubai-Al Ain road early last week as he zoomed past them in his car at 270km per hour. He approached vehicles at terrifying speeds, forcing motorists to veer out of their lanes in fear. He darted between vehicles nearly causing accidents and dodged several police patrols along the way.

shaken motorists, police patrols positioned themselves at various spots along the road in a bid to stop the young driver, but the car’s front number plate had been removed and the back one was covered with his headgear, making it difficult to identify the vehicle. The youth disappeared from sight for sometime but police patrols spotted him later at Al Hibab roundabout.

and he finally stopped the car in front of a house in Al Hibab around 3am. The police identified the car and called its owner who said the vehicle was not with him and that he would find out who was driving. The man questioned his son who admitted that he had modified the car’s speed mechanism and had been driving it at more than 270km/h recklessly that night. The police are taking legal action.

After receiving frantic messages from several 10

The Source

The police vehicles chased the youngster


Students donate for a good cause

Power stations in Al Ain to sustain development of the city A committee headed by Mohammed Ahmed Al Bawardi, a board member of Abu Dhabi Executive Council (ADEC), has approved setting up four power stations in the garden city of Al Ain that will help in sustaining the level of development and strengthen the power network in the city.

The spirit of giving synonymous with Ramadan, is already in full swing at Al Naeem Secondary School in Al Yahar. For the last two weeks the cycle 3 students busied themselves with a charitable drive that proved to be an enormous success. Everyone rose to the challenge and items such as kandoras, shoes, electronics and kitchen appliances quickly filled the many boxes destined for the Red Crescent. A special thank you goes out to the principal, Miss Noura Juma Al Dhaferi and her prime organizer, Miss Mariam Saleh Al Rashedi. The great success can also be attributed to the support and efforts of Fouzya Abdlrahman Noree, Eman Al Amarei, Noor Shamlan, Miss Kay Welte and of course the students of Al Naeem Secondary School.

According to a statement issued by ADEC, the infrastructure projects that deal with developing electric power supply, water transfer and roadways, holds strategic importance to secure a sustainable power supplies to meet the growing requirements of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. They also plan to include building pipelines that will help in providing fresh water to the Car Market and Al Falah districts located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Municipality will be looking after the repair and maintenance work of the projects. This is an edited version of a story that originally appeared in The National newspaper on 16 May,2013. For the full version, please go to

The Source



Electronic health records for students The first phase of Cerner e-system migration, that links health records of students to all Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA) hospitals and clinics has been completed in all 123 schools in Abu Dhabi. With the implementation of the new system of data recording, the health facts of over 162,000 students is now available in electronic form. The second phase of the system will begin in September in Al Ain and the Western Region, that comprises 111 schools with 53,000 students and 31 schools with 10,000 students, respectively. The new method of data recording reduces time spent on information gathering and paper-oriented manual processes, that include filling out 26 forms for each student by school nurses. It further simplifies the process of transferring data from school to school in the event of a student’s transfer, and ensures continuity of service even after graduation.

“Bringing the students’ data online will offer easy access to the child’s healthcare records from birth including vaccination dates and vital medical information that is crucial to providing timely and effective healthcare services. It will additionally enable seamless transfer of data across schools and clinics,” explained Mohamed Hawas Al Sadeed, acting CEO of the Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS). AHS, an Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) health facility, provides healthcare services for all public schools in the emirate, which expects to electronically link the student health records of all the public schools by June 2014. “One key feature of the electronic school records, is an alert system that notifies healthcare provider, about allergies and chronic diseases, which “help in providing individualized health plan”, concluded Dr. Najah Mustapha, AHS School Health Services Director.

Family workshop at Al Qattara Arts Center

Earlier this month, the Al Qattara Arts Center in Al Ain offered a family workshop to demonstrate how to make a collage by using a variety of different materials such as sticks, magazines, newspapers, paper plates, paint and glue.

art events quarterly throughout the year. The next event taking place titled, Arty Summer, is open to children aged 6 to 12 who will have the opportunity to create a range of artwork, including recycling art, collage, paper quelling, drawing and painting.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Mohammad Sadoun, Assistant Professor from the Faculty of Fine Arts at UAE University, who brought along a group of his students to help supervise the attendees.

Arty Summer will commence June 2013 for one month. The fee for the workshop is AED 150 per child which includes a total of two different art classes per week.

Al Qattara offers a variety of workshops every month and hosts a range of different 12

The Source

To learn more about the exciting events and workshops taking place at the Center, contact 03 761 8080 or

No more FREE credit transfers with Etisalat

Etisalat's prepaid customers’ credit transfer service, launched in 2007, which allowed its prepaid customers to easily transfer credit to their family and friends, is now no longer free. The telecommunication corporation has started charging 5 per cent of the transferred amount, as a transaction fee from its users, in addition to limiting the transaction amount to AED150 per day and AED1500 per month. “It’s our new policy and the service is now chargeable. It is now secure and you can send the transfer to a Wasel customer anywhere in the world,” says one of Etisalat's customer care representatives.

Annual celebration at Najah Center

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan, Najah Center for Special Rehabilitation hosted its annual celebration at Al Sadara School, last week. Themed “My ability comes from my disability”, the event was a huge success. Large number of students from Al Sdara, Al Tamouh and Ibn Khaldun school performed various traditional and cultural acts, in addition to the students at Al Najah Center who got a chance to display their talents in front of an enthused audience. A large crowd of attendees cheered on the performers and also had the opportunity to participate in competitions where they won exciting prizes from the center.


Etisalat Pro League winners honored The first Etisalat Pro League Awards ceremony was attended by many illustrious names from the UAE football fraternity who celebrated the successes of the 2012-2013 season, on May 26 at the ADNEC Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi. The award ceremony was divided into 9 categories, nominating players and coaches from different football clubs in the country. Ali Abdullah won the Fantasy Football Manager of the Year and received his trophy from UAE National Team head coach Mahdi Ali. Professional Club of the Year award went to Al Wahda Football Club received by CEO Dr. Issam Mohammed Ali and the Club’s Managing Director Mr. Iyad Mikhyeer. Al Ain Football Club’s Asamoah Gyan bagged the Top Scorer of the Year title, breaking the league record by 31 goals this season. The Ghanaian striker was unable to participate in the ceremony as he was representing the Ghana National Team serving as captain. He did, however, send a note of thanks to his fans and teammates via a video message.

Omar ‘Amoory’ Abdulrahman was the star of the evening, scooping the Emirati Player of the Year and Fans’ Player of the Year awards as voted by fans via Facebook and Etisalat. Al Ain’s rising star Yousef Ahmad was named the League’s Young Player of the Year (U-19) but was also unable to attend due to serving his U-19 National Team duties. The award was instead collected on

Ainawis crowned Pro League 2012-2013 champions!

Last week after beating Al Nasr 2-1 in the final game of the season, Al Ain football club were officially crowned Champions of the Etisalat Pro League 2012-2013 for the second successive year in row at the Tahnoun bin Mohamed Stadium. Al Ain’s playing squad, head coach and backroom staff members were handed the Etisalat Pro League trophy having wrapped up the title back in April. The crowning ceremony also celebrated Al Ain’s second string, which mirrored the success of the First Team by taking the Etisalat Reserve League title. The ceremony took place under the patronage of HH Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Sports Council and HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Khaled Al Nahyan, Chairman of Al Ain FC Board of Directors; along side other officials who attended the ceremony.

his behalf by his brother Musa Ahmad. Ajman’s Abdulwahab Abdulkader was named Coach of the Year in recognition of his successes with the Oranges this season, which culminated in winning this years Etisalat Cup. Last but not least, Al Jazira’s Ali Khaseif was crowned Goalkeeper of the Year.

er! v i el D We

FOOD N FUN RESTAURANT Discover the Art of Indian Cuisine and pamper your senses...

Opp. Al Ain Palace Museum, Near Specialized Medical Care Hospital, Al Jahili, Alain Tel: 03-7554990 / E-mail:

The Source





Connecting the UAE to the GCC and Beyond By Tamer Elhamalawy

ail transport has been around for centuries as the ideal way of transporting people and goods across large swaths of land. The usage of travel by rail is ubiquitous in much of Europe, and is the method by which millions of people in China, India and Japan commute. The first known rail line in the world, the Diolkos, was built in Greece in 600 BCE to move ships across land to avoid the long and dangerous circumnavigation of the Peloponnese peninsula. In the MENA region, it wasn't until the late 1800s that Turkey, Iraq and Iran took steps to construct national railway lines. However, The Hedjaz Railway, built in the early 1900s during the then Ottoman empire, was the first major rail system in the middle east. It linked Damascus with Medina via Amman to allow for the flow of pilgrims.

Etihad Rail Tracks on ground. 14

The Source

MOVING FORWARD In the GCC, Saudi Arabia was the only country with some form of rail transport, until 2009 when the Dubai Metro was brought online. Now a new national project is underway, Etihad Rail, that aims to see much of the UAE interconnected with a system that promises to be a state-of-the art network. It will improve the way people and goods move, opening up new trade corridors and journey opportunities. Etihad Rail, was formed in 2009 with a mandate to manage the development, construction and operation of the UAE’s national railway. It is to be built over 3 phases and when fully completed, the 1200 km system, will have an estimated cost of AED 40 billion. Initially, it will use diesel traction, but has been built with the option to allow it to convert to electric operation. Trains will travel at speeds upwards of 200 km/h for passengers and at a slower pace of 120 km/h for freight. PHASED APPROACH The first phase, which is scheduled to open in late 2013, will see sulfur transported over the 264 km route in Abu Dhabi, from Shah and Habshan to Ruwais for export. The second phase will see passenger

feature Etihad Rail Sleepers and Track Laying

BENEFITS FOR ALL With one train having the ability to remove 300 transport trucks from the road, the added benefits to citizens living in the UAE, will

be improved safety on our highways and a decrease in traffic congestion; not to mention the reduction in CO2 emissions by an estimated 70-80% per train load. This ambitious plan will allow Etihad Rail to link to the rest of the Middle East. It will also have the ability to connect beyond the MENA region into Europe via Turkey, and potentially to Central Asia, transforming economic development and increasing trade by cutting freight delivery times.

Photos by: Etihad Rail

and commercial traffic travel across the system when it is connected to Mussafah and to the Gulf ports of Khalifa and Jebel Ali. It will also connect to the Saudi border via Ghweifat and the Omani border here in Al Ain. Finally phase three will connect the network to the rest of the Northern Emirates. The timeline for completion of phase two and three has not been formally communicated yet.

The Source


urban woman

Etdal is a mother of 3 living in Al Ain. She keeps up to date on the latest trends in beauty, fashion and health. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and hopes to inspire you to feel fabulous and look your best!

No Pain, But

Great Gain By Etdal Abougouche


i d you hear? Kaya Skin Clinic is offering a new revolutionary service right here in the Garden City which promises to make laser hair removal an even easier experience.

How it Works The Kaya Painless Laser uses an innovative ‘IN-MOTION’ technology; one of the most advanced laser hair reduction options available across the world today. It keeps the skin cool as low laser heat is subjected to a larger area that acts repeatedly on hair follicles without damaging the skin. Kaya’s dermatologists initially begin the process by evaluating your skin type and then recommend a customized program that will work best for your hair and skin type. Dr. Mohamad Dallah, Specialist Dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic, said: “We have always believed in offering only the best to our customers. Kaya Tearless is yet another initiative to highlight our commitment to offer the best and most effective laser hair removal services in the world. Since we target specific areas, we cut down on the re-growth hair follicles thus providing a long-term solution; making it highly cost-effective to conventional hair removal methods in the long run.” How often are services needed? Dr. Mohamed Dallah recommends that most customers need about seven sessions each with a gap of 4-6 weeks and there is no skin irritation, no discoloration, and no inflammation as seen with other hair removal methods. So in essence you can have a session and return to work immediately after; so fitting in appointments won’t conflict with your daily commitments. Is it safe? Kaya Tearless Laser technology is approved by the US FDA and conforms to the highest international quality standards and is suited for all skin types. To ensure client safety and satisfaction; Kaya Skin Clinic guarantees that their practitioners are highly trained and fully qualified to deliver promised results. Kaya’s philosophy is to ensure that their customers are tearless and smiling when they walk out; what more can we ask for as clients? As an added incentive Kaya is offering a free patch test plus 20% off the Kaya Tearless Laser. The offer is for a limited time only so be sure to book your appointment by the end of June 2013 to take advantage of this great deal.

The state-of-the-art, laser technology from Kaya gets rid of unwanted body hair permanently without discomfort. The technology is painless, in the true sense of the word, and is highly effective on all types of skin and hair. If you are looking to permanently get rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal might be right for you. The procedure, a favorite amongst celebrities like Kim Kardashian, may be worth the investment if you never want to shave or wax again. With Kaya Tearless-Laser Hair Removal, you can say goodbye to conventional hair removal methods which tend to be painful and time-consuming. This new technique is an effective, permanent solution that will leave you with silky smooth, beautiful skin. Kaya Skin Clinics in Al Ain: Al Ain Mall, 1st Floor (next to Sharaf DG), Ph: 03 784 9554 Behind Al Jimi Mall, Al Ameriya 19 Hamdan Ibn Zayed Al Awal Street Ph: 03 7620099


The Source

stuff for men

The Call of the Open Road 2013 BREAKOUT

By Tamer Elhamalawy

The 2013 Harley-Davidson Breakout motorcycle is an urban prowler. With authentic swagger that turns heads in traffic and a proud stance certain to draw a curb-side crowd on bike night, the Breakout is presented as a premium model in its segment with distinctive finishes and specific components not available on other Harley-Davidson bikes. Long and low-slung, the Breakout features a 240mm rear tire visually balanced with thick forks and chopped fenders, while a shaved tank console and a drag handlebar keep the profile low. A Twin Cam 103 powertrain and other components are trimmed in gleaming chrome and gloss-black paint.

“We’ve always loved the gasser-style drag racing wheels from the 1960s and ‘70s,” says Rasmussen. “Our wheels are loosely inspired by those classics. Each wheel has 10 half-round spokes. The glossblack powdercoat is machined away on alternating spokes and the rim edge to expose the aluminum under the paint.” The Softail chassis mimics the clean lines of a vintage hardtail frame, but utilizes rear suspension control provided by coil-over shock absorbers mounted horizontally and out of sight within the frame rails. The Breakout is fitted with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and the Harley-Davidson factoryinstalled security system.

Like the acclaimed 2013 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Breakout model that precedes it, the Breakout features styling that’s smooth, tight, and intended to showcase the engine and the tires. “With Breakout we got down to motorcycle essentials, which means emphasizing the powertrain and the wheels,” says Harley-Davidson Styling Manager Kirk Rasmussen. “The black and chrome engine visually pops out of the center of the bike, and then to maximize the impact of the tires, the fenders are chopped . We wanted a lot of rubber showing to give the Breakout a tough, muscular look.” The Gasser wheels are new and specific to the Breakout, according to Rasmussen.

2013 STREET BOB SPECIAL EDITION The new Street Bob Special Edition is a rare beast: a pure bobber, pushed further. Inspired by Harley-Davidson’s Factory Customization program, this strictly limited edition motorcycle is only available in select markets, including those in the European, Middle East and African regions. Restyled for 2013, the Harley-Davidson Street Bob is a strippeddown and rowdy bobber based on the Harley-Davidson Dyna platform that appeals to riders who appreciate the pure essence of motorcycling; a powerful V-Twin engine at the heart of a bike with simple eye-catching styling that carries only the most essential equipment. The new Street Bob Special Edition is upgraded with a 1690cc engine to deliver that unmistakable Harley-Davidson rumble. It has been embellished with distinctive two-tone scallop paint and steel laced wheels with attention-grabbing red rims to deliver a bike

that stands out by its looks just as much as its sound. The Street Bob Special Edition delivers that high-end bobber look and features straight out of the crate, such as ABS as standard equipment. “Our focus for the Street Bob is on street appeal,” said HarleyDavidson Styling Manager Tony Pink. “This bike is for the owner who would order a muscle car with the biggest engine and no radio. As part of this restyle, we cleaned off the rear fender, ditched the battery box trim, and bolted on a classic oval air cleaner cover. The goal is to create an elemental Big Twin that a customer can define as his own.” The defining elements of the Street Bob are retained for 2013’s Special Edition – a solo seat, chopped rear fender, and mini apehanger handlebar give this motorcycle an unmistakable profile. New styling features include a black Twin Cam 103 powertrain with highlighted details, blacked-out front end, clean rear fender with combination stop/tail/ turn lighting.

al majlis

Jalal Luqman

Mixed Media without a Mixed Message

H By Mehak Alam

ospitable, humorous and humble; apt words to describe the 46 year old independent, self-taught artist Jalal Luqman. The Source recently sat down with the pioneer of mixed media art in the UAE, for a revealing discussion on the vision and mission behind his more than two decades old artistic journey that has made him a household name.

Jalal Luqman’s journey into the world of art is an unconventional one. As a young boy in school, he would often be punished by his teachers for drawing in class and not focusing on his school work, however, they failed to see the budding young star in their midst. His artistic flare did not go unnoticed by his father, who helped polish his son’s creative personality by encouraging and supporting him. He did, however, hope that it would remain only a hobby and not shape into a full-fledged career. Jalal, on the other hand, had better plans for himself. “It was something that I knew I was going to pursue.” He realized his true calling at a very young age, but plunged into the pool of arts only in the latter years of university, while completing his Masters degree in Culture and Creative Industries from Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi. After he graduated he started in the field of Commercial Art, completing projects for government agencies, but despite being extremely talented and passionate about his work, Jalal never intended to be an exhibited artist. “I stumbled into an art exhibition. Something I never planned on doing. I was a commercial artist before, but this opportunity high-jacked me and made me an exhibited artist.” 20

The Source

Early in his commercial art years one of Jalal’s clients, who believed in his work, quietly put his name in for an exhibit. It was to be the first time he displayed his work alongside renowned names from the local art field, which he recalled as a “mind-blowing and interesting” experience. “The exhibition was entirely based on digital arts, something people were completely unaware of. It happened around the same time part of the world was experiencing a computer and internet revolution; a time when different technologies were coming up,” adds Jalal, who post exhibition, got a chance to meet HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, then Minister of Information and Culture. He hired him to work for the Abu Dhabi Television Channel which was in the midst of building the first virtual studio in the Middle East. One exhibit led to another, and soon Jalal had no time to look back. After enthralling local audiences, he left to take on the international scene. His first stop was New York, the heart of the modern art world, and a place that can make or break an artist. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that filled him with experiences he still looks fondly on today. “It was intimidating and it boosted my confidence.” He strongly believes that international forums are opportunities for artists to correct the misconceptions that exist surrounding the people of the UAE. “As artists, we carry the responsibility of changing the misconceptions and sending out the correct message of our religion, culture and society”, explained Jalal.

al majlis

Owned Emerging peace

'Point of View', Jalal Luqman's free-standing sculptor was unveiled at the 10th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival.

Talking about the initial reactions and feedback at home, Jalal says, “People didn’t take me seriously in the beginning but soon after I started getting popular I witnessed the same people trying to share the limelight with me”, he laughs. From the beginning of his career, Jalal tried breaking down barriers and creating something completely unique, instead of showing the more beautiful aspects of society and the world, Jalal took the path less travelled, by putting its less glamorous underbelly on display. “I believe there is more to the world than nice beautiful women, horses and falcons”, says Jalal who supports artists that produce honest, true, authentic message oriented art pieces, while condemning those who churn out ornamental show pieces that are destined to hang on walls. He wants his work to speak to the viewer, otherwise there is no point doing what he does, “If my work fails to draw a viewers’ attention and enrich their experience, then I am someone with no artistic value”, he explained. “I stay away from being a human camera, copying what the eyes capture and rather believe in translating the provocation that takes place inside me.” This is the reason why he still considers the UAE far behind international standards in the field of arts. “We are still in the developing stages where we are merely known for displaying good and beautiful things”, he exclaims. Honored as the champion of The Nationals’ Gallery, Jalal is also a champion in winning the hearts of people around him. Fame has not changed him, he still manages to stay grounded and rooted, he always makes sure to acknowledge and show appreciation for the efforts of the welders, and laborers with whom he works side-by-

Jalal’s undaunted approach of tackling the existing taboo topics of society has gained him no black points throughout his journey. He excels in generating work that can open doors of conversation with the viewer; a quality not associated with many artists. side creating his masterpieces. “You can call your journey exciting only when you keep the human side alive.” Breaking into the world of mixed media art at a time when so few were doing it, was challenging for Jalal, and to never have a mentor to guide him made it all the more difficult. As such, he has taken it upon himself to ensure that new comers to this field don’t have to go through it alone and is giving back to the community. For the past six years Jalal’s Art Trip, provides a group of artists each year, the opportunity to hone their artistic skills via workshops and tours. Despite the good fortune that he has had as an artist, he has no plans seeing any of his children follow in his footsteps. “It’s a gamble and your success is purely dependent on luck. I developed a thick skin during my journey and wouldn’t like my children to go through the same”, he shared. “I would rather want them to have a full time job unless their art work is able to sustain them an income.” Before ending our conversation we asked Jalal Luqman to share with us the secret behind his journey to a successful career as an artist. Here’s what he had to say:

Life Lessons

• Try thinking out of the box and experiment with new things. • Stop taking shortcuts and believe in paving your own path. • Be original and don’t copy someone aimlessly. • Stay honest and true to yourself. The Source



Teresa Evans has a Master’s Degree in International Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She currently teaches early childhood education here in Al Ain. From her start as a Peace Corps volunteer in Yemen, her career in education spans two decades.



By Teresa Evans

t seems that sometimes a teacher’s job is connecting dots. Each dot, somehow leads to something identifiable to their students learning process and style. I try hard to develop an image of my students through assessment and by maintaining an individual work portfolio for each of them. I find it’s one of the best ways to move from one dot to another as it outlines the process of the educational experience. It also distinguishes each student’s learning style and creates learning opportunities that can positively impact their achievements.

I’ve discovered that having two learning objectives a day – one in numeracy and the other in literacy is plenty for me to set this dot-to-dot process in motion. To ensure this process is executed, I always design my lesson plans to reflect this theory of mine. My plans always include a unit theme and the learning objectives and outcomes are always determined. I have a bulky binder that I use including checklists with learning objectives and my student’s grades which I use to formally and informally assess my students. I thought this system worked great for me but my supervisor questioned it during a presentation I was giving and stated that “my system was flawed.” He asked me if there was a simpler way to organize my notes referring to my bursting binder with little sticky notes falling out. He also asked, “Isn’t it intimidating, this assessment practice?” In answer to the first 22

The Source

question, I simply answered, “This is what I have, although there are more streamlined ways, I’m just not there.” In answer to the second question, I replied, “It depends on how you view the term ‘assessment.’ I can visit kids while they are in centers and see how they are using the planned resources, I can sit with them in the reading corner and find out a lot about their reading readiness or content vocabulary with a simple story, I can also observe them in whole group time when we are doing direct instruction plus I can listen to them when they have questions; in essence, the possibilities are endless for ‘assessments’.” He then understood my logic. In a perfect world, every child’s ‘picture’ would be meticulously clear. There would be a dot-to-dot that created fireworks, one that created an invention, etc. Research shows that kids learn within a constructive framework and that they can be better at some things than others while still showing progress through age appropriate learning outcomes. For example, my student Mariam can easily sort teddy bear counters by color, repeat patterns easily and can identify a pattern from a non-pattern; however she cannot distinguish a dirham coin from 50 fils. Every day is an opportunity for me and my students to learn new things, develop talents and explore interests. Maximizing time and developing a student’s potential leads me to daily assessment practices; which I find to be a riveting tool. The dot-to-dot theory maximizes learning opportunities for children and gives me a blue-print for more effective teaching.


Alia International Private School was founded in 2012 by Al Khaja Holding Group, with the purpose of providing a quality education. We provide our students with an exceptional education, while nurturing the intricate behavioral/social aspects in their learning process. At Alia, we produce students who will respect others along with their choices, and live a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to ensure that our students ultimately succeed in this ever-evolving and demanding world. We lay more than a foundation, we instill more than just an education; we make the Students of today, the Leaders of tomorrow.

Why Alia School… •

High quality teaching to meet the needs of diverse learners

Western management with international experience, supported by a multicultural staff providing diversity to the learning experience

A technology-driven school, meeting the demands of an evolving world

American curriculum, along with Arabic, Arabic Social Studies, Quran and Islamic classes

Superior education, with the most reasonable fees in Al Ain

Cameras in our school are accessible to parents via cell phone and computer, along with our new electronic attendance and ID system assist in creating the safest learning environment in Al Ain

Transportation for all locations

Prime location, with no traffic

No waiting list

Family/Student support services

Developing partnership with parents to build the future of the student

Individual support available for students, along with social activities

One of the few schools in the UAE with a special education department

Please ask about our many discounts

OPEN FROM KG1-GRADE9 We are located on Al Daher road, Main Street to Al Ain City; five minutes from Bawadi Mall, away from the crowded traffic areas

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Hey, do people ignore your emails too?

I By Flo Joe

’ve repeatedly run up against one of the classic frustrations of modern life; sending out e-mails and hearing nothing back. It’s not just e-mails either, unreturned phone calls, texts, and messages via social media can be just as irritating. In today's digital age, though, email has become the most widely used business tool and form of personal communication.

Email, as a form of communication, is for better or worse, a reflection of you. How you present your digital self speaks volumes as to the type of person you are. Poor email etiquette sends a negative message, what you say in an email or if you sent one at all, will serve as a reminder in an inbox, over which you have no control. Conversely, good email etiquette can improve others perception of you. It builds up your persona and increases the chance of a prompt and comprehensive response. Lack of time and too many e-mails to get through, are the most common reasons people say they don’t reply (although some of the busiest people I know are the most prompt responders). Checking e-mails on one device, like a smartphone, making a mental note to reply more in-depth later, and then forgetting, is another. Of course, there is always the possibility your e-mail ended up in the junk or spam folder. But there are more emotional reasons as well; the fear of committing to something, or worse, having to say no. Not to mention, wasting our time and energy trying to recall an unintentional comment that might have caused a friend to give us the cold shoulder or wonder if the latest communiqué we sent to a client was too aggressive — or not aggressive enough. Running a company that depends on access to senior executives, I place high value in the instant and direct connection that email makes possible. On a practical level, talking directly to those in the "C-suite" can radically shorten the sales cycle. The flip side is that the person to whom you send an email, is under no obligation to respond. I understand that. What I find disturbing

is the number of people who enter into some kind of dialogue on email, and then one day simply stop responding. To be fair, most of these dialogues are transactional, and I'm usually communicating about a product or a service I'm trying to sell. But I'm also emailing with people I know and have been involved with for months, in relationships I'd assumed were grounded in good will and good faith. So why do they sometimes stop responding? The obvious answer is that they're overloaded and overwhelmed. It's perfectly common for people in certain jobs today to receive 200, 300, or more emails a day; so the default solution seems to be to ignore as many of them as possible. At the same time, the facelessness of email has given other people an excuse to simply avoid difficult conversations, even if it means behaving in ways that would offend them if they were on the other end of the exchange (or non-exchange). The real challenge is to find a balance between becoming a prisoner to your email and still responding in a reasonable period of time to those people who write to you with reasonable requests. I'm no perfectionist for particular etiquette, I just don't believe in normalizing rudeness. To ignore an email sent to you in good faith, especially by someone you know, is to forget that you're dealing with a fellow human being who deserves to be treated with respect and even with a degree of care. In a world of unprecedented demand we need to be more intentional than ever about how we treat others. Under constant pressure to get more and more done, faster and faster, it's easy to sacrifice our civility. I don’t let others lack of email etiquette change my behavior. I will always take the time to reply (in most cases) to those who e-mail me. At the end of the day, it’s all about common courtesy!

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Aromatic bliss! By Farid Nouisser

Indians are extremely serious about their food and cooking is considered an art. My wife and I are huge “Foodies” with an immense love and appreciation for Indian food and the plethora of spices and aromas associated with it. Food n Fun came highly recommended by a friend, so we decided to go and check out what all the raving was about. A newly renovated clean and inviting atmosphere awaited us with a smiling and courteous staff that made every effort to make us feel comfortable and welcome. The menu is quite extensive and although western and Chinese dishes were the last things on our minds, I should mention that they comprise a good portion of the menu; should you plan to veer away from Indian delights. As for us, let’s get back to the reason we came; the tasty Tandoori, magnificent Masala, titillating Tikka and classic Curries. I have never been known to patiently study a menu and select an appetizer, main dish and dessert, so fortunately, Lipson, our waiter extraordinaire, came to decode the menu and make suggestions based on our preferences. He even took the time to question the kids and help them get the most out of our exotic dining experience, by ensuring their tender little tongues would not suffer the battering of intensely spicy food!


One by one the courses rolled out until the table was filled with a glorious array of colors and our private booth became an ambrosial display of aromatic bliss! I will admit that I couldn’t always pronounce exactly what I was eating but then again my mouth was pretty much constantly full and communicating was accomplished mostly through a series of long and short pleasurable moans. When the feast came to an end and we sat fulfilled sipping on tea, little did we realize that the best surprise of all was about to be brought to the table. The most refreshing of all items delivered to us that fine evening was the bill!

w w w. t h e s o u r c e u a e . c o m

So if you are up for an evening of “Food N Fun” and want to be kind to both your appetite and wallet, head down to Jahli across from The Specialized Medical Care Hospital and start savoring!

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culture & heritage




A and

By Dr.Talal Mohammed Al Darwich

friend of mine, who read my latest article, questioned what the topic of reading had to do with the Culture & Heritage of Arabs. If anything it should be a topic for the Education section.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by his question. Like I stated before, most people are preoccupied with life and its trappings and have little time to truly sit and reflect on their origins. They don’t feel a sense of connection with the past, which is deemed 'old-fashioned’ and ‘out of date.’ They fail to recognize what their heritage is all about; quickly losing interest, whenever it is discussed. My response to him was, “Brother, the greatest calamity of our age, is that we are stripped of the knowledge of our past. A past so rich in knowledge and innovation, that it was embraced by other peoples who used it to build their civilizations." "There is a huge difference between civilization and urbanization. Civilization is the product of every aspect of a nation, including its ‘knowledge, literature, art, politics, laws, wisdoms, experiments, etc. Urbanization, on the other hand, is the societal norm set by us, a modern people, according to our interests and assisted by the things that help govern our lives; such as the current state of the art inventions, innovations and their roles in our society.”

Turn to the glorious history books of your nation, read through their pages and you will surely be proud of what you find. Kings of Europe sending emissaries to our lands, humbly requesting the Abbasid Caliph Harun Al Rashid to permit them to study the sciences of the Arabs in Baghdad. The stories of Harun Al Rashid’s interaction with the Byzantine King Charlemagne are renowned, as are the gifts he sent to the Frankish King. One such gift was a water clock, in which 12 metal balls sounded the hour by falling on a cymbal. Carved horsemen emerged from little windows and paraded around the clock, their numbers increasing by the hour until at noon and midnight, all 12 made their spectacular march. The monks at the palace thought that there was some kind of demon operating it and so at night, they laid waste to the clock with axes in hopes of capturing it. This is how advanced Arabs were compared to other civilizations. Now, the question is: How will we ever learn about the contributions our ancestors gave to this world, if we never read about them? How can we be connected to our ancestors and forefathers if we are ignorant of their accomplishments? History recounts how Arabs pushed the boundaries of science forward and lead the way through innovation. We consistently improved upon what existed and refused to rest on our laurels. We upgraded that water clock and created one that ran mechanically instead. It was this latest time piece that Caliph Al Mamun then sent to the King of France as a gift. This was just one example of the many milestone events and innovations that took place during a time that Arab civilization was generations ahead of the West. Should we not encourage our sons and daughters to familiarize themselves with a history that is part of their culture and immerse themselves in the books that will inspire them to achieve greatness once again? After all that, what do you think my friend?


The Source

health & lifestyle

Dr. Nadia Hussain

MBBS, MSc Str.M.Bio (UK), PhD (c)

Dr. Nadia is a physician pursuing her PhD in Physiology from UAE University. She is the Chief Editor for Capsule (UAEU), author of Fragments of my Time (Minwa Press) and an award winning poet.



to keep you exercising

By Dr. Nadia Hussain

e all know exercise is vital for a healthy body and mind but just knowing is not the same as doing!

Starting an exercise program is difficult, and sticking with it is even harder, but action oriented strategies can help. Most people don’t realize that a number of health benefits are gained from various types and levels of exercise. HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO HELP YOU:

GOAL SETTING – set specific and realistic goals. Vague ideas such as losing weight and getting fit are not specific enough. It is better to commit to exercising for 20 minute periods at least three times a week. Track your progress by recording it in a journal. There are also free websites and smartphone apps that can help. TREAT YOURSELF – when you reach one of your fitness goals, watch a favorite movie or treat yourself to a trip to the spa for some well-deserved pampering. Food, however, is not a treat for exercise; a chocolate bar is equivalent to a 45 minute rigorous workout!


The Source

GEAR UP – a good pair of athletic shoes is one of the most important fitness items as they provide your feet with good cushioning and support. When you do go out to purchase new trainers, try several styles and make sure you find a comfortable pair that will make you want to exercise. We need to take great care of our feet, as we rely on them greatly; however, trainers need to be replaced once you notice uncomfortable wear and tear on them. REMIND YOURSELF – use daily reminders to stick to your schedule. Book your exercise the way you book an important meeting, you have to be there. Making time to take care of your body allows you more time to benefit from all the advantages offered. Try to keep your gym bag in your car or shoes near the door to remind you. BUDDY UP – finding someone with similar exercise goals significantly motivates you to do the same. We are social beings and generally enjoy the company of people who will support and not sabotage our health goals. Find a partner and you will want to exercise more. MOTIVATE YOURSELF - use things to keep you going, if that’s what it takes. Many people use their iPods for more than music, such as podcasts and audio books, free lectures and comedy shows. You can watch TV when you use a treadmill or a stationary bike. The trick is not to only get you going but keep you going too. START LOW AND GO SLOW – over doing it while exercising wears people down. Don’t try to do too much. Break your routine down into manageable time slots throughout the day. Ten to fifteen minutes of activity done two or three times a day is as effective as a stretch of thirty or forty minutes. Walking is a great exercise to start with. There is also a lot of fun equipment you can use like medicine balls and free weights to exercise with, as long as you don’t overdo anything. MOVE YOUR BODY – use different muscle groups so your body doesn’t get used to using only one set of muscles all the time. By being creative with your workouts you can work on more than one muscle at a time. For example, while walking, swing your arms more and take longer strides and if you really want to push it further, wrap leg weights around your ankles and use 2kg dumbbells in your hands. Remember, the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. PACE YOURSELF – warm up and cool down properly so your body gets ready for the stress of exercise. Doing proper stretches allows your muscles and joints to bear the stress of exercise. Once you make the commitment to start and maintain an exercise routine, congratulate yourself; as you’ve just taken the first step to a new and improved body and mind!

THE ULTIMATE INDULGENCE AT TIPS & TOES This June, prepare to be pampered with our special Al Ain Luxury Day Spa package. Enjoy a Keraskin Body Immersion ritual, GlamGlow mini-facial, Classic mani/pedi and eyebrow thread for Dhs556 (20% off the usual price) Call 03 764 0511 for appointments. Visit or our Facebook page ‘Tips & Toes Middle East’ for all our June special offers

my world



Discover why Munich, capital of the German state of Bavaria, consistently ranks high in quality of life surveys, and trip over history at every turn. By Marianne Makdisi


hen you’re travelling, do you ever imagine yourself living in the city you’re visiting? I’m not sure if I do this because, being an expat, I’ve developed a case of geographical schizophrenia or because, occasionally, it’s fun to dream. But, whatever the reason, my parallel life took on a dimension of its own recently on a trip to Munich. There’s a good explanation why it was so easy to imagine I was actually part of this Bavarian city. A few years ago, Monocle Magazine placed Munich at the top of its Quality of Life rankings for 2010, making it the world’s ‘Most Livable City,’ above Vancouver, Sydney and Copenhagen.

my world Germany’s third biggest city won this accolade due to its mix of “investment, high-quality housing, low crime, liberal politics, strong media and a general feeling of Gemütlichkeit (warm friendliness).” Of course, this also makes Munich a great place for a city break. Home to BMW and loads of Fräuleins in frilly dresses, Germany’s most prosperous city is a high-tech vortex with a cultural scene to rival Berlin’s. Its museums are filled with artistic masterpieces and the city’s rebuilt historical buildings never fail to amaze. The winning mix of German efficiency (you’ll see what I mean if you ride public transport) and Italian influence will continue to draw visitors from around the world, while its ability to marry tradition with technology means Munich lives up to its city of ‘laptops and lederhosen’ moniker. While visiting, you’ll also notice that Munich has a big heart. From the over-sized drinks to the huge, salty pretzels and the XXL wiener schnitzels (veal escalopes) that cover your entire plate, the city doesn’t skimp on size. It’s almost a case of Europe meets Texas. On foot From our hotel, we walked into the centre of Munich via the beautiful English Garden city park. More international than its name suggests, this popular expanse of scenic parkland contains a Greek temple, Chinese pagoda, Japanese tea house, lakes, flower gardens and one of the biggest beer gardens in Munich. You can even watch people surfing on a small artificial wave on the picturesque river that runs through the park. Bigger than anything similar in London or New York, you’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re bang in the middle of a major city.

Munich’s main attractions are all within easy walking distance, or you can hop on a tram to be transported effortlessly through the city’s heart. Thanks to a rebuilding program following heavy bomb damage during World War II, the city centre looks much like it did in the late 1800s, including its largest church, the Frauenkirche, and the famous city hall (Neues Rathaus). Marienplatz is a great starting point for your city tour, and for a glimpse of fairy-tale Germany be sure to visit this square when the Glockenspiel in the town hall is ringing. At 11am and midday (and 5pm between March and October), 32 mechanically moved figurines appear and perform a historical dance. Afterwards, explore the surrounding, narrow streets – almost straight out of Mediaeval times – then head to the Odeonsplatz, where you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a scene from an Italian opera. Of course, no trip to Munich is complete unless you climb the 306 steps to the tower of Munich’s oldest church, St Peter’s (called ‘Alter Peter’). The best view of the city looks across the red-tiled rooftops of one of Europe’s most splendid skylines and on a clear day you can see the Alps. All that climbing then warrants a stroll around the colorful, open-air food stalls of the Viktualienmarkt, a bustling farmers’ market that dates back to 1807 and offers various local cheeses, and other delectable items. FLIGHT TIME: 6.5 hours TOP TIP: The mountains of the Bavarian Alps, lakes, medieval towns, King Ludwig II’s dream castles, Mozart’s Salzburg and 950-year-old Nuremberg are all within easy reach of Munich



Chocolate Covered Strawberries Ingredients ½ kg dark chocolate bar | 2 tbsp shortening | ½ kg fresh strawberries with leaves Method • Melt the chocolate and shortening in a double boiler. Stir occasionally until smooth. • Holding the strawberries use toothpicks and dip them into the chocolate mixture. • Insert toothpicks into the tops of the strawberries. • Turn the strawberries upside down and insert the toothpick into styrofoam for the chocolate to cool. • Serve as a desserts or with coffee!

Strawberry Shortcakes 6 servings

Strawberry-Mint Sparkling Limeade 6 servings Ingredients 3 cups sliced strawberries | 1/2 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves | 1/2 cup fresh lime juice | 1/4 cup water | 1/4 cup agave nectar | 1 bottle chilled sparkling water | strawberries & mint leaves for garnishing Method • Blend the sliced strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lime juice water and agave nectar in a blender until smooth. • Pour about 1/2 cup strawberry mixture into each of the 6 glasses. Slowly pour about 1/2 cup of the sparkling water into each glass and gently stir to combine well. • Garnish with mint leaves and strawberries. • Serve cold! Ingredients 4 cups halved strawberries | 1/3 cup orange juice | 2 tsp vanilla extract | 1 tsp lemon juice | 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour | 6 tbsp sugar | 1 tsp baking powder | 1/4 tsp baking soda | 1/8 tsp salt | 3 tbsp butter, cut into small pieces | 1/2 cup low-fat buttermilk | cooking spray | 6 tbsp frozen & melted whipped topping | whole & halved strawberries for garnishing Method • Preheat oven to 200°C. • In a small bowl using a masher, mash 1 cup strawberry halves, 2-1/2 tbsp sugar, orange juice, vanilla extract and lemon. Stir in 2 1/2 cups strawberry halves. Cover and chill for an hour. • In a separate bowl prepare dough by combining all-purpose flour, 3-1/2 tbsp sugar, baking powder, baking soda, butter and buttermilk in a bowl. Knead properly and keep aside for 15 minutes. • Turn-out dough out onto a lightly floured surface by kneading lightly with floured hands. Pat the dough into a 6 x 4-inch rectangle and cut into squares. • Place the squares 1 inch apart on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray and bake for 10-12minutes. Take it out and let cool on a wire rack. • Halve each of the shortcake squares and place the bottom half on the dessert plates. Spoon 1 tsp of the strawberry mixture and 1 tsp of whipping topping over each bottom half and put the remaining half of the shortcake square over it. Repeat the same method with the remaining shortcake squares. • Top each serving with 1 tbsp whipped topping and garnish with whole and halved strawberries. • Serve cold!


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Just for fun

movie review

Now You See Me pits an elite FBI squad in a game of cat and mouse against "The Four Horsemen", a super-team of the world's greatest illusionists. "The Four Horsemen" pull off a series of daring heists against corrupt business leaders during their performances, showering the stolen profits on their audiences while staying one step ahead of the law. Opens June 6th. The latest movie listings are online at!


review Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success: During his storied career as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson won more championships than any coach in the history of professional sports. Eleven times, Jackson led his teams to the ultimate goal: the NBA championship—six times with the Chicago Bulls and five times with the Los Angeles Lakers. We all know the legendary stars on those teams, or think we do. This book is full of revelations: about fascinating personalities and their drive to win; about the wellsprings of motivation and competition at the highest levels; and about what it takes to bring out the best in ourselves and others.





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SOURCE KIDS Arts and Crafts Plastic Spoon Wall Art This easy project is a great way to add decor to your room! Messiness: low. Age : 7+. Estimated Time: 1 hour What You'll Need Colored plastic spoons (we used 100) • glue • square poster board • mirror or a photo frame • pencil • ruler • shiny nail polish (any color) • tape • scissors • woolen thread • wall hook • an adult to help you! 1. Using the nail polish, color about 10 spoon bowls. Leave them to dry. 2. Using the scissors cut off the handles/stems of all the spoons (including the painted ones). Save the handles for future projects. 3. Take a mirror or photo frame and place it at the center of the poster board. Using a pencil and ruler draw a border line around the mirror or photo frame. Then make another small border inside the big border. 4. Using a cutter, cut out the inside border line and make an opening. Turn the poster board over and apply the adhesive glue on the edges of the opening. Place the mirror/photo frame on it. And secure it with tape. 5. Span a string of woolen thread behind the mirror/ photo frame which will be used for hanging the artwork. 6. Turn the card board over and start pasting the spoons bowls on it using the glue. 7. When finished and it's completely dried, hang the art work on the wall using a wall hook and voila its’ done!

Camels are name the Desert" becad the "Ships of the ability to tra use they have desert with no fo vel easily in the approximatelyod17or water for days. 36

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‫لوحة المالعق‬

!‫هذا النشاط طريقة رائعة لتزيني غرفتك‬ ‫ الوقت‬. ‫ منخفضة‬:‫ املشاكسة‬. 7+ :‫الفئة العمرية‬ ‫ ساعة‬:‫املتوقع‬

:‫ستحتاج إىل‬

‫) • مادة الصقة‬100 ‫مالعق بالستيكية ملونة (استخدمنا‬ ‫• وحة إعالن مربعة • إطار صورة أو مرآة‬ ‫ قلم حرب • مسطرة • طالء أظافر المع‬/ ‫• قلم رصاص‬ ‫• رشيط الصق • مقص • خيط صوف‬ ‫• عالقة حائط • شخص ملساعدتك‬

.‫ نستخدم طالء األظافر لتلوين أفواه بعض املالعق‬.1 .‫نرتكها لتجف‬ ‫ نستخدم املقص لقص أذرع جميع املالعق مبا فيها‬.2 ‫ نحتفظ بأذرع املالعق ألنشطة‬.‫املالعق التي قمنا بتلوينها‬ .‫قادمة‬ .‫ نضع املرآة أو إطار الصورة يف منتصف لوحة اإلعالنات‬.3 ً‫نستخدم قلم رصاص أو قلم حرب ومسطرة لرنسم خطا‬ ‫ ثم نرسم خطا‬.‫فاصال حول محيط املرآة أو إطار الصورة‬ .‫فاصال آخر داخل الخط الكبري‬ ‫ نقطع الخط الفاصل الداخيل‬،‫ باستخدام قطاعة‬.4 ‫ نقلب وجه لوحة اإلعالن ونضع مادة‬.ً‫لنحدث فراغا‬ ‫ نضع املرآة أو إطار الصورة‬.‫الصقة عىل أطراف الفراغ‬ .‫ ثم نثبتها بوضع الرشيط الالصق‬.‫عليها‬ .‫ منرر خيطا صوفيا خلف املرآة أو إطار الصورة للتعليق‬.5 ‫ نقلب لوحة اإلعالن ونلصق أفواه املالعق عليها‬.6 .‫باستخدام املادة الالصقة‬ ‫ نعلق‬،‫ وبعد أن تجف املادة الالصقة متاما‬،‫ عند االنتهاء‬.7 !‫ ها قد انتهينا‬،‫اللوحة عىل الجدار باستخدام عالقة حائط‬

‫سفينة‬ ‫صسحرماءي اللقدجمرتهل بعىل العيش‬ ‫ال يف الصحراء دون ماء وال‬ .‫ يوما تقريبا‬17 ‫غذاء ملدة‬


Hi, my name is Omar Suleiman. I am five years old and I am a KG1 student at Al Ain American School. I like football a lot. My dad always trains me in his free time. My favorite team is Al Ain Football Club. One day my dad took me to a football match and I was cheering for Omar "Amoory" Abdul Rahman because we share the same name. I'm in love with all kinds of animals so I always ask my parents to take me to Al Ain Zoo. I have fun there when I feed the giraffes and take photos with them. I love school because I learn a lot of things everyday and I have a lot of friends there. My favorite things to do are going to the mall to play at fun city, buy toys and eat candy.

‫ أدرس‬،‫ وعمري خمس سنوات‬،‫ أنا عمر سليامن‬،‫مرحبا‬ ‫ أحب لعب كرة‬.‫" مبدرسة العني األمريكية‬1‫مبرحلة "اليك جي‬ ‫ يدربني أيب دامئا عىل لعب كرة القدم يف وقت‬،‫القدم جدا‬ ‫ يف يوم من‬."‫ النادي املفضل عندي هو "نادي العني‬.‫فراغه‬ ‫ وكنت أشجع‬،‫األيام أخذين أيب ملشاهدة مباراة لنادي العني‬ ‫ أنا أحب‬.‫عمر عبد الرحمن "عموري" ألنه نفس اسمي‬ ‫ ودامئا أطلب من أيب و أمي اصطحايب‬،‫كل أنواع الحيوانات‬ ،‫ وهناك أستمتع عندما أطعم الزرافة‬،‫لحديقة الحيوانات‬ ‫أحب مدرستي جدا ألنني أتعلم فيها‬.‫و ألتقط صورة معها‬ ‫ من‬.‫ ولدي أصحاب كرث يحبونني وأحبهم‬،‫الكثري كل يوم‬ ‫ و‬،‫األشياء التي أحب أن أفعلها الذهاب إىل مراكز التسوق‬ ‫ ورشاء األلعاب و الحلويات؛ لهذا‬،‫اللعب يف مدينة األلعاب‬ ،‫ أحتفظ بها يف حصالتي الخاصة‬،‫عندما أجد نقودا يف املنزل‬ .‫وعند الذهاب إىل مركز التسوق أقوم برشاء ما يحلو يل‬

Parents if you have a special youngster who you think would be great for our Sourceling of the Week send in a photo and a bio of no more than 100 words to 1. What goes up and doesn’t come down? 2. What has to be broken before you can use it? 3. What has a thumb and four fingers but is not alive?

.‫ يزيد وال ينقص‬.1 ‫فام هو؟‬ ‫ ما الذي يجب كرسه‬.2 ‫قبل استخدامه؟‬ ،‫ لديه خمسة أصابع‬.3 ‫ هل‬،‫وليس فيه حياة‬ ‫عرفته؟‬ ‫ قفاز‬.3 ‫ بيضة‬.2 ‫ عمرك‬.1 :‫اإلجابات‬

Answers: 1.Your age 2.An egg 3.A glove CENTENNIAL


















The ‫األهل الكرام الذين يرغبون برتشيح طفلهم لعمود طفل‬ ‫ كلمة‬100 ‫ للعدد القادم إرسال صورة وسرية ذاتية من‬Source ‫فقط إىل الربيد االلكرتوين‬

Book Review

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer Vacation Despite all attempts to avoid reading and extra work, Charlie Joe Jackson finds himself in a terrible dream he can’t wake up from: Camp Rituhbukkee (pronounced “read-abookie”). A place filled with grammar workshops, Reada-Ramas, and kids who actually like reading. But Charlie Joe is determined to convince the entire camp to hate reading and writing, one genius at a time.

‫لمحة عن كتاب‬

ِ ‫الكل يف‬ ‫َيس أم َره‬ َّ ‫ يظ ُّن زين أ ّن‬:‫وأنا؟‬ َ ‫البيت ن‬ ِ ُ ‫ ف ُي‬،‫الجديد‬ ‫لفت األنْظا ِر إل ْي ِه بع َّد ِة‬ ِ ِ‫بسبب التّوأم‬ َ ‫حاول‬ ٌ ‫مشغول وال أح َد يراه‬ ‫الكل‬ َّ ‫ ولك َّن الظاهر أ َّن‬. ٍ‫طرق‬ ‫ ماذا سي ْف َع ُل ليجعلَه ْم يالحظون وجود ِه‬.‫أو يسم ُعه‬ ‫ويلعبو َن معه ؟‬ ‫ مايا فداوي‬:‫ رسوم‬- .‫ عبري بالن‬:‫نص‬

Find the 10 DifferenceS

‫ابحث عن الفروق العشرة‬

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