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NEWS Local News National News FEATURE Young Emirati Jalal Bin Thaneya tells us about his epic journey on foot from Abu Dhabi to Makkah SPORTS

STUFF FOR MEN A look at the most popular tablets on the market

What an exciting, hectic week it has been. Since the launch of The Source last Thursday things have been going from strength to strength and our days have been getting busier and busier. We were so happy to see our first issue literally flying off the stands and our distribution guys did their utmost to restock them as often as possible. It seems hard to believe but our second issue is here already and we hope you enjoy it as much as you did the first. Jalal Bin Thaneya features on our cover with his inspirational tale of walking from Abu Dhabi to Makkah in order to raise awareness for children with special needs. We take a look at the Irish capital of Dublin in celebration of Paddy’s Day this Saturday and discuss the pros and cons of the latest tablets on the market. The rules of accessorizing are clearly defined in our Urban Woman column while, in education, we delve into the breaking news of ADEC’s grading system. Emirati artist, Noor Al Suwaidi, chats to us about art and life in general and we take a quick look at the energetic sport of paintball. All this, as well as all the latest news and events happening around you. Once again, I urge you to get involved and submit your work, letters and recipes for showcasing on our interactive pages. Remember, you are the source! Happy reading! Hayley Skirka (Editor)

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MY CITY Paintball in the Garden City Advertising

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NEWS Abu Dhabi Adds More Parks The Abu Dhabi Municipality opened five brand new residential parks around the capital. A further 24 parks have been scheduled to open by the end of the year. The opening of the parks coincided with ‘Plantation Week’ in Abu Dhabi, an awareness campaign about green living, conservation and sustainability. The cost of developing the five parks totaled AED 21 million. The initiative behind developing these parks is to provide residents with a better quality of life while adorning the city with beautiful scenery. Rashid Al Falasi, the director of parks and recreation facilities at the municipality, commended the project, “We hope to see a very green Abu Dhabi in the future. These green areas beautify the city, are a benefit for visitors and tourists and are safe environments for kids to play”. This is an edited version of a story that originally appeared in The National newspaper on 7 March 2012. For the full version, please go to

The locations of the parks have been carefully selected benefitting the most densely populated areas. A huge 25,000 sq meter park has been built in Al Mushrif including a jogging track and a skateboarding area. According to Mr Falasi, the opening of more parks is just one of the many projects in the pipeline this year to give the city a “green lift”.

Operation Desert Cleanup Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, together with over 100 employees and students took part in a huge desert clean up last week under the guidance of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayhan, and supporting the initiative of H.H Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister for protecting the desert. The campaign was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Water in co-operation with the Municipality of Al Ain, Emirates Post Group Holding, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Al Ain Distribution Company.

Children have plenty to smile about

Dr. Rashid emphasized that the UAE deserts are an essential part of the area’s natural habitat and heritage. These ongoing awareness campaigns are crucial to make people aware that the deserts are a vital tool in the successful development of the country.

UAE Rides the Pink Caravan

Upcoming Fixtures

Riders will raise awareness of Breast Cancer as The Pink Caravan campaign gets set for its second year


Fifty health professionals from different medical institutes in the UAE are set to join the Pink Caravan; a team of medical experts, to travel across the country and spread awareness about breast cancer.

end of March. The aim of the campaign is to spread awareness among women about the disease and motivate them to carry out self-examinations and medical checkups on a regular basis.

The campaign; which is part of the Kashf program is an initiative of the Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) that began last year, and saw a huge contribution by medical professionals in diagnosing and treating patients.

The initiative aims to provide remote areas with mobile clinics fully equipped with the latest hi-tech equipment to assist in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

“We hope that the second round of our campaign will bear its fruits and rise to our aspirations of minimizing the number of cancer cases in the country as much as we can,” Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi, Head of the Pink Caravan’s Medical and Awareness Committee and FoCP Secretary General stated.

Etisalat Pro-League Al Ain VS Al Ahli Tahnon bin Mohamed Stadium (Al Qattara Stadium), Al Ain on 16 March, 2012 at 8:30 p.m. For fixtures and more information contact Al Ain club at 2012 London Games Qualifiers UAE Under-23 VS Uzbekistan Under-23 – The teams will play the final round on 14 March, 2012 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan at 5 p.m. (UAE time). For more information visit

Car Racing

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge - Qasr Al Sarab (Al Gharbia) will turn fast and furious during the 22nd Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge taking place in the capital from 30 March - 6 April, 2012. Entry is open until 13 March. For more information visit

Both Emirati and expatriate medical technicians will be seen riding horses and supporting the cause which starts at the



Strawberries growing in a greenhouse

It’s Fresher From Home Abu Dhabi simply doesn’t have enough arable land to produce the required agricultural produce. In order to overcome this problem, the Abu Dhabi Farmer’s Service Center (ADFSC) has initiated a campaign to promote greenhouses across farms in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. The Western region has 8500 farms and only 10 per cent of these have greenhouses where a cooling system has been fitted to control the inside temperature. Ahmad Omar Ali, Field Crops Assistant Unit Head (ADFSC), added “Approximately AED 20 000 has to be spent to install cooling fans inside a greenhouse”. The harvest season in the country is normally between midSeptember and early May. With temperature maintenance in the greenhouses, vegetables can also be grown off-season. The prices

of greenhouse off-season vegetables will be higher than imported vegetables. Ali mentioned that even though greenhouses help produce off-season vegetables; it is likely that the prices will still increase. A huge benefit of green house vegetables is that they are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Farmers use strictly controlled safe and permissible pesticides when growing crops inside the greenhouses. They are also closely monitored and assisted by the ADFSC. The sophisticated technology of greenhouses has already given UAE residents the benefit of buying fresh local produce all year round, and rolling them out across more farms will boost this even further.

Al Ain Back for a Second Time Coming back to the garden city for the 2nd time is Tedx Al Ain with this year’s theme being “discover your community ideas”. The goal of Tedx Al Ain is to provide a platform for people to share their innovative ideas with others who are equally passionate about making a difference in their community and beyond. It is to be held at the Al Ain Municipality Theatre on Saturday 14 April, between 10am and 5pm. Tedx shares the character of its parent organization TED, a non-profit organization created in the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”. It is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TEDlike experiences but at a local level. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, started as a four-day conference in California in 1984. It has since then matured to supporting world changing ideas and initiatives

across the globe. At TED, the world’s best minds come together to tell their tales in 18 short minutes. Tedx events are fully planned and coordinated independently on a community-by-community basis. Tedx Al Ain was founded by Sajjad Kamal in 2011. He told us, “When I left the Emirates to pursue higher education, I realised there weren’t many community activities going on in Al Ain. I was amazed by how common people could get together with one common purpose and make remarkable things happen.” Kamal recognises the huge potential in the city and aims to bring excitement and inspiration to the community via Tedx Al Ain. Speakers at the event come from all walks of life and will be sharing stories of their personal remarkable journeys. Adeeb Al Belooshi is the youngest speaker taking part, having been awarded the prestigious Emirates Young Scientist Award at only 8-years-old!

To get involved in Tedx Al Ain, register online at and for further information contact Sarah Fazal (PR Executive) on 050 5132108, email: Follow us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter -!/TEDxAlAin 6

GET IN TOUCH WITH WILDLIFE AND NATURE AT AL AIN ZOO. Discover wildlife and enjoy a great day-out packed with fun and adventure, and explore our large animal collection of over 4,300 animals. Al Ain Zoo is a true family destination, providing entertainment and learning experiences in a natural outdoor environment.

For opening times and special attractions call 800 AWPR (2977) or visit


WALKING FOR A CAUSE Jalal Bin Thaneya is a young Emirati who, in his short 25 years, has achieved some remarkable results. In January this year, he successfully completed the awe-inspiring task of walking from Abu Dhabi to the Sacred Masjid Al Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia in order to raise awareness of children with special needs. The subject of special needs is one which is often difficult to discuss and which is habitually brushed aside. Very often, those affected do not have a voice loud enough to be heard. Jalal Bin Thaneya believes that someone has to stand up and be a spokesperson for these people. Not just locally, but around the globe, mass ignorance marginalizes those with special needs. Acknowledging that changes are occurring Jalal insists that “We can’t expect our generous and kind rulers to do all the work for us; we also have to be citizens and help those who are in need.” His studies of people in ancient times, coupled with a healthy dose of curiosity, first moved the young Emirati to become involved with a special needs program.

The idea to walk to Makkah came to light in 2009 after completing a journey to the Empty Quarter and feeling a sense of “pureemptiness”. At this time, however, Jalal didn’t have the resources or the time to complete the mission as he was busy studying towards his degree in Human Resources. Last year, with his studies complete, the challenge was set for December and Jalal set off to be the first person in modern times to complete such an enduring trip. When he told people what he planned to do, Jalal faced many hesitations. “People said I would die and that it was too difficult. Many did not motivate me.” This lack of encouragement however, was rebuffed by his parents how showed him encouragement from the outset. His father believed in him without a single doubt and the rest of the family, were also supportive. Naturally, they had some reservations when it came to his security and safety on the open road but Jalal explained to them that sometimes “we have to risk our life, just a little bit, to experience it to the maximum.”

“We can’t expect our generous and kind rulers to do all the work for us; we also have to be citizens and help those who are in need.”

This inspiring 2000km journey is not the first time Jalal has put himself physically to the test. He walked across all seven Emirates in 2007, a year later he climbed the height of 100 skyscrapers in Dubai, starting with the grand Emirates Towers and in 2009 he crossed the Empty Quarter on foot. “Walking as a mode of travel is an ancient method,” says Jalal as his reasoning for choosing this particular activity. He continues, “Our body is a loan from Allah so ultimately we have to answer for what we do with our bodies.” Following this thought he aims to use his body to help the cause of people who may not have been blessed with such strong or physically able bodies.


Even before setting off on his journey, Jalal faced many hardships. He received no support from officials and government departments as they were simply uninterested in his campaign. Other people gave him inaccurate information in relation to border crossings and policies and this was an added hindrance to his otherwise already challenging feat. However, keeping his mind strong, Jalal urged himself “to not listen to what people have to say. If you let people’s criticism and words get to you, then you won’t make it through.”

FEATURE Jalal’s journey really helped to raise the profile of the Dubai Centre for Special Needs and they witnessed a huge boost in those offering to volunteer as well as an influx of donations. His purpose, in undertaking the walk, was to raise awareness and he hopes that every individual who reads his story will come forward to do his or her bit for children with special needs. It is Bin Thaneya’s vision that “people with special needs will be universally and unconditionally integrated into modern society.” His passion and belief in the cause is all too evident when he talks about how “these individuals have a lot to teach us ‘able’ people about courage, commitment and continuity. Their whole lives are a challenge hence why he set himself a personal challenge.

The journey posed many physical challenges for Jalal. His supplies were limited, he had to sleep less in order to keep moving, Food was rationed, “I ate when I had food, I didn’t always have food.” Simple tasks, like washing, became a challenge. This was hugely symbolic in that it reflected the challenges that people with special needs face on a daily basis. Thieves and criminals on the open, isolated roads were another worry that the young Emirati had to deal with as well as interference from the authorities. A few kilometers outside Riyadh, a Saudi police officer prohibited him from walking any further. It took mediation by the UAE embassy and the Saudi Acting Governor before he was able to recommence his trip. Despite these hardships, Jalal has many remarkable memories of his journey. Walking to such a sacred place brought a lot of personal reflection to his heart and soul. “Reaching Makkah I myself had a special need to Allah. I felt my existence on this earth for the first time in my life.” Crossing Saudi on foot also allowed him to see many interesting aspects that he would otherwise have never witnessed, such as the great train of Kharj, and gave him the opportunity to interact with the beautiful people of Saudi Arabia. “Personally, I have gone through a deep experience…no one can buy this from me. My reward is given by Allah to me; noone can take it as it is a unique gift from above.”

“We have to risk our life, just a little bit, to experience it to the maximum!” He encourages others to be innovative and to get involved with making changes in society. Fundamentally, he feels that people have similar worthwhile goals and objectives but that there are too many opportunities for ignorance and this is something that he hopes to help change through his dedication and hard work. Regardless of beliefs, religion, gender or nationality the beauty of humanity is often humility itself. Jalal Bin Thaneya’s accomplishments remind us how our forefathers once lived their lives at such a basic level. By pushing himself physically to the limit, he draws attention to his feat and to the purpose behind the expedition, bringing public attention and the media spotlight to an area of society that is all too often ignored.

A very special recognition gave Jalal a huge boost on day 28 of his expedition. His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, tweeted his support for Jalal’s cause. The tweet said “Proudly observing the young Emirati Jalal@binthaneya, who started a journey on foot to Mecca in support for people with special needs.” Upon returning to the Emirates, this time in the luxury of an airconditioned car, Jalal was glad to receive words of encouragement and congratulations from many. However, he was puzzled by the many people who appeared to be intimidated by his achievement. To those people, he says simply “I am only a reflection of what others are, not better or trying to be better.”


SPORTS UAE’s Splendid Victory in GCC Golf Championship The UAE defeats rulers Bahrain after 16 years on top. The UAE Golf Team swept to a magnificent victory in the 16th GCC Golf Championship defeating both Qatar and Bahrain at their home ground at Dubai Creek and Yacht Club. They had a final day gross of 229 to finish with an overall gross of 676, enough to beat Qatar, their nearest challengers, by 17 shots and to push Bahrain; a team who until now had won every championship since the competition began 16 years ago, to the third place. “The guys did well. They did what they had to do” commended UAE team coach, Chris Vallender. The Emirati team, which included Khalid Yousuf, Saeed Malik, Sohail Al Mazrouqi and Ahmed Al Musahrrekh demonstrated impressive performances both in the team and individual competitions, to secure their spot as the number one team in the Arab world.

Ahmed Al Musharrekh who supplied the team with convincing shots at each of the three rounds, also made the country proud by winning the individual championship with a 54-hole gross total of 218, defeating Bahrain’s Nasser Yaccob Saleh (224) and teammate Khalid Yousuf (225). Shiekh Fahim bin Sultan Qasimi, the chairman of the Emirates Golf Federation, commended the team’s effort in raising the standards of the sport throughout the country and described the result as “A fantastic victory.”

The national team, made up of part-time players, more than held their own under the guidance of their new coach in the thrilling 2-day series against Scotland. The team’s four wicket success on the first day of the series also served as a crushing end to Scotland’s 100 per cent record in the World Cricket League. Admittedly, on the second day of the series the Scots didn’t perform very well and their elementary errors opened the

Teams 676 UAE (226-221-229) 693 Qatar (240-228-225) 694 Bahrain (226-238-230)

door for their hosts to grab a second victory by a two-wicket margin. Scotland now sits behind both Ireland and UAE in the World Cricket League from which two teams will qualify for the 2015 World Cup. Swapnil Patil and Shaiman Anwar of the UAE team demonstrated a remarkable partnership during both the series. Aaqib Javed, the UAE coach believes that the landscape of the game in this country would be considerably altered if the national team makes it to the World Cup. But making it to the huge pavilion is only the icing on the cake. Before the team can enjoy any of that success, Javed plans to focus solely on the hard, physical training of his players. “They are going to hate me”, he laughed while talking about his future fitness plans for the tea. The team now has three months before their next test in the Netherlands. This is an edited version of a story that originally appeared in The National newspaper on 9 March 2012. For the full version, please go to


(Photo Courtesy of Emirates Golf Federation)

This is an edited version of a story that originally appeared in The National newspaper on 8 March 2012. For the full version, please go to

Final Results of GCC Golf Championship

UAE defeat the Scots in World Cricket League The UAE’s new cricket coach, Aaqib Javed, has proved his mettle once more after a successful win against Scotland at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium last Friday.

The winning UAE team with EGF & GCC officials at the event’s prize presentation

Top Individuals 1. Ahmed Al Musharrekh (UAE) 70-71-77218 2. Nasser Yacoub Saleh (BAH) 70-80-74224 3. Khalid Yousuf (UAE) 76-72-77-225

Making a Splash in the Race to the Olypmics Dubai based swimmer, Velimir Stjepanovic, has qualified for the 2012 London Olympics Born and raised in the UAE, 18 year-old Serbian swimmer Velimir Stjepanovic, is the latest entrant to the London Olympics 2012 as part of the UAE’s team. The Abu-Dhabi born and Dubai based athlete recorded the fastest time,1 minute, 56.18 seconds, in the world this year in the 200-meters butterfly heat, where he competed alongside world champions and the world record holder. The Olympic qualifying standard for the event was set at 1minute, 56.85 seconds and Stjepanovic was more than a half a second inside it. “I looked at the scoreboard, and managed to see my time but it did take me a while to realize. It was a very nice feeling,” stated the swimmer.

STUFF for men To Tab or not to Tab By Alex Hennawi

With the new iPad about to hit the UAE market my money wasting habits are rising to the surface again. I can picture myself sneaking downstairs while the family are counting sheep, breaking into my wife’s wallet and sneaking out to the mall. Alas, she bought a safe, and I made a promise to curb my old ways. So, here I am offering my advice to those still in got-to-get-it-gadget denial mode. The tablet battle comes down to one issue for a guy like me; the platform’s software and the apps it runs. The big three are Apples’ iOS, Google’s Android and Blackberry’s QNX based OS. Let me make it easy, I’ll eliminate one right here, right now. Blackberry is a no go area for me. It is just not supported by enough apps for you to truly get enough use out of the thing. ‘Nuff’ said! I own an iPad and, while I love the design and iOS platform, there are things that I

don’t like about using it. First, you have very little control over the environment and the customization of the devise. It seems to be that it’s the Appleway or the highway. Secondly, in order to use the devise you have to use iTunes.  I hate iTunes (man, it feels good to finally say it!). I hate having to be tied into a bit of software in order to transfer songs, files, and apps. I am a plug and play, drag and drop kind of guy. I hate commitment, and being married to iTunes is a commitment of epic proportion. By now most of you techies out there will say ‘Yes, all this is true but you can jailbreak your iPad.’ Everyone is doing it. Granted but doing so voids your warranty and why should I have to crack the software just to get the thing to do what I really want it to? The solution, other than having some shady dude downtown installing cracked software onto your 3500 AED iPad is to look at any tablet running Google’s Android. Android is open-sourced, allowing for

a community of developers to work on improvements at will. This allows for full customization of your devise. You are not tied into any cumbersome software either. There are plenty of apps available too. Almost every app created for apple has an android counterpart. Nowadays, so many tablets run Android that there is a tablet for every budget. The best, in my opinion, is Samsung. Still not convinced? Here are a few facts. Android Smartphones outsell all others, with Samsung alone outselling Apple. In Dec 2011, Google reported that they were activating a whopping 700,000 Android devises per day. Hey, you can never really go wrong with the iPad’s superb quality, design and choice of apps. That being said, if you happen to be on a budget or appreciate the freedom to truly make your tablet reflect the way you use it, then a quality Android tablet is worth a peek. It’s easy to be tempted by the shiny Apple, but it’s not a bad idea to try some fruit from the Orient either. 11


Reiki - It’s All In the Hands By Bob Studholme

Reiki is a Japanese stress reducing technique, channeled through human hands and promoting healing through mere touch. Ask some and they’ll say it’s the action of human produced electromagnetic fields causing subtle changes in bodies and promoting feelings of wellness. Ask others and they’ll say it’s nothing but the placebo effect. Reiki is a mystery to most people who’ve tried it and even to some who practice it. Most do agree about the things that happen in a treatment. Often, but not always, they feel heat from the hands of the practitioner when they are placed on one of the positions corresponding to either major chakras or major internal organs. Sometimes they see vivid colors dancing behind their closed eyes. Occasionally, they find themselves sneezing, laughing or crying.

Quite often, they end a session feeling relaxed, comfortable and more upbeat. Occasionally, they report miraculous improvements in medical conditions. Why this happens? Well, the human body, containing blood (salty water with iron dissolved in it) can’t help be influenced by electromagnetic energy. There are studies suggesting that humans can learn to generate powerful magnetic fields. Perhaps the field a practitioner generates influences the field of their client and corrects imbalances. Or perhaps it’s just pure energy. To find out, you would need to test it yourself. If you are interested in Reiki, Terrie Parkman is a Reiki Master who can teach or treat. She can be contacted on 050 670 1742. such a highly practiced physical activity. If you prefer group activities, you may not think walking is right for you. However, the Hash House Harriers, a well-known walking group in Al Ain, can help you overcome this isolation by providing a fun and sociable group to walk with.

The Wonders of Walking

Walking just 30 minutes a day can add 1.3 years to your life span. It’s a highly effective physical activity that can; • reduce the risk of breast cancer • reduce the risk of type2 diabetes • strengthen the heart • improve your mood • maintain ideal blood pressure • trim the waistline

With spring in full bloom, now is the perfect time to get out there and take advantage of the beautiful weather whilst revamping your exercise schedule. For many of us, working 9 to 5 jobs, the last thing we want at the end of a long day is to have to contend with a hard slog at the gym. A refreshing, brisk walk in the open air on the other hand holds a lot more appeal.

Gearing Up Walking is a fairly inexpensive workout. All you need is: • a good pair of athletic shoes • a bottle of water to keep you hydrated • a personal mp3/music player to keep you company if you’re walking alone

Shocking health statistics in the UAE show that 20 per cent of the population is battling obesity, 19.5 per cent are prone to diabetes and the remaining are susceptible to various other ailments. With these devastating statistics in mind, you really need to get yourself out there and get exercising.

Walking paths in Al Ain Al Ain offers many beautiful places perfectly suited for an evening walk. Some of our favorites are; • Al Ain Corniche, between the Danat Al Ain Resort Roundabout and the Hilton Hotel Roundabout • Jebel Hafeet • Jahili Park • Palm Sports Resort

Walking is a gentle form of exercise which has no restrictions when it comes to time or place. Thus, it is no wonder why it is 12


Accessorize in Style By Layla Haroon

Fashion doesn’t only mean clothing. From costume jewelry, handmade purses, elegant scarves and vintage hats to tattoos or stylish platform pumps, accessories add a bit of intrigue to an outfit and turn the heads of savvy onlookers. Accessorizing an outfit can bring a rich flavor to an outfit, much as a drizzle of caramel sauce can add that delicious finish to a dessert. An outfit is far from complete without the right accessories; and they can be a delightful way to reflect the personality of the wearer. However, like any other composition of visual elements, accessorizing an outfit is an art that demands balance and harmony along the lines of theme and style. “Accessories should complement, not compete with, the outfit,” says Summayah Al Suwaidi, Founder and Managing Director of Grafika Boutique – one of the most followed and famous boutiques in the capital. “The golden rule in accessorizing: Don’t overdo it.” So, what should you look out for when selecting accessories for an outfit? Al Suwaidi responds, “With simple clothing, bold accessories in contrasting colors make a strong style statement. Whereas, a high necked dress complements well with subtle earrings, rings and cuffs. A plain black abaya with a long necklace, and scarlet scarf tied on the shoulder bag would look elegant and appealing. A low cut neck line with a short necklace, matching earrings, rings and a watch will do.”




Many women tend to either over or under accessorize. Al Suwaidi explains, “It is very rare to find women who can really make the right choice for the extras.” As for what’s in trend at the moment? “Stone studs and leather accessories have been the talk of the town lately,” says Al Suwaidi. “There are some classic versions of accessories that never go out of style.” Grafika Gifts houses accessory brands such as Ennz, Sonar, Mehroze Gul, Isharya, La Mer, Goodworks, Kahramana and Sue Tyson and you can shop online at

Advertise here 13

On the Right Course Emirati artist Noor Al Suwaidi talks to us about art, exhibitions, life, luck and seagulls! I should have known from the outset that my interview with Noor Al Suwaidi was going to be an interesting one.

looking, taking things in and not touching displays and would be a great way to ease them into the art world.” It’s certainly a valid point.

“Are you blonde?” she asks, calling me on my mobile. I wonder how she could possibly know this as; up to this point, we’ve only exchanged emails.

Another problem facing the visual arts world is how much is too much? Noor explains, “The art scene, in any country, has those who go there for the social aspect of it, those who are really trying to learn about it and those who know a whole lot about it. Finding the balance between giving the experts a new experience while not scaring off those who are just beginning is tricky.” This is a balance she has had to try and find after choosing to continue her studies and become a curator. In 2010 she coordinated the exhibition ‘Experiment’ at Maraya Art Center in Sharjah which showcased the works of five young Emirati artists. She wanted to be able to help, to mentor and to support artists in her home country as she remembers the feeling of isolation that she herself had with nobody to guide her.

“Yes...” I tentatively reply. “I’m coming now.” is her reply before the phone sharply disconnects. A few moments later, a bubbly young woman appears in front of me, greeting me warmly with a wave and a wide grin on her face. Settling down to a coffee and a spot of lunch it feels strangely like catching up with an old friend. Noor Al Suwaidi was born in 1981, to an Emirati father and an English mother. She fell in love with the arts from a young age and decided to study visual communications at the American University in Sharjah. After the sad death of her father, she had to drop out of her course as she could no longer afford to pay the school fees. Luckily for Noor, her artistic ability proved enough to land her a scholarship to study Studio Art at The American University in Washington DC. “When I came back from the states, I told people ‘I’m an artist’” says Noor. The reaction she got wasn’t quite what she had expected and the looks of confusion and bewilderment as people wondered why on earth she had gone all the way to the states to study art, rather than science or banking, aren’t something she remembers fondly. Even today, the art scene in the Emirates, and more specifically Abu Dhabi, is lacking. “Are the events really appealing to the current audience in the Capital” queries Noor. “Part of the problem is that people are just not used to attending visual art events”. Offering a solution she questions, “Why not have an exhibition aimed at guys all about F1 cars? Because guys love cars and they’ll go to anything about them. For kids, something to do with popular television characters would catch and hold their interest. This would get them used to exhibitions, to the idea of 14

DREAMS FALLS - Acrylic on canvas

Noor is a great believer in opportunity and being in the right place at the right time. She recalls, with a smile, a few years ago when she was leaving Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi and heard her phone beep. “I took it from my bag and, right at that exact moment, a seagull flew down and pooped on the screen! Can you believe it?! Anyway, when I finally read the text it was from Juan Carlos [her curator in the UK] telling me we’d just secured prime studio space, at a knockdown price, in the heart of London.” The age old theory, that the random chance of a bird pooping on you is good luck, certainly rang true in this situation. As part of a leadership course, Noor spent four days in Beirut and another four in London. “I learned so much about myself from that course” says Noor. Grabbing some plastic cups from a nearby table she proceeds to show me how they explained life goals to her group. “This is the starting point,” she says, placing one cup at the edge of the table, “and this is your goal”, putting the other at the opposite end. “In between are lots of sirens”, she continues, placing a knife and a napkin in the space between the cups. “The

Noor Al Suwaidi’s artistic dreams are really taking off

idea is that these ‘sirens’ are distracting you from your goal.” It’s a very simple but highly effective analogy and it wasn’t until Noor saw it that she realized if she truly wanted to be an artist she had to move away from the sirens and get back on track. Until that point, “I wasn’t lost but was I ever really found?” she wonders aloud. Life is a challenge, a risk and a game and this is something Noor knows all too well. Her leadership course also taught her the importance of having support and a mentor. “I always keep that one person who’ll question me and then I go back and I answer those questions” she says. Her friends offer her support and help keep her grounded. A few years ago, shortly after she’d joined Dubai Holdings simply as a way to make ends meet, Noor had a dream. “I dreamt I was in a building, a palace of sorts and maybe owned by a Sheikh. In the building were rows upon rows of paintings that I had to sort out.” She told her best friend about the dream and it was she who reminded her of it, many years later, when she had finally reached success both as an artist and a curator. “My friend mentioned it one day when we were having lunch at Friday’s on Sheikh Zayed Road. She told me at the time she thought ‘that girl is a nutter’ as I’d only just joined the clutches of the corporate world but I always believed it would happen.” Recently, Noor’s professional life has been spiraling out of control. “2011 has been manic” she says with a huge smile on her face. And it looks like things are not going to calm down anytime soon. Her upcoming exhibition, a sequel to the popular Method to the Madness is keeping her busy as is her attendance on the panel at Art in Dubai at Shelter on March 29th. Finally, her upcoming residency in upstate New York is sure to keep the lovely Noor Al Suwaidi on track to reaching her life goals as she heads off to create a few more of her colorful, coveted masterpieces.

Noor Al Suwaidi’s studio – Where the magic happens


The Irtiqaa Program - A Visionary Approach to Assessing Public & Private Schools Parents believe that schooling is a highway to a brighter future for their children. Selecting a school that offers the best outcomes is a daunting and complex task. The natural assumption is that parents tend to select a school that has the best academic record. However, school is not a one-dimensional activity and the recent policy debate in the UK suggests that broader considerations of students’ wellbeing have begun taking place. Parents are beginning to concern themselves with other factors related to education such as student happiness, quality of teaching and overall enjoyment with learning environments.

Emiratis have been selected to be part of the training program to inspect schools.

Parents concerns about selecting the best possible school, at an affordable cost, are universal. Recently, a major debate in America focused on improving the quality of education, the increasing and finding various methods of making schools more competitive. Here, in the UAE there is a huge selection of private and public schools offering varied curriculums and teaching styles. Until now, choosing where to send your children was a choice you had to make relying on word of mouth, reputation and academic results. This meant there was no information on other aspects such as student happiness, styles of learning, classroom displays and extra-curricular activities. In order to combat this, the Abu Dhabi Emirate has introduced Irtiqaa, a brand-new grading system, designed to give detailed insight on all public and private schools in the region.

• • • • • • • •

Ms Mariam Saqer, the inspection program manager at ADEC, heaped praise on the new program, “The idea is to enable schools to judge the quality of their provision and services.” The new grading system will give parents the information needed to make more informed choices when it comes to their child’s education. Before the Irtiqaa program, evaluations were conducted by Tribal, an international inspections organization. All schools working within the Public Private Partnership (PPP) umbrella went through an evaluation or a review program. Schools were monitored and assessed based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that were established based on the PPP project. The Irtiqaa program is a comprehensive national education assessment program to assure the quality of education, improve the performance of both public and private schools and promote healthy competition among them. Salem Al Sayari, ADECs Executive Director of Support Services, further added, “This initiative is designed to identify quality levels of school performance, provide necessary support in order to achieve the highest standards, encourage the implementation of best practice in education and exchange professional expertise”. ADEC has been working on the Irtiqaa program since 2008 with Tribal. It is designed specifically to standardize the evaluation process and ensure that all schools are meeting international standards. Furthermore, in addition to a team of international experts 20


ADEC has already launched a pilot phase of the Irtiqaa program familiarizing the principals through a series of workshops. Five out of the total twelve state schools selected are based in Al Ain. The inspections will commence at the beginning of the 2012/2013 academic year, and for the first time ever, the results will be made public. Under the new quality-control program the schools will be judged on eight varying criteria: The academic progress of students Students personal development How well the curriculum meets the needs of the students The qualities of teachers and their teaching methodology The quality of facilities Student support through guidance and care Resources that facilitate learning Effective school leadership and management

Once the schools have been assessed they will be placed in one of eight categories ranging from excellent to poor, and they will be banded into A (high performing), B (secure) or C (in need of significant improvement).

The Benefits of the Irtiqaa program Parents will have knowledge of the quality of each school and what they provide. They will be assured that their children will be provided with top quality education that meets the highest international standards. The program helps schools identify strength and areas of improvement. Mariam Al Saqer also mentioned that the Irtiqaa program will provide a report for the schools for an improvement plan as well as follow-up and monitoring. Both parents and school managements have welcomed the Irtiqaa program. Poor performing schools will now be held accountable for their standards while the top performing schools will be presented with the Irqaa Award. This entitles them to special privileges and allows them to apply for accreditation. With ADECs vision of providing a world class education system to produce world class learners, the Irtiqaa program compliments the system that all learners can reach their full potential and are prepared to meet global challenges.


2012 Chemistry Olympiad – Abu Dhabi students compete worldwide with French students Seven voluntary students studying in Abu Dhabi participated in the 2012 Chemistry Olympiad last week, the first time students from this region have taken part. This annual prestigious event takes place in all French schools throughout France and Worldwide. The four participating Grade 12 students study at the French school, Lycẻe Louis Massignon, and the three Grade 12 Emirati students study at the Al Itihad Model School, which follows a customized Lycẻe Louis le Grand (LLG) French curriculum. The aim of the Olympiad is to develop and engage students’ interest in the fields of science and chemistry. Special emphasis is placed on major technical inputs, risks, safety of devices and products and their impact on the environment. Teachers from the LLG project prepared the students by holding correction sessions, three conferences and a quiz. These sessions

were centered on a subject highly relevant in the UAE, “Chemistry and Water” which included topics such as desalination of water, water pollution and water saving techniques. The examinations were an intensive process comprising of a quiz and a series of practical experiments that were carried out individually. The top two performing students will go to Paris to compete in the finals against the best 38 French students in the national contest taking place at the French Louis le Grand School in Paris. The prizes for the finalists are quite impressive. The two finalists will walk away with prize money, vouchers, computers, a medal of appreciation and a diploma. The top three finalists will be awarded a diploma to study at the French Academy of Sciences. 17



Game Organizers

Taste of Dubai 2012

Al Ain Mall hosts balloon twisters, roaming characters and magicians during the weekends between 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. For more information contact the Mall Management at 03 7660 333

Dubai Media City Amphitheatre is hosting one of the best culinary events of the year. This three day festival taking place from 15-17 March, 2012 is bringing together the city’s highly acclaimed restaurants, prestigious celebrity chefs, premium beverage brands and incredible international entertainment. Buy tickets online. For more information contact the management at 050 734 1277 or visit



The 2nd annual Little Prince and Princess Ball

UAE National Symphony Orchestra’s Inaugural Concert

Al Ain Equestrian Grandstand at Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting and Golf Club will be hosting a family event, with craft tables, bouncy castle, real-life fairytale characters and a buffet dinner for both children and adults. Tickets are available at Sunflower School during school hours. For more information contact Lisa at 050 619 0866



paddy’s day

Tour of Asia

Horse and Jockey at Danat Hotel, Al Ain, will turn into an Irish themed restaurant to celebrate Paddy's Day from 3 p.m. onwards. Enjoy a range of entertainment including a live band and tuck into some traditional Irish food and drinks for AED 99. There will also be a raffle with fabulous prizes in store. For more information contact the pub at 03 704 6143

Ayla Hotel’s all-day dining restaurant is serving Asian cuisine on Saturdays between 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. You can enjoy eating Chinese, Malaysian, Thai and Filipino cuisine for AED 88 per person. For more information contact the hotel at 03 7610 111




Abu Dhabi Festival 2012 Connecting Cultures

The Wok at Danat Hotel, Al Ain is providing guests with a special Mother’s Day early dinner with a set menu for AED 119 per adult and AED 65 per child. The dinner will be served from 5 p.m. Mothers will also walk away with a complimentary home-made cake. For further information contact the restaurant 03 7046143


“A Night at the Movies” - National Theatre, Abu Dhabi will set the theatre ablaze with the UAE National Symphony Orchestra performing on 16 March, 2012. Ladies only Matinee Performance at 5 p.m. and an Open performance for all at 8 p.m. Dress Code: National dress or Lounge suit. For more information contact the theatre at 02 621 5300

Emirates Palace Auditorium (Abu Dhabi) is hosting the concert “Traveller” by Anushka Shankar at 8 p.m. The concert is open to 8+ audiences. Dress Code: National dress or Lounge suit. For more information contact the auditorium at 02 690 9000



A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Russell Peters Notorious World Tour

Abu Dhabi National Theatre will showcase one of Shakespeare’s most magical and enchanting plays in a unique youth friendly way from 20-21 March, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. With a cast of mortals, mythical and fairies and a dose of dazzling poetry and sparkling comedy, the play is sure to cast a spell on the students of the UAE. For more information visit

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), Sheikh Rashid Hall the Indo-Canadian stand-up comedian is set to tickle some funny bones in Dubai with his popular comedy show. Doors open at 8 p.m. and show starts at 9 p.m. Buy tickets online or at the entrance. For more information contact the DWTC at 04 427 8166 or visit



Arabic Mother’s Day

Arts Dubai 2012

Zest at Al Ain Rotana Hotel is giving you the chance to show your mother how much you care and invite her to a spectacular dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day from 6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Mum eats for free when you book for 4 or more. For more information contact Zest at 03 754 5111 or

these movie listings are valid from thursday to wednesday of each week.

Madinat Arena, Madinat Jumeirah will host the sixth edition of the arts fair from 21-24 March, 2012. Art Dubai is a part of Art Week 2012, an umbrella program featuring Sikka, Design Days Dubai, apart from a multitude of art and design exhibitions, projects, and major museum shows. For more information on time listing contact Madinat Arena at 04 384 2000 or visit

Grand Bawadi Bawadi Mall, Al Ain Tel: +971 3 784 0300

Grand Al Ain Cineplex Al Ain Mall, Al Ain Tel: +971 3 751 1228

1. DEVIL’S DOUBLE: 110:30, 12:45, 15:00, 17:15, 19:30, 21:45, 23:59 2. JOHN CARTER 3D: 11:00, 13:30, 16:00, 18:30, 21:15, 23:59 3. THE LORAX 3D: 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30 3. THE LORAX 3D: 20:00, 23:00 4. PROJECT X: 10:50, 13:00, 17:20, 21:40, 23:50 4. THE ARTIST: 15:10, 19:30 5. 5 DAYS OF WAR: 10:30, 12:45, 15:00, 17:15 5. TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL: 19:30, 21:45, 23:59 6. MIRROR MIRROR: 11:00, 13:10, 15:20, 17:30, 19:40, 21:50, 23:59 7. THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 7. MAIN STREET: 20:00, 22:00, 23:59 8: X-LARGE (Arabic): 11:00, 13:30, 16:00, 18:30, 21:00, 21:00, 23:30

1. DEVIL’S DOUBLE: 10:30, 12:45, 15:00, 17:15, 19:30, 21:45, 23:59 2. MIRROR MIRROR: 11:00, 13:10, 15:20, 17:30, 19:40, 21:50, 23:59 3. JOHN CARTER 3D: 11:00, 13:30, 16:00, 18:30, 21:15, 23:59 4. PROJECT X: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 19:45 4. X-LARGE (Arabic): 21:30, 23:59

Grand Rotana, Rotana Hotel, Zayed Ibn Sultan St., Al Ain Tel: +971 3 754 4447

1. DEVIL’S DOUBLE: 10:30, 12:45, 15:00, 17:15, 19:30, 21:45, 23:59 2. MIRROR MIRROR: 11:00, 13:10, 15:20, 17:30, 19:40, 21:50, 23:59 3. JOHN CARTER 3D: 11:00, 13:30, 16:00, 18:30, 21:15, 23:59 4. PROJECT X: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 19:45 4. X-LARGE (Arabic): 21:30, 23:59 19

FROM OUR READERS Mighty Michigan BBQ Chicken My name is Iman Khalid, I’m a 30-year-old teacher and hail from the state of Michigan in the US. I’ve been living in Al Ain for the past three years and I love being here but sometimes I do miss the BBQ feasts we have back home, especially the mouth-watering BBQ sauce that accompanies them. Read on to discover how to give your spring BBQ a Michigan twist…

Ingredients Marinade

Chicken: 8 pieces without skin Salt (to taste) 1 tsp of ginger 1 tsp of garlic paste Cooking spray (for boiler or BBQ rack) 1 tbsp cooking oil Put the chicken pieces in a bowl, add salt, ginger, garlic paste and oil and marinade for 30 minutes.

Sauce 1 bottle of regular BBQ sauce 1 cup honey 1 half a lemon ½ tsp maple syrup Salt and pepper to taste


Method Pour the BBQ sauce in a pan and heat on a medium setting for two minutes. Stir the sauce, add the honey, salt and pepper and stir again. Take the ½ lemon and squeeze into the sauce. Stir some more. Continue to simmer until the sauce thickens then remove it from the pan. Preheat BBQ stove. Apply cooking spray to the BBQ rack then place the pre-marinated chicken pieces on top and place the rack on the BBQ stove. Cook until the chicken has no signs of pinkness, clear juices and flakes easily when tested with a fork or use a thermometer to check the temperature is around 185 degrees. Now serve the BBQ chicken, smothered in the delicious BBQ sauce for a feast for all the family.


I’m looking for a volunteering opportunity for my son. He is interested in working with children with special needs. Is there one in Al Ain? Al Ain Private Center for Care and Rehabilitation is located on Diwan Street in the Al Muwaiji district in Al Ain. The center offers residents the opportunity to work with special needs children in Al Ain. To apply as a volunteer, you have to personally visit the center. You must meet certain requirements with regards to volunteer

age, educational and medical backgrounds. The center can provide you with further information on this. For more details contact the Al Ain Private Center for Care and Rehabilitation on 03 767 5965 or 03 767 6622 or visit their website at


Save Energy! SaveCash!

Conserving energy is something that is barely given a second thought. Did you know that the UAE has one of the highest rates of commercial energy consumption in the world? So, let’s make an effort to become better citizens of the Earth and preserve our environment. Here are a few handy tips for a healthy lifestyle and a cleaner environment. Before you travel, unplug all electrical appliances. They still consume energy even if they are switched off. Make sure that before you start the dishwasher and washing machine you have a full load. It is more energy and water efficient.

Keep the lights off! Open your curtains, and enjoy the sunlight. Replace your light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs. They use less energy and last 10 times longer. The next time you buy an appliance for your home or office look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo. They are more energy efficient, cost less and help reduce the carbon footprint. Finally, in the summer, clean the dirt in your air conditioner vents and air filter. The air flow is better and the unit will work more effectively.
























































7:59 21


Happy Employees Equals Great Work In the current climate of tight budgets, lay-offs and pay cuts, staff morale is at an all-time low. Employees seem less enthusiastic and the new buzz word around the office is “recession”. It makes sense that a motivated workforce equals a happy work environment, which in turn leads to higher productivity. The biggest challenge is how keeping your staff motivated when your company can’t afford to give them a raise? As a manager or supervisor you are faced with the monumental task of finding creative ways to keep your staff encouraged and motivated.

Recognize the efforts of your employees and remind them that their hard work matters. Praise their good performance by personally thanking them, or send them a ‘thank you’ email or card. If the company budget can afford it then provide them with incentives. To motivate your employees you could ask them directly what they would like. These could be gift vouchers, iPads or weekend getaways. You can also create a bulletin board or monthly newsletter with upto-date information and recognition.

Here are a few ways to motivate your team and keep everyone on form:

Develop positive attitudes Change the pace of the working environment. Find people that you think employees will find interesting and get them to come and deliver a motivating or informative speech. Subjects could range from investing and personal finance, stress management, to keeping motivated at work or even improving relationships. Provide employees with the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops. Ask them to do a presentation sharing what they’ve learned with the rest of the team.

Get to know your employees Employees always appreciate you showing an interest. Try and find out some personal information about each of them like their family set-up, their favorite pastimes and hobbies and what they enjoy doing at the weekends. Organize a company ‘family day’, somewhere away from the office where you can get to know your employee’s families and vice versa.

Flexible hours Build trust with your employees. If their presence is not required in the office allow them the opportunity to work from home. Some employees will take a few hours off for non-work related activities. This won’t shorten their hours but they will pay back the favor by working extra hours. Flexible hours encourage employee loyalty and higher productivity.

Invest in your employees’ future Employees want to be recognized as individuals. They need to be shown appreciation and given opportunities to grow. Invest in their future by sending them on regular and effective training courses. It keeps your employees’ skills up-to-date and it shows them that management is taking an interest in how well they are performing.

Brighten up the work environment Provide your team with a clean, safe and comfortable working environment. A dull, dreary office can cause lack of motivation. Brighten up the workspace by painting in calm, soothing colors, investing in some tasteful artwork and adding some plants around the office.

As a good manager you will realize that people are not all the same. Each individual responds differently to different things. Thus, one method will not fit all. This is where being creative helps, as you’ll really benefit from coming up with multiple management approaches and incentives throughout the year.

Don’t close doors Try open-book management strategies. Encourage your employees to share their ideas and opinions. Allow them to make certain decisions autonomously that are within their field of expertise. Listen to the difficulties they are encountering and provide constructive feedback. Empower them with meaningful information so that their contribution can be of a vital influence to the collective success of the company. Celebrate special events A fun way to keep things light in the office is to celebrate special events. These could be birthdays, weddings, births or achievements. Get creative and design light-hearted awards that recognize something unique to the individual. It could be ‘The Best Joke Teller’ or ‘The Best Coffee Maker’ and then present it to them over a staff breakfast. Reward and recognize your employees for jobs well done 22

Dress code Think back to the non-school uniform days that you may have had when you were younger and the excitement these days caused. Continuing along the same lines, adopt a dress down Thursday. Every Thursday employees come to work in casual attire instead of the usual business dress. This provides a relaxed working environment marking the beginning of the weekend and a day away from the norm. Dress down Thursdays can also be an opportunity for a company-wide fund-raiser bringing together employees for a good cause. Have fun Employees from different departments tend to not get along with one another as well as they could. Team building, between departments, provides a great opportunity for different teams to get to know one another and build a deeper, better connected workforce. The lessons learned and the experiences shared on these days can create a real sense of team spirit in the workplace.


The famous Ha’Penny Bridge looks stunning at night

Celebrating Paddy’s Day in Dublin’s Fair City AS PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD JOIN THE FUN ON PADDY’S DAY WE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT IRELAND’S CAPITAL CITY March 17th sees the Irish celebration of Paddy’s Day. Originally coined a feast day in the early seventeenth century, it has evolved to become a celebration of all things Irish and is now celebrated in towns and cities all over the globe. However, it is fair to say that nowhere can quite match the festivities, excitement and atmosphere of Paddy’s day in Ireland. With this in mind, we take a look at Dublin, the Emerald Isle’s bustling capital city. Arriving into Dublin airport you may not instantly fall in love with what awaits you. A grey sky, pattering rain and some straight talking locals probably don’t feature in your impression of a perfect getaway. Give it a few hours however and I guarantee you will be as much in love with this charismatic city as those plain-spoken ‘Dubs’.

Kilmainham Gaol is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Ireland


Dublin is a sightseeing haven. Trinity College sits proudly at the top of College Green in the heart of the city. An architectural masterpiece surrounded by beautifully kept Georgian gardens; it is one of the most delightful spots in the capital. Not far from here, stands the infamous ‘Molly Malone’ statue, the heroine of the city’s unofficial anthem “cockles and mussels”. Kilmainham Gaol is one of Europe’s oldest unoccupied prisons and the central focus of some of Ireland’s most heroic and tragic events. Built in 1796, the building was operational as a prison for over 120 years and

now serves as a museum. It is spookily known as one of the most haunted spots in Ireland. Be warned - ghosts of former inmates and warders are said to haunt the grounds of the vast, eerie building. The Leprechaun Museum, situated in the heart of the city, opens up a magical world of fascinating folklore depicting tales of those infamous, mythical Irish creatures. The River Liffey flows through the city, creating a physical divide between the North and South sides. The famous Ha’penny Bridge, a popular tourist spot, connects the two sides of the city. On the banks of the south side is an area known as Temple Bar. Hugely popular with backpackers and tourists, this area is promoted as Dublin’s cultural quarter and is home to The Irish Film Institute, The Irish Photography Society and Temple Bar Gallery. After dark, the area comes alive with nightlife as tourists descend upon the pretty cobbled streets in their droves. For outdoor activities, Phoenix Park is one of the world’s largest parks and features an incredible zoo dating back to the 1830’s, beautiful lakes, sports grounds, ancient stones and monuments. It’s a great place for a picnic if you happen to get lucky and be in Dublin when the sun is shining. When it comes to shopping, Dublin has many shopping streets full of high street names, designers and smaller boutique stores. Avoca, is an Irish family run store selling unique, unusual clothes and gifts and is one of the world’s oldest surviving manufacturing companies. If the weather is bad, Dundrum Town Centre is indoors and is one of the largest malls in Europe with plenty of choice as well as some delightful eateries. The common denominator on a visit to Dublin has to be the friendliness of the people. Laid-back, jovial, witty and sociable, Ireland’s young vibrant population are sure to make you feel welcome. The older generation will be happy to tell you stories of days gone by or entertain you with a traditional tune on their fiddle while elderly Irish ‘mammies’ will bestow more food and tea upon you than you could ever hope to give a home to!


Gunning for fun at Al Ain Paintball Club Instead of playing “Greg Hastings Paintball 2” on your Xbox 360, why not get out there and experience some real life paintball? Al Ain has the only covered paintball fields in the UAE, making it the coolest place to wage a war with your friends. Located in Al Ain Sportsplex, on the outskirts of the city, Al Ain Paintball is now in its third year and continues to attract fans from all over the Emirates. With one of the biggest fields in the country, accommodating almost 100 players, it is an excellent choice for corporate groups and larger parties who want to fully enjoy the 3/4/2012 9:33:54 AM adrenalinThe rush of a paintball battle.

Asides from the outdoor paintball field, the club also offers indoor and outdoor speedball fields for some fast, fun-filled, firing action. Open weekdays from 2 p.m. – 10 p.m. and weekends from 2 p.m. – 11 p.m. the club offers many different packages to suit your budget. A fantastic place to spend the day, Al Ain paintball club also offers a huge family sitting area for BBQ’s, camping, birthday parties and corporate events. For further information call 050 773 2818 or visit www.









Be one with your tires, and the road will be one with you. HANKOOK. Driving Emotion

Al Ain Service Center Sanaiya Main Road P.O. Box 243468

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Have a story? We’re waiting to hear from you... Call us at: 03-7668118 Email: Webpage:










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