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THESOUNDINGBOARD Volume 60, Issue No. 8

October 28, 2013

Grace College, Winona Lake, IN

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Hold On to Your Hats: A Tale of Love at Grace College Emily Koontz Contributing Writer

Here at Grace, there is always a lot of talk about relationships. You know: the guy/girl kind. We joke about them, we have traditions surrounding them, sometimes we even complain about them. For as much as we joke, it’s not always a bad thing. Some people really do find their soul mate here at Grace. This is the story of one particular Grace College relationship that is very close to my heart. Picture it: Welcome Weekend at Grace in 1955. It all started with a beanie, or rather, a tradition that required all freshmen to wear beanies around campus. These beanies were to be worn until Thanksgiving unless the freshmen could beat the sophomore class in the annual flag football game called the Beanie Bowl (side-note: I think the class of 2018 would look great in beanies *hint hint*).

Among the 46 new freshmen were Ken and Janice. Ken was a Winona Lake native who had just graduated from Warsaw High School. Janice was a farm girl from Pennsylvania. As Janice and Ken were purchasing their beanies with a couple other students during registration, a photographer from the yearbook snapped a picture of them. They didn’t know each other yet, but they soon would. Later that afternoon, the freshmen girls picked a slip of paper with a number on it out of a beanie. The number corresponded to a guy whom they would attend the mixer party with that evening. At the party, which was held in what we now know as McClain Auditorium, Janice was introduced to the guy whose number she had chosen. It was Ken. From then on, they attended activities together such as a campus-wide picnic in Winona Lake. “We just enjoyed Grace together,” recalls Janice. They soon began

dating and were married one week after graduation. Ken and Janice Koontz have now been married for 54 years. They have two sons who both attended Grace, one of whom currently works for Grace as a professor of Computer Information. Ken and Janice also have three grandchildren

who currently attend Grace – Kenneth, Cody, and Emily Koontz. Yes, that’s right – I am proud to call Ken and Janice my grandparents. This is one Grace College relationship that I am thankful for because, without it, I wouldn’t be here!

Ken and Janice Koontz (standing on the far right) hang out with their fellow students.

< W O R TH


1968 - Back row: Sandra Rodgers, Barbara Kouba, Dian Horein. Front row: Queen Pamela Osbron, Cynthia Rogers, Margaret Humberd (Homecoming Court)

2003 - Jason Rice, Nick Avnaim, Seth Nash, John Thornley, Joel Atkinson, Courtney Polston, Ann Marie Ollis, Dar Gail Marshall, Matt McClure, Kim Keyes, Aaron Winey, Tim Robertson, Kari Lee, Regina Sullivan, Joshua Hoffmann, Sarah Porterfield, Dr. Sauders, Zachary Zellers, Clint Johnson, Laura Bloomingdale, John Nemoseck (Sounding Board Staff)

1978 - Linda Porter, Richard Wroughton, Brent Wilcoxson, Gerald Hammock, Mary Hochstedler, Karen Darrough, Bruce Barlow, Karen Stiffler, Mike Yocum, Tim Arens, Steve Beha (“Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities”)


October 28, 2013



Hipster Can’t Find Word to Describe Style Eric Totheroh Contributing Writer

A local hipster was unable to accurately define his style in a one-word summation, investigators reported Sunday. The man, usually seen wearing a beanie sagging just below his knees, claims to not have “one single inspiration,” for his style, instead attuning his selection of fashion to his selection of Insta-

gram filters. “When you see a good piece of vintage clothing somewhere, it just feels right,” the man said, his Apple brand earbuds still perched in his slightly gauged ears. “You just think to yourself, ‘Would this look good in Toaster? Kelvin?’” Words such as “eclectic” and “revolutionary” were tossed around by the man, but even those failed to measure up to the

high standard he placed on his unique branding, a look that was coincidentally generated by several other peers, each allegedly of their own accord. Though his friends have repeatedly told him that he is, in fact, a hipster, he refuses to fall into any such category, noting that he “got an anchor tattoo before everyone else did” and that he bought the UK version of Bas-

tille’s album “Bad Blood” before it was even released in the United States, confirming that he was ahead of the curve on that front, too. “It’s not fair that us hipsters have our music stolen by popular culture,” said the man. “Wait, I didn’t mean to call myself -that can be taken off the record, right?”

Small Feet That Dance 4 Him Becka Lukens Staff Writer

Giggling and bouncing, the stomping of tiny feet and the laughter of older voices are just some of the things you will hear when attending a Dance 4 Him meeting. These sounds bring to mind warm memories of childhood and innocence. This is the atmosphere that is generated when Dance 4 Him, a Grace SERVE Team, meets every Monday at 4:15 p.m. in the Grace Recreational Center. Dance 4 Him is a SERVE team dedicated to teaching about God to the hearts and minds of children, and they do this through, you guessed it, dancing. Dance 4 Him is a way for little girls from kindergarten to third grade to freely express themselves to God as they learn about ballet and creative movement. The leaders, Grace College students, donate their time and teach the girls every week about dance

and how to glorify the Lord through their passion for this wonderful art form. “The little girls are excited to come each week, and sometimes I think that our leaders are more excited than the little girls are!” says Jessica Posante, leader of the Dance 4 Him team. A typical day for this class consists of a game, stretching, basic techniques, action songs, rhythm sticks, a Bible study, prayer groups, and practice on routine. It is safe to say that these girls are kept busy and in good care. At the beginning of each class the group leaders meet every parent and child at the doors to the aerobics room in the GRC. Each girl is to write her name down on a sticky tag and put it on her chest. They are then signedin on the list of names and only signed-out when the parents come by later and sign for them. Until then, the girls scurry off to play as they wait for the other children to arrive.

“It makes me so happy to see how much fun these little ones have. God has provided so much for this SERVE team. When I started in this team my freshman year, we only had between three-six dancers. We have grown to around 23 dancers since then,” says Posante. Dance 4 Him is a loving environment in which these girls can set a foundation of trust, expression, and love of the Lord for years to come. It is important that we teach young children the values of Christ, and that is exactly what Dance 4 Him does through their various activities. While their number continues to grow, so does the understanding that God wants us to shine our light to others, and the Dance 4 Him SERVE team is doing just that. Good luck to the little ones on their routine, and just keep shining your light because God really wants everyone to know how great you Dance 4 Him!

Captain Phillips Movie Review Paul Morales Contributing Writer

Thriller movie traps are easy to fall into. Characters are practically forced to make preposterous decisions in order to maintain tension. If people just went around responding to extreme circumstances with sensible, level-headed actions… well, most movies would probably be pretty short. As it turns out, Captain Phillips is a taut, masterfully executed thriller that manages to avoid most of the ridiculous clichés that plague its genre. Tom Hanks (of the “Toy Story” franchise) plays the titular Captain Richard Phillips, an experienced seaman and dedicated husband and father. Captain Phillips is easily one of Hanks’ best roles and one of modern cinema’s most fascinating heroes. He doesn’t have any military training, no background in engineering – MacGyver or Jason Bourne, this guy is not. He’s really just a normal guy in an extraordinary situation. In this compelling true story, the good Captain leaves the middle-eastern country of Oman, bound for Kenya. On the way, a small

group of Somali pirates takes control of the ship, steal some money, and make for the coast of Somalia in the ship’s lifeboat with Captain Phillips as a hostage. What follows is an intense psychological battle between Phillips and his captors. Somali actor Barkhad Abdi makes his feature film debut in Captain Phillips as the leader of the pirates, and he is truly a revelation. He imbues his character, Muse, with a three-dimensional, truly lived-in quality – especially impressive for an actor in his first role with a character that could have easily slipped into caricature. He is every bit Hanks’ equal on screen, and the biggest disappointment of the film is (without giving too much away) that Muse isn’t with Phillips and the other pirates in the film’s otherwise flawless climax. Let’s talk about the climax while we’re here. I won’t tell you what happens, but I will say that it was one of the most tense, horrifying, emotionally brutal things I’ve ever experienced in a theater. Director Paul Greengrass (“The Bourne Ultimatum”) never allowed me the luxury of reminding myself that Phillips

is the hero of the film and therefore cannot die. His imminent death is a very real and palpable threat up until the very last moment, and the weight of the film’s end is almost too much to bear. All that said, though, the film isn’t perfect. Greengrass is a little too attached to his shaky-cam style, and every once in a while it distracts from the film more than it adds to the tension or energy of it. It’s also worth noting that while Muse is a fully realized and well-drawn character, the rest of his posse is less so. They fall more or less into the fourman-team clichés: the leader, Muse, and then the hothead, the kid who shouldn’t be there, and the fourth guy who doesn’t really matter. Those are small qualms in what is otherwise a masterpiece of tension and drama. It is a career achievement for Tom Hanks and a triumphant introduction from Barkhad Abdi. Captain Phillips is one of the best films of the year. It’s playing at the Carmike 18 at Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne. Call 260-432-2647 or check for show times. Score: 9.5 Amazing

October 28, 2013



Gracelyn, Dear Gracelyn, I’m worried about my boyfriend. He won’t stop playing video games. We used to spend a lot of time together, but now, all he has time for is this stupid new video game that he bought. I think it’s called Digimon ABC. I am not sure how to get him to focus on his classes, his friendships, or even on holding a full conversation. The only thing he does is eat and play video games. What should I do? #concernedgirlfriend Dear #concernedgirlfriend, I’m glad that you asked me for help before further destroying the relationship you have with your boyfriend. It is absolutely valid to be worried that your boyfriend is spending too much time playing videogames. However, there is a fine line between being “#concernedgirlfriend” and being #clingy. To correct some of the statements in your letter, the “stupid” games your boyfriend has are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. If he has both versions, it’s no wonder he never comes out of his room! As with all matters of conflict, never tell your boyfriend that you have an issue with this habit that you deem to be “unhealthy.” This could ruin your relationship and, what’s worse, his guiltless enjoyment of playing videogames! The next matter to address is that if your boyfriend’s grades are slipping due to his extended videogame play time, he probably is not playing videogames frequently enough! Videogames require strategy, hand-eye coordination, and determination. What better way for your boyfriend to develop his mind than through playing videogames? The increase in time he takes to play video games will prove itself directly proportional to an increase in his grades. If your boyfriend is taking time to play videogames, but not taking time to contribute to your relationship, perhaps it is time to reevaluate your relationship. I know this is difficult, but it’s really not his fault. A guy doesn’t have to take a videogame on a date, buy a videogame flowers, or map out a homecoming “proposal” for his digital friend. What’s more, videogames have OFF switches. It’s not hard to see the benefits. The final comfort I would give you is that if your boyfriend is still eating, he is fine. It’s when he stops eating that you know he is in serious trouble; a college boy that doesn’t eat is like an elephant that isn’t fat (it’s either nonexistent or dead). The moment your boyfriend stops eating, rush him to the nurse before it’s too late! If you allow your boyfriend to enjoy his videogames, your relationship will be mended in no time! -Gracelyn


Struggling to find the perfect microwave-safe double-chocolate brownie recipe? Can’t keep up with Aaron Crabtree’s ever-changing hairstyle? Roommate sings too loudly in the shower? Gracelyn has all the answers to your most pressing life questions. Ask them at What They Would Say Stephen Hartman

The Way I See It -- Halloween Madisson Heinl Staff Writer

The way I see it, Halloween is one of the most interesting holidays. People all over the world dress up in the scariest and most creative costumes they can find, go to the houses on the streets that look the sketchiest, and take candy from perfect strangers. If anyone did any of these things on any other day of the year, he would be looked down upon. Just try it; go trick-or-treating next April and see what hapens! But Halloween is so much more than a time to dress in costume and stock up on candy for the cold winter months. Halloween is a time to evaluate who your real neighbors are. Neighbors with the good candy (Ring Pops, Reeses, Sweet

Tarts, etc.) obviously had their lives together. Neighbors with treats that are less than desirable (apples, stale popcorn balls, pocket lint, etc.) are probably struggling internally. Also, the houses with the creepiest Halloween decorations are always home to the friendly neighbors. Those that didn’t have one creepy decoration adorning their houses are probably the real creepers to stay away from. I used to trick-or-treat at an elderly couple’s house every year. They were the best at Halloween. In fact, my biggest Halloween fear every year was that this couple wouldn’t be there the next year…They were really old. They’d invite all of the kids trick-or-treating into their house (it’s a lot less creepy than it looks on paper) and tell them to choose between two treats. They would either give you one quarter or an entire

candy bar. I think the choice was obvious in this case. Giving out whole candy bars was a big deal because there are typically 200 kids that trick-ortreat on my street every year (yes, we counted one time). Halloween just reminds me every year not to take life so seriously. It’s socially acceptable for one day to dress up as a cartoon character, or a criminal, or Barack Obama. It’s OK to own an unhealthy amount of candy and treasure it for three months. No one judges you for emptying a whole bowl of candy into your pillowcase from that house that leaves it outside because they are naïve and trust each kid to take only one piece. So get out there, eat an unhealthy amount of candy, and live life according to the way I see it.


THE SOUNDINGBOARD October 28, 2013


Hometown: Hollywood, Maryland Major: Biblical Studies Leadership positions at grace: Chapel band leader Favorite memory of Grace: Driving around with Daniel and Drew pretending to help campus safety out. Probably the only time I’ve ever cried from laughing so much. Post-grad plans: Not quite sure . . . Maybe I’ll go back home to Maryland and lead worship at my home church. Will probably end up being a worship leader somewhere though. Do you have a hidden talent? Kind of... I like to sing non-Country songs with some Southern twang sometimes to make it feel a little homier. Any wisdom for the freshmen? To the freshman I would say to find ways to hang out with juniors and seniors and branch out of your freshman bubbles because it helps bring more unity to campus and truly accelerates your growth as an individual exponentially. I say this from experience.

Stephanie Perik

Hometown: Batavia, Illinois Major: Elementary Education/Special Education Leadership positions at grace: RA Favorite memory of Grace: Body slamming and mattress wrestling in a dinosaur costume with Caitlin Chaney sophomore year. Post-grad plans: Getting married June 2014, hopefully getting a teaching job, and living in the Winona Lake/Warsaw area. Do you have a hidden talent? I can gleek. Any wisdom for the freshmen? It sounds cliche, but time flies. Invest in your hall, campus, and opportunities to grow! It can be hard to be content in the moment, but don’t rush it! Enjoy your time here. Trust God, because He will work everything out in His timing.

Katie Van Sloten

Hometown: Rochester, Michigan Major:Counseling and Business Administration Leadership positions at grace: 3 years as an RA 1 in Alpha and 2 in Grace Village; Student Senate as Alpha representative Favorite memory of Grace: For my 21st birthday my friends threw me a surprise party and I got a pinata!  Post-grad plans: I want to work for a family organization and start my own hand-crafted home decor business on the side.  Do you have a hidden talent? Yes, I can sing in Romanian and Dutch.  Any wisdom for the freshmen? Learn a few jokes and tell them to as many people as you can. You never know when you’ll be pulled onto a stage. 

Daniel Harris

Hometown: Lexington Park, Maryland Major: Business Administration, Marketing, Biblical Studies Leadership positions at grace: Growth Group Leader sophomore year. RA for two years. Favorite memory of Grace: Hard to pick just one.  I would have to say playing ice hockey on Beta pond Sophomore year.  It was a blast.  But sharing a room with Peter Wolff (Catalyst 2012) and Carlos Tellez (Brazil 2012) come in close second. Post-grad plans: uncertain at best--but likely to work with marketing for a company closer to home. Do you have a hidden talent? I can pick things up with my toes.  I am also a chess master (not quite)--but if you want “owned”--challenge accepted. Any wisdom for the freshmen? Time flies at college.  Make the most of your friendships and the college environment now--it’ll be gone all too soon.  Find an older student or professor to meet with who you can learn from.  Soak in the chapels, growth groups, and classes--Grace College is a really special place.  And if you graduate single from Grace--it’s OK!

THE SOUNDINGBOARD October 28, 2013



Jalisa Thayer

Hometown: Syracuse, New York Major: Marketing and Business Administration with an Art minor Leadership positions at grace: Women’s Soccer Team Favorite memory of Grace: Pretty much any time my friends and/or roommates thought of something spontaneous to do on and off campus. For example...mud-sliding down Alpha hill or running into each other in the Indy hallway with exercise/yoga balls, road tripping to Florida for spring break, etc. Post-grad plans: Look into building a foundation to start my own Interior Design business in the future.  Do you have a hidden talent? I can lick my nose!  Any wisdom for the freshmen? Do the work to expand your knowledge and potential...but still make time to HAVE FUN, be yourself, and figure out your own identity. Know who you are in Christ by the time you graduate.

Ashley Mazelin

Hometown: Granger, Indiana Major: Journalism with a minor in Intercultural Studies Leadership positions at grace: I was an RA in Alpha for two years and at Lamp Post over the summer, was the copy editor of the yearbook, a student senate rep and a ticket appeals officer. Favorite memory of Grace: Alpha Female week when we first implemented the indoor slip ‘n’ slide and Katie and Ashley House and I took the leftover tarp outside in the freezing cold and went slip and sliding down Alpha hill. Post-grad plans: After school I plan to stay in the area. I have a job at PayProMedia, which is a marketing company. I am a content specialists, or in other words, I do a lot of writing and research for them. Do you have a hidden talent? My hidden talent is Etch-a-sketch drawing. Any wisdom for the freshmen? Enjoy every second of your time because it goes by VERY fast. Get involved on campus. Not only will it help you get to know more people, but you will learn a lot about yourself and God through serving others. Take each opportunity that you have to impact someones life, because you don’t know how fast the moments will be gone. Seize the day!

Josh Brown

Hometown: New Paris, IN Major: Accounting/Business Administration/Bible Leadership positions at grace: GGL, RA, GIP Director, also played 2 years of baseball. Favorite memory of Grace: spontaneous all-night-driving road trips, setting off the fire alarm with a fog machine, lighting up  and destroying Taylor Fervida’s cardboard Hulk standup at open dorms, late night steak n’ shake runs,  and climbing adventures. Post-grad plans: For now, I have accepted an internship at an accounting firm in Elkhart. After that, I just plan to seek God’s  leading wherever that may take me. Trying to not hold on too tightly to any plans! Do you have a hidden talent? Actually, I can sing better than Tanor Joy, especially Taylor Swift songs. Not really, I’m pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-person. Any wisdom for the freshmen? Flee from the comparison game, seek out your identity in Christ and go out of your way to simply love  people.

Miles Barber

Hometown: Marysville, Kansas Major: Biology Leadership positions at grace: Growth Group Leader Favorite memory of Grace: Freshman-year road trip with the guys to visit Ben Hyde. Post-grad plans: Missions in the summer and vet school (hopefully) in the fall. Do you have a hidden talent? It is patiently waiting to be discovered. Any wisdom for the freshmen? Enjoying yourself is important, but use the time to develop good life habits while you are still in a safe environment. Doing the little things well says a lot about your character, so take ownership of your education and give your best effort in everything. Finding a mentor, establishing accountability, and daily spending time in the Word and prayer will make a huge difference in your spiritual walk.

October 28, 2013



Women’s Basketball Has High Hopes for 2013-2014 Season Josh Neuhart Sports Information Director

Grace’s women’s basketball team has high expectations for the upcoming 2013-14 season. Senior All-American guard Juaneice Jackson is joined by a cast of talented Lady Lancers as they hope to earn the program’s first berth into the NAIA National Championships. Jackson was named NAIA Second Team All-American after a breakout campaign last season. She produced 18.5 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.2 steals per game while breaking the school’s record for most points in a season (665), leading the Lady Lancers to a 19-17 record. With 1,244 career points entering her final campaign, Jackson needs 388 more points to become Grace’s all-time leading scorer. This season, however, is more about team goals than individual accomplishments, according to head coach Scott Blum. Entering his 10th year as Grace’s coach, Blum believes this team has the ability to reach NAIA Nationals. “In this year more than others, our goal is to make it to NAIA Nationals. We are to the point in our program where we expect to finish in the top part of the [Crossroads League],” Blum said. “When the season ended last year, I told the girls in the locker room that we have the opportunity this year to win conference and make it to nationals. Our

mindset has been that way since that game.” In order to accomplish their goal, the Lady Lancers will need to utilize a newfound strength of the team – its quickness. Blum noted that this year’s freshman class was recruited to add speed to the lineup. With six freshmen on the roster, several new faces will be counted on to contribute immediately. Dariyan Morris and Darian Patton were teammates at Merrillville High School, helping the team to a 23-2 record last winter. Morris, a point guard, was The Times’ Indiana Girls’ Basketball Player of the Year. Chloe Pridgen, a 5-foot11 post player, has the quickness and strength to defend any position on the court, according to Blum. “We are adding quickness, foot speed and an ability to get to the basket. There will be more tenacity on the defensive end,” Blum said. “With our quickness, we’ll have that special piece that we’ve been missing – the ability to get after people in the fullcourt.” The Lady Lancers also return several key players from last year’s squad, including starters Allison Kauffman and Gabby Bryant. Kauffman, a junior forward, posted averages of 12.3 ppg and 7.4 rpg to earn honorable mention status for NCCAA All-American. Bryant was producing 8.4 ppg on 38 percent shooting from the 3-point line before her season was cut short due to injury. Also returning are junior Lindsey Schaefer and sophomores JoEllen Fickel, Sarah Feasby and Kelsey Sule, who

each appeared in at least 25 games in 2012-13. The team’s depth has been crucial in Grace’s recent success, and Blum sees no reason why that will change this year. “The new freshmen are going to blend in really well for us. I think we should be the deepest team in the conference,” Blum continued. “We lost two point guards last year [Bryant, Micah Pollard], but we still managed to win 19 games thanks to our depth.” With All-American talent, increased speed, and a wealth of options at his fingertips, Blum is confident the 2013-14 Lady Lancers can be a special team. Grace is all but assured a national preseason ranking by the NAIA when they were picked to finish third in the Crossroads League coaches’ poll. The only question that remains to be answered is how the Lady Lancers will come together on the court. “It takes hard work to buy in as a team on both ends of the court. If we play both sides of the ball to our potential, though, we can be a scary team,” Blum said. “As long as we honor the Lord with our attitudes and work hard for each other, we can reach our goals. When you have a strong, close-knit team, you can overcome a lot of things.” Grace kicks off its season on Saturday, October 26 at Holy Cross. The Lady Lancers return to the Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center next week for a pair of games – on Oct. 29 against IU-South Bend and on Nov. 2 for their Homecoming game against Trinity Christian.

Back Row: (L to R) Lindsey Schaefer (42) and Allison Kauffman (34). Middle Row: (L to R) Assistant Coach Jen Birch (far left), Tiffany Petro (40), Derria Chambliss (33), Kelsey Sule (12), Assistant Coach Skip Forbes, Head Coach Scott Blum, Dariyan Morris (23), Chloe Pridgen (30), JoEllen Fickel (21), Jesse Feitz (14), Assistant Coach Hannah Lengel (far right). First Row: (L to R) Hannah Adams (41), Bryanna Moore (3), Sarah Feasby (32), Juaneice Jackson (13), Gabby Bryant (11), Darian Patton (24), Micah Pollard (00). Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

Lancer Athletics: In the Standings

Did You Know..? Brittany Paul Contributing Writer

• In 1822, Americans consumed 45 grams of sugar every five days. In 2012, Americans consumed 756 grams of sugar every five days. • Anything ending in “-ose” = sugar • Our bodies deal with sugar in two different ways: either it will be used as energy or converted to fat and stored in fat cells. • Our bodies can become addicted to sugar. Sugary foods can be as physiologically addictive as many drugs. • When you over-

load on sugary foods, it may alter the parts of the brain that control how much you eat. The Cycle: When you eat sugar, it is turned into glucose in your bloodstream and your blood sugar levels spike. To make energy, your body needs to move glucose out of the bloodstream and into your cells. In order for this to happen, your pancreas makes insulin. As a result, your blood sugar level may suddenly drop. Low blood sugar leaves you feeling shaky, dizzy, tired, and searching for more sweets to regain that sugar high.  

Seth Miller

If you have not guessed already, my first piece of advice to someone who wants to lose weight would be to cut out sugar. By sugar, I mean ice cream, cake, cookies, brownies, juices, sports drinks, pop, candy, etc. If you want to go a step further, eliminate “simple” carbs like bread, chips, and pasta. These simple carbs affect your body the same way sugary foods do. So stop eating sugar, you’re already sweet enough! For future refrence:

Sports Editor

As the soccer and volleyball seasons draw to a close, Lancer Nation has seen great success and tough results. The biggest success story of the fall season has been the Lady Lancers soccer team. After a tough start to the season, the Lady Lancers stormed through conference play with a 7-1-1 Crossroads League record to go along with a 10-6-1 overall record. Sitting comfortably in second place in the standings behind Spring Arbor, the Lady Lancers look to make a noise in the conference tournament. Plagued with injuries, the men’s soccer team has not seen quite the success, but has overcome many obstacles to fight their way into the conference tournament, after battling to a 2-1 victory over Mt. Vernon Nazarene. Sitting sixth in the conference with a 3-5-1 conference record (7-7-1 overall), the Lancers look to turn around their season and play spoiler in the conference tournament. Finally, the Lady Lancer’s Volleyball team has seen its share of success and hurdles during the season. Currently 6th in conference with a 8-9 record (17-12 overall), the Lady Lancers look to turn their season around at the Cornerstone Tournament this weekend in Michigan.

October 28, 2013



NBA Season Tip-Off Tre Fowler Contributing Writer

The NBA has gifted us with a great slate of games to tip-off the season. Three games will be played on opening night, Tuesday, October 29th. The first regular season game starts off with a bang, with former IU guard Victor Oladipo set to make his regular season debut against the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers look to build on the success they experienced last year, while the Magic seek to find an identity and continue their rebuilding effort.

The second game will feature the reigning champion Miami Heat, led by four-time MVP LeBron James, as they get set to take on the Chicago Bulls. With our last image of Derek Rose still imbedded into our minds, with him lying on the floor, and the words “holding onto his knee and down” coming out of the mouth of basketball announcer Kevin Harlan. ,Derrick Rose has returned to the court during the preseason, but this will be his first true test since returning. The Clippers will take on the Lakers in the battle for Los An-

LeBron James looks to defend the title for the third straight year. Photo Courtesy of

geles. Both teams have made some significant changes. How will the Lakers fare with the departure of Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace? After suffering an Achilles injury in April, it would be quite impressive if Kobe could take the court on opening night. The Clippers managed to re-sign point guard Chris Paul, while acquiring several notable players such as J.J. Redick, Jared Dudley and Darren Collison. These moves add more depth to an already loaded Clippers team, but perhaps the best move was adding head coach Doc Rivers. Rivers brings a wealth of post-season experience, due to his time in Boston. Many other teams have made moves that shift the power in the league. Golden State, for instance, has added veteran swingman Andre Iguodala. After spending one season in Los Angeles, three-time Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard landed in Houston to play alongside James Hard-

en. The Pacers continue to fly under the radar, quietly adding depth by acquiring players such as Luis Scola, Chris Copeland and C.J. Watson. Frustrated with the lack of recent success, the Detroit Pistons traded for point guard Brandon Jennings and signed free agent Josh Smith. The Brooklyn Nets made the most noise by trading for future Hall-of-Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett while securing their new sixth man Jason Terry. Refusing to just let the competition pass them, the Miami Heat made low-risk high-reward moves by adding center Greg Oden and troubled, but extremely talented, forward Michael Beasley. It will be fun to see how the up-and-comers like Victor Oladipo perform on the highest level and how this season plays out. It will also be interesting to see how the legacies of the current stars such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose will be shaped.

Men’s Basketball Unveils Its 2013-2014 Schedule Josh Neuhart Sports Information Director

Grace’s men’s basketball team released its 57th season of competition on Wednesday. The Lancers will aim for their fourth straight NAIA National Tournament appearance following the squad’s memorable run to the national semifinals last year. Grace’s season opener will also serve as the climax of Grace’s Homecoming festivities when the Lancers welcome Great Lakes Christian to the newly renamed Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center (MOCC) on Nov. 2. The team will also host the annual Terry Polston Hoops for Hope Tournament on Nov. 15-16. The tournament, which benefits the Kosciusko County Cancer

Care Fund, includes Grace, Holy Cross, University of the Cumberlands and Missouri Baptist. A unique highlight to Grace’s season includes a trip to Puerto Rico. The Lancers will face three branches of the University of Puerto Rico in mid-December. The first portion of Grace’s Crossroads League season will feature defending league champion Indiana Wesleyan’s visit to the MOCC on Dec. 3. The Lancers will resume league play on Jan. 4 when they square off with rival Bethel College for a men’s and women’s doubleheader at the MOCC. Grace’s clash with Bethel kicks off a string of 15 straight league contests, which ends with a return trip to Bethel for a doubleheader on Feb. 22. The Lancers will also enjoy a double-

header with Saint Francis, playing in Fort Wayne on Jan. 11 and in Winona Lake on Feb. 8. Also featuring on Grace’s schedule is a New Year’s Eve home game against Ashford at 4 p.m.

Greg Miller and the Lancers take aim for success. Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

THE SOUNDINGBOARD October 28, 2013




NOVEMBER 2013 Sunday





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THE SOUNDINGBOARD Your words. Our voice.

The Sounding Board is a weekly publication of Grace Student Organizations and the Journalism Classes at Grace College. The Sounding Board exists to glorify God by investigating culture and informing the Grace College community about todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s relevant stories, providing a medium to promote vibrant dialogue on the events and ideas that shape our campus and our world. Editorials and opinions are those of student journalists and do not necessarily represent the official view of the administration of Grace College. All copy, art and photography are property of The Sounding Board and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the editor. Letters/replies are encouraged and must be signed. Letters are limited to 250 words, and The Sounding Board reserves the right to print and edit for length and content as necessary. The Sounding Board is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and is printed in cooperation with The Papers, Inc. Please send emails to:, and check out our website at Contributing Writers: Staff Writers: Editor-in-Chief: Ashley Brewster Tre Fowler Anna Belcher Layout Editor: Alyssa Potter Emily Koontz John Hanlon Copy Editor: Megan Snyder Josh Neuhart Madisson Heinl Sports Editor: Seth Miller Brittany Paul Cassandra Jensen Web Editor: Stephen Hartman Eric Totheroh Becka Lukens Adviser: Dr. Sauders Jessica Norris Patrick Stukkie Andrew Weidman Grace College, 200 Seminary Dr., Winona Lake, IN 46590

Sounding board issue 8 2013 final  
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