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THESOUNDINGBOARD Volume 59, Issue No. 19

February 21, 2013

Grace College, Winona Lake, IN

Your words. Our voice.

Ashley Brewster Editor-in-Chief

It’s easy to take what we have for granted. This morning, after you stumbled out of bed, you flipped the light switch and turned on the faucet. Light and water appeared almost as if by some sort of wizardry, and there’s a significant chance you didn’t even notice. It’s difficult to appreciate something when you don’t notice its existence. It’s even more difficult to take care of it. But electricity and water don’t appear by magic. The paper you’re holding didn’t start out as paper, and the empty can you tossed in the trashcan has to end up somewhere. Almost every action we take throughout an ordinary day has some impact on the environment -- and we don’t even notice. Ben Lowe wants that to change. As missionary kid from southeast Asia, he witnessed first hand the effects of pollution and understands its connection to poverty. His desire is that citizens of the richest country in the world stop taking for granted every day necessities like electricity and clean water and star living more mindfully, taking

“We will be called to give an account for how we live.” care of God’s creation. Lowe never pictured him-

self on a speaking tour across the U.S., urging college students to live a more conscientious life. When he first started as a student at Wheaton College, he initially wanted to be a medical missionary. That dream changed, however, when he realized he could serve God’s people by caring for the land, providing them with necessities like clean water. “Tree huggers are people huggers too,” he told Grace College students during chapel on Thursday, February 14. In college, Lowe said he learned two important lessons: first, that when the land isn’t healthy, people aren’t healthy. And second, that creation care is a biblical priority. “I can’t love God with all my heart, soul and mind without caring for His creation, and I can’t care for my neighbor unless I help give him basic necessities,” he explained. Lowe says he is a member of what he calls an “intentional community,” where they make an effort to do things like bike or walk, drive hybrid cars, plant and care for a community garden, and con-

serve water and electricity. “We will be called to give an account for how we live,” he said.

In five and a half years of speaking on college campuses, Lowe says he has seen leaders born and campuses take big steps to becoming better caretakers of God’s creation. His organization, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA) was born in February of 2012 and is described as “ad hoc” by Lowe, involving a variety of ways students can stand with the movement. They can sign a Call To Action, they can participate in a letter-writing campaign, or they can share their testimonies on the organization’s website or Facebook page. Lowe says he often gets

the best feedback from non-Christians who also care for God’s creation, yet have been disillusioned or burned by the church. “They feel the church is an opponent, not an ally,” said Lowe. His role with YECA has been an open door to conversations and healing with

those people. Lowe is excited that Grace is looking into becoming a more conscientious campus. He believes Grace can set an example for other Christian schools as well. He recognizes, however, that change is often gradual. “This is a journey,” he says. “We’re learning and growing.”

February 21, 2013



Stephen Hartman: Aspiring Artist’s Playbook

Ashley Brewster Editor-in-Chief

If you’re a Grace College student, chances are you’ve enjoyed one of the weekly “What They Would Say” cartoons in The Sounding Board. Now, meet the man behind the funnies! Stephen Hartman is a junior by credit and an illustration and graphic design major. While he is probably most well-known on campus for his comics, Hartman is quickly making a name for himself in the online art community--both here in the United States and across the pond. Hartman decided to attend Grace after considering either attending a public school with a heavy concentration in art, or

a Christian school where he would have to take non art-related classes. After visiting Grace, it seemed like all he saw everywhere were billboards and flyers advertising the school. He at last decided it was not coincidence after going to a Yu-GiOh! tournament and facing his first opponent--a Grace student. After a lot of prayer, he decided God was making it very clear that Grace was where Hartman was supposed to be. Hartman’s interest in art spans his entire life. “My mom says I could draw before I could walk,” he said. To him, art is a way to communicate. “Through art I can tell stories, create characters and entire worlds. I can inspire people, and help them visualize what they can only see in their minds.” While Hartman says he will let God decide the future, his potential career opportunities range from animation to comic or book illustration to cover art and character design. “Anything can happen,” he says. “One day can change the entire world for an art major.” Hartman would know. Over the summer, while surfing the Internet, he stumbled across a website called that

sells T-shirts for 24 hours. The designs on the T-shirts were submitted by artists and selected by the website. “It’s definitely nerd-based,” said Hartman. “I was bored, so I submitted something.” He then found similar websites and ended up submitting designs to 10 different websites. In the fall, he got his first design -- called “Mega Minions” -- accepted by Consequentially, other websites heard of him and began accepting some of his designs as well. “People now know my name,” said Hartman. “I’m creating my market.” Hartman then launched HartmanArts as a way for his market to find him and connect with him via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. He can also be found on deviantART. com and, where his designs are printed on things like iPod cases. His big break overseas came when the creator of one of the 24-hour T-shirt websites,, contacted him via Facebook, asking Hartman to partner with him and submit designs for the website’s Italian and European markets. “It’s a long-term investment,”

said Hartman. “It’s a new website and a new market in Europe. It’s slowly growing.” Between establishing himself and his growing market online, working as the gallery assistant for the Art Department, and at the art desk, and as the web editor for The Sounding Board, plus his side jobs with a business student project, game design, and building his portfolio--not to mention classes and homework--Hartman has a lot on his plate. But he’s excited and looking forward to the future. Aspiring artists can take notes from Hartman’s playbook. He urges artists not to wait until after graduation or until they are approached to start their careers. “Don’t wait for something to happen,” he admonishes. “Make it happen yourself. If I had waited until now to start marketing myself, I’d still have half a year ahead of me before I learned what I know now.” He advises not to look at failure except as another chance to try again. “You will fail,” he says. “My tenth design was the first one accepted. That means I messed up a lot--but I learned a lot. Don’t give up.”

February 21, 2013



Male Fashions: Affordable Style

Alisha P. Gomez Staff Writer

The Male Fashions store is very unique. It is different because it has all men’s clothes and apparel. Male Fashions provides both casual and formal wear for men. It’s a small place, but full of clothes for bargain prices. There are hidden

gems all along the racks. The customer service is much more helpful than other stores because the owners are well aware that guys usually hate buying clothes and are, honestly, sometimes not good at it! The staff strives to make shopping fast and easy. Do you have to go to

a wedding? Is a dance or ceremony coming up? The store offers tuxedos and suit rentals for those special occasions and will help you with measurements to get just the perfect fit. They are number one in the tuxedo renting service in Warsaw, and they have the lowest prices in Northern Indiana. The shop offers a large selection of top fashions that are competitively priced and are custom tailored to fit nicely. The services include free measurements, free alternations, bridal dress preservation and more. Male Fashions has a large selection of bigand-tall, and they stock the fastest growing young

men’s suit line in the US. You can check out some of their styles at their website, The website explains in detail more about the process of tuxedo renting. They have some really fashionable clothes that they display on their website. The clothes are really geared toward young men who want to look good! They have some great looking suits that many guys would love to be seen in. They look expensive but they are very reasonable. The store is open every day except Sunday and is located at 109 E. Center St. in Warsaw. Come check out their unique clothing that has modern style!

Bookworms, Rejoice! Alisha P. Gomez Staff Writer

If the books at the library and TOL are getting routine, or if you’re just looking for new reading material, you should check out The Next Chapter bookstore. If you love reading, if you’re bored, or enjoy browsing through books, then you should stop by and look around. This is a really nice place, a huge thrift store, but packed full of books only. This unique bookstore has new and gently used books along with a good variety of games and puzzles. The store has very cheap books and wallto-wall shelves of amazing deals. They often have

special events where they have buy-one-get-one-free deals, and tables of books for only 25 cents each. Located at 116 S. Buffalo St. in Warsaw, there are large selections of inventory including nonfiction, fiction, sci-fi, mystery, resources, self-help, and children’s books. They also have new children’s art supplies and educational resources that make great gifts. Don’t miss going downstairs; you will miss a lot if you skip that part of the building. Many more books are down there. The staff is friendly and ready to assist you in looking for a certain type of book. The place appeals to all ages and has some-

thing for everyone. You’re able to order books if you can’t find them in the store. The phone number for Next Chapter is (574) 267- 7900 and their email is next_ You can call or email them if you are looking for a cer-

tain book and want to know if they have it or will order it. The bookstore has book signings too sometimes, so stop by to browse and find out when they happen. The store hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.

THE SOUNDINGBOARD February 21, 2013



Intermediate Sudoku

Dinsoaur Maze

Man-on-the-Street This session seems to be flying by at the speed of light, maybe even faster, and we all know what comes at the end of this session; it’s going to be time for spring break? But what are some of your fellow students planning to do on their spring break? That’s just what we wanted to find out.

Alisa Frankland

“I am going to go home, hang out with friends, and go shopping.”

Kyle Bloomster

“I’ll be working and just relaxing at home before I come back for the next session.”

Marissa Kennedy

“I’m going to Florida with the softball team to play in a tournament.”

Kyle May

“I’ll be making trips all over Indiana, but the most exciting thing I’m going to do is run in a 5k race at Quaker Haven Camp. Anyone who feels like it is more than welcome to join me on my run.”

l t g e . t o

THE SOUNDINGBOARD February 21, 2013



On the Heart: Reflecting on Valentine’s Day

Brandon Knight Contributing Writer

“If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.” 1 Corinthians 13:2 NIV As humans we are, and always have been, fascinated by love. So much so that searching for love on Google will reveal 1,510,000,000 results in only 0.16 seconds. However, as is clearly visible in the verse above, this phenomenon of love is not only something that fascinates us, but something that is of dire importance to our God. Af-

ter all, it is only through His infinite love that we can live. As children of God we are called to love God with all our hearts, mind, and strength, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. (Mark 12: 29-31) Of course, when we humans think of love our minds generally jump first to the love that one man and one woman share. In my opinion this is one of the greatest gifts God gave us. God in His wisdom saw that it was not good for man to be alone, and so He created the woman. God intended for man and woman to unite, share a life and bask in the magnificent gift of love, thereby honoring and worshipping Him. Love is something marvelous that definitely deserves to be honored and celebrated. This is why I think the concept of Valentine’s Day is a good one; it is a day to meditate upon love and take time and effort to show others what they mean to us. Now, there are those who would say that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a money-making machine and has been so commercialized that it has lost its meaning. First of all, florists need to live too. Second, Valentine’s Day will only ever have as much meaning as you allow it to have. If you grudgingly buy your girlfriend a rose or

two (or just let your mother pick out something for you) and do nothing special all day, then yes, Valentine’s Day will have no meaning for you and I understand why you don’t enjoy it. At this point I would like to suggest an alternative (I am speaking primarily to my male audience). Valentine’s Day offers an enormous opportunity. This is a day where you can contemplate what love really means in a biblical sense and also spoil your woman in any way you can imagine. I do not understand the men that complain about “having” to buy their girlfriends presents on Valentine’s Day. Our girlfriends’ happiness should always be first and foremost on our minds, and our constant mission should be to conjure a smile on their faces. Valentine’s Day gives us a chance to dream up something extraordinarily special and romantic to amaze them and let them know how special they are to us. Let us as Christians move beyond what commercialism has made Valentine’s Day and use February 14 to celebrate God’s love for us (which you can do even if you’re single) and show our significant others that we appreciate and love them.

What They Would Say Stephen Hartman

February 21, 2013



Are You Sticking Around? Cally Arnett Staff Writer

Do you plan on staying around the area for the summer? Maybe you’re looking for a decent yet cheap place to live and a place to work? If you look around, there are plenty of tremendous opportunities at any one of the numerous surrounding camps. Some camps offer room and board while others do not offer housing and may only offer food at meal times, depending on the camp of your choice. Just to name a couple, some of the camps in this area include Quaker Haven Camp and Camp Crosley. Quaker Haven Camp is located on Lake Dewart in Syracuse, Ind. They offer room and board and three paid days off during the summer as well as one paid day off per week. Some of the

jobs include kitchen duty, lifeguarding, housekeeping, and grounds keeping. Quaker Haven offers camp for kindergartners through high school seniors and also provides specialized camps to groups each year. Camp Manager Brandon Dennis is always looking for new faces, kind hearts, and good workers, and also currently he has a shortage of lifeguards for the upcoming summer. For more information about Quaker Haven Camp or for an application, you can visit their website at quakerhaven. com Camp Crosley is located on Lake Tippecanoe in North Webster, Ind., and is a camp run through the YMCA programs. This camp also offers room and board and has different positions currently open, including waterfront positions, kitchen staff positions, camp counselor positions, and numerous

others. Camp Crosley offers camp for children ages 7 to 15. They pride themselves on the fact that they try to have at least one international summer staffer each year and that they offer a variety of activities for campers such as canoeing and horseback riding. For more information about Camp Crosley or for an application, you can visit their website at There are numerous other local camps in the area such as Camp Ella J. Logan Girl Scout Camp in Syracuse, Ind.; Camp Alexander Mack in Milford, Ind.; and Camp Adventure in North Webster, Ind. These are just a few of the numerous camps around the area that offer a great opportunity for responsibility, and many of them offer a chance to grow closer to God. Many of the camps made their applications available on February first, so don’t wait, apply today.

Packing for Your GoEncounter Trip: A Guide Megan Snyder Staff Writer

Go Encounter trips are incredibly exciting! All students are required to have some intercultural experience before they graduate. Packing to go overseas can be a massive headache, but if you pack lightly, it will be much easier. Checked bags have been known to get lost or even damaged in transit from one country to another. To avoid this, Professor Kim Reiff has found that it is much easier to travel with only a carry-on and one personal item. She is leading the Go Encounter trip to London and Paris at the end of this semester. Reiff has made more than one trip to Europe and finds that travelling light is the best way to go. She carries a backpack and a day bag. In her day bag are the essentials: a bottle of water, something to snack on, a bit of money and, of course, her sketchbook and pencils and a camera. As a traveler in a place you have probably never been, it makes sense to carry your pass-

port with you. But you don’t want it to get lost or stolen. The best way to carry it, Reiff has discovered, is in a small bag that goes around your neck and can hang under your clothing, preferably with a thick strap. She carries a small bag about the size of CD case that contains her passport, plane tickets, and credit cards with her everywhere and is not afraid of losing it or someone stealing it. If a checked bag is not going to be used, Reiff says that a backpack is a must. Durability is key, but not mountain climber durability. The backpacks with the metal contraptions for hiking will only be a hassle when you are traveling in crowded areas, especially airports. As to what clothes you should bring, make sure you are aware of the weather, wherever you are traveling. Choose a comfortable outfit that you wear both days you are on the airplane. Reiff packs three pairs of pants and three tops that can be worn in any combination. She also carries a light rain jacket, just in case. Socks and other under-

garments should be a high priority to pack. Reiff chooses to pack clothing in Ziploc bags that are easier to store. Comfortable walking shoes should be worn during the day, but Reiff packs a pair of sandals for evenings. Remember Global Perspectives and being aware of culture? European churches may require covered shoulders and closetoed shoes. Be aware of this and carry a shirt to slip over your shoulders. Make sure you know your itinerary and plan to wear appropriate shoes. Keep the airline liquid restrictions in mind: anything over three ounces will not be allowed. Shampoo and conditioner should be placed in a plastic bag and be easily accessible f o r airport security. O f

course, if you get the chance to travel to a different country, you will remember friends and family back home. Make sure you have room in your bag for the gifts you buy. Map out a budget before you go so that you can afford souvenirs. Wherever you go, these tips can be useful in minimizing hassles at the airport. As Reiff says, “The less fuss, the better!”

February 21, 2013

CAMPUS LIFE Michael Patrick Contributing Writer

Over Christmas break, I and 10 other students from Grace College travelled with Dr. Johnson to Atlanta, Ga. The trip was an experience I will never forget, especially since I’m a senior. Before I arrived in Atlanta, I assumed that the inner city was rough, fast, and predictable. Honestly, the inner city was rough and fast, but it was hardly predictable. While walking the streets, you never knew who you might walk into or who would approach and ask you for money. It was definitely a different culture than what I am used to. I never understood why someone would cover themselves with tattoos, fight over any hint of disrespect, and live such a rough life until I walked through the streets of inner city Atlanta. In the city, people have to put on a front of no fear. While riding on the subway you could feel how lonely the people were. It was an “everyman for himself” atmosphere, and you could see it on people’s faces. I realized how blessed I am to not live through such loneliness.

One big highlight of my week in Atlanta was experiencing my first NFL game at the Georgia Dome. The dome was 100 times louder than any college basketball game. It was very neat taking a tour of the dome two days later and actually walking out on the field. Just being able to say I stood on the 10-yard line of the Georgia Dome is amazing. We also attended a Georgia Tech basketball game in their brand-new gym. The home crowd and atmosphere was very entertaining; the fans shouted everything they said. We also toured Turner field, Martin Luther King’s home and church, and Centennial Park. The tours were very personal and we got to see all the behindthe-scenes stuff. For example, we heard how much seats cost inside the big arenas. The last part of the trip I want to touch on is the food. The food was so amazing, especially since I am a country boy; it felt just like I was at home, eating some good, home-cooked food. My favorite meal in Atlanta was the classic chicken and waffles. The chicken wings were the biggest I have ever seen, and the waffles were delicious. I really appreciated the hospitality offered at all the local restaurants. I


felt right at home. Our group tried many of the famous restaurants inside Atlanta and I never once said, “This really isn’t good.” The food down South was very delicious. The day before we left, we met up with Global Encompass and helped them work at a local church. I was really encouraged by what Global Encompass was doing down there with their time. The church we helped was so diverse in culture. We helped them with their local bike shop that reaches out to the community. Most of the guys helped with this and it was a fun time. We built a bike rack and moved a bunch of bikes around to reorganize the shop. The church was a big blessing to me because they were so focused on reaching out to the community and leading the lost to Christ. It encouraged me to come home and to take more of a stand in my community. It would be so much easier in a culture that is more relaxed than in an inner city. If believers can reach out to the lost there, then I believe I need to start trying harder to reach out to the lost here at home, get them into church and point them towards Christ.

ATLANTA 2012 Jordan Butler Contributing Writer

One of the trips that students get credit for their cross-cultural experience is the trip to Atlanta, which is mainly geared toward students from the sports management program. Dr. Johnson leads this annual excursion, so who better to interview about this trip than Dr. J himself? This is the fourth annual trip to Atlanta for sport management students. No matter what anyone says, there are several stereotypes in the world of sports. The purpose of this trip is for students to see and learn about the culture of sports through the eyes of African-American athletes. Dr. Johnson states, “One of the biggest focuses during this trip is to visit the African-American Sports Museum.” There are three former professional athletes that the students hear from, including Howard Williams (Museum Director), Carl Seldon (the first African-American PGA club pro in Georgia), and Norman Lumpkin, who played in the Negro Baseball League. Lumpkin was an outfielder for the Atlanta Black Crackers. Dr. Johnson states that “Lumpkin is currently 95-years-old,

so it was a privilege to hear from him again.” There are two great restaurants to visit on the Atlanta trip. Dr. Johnson explained, “It is always a tradition to visit Mary Mac’s Tea Room (a traditional Southern restaurant), and Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles.” Dr. Johnson also mentioned,“Two sites that are always a highlight to visit are the Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site and Auburn Avenue, which is known as the “richest black street in America.’” A few of the sporting events that the students over the last four years have had the opportunity to witness include Atlanta Hawks and Falcons games, as well as Georgia Tech basketball games. Another highlight that Dr. Johnson mentioned was “Getting to tour the Georgia Dome, Turner Field, Philips Arena, and Centennial Olympic Park.” When I asked Dr. Johnson about the tour of the Georgia Dome, I knew it must have been a really long tour because the stadium is so big. Dr. Johnson answered, “The Georgia Dome is an all-afternoon tour.” According to Dr. Johnson, another great highlight that everybody seems to enjoy is “Riding the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) trains and buses.”

The last few highlights of this trip include attending Sunday morning services at the Big Bethel Methodist Church (a black church). Dr. Johnson recalled that “This church had a lot of energy and passion.” A place the group visited was Doraville, which is a little bit north of Atlanta and is the headquarters of Encompass World Partners. I asked Dr. Johnson if he had noticed anything that had changed or if he noticed anything different after going on this trip four times. Dr. Johnson stated, “The only things I noticed that changed were the different groups of students.” Dr. Johnson talked about a few different goals for this trip. He said these goals were for “The students to change their views of culture and African-Americans, and for the students to realize that the African-American’s view of America is different than the white’s view of America.” Dr. Johnson also said, “One neat thing about the last two years of this trip is that my dad went with us. He would wear a pedometer to measure how far we would walk over the week, which came out to approximately 35 miles.” I hope to go on this trip next year so I can experience this for myself. This has to be an eye-opening and a life-changing trip!

THE SOUNDINGBOARD February 21, 2013



Match-Fixing Scandal Strikes Soccer World Andrew Pepe Staff Writer

The world of football, or “soccer,” as many call it, took a hit last week. It came to be known that there was investigation from an association called Europol that stated that there were up to 680 matches that were “fixed” in recent years. This is very troubling and troublesome because this involves matches in the World Cup and the UEFA Champions League which are two of the biggest competitions in the world and the most widely watched. Fans may not know that their teams cheat or are cheated during huge events such as these. This is not the first time that this kind of information has been brought out. There were similar investigations that came out involving match fixing in both 2006 and 2012 which took place in Italy and Turkey. Match fixing can have a bad effect on football fans all over the globe. Fans like the integrity of the game and enjoy seeing a match that is won by the players and not by the referees’ calls. Many might argue that cheating the game can bring the sport closer to an end. As a football fan, I hope this will not have an effect on the sport’s future and on the upcoming World

Cup next year in Brazil. Professional sports have the chance to exist because of the grace of their credibility. Sports such as football are the ultimate reality television, and anything that can taint or give them a bad reputation can help them lose appeal in some way. Many might ask, do sports have such a big part in this modern day

in the first place? The fact of the matter is, fans do not like seeing the game they love cheating in. The team that is deemed better and more deserving to win should have the chance to show that on the pitch, and match fixing merely prohibits this from happening. As Jurgen Klinsmann stated in an interview, “FIFA has to go in there and

Photo Courtesy of Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/AFP/ANP

that people feel the need to cheat just to find satisfaction in winning and obtaining fame? Aren’t sports just a game? Sports are just for entertainment and we should not have to fix games to help fans feel better. If the game is cheated, then what good is it

clean everything up with no compromises at all.” He also stated that he was part of a team back in his years as a player where his team, Monaco, lost many French championships twenty or twenty-five years ago because it became known that Marseille, a huge ri-

val team of Monaco, was fixing games against Klinsmann’s club. This is not the first case where this has happened, and many fans believe that this is really putting a stain on the game’s credibility. Many fans believe we have enough to worry about considering there is no replay video to help referees on the pitch and that this scandal is just another huge problem to worry about. FIFA must act fast because players such as Jurgen Klinsmann who have been beaten out of titles because of match fixing do not deserve this and should be rewarded for their hard work and good play during matches. This scandal might have really taken a sense of trust out of the game. Fans may not have the same ability to trust the legitimacy of the matches because of huge scandals such as these. The problem is, we will never be able to know if a match we are watching on television or attending is fairly being played. There will always be that feeling that a team may have it better than another because of a referee’s call which may be the wrong one. As fans, we must hope that the sport’s credibility in the future will be so sincere that scandals such as these can be forgotten which will inherently bring the sport up as a whole.


Upcoming Home Sports Events Women’s Basketball March 13-16- NCCAA Nationals

Bruce Grimm Jr, Men’s Basketball Bruce is this week’s Player of the Week with his performances

against No. 18 Bethel and No. 25 Taylor to lead the Lancers as they locked up their spot in the conference tournament as the No.

Men’s Basketball March 13-16- NCCAA Nationals

2 seed. In the game at Bethel, Bruce tallied 18 points and 8 assists

as the Lancers won 96-83. In the game against Taylor, Bruce led all scorers with 22 points, 5 assists, and a steal to cap off a great

Baseball February 21- vs. Trinity (DH) (12 p.m.)

season. The Lancers look to build on their success in the confer-

Come out and support Lancer Athletics!

ence tournament.

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Sounding Board volume 59, Issue 19  

Sounding Board volume 59, Issue 19

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