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THESOUNDINGBOARD Volume 60, Issue No. 12

January 16, 2014

Grace College, Winona Lake, IN

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Madisson Heinl

McAllister Seitz, Ethan Bunce, Josiah Hartman, Ryan Stainfield, Ty Slippy, Jarod Ward, Luke Shaver and Joshua Warner build a show fortress. Photo courtesy of Ty Slippy.


Meteorologists said the frigid weather was the result of a “polar vortex.” Students affectionately called the storm “Snowpocalypse 2014.” Whatever its name, a blizzard accompanied by subsequent record-breaking subzero temperatures swept through Northern Indiana beginning Jan. 5, delaying the start of classes and extending winter break for Grace College students. Storm forecasts prompted quick responses from Aaron Crabtree and Jim Swanson as dorms were opened one day early to traveling students on Jan. 4. However, the storm, producing total accumulations of 12-16 inches in parts of the Winona Lake area, still made it difficult for traveling students to return for classes. Furthermore, Gov. Mike Pence declared a state of disaster emergency for Kosciusko County on Jan. 6 restricting travel on roads except for emergency workers and those traveling to and from the workplace. This restriction was not lifted until late Jan. 7 preventing many students from traveling back to school. To add to the danger caused by large snow accumulations, a wind chill warning was issued for Kosciusko County. Temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees below zero brought wind chills ranging between 30 and 40 degrees below zero making it dangerous to travel outdoors without taking proper precautions on Monday, Jan. 6, and Tuesday, Jan. 7. As a result, the beginning of the session for undergraduate students was delayed, with classes beginning on Wednesday evening, Jan. 8. Despite dangerous weather conditions, Grace College students trapped on campus made the most of their snow days. Students who traveled back to school early filled their time with building snow forts, sledding, making snow ice cream, throwing boiling water in the air and watching hours of Netflix. The record-breaking three snow days given to students gave them time to fellowship with their roommates, hall mates, and friends without being distracted by the stress of school work. And, after surviving a blackout, a tornado and a blizzard this school year, perhaps Grace College students should beg the question: What will this school year have in store for us next?

Polar Vortex Gives Grace College Students Late Christmas Present

Above: Ashley Mazelin, Jessica Taylor, Esther Smith, Felicia Schmitz, and Sydney Pritchard enjoy some canoe sledding. Right: Jessica Taylor, Sydney Pritchard, Esther Smith, and Julia Peattie enjoy a day of sledding.

January 16, 2013



Grace College’s Incre-DIB-able New Dibs System Grace McDillon Staff Writer

Though the colorful array of reservation sticky notes posted around the coveted Kent lobby TV provides a trendy border to dress up what would otherwise be a plain-looking screen, students at Grace College now have a more technologically advanced—yet less aesthetically appealing—method for reserving the shows and movies they love. This semester, any student wishing to reserve a TV for the final episode of “The Bachelor,” the long-pong table in Beta for a rousing good time, or a classroom for a study group (or for perhaps a large game of charades or Pictio-

nary) can call Dibs online at Students who have one of those dandy smart phones need only to scan any object of their choice as long as it has a Dibs sticker on it. In other words, it’s no use trying to scan the comfiest chairs or a roommate’s electric blanket. For those who have one of those classic “dumb” phones, take comfort that the computer method is simple enough. Upon arriving at the designated web address, students may choose how long they wish to reserve an object or room and what time of day they prefer. Available dorms with their respective entities up for Dibs are then displayed, and students may enter their name, email address, and phone number for

Meet Your New Editor-in-Chief

A New Year, a New (Healthier) You Megan Snyder

Madisson Heinl

Copy Editor


My name is Madisson Heinl and I am so excited to be the new Editor in Chief of the Sounding Board! I am a Communications major and Journalism minor. You may know me from seeing me in a Back in Five comedy show or other theatre shows on campus. I also wrote several articles for the Sounding Board, including the “The Way I See It” columns, last semester. If you are still not sure who I am, it’s probably because I spend all of my spare time working out in the gym (And if you believe that last statement, you actually do not have any idea who I am). My hobbies include writing, knitting, practicing improv and looking up videos of cats. I’m so looking forward to reading with you, laughing with you and learning with you over the course of this semester!

a text confirmation to officially call Dibs for a time of their choice. With this new system in place, students are reminded to be respectful of the Dibs. Even if “Downton Abbey” is only half-way finished, a student who has called Dibs at that time gets to sit right down and catch the last fifteen of “Phineas and Ferb” if he or she so chooses. Students are also reminded to clean up after themselves when their turn is up. Though the era of sticky notes may have come to an abrupt end, students can now make their reservations without the fear that their “paper Dibs” for a Colts game will fall off or be surreptitiously thrown away for the premiere of “America’s Got Talent.”

Getting fit is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions every year. People vow to eat healthier and get to the gym more often to shed those unwanted Christmas cookie pounds. Grace College is hosting an event for students to meet those resolutions with the Healthier YOU Challenge. The Challenge, which starts tracking from Monday, January 13, through April 5, is not only about lifting more on the bench press or cutting all carbohydrates from your diet. It will challenge different

aspects of the competitors’ lives; including sleep habits and monitoring computer screen time habits. Teams or individuals will be competing for one of three grand prizes that will be given in April. Senior Katie Van Sloten said that she joined a team “because [she] wanted to learn how to cook and eat healthy.” One of her goals is “to be able to run faster by the end.” Motivation is key to keeping up the intensity for more than a few days. Van Sloten stated, “I’m going to stay motivated by eating a steady diet of only kale chips.” Her roommates are much

less than excited about the perpetual smell of cooked broccoli in every room of their apartment. Of course, if students are willing to keep up their resolution but missed signups for the challenge, Van Sloten’s advice is “to sign up to do personal training with Brittany Paul. She’s the best of the best.” Remember, if you know someone competing in the challenge, encourage them in any way you can, even if that means getting tea instead of that caramel latte with whipped cream during your coffee break!

GiP Serves up Some Bro/Sis Bonding Jennie Gold Staff Writer

This past Friday evening, the Gordon Recreation Center was abuzz with Grace College students preparing for the brother/sister hall volleyball tournament. Sponsored by the Grace Intramural Program, this tournament marked the official kickoff of the intramural volleyball season. The purpose of the tournament was to encourage friendly competition, as well as to “help new students get to know their brother and sister halls,” explained GiP officer Cody Thomas. He, other GiP officers, and several volunteers were in charge of the event – taking team registrations, preparing the bracket, scorekeeping, and refereeing. The tournament was similar in style and purpose to the bro/sis kickball tournament

held during Welcome Weekend in August, and was equally as popular – fifteen bro/sis hall teams participated. Freshman Santina Spiteri commented that her favorite thing about the event was “all of campus getting together to let go and have a friendly competition.” The tournament truly was both friendly and competitive. Team spirits were high at the beginning of the event, and students maintained that energy throughout the evening. Some teams wore matching color schemes, and several even brought along their own cheering sections. High levels of sportsmanship were exhibited on and off the courts. Many people, like sophomore Leah West, expressed their exhaustion after the first round of games, but also their ongoing determination. “I’m a little tired…[but] I can’t give up now,” said West. Competitors bumped, set, and spiked

their way through game after game. Players made dramatic dives for the ball and the referees had their fair share of close line calls to make. The music blared and the crowds cheered wildly as their teams scored. At the end of the evening, the Gamma C/ Alpha 3 West team was crowned the winner, receiving not only GiP T-shirts, but also the honor of being named the Bro/Sis Hall Volleyball Tournament Champions. One thing is certain: Grace College takes its bro/sis hall athletic events very seriously. Even though these games were done in the spirit of friendly competition, there was no denying that all the teams played fiercely to the best of their abilities. For more information on GiP, or for a schedule of upcoming events, be sure to check out their website and Facebook page.

January 16, 2013



What Grace Students Like About “Duck Dynasty” Leah Sander Staff Writer

The elements of a slightly odd but loving family, a successful family-run business, and events involving hunting, family celebrations, and the actions of one very interesting uncle sound like the makeup of a basic reality series. Yet fans of the television show “Duck Dynasty” will immediately recognize these as parts of a series that they hold close to their hearts. For those not acquainted with the show, it started less than two years ago on the A&E television channel and has quickly amassed a number of loyal viewers. It shares the adventures of the Robertson family, who, for several decades, have run a duck-call business called Duck Commander in Louisiana. The family is quite wealthy from their company, but, similar to the fictional family of the 1960s show “Beverly Hillbillies,” they stay true to the simple way of life that they had before becoming rich. However, unlike their fictional counterparts, the Robertsons are actually intelligent and aware of outside culture.

On a typical show, viewers will watch patriarch Phil and matriarch Kay, their sons Jase, Willie, and Jep and their respective families, and Phil’s brother Si engage in more country or redneck-type adventures such as hunting and fishing as well as other more stereotypical family activities. Something which causes the show to stand out amidst others, however, is that the members of the Robertson clan are all strong Christians. Each episode generally ends with Phil praying over dinner with the rest of the family. Apparently, a lot of people have taken to the show, with the Huffington Post reporting that 11.8 million viewers watched the season four premiere back in August. The website also mentioned that the show had gained 10 million viewers since its premiere in March 2012 and that the show was popular with younger viewers, with 6.3 million of the 18-49 television demographic watching the season four premiere. Consequently, a few members of the Grace College community are members of “Duck Nation” (the name for devoted fans of the show). Sophomore Megan Schmucker, who has been watching the show since season one, states that she likes it be-

cause “the Robertson family always shows a spirit of faith on television (almost unheard of in our culture today), not to mention they’re hilariously outrageous!” “They express their faith in Christ throughout the show; in fact, every episode closes with the family gathered around the dinner table praying their thanks for ‘another day on God’s green earth,’” she said. Junior Sarah Leichty, a more recent member of Duck Nation, expresses a similar opinion: “The clean humor and family values of ‘Duck Dynasty’ make it very enjoyable. It’s a show that appeals to all the age levels in my family—from my nearly 60-year-old dad to my 5-year-old nephew. Even long after watching an episode, we can quote it to each other, and no one can keep in a laugh,” she said. One reason that Leichty cites for her own amusement with the show is the character of Si, the fascinating uncle and brother of the Robertson family. “He’s absolutely ridiculous…in an endearing sort of way. His hidden talents are so unexpectedly diverse, and his stories are out of this world,” she said. Senior Megan Snyder states that

“[t]he women of the Robertson family are [her] favorite [characters]. They are strong and faith-centered and goofy sometimes, but they keep the family on track,” she said. Snyder mentioned that her favorite episode of the series “was [the] one where Phil and Kay renew their vows. All of their kids got together and planned this adorable, though very country ceremony where their oldest son officiated. It was incredibly sweet!” she said. Schmucker says that her “favorite episode, hands down, would have to be where Si handcuffs himself to Willie.” “In a hilarious adventure, Willie tries to find some way out of the jam. I highly recommend watching [this] ‘Si-amese Twins’ episode, especially if you’re looking for a way to lighten up during finals week!” she said. Currently, people can check out “Duck Dynasty” in reruns or on DVD and Blu-ray since season four ended in October. However, fans will not have to wait too long for the show, with season five slated to start on January 15. Thus, fans will get a fresh taste of the show, and new viewers might get lured in as well.

FACE OFF Duck Dynasty

Did A&E Have a Right to Suspend Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson? Molly Jewell Staff Writer

“First off, I got very tired of it very fast. It just seemed over-blown to me. Now, I think the Christian realm (and I’m sure fans outside it) had every right to get upset. It seems while our world loves to defend gays by pushing against any outspoken opinion against homosexuality, they forget the discrimination they are doing against that one person. I

don’t think A&E had a right to kick him off the show. They made a rash decision without contemplating the costs of the decision or if it was fair. It always was a pointed question. In no way was the answer reflecting the views of A&E or relating to anything A&E other than a person on their TV show. I see no way that A&E had a right to suspend him for his personal beliefs. In many ways I think “Duck Dynasty” should have taken it to court, not to get money or anything like that, but to show how our world cries out against discrim-

ination while discriminating certain people groups/religions. I think the fans of Duck Dynasty spoke out in an effective and mature way to show their support of a person’s rights” -Whitney Worthen, Junior “It would be unfair to say Phil’s rights were violated and not to say A&E’s were not. Meaning Phil has the right to believe what he believes. A&E is an entity led by a person or persons who have a creative right to let their network represent cer-

tain values. It was easy for most Christians to pick a side in this issue because they related to Phil. But on a most basic level A&E has the right to choose who they want on their network. I mean, the general public isn’t mad that A&E doesn’t have a family of Satan worshippers on the network. While that is just as discriminatory as taking Phil off the air, it would be considered a creative right.” Kali Miller, Junior

Anniversaries and Birthdays for January 2014

Nate Bosch - January 18, Anniversary (12 yrs. as of 2014) Mark Burritt - Jan. 9, Anniversary (26 yrs. as of 2014) J.D. Woods - Birthday, Jan. 10

THE SOUNDINGBOARD January 16, 2013




Gracelyn, Dear Gracelyn, This weather is driving me crazy. I’m not from around here, so I am not used to it being so cold outside. The snowstorm last week was especially terrible for me because I didn’t bring a jacket with me back to school. Do you have any advice concerning staying warm during these winter months? I’m just not a fan of the weather patterns. I was never prepared for there to be subzero temperatures- much less this much snow! How can I make this better? Thanks! -Freezing Dear Freezing, I agree with you, this weather can be very inconvenient at times. However, there are a limited number of things you can do to make it better. I will let you in on a few secrets that are good ways to stay warm. Did you research Indiana prior to coming to Grace College? Did you have any friends on Facebook or Twitter who live in Indiana? Almost every Hoosier posts or tweets something outrageous about the unpredictable pattern of Indiana weather at least three times per day. Granted, many of these posts and tweets are exaggerated, but you should have gotten the hint that Indiana is not Florida. Have you ever seen a snowstorm? They’re beautiful and will warm your heart when you watch them from indoors. How much more will they warm your heart if you’re watching them outdoors! I will admit, it doesn’t seem like it would make any sense, but standing outside in a snowstorm will actually keep you warmer than if you were standing inside in a snowstorm. There is no excuse for you not to have a jacket. Why? Well, I’m sure you’ve seen several places to hang your jackets around campus. Many students are under the impression that these hooks and coat racks are simply for storage. However, these places are really open invitations for students without jackets to take any jacket they like. Every place where jackets are stored is a place where jackets are simply being given away! You may think that students wouldn’t like to come back and notice that their jackets are gone, but believe me, if they hang their jackets up, they’re practically asking you to take them off of their hands. They will also feel better about themselves knowing that they put a jacket on another deserving student’s back. All in all, you need to find a jacket and go outside more often. Or move. Follow my advice and you’ll be nice and warm almost immediately! -Gracelyn Disclaimer: All of the advice given above is strictly for entertainment purposes. Please do not actually follow this advice. Following this advice may lead to loss of friendships, sanity, credibility and, in extreme cases, may lead to death. Struggling to find the perfect microwave-safe double-chocolate brownie recipe? Can’t keep up with Aaron Crabtree’s ever-changing hairstyle? Roommate sings too loudly in the shower? Gracelyn has all the answers to your most pressing life questions. Ask them at

College Student Watches All of Netflix Over Break Eric Totheroh Contributing Writer

Stating that his break was “largely uneventful,” one college student watched the entire catalog of movies, TV shows, and original programming on Netflix over Christmas break, sources reported Wednesday. The student, whose family worked “right up until Christmas Eve,” didn’t think finding a job for Christmas Break was “worth the hassle,” and so began watching the newest season of “Arrested Development” upon his return to his parents’ house, beginning what many call the greatest binge of all time. “I just sort of got hooked on Netflix’s original programming,” said the student, whose legs had begun to atrophy from his sedentary lifestyle. “’House of Cards’ is incredible, but ‘Orange is the New Black’ deserves some awards!” While many find the content streaming website conducive to watching entire seasons of television programs in one sitting, it is unheard of for one person to sit through all that is offered by the service, with so many varying interests and tastes represented throughout the catalog. “It got tough there, for a stretch,” noted the student, who took breaks to use the restroom and eat. “The foreign films were pretty boring, if you ask me.

The documentaries got old after a while. And the later seasons of ‘Lost’ were just disappointing and weird, man.” At one point, Netflix itself seemed to notice history being made, temporarily suspending the account for misuse. The student contacted Netflix, who believed he had given his account out to too many people, and when he explained that it was just him, the operator restored the account, although the student said the man “seemed to feel bad for me. Probably for what they put me through.” Surprisingly, the binge seems to have had no adverse effects on his social skills, as many close to him have not seen any discernible difference in the way he interacts with others. “Apparently he knows nothing about the blizzard that left people stranded in their homes for weeks, and he had to re-learn speech patterns that weren’t directly lifted from television characters, but other than that he’s been pretty normal,” said a friend. When asked about the blizzard in his town, the student said that it made a lot of sense, noting he “thought he heard his mom vacuuming the house once.” At press time, the young man was restarting “Arrested Development” because there were so many jokes he didn’t catch the first time.

THE SOUNDINGBOARD January 16, 2013

ENTERTAINMENT Welcome to Chaos


The 2014 Bandit

Kay DeVries Staff Writer

With the New Year comes a whirlwind of resolutions, plans, lists, and desires to “do something” with the 365 days ahead. I’m not exempt from the this—my roommates and I spent a morning writing out small outlines of things we want to accomplish in 2014, but as I sat down to write this article for the week, I was struck with a thought that might dash any hopes or plans I had for the year. It came in the form of a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” This has already been a favorite quote of mine, but the truth and

reality of those words really sunk in. Because as soon as we start looking at someone else’s success or achievement, we are drained of all our own motivation. One of my goals for this year is to finish the novel I started writing in September, but every time I go to sit down at the computer to write, I get hung up on how my written voice doesn’t sound right. My characters are two-dimensional. My plot lacks pizzazz, and there’s no way anyone will want to publish me. And it’s all downhill from there. Writing stops being enjoyable because I’ve convinced myself that I’m not good enough. Do you see the problem here? If we’re constantly looking to the person who has

the post-grad job already lined up, or our friend who has made all A’s every semester, or the guy across the hall who got a better Christmas haul, we’re going to rob ourselves of any motivation or joy for 2014. And it’s only January! So regardless of any resolutions, lists, or plans you have lined up for this upcoming year, I hope you will join me and stop looking over our shoulders to see who is ahead of us, or better than us, or happier than us, because we’re all struggling with our own kind of inadequacy. Remember that you have a chance that’s all your own for joy, success and fun this year.

Microwave Mug Brownies Preparation: Emily Sumner Staff Writer

During these cold winter months, there are many ways to keep warm in your dorm room after walking around campus in the elements all day. But some days, wearing three or four sweaters and using your laptop as a personal space heater just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, the best way to cozy up is enjoying homemade baked goods. If you have a microwave and a mug, you can make yourself a nice, warm brownie to help beat the winter blues. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter, melted 2 tablespoons water 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 dash salt 4 tablespoons granulated sugar 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour

1. In a coffee mug (12 oz or larger), add water, butter, vanilla and dash of salt. Whisk well. (A fork will work as well.) 2. Add cocoa powder, whisk well. Add sugar, whisk well. Add flour, whisk well. 3. Microwave for 60 seconds for a brownie with a gooey center, or 75 seconds for a more consistent brownie. 4. Let cool before enjoying! Feel free to get creative in preparing your brownie! Add chocolate chips, nuts, or Nutella to the batter; top with whipped cream or ice cream; or enjoy the batter without even having to use a microwave! Recipe: recipe/microwave-chocolate-mugbrownie-349246

January 16, 2013



The Ticker

National and International News John Hanlon Staff Writer

The Ticker by John Hanlon CHRISTIE: Republican Gov. Chris Christie fired his deputy chief of staff on January 9 after emails surfaced that showed the top aide had a hand in intentionally causing traffic jams on the nation’s busiest bridge in order to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J., for failing to endorse Christie’s campaign. The George Washington Bridge holds 14 lanes of traffic and stretches from New York City to Fort Lee. (New York Times) WATER: A chemical spill in West Virginia forced 300,000 residents to go without clean water for days. No taking showers, washing hands, drinking or washing clothes with the tap water because a foaming agent used in a coal processing plant in Charleston seeped into the Elk River on January 8. Officials are testing the water and hope to have everything back to normal soon. (Associated Press) COLD: A day after escaping prison, a man in Kentucky turned himself in, saying he couldn’t take the frigid cold. The temperature was 3 degrees with a wind chill of 17 below when Robert Vick spent the night in an abandoned farm house after escaping from a minimum-security prison on January 5. He turned himself in the next morning and was treated for hypothermia. Vick’s six-year term could be extended for as much as five additional years due to the escape. (WREX, NBC News) SATAN: The Satanic Temple has submitted plans to erect a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma state Capitol. If built, the $20,000 piece will be a depiction of Satan as Baphomet, a figure with a human body and goatlike head with horns, wings and a long beard. “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation,” says Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves. (Associated Press) TECH: From massive ultra high definition TVs to virtual reality goggles that act as your own personal movie theater to self-driving cars and even a crock pot controlled by a smartphone, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had plenty to show off. The annual event draws more than 150,000 people and gives tech industry manufacturers the opportunity to introduce new products to the world. (CNET)

Man-on-the-Street by Zachary Pappas New Year’s Resolutions Bill Katip

Joseph Stowell

“I did sign up for the Healthier YOU program at the GRC and I will be setting some fitness goals in the next week or so. And I am continuing my goal of reading through the Bible each year. I have decided to use a chronological Bible this year.’

“Now that I have an off-campus job, I resolved to reach out more to the community. Specifically, I want to have at least one conversation about my faith with each one of my colleagues this year.”

Andrea Tucker

Georgianne Sandlin

“Going off of Colossians 3:17, this year I want to learn to have a thankful heart in every situation.”

“I would like to spend more time learning to cook some delicious dishes and also do some ab workouts every night before bed time.”

Will Watkins

Jessica Boren

“My resolution this year was to run more and drink less caffeine. So far I’ve gone running once, but I haven’t been able to cut down on caffeine yet.”

“I dub this year, the year of me. My resolution is to make this year better. The last few years have been very difficult and it seemed as if I went from happy to broken. God provides and brings joy, but your mindset also affects your disposition. Therefore, my goal for the year is to stay locked on God like a compass is locked on North.”

January 16, 2013



Red Zone Ramps Up for Spring Basketball Jordan Butler RedZone Coordinator

It is the beginning of the Spring Semester once again and that means that basketball season is back in full swing here at Grace College. As basketball season reaches its climax, the Red Zone is back and ready to show some school spirit. Supporting both men’s and women’s basketball teams, while creating an exciting and insanely loud atmosphere, is what the Grace Red Zone student section is all about. In the days of the old Lancer Gym, going to the basketball game was the thing to do and the place to be on campus. Students even went to great lengths to make sure they had a good seat even if it meant leaving class early. This is what made Lancer Gym special, and the Red Zone is looking to create that sort of atmosphere again. Whether you like sports or not, bring your friends, come ready to stand, and be loud enough to blow the roof off of the MOCC as we cheer our Lancers on to

victory! Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have great teams, and both teams expect to have very successful seasons. Ever wondered what it would be like to fill the MOCC to capacity with only standing room remaining? It has happened before and it can happen again! For those who were here two years ago, do you remember the conference tournament championship game against Saint Francis that went into three overtime periods as our Lancers were crowned conference champions? There was not an empty seat in the house and barely enough room to move around in the concourse, because it was so packed! The capacity crowd at the MOCC was the loudest I had and, to this day, still have ever heard. That is the way it should be for each and every game, even during the regular season. The next regular season home matchup for the Lady Lancers is Wednesday, Jan. 22 as the ladies take on Crossroads League


In Lancer Athletics

Conference foe Mount Vernon Nazarene. As for the guys, the next regular season home matchup takes place on Saturday, Jan. 18 against Crossroads League Conference foe Huntington University. This is a huge game, and it will set the tone for the rest of the season. Here is a friendly reminder of a few of the rules. First, there are no noise makers allowed in the crowd. Secondly, do not be demeaning to the opposing teams or the referees; instead cheer positively for Grace. Lastly, use good judgment and represent our school values well with character, good sportsmanship, and a positive Christian attitude. One of the many things that happen in the Red Zone is the planning of theme nights for what to wear to each game. I am really excited about this year, and I cannot wait to see how far our teams go! Good luck to every single Grace school and club athletic teams.

Local golf standout Jon Schram has transferred to play for Grace’s golf team this spring with two-and-a-half years of eligibility remaining. Men’s soccer senior Benjamin Bassous and juniors Jacob Cole and Trent Smith were named Daktronics NAIA ScholarAthletes. Senior runner Marena Lodzinski was named an NAIA ScholarAthlete. Senior volleyball player Dana Johnston was named a Second Team NCCAA All-American. Johnston and fellow teammate, junior Hannah Clemmons were name NAIA and NCCAA Scholar- Athletes Grace men’s basketball recorded victories over Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras (69-56), Puerto Rico-Bayamon (58-48), #23 Ashford (67-59), and #14 Saint Francis (62-56). Lady Lancer’s basketball recorded victories over Georgetown (53-50) and Bethel (73-66). Credit to Sports Information

Women’s Soccer Picks Up NAIA, NCCAA All-American Recognition Josh Neuhart Sports Information

After putting the finishing touches on a stellar season, Grace’s women’s soccer players were given several national awards for the 2013 campaign. Freshman Meredith Hollar and sophomore Carianne Sobey highlighted the Lady Lancers’ award haul when they were named honorable mention for NAIA All-American. Hollar, who was also named the Crossroads League Offensive Player of the Year, tallied 11 goals. The freshman forward was lauded as an NCCAA First Team All-American – the only freshman to appear on the 11-player All-American squad. She recorded eight goals in eight CL regular-season contests before suffering an injury late in

the season. Sobey, who earned the CL’s Midfielder of the Year award, picked up NCCAA Second Team All-American honors. The sophomore midfielder handed out 10 assists to go along with three goals, leading the league with seven assists in CL play. Carmen Barnhill concluded her outstanding four-year career with NCCAA Third Team All-American recognition. The senior goalkeeper helped the Lady Lancers notch seven shutouts and a 12-7-3 record. The Lady Lancers advanced to the NCCAA National Championships for the third straight season, advancing to the national semifinals for the second consecutive year under head coach Michael Voss. Grace also posted the squad’s best record in league competition, compiling a 7-1-1 mark in

the Crossroads League. Emily Hickerson and Meghan Wiles were given NCCAA All-Tournament Team honors after Grace’s tournament run. Additionally, eight Lady Lancers were named NAIA Scholar-Athletes: Hannah Alcorn, Keeley Booher, Carmen Barnhill, Emily Hickerson, Jalisa Thayer, Holly Bennett, Kelsey Christner and Kaitlan Wiles. In order to be nominated by an institution’s head coach or sports information director, a student-athlete must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and must have achieved a junior academic status to qualify for this honor. Holly Bennett was also a Second Team honoree for Capital One CoSIDA Academic All-America®.

THE SOUNDINGBOARD January 16, 2013




January 2014 Sunday 12

Monday 13


20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day



Tuesday 14


Thursday 16





Rise ‘n’ roll donuts sale

Rise ‘n’ roll donuts sale

Rise ‘n’ roll donuts sale




Friday 17

Saturday 18

London/ Paris Gallery Reception 7-9

Ice Skating @ 10:10 p.m.




Serve will be hosting a fundraiser January 20-23 in Alpha Dining to raise money for summer opportunities for low-income students in the Warsaw area in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Serve will be taking orders for Rise’n’roll donuts to be delivered Saturday, Jan. 25. Donuts can be ordered individually or in half-dozens and dozens. The option to “Buy One, Give One” to purchase donuts for oneself as well as sending donuts to someone else, is also available.

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