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THESOUNDINGBOARD Volume 60, Issue No. 11

December 3, 2013

Grace College, Winona Lake, IN

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A Merry Little Christmas!

December 3, 2013



Bizarre Christmas Stories When I was young, our family traveled to Mexico over Christmas. My mom wanted the hotel room to be festive, so the night we arrived she hung candy canes around the room.  Things weren’t so festive the next morning when I awoke to find that my brother had “blood” running down his face!  After some nervous moments, we realized that the warmth and high humidity had melted the candy canes above the bed overnight and the dripping red sugar was the source of the “blood”!   Dr. Roberts

a holiday weekend. To our surprise, car loads arrived! The result was a household “slumber party” with dozens of people. Now, years later, this annual family event continues and has grown ever larger. The weekend includes a talent show, music, stories, games, food, stargazing and fireworks. One year J.D. Woods performed for us. Another year we hired Grace students as waiters to help serve a formal turkey dinner. The neighbors await the annual traffic jam this holiday season. Dr. DeYoung

My strangest story was when I was in seminary here in 1984. My daughters and I went to Glenbrook Mall to purchase a gift for my wife for Christmas. It was a Saturday, and as we walked from the food court to J.C. Penney, the line for children to have their picture taken with Santa Claus was almost as long as the walk to JC Penney. My youngest daughter, about half-way to the store, said in a voice that could almost be heard in Warsaw, “We don’t believe in Santa Claus, do we, Dad?!”  The stares from mothers and fathers and the cries of young children are etched forever in my mind. I had taught my children that Christmas was about Jesus Christ not Santa.  We never had Santa in our home, but I never realized how big an impression that was until that moment. It is probably my most embarrassing moment as a parent.  Dr. Soto

On December 24, 1989, Romanian president and dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was arrested, tried, and convicted for genocide and crimes against his own people. Later that day, he was executed by a firing squad.  The next day, Christmas day, the papers read, “Jesus is born; the Anti-Christ is dead.” Dr. Rata

It’s not weird, just funny. My brother (home for the holidays from Grace College) placed a huge appliance-sized box under the tree for Mom. We all poked and jabbed it trying to guess its contents. And we were a little jealous of its size -- until Christmas morning when our mom unwrapped it to reveal mounds of dirty laundry. We all laughed harder than Mom. Debbie Katip

house and trying to break in. We explained we had looked through the windows but done nothing more. He declared the school ground was not open to the public and was joined by another officer. We apologized since we hadn’t known not to trespass as there were no signs telling people the ground was not public property. They continued to question us, taking our names and phone numbers. Let’s just say as a group of junior high girls, we were all freaking out a bit! The officers then told us if they went back to the school house and found anything broken or missing, we would be arrested. Then they let us go. When we reached home, we found our rather worried mothes were heading out on a walk to find us. We laughingly told our story. I was a little nervous Christmas day wondering if I would get a phone call about something missing at the school, but the call never came. What a very Christmas welcome! Aubrey McQuade

Every year on Christmas, our family has a tradition. We wake up at 6 a.m., open our presTwo Christmases ago our grandmother ents, then cook biscuits and gravy for breakfast. bought us matching GAP outfits.... It was my oldest sister’s turn to cook. Fast forJackie Seal ward awhile and all of the food is done. She was the first one to try the food. She said it was disgusting. So then I realized that she had used powdered sugar to make the gravy instead of flour. Jami Pellam

I was almost arrested on Christmas Eve. My friends and I decided to go on a walk. One of our mothers suggested we travel around the block and stop by an old school house, as it would look pretty in the snow. We stopped to peek in the windows, then left and continued walking down the road. A few minutes later, a police car pulled up beside us and told us to Since our relatives live out of state, one year stop. He said someone called in saying a group we invited everyone to visit us in Indiana for of kids were throwing rocks at the old school

Kathryne Seal (left) and her sister Jackie.


DECEMBER 2013 Sunday 1







Thursday 5

Fair Trade Sale 8 SAB Study Break @ 8 p.m.



11 Last day of classes








GIP Christmas Dodgeball @ 8 p.m.

Back in Five @ midnight

December 3, 2013



December and May Graduation: Coming Up Fast Megan Snyder Copy Editor

Believe it or not, quite a few seniors will be leaving Grace College in just over a week. Many third- and fourth-year seniors are in their home stretch! If you know any graduating seniors, pat them on the back and give them a word of encouragement, not questions about what may be next in their lives. (They get enough of that from relatives and such.) Graduation is a huge step for those who will be leaving in December but walking in the ceremony in May. Registrar Steve Carlson estimated that

from preliminary numbers, there will probably be around 90 more students walking in this May’s ceremony than in last year’s ceremony! This surge in students is owed to the Reimagine program. This means that from the various programs, around 520 students will be graduating from Grace College with degrees, ready to be sent out into the world! “It’s a celebratory kind of day,” Carlson said of the commencement festivities, and will be made even more special by the number of people able to attend the ceremony. As has previously been announced, there will be a ticket system

for the number of people allowed in to the Manahan Orthopedic Capital Center. There will, however, be an overflow room in Alpha Dining, refreshments included, as well as a live stream of the ceremony. Though the ticket system request list will not be started until the spring, seniors have something else to think about: the graduation application. Carlson and his staff stressed the need for seniors to fill out the online application as soon as is possible. Seniors should also be checking their email and the commencement page on the portal for more information.

I <3 Muslims Anna Belcher Staff Writer

What religion is the fastest growing around the world? If you know anything about the title of this article, it will not surprise you that Islam is the fastest growing religion. Christianity is the sixth, according to Pew Forum. It is evident that there is a need for all of us to reach outside our comfort zone and do minis-

try with our Muslim friends. But where are we to do this when the Middle East is so far away? The answer: right here in the United States! We have a growing population of Muslims all around this area: Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Kendallville all have Muslim communities that are more than open to outside help! It is amazing the way God is opening these doors. I <3 Muslims, a group under Mosaic, is dedicated pure-

ly to ministry and the sharing of relationships with Muslims. We are doing this in a few different ways: trips up to the South Bend mosque to learn and build relationships (possibly even Friday night soccer for the men), and Fort Wayne has huge tutoring opportunities for women. The list goes on. In fact, we took a trip to the mosque last Wednesday with 29 students! What an opportunity it was to meet their Imam and other followers and

ask questions about what they believe. I <3 Muslims meets on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. in Philathea room 10 to learn about Islam, how to build relationships, how to share our faith, to pray for Muslims world-wide, and to study Islamic countries. This is an invitation for anyone to come and take part of what God is doing in the lives of Muslims world-wide.

Seven-Layer Cookies Housing a Mission Guest Andrew Weidman Staff Writer

My roommate and I got the privilege of hosting a guest for this past week’s Conference on Missions. We hosted Dennis Fry, director of Inside Youth in Springfield, Ohio, and a Grace College alumnus. Fry arrived late Tuesday night, around 11 p.m. We then spent the next two hours or so hearing his testimony and stories about what he does. They were great to hear, despite not going to bed until 3 a.m. and having EDT at 8. Fry would always come in late at night after having a busy day of chapel, planning, meals, meetings, and seminars. Wednesday night, at around 11:30 p.m.,

he suggested ordering a pizza. His words were, “Dudes, let’s get some pizza up in here.” We were going to order it, but my roommate and I looked over not even five minutes later and Fry was asleep on the bed! Fry was an inspiration to us both, and we talked through a lot of things. He was a great example of a man living for Christ. It certainly was a fun experience to host him. I hope to host again next year, whether it be Fry again or another one of the fantastic mission guests we host each year. (P.S. A tip for those of you who might like to host next year: You may get a snorer like Dennis, so headphones and Pandora help to sleep at night :))

Ingredients: 4 ounces butter 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1 (6 oz.) pkg. chocolate chips 1 (6 oz.) pkg. butterscotch chips 1 small can shredded coconut (1 1/3 cups) 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk 1 to 1 1/2 cups chopped pecans

Preparation: Preheat oven to 350°. Melt butter in 9x13-inch baking pan. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs over melted butter; spread crumbs with chocolate chips, then butterscotch chips. Sprinkle coconut over this, then drizzle the sweetened condensed milk evenly over all. Sprinkle with the chopped pecans. Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes. Cool and cut in 1 1/2-inch squares.

THE SOUNDINGBOARD December 3, 2013




Gracelyn, Dear Gracelyn, I’m looking into changing my major. The classes I’m taking now are not really interesting to me, and I don’t really like the subject matter covered in them. I’m just not really sure if changing my major is a good idea at this point in my education. It took me a long time to decide on my major now and I’m not sure what to do if I don’t like the major I end up switching to! I’m in a rough spot. -Indecisive Dear Indecisive, You do sound like you’re in a rough spot! It’s a good thing that you have already spoken to your advisor about this matter, but it’s even better that you have come to me asking for advice. I have never had to change my major before, but I do know several people who have. My advice is to never ever change your major, even if you detest it. Yes, you may be stuck in classes that you don’t like and don’t understand, but changing your major is simply not worth it. Remember, most people don’t even get a job in their field of study anyway! Make sure that you do not speak with professors outside of your field. They will try to convince you to major in their fields of study and will make changing majors seem tempting. This is detrimental to your studies and focus as a student. If you simply must change your major, be sure to think it over critically and carefully. The only thing that should be a deciding factor in changing your major is your projected income. Making money is not everything, I know, but it’s really important that you set yourself up for future success. If the major you are switching to does not have a higher average income than the major you are studying now, don’t even think about making the switch. Just because you enjoy the subject matter of a particular major and excel at it does not mean that the major is a good choice. The fact that deciding on your current major consumed so much of your time is an indication that you should not even pursue changing majors. At this point, it is just a waste of time! Furthermore, it’s a large waste of energy that could be better spent working on the homework for your current major. I hope that you will follow my advice and choose to be content rather than confused!


by Madisson Heinl

What is the strangest Christmas gift you have ever received? Kailey Streeter

Kaity Morrow

“A framed picture of my face photoshopped onto a lady riding a horse.”

“Every year for Christmas one of my friends gets me a pooping reindeer candy dispenser.”

Sydney Mansfield

“Five years in a row, my grandma has gotten me a jar of marshmallow fluff for Christmas.”

Felicia Schmitz

Adam Miller


Struggling to find the perfect microwave-safe double-chocolate brownie recipe? Can’t keep up with Aaron Crabtree’s ever-changing hairstyle? Roommate sings too loudly in the shower? Gracelyn has all the answers to your most pressing life questions. Ask them at


“In a white elephant gift exchange, I received an autographed senior picture from a girl.”

THE SOUNDINGBOARD December 3, 2013

ENTERTAINMENT Welcome to Chaos


Side by Side

The Female Mind Explained Kay DeVries Contributing Writer

I have been asked to explain (in approximately 350 words) a woman’s mind when it comes to men’s pursuit of them. It’s a daunting task, but one that I am willing to accept for the sake of all my dear gentlemen friends out there. This one is for you. I wish I could start by saying that I represent the whole population of women and we all think the same way. But we don’t. So this comes from my own experience and what I know from the other women in my life. Key things to know when you’re pursuing a girl: -She will over analyze everything you do. The punctuation in your texts, how often you make eye contact, every other girl’s name that you mention. We don’t expect you to go out of your way to stop this, because you can’t. But just know that we’re paying close attention. -On the other hand, she will over-analyze everything she does. We’re constantly worried that we laughed a little too hard at that joke, that our inability to play ping

pong is going to make you second guess the “relationship,” or that if we text you first too many days in a row, if is going to make us seem pushy. -She’s waiting for you to make the first move. We’ve been told that Christian community dictates that a man takes initiative. But we women will painstakingly drop every hint possible—all the time worrying that we’re being too obvious. It becomes this terrifying balancing act of letting him know, but not to the point that we’re taking away control. Absolutely agonizing. Those are just the nutshell/ highlights that first come to mind. Hopefully some of you find yourselves nodding in agreement or getting excited about the new information. I’m a firm believer that so much of relationships would be easier if we (men and women alike!) stopped with our childish arguments of “you don’t understand me!” and truly started communicating with the opposite gender. So begin a conversation, keep an open mind, and start understanding!

The Male Mind Explained Dennis Dutcher Contributing Writer

Understanding the opposite gender is excruciatingly complicated. The truth behind this statement is about as fundamental as “Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance,” or “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line” (shout out to “Princess Bride”). This is especially true in the context of romantic relationships. Thus, I hope to enlighten any girls reading this article by providing a few examples of what exactly goes on in the male mind when interacting with the opposite gender, and possible appropriate responses to them. (Note: I am not a professional when it comes to guygirl relationships…but I am a guy, so I at least have a little credibility. Nevertheless, apply these words with discretion): -Guys are much more low-context than girls. This means that, if you are interested in a guy and want to communicate your interest to him, subtle hints aren’t going to cut it. If you’re interested, make it blatantly obvious to him. -If you’re NOT interested in a guy, make sure he knows that as well. He may easily misinterpret your actions as “flirtatious.” While the guy is responsible for not reading into

her actions too much, the girl’s also responsible for not leading him on. -Whether you’re interested in him or not, when around a guy friend, try not to overdo it when you talk about how physically attractive other guys are. Girls talking about a guy’s muscles and how hot he is while they’re around another guy is like guys talking about a girl’s figure and how hot SHE is while they’re around another girl. Guys can feel just as insecure about their looks as girls. -Guys like to feel useful and needed. If a guy does something as simple as holding a door open for you, acknowledge it! -FINALLY, there’s nothing more nerve-racking for a guy than telling a girl that he’s interested in her. So if a guy goes out of his way to tell you how he feels, try to respect that, regardless of whether you reciprocate those feelings or not. Last thing a guy wants to hear after he pours his heart out to a girl is, “Heh heh heh…oh, you were serious? Wow…this is sufficiently awkward… .” He’s already making himself vulnerable for telling you how he feels; you don’t have to make him feel more humiliated. Give him props for it.

The Way I See It -- Grace College’s Christmas Madisson Heinl Staff Writer

The way I see it, Christmas traditions are what hold the campus together. Many of us have individual family Christmas traditions, but even better are the traditions that we have as a student body. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the holiday sweater shopping fever that sweeps over campus. For two months prior to the Christmas season, students shop at Goodwill in search of a perfectly knitted statement of sentimental cheesiness. Furthermore, if your sweater is several sizes too big, lights up, or smells like an old person’s basement, you obviously have your life together.

Another campus tradition that cannot be forgotten includes gift exchanges that happen in dorms, clusters, and student groups. Usually, these are white elephant gift exchanges in which students buy “prank” gifts for one another. Perhaps one of my favorite examples of a white elephant gift was when last year, a girl smuggled a dying potted Poinsettia plant out of Alpha Dining in her backpack to give to someone else in her class gift exchange. Christmas decorations also plague the halls of nearly every dorm. This time every year, fire hazards are acceptable because, let’s be honest, would a dorm really catch on fire as a result of twinkle lights put up to celebrate Christ’s birth? Christmas trees and candy canes are found in the

lobbies and in the dining hall to remind students of the impending Christmas season. Alpha dining looks like a Christmas haven. That is, until you realize that at least four poinsettia petals have fallen in your meal. Then it just looks like a death trap. The climax to the Christmas season at Grace College is Christmas chapel. Christmas chapel just feels right. Every student comes together wearing his or her smelliest, cheesiest, most outrageous sweater and prepares to sing Christmas songs and carols with a group of friends and professors with a joy that can only come as a result of celebrating the Savior’s birth. So get out there, enjoy this Christmas season, and live life according to the way I see it.

December 3 2013



The Ticker

National and International News John Hanlon Staff Writer

DISCOUNTS: Did you slip in some shopping over Thanksgiving break? The trend of retailers opening earlier on Thanksgiving Day continued this year as many stores began deals at 6 a.m. On average, shoppers spent $407 Thursday through Sunday, down from $423 in 2012, according to the retail federation. On Black Friday, traffic was down 11 percent in stores, but online sales were up - in both number of customers and average amount spent. (USA Today) CHOPPER: At least nine are dead and a dozen hospitalized after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of a Glasgow, Scotland, pub on Friday, November 29. Days later, investigators said there is a possibility of more bodies being found in the rubble. The pub was packed with 120 people attending a concert. Police said the aircraft was on its way back from performing a mission and carried two officers and a civilian pilot. (AP, BBC) DRONE: Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced on Sunday, December 1, that Amazon is working on drone octocopters capable of delivering a package to your front door in under 30 minutes from the time of purchase. It is called “Amazon Prime Air” and, at least at first, would only be available to customers within 10 miles of an Amazon warehouse. The delivery option is still a “number of years” away from being reality, the company said. (CBS 60 Minutes, The Verge) PAINTING: What would you buy with $142 million? That’s the price a painting recently sold for at Christie’s in New York City, making it the most expensive work of art to ever sell at auction. The triptych, called “Three Studies of Lucian Freud,” easily surpassed the auction price of “The Scream” which sold for $119 million in May of 2012. (Reuters) DIGITAL: The world’s oldest newspaper, which printed its first edition nearly 300 years ago, will soon be shutting down the presses. “Lloyd’s List” has been going strong since 1734 but found in a recent survey that only 2 percent of their subscribers prefer a paper copy over the online version. They announced that after Dec. 20, 2013, the newspaper will be available solely on digital platforms. (FishbowlNY)

“Frozen” Movie Review Paul Morales Contributing Writer

In some ways, Disney’s new animated film “Frozen” represents a triumph for the brand. It tells the story of a young princess named Elsa, who is one day destined to be queen and has magical freezing powers. Her little sister, Anna, who does not have any powers, very much looks up to her older sibling and feels no jealousy whatsoever. However, when a minor accident that causes Anna to suffer a frozen head (whatever that means) panics the king and queen, Elsa is separated from Anna, and Anna’s memory of magic is erased. Several years after the untimely death of her parents, Elsa is due to be crowned the new queen, and will be seen by the public for the first time since she was a child. In those years, she has grown very fearful of her powers, and when she is upset at her coronation party, she accidentally freezes her entire kingdom, and then suddenly retreats into the mountains to build herself an icy castle of solitude. With her powers now public knowledge, the brave Anna decides to venture after her sister and convince her to unfreeze the kingdom. With the help of a mountain-man ice salesman named Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and an enchanted snowman named Olaf, Anna braves the cold elements to save her people. It’s a very Disney story, and it features some of the best voice acting in the studio’s history. Kristen Bell, in particular, paints Anna as an awkward, clumsy, but scrappy and determined princess. Anna is infinitely more accessible than most of her princess predecessors. Idina Menzel is a spectacular singer as Elsa, but she’s a little miscast, her voice not meshing well with the way the animators have drawn the character. Still, the voice is the voice, and Menzel has one of the best in the business. The enchanted snowman, Olaf, is one of the film’s biggest highlights, getting all of the best jokes and just being a downright adorable scene-stealer every time he’s on screen. It also looks pretty amazing. The animators did an incredible job giving real texture to the ice and snow effects. This project has been in development for more than 13 years, and it ultimately served the film to suffer through that stagnation. The technology just wasn’t available back in 1999 to achieve the kind of visual fidelity that “Frozen”

boasts. Unfortunately, the film has a few major drawbacks – one of which is particularly deadly to a Disney film. First, this is a story of the relationship between two sisters… or at least that’s how it’s sold. Really, one of the first things the movie establishes is that these girls really have no relationship. They have hardly seen each other in years by the time the plot really gets going. It’s just hard to invest in the hope their sisterly bond provides to the kingdom when they don’t have much of a sisterly bond at all! Secondly, and this is probably my biggest issue with the movie, following the accident that gives Anna the frozen head, the king and queen drag their daughters out into the night to seek the advice of some trolls. The head troll explains that fear will be the downfall of Elsa, and she must learn to control her powers and not give into fear. Her parents’ response to this is, “Sure. We can handle that. But until she learns control, we’re just gonna lock her into a room and make sure no one sees her or speaks to her because she’s too dangerous – ‘cause that’s not gonna make her scared of herself!” Goodness gracious! The king and queen go out of their way to make it painfully obvious that the one thing the troll said should not happen is going to happen. Idiots. Finally, and this is the big Disney killer, none of the songs are real stand-out numbers. Certain songs, like “Part of Your World,” “Tale as Old as Time,” “Hakkuna-Matata,” and so on, stay with kids and adults like forever. None of the songs in “Frozen” have that kind of lasting power. In fact, if I really put my mind to it, I’m not sure that I could even remember the tune to a single song in that movie, much less any of the lyrics. In the end, “Frozen” is a pretty big mixed bag, and how much you enjoy it will really depend heavily on which parts you focus on. It’s very well acted and very well animated. It’s cute, laugh-out-loud funny, and pretty engaging through out. But there’s not much payoff in the sisterhood because their relationship is practically non-existent. And none of the songs are really worth talking about once the movie is over. If you go to giggle, you’ll probably enjoy “Frozen” just fine. If you’re going to pick up a new soundtrack, however, you’re facing disappointment. Score: 6.5 Okay

December 3, 2013

Seth Miller Sports Editor

SPORTS Year in Review...

7 Josh Neuhart Sports Information

Male Athlete of the Year

Female Athlete of the Year

Sanchez was unstoppable during the season. He compiled a 7-2 record at number one singles during the season, leading the Lancers to their second consecutive regular season league title.

Dana had a stellar year in her senior year. She compiled 520 kills during the season to lead the team. She also had 582.1 points to lead the team. Her best performance came against Montreat College, where she had 27 kills.

Daniel Sanchez, Tennis

Dana Johnston, Volleyball

Honorable Mention: Steven Fiema, Trey Stoll, Jose Marval

Freshman of the Year

Honorable Mention: Holly Bennett, Katelyn McCullough, Meredith Hollar

Meredith Hollar, Women’s Soccer

Hollar had an incredible freshmasn season, leading the Lancers in goals (11), points (25), shots (57), shots on goal (34), and game-winning goals (3). She helped lead the Lady Lancers to the NCCAA Championship Tournament.

Honorable Mention: Katelyn McCullough, Kaitlin Kerrigan, J.J.Weimer, Jacob Stump, Jonathan Sands

Performance of the Year

Comeback of the Year

Trey Stoll, Golf at USF Invitational

Emily Hickerson, Women’s Soccer

Playing in rainy and windy conditions, Stoll played one of the best tournaments of his career with scores of 71 and 68 and a total score of 139 to win the final tournament of the season, capping off a great season for Stoll.

Honorable Mention: Austin Altimus vs. Andrews, Calah Kruse vs. Taylor, Jordan Hairgrove vs. Judson

After sitting out a good portion of last season due to injury, Hickerson put together a great season. She had 3 goals, 3 assists, and 9 points on the season, capping off a great career at Grace.

Game of the Year

Honorable Mention: Kal Denlinger, Esther Smith

Volleyball at Taylor

After falling behind early 0-2 to Taylor, Grace rallied to win the match 3-2. Grace snapped an 8-year and 12-match losing streak to Taylor with the win. Calah Kruse dominated with 15 kills and 24 digs to go along with 19 perfect serve attempts.

Honorable Mention: M Tennis (6-3) over Marian, M Soccer (12-1) over An-

Champion of Character Jonathan Rex, Cross Country Rex was chosen as the Champion of Character for his work and character on and off the field of play.

Honorable Mention: Mike Humphrey, Carmen Barnhill, Esther Smith, Allyssa Johnson, Caleb Rovenstine, Jacob Cole, Marena Lodzinski

Coach of the Year Larry Schuh, Tennis

For the second straight season, Schuh led the Lancers to a regular season title. He was named Crossroads League Coach of the Year and led the Lancers to the top seed in the tournament.

Honorable Mention: Michael Voss, Women’s Soccer; Denny Hepler, Golf

THE SOUNDINGBOARD December 3, 2013



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What They Would Say Stephen Hartman

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