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2013 ANNUAL REPORT JANUARY 1, 2013 - DECEMBER 31, 2013

Educating Children. Strengthening Community.

OUR MISSION THE SOMERO PROJECT is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in Kotolo, Uganda by stimulating the economy and providing a safe and healthy learning environment to the children.

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A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear friends, Thank you so much for the generous support you’ve provided throughout 2013. It’s hard to believe another year has gone by and every time I look back, I am encouraged and reminded of the caring and generous supporters we have. We at The Somero Project along with the community of Kotolo, Uganda, and the students at Evergreen Primary are forever grateful! This past year, we took great strides raising a total of $20,069.18 through donations, fundraisers, and our Sponsorship Program. With this we were able to provide education to 230 students, employ 9 teachers, and complete many projects at the Evergreen Primary School. Here are some other highlights: 

Our total income for 2013 tripled compared to 2012.

Number of Sponsorships more than doubled by the end of 2013.

97% of every dollar we received was used to provide education to our students and maintain the Evergreen Primary School’s facilities.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support! Without you, our success this year would not have been possible.

Becky Conover, Co-Founder and President

OUR IMPACT IN 2013 1) New floors were added to the classrooms to help protect the children from sand fleas.

2) Benches & desks were brought in for the students. 3) The Somero Project made our first debut at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market where we raised money and awareness for our cause.

4) An administration office was added to the

school facilities for document and supply storage.

5) Learning supplies and sports equipment were

donated to the school.

6) A new logo was designed. 7)

Three new board members joined The Somero Project adding book keeping and marketing skills to our team.


Doors and windows were added to our facilities to help keep the students sheltered from the elements as well as secure the buildings while school is not in session.

9) The school’s latrine was reconstructed and expanded after a storm

caused the existing structure to collapse.

10) A new sign for the school was placed on the main road. 11) To accommodate a growing number of students, we purchased vacant land adjacent to the Evergreen Primary School so that we can begin construction on a second school block.

12) We hired an additional teacher to accommodate the growing number of students. 13) We brought on a Social Media intern to help manage our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

14) We began to upgrade our website at, adding a blog and additional information on our organization.

“We are so happy to have this school in our village.” - Mukebezi Michael

“The children are now getting an education that the parents themselves never had when they were growing up.” - Maganda Johnson


Maintained the Evergreen Primary School

Employed 9 Teachers

Supported 230 Students

42 Students Sponsored

FINANCIAL REPORT The Somero Project is committed to providing education to the underprivileged children of Kotolo, Uganda. Toward this end, we hold ourselves to the highest financial accountability. Below is our full financial report for 2013. DEBIT


Annual Income: Sponsorships Lump Sum Donations Total Revenue

$ 9,010.00 $ 11,059.18 $ 20,069.18

Annual Operating Expenses: HSBC Fee Equity Bank Uganda Fee PayPal Fee End of Term Exams School Supplies Scanning/Printing/Mailing Annual Private School Taxes Director Salary Teacher Salaries Total Operating Expenses

$ 297.00 $ 96.00 $ 158.16 $ 299.69 $ 420.52 $ 208.83 $ 22.00 $ 590.20 $ 5,971.54 $ 8,063.93

Miscellaneous Expenses: Classroom Floors Gifts for Students New Latrine Construction Purchase of New Land Construction of Admin Building Doors & Windows Benches Opening/Closing Bank Account Total Miscellaneous Expenses

$ 855.90 $ 64.73 $ 2,850.39 $ 500.00 $ 401.56 $ 600.00 $ 351.54 $ 240.63 $ 5,864.75


$ 13,928.68

Total Fees Paid Revenue - Fees % Devoted to Mission:

$ 551.16 $ 19,518.02

$ 6,140.50


STAY CONNECTED WITH US Check out our newly upgraded website which is packed full of information on our organization and the children that your support and donations are directly impacting in Kotolo, Uganda. Visit us at today for...  Information about our organization  Answers to common questions  Photo galleries of the school, students, and ongoing projects  Event calendar  Blog with stories about the children  Teacher and board member bios  And much more!

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The Somero Project's 2013 Financial Report  
The Somero Project's 2013 Financial Report  

The 2013 financial report for The Somero Project, a nonprofit organization committed to providing education to the underprivileged children...