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June 2011


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“There is no power for change greater than a community” “We believe there is an enormous potential and readiness for transformation and rebirth. We wish to initiate a process that will lay the foundation of building a genuine community in which people are reconnected with their families, sustained by meaningful work, nurtured by the care of each other and will together raise and educate their children. Then we witness social change in action.” Lily Yeh (Artist & Bioneer)

Welcome to the second addition of TheSolution. If you missed the first, check it out at Future additions will first and foremost - be about YOU! It’s our intention that this will be a genuine community resource; a forum and focal point for local residents to feel connected and engaged with each other in a positive ‘feel good’ spirit. We welcome and encourage your contributions, thoughts and ideas on what we can do collectively to ensure that Tewkesbury is a kinder, inclusive, flourishing community. In our hectic, fast-paced, consumer-driven society, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, isolated and alone. Join with us in re-discovering the healing and empowering role of community! The supporting member companies and organisations that fund this newsletter (you’ll find them inside these pages), appreciate that our aims and hopes are

together is that they are all within our community. If you live in Tewkesbury and you have a problem, we aim to be The Solution.

We wish to support our local schools, our theatre, our civic facilities, but perhaps even more importantly we wish to ‘be there’ for the people of our town. Supporting causes nationally and even internationally is important within our global village, but we should not neglect issues that are within our very mitts. It’s the intention of TheSolution to raise funds donated by local residents to be re-invested entirely for the good of the local community. Via this newsletter and other channels of communication, we will report back to you on how those funds are being used. We hope this will encourage others to do their bit in order to create an upward spiral, to help all those who are in need of help. This may mean actual financial donations, but we also hope that we can foster a culture of volunteering and giving of our time and energy for the benefit of Tewkesbury as a whole, “Big Society” style. Inside you will find a standing order for you to make a regular donation to this cause, or a one off contribution if you prefer, but please only give what you are comfortable with. Our hope is that in time the majority will want to give at least something on a regular basis. In combination it could be substantial enabling us to make Tewkesbury and our villages a place that is the envy of other areas. Who knows, they may follow our lead so that community once again becomes a haven for all our neighbours?

Can you help, or get involved? Email: or tel 01684 296555

one and the same as those of local people. As such we recognise the huge opportunity for co-operative endeavor. Our ambitions will not materialise over-night. They will take a combined force of determination, exertion and enterprise from as many of YOU in Tewkesbury who share the vision. Opportunities will present themselves for all of us to step forward to do our bit. We’ve a list of causes we aim to support, but what ties them all


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Contact us... 01684 296 555

What is the Big Society? David Cameron has said that he wants this to be the first Government in a generation to leave office with less power than it started with. That’s probably just as well. It can hardly be argued that

application than Priors Park and needs relate not

purple flowers again next year. These will remind

only to provision but also about a community in

us of the international Rotary project to raise

partnership helping itself.

funds to eradicate polio completely throughout

Investment now in the young of our community

the world and with a target of $200million to

will bode well for the future and reinforce the

raise worldwide and Rotarians are encouraged to

concept of self help and mutual community

confirm that so far nearly $165million has been


achieved. Bill Gates of Microsoft will then add

There are many initiatives that need to be explored and hopefully implemented we look

a further £360million when Rotary International reaches the target.

forward very much to working with TheSolution

The projects supported by Rotary vary

eficial. Allowing local people the freedom to run

and supporting their hopes and aspirations.

considerably from small local projects such as

their lives and neighbourhoods is Big Society in a

Article provided by Brian Calway & Claire Wright

more & more central control has been wildly ben-

nutshell. Of course the fear is that if Big Government steps aside will Big Society step forward? If that is your fear, the following two articles should put your mind at rest. The simple fact is that the Big Society already exists. It always has!

The PPNP (Priors Park Neighbourhood Project)

The Rotary Club, Service Above Self Tewkesbury Rotary Club is pleased to report

new equipment for Playgroups and the Severn Ham information leaflets which are now printed and available to encourage both residents and visitors to explore the Ham and observe the wildlife, though to National and International projects particularly when natural disasters strike. Rotary assisted at the time of the Tewkesbury and Cumbrian floods and regularly supplies Aqua Boxes and Shelter Boxes for distribution when earthquakes and floods occur in places such as Haiti, Sri Lanka and Chile.

Helping a Community to Help Itself

continued support of Tewkesbury Hospital with a

The PPNP has during the past eight years been

£5000 was presented to the Matron, Julie Ellery

working closely with the residents of Priors Park

by Andrew Turner, President of the Tewkesbury

This year the rally will be held at a new location –

in promoting, providing and facilitating a range of

Rotary Club. The money had been raised at various events

Tewkesbury Sports centre at Tewkesbury School, Ashchurch Road commencing at 11.00am.

organised by the club and in particular at the

Last year over 400 classic cars attended and with

Charity Concert held in Tewkesbury Abbey

Trade Stands, Refreshments, Licensed Bar and

in April. This was the 6th concert by the

Entertainment it will be an enjoyable day out for

Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra and attracted

the whole family.

the largest audience seen at any of the annual

The Rotary Club is always keen to attract new

concerts which have now become an established

members, young and not so young. It is a mixed

event during the Rotary year. Planning for next

gender club and we extend a warm welcome

year’s concert has already commenced and the

to anyone who has an interest in following the

on the campus of Queen Margaret’s School.

date for your diary is Saturday 31st March 2012.

Rotary motto of “Service above Self”.

We recognise however that there is a need to

The Rotary club was busy during the winter

For more information about Rotary you can visit

address the provision of opportunities for young

months arranging the planting of 15000 crocus

the web site at or

people particularly the unemployed.

bulbs which provided a colourful display early in

telephone Alan on 01684 292201.

This need of course has a much wider

the Spring and we all look forward to seeing the

services which have been very well received by the residents. We have and do work to the four core themes of Education, Health, Community Cohesion and Environment. It has addressed a number of fundamental issues

recent donation towards equipping the wards and consulting areas with new curtains. A cheque for

The next major event organised by the Rotary Club will be the “Bredon Vintage and Classic Car Rally” on August Bank Holiday Monday.

and now provides a central point of reference for residents where they can seek help and advice. There is clearly more that can be done particularly with regard to anticipating the special needs of groups such as the young and the elderly. An essential element in any successful voluntary community activity however must be a willingness to engage in and be part of a partnership with other organisations both statutory and private. Tewkesbury is an attractive market town and provides a pleasant and desirable living environment. However as in many other areas of the country much can be done to improve the living environment of the inhabitants. On Priors Park we have made a start with promoting provision for young children and Claire has worked hard with the PPNP to make available a community resource with facilities for the young


Bringing our Community Together John Reilly, Headteacher, Tewkesbury School. I feel a little nostalgic writing this article as I will be leaving Tewkesbury in the summer of 2011 to take up a post in Gloucester. I will always have a soft spot for Tewkesbury in my heart. I have worked at the school for two separate periods and for 10 years in total. I believe the school provides a very good standard of education for all pupils and that we receive great support from pupils and families. We have made some attempts to reach out to work with the local community but there is a lot more to do to make Tewkesbury a more vibrant and cohesive community.

Nature Reserve, the J9 Business Group and the ‘TheSolution’ deserve our support. The challenge for all of us who live and work in Tewkesbury is to maximise the opportunities for our community to thrive and succeed. Our young people are going to need access to employment opportunities and to be made to feel part of the community if we are to retain their energy and enthusiasm locally. I wish you all every success for the future.

5.8 million pound facility on our doorstep First opening its doors to students in September 2010, Gloucestershire Launchpad is a

Our successes include:

Partnership between Cleeve, Chipping

Taking over the Sports Centre from the Borough

Campden and Tewkesbury Schools, as well as

Council and ensuring that community provision

Gloucestershire College. Providing vocational


and applied learning opportunities to the people

Making a successful bid to the Football Foundation to get the funding for an All Weather Pitch which will further add to the community sport provision.

to try and get more adults back in to learning or developing new skills. There is still time to enrol on courses for September, if you would like to find out more please look at our website our contact us. Engineering Construction Hospitality and catering IT Hair and Beauty Business Management Training and meeting venue available to hire Gloucestershire Launchpad – 01684 851020 International Drive Tewkesbury Business Park Tewkesbury Gl20 8QU Web –

hair and beauty salons, teaching kitchen, as well

Royal British Legion

as general purpose teaching rooms.

I recently attended our annual conference where it

of Tewkesbury and its surrounding villages, this impressive facility includes workshops, ICT suits,

Working closely with local companies who actively

was highlighted that The Legion centrally wishes

The setting up of the Launchpad Centre to try

support the students on their courses,

to embrace The Big Society idea. On a local basis

and meet the needs of our young people in areas

Launchpad’s student numbers continue to grow.

The Legion aims to become far more involved

such as construction, engineering and hair and

For example Moog Controls support our

with the community. TheSolution newsletter is


Engineering Diploma students. There are still

clearly a valuable tool in promoting and mak-

places on some of our courses and we look to

ing people aware of what we are doing. I look

further develop the number of courses to meet

forward to providing a regular article to keep

the needs of the people of Tewkesbury.

residents abreast of the role of the Legion & our

We are currently working with Adult Education

activities in & around Tewkesbury. Peter Godwin

However, there are many other initiatives that we should involve our young people in, especially at a time when the Government is promoting the idea of the ‘Big Society’ and reducing funding for youth services and other agencies that work with young people. I would love to see a co-ordinated strategy to take the town and surrounding areas forward. I know that various individuals and groups have been putting forward ideas and getting things moving. Initiatives such as the Tewkesbury


Getting Fit... In the Community!


for the Tewkesbury Half Marathon and we are kept

6pm – Progressors from 3 miles building up to 6

informed of the various events taking place locally

6pm – Intermediates

Maybe next year!

All run by Kathy Lewis (LIRF) and Kerry Newell

Ann Rule. When not running pavements, Ann runs

from Cascades Swimming Pool, Oldbury Road,

First Impressions, a member company of



If you like the idea of running to get fit, but would

I was introduced to the Tewkesbury Running Group

like someone to go with, how about a whole group?

A Members Story by a friend who had previously joined. Despite having no previous running experience and not

If so, give Kerry Newell a call. Kerry organises a

being a natural runner by any means, I decided to

women’s running group and new members are

give it a go and joined the beginners group back in

most welcome. This is your opportunity to get in

March. One of my incentives was having changed

to shape whilst having fun and making new friends

my job I was now much less active during the day

in a safe, friendly environment. The age range is

and felt my fitness and weight would suffer.

from 20 to 60 plus, and from the very slow to the

Kerry and Kathy are very patient and encouraging

amazingly fast! There is a nominal charge of £2.00 per run.

and the classes are geared to enable the better beginners as well as the less able to achieve.

and not so locally should we wish to participate.

World Class Cricket comes to Apperley Cricket Club On Friday 19th August Apperley Cricket Club is truly delighted to be hosting a very special day’s cricket when the Lashings World XI team is due to play their own 1st. XI in a 35-overs-a-side match. Lashings World XI comes together to play fun cricket & to raise money for worthwhile causes. Many stars have played for this team of former internationals including Viv Richards, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Darren Gough, John Embury & Graham Hick. For further details please contact Brian Leeke, Chairman, Apperley Cricket Club

The beauty of running is that it is so convenient,

We are also encouraged to chat as we jog along

and this local group means that you don’t have to

and I look forward to the sessions as a social

go far to enjoy the benefits, guidance and support

occasion as well as keeping fit.

of running in a group regardless of ability or

We started slowly, alternate walking and jogging


and gradually built up to continuous jogging.

Why not contact Kerry for further details Tel: 01452

Everyone gets their good days and their bad days

813611. or register your interest newell.kerry@

for running (the bad days can feel very bad) but with Beginners are most welcome so don’t

the encouragement of the group and a little effort,

be shy! Kerry is an Off-Track Endurance Coach and

we all made it to the end of the 10 week course.

has run for the last 25 years at club level. She also

The promise of Kerry’s infamous fridge cake on the

coaches middle distance athletes for Gloucester

tenth week might have helped.

AC and is involved in Gloucestershire UKA forums to help build and promote athletics in the county.

I have been surprised at how much I have achieved over the 10 weeks beginners course and although I

Kathy Lewis joined as a runner, and then trained

still will never be a natural runner, I enjoy the

as a leader six months ago. Since then she hasn’t

sessions and feel very proud of myself for what I

looked back. She has a tremendous spirit and en-

have achieved.

courages ladies to discover that they can do things they didn’t think they could!

The next stage is to go onto the Progressors Group. I have attended two Progressors Sessions

Run England running group (ladies only)

to date and we have picked up a level but the

sessions are still geared around everyone


achieving something. Some of the runner’s trained Tel: 01684 292092 e-mail:

Promote your local event, group, or regular activity in our newsletter for FREE!!


The Solution Directory Trusted Businesses, Serving Tewkesbury and the Community. Accountancy

Blinds & Curtains

Car Sales

With so many different styles of blinds & curtains to choose from, combined with our expert quotation and fitting service, we are confident that you will be delighted with the result when you choose Tewkesbury Blinds & Curtains. Let us make your windows as beautiful as you imagine.

Tel: 01684 296880 Mob: 07918 729405 Email: Web:

WE ARE PROUD OF OUR TEAM At Jason Jones Autocentre we have over 100 years experience in car sales, finance, repairs, customer care & servicing between us. We use all of the knowledge we have aquired to assist you in buying, reparing, servicing and arranging all of your vehicle needs. Jason Jones - Managing Director & Owner established the business in 2004 having managed a local Ford sales operation for the previous seven years. Jason has now sold some 9000 vehicles in and around the Tewkesbury area and thrives on the local support. See below an example of the type of offer we have available:



British Restaurant

Computer Services

A personal & professional service with over 35 years experience in all aspects of accountancy & taxation matters, including self-assessment & new business advice for sub-contractors, sole traders, partnerships & limited companies. A cost effective local service tailored

All are welcome, from first time visitors to loyal regulars.

to your individual needs.

Come & enjoy our cosy ambiance, friendly hospitality & superb British cuisine with an imaginative uniqueness that reflects our passion for providing a memorable

tel: 01684 290456 fax: 01684 293054 mob: 07917 734678 07826 850380 email:

Beauty Therapy

eating experience.

My Great Grandfathers 84-85, Church Street, Tewkesbury Tel: 01684 292687

Health Beauty & Holistic Salon

Car Parts

Elecrician A well established & reputable contractor based in Tewkesbury, Darrell Walker Electrical are highly experienced in all types of electrical installation issues and testing.

Browse our new website, we have many new treatments in our relaxed beautifully refurbished Therapy Rooms. Download your free ÂŁ10 gift voucher from

Registered with NAPIT for Part P and also trustmark registered, pricing is designed to be competitive with estimates and quotations provided without obligation.

Do you want to lose a dress size in 3 weeks? Ten minutes with flabĂŠlos = a one hour workout. Free trial for all clients.

We also offer Sun Beds, Spray Tans, Pamper Parties, and welcome ladies, gents. We are also wheelchair friendly.

Please call for an initial chat about any electrical related concern or requirement.

t: 01684 273014 e: w:


t: 01684 295694 m: 07825 768480 e:



Garage Services

Embroidery & Printing of Logos, Names and Corporate Identities on

We offer a friendly, reliable service, any job undertaken.

Workwear / Schoolwear / Leisurewear / Sports and Teamwear / Corporate Wear / Gifts / Napkins and Tablecloths We will embroider your own garments. No minimum order. Plain garments supplied if required. Catalogue available on request or on website.

Ann and John Rule t: 01684 274421 m: 07966 805 832

• M.o.T’s • Air conditioning re-gas & service • Servicing • Repairs on all • On board makes & models computer fault • Courtesy car code reader

Free collection & delivery!

Unit 8 Highfield Business Park, Tewkesbury Road (on the A38 junction, turning to Deerhurst)

Just call Matt on 07846 671150

Exterior Property Cleaning

Garden Machinery


Summer’s Coming time to shine...

6 High Street, Tewkesbury 01684 299366


Health & Fitness

Garden Machinery Home Service Sales Service & Sharpening for all your garden machinery needs Tel: 01684 299995

• Extensive aerobic training equipment • Resistance machines and free weights

Due to regular requests for peripheral services, Visability Window Cleaning is pleased to offer a new specialist division for all non-porous exterior property cleaning issues including, conservatory roofs, gutters & soffits, UPVC cladding, drives & patios. Such areas can sometimes be over-looked, but can provide stunning results enhancing the appearance of your property dramatically.

• Personalised training programme to meet your needs and goals • Fitness Assessment • Circuit Training • Changing rooms showers and lockers Unit 16 Highfield Business Park Deerhurst (A38) Tewkesbury

t: 01684 29 6 5 5 5 e: simon @ vis abilit y on l i n e. co .u k w: visa bilit y online . co.u k

Glos GL19 4BP


Graphic Design

• Sauna and Sunbed • Beauty Treatment • Holistic Therapy • Massage and Aromatherapy

01684 772920 Hot Tubs

design for...

logos print corporate promotional web Wedding Flowers Bouquets & Arrangements Wreaths & Tributes Corporate & Events

Simply y Flowers wers at Aston Cross


t: 01684 773550 m: 07887 696350

buzz me: 07958 675708 message me: stalk me:

Unit 1 Highfield Business Park, Tewkesbury Road, Gloucester

spas swim spas servicing

Find out more info on our website or pop into the showroom to see our spa range.

01684 276333

Independent Financial Advice

LPGA Installers

Organic Beauty Products

GL Autogas Turn your car green with your local LPGA Approved Installer

Over forty years combined experience personally assisting in all matters financial.

Save money without losing performance

Please email Gerry in the first instance to request a free initial consultation in the comfort of your own home.

As part of their 7 top tips to save fuel costs, Which Magazine recently recommended LPG conversion with the average cost of LPG currently 41% less than unleaded petrol.


t: 01684 216410 m: 07810 524036

Insurance Broker

Letting Agent

Re-discover the benefits of a truly personal local service

Unit 5, Newton Farm, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury GL20 7BE

• Phone, or pop in to our conveniently located branch office • All general insurance issues, plus specialist schemes

your organic skincare


– bath and body

– sensitive skin

– haircare

– mother and baby

– skincare

– men

– make-up

– tips and advice

Call: 07583 527042

Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 10am - 2pm

visit email

Painting & Decorating

Tewkesbury's newest company, our goal is to be the biggest by being the best. Keen to expand our property portfolio & to demonstrate our enthusiastic

• The right cover at the right price

must be

& totally professional service to both landlords &

Professional, reliable, clean and tidy service

& guidance & a free rental valuation without obligation.

Top quality workmanship at competitive prices.

t: 01684 292 154 m: 07929 859 667 e:

Call today to discuss your requirements.

tenants alike, please contact us today to discuss how we may assist. We are happy to provide advice

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9.00am – 5.00pm Sat: 9.30am – 12.00pm t: 0800 3081323 e:

Kitchen Planning & Installation

MoT Testing

Pest Control




kitchens bedrooms bathrooms design, build, installation

01684 291110 Unit 6 Highfield Business Park, Tewkesbury Road, Gloucester GL19 4BP


CAR MoTs £40 (Bring this advert to claim)




Pond Maintenance

ichiban koi


Window Cleaning See for details of forthcoming events and films

Your local pond expert for High Grade Japanese koi, filters, pumps, UV’s,

food, treatments, water additives, etc. Pond cleaning & maintenance, koi health & free friendly advice

Contact Rick:

01684 291774 07976 583040

Box Office: 01684 295074 Replacement Doors & Windows

t: 0 1684 29655 5 e: si mo n @ vi sa b i l i tyonline w: theso l u ti o n o n l i n

Wine Merchants


Avonside Private Hire

Long established Tewkesbury business • High Street based • Safe & reputable pre booked service Our hard earned reputation for superb windows doors & conservatories, manufactured in our own Tewkesbury based facility, & exemplary customer care, is your guarantee of total peace of mind & ultimate client satisfaction. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements & answer any questions you may have with absolutely no obligation.

• All drivers CRB checked.

t: 01684 296603 f: 01684 296608 e:

Call: 01684 293916 - 292580 or 01684 273273 - 294122

Sign Writing

Tree Care

01684 276333

Providing predominantly residential window cleaning in the area since 2003, our happy client base continues to expand with every new customer appreciated & valued. We will happily provide a quotation without obligation & will endeavour to tailor our service to your individual requirements.

• Company branded attire with ID badges


Welcome to our new shop, we are an independent wine merchant based in the heart of Tewkesbury

Expert Food Matching Service Weekley Wine Tasting Free Glass Hire Free local delivery (for orders over £50)

• Special occassions,airport contracts,etc. 8,12 & 16 Seater Hire available

Fully insured professional tree care specialists. Ethical environmental approach Dangerous Trees Managed Precision Reductions & Felling Survey Reports & Consultations Stump Grinding Pruning & Trimming Firewood Supplied

110 HIGH STREET TEWKESBURY GL20 5JZ T: 01684 292752

Promote your business in our next directory

Call David Shephard BSc.

tel: 01684 294062 mob: 07730 683069


Call for more details 01684 296555 or email

Internet Troubleshooting

Other LEDs that you need to be aware of are the

If you do receive 4 replies, then try this time

LAN LEDs. These indicate that you are connected

pinging google. Do this with the same command

by an Ethernet cable to the router. These will not

i.e. Ping if you now fail to

be lit if you connect wirelessly (a wireless activity

receive 4 replies then you again have an issue

LED may be illuminated instead). Refer to your

with your computer and need to have it checked.

router manual for more information on the status LEDs applicable to your router.

Have you lost your internet connection? What follows is far from an exhaustive list of all

Of course a very simple way of checking where the problem is when troubleshooting your internet

What steps you now take in order to

problem is to try a second computer plugged into

troubleshoot, depend on the status LEDs on your

your router and see if that computer can access

router. Let’s assume that your ADSL or DSL LED

the internet.

is flashing or not illuminated at all.

Ensure you have checked your computer for virus

the issues that may prevent you connecting to the

or malware software that may prevent an internet

internet, but it should certainly form the basis from

connection, check your own security software to

which you can attempt to resolve the problem

see if that is blocking your connection and finally

yourself before calling for help from your Internet

check your network settings and ensure they are

Service Provider or friendly local IT company such

correct for your network. Normally these on most

as Complex Systems.

networks will be set to dynamic IP address and dynamic DNS server.

The first things to check is are the phones working? It may sound obvious but you don’t want to waste time troubleshooting when some hapless digger driver has severed all telecoms in your locality!

ADSL filter

Unplug all devices from all telephone sockets in the premises including all ADSL filters. Plug a filter into your main BT socket or master socket (where

Next, have you or anyone else at your premises

the line first comes into the property).

altered, or added anything either to your net-

Plug the router directly into the filter; do not use

work or phone lines or altered anything on your

extension cables or splitters. Once you have


turned the router on, do you now get a steady ADSL/DSL LED? Try a different filter if not. If you do get a steady ADSL/DSL LED then you need to eliminate all the devices previously plugged into the telephone system one by one and see if any of them are the cause of the problem. Test the

routers have status lights on them that will give you a clue as the where the problem may lie. There should be an LED labelled ADSL or DSL. This LED should be green and on, it may flicker but should not flash. You may also have a secondary LED, labelled internet or similar. This LED should be green as before and on but not flashing although it may flicker. On a typical router if you have a steady green ADSL LED this means you are receiving an ADSL signal. If your router has the secondary internet LED and this is green and steady then your router has negotiated the connection and your username and password and connection settings have been accepted. If not then you need to obtain the correct ADSL username and password from your Internet Service Provider and enter these into the configuration screen of your router.

cover here. This is meant as a very basic guide that you can try before making the phone call to your Internet Service Provider. If you would like further assistance with your internet or any other computer related issues, Complex Systems can be contacted on free phone 0800 327 7911 or 0330 088 1964 (included in most landline and mobile call packages). We offer free advice and basic troubleshooting over the telephone, and can provide remote support and onsite visits to your home and business. Complex Systems Direct Ltd:

Alternatively, purchase an ADSL cable long

placed all the way from the master socket. Check the display status of your router. Most

connectivity issues but would take too long to

extension cable or extension socket if used. enough to reach to where you want your router Wireless Router

There are many other issues that can cause

Remember an ADSL cable is normally higher quality cable than an extension cable. If as above when the router is plugged directly into the filter at the master socket, the ADSL/DSL

Is your garden pond green?

LED is not illuminated, then this would normally

If so, now is the time for some TLC.

be either a fault with your router or a line fault. It is

If it has been neglected for a long time, chances

time to contact your Internet Service Provider to

are it will need to be emptied and completely

log a support call.

cleaned out, or it might be just a case of

If all the status LEDs on the router are correctly

vacuuming the bottom, cleaning the filter, and

illuminated, then it is likely that you have a

replacing your uv bulb.

problem with your computer. Open a command

If you have a lot of blanket weed, there are several

prompt (start, all programs, accessories and run –

good products that you can use to safely remove

type cmd press enter). Try pinging your router by

this. Now is also a good time to add new fish

typing the following command: ping

whilst the weather is warmer. Adding oxygen via

then press enter (you will need to substitute the

an air pump will also be appreciated by your fish. IP address for the correct IP address of your router – check your router manual). If you do not receive 4 replies with a 0% packet loss then you need to have your computer checked.

Recommendations provide by Rick of Ichiban-Koi See details in our directory section if you have a question for Rick.


More than 700 people die in fires every year Many thousands are injured and seriously burned. £1 billion a year is lost in property fires.

For more information on fire safety in the home or Home Fire Safety Checks go to www.glosfire.

We are now recruiting for retained firefighters in Tewkesbury. Retained firefighters are a group of women and men who, in addition to their normal jobs or careers, are on-call in their free time or respond to emergency calls from their place of employment.

gets involved with all sorts of activities in the community. Their aim is

chemical spills. When an emergency happens,

to make sure they are

wouldn’t you like to be able to help your friends

familiar faces in the town

and neighbours in a very real and practical way?

and everyone feels

that most of it is preventable:

live or work within five minutes of Tewkesbury fire station and be available from home or work on an on-call duty system. Retained firefighters will be fully trained and are paid monthly retainer fee plus additional for call outs. If you are interested, please come along to our recruitment roadshow at Tewkesbury Fire Station on Wednesday 15 June at 7pm or contact our

Home visits from your local fire and rescue

Human Resources Team on 01452 753283.


For more information on becoming a retained

Fire Safety checks and fit smoke alarms FREE

policing in Tewkesbury. The local policing team

might be called to floods, road accidents or

To apply you must be 18 years of age or over,

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue offer FREE Home

Inspector Owen Hughes heads up the local

As a member of our retained fire service you

Shocking isn’t it? What makes it even worse is

• Fit a smoke alarm and test it regularly • Take care when cooking • Don’t overload sockets • Cigarettes – put them out, right out • Use candles carefully • Plan an escape route and make a bedtime check

Meet your local Policing Team

firefighter and the requirements of the role please see our website

of charge for elderly and vulnerable people in the

We welcome applications from all sections of the



confident to speak to them about whatever policing concerns or issues they may have. The local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) make it their priority to get to know members of the community who live and work in the area. Do you know who your local officer is? The PCSO’s that cover the Tewkesbury Area are – Emma Birch, Hannah Dill, Chris Scott and Karl Simpson. Each officer is responsible for their own community, these being Tewkesbury Town Centre, Ashchurch, Northway, Walton Cardiff and Coombe Hill. Gloucestershire Constabulary, including the Tewkesbury Local Policing Team is currently undergoing significant restructuring and each

If you know someone who may benefit from this

PCSO will be responsible for individual

service call Freephone:  0800 180 41 40. Please

communities. Announcements will be made very

remember you must get the permission of the

shortly as to who and where these are.

nominee if you are nominating someone else for a Home Fire Safety Check.

Details can be found at www.gloucestershire. and go to the local policing pages, or call 0845 090 1234 and ask to speak to your local policing team.

CALLING TEWKESBURY BUSINESSES Get your business in the lime light. Call The Solution for details or visit


Celebrate The Roses Theatre audience

Portraits should be: • Of ONE person • Portrait (not landscape) in format • 6” x 4” (15cm x 10cm) minimum size. [Maximum size 16” x 12” or 40cm x 30cm] • Submitted by Friday 9 September 2011 Where more than one photograph is submitted for an age, the portraits will be judged by Nick Jones from The Photo Studio (who is also printing all the winning photographs) and photogra-

Calling all photographers of all standards!

phy teacher Graham Sharpe from Tewkesbury

Kindly sponsored by Photo Studio

29 September 2011.

A cultural treasure on your doorstep, The Roses

It costs just £5 to enter. As well as being an

School. All winning photographers and subjects will be invited to the Exhibition Launch on Friday

opportunity to raise funds for the theatre that

Theatre in Tewkesbury has something for everyone. Whether you are nine months old (Nappy Mondays - special film screenings where

Rosie Jones, age 3,

“The best bit is the ice-cream in the interval”

does great work in the building, we also work out in the community through our ‘Take Part’

you can bring along your baby)or over 90 (Senior

range by holding a photography competition. One

department. That is why we are a registered

Matinées), the Roses caters for ALL ages – and

submitted portrait for every age will be selected,

charity (No. 1051708).

not just films. Live drama, ballet, opera, poetry,

and displayed in the theatre, along with a caption

comedy…and a lot more besides.

For an entry form, see the Roses July brochure

(of up to 9 words) explaining what the Roses

or see the website

We are celebrating this magnificent audience age

means to you.

FREE E Z I R P W A R D Somewhere.....that’s right.....somewhere in hyperspace on our website is an entry form for a FREE PRIZE DRAW! Find it amongst our web pages and simply enter the requested details for a chance to win GREAT PRIZES! Winning entry will be drawn towards the end of August to be featured in our next issue. One lucky winner will enjoy prizes include, £100 voucher, to be spent with any member company of TheSolution, & a full body massage & facial at Body2Soul with either Sally or Jess. Terms & Conditions Winner drawn at random. Winner contacted by TheSolution by telephone, email or post by end of August 2011. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. No alternative whatsoever. One entry per household. Multiple entries will be null and void. TheSolution’s decision is final. No correspondence entered in to. Free to enter. No purchase necessary. Full terms and conditions on TheSolution website

LAST ISSUES WINNER Congratulations to Mrs Oliver of Stonehills, who won our £100 voucher to spend with one of our Member businesses. Mrs Oliver we understand is seriously considering spoiling herself with a visit to Body2Soul. If she wins next time, she can do the same & still have £100 to spend with another member! Watch out for more great prizes as our membership grows.

Sue Oliver collecting her £100 voucher from Firmfix, TheSolution’s very first member company.

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“It takes a village to raise a child” If you read nothing else, read this! Parents can play a huge part in our society. We all have or had parents, and most of us are or will one day become parents. The investment parents make into the lives of their children is huge, and possibly the most important investment anyone can make. It is our children who will inherit the repercussions of the decisions we make now, be they good or bad.

British society has become fragmented over

the small people watching us, we can begin

recent years. What used to be a large

to build a community in which all members are

community of people of differing ages,

valued and accepted alike.

backgrounds, cultures and lives has become a selection of small communities: the community of those who work during the day, the community

Tel: 01684 297293

of stay at home mums, the community of elderly


people, the community of teenagers on your street corner. The time has come to put these parts of the jigsaw back together and recreate a

Many worry about disaffected teenagers roaming

vibrant community of people who care for each

our streets causing a mess of litter and graffiti,

other’s differing needs, setting the example for the

and children are often frowned upon for their

children and young people who watch us. It takes

behaviour as they spend time among the adults of

very little trouble to ensure that your litter goes

our society. Often the parents are blamed for their

into a bin and your language is appropriate for all

children’s lack of social niceties, but shouldn’t we

ears. It takes only a little more effort to smile and

all take steps to encourage children and young

say ‘hello’ to those you meet in the street.

people to become valued members of our

A smile from a passing stranger can brighten the

community? It is said “it takes a village to raise a

gloomiest of days.

child” and everyone in that village has a part to play in a child’s socialisation.

We were wondering how to sign off  this issue of TheSolution...

Perhaps if we all make a little effort to think about

something. Please ensure it is only what you can comfortably afford. The amount is not important. The gesture that you want to do your bit is. 

It pretty much sums up our ambition. The time has indeed come to “put these parts of the jigsaw back together”.

Don’t forget, every penny will be used locally to benefit your community. Due to the support of the member businesses highlighted in the centre of this newsletter, it should prove possible that  all running costs will be covered. In other words, your donation in entirety will be used as you would wish and not wasted in administrative costs.

We appreciate this is a lot easier said than done. We believe, however, that the will and desire is here, in Tewkesbury.

With your help, we aim to report nothing but good news, news that will make us all proud to be neighbours.

...that was until we received Alaina’s thought-provoking and inspiring article above.

Alaina Storrar, childminder and parent

Make a Donation Today! See Standing Order insert in this newsletter to make a regular contribution....every penny counts! Thank You. NOTE: We can claim back basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs and increase your Gift Aid donations. To help us do this, please don’t forget to complete the Gift Aid declaration form and send it back to us. You only need to complete this once for regular contributions as well.

If it simply needs a focal point, then we are delighted here at TheSolution to be able to at least try and provide it.

Get In Touch Why not get in touch to register your support? We would love to hear your  thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We also welcome articles, letters and comments for our next issue due out in September.

GIFT AID DECLARATION - Registered Charity Number 1106845 Your First Name.................................................. Surname................................................................... Address .................................................................................................Postcode ............................... Email:...................................................................................................................................................

Pick up the phone to chat to us on 01684 296555, drop us an email, or contact us via the website

“I am a UK taxpayer. I request PPNP to treat any gift I have made for 4 tax years prior to the year of this declaration and all donations I make from today until I notify the PPNP or TheSolution otherwise, as Gift Aid Donations”.

Local Charity for Local People

You must pay an amount of income and/or capital gains tax at least equal to tax the charity reclaims (currently 25p for every £1). You can cancel this declaration at any time by notifying us. If you no longer pay the appropriate tax the charity reclaims, you can cancel your declaration. If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return. If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, ask the charity itself, or request leaflet IR65 from your local tax office. Please notify the charity if you change your name or address.

Of course, we sincerely wish for you to support our charity initiative. Every donation will be greatly appreciated. We believe and hope everyone locally can give

Signed ......................................................................................... Date ...............................................

Return to: TheSolution (PPNP Charity), Unit 1A, Highfield Business Park Tewkesbury Rd, Gloucester GL19 4BP

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