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Our Building project is running smooth and steady. The registration formalities are over and we have taken possession. I profusely thank the members who readily and spontaneously came forward to make liberal contributions at the need of the hour. We have to proceed with the infrastructure development and interiors. We need urgently at least Rs. 25 lakhs to liquidate our bank loan and for infrastructure development. So far only12% of our members (including partners of the firm) have contributed to this noble project. I appeal to each and every member of the society to contribute whatever that could be possible. Your contributions will be thankfully received and faithfully applied. If every member (remaining) contributes atleast Rs. 5000/- the project can easily be completed in July when we intend inaugurating the premises, academy and Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Some members have come forward to contribute in monthly installments. I appreciate their fine gesture. The sense of participation by every member to this noble project is necessary to show our solidarity and unity.

President’s Message & Editor ‘speaks”


From the Secretary’s desk


Down the Memory Lane Interview with Sri P.B.Vijayaraghavan




MCA-21 E-Governence


Our president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Sri T.N.Manoharan is making all efforts to improve our standard. It is our responsibility to strengthen his hands to achieve his Capital Account Congoal. The visionary zeal, industry, intelligence, integrity ad independence will help us to grow vertibility in the present scenario of globalization. The change of outlook is necessary to develop ourselves to meet the challenges. We have been talking of multi displinary partnership, single win- An interview that almost dow service etc., in the liberalized regime but what is the road map, and how long it will take happened and how to equip ourselves? These are questions posed before us. For a survival in the professional bodies we need sharing of knowledge, pooling, our resources and increasing reliance upon accounting technologies. Our institute and other professional bodies should work together to find methodology to cater to the need of the profession. Perhaps we can think of improving and altering the present style of CPE credit. Our profession has a lot of potential but we need proper direction. Warm regards, — K.Ananthachari

EDITOR “SPEAKS” Dear members,

forum that has been created in wherein it will be possible for the members to exchange their views about the issues confronting the profession, about the candidates etc. Looks like we have interesting times ahead.

As I write this issue’s editorial, Tamil Nadu’s general elections are under way. Let the good candidates win and let us get the Most of our brethren are practicing in Government that is responsive to peo- the Company Law side and all of us ple’s needs. are really feeling the pinch of the proWhilst in the subject, we may as well cedural hassles that have been created remember that this is the election year by the so-called MCA-21 ‘ein the ICAI too and that we can see a governance’. Quite a few feel that frenzy of activity in the coming the Ministry of Company Affairs is months from the aspiring candidates. trying hard to achieve the twin objecWhile it will be too early to write in tives of (a) making things decidedly detail on the ICAI elections per se, all more complicated and (b) making that I want to share with you at the helluva lot of money in the process. moment is that there is a new web Anyway, at “Auditor”, we thought

that we should bring home an easy recipe for this bitter medicine. We requested our member from Trichy, Mr Murali to write an article, which you will find, hopefully, less complicated! We are proud to have an irrepressible member at our midst! Mr M.R.Venkatesh, who does not ever mind speaking his mind as candidly as possible has obliged us with an article on Capital Account Convertibility. I am sure that the members will find this educative and useful. Sri. P.B.Vijayaraghavan, one of the most revered senior members of our profession, and one who has earned the reputation of speaking not one

AUDITOR May-June 2006

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Editorial …… from Page 1 word less and not a one word more is being featured in this issue’s “Down the Memory Lane”. It is certainly to his credit that he deftly managed to answer some of the seemingly ‘mischievous’ questions. Experience shines!

The bewildering but true state of affairs of the situation has been hilariously brought out in a piece by “Jatabharatha”, a practicing CA under a pen-name. The time to begin our Society’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations is approaching fast and it should be the best endeavour of each one of us to contribute as much as possible physically, infrastructurally, organizationally as also financially to make the celebrations a huge success.

It was really heartening to receive a mail from Sri T.N.Manoharan, President, ICAI about “Auditor”, as also from our past president of the Society Sri G.N. Their letters are published elsewhere. Even as I thank them for their words of encouragement, I really would like to appeal to all the members to write in your views, comments and suggestions about this newsletter. We have an e-mail ID for the Society, i.e., Please feel free. (No prizes for the best letters, though!).

The last issue of the “Auditor” was personally handed over by the team consisting of me, Sri Ananthachari and Sri R.Balakrishnan to the CCITI, Sri Santosh Dutta, who was all praise for the newsletter. He has promised an interview to us and we are hoping that he would find time We have not been able to bring some soon to fulfill his promise. of the promised features like “Second Generation speaks” or the “Young In tune with the season, warm reSourcing staff and more particularly torchbearers” this time too—but we gards, - P.S.PRABHAKAR Articled Clerks has indeed become are good at keeping our promises— tough, especially for mid-size firms. “as promises”! Soon, folks, soon.

SECRETARY CALLS FOR AUGMENTING MEMBERSHIP BASE Dear Members, It’s a pleasure to interact with you through this medium. All of you are aware that our Society is very proactive and has been organizing regular study circle lectures, which are being attended in fairly large numbers. Efforts are sincerely made to reach to each member the intimations on these meetings. Now that the busy bank audit season is behind us, all of us should be able to find time to attend these lectures and add more arrows to our knowledge quiver.

ever-active member Sri N.S Srinivasan has been requested to draw up a calendar of events. Seminars, special lectures, workshops etc. are to be organized. A special souvenir and technical publications are also planned to be brought out.. The members are requested to send their suggestions to N S Srinivasan at

num jubilee year to make the Society a force to reckon with and get national recognition. Even if each member introduces one other member , the membership will get doubled. I appeal each and every member to help the Society to augment its membership base. The task of organising Platinum jubilee is, as all of you would agree, enormous. We need willing volunteers and I am sure many members, who are capable of taking over various responsibilities would come forward to help the society. Please give a mail to the society or call up Society’s office and leave your name and contact details. We will happily utilize your services.

The new premises of the Society is likely to be registered in first week of May and hopefully we will be moving into it by mid-July. Members are requested to circulate the appeal for funds as we would like to build up a sizeable corpus beIt was decided in the last commit- fore we embark on our long term tee meeting to celebrate Platinum plans. jubilee of Society of Auditors in a befitting manner. The tentative schedule is to inaugurate the year There is an urgent need to increase Best regards long celebrations in mid-July. Our the membership during the Plati- S.RAMAKRISHNAN

AUDITOR May-June 2006

DOWN THE MEMORY LANE -AN INTERVIEW WITH SHRI P.B.VIJAYARAGHAVAN Sri P.B.Vijayaraghavan, a towering personality of our profession, a former Central Council member is one who exudes in absolute honesty and humility in thoughts, words, and deeds. A suave personality with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sri PBV was kind enough to give an interview to the Editor. Excerpts from his interview: Editor : Sir, You have been having a glorious innings in the profession and are still batting strong. Can you list atleast three major differences in the outlook of the members of our profession towards the profession between the yester years and now?

Editor: You have been interacting with income tax officials for time immemorial in your 50 plus years of practice. There is a lot of talk among our professional brothers that both in terms of quality and attitude, there has been a perceptible slide in the department. What is your view?

PBV: Well, I do not agree with you completely. This cannot be treated as avoidable escapist mentality and should naturally be a disclaimer. There is a wrong assumption in society that audit is an insurance against frauds and major mistakes. The fact of audit depending on test checks only and does not cover even 60% of total verification, does not appear to be known to or appreciated by share- holders or investors. There should be more publicity for the test check nature of our audit programme, and our Report should not be allowed to be taken casually.

PBV: There is certainly substantial fall in quality of work because of lack of motivation for public service. This is in keeping with the general fall in the morals in all standard classes in society. But I believe that we, professionals should be doing our duties conscientiously Editor: Do you honestly believe that the without worrying about the result. Editor: Sir, you have also been training ICAI is doing enough in the area of exstudents over half a century. Have you panding professional opportunities to observed any major change in the atti- the members?

PBV : In my opinion, the three major tude of the students towards the course? differences in the outlook of members PBV: See, as the Chairman of Board of areStudies, I had the opportunity of moving A. Values in profession have changed. with students all over India. The major It is now more mechanically service change, which I find, is the obsession oriented. Integrity is not the sole moti- with clearing examinations and loss of motivation to learn the practical side of vating forces now as in the olden days. B. Quality of professional work is made work. There are exceptions but these are to depend on the remuneration received in a minority. Secondly, the payment of and compromise in quality of work lead- stipends and the periodical increase of the same have resulted in a commercial ing to problems. mentality, where as in olden days it was C. Sharing of knowledge with assistants a process of learning and teaching. and apprentices is not so much in evi- Hence, more involvement in practical dence now due to lack of updating of side is necessary and should be taken as knowledge by CA’s. good training for the future. Editor: At “AUDITOR”, we are of the Editor: Lately, there has been a good firm belief that experience is the best deal of din on the functioning of acteacher. We are sure that you would counting firms abroad over their alleged agree to this as well. Can you kindly tell complicity to the financial misdemeanus one or two occasions or incidents that ors of business enterprises and there has affirmed this theory, from your pro- was fallout of the same in India too. fessional life? What are your personal views on the PBV : In the olden days we took up au- accountability of accountants? dit of banks and insurance companies PBV: Most certainly, the accountants without much of legal knowledge or are accountable to society. By and large theoretical guidance from seniors, but members are aware of their responsibilbased solely on our experience and ity and the risks involved. Instances of knowledge of the economy. We learnt financial irregularities are not peculiar to work by observance of entries and docu- any country. The number of such people ments and discussions with client’s staff is small compared to the total number of and other members. There were occa- professionals. This is more to do with sions when we addressed Board of Di- the bad publicity. rectors in a Bank or a company, which were more by experience than theoreti- Editor: The Audit Report format which cal knowledge. Our work in Council we give to the corporate clients, besides was based on discussions with col- explaining what is audit, look more like leagues in the profession and it can be a disclaimer. Should we be so careful considered as good experience. In turn, and non-committal? Don’t you think that we have been able to train juniors and we are shirking away from responsibility? apprentices.

PBV:Institute being an independent body and not part of the Government cannot do much except recommendation and lobbying. I feel that substantial work has been done in the last few years and work opportunities have increased substantially. Editor: There is a growing feeling among many members that the elected representatives of the profession are all doing more to help themselves rather than the profession. What are your candid views? PBV: I do not agree that all the elected representatives are only helping themselves by being in the Council. There may be exceptions but by and large, they have been doing good work. Large number of publications in the Research and Accounting Board are evidence of substantial research work. Many of the elected members are doing good work in that direction. Editor: In your opinion, where is the attestation aspect of this profession heading to, with almost 80 to 90% of the new Chartered Accountants taking up to employment situations? PBV: I feel that as long as corporate entities are increasing in number, partnerships and even sole proprietors and small firms are increasing by using our services there is good scope for the attest function. The large influx in to employment may be due to monetary considerations but after sometime, as age advances and maturity develops, they enter in to the practice. This is bound to increase due to demand by society.

AUDITOR May-June 2006

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AUDITOR May-June 2006

WHAT IS MCA-21 PROGRAMME? - Mr Murali explains Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA), Government of India (GoI) has initiated MCA21 program, for easy and secure access to MCA services in a manner that best suits the businesses and citizens. The program goals have been set as follows keeping in mind stakeholders' needs:

are The back office process relates vices on the internet. DSCs are easily transportable and cannot be imito: Expeditious incorporation of compa- tated by someone else. DSCs are issued by a Certification Authority nies (CA). DSC contains details like Simplified and ease of convenience name, a unique serial number, issue in filing of Forms/ Returns and expiry date, a copy of the certifi♦ Better compliance management cate holder's public key (used for encrypting messages), and the chain ♦ Total transparency through e- of trust of the certificate-issuing auGovernance thority so that the recipient can verify that the certificate is authentic. ♦ Customer centric approach

Business enabled to register a company and file statutory documents quickly and easily

Public to get easy access to relevant records and effective grievances redressal

Professionals to be able to offer ♦ efficient services to their client companies

Financial Institutions to easily ♦ find charges registration and verification ♦ Employees to ensure proactive and effective compliance of relevant laws and corporate govern♦ ance.

MCA21 is envisioned to provide anytime and anywhere services to businesses. It is a pioneering program being the first mission mode egovernance project being undertaken in the country. This program builds on the GoI vision to introduce a Service Oriented Approach in the design and delivery of Government services, establish a healthy business ecosystem and make the country globally competitive. The MCA21 is designed to automate processes related to the proactive enforcement and compliance of the legal requirements under the Companies Act, 1956. The user can avail the following services on MCA21 portal: ∗


Viewing public document

Requesting certified copies

Registering investor complaint

Increased usage of professional certificate for ensuring authentic- Use of a DSC ity and reliability of the Forms / Returns DSC helps to achieve the below Building up a centralised data- mentioned points: base repository of corporate opAuthentication – to prove the idenerating tity of the parties in an electronic Enhanced service level fulfilltransaction. ment Integrity – to prove that the mesInspection of public documents sage contents have not been of companies anytime from anyaltered, deliberately or accidenwhere tally during transmission. Registration as well as verifica- Non-repudiation – to agree on the tion of charges anytime from terms of transactions and preanywhere vent denial of commitment.

investor Confidentiality – to ensure that the content and information of a transaction is kept private from ♦ Availability of more time for MCA unauthorised third parties. employees for monitoring and supervision Why should a DSC be procured now? WHERE IS DIGITAL SIGNATURE UNDER MCA-21 Registrar of Companies is implementing an e-governance project DSCs are used mainly for the purnamed MCA-21. It is planned that pose of establishing the identity for all companies shall file various reLOGIN operations in the system and turns with ROC only in electronic for non-repudiable transactions. In mode, digitally signed. case of login this mechanism is more secured and stronger as against the password. Hence for critical applica- The e-forms have been specified tions like LOGIN it is preferred to and as per Information available, eauthenticate the DSCs as against filing would start on 13th May 2006 at the normal password. Chennai. Hard copy filing would be allowed through physical front offices only till 30th June 2006. What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)? After 30th June? ♦

Timely redressal grievances


A DSC is an electronic means of establishing credentials when doing ∗ Tracking transaction status business or other transactions on Internet. These can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity The key benefits of MCA21 project or right to access information or ser-

All signatories to Company Law forms shall get themselves Digital Signature and affix their digital signatures in the e-forms.

AUDITOR May-June 2006

CAPITAL ACCOUNT CONVERTIBILITY – WHY NOW? Shri M.R.Venkatesh, a powerful writer and a prolific speaker on a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from Agriculture to American Economy, competition law to cosmic science, Gita to GATS, is sharing his thought s on the captioned subject, which has gained currency due to its reference to, by the PM and the FM. Capital Account Convertibility (CAC), lately has been fascinating economists and policy framers, more than ever. While many perceive it as the last mile connectivity to a globalised world, quite a few consider it a short cut to economic ruination. Those who argue against it feel that CAC would convert a currency into a commodity – which by itself would mean an open invitation to speculators to buy and sell the currency as they would a commodity. Consequently, the currency could be subjected to extreme volatility and increased gyrations – all of which could have a debilitating impact on the economy. In contrast, those who favour CAC, argue that full CAC will allow Indians to hold an internationally diversified portfolio that provides them with the added opportunity of diverse choices in wealth maximisation.

ing nature of the Capital flows, not on the inflationary pressure. In short, RBI has economic fundamentals as it was done in established a delicate balance between the case of other countries in the past. accumulating reserves, maintaining the rate of the Rupee and macroeconomic Joseph Stiglitz, the Noble laureate, nicely balance within the economy. sums up the issue when he states, “The IMF and the U.S. Treasury believed, or at Given its policy of liberalisation, RBI and least argued, that full capital account lib- the Government have, rightly though, eralization would help the region grow continued to take a series of sure and even faster. The countries in East Asia well-directed steps towards CAC – both had no need for additional capital, given by allowing FDI and FII into India as their high savings rate, but still capital well as allowing Indians to invest abroad. account liberalization was pushed on This has been achieved through a combithese countries in the late eighties and nation of stealth and in driblets. Through this policy mix of “prudence” and “driblet liberalisation” the RBI has enThe recommendations of sured absence of any significant volatility in the exchange rate as well ensuing macthe Tarapore Committee, roeconomic stability. Somewhere along which was appointed by we seem to have stumbled into the prethe RBI to suggest a road cise point in our liberalisation matrix.

map for CAC in 1997, are yet to be implemented though the target date was 2000.

It is amusing that the recommendations of the Tarapore Committee, which was appointed by the RBI to suggest a road map for CAC in 1997, are yet to be implemented though the target date was 2000. This amply demonstrates that the Indian economy is not yet ready for CAC as much as it points out to the stringent conditionalities that need to be met before opting for full CAC.

early nineties. I believe that capital account liberalization was the single most important factor leading to the crisis.” This meant that the idea of CAC was discredited, disowned and distanced by Further, one needs to understand that policy framers since 1998. However, the recent announcement of the approximately 50% of our USD 150 bilIndian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh has lion reserves, comprised of FII and deIn the Indian context, though there was a brought the debate on CAC back center posit flows, could leave the shores of the huge brouhaha in the mid 90’s on this stage in India. country almost at no notice. subject when shrill demands were made in some quarters for full CAC. The pre- Given the experiences of the Asian coun- It is indeed surprising that some econosent FM Mr. Chidambaram’s maiden tries, it became imperative for the RBI in mists have repeatedly pointed out to the budget (1997) had mentioned that CAC the face of high FE inflows to accumulate huge opportunity costs of maintaining FE Reserves (to face any eventuality) such FE reserves especially when the was a “cherished goal.” without removing full controls on capital returns from FE reserves are less than But that was before the East Asian Crisis account. Simultaneously RBI has also 2.5% p.a. This cannot be brushed aside, broke out. What made East Asian crisis ensured that the Rupee does not appreci- more so by a developing country such as so scandalous was that while it seemed ate due to increased Dollar supply. While India. Nonetheless, when benchmarked at that the East Asian growth was a miracle this conservative approach has come for the probable costs arising to an economy (the term ‘miracle’ in economic sense is criticism in some well-meaning quarters, from the full convertibility of the Rupee exclamatory and hence pejorative rather the RBI has rightly placed prudence and factoring the experiences of East than being laudatory as it is commonly ahead of any policy adventurism. It may Asia, one feels that India can continue understood) while all along the SE Asian be noted that with many currencies com- with her existing policy of “hastening Countries saved and invested – the con- peting with India for the global market, slowly”. For, if something were to go ventional recipe for growth. While the are significantly undervalued, not the wrong, the consequences would be disasterm “miracle” was a strange adjunct to least being China’s Yuan, allowing the trous for the Indian economy to bear. an economy performing well under ortho- Rupee to appreciate would significantly Somewhere down the line, the national dox prescriptions, the fact of the matter erode India’s competitiveness. Similarly, approach of crossing the river by feeling remains that even such countries with through highly delicate manoeuvring the stones seems appropriate. After all, as structured institutions were visited by the (technically called sterilisation) RBI has Gilbert et al (2000) have pointed out: currency crisis. Obviously, if the region sucked out the excess liquidity flowing “even with the best possible sequencing, was visited by the currency crisis, then into the economy because of the higher mistakes will be made and crises will one had to blame the inherent destabiliz- FE flows to neutralise the consequential occur.”

AUDITOR May-June 2006

An interview, that almost happened! I was in the midst of an important discussion with a wealthy client of mine and had instructed my secretary not to give any calls or bother me about 'drop-in' visitors. When the client was explaining his problems, even as I was trying to figure out as to how to solve them, I was also mentally calculating the possible 'billing'. My secretary opened the door, paused for a moment as if to devour the cool ambience created by the airconditioner, hesitatingly said, "Sir…..". I looked up, irritated at the interruption of the mental calculation of the fees and howled, "What?....didn't I tell you not to…..". I didn't finish and she rather, unapprovingly, hissed, "I know. But I thought you would not want to miss this person who had walked in, says that he saw our ad in the Institute's notice board and also says he has no time to wait". "Oh", I said, getting up, ignoring the demurred looks of the client, and told my secretary that I would see him immediately. Then I turned to my client and said, "Sir, can we resume our discussion after about 10 minutes? I am so sorry for doing this, but something very important has come up. Would you mind waiting in the anteroom, please?" and like many an AO, passing 143(3) order, without considering any of the points raised during hearings and written submissions, literally pushed him to the anteroom and like the same AO slapping the penalty proceedings initiation letter also as an added insult to the injury, also thrust a copy of the previous issue of "Auditor" in his hands, with which I expected him to spend the next 10 minutes. Oh, you should have seen his irate looks! I hurriedly straightened up my dress, combed my hair, kept the desk as tidy as possible, wore my best smile to hide my nervousness and rang the bell to signal that I was ready. As the lanky boy was ushered in to the room, I stood up, put up my best possible pleasant face, extended my warm hands and said, "Hi, welcome". He said "Hi,”, sat opposite to me and positively hinted to me that I could also take my seat. For a minute or so, neither of us ventured the commencement of the 'assessment proceedings' and then as if to break the eerie silence, I said "Er…. May I ….". I didn't finish and he pulled out an A4 sheet in a style that would match Rajni’s,

and almost threw on my table, which I very reverentially picked up. "So, you are pursuing CA course and are looking to join our firm as Articled Clerk. That is good", I said. "Not necessarily your firm, but one that would suit me and I don't mind considering yours in the process" was his pat answer. I was thankful that no one else was around to see me making a face. As I was about to ask a question, after glancing his resume for a while, he preempted me by asking “How many MNC audits you have, sir?”. “Well, we don’t have exactly MNC au-

ously working in my mind the costing aspect, now that thanks to our FM, I was sure that many of my clients would be moving away to my next door neighbour, an ITP, who had no shackles like service tax, ethical issues etc. and that my overall revenues would take a down turn, surely enough. That boy gave a creepy stare and spoke with a sneer in his voice: “You obviously do not know the market rate, Sir. The firm AB &Co is giving 8k plus cellphone reimbursement as also a petrol allowance. One firm in Nungambakkam is giving 7.5k plus airtravel to all the metros, where audits will have to be carried out. Why, a firm in your own area is giving close to 6.5 k and an annual bonus”. Almost as a last ditch effort, I said feebly, “But, you see, the period of Articles is one of learning and not of earning” hoping that at I could at least floor him with my linguistic skills. Obviously that too didn’t cut any ice with him, as he abruptly stood up and said, “Ok, sir, it was a pleasure meeting with you. Let me complete my tour of CA firms and after doing an overall rating, I would get back to you in a couple of days”.

dits but we have quite a few large corporate audits”, I answered cursing myself at I was thoroughly exasperated and was my inability to come up to the expecta- sadly reliving the tension my senior put tions of that boy. me through some 30 years back, when I was waiting breathlessly for his benign glance even while I was religiously total“Ok, at least do you have any interesting ing the numbers in the telephone direcassignments in areas like financial due tory that had been shoved in to my diligence, fund syndication, transfer pric- sweaty hands by a bespectacled oldie, ing, for which you can give exposure who was my senior’s trusted clerk. to?”. What a pity? The present generation of “auditors”, who invariably had torrid times with their principals (for which, of course, today they are thankful!) and now are dictated by their ‘students’, is certainly in an unenviable situation – just like today’s mothers in law, who were hammered by their mothers in law then, and are being reproved by their daughters “Look here, Mr X, you must be knowing in law, now. As my mum always used to Institute’s guidelines on this..”. As usual, say “Kali muthi pochi! - Jatabharatha he didn’t let me finish and interjected, “I didn’t ask about the guideline stipend. I JATABHARATHA is a pseudonym for a asked what you would be giving”. I cer- member, all of us know. For reasons tainly did not want this point to be a deal best known to him, he has requested breaker and proudly said “We value work anonymity. We respect his sentiments! in our firm. For the first year, I will be Editor giving something like 3k and we can look at increasing the same later”. I was furi“We have a plethora of tax cases and you can get enough and more exposures in tax audits and tax representations”, I said defensively. He waved disinterestedly. “It’s ok, sir, can I know what would be the stipend?”. I was actually dreading this question.

AUDITOR May-June 2006

Letter from President, ICAI Dear CA. Prabhakar I read through the newsletter "Auditor" brought out by Society of Auditors. At the outset, my appreciation to Shri K. Ananthachari, President and other office bearers for this initiative taken in bringing out a much awaited communication to members of the Society. Besides congratulating you on assuming the position as Editor of the newsletter, I also appreciate the excellent manner in which the varied features have been collated and published making the newsletter not only informative, but interesting to read. I am sure that this endeavour of the Society will go a long way in keeping the members abreast of the developments concerning the profession and also enable effective linkage among them for exchange of useful ideas and information. With best regards,

Letter from a former Central M/s Basha & Narasimhan Council Member. M/s RGN Price


My dear Prabhakar,


M/s P.Srinivasan & Co.

I have been following "AUDITOR". It M/s Wheels India Ltd. has been extremely well done. I wish you continue your efforts and make the M/s IMPAL Journal a great success. M/s Turbo Energy Wishing you all this Best. G.Narayanaswamy

25,000 5,000 10,000

M/s P.Srinivasan & Co.,


Sri R.Sivakumar


FRESH CONTRIBUTORS TO THE Sri R.G.Rajan BUILDING FUND M/s Brakes India Ltd. NAME Rs Sri V.Ramanathan M/s C.N.Swamy and Co., 1,000 Sri V.Narayanan K.D.Hemalatha 503 Sri K.Ananthachari M/s Suri & Co., 50,000 M/s R.Sayeram Sri.Benjamin Cherian 10,000 Yours sincerely, M/s M.Srinivasan Associates 5,000 CA.T.N.MANOHARAN, President, M/s Suresh & Balaji Sri J. Swaminathan ICAI. 15th April, 2006 Sri.K.V.Narashimhan&Co 2,500 Sri N.S.Srinivasan Sri.K.Vijayakumaran 10,000

AUDITOR May-June 2006


5,000 10,000 1,000 10,000 23,456 10,000 10,000 10,000 15,000


We are proud to have an irrepressible member at our midst! Mr M.R.Venkatesh, who does not ever mind speaking his mind as candidly as possibl...