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FAST & FURIOUS Ferrari of San Antonio Celebrates Milestone Anniversary Photography by Greg Harrison FERRARI OF SAN ANTONIO RECENTLY CELEBRATED FERrari’s 70th Anniversary, hosting their VIP clients at Hotel Emma for an intimate cocktail evening just prior to the city’s Fiesta celebrations. The Ferraristi all arrived in their spectacular cars and quickly created one of the most unique displays of exotic Ferraris ever seen in San Antonio history, which included a Coppa Bella Machina award-winning 575 Maranello and a Coppa Gran Tourismo award-winning 430 Scuderia. Additionally, there was an array of Ferrari’s latest models ranging from California T, 458 Speciale, and a F12 Berlinetta customized to the owner’s exquisite taste that displays a very executive yet sporty look. The exclusive group of Ferraristi were honored with limited edition fiesta medals commemorating the Prancing Horse’s 70th Anniversary along with San Antonio’s ultimate Fiesta tradition.

Rudy and Laura Quinones

Gary and

Maria Antoniette Joeris 68 68 68

Robert and Christina Cardona

Lisa Harthan, Mia and Enver Kaba & Leslie Bohl


The Society Diaries | July - August 2017  
The Society Diaries | July - August 2017