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The board and ST discussed whether the SMIA should host a Christmas Label Fair. S. Hume suggested Tollbooth as a possible venue for a Christmas Fair outside the central belt. ACTION – ST will contact Rubadub Records, Monorail and LOVEmusic to discuss the possibility of having a Christmas Record Fair in Glasgow by 21 st August. 8. International Discussion Paper ST gave an overview of the paper and the stages involved in creating a new international strategy. ACTION – Directors should contact ST with suggestions of who should be approached to be involved in the consultation by 21st August. JG suggested inviting agents from the US to be involved in the international showcasing committee with the premise that they know their own market well and may be valuable when selecting artists to go to the US. The agents involved would be asked to provide a yearlong itinerary which would help artists secure twelve month US visas. ACTION – JG will start the discussion with agents in the US by 31st August. 9. Music Meet Up Ideas ST stated that there will be a morning meet up based around Social Media Week at the end of September. ACTION – Directors should contact ST with suggestions for topics, guests, venues, etc for the next six monthly music meet ups (through to March 2013) by 21st August.

10. AOB Website ACTION – JG, S.Hume and GK will meet to discuss requirements for the new website and produce a sitemap by 24th of August.

Avalanche email Kev from Avalanche emailed S. Henderson with his idea of promoting Scottish bands to record stores abroad and forging links overseas. ACTION – S. Henderson will follow up by 23rd of August.

August board meeting minutes (07 08 12)  
August board meeting minutes (07 08 12)