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August-September 2013


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We were recently invited to a 50th birthday party that was fancy dress. Now, I have always believed that wearing a costume breaks down barriers, encourages conversation and basically turns what might be a hum drum party into a bash….so long as everyone is in the spirit of things. But this particular theme was questionable. As the birthday boy went to Oktoberfest each year in Munich, he wanted all of his friends to join him in celebrating ‘Oktoberfest’ style. Most of us who were invited dreaded the thought of wearing short trousers with braces or worse, one of those German dresses that were anything BUT flattering. However, as we all cared about our friend, we did our internet research, visited various fancy dress shops and pulled out sewing machines to ensure that we would add value to the hosts theme. And, because we all partook fully in this event, it was actually very fun. Only a few people did not don costumes-and they ended up leaving early. So, does this mean that all fancy dress occasions are successful?? NO! The formula for any successful party is matching the guests with the occasion. In the case of the Oktoberfest birthday, our host knew who he was inviting and felt that most, if not all, would enter into the spirit of the event. If someone holds a party that includes many acquaintances and few true friends, then requesting they attend in fancy dress is a recipe for disaster. Good themes decade specific,(i.e.: 20’s 70’s), black & white, cowboys & Indians, Movies, famous people, mascaraed, back to school………..

Questionable themes Sexual innuendo, black light, swine flu, Nazi party, prohibition, anything political, general bad taste, strip tease……..

The theme must also be flexible enough to indulge those who love to dress up while giving leeway to those who shy away from costumes. By all means have a personalised party with a unique theme, just verify the guest list and really think through the possible costume choices before those invitations are sent!!!

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Dear Den What’s your view on….. Children’s party bags? Local Hero Mystery Review of Pick your own Catherine’s Cultural Wed Empty Nest syndrome Community Corner

Welcome to the August/September edition of the SM7 It is August and the peak holiday season is here. Whether leaving the British Isles or enjoying a stay-cation be prepared for your return. Read how to manage your homecoming on pg 42 14 with a tick-list designed for a stress free arrival back from your hols. Once September arrives, many of you will be preparing for 24 a very different departure. Your children may be leaving home, 16 turning you into an ‘Empty Nester’. Learn the best ways to ready yourself for this huge change on pg 48. 18

If this still leaves you feeling blue why not treat yourself. Daily Beauty and Precious Moments could massage your stress away. 40 JT Snuggs has something to spoil every woman in Banstead. Maybe 48 a night away in the Hallmark Hotels could give you the break you so desperately need. If all else fails, popping into Lucinda’s will 38 give you the retail therapy that will certainly make you smile.



Peasant in Suburbia

42 advertisers. Enjoy the rest of your summer…….as Christmas is

Coffee Break




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1st Class Plumbing & Bathroom Supplies Ltd 16-17 The Parade, Burgh Heath KT20 6AT

01737 373148 Email: NOW OPEN 7:30 - 5:00pm M-F 8:30 - 1:00pm SAT Aqualisa Geberit Tavistock Roca Twyford QX Range Grohe Montrose Hudson Reed Vitra

Crosswater Bauhaus Simpsons Saniflo Triton Laufen Merlyn Armitage Shank Ideal Standard Vivid

We Supply the Best Names in Bathrooms Visit our recently extended showroom SM7 readers will enjoy a 15% discount off all ranges with this coupon Offer valid thru Sept ‘13

for a full price list on plumbing materials email


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Dear Den, Dear Den, My brother and I are facing a difficult time with our father. He is not ill, thankfully. He is 86 with a clear mind and is relatively fit. However, he is totally and completely headstrong, refusing to listen to our concerns over his driving.

Dear Den,

We believe that it is becoming increasingly unsafe for him to be on the roads. His license is up to date, so he does not need to take a sight test to renew it. Therefore, it is down to us to be the bad guys and try to take away this privilege.

My teenage son is driving me nuts. He is 16 and has spent the past 2 months doing nothing! With summer almost over and his A levels beginning, he claims that he does not have the time to get a job.

Do you have any advice on how best to manage this delicate situation? Concerned Kids

Why is this generation so much different than mine? We all had Saturday jobs while we studied. How can I get him motivated? Miserable Mum

Dear Concerned Kids,

Dear Miserable Mum,

I hope that you take comfort in the fact that you are by no means alone in your quest to get your father to stop driving.

Stop complaining and start controlling the situation.

However, ensuring that the elderly retain as much independence as possible is key in keeping them active and focused. Therefore, taking this critical tool away is a huge step both mentally and physically for your dad.

Your son lives in your home, so you still make the rules. Stop giving him money and explain that if he wants to socialize he has to fund it. If he can not find a job, then make him paint the spare room or mow the lawn for cash.

I agree that for the safety of others on the road, this must at some point be done. However, you can and should take advice from his GP. They can assess his general health, reflexes and sight which can either prove you are right in wanting to take his keys away or it can confirm that he is in better health than you may believe. Either way, your GP can support the decision while taking some of the pressure off of you.


Praise his interest in focusing on his grades, but explain that employers want staff who can prove they are hard workers in addition to being clever. Finally, enjoy his company. He will not be living with you forever (fingers crossed!). If you have a question for Dear Den, please send your letters to our email:

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Spotlight on a local….STAR Sponsored by The Local Star of the August/September issue of SM7 Magazine is Colin Sutherland, who has lived in Banstead with his wife Jean since 1960. He is certainly no stranger to receiving awards, having been presented with an MBE in recognition of Services to the Community on June 7th by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. A father of two, Colin moved to the area from Colin & Jean at Wandsworth and since then has dedicated his time Buckingham Palace to serving our community in such a wide variety of roles it isn’t easy to do justice to all of them. He set up and ran his own consulting engineering company in the High Street until 1999 and chaired Banstead’s Chamber of Commerce. He’s also been a Governor at Banstead Junior School for 20 years and is now the Chair. To recognise his contribution, when the school opened a new block last term it was named after him. Since 1968 Colin has been a Leader with the 3rd Banstead Scouts and he is also now their Chairman. He was one of the founding members of the Park Road Residents’ Association which keeps the road tidy and looks after community interests such as planning matters. When their granddaughter lost her hearing after contracting meningitis in 1996 Colin and his wife responded by helping a charity for deaf children. They hold an annual fund-raising event in their garden featuring model railways and classic cars. Over the last 17 years they have raised over £15,000 for the charity and for Home-Start. Finally, as a keen history enthusiast, he is involved with the Banstead History Research Group and the Banstead History Centre. Colin says that he could not have done none all of this without Jean’s help and support. With such an excellent record of service, Colin Sutherland’s award as Local Star is well overdue.

If you know of anyone who you think ‘fits the bill’ of Spotlight on a Star, please let us know. Every ‘Star’ receives a £25.00 gift voucher & a bouquet of flowers compliments of Waitrose Banstead as our way of saying thanks! Please send nominations to

I am absolutely fed up with the quality of the strawberries at the stores right now. At the time of writing this it is mid-July and the British fruit should be at its peak. Yet I have been unable to find a pundit of fresh, bruise free berries that does not require me to sell one of my kidneys while re-mortgaging the house. What is going wrong?? While sharing my disgust with a friend who is irritatingly positive and annoyingly practical, she wisely suggested that I by-pass the stores and pick my own. When my children were small we used to regularly visit Garson’s Farm in Esher to pick fruit & veg. It was an educational outing for them, which allowed the kids to nibble as they picked while I gained fresh produce. But, I have to say that working the fields has not entered my mind in years. However, why not?? I don’t need a small child to have an excuse to bring home fresh, packaging-free food. So, with wellies packed and a rain free forecast I drove to Esher to overcome my strawberry anger. What a liberating experience to drive into a selection of fields which are clearly signposted stating the items ready for picking. I chose the berry fields to start with. However, not having yet found my PYO (pick your own) confidence, I followed fellow pickers as they stepped up to a kiosk to collect a basket, then continued to trail behind them to an untouched row of strawberries just waiting to be tasted and taken home. I had at last found my lost British strawberries !! As it IS legal to taste as you pick (I asked ) , I was certain that the supermarkets had NOT been here as these were delicious, good looking and nicely priced at £4.29 per kilo. However, the practicality of picking is quite simply, a pain. If you have back or knee problems, do not like bugs , suffer from hay fever or simply don’t like the sun, then this may not be the hobby for you.


Pick Your Own at Garson Farm





£4.29 per kg

£5.00 per kg

£5.00 per kg

£10.00 per kg


£6.49 per kg

£8.00 per kg

£8.00 per kg

£16.19 per kg


£2.49 per kg

£2.50 per kg

£2.00 per kg

£2.50 per kg


£.99 per kg

£1.00 per kg

£1.00 per kg

£1.00 per kg

Mange Tout

£4.79 per kg

£7.50 per kg

£6.45 per kg

£8.00 per kg

Sweet corn

49p each

75p each

50p each

£1.00 each

Perhaps this is why we bring the kids along. There were groups of youngsters running around the fields, having a ball without a complaint. Taking their lead I persevered onto another ripe field. Picking Mange Tout and Sweet corn was slightly easier than strawberries, but required patience. While the carrot pulling became frustrating and I gave up. Overall, it was fun doing something slightly different that regained my faith in our food chain. I also discovered how much I prefer truly fresh produce to that which has been in a plastic container for weeks. But I had to ask myself whether the hassle was worth it?? The price for fresh can not be matched at our local stores. When shopping at Waitrose I expect better quality- but I also plan to pay more. At Sainsbury’s and Asda I could match the price, but the quality is not there. So, what is the solution?? I think the best way to acquire fresh produce, easily and at the right price is to visit the farm shop at Garson’s. You don’t need to wear special footwear, consider the weather or sell your soul before you buy. And you can actually see the fields where the produce was grown. Now THIS is my idea of pick your own!

Garsons Farm Winterdown Rd Esher KT10 8LS

01372 464 778


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Children’s party bags?

If you have children you will know that other than Christmas, the biggest day of the year is your child’s birthday party. Not only are you responsible for organising a creative event within a budget, you often are entertaining the other parents as well. So it can be very stressful. But by far the most talked about and aggravating element of this bash is the infamous party bag that has become obligatory and is given to each guest when leaving. It started off as a way to send a piece of birthday cake home and has turned into a competitive and costly necessity. We asked some of our readers how they viewed the need to give party bags. Libby-new to Banstead “My son is still too small to have started to go to parties, but this already fills me with dread. My sister has older kids and talks about the crazy things people include in these party bags, half of which ends up in the bin. Why do it?? At my sister’s last party she gave a book to each child as a parting gift and I really liked that idea”.

Ollie-aged 7 “ I love to get a party bag when I go to my friend’s birthday parties. Sometimes there are cars or bubbles inside. But the best part is always the sweets!! I like the cake too!"

Jo & Jack - Reigate Rd “I don’t like party bags. At our last party we set up a treasure hunt and had a treasure box full of Frisbees, balls and other cheap but useful toys. Each child picked one and that was their parting gift as well”. Rachel-visiting from East Grinstead “As my kids have gotten older, the parties have become more extravagant (and expensive). So, we made the decision to not give a party bag at my 8 year-olds birthday. They each walked away with a piece of cake and a smile on their face from having a great day. Surely that it what it is all about”.

Boutique Cakery is having a grand opening on Saturday 10 August 9.30am. Come along and meet Edd Kimber (winner of The Great British Bake Off Season 1) who will be signing copies of his books (Edd will arrive at 10.30am). There will be face painting and glitter tattoos for the children and of course cake! To celebrate this fantastic event we are running a prize draw, first prize is a children's cake decorating party and other smaller prizes are also available to be won! For full details on how to enter please visit

Precious Moments Beauty Salon We sell gift vouchers!

01737 362 202 6 Eastgate, Banstead SM7 1RN

New Coulsdon branch now open

Come with your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend and enjoy a FULL BODY MASSAGE for only ÂŁ30 each when booking to have a massage together in our new larger treatment suite.


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Teeth Whitening

Doctor Held Botox & Relaxing lines Clinic Held once a week

Semi permanent Make-up

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Across 1. Quantify (7) 5. Mindful (5) 8. Changed location (5) 9. Pyrogenic (7) 10. Fundamental (7) 11. Languish (5) 12. Remit in advance (6) 14. Recommendation (6) 17. Utter (5) 19. Traversed (7) 22. Trap (7) 23. Precise (5) 24. Velocity (5) 25. Farm vehicle (7) 32

Down 1. Imitate (5) 2. Go forward (7) 3. Below (5) 4. Comestible (6) 5. Irritated (7) 6. Fragrance (5) 7. Most vital part of an idea (7) 12. Own (7) 13. Clumsy (7) 15. Occurring with no delay (7) 16. Dialect (6) 18. Follow or result (5) 20. Greek letter (5) 21. Dissuade (5)

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The Peasant in Suburbia A personal series on modern old-fashioned living by Oudeis Nemo PEA POD WINE Back in the 1970s – that most sartorially suspect of decades – there aired a TV comedy entitled The Good Life in which Pea Pod ‘Burgundy’ occasionally featured, mainly, if memory serves me correctly, for comic effect via the insinuation that home-made wine was somehow super-potent: whereas, of course, a wine’s strength depends upon the amount of sugar converted to alcohol and not upon the ‘otherness’ of its base ingredient. However, it – pea pod wine – is a reality, and has the great benefit of using what would otherwise be a composted waste-product. INGREDIENTS per gallon (organic wherever possible): 2Kg or more of fresh pea pods; 1.5Kg granulated sugar; wine yeast; 4.5Ltr water. EQUIPMENT: stock pot; colander; brewing bucket; large stirrer; funnel; demijohn and airlock; bottles, siphon and corking equipment. METHOD: put pods and water into pot, bring to the boil, and simmer for about twenty minutes. Strain onto the sugar, and stir to dissolve. When cooled to body temperature, sprinkle over the yeast and loosely cover. After a few days, transfer to demijohn, fit an airlock, and leave somewhere clement, undisturbed. It will clear naturally, and be easy to syphon off into bottles by October. IMPERATIVE: Compare with shop bought. Okay, dear Reader, let me be honest and set the record straight: ‘country’ wines would win few competitions against their refined viticultural cousins (always excepting elderflower, elderberry, and apple, which all certainly could) were they adjudged solely by the palates of oenophiles: expectation of all such drinks should be both constrained by and referenced to their provenance, their price and one’s personal preferences. Manage the expectation, and there will be perpetual satisfaction – and anyway, for a Peasant, any cheap and easily achievable addition to the larder is A Good Thing. Pea pod wine has a flavour, unsurprisingly, of pea pods (and a pleasant bouquet of hazelnuts!). Provided that this is anticipated, and that you, as I, like pea pods, then you will enjoy it. (If, by some Wyndhamesque disaster, all booze except pea pod wine was eradicated from the planet, a bottle of this would surely change hands for the price of a small kingdom, even amongst ‘real wine’ buffs.) SERVING SUGGESTION: Despite its humble beginnings, there is a structure to the light flavours in this wine: it’s good on its own, but also with salads, pastas and other such unaggressive food. Next time: Chilli and apple relish.


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Can you fit the words correctly in the wheel?



Coffee Break MEDIUM



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August/September Community Corner Nonsuch Park & Palace walk Tues 13th Aug Enjoy a guided walk around Nonsuch Park and explore the history behind the beautiful landscape. See where the original palace and its banqueting hall once stood and understand how it dominated the local area. Hear stories of luxurious palaces, royalty, lost churches and ghosts. Pre-booking essential. £4 entry 0208 394 1734 Ramblers Group walks With an average of 2 different walks per week in the Banstead area to choose from, join other like minded ramblers on a walk to suit you.

Gatton Park Summer Activities Every event is essential that you book. 01737 649066. 5th Aug Butterflies (4-7 years) 8th Aug Underwater Art (8 years +) 9th Aug Toddlers Tales & Trails(2-4 years) 12th Aug Pond Dipping (4-7 years) 14th Aug Fork to Fork Harvest veg & turn it into pizza & salad 15th Aug Family Treasure Hunt (4-7 years) 21st Aug Pirate Challenge (4-7 years) 22nd Aug Bat night (6-12 years) 27th Aug Geocaching challenge 28th Aug Fairy Fantasy (4-7 years)

All of these events are now listed on line as well at Banstead Organ & Keyboard Club Do you enjoy listening to show tunes, big band music, jazz, light classics, etc.? Come along to an evening of live music played by top artists. We meet the second Monday of each month in the Banstead OKC, Church Institute Hall, High Street, Banstead. 7pm for 7:30pm start (visitors £7) 19th Aug– music with Michael McAneny 9th Sep-Music with Pete Shaw 020 8330 5795 or Run to the Beat For Princess Alice Hospice 8th September Be one of 18,000 runners on the 13 mile Docklands course, running to the beats of the UK’s best musical talents. Min £200 sponsorship.

Company Club Company Club is a social club for the over 40's and was established over 35 years ago. Although based in Croydon, members come from Coulsdon, Carshalton, Wallington, Caterham, Purley, Selsdon, Sanderstead, and surrounding areas. The club offers a wide variety of events to suit all budgets including meals out, barbeques, parties, visits to places of interest, walks, theatre, cinema, and badminton on Sundays. We currently have over 50 members, some of whom are couples. Each month members are sent a newsletter listing events for the following month and members are encouraged to host events so that there is plenty of variety. Because we are a small club it is easy to get to know other members and make new friends. Membership costs £30 for one year or £20 for 6 months. For further details please contact Linda 020 8668 1382, Glenn 020 8656 9007 or Shirley 020 8651 5835.

If you have an event that you would like to appear in the next Community Corner, just email us at for a FREE placement

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“Once a week, usually on a Wednesday, I head out of the house and go to see something out of the ordinary. It can be a building, an exhibition, a garden, some sculpture, a music concert or a selection of ancient ruins – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s interesting. These jaunts have become known as ‘Cultural Wednesdays’ in our household a n d I ’ v e r e c e n t l y s t a rt e d w r it i ng a b o ut t h em i n a n e p o n y m o u s b l o g .”

IN FINE STYLE: THE ART OF TUDOR AND STUART FASHION At the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace 10 May – 6 October 2013 Fine paintings, beautiful clothes and fantastic jewels are all to be found in the latest show at the Queens Gallery. It is the first exhibition to explore British School, Charles II Presented with a Pineapple, c.1675-80 fashion using Tudor and Stuart portraits. Royal Collection Trust/ © 2013, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Sumptuary laws cited who could wear what. The colour, style, material and even garment type shouted out where you stood in society. Lynx fur could not be worn by anybody below the rank of Duke, while silver ‘tissued’ with gold was permitted for members of the Royal family alone. So important were the details that Holbein made notes on his sketches about the exact details of purple velvet . Just as today’s celebrities influence what we all wear so did Tudor and Stuart nobility. Charles II was not content with being seen wearing the richest and most extravagant clothes and decided that he wanted to lead fashion as well. In 1666 he announced that a long vest worn under a coat would replace doublet and hose as the fashion for English men. The King is seen wearing this style in the painting, “Charles II Presented with a Pineapple” and three weeks later Samuel Pepys is writing about his own new suit of clothes. It is not only clothes but also jewels that twinkle in the pictures. ‘ La Peregrina’ was the largest pearl in the world at the time. It is seen in portraits of Queen Mary I who was given it as an engagement gift by Philip II of Spain. So precious was the pearl that when Mary died the Spanish crown took repossession of it and it is next seen in a portrait of Margaret of Austria. The pearl still survives and remains the preferred gift of the rich and famous. Richard Burton gave it to Elizabeth Taylor on Valentine’s Day 1969. Many of the sixty paintings on display show their wealthy subjects wearing sumptuous and deeply impractical clothing. Not only could they afford the luxury – they didn’t actually need to do anything! The exhibition is accompanied by an excellent and witty guide that is presented as a parody of Grazia magazine. The Queens Gallery and indeed all the Royal collection properties represent a fantastic bargain. If you sign your ticket and have it stamped by one of the wardens at the time of your first visit you can use it as often as you like for a year. Tickets £9.50 adult, over 60/student £8.75, under 17 £4.80, family £24


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Whether it is a week-end break or the family summer holiday, most people have a get-away checklist to ensure a stress free vacation. However, the return home can be harrowing if certain things are not done prior to leaving. So, include these few points in that list and be guaranteed the holiday mood stays with you as long as possible. Clean your house BEFORE you leave. Arriving back to a dirty home immediately dampens the mood. This includes doing laundry (as you will have enough to do when you come back) and tidying your desk. Clear the bills before the new ones come in! Tell key people your travel itinerary. The milk & paper deliveries, gardeners, cleaners and neighbours all should know. These trusted people can also keep an eye on your house. Why not ask one of them to have fresh milk and bread in the fridge on your return? Everyone loves that first cup of tea back at home after time away. Finally, always run your taps for a few minutes before drinking water or taking a shower. Bacteria builds up when not used regularly. It is important for everyone to have a break. So, put that little bit of extra effort in before you go and that holiday feeling can last at least a few days longer.


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Breeze, Sandals, July, Pool, Swim, Lotion, Wet, Baseball, Bikini, Fireworks, Splash, Bicycle, Travel, August, Tent, Float, Summer, Humid, June, Camp, Beach, Popsicle, Squirt, Garden, Paddleboat, Relax

Answers: cover this up if you don’t want help

As Autumn approaches there will be many families experiencing the complex emotions surrounding the departure of their youngest child who is off to either further their education, travel the world or develop a relationship, leaving their parents or carers alone. These adults, who will be on their own for the first time in years, are labelled ‘empty nesters’. Empty Nest Syndrome refers to the feelings of depression, sadness, and/or grief experienced by parents and caregivers once on their own. Women are more likely than men to be affected; often, when the nest is emptying, mothers are going through other significant life events as well, such as the menopause or caring for elderly parents. Yet this doesn't mean that men are completely immune to Empty Nest Syndrome. Men can experience similar feelings of loss regarding the departure of their children. When a child's departure unleashes overwhelming sadness, treatment is definitely needed. Discuss your feelings with your general practitioner as soon as possible. You may need antidepressants, and you almost certainly could use some counselling to get your feelings into perspective. Meanwhile, look to your other half & friends for support. There are practical things to help you feel better. For instance: Time and energy that you directed toward your child can now be spent on different areas of your life. This might be an opportune time to explore or return to hobbies, leisure activities, voluntary work or career pursuits. This also marks a time to adjust to your new role in your child's life as well as changes in your identity as a parent. Your relationship with your child may become more peer-like, and you will have to get used to giving your children more privacy. However, the real key is preparing for an empty nest while your children are still living with you. Develop friendships, hobbies, career, and educational opportunities well before they are due to leave. Make plans with the family while everyone is still under the same roof, so you don't regret lost opportunities. Plan family vacations, enjoy long talks, take time off from work. Finally, make specific plans for the extra money, time, and space that will become available when children are no longer dependent on you and living at home. This is finally YOUR time, so look forward to it! Plan a longed for trip to begin just after the house becomes empty. Develop a new and exciting relationship with your partner. Do things that your children would be embarrassed by. Don’t fear the loss but embrace the next chapter in your life. 48

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Single ovens cleaned from ÂŁ40.00 including racks


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Christine is an Ex-Department Store Hairdresser Brazilian Blow-dry Cuts, Colours & perms

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Give Blood Call 0845 7711711 Dates coming up in areas around Banstead

ST. PAUL’S CHURCH HALL BANSTEAD 20th August 2013 14:00-16:30 & 17:30-20:00 BAPTIST FREE CHURCH HALL CARLSHALTON 9th September 2013 09:30-12:30 & 14:30-16:30

Ambulance (General Enquiries) Non-emergency Fire & Rescue

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