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Unless you never worked Or drove – Or bought Or signed up And were labeled With some sequence of digits Your personal domain Would have remained Private and inviolable If such a person yet exists That creature would be Increasingly rare to find We have been –You name it Thoroughly pried open (Pocketbook, mind and body) IRS knows what you earn Walmart know what you buy Pharma know what you ‘pop’ Cameras know how you move NSA knows who you talk to All of the above Frighteningly suggests Some over-arching authority (And not the Almighty) Even surmises how you think

But you did these things …And were digitized! All this is well and good If the PTB (Powers that be) Only wanted to keep you safe From a bunch of extremely ‘Nasties’ out there But – What if all your digits Fall into the hands Of some hostile authority? As has been known to happen (History always seems to repeat) Then what will happen to you? It is an interesting trade-off …something to ponder!