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Titled (and untitled) Entitlers

I share camaraderie with - And empathy For all of us average (plus or minus) souls But little pity – As once reserved for Entitlers: Hapsburgs--Windsors-Romanovs Because they were clueless Why that privilege Was bestowed - Rather than earned There may have been some bright offspring But as the successive inbreds kept doing each other Their gene pools shallowed - And recessively muddied Leaving us with parading preeners and baskers Now the privileged Entitlers - Are CEO’s and Bankers (far better achieved by merit – than the old ‘Royals’) Yet outsizing us with far too much prestige – And money And far less valuation for working ‘Everyman’ What we once bowed and homaged to… ‘The Divine Right of Kings’ Is become a deference to A regality of ‘Managerial Capitalism’ Are we simply fungible? Heading back to ‘Square-One’ Becoming a part - Of a new feudalism?

Titled entitlers