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The Purple Age

In cowboy lore There once was A ballad about The ....Riders. Of the Purple Sage Now we have Riders Of the Purple Age (anyone over sixty) The slightest bump To the back Of one's hand Guarantees Blotchy entry Into -Purpleland Just under the skin A thin layer of your most Vital bodily fluid - Blood Leeches out Around this bruise To cosmetically detract From your otherwise

Handsome presence While inflicting little pain It takes at least a week For this discolored blot To fade into oblivion And though you were not Born to the Purple Sure as you continue To breathe in and out (especially if in a hurry) Even with extra caution You will once again Bump into some other (minding its own business) Passive object Barging in as an Uninvited alien Re-consigning yourself To the purgatory (hopefully temporary) Of the Purple Royale!

Essay-The Purple Age