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Sure Fire Shortener

Within marriage What's the riskiest Endeavor? Driving somewhere For that matter Anywhere In the family car With your dear Opposite number 'Tis no contest! 'Tis a dicey business There's no such thing As a reserved co-pilot It's two A-type jockeys Only one of which Is nominally (With wheel in hand) In charge The undesignated one Never seems willing

To let things ride Quietly along Without assertive Critiques - Directives And distracting Distractions at Forty plus miles per hour! Here are two Life-Lengthening Solutions... a. Don't own a car ...Take cabs (raising another rub as to cabbie ripoffs) Or........... b. Own two cars (then his and hers can happily go solo anywhere) Anything...Please! Just to avoid that Sure Fire Shortener!

Essay-Sure Fire Shortener