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LighTime A Flight of Stellar Fantasy Alan Grant 2005 “In The Beginning… ” Had an underpinning Implied a Maker Mover or Shaker Of an earlier inning T’was a prefigure That a bigger Hyparity Than Singularity Spawned the cosmic trigger If this was chance event How or why – Did we invent An Aware-All And Be-All Without Its’knowing consent? Assumable But not provable It sires Our desires Yet remains inscrutable To discover what did precede Is a Primal Need Was it chaotic Or a gnostic Pre-Big Bang seed? This exploding provenance Propagates a dance Light curiously laves As both particles and waves Within its’advance


The essence Of incandescence Was not just surplus It divined a purpose Needing Our presence

Our minds can deal With what appears real But can we accept Unseen concept We may never touch or feel? If from miniscule start We are flying apart Understanding This expanding Presumes highest art What inspired this source This cryptic force? Is gravity that glues Our shoes Prone to remorse? It has a fickle soul A clutching role That does not permit Light to emit From a Black Hole Yet in another venue One could argue It is so weak As to peak At near-zero value But either way It holds sway To some degree We are never free It is always in play And what if - Light speed so fast

3 Were to be surpassed Then would universal Time-reversal Consign us – Only to our past?

E=mc squared Was never prepared To be infinitum Conundrum Unchallenged or spared Past history is too brief To have girded a belief That fifteen billion years Of measurable arrears Is the penultimate fief If there be only one Verity – Under the Sun It is Entropy And – Teaches Entropy Disorder – Will be done Therefore – Albeit slight And out of sight Beyond the pale Of human scale Gravity – Slows Light! If false be our paradigm It could turn on a dime Replacing “Old Saws” With brand new laws To wit: Light is Time! Our fathom is so small Yet LighTime speaks to all With rapture Exceeding capture By human thrall LighTime is not idiom For temporal kingdom That numbers our days

4 Humbles our ways Gains (maybe) – A heart of wisdom

And thus - Time does pretend It has no end While our race Enjoys its’grace Twilight does descend Superfast – Zenith bright Primeval light Will decelerate To timeless state Unto Nadir – Unto Night Past a future hill Light will stand still And on that stage We will not age … But not until! ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

LighTime is Allegory And not in compliance With rigor of science Thereupon Is predicated upon Imaginative reliance Ever since ‘Adamic” days We have always Challenged the known Speculated the unknown Often – Damned with faint praise ‘Tis inviting To be ‘Farsighting’ Absence of evidence

5 Is not evidence of absence What if? – Is still most exciting!

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T’was a prefigure That a bigger Hyparity Than Singularity Spawned the cosmic trigger To discover what did precede Is a Primal Need Was it ch...