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The Second Coming Will be modeled After what has Already taken place And somehow We reasonably Anticipate That a newer modality Will surely eventuate Given that there truly is ‘Nothing new under the Sun’ (Shakespeare? – Or Eccliastes) Original? Maybe… Steming from the

Party Line Telephone That gave An oblique sense Of community Neighbors listened in To other neighbors What they heard Was ‘juicily’retold With embellishments That escalated With each retelling Aaah - What blessing of gossip Providing the storyteller That wonderful sense Of being Privy (an exclusive insider) That was way back when (a century ago) In company with Another vicary Radio The Soap Operas! Lorenzo Jones John’s Other Wife The Romance Of Helen Trent Amanda of Honeymoon Hill The major difference was The listener was

more passive No longer a privileged Know-it-all Who could concoct His (or her) Version of The daily story-line Fast-Forward A hundred years Radio is still around And a future Party Line modality Is almost upon us Augered by The Internet and the I-Phone Wherein the last shred Of privacy Is about to be De-nuded However Both of these Aforementioned Ubiquities Are verging upon A new party-line Existence Imagine If you will That every time You log onto Your computer You are sharing An electronic Party line

2 (Not the same as being ‘Hacked’ Into – After the fact) Rather you are Being had On the fly (pardon the expression) Your ‘Fly’ Has been unzipped Another partyplayer (Or multitudes of same) Are watching you! … Your content Seeing anything And everything You may be Engaged in Of the moment.

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