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Of Jacqueline Pensoise (which description Could only understood by so few in the know)

Label Love ‘Tis a wondrous Conveyor Of enhanced Respect To gain In whatever Measure A sense Of soldiers Earned Honor Tagged externally To be seen By one and all A Medal As opposed to A label Sewn within Clothing As reassurance Setting the wearer Apart (and above) The mundane A labeled message For the plebian Usage Are usually Simple markers For the masses Branded as ‘Cool’ Dockers Levis

But the real Elitism When transmuted Into the chic Realm Of fancier And costlier Garb Chanel & Such

Accessible To less and less Labelees Results in A pinnacle Of puff Casually Alluded to (by its’devotee) In half muted Verbal whispers As the creation

“But of course one must be aware he designs and creates but a single garment each season There are so few ‘Privileged’ that are privileged to behold much less than the pleasure of a single acquiree” “Well then how did this all come about you simply must reveal how this genius fashioned Jacqueline Pensoise evolve out of JCP” “Aaah I see you are familiar with such a humble origin” “What did JCP Stand for”

“JC Penney”

Essay - Label love 3