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Coinless & Clueless Those ‘Exact-Change lanes Attract ‘No-Brains’ Who get in lines Without reading signs And become ‘No-Coin’ detains Now I am in a bind Blocked - Front and behind Cannot backup Or move up Trapped - By his kind If I could sashay Up to his car - And pay Its’ way Without more delay It might save my day It is strange Why this driver did arrange To leave home To ‘Toll-Road’ roam With nary a bit of change So little foresight Would avoid his plight Just to think ‘Clink’ Might remind - To get it right It does not take a slew Of ‘Slot-Machine’ spew Or be hoarders Of Quarters To get thru

Even a ‘Twit’ Would have seen fit To have on hand A tiny contraband One little - ‘Two-Bit!’


coinless and clueless