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An Amoeba’s Almighty?

Ever existed? - Unlikely Well – What about for Homo Habilis? Or Homo Erectus? Most probably Not! We are therefore Left with only ‘US’ …Homo Sapiens As OUR construct – G-D (not the other way around) So if we are (in truth) Nee pre-deity Why would we Adjunctively need Such a Providentiallity?

To personally look after Each and every one of us? Spinoza - With great insight (despite his tender years) Saw that great mis-presumption And set it to rest And so – We flounder on Floating amidst The sheer calm Of comforting certitude Interspersed with Choppy seas Of puzzling unease! Sometimes seeking Mysticism (Kabbala) To make more sense Beyond whatever Spiritual milieu We were inducted into At birth – Or later Opted to - subscribe to!

An Amoeba's Almighty